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February 12, 2018

Stand under me

I will stand beside you but not under you, who do you think you are

I am God

Call yourself what name you like but I stand for no one

Who can you stand?

I stand few people

You stand yourself?

Yes I stand myself

Do you understand yourself?

What do you mean?

How can you stand under yourself?

I stand myself but I do not understand myself

Why not stand under God and understand God? Why try and understand yourself? Die to yourself and live for God. You don’t need to understand yourself because understanding God is enough

But what about me?

Me me me is that what you are about?

How do I understand?

Stand under God


You are spirit in the heart. Stand under God and understand


Stand, pray, listen.

I am spirit?

Yes and God teaches you spiritual wisdom, this wisdom will help you understand

But I can not stand God

There is your problem. If you can not stand God you won’t stand under God and you won’t understand

What about the Bible?

The Bible is essentially spiritual knowledge. This knowledge is for your human spirit. This spiritual knowledge saves your soul. God is also Spirit, He comes in to the hearts of the elect to save them. God uses the Holy Scriptures to help save you.

But my understanding comes from people

What people?


God says “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and frustrate the intelligence of the intelligent”.

Did God really say that?

It’s in the Bible

I don’t read the Bible

Maybe you should read the Bible

I am too busy


Yep I have many things to pay off

You mean your 5 bedroomed house and your luxury car

I have two cars I am no cheapskate

But why engross your life in things? In God it’s not about things

I have my work

But you are working yourself to death, why?

What then?

Simply your life. Live simply. Eat simply. Drink simply. Drop all the facade and live for needs not wants. The key to good health and being with God is to keep everything simple. God is not complicated. Complicated life leads to complications in your body. Satan loves people working themselves to death. Please God not people. Glory from man fades very quickly. Glory in God. Accolades and awards from man won’t go to heaven with you. Seek a spiritual life. Pray often to God. Read the Bible often. You need to keep focussed to keep sane. Sanity keeps the waste out of the body. To keep true focus you need to look at one. One is the one God. The head is one as is the body is one. Your human spirit must learn to relate to God. Human relationships abound but true spiritual knowledge only comes from God. God also is Spirit. To understand God is to understand yourself but not your old self but your new Christ self. And your new self is in the risen Christ. In the new self in Christ we have thoughts now from above, we are not of this world now but are of above, we use our brains and senses in the head. We are people now of the headship of God, we are risen in Christ because Christ has risen. We are in this world but not of this world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



September 27, 2017

The heart is simple not complicated. Simple pump with simple valves. The heart pumps blood around the body, simple. 

The heart pump has two main parts, left and right. Each main part is divided in to two, top and bottom. 

The left side gets the blood from the lungs where it has collected oxygen and pushes this blood all round the body. 

The right side gets the blood after the blood with oxygen has been round the body and sends this blood back to the lungs for more oxygen. This blood needs oxygen after losing the oxygen and becoming carbon dioxide. 
It sounds like the blood breathes. We breathe in air oxygen in to our lungs and the blood carries this oxygen around the body through arteries and capillaries. The blood loses the oxygen in the body and gets carbon dioxide that is breathed out through the lungs. 
The heart is a simple pump. The heart functions simply. In with the oxygenated blood and out with the carbon dioxides blood. In and out. The blood carries oxygen to our cells. The cells breathe. The cells need oxygen. The cells give off carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is waste. The blood takes the carbon dioxide to the lungs for us to breathe out.  
Life is in the blood. The blood carries around the food and oxygen to survive. We are one cell but many cells. One cell is similar to other cells. Cells need food, vitamins, proteins, minerals. The blood is the channel to supply the cells. Cells operate like a human in many ways but not all ways. The blood takes the waste away from the cells. In with the substance out with the waste, simple. 
Human spirit is in the heart, why the heart? Ask God I don’t know. But the heart is the central organ of the body and the human spirit is a body thing. The soul is the heavenly thing. The soul in the head. The body comes under the head, the head rules. The soul is in the brain. The brain rules the body. The soul is where we think. We think in words. The human spirit has to respect the soul. The human spirit has to keep to the simple truth because the heart will get sick and under stress if the heart is complicated. Many people have heart attacks. Keeping the words in your heart simple will keep the heart healthy. The simple is the simple truth. 
The wise of Jesus Christ in heart will be strong in heart. But wisdom of Christ gets vexed. The wise of Jesus are often vexed in heart. Vexed means annoyed, irritated, troubled. People tell lies. People deceive. Lies are not simple. Lies complicate. Lies make sick hearts. Lies vex the hearts of the wise in Jesus. But the simple truth in the wise of Jesus protects them. The simple truth is strong, as strong as iron. The heart thrives on the simple truth. Lies can not overcome truth just as darkness can not overcome light. The unwise heart can not overcome the wise heart (in Jesus) of God. The simple heart can get wise of Jesus. Simple souls relish and love Christ’s wisdom. Simple souls are easily damaged by lies and deceit. But in Christ the simple souls are protected. The truth protects simple souls. 
The human spirit is in the heart. We humans commune in spirit. We commune to each other and with the God head. We in the body of Christ are connected up. We are connected up in words. We think and we commune. But we must commune in truth or we get sick hearts. We must speak the truth or we get sick hearts. The heart was made simple. 
Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple and live. Live and be healthy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HEAD OVER BODY (heels) in LOVE (with God)

July 21, 2017

The head sits on top of the body. What is on top is in charge on what is below that top. The higher is always in charge. The higher sees more than the below. The higher has more insight in a metaphorical way. The higher in this case is metaphor in regard to insight. So the head is on top of the body and so the head is in charge of the body. 

The body has to have power. The power for the body comes from the heart. The heart is a simple pump. The heart also has the battery life or power life. The spirit gives life. The Spirit of God gives life. We have been given spirit. We have a human spirit that sits in the heart. The pump, that is the heart, is powered by spirit. This spirit is known as the human spirit. Some call this human spirit a spark. This human spirit is in human form but not in material human form but spirit. Spirit is not physical. God in Spirit also comes in to people’s hearts but only those of the elect. Also Gods Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the elect. The spiritual gifts may be manifested as spiritual persons in spirit form. These spirit gifts may come also in to the heart. We can call these spirit gifts genie or geniuses. A genie is spirit or what some may call a ghost. The body has its power. But what about the head and its power. The spirit powers body and head. God is in three persons. Gods power is in Spirit. We the elect have human spirit but we also have the Holy Spirit. We the elect have much power in God. The soul sits in the mind. The mind is in the head. We the elect are saved in soul. The soul sits above the body. The elect get the truth from God. When we get saved, our enemies are put at our feet (this may take some time to do). God puts the enemies of the elect at Gods feet and our feet. We in a sense become programmed to think like God. God takes us over. We are not God but God is in us the elect. God separates body from soul. There is a break between human spirit and soul. God comes between human spirit and soul. Gods Words are sharp. The Bible says Gods Words are as sharp as a doubled edged sword and come between soul and spirit. We are wanting spirits of this world to be at our feet so that our soul is free. The soul sits up there and in full salvation it is has complete freedom. The spirits of this world try to overcome our souls. When we were off the world we were assaulted in soul daily (and nightly). Our souls off the world were in a web. A web of lies. In Jesus, God frees our souls up to be free of the world and its spirit manifestations which are mostly lies. 
Our soul is forgiven all its sins by God (but first we must confess) when we accept Gods only begotten Son Jesus Christ (God the Son). Once we believe in God through Jesus Christ salvation begins of our soul. Truth sets our soul free. Jesus Christ is alive and Jesus is all truth. In Jesus our sins are forgiven and washed away, washed away by Jesus blood. Our soul in being saved and being set free from this world (from all the lies of Satan) will begin to wizen. The soul in its freedom will think but not in thoughts that the world thinks. The soul of the elect is above the world. 
Truth sets our soul free from the world. Satan tries to rule the world. There is knowledge and there is knowledge. Two types of knowledge, yes. God has two knowledges. There is knowledge in a physical sense and there is knowledge in a Spiritual sense. Physical knowledge is science based. Science won’t save the soul. Science is complex. Only the simple (simplex) truth saves the soul. We humans were created simple by God but man makes complex. Science makes complex. There is the two knowledges, science is complex and the other knowledge wisdom that is simplex. Gods wisdom does save the soul. The simple truth saves. Complex truth does not save. God offered to mankind at the beginning two types of knowledge but said take wisdom not science. But man at the woman’s and Satan’s advice took science. Dumb. Science is knowledge of good and evil, science does good and evil. So man goes to war using science to kill millions of people then man tries to heal with science thousands of people. The planet is getting inundated with humans, we the life at the top of the killing chain are getting too populated. War is what culls humans. Natural disasters also cull humans. 
Wisdom of God is not a science. Wisdom is behaviour. Wisdom is doing right not wrong. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is seeing, seeing as in insight. Wisdom is knowing how to think righteously. Wisdom in thought and words protects against the evil behaviour. Wisdom is strong. The more wisdom the stronger you are. 
Satan persuaded man at the beginning to go for knowledge apart from Gods wisdom. Man thinks he is learning Gods wisdom at universities but no (Jesus Christ, Gods wisdom is not taught at universities. Far from it if you write about Jesus Christ and His wisdom you might be reprimanded and if you persist be marked very low). Theology is taught at university but it is not taught about Jesus Christ and His wisdom but in a scientific way. Universities even have wisdom on their mottos, this is not right. Wisdom of God makes for better societies, science is about what man calls progress. Progress is about destroying God made to make man made and in doing so rubbishing this whole earth. The earth is now becoming a cesspool, a rubbish heap. Man thinks he must look for another planet to live on. But me thinks “earth this is it”. There’s no other planet habitable to mankind. We have one earth and only one, mess up this one and that’s it. 
We are waiting for the baptism of fire. Fire will destroy all. Just as water killed all (except for Noah and his family). Water and fire cleanses. The earth needs cleaning. What is this fire? I don’t know. Some say it is a world nuclear war, others say it is a meteorite? It might be a fire ball from the sun. I don’t know. But there will be an immense fire on this earth that’s for sure. When will this fire come? I don’t know. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

I was in the old city town hall. Not the new hall what I knew then as the Michael Fowler Centre. Where am I? Wellington, New Zealand, I am attending a Christian crusade centred around evangelist Leighton Ford. 

Who is Leighton? The brother in law of evangelist Billy Graham. I think the year was 1987 and the month March but my memory is not so good now and I have not kept any records of this event. I found the date and month off the Internet and so I take this as accurate. There I was in the city hall along with lots of other people all come to listen to Leighton. I arrived with much expectations, Leighton’s reputation had gone ahead of him and being related to Billy Graham made him even higher in people’s expectations. The hall was big. I sat about half way back on the ground floor, there was also a large mezzanine floor. I had came to be entertained. But I got a different message all together, I got nothing from Leighton but he was part of Gods plan to help me that night. 
During the crusade things happened out of the ordinary. But I was at the centre of these happenings. I remember it as follows: I had a crown on my head. Yes a crown. No bull. How could I see the crown? No I did not look in a mirror, I just knew. It was real. The crown was in vision form. 
A tall man was on the front stage of the hall. I knew it was the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. It was Pope John Paul II. I am telling the truth. The Pope was in vision form. I knew it was the Pope because for one the vision had the Pope in all his white clothes and I knew the Popes face from seeing him on television and in other media. The vision of the Pope made the Pope tall. 
Then I remember my heart feeling like there was a gushing stream of like water flowing through it. It was obviously not water but the feeling was akin to a beautiful feel of washing. I loved the feeling. My response to this heart gushing feeling was to look around the audience and think “Were they all at the same time praying for me?” I looked around but no one seemed to be looking at me. My heart felt so good. So no one in the audience was praying just for me. 
Leighton started speaking to the audience. I sensed a Spirit speaking. And I sensed this Spirit speaking to Leighton. Leighton then spoke a few words about simplicity. The Spirit seemed to be in me. And this Spirit was confirming the simplicity of God. 
That about wraps it up about the visions. On leaving the hall I felt like I was on cloud nine. This heavenly feeling for me lasted a few days. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

In my younger days I was a ambitious man. I wanted success and money. I was godless, knew no God to worship. I knew nothing much. I loved money. I lusted after women. But it was just lust and even though I did go further than lust with some women, the lust was never fully satisfactory. I did like some girls in a fuller connection but they were not to succeed because I just was not mature for a long term full on love affair. There were some girls I seemed to have a spirit soul connection with but alas these affections were not reciprocated. But it was earlier in my college days that I knew I was not getting anywhere (in life). 

In other words I was not maturing. I was not learning. I needed a teacher. I wanted a mentor teacher friend who was Godly and mature and gifted who would guide me in an education of Gods wisdom. But in my youth I knew nothing about wisdom. I expect in my youth the word wisdom had not even entered my vocabulary. In my early 20’s I craved for knowing. I looked at people and thought that they had something that made them aware and gifted. I moved to another job, a job way away from my present surroundings, I lived alone and worked at a job in a town shopping mall. I was very lonely. I had no friends. I struggled to cope. During this time I had thoughts of going to university and learning knowledge. It was like I was being led in these thoughts (by Spirit). I enrolled at university and applied for university accommodation. I was accepted in both. I found the living arrangements at the university hostel very satisfactory. I liked it there and it felt great to be around people. But I needed a teacher. The university studies were horrific I could understand little. But I was determined to carry on. I was never one for the likes of suicide. My mind was a total mess but I tried to do the best I could. I found no teacher for me at the university but a teacher did find me at the university hostel. He was a student but also a practicing Christian. He was into disciple making. I felt comfortable with his style and it fitted well with my getting an education. But not the education from the likes of humanistic teaching but the teachings coming from Jesus Christ. Christ’s teachings were just up my street. I went head long in to learning from the biblical teachings. I found my God, my saviour and teacher. The Holy Spirit came to be my teacher. The Christian teacher led me to Christ and once that was secure I felt I did not need any other teacher but Christ. Christ taught me through His Spirit. I was a very simple man and needed an education but not in the way of man. I learnt not much at all from mans schooling/education; none of that education really grew in me. I understood little from all my mans schooling. I passed qualifications because I some how did the work and just passed but all the learning meant little to me. 
At my first job (just after college and before university) and after about five working years I received a job report. The manager had written in my report: that I would be now considered for promotion but it was dependent on my maturing more. I knew in my heart that I was not maturing and to do the manager and the job justice I would need to leave. I left this job. But a few years prior; I was at this work and in an interval of a few minutes I was sensing a voice talking to me. I sensed this voice saying to me that I was going to write. Now at the time I felt privileged to be spoken to by this voice. It was not a voice like loud or decipherable in a mind way but it was like a perception, I could not hear the exact words in my ears as such but all the same I could relate to something talking to me. Obviously in hindsight it was a Spirit talking to me. At the time I knew nothing about spirit or soul or gods or God or Jesus Christ or Angels. In those days I was devoid of any sort of religion. I was simple. I knew no wisdom. I believed or tried to believe other people. Everyone who knew knowledge were like gods to me. I was a nothing. 
But recently on reading about the simple person and the foolish person I see a difference between them. The fool knows the principles of wisdom but deliberately does not adhere to them. The fool thinks he is wise when he is not. The fool never learns. The fool mouths off all sorts of curses and judgments on others thinking he is right. On the other hand the simple person knows not the principles of wisdom. The simple believe everyone. The simple need wisdom and when led to wisdom they become wise. The fool seldom becomes wise. The fool thinks he has no need of wisdom. The fool is in denial like some alcoholics are in denial. Keep away from the fool. 
I found my wisdom in Christ through the Holy Spirit. My first human teacher led me to Christ’s teachings then the Holy Spirit took over. I have matured in the body of Christ in spirit and soul. I am simple but wise, I learn off God, I believe God in Christ. I am wise now in Christ. I have never lost my simplicity it’s just that I have matured and know right from wrong. I have not become complex in Christ, no. God protects the simple. God teaches the simple. The simple in Christ learn from seeing their enemies defeated. The simple in Christ have all their enemies defeated by God and these enemies either repent or suffer. Christ lives in the simple and every knee has to bow to Christ. The simple person likes to live the simple easy life. In Christ the simple become wise but if the simple avoid Christ they are fed complex. Complex leads to this complex and that complex and leads to layers of complexity that shut out normal simplistic functioning. Complex leads us away from the simple truth. 
The simple person needs the simple truth. Without the simple truth the simple person will never be a success. Feed complexity to the complex person but feed the simple truth to the simple person. With truth the simple person will mature, grow strong, be wise, succeed, prosper and be in good health body mind and soul.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 25, 2015

Do thoughts cause body chemistry to alter? Does medication for mental illness cure patients or does the medication not cure the root cause of mental illness but only cures the symptoms of mental illness? Does mental illness in people evolve from being in a dysfunctional family?

So does mental illness begin from living in a dysfunctional family leading to dysfunctional thoughts leading to abnormal changes in body chemistry and thus leading to abnormal behaviour?

And who trusts the Sigmund Freud’s of this planet to cure mental illness?

Now now keep it simple.
But simple is stupid.
Ok you think that to make thinking complex all tied up in confusing knotty words is CLEVER.
Simple is boring. Simple is plain.
Oh by the way can you pass the plain water to me I need to have a drink.
Simple is just so very BORING boring.
You mean the “simple truth” is boring.
Hey you need to be cunning in this world to get what you want. Deceive and deceive.
But is not telling the truth always good.
Truth, what is truth?
You don’t know?
No. Who calls the shots on truth in this world? What is the world’s people frame of reference on what is truth?
Maybe the Bible is our frame of reference of what is truth.
Nah the bible is full of fairy tales all nonsense.
And who told you that?
My teachers at school.
So what do the teachers say is the reference for all truth?
So we get the god science.
Science is proved. The proof is in the pudding.
So JESUS is a liar?
JESUS was just a good man nothing else.
But did JESUS lie?
Oh go to sleep you are bothering me.
“We make our own beds and we sleep in them”. “We reap what we sow”.
I can not stand plain things. I want my senses to be rioted. Jesus is so plain and boring. I want excitement. I want fun.
You mean you want to let your flesh run wild with all its desirous indulgenents.
Yes yes.
Oh by the way out there they are waiting.
Who’s waiting?
All your thoughts have invited many demons to your party.
Party party fun fun yes bring it on.
Your decision.
Thoughts are where it is at. Clean thoughts are for heaven dirty thoughts are for hell.
Dirty thoughts make insane. Clean thoughts make sane. Science can not clean your thoughts.
Go away.
Yes I will.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 21, 2014

How I hate to hear people say or write that God is COMPLEX. So is the TRUTH complex? Pilate said to Jesus, What is the Truth? Of course Jesus did not answer. Why answer a nonsense question. Truth to me is always simple.

If one speaks or writes direct truth then it is all simple. When I hear say people supposed to be of repute or so called intelligent of this world and they speak of God as being complex – it makes me angry. I have even heard a Minister of God say that God is complex – that especially riles me up. This man of God responsible for the Word of God and preaching and teaching from Gods WORD and the WORD of God is being perverted (Actually you can not pervert Gods WORD you only pervert yourself).

You turn to complexity for direct truth then you pervert yourself. Complexity binds it does not free. Freedom comes through the SIMPLE Truth. So if you are full of complexity you have to unravel this complexity down to simplicity. Take small bites of food. Take small simple bites. Revelation of God has to be direct simplicity.

How I hate the teachers of this world teaching the complex path. These teachers don’t help. Mental health needs simplicity of thought and action. The world and all it’s sins are complex. Sins are complex. Pilate asked Jesus, What is Truth? – the Truth was looking Pilate in the face. Pilate saw but he did not see. He heard but he did not hear. The Pharisees claimed to see (insight) so they have no excuse. The people of this world have dim spirits. The religious also make truth complex. The religious if they see have no excuse. How I am irked by teachers, why? Most of them are not real teachers. God gives to each person a calling. Most people are not in Gods calling. Teachers teach but it is not real teaching. God in Spirit teaches direct Truth.

Teachers of the world teach a syllabus made up for them by the authorities to teach but they the teachers do not have to understand or know the TRUTH of God. Such teaching is mainly leaning towards nature worship, it’s worshipping the creation and not the creator, such demeans the image we have in God, such brings our God image in to complexity making us weaker in spirit. We have problems with our image or what we call identity. Children grow up hating themselves and others, they hate the image of God (us) and have complexities like for example the inferiority complex. Hate makes for our God image (us) to be inferior. So children have a lot of complexities in mind and body and these complexities go in to adult life. Complexities make up knotty balls in our minds, in our thoughts and such make us un healthy mentally and physically.

So we always need the Simple Truth from day one of our lives and right to our deaths. Such is GOOD HEALTH.

The TRUTH was looking Pilate in the Face.
Pilate was looking at JESUS CHRIST.

To turn away from the Truth (Jesus Christ) is to PERVERT.
Any person who turns away from Jesus Christ is a pervert.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 30, 2013

(True life is not artificial) (Artificial is manmade)

News: Man survives first week with artificial heart after world-first operation.
Artificial heart; what about a artificial brain. Can we do it, make a brain? And will this artificial heart continue to work? But man making a brain; man makes just about everything else. Seems stupid to think about an artificial brain, But But. So we are going down a path of part robotic human beings; part machine, part human. BUT man making a brain; seems so weird. So man is on a QUEST of ARTIFICIALITY. Man made as versus God made. “God made mankind simple but mankind has made themselves very complex”. The simple person sees simplicity, sees humans in a simple view, sees humans simple rather than complex, sees life as a simple view, wants life as simple; complex to the simple person is not understood. Simple people are like more child like, they are more innocent, they understand only the simple things; complex things to the simple are confusing and too complicated to understand.

True teachers of God teach from a simplistic approach. True teachers understand all truth is simple. True teachers explain everything in true simplicity. True teachers understand that all things begin simple and that God’s Wisdom is not complex, confusing and complicated but God’s wisdom is a growth from a one simple seed of true God WISDOM. God is about growth. You grow wise of God. Seeds grow. Start simple, nurture the simple seeds and God will give growth. True Learning is about growth. Mans (mankind’s) learning is all complex. God’s learning is about relationship. We relate to God; we have a relationship with our true teacher God (the Holy Spirit). Human wisdom, learnings, is not about relationship; students do not have a relationship with the human teachers; if they did or do its a relationship mainly based on the flesh (carnal).

Relationship learning is the only best way of learning. And God is our Father. We relate to a loving Father who we can trust. Human teachers you can not trust. Human teachers are just hired hands they run when the wolf comes. Hired teachers just protect the flock in name only; the real truth is that hired hands do not really protect the flock (the students). Dogs can attack the students and the hired teachers just look on doing nothing to help. Bullying in schools is rife and a lot of teachers do not help. Teachers do not want to get involved because the dogs might turn on them; and then their lives will be traumatised.

So true God teachers teach the simple truth, not a so called complex truth. True teachers teach true simplicity, KEEP IT SIMPLE. True teachers understand all true life things grow. And these teachers understand God only gives the growth; so telling a student to grow up is nonsense because humans do not give growth. True teachers relate to the students, they act like a father, brother, sister or mother. True teachers keep pure in mind, thought, word and deed. True teachers pray often to God for their students. True teachers read the bible often and read it to their charges. Learning can be wide but the true teachers always keeps the learning within a framework, that framework is the understanding in the bible. Learning is about life. Learning is about the living. We learn to discern, we grow, mature then get more discerning. Learning is a lot about discerning. We discern to learn. We understand by discerning. To discern is to have insight. We use insight to learn.


(Man made teaching is not life)
(The Tree of Life is not artificial)
(Man made teaching is artificial)

THE TREE OF LIFE – eat of it.
I think the essence of understanding about The Tree of Life is that this Tree is about LIFE. The key word here is LIFE. Learn about life. We learn so much from experiencing life.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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