Mountain Of God – The Story

Hi Chris.

Hi Dan.

Missed you at school today.

Yer Dan; had some other things to catch up on today.

Yer like you played truant from school.

Like I said I had other things on.

Like what?

I had a dream.

And that’s more important than school; your dream.


So what was this dream?

I was under that apple tree behind the local library. I was eating my sandwiches and drinking my water and that’s when it happened.

You mean that’s when you had the dream.

No; that’s when an apple fell on my head.

Hey hey I know this one.

What one?

This one has already been told. Isaac Newton had the same thing happen to him. An apple fell on his head and he came up with the force of gravity.

No, no it’s not gravity that I am going on about.

What then?

Ok back to my dream; an apple fell and I started dreaming. I thought of spirits.

Ok, ok I know this one.

What do you mean?

A chap named Buddha; he too was sitting under a tree.


He fell in to a trance and stayed in this trance for ages.

Doing what?

Fighting of his demons. He managed to surrender all his demons to him. He called this new state of mind nirvana.

Look you are jumping the gun; it’s none of those things.

Ok tell me.

I was dreaming and I saw this mountain. It was a big mountain.

How big?

Big big.

I saw a man at the top of this mountain. He was sitting and had a rod in his hand. Half way down the mountain in the air as one may say [not attached to the mountain] there was a woman sitting on a dragon. Between this woman and the man at the top there was this infant. The infant looked like it was either thrown by the woman to the man or that the man was supernaturally drawing the infant up to him.


I won’t say anything more about it if you are going to be like that.

Sorry; go on.

Basically that’s just about it.

So this was in that entire dream that you had.

Not really.

You mean there’s more.

Not exactly there is more but it was not a dream.

You mean you lied.

The mountain and all I described about it is true but it was not a dream.

What was it then?

The mountain and all on it is a real painting that I have on the wall at home. Come with me and I will show you.

[at home]

Hi mum. Just going to show Dan my painting of the mountain.

Don’t be too long dinners soon.

Won’t be long mum.

There Dan do you like it.

I like it.

There’s the dragon and the woman riding it; there’s the infant; there’s the man at the top with the rod. And there’s a large river in the foreground.

What’s it all mean Chris?

The mind boggles some things are better left to God to interpret.

Why say a dream?

Dan that was to catch your attention.

I got to go now; my mother said for me to be home by 5.30pm.

Chris dinner.

Coming mum; Dan’s just going. Bye Dan.

Bye Chris.


In the above story I neglected to point out that the woman on the dragon when seen in the way that I see is also like a hand with it’s palm facing out. The dragon is the arm in this seeing. To me this means that the woman and dragon are stopping people from going up this mountain.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


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