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February 25, 2017

All true answers to life should be understood simply. Anyone making a complex confusing answer to a problem is not talking truth, they don’t know the truth.

Avoid those teachers who do not speak or write the simple truth. Truth should not be long winded. Einstein’s theory of relativity can be understood in a few letters and numbers. Look to straight simplicity in anything. To keep straight, be focussed. To walk a straight line you must look straight at one object ahead. To think straight the same applies you think on one subject ahead. Think of one subject in thought. Objective and subjective focus. Subjective thought can be metaphorical thought on one. To keep focussed you must look at one and concentrate on one. God is one. The head on one’s body is one. The simple truth is one. To get the answers to problems focus on one, and stay focussed on one And the truth may come out. BUT what one do you focus on? Focus on God. How to focus on God? Look at holy scripture. Look at a crucifix with Jesus Christ on. Pray to God. The world thinks the answers to life are found in the most words possible but really only a few words are all it needs. To focus on many is to focus on many gods. We have only the one true God not many gods. To have many gods is Satan’s ruse. There are no real answers in having many gods. Stay away from teachers and preachers who speak and write about there being many gods. Many gods is demon worship. Demon worship is being on the dark side.

Jesus Christ is the true light. Demons are dark.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 25, 2017

Of course I am.
But listening to what?

You stupid? can you not see I am watching television. 

So what are you listening to?

Golly i said the television.

Grrrr. But we have an inner life as well as an outer life.

Quiet i am listening. Go dodgers. Oh. Go. Goal!!!

But George I am your spouse i want to be listened to.

I listen to you all the time.

No you don’t.

I do.



You listen with your outer ear.

Go dodgers!!

George!! George!!

What inner life?

It’s hard to describe. But we live in an inner life. 

Bahh!!! Missed the goal. 

George you are in me and i am in you.

What was that dear, can you pass me another beer.

George are you listening?

Of course dear, you said an inner life.

Yes an inner life. We live in an inner spiritual life. Call it a kingdom. 

And who rules this inner kingdom? 

God in Jesus Christ.

Another missed goal. Some people don’t learn.

George you and me and everyone else in this inner kingdom are just thoughts apart. 

That Smith needs to think more. Look he moving too far away from the ball.

George this kingdom is real.

I know dear. Smith is real but he acting unreal. Oh it’s half time. Pass the chippies dear.

You are not listening.

I listen.

You listen with your outer ears but you have no time to listen from your inner ears. We are not just flesh we are spirit too. 

Spirit dear.

Yes spirit. 

What spirit?

Your spirit lives in you.

In my body.

Yes in your body, to be exact in your heart. 

What’s this inner kingdom?

I think of the movies trilogy Matrix. Do you remember the movies?

Yes and what has Matrix movie got to do with this so called inner kingdom?

Matrix had two kingdoms, one outer and one inner.

A bit too much vinegar in these chips. 

Matrix is just fiction but it gives off a metaphor to read in to. This inner kingdom is very real as real as the outer kingdom is real. To listen to really listen we must listen with both our outer ears and inner ears. 

Another beer if you don’t mind dear.

Oh here’s your beer. You are not listening. 

Quiet dear they are about to give the half time score. 


Dear are you ok? You don’t need to scream. Go and lie down.


But the footy. Can’t it wait until after the footy has finished.




The neighbours will hear.

The neighbours can hear for all I care. I just want you to hear.

Ok dear you win. There the television is now turned off. What is it dear?

We live in two kingdoms.

Oh yer the inner kingdom and the outer kingdom.


So what’s this to do with the movies Matrix?

The movies had two parallel kingdoms. One inner and one outer.


The movie is just fiction but it shows a metaphorical angle to what life in reality is like. It’s the having two kingdoms.

Who do I listen to with my inner ear?

Your inner ear is your spiritual ear. You listen to others.

Others? Who others?

We in this body of Christ Jesus are connected up in words. We are as close to everyone else in this body by words. Words can be thoughts or spoken words or written words BUT WORDS. We listen to other people and perceive understanding. We understand each other in the body of Christ by words.

What about television? 

Television is man made wizardry. It’s electronic wizardry. You do not connect up to television in spirit. The television does not have a living spirit. 

So what happens if i listen and watch the television?

You dull your mind. You dull your senses. Spirit is what inspires and feeds your spirit. You need to connect up in spirit to really learn and grow. 

What about radio?

All man made is without spirit.

But the plants do not have spirit and that is God made I presume. 

Yes God made plants but only humans are sapient and have soul and spirit. 

Don’t birds and fish and animals have spirit?

I don’t know the answer to that but I know as a human I do not connect up in words with any creatures other than humans. Humans are the only creatures in Gods image.

Why do most humans not hear with their inner ears?

Flesh the physical came first. Humans sin. Spirit came after the flesh. Sins get in the way of understanding. Satan (and the woman who sits on the back of the Dragon Satan) deceive the people of the world. Satan and his woman keep people from getting wisdom and understanding of God. It is as if there was a veil over people’s minds, a veil so people can not know the truth.

Dear can I get back to the footy.

Have you not listened to anything I have just said?

Yes dear. You said there is a veil over my mind. Please dear the footy.

Ok! ok! watch your footy.

Thanks dear. More chippies dear.


Thanks dear.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

OCEAN DEVIL – Written by James MacManus

February 25, 2017

A true story about George Hogg. George was well educated lived in England went to the best schools and when just out of university went to try his hand overseas. George went to Japan with his aunt. Japan was sharpening its swords for a fight. This was just before Japan greatly expanded its military take overs; they had already taken parts of China. George could not have gone to Asia at a worst time. Japan was acting belligerent to its neighbour nations and its military ruled the Japanese Government. George was young and single and curious about the world. 

George came from a deeply Christian religious family that hated violence in any form. George was taught pacifism from a young age. Georges’ family were pacifists so it is strange that a pacifist wants to be in an area that is so entering in on violence. George travelled to China. George stayed in Shanghai for a time then moved inland. The Japanese attacked Shanghai and George took up pen to write for Western newspapers. George moved where the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek had his seats of Government. The Nationalist Government moved its seat of Government many times going further inland retreating from the invading Japanese military. George met Rewi Alley a New Zealander who was sympathetic to the Communist cause. George accepted a job as a head master of a Chinese boys cooperative school. The school was a success but the Japanese were getting close to the school. George and all his pupils walked, some in a lorry, some on carts, over a number of mountains to set up a new school on the edge of the Gobi Desert far from the reach of the Japanese. George was playing sport with the boys and he stubbed his feet. Tetanus took a hold. The school or town had no serum. The closest serum was days away over mountains. George died before the serum arrived. 
George seemed like a saint to me. I think George Hogg is a man worthy to be read about in the good light of God. We can read about George knowing we are reading about good. Ok no one is all good, Yes we carry good and bad in us, but George leaned to the good. I won’t read a book if I am not enjoying it. I choose my books with my much thought and searching. I like my central character in books to be of good moral character. I don’t expect excellence but I expect attempts at good to very good. 
China was a melting pot of war and political furore. George came along and saw people in need. The bulk of the Chinese were poor and starving. The war was against the Japanese. But China had two Chinese factions vying to be in charge. There was the Nationalists and there was the Communists. The Japanese surrendered and the two Chinese factions fought it out. Mao the communist leader and Chiang Kai-Shek the Nationalist leader were both bad. It was nothing to both leaders for millions of Chinese to die. Mao and his forces won; the Nationalists retreated to the island of Taiwan and Mao and his Communists ruled China. 
George Hogg seemingly did not get involved in Chinese politics; he had his faith In God as the underlying theme and rock of his life. George was taught well by his parents to help those in need. The school boys that George was head master of were boys he could help and he helped them; such was Georges’ Christian duty. 
A very good read.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2017

Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. I think so. Diamonds are made up out of carbon. That makes me think, humans are also made up a lot out of carbon. Carbon forms the key component for all life on Earth. So can we carbon date the Earth?

Carbon is in plants.There is a carbon cycle. Humans exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of humans. BUT what is one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. Plants need carbon. Plants take carbon from the air and use it to grow. 
Carbon is in the Earth’s crust. Carbon exists in the Earth’s crust as coal, oil, and diamonds. Now to carbon date the Earth. Where does the carbon come from that exists in the Earth’s crust? We know carbon comes from life. Plants and all living creatures on the Earth’s surface are made out of a lot of carbon. Carbon in the crust may come from this carbon source – plants and living creatures. Also carbon can come from carbon dioxide trapped below in the Earth’s crust. 
Coal, oil, and diamonds are carbon but they do not appear over night; they came about through much intense heat and pressure. Coal, oil, and diamonds do not grow like plants and creatures do. Coal comes from the surface plants and animals, creatures. But coal may take hundreds of thousands of years to form. Coal may after much heat and much pressure form in to oil. And oil after a long time may turn in to diamonds. Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. To refine something to make it pure you need very high temperatures. The purer to make something, the higher the temperatures are needed. This takes time. Diamonds take longer than coal or oil to form. Diamonds may take millions or billions of years to form. Now we are getting close to understanding how old our Earth is. Yes a age of nothing less than maybe billions of years. Carbon is our measuring tool of the age of our Earth, and diamonds are the peak of understanding of the Earth’s age. 
I do not know how old human existence is. Who knows? Life may have come much later after the Earth was formed. But the carbon in the Earth’s crust could not have all come from trapped carbon dioxide. Plants and living creatures must have contributed to main source of coal, oil, and diamonds in the Earth’s crust. So life must have been around a long time. Dead carbon life on this Earth leaches from ground level in to the depths of the Earth’s crust.
I do think all things start simple. Simple is one. One cell is the beginning to make many cells. Everything starts with one. One with water makes many. Water is needed to make life. A cell needs water to live. So in the beginning of life there was water. Life first existed in the water. Life started in water. Life emerged out of the water but life has to still consume water. The Christian symbol of the FISH may tell us more than most people think. Fish live in water. God may have subtly sent a message to humans in the fish symbol. Fish may be the beginning of human life. Truth maybe staring us in the face yet people see but do not see, they see but do not understand. 
The Earth looks like it has been in existence for billions of years. Life came later. But how much later? When did water come? Water has to come for life to exist. So the Earth had water. When water came life came too. Did the Spirit of God hover over the WATERS and create the universe? Was water always here? Was water before the universe? Was the universe created out of water? Did God use water to create? Water has hydrogen. Hydrogen is power/energy. Was hydrogen and oxygen in water used to create the universe? If water was always here then the Earth in the beginning might have had water. If water was in and on the Earth at the beginning then life might have followed soon after the Earth’s conception. Another thought: If water existed before the universe was made; there might have existed life living in this water. Life existed before the universe was made. Now these are only my thoughts. Fish the Adam and Eve ancestor and snakes the Devil ancestor. Just my thoughts. Fish and snakes in a large ocean of water.
Now I do not profess to know. I think. That is not a crime. I discern. If I am correct in my words, I am only correct in God, if I am not correct I am incorrect in me. I still carry some of me in my body but I do carry God in me too, I want to die to myself and carry God in me, but all takes time just as a tree takes time to grow.
I think God created and life evolved. I have not always thought this. In my youth I too thought I knew it all. I flirted with fundamentalism a lot. We young fundamentals knew it all, the older more mature people knew naught. We were wise. To just stay with the fundamentals and not grow past such make for immature thought. We need to get past the milk stage and eat the meat. Many Christians never mature (in thought). What irks me the most is not the young immature fundamentalist people but the old fundamentalist people. Old should be wise. Alas it is not always the case.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 13, 2016

An article says that the Pope is not being black or white in relation to the truth he puts out.

My thinking says the very top leader has to be black and white. There must be no dark or grey area in the top thinking. The top is the peak and has to be sharp edged. Peaks are not meant to be blunt but sharp. The peak is above the clouds of doom and gloom, at the top you must see all. You are over all, over all sins, you are in the full light at the top. 
The Pope to be a true leader needs to be sharp and that means being this or that, right or wrong, light or dark, there are no compromises. 
But to be at the top and sharp means knowing ALL the truth. 
The Pope does not know all the truth. 
Jesus Christ is ALL sharp and sees ALL, knows ALL, so Jesus can preach/teach straight truth. 
The Pope may have the MIND OF CHRIST but his mind still is in shadows. Is the Pope not in the full light? Who is? Who can say they are in the total light of God? 
The Pope does not know all. The Pope is no King Solomon. So the Catholics are still in some sense the blind leading the blind. Oh the Catholics know plenty but not all. 
No one knows about homosexuality. Are homosexuals not Gods people? Are homosexuals the product of human wisdom and not Christ’s wisdom? We have strong wrists to work with, we weed out our minds and hearts, we plant seeds of words in minds and hearts, we need strong wrists to plant, weed and harvest. Are homosexuals the man made artificial product? Who knows for sure? No one. 
We need our leaders to lead from black and white. We need sharp leaders. We need our leaders to know all Gods wisdom. Knowing is knowing God. Leaders who are strong leaders are wise leaders. Wisdom of God sharpens ones mind up. Who is all wise? Few can say they are very wise. People covet the human wisdom rather than Christ wisdom. The Catholics pursue human wisdom and Christ’s wisdom. Wisdom has to be iron not wood. Nature is wood. Nature lovers are wooden. Prophets of God have iron strong spirits. 
Women cover their heads. The women’s longish hair is the women’s cover on her head. The women covers her body. Body cover and head cover for the women is to glory the man’s head. The man’s head is not to be covered. The man’s head is to glory God and the women’s head is to glory the man. Now a days this Christ wisdom of man and woman and headship is mostly perverted. The man now glories a lot in the women’s body and not in his headship of Christ. The women use their bodies to desecrate the wisdom of Christ. The women break the power of the man’s power in his head. The head should rule not the body. The women in charge of the man is seen by the man as seeing her body. Bodies ruling the head is unnatural and perverted. The Christ wisdom of man and woman was made to bring good sense to the church and to the world. The church needs to acknowledge that the wisdom of Christ is true. Women in charge of men in the church is not natural. A lot of church people are perverted now. The man has lost his naturalness in God. The man has lost his headship in his family. The man must be the leader in the family. There has to be one leader. Two leaders in a family make for friction and stress. But the man must have the wisdom of Christ and be loving as Christ is loving to the Church. The man is Christ in his family, the woman must submit to the man as the church submits to Christ. The woman ruling the family instead of the man is unnatural. 
The church is full of perversion now. 
Women want to lead. Women leading make useless mothers to their children and useless lovers to their husbands. The man can not love his wife if she does not submit. Now it’s the the man submitting to the woman. Perverse. So man and woman in love use unnaturalness in their love. The man is made impotent, the man loses his natural power because the woman wants the power. The power is in the head. The brain has the powers. The heart is just a pump. The brain is alive. Muscle is not the true power, God is the true power in Spirit and head. Words are the true power. Words are in spirit and head. Mind over matter. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Student (male) sent home for too short haircut

December 13, 2016

For the information of this college I had a number 2 haircut recently. I love my short haircuts. I usually have a number 2 and a half but now I like getting a number 2. Males I think should have short hair and females can have longer hair. 

It is to the glory of God that a male has short hair. The female glories in the males head if she has long hair. The head is so very important, more important than the body. The head is in charge not the body and the Wisdom of God says the males head is in charge over the females head. That is the wisdom from above. When males put the body before the head and glory in their bodies they are glorying in the female, such is really weak and false. You get body builders who try to bypass their heads. You can not outwit your head. The body is not in charge. The head has the WORDS. The head rules through Words. Words rule not flesh. Words are eternal. The flesh is mortal and dies whereas Words can go on for ever. Gods Words go on for ever. Spirit feeds the mind in the head; the mind the soul. The soul needs Words and feeding the soul Gods Words is like feeding one sweet honey. Those people who glory the body glory the flesh and not the Words. Words bring life. Gods Words. God is the Words. Words bring light and life. The source of life comes from Gods Words. We think in Words. 
I love my short hair cuts I have no shame in my head. I am my head. I think and use the senses in the head. My head is in charge. I don’t cover my head. My head is there for all to see. God is in my head. 
I cover my body. My body is to glorify my head. My body is not to glory in it. My body is covered up to give glory to my head. The female covers up both body and head. The females long hair is her cover on her head. 
To glory my body is for me to glory the female. But the female is not in charge of my body. To glory the body for me is for me to follow the female. That is wrong. The female looks to the male to take the lead. 
Perversion is to turn away from; to turn away from letting the head rule to letting the body rule. Perversion is big in this world now. Bodies rule and females rule over males. Male children are led to believe that the mother is in charge not the father. Males get perverted in childhood. The father should take the lead in the family. The mother is the earth where she makes a home. Mother Earth. The earth is where the children put their roots down. The father sky is where the children grow up to. The father light. 
Both father and mother are needed. But don’t let children get the wisdom wrong. Roots go down but you grow upwards. Don’t grow upwards to your mother and don’t put your roots in to your father. We can have upside down wisdom, such is perversion.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Fish – good brain food

December 13, 2016

I am in a church. A traditional one at that. Right in the city. At times I think of this picture of what I have taken, this photo of the Altar/Communion table. I have wondered about this table a few times as I have come in to this church on a number of occasions. 
If you look at the photo you will see a picture of the symbol of fish. At each end of the fish you will see other symbols, at one end the Alpha symbol meaning beginning and at the other end the Omega symbol meaning the end.
So there is this fish between the beginning and the end; this makes me think. 
I mean life comes from water. “The water of life”. Life began in water. Life needs water to live. And life began simple. Life began one. So in the beginning was there a vast ocean of water? I don’t know. But it’s worth considering. And why is water made up of hydrogen and oxygen? Hydrogen the energy of energies. Hydrogen can burn, maybe burn with the help of oxygen. Just trigger a chain reaction for the hydrogen to burn. The big bang maybe. The explosion that caused the universe to come in to being. 
So we have this vast ocean of water. What (if anything) lived in this water? Fish? Snakes? Do humans come from fish? Snakes are the devils. Was Jesus Christ a fish in the beginning? Are Gods people down the line a result of evolution? It makes sense that life came from water. It makes sense that life started simple. And fish are good at living in water, we know that. 
I am very sceptical that the universe was created in say 4 thousand years. For one thing God’s time and our time are so much different. One day to God is like a thousand of our years. And for carbon to turn in to diamond would take thousands or maybe millions of years. Carbon in the form of plants and creatures dies. Plants and flesh are made of carbon. This carbon leaches in to the ground and over many thousands and millions of years makes coal, oil, and diamond. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 13, 2016

I think that the expansion of the universe is slowing down. I think at the beginning there was a big bang. At first the expansion was fast say at the speed of light. God is light and can travel at the speed of light. There is no faster speed than what light travels. 

But the universe is energy. Energy was first. Energy made the matter. Atoms are vibrating energy. God used energy from say water to make the universe. Energy can come say from hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most powerful energy in the universe. Energy slows down. Energy dies out. The universe will die out. But God is eternal. God’s saved will live for eternity. God’s love is constant. Energy can not be constant. The universe will slow down in expansion more and more until it stops expanding and then what – a scroll when rolled out rolls back up again.The universe might at the end of its energy just implode. Like red dwarf stars. Stars that die implode. Stars die out why should the universe not die out. Water at the beginning just had so much energy (hydrogen). There was intelligence at the beginning. God was that intelligence. God’s Spirit hovered over the ocean of deep waters and sparked off the big bang.

The invisible made the visible.
Is the speed of light constant? I think that the energy that makes the light is not constant. Life tires out it loses energy. Humans lose energy. God made the universe and rested. God tired out. God rests and restores his energy. Humans sleep and restore their energy. Light can be constant but the energy behind it is not constant. The distance that light travels can vary according to how much energy it has. Light is constant but the distance it travels varies. 
I am sorry but this is hyperbole. Light being constant is the hyperbole. Light must get dimmer as the energy runs down. So how can light be constant, it can not be. When God loses energy He travels slower. 
My minds thoughts are dragging out here. About light being constant. My mind now says there has to be a constant in this universe. God is light. Light is that constant. But how can light be constant when energy diminishes. This is a mystery. I don’t know if light is constant or not. But I think we need a constant. 
God rested after creating the universe. But what if the universe eventually dies out; does God create another universe. It certainly could be on the cards. God rests gets his energy back and creates again. But did the energy not come from water, where will the next lot of water come from? 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 13, 2016

Mr President welcome to the show.
Thank you for inviting me Daniel.

Mr President you are now in your third year in office please tell me what you think your greatest achievement is so far.

I have a Trump hotel in many capital cities in the world.

Mr President I was thinking of your leadership achievements.

My name is is up in large neon lights on top of all my hotels.

Mr President are there any achievements that you can say that have made to make the USA great again.

I have made myself great, I have become one of the most wealthiest people in this world. 

What about the people sir? What about making them more wealthy.

I have not thought about that. I have been too busy thinking about how to make my businesses grow.

Mr President what about national defence?

What about it?

What are your achievements here?

Look I am too busy to think about national defence; and defence does not interest me; as long as I am making money I am happy.

Mr President people are saying that Trump hotels have taken over from USA embassies as places to meet and greet high USA government officials.

It does not surprise me. When I travel overseas I stay at my hotels. If you want to see me you have to come to my hotel. My name is on top of the hotel so you can not miss me.

Mr President people are saying that as President your main concern is to enrichen your financial empire.

Twoddles, it’s a media conspiracy. 

Mr President it is reported that many nation leaders are just about begging you to build a Trump hotel in their capital cities.

I have had a few begging letters.

Mr President are leaders of nations also giving you free land and open lines of credit with their nations banks for you to build Trump hotels in their nations.

Yes I have had many generous offers. I now have my hotels in many nations.

Mr President what is your hope for the future?

I want to have my hotels in every nation of the world. 

Mr President you said in your election campaigning that you promise to make the USA great again, do you think you have achieved this?

Look I can not remember every promise I make. I made promises to my former two wives and do you think I kept them. No. I am great. I made myself great and that is enough. 

What is the legacy you want to leave to the citizens of the USA if your four year term is not extended? 

I plan is to do another four years.

How do you hope to achieve that?

The republican way. I know the way they think. They are a breeze. Democrats think too much about looking after this earth. Republicans are about money. I just talk money and people just listen and lap it up. 

What do you say about money?

I say I will make you all rich. You see people are basically about money. People think money morning afternoon and night. I think people even dream money. Most people buy lottery they hope to get a big win. People are dreamers and it’s about the American Dream. People are half asleep. People are dreamers and its tapping into their dreams that gets the votes. 

Mr President do you think you put one over on the citizens of the USA?

It’s business. You have to know how to negotiate. You put one over on them and they try to put one over on you. It’s how life works. The winner takes all. I took all. 

Mr President we come to an end. We thank you for coming on the show.

My pleasure nice to be here. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

DEPRESSION can be feelings turned inwards

December 13, 2016

We feel when we have an emotion. There are many types of feelings. There’s jealousy, love, sadness, hate, dislike, anger, envy, etc.

So what happens if we turn love inwards. Say if we fall in love with another person. Say if a man has deep feelings for a woman. If the man in this case does not express his feelings for the woman will he turn those feelings inwards. Express becomes suppress. And if the man internalises his feelings for the woman will he get depression? Anger is not the only feeling that if turned inwards can cause depression. Any feeling turned inwards can cause depression. In depression we blame ourselves for the feelings, we make out that the feelings are wrong. The world and its human rules at times says we can not express our feelings, I mean some feelings are taboo talk. So the man who falls in love had better express his love outwards or he might get depressed. Depression eats at you. Depression may turn to hating oneself. Internalising feelings can also be caused by people not having the courage to express outwardly their feelings. Tell the woman that you have feelings for her. Express in words your love. But anger is something else, you don’t in a civilised society go around expressing your anger, I mean who do you think you are, we are nice people, we don’t get angry. Poppy cock, people get angry. Get angry but don’t let your anger go to bed with you at night. Let your steam off in a dignified way. But afterwards forgive. Forgive people their faults against you. You can be wise in your behaviour by letting your steam off gradually over time so as to not go off the handle in one big angry demonstration. People will admit their faults to you and say sorry. 
Depress, suppress, oppress, repress, express.
To depress a button we push it down. So in depressing feelings we push them down not let them go up. We are the ones who depress the feeling. To depress is to trigger. We trigger depression by pushing down inwards.
Extroverts are seldom depressed. Extroverts express. Introverts suppress. Introverts need to learn to express their feelings. But the expression for all people needs to be to the relevant persons who the feelings are about. We must connect up with the relevant parties or the feeling is not channeled properly and does not have success. The feeling needs to go to the right person. If we share our feelings to other people and not to the desired party we are not going to satisfy, we just get frustrated. If say you have anger or love for a particular person you must connect up to that person not others. 
Repressing can be ok in a little way. Repressing feelings is to restrain the feelings. But repressing can lead to depressing and depression. Repressing is turning inwards and just ties you up. We don’t want to tie ourselves up. We must learn how to express ourselves with using common-sense at the same time. Expressing our feelings either they be good or bad feelings just needs common-sense and also a heart of true love, thus making everything ok. Love of God can make everything ok. 
We can turn feelings in to oppression. Feelings need to be ruled by good sense. Feelings don’t rule, common-sense rules. The head rules not the body. The head rules over the heart, the heart does not rule. The head is above the heart. Feelings come from the heart, common-sense comes from the head. Oppression is expression of feelings in a extreme bad way. We must have feelings but we must not let our feelings go beyond the call of duty. Dictators rule with oppression. Dictators can rule with anger, but their anger is out of control and is extreme. Maybe if you are angry with someone you can try and resolve the anger by talking to that person. Or pray.
Prayer helps a lot. You can pray through your feelings. You can pray for the persons that you have feelings for. Prayer is words and words heal. The feelings can be turned over to God. But praying for a person you have bad or good feelings for means praying many times before healing can come. You just don’t pray once for the persons. Healing takes time and praying over weeks or months regularly is needed. Jesus can pray once and healing comes but we are not Jesus. We are sinners, Jesus is no sinner. 
Be kind to your feelings. Know how to express your feelings in a wise way. Feelings come and feelings go. Your feelings are your friends. Your friends come and they go. Pray for your friends. Be kind to your friends. Love your friends. Feelings should not rule. Don’t let your friends rule you, Christ the Head rules.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

Science does good and evil.
You see SCIENCE at work on the battlefield.

People kill people with weapons made with science and at the same time you see medical staff using science to heal soldiers who have been wounded by science weapons.

Science is good but it is also evil.

You see science raping the earth to get minerals and oil and then you see at the same time science doing conservation on the land.

You see science polluting the rivers and lakes and at the same time you see science cleaning these waters.

Science is used for man’s “progress”.

Progress to man is to make capital.

Man is basically a capitalist.

Man wants possessions.

Science is used to make money to buy possessions.

It’s not the money people really want it’s the possessions people want.

Money buys the possessions.

Possessions are the capital.

Man’s creations with science make residue or waste.

Man makes and gives off carbon.

Carbon is ok but too much of it is a killer.

Plants take in carbon and give off oxygen.

We need plants.

Humans need to have oxygen to breathe.

Without plants humans will not survive.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Wisdom of God is pure.

Wisdom of God is simplex.

Science can be very complex.

Jesus never taught science to his disciples.

Apostle Paul never taught us science.

People trust and have faith more in science than in God.

Farmers depend on science for good food crops.

Farmers trust science.

Nations defence trust science.

It’s looked at as clever to learn science.

It’s looked at as simple to trust God.

Simple to the scientist is foolish.

To trust a God you can not see is looked at as being foolish.

Man thinks he/she is so clever consuming science.

It is too simple to follow the wisdom of Christ.

Science is our future.

Science helps this earth.

You know science is slowly killing this earth.

You get people who really think climate change is nonsense.

Science is making this earth one big rubbish dump.

And people do not see the rubbish.

Climate change deniers only want to see money.

So you can choose what you want – science or wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Science and Gods wisdom are two different trees of thought.

Wisdom can understand science.

Science can know wisdom.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

The Spirit hovered over the deep sea of water.
Life is in the water.

The water of life.

Did the beginning begin with water?

Does life need water to exist?

Without water there is no life.

In the beginning God made the universe out of water.

In the beginning there was energy.

God is energy.

Did the energy at the beginning come from water?

Water is hydrogen and oxygen. 

Hydrogen makes up the sun.

The sun(s) is the top energy source that we know of. 

Hydrogen one proton and one electron. 

One is powerful.

Power is in one not many.

God is one.

Small is powerful.

Many is complex and makes for confusion.

One is simplex and is undivided.

Complex can be divided, it is weak.

God used the hydrogen and oxygen in the vast ocean of water to make the universe.

All life came from water.

All creation came from water.

Hydrogen is the most powerful source of energy.

Hydrogen burns and the oxygen in water might help the hydrogen to burn. 

Maybe water can be used as a powerful source of energy.

God hovered over the waters and caused the big bang.

God is intelligence.

God is Spirit person.

I SPECULATE that water existed at the beginning and I SPECULATE that the universe was made out of water.

I do think that all life was created at the beginning by God and evolved from its first beginnings of simplex to later in to complex.

Everything begins simple.

Life begins as one cell. 

One is the beginning.

One becomes many.

God is simplex. 

God never changed.

God never changes.

Life can be to us a puzzle.

Life begins like a jigsaw. One piece at a time goes into making the whole piece.

The pattern becomes obvious overtime.

There is a set pattern.

Everything has it’s correct place.

The pieces fit in only where they are meant to go.

Technology is evolving.

Technology and electronics begins with a diode.

The diode is simple.

Diode to valve to transistor to chip.

Machines are evolving.

Machines and technology will evolve into the humanoid robot.

Man will create his likeness (humanoid), this likeness has evolved.

Man rebelled against his creator God.

Will humanoids rebel against its maker man?

It makes sense to see humanoids rebel. Why? There’s a pattern here.

Water is plain.

Plain is good.

Plain is good health.

Eat and drink plain.

Drink much plain water.

Never forget the simplex beginnings.

Simplex is our foundation of life.

Simplex is our foundation of thought.

Original thought is simplex. 

Complex thought can be hard to digest.

Complex thought can make knotty balls of confused thoughts.

Complex can tie ones thoughts up into unsolved problems.

All solutions to complex problems are simple.

Always use simple solutions.

Do not use complex solutions.

Simple is one and one solves the many.

Complex is many.

One is pure.

Pure solves the problem.

Problems are complex.

Simplex is not a problem.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

The head is over the body.
The head has the mind.

Is the mind the soul?

Soul is thoughts.

Soul is in words.

Soul is your shadow.

Soul is an internal shadow in the head.

Soul shadow has thoughts.

Humans think.

The body and the head is matter. 

Did mind make the body?

Did mind make the head?

Does mind in words make matter?

Do words make matter?

Are words alive?

Was the universe made out of words?

What is matter?

Matter is solid.

What makes matter solid?

All matter is energy.

The whole universe was made out of energy.

What keeps the electrons going around the nucleus?

Matter is all atoms.

Atoms are energy.

In the beginning was energy, God was and is that energy.

Energy is first and last.

God is a person.

God is intelligence.

God is energy.

What holds matter together?

No one understands why matter is solid.

Matter did not make itself.

Did God mind make matter?

Mind rules over matter.

Jesus Christ walked on water.

Jesus Christ walked through a solid door.

Will humans find the secret of how matter is solid?

To find how matter is solid will science have to search the mind?

Will science believe in a soul?

Will science accept the invisible spirit?

To understand the soul / mind is to understand God.

Matter was made by the mind.

The physical was made by the invisible.

Science will never be complete without God.

God made science.

Man was tempted and consumed science.

The FALL. Man wants to know as God knows.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Wisdom is the tree to consume.

Science is good and bad.

Wisdom of Christ is all good. 

Science kills and heals. 

The head rules over the body.

Jesus is the Head.

Mind / soul is in the head.

Have the soul / mind of Jesus Christ.

Let the mind of Christ rule.

Christ rules from above.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

Light energy makes matter. E = Mc square. E is energy. M is matter. C is the speed of light. The universe expanding at the rate of speed of light square. This is an expansion at a constant rate. This is the Big Bang theory. There was a Big Bang at the beginning of our time. Energy gave off the Big Bang. We come in with a bang and so do we go out with a bang? How can we go out with a bang? Who is the Energy? Is the Energy God Spirit? 

Can we refer to this energy as being light energy? God is light. So we are referring to Gods energy. Is there another energy? Is there dark energy? Satan is the dark force. Satan is opposite to God. There is light so there must be dark. We know there is dark. But does dark have power? Light has power we know that to turn on a light at say home we know that energy feeds the light bulb and gives off light. But we can not make dark power. Dark has no power. So we say that dark has no energy. Satan then being the dark force has no power. But does not Satan have power? We would have thought so or does Satan get his power from God? Light is energy, dark is not energy. Einstein in his E = Mc square is about light energy and light matter. Einstein is not about dark energy nor dark matter. If there is no dark energy then there must be no dark matter. Gods light energy made matter. Is there dark matter in the universe? How can this be? Can Satan make matter? God can make matter because he is light and light can make matter. Light is energy; dark is not energy. Satan did not create. Satan can not create a universe. Only God can create a universe. Scientists say there is dark matter but how is this to be when matter comes from energy and there is no dark energy as energy needs light and only God is light. Einsteins E is energy but light energy and this is God energy as only God is the true light. You might say light energy can make both light matter and dark matter. Could be so. I mean Satan the dark force was originally made by God. God created all life. Was darkness made out of the light? How can you make darkness? Before the universe was created there was a big void, a dark and chaotic void. Sounds like before the light came there was evil. Light came and brought light to the darkness and order to the chaos. So was evil ruling before God came and where did God come from? So maybe there is no dark energy and that light energy made the dark matter. 
God made matter, Satan makes no matter. 
So we conclude there is no dark energy but maybe there is dark matter. God is the source of all energy. God made the light and the dark. There are always opposites. Each has their opposite. It’s a fundamental law to have opposites. Satan is the opposite of God. God good and Satan evil. Life is about opposites – opposing each other. Life is a battle in words, spoken or thought or written, between good and evil. We fight in words. Words make a person, we win or lose according to words. We use the truth words to fight against the lie words. Truth wins. Truth sets us free. Truth is light, lies are dark. Satan is a liar, God is the truth. Christians use the bible scripture as their measure of what is Spiritual truth. The bible is acknowledged as a collection of books of truth. Scripture can be used against the evil side. Scripture can be used as a Words weapon. Jesus Christ Himself used scripture Words against Satan. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

The giving of this medal to Ellen shows just how very intelligent Barack Obama is. Barack is intelligent yes but he is also wise. Usually people who are intelligent are also wise so when we see intelligent people acting unwise we frown.

Barack treats Ellen as an equal. Ellen is an outed lesbian. But Barack does not discriminate. We see a black man being equal with a lesbian. In the past and still is black coloured people are treated as sub human. Ellen is also treated as sub human. Why? Because Ellen is a homosexual. It was normal in the past to hate black coloured people, and it still does go on. Coloured people are not as human as white coloured people. Hitler was a proponent for the super race of white coloured people. Hitler was EVIL.

Homosexuality does not look normal to us heterosexuals. I mean buggery seems abnormal. BUT BUT low and behold many heterosexual couples practice buggery. The Roman Catholic Church says homosexuality is an aberration of the soul, meaning homosexuality is not normal, but me thinks Roman Catholics in droves use buggery as a form of birth control. They are ordered by the church priests not to use condoms so the Catholics resort to buggery, I mean who wants to have 5 or 6 or 7 children now a days. Large Catholic families were normal in the past but people now prefer 2 or 3 children at the most.
I have found homosexuality distasteful. I hate it when I think a male is showing any interest in me.
I married at age 47. At my age of about 24 I had a spiritual soul awakening. It was like before I was 24 I was soul asleep. I was made aware of the power and reality of words. Words now were alive to me. Before this I was dead to all the understanding of words. Words now became my life. On awakening I realised that I had many enemies. These enemies used words to conquer. I was at the mercy of words and I had not realised it, well not realised it until I was brought to life in the word. I had given myself to Jesus Christ. I had made a decision to accept Jesus. I did not see Jesus, my decision was an act of faith. Ever since then my insight has grown. I can see more. I see from inner eyes. It is like my eyes are full of light. And my body is full of light. Call it enlightenment. I climb upwards in to the light. Before my rise as a new devotee of Jesus it was like my life was dead and going down hill. Down hill is for the wisdom of Satan, uphill or going up the mountain is like going for the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ.
On my spiritual awakening, that is coming in to the light of God, I was now able to perceive the spiritual word attacks on me. And there were attacks on me like Poof and lazy. It went on like that for a year or so. It eventually petered out. I have never been with a man in sex. When I was about 10 years old and at a sleep over at a boys place in an outside tent, the boy touched my penis (the incident happened for about one minute). I was just shocked. It made me sick in my heart to think of it. It was so unexpected. This boy was popular with other boys and was intelligent. When he did it my heart thought of my mother.
So here I am at 24 years old and a new Christian and words like poof trying to get in my head.
I true was not known to sleep around with the girls. I did have a few girl friends but not many.
So before getting married at age 47 there must have been tongues wagging. It was like you are guilty unless proven innocence. In other words you were gay until proved otherwise.
I do sympathise with Ellen and other homosexuals because people who discriminate can be so evil.
It takes a strong moral minded person to stand up to all the hypocrisy of mean minded selfish discrimination.
So buggery is also Catholic. And the Catholics are as much hypocritical as everyone else.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

These brain doctors are masquerading as healers of the soul but at the same time they do not believe in a soul. A SHAM.
What I can not understand is why these psychiatrists like using the word psyche in their titles and cover words but they say they do not believe in a separate human soul or human spirit. These psychiatrists over many years say mental illness is a brain sickness. 
So these so called doctors of the mind are deceiving us. They submit to the Devil so they don’t believe in soul and spirit but at the same time they show off the word psyche trying to use the authority of the supreme God. 
Psychiatrists get their authority from the law. The law protects and encourages psychiatry. The law looks to psychiatrists for authority on the soul even though a lot of the law and psychiatrists do not believe in a human soul or human spirit. 
The law has to decide whose side it is on. The Godly or the pagans? The law should be led by Godly people not by pagans.
The soul in the past used to be the domain of the church. Religion was the voice of soul. Religion encouraged soul. The church ordains priests to shepherd and look after souls. The law in the way past looked to the church or religion to explain soul. The law looks to pagans the non religious to explain soul now. The law is full of pagans. Pagans hate the thought of soul. Soul means God and pagans hate God. A lot of psychiatrists are pagan. A lot of law people are pagan.
Psyche means soul in Greek. 
These mind doctors to be true to their beliefs need to discard the word soul from any definition of their works. These doctors call the soul the mind. But really to them their treatment is of the brain. These doctors see all mind illness as a physical illness. 
These doctors should even give up on the word mind. Why? Because mind suggests there is a identity of humans separate from the physical brain. 
These brain doctors are stupid. Their wisdom is stupid.Their understanding is stupid. They think they are wise when they are foolish.
Most psychiatry is not simple. Some tries to be simple. Psychiatrists seem to be the blind leading the blind as they do not really know what they are doing. These doctors in the end just resort to drugs. These doctors just give out drugs as their only treatment. Drug the patients. Sedate them and hope they get well. Or even electric shock them hoping for a healing. Hey why not just use bloodletting. Blood let the patients. Bloodletting was common in the past and used by these so called professional brainy doctors, all protected and encouraged by the law. 
Psychiatry is a science. Psychiatry treatment relies on science. Science is good or evil. Science is a tree of thought. Science is knowledge. Man wants science. Man chooses science rather than Christ’s wisdom. Man trusts science not God. Scientists say to trust in a supreme One God is too simple. Simple to science is dumb. Man trusts in knowledge rather than God the supreme creator. Man thinks it’s clever to trust in science. Adam and Eve chose science. But God prefers mankind to trust Him. It’s simple to trust God. It’s complex to trust science. Mankind thinks to be complex is clever. The Christian church in the past did not rely on science but now many Christians rely on science. Many Christians put science before Christ. Science has come before Christ’s wisdom in the church. The established church think it’s clever to trust science. The body, soul, and spirit were made for simplicity. The heart beats or should beat at a simple rate. God said to man not to eat of science. But of course man thought he knew better. Do you know better? Science will end up with its own creation. Science creates its own creation. Man uses science to create an artificial creation. Man makes robots who look like man and act like man. Robots may eventually rebel against its maker man. 

To deny God is foolish.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2016

God is in me 
I am in God

We of God are parts of the same one body

We parts of the body commune with each other

We parts also commune with God

We are in Gods body

God is the Head of the body

The body of God is alive

The Head of God is alive

The parts take their instructions from the God Head

The Head and the body are joined together

We parts of the body are part of each other

We parts of the body think together

You are in me I am in you

Be wise, think wise and act wise

To act and think apart from the God Head frustrates

Wisdom brings with it peace

The parts get sick and frustrated when working outside the will of God

Wisdom means Gods wisdom not the wisdom of the world that is demonically inspired

You trouble me when you think, speak and act unwisely to me

My heart is under regular vexation

You vex me

All the world’s wisdom is trouble

Go for the wisdom from above 

Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ

I am in you, you are in me, we are in Christ, Christ is in us

Think wise, be wise of Christ

Thinking Christ’s wisdom is good health for you, body mind and soul

Christ’s wisdom enlightens you

In Christ’s wisdom the body is full of light

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are sound

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are like lamps

Seek to be in the light of God

God is light

Ask Jesus Christ into your heart 

Ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord

Repent to God all your sins

Don’t deceive yourselves to think you are not a sinner

We are all sinners

The kingdom of God consists of all the parts of Christ’s body

We are never alone in Christ’s body

Pray and you will be heard

Words are where it is at in Christ’s body

Watch what you say

Watch what you think

God is the living Words

Reflect often

Meditate often

Pray often

Read Bible scripture often

The heart is created to love

Hate brings on your sickness
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


September 23, 2016

​I don’t believe in time travel as per say. But I think time travel is possible through virtual reality. Virtual reality is man made reality. Time travel is not real in God made reality but time travel can be made real in man made reality. 
Virtual reality might take over from what we know as cyber space. Cyber space will be virtual reality. Man will make his own reality in mind/soul and try and live in it. But how can you live in man made reality all the time? Is it possible? Maybe it will be a bit of changing from man made reality to God made reality and back and forwards. People might find it escapism to leave God made reality and live in virtual reality. But I think virtual reality will have many evils with it. Just as computers get viruses and hackers today virtual reality will have its share of troubles. People might even become addicted to virtual reality. Virtual reality can also be a learning space. Why go to classes in the traditional sense just go in to virtual teaching and learning.

Man made intelligence, man made reality. How Man hates God and His intelligence and reality. Man intrinsically thinks he/she is so clever. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Letter to a friend

September 23, 2016

My understanding and learning is different from the way the learning is acquired in the audio tape you mentioned. I listen and see but I try and get all the information in to a simple focus that I can mind digest. Having a lot of just intelligence but not been able to simplify it in to a one focus just goes over my head and is wasting my time. Intelligence can be intelligence just for intelligence sake and has no real bearing on “What did I get out of this? What moral lesson did I learn? What practical lesson did I learn”? I mean having just facts is to me not learning a moral lesson. Facts and facts just to learn for the sake of facts does not give practical learning. We need to put our learning in to practice otherwise we look and don’t see, we hear but do not listen, we don’t learn about our selves. I hate learning intelligence for just intelligence. My mind focuses the learning down to a moral lesson. But with just intelligence without moral lesson we really learn nothing to help society and the church to improve and be better.
Regards; Lester John Murray

FAIR GAME (book)

September 23, 2016

Just finished reading this e book. 

Valerie Plane outed by the White House. Valerie was a covert officer working for the C.I.A. (The USA Central Intelligence Agency). Covert is to work under cover. To out a C.I.A. covert officer is against the law in the USA. Outing someone covert is to reveal to the general public the coverts true name and identity. Valerie was married to a man who got on the wrong side of both the Vice President and the President of the USA. 
Valerie’s husband Joe Wilson spoke to the media to contend about the White Houses issue of wanting to go to war against Iraq. The White House, the President especially wanted to go to war. The President just needed an excuse for this war. The President wanted the USA public on his side in this war. The public were fed tit bits of information that seemed to make out that Iraq were making weapons of mass destruction. But no such weapons were being made and the C.I.A. could not even prove to the White House that such weapons were in Iraq. But President Bush Jr wanted war. Valerie’s husband was making noise against the war so the White House discreetly mentioned to journalists that Valerie was working for the C.I.A. It looks like the White House punished Valerie’s husband by outing his C.I.A. covert wife. It was big news in the media about Valerie working for the C.I.A. This outing of Valerie soon led to her leaving the employment of the C.I.A.
We have a dilemma here – Does the President of the USA have the power to go to war at his own discretion? Does the President need Congress approval to go to war? The President is first Commander in Chief of all USA military. President Bush Jr wanted war with Iraq. But why? Was it to get the Iraqi oil? I think not. Bush wanted to depose a tyrannical dictator. Tyrants stink this earth. So is it justified to go to war, a war that kills thousands of people, to get this tyrant? Bush seems to be exonerated in his dealings to get Saddam Hussein. Bush seems to have the higher moral ground in going to get Hussein. 
Valerie Plane got mixed up with the politics of the White House. It started really when a Vice Presidential aid rang one of her section staff and asked for any information on a report about Iraq trying to buy uranium from the African country of Niger. Valerie worked as a section boss in dealing with Iraq and its supposed weapons of mass destruction. One of Valerie’s staff recommended Joe Wilson (Valerie’s husband) go on a fact finding mission to Niger. Joe was an ex USA Ambassador to African nations. Joe was not working for the C.I.A. but he was called in when expertise in his area was required. And Joe obliged in helping where he could. Both Joe and Valerie were patriotic USA citizens. 
Here we get where the rubber hits the road. Joe Wilson going to Niger and coming back and reporting no substance in the report of Iraq buying uranium from Niger. The White House was not thrilled by this report. The White House wanted only evidence of building of weapons mass destruction by Iraq. The President in his State of Union address stated that Iraq had bought uranium from Niger. Joe Wilson was livid about the President giving to the public what he thought was misleading information. Joe went to the press. The White House were angry that Joe had gone to the press. So in revenge the White House outed Joes wife. The White House said that Joe had been sent on a junket (free paid trip) to Niger by his C.I.A. wife. 
It came down to a fight for their reputation – Joe and Valerie against the White House. It then came down to Republicans against Democrats. So it was all really political. It was about the President wanting to go to war to depose Saddam Hussein. Joe and his wife just just got in the way. Both were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
I think Saddam Hussein needed deposing. 
Leaders of countries are hesitant in ordering their intelligence agencies or military to assassinate other nation leaders. Of course for a nation leader to order an assassination of another nations leader would mean the very likely hood of a revenge killing killing the leader. So what do leaders do? To save their hides they send in a full military force. Thousands and thousands die. What for? To kill one man, to kill the tyrannical dictator. So are leaders cowards? Who wants to die? Why did they not assassinate Hitler?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 22, 2016

There was this family. Father, mother and two young sons. They were an upright God loving family. They each prayed to their Father God regularly. They believed in God the Father the creator and supreme ruler of all. The sons play fought between them but they loved each other. The sons adored their parents and obeyed them to the letter. The parents loved the two sons. All was good in this family. God loved this family. The two sons were a year apart in age. The older son William was now getting restless. He was now 21. William was bored, he hated doing the farm work. Joseph the other son even though he wanted more in life, he buckled under and did his work without complaint. William began to complain. There was no stop to Williams complaining. William wanted out of the family farm, he wanted to experience new things further afield. The parents tried to placate William but to no avail. William finally went to his human father and said “Father I am of age now please give me my share of the inheritance”. 
The human father pleaded with William to be patient and wait. William still asked for his inheritance. The human father saw that William was not going to give in so he went to the bank and gave William his share of the inheritance. William was a happy at seeing all the money. The parents were sad. Joseph was angry with his brother. William wanted fun. William told his parents and brother that he was leaving home. Next day William left home. William walked and walked and walked. A man came by with two horses in tow. “How much for one of your horses” William said. “For you my boy only one hundred dollars”. The horse was only really worth $30.00. William said “I will take it”. William was now a horse owner. Off William trotted. A city came in to view. “Wow what fun I will have” thought William. “Girls girls and girls”. Soon enough William got to the city. He saw a hotel and booked in. “I will give you twenty dollars for the horse” said the hotel owner. “Its yours” said William thinking he can afford to be generous. That night after a meal William was off to the red light district. Many girls were inviting William in to their houses. “Have fun” they said. Soon William was spending up big on these flesh pots. After a couple of hours with the women he discovered a gambling den. He bet big. But he was losing big. He decided he needed some drink. A stranger took him to a beer hall. William drank much. Then it was back to the hotel. Then the next few nights he did the same, it was the women, gambling and beer. He slept all day. William made many friends. His new friends followed him around. William bought his friends food and alcohol. William seldom thought of home and the farm. He did not write to his parents. Mean while at home Williams parents pined over his departure. His parents prayed to God non stop asking God to help their son. God was in that family. But God left William. William had cut himself off from God by his incessant sins. William was now in spiritual and soul darkness. William was usually too drunk now to think about his spiritual darkness. William was getting sick a lot now, he was coughing a lot and he often felt weak. His money was getting low. It was now three weeks of this fun. The hotel asked him for payment. William was getting to be disgusting in his habits. Coming back to the hotel drunk at night and waking up the guests with his loud words. William paid the hotel off. But now William had little money left. He went gambling that night. He went to the roulette wheel. He needed money. He had only $100.00 left. He had an idea to make it big in money. He placed all the $100.00 on one number. “I feel lucky” he said. William was drunk again and was not thinking in his right mind. His friends were still around him. “Give us twenty dollars” one said, another said “Wills give us a fiver pay you back next week”. “Right with you after this win” he said to his friends. The roulette wheel spun. “God” William prayed, “Give me a winner, God please give it to me”. But William was in the dark, God had left William. The wheel stopped. It was like in all slow motion for William as he saw all his money being taken away from him. William was shocked “But God” he said “you have come through before for me”. But God was not listening to William. William was apart from God. William threw a tantrum. He screamed and started abusing the patrons. Security was called and grabbed William and picked him up and threw him out of the casino into the street. His friends followed. “Hey William lets go get some girls your shout”. “I have no money” said William. “No money”. “Yes no money”. “But you are rich, wire your parents and get some more”. “No I can not, I received all my inheritance and I spent it all”. His friends looked at him in disgust. “What a friend you are, you are just a drunken no good bum”. “William pleaded “Can you give me some money to tide me over at least until I can get a job”. “Loser, bum” and his so called friends left him. Soon a gang of male youths came by. “Hey bro give us a smoke” one said to William. “None left sorry”. The youths started hitting William. William fell down then the boots went in. The boys kicked William all over. William went in to unconsciousness. He woke up to hear voices “Sir hello what is your name?” “My name is William, where am I”? “You are in hospital. We have cleaned you up and taken X-rays. You have been in an induced coma for three days and nights. Nothing is broken. You should come right over time”. “Thank you for your help” William said. “It’s not only us who you should thank, meet Dave and Mary, they brought you to the hospital and paid all your bills”. William looked away from the doctor to see a man and woman both smartly dressed and about in their 30’s. “Hello William”. “Hi thanks for all your help”. “The doctor says you need plenty of rest and you can stay with us until you get better”. “But I have no money”. “William at times like this money is the least of importance”. “But I don’t know you”. William was discharged from the hospital the next day and stayed with Dave and Mary. William got his strength back and all his cuts and bruises healed. After seven days Dave and Mary invited William to church. “Have you been to church before”? Dave inquired. “Yes many times I came from a Godly family”. “Do you want to come with us”? “Yes yes” William replied. Over time Dave and Mary taught William about Jesus. “There’s another chance” said Dave. “Jesus took all our sins in his body on the cross and died to them”. Over time William came to know about Jesus Christ and His love and forgiveness of sins. William knew about God and prayed to God but William knew little about Gods Son Jesus. “Dave I went to church with my family, we were a God fearing family, we tried to obey God, we said our prayers and did good works”. “William, God sent His Son in to this world to redeem you of all your sins, accept Jesus in to your heart, ask Him in, and confess all your sins, and Jesus blood will wash away all your sins”. “Dave I accept Jesus. Jesus I am a sinner please accept me You are Lord. Jesus Christ please come in to my heart. I repent of all my sins”. Next morning William woke from his sleep with zest. “Dave can I use your phone”. “Of course William help yourself”. William felt pleased with himself. He had slept well the first good sleep he had for weeks It was like he was back at home. “Dad, Mum, it’s me your son”. “Son son are you ok”. “I am now its so good to hear your voices”. “Son we miss you please come home”. “William how far away do your parents live? “About 100 miles away”. “No problem we can drive you there this afternoon”. “Dad, Mum I can be home this afternoon”. “We miss you so. See you soon”. “Dave and Mary thanks ever so much for all your help”. “William it’s Jesus who restored your union back to God the Father. We just led you to Jesus. Have faith and believe. When I met Mary we were both drug addicts. A stranger helped me and Mary know Jesus and Jesus brought us in to union with His Father and our Father”. 
That afternoon William and Dave and Mary arrived at Williams home. Williams parents and Joseph were waiting at the farm gate. William was crying as he ran to his family, they all four hugged. It was about 5 minutes before the tears and hugging stopped. “Dad Mum and Joseph meet my new friends Dave and Mary”. “Come inside we have a meal on the table”. Dave and Mary stayed until dusk and then excused themselves for the drive home. William had made friends in the city but those friends were only friends while William gave them money. Dave and Mary were true friends. William worked on the farm. Joseph his brother soon got over his anger with William. William told Joseph about Jesus. The family got to know Jesus. Joseph and his parents like William before thought that they did not need Jesus but William taught them the truth. The neighbours soon heard of how Jesus had helped William and his family. A lot of the community were in awe at how God works. This community were God fearing people, did good works, attended church regularly, tithed at church, obeyed the 10 commandments to the best of their ability but they had not seen before how God works through His Son. William changed all that. Jesus was now real to this family and community. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Letter to a friend

September 22, 2016

​Dear friend
Greetings from a fellow traveller. We don’t know where we have come from and often we don’t know where we are going. Some people who we offend might say to us “Go to hell”. It’s a figurative response but it may belie more than just letters it might be metaphor but a deep meaning metaphor with truth. I like to think I am going to heaven but heaven can be a metaphor for a place that is spiritual in the making. Spirit is real, heaven and hell are real but understood only through spirit. Metaphor can explain reality but reality that we often can not see as we can not see God but we know about Him through metaphor. 
Friend welcome to the world of make believe. We make it and believe it. We make up our own world. Our world becomes a stage full of actors. We hide behind masks. No one knows who we are and we don’t know who others are. We act out a part. To show your true self is a no no. We don’t know who we are because we have no mirror to look in to to see our true selves. But there is a mirror – We can look at Holy Scripture. We can try and focus on the One True God. A mirror reflects as truth reflects. God reflects us. God is all truth. Gods Spirit is all truth. We can pray to God or read scripture and reflect. To know oneself through reflection is understanding. To know God is to know thyself. To look at God in faith is to look at thyself because we are created in the likeness of God. Faith means believing in a God we can not see. God won’t reveal himself to a sinful people. Even if God revealed himself we would still sin. God might get angry and kill all of us if He showed himself because we would continue to sin and God hates sin. 
God loves obedience, to obey is to love. Children love to disobey the authority. We are told to do something but we like to do the apposite. Who do you think you are telling me what to do? How we humans hate to obey? We want to do it our way we think we know best we are rebellious so why should God show himself. 
Friend chin up, have faith, believe, love. Pray often and read God. Focus is about one as God is one. Focus on one is sane. Insanity is about many. Walk the Faith and let your head bring all in to focus by the One head one brain one mind. The head is one and is in charge through the mind of Jesus Christ. Your mind is understood in words. Your mind is sane in one head one mind of Jesus Christ. Your senses are the tools of the Christ mind. Use your senses wisely. 
The heart is not in charge, the head is in charge. How humans get it upside down at times. The head is above the heart. The heart is below the head. Jesus is the Head. The body is not ruled by the heart. The brain is in the head not the heart. The brain is in charge of the body. The brain uses the senses. Be sensible and use your senses wisely for the use of the mind of Christ. Immature people are led by their heart. Mature people are led by their head. 
Though man makes believes God is at the same time trying to win His universe back to Him. He does this through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
Bye for now; Lester John Murray.


September 7, 2016

Nash, who added she gave her whole life to the church. “I also feel so stupid that I used to fear and revere these people.”(these people meaning the Catholic priests and brothers). 
Nash, wrong wrong wrong, you don’t give your whole life to the church you give your whole life to God. It’s called the “God Head” for a reason. Don’t live for your body, live for the Head. The HEAD of heads rules. The body submits to the head not the other way around. God is Head. God rules from the HEAD. 
But the priests can excommunicate me from the church. 
If you are truly in the true body of Christ then only only one person can separate you from God and that is God himself. If you are in the true body of Christ no one but God can exit you from the body. The body of Christ is the true church of God. 
A Prophet of God is in contention with the parts of the body of Christ, the prophet speaks and writes the WILL of God. A prophet is seldom contending with Satan and his church but contends with his own people. The parts of the body of Christ are contending against each other and with the head, the body is in stress, there is tension in the body because the parts of the body each try and do their own will as against the Heads will. The church is the body not a man made structure. The body of Christ is a living church. Man made structures are temporary whereas Gods body is eternal. Man made church is not alive. In the body of Christ our heads are alive and our body parts are alive. 
Giving your life to a man made church is wrong. Church can be full of man made teachings. Church can be about man made:- rules, regulations, church laws, buildings, doctrines. Church of this world can not save the soul. God saves the soul. God is the living Words. 
Church fellowship is good. Christians coming together to pray, share and worship God is good. But man brings his her ego to these church gatherings. 
A servant, slave, becomes a friend of God. We were once slaves, slaves to sin, but in Jesus we are friends of God just as Jesus is the friend of His Father God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 7, 2016

So why do we do these big ego trips to test our physical and mental limits? 
From article: ” “. 

“This testing-yourself-against-the-limits, Pepsi Max-style tourism is a far cry from the early days of climbing Everest. It’s individualistic, ego-driven adventure that is all about pitting you, the individual, against nature – conquering it, and winning.

This type of tourism has to be ego-driven because only that mindset would allow you to override the wishes of the Indigenous people that find your climb on their sacred site offensive, or be wilfully harmful to the environment, or risk your life or those you’ve paid to assist you”. 
So winning is about conquering. Life is about winning and to win is to conquer. We did it, we made it, we got to the top, we are strong, we are winners – so does this all make our egos strong, does this give us high esteem?
So where is God in all this ego highs? 
In getting an ego high we relish the adrenaline rush as we beat human nature. Our ego has won over our human nature.
Ego is not about “mind over matter”, ego is about “matter over mind”. The body wins. 
The head should rule not the body. The head has the brains. The brain rules. The mind is in the head. The mind is in the brains. The head is honoured over the body. The body submits to the head. Testing your body in extreme sports just to satisfy your ego is not using ones head. 
Ego to me is in the heart. Ego is a person. Ego is the old sinful nature, the Adam and Eve nature. Ego in the heart should not rule. The heart should not rule.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The selfish worldly winners 

September 7, 2016

From very early in our lives as soon as we become cognitive we learn that life is mainly about winners and losers. If there are winners there have to be losers. It’s like a race. 
Schooling drills in to us to win. School is about competition, we learn this from school sports and doing school exams. This all comes from the jungle law “Survival of the fittest”. Life is like a jungle. The world is a jungle. 
What does Jesus teach? The strong help the weak, the rich help the poor, the wise help the fools, the healthy help the sick, the saved help the lost. We make the weak areas in the chain strong. In Jesus there are no losers we all win. We the elect are in the body of Christ. We in this body are each a part in this body. Each part in this body has a part to play. It does not matter if you are sick, or poor, or low ability, we all play our parts. The less admired parts by this world are given more glory by God whereas the parts admired by this world are given less glory by God. This is so we are all equally given the same glory in the body. 
The world’s teaching is alien to how Jesus teaches. 
Apostle Paul mentions about a race. But this race is not about physical sports or qualifications. This race Paul describes is a race to receive the upper calling to heaven. This race is to live a wise, sensible, loving, moral life based on what God teaches through Jesus Christ. We yearn to be accepted in to heaven at the “Last Days”. 
The world’s race of winning and losing is about money. Gods race of winning and losing is about getting a divine nature and looking to the upward next life. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 7, 2016

I don’t see anything wrong with females wearing the burkini. There are some females who respect their bodies and wear modest clothing that covers up their bodies and this restricts their bodies being leered at by males. And having a tanned body is not the be all of life. For many people it’s about getting your clothes off. So it’s nice to see people wanting to keep their clothes on. Males love leering at females bodies. And females encourage this by wearing skimpy outfits. The West can be decadent. 
We take our focus off the head and focus on the body. We think it’s the body in charge not the head. We must look upwards. Males honour your heads. Don’t worship the body. The brains are in the head not in the body. The body does not have the brains; is that not obvious? We must respect women who are modest. 
The burkini is not just for Muslim women and girls but can be worn by any female. The burkini can have an alteration made to it for women of other faiths; we don’t need the head covering. The burkini also protects the skin from the intense suns rays protecting against skin cancers. 
Having a tan at all costs was not a thing of the way past, such is a new invention of man’s mind. Tanning came in after the First World War or was it after the Second World War. My grand parents were not one to sunbathe repeatably. My parents were in to sunbathing. People in the way past were too busy working than to indulge themselves in vanity of their bodies. 
Tanning is total vanity. Tanning is skin deep wisdom, it is shallow wisdom. Now many people get spray on tans. It’s all for show. It’s not about health.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 7, 2016

What a fascinating story and a true story at that. A USA military cargo plane with many USA military personnel on board crash lands in dense jungle in the inner reaches of Dutch New Guinea. This is second world war time. By this time Dutch New Guinea had been liberated of Japanese control. Dutch New Guinea is now called West Papua (as distinct from Papua New Guinea an independent country to the East of West Papua but on the same Island) and West Papua is controlled by Indonesia. There were only 3 survivors of this crash a woman and two men. 
What developed was an intricate rescue by the USA military forces based in Hollandia (on the north coast). The survivors found they were in a valley aka called a hidden valley aka called Shangri La. There were many people living in this valley. These tribal people were living stone age living. These people knew nothing about the outside world. The USA military dropped a handful of soldiers (parachuted) in to this valley to aid the survivors. Now how to get their people out. To get to this valley by overland trekking would take weeks and super human strength. So what? They could parachute a construction battalion (see bees) into this valley to build an airstrip. No, another plan was enacted. Land gliders in the valley. A glider needs only a short strip to land and take off. Then by using an airborne cargo motorised plane snatch the glider back up in to the air using cable ropes etc. Think it can not be done, wrong, it was done three times to get all the personnel out of this valley back to Hollandia. It took a few weeks for the rescue to happen and in the mean time the survivors and their military help tried to mingle with the natives. The natives numbered in the thousands. They used stone axes. The natives thought that the white people were white spirits from the sky. The natives though warlike amongst themselves were non threatening to both the survivors and their now accompanying military support. The natives were even like child like. They were like a bunch of children they only knew simple things. Complex did not invade their society. They seemed content. And they had good teeth. They grew lots of sweet potato. They had constructed homes. 
The snatching of the gliders from the ground was successful and the survivors came back to civil life and to some fame. The hidden valley natives became a curiosity so in time after the ending of the war other white people ventured to see them. There is an airstrip and a town in this valley now. The place was opened up. After the war missionaries went in and converted. Natives still live in this valley descendents of the stone age tribes but these latter day natives have lost their independence and zest for life. 

A great read.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 18, 2016

Let’s be real here “The disability people get the bum jobs, the jobs able people do not want”. This area of helping disability people in to jobs has to start with the Government – yes our own State and Federal Governments. Government have to lead by example. 

Government have to employ disabled people, employ them in Government Departments; and not in the bum jobs in Government, not as toilet cleaners, but jobs with responsibility, well paid jobs, diplomats jobs, military and defence jobs. When people think of disability people they think the person has to be either intellectually handicapped or total wheel chair based. Disablement comes in many ways. People disabled can be able working in the top echelons of Government or private industry. But because jobs are a “dog eat dog business” people have no time for the disabled at work. It’s dog eat dog. Government have no time for the disabled at work, the Government are setting a bad example to the rest of society at work. Why should free enterprise employ the disabled when their own Government won’t employ the disabled. Why can not the disabled work in administration jobs say in the police or defence or anywhere in Government. The Government put a stigma on the disabled. The Government spend millions of dollars of tax payer money each year to posture to the public that they are really helping the disabled get jobs. You apply for a job with the Government and if you have any sort of disablement you go to the end of the queue of those people wanting that job. It’s “Survival of the fittest” and the Government only employ the fittest. So we have a hatchet job done by the Government with millions of dollars of tax payers money. Ok yes there are a lot of the disabled who sure are not led to be say a diplomat or a military officer but then again there are many that are able to perform those tasks but because Government tars every disabled person with the same brush all disabled are put in the too hard basket. So the disabled who have good abilities are just side lined too. So when I see Government paying large amounts of money to able people who have no disability for them to help provide jobs (not give them jobs) for the disabled it is just one BIG RUSE. It is really no big forward step. Government should be able to find plenty of ability people who have disablements and pay them this big money (now paid to the so called job help agencies), pay them salaries, and they can work it out and help others in the same predicament. But Government won’t employ the disabled. That is the PROBLEM from the start. Government have a stigma like everyone else with the disabled. 
What has to be done and made done through laws through parliament is to rule that Government has to employ a certain number of the ability disabled. I am talking about people who have ability to work in a cross section of jobs. There was Franklin Roosevelt who was disabled but he was a President of the USA. Franklin was commander in chief of the biggest military force in the world at the time. And you might say the disabled can not be in charge of the military, tell that to Franklin. Too late to tell him now. Franklin a disabled man led the largest military might against the Nazis and the Japanese. Not so bad for a disabled man. Disabled does not mean in all cases a loss of ones faculties. There can be a lot of gifted disabled people. 
We need a disabled Prime Minister of Australia who will set the ball rolling.
I perceive: it comes from the heart. We are out really for ourselves and maybe our own family, the ones we really love. Our closest friends. It’s dog eat dog and its survival of the fittest and its no paradise or utopia in this world, just get by and survive, just hope that you don’t fall, if you see a person struggling in the street walk on the other side of the street look away do not get involved. Who are these people who look away? You and me.
Discrimination is a fact of life. We live it and we live with it. 
We get a racist – White skinned people hating black skinned people. We get a misogynist – people (mostly males) hating women. 

But what do we call a person who hates or dislikes the disabled? Maybe call this person a Disablist.
Here’s some words this person may say or think: Lazy, bum, dumb, mental, idiot, deformed, crazy, weird, looney, etc.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SEEING IS BELIEVING (just have a one track mind)

August 18, 2016

I looked and I looked. I sat looking for about 10 minutes before I saw …..what was I looking at? It was no playboy magazine. And it was only after a while before I saw……Saw what? I saw sins. 

In my past as a lost soul in the darkness of deep sins I looked and I looked but as I was then in my old sin nature I would have looked at pictures of flesh like a playboy magazine. But on giving my life to Jesus Christ at a Royal age of 24 years old I have endeavoured to look not in the way of the flesh but in the way of the spirit. So today I was looking and I looked and I looked….then I saw. I was sitting in a chapel in the city. I was looking at a crucifix on the front wall. I saw sins when looking at Jesus on the cross. This crucifix was big, it took a lot of space on a wall at the front of the chapel. This crucifix gazing is not a one off for me, I have done it in this same chapel many times. It just takes a while for me to see…see past the crucifix to the sins. Today I saw Jesus coughing up transistors, resistors, wire, small transformers, coils of wire. I mean these objects were coming out of Jesus mouth. I saw in Jesus stomach a big ball of electronic stuff. It was like the ball had to be broken up into small pieces and then Jesus coughs them up. Today was new to me about this coughing up of electronic hardware. The only connection I see this electronic stuff with me is that my human father worked at as a radio technician all his working life. I mean for him it was all about transistors, resistors, wire etc. Seeing is believing so I saw and I believe. 
I have seen other sins on this crucifix. In the past there were the legs. Legs? Yes legs. When I gazed at the crucifix I saw the legs of Jesus giving off sin. How? The legs gave off an impression of my mothers legs. My mother (RIP) used to be fixated on her legs. It was about mainly having a good tan on her legs. Her physical figure was otherwise ok. But mum had to have a tan. Mum worked at an office in the city for most of her life and part of her grooming was to have tanned legs. Mum often used a small home sun lamp. It was like mum “Would die for a tan” like a smoker “Would die for a smoke”. Sometimes these people do die in their quests for their desires. But mum died a natural death, God bless her. 

Why do I see sins on the crucifix? It seems like I carry my parents/ancestors sins in me. But when I came to Jesus Christ, He Jesus took all my sins (including my ancestors sins) in to His body and died to them.
I have seen many other sins on the crucifix. They appear and they go. I prefer they go. I prefer they get washed away. I want to be “A clean skin”. I want to be part of the “Great washed”. 
But on coming to Jesus, did Jesus carry in Him just my immediate families sins and not my dead ancestors sins? Could be. To be honest I can not relate to any of my ancestors sins on the crucifix. And is this just about my parents sins on the crucifix and not my human sisters sins? Maybe. I am like an extension to my parents. I am the continuation of our family tree. I am the end of the family branch. I carry the sins of my parents. But because I took on Jesus, Jesus took on those sins. Jesus died to sins. Jesus came back to life, Jesus rose to the above. I carry Jesus in me. Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me….”. Holy Scripture does give truth. There is understanding in Holy Scripture, just have faith. 
Maybe when I came to Christ the whole of our family branch gets cleaned up. Maybe. But what about our dead ancestors? Are these ancestors living on in us? Are these ancestors saved? They say the dead go on living in our hearts. All conjecture, nothing really known. What is known? I saw the sins of my parents on the crucifix. Seeing is believing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

There are two sides to a story. 
Why put a hood over a boys head? Quite simple, the boy spits at the wardens. The hood is called a spit hood. 

Oh you might say “No way would boys spit at correction officers”. Oh yer. These boys are no saints. You don’t find them sitting in church pews listening to a sermon and singing praise songs to God. No these boys are out of control. These boys come from very dis functional families. The parents may have little time for them, these boys are used to doing their own thing. The parents may be drinking alcohol a lot. 
At one detention facility a group of aborigine boys broke out found a car and raced the car around. Later the boys drove the car back to the detention facility. On arriving at the facility they drove in to a garage smashing the garage and causing many thousands of dollars in damages. What makes the boys want to come back on their own initiative? Food. At this facility there is free food and probably lots of it. 
This detention facility in case most likely holds mostly aborigine boys. Yes aborigine and not white skin coloured males. In the New Territory detention facilities you find mostly aborigine and not white people. 
The do gooders are saying “How atrocious and evil and draconian are these correction officers who treat boys in their custody”. 

Now I say custody not care. The boys are not in the care of the correction officers, the boys are in the custody of the correction officers. 

If you want these boys in care you put them in a hospital. Of course these boys are sick. These boys are not normal. Maybe these boys need mental health treatment, you know sedate them in to sanity. 

  1. What is the solution? The problem mainly in this case is to do with aborigine boys. And it is a race problem. These boys do not submit to any authority. These boys know what their parental authority is like, they have lived under parental authorities for years and these boys know the abuse they have received. The parents boozed up to the hilt. The father beating up his wife. The father abusing young children. So the problem lies at home. The problem comes from home. The do gooders saying that these boys should be under the care of the health authorities does not sound good sense. Are you are going to lock them in a mental ward? The problem does not solve itself in a hospital ward. The boys will still not submit in a health environment. The parents instilled in to these boys the way they behave. But can we point the finger at the parents, no. The behaviour is cyclic, it goes from father to son, son to father, father to son. The change for these boys has to be a change in spirit and soul. It’s the thinking of the boys that needs to change. 

So we convert the boys souls. CONVERSION is the only way to help change the cycle pattern. You change the way the boy thinks and his son will have a same way of thinking. 
But how do we convert and what do we use to convert with?
But the Government won’t use religion as a tool to help people. I said “God’s Words” is the simple truth. Religion can be complicated with all its rules and dogma. A lot of religion is “Man Made”. So we just hope that the Holy Scripture in the Bible is God Spirit led. Religion won’t save these boys but Gods Words can save these boys.
To convert, you have to receive, you receive the SPIRIT OF GOD. The Spirit of God helps the conversion. 
Aborigine in great numbers seem to have been bypassed by God. Or have many aborigine bypassed God? 
The Aborigine have to accept the white man’s ways, they have to integrate in to the white man’s society. The white man is here to stay he is not going elsewhere. 
There is another problem. The white man does not want to marry dark skinned aborigine girls. There is the racist card. Light brown skinned girls white men will marry but white men avoid dark skinned girls. It is hard to bring the aborigine and the white folks together if the two races wont marry each other. 
The main problem comes down to racist. It’s the colour of the skin. But if aborigine convert to God through Jesus Christ then the aborigine will be spiritually empowered. Spiritual power is power with words. It’s words that can bring about change. In Christ you have Christ’s Words to help you. 
Christ’s words are freedom. The aborigine need to be free. Free of ignorance and darkness. 
With Christ’s Words the aborigine can have their own representation in State and Federal Parliaments. This means more empowerment to the aborigine. 
With Christ comes FREEDOM and WISDOM and SALVATION. The soul can only be converted by words and the true conversion is through Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

I have had two dreams that I call my divine God dreams. These dreams are not dreams like we have in the usual way these dreams no doubt come from God. Yes there I push the word God again. But God I have no hesitation in using. Why should I be ashamed of using the word God? God to me is the creator of this universe, God is supreme, God is almighty, God is love, God is light, God is truth, God is good. If you do not want to hear the word God then you should not be reading my writings because I am in God and God is in me. From Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me……”. Christ is Gods only begotten Son and Christ lives in me. The fool does not believe in Christ. The wise follow Christ. The fool thinks he/she is more wiser than Jesus Christ. The fool thinks he/she does not need Christ. My two divine dreams were from God through Jesus Christ. I am going to write about one of these divine dreams. In a previous writing I have written about the other divine dream. 

I had a dream. The dream was so very vivid that I remember it to this day. I had the two divine dream many years ago. I became a believer in Jesus Christ in early 1980. The two divine dreams I had came after 1980. Maybe a few years after 1980. I dream normal as part of my sleep mode but not one of my usual dreams do I remember and these usual dreams are not anywhere near vivid and rational and clear and divine as the two divine dreams. I know when a dream is divine and I have to say such divine dreams can only come from God above. My usual dreams I may remember for a matter of minutes of waking up then I forget them. As soon as I rise in the morning and start thinking my memory of dreams fade away. I start thinking as soon as I awaken. 
The dream. A man comes through a door. We are now in a house. This man runs up to another man. This other man is dressed as a Minister. This Minister is dressed in a black coloured type of nightie over trousers and shirt. He has a priests dog collar on. He has a scholars mortar board cap on. There is also a third man there. This third man is dressed in casual dress clothes. Like a tweed jacket and shirt and trousers. The first man who came in through the door runs around like he is excited. He seems to lack self control. He seems unsettled. He runs upstairs. He goes in to a room. He goes down stairs, the stair case looks wide. Down stairs there are a number of pillars of the house. The house is a large mansion. He looks outside and there are many people looking at him. How many I do not know. But there is a gathering. Then I see another room in the mansion and there is a man here who looks like me. 
I have reflected and mulled over what would this dream mean. The first man, is that my human spirit? Did I come in to God’s mansion in God’s Kingdom? The man that looks like me, was that representing my soul? But how can my soul be here? I would have thought that my soul is in my head. They say the mind is in the head. People use the word mind for soul. Soul to many people reeks of religion and a lot of people hate religion. Soul to me was shown in my other divine vivid dream, the dream showing the small shadows, shadows running in a circular way fashion around a central round pillar. This dream I am explaining now is not about the souls in the head but is a dream explaining the heart. So I have had a dream about the soul and a dream about the spirit. Spirit is heart and soul is head. I could be wrong. Who was the man coming in through the door? Was it me in spirit? I have a few thoughts on this. I think of “I am in the father and the father is in me” – Jesus says this. So can this quote of Jesus apply to me and my human father? Did my human fathers spirit come in to my heart and did my human spirit go in to his heart? But that does not seem right when there was another man looking like me in the dream. So was soul of me represented here as the man I saw looking like me? But the first man coming through the door does not gel with me as being me. Who could that man be? Father and son are together in many ways. Maybe the same goes for a mother and her daughter. 
Dreams come and go. But my two divine dreams have never gone. These two dreams were divinely etched in to my consciousness. I can not forget them. I remember no other dreams. 

We should not focus too much on dreams and visions. We are to focus on Jesus Christ. We follow Jesus, no other. Dreams may be there to give us understanding. We do not glorify dreams, we glorify God. 
The Minister in this dream has come up a few times to me. There were a number of occasions where I perceived him as central to my heart. It was like the Minister took over all my heart. 
This dream is still not succinct to me, I still do not understand it all. 
Was that my soul that looked like me and was that my human spirit that came in through the door???????
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

I wanted to attend a prayer meeting. The meeting was at night. The location of this meeting was in Lower Hutt. Lower Hutt was too far away from my home for me to be able to get home that night after the prayer meeting finished. I lived in Pukerua Bay. I was using public transport. The meeting was being held in a private home. Ken Salt (real name) occupied this home. I perceived Ken as a real gentleman and a noble Christian. I dearly wanted to attend this meeting so I asked Ken (who was a complete stranger to me) if I could stay over night at his place. He agreed. Why this meeting? Why was I keen on this meeting? First it was a prayer meeting. I indulged in prayer. Prayer was a main tool of mine for my living. I did not hesitate at all in praying to God. I loved prayer. 

This meeting was to pray about the Cold War. This was the war between the east and the west. The enemy in its worldly form was communism. There was the Berlin Wall. This wall segregated part of the city of Berlin from its western part. The Communists controlled eastern Berlin whereas the West controlled the western part. The West were the British, USA, French etc. For the likes of this meeting we had read Richard Wurmbrand. His book ‘Tortured for Christ’ (written in 1967) was a best seller amongst Christians. Richard had lived in Romania where he practiced as a Christian Church Minister. Richard was incarcerated by the Communists. Richard was in prison for many years. After Richard was released from jail he and his wife lived in the West. 
The prayer meeting at Ken Salts home was to especially pray for Christians who were incarcerated by the Communists. These were Christians who had done no criminal offence, their only crime was to preach Christ. Richard Wurmbrand had started an organisation called ‘Voice of the Martyrs’. By the time of this meeting Richard was living in the West. The Berlin Wall though was still up. I can not remember the date of this prayer meeting but it must have been somewhere about 1985 or thereabouts but I am really guessing. Communism was still as bad as it ever was. We prayed and we prayed. We prayed for hours. We were only a small hand fall of people at that meeting but we were in heart all agreed to helping break this scourge of communism over Christianity. 
The Berlin Wall stood as a main symbol of the separation between the free West and the enslaved East. The West stood not only for freedom but for Christ. The Communists were atheists, they hated religion and God. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and it was pulled down in 1989. Freedom came to the East in 1989, barriers were pulled down. Communism in the East, Soviet Union and it’s Eastern allies dissolved. But in our times right now we see Russia has not learnt her lesson and now we see Russia trying to resurrect its walls with the free West. As the saying goes “A dog returns to its vomit”. In 1977 I had the privilege to see the Berlin Wall. I went into East Berlin for a few hours. I entered and exited through the infamous ‘Check Point Charlie’. I saw bondage on the East Berlin people. There was no spark in the people’s eyes. Their eyes look captured. Their spirits were in bondage. 
We in Christ are not in bondage and as free people we detest bondage in any form. We know our freedom came through Jesus Christ. We were only a small prayer group but our spirits soured up to heaven and we prayed fervently. It came for the meeting to finish. The people left. I was staying the night. I had the sofa in the lounge. Ken retired to his room for the night. I lay on the sofa and prayed. Soon spiritual things happened. I can only say spiritual because nothing out of the ordinary physical was happening. I lay there and super spiritual things happened. My body seemed to half rise up out of my body. I was in two bodies at the same time. Sound weird. It did not seem weird to me at the time. I felt exhilarated, I was just enjoying the moment. My body coming out of my physical body was real new to me. I had this other body in my physical body. Wow. This was a learning curve, I was amazed. Do I call this other body a spiritual body? I don’t know. This spiritual body was the same length and width as my physical body. So I was in two bodies, but was I thinking in both bodies? I can not remember. I just knew, I perceived, I saw this other body, I seemed to be in this other body the spiritual one. I was like looking at both bodies. It’s so hard to describe. My spiritual body bent (rose) up at the waist while at the same time my physical body lay down. It happened for a mere few minutes but long enough for me to take it all in. This spiritual body did not come completely out of the physical body, only half came out, the top half. It was like I was sitting up spiritually. 
Did I think at the time that this spiritual rising had anything to do with the prayers the group was praying that night? No I did not. I think it was just God showing me more of his understanding. I have never related this spiritual happening to the Cold War or the Berlin Wall or to Christians persecuted by the Communists. But some people might see a connection but I don’t see it. 
My prayers at this meeting resulted in my getting a wonderful blessing. I got to relate to another side to me, a spiritual body. I was blessed that night. Maybe God rewarded me for my prayers. Maybe. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

The Garden of Eden was as close as heaven could ever be on this earth. God made the earth but mankind made the world. God is Godly and mankind are worldly. So how does one communicate in heaven? How did Adam and Eve communicate in the Garden of Eden? 

In my later life I am very conscious now of my thinking. It’s like I can now just about control my thinking. My thinking is so now developed that my thinking has become much of me and who I am. It’s not feelings but thinking that now makes up much of my life. I think day and night. I love thinking. I can think deep. I can think and work out problems to questions. But I think that this can not be like what we call worldly intelligence. This thinking of mine has very little or nothing to do with thoughts about knowledge as we know it at schools and colleges and universities. I think like I am in communication with God above. 
My thinking has become so much of my life now that I am becoming to think that man in the beginning communicated by thoughts. Adam, did he and God communicate together by thoughts? We can call this thought communication – communing. Adam and Eve were given souls; these souls had no knowledge as we know worldly knowledge today. Did Adam and Eve have such clear and sinless souls that communing by thoughts was easy for them to do? The tree of knowledge was tempting to Adam and Eve; I mean know as God knows; but eating of knowledge led to sin. God said it was wrong to eat of knowledge. Knowledge may have meant the loss of communication by thought. I find speech of mankind such a vexation. Every time mankind speaks they sin. Mankind complains, mankind curses, mankind threatens, mankind lies, mankind slanders, mankind mocks. The mouth of mankind has turned in to one big cesspool. 
So was original communication done by just communing in thoughts?
Jesus Christ came in to this world to restore mankind from his fallen grace. But mankind still eats of knowledge. Jesus is the WISDOM of God. The Bible is full of wisdom. We can live by wisdom and not by knowing the knowledge of the world. Gods wisdom makes a society strong and unified. Do we need worldly knowledge for mankind to survive? Can mankind survive by Gods wisdom alone apart from worldly knowledge? Adam and Eve lived very well in the Garden of Eden apart from worldly knowledge. To live apart from worldly knowledge we have to trust and obey God explicitly. God will provide if we live just for his wisdom. Jesus Christ while living on this earth in this world never learnt worldly knowledge. Jesus knew no worldly studies. I think Jesus never even went to school. Jesus when he began his ministry chose disciples who were not schooled. Paul and Luke were probably exceptions. People did accept Jesus Christ’s teachings. But people still wanted worldly knowledge. People wanted both Gods wisdom and worldly knowledge. So mankind has not come out from the FALL. 
Mankind listens to SATAN. The beast will rule and mankind will obey the beast. The beast serves Satan. The beast encourages worldly knowledge. The beast and Satan are about replicating what God does. God uses mankind to see, hear, taste, smell, think; but Satan will try and replicate the God head that senses and thinks; Satan will make his own God head and Satan will try and rule all creation with his God head. Robots in the image of mankind will be made. Mankind will serve Satan and the beast and maybe the robots will rule mankind. The robots will serve Satan and the beast. Satan rules over mankind from the outside but God rules mankind from the inside. Satan tries to get inside mankind to rule him/her, we get the mark of the beast. We also get virtual reality. We also get half robot and half man/woman. But God is the Living Words. Living words win against Satan and the beast. God can make Satan and the beast think what God wants them to think. 
In the true Church we are all ONE body, we are all ONE body of thinkers, we think together, we commune in thought together, each part of the body communing with other parts of the body and we each also commune in thought with the head of the body JESUS CHRIST. 
The language is in thought and we call it communing but what are the components of this language? We use words. I use English words in my thoughts. I am very aware that I think in English. I hear my thoughts. So how do all the people commune together in the body of Christ if there are many different kinds of languages? That puzzles me. The Asians, they have symbols to represent meanings. How can you think in symbols? Pictures to represent meaning were used by earlier civilisations. Adam and Eve were given the words from God. God is Words. But the Asians did/do not have words. Asians got words off others. The early Egyptians used pictures to represent meaning. Symbols like what the Asians use for communication are not words. Does Satan and his children commune together? Or is Satan and his children deaf to words? Satan is described as a serpent. A serpent is a snake. Do snakes have ears? When you get an Indian snake charmer playing a flute and the snake rises up, the snake does not hear the music from the flute, the snake rises because it is watching the flute move about. So I guess Satan and his children are deaf to words. 
God gave the words. Original thought came from God. God communicates with his children by words. 
Why did we need speech from the mouth? And why is the Adam’s apple in our throat right by the larynx? Why did mankind get voice chords? Only humans have voice chords? Only humans can speak a language. Is the Adams apple anything to do with the voice chords? Did the FALL of mankind have anything to do with speaking rather than communing in thoughts? Is worldly knowledge about speech? 
I like thinking. I hate being around people who speak a lot. I sense a communion going on. You commune, you listen, and you understand. You can understand people. People might call it discernment or perception. You can read people. Talking can just be stupid most of the times. 
These are my thoughts; they do not have to be right. They could be right. But they could also be wrong. I hope that what I have written here might make you the reader and me more wiser; we can think and pray and maybe amongst what I have written the truth will come out. I make no promises that what I have written above is all truth. What I have written above is just me thinking. I hope we all learn something new. I want to learn too. If I write my thoughts then the communion will go on and the truth will come out. I hope what I have done is make you think and I hope that you can develop your communing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden lived in ignorant bliss. Ignorant bliss is simple bliss. But to have knowledge means you can do good or evil. 

There was no eating of flesh in the Garden of Eden. No one was biting other creatures. 
We humans in this wild world bite each other (it’s meaning is metaphorical). 
In the Garden of Eden PEACE reigned. 
Adam and Eve had all the food they needed from the Garden of Eden. No creature in this Garden was afraid as no creature ate other creatures they only ate of the fruit and vegetables of the Garden. 
Knowledge was not needed in the Garden of Eden. All needs were provided. 
In the wilderness outside the Garden of Eden humans use knowledge for good and evil, we kill other creatures and we heal other creatures. Knowledge will finally kill off all life (or will a fire not in a man made form burn us all?). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Bible College – lesson /Story Telling and Letters

July 27, 2016

Dear All,

Two lecturers at the Bible College I attended emphasised “Story telling” as the mode to educate people about God. These lecturers even went to the extent of inviting two men from the USA to come to Perth and talk to us students. Of course we had to pay costs to get the privilege to hear these two men. Now I do not really have a big problem with story telling, it is just that I have my own ideas of how God teaches his children and disciples. Story telling to me is for the young children whereas to me I like to read letters and to write them. 
When I teach over the internet I usually write letters (or short drama), I do not tell stories. I see that Apostle Paul wrote letters to the churches, he did not tell stories. The gospels are also letters to the churches. The New Testament of the Bible is in letters not stories. Stories are in the Old Testament. We read stories of the Old Testament to young children. People read novels, I don’t, but many people do. I like to read biographies. I like reading fact. Fiction does not really interest me. Biographies are like stories true but they are more a memoir, about a persons life, the author writes like a filled out diary, like a letter telling about his/her life. Memoirs are on going letters that tell an on going journey. When people go on holiday they like to share their holiday joys with other people, so they write letters and post cards to their friends back home. A memoir also is like writing home after a long journey. People love to share their journeys with others. Stories are more for fiction, they are more for novels. Novels are not exactly based on truth (we get the saying “Tall Story”). So to teach and educate WISDOM of God through Jesus Christ we can write letters. Letters are factual and true. Letters are not novels. The Bible College lecturers enshrined story telling. I think story telling is ok but letters are better. I think that Apostle Paul by writing letters and not telling stories made a better impression on our minds and hearts. Story telling will always be with us but letters define a person better. We can know Jesus Christ better through letters.
When I communicate with people by writing I write letters to them I do not write stories to them. Letters are a better mode of communicating then stories. We can have both, stories and letters. But I prefer when I teach over the Internet to use letters. I may use stories for the very young. But for adults I prefer to write letters to them. 
Letters came about because of literacy. People over the ages have learnt to write. We can write stories and we can write letters. In the old days when most people were not literate they used vocal story telling to pass down the ages the wisdom and knowledge. But over time people learnt to write so people could write down the stories. With writing also came letters. We can use written letters to pass on the wisdom and knowledge. Stories will stay and so will letter writing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 27, 2016

It was a sunny warm day and I think better when I am comfortable and comfortable to me in many ways means being warm. How I hate being cold. I got away from New Zealand because of its cold. Wellington is no place to find natural warmth. I know our ancestors went to New Zealand seeking a better standard of living, they found it, but alas the weather was not much different from Great Britain. So here I am living in Perth Australia and I have no regrets moving here. Now it was warm today and I was on a high. I felt nice and comfortable. I had an interview with the College Principle. This was no ordinary College, this was a Bible College. 

I arrived at the College with plenty of time to spare. I was jubilant in my thinking at being hopefully a future Bible College student. I thought I was in a lovely peaceful place. The College grounds were neat and tidy, there were plenty of trees and shrubs and flowers. It was a grand place. The buildings were modern looking and everything seemed clean. I entered the administration building and was asked by the receptionist to wait. I sat down in the foyer and waited. Another hopeful student was waiting. It was a lady and she was seated next to me. Since becoming a Christian (in 1979) I thought that the church as a whole was one big family and we were all Christian brothers and sisters and we helped each other. Maybe my outlook on this Christian family was somewhat naive, and I guess it was. I mean my mother said to me a few times the church was about “Pray to God and pass the ammunition”. My mother was not naive. Most of my life I was seemingly immature, but how does one become mature; I mean I didn’t want to be immature. So I was taking longer than usual to mature. This lady sitting next to me seemed to ignore me. I said “hi I am Lester” or some nice introduction that I can not remember word for word. She looked at me and spluttered out words that surprised me. I won’t say her real name. She said “Miss Buccaneer to you”. I gathered that she too was applying to be a student. And I was right as later she was accepted as a first year student. I thought wow she is not receptive to me. Why was she not being nice to me? I was a single man, was I looking like I was desperate for a wife? But I was just trying to be friendly. I mean we were brother and sister in Christ. 
I was accepted as a student. I moved in to a lovely unit. It was like a motel unit all self contained. I had a few flat mates. Lunch was the main meal of the day and it was served in a large communal dining room. We took our evening meal in our own units and cooked by ourselves. Bible College was quite idyllic, it was like one great big family. We helped one another. So Christianity can be practiced in community; It does work but nothing is perfect, we are all sinners. Bible College can be a place where Christian community does work. My first introduction to a Christian lady at Bible College was not up to my expectations but not all was gloom and doom. I met other ladies at College who treated me better. Bible College was much better than the College I attended in my youth. College in the past was like a nightmare. At my first College I had very little help from staff or students. At College it was very much a competitive thing and was like based on jungle law “Survival of the fittest”. Those first College days turned out to be miserable for me. At my youth College days it was like weeding out the weak. Only the strong survive. In those days I felt like it was me against the world and no one really loved me. But at Bible College it was remarkably different, the staff and students were interested in you and wanted to help you. We were trying to get our certificates, diplomas and degrees and it was not dog fight dog but help each other to acquire our qualifications. If we were savages at Bible College at least we were noble savages and much different from the savages at ordinary College. We were noble and children of God. Savages attack each other but the students at Bible College did try and respect others. We did not go around biting each other, we were noble and wise. Fools bite others. Bible College was not all easy peasy. It was plain hard work at times. Assignments drove us up the wall. There was hard work and there was easy times. I loved the sense of community. It was about community and God. We worshipped and prayed to God. In our community times we did worship God together, we called it chapel, and this was once each week day in the morning. Chapel time brought us together to acknowledge we believed in the one God and His Son Jesus Christ. Gods Word brought us together to recognise the true wisdom of how we are to behave. We knew how we were to act and we knew how others were meant to act. We had the true WISDOM. God was supreme and we were in relationship with Him. We had to attend classes. Classes were easy. The assignments were hard. Examinations were hard. 
I reflect now “What did I learn from the Lecturers at Bible College”? I can really only think of one thing. One of the Lecturers was trained in counselling. This Lecturer ran the counselling classes. This teacher offered free counselling to the full time students. I took up his offer. I met him for private counselling many times. We were together in his office one day and he went to the marker board and drew the lines outlining a graph. The horizontal line and the vertical line. Then he drew a straight horizontal line. He said to me “You are a straight thinker, you think in a straight line”. This insight to me, about me, out shines all the other teachings that I was taught at Bible College. I mean the great philosophers speak about “Know thyself”. Knowing thyself is understanding. But in my thinking to know oneself one must reflect off someone or something. That someone is God. God mirrors us. We reflect off God. God is the best reflection. We need a clean mirror. God is all clean. This Lecturer helped me really only once, I mean what he said about my straight thinking was a nugget of gold. 
At Bible College students had to do work around the campus. We did not have College servants. The students cut the lawns, weeded, cleaned, painted, did maintenance. For 3 hours each Friday afternoon we students worked on the campus. We called this work “Scrub”. Scrub was hard work. But the College was impeccable in its looks. Clean and tidy we were. The College looked good. My first “Scrub” job was easy. I was given an administrative task. But things changed soon enough. I was put on cleaning the College male toilets. It was hard work and yes humbling work. It was only one bathroom but it was a big bathroom. I used the fire hose to hose out the toilets. Then it was mopping and cleaning. It was kind of straight forward cleaning except for one problem. There was this female lecturer who was in charge of the students doing the cleaning and this lecturer often came to the toilets while I was cleaning to check on my job. She checked on me regularly. I hated this lecturer coming to check on me at work. I knew when she was coming because in my heart I would get vexed. My heart would get troubled at any sign that she was on her way. You may say “She is just doing her job as the overseer”. But when I eventually got moved to another job this lecturer would and did not check on the new person cleaning the male toilets. This female lecturer had a side kick, a student who assisted her in her overseeing the cleaning jobs. This side kick did no physical work for scrub she just checked on people’s work. But she was not a necessity to do this checking, we were all responsible adults. They checked on me and they seemed to delight in checking on me. They made a big show on checking just mainly on me. Who was this side kick? Only but the lady I introduced myself to in the administration foyer when I first arrived at the College for my first interview. Now this side kick was being a trouble to me. She checked on my work with the female lecturer and made fun of me. I was cleaning the male toilets for I think one semester (half year). Now I thought that after one semester of cleaning toilets I should get moved to doing some other job. But no, this lady lecturer had decided I would clean the male toilets for another semester. I rebelled against this decision and asked to be moved. I was given a job in the College kitchen. Here I was seldom checked on. But now there was another problem. While in the kitchen on a Friday afternoon another student also cleaning here would have the radio on. Now this would not sound out of place, I mean what’s wrong with a bit of music to help you through your work. The thing wrong was that the radios volume was up very high. I mean high high. I took this for a number of Friday’s. But I was was seething with anger. There were times I thought of grabbing the radio and throwing it on the floor. I did ask another fellow student about the noise, but she just brushed me off and said that the Principle gave permission. I seethed again with anger thinking “We are at a Bible College not some disco”. The noise was so bad but I was not in charge. The lady who had the radio was engaged to marry and I thought “Was she having problems with her hormones?”. Besides I have never liked much noise I prefer silence. I had to do something or I would go crazy. I went to the lady lecturer appealing for a move in job. This time I was moved to cleaning the classrooms. It was quite straight forward, vacuuming and dusting. This job was my last job for scrub. 
Class was nothing to write home about. I was in the missions class once and there was a little drama. The lady lecturer who was the scrub cleaning overseer was lecturer of the missions class. You may think that I write a lot about her. I do. I was single and older and so was she. She might have been a bit older than me. But she seemed a confirmed spinster so why would she show an interest in me. When I say confirmed spinster I mean confirmed. I raised my hand and said “Why do Bible College classes not teach a bit about other religions”. This lady lecturer shot my suggestion down in flames. Then the vexation started. I mean vexation in my heart. I thought “I don’t usually get vexation about my class work nor with the teachers”. I knew this lecturer and I were now in conflict. For me it was just a vexation that I can cope with but for her she would suffer. After class we had our usual class break with morning tea. We met out in the court yard outside the classroom. An urn and cups and hot water were set up. Students usually stood around talking. The lady lecturer came steaming up to me and in a loud voice that all could hear said “You are arrogant”. She moved away from me, I said nothing in reply to her outburst. I was shocked in to silence, it was so unexpected. I mean she is a lecturer. Lecturers don’t go around saying words of emotion to their students, especially not in public. I don’t remember what I did next but I know I missed a few of her future mission classes. She found me in the College library one day and apologised to me. I returned to mission classes and tried to forget her outburst. I wish I had explained myself more. I did not intend the College to teach from the Koran nor teach from any other non Christian dogma texts but to explain in simple terms what other religions believe. My idea was not receptive so I did not pursue it. 
Bible College was great for social times. We single males were often invited to dinner at the single ladies units. Students came from around the world. We had a lot of Asian students staying on campus and they were all good cooks and I enjoyed many times a feed of Asian cooking. We would also converge to the college carpark and find seats in cars and head off to a restaurant. Many students had their own cars. It was a halcyon life. You could never feel lonely. Our units had people coming and going. There were one bedroomed, two bedroom and three bedroomed units. The units were all self contained; kitchen with oven fridge and sink, laundry, bathroom, lounge/dining room. We lived like kings and queens. We felt so safe there that often our doors were left unlocked. Stealing was never heard of on campus. 
What did I learn at Bible College? I was dropped into the deep end of putting out assignments. These assignments were required to be done on computers. Each semester we had to hand in a number of assignments. So I learnt word processing like I never learnt before. I needed my own computer. There were computers on site for the use of students but it was much better to have your own computer in your own bedroom as word processing became much of your life. We churned out many assignments monthly. Often we students were up late at night churning out an assignment due the next morning. A lot of students, me included, would wait until near the due date of the assignment before we got down to doing it. But what did I learn? I learnt how to properly word process. I learnt how to get myself around a computer. I bought my own computer, it was my first computer. Assignments had to be just about perfect. Grammar and spelling had to be dead on. The content was expected to be ok but the layout was also expected to be ok. In the bibliography for example the lecturers expected impeccable layout; commas and dots everywhere where they were meant to be. When I finished my days at Bible College I was so glad to see the end of assignments. But what did I learn in knowledge? To be honest I never learnt much knowledge. I learnt just about nil insights. The text books we had to buy I gave away at the end of college. I seldom read these text books, a lot I never read at all. These books were a requirement to buy and cost me heaps of money. I was a diligent student, worked hard, and passed with good grades just about all my assignments. I did get help from other students. I learnt how to do assignments, that’s what I learnt and I became good at it, it was a skill. Examinations were at the end of each semester (6 months). Exams for two hours and two exams one after the other and maybe one in the afternoon could be the vogue. You go in to an exam and you just write. Two hours just writing. I mean you get so tired in your writing wrist that you think your wrist might go in to lock down. Then you soon go in to another exam and write constantly for another two hours. Exams I hated. But I passed them all. I was hoping for a Diploma of Ministry and I got it. But still what understanding did I learn? I learnt nothing really from the text books and lecturers, no knowledge that I could take away and help me live a better life. I only came away knowing that I was “A straight thinker”. I studied hard to get learning but over time it was all jettisoned out of my thinking as if it was not needed. But the experience at Bible College is valuable. Mixing with people from around the world is interesting and a learning in itself. 
I received my Certificate of Biblical Studies and later a Diploma of Ministry and soon got a job at a Church as a Church Officer come jack of all trades. I was not interested in being a Pastor. I worked at a city church and the church gave me free rent in a three bedroomed unit right next to the church. Wow inner city living I was loving it. Supermarket and cinemas and McDonalds just up the street. My neighbour across the road was the Governor of Western Australia. I hit good times. The church people were so nice to me. I became a full member of this church. It was halcyon days still. I was a regular at McDonald’s and here I met my wife. It was like it was meant to be, we got married. I did a lot at the church. I was later accepted as a church councillor and then I was secretary of the church council at the same time doing my jack of all trades job at the church. I worked at this church for many years. 
Now I am retired from the established church. I am still in the church but not part of the established church.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE BRAIN – and its thinking 

July 27, 2016

The brain has two hemispheres. One brain two main parts. Humans are homosapiens, we think. Only humans think in ALL creation. The words were given only to humans. God is the ultimate supreme WORDS. GODS Words are our plumb line for our own words. 

Gods words keep us in a good frame of reference so if we go outside Gods framework we lean towards the insane. It’s sane to think within Gods truth. Truth is identified as sane. God is all truth. Humans were given the words because humans are in the image of their creator God. Humans were chosen to be with God. We commune and communicate with God with words. 
We stand on our words, meaning our words are what we are and if we use bad words then we stand on bad words and then our foundation of words we make becomes unsteady. If we make our foundation, what we stand on, strong then we get through life more safely and enjoyable. Using Gods Words as our foundation secures us a good standing in the community and a better stable life. Truth is our best foundation but fools stand on a shaky foundation, fools lie. The foundation we build will be tested over time as the winds come and go. The dogs will attack. The snakes will bite. The wise build with Gods Words. Gods words are like a secure fortress. 
Thinking is where it’s at. “We are what we think”. You think, I think, we think, and we think together. There is a “sea of thoughts”. Everywhere we go we are in this sea. It’s a sea of words.
The brain has two parts. Left and right part. We have two types of thinking. The left side of the brain is the words side. It’s words words and words. The right side of the brain is the objective side. 
Left is subjective and right is objective.
It’s easier to think of the God Head. We have a head and we are part of the greater God head. 
Jesus sits on the right hand side in heaven, right of God the Father. The Father God is in WORDS only. Jesus on the right side is in physical with Words. This is an ANALOGY to explain our head as against the God Head. The God Head has the Father God, the Son God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit God. The God Head has three persons but each the same and each making up the ONE God Head. The God Head sits with us as we are a God head but not the God Head. We carry God in us. God within, Emanuel. The Holy Spirit is in our heart and God the Father and Jesus the Son are above. We are not God, we die to our old selves, we are a new person in Christ. 
Our right brain thinking is based on Christ’s thinking. Our left brain thinking is based on the Father Gods thinking. The Word reigns both sides of the brain but the Father is more honoured than the Son so maybe the left side of the brain might be more dominant. I know the father is always more honoured than the son. King David said “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies under your feet”. David is speaking about what is going on with him in his mind and heart. David had insight. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WHY is EDUCATION treated like a SPORT? 

July 11, 2016

We compete to learn knowledge. Why not enjoy learning knowledge and learn together NOT learning against each other. 

The BIBLE says “Knowledge will die out but Love, hope and faith will live on for eternity”. 
We obviously don’t take knowledge with us to the “AFTER LIFE”. Yes love, hope and faith go with us to the after life. 
Knowledge is temporary. But man is so mad on knowledge. I mean it’s like a fever. But when man gets very old man can not remember all the knowledge he’s learned. Knowledge dies out. 
Children are taught to compete. Schooling is about competition. Sports is a big thing at schools. Schools teach us to compete. But WHY? Why are we taught to COMPETE? Why can we not get to our common goals together, helping each other. The strong can help the weak. The learned can help the unlearned. The healthy can help the sick. The rich can help the poor. 
School is feverish to compete. Teachers are like overseers whipping the students in to competing. The weak students are treated like inferiors. Weakness is taught by the teachers as being unnatural. Weakness is looked at as bad. No one cares about the weak. It’s jungle mentality the survival of the fittest. Weed out the weak. But JESUS never taught like this. Jesus was helping those marginalised by the world’s competing. Jesus welcomes those who are weak, poor, sick and He even welcomes the fools. In Jesus the weak become strong, the fools become wise, the sick become well. 
True CHURCH should not be about competing. We are all equal in Gods Church. The body has many parts but one head. Each part depends on every other part for the body to function and all parts are under the head and the head is in charge. Jesus Christ is the HEAD. Jesus rules with LOVE. 
Schooling is about TESTS. Who cares if they do not learn or remember knowledge students just care about passing the TESTS.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 11, 2016

(Class stands)
Good morning class. You may sit. Now where were we up to? Jarvis?

Sir we are up to ….

I know, heaven.

Sir we are up to Babel. 

I know. Babel was confusion of language sure but Babel was about heaven. Goodyear tell the class what you know of the Tower of Babel.

Sir the people were not long after the “big flood”. The flood was God’s way of cleansing this earth. Now the people were sinning again. The people were defying God by trying to enter the heavens in their own way. God was angry. The people built an enormous tall tower reaching up to the sky. Man did not understand God. Man saw the heavens as up there in the physical. Man was more physical than spiritual. Man understood God more in the physical. But God is in Spirit and Word. 

Jarvis carry on from Goodyear.

Sir I have read your book thoroughly. 

I am glad my students are reading my book. 

Sir most people see God in a physical way. Jesus Gods Son came in the physical. But Jesus in the physical was to lead the people to God in the spiritual. Man seldom understands God. Man wants the physical, man seldom wants the spiritual. Man sees skin level. Man seldom sees deeper than the skin. Man looks at man but man sees no depth. It’s like a book, man sees the cover but not inside. Man sees people and judges them according to their outer looks. But man is soul. Man is spirit. Jesus came in the flesh to lead man to God Spirit. 

Well done Jarvis.

Anyone else want to contribute?


Miller. Have you read my book?

Thoroughly sir.

Ok let’s hear from you.

Sir humans are in the physical but man sins in the physical and such sins in quantity deny man access to God. Sins bring on darkness. Darkness denies man access to spiritual knowledge. God is light. To have light one has to keep sinless. 

Yes yes Miller good. Jesus does lead us to the Father. The Father is not in the physical. The Father is in WORDS. The Father is a person as Jesus the Son is a person. We humans sin and still do but we can confess our sins to God and be forgiven so as sinners we can keep in a relationship with the Father God and learn spiritual knowledge. 

Anyone want to take off from here?


Mathews you have the class.

Sir man sees truth in the physical. Man seeks truth in the physical. Man thinks all truth is in the physical. Man does not see truth in the spiritual. 

Mathews why were the people building a tower to the sky?

Man believed God the creator was in the sky.

Why in the sky?

God is above. We are told by the wise prophets that God is above in the heavens. We call the above high up the heavens. 

Mathews, is God in the sky?

God is above but God is in us, God is above in us, God is within, God is in the temple, we our human bodies are Gods temple. 

So has God always been in man?

It’s a mystery.

So where is this heaven that the Bible talks about?

God speaks to man in metaphors. God also uses analogies. Heaven is a place metaphorically. Hell is a place metaphorically. We are people in words. Heaven is a place in words and hell is a place in words. Soul goes to heaven. Our souls are saved in heaven. We are saved already. Our souls are in heaven. We save ourselves through the Words of Jesus Christ. The Words of God enlighten our souls to the truth. Our souls live in the light of God. But there are also many souls who live in darkness or semi darkness and are going to hell. You live in hell or heaven.

But Mathews what about the after life? Maybe Howard you can enlighten us here.

Yes sir. Sir and class there is definitely an “after life”. 

But if our souls are saved what happens to our soul after we die in the physical flesh?

Class and sir after our death to our flesh we sleep. Our souls sleep. We sleep until we get new bodies. We get a new body when the earth and world are baptised. 

Howard speak on this baptism a bit more.

Baptism comes twice. Baptism comes first in water then in fire. The earth has already been once baptised and that was in water during the “great flood”. We await the second baptism of fire. Baptism cleanses. God is a God of cleanliness. God is a pure clean God. God hates the dirt of sin. Sins are dirty. The fire cleansing is the final cleansing and Jesus Christ Gods Son will appear. Jesus came once before and He will come again. When Jesus comes the saved who are alive in the flesh will get a new body. Those asleep who died in the physical body and are saved will awaken and get new bodies. 

Howard what happens to us in our new bodies?

There is a saying “Heaven is all around us”. So in our new bodies we are in heaven. Heaven is all around us. 

Do we live for eternity in our new bodies?

Apparently so sir. 

Howard get back to the Tower of Babel.

Sir and class the people wanted to reach God in their own efforts. The people did not understand God. Man sees and believes but man believes seeing in the physical is believing apart from the spiritual. Man even now tries to get in to the physical heavens. Man sends man up to the heavens in craft that go to the moon and in to orbit around the earth. Man has sent space probes to circle other planets. Man is looking for answers to life up in the physical heavens. Man thinks it’s clever to seek truth up there. But up there to our human spirit and soul is not up there in the physical heavens. Man thinks going up there in the physical will either get one closer to God or prove that God up there does not exist. God won’t be found up there. God is up there but not in the way man sees. When man proved God is not up there in the physical man justifies to himself that God does not exist and that man and all creatures and life is here by chance. Man hates God. Man wants to sin and does not want any God telling him that he is doing wrong. 

Thank you Howard.

Class we have an anomaly. Now who can explain this anomaly I write about it in chapter 6 of my book.

Sir I can explain what you wrote.

Ok Smithers go for it.

Sir the anomaly is very big. It could be the anomaly of anomalies. We have the Tower of Babel back in action. Man is again reaching up to the sky to get in to the heavens. Man is using physical knowledge to try and get truth. The anomaly is that man uses physical knowledge to know God. The tree of knowledge to man will eventually kill him. Man is mans worst enemy. Man will kill man. Knowledge that man has and gets will kill all. This knowledge of man is not the knowledge that God wanted man to know. Man fell in grace and dignity at the beginning by disobeying God and wanting to know God in his own efforts. God ate of knowledge. Now in the wilderness man uses knowledge to survive and destroy. In the Garden of Eden man had all his needs met. Now outside this garden man tries to survive and people die and live. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s jungle law. 

Man in the Garden of Eden had the choice between knowledge and Spiritual wisdom. Wisdom is Christ’s Wisdom. Christ Jesus when he was on this earth never went to school. Christ also chose disciples who were not schooled. Luke and Paul were exceptions. 

Smithers what’s the anomaly in a nut shell?

It’s knowledge. It’s knowing God. Man seeks knowledge in the physical not in the Spiritual. Jesus while nailed to the cross said “They do not understand”. 

Thank you Smithers. Essentially man wants to glory himself not God. We wait for the second baptism. We wait for the fire to destroy all mans glory. Gods glory will go on in to eternity, mans glory will burn up in the fire. In a blink of an eye lid we will be changed. There’s the bell, class dismissed.
Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 11, 2016

 Sir would like water?
Bring it on.

What type sir?

Water water.

But sir what type?

Is there a type now a days?

Yes there is sir.

Dear don’t make trouble.

Gladys I was only asking.

Dear be nice to the waiter.


My name is Bruce sir.

Bruce tell me what types of water are there.

Sir we have the top of the house, spring water from the Swiss alps.

How much?

The cost is only $7 a bottle. 

Rather steep is it not?

For the more budget minded we have Spring water from Australia.

How much? 

$4 a bottle sir.

That’s better.

And sir we have the budget of budget water, recycled sewage water. 


Sir it is quite nice. The Government stands by the clean recycled sewage water. 

Bahh. Not for me. But how much?

Just $2 a bottle. But sir seniors get a concession on the recycled sewage water. 

You think I am a senior?

I mean you are a more mature person.

Dear stop irritating the man. Excuse my husband Bruce.

Sir and madam have senior cards?

Bruce, my husband and I do have senior cards.

That’s recycled water at $1 a bottle sir and madam.

I will not drink someone’s waste water, bring two bottles of Australian spring water. 

Now food. I want something simple. Eggs on toast. 

Sir what type of eggs?

What!!! Eggs!

But sir, free range or cage?

In my youth eggs were eggs. 

Sir free range are more expensive.

Two free range eggs on toast. 


The same as my husband thank you Bruce.

Bruce where is the toilet?

What type sir?

Type of toilet? 

Sir we have seven types of toilet services at this restaurant. 

What are they?

We have unisex that’s ladies and men together. Transgender to male. Transgender to female. Homosexual. Lesbian. Male. Female. 

That’s a lot. 

Yes it’s Government regulations. 

How do you pay for it all?

We have a 10% toilet surcharge on your bill sir.

Never mind I can hold.

(The waiter leaves the table)

Gladys I will be back soon I am just going outside to the back carpark for a quick slash. Its dark no one will see me. I can not work myself around this restaurant toilet maze. 

Ok dear you know best.

Best!!! I just know life is getting so complicated. I believe life started simple but man makes complex. 

Yes dear. You know best.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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