How I hate to hear people say or write that God is COMPLEX. So is the TRUTH complex? Pilate said to Jesus, What is the Truth? Of course Jesus did not answer. Why answer a nonsense question. Truth to me is always simple.

If one speaks or writes direct truth then it is all simple. When I hear say people supposed to be of repute or so called intelligent of this world and they speak of God as being complex – it makes me angry. I have even heard a Minister of God say that God is complex – that especially riles me up. This man of God responsible for the Word of God and preaching and teaching from Gods WORD and the WORD of God is being perverted (Actually you can not pervert Gods WORD you only pervert yourself).

You turn to complexity for direct truth then you pervert yourself. Complexity binds it does not free. Freedom comes through the SIMPLE Truth. So if you are full of complexity you have to unravel this complexity down to simplicity. Take small bites of food. Take small simple bites. Revelation of God has to be direct simplicity.

How I hate the teachers of this world teaching the complex path. These teachers don’t help. Mental health needs simplicity of thought and action. The world and all it’s sins are complex. Sins are complex. Pilate asked Jesus, What is Truth? – the Truth was looking Pilate in the face. Pilate saw but he did not see. He heard but he did not hear. The Pharisees claimed to see (insight) so they have no excuse. The people of this world have dim spirits. The religious also make truth complex. The religious if they see have no excuse. How I am irked by teachers, why? Most of them are not real teachers. God gives to each person a calling. Most people are not in Gods calling. Teachers teach but it is not real teaching. God in Spirit teaches direct Truth.

Teachers of the world teach a syllabus made up for them by the authorities to teach but they the teachers do not have to understand or know the TRUTH of God. Such teaching is mainly leaning towards nature worship, it’s worshipping the creation and not the creator, such demeans the image we have in God, such brings our God image in to complexity making us weaker in spirit. We have problems with our image or what we call identity. Children grow up hating themselves and others, they hate the image of God (us) and have complexities like for example the inferiority complex. Hate makes for our God image (us) to be inferior. So children have a lot of complexities in mind and body and these complexities go in to adult life. Complexities make up knotty balls in our minds, in our thoughts and such make us un healthy mentally and physically.

So we always need the Simple Truth from day one of our lives and right to our deaths. Such is GOOD HEALTH.

The TRUTH was looking Pilate in the Face.
Pilate was looking at JESUS CHRIST.

To turn away from the Truth (Jesus Christ) is to PERVERT.
Any person who turns away from Jesus Christ is a pervert.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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