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SEEING IS BELIEVING (just have a one track mind)

August 18, 2016

I looked and I looked. I sat looking for about 10 minutes before I saw …..what was I looking at? It was no playboy magazine. And it was only after a while before I saw……Saw what? I saw sins. 

In my past as a lost soul in the darkness of deep sins I looked and I looked but as I was then in my old sin nature I would have looked at pictures of flesh like a playboy magazine. But on giving my life to Jesus Christ at a Royal age of 24 years old I have endeavoured to look not in the way of the flesh but in the way of the spirit. So today I was looking and I looked and I looked….then I saw. I was sitting in a chapel in the city. I was looking at a crucifix on the front wall. I saw sins when looking at Jesus on the cross. This crucifix was big, it took a lot of space on a wall at the front of the chapel. This crucifix gazing is not a one off for me, I have done it in this same chapel many times. It just takes a while for me to see…see past the crucifix to the sins. Today I saw Jesus coughing up transistors, resistors, wire, small transformers, coils of wire. I mean these objects were coming out of Jesus mouth. I saw in Jesus stomach a big ball of electronic stuff. It was like the ball had to be broken up into small pieces and then Jesus coughs them up. Today was new to me about this coughing up of electronic hardware. The only connection I see this electronic stuff with me is that my human father worked at as a radio technician all his working life. I mean for him it was all about transistors, resistors, wire etc. Seeing is believing so I saw and I believe. 
I have seen other sins on this crucifix. In the past there were the legs. Legs? Yes legs. When I gazed at the crucifix I saw the legs of Jesus giving off sin. How? The legs gave off an impression of my mothers legs. My mother (RIP) used to be fixated on her legs. It was about mainly having a good tan on her legs. Her physical figure was otherwise ok. But mum had to have a tan. Mum worked at an office in the city for most of her life and part of her grooming was to have tanned legs. Mum often used a small home sun lamp. It was like mum “Would die for a tan” like a smoker “Would die for a smoke”. Sometimes these people do die in their quests for their desires. But mum died a natural death, God bless her. 

Why do I see sins on the crucifix? It seems like I carry my parents/ancestors sins in me. But when I came to Jesus Christ, He Jesus took all my sins (including my ancestors sins) in to His body and died to them.
I have seen many other sins on the crucifix. They appear and they go. I prefer they go. I prefer they get washed away. I want to be “A clean skin”. I want to be part of the “Great washed”. 
But on coming to Jesus, did Jesus carry in Him just my immediate families sins and not my dead ancestors sins? Could be. To be honest I can not relate to any of my ancestors sins on the crucifix. And is this just about my parents sins on the crucifix and not my human sisters sins? Maybe. I am like an extension to my parents. I am the continuation of our family tree. I am the end of the family branch. I carry the sins of my parents. But because I took on Jesus, Jesus took on those sins. Jesus died to sins. Jesus came back to life, Jesus rose to the above. I carry Jesus in me. Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me….”. Holy Scripture does give truth. There is understanding in Holy Scripture, just have faith. 
Maybe when I came to Christ the whole of our family branch gets cleaned up. Maybe. But what about our dead ancestors? Are these ancestors living on in us? Are these ancestors saved? They say the dead go on living in our hearts. All conjecture, nothing really known. What is known? I saw the sins of my parents on the crucifix. Seeing is believing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



August 5, 2016

I have had two dreams that I call my divine God dreams. These dreams are not dreams like we have in the usual way these dreams no doubt come from God. Yes there I push the word God again. But God I have no hesitation in using. Why should I be ashamed of using the word God? God to me is the creator of this universe, God is supreme, God is almighty, God is love, God is light, God is truth, God is good. If you do not want to hear the word God then you should not be reading my writings because I am in God and God is in me. From Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me……”. Christ is Gods only begotten Son and Christ lives in me. The fool does not believe in Christ. The wise follow Christ. The fool thinks he/she is more wiser than Jesus Christ. The fool thinks he/she does not need Christ. My two divine dreams were from God through Jesus Christ. I am going to write about one of these divine dreams. In a previous writing I have written about the other divine dream. 

I had a dream. The dream was so very vivid that I remember it to this day. I had the two divine dream many years ago. I became a believer in Jesus Christ in early 1980. The two divine dreams I had came after 1980. Maybe a few years after 1980. I dream normal as part of my sleep mode but not one of my usual dreams do I remember and these usual dreams are not anywhere near vivid and rational and clear and divine as the two divine dreams. I know when a dream is divine and I have to say such divine dreams can only come from God above. My usual dreams I may remember for a matter of minutes of waking up then I forget them. As soon as I rise in the morning and start thinking my memory of dreams fade away. I start thinking as soon as I awaken. 
The dream. A man comes through a door. We are now in a house. This man runs up to another man. This other man is dressed as a Minister. This Minister is dressed in a black coloured type of nightie over trousers and shirt. He has a priests dog collar on. He has a scholars mortar board cap on. There is also a third man there. This third man is dressed in casual dress clothes. Like a tweed jacket and shirt and trousers. The first man who came in through the door runs around like he is excited. He seems to lack self control. He seems unsettled. He runs upstairs. He goes in to a room. He goes down stairs, the stair case looks wide. Down stairs there are a number of pillars of the house. The house is a large mansion. He looks outside and there are many people looking at him. How many I do not know. But there is a gathering. Then I see another room in the mansion and there is a man here who looks like me. 
I have reflected and mulled over what would this dream mean. The first man, is that my human spirit? Did I come in to God’s mansion in God’s Kingdom? The man that looks like me, was that representing my soul? But how can my soul be here? I would have thought that my soul is in my head. They say the mind is in the head. People use the word mind for soul. Soul to many people reeks of religion and a lot of people hate religion. Soul to me was shown in my other divine vivid dream, the dream showing the small shadows, shadows running in a circular way fashion around a central round pillar. This dream I am explaining now is not about the souls in the head but is a dream explaining the heart. So I have had a dream about the soul and a dream about the spirit. Spirit is heart and soul is head. I could be wrong. Who was the man coming in through the door? Was it me in spirit? I have a few thoughts on this. I think of “I am in the father and the father is in me” – Jesus says this. So can this quote of Jesus apply to me and my human father? Did my human fathers spirit come in to my heart and did my human spirit go in to his heart? But that does not seem right when there was another man looking like me in the dream. So was soul of me represented here as the man I saw looking like me? But the first man coming through the door does not gel with me as being me. Who could that man be? Father and son are together in many ways. Maybe the same goes for a mother and her daughter. 
Dreams come and go. But my two divine dreams have never gone. These two dreams were divinely etched in to my consciousness. I can not forget them. I remember no other dreams. 

We should not focus too much on dreams and visions. We are to focus on Jesus Christ. We follow Jesus, no other. Dreams may be there to give us understanding. We do not glorify dreams, we glorify God. 
The Minister in this dream has come up a few times to me. There were a number of occasions where I perceived him as central to my heart. It was like the Minister took over all my heart. 
This dream is still not succinct to me, I still do not understand it all. 
Was that my soul that looked like me and was that my human spirit that came in through the door???????
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

I wanted to attend a prayer meeting. The meeting was at night. The location of this meeting was in Lower Hutt. Lower Hutt was too far away from my home for me to be able to get home that night after the prayer meeting finished. I lived in Pukerua Bay. I was using public transport. The meeting was being held in a private home. Ken Salt (real name) occupied this home. I perceived Ken as a real gentleman and a noble Christian. I dearly wanted to attend this meeting so I asked Ken (who was a complete stranger to me) if I could stay over night at his place. He agreed. Why this meeting? Why was I keen on this meeting? First it was a prayer meeting. I indulged in prayer. Prayer was a main tool of mine for my living. I did not hesitate at all in praying to God. I loved prayer. 

This meeting was to pray about the Cold War. This was the war between the east and the west. The enemy in its worldly form was communism. There was the Berlin Wall. This wall segregated part of the city of Berlin from its western part. The Communists controlled eastern Berlin whereas the West controlled the western part. The West were the British, USA, French etc. For the likes of this meeting we had read Richard Wurmbrand. His book ‘Tortured for Christ’ (written in 1967) was a best seller amongst Christians. Richard had lived in Romania where he practiced as a Christian Church Minister. Richard was incarcerated by the Communists. Richard was in prison for many years. After Richard was released from jail he and his wife lived in the West. 
The prayer meeting at Ken Salts home was to especially pray for Christians who were incarcerated by the Communists. These were Christians who had done no criminal offence, their only crime was to preach Christ. Richard Wurmbrand had started an organisation called ‘Voice of the Martyrs’. By the time of this meeting Richard was living in the West. The Berlin Wall though was still up. I can not remember the date of this prayer meeting but it must have been somewhere about 1985 or thereabouts but I am really guessing. Communism was still as bad as it ever was. We prayed and we prayed. We prayed for hours. We were only a small hand fall of people at that meeting but we were in heart all agreed to helping break this scourge of communism over Christianity. 
The Berlin Wall stood as a main symbol of the separation between the free West and the enslaved East. The West stood not only for freedom but for Christ. The Communists were atheists, they hated religion and God. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and it was pulled down in 1989. Freedom came to the East in 1989, barriers were pulled down. Communism in the East, Soviet Union and it’s Eastern allies dissolved. But in our times right now we see Russia has not learnt her lesson and now we see Russia trying to resurrect its walls with the free West. As the saying goes “A dog returns to its vomit”. In 1977 I had the privilege to see the Berlin Wall. I went into East Berlin for a few hours. I entered and exited through the infamous ‘Check Point Charlie’. I saw bondage on the East Berlin people. There was no spark in the people’s eyes. Their eyes look captured. Their spirits were in bondage. 
We in Christ are not in bondage and as free people we detest bondage in any form. We know our freedom came through Jesus Christ. We were only a small prayer group but our spirits soured up to heaven and we prayed fervently. It came for the meeting to finish. The people left. I was staying the night. I had the sofa in the lounge. Ken retired to his room for the night. I lay on the sofa and prayed. Soon spiritual things happened. I can only say spiritual because nothing out of the ordinary physical was happening. I lay there and super spiritual things happened. My body seemed to half rise up out of my body. I was in two bodies at the same time. Sound weird. It did not seem weird to me at the time. I felt exhilarated, I was just enjoying the moment. My body coming out of my physical body was real new to me. I had this other body in my physical body. Wow. This was a learning curve, I was amazed. Do I call this other body a spiritual body? I don’t know. This spiritual body was the same length and width as my physical body. So I was in two bodies, but was I thinking in both bodies? I can not remember. I just knew, I perceived, I saw this other body, I seemed to be in this other body the spiritual one. I was like looking at both bodies. It’s so hard to describe. My spiritual body bent (rose) up at the waist while at the same time my physical body lay down. It happened for a mere few minutes but long enough for me to take it all in. This spiritual body did not come completely out of the physical body, only half came out, the top half. It was like I was sitting up spiritually. 
Did I think at the time that this spiritual rising had anything to do with the prayers the group was praying that night? No I did not. I think it was just God showing me more of his understanding. I have never related this spiritual happening to the Cold War or the Berlin Wall or to Christians persecuted by the Communists. But some people might see a connection but I don’t see it. 
My prayers at this meeting resulted in my getting a wonderful blessing. I got to relate to another side to me, a spiritual body. I was blessed that night. Maybe God rewarded me for my prayers. Maybe. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

The Garden of Eden was as close as heaven could ever be on this earth. God made the earth but mankind made the world. God is Godly and mankind are worldly. So how does one communicate in heaven? How did Adam and Eve communicate in the Garden of Eden? 

In my later life I am very conscious now of my thinking. It’s like I can now just about control my thinking. My thinking is so now developed that my thinking has become much of me and who I am. It’s not feelings but thinking that now makes up much of my life. I think day and night. I love thinking. I can think deep. I can think and work out problems to questions. But I think that this can not be like what we call worldly intelligence. This thinking of mine has very little or nothing to do with thoughts about knowledge as we know it at schools and colleges and universities. I think like I am in communication with God above. 
My thinking has become so much of my life now that I am becoming to think that man in the beginning communicated by thoughts. Adam, did he and God communicate together by thoughts? We can call this thought communication – communing. Adam and Eve were given souls; these souls had no knowledge as we know worldly knowledge today. Did Adam and Eve have such clear and sinless souls that communing by thoughts was easy for them to do? The tree of knowledge was tempting to Adam and Eve; I mean know as God knows; but eating of knowledge led to sin. God said it was wrong to eat of knowledge. Knowledge may have meant the loss of communication by thought. I find speech of mankind such a vexation. Every time mankind speaks they sin. Mankind complains, mankind curses, mankind threatens, mankind lies, mankind slanders, mankind mocks. The mouth of mankind has turned in to one big cesspool. 
So was original communication done by just communing in thoughts?
Jesus Christ came in to this world to restore mankind from his fallen grace. But mankind still eats of knowledge. Jesus is the WISDOM of God. The Bible is full of wisdom. We can live by wisdom and not by knowing the knowledge of the world. Gods wisdom makes a society strong and unified. Do we need worldly knowledge for mankind to survive? Can mankind survive by Gods wisdom alone apart from worldly knowledge? Adam and Eve lived very well in the Garden of Eden apart from worldly knowledge. To live apart from worldly knowledge we have to trust and obey God explicitly. God will provide if we live just for his wisdom. Jesus Christ while living on this earth in this world never learnt worldly knowledge. Jesus knew no worldly studies. I think Jesus never even went to school. Jesus when he began his ministry chose disciples who were not schooled. Paul and Luke were probably exceptions. People did accept Jesus Christ’s teachings. But people still wanted worldly knowledge. People wanted both Gods wisdom and worldly knowledge. So mankind has not come out from the FALL. 
Mankind listens to SATAN. The beast will rule and mankind will obey the beast. The beast serves Satan. The beast encourages worldly knowledge. The beast and Satan are about replicating what God does. God uses mankind to see, hear, taste, smell, think; but Satan will try and replicate the God head that senses and thinks; Satan will make his own God head and Satan will try and rule all creation with his God head. Robots in the image of mankind will be made. Mankind will serve Satan and the beast and maybe the robots will rule mankind. The robots will serve Satan and the beast. Satan rules over mankind from the outside but God rules mankind from the inside. Satan tries to get inside mankind to rule him/her, we get the mark of the beast. We also get virtual reality. We also get half robot and half man/woman. But God is the Living Words. Living words win against Satan and the beast. God can make Satan and the beast think what God wants them to think. 
In the true Church we are all ONE body, we are all ONE body of thinkers, we think together, we commune in thought together, each part of the body communing with other parts of the body and we each also commune in thought with the head of the body JESUS CHRIST. 
The language is in thought and we call it communing but what are the components of this language? We use words. I use English words in my thoughts. I am very aware that I think in English. I hear my thoughts. So how do all the people commune together in the body of Christ if there are many different kinds of languages? That puzzles me. The Asians, they have symbols to represent meanings. How can you think in symbols? Pictures to represent meaning were used by earlier civilisations. Adam and Eve were given the words from God. God is Words. But the Asians did/do not have words. Asians got words off others. The early Egyptians used pictures to represent meaning. Symbols like what the Asians use for communication are not words. Does Satan and his children commune together? Or is Satan and his children deaf to words? Satan is described as a serpent. A serpent is a snake. Do snakes have ears? When you get an Indian snake charmer playing a flute and the snake rises up, the snake does not hear the music from the flute, the snake rises because it is watching the flute move about. So I guess Satan and his children are deaf to words. 
God gave the words. Original thought came from God. God communicates with his children by words. 
Why did we need speech from the mouth? And why is the Adam’s apple in our throat right by the larynx? Why did mankind get voice chords? Only humans have voice chords? Only humans can speak a language. Is the Adams apple anything to do with the voice chords? Did the FALL of mankind have anything to do with speaking rather than communing in thoughts? Is worldly knowledge about speech? 
I like thinking. I hate being around people who speak a lot. I sense a communion going on. You commune, you listen, and you understand. You can understand people. People might call it discernment or perception. You can read people. Talking can just be stupid most of the times. 
These are my thoughts; they do not have to be right. They could be right. But they could also be wrong. I hope that what I have written here might make you the reader and me more wiser; we can think and pray and maybe amongst what I have written the truth will come out. I make no promises that what I have written above is all truth. What I have written above is just me thinking. I hope we all learn something new. I want to learn too. If I write my thoughts then the communion will go on and the truth will come out. I hope what I have done is make you think and I hope that you can develop your communing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden lived in ignorant bliss. Ignorant bliss is simple bliss. But to have knowledge means you can do good or evil. 

There was no eating of flesh in the Garden of Eden. No one was biting other creatures. 
We humans in this wild world bite each other (it’s meaning is metaphorical). 
In the Garden of Eden PEACE reigned. 
Adam and Eve had all the food they needed from the Garden of Eden. No creature in this Garden was afraid as no creature ate other creatures they only ate of the fruit and vegetables of the Garden. 
Knowledge was not needed in the Garden of Eden. All needs were provided. 
In the wilderness outside the Garden of Eden humans use knowledge for good and evil, we kill other creatures and we heal other creatures. Knowledge will finally kill off all life (or will a fire not in a man made form burn us all?). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Bible College – lesson /Story Telling and Letters

July 27, 2016

Dear All,

Two lecturers at the Bible College I attended emphasised “Story telling” as the mode to educate people about God. These lecturers even went to the extent of inviting two men from the USA to come to Perth and talk to us students. Of course we had to pay costs to get the privilege to hear these two men. Now I do not really have a big problem with story telling, it is just that I have my own ideas of how God teaches his children and disciples. Story telling to me is for the young children whereas to me I like to read letters and to write them. 
When I teach over the internet I usually write letters (or short drama), I do not tell stories. I see that Apostle Paul wrote letters to the churches, he did not tell stories. The gospels are also letters to the churches. The New Testament of the Bible is in letters not stories. Stories are in the Old Testament. We read stories of the Old Testament to young children. People read novels, I don’t, but many people do. I like to read biographies. I like reading fact. Fiction does not really interest me. Biographies are like stories true but they are more a memoir, about a persons life, the author writes like a filled out diary, like a letter telling about his/her life. Memoirs are on going letters that tell an on going journey. When people go on holiday they like to share their holiday joys with other people, so they write letters and post cards to their friends back home. A memoir also is like writing home after a long journey. People love to share their journeys with others. Stories are more for fiction, they are more for novels. Novels are not exactly based on truth (we get the saying “Tall Story”). So to teach and educate WISDOM of God through Jesus Christ we can write letters. Letters are factual and true. Letters are not novels. The Bible College lecturers enshrined story telling. I think story telling is ok but letters are better. I think that Apostle Paul by writing letters and not telling stories made a better impression on our minds and hearts. Story telling will always be with us but letters define a person better. We can know Jesus Christ better through letters.
When I communicate with people by writing I write letters to them I do not write stories to them. Letters are a better mode of communicating then stories. We can have both, stories and letters. But I prefer when I teach over the Internet to use letters. I may use stories for the very young. But for adults I prefer to write letters to them. 
Letters came about because of literacy. People over the ages have learnt to write. We can write stories and we can write letters. In the old days when most people were not literate they used vocal story telling to pass down the ages the wisdom and knowledge. But over time people learnt to write so people could write down the stories. With writing also came letters. We can use written letters to pass on the wisdom and knowledge. Stories will stay and so will letter writing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE BRAIN – and its thinking 

July 27, 2016

The brain has two hemispheres. One brain two main parts. Humans are homosapiens, we think. Only humans think in ALL creation. The words were given only to humans. God is the ultimate supreme WORDS. GODS Words are our plumb line for our own words. 

Gods words keep us in a good frame of reference so if we go outside Gods framework we lean towards the insane. It’s sane to think within Gods truth. Truth is identified as sane. God is all truth. Humans were given the words because humans are in the image of their creator God. Humans were chosen to be with God. We commune and communicate with God with words. 
We stand on our words, meaning our words are what we are and if we use bad words then we stand on bad words and then our foundation of words we make becomes unsteady. If we make our foundation, what we stand on, strong then we get through life more safely and enjoyable. Using Gods Words as our foundation secures us a good standing in the community and a better stable life. Truth is our best foundation but fools stand on a shaky foundation, fools lie. The foundation we build will be tested over time as the winds come and go. The dogs will attack. The snakes will bite. The wise build with Gods Words. Gods words are like a secure fortress. 
Thinking is where it’s at. “We are what we think”. You think, I think, we think, and we think together. There is a “sea of thoughts”. Everywhere we go we are in this sea. It’s a sea of words.
The brain has two parts. Left and right part. We have two types of thinking. The left side of the brain is the words side. It’s words words and words. The right side of the brain is the objective side. 
Left is subjective and right is objective.
It’s easier to think of the God Head. We have a head and we are part of the greater God head. 
Jesus sits on the right hand side in heaven, right of God the Father. The Father God is in WORDS only. Jesus on the right side is in physical with Words. This is an ANALOGY to explain our head as against the God Head. The God Head has the Father God, the Son God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit God. The God Head has three persons but each the same and each making up the ONE God Head. The God Head sits with us as we are a God head but not the God Head. We carry God in us. God within, Emanuel. The Holy Spirit is in our heart and God the Father and Jesus the Son are above. We are not God, we die to our old selves, we are a new person in Christ. 
Our right brain thinking is based on Christ’s thinking. Our left brain thinking is based on the Father Gods thinking. The Word reigns both sides of the brain but the Father is more honoured than the Son so maybe the left side of the brain might be more dominant. I know the father is always more honoured than the son. King David said “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies under your feet”. David is speaking about what is going on with him in his mind and heart. David had insight. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WHY is EDUCATION treated like a SPORT? 

July 11, 2016

We compete to learn knowledge. Why not enjoy learning knowledge and learn together NOT learning against each other. 

The BIBLE says “Knowledge will die out but Love, hope and faith will live on for eternity”. 
We obviously don’t take knowledge with us to the “AFTER LIFE”. Yes love, hope and faith go with us to the after life. 
Knowledge is temporary. But man is so mad on knowledge. I mean it’s like a fever. But when man gets very old man can not remember all the knowledge he’s learned. Knowledge dies out. 
Children are taught to compete. Schooling is about competition. Sports is a big thing at schools. Schools teach us to compete. But WHY? Why are we taught to COMPETE? Why can we not get to our common goals together, helping each other. The strong can help the weak. The learned can help the unlearned. The healthy can help the sick. The rich can help the poor. 
School is feverish to compete. Teachers are like overseers whipping the students in to competing. The weak students are treated like inferiors. Weakness is taught by the teachers as being unnatural. Weakness is looked at as bad. No one cares about the weak. It’s jungle mentality the survival of the fittest. Weed out the weak. But JESUS never taught like this. Jesus was helping those marginalised by the world’s competing. Jesus welcomes those who are weak, poor, sick and He even welcomes the fools. In Jesus the weak become strong, the fools become wise, the sick become well. 
True CHURCH should not be about competing. We are all equal in Gods Church. The body has many parts but one head. Each part depends on every other part for the body to function and all parts are under the head and the head is in charge. Jesus Christ is the HEAD. Jesus rules with LOVE. 
Schooling is about TESTS. Who cares if they do not learn or remember knowledge students just care about passing the TESTS.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 11, 2016

(Class stands)
Good morning class. You may sit. Now where were we up to? Jarvis?

Sir we are up to ….

I know, heaven.

Sir we are up to Babel. 

I know. Babel was confusion of language sure but Babel was about heaven. Goodyear tell the class what you know of the Tower of Babel.

Sir the people were not long after the “big flood”. The flood was God’s way of cleansing this earth. Now the people were sinning again. The people were defying God by trying to enter the heavens in their own way. God was angry. The people built an enormous tall tower reaching up to the sky. Man did not understand God. Man saw the heavens as up there in the physical. Man was more physical than spiritual. Man understood God more in the physical. But God is in Spirit and Word. 

Jarvis carry on from Goodyear.

Sir I have read your book thoroughly. 

I am glad my students are reading my book. 

Sir most people see God in a physical way. Jesus Gods Son came in the physical. But Jesus in the physical was to lead the people to God in the spiritual. Man seldom understands God. Man wants the physical, man seldom wants the spiritual. Man sees skin level. Man seldom sees deeper than the skin. Man looks at man but man sees no depth. It’s like a book, man sees the cover but not inside. Man sees people and judges them according to their outer looks. But man is soul. Man is spirit. Jesus came in the flesh to lead man to God Spirit. 

Well done Jarvis.

Anyone else want to contribute?


Miller. Have you read my book?

Thoroughly sir.

Ok let’s hear from you.

Sir humans are in the physical but man sins in the physical and such sins in quantity deny man access to God. Sins bring on darkness. Darkness denies man access to spiritual knowledge. God is light. To have light one has to keep sinless. 

Yes yes Miller good. Jesus does lead us to the Father. The Father is not in the physical. The Father is in WORDS. The Father is a person as Jesus the Son is a person. We humans sin and still do but we can confess our sins to God and be forgiven so as sinners we can keep in a relationship with the Father God and learn spiritual knowledge. 

Anyone want to take off from here?


Mathews you have the class.

Sir man sees truth in the physical. Man seeks truth in the physical. Man thinks all truth is in the physical. Man does not see truth in the spiritual. 

Mathews why were the people building a tower to the sky?

Man believed God the creator was in the sky.

Why in the sky?

God is above. We are told by the wise prophets that God is above in the heavens. We call the above high up the heavens. 

Mathews, is God in the sky?

God is above but God is in us, God is above in us, God is within, God is in the temple, we our human bodies are Gods temple. 

So has God always been in man?

It’s a mystery.

So where is this heaven that the Bible talks about?

God speaks to man in metaphors. God also uses analogies. Heaven is a place metaphorically. Hell is a place metaphorically. We are people in words. Heaven is a place in words and hell is a place in words. Soul goes to heaven. Our souls are saved in heaven. We are saved already. Our souls are in heaven. We save ourselves through the Words of Jesus Christ. The Words of God enlighten our souls to the truth. Our souls live in the light of God. But there are also many souls who live in darkness or semi darkness and are going to hell. You live in hell or heaven.

But Mathews what about the after life? Maybe Howard you can enlighten us here.

Yes sir. Sir and class there is definitely an “after life”. 

But if our souls are saved what happens to our soul after we die in the physical flesh?

Class and sir after our death to our flesh we sleep. Our souls sleep. We sleep until we get new bodies. We get a new body when the earth and world are baptised. 

Howard speak on this baptism a bit more.

Baptism comes twice. Baptism comes first in water then in fire. The earth has already been once baptised and that was in water during the “great flood”. We await the second baptism of fire. Baptism cleanses. God is a God of cleanliness. God is a pure clean God. God hates the dirt of sin. Sins are dirty. The fire cleansing is the final cleansing and Jesus Christ Gods Son will appear. Jesus came once before and He will come again. When Jesus comes the saved who are alive in the flesh will get a new body. Those asleep who died in the physical body and are saved will awaken and get new bodies. 

Howard what happens to us in our new bodies?

There is a saying “Heaven is all around us”. So in our new bodies we are in heaven. Heaven is all around us. 

Do we live for eternity in our new bodies?

Apparently so sir. 

Howard get back to the Tower of Babel.

Sir and class the people wanted to reach God in their own efforts. The people did not understand God. Man sees and believes but man believes seeing in the physical is believing apart from the spiritual. Man even now tries to get in to the physical heavens. Man sends man up to the heavens in craft that go to the moon and in to orbit around the earth. Man has sent space probes to circle other planets. Man is looking for answers to life up in the physical heavens. Man thinks it’s clever to seek truth up there. But up there to our human spirit and soul is not up there in the physical heavens. Man thinks going up there in the physical will either get one closer to God or prove that God up there does not exist. God won’t be found up there. God is up there but not in the way man sees. When man proved God is not up there in the physical man justifies to himself that God does not exist and that man and all creatures and life is here by chance. Man hates God. Man wants to sin and does not want any God telling him that he is doing wrong. 

Thank you Howard.

Class we have an anomaly. Now who can explain this anomaly I write about it in chapter 6 of my book.

Sir I can explain what you wrote.

Ok Smithers go for it.

Sir the anomaly is very big. It could be the anomaly of anomalies. We have the Tower of Babel back in action. Man is again reaching up to the sky to get in to the heavens. Man is using physical knowledge to try and get truth. The anomaly is that man uses physical knowledge to know God. The tree of knowledge to man will eventually kill him. Man is mans worst enemy. Man will kill man. Knowledge that man has and gets will kill all. This knowledge of man is not the knowledge that God wanted man to know. Man fell in grace and dignity at the beginning by disobeying God and wanting to know God in his own efforts. God ate of knowledge. Now in the wilderness man uses knowledge to survive and destroy. In the Garden of Eden man had all his needs met. Now outside this garden man tries to survive and people die and live. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s jungle law. 

Man in the Garden of Eden had the choice between knowledge and Spiritual wisdom. Wisdom is Christ’s Wisdom. Christ Jesus when he was on this earth never went to school. Christ also chose disciples who were not schooled. Luke and Paul were exceptions. 

Smithers what’s the anomaly in a nut shell?

It’s knowledge. It’s knowing God. Man seeks knowledge in the physical not in the Spiritual. Jesus while nailed to the cross said “They do not understand”. 

Thank you Smithers. Essentially man wants to glory himself not God. We wait for the second baptism. We wait for the fire to destroy all mans glory. Gods glory will go on in to eternity, mans glory will burn up in the fire. In a blink of an eye lid we will be changed. There’s the bell, class dismissed.
Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 11, 2016

 Sir would like water?
Bring it on.

What type sir?

Water water.

But sir what type?

Is there a type now a days?

Yes there is sir.

Dear don’t make trouble.

Gladys I was only asking.

Dear be nice to the waiter.


My name is Bruce sir.

Bruce tell me what types of water are there.

Sir we have the top of the house, spring water from the Swiss alps.

How much?

The cost is only $7 a bottle. 

Rather steep is it not?

For the more budget minded we have Spring water from Australia.

How much? 

$4 a bottle sir.

That’s better.

And sir we have the budget of budget water, recycled sewage water. 


Sir it is quite nice. The Government stands by the clean recycled sewage water. 

Bahh. Not for me. But how much?

Just $2 a bottle. But sir seniors get a concession on the recycled sewage water. 

You think I am a senior?

I mean you are a more mature person.

Dear stop irritating the man. Excuse my husband Bruce.

Sir and madam have senior cards?

Bruce, my husband and I do have senior cards.

That’s recycled water at $1 a bottle sir and madam.

I will not drink someone’s waste water, bring two bottles of Australian spring water. 

Now food. I want something simple. Eggs on toast. 

Sir what type of eggs?

What!!! Eggs!

But sir, free range or cage?

In my youth eggs were eggs. 

Sir free range are more expensive.

Two free range eggs on toast. 


The same as my husband thank you Bruce.

Bruce where is the toilet?

What type sir?

Type of toilet? 

Sir we have seven types of toilet services at this restaurant. 

What are they?

We have unisex that’s ladies and men together. Transgender to male. Transgender to female. Homosexual. Lesbian. Male. Female. 

That’s a lot. 

Yes it’s Government regulations. 

How do you pay for it all?

We have a 10% toilet surcharge on your bill sir.

Never mind I can hold.

(The waiter leaves the table)

Gladys I will be back soon I am just going outside to the back carpark for a quick slash. Its dark no one will see me. I can not work myself around this restaurant toilet maze. 

Ok dear you know best.

Best!!! I just know life is getting so complicated. I believe life started simple but man makes complex. 

Yes dear. You know best.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

AUSTRALIAN POLITICS – perverted or straight?

July 1, 2016

We have a banker competing against a union official. Malcolm Turnbull was a merchant banker. Was not our Labor leader Bill Shorten a union official. Banks are just about money. Unions are about the rights of the workers. Unions fight a class war. Unions fight against the upper class and middle class. The upper class are the business owners and the middle class are the business managers. 

The Liberal Party are about protecting the businesses. The Liberal Party run their party and their Government like a business. The Liberals being business people know how to balance books and make profit. Business to the Liberals is foremost about making profit; make money. 
The Labor Party is foremost about protecting the workers; making sure they are paid right and have good working conditions. The Liberal Party was begun by wealthy land owners. 
At the beginning of Australian federation only white male land owners were allowed to vote. Eventually votes were allowed to all white males over a certain age. Later white women were allowed to vote. Much later male and female aborigine over a certain age were allowed to vote. 
A Liberal Government when coming in to power try and fix up all the over spending of a prior Labor Government. A Liberal Party Government want to balance the books out of the red. The Labor Government are not good business people and Labors prerogative is to help the poor and needy so they spend up big and thus taking the books in to the red. 
Isaac Newton said “For every force there is a equal and opposite force”. This is a basic physical law but it is a law that can be applied generally. The Liberal Party is a force but the Labor Party is an equal and opposite force to the Liberals. Balance is the norm. Labor balances out Liberal and vice versa. Nature tells us that balance is the norm. We need balance to survive. 
So in politics we fly right wing then later fly left wing and the back to right then left and so on. Of course it’s more sensible to fly straight in the middle but who is really straight in their thinking. Most people lean one way or the other dependent on their circumstances. I myself prefer and believe in straight thinking. Most people are perverted in their thinking. Straight thinking is not perverted. I love straight thinking. But who can walk a straight line? Straight thinking is leading from the middle. 

The wings should not serve themselves but they should serve the centre; serve those who are straight. So we have perverted politics. Such is life. Those who are straight and not perverted should lead.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WOMEN LEADERS – Emancipation

July 1, 2016

 What, is some of the world leadership going female? – not all the world but the free world. Are we going to get a woman leader of the United Nations? Are we going to get a woman President of the USA? Are we going to get a woman Prime Minister of the U.K.? Is it the women’s time? 
We have a dark skinned President of the USA now; that was a game changer and it turned out OK. Women and dark skinned people have been put down so many times. Who next will be emancipated? Freedom to the dark skinned and freedom to the women. There was a time in the free world when dark skinned people and women did not have the vote; they could not vote for their nations leaders. 
So I see no harm in having a woman (THERESA MAY) as Prime Minister of the U.K.

Maybe the mentally ill can be emancipated next. Give the mentally ill jobs in Government. We had a physically disabled President of the USA; yes President Roosevelt was physically disabled. He got around in a wheel chair. But a lot of Americans did not know Roosevelt was disabled, it was kept a secret. Why? because of the discrimination. What’s stopping a mentally ill person from ruling a nation? Oh yes the cries of “loonie” “mad”; but such is vilification and discrimination. The Governments try to get the mentally ill working – “get a job, even if possible get a part time job, lazy, bludger, winger, bum” – The Governments spend millions of dollars on assets and people who try and find jobs for the mentally ill; but they fail in most cases. Why? Because first the Government sets a very bad standard by not employing the mentally ill. The mentally ill can not get jobs in Government departments, not even as clerks. Private enterprise won’t employ the mentally ill. In private enterprise it’s about profit. PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT. The mentally ill are seen as a burden. It’s stupid for the Government to spend millions of dollars of tax payer money on schemes that are nothing but scheming and not fruitful. This money could be spent employing the mentally ill by paying them salaries. So we get all this shop front of people and offices trying to secure the mentally ill jobs and it’s all vanity and a waste of tax payers money. Why because the Government is being a BIG HYPOCRITE by not themselves employing the mentally ill. There are many types of mental illness and there are a lot of intelligent moral astute people who have mental issues but because they have this ONE label “mental illness” then people turn their backs on them. Mental illness comes in many forms. A lot of people with mental illness are capable of part time work but because the Government won’t employ them everyone else turns them away.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 1, 2016

Me now at my mature age its mostly all about the END not the beginning. So I eat and drink thinking more about the END result. 
I want to make good shit (excuse my crass use of this word I do not mean to offend). To make good shit I drink copious supplies of plain water while eating my food. Forget the GOOD LOOKS of food, forget the TASTE; the plainer the food the better. Plain water and plain food. Taste is important still; God gave us taste buds for a reason; and what are those reasons? To taste for our self pleasures or other reasons? Maybe to taste for good health. Taste is a sense and we sense for our protection as well as our enjoyment. But is eating and drinking meant to be about enjoyment or just for health? I think health. Forget the joy and love of eating and drinking; eat and drink to survive. Make good shit and be healthy. I eat less red meat now a days. I do eat chicken meat and fish. Red meat is just about off the menu for me now. Why? It’s my perception that red meat is not too good for our bodies. 
Adam and Eve the first humans (with souls) – did they eat red meat? To eat red meat Adam and Eve would have had to kill animals/creatures and I think in the Garden of Eden there was no killing. Maybe Adam and Eve ate fruit and herbs; maybe Adam and Eve did not even eat fish or birds. Adam and Eve killed nothing in the Garden of Eden. No creature killed other creatures in the Garden of Eden. This was a GARDEN not an abattoir. Gardens grow fruit, nuts, herbs and vegetables. 
To win a race think of the END. The ending is very important more important than the start. How you end up in life is more important than how you begin in life. If you fail many times during the race but end up winning the race; all is good. 
Jesus Christ won the race and we with our “second chance” having our new transformed minds (souls) of Christ win the race too. We win in Christ. Christ defeated Satan and the world at the cross. We who also have Christ (Minds/Souls) are winners over Satan and the world. 
The VICTORY belongs to Jesus Christ. 
“I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me…………….(Galatians 2:20)(Bible). 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 1, 2016

 Isaiah 40:

3 A voice cries out,

“Prepare in the wilderness a road for the Lord!

    Clear the way in the desert for our God!

4 Fill every valley;

    level every mountain.

The hills will become a plain,

    and the rough country will be made smooth.

5 Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed,

    and all people will see it.

The Lord himself has promised this.”


Mountains here are a metaphor. As the valleys here are a metaphor. Mountains and valleys are about people. People that are high and low. High in deeds of the flesh and low in deeds of the flesh. High in mans glory and low in mans glory. Gods intention through the Prophet is to make everything PLAIN. Plain is what glorifies God and God wants to have the glory not give man the glory. Take plain water; no additives, all God made, no man made ingredients in it; drink plain water and live. Plain water is healthy to drink, all other drinks can be unhealthy to drink. The low people (the valleys) in glory of man are raised up to a height of glory of plain in God. The high people (the mountains) in glory of man are cut down to a height of glory of plain in God. The plain that we get now is the flat road for the Lord to travel. Prophets prepare the way for the Lord to travel. God hates mans glory. In the plainness of man God is delighted. Plainness of man glorifies God. 
Take a diamond ring. The setting for the ring can be plain. But the diamond is valuable. It’s about the diamond not the setting. God is the valuable diamond (metaphor) in a plain setting. 
Take a painting. The frame around the painting can be plain. But the art work painting can be valuable. God is the valuable painting (metaphor) in a plain setting.
We want plain bodies that have the valuable God within. When we meet a person, we should discern God, we should discern the spiritual gifts of God, we should discern the calling of God. So it’s not about the outer appearance of a person, it’s the inner appearance of a person that we want to see and meet. The outer appearance can be plain but the inner appearance can be valuable. 
Man glories in himself; that is wrong. True glory is only when God is glorified. God should be glorified through man and through all creation. 
God has promised that His glory will be revealed through plainness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 

Man: Men and Women.

A mentally ill man was on the street

June 18, 2016

A priest came along, he then walked on the other side of the street, he then walked back to the side of the street the mentally ill man was on, the priest looked at the mentally ill man for a few seconds decided he could/would not help then quickly went to the other side of the street and walked on.

A Pharisee man came along saw the mentally ill man and quickly walked to the opposite side of the street and walked on.
A Samaritan man came along saw the mentally ill man, walked up to him, gave the mentally ill man some food and water, then took the mentally ill man to a nearby Inn he then paid for a weeks accommodation including food for the mentally ill man.
I make no excuses when I say that I too ignore those in plight. I have also come up to close quarters with mental illness. I know the feeling of stigma that is associated with mental illness. 
But people on a whole, including me, want to just get on with our own lives we do not want to get involved in the problems of other people. When we are well and successful we want to mix with people who are likewise well and successful. 
People just don’t want to understand, they do not want to know. Life is hard enough with the daily grind day in day out, working to capacity at a job one hates then the work at home trying to keep a family together sane. 
Stigma is real. But it’s only real to the stigmatised. Others outside just gloat and walk on. 
Jesus was stigmated. Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross. People just gloated at Jesus on the cross and waked on. What Jesus felt when he saw people just walking on and not helping him, is the feeling that people also feel when they have troubles like mental illness and people look and then just walk on not helping. 
So with our problems we can have faith in Jesus Christ; Jesus was stigmated; we can stigmata our problems like mental illness. Treat our problems as stigmas to be crucified. Mental illness is a stigma to be crucified. Live for God through Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Tea break / Smoko break – What’s your poison? 

June 18, 2016

How can millions and millions of human beings fall for the notion that smoking is good for you? I mean is it not more important to inhale fresh air not dirty foul air? 
In the way future this earths atmosphere might get much more dirty and then people will be thinking oh the good ole days in the past when humans could openly breathe in fresh air. This makes me think; in the way future are humans going to buy fresh air to breathe? I mean walk round with canisters (bottles) of fresh air and breathe this air through masks over our mouth and nose. People in the past would not have thought that water would be sold. People are buying water in droves now a days. Selling bottled spring water is a big industry now. Even I buy bottled spring water. But if someone in the past would have said that in the future like now people in the millions would regularly be buying spring fresh water they would not believe you. So why should we not be buying fresh air in the future? Wearing masks is not new in some cities of this world. Asians are noted for wearing masks in some Asian cities so why not carry fresh air canisters and breathe that fresh air. So in the future when the people look back they may wonder incredulous that people breathed in smoke from burning sticks of tobacco, and in awe they may say “Why did people breathe in foul air when they had access to clean air in the atmosphere”? So we should be thankful that we have fresh air to breathe now in most places. 
Bottled spring fresh water for sale, Bottled fresh air for sale.
I think cigarette smoking took off mainly in my grandfathers and fathers time. Why? Money yes. There was money to be made here. And the masses are/were duped as they often are in to making these rich barons more rich. These smokers made/make people rich. These rich barons were not concerned about our health they were after our money and a lot of people fell in to this hole, this hole that became vast in size, and this hole sucked the life out of millions of people. Before tobacco smoking we had the opium smoking. The British merchants with the power and backing of the gun boat policy opiated a lot of the Chinese people in the past. Eventually the Chinese Government got control over most of this opium smoking and it has mostly been eradicated from China. They say China introduced the British to drinking tea. Now the British are one of the biggest tea drinking nations in the world. The British swamped their colonies with tea and drinking tea has been a major past time now of many countries. Tea was about money and about making tea merchants rich. It was generally accepted in many nations to have a tea break. At work we had our tea breaks. Was it the USA that brought us coffee? The USA has superseded the British a lot now so we break not for tea now but for coffee. The British had their tea plantations in their former colonies like in India, maybe the USA gets its coffee from South America. 
The suckers (at both ends) – the people in millions suck the smoke and the cigarette rich barons suck the money. It’s about making money out of the weak minded. We are all weak. Only in Christ are we strong.
Mankind is duped. It’s either tea, coffee, or Coca Cola, or tobacco. But these substances mentioned have now also made room for more complex substances, we get all our hard toxic drugs now. It’s not about sitting down for a pot of tea, it’s about injecting a hard drug in to us.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 18, 2016

I see no big big problems with assisted dying. There are people who live in so much pain from illness that death is a sweet victory. I do not even like to call it assisted suicide. It’s assisted death. Death to pain. 
God in my thinking does not see death as a lot of humans see death. 
Poor Gilbert he died. Oh how could God do it. Gilbert was the best. What God in his right mind would take Gilbert. Gilbert you were a legend. Oh poor Gilbert. Poor poor Gilbert you did not deserve to die. There can not be a God, what God would do this, Gilbert was so good. 
Gilbert was 90 years old. Gilbert had brittle bones, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of hearing, blind in one eye with the other eye losing sight, his skin was thin, his hair was falling out, he had no drive or energy left, HE WAS DYING and he died. 
Gilbert was very old and please let him die. And don’t blame God for killing him. 
Young people die too. 
But death to God is just about the next life. But people so want to hold on to this earthly life that they do not want to go in to the “after life”. Me I don’t personally hold much favour for this earthly life – “Bring on the after life”. I don’t have any fear of leaving this earthly life. I look forward to the next life. I have no fear of dying. 
Why cling to this life when the next life is far far far far far better. This life is nothing compared to the after life. 
Those in excruciating long term pain have my upmost sympathy and giving them the right to die can be the right (a merciful) solution. I don’t like to call it suicide. Don’t be scared of death. This present life is just a gift from God for a very small iota of our eternal time. This iota of time is like a time area of a speck of dust as one speck in the eternal trillions and trillions and trillions of dust specks in the whole universe. 
I look forward to being with God in heaven. I have a soul. I have a human spirit (some people call the spirit the spark that lights one up). Spirit is person. Soul is person. Spirit goes back to God. Soul goes to sleep when it’s flesh home dies, soul sleeps (where? I don’t know) until the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Soul then gets a new body, an immortal eternal body. No lie. We live for eternity. Our eternal life is bliss. We have no worries, no problems, nothing wrong, heavenly bliss in heaven. 
For the true righteous elect in God, don’t be scared of death.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 18, 2016

When mankind was literally kicked out of the Garden of Eden did mankind need to make use of knowledge what we know as science to help mankind survive?
In the Garden of Eden mankind was in a form of utopia, all mankind’s needs and comforts were supplied. Mankind was in a Garden and the Garden supplied all the foods and water. I think mankind in this Garden was a vegetarian. I think all the animals in this Garden were vegetarians. 
But mankind outside this Garden had to survive in the wild and mankind now had to work hard and provide all his/her own needs and comforts. Science aided mankind in surviving in the wild. Mankind did not need to know science in the Garden of Eden. There was first no dangers in this Garden. Peace reigned in this Garden. Food and water was abundant in this Garden. Outside this Garden (after the Eden exit) there were wars and fighting over the spoils of life (still happening). Survival meant killing, killing other creatures, and man killing man. It was (is) every man for himself. 
Mankind wanted science and he got it, but at his peril. Children playing with matches hurt themselves. Matches are dangerous to children. We are children of God. Science can be like playing with matches, man can hurt himself. Matches make fire, fire can help but fire can destroy, fire can destroy all mankind.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Jesus Christ never went to school

June 18, 2016

Gospel of John: chapter 7
14 The festival was nearly half over when Jesus went to the Temple and began teaching. 15 The Jewish authorities were greatly surprised and said, “How does this man know so much when he has never been to school?”
Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. Wisdom of God does not have to mean the knowledge of God. Knowledge may mean also wisdom but knowledge can also mean knowing apart from wisdom. Jesus never learnt the sciences that people learn today. Science means knowledge but science is not the wisdom of God. Jesus never learnt psychology, biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, or even philosophy or even theology. And there’s the real humanist subject, sociology (I have to really check my wrists are not weakening for this one). 
School can just be a place for intelligent people to exercise their in born intelligence. People don’t necessary get wise from studying at school. School can just be about intelligence and not wisdom. Intelligence helps one learn knowledge. Intelligence is not wisdom but being wise can make one look intelligent. 
Intelligent people can focus too much on intelligence and miss out on finding Gods calling/vocation for their lives. True vocation is simple, not complex. To find true vocation you must find the simple truth. 
Intelligence can be an idol rather than a help. Knowing as the Father God knows meant the FALL of mankind. Jesus Christ in my thinking does not know as the Father God knows; Jesus is the wisdom of God. Jesus Christ chose as his disciples men who were not necessary schooled. Apostle Paul is the exception. Paul was schooled. Paul was intelligent and educated. But Paul was used maybe for his intelligence to explain some of Gods wisdom. God also saves intelligent people. We should not make intelligence a god. 
So what is our true learning as ordained by God? Is it Christ’s wisdom or is it knowledge what we know as science? Science maybe buggering up mankind and science maybe the death of mankind. Wisdom of Christ never buggers up mankind and wisdom of Christ is chief and above all.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Valuing human life

June 18, 2016

For those clever people who believe animals have souls. Oops these people will say that humans are animals. Ok then for the sake of this here writings let’s say humans are humans and not animals. 

So for the clever people as mentioned above. Where is the zoo chaplain? I mean there was and is a zoo chaplain. I mean these animals need their souls saved, am I right? 
Let’s be straight here; I do not believe any creature outside humans have souls.
So this gorilla that was shot and killed. Did the zoo keepers before they killed this gorilla not first send in a chaplain to say the last rites over the gorilla? For those clever people who think that the gorilla has a soul; where is the soul now? Did the gorillas soul go to heaven or hell? Or are humans culpable here in not saving this gorillas soul? And the zoo keepers who killed this gorilla, are they guilty of murder? Do we have here a murdered soul? 
Further, the people who believe in reincarnation. This gorilla to those people might have been a reincarnation of say one of their dead relatives. What say this dead gorilla was their deceased mother or father or grand mother. So do humans have a right to kill someones reincarnated relative? What about taking the zoo keepers to court suing them for killing a reincarnated relative. 
Maybe reincarnation theory is for zombies. People who are half or mostly asleep in their souls. Maybe their souls are darkened. Dark minds. Dark heads. Dark bodies. Souls in a dream world of darkness molested by demons. 
We have a lot of clever people in this world or do they just think they are clever.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 26, 2016

Looking at the photo makes me think of the gladiators that fought in Rome in the colosseum in the days of the Caesars. 

Gladiator sports was a blood sports, people died. 
But our football sports can be all blood and gore too at times. The fans roar with relish when they see a sports player get knocked down by an opponent. 
At the colosseum the spectators wanted the blood and gore too, I mean without the blood and gore the games were boring. Spectators take sides in the sports and sometimes it’s not just the sports people themselves fighting it out, sometimes the spectators take to their opponents in the spectator stands and fight it out. 
Fans love a good fight. And if there’s no fighting or hits or punches the fans go home in disgust. 
So are our football arenas the modern day version of the colosseum and do the spectators go to watch hoping to see fights, blood and gore. Is this the inner child in us who wants a good fight? But in football its someone else who does the fighting, the fans get their thrill from seeing others getting hurt. 
Football players suffer immensely from body wounds, broken bones, torn muscle ligaments, bruises, cuts, concussions. Oh yes they get paid well but is it worth the money to take so much punishment? 
Are these football players our modern day gladiators? 

(But more humanitarian than in the past Roman games).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 26, 2016

What if:
Before the universe was created by the “Big Bang” there was a vast ocean of water.

What if:

God created the universe out of this vast ocean of water. 
The Big Bang energy came from water (what if?).

Water is H2O, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen seems to be the best energy source as we know it. The sun is hydrogen. The suns are the most powerful source of energy in the universe – well we think so or is water the most powerful source of energy ever to be. But even if the sun and water are powerful its because of the hydrogen. Imagine running technology powered by water. 
Man can create just about anything one day but will man be able to create water? We have hydrogen from the sun and oxygen come from plants. 
Without water all is lost. 
Why is water made out of hydrogen and oxygen? 

Does God need hydrogen and oxygen to survive?

Does God need water? Water of life. 
God talks about “A new heaven and a new earth”. But where is the water to energise and make a new heaven and a new earth?

Will the current universe stop expanding and slow down until slowly it dies out. God the energy (energy from water) creating the universe but energy dies out over time. In the case of this universe the energy may take trillions or billions of earth years to die out. But God never dies out. God is Spirit. If the universe did start losing energy will the reverse happen the universe starts imploding. The universe dies out as soon as the energy comes to an end. The universe just rolls up like a scroll. Maybe the end will be quick or it might also take a very long time like millions of earth years . But when the energy is finished and like a light going out there is darkness. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Are a lot of fundamentalists – bigots?

May 26, 2016

A bigot is has extreme one sided beliefs. A bigot only sees from their point of view. A bigot believes they are right even though wiser understanding says that they are wrong. 

We have the bigots and we have the hypocrites. 
So we have the fundamentalists who like to take all truth literally. I mean the bible says “The trees clap their hands to the glory of God”. The literalist thinks the trees are really clapping their hands to God. It is metaphor. God uses a lot of metaphor. What is metaphor one may ask? Metaphor: Two somethings, one something transferred to the other something to give a symbolic meaning but both somethings are literally different. We call a metaphor a “figure of speech”. Meta means: Beyond or after. And Metaphysical means beyond the physical; to the spiritual; to the invisible. God teaches us a lot with metaphors. Metaphors point us to the spiritual. We don’t see spirit. Gods kingdom is invisible, it is in spirit. 
God does use literal truths but God also uses a lot of metaphorical truths. Meta is used to explain truth. 
These literalists who say that the earth was made about 6000 years; I ask them how long did it take diamonds to form in the earth? Diamond is made up of carbon, carbon compressed by pressure over thousands and maybe millions of years. And where can a lot of carbon come from? Plant life is made of carbon; animals are made of carbon, even humans are made of carbon. This earth has been covered in much plant life in times in the past. I know for example that when New Zealand was discovered by white skin coloured explorers they found much plant life. The explorers in those early days spent a lot of time clearing the land of trees, plants etc. Carbon from dead animals and dead plants over millions of years leached through the soil to form the likes of coal, oil, and diamonds. Coal and oil also come from carbon. Diamonds did not happen in a few years, nor did they come about in hundreds of years, but thousands and thousands of years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. I think millions of earth years. 
In my thinking I think it rational to believe in the great flood in the time of the patriarch Noah. Noah Built an enormous boat and was able to save his family and as many animals and he could get on the boat. 
In my thinking God uses water and fire to cleanse the world. Water and fire cleans and God has already used water to clean. Fire to clean is next. The great flood in the time of Noah cleansed the earth and and world of sins. Water and fire are called baptisms. What will the fire baptism be? What is the fire? In our current minds we could think it is nuclear weapons but we do not know. Nuclear weapons set off in mass could burn the world/earth and clean it of sins. Will God use nuclear weapons to cleanse the world or will God use the sun to cleanse the world/earth?
I think it rational that there was this Garden of Eden and God placed a man and a woman in it. I believe this did not happen in the time just after the “Big bang” but maybe millions of earth years after this bang. Everything starts simple and one. Simple goes on to become complex and one goes on to be many. The universe began with an enormous explosion. An explosion starting from one point. Spirit of God began this explosion. The Spirit of God is maybe very small. The universe expanding from this one point, and the universe is still maybe expanding. But is this expansion of the universe slowing down now? 
God is the energy in Albert Einsteins theory : E = McSquare. 
Gods Spirit channeled the energy to make mass, and mass and energy expanding at the speed of light square. 
This in my thinking implies God can travel at the speed of light. (But does God travel at the speed of light square?)
The universe was created by God. 
Later God chose the earth to domicile on. God created life. Plants, animals, insects, birds, fish. I think evolution plausible. Creatures evolved. All life starts in water. Water is life. Life can not live without water. (God is life). Life came from water. We see now much water on this earth. I don’t believe there is water outside the earth. The earth to me is peculiar. God may also need water to survive. Water may have been in existent before the “Big bang”. Before the universe existed there may have been a vast ocean of water. Spirit may need water to survive just as flesh and plant life need water to survive. 
Maybe millions of earth years after the Big Bang and after life was living on this earth – Life may have started for humans as fish in the water. I go in to church buildings and I see the symbol of the fish. Fish also became land animals, they evolved in to the image and likeness of God the creator. God created but life evolved. God placed one man and one woman in His Garden. The Garden of Eden. This Garden was paradise on this earth. God gave soul to both the man and woman. Man and woman became thinkers, they learnt to make a language.
Time to us humans means a lot because we humans see our life span on this earth as everything. We humans do not think much about the after life, this physical life means all to us. If we thought more of the after life then we would get through life better because this physical life is only a very tiny tiny part of our lives. The soul goes on in to eternal life, why should we worry too much about this physical life. God does not see time like we humans see time. God can easily get by with waiting for millions of years before he does something. God can wait millions of years for the world to evolve. It’s nothing to God to wait so long. 
Man and woman have evolved in to Gods likeness. From the first time man and woman got soul then man and woman stopped evolving. Adam and Eve were the first soul humans. All other animals, fish and birds live by instinct. Only humans can think. Only humans have soul. Man and woman in the Garden of Eden were living in bliss, simple bliss, ignorant bliss. God provided their needs and comforts. I don’t believe there were carnivores (meat eaters) in the Garden of Eden. Food for the animals etc and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was obtained from fruit, berries, nuts, herbs, vegetables, and other vegetation. Man and woman wanted to know as God knows and that was their “downfall”. God was angry with Adam and Eve and no more were they to live in simple bliss. Adam and Eve had to work. The Garden had supplied all the food and water and comforts for Adam and Eve but now Adam and Eve had to live outside the Garden and work to get their food and comforts.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 26, 2016

Karl Marx was politically left wing thinking. Karl developed the idea of left wing political thinking to a deeper model. Thinking is either left or right just as we have two hemispheres to our brain. Our mind I take it is in the brain. Our mind is where soul is. Our soul does the thinking. Karl enlarged on the thinking from our minds left side. Left side thinking is more heart led just as the heart is more on our left side of our body. Heart led thinking is more about compassion, love, care. The heart is more about the mother and the head (mind) is more about the father. The father leads from the head, the mind whereas the mother leads more from the heart. But the head is above the heart and the heart submits to the head as the head rules from above over all the body and that includes ruling over the heart. The father rules the mother, the father rules the family. The mother submits to the father the head. The father should rule with wisdom of Jesus Christ or the body, the mother, the family, the heart – will rebel. 

So left thinking is more to the heart, the mother, love. I read that Karl Marx had a mother who was somewhat over board in her mothering. I don’t know if Karl was influenced by a mother figure more than a father figure. Did Karl love his mother more than his father? This might explain why Karl was more left thinking than right thinking. 
What is right? It makes sense to think that right thinking is being right. Right means correct. But thinking just right thinking might also be not correct. Ok it’s right to think right but why not think centre thinking? What is centre thinking? First how can one get centre thinking? Focus, yes focus, focus on one. One head, one body, one church, one body of Christ, one universe. God is the One true God. God is one in all power. Focus on One God to be centre thinking. To be focused means focussing on one. To get your thinking organised think on one. Your thoughts come in to order if you remain thinking on one. Think of God. Pray to God. There is ONE supreme God. Political parties that call themselves say Liberal or National or Republican or Tory are parties that think right side thinking. But to think right side does not mean they are right. A bird has two wings the bird uses both wings to fly, but the head in the middle is in charge and the head is the brain that coordinates the two wings to fly. Karl Marx, in developing left side thinking in the political sphere, was wrong where Karl wanted left side to rule. The head rules not the wings. The wings of a bird do not rule. The King sits between the two main political parties in parliament and he the king rules. The King in parliament uses both main political parties to rule the nation. The two political wings obey the King. 
Centre thinking is about Jesus thinking. The mind of Jesus Christ should lead. Jesus Christ is the King. Jesus sits between the two main political parties and rules. Left thinking and right thinking obey the head, Jesus. 
Right thinking has been about managerial class and left thinking has been about the working class. Left thinking politicians want to help the working class and right thinking politicians want to help the managerial class. Right thinkers want to rule and make lots of money. Left thinkers are not focussed on money they are more about the heart. The heart though vicious at times can be also compassionate. 
Karl Marx came from an ancestry line of males who were Jewish Rabbis. But Karl’s father did not follow the family tradition so did not become a a Rabbi. Karl’s father became a lawyer. Karl also studied to become a lawyer but his love was for philosophy. So we see a family who maybe rebelled against their family traditional beliefs and values. Karl’s father also got baptised as a Lutheran as did I think Karl. So here we have a family breaking from tradition. Do we have two rebels here? Were they rebelling against God and religion? Karl going off in to the deep end of left thinking. Too much left or right thinking could lead to unbalance in ones life. I mean one is not really focused if one is not centre thinking. Centre thinking is balanced but Karl was obviously unbalanced. Karl lost it maybe when his father lost it. Karl’s father left his Jewish religion. Karl’s father maybe embraced the Lutheran faith just to be a rebel. The father the rebel, the son the rebel; father like son, son like father.
Karl Marx said “Religion was the opiate of the masses”. Karl justified this quote by saying that the upper class kept the lower working class in line by using religion. The upper class ruled the working class. The working class worked in inhuman conditions. Karl Marx was a man who wanted the upper class to treat the working class with more kindness. Karl was not bad in his motive in wanting better humane treatment to the working class. But Karl was for REVOLUTION. Karl identified with the working class and wanted the working class to overthrow the upper class. Karl was on the working class side. BUT revolution is not always the answer. Revolution is just like revolving – making the working class the upper class and making the upper class the working class. Revolving is not the good answer. To have revolution say to have the working class to rule the upper class means the problems stay the same but the people have changed their places. The working class can treat the upper class as badly and cruelly as they were treated by the upper class. Revolution is not the simple solution. Revolution looks like a stupid solution. Once revolution happens the tide could turn in the opposite in years down the road and revolution could happen again. 
So what is the SIMPLE solution to the problem of cruelty caused by the upper ruling class to the lower class. I say we do not rule left or right thinking but we rule centre thinking. We rule with the head the mind of Jesus Christ. We use the left and right thinking but such do not rule. We rule from the brain, the mind, the head of Jesus Christ. The Bible gives us centre thinking. God is one. One Head. Karl Marx and his types were no doubt intelligent but misguided. Karl had forgotten the God who ruled his ancestors. Karl Marx became an atheist. 
Religion in true sense of the word makes us aware, we see, we hear, we smell, we taste, we feel. Religion with God awakens us from sleep. Karl Marx may have been sleepy and he blamed his sleepiness on religion. True religion is a belief in the ONE true God. FAITH keeps us on the true path. Karl Marx and his father left religion. We can leave religion but do we leave God. Karl Marx and his father may have left religion and left God. Karl Marx was in his thinking trying to invent his own religion. Karl Marx had a developed mind, a mind blessed from coming after many generations of his ancestors worshipping the true one God, and Karl used this mind to try and invent a religion that would replace the religion that he and his father gave up. Karl Marx was trying to become the Rabbi of his new religion “Communism”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 26, 2016

Communism was propagated as a utopia state. But utopia is not possible on this earth. Utopia was in the Garden of Eden. Man was living in Eden in a utopia state but Man was literally kicked out of Eden for his misbehaviour. Man then had to work with his hands. Now utopia is in heaven above in the next life. 
Capitalism is not utopia. Man is inherently greedy and will only really work hard when there are rewards for himself. Man can not live in community and commune in his fallen state. Man competes with man. We are taught to compete from our first day at school. At school we compete at sports and education. The winners get the rewards. Utopia is not about competing. We race against each other – the human race. Man wants and wants. Desire is strong and vicious in man. Man wants to be independent. 
Christians do try community and commune living. Monks and nuns live in community sharing all their possessions. In such communities the commune owns all the possessions, no person owns much. Religious communes have and do work but even here there is no utopia. Religious communes can become self supporting. Kibbutzes in Israel are really communes. The Amish religious live in communities. 
But communism used by say the Soviets was not religious. Actually the Soviets were irreligious, they dismissed any supreme God. Communism used by the Soviet model was Godless. The Chinese Communism is Godless. So such communism models have very little chance of succeeding. 
Religious communes can and do work if they believe in the supreme God. 
But can a whole nation live off the economics of religious communes who live for the supreme God. No one knows if this will work. It has not been tried. The closest nation to come to a supreme God communes is Israel with their many kibbutzes. But Israel’s economy does not rely much on its kibbutzes. Israel is a very capitalist nation. Capitalist means each individual working for and acquiring their own capital. Earning capital gives one incentive to work, the more capital to earn the harder the individual works. We so love our capital. Few people want to work in communes. We leave communes to the few religious. Religious people might make a vow of poverty and so they are more amenable to working not for capital but for God. Capital makes us very materialistic. We want material. We love material. We worship material. We work for and compete for material. We want our nests to have every mod con. 
Communism may work for some of the religious. But few people are devoutly religious enough to live together in a commune. The world and its people are mostly irreligious.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

UPPER CLASS (Gentlemen’s Club)

May 13, 2016

Kim Philby the double agent and traitor came from the upper class. I myself detest any ideology of the class system. The Monarchies bred class. You were favoured accordingly to how far you were situated in relation to the Royal court. Families also were rated in class by how far they were related to the Royal family. Even people had class accordingly to how they were connected as friends to royalty. Class has meant a lot to good ole England. The English thrived on class. But not all thrived, only those in the upper class and some in the middle classes thrived. You were also born in to class.

Kim Philby’s father was an employee of the British Foreign Service. Now the Foreign Service was the place for the upper class. Kim Philby was therefore born in to upper class. The British Foreign Service was the “Boys club” or a “Gentlemen’s club”. The Foreign Service only employed people from the upper classes. There were other upper class “jobs for the boys”. The intelligence services were “jobs for the boys” for the upper classes. MI 6 and MI 5, the British intelligence services, were usually only open to the upper classes. Being in the upper classes and employed in the “boys jobs” or “Gentlemen’s clubs” you were then part of the establishment. Being part of the establishment meant you were part of the “in crowd” you were the noble class. Kim Philby the double agent was able to deceive the “establishment” because he was upper class. No one doubts the upper class, the upper class were the rulers. Kim was thought of as “British” through and through and he was even though he betrayed his country. Kim absconded to the Soviet Union, but even here he read the British newspapers and I think followed the English cricket. Kim in Russia was not interested in learning the Russian language. So why did Kim betray a nation that he obviously still idolised? His father was a bit of a maverick maybe Kim was just trying to be like his father. 
The class system stinks, the kingdom of God is not about class, it’s about grace and truth. We do not want class to rule our hearts and minds. 
The monarchy system is outdated and needs replacing. The USA is a republic and this system has helped make the USA the superpower it is today. We need elected representatives ruling not one family who have not earned merit (or votes) to rule at all. The USA is not all class free. There is class here if you look for it. In England the upper classes send their children to schools like Eton and to universities like Cambridge and Oxford. The USA also has its upper class schools. Harvard and Yale are the upper class universities in the USA. The USA also had its upper class jobs; the State Department and the intelligence service the C.I.A. Of course the upper classes also work in the private sector in many well paid jobs. 
I never fitted in with class. Class was pretentious. Class was what we call snobbish. Snobs talk through their noses and look down on people. The BODY OF CHRIST is not about class. The parts of the body, us, each have a function to play, each part is valuable and essential, no one part is better than the other. Christians like to play at class. The world loves class, but God defeated the world through his Son Jesus Christ. I in my formative years as a new believing Christ follower was instilled to think I was a Prophet of God. I thought I was a Prophet. This may sound crazy to people who all their life have had profit and not prophet instilled in to their thinking. Profit is about this world whereas prophet is about God. Profit is about money and prophet is not about money. So what would a sensible thinking person go for? Profit or prophet. Profit means money so most or nearly all people go for the money. Who wouldn’t? Money means comfort to many people.
I went to the New Zealand Government employment office in Wellington. This office had boards up with cards of job vacancies on. Each card mentioned a job with a few job description details and contact numbers. I saw a job going at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I rang the number and was invited right then to come up. I was not far from the Ministry so I walked there in quick time. Arriving at my destination a high tall building I entered the lift. At the right floor I exited and introduced myself to a lady. She was sitting behind a desk. She was expecting me. But here things went a bit strange. I spoke to this lady for a few minutes then she said something like I was lucky or fortunate. But I don’t remember all the words so I may have misunderstood it all, maybe I had come at the right time for the job and maybe it was a good job. This lady took me straight to her boss. A few steps and we were with the boss. He seemed a nice person. I told him my work experience. See I had already worked in the NZ government before. I had previously worked in the NZ Tourist and Publicity Department for five years. This Department had affiliations with the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Our Tourist Bureau in Wellington where I worked did much work for Foreign Affairs. Our staff booked and ticketed all oversees travel for Wellington Foreign Affairs staff. I myself had had direct regular contact for a while with Foreign Affairs Ministry staff to book domestic travel for their clients. So here I am in front of the boss. Now he seemed a nice person. We talked, he heard about my work experience and studies. I had not long ago finished a year at Victoria University. I did not get a degree I only passed one major subject. But this boss did not ask any deep questions about my university studies. This boss seemed only interested in the type of people I socialised with. This boss wanted to know what kind of jobs my friends had. In hindsight I see that the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a place for the middle to upper classes. It was who did you move amongst, were you mixing with the upper class people, the nobility, the professional people. This boss pointed to a desk about 6 yards away and said that’s where the job works from and you control I think he said 10 million dollars. Now it was either 10 or 7 million one of the two figures. The boss said nothing else about the job and I did not ask. The interview was short. Afterwards I thought over what the Foreign Affairs lady had said thinking “Did God’s Spirit or gift say something to the lady”? But I did not get the job, I really did not want any job. I had a job but it was not a paid job. But God provides for his servants. I was not a person of this world. I had become a servant of God, I was a Prophet. No not profit BUT prophet. The world loves their money, but it was not for me. Now to me “It’s in the thinking” so my thinking and the bosses thinking are connected in words. If I really wanted that job and God wanted me to have it and the job was within my ability and capabilities then I would have got the job. So it was good I did not get this job. I was meant for other things. I am a Prophet. At this job interview I saw at first hand a job about class as the world knows class. I am not about class, I am about grace and truth. I am a better person for not being about class. 
Kim Philby was bred in to the upper class and he turned on his class with vengeance. Kim hated his class. Kim betrayed his class. But Kim though turning against his own class was never able to give it up totally, he still lived his class even while he lived in Russia. Maybe you never leave your class. Maybe you can go up or down the class but you still are in a class. Class is in bred to us from infancy. Our parents are in a class. We are schooled in a system of class according to intelligence. School teaches us that the bright students are upper class. But being bright may be different from having a high intelligence IQ. We can be bright, the human spirit we have can be very bright, we may have been washed in the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST from all our sins but our IQ can still be low. To be part of the washed people of God does not automatically make you highly intelligent. So is it fair that the high IQ people are treated like gods at school? Class is a worldly manifestation. God is not about class. Class puts walls around you. Each class is walled off from other classes. “United we win, divided we fall”. Walls are not healthy, God is about making bridges and not walls between people. Walls make prisons. So the world teaches you to conform to class. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

NB: NZ: New-Zealand.

The Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler????? No no.

May 13, 2016

 Stalin and Hitler were bosom pals at the beginning of the war. Stalin is as much a butcher as Hitler. 
We must not forget that the USA had the trump card. This card was the atomic bomb. The USA had the atomic bomb in 1945 and if the Soviets had not come in to the war against Hitler the USA could have nuked a few German cities. Actually the Soviets you could say saved Germany from being nuked. Japan was nuked in to submission and Germany could have been nuked in to submission. 
Hitler and Stalin were like Rottweiler dogs, they were savage and attacked people. These two dogs needed putting down. If a dog is attacking you viciously sometimes killing the dog is the only way to save yourself. Even if you have to pull the clip off a grenade and put the grenade down the dogs throat. 
Governments should have sent assassins after Hitler. 
But of course that is not cricket.
And world leaders are afraid they will then be targeted.
Sometimes war can be just about killing the leaders, the leaders are few. But no what happens millions of people have to die. Leaders don’t want to die. Leaders may have an agreement that they don’t die but their followers, military, die. Hitler could have been assassinated early on in the play before the war. But leaders think there will be pay back. 
President Kennedy – when he was The leader of the USA he came close to being an important cog in there being a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the USA. This was going on while the likes of me and you (if you were alive then) were sleeping in our cosy beds, parents saying good night to our children, going to work, reading a book, watching television. But while we were living our daily grind we might have been obliterated in a few seconds, like vaporised in to nothing. But aren’t we all nothing but wind, and some might say “hot air”. 
Kennedy did a show down with the Soviets preventing their ships bringing and landing missiles to Cuba. USA war ships forced the Soviet ships to turn back. 
Now were these Soviet missiles nuclear armed? I guess so. 
The confrontation was eased and war stopped because the USA as a compromise removed their nuclear missiles from Turkey. Such missiles here in Turkey were obviously aimed at the Soviet Union. 
Kennedy was later assassinated. 
Why Kennedy was killed is still not fully known. 
But we know that there might have been a nuclear war and millions of people dying. There was no war this time. 
Did Kennedy have to die? Was it better he died to save face for other people? I don’t know. 
So world leaders take the safe back seats and send their armies in to the battle. Millions die. But in the case of Hitler if he had been killed millions of people might not have died.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 13, 2016

What me become a tradesman?Who do you think I am?

I am going to university to get a degree and so get a good job.

So being a tradie is having a bad job?

Look here I am an educated person.

I don’t get it what is wrong being a tradie?

It’s a dirty job for one. 

So you think the dirty jobs are bad jobs?

No it’s just that I don’t want to get my hands dirty.

You want a clean job?

Yes yes.

The Apostle Paul says “Work with your hands”. 

I do work with my hands.

Yer but it looks like poncy around work. Working with your hands means “Work with your hands”. “And get them dirty”. 

I am going to university. 

Is university going to lift you up from the lower working classes; is this a class thing to you?

I am middle class but I want to be higher class.

So you want to live in the management class the class that manages the lower working class.

Yes yes. 

So you think working is managing the workers?

I am educated I don’t work with my hands to get them dirty.

So to be educated means you are not in the working class. So what is education for if not to really work with your hands?

It’s about the class system.

Is the class system fair?

It’s the way. It’s been that way for centuries.

I think things have changed. Tradies are now the middle and upper classes. Tradies are rich. Tradies don’t come in the back door but come in the front door. Tradies charge money just to come to your home. Tradies choose the work they want to do. University degrees are treated as an escape from real work but these degree people are now at the feet of the tradies. We want our toilet unblocked, we want our leaking taps fixed, we want our lights fixed. We want our plumbing and electrical problems fixed. We want our roof fixed. Tradies are the new middle/upper class. 

But I want to go to university to get an education. 

Wrong you want to go to university to get a qualification. You are only interested in MONEY and lots of it. What is your DREAM?

Dream, what do you mean?

What do you want to do for the greater good?

I want to get a home, get a good paid job, travel, have a good car, …….

Stop it there. I said what do you want to do for OTHERS? You talk just about me me me me.

Look here I am busy I can not talk now, I have work to do.

You are always busy, as soon as you get up in the morning till you go to bed you are busy.

That’s it, I am busy. Please leave me alone.

You are so busy that you have no time to reflect. Maybe you should have time out to reflect.

Look I am too busy to reflect.

There is your mistake. And when your body can not take it any longer will you reflect then? Me I reflect all the time. The body and mind can just take so much. 
Tradesmen deserve to be the upper class. They have earned that right.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2016

The day was going nice for me. I was getting plenty of food in this place, it was warm in the rooms and the staff seemed ok. Where was I? I was in a hospital. Not a general hospital but a psychiatric hospital in New Zealand. I was chilling out from a very stressed life. I needed to unwind and get everyone out of my head. I wanted “head space”. I needed to reflect and get peace in me. It was like a lot of my life had been in the wars. My mind and heart were so wound up from all the world’s transgressions that it was either join them or die. Then again my life could also have been influenced by my generational sins. Sins of my ancestors could have also brought my downfall, my sins and there’s. But I was overall a simple man and never got in to really deep bad behaviour. I was very frustrated but who is not now a days.

Now I was in a hospital. The less wise of us people would call it a place for loonies. These less wise are usually tempted to discriminate against anything or anybody not fitting into their own narrow minded requirements. Open minded people are less judgemental. Open minded people are wiser. I never really felt I belonged in this hospital. I noticed a lot of patients here would smoke. Smoking was a main side activity, smoking and drinking coffee. Coffee or tea with plenty of sugar. Mind you not all the patients were unwise. There was also the odd person with talent and ability but they were few. I was a practicing Christian in this time and I would often pray (just as I often pray now) and read the holy scriptures (I do this now every day). Hospital was my mission field. Everyone here knew I was a Christian; even the doctors knew. I never hid my light under a bushel. I talked God night and day.
It was a usual day. I was in the lounge, people were playing pool. I was just mingling with people. There was one patient a big man but seemingly an ok man to get on with but he came up to me and punched me very hard in my stomach. It was a shock to me to be punched especially from a man I considered non violent and friendly. He then railed on about something I was supposed to have said about a recent dead relative of his. I did not understand, I had said nothing. But there was a clue; a few minutes before the punch I heard or discerned words from my heart spoken out. I believe I have a Spirit in my heart that helps me. This Spirit is wise and all understanding. I never always had this Spirit. I treat this Spirit as a friend. Now there was also another clue; around that time for days or weeks I was discerning in thoughts that I was called by God to be a Prophet. Prophets are real in todays Church and anybody who says otherwise are not informed. So I was of a mind that I was a Prophet. Now I had thoughts about this Prophet calling and I prayed to God asking to be called a Chief Prophet. So much for the good wisdom on my behalf I wanted more than I was getting given. I had applied human wisdom rather than Christ’s wisdom to Gods calling gift to me. I was not clever. I had this theory that if I was a Chief Prophet instead of just a Prophet then other Prophets would have to submit to me. I thought I was too good. So Pride leaked in to my thinking and what does pride go with “Pride goes before a fall”. I took a fall. I was punched in the stomach very hard, I mean hard hard. But, and there is a but, I never felt any pain from the punch to my stomach. No pain at all. That is unusual because such a punch in normal circumstances would cause very big pain but these were not normal circumstances they were super normal circumstances. God was playing his part here. I am not saying God punched me, no, because I knew who punched me, it was a human man. But I think God used this man. God was angry with me I asking to be Chief. I was called to be a Prophet and that should have been enough for the calling. Right after I was punched I rushed out of the building. I was scared. I knew other forces were in play here. The punch I took was a sign of an angry God. I felt no pain but I was scared. I did not know what to do. I knew the nurses would not help. The man obviously had heard words from my Spirit helper who is in my heart and this Spirit triggered the man to get angry and punch me. I was in an open ward so I was not locked in and could walk about outside freely. I decided to walk to the town centre which is about 14 minutes walk away. I was walking down the path to leave the hospital grounds. I intended to come back to the hospital ward after a short time. I had decided that the man who punched me was not angry anymore and this punch was out of character and just a oncer.
As I was walking I passed a young man coming in the opposite direction. I knew Matthew as a patient but had very little dealings with him. Matthew stopped, I stopped. Matthew said a few words to me then walked on. He stopped again and then said another few words to me. Then he walked on. I was immediately gladdened to hear what Matthew had said to me. His first few words to me were “I was a Prophet”. His second few words to me were “I was a Chief Prophet”. All amazing. I mean Matthew did not know anything about my thoughts on my calling from God. I told no one about the heart and mind thoughts that I was having around that time about my being called a Prophet. God chose Matthew to confirm to me my calling and God confirmed to me that he had also given me the calling of Chief with Prophet. So I was a Chief Prophet. I still feel bad a bit even now how I wanted the Chief. I know humans can be so bad. But God may have been angry with my prayer request but still he gave me my request. Did my prayer request make my life a different one that was planned by God, I don’t know. I hope I am all forgiven. Matthew to me was not one to speak to about the bible and its teachings so I was amazed that God used Matthew to speak to me. Some people say God is in everyone. Now I don’t understand about God being in everyone. Maybe we can not live unless God is in us.
Getting people out of my head has been a mission of mine. I messed up my mind or my mind was messed up by other souls and even now today I have not reached full stability. When I take a hit I take it to my mind rather than to my body. My mind takes the attack. My heart takes the vexing.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2016

Sarajevo 28th June 1914 the heir to the Austrian Hungarian Empire was murdered (His wife was also murdered). 

So what????
So what? This murder ended in the death of millions of people. This murder started a world war, the First World War.
All over the death of a Archduke, the heir to the emperor of an empire. 
Yes. One death means millions of deaths.
But the world’s people are not that stupid. 
Want a bet. 
After the war finished the Austrian Hungarian Empire was no more as its name sake applies. Austria and Hungry for starters became separate countries.
So peoples, yer wars start over just one death. World leaders can be very proud. And what does it say “Pride goes before a fall”. 
So the death of this Royal Archduke took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The killer belonged to a Serbian terrorist organisation. The Austrian Hungarian Empire must have declared war against Serbia, then was it Russia sided with Serbia and Germany sided with the Austrian Hungarian Empire; France and Great Britain and I think sided with Serbia, the Commonwealth nations sided with Great Britain and it goes on. And why did this world war start? I think PRIDE. Pride led to the fall of millions of people. 
But tensions existed already before the death between the Austrian Hungarian Empire and Serbia.
World leaders decide whether to go to war. But these world leaders do not lead from the front, these leaders lead from way at the back, out of the range of enemy fire. True leaders should lead from the front and lead by example. Leaders leading from the back, living in luxury, don’t get too upset by the carnage and suffering of their front line soldiers. If a leader wants to start a war a true leader will gauge whether to start the war with him/her self being in the front lines and if they are not willing to fight from the front then don’t start the war. Many soldiers are willing to be high ranked leaders so they can be in the rear lines. War in defence also is the same, the leaders have to lead from the front; but they won’t, why not? We or most of us are cowards. 
There is often tension between nations BUT it’s the same as there’s tensions between people. Leaders have to try and get on together. Be nice to each other. Respect each other. When tensions begin between people as when tensions begin to exist between nations you have to ask how can we resolve the tension. Too much tension and people get angry, and then they might get aggressive. People then might die.

You can stop wars by reflecting about any existing tension and trying to resolve tensions before they fester. 
Do millions of people have to suffer and die because of one death?
Afraid so. 
Millions of people also get life because of one man. The one Jesus Christ. We get ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ. 
I recommend that when a nation leaders think of starting a war over one or two or a handful of deaths that they first consult the Bible. 
The holy scripture teaches tolerance and forgiveness.
So why go to war? 
Who knows why this war started besides the death happening of a Archduke?
There’s talk that war had been brewing for years before the actual outbreak. There were many Monarchies ruling the big countries in Europe and many of these monarchs were related. Queen Victoria seemed to be the monarch that kept her other relatives in line. Victoria was respected. But after Victoria died the cousins were not getting on well together. 
Also many nations at this time had defence allegiance pacts between them. So when war came nations sided with those nations that they were in pact with.
Maybe people were getting bored and they wanted war for the excitement. Go to war, see the world and get adventure all paid for by the State. 
Maybe “man” has to fight at times to let off all his aggression that builds up over time. Stress comes with living and man needs someone to let his stress out on. Man needs a punching bag. Sometimes man uses other men as his punching bag.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

CUBA – invaded again?

May 8, 2016

The invasion – not bay of pigs again?
Fidel we are being invaded. 

Speak up man, speak up.

Sir we are being invaded.

Did you say invaded?

Yes Fidel, invaded.

Get my walking frame. It’s war.

Sir it’s too late the invaders are on the streets. 

Where’s my uniform? Get me out of these pyjamas my people need me. Oh I need a rest, all this excitement. I might nap for an hour. Wake me up in an hour and then it’s down to the beaches we will wipe this capitalist scum off the face of the earth.

Sir can I wipe your face?


There seems to be some food left over from breakfast on your face.

Oh go away I am tired leave me alone. 

Who is going to lead us against the capitalist scum?

My memory is going who did you say you were?

Sir the capitalists?

Mean while USA tourists are flooding the streets of Havana. A cruise ship is in port. Cubans are happy. 
People love having capital. Cubans are raking in the money selling to the tourists. The tourists are happy to come to Cuba. 
Fidel is sleeping. He dreams of repelling the capitalist pigs at the bay of pigs. 
Cubans are thinking “Maybe Cuba has been living in a bad dream for many years”. 
Wake up Cuba. The light is coming.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2016

I had a dream. Oh yer you had a dream what of it, I dream all the time, night and day. No I had a real dream a dream of dreams. A dream I had when I was young but now in my senior years I remember this dream as if it was still looking me in the face. I had this dream but it was not like all my other dreams. Actually that is not true, I have had two dreams that I call my divine given dreams, they were dreams that were picture perfect in the dream. It was like watching a movie. To be honest out of all my dreaming I remember only these two dreams. I wake up from a regular dream and I forget the dream within minutes, as soon as I get my thinking cap on the dream fades away totally. I believe my two divine dreams were given to me by God. 

Let me explain the one dream concerning what I now call the Dick Head. This expression Dick Head is one we pick up at school from other students. I remember hearing it at I think primary school. Dick is of course meaning the male humans private part. Being called a Dick Head is meant to be offensive and a put down. You call boys and men Dick Heads. We know where the head is but what is the Dick supposed to do with the head. There might be a simple explanation besides from all the crude explanations one may think of. There might be a clinical explanation away from the crude sayings on toilet walls. 
I had this dream. I was about 25 years old and had not long become a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. As I said I have had two divine dreams but here I will write about one of those divine dreams because this dream may explain about the head as in who do we worship. 

The dream: There were about four small shadows. There was what I understood as a penis. All this is on a small scale. There was a circular platform. The shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. They ran in the same direction. 

Now the dream opened up as follows: There was a shadow with a disc in both its hands. One disc. A small round disc. This shadow was beating the disc up and down like waving it fast. It seemed the shadow was beating the air. Then suddenly three other shadows appear in the circular room. I think three. The first shadow seemed to be overwhelmed. This first shadow then seemed to cower or try to hide to the side at a bit lower on the circular area. This first shadow was not running, it was staying in one place. The other three shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. Now when the three shadows appeared, also the penis appeared with them. In the middle of the circular platform was a circular column. I did not see above this column. 
Why did I think that there was a penis in this dream? I knew from revelation, I just knew. What were these shadows? I think they were souls. Whose souls were they? I do not really know, they could be my immediate family. Whose penis is it? I really don’t know, it could come from my human father. Now my understanding of the dream is limited, a lot of my understanding I write to explain the dream is up to conjecture. But the dream is very real. To point the dream at my family could be wrong. So where are these shadows? I think the shadows are in the head, again this is up conjecture. But the soul being in the heart does not gel to me and it makes sense for the soul to be in the head. To me the heart is home to the human spirit and also home to the God Spirit. The God Spirit is given to the ELECT. Who are the elect? That question is hard to answer. I like to think I am one of the elect. What did the shadows look like? The shadows were amazingly able to move fast like at a quick pace and their movements seemed so individualistic that one may wonder that in that shadow there is more to consider. Like the shadow is more than just a shadow, it may think. The shadow was like a person. Why did the three shadows come in the dream? I think these three shadows and the penis overwhelmed the first shadow. The first shadow belonged in this area and the other shadows and penis came in a bad way. The first shadow was like taken over. Who is the first shadow? I think it was my soul. So what is this area where the shadows and penis were? I could call it the mind. So did you lose your mind to other souls? That is up to conjecture, but it looks that way. Why was this dream shown to you? I think it was to make me understand my predicament. I seemed to be having what people call mental problems. But then again the dream can be used to give lots of people understanding. What has happened to your mind since you had the dream? I had already accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life and I leave it up to God to unravel all my mind problems. The WORDS of God can help my mind and soul and heart and body. I do not want to have a Dick Head or what people might say a Penis Head I want to have a God Head. I do not worship the penis but God. God is the HEAD of my body. God is the Head of the church, the body of Christ. 
So I have moved from Dick Head to God Head.
The Head is head of the body. The head rules the body. The head has the brains. Don’t be ruled by the penis. The penis is not meant to rule the body. You don’t get your strength from the penis. The penis should not be giving orders to the head. The head should have God’s WORDS and God’s WORDS give strength and understanding. The penis will make you go mad if it was in charge of the body. Worship God. Gods strength is eternal. It’s natural for a human to be ruled by God’s wisdom. 
The husbands head, mind, rules the wife and the mind of the husband should have the mind of Jesus Christ. The man having an empty head, no mind of Jesus, makes the man’s mind open to being a mind taken over by the woman, the wife. The wife should not be the head of the family, the husband should be the head of the family and ruling with the head, mind, of Christ. Woman should not rule the man’s head. Now a days there is so much mental illness in this world just because people’s souls, minds, are not obeying the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2016

Tonight I just finished reading the ebook titled MOTHERLAND written by Rita Goldberg. A sensational book to read, a book that bites into your air space and let’s you know that there is much more to life than just wondering where and when are you going to take your next holiday or what shall I have for dinner tonight or I hope the gas bill is not too high in my next bill.
This book is good reading not just because it has excitement but because this book teaches us lessons to learn about humanity. Humanity has a deep heart and that heart can spawn evil as well as good but sometimes the evil looks like it is winning BUT like every children’s books we read as youngins we believe in the good ruling over evil. We know good will prevail in the end. The wicked witch always gets her upcomance. The holocaust in the Second World War was real as real as the air I am breathing now. Rita Goldberg takes us on a journey, a journey with her mother father and grandparents. In the reading we breathe the sufferings that this family endured. We come up for air hoping the events will get better but we feel drowned in the sorrows that the family is entangled in but finally the evil is overcome and we see that God is good and He prevails.

Why? Why? Why? Some people may ask why did this holocaust happen? Our hearts are evil but our hearts also have good, it is up to us to foster the good side not the evil side. God gives us FREEWILL. But in our FREEWILL we humans can be so evil. We must live for God not Satan. Spread the message of God. Give children growing up Hope and Love and Peace. We want this world to be a good place to live in. Adults need to raise up their children in the love of God and these children will teach their children Gods love and so on for many many generations.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 1, 2016

It may be true that Hillary Clinton is the sensible pick out of Trump or Sanders to be President. 
Bernie Sanders is an interesting fella. Trump we can forget as just a “wild card” but Bernie is someone to maybe listen to. Bernie advocates increasing the tax for the rich people to pay more social welfare to the poor people. Sounds good to people like me. I am not rich. I mean Bernie sounds like the modern day Robin Hood. But Bernie’s socialism might look good to some and not good to others. 
So the rich get the scorn of the poor. But the poor secretly wish they were rich. It’s overcome the Bourgeois classes and let the poor classes rule. But not all seems correct here. The low poorly when ruling they then become the materialistic rich. And the rich become the poor. Socialism nor capitalism is evil, it’s just the extremes of such that are evil. Politics has always been left wing and right wing political thinking but thinking middle of the road is the best way. Walk straight, standing upright, not leaning sideways or backwards. We want to be upright and straight thinkers, not perverse political thinkers.
Having a goal to become rich helps the poor work hard. To focus on becoming rich drives a whole nation; it is called Progress. People love their materials. To take away people’s materials takes away their goals and people have no incentive to work hard. The Soviet Union was an example of the State taking away all incentive away from the workers to work. The State controlled even the minds of people. People relish freedom and freedom is to own capital. We want to live in material comfort. 
Bernie Sanders has some good ideas. But we need to work in with capitalism. We want to own things. We want to goal set to own things. Our work is based on the incentive to own things. We won’t work hard unless we can own our own capital. We all wish we were rich. And the poor envy the rich. But the poor can also work hard and maybe they will also get rich. 
Bernie Sanders in his socialism has a crusade against the rich.
Hillary Clinton is second best to Barack Obama and that was proved by Barack beating Hillary to become President. The Clintons would be best not to ridicule the Obamas in any form because we already know the performance of Barack and his leadership style has passed many tests and trials.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

ENLIGHTENMENT – (It’s ambiguity)

May 1, 2016

 To enlighten someone we give them light. Light lets us see. To see we get insight. Insight is to understand. To see in the dark is not possible. There is much darkness around. There is also much light about. The Stars give us light. The stars in the universe give light to the universe. We Christians are the stars that light up this world. 
The light is in us Christians. Our light legacy goes on carrying on in the bodies of our descendants. Of course not all our descendants carry on the light, there are those who want to live in the darkness and refuse to accept the giver of light. God leaves those who do not want Him. God is Spirit. Many souls are born into spiritual darkness. And many souls are born into the light. It’s good to have parents who are of the light and not of the dark. To grow up in a home of spiritual darkness is nearing insanity. In the dark, demons trouble you night and day. Ones soul is swamped with filthy dirty thoughts in the dark. You are continually violated in the dark. Satan is the king of darkness. God is the King of the light. Sinners, who want to sin a lot like to stay in the dark so that their sins will not be seen. In the light your sins are seen. 
People live in double minded enlightenment. There are two lights. There is the natural real genuine true God light and there is the man made artificial unnatural light. We humans live in both man made light and God made light. During the day outside we see by the natural God sun light. But when we come in doors we see by the unnatural man made light. Inside during the day we use both man made light and God sun light. But at night we use the man made light. We turn on the light switch at night and eureka we have light to see by. But man made light is unnatural. Our eyes in God were made for the natural light just as our body intestines were made for the natural food. Our whole body is created for the natural. God is natural. Our intestines are made to assimilate natural foods and not man made artificial foods. Anything unnatural is bad for us humans. Unnatural light is bad for us. Natural light, the sun, is good for us but anything good for us must be used in moderation, don’t over do it and don’t under do it. 
There is light and there is light. The light from man is artificial and not God made. Man understands and sees from both man made given light and from God given light. God gives His enlightenment through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. When we are converted to the mind of Christ we see and think Christlike. Our senses take in the incoming information, our mind analyses the information using the the mind of Christ and we think accordingly. We become wise in Christ. Apostle Paul in the Bible writes about human wisdom. Human wisdom is the enlightenment made up by man and not God. Human wisdom is artificial and unnatural. Human wisdom is not good for us humans. But humans are so used to living for both lights, God made and man made. How would man do without turning on man made lights at night for instance? We take it so much for granted to switch on the light switch at night. We humans live for both sunlight and artificial light. Man would think it crazy to do away with the light bulbs. Man made is so thought of as natural now a days that we think that God does not exist. We see so much man made that we seldom contemplate on God made. 
Go outside look at the insects, look at the plants, look at the birds; think God made. Man did not make the insects, birds, plants and animals. But Man has made many things. We are smothered in man made so much now a days. Humans live for both man made and God made. Human wisdom will stay. But the true light is from God and not from man. Mans wisdom will stay. Man loves creating. Man thinks he/she is clever. Man has made light. Man will never forsake all his creations. The true simple life is to live for Gods creations and not mans creations. Just imagine man forsaking his television or car or computer or mobile phone or fridge or oven or radio. To live the SIMPLE life is natural and to live natural is good health. Natural food is more healthy for us than eating unnatural food. Man and his creations might be the undoing of the human race. Man made creations might kill us all. 
I don’t live the full SIMPLE LIFE. Who does? No one. There are people who try to live a natural simple life like monks and nuns but even they do not forsake all mans creations. The Amish, a Protestant religious group, are also known to try and live without a lot of mans creations.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.
Man: male and female humans.


May 1, 2016

The date third December 1973 and it was my first day working at my new job at the Government Tourist Bureau in Wellington. I was excited and nervous starting along a career path that was to last me five years. I was living at home and had to commute the twenty miles back and forth every week day. I hated the long commute but after a few years I went “flatting” in the city. I bought a new motor bike and so I was home and hosed I could just bike the few miles from my flat and park the bike very near my employment.
Why the Government Tourist Bureau? I wanted to travel. So you wanted to travel but was not working in travel helping other people travel? Of course but over time I hated arranging other people’s travel I wanted to travel. I did travel but it did not sate my appetite for travel. The more I arranged other people’s travel the more I got frustrated. I envied those people who say took a year off their work and just travelled. It was my dream to go to Europe. I wanted to binge out on travel in Europe. But money, where was the money going to come from? After three years working at the GTB (Government Tourist Bureau) I was able to get a 75% discount on overseas air travel. There were rewards for working in travel. I managed to get three and half months leave from work and Europe was on. Luckily I had saved enough to pay for my accommodation and food etc. I loved my travelling, I did not want to return to New Zealand. I hated the thought of returning to work that I was beginning to dislike and a city that I wanted to be out of, you think the climate in Wellington is good, think again, Wellington is not called windy Wellington for nothing, I hated the cold wind. Wellington weather was miserable to me. I wanted to live in a more warmer climate, and not necessary in Europe. I am ok now, Perth weather is lovely. Travelling gave me a freedom that I revelled in. I wanted freedom from work, money, parents, home town and country.
Were there clues here about Gods destiny for me? Alas at the GTB I knew no God and heard nothing about God. If God was at the GTB I never knew. My parents never mentioned God and I never experienced God living with my parents. I do think of the Holy Scripture that says “A prophet is not honoured in his own family, own home town and his own country”. Such scripture rings true to me. I was called to be a prophet but such talk is freaky when most people are focussed on profit and not prophet. To talk profit was normal and to talk prophet was abnormal.
The GTB was a good grounding for profit. The GTB was a business, it was making money. Customers came and went; selling travel was big business. In some ways the GTB competed for travel business with the private sector. But after my five years at the GTB and about another four years the Government of the day closed all GTB’s in NZ. The overseas NZ Tourist offices were kept open but these offices came under a new quasi Government organisation. The NZ Tourist and Publicity Department literally closed right down. I think the National Film Unit was sold. I don’t think they could get buyers for the GTB’s so they were closed. Staff were made redundant. Thousands of staff just dismissed each with their few thousands of dollars of compensation. A lot of former GTB staff went and worked in the private travel sector. Some even later started up their own travel companies. The GTB was Government so staff were civil servants. But if you stayed too long in this Department your chances of applying and getting government jobs in other NZ Government departments was slim. A Government job vacancies circular came out regularly. Travel training and work specialises you to work only in travel and there is very little use for a travel trained person to be used in any other high graded jobs in other Government Departments. So if you stay in the GTB for say as long as five years you “cook your goose” as the saying goes. You are only good in travel and no where else unless you retrain. At the GTB you were about hotel/motel reservations, coach travel reservations, train and plane reservations and the ticketing. Reservations and ticketing are really no good assets to have in high grade jobs elsewhere in Government. So if you stay in the GTB for too long make sure you are staying in travel.
The GTB as I said had overseas offices, London, San Fran, New York, LA, Brisbane, Sydney and a few other cities that I do not remember. Overseas postings seemed to be the plum jobs. But not everything is good here. Overseas postings seemed to be a boys club area. “The boys got the jobs” as the saying goes. Women rarely got to be posted overseas. If you were a real good worker, mature, and a hard worker you might eventually get posted overseas. I was none of these, I was not mature, I was not a hard worker, and I wanted out of the travel industry but I felt locked into it in ways because I had stayed too long. I did eventually get out after five years but it was in to private travel and it was another five months before I was free of the travel sector. I became a university student. During my time working in private travel I had an encounter. I can’t come up with other words to describe it but “An encounter”. But before I talk about this encounter let me go back a few years to the GTB because in these offices I had an earlier encounter. I was working doing the usual, then I sensed, do I call it sensed? Do I call it thoughts? I don’t think I call it feelings. Let’s call it thoughts, I had these thoughts. I did not feel anything but I was thinking. My thoughts seemed to be stirred up to think about – to be honest I now only remember the word “writing”. I was to be a writer. That’s all about that encounter. In my later encounter while working in private travel but the encounter was at my home I was put in to a thinking mode to apply to be a student at university and to live in a university hostel. I applied to Wellington Victoria University and was accepted as both a student and to live at their hostel. This was 1979. This move changed my life. In all my dim witted ness there was someone, I don’t call it an it, but maybe call it a Spirit, that cared for me and was trying to help me. Some people might call it my angel, I don’t know. I like to call it a Spirit. Angels I know very little about. I moved to the University hostel and that is where I fell in to my own. The people the other students seemed all nice. I knew no one here. But in any group or tribe there’s always the gold. There’s good amongst the bad, just be patient they will look for you or you will find them. I found the gold and this person reached out to me with the message of Jesus Christ. I accepted Jesus, why? Some things are meant to be. You just know. How do you know? You don’t but the puzzle becomes a picture and the picture makes sense. One person reached out to me to bring me in from the darkness to the light. Jesus Spirit came in to me, I was now not alone, I had God as my friend, so look out. I read the scriptures, I prayed. But what about your studies at the University? I was not interested, I passed Geography 101, 12 credits, and walked away from them. I revelled in learning about God. I enjoyed staying at the hostel amongst the students, everyday was interesting. We had students from many countries, they were interesting. I became evangelical.
My Christian mentor and I decided to go to another nearby university hostel and knock on students bedroom doors and invite them to start up a group bible study in one of the students rooms. We got about five students interested. We met about once a week and this went on for about a month or two. After a few months the students were asked if they would like to learn deeper things about the bible. Only one student wanted to carry on. This student was given over to my care. Philip became a good friend. Philip and I met at my home and we continued to meet for a month each week. By this time I was living in a flat with other Christians near the university. Then there came a time when I asked Philip if he would like to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord. Philip received. The uncanny thing about Philip was that his Dad a year after I left the NZ Tourist and Publicity Department became General Manager of this Department. I thought of my self as a failure at the GTB but here I am a friend to the son of the man that now runs the department I failed at, how uncanny is that. I mean Philip even called me his spiritual father. But Philip was special, you saw it, he was taken in by the Christian community I moved with and he thrived. Philip was meant to be a Christian. He met his wife in the church. But I felt like I was not good enough to move in Philips circle of friends, I was a failure, I had failed at the GTB, so not long after, I moved away from Philip. Philip was a masters degree, he was gifted he had very good job prospects. Why I even came into his circle I never know, maybe it was meant to be, I think we shared the same values and he was wise and I coveted wisdom.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Jesus Freak

May 1, 2016

I have not always been a Jesus freak. There was a time when I was a Satan freak – and that was real freaky. What’s better
to be a Satan freak or a Jesus freak? I know what I choose. 

In my youth until I was about 24 years of age I was lost. I was a lost soul. I was in the wilderness and at the mercy of the dark forces. The light was not in me, and if it was it was only a very dim light. My soul was in a lot of darkness. I was dim. They also call it dim witted. God is light, Satan is darkness. 
I was birthed in to darkness. Satan after a while was trying to win me over, win my soul over in to his perverted wisdom. Satan’s wisdom is perverse and freaky. But people also say God’s wisdom is freaky. God’s wisdom is pure. Satan’s wisdom is dirty. 
At about 24 years of age I was at a very low point in my life. Satan was doing his best to take over my soul. Satan wanted to convert me into his perverted wisdom. But God had other ideas for my life. I also had no want to be what Satan wanted me to be. I thought Satan’s wisdom was the pits. I could not live with myself if I was converted totally into Satan’s wisdom. 
God reached out to me through people. But first the PAINTING of the mountain as you see. I was at my low point and I was driving my car. I must have seen a sign and pulled over. There was a small hall like a church hall. I went in and saw many paintings on walls. The paintings had sold on them but there was to my memory (my memory now of this painting being the only one not sold is not overly good so I could be wrong) only one painting left unsold. I loved this painting at first sight and the price was not too expensive. I bought this painting. A few years later while recuperating from all my years with the abuse from Satan I was in bed and looking at this painting (it was on my wall). By this time I had accepted Jesus Christ as my LORD and SAVIOUR. Thoughts came to me. My life was now on a path upwards not downwards like before. I was on a path to the top of this mountain. The mountain represented knowledge of God. Not the knowledge as the world sees knowledge but knowledge as in knowing God. The mountain was wisdom of God knowledge through the Lord Jesus Christ. Wisdom is understanding and insight. 
The Mountain painting:

The dragon has a woman sitting on its back. The woman has both outstretched arms reaching towards the infant. The infant is between the woman and the Man at the top of the mountain. The Man at the top of the mountain has a long rod in his hand. The rods end is near the dragons head. 

The dragon and the woman also represent a forearm and a hand. The hand points outwards. The Palm facing outwards. 
It seems the woman and the dragon are in issue with the Man about who gets the infant. The woman trying to reach out to the infant. But the infant is drawn to the Man at the top. Does the infant become the Man or is the infant going to sit beside the Man at the top? The Man has the rod and can strike the dragon with the rod. 
The hand means that the dragon and the woman sitting on the dragon do not want anyone going up this mountain. Back off they say. 
I think that the infant represents me. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 18, 2016

Castro and his lieutenants aged in their 70’s and 80’s and even older still trying to play at their old game “revolution”. These guys are ready for the old folks home where they can talk amongst themselves about all their so called mighty achievements. 
Open mind, open borders, trade and prosper. 
Closed mind, closed border, dark and poor. 
The light comes in when you open up. 
It’s true what Castro says “There is not much difference between the democrats and the republicans in the USA”. The difference between the USA and Cuba is that the USA is free and Cuba is not free. Cuba is not part of the “Free world”. The USA is a democratic nation whereas Cuba is a authoritarian nation. 
To me DEMOCRACY is a winner. 
The Greeks came up with democracy ruling a nation. Democracy is the rule by the people ruling through elected representatives. 
Cuba is communist. The socialist rule. Rulership of assets is social owned, owed by the Government. No one owns land or capital, except the oligarchy the ruling communist class. 
Social rule smothers incentive and initiative. People are not inspired by social rule where the ownership is collectively owned under the Government. We must use our own brains. We each have our God given gifts and calling (vocation) and communism stifles out God. Communism does not want God. Communism sees God as a threat. Communism is mans wisdom not Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. Democracy and capitalism serves Christ’s ideals. Christ is Gods only begotten Son. To worship Christ is to worship the supreme creator God.  
Man gets inspiration when he can work for capital that he can own. 
If one wants to live the communal life in Christ then join a monastery or nunnery. Communal life in God is not bad. Communing is good. But we commune with Christ as our Head (mind). 
Because communism (left extreme thinking) has no place for God (THE GOD HEAD), I have no place for communism. Right wing fascism (right extreme thinking) also has no place for God (THE GOD HEAD) and I have no place for fascism. We need to let the brains in the HEAD rule. People who rule to the extreme left or extreme right use weapons like guns to keep them in leadership. We need to use words to rule with and the words that are our framework of thinking are Gods WORDS. The Bible must be our reference point always. 
Because the democrats and republicans seem the same, that is good, because one party leans left and the other party leans right. So if there is little difference here that means both parties are leaning towards one another making a more or less centralised political thinking. To walk central is good. A bird has a right wing and a left wing but the bird uses both wings to fly straight (central). To lean too far left or to use our left wing too much we don’t fly straight but fly in circles. It’s the same if we lean too much right, we fly in circles. Cuba is leaning too far left politically. Cuba has not flown straight for many years, it has flown in circles, Cuba has made no head way for yonks. Cuba is backward. The USA has made headway and keeps on making headway with its central forward going politics. Left politics and right politics are needed just as a bird needs both its wings. But we must use our heads, our brain is in our head, the head is between the two wings (left and right) and the “head is in charge” not the wings (political) — UNDERSTAND. The HEAD uses both political wings to go STRAIGHT. 
So for me to see a nation going in circles and stays backward, because to go in circles you do stay backward – the whole thing looks silly. If you saw a bird flying in circles would you not think that was silly or maybe you would think that the bird was SICK. Maybe nations who go in circles are sick. To be backward is sick. Cuba is definitely backward. Cuba’s leadership do not use the head. 
Jesus Christ is the HEAD of the body the church. My mind is the mind of Jesus Christ. My mind is in my head. My mind of Christ rules my body. My body is under the head, the head has the senses, the senses help me to discern.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 9, 2016

I think all things start simple, they go on to get complex. But if we lose our connective ness to the beginning simplicity we lose our connective ness to what makes us. Simplicity is what made us and makes us. Our simplicity beginning grounds us otherwise we are “way up there with the fairies” as the saying goes.

God created us in the beginning. God in pure simplicity made us simple. We are made simple and all our on going complexity is rooted in simplicity. We must not think that we were made complex. We lose touch with our creator if we think we were made complex in the beginning. Our spiritual strength starts with simplicity. Though we go on to be complex we still retain the simplicity in our complexness. The complexness is made from simplicity. The fiber example – the complex yacht is made from the simple fiber. One strand of fiber and many strands of fiber making the boats sails, hull etc.
God in His Spirit made all the universe. The single simple one fiber strand making a whole boat.
We are rooted to simplicity. In our mothers womb, does God speak to us? Do we make a decision whether to reject God or accept Him and do we make this decision from our mothers womb?
To live for complexity is false. We must live for simplicity in the complexity. God created in the beginning, God the Spirit who is very small made what is very big.
To live for complexity is to lose touch with God. Man makes complexity God makes simplicity. God made all the simplicity that mankind turns in to complexity. The fiber strand was made in to complexity (into many things) by man. The yacht was made by man. The boats hull and sails were made by man. Man made all the boat (and it’s made out of fiber, many one fibers).
God provides the simplicity and man makes from there.
To keep rooted to simplicity and to never forget our beginning simplicity keeps us sane. We do not want to be “up with the fairies”. Our strength is rooted with God through our human spirit to Gods Spirit. Our human spirit may give up on Gods Spirit from our mothers womb.

To leave God and His SIMPLICITY is to live for complexity and to live for complexity is to live outside Gods growth, such is not rooted in God, such is to be “away with the fairies”. Fairies are in a dream world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 9, 2016

The Constant God.

“The love of God is constant” – so says the bible.

Light speed is constant. God is constant, THE CONSTANT GOD. God can travel to the moon in a second and around the earth a few times in a second. But there are light years to other galaxies. So for God to travel to other galaxies it will take in time a year to a number of years. 
Einstein says that the universe is expanding at the speed of light square. E = MC2. C is light constant. God is on both sides of the equation. E = energy. Energy of God. M = mass. Mass is God. God is light, light constant. 
God is energy has mass and travels at light speed. 
I think God’s Spirit travels at the speed of light. There is no speed faster than light. 

Jesus Christ travels at the speed of light.
“God speed” – we say these two words to people to encourage God to help them. God speed to help them. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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