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May 29, 2017

Wise people plan for the end. Fools live for the beginning. This earthly life is a means to an end. There is no real end, life is endless, but we live for the endless end. This physical life is only temporary. The Spirit came first, physical came second. Spirit was here before the physical. Spirit created the physical. The invisible Spirit was before the visible physical. The invisible created the visible. 

We humans are also spirit. The real true learning comes from Spirit. Listen to the Spirit. How do we listen to Spirit? Spirit is God. God has always been here, God is eternal. Where did God come from? It’s like the question: What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither, the rooster came first. But that still does not answer the question where did God come from? The rooster is male and we may see that the male comes first in the creation equation. God the Father, father is male. Certainly Jesus Christ is male and Jesus is Gods only begotten Son. Father and Son together above. So where’s the female element above? Beats me. The headship in heaven seems to be male, just male. But that does not make sense when we have female humans. Don’t female humans worship pray to the God above? I mean do female humans pray and worship a male God head above? Or do female humans go through the male humans to connect up to God? Adam was the first human and he was male. Eve was made for Adam and was she made out of Adam. The male human has the male God head above and the female human connects up to the male God head through the male humans. The father is the head of the family. The mother is not the head of the family. Where mothers rule the family there is perversion. Where the wife rules the husband there is perversion. Perversion is a turning away from what is natural to what is unnatural. It is unnatural for a woman to rule a man. The man comes under God and the woman comes under the man. The Man on top. The man on top of a woman is not perverted, but a woman on top of a man is perverted. So the rooster came first. The man came first. 
But we know the male rules. That is natural. But God is supposably male and female. Still the answer is not there. The God Head as we read it in the scriptures is male. How can God be female when the head is male. But the female human has a head. So is the God Head male and female or just male? Do we recognise the female humans heads? The female humans have brains. Is not God in female human heads? But Jesus Christ is male and is above in the God head. Male Jesus in a female humans head? Why should the female worship a male head? And is the Holy Spirit male as well as being female? I go back to the original teaching and say The God Head is all male. The female humans worship God through their male father or male husband. The male is the head of the family. Is not God female too? Mother of Jesus Christ is not in the God Head. We do not pray to or worship Mary (Jesus Mother). We pray to the Father and Jesus Christ. Father and Son are the same, separate but equal, but the Father is honoured more than the Son, the Father knows more than the Son. 
We have a rooster, we have a male God Head. The God Head being the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, all male. Is that discrimination against females? Not having a female in the God Head? Is that a male ruse to rule the females? 
So we have a male first. Adam was first. But what does the wise person live for? Eating? Sleeping? Defecating? Work? Play? Sex? Drinking? The wise person lives for the end the endless end. We don’t live for this life we live for the “After life”. We don’t live for eating we live for defecating. We eat to survive but we also defecate to survive. Eat to defecate. Look at a pretty woman but before you eat remember you have to get rid of the waste. Eat pretty food by all means but remember you have to defecate; if you don’t defecate you will die. So we spend a lot of our time in the toilet. Defecating is a key to sanity. Getting the waste out regularly is sane. Keeping the waste in is insanity. Good sanitation is sanity. Get the waste our of our minds and hearts and physical bodies. Waste is spiritual and physical. 
So a pretty woman is all skin deep, you desire, you want, eat up, but beneath the surface could be rot. Eat pretty but pretty is surface. Look beneath before you try the goods. Get insight. God looks at the heart. Don’t just judge a book by its cover. Covers do give some hint of what’s offering but plain covers could cover real food. The youth are not wise. Wisdom comes with age. The youth are about looks. Most youth are about looks. Youth make their decisions on looks, they pay dearly afterwards. They were not so clever after all. 
A person who is regular is a wise person. Get the shit out, do not live on shit. Marry a regular person. Regular is sane. The food goes in to the body but it is also the end that matters much. Get the shit out. Live for the present but also live for the end. There is an end to our lives on this earth, live for the end to go on for the endless end above in heaven. We live on. The blessed ones live on in heaven. 
So the male God head is God and he is in charge. The church is the body. We are that body, we the elect. We elect are in that body, we come under the God head. The male came first. The Father came first. The Father is the ruler of the family (the body, the church). The Father is male. God made a partner for his male creation. Does the female have to submit to the male, in sex yes, what about in everything, probably yes. Sex is normal when the female submits to the male the male does not submit to the female. The male takes the lead in dancing with the female. The husband leads the wife. The end is better than the beginning. We die to live. We live to die. We live after our mortal life. We live on. The heavenly life is paradise. The earthy life is not paradise, if you think it is, you deceive yourselves. 
Home James (Heaven).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Student (male) sent home for too short haircut

December 13, 2016

For the information of this college I had a number 2 haircut recently. I love my short haircuts. I usually have a number 2 and a half but now I like getting a number 2. Males I think should have short hair and females can have longer hair. 

It is to the glory of God that a male has short hair. The female glories in the males head if she has long hair. The head is so very important, more important than the body. The head is in charge not the body and the Wisdom of God says the males head is in charge over the females head. That is the wisdom from above. When males put the body before the head and glory in their bodies they are glorying in the female, such is really weak and false. You get body builders who try to bypass their heads. You can not outwit your head. The body is not in charge. The head has the WORDS. The head rules through Words. Words rule not flesh. Words are eternal. The flesh is mortal and dies whereas Words can go on for ever. Gods Words go on for ever. Spirit feeds the mind in the head; the mind the soul. The soul needs Words and feeding the soul Gods Words is like feeding one sweet honey. Those people who glory the body glory the flesh and not the Words. Words bring life. Gods Words. God is the Words. Words bring light and life. The source of life comes from Gods Words. We think in Words. 
I love my short hair cuts I have no shame in my head. I am my head. I think and use the senses in the head. My head is in charge. I don’t cover my head. My head is there for all to see. God is in my head. 
I cover my body. My body is to glorify my head. My body is not to glory in it. My body is covered up to give glory to my head. The female covers up both body and head. The females long hair is her cover on her head. 
To glory my body is for me to glory the female. But the female is not in charge of my body. To glory the body for me is for me to follow the female. That is wrong. The female looks to the male to take the lead. 
Perversion is to turn away from; to turn away from letting the head rule to letting the body rule. Perversion is big in this world now. Bodies rule and females rule over males. Male children are led to believe that the mother is in charge not the father. Males get perverted in childhood. The father should take the lead in the family. The mother is the earth where she makes a home. Mother Earth. The earth is where the children put their roots down. The father sky is where the children grow up to. The father light. 
Both father and mother are needed. But don’t let children get the wisdom wrong. Roots go down but you grow upwards. Don’t grow upwards to your mother and don’t put your roots in to your father. We can have upside down wisdom, such is perversion.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

GODS KINGDOM (Versus Mankind’s virtual kingdom)

October 22, 2015

Gods kingdom is a reality but not in the sense of physical ness but it’s akin to what we call virtual reality. Virtual reality is a man made reality for the thinking, for the human spirit and for what humanists call the mind. I call it the soul. Mind is a man made invention word. Gods kingdom is a spiritual reality made up by Gods Words. This kingdom has homes, walls, doors, fields, open space areas. It’s a real kingdom endeavouring to put human spirit into a comfortable situation.

God made a reality for our spirit and mankind is doing the same. Soon virtual reality will be very big. I mean in the near future mankind will be spending much of their time in virtual reality. The Matrix movies portray a glimpse of two realities. 
Gods kingdom has nothing to with virtual reality. Man makes his own reality apart from God. Mankind thinks he’s/she’s clever. Mankind got knowledge and thinks he/she does not need God. 
Man made reality is a deep perversion.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 28, 2015

Mankind turns away from God made to manmade.

You may say what is God made? Good question because in this life we humans are now getting confronted so much with MANMADE that we begin to forget that yes there is a God and he made his own creation. Mankind is now so immersed in his own MANMADE creations that mankind is now trying to forsake God made. 

Go out in to the country; see God made. Get away from the city of concrete and mortar, away from the plastic and brick; go out of the city, hear the bees humming, hear the birds chirping, yes birds do make a sound, see butterflies, hear a brook gushing, smell the vegetation, yes Gods creation smells, taste natural fruit off a tree. To turn away from God made to MANMADE is unnatural. God is natural. To turn away means to pervert. Every time I read the newspaper it’s about who sexually abused who. The news now a days often is about perversion, who perverted who. This generation seems to be an abused generation.  
What is the ultimate in MANMADE creation? I think it is robots that look like humans but have super abilities. Also man might create robotic life like animals and insects and birds that look like the real ones. So we have a pet robot dog or cat etc. 

There is the “Knowledge of good and evil”. God created the universe and made mankind in his likeness. Mankind got this knowledge and wants to create as God does. Man will make as God has made. Man will create replications of God made. Knowledge of good and evil is not all just about good, it is also about evil. Robots will have artificial intelligence and will be both good and evil. You will get good robots and you will get bad robots. Knowledge of good and evil certainly brought evil in to this world. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Utopia until they consumed knowledge. Scientists are trying now to manage knowledge of good and evil but such attempts of management are really futile as mankind craves to create. 
Mankind will go further and further virtual and try to get out of the real world and engulf him/her self in an artificial virtual world. In the mean time this natural creation will be further killed off. Kill Gods creation and live in a MANMADE artificial creation. 
God initially confronted mankind with knowledge “Don’t eat Knowledge” God said to the first humans; of course as we humans know when someone tells us not to do something and when they have gone we go and do that something, hey who do they think we are? We can do what we want, know one tells us what to do. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden in “Simple Bliss” and just like we humans are now they disobeyed God the Father. We all mess up. One big cock up from the beginning. And it’s been a series of cock ups ever since. Mankind is turning away (means perverted) from natural to unnatural. 
Knowledge will kill. 
Because knowledge is good and evil the sensible thing is to not have Knowledge at all because we may get good from knowledge but we also get evil so the bottom line is not to consume knowledge at all. There is a better way – WISDOM OF JESUS CHRIST. Wisdom is a type of knowledge but but it is not the knowledge that God told Adam and Eve not to eat of. Wisdom is a practical knowledge, it is about behaviour. Jesus taught his wisdom to his disciples and we get this wisdom written down in the gospels. Paul and other Apostles also contributed to writing down Jesus wisdom. 
So to have Utopia again, as Adam and Eve had it from the beginning, we humans need to behave properly to one another and to do that we need to eat of the tree of WISDOM. Wisdom of God gives life, spiritual life, we are preserved, we look younger, we are healthy, we are strong. 
But mankind will never have utopia again (unless it happens in the future when Jesus rules on this Earth for one thousand years). Man will kill and kill and kill. Mankind will use knowledge to kill. As well as heal. Wars will come and go. Robots will kill robots. The war of the machines. Life as we know it in God will get further snuffed out. And man will live in virtual artificial environments. Mankind is so perverted.  
Wisdom of Jesus Christ, NOT the knowledge of good and evil, makes better society/community.
The Bible is full of wisdom not Knowledge of good and evil.
Epilogue – knowledge of good and evil

I am beginning to see knowledge from an above view where knowledge is looked at as being for good or evil. In other words people learn knowledge to use for good or evil. It’s like God is a God that sees good or evil. We have two sides to knowledge – good or evil. The purpose of life is good or evil depending on what side you are on. Satan the enemy is the Evil side and God is the good side. We have two sides to this life in this universe. Life is plainly light or dark. Two opposing forces. As one gets wiser we perceive life is about two sides – God and Satan. Satan we call the Evil One so it means that God we can call the Good One. You don’t learn knowledge unless you want to use it for Good or Evil, this is the true understanding. 
By eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mankind has the ability to do good or bad. 
Otherwise live in simple bliss and eat of wisdom. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 28, 2014

Man is the head, woman is the heart.
Man is head of the woman, God is head of the man.
Man submits to God, woman submits to man.
Man wears short hair to glorify the head, woman wears long hair to glorify man.

Jesus is the Head, the church is the body.
Jesus loves the church as man loves his wife.
The woman is the mother.
The mother church, the mother land, the Mother Earth.
The mother is the land where the seeds are sown.
The seed comes from the man.
Man sows seed physically and spiritually.
Seed is sperm and also the living words.
God sows seed of living words.
The Father God and the Son God both sow seeds.
Both Father and Son God sow the Holy Spirit.
The Mother Earth accepts the seeds and from the seeds grow forth life.
The seed in the earth dies and the new plant grows upwards.
A lot of life has to grow upwards.
The new plant life grows towards the light.
God is light.
We want to go towards the light.
We can never grow if we do not grow towards the light.
God is above.
The Father God and Son God are above.
We grow towards God.
The mother gives us nourishment. Earth gives nourishment. Mother Earth.
We put our roots in to the mother.
We grow upwards (to the light above) and we grow downwards (our roots go down in to the Mother Earth).
We need both mother and father to grow.
We are human spirit. We must in spirit learn the wisdom of God.
Our own father gave the seed to our mother and we were planted in the soil and we grow up and below, we deepen our relationship with the mother and the father. We need both father and mother to grow and mature properly.
The mother does not give the seeds.
Man needs to sow seeds (physically and spiritually) and the woman needs to accept seeds.
The boy and girl come from the Mother Earth but on coming forth from the earth the boy and the girl must put their roots in to their mother but grow towards their father. Having roots and no upper growth is null and having upper growth without roots is null. Strong roots are good as well as a strong upper strong trunk and branches is good.
Children need both father and mother to grow.
We must teach our human spirit the truth.
If human spirit grows and matures we men have strong wrists. Strong wrists for men is a sign of maturity. To be strong in human spirit we men can sow.
It is not wise for women to have authority over men. Such leads to perversion. Women can lead women. Women leading men makes women lose their natural submission to men and such makes a perversion. A mans wife being in charge makes the husband the submissive one and thus a perversion. Man has to be the sower, on top and in charge. Man loses his potency and manliness if his wife is in charge. A woman loses her natural submissiveness and femininity if she has the authority over her husband. Women that are in charge lose out on a natural love life with their husbands. The husband goes perverse. Most people in this world are now perverse. In the past, relationships between the man and woman were much simpler as the wisdom of Christ was upheld in a lot of quarters. Now a days the wisdom of Christ is jettisoned for a loose and immoral wisdom that suits people who want just a quick and easy life. People in mass are just being jerks. Every time we read the newspaper we read about sexual abuse. Abusers are just being immature jerks. There is no real love in abuse. Man has to get the headship back over the woman and keep the headship and not be a jerk. The true headship is a mind of Jesus Christ. If we have the mind of Jesus Christ we then love our wives as Jesus loves the church. The wives have to submit to their husbands as the church submits to Jesus Christ. The man has to be the head. Life was much simpler in the past when man identified more as being the head. Now most media regularly portray suggestions of sexual perversion. Every where we look there is perversion. Perversion is a turning away from God; turning away from what is natural. I mean everywhere we go the woman is in our men’s faces. Women and men are loose. The now-a-days human wisdom is so un natural. Christ’s wisdom is natural. Christ’s wisdom was put there for our help; it is natural and healthy. But the church (or what we can call the “Established” church) have brought perversion on itself. And there is no going back. Our children are now fed perversion from a young age. Adults are sexualising young children.
A psychoanalyst might try and find a Freudian answer to the current mess in this world and call it a “One big cock up”.

The man is the head, the woman is the body.
When the man looks at the woman he sees body.
When woman looks at the man she sees head.
So when women are in charge of the men the men are seeing in their faces often the bodies of women.
Man should be in charge seeing and glorifying head their heads not women’s bodies. So we see an upside down or a turning away from what is natural to what is unnatural; this turning away is called PERVERSION.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 23, 2014

Muslim fundamentalism – it’s much much more militant than Christian fundamentalism. Christian fundamentalism does not hack people’s heads off.
I used to fellowship with Christian fundamentalists – I found them: pushy, militant, mostly of a young age, egotistical, hormonal, selfish.
I used to associate with Christian fundamentalists a lot in my younger years. But they were young people who wanted power, they wanted money (and would use religion to get money), they wanted to be noticed. And of course they wanted fame and fortune. They were like young children and had lots of sibling rivalry amongst themselves.

But young people all seem to want “Fame and fortune”. Its hard for young people growing up. Its a hard to very hard life. No one wants to work like a pack horse and young Christians are no different. We want to live in the lap of luxury.

Then we get the extreme religious fundamentalists. These people are the apocalyptic. They live for the end times. They will even die in their so called end times struggle. So you see Muslim Religious leaders saying to the Muslim youth “if you die for the cause you will go to heaven and sleep with many virgin women”. Of course it’s all deceit with no truth in it.

Christian extreme fundamentalists set up communities and may have a leader that they call a prophet leading them. This prophet in most cases preys on the women and girls of the community committing all sorts of sexual perversions.

The youth want to believe these extreme fundamental causes because they feel wanted, needed and they have friends.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

NEW NORCIA MONASTERY – Halcyon days are over

August 19, 2014

My home away from home. Well it used to be but no more.

I would retire to stay at the New Norcia Monastery guesthouse about twice a year staying about four nights each time. I loved staying here. As a single man I came here, and when I married, my wife also accompanied me. Angelina also loved it here. The meals were excellent, but alas no more. The surroundings are idyllic. But meals and surroundings were not my main draw cards to come here; it was the peace in mind and heart that drew me here. I literally felt soaked in the peace of spirituality; mind, soul, heart and body. Now this was not all too surprising as the Monks here in their literature more or less promise peace to their guests. But alas no more. Oh yes there is a peace but not like a peace I experienced in past years. The peace I talk about is soul and spirit peace. I stay four nights here and in the past by the time I leave I am mostly unwound and rejuvenated. Now there is really little unwinding here. In the past I experienced some very high spiritual times; such times were so enjoyable; there was little to match. I loved such spiritual highs. My wife and I felt so safe at New Norcia.

What stood out to me most at New Norcia in the past? It was the unwinding. It was like my human spirit was released from its tension. But what made this tension in the first place and how can monks make this tension in human spirit go away? Monks are all male. Monks are celibate (or supposed to be). Monks do not have females in their community.

So we get monks single and without women. And monks pray often.

I have a painting at my home of a mountain with a river in the fore ground. For those who can see more you can also see a dragon with a woman sitting on its back. Not all people can see this dragon and woman, maybe very few people see this. But I see it clearly.

The dragon is obviously representing Satan. But who is the woman?
The Dragon Satan has a woman (women) and obviously uses this woman in doing evil in this world. But why would Satan use women to do evil? The answer is that man can not do without a woman. Man is under the headship of God and the man is the headship of women. So Satan tries to turn the man away from God. Turning away is called perversion. Satan perverts man. Man is perverted by the dragons women. To lead the man away from God also leads Gods women away from God. Satan uses his women to pervert the human race.

New Norcia is a monastery full of single monks. Monks that pray frequently. So for males to go to stay at New Norcia the males find freedom and a safe haven from Satan’s women. Perversion by Satan’s women brings tension to ones human spirit. But the monks are living a life free of all women in their own community of monks. Women are not allowed in the actual monastery.

BUT alas things have now changed at New Norcia. The halcyon days of New Norcia are over. Women have been accepted in to the New Norcia monastery community. There is now no safe haven here from women. There is now no release from tension of human spirit at New Norcia. I am not saying that the women that have been accepted in to the monks community are evil; it is just that man comes under God and the women comes under man but this is not accepted in the new age modern thinking of a lot of the church. So the church suffers; literally. So man worships the women. It is an upside down mentality. Man should glorify God above but many men glorify the woman. Such is a turning away; it is called perversion. Satan wins here. The church is full of perversion. The human spirit of man needs to worship the God Head. The Holy Spirit comes in to the heart to correct this perversion. But man still perverts. Man wears long hair, disgraceful; such just shows his perversion of worshipping the woman. Women have short hair disgracing themselves showing their rebellion and not glorifying the man. Women and men in rebellion get in to satan worship. They get in to nature worship and key in spirituality to nature and demons. Some call it Wicca.

In the past New Norcia was a safe haven from the wiles of women. But not now. For a man to be in complete true reflection of God the man has to be completely free of distraction of the woman. Prophets of old and new usually try to be single that’s if they want the best communion with God that they can get. But alas man can not do without woman and monks also now find communion with women is needed. But communion with women for monks ends the freedom from the tension that women bring to the man. Maybe there are really few true monks now a days. Monks in the past did all they could to be free of women. Monks even became hermits and lived alone. Power in prayer to hermits was in their having no contact with people. Monks had their prayer power from being free of women.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 21, 2014

How I hate to hear people say or write that God is COMPLEX. So is the TRUTH complex? Pilate said to Jesus, What is the Truth? Of course Jesus did not answer. Why answer a nonsense question. Truth to me is always simple.

If one speaks or writes direct truth then it is all simple. When I hear say people supposed to be of repute or so called intelligent of this world and they speak of God as being complex – it makes me angry. I have even heard a Minister of God say that God is complex – that especially riles me up. This man of God responsible for the Word of God and preaching and teaching from Gods WORD and the WORD of God is being perverted (Actually you can not pervert Gods WORD you only pervert yourself).

You turn to complexity for direct truth then you pervert yourself. Complexity binds it does not free. Freedom comes through the SIMPLE Truth. So if you are full of complexity you have to unravel this complexity down to simplicity. Take small bites of food. Take small simple bites. Revelation of God has to be direct simplicity.

How I hate the teachers of this world teaching the complex path. These teachers don’t help. Mental health needs simplicity of thought and action. The world and all it’s sins are complex. Sins are complex. Pilate asked Jesus, What is Truth? – the Truth was looking Pilate in the face. Pilate saw but he did not see. He heard but he did not hear. The Pharisees claimed to see (insight) so they have no excuse. The people of this world have dim spirits. The religious also make truth complex. The religious if they see have no excuse. How I am irked by teachers, why? Most of them are not real teachers. God gives to each person a calling. Most people are not in Gods calling. Teachers teach but it is not real teaching. God in Spirit teaches direct Truth.

Teachers of the world teach a syllabus made up for them by the authorities to teach but they the teachers do not have to understand or know the TRUTH of God. Such teaching is mainly leaning towards nature worship, it’s worshipping the creation and not the creator, such demeans the image we have in God, such brings our God image in to complexity making us weaker in spirit. We have problems with our image or what we call identity. Children grow up hating themselves and others, they hate the image of God (us) and have complexities like for example the inferiority complex. Hate makes for our God image (us) to be inferior. So children have a lot of complexities in mind and body and these complexities go in to adult life. Complexities make up knotty balls in our minds, in our thoughts and such make us un healthy mentally and physically.

So we always need the Simple Truth from day one of our lives and right to our deaths. Such is GOOD HEALTH.

The TRUTH was looking Pilate in the Face.
Pilate was looking at JESUS CHRIST.

To turn away from the Truth (Jesus Christ) is to PERVERT.
Any person who turns away from Jesus Christ is a pervert.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 9, 2014

I went on a holiday.
Wow where did you go?
To a quiet place where “mans” (his/her) own noise and “mans” (his/her) inventions noise is minimal.
Did you go to any museums?
Did you see any art galleries?
Did you go to the beach and swim?
Did you go for many long walks?
Did you see lots of great architecture buildings?
What did you do?
I looked, I listened, I smelt, I tasted.
What did you see?
I saw the clouds, I saw the sheep in the fields, I saw birds flying over head, I saw people’s faces, I saw my wife’s smile, I saw grass hoppers, I saw small lizards, I saw butterfly’s.
What did you hear?
I heard the baaing of the sheep, I heard the cows mooing, I heard the grass hoppers clicking sounds, I heard my wife talking to me, I heard the birds chirping, I heard the wind.
What did you smell?
I smelt the flowers, I smelt my food at meal times, I smelt the freshness of my wife, I smelt the manure on the fields.
What did you taste?
I tasted my food at meal times, I tasted the freshness of my wife’s skin when I kissed her lips and cheek.
But what did you do?
I just told you.
There were two sisters, one named Mary and the other Martha. Jesus was nearby he was on his way to visit Mary and Martha. Mary went out to greet Jesus. Martha stayed home and cleaned and cleaned and set the table and cooked the food. Mary welcomed Jesus in to the sisters home and then Mary sat at Jesus feet and listened to him. Mary savoured every word that Jesus said. Mary kept her eyes on Jesus. Mary smelt Jesus clothes. Jesus gave off a heavenly beautiful fragrance. Martha complained to Jesus; “Mary is lazy, she does no work, while I toil day and night”. Jesus said, “Martha Martha, your sister is doing the better thing”. But Martha nevertheless went back to her work and Mary continued to stay beside Jesus. (An account of Mary and Martha is in the Bible).

The bible says: “Be still and listen to God”.

To come off the treadmill of life is hard because once you are off it you might not want to go back on it.

Is it really boring to know God through ones senses. To stop and sense God through Gods creation. Get away from all the inventions of “Man”. No sensing of “Mans” inventions. Sensing what God made not what “Man” made. Artificial (Manmade) is dulling people’s minds. Artificiality is actually perverting mankind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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