Do thoughts cause body chemistry to alter? Does medication for mental illness cure patients or does the medication not cure the root cause of mental illness but only cures the symptoms of mental illness? Does mental illness in people evolve from being in a dysfunctional family?

So does mental illness begin from living in a dysfunctional family leading to dysfunctional thoughts leading to abnormal changes in body chemistry and thus leading to abnormal behaviour?

And who trusts the Sigmund Freud’s of this planet to cure mental illness?

Now now keep it simple.
But simple is stupid.
Ok you think that to make thinking complex all tied up in confusing knotty words is CLEVER.
Simple is boring. Simple is plain.
Oh by the way can you pass the plain water to me I need to have a drink.
Simple is just so very BORING boring.
You mean the “simple truth” is boring.
Hey you need to be cunning in this world to get what you want. Deceive and deceive.
But is not telling the truth always good.
Truth, what is truth?
You don’t know?
No. Who calls the shots on truth in this world? What is the world’s people frame of reference on what is truth?
Maybe the Bible is our frame of reference of what is truth.
Nah the bible is full of fairy tales all nonsense.
And who told you that?
My teachers at school.
So what do the teachers say is the reference for all truth?
So we get the god science.
Science is proved. The proof is in the pudding.
So JESUS is a liar?
JESUS was just a good man nothing else.
But did JESUS lie?
Oh go to sleep you are bothering me.
“We make our own beds and we sleep in them”. “We reap what we sow”.
I can not stand plain things. I want my senses to be rioted. Jesus is so plain and boring. I want excitement. I want fun.
You mean you want to let your flesh run wild with all its desirous indulgenents.
Yes yes.
Oh by the way out there they are waiting.
Who’s waiting?
All your thoughts have invited many demons to your party.
Party party fun fun yes bring it on.
Your decision.
Thoughts are where it is at. Clean thoughts are for heaven dirty thoughts are for hell.
Dirty thoughts make insane. Clean thoughts make sane. Science can not clean your thoughts.
Go away.
Yes I will.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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