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I just love the simple straight truth of the Holy Scriptures

December 17, 2017

Don’t you just love it? The Scriptures read out clear the soul and heart. The Words of the Scriptures wash out all man’s wisdom. Don’t people just put an artificial veneer over their lives like a plastic covering. God looks at the heart but man looks at the physical looks of people, man looks at titles before a person’s name, man looks at letters after a person’s name. Doesn’t man’s wisdom just stink when compared to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. Man’s wisdom is so artificial and not genuine, it’s fake wisdom. Doesn’t man just glory in him her self. With man’s wisdom to any depth you have to check that your wrists don’t weaken. Man’s wisdom is weak spiritual strength. Man writes books to glory him her self. Not all books are to man’s glory but a lot are. I read books but I mainly keep to memoirs and based on war. I like defence and the good against evil. There’s the battle in the physical but with it there’s the battle for the soul. We are in constant battle preparedness. I say get these people who worship man’s wisdom to work with their hands. No poncing around loving artificial wisdom.

Even at Bible College I sensed that if I gave my thinking to the college theology thinking that my wrists would weaken. College thinking was orientated towards humanism. I learnt only one constructive truth at Bible College and that was that I thought in a straight line whereas most people think up and down like a sine wave. Thinking straight makes me think of a sick person in a hospital linked to a monitor with a screen and the person when alive the screen shows a graph with a electronic line going up and down but when the person dies the line goes in a straight horizontal line. We in Christ should be dead to our old nature, we live for Christ, our thinking is Christ like, Christ is above so we have above thoughts. So Christ is dead we are dead, but Christ was raised we are raised. Heaven is above. We are saved in soul above. Where is heaven? Above? So does the Vatican dialogue with NASA? Is the Pope in communications with the astronauts on the space station above? Are astronauts instructed by NASA to look out for Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is in the physical, we believe that, but is this physical of Jesus an internal understanding? Jesus Christ is real but where is He? Does Jesus and His angels hang around the space station? Is our human spirit really dumb? What is above to spirit maybe is different to what is above in human flesh. Do we learn in spirit to spirit from Spirit. Is God’s understanding only spiritual? Is there a veil over people’s souls? Is Jesus everywhere He wants to go? Is heaven everywhere to Jesus?
Why does Jesus permit so much evil to happen in this world? The answer is simple, God gave humans free will, we are not robots. Do you want God to force people to obey His will? No. We want free will.
So we do not ask astronauts to look out for God. God is in heaven but we understand heaven through metaphor because our human spirit is so stupid. Our human spirit sees physical and our spirit can be fierce and vicious. What our human spirit needs is to learn from the Holy Spirit. God is above, this is for our human spirit in our heart to understand. Our spirit in our hearts can grow wise. Our spirit is our light. We in human spirit are yoked to the Holy Spirit. We in our human spirit learn from the Holy Spirit we learn our true God calling. The soul learns from Spirit of God that he she is saved above. Man’s wisdom does not save the soul. The soul is in the head. The soul is a small shadowy like person. We are a person in the soul because the soul can think. The soul learns that it is saved above. Once the soul is saved nothing can rob that soul of its salvation. Or can one lose their salvation? Maybe. The soul is in the head, does the soul go in circles? When your head is spinning is your soul spinning, going in circles? Run soul run.
I read the simple Holy Scriptures daily. The Words of the Bible are simple truth. The truth sets you free. The truth saves you, not the TRUTH of man’s wisdom but the TRUTH of God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ.
The Holy Bible is the closest we have of the Spiritual truth in Words. We must read it often. We need the Words of the Bible. The Bible is the simple truth. We need to be anchored to a simple foundation. We don’t want to be airy fairy. We want to base our lives on a strong solid foundation. We want strong wrists. True Godly strength is in our wrists. Procreation requires the male to have strong wrists. So I am a straight thinker. I need the simple truth, I love reading the Holy Bible. I need the teachings from the Holy Spirit. I don’t want to be thinking like the worldly people think, I don’t want to be a pervert, I base my life on Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God the Son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 25, 2017

All true answers to life should be understood simply. Anyone making a complex confusing answer to a problem is not talking truth, they don’t know the truth.

Avoid those teachers who do not speak or write the simple truth. Truth should not be long winded. Einstein’s theory of relativity can be understood in a few letters and numbers. Look to straight simplicity in anything. To keep straight, be focussed. To walk a straight line you must look straight at one object ahead. To think straight the same applies you think on one subject ahead. Think of one subject in thought. Objective and subjective focus. Subjective thought can be metaphorical thought on one. To keep focussed you must look at one and concentrate on one. God is one. The head on one’s body is one. The simple truth is one. To get the answers to problems focus on one, and stay focussed on one And the truth may come out. BUT what one do you focus on? Focus on God. How to focus on God? Look at holy scripture. Look at a crucifix with Jesus Christ on. Pray to God. The world thinks the answers to life are found in the most words possible but really only a few words are all it needs. To focus on many is to focus on many gods. We have only the one true God not many gods. To have many gods is Satan’s ruse. There are no real answers in having many gods. Stay away from teachers and preachers who speak and write about there being many gods. Many gods is demon worship. Demon worship is being on the dark side.

Jesus Christ is the true light. Demons are dark.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2017

Our eyes want or need natural light (sunlight not man made light bulbs). Natural is all God made. Artificial is unnatural and is man made. Using artificial man made light to see with does not help our natural eyes, brain, body. Our body and head are natural, God made. Our senses need natural, God made. Eye sight is a sense. It’s the same with our other senses, we need natural for them. Don’t listen to man made. Don’t listen to radios or televisions or any electronic gadgetry. It’s all electronic wizardry. Man made does not help our bodies and heads. Feed natural to our brains and hearts. It’s the same with man made wisdom. Such is unnatural. Unnatural makes our heads and bodies sick. 

If you want to sleep well. Feed your senses natural. Not man made. Not artificial, not unnatural. 
If you want to be regular. Get the shit out. Feed your bodies natural not man made. Eat natural God made food. Fruit, nuts, wheat, barley, fish, animals, birds, vegetables etc; you get the drift. And drink plain water. Drink plain water and plenty of it with your eating of food. We need to make shit and get the shit out of the body. It’s about making good shit and getting rid of it. Don’t eat pretty food. Eat plain food. Drink plain drink. Men are deceived by going after pretty ladies. The Bible says “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”. Pretty food is bewitching. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Many men have gone to hell (And a hellish marriage) because they chose a partner on skin deep wisdom. The bible says “Get wisdom, get insight”. Insight is to see deep, past the skin, to the heart, to the thoughts. Read the book means reading beyond the cover. Read people. Discern thoughts. 
So man is bombarded with unnatural from birth. It’s no wonder mankind is so constipated now. The bodies sanitation system are clogged up. The shit is not getting out. Sanity comes from sanitation and good sanitation. Sanitation means getting the waste out, getting the shit out. Good sanity is good sanitation. Sanity is sanity of the head, the mind, and the head needs the body waste out to be a sane head/mind. Eat and drink natural to get the waste out. Be sane. To get the shit out We need to make a solution. We need water to make the shit. The solution to get the shit out of the body is water. Plain water. Not man made solution water but plain God made water. The water has to be pure to work properly. Water is the simple solution. 
The solution to everything is simple. The simple truth. God is that simple truth. To have a solution we need first to make a solution. We need water to make a solution. But we need a simple solution to fix the complex problem. Simple is ONE and simple is PURE. We need a one clean pure solution. Water of life. Water gives life and water gives a solution. Water makes a solution. God made water. Simple is plain. Plain is straight. Straight is good. Gods Words are simple, pure, clean, plain, straight, truth. Use Gods Words to make a simple solution. Gods Words are the Spiritual Water Of Life. 
Gods Words are natural. The Holy Scripture is God inspired. Read and think on Holy Scriptures. Feed your human spirit and soul. Feed the heart and head. So we need simple plain water and simple plain food for the sanity of the body and we need simple plain Words of God for the sanity of the head/mind/soul. The heart of the matter is a simple heart that beats at a simple heart rate. Don’t complicate the matter. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 11, 2016

 Sir would like water?
Bring it on.

What type sir?

Water water.

But sir what type?

Is there a type now a days?

Yes there is sir.

Dear don’t make trouble.

Gladys I was only asking.

Dear be nice to the waiter.


My name is Bruce sir.

Bruce tell me what types of water are there.

Sir we have the top of the house, spring water from the Swiss alps.

How much?

The cost is only $7 a bottle. 

Rather steep is it not?

For the more budget minded we have Spring water from Australia.

How much? 

$4 a bottle sir.

That’s better.

And sir we have the budget of budget water, recycled sewage water. 


Sir it is quite nice. The Government stands by the clean recycled sewage water. 

Bahh. Not for me. But how much?

Just $2 a bottle. But sir seniors get a concession on the recycled sewage water. 

You think I am a senior?

I mean you are a more mature person.

Dear stop irritating the man. Excuse my husband Bruce.

Sir and madam have senior cards?

Bruce, my husband and I do have senior cards.

That’s recycled water at $1 a bottle sir and madam.

I will not drink someone’s waste water, bring two bottles of Australian spring water. 

Now food. I want something simple. Eggs on toast. 

Sir what type of eggs?

What!!! Eggs!

But sir, free range or cage?

In my youth eggs were eggs. 

Sir free range are more expensive.

Two free range eggs on toast. 


The same as my husband thank you Bruce.

Bruce where is the toilet?

What type sir?

Type of toilet? 

Sir we have seven types of toilet services at this restaurant. 

What are they?

We have unisex that’s ladies and men together. Transgender to male. Transgender to female. Homosexual. Lesbian. Male. Female. 

That’s a lot. 

Yes it’s Government regulations. 

How do you pay for it all?

We have a 10% toilet surcharge on your bill sir.

Never mind I can hold.

(The waiter leaves the table)

Gladys I will be back soon I am just going outside to the back carpark for a quick slash. Its dark no one will see me. I can not work myself around this restaurant toilet maze. 

Ok dear you know best.

Best!!! I just know life is getting so complicated. I believe life started simple but man makes complex. 

Yes dear. You know best.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 9, 2016

I have been watching the television series 10,000 BC recently. I see how hard it is for a small tribe of 21st century modern day thinkers to survive just with Stone Age technology. Well we can hardly call it technology as we define it now; the seeds of technology took root in the way past and survive to this day. We can call technology the result of knowledge. Knowledge came to rest in mankind’s souls and hearts just after the beginning of human existence. People became human beings when God breathed a soul in to them. Knowledge was not a necessary thing for mankind to have in the Garden of Eden as God provided all mankind’s needs. Knowledge came soon after mankind’s soul existence and caused The Fall. The soul brought with it language. What was mankind like before they got soul? Maybe mankind was just a non thinking creature using instinct like other creatures. 

The first Man and Woman lived in a Garden of bliss. This garden had growing in it all the food that Adam and Eve needed for survival. I do not think Adam and Eve were carnivores. This Garden in the beginning was a place of Peace. No creature ate other creatures. Food was in abundance in this Garden. We do call it the Garden of Eden and a Garden as we know just grows plants. Gardens have fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Gardens are not enclosures for animals to be captured and slaughtered for food. Gardens are for growing food, non meat. God placed the first man and woman in this Garden. All the creatures in this Garden were tame (they had nothing to fear). There were no hunters in this Garden. The Garden provided all the necessary food for all the creatures in the Garden. 
But mankind got knowledge. Do we need knowledge to survive? I think mankind needs knowledge to survive in this world. Knowledge was not necessary for survival in the Garden of Eden but knowledge is necessary for survival outside the Garden of Eden. This television series I have been watching, 10,000 BC, proves mankind needs knowledge to survive. Why did mankind get knowledge in the first place when he/she did not need knowledge in Gods Garden. Mankind is greedy. Mankind wanted to be like God. Mankind wanted to know as God knows. We humans want the things that our superiors tell us not to touch or have. Humans basically are naughty children. God says “don’t touch that” and we touch it. God says “don’t eat that” and we eat it. God said to mankind “don’t eat of knowledge” and mankind ate of it. So mankind got knowledge as God has knowledge but what was the problem? God does not like disobedience. Mankind disobeyed God. But still what is the problem for mankind to know as God knows? You tell me. But remember it is said and written that God is a jealous God. Mankind disobeyed God and got knowledge like God has and God in his anger sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Now mankind had to survive but he/she with knowledge and with work was able to survive. Mankind had to learn skills to acquire food. There were the hunters and gatherers. Then also came the livestock herders and the gardeners. Knowledge took root in Adam and Eve and now in our current times knowledge is like exploding. We hope knowledge does not explode in mankind’s face and destroys us all. 
Maybe God ejected Adam and Eve from the Garden because God was providing all the needs, mankind had no need or want, all was provided. Mankind had no need of knowledge to survive in the Garden but mankind turned his/her nose up at God, thinking he/she knew better. So now you know as God knows go and do it your way. Prove you can do it without Gods help. But not in my Garden. 
Mankind can not return to the Garden of Eden times so knowledge has become a necessity. We can not survive without knowledge. The irony of knowledge was that mankind did not need knowledge because in the beginning God provided mankind with all his/her needs. But mankind disobeyed God, got ejected out of Gods Garden and so mankind had to provide his/her own needs. To provide their needs mankind has to work. In the Garden of Eden mankind did not have to work. Mankind has to live with what we call his/her fallen state. The fallen state was to eat of knowledge and get ejected from the Garden of Eden and work for a living (work to survive). The tree of knowledge took root in man and woman and it has been growing for along time. How long has mankind existed? I believe all things begin simple. They say life starts simple and then it becomes complex. Complex is many. One cell becomes many cells. Life starts as a single cell in water. Adam and Eve lived a very simple life in the Garden but in the world (outside the Garden) their lives and their descendants lives became complex. Mankind makes complex. God makes simple. Life is now getting so complicated that mankind is often stressing out. Mankind’s thoughts are getting so wound up that we need time out to unravel all his/her thinking. Balls of knotty thoughts mess up with our thinking minds. Mankind needs time out to reflect. We need a mirror to reflect off. Mirrors are clean or they should be. We need to reflect off clean spirits. Clean minds can help reflect other minds. The Holy Spirit of God can cleanse our minds and hearts. Gods Holy Scriptures can also help us to reflect. The Holy Scriptures act as a mirror and a good sounding board. 
So where does knowledge connect up with Gods vocations for us humans. I see, perceive, that we humans each have a God given vocation. The peculiar thing about our God given vocation is that each vocation has a face that goes with it. Our face on our head expresses in looks our vocation, such is like a spiritually revelation, given off by spirit to spirit. I think knowledge (caused the fall of mankind) is embedded in our God given vocation, but about this I am not sure. I do perceive vocations in people and can not but think that knowledge has to support such God given vocations, so we and God make do with what we have and get on with it. Mankind can not go back to a life of simplicity (in the Garden of Eden). Is knowledge simple? Knowledge is understood according to how much ability one has. Ability is called intelligence. But is knowledge simple? We can try and keep knowledge simple (that is the better way) but mankind often tries to make knowledge complex.
Knowledge is most likely to be with mankind until the END.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 21, 2016

I was in a church yesterday; in the city; the church also open week days. 

I was trying to enjoy the solitude. But my thoughts went into plural. I looked at the communion table at the front. I could not help but notice the sign of the fish inscribed in to the wood work of this table.
My thoughts were this: If I was from another galaxy (but I don’t believe in aliens in outer space) and I came in to this church and wanted to know more about this human species I would see the sign of the fish and could not but think that humans originally came from fish. 
Carbon on/in this earth ages. Humans are made out of carbon as are most or all creatures as are the plant life. Life dies and in that dying life leaves behind amongst other things CARBON. Carbon goes back in to the soil. Carbon makes coal; makes oil; makes diamonds. But to get to diamonds the carbon may take millions of years to transform. 
Everything starts simple. Simple one. Simple one cell. Simple goes to become many. Everything has to have its beginning in ONE. But man wants simple to become complex. One never loses all it’s properties. One can be retained as a bigger one. Life needs water. Life began in water. Water of life. We need water to survive. Life began as a simple cell in water. The soul came later. With the soul came intelligence. With the soul came thought. ONLY humans think; no other life thinks. Soul was given to primates who were called humans. But humans to me came up the ladder of change a different way from the primates we see now. Humans to me had a different evolution (but similar in many respects) to say apes and monkeys we see in this world today. The primates outside human do not think; they have no soul. 
Evolution has credibility. But not exactly the way scientists say. We are not direct descendants the same as the primates we see in the world now.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

In my younger days I was a ambitious man. I wanted success and money. I was godless, knew no God to worship. I knew nothing much. I loved money. I lusted after women. But it was just lust and even though I did go further than lust with some women, the lust was never fully satisfactory. I did like some girls in a fuller connection but they were not to succeed because I just was not mature for a long term full on love affair. There were some girls I seemed to have a spirit soul connection with but alas these affections were not reciprocated. But it was earlier in my college days that I knew I was not getting anywhere (in life). 

In other words I was not maturing. I was not learning. I needed a teacher. I wanted a mentor teacher friend who was Godly and mature and gifted who would guide me in an education of Gods wisdom. But in my youth I knew nothing about wisdom. I expect in my youth the word wisdom had not even entered my vocabulary. In my early 20’s I craved for knowing. I looked at people and thought that they had something that made them aware and gifted. I moved to another job, a job way away from my present surroundings, I lived alone and worked at a job in a town shopping mall. I was very lonely. I had no friends. I struggled to cope. During this time I had thoughts of going to university and learning knowledge. It was like I was being led in these thoughts (by Spirit). I enrolled at university and applied for university accommodation. I was accepted in both. I found the living arrangements at the university hostel very satisfactory. I liked it there and it felt great to be around people. But I needed a teacher. The university studies were horrific I could understand little. But I was determined to carry on. I was never one for the likes of suicide. My mind was a total mess but I tried to do the best I could. I found no teacher for me at the university but a teacher did find me at the university hostel. He was a student but also a practicing Christian. He was into disciple making. I felt comfortable with his style and it fitted well with my getting an education. But not the education from the likes of humanistic teaching but the teachings coming from Jesus Christ. Christ’s teachings were just up my street. I went head long in to learning from the biblical teachings. I found my God, my saviour and teacher. The Holy Spirit came to be my teacher. The Christian teacher led me to Christ and once that was secure I felt I did not need any other teacher but Christ. Christ taught me through His Spirit. I was a very simple man and needed an education but not in the way of man. I learnt not much at all from mans schooling/education; none of that education really grew in me. I understood little from all my mans schooling. I passed qualifications because I some how did the work and just passed but all the learning meant little to me. 
At my first job (just after college and before university) and after about five working years I received a job report. The manager had written in my report: that I would be now considered for promotion but it was dependent on my maturing more. I knew in my heart that I was not maturing and to do the manager and the job justice I would need to leave. I left this job. But a few years prior; I was at this work and in an interval of a few minutes I was sensing a voice talking to me. I sensed this voice saying to me that I was going to write. Now at the time I felt privileged to be spoken to by this voice. It was not a voice like loud or decipherable in a mind way but it was like a perception, I could not hear the exact words in my ears as such but all the same I could relate to something talking to me. Obviously in hindsight it was a Spirit talking to me. At the time I knew nothing about spirit or soul or gods or God or Jesus Christ or Angels. In those days I was devoid of any sort of religion. I was simple. I knew no wisdom. I believed or tried to believe other people. Everyone who knew knowledge were like gods to me. I was a nothing. 
But recently on reading about the simple person and the foolish person I see a difference between them. The fool knows the principles of wisdom but deliberately does not adhere to them. The fool thinks he is wise when he is not. The fool never learns. The fool mouths off all sorts of curses and judgments on others thinking he is right. On the other hand the simple person knows not the principles of wisdom. The simple believe everyone. The simple need wisdom and when led to wisdom they become wise. The fool seldom becomes wise. The fool thinks he has no need of wisdom. The fool is in denial like some alcoholics are in denial. Keep away from the fool. 
I found my wisdom in Christ through the Holy Spirit. My first human teacher led me to Christ’s teachings then the Holy Spirit took over. I have matured in the body of Christ in spirit and soul. I am simple but wise, I learn off God, I believe God in Christ. I am wise now in Christ. I have never lost my simplicity it’s just that I have matured and know right from wrong. I have not become complex in Christ, no. God protects the simple. God teaches the simple. The simple in Christ learn from seeing their enemies defeated. The simple in Christ have all their enemies defeated by God and these enemies either repent or suffer. Christ lives in the simple and every knee has to bow to Christ. The simple person likes to live the simple easy life. In Christ the simple become wise but if the simple avoid Christ they are fed complex. Complex leads to this complex and that complex and leads to layers of complexity that shut out normal simplistic functioning. Complex leads us away from the simple truth. 
The simple person needs the simple truth. Without the simple truth the simple person will never be a success. Feed complexity to the complex person but feed the simple truth to the simple person. With truth the simple person will mature, grow strong, be wise, succeed, prosper and be in good health body mind and soul.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 11, 2014

I had an e mail today offering me a synthetic lawn for the front of my villa. On first looking at this e mail I took a few minutes to get my thoughts even keeled because the thought of synthetic lawn in front of my villa caused a few minutes of windy thinking. Yes I was upset. I do not want artificial lawn on my property. Artificial, synthetic, manmade, plastic, all try to smother out Mother Nature. So who is Mother Nature now? Is she a plastic barbie doll?

Years ago a photo in a woman’s magazine stood out to me. This photo was a picture of a well known Italian actress. This actress was vey old in age but in the photo she looked about 30 years old. I have heard that she has had many plastic surgeries. I mean she is now a lot plastic. Just imagine at her funeral, the priest says “plastic to plastic and a bit dust to dust”. If this actress was cremated there would be a blob of plastic left after her burning.

Girls start their initiation in to mothering by having baby dolls. These dolls are usually plastic. But there are adults that do not give up on the plastic but take it into adult life in their own lives. Plastic is artificial. There is artificial mothering. Women go in to their adult life as barbie dolls. They are barbie dolls. This actress mentioned is a barbie doll.

So we have women smothering out what is natural for what is unnatural. Synthetic is unnatural. Ageing is natural and God ordained. Grow old and enjoy it. Grow old and do not fight it.

So Mum is becoming synthetic, artificial and Manmade. Mum is becoming the barbie doll. Creation is becoming smothered in synthetic. Cover God in plastic. Replace God with synthetic.

We want our real true mothers back!!!!!!!

Mankind is replacing humans with synthetic. Replace mum and dad with manmade. Replace God the Father and Mother Nature with artificial.

But mankind is determined down this path of replacing all God made with manmade. This path is like programmed in to mankind’s psyche so nothing will change it. Mankind is determined that science (knowledge) is mankind’s answer to all problems. So is everyone more or less constipated? Eating the wrong food can mess up with our intestines. We need natural food not unnatural food because our bodies were made for natural by a natural God. Manmade can be so very unnatural. We need simple food for our simple intestines. Manmade can be so complex. Humans make themselves complex. God does not make humans complex. God speaks the simple truth. SIMPLE truth. Mankind lies.

So mankind is pursuing life outside planet earth. But life needs water and food. That’s the life I think of. I see no water outside earth. Mankind is like a whore looking for another Mother Nature. Mankind has whored with earths Mother Nature and defiled it now mankind wants to find a new mother (nature) to whore with. Mankind’s Mother Nature has become defiled (polluted). All our making of the mother into artificial is making mankind in to jerks. There is no putting mans roots deep down in to an artificial Mother Nature. Putting roots down in to plastic is just jerking. Artificial is just being a jerk. You get these women that look like sex sirens – I am afraid to say but such women are just jerks. Pornography is just for immature jerks. There is no deep relationship in pornography.

I see mankind and his pursuit for life outside earth as vain. But what is mankind’s demise? Will it be when our solar systems sun dies out? I do not know, no one knows yet. The mind boggles at such questions. Will mankind send robots to far out journeys in to space? Why send humans when robots can exist up there.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Quotations for Good Health

June 20, 2013

It’s called the simple truth not the complex truth.
The simple things in life are the best things in life.
Want to be wise, first become simple.
The simple become wise.
Complex is mankinds making.
True wisdom is found in simplicity.
To be healthy in life is to be wise.
To be mentally healthy one has to love everyone but not love in the love of evil but to love in the love of God.
Loving of God’s love keeps one mentally healthy and physically healthy.
It is wiser to love of God than it is to love of evil.
Light overcomes darkness; darkness does not overcome light.
God is light; Satan is dark.
Silence is golden.
Peace goes with quiet as war goes with noise.
Two ears, one mouth – I am sure God is hinting at something – Maybe listen twice the time as speaking.
If you have a complex please keep it to yourself I like simplicity.
Sssshhh be careful the person you are talking about might be listening. Want good health choose your words carefully.

“I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and especially his death on the cross” [1 Corinthians 2:2 — Good News Bible]

The house of silence breeds prayer
The house of prayer breeds peace
The house of peace breeds love
The house of love breeds faith and hope

Atheism is a non- prophet organisation.

No body rules
I am the Prime Minister and I rule
No body rules
I am the Mayor and I rule
No body rules
You are deluded my learned friend I am the President and I rule
No body rules
You sir are mad
No body rules
Who does rule then?
Not the body. The Head rules.

War brings the best out in people and war brings the worst out in people.
War is organised chaos.

When the going gets tough the tough get going.
What seems to be too good to be true is most likely not true.
Jesus Christ is truth.

Put a seed in the ground – For it to grow it has to die.
Life comes from death a paradox but its the truth.
We as humans die to live and we live to die.

We humans eat to live and we live to eat.
The rich people live to eat and the poor people eat to live.

Bible; New Testament; Good News Bible: 1 Peter, Chapter 1, verse 18
“….. to set you free from the worthless manner of life handed down by your ancestors”.

Jesus Christ took in his body all our sins and the sins of our ancestors [generational sins] and died to all these worthless sins.

We are worthy through Jesus Christ.

I am clean.

Birds of a feather fly together.
What is one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.
My enemies enemy might be my friend.
My Mother used to say: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
Our visionaries are the Prophets. When a church loses vision bring in the Prophets to bring back vision/ focus to the church.

God is found in silence – our silence.

When mankind and all his/her inventions are silent then we listen to God. God is heard in the noise of the wind; the noise of the birds; the flowing of the stream; the noises of the cattle and sheep; the chirping of the insects; and other God made creations. Manmade creations/inventions noises just snuff out our human spirit.

My heart beats at a simple rate. The rhythm of my heart is simple. We each human in heart immerse in to the greater world and whole universe with the simple beat of of our human hearts. The rhythm of the universal heart beat is simple. The heart beat rate can go faster or slower but it still remains a simple beat. To complex the heart beat makes a heart under tension. The universe (uni –verse) is like as a poetic verse made from a simple rhythm. We must keep our hearts in simple rhythm otherwise we go against God our creator. So keep the rhythm.
Lies fed to a simple heart bring on tension. Lies are complex and truth is simple. The heart does not accept lies because the heart can not digest complex. The heart only digests simplex. We need to have a healthy heart; we need to feed the heart the simple truth. There is so much tension in this world; it starts with words – lies; – the heart is tense – anxious. Speak the truth and its health to the heart thus healthy to the mind and body.

The speed of acquiring knowledge is inversely proportional to the acquiring of wisdom.
Old people learn better. Old people are wiser.
Young people can be wise.
In my older age I learn better.
But knowledge can puff one up. Getting wisdom is better.
Humans want to know as God knows.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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