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MATURITY – feeling person to a thoughtful person

April 30, 2018

I went through the mill. I went from bottom to top. I went through all the feelings of heart led by my heart to a thinking of brain led by brain. I know that feelings when you are led by them is an irrational life. I know now that the head should rule over the body. The body is not in charge, the brain in the head is.

I as a youth, had all the youthful feelings, mixed in with other youth and we attended modern Christian churches where feelings were the craze. You went to church to feel better. You waited all week until Sunday to get another high feeling. Love was about feelings, thoughts were erroneous and not to be parlayed with. I attended these modern churches (called Pentecostal churches) and was glad years later to get these modern church minds out of my head. I am a more thoughtful person now.

Feelings is about personality, thoughts are about character. Build up the character not the personality. Words not feelings. Words are thoughts. Words are God. You stand on your Words not feelings. Actually we stand on the Words of Jesus Christ. Our Words are Jesus Words. Our heart should be full of Jesus Words. The Holy Spirit comes in to our heart. The Holy Spirit is Spirit in Words.

When I was young I had a nice personality. God came in to my life and has made me a nice thoughtful person. I am a person of character. I am a person of Words. My words are me. Personality makes way for character.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Be Head led not Heart led

April 30, 2018

The RULE BOOK I presume the rule book is the BIBLE

The heart should never lead. A pump should not be in charge. The heart is a pump not a brain. The brains are in the head.

It is very immature to be led totally by the heart. The heart is about feelings. But feelings change like the wind. You don’t depend on the wind to lead. You feel one way one minute and another way the next minute.

Princess Diana went by feelings; maybe that was her biggest problem.

Princess Diana went by the heart. But the heart has no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue. The heart does not see, hear, smell and taste so how did Diana live. The senses are needed to survive. If you can not see you are blind, if you can not hear and speak you are mute.

So much for Princess Diana’s advice to her two sons (Her advice was don’t go by the rule book be led by the heart not the head).

The head should rule as its divinely meant to do.

You don’t use the head, the head uses you, you just submit to the head. See hear smell taste.

Feeling is a sense of the body. Feelings can lead you astray. Let the head with the senses direct you. Common sense is headship not heartship. The ship is led by a small rudder, and the body is led by a small rudder the tongue in the mouth. The tongue guides but the tongue without the seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting is a tongue that leads blind and deaf and dumb. The wise person sees from his head. The head is alive. The brain is alive. Be sensible lead with the senses in the brain.

People who are very emotional all the time are body led people and not head led people. Jesus Christ is the head of the body, we are the members of the body. Jesus Christ is above. Submit to the headship of Jesus Christ. Love can be just a feeling but love should be a headship thing not just a body thing, feelings don’t last, feelings can be just for minutes, true love is headship and brain and lives for ever. The brain can love, let the brain love by using the body. The brain uses the body, the body does not use the brain.

Immature people are feelings led. Mature people are head led. The head loves as the God Head loves. Sex is a head thing, the brain leads. Sex without the head, the brain, is just a minutes feelings call it lust. Lust is not love. Lust is selfish and ego.

God is about God Head. People truly loving God with maturity are brain led. Young people are immature and more body led, more heart led, more feelings led. People of the head are of God more than people who are of the body. Many generations of a family can love God and God can use them because they are headship of God people. The prodigals who come in from the wild take years and years maybe generations to get right with the God head. Generations of a family who were led by the body and a descendent comes to God it takes a lot to get the brain functioning properly as God intended it to do. Generations of a family can hate God and without the God headship they can act worthless and are trouble.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 22, 2017

Was Jesus Christ nailed to the cross through His wrists or His hands? Who knows? No one. Does the Pope know? No. I was in a city chapel today. In the front on the wall is a very big cross with a image of Jesus on. The nails on this crucifixion went through the hands. I feel more comfortable with the nails going through the hands rather than going through the wrists. Wrists are more than meets the eye. 

Wrists are about strength. Males want to have strong wrists. Strong wrists mean maturity. Do females have strong wrists? I don’t know. Males use their strong wrists to do their work. Males need strong wrists to make love to women. Strong wrists for a male mean a strong heart and a strong heart means a strong human spirit. What about homosexuals? What about them? I mean homosexuals have weak wrists. Don’t they. I don’t know about female homosexuals having weak wrists but homosexual males have weak wrists. I thought this is so. So homosexual males have what we call limp wrists thus their hearts are not strong and their human spirit is not strong. So do homosexuals have immature hearts? I don’t know.
Strong wrists are needed for work; and love making, this is for the male. Adam the first man was booted out of Eden. Man in Eden had no work. Man was thrown out of Eden to work in the wilderness garden. In the wilderness were many weeds. The soil had to be tilled. Cultivation means tilling, planting, and weeding. But there is a parallel garden, the spiritual garden of each of our lives. We cultivate our minds and hearts. We want to be cultivated people. Cultivated means refined. Refined is purity. Pure is clean. We want to keep the weeds out of our minds and hearts. We want to till our hearts and minds and plant in our hearts and minds word, good words, true words, wise words. We live in a garden in words. Gods Words are the frame of reference of all words. Plant Gods words in us. 
Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross, we all know that, and we are comfortable to believe He was nailed to the cross by His feet but wrists or hands we are in doubt. To nail the hands people think that his body would have dragged down too much making pure agony for Jesus. People seem inclined to think Jesus was also roped to the cross. Wrists have a special connection to human males but females I do not know. And why are homosexual men limp wristed? Do not homosexual men cultivate their minds and hearts? Adam was a gardener, we humans come originally from a garden. Gardening is what’s it’s about. Sowing and reaping. Are homosexuals not sowing and reaping? Sowing and reaping is physical and spiritual. Weeds abound in this world. Weeds are like viruses on a computer, we clean up our computers regularly cleaning away the viruses; we weed out the weeds in our minds and hearts regularly. Words are weeds. We want the good words to grow. Homosexuals seem to not be in the wisdom of Jesus Christ; but why? The God Head has wisdom. Christ is Gods wisdom. The headship of God does not seem to be with homosexuals but what do I know. Homosexuals seem to be in to the human man made wisdom. Man made is artificial and not God made. We are talking about the soul/mind and how it works. The headship of God is the defining factor of what is above. We want the mind of Christ. We want our souls above in heaven saved. We are spirit and must learn in spirit from God Spirit. We are spirit in heart. Don’t be soulish people but spiritual people. Soul is important but we relate to this world from spirit and God Spirit. Soul is saved. Soul is at rest. We fight with spirit and God Spirit not with soul. The head rules the body; the head is above; the soul is in the head; the body submits to the soul mind of Jesus Christ. But our spirit is our sword. We use the sword of the spirit joined to God Spirit to defend us. Spirit is the light and power. Soul is saved and is not the weapon. We have spiritual weapons. Gifts are given to us from high. These gifts are spiritual entities that come in to our hearts. These gifts come from God above. These gifts are not just to help us but to help all the people in the body. We are each person making up a body of many persons. Our spiritual gifts are to help all in the body. You in me, me in you, Christ in us, and we in Christ. We are in each other in the body of Jesus Christ. We are as closest as one word. Words define our existence. We are in words. Adam the soul man and Jesus Christ the Spirit man. We humans must crave to be God Spirit led. Let our souls rest above, let Spirit do the work. Your field of work is simple. Look to the simple way. Your God field of work will be complicated to other people but you will find your God field of work simple. Wisdom of God is simply understood to those who are gifted in wisdom from above. Spiritual gifts are simple, they are like “practice makes perfect”. We in the Christ body each have our gifts or gift. Don’t try and use gifts that you do not have look for your own gifts and use those. Gifts from above can be spiritual person identities that are in your heart. Spirits can be like people but in spirit. Gifted people can not boast. Why boast about something that was given to you. Gifts do most of the work, we just apply ourselves. Most people work in other people’s fields so they become like slaves to other people. To work in ones own field means much responsibility. And you might think your field is too simple, and it does not pay well. People think truth is complicated. To say to them that it’s the simple truth goes over their heads, they do not understand. Satan wants to make you believe in the complicated truth not the simple truth. God is only complicated to those who do not understand. To understand you must keep it simple. Keep away from teachers who do not teach the simple truth. Teachers are teachers in name only; they teach not from their learned wisdom and understanding, they just follow a curriculum that is already set out. You hear very few good insights from teachers. Most teachers have only one good thing going for them, they are intelligent. But teachers know very little. Intelligence is not necessary wisdom and understanding of Jesus Christ. You go to university and teachers never mention Jesus Christ the author of true wisdom. Schooling can be such a farce. God is not welcome at school. So is Satan or the Beast welcome at school? But school must serve its purpose. Even if it’s boring. 
Jesus is not boring. At the chapel in the city today and looking at Jesus on a cross I am comfortable to see the nails in His hands and not in His wrists. But that’s me. I like having strong wrists. Maturity means a lot to me. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

In my younger days I was a ambitious man. I wanted success and money. I was godless, knew no God to worship. I knew nothing much. I loved money. I lusted after women. But it was just lust and even though I did go further than lust with some women, the lust was never fully satisfactory. I did like some girls in a fuller connection but they were not to succeed because I just was not mature for a long term full on love affair. There were some girls I seemed to have a spirit soul connection with but alas these affections were not reciprocated. But it was earlier in my college days that I knew I was not getting anywhere (in life). 

In other words I was not maturing. I was not learning. I needed a teacher. I wanted a mentor teacher friend who was Godly and mature and gifted who would guide me in an education of Gods wisdom. But in my youth I knew nothing about wisdom. I expect in my youth the word wisdom had not even entered my vocabulary. In my early 20’s I craved for knowing. I looked at people and thought that they had something that made them aware and gifted. I moved to another job, a job way away from my present surroundings, I lived alone and worked at a job in a town shopping mall. I was very lonely. I had no friends. I struggled to cope. During this time I had thoughts of going to university and learning knowledge. It was like I was being led in these thoughts (by Spirit). I enrolled at university and applied for university accommodation. I was accepted in both. I found the living arrangements at the university hostel very satisfactory. I liked it there and it felt great to be around people. But I needed a teacher. The university studies were horrific I could understand little. But I was determined to carry on. I was never one for the likes of suicide. My mind was a total mess but I tried to do the best I could. I found no teacher for me at the university but a teacher did find me at the university hostel. He was a student but also a practicing Christian. He was into disciple making. I felt comfortable with his style and it fitted well with my getting an education. But not the education from the likes of humanistic teaching but the teachings coming from Jesus Christ. Christ’s teachings were just up my street. I went head long in to learning from the biblical teachings. I found my God, my saviour and teacher. The Holy Spirit came to be my teacher. The Christian teacher led me to Christ and once that was secure I felt I did not need any other teacher but Christ. Christ taught me through His Spirit. I was a very simple man and needed an education but not in the way of man. I learnt not much at all from mans schooling/education; none of that education really grew in me. I understood little from all my mans schooling. I passed qualifications because I some how did the work and just passed but all the learning meant little to me. 
At my first job (just after college and before university) and after about five working years I received a job report. The manager had written in my report: that I would be now considered for promotion but it was dependent on my maturing more. I knew in my heart that I was not maturing and to do the manager and the job justice I would need to leave. I left this job. But a few years prior; I was at this work and in an interval of a few minutes I was sensing a voice talking to me. I sensed this voice saying to me that I was going to write. Now at the time I felt privileged to be spoken to by this voice. It was not a voice like loud or decipherable in a mind way but it was like a perception, I could not hear the exact words in my ears as such but all the same I could relate to something talking to me. Obviously in hindsight it was a Spirit talking to me. At the time I knew nothing about spirit or soul or gods or God or Jesus Christ or Angels. In those days I was devoid of any sort of religion. I was simple. I knew no wisdom. I believed or tried to believe other people. Everyone who knew knowledge were like gods to me. I was a nothing. 
But recently on reading about the simple person and the foolish person I see a difference between them. The fool knows the principles of wisdom but deliberately does not adhere to them. The fool thinks he is wise when he is not. The fool never learns. The fool mouths off all sorts of curses and judgments on others thinking he is right. On the other hand the simple person knows not the principles of wisdom. The simple believe everyone. The simple need wisdom and when led to wisdom they become wise. The fool seldom becomes wise. The fool thinks he has no need of wisdom. The fool is in denial like some alcoholics are in denial. Keep away from the fool. 
I found my wisdom in Christ through the Holy Spirit. My first human teacher led me to Christ’s teachings then the Holy Spirit took over. I have matured in the body of Christ in spirit and soul. I am simple but wise, I learn off God, I believe God in Christ. I am wise now in Christ. I have never lost my simplicity it’s just that I have matured and know right from wrong. I have not become complex in Christ, no. God protects the simple. God teaches the simple. The simple in Christ learn from seeing their enemies defeated. The simple in Christ have all their enemies defeated by God and these enemies either repent or suffer. Christ lives in the simple and every knee has to bow to Christ. The simple person likes to live the simple easy life. In Christ the simple become wise but if the simple avoid Christ they are fed complex. Complex leads to this complex and that complex and leads to layers of complexity that shut out normal simplistic functioning. Complex leads us away from the simple truth. 
The simple person needs the simple truth. Without the simple truth the simple person will never be a success. Feed complexity to the complex person but feed the simple truth to the simple person. With truth the simple person will mature, grow strong, be wise, succeed, prosper and be in good health body mind and soul.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 13, 2015

Marriage can be like the beginning of a long journey where you pack your bags and carry a lot of baggage. So pack your suit cases it’s a long journey and we need??? to take a lot with us. For the complicated person the traveller sees baggage as part and parcel of travel. But remember you have to carry the baggage. 

The “Human Race” is so called a race because we run, we run to get the highest prize. We want to enter heaven, but we can not run fast if we are carrying heaps of baggage. The runners with the less baggage will win the race. So life is running against others. We want to be the winner. Carrying baggage will slow us down. Coming in to relationships with expectations is also baggage. Expectations is baggage. So we get married and both partners bring in to the marriage their baggage. It’s unwise to carry baggage. Complicated people carry baggage. Simplify ones life, carry little and run the race. Marriage is finding a mate that you can run together as one with. The race does not stop at getting married. Drop all your baggage. Get your needs on the way in the journey. God provides your needs in the race. Wants destroy relationship.

BUT many people are immature. Me thinks that a lot of mental illness is the result of immaturity. Why are some people immature and others mature? I do not know. Maybe immature people grow up in unnourished dysfunctional families where there is no proper true loving nourishment to spirit and soul. In other words there is no real Godly love. God is love. Even having parents pray sometimes for their children must help the children’s spiritual growth. Children growing up in dry unwatered soil will not take root properly. Water of life to spiritually grow comes from Gods Word. Sins of a family passed down the family tree also do not help. Sin cuts the light out and reduces insight. The blind leading the blind. So you get what we call the “Great unwashed”. These unwashed people are living in sin and live dirty lives whereas the “Washed” people are living in the light in clean lives. Dirty living in dirty nests (family homes) hinders maturity. Immature people come in to adult life without spiritual deepness and without spiritual light. Such people flounder in the world’s winds. These immature are not rooted enough so blow around with the currents. Such people can never attain much. Mental illness can be about spiritual growth (the lack of it). 

We get the “Born Agains”. The dirty unwashed people become clean and saved, saved from their sins, saved for heaven above. These people had left God. And their parents or grand parents or going back further or further may have sinned against God and left God (the family tree gets dirty and the rot sets in). These people became mindless and lived for the desires of their bodies. Such people gave up the God Head to worship the body and its desires over the mind of Jesus Christ. Their minds had become dull and dark. They were dirty thinkers living in the dirt of this world. The “Born Agains” confess their sins to God above and their human spirit becomes sane again and their soul gets saved. The “Born Agains” find it hard for a few generations to fit in with those who stayed with God. There is jealously and sometimes animosity. The prodigals are the “Born Agains” and think that God loves them more than the stay at homes (stayed with God). 

Arranged marriages have merit. Such can especially help those who are immature. Finding a mate can be very stressful. Older adults wiser in the ways of people can help younger people find a spouse. Young people looking for a mate, in their lack of wisdom can make the wrong choices. Older wiser adults can guide the less wiser person to a spouse who would be better suited for the person. 
Immature and mental illness can go together as I said. When the immature man or woman come in to sexual awareness they find it stressful coming to terms with sex because of their immaturity. Sexual thoughts then compound the mental illness thus furthering the illness. 
We must look to all things simple:- in what we carry; what we bring in to a relationship; what we understand about God; how we grow up; how we put our roots and grow down; how we understand truth and what we want from life. 
Reading the SIMPLE Words of God in the Bible puts a person on the true track. Otherwise we complicate our lives and get all wound up in baggage. Sin not. If we sin we pray confession to God above. We are human spirit and in spirit we must learn how to pray; how to understand God and how to love our soul in our head where we believe the soul is saved (Above). The human spirit needs to get one as much as possible with the Holy Spirit (in our heart) and seek to save the soul. Our mission is to save the soul through Jesus Christ. Jesus and only Jesus Christ Words can save the soul. We want a WISE human spirit. And the Holy Spirit gives to our human spirit gifts (Spirit gifts); these gifts (spirit persons) live beside us in(side) our heart. 
To understand maturity we think of growth and to think of growth we can look at plants. We grow up towards the light. We need light to grow. We also need water to grow. We need nourishment to grow. The mother needs to be a good place to grow down in to. And we must look to the father as a bringer of light. The home is where we start growing. And letting God in to our lives lets in the light. 
In my youth I did not know God and I really was in the dark. I at times sensed spiritual things but I could not understand them. I had no understanding. I had very little wisdom of God. I was learning from the world, the world’s ways. The world’s wisdom. I was of the world. In the way past I knew not Jesus Christ. I was in the wilderness at the mercy of the Devil. 

I was chosen and saved by God. I am a “Born Again”. I was given understanding. We do not always understand how God saves; to many salvation and growth is a mystery. But we can wonder at it. Just as we can wonder at a design of a snow flake when we see it under a microscope.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 12, 2013

Boys grow from their mothers to their fathers. A boy is born from the mother but looks to the father for direction. The mother nurtures the boy as the earth nurtures a plant. The boy starts as seed in the mother like as plant seed begins in the earth. The mother lets the boy grow towards the father. BUT there are cases, no doubt many, where the mother hates the father. Such hate could have begun as love and turned later to hate. The mothers hate turns on the boy.

See the boy is like a filling between two slices of bread. (The parents are like the two bread slices).The boy is as like in the father and the father is as like in the son. To get to the father the mother has to go through the son. The son gets controlled by the hateful mother. The son suffers the mothers hate for the father. The son gets controlled by the mother. The mother smothers the sons affection for the father. The mother smothers the boys spiritual growth. To grow spiritually the boy has to look to the father. An analogy is Father Sky and Mother Earth. Mother control can stop a boy from maturing. To mature is to grow; I am talking about spiritual maturity. Mother control can make the boy mentally unwell. Humans need to mature for any proper stability and this includes sexual stability. For a mother to smother a son she smothers the boys sexuality. The boy needs to mature to be able to relate to people in say work or say friendship relations. Mother control is about rebelling. The mother rebels against the father. The boy gets confused about direction in life, he never seems to find mature relationships. The mother is like the god to the boy. The boy even might learn to hate the father as the mother hates the father. The mother can not control the father but she can get the son, she tries and takes the son away from the father. The mother to win against the father takes his son. The son in this immature spiritual state can never really leave the mother and never matures to be like a/the father. The boy never matures enough to be like a proper father. The mother can destroy the boys chances of ever being a mature father. Mother control is unGodly. The mother works against what is the natural order of things. The father needs to be the overall authority in a family. The mother needs to submit to the father. The earth is below the sky as the mother is Mother Earth and is below the Father Sky. The seed comes from the father and is sown in the Mother Earth but the seed grows UP to the father sky. All plants grow UP. The boy needs both mother and father to mature. Mothers need to love the father and son and let the son grow UP towards the father. The son does not become like the mother but like the father. The boy becomes the father and gives the seeds. The cycle goes on. The boy does not become the mother. Jesus is the same as the Father. Jesus is in the Father as the Father is in Jesus. Jesus and the Father are ONE, but two persons. In real life sons and fathers should be one just as Jesus and the Father are one. Because of sin we humans do not realise the father and son sameness; but we should. Very few people get to this realisation.

We humans are spiritual. We are spirit. God is Spirit. God in Spirit can help the boy back on track. God can guide the boy to the father. The Bible is full of words of wisdom and can help the human spirit know what is the truth. Jesus came to take away the sins of the fathers and mothers (generational sins) and put people right with God. God gives people a second chance at making it right in life. Jesus took all our sins and our parents sins and our grand parents sins and all generational sins; all the foul sins of our ancestors, into his body and died to them. Jesus gave us another chance at life. Ancestral sins come through the family and the parents pass on these ancestral sins to their children. But this progressive carry on of sins can come to a stop; at the foot of the cross with Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Give the sins to Jesus. Jesus on the cross is the power and wisdom of God. Only through Jesus can our sins and the sins (acquired) of our ancestors be forgiven. We are reconciled to the FATHER GOD only through Jesus Christ. Our ancestors may let us down, our parents may let us down, we can even let ourselves down, BUT God never let’s us down. Believe in God and His Son Jesus and believe that Jesus will make things right. Have Faith.

Immaturity is a form of what we call mental illness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2013

Feelings, feelings, feelings. I feel in love with God. I feel in love with my wife or girl friend. Feeling is touch. Feeling is a motion to touch. You are moved by feelings to touch. Emotion is a motion (moved) to touch/feel.

Young people base their lives a lot on feelings. Immaturity is based a lot on feelings. Mature people are more rational (reason) they discern and do not let feelings control their lives. Feelings can be so irrational. It is better to be a mature thinker. People’s feelings change, they are called mood swings. Wise people think and think wisely. You can feel in love with a person one day and not feel in love with that same person another day. To look to feelings for happiness is wrong. Feelings are about self. Feelings can lead to depression; you feel low. Rational thinking is having a mind of reason. To be sane is to have reason. You love God for reasons not for high feelings. Young people love to feel good. There are modern Christian Churches where young people go to these church gatherings just so as to feel good; feel on a high; they get addicted to highs at church; it becomes like a drug. People want to feel joy. Feelings/touch is so unreliable. You should not let feelings direct your lives. You love someone for a reason(s). Love is touch/feelings to a point (you of course touch your spouse) but touch in love should not be the end all; reason has to be the main purpose of love; never lose your reason. Reason of God is to be wise. If Jesus Christ appeared on this earth right now you do not go and feel/touch him. You do not touch God (there are warranted reasons to touch God but only if such touching is of a clean pure nature). Affection and feelings are aligned. Feelings are not a good foundation of a marriage or any relationship. Think, think, discern. To have feelings as a basis of life will lead to lows and highs, and can lead to suicidal tendencies. Don’t base your life on feelings. Immature people run on feelings; mature people are more rational (reason). Touch as a sense should be very disciplined. Use the senses in the head first. The head rules; the senses are in the head. Before you go touching someone first use your head senses and think/discern. Your head protects the body. The head is alive; it has the mind of Christ (Christians have the mind of Christ or they should have). Mental illness can be caused by going too much on feelings. Rational thought keeps one sane. Feelings in excessiveness can make an irrational life.

A rational life is a mature life. A rational life is an understanding life. You understand and you are wise. Wisdom (through Jesus Christ) gives happiness; feelings don’t give happiness.

P.S. I liken a person who goes a lot by feelings to a blind person (no offence meant here). The blind person does not see so they try and guide themselves by touch/feel. Take a person who lacks insight they too would try and find their way by touch/feelings. Insight allies itself to wisdom. The person who lacks insight is a person who usually lacks wisdom. Feelings do not make a person wise; insight can wise a person up.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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January 14, 2013

Yesterday I had an awkward experience. I was in a Catholic Church and meditating. I like to call meditating ‘reflecting’. Well here I was reflecting. I was way up front of the church. The church was near empty. This church is open all day for prayer and meditation. Mass is midday but it was now afternoon. I sat in my seat, as always very quietly. I had my eyes shut but knew a person was walking near me. I inwardly shunned this person hoping they would not disturb me. But no my quietness in this case was not to be. I opened my eyes, a young man was walking towards me. He got close to me, I looked intently at him, I was not glad of his presence, he started to speak to me, I was eyeing him, he looked afraid, he was about to leave me, I noticed the young man had longish hair something I do not approve on a male. Why? The head of a male should not be covered, the head is to glorify God. As he was to leave, I said to him “Go on, say what you have to say”. I was being a bit facetious with him and I was also thinking “He might just be the real mcCoy he might have a message from God for me”.

But alas what he said has troubled me ever since this encounter. I should have read the signs more properly at the time; when he first looked me in the eyes he was going to leave me but I inadvertently thought there might be a message from the divine for me. The long hair and the afraid to speak at first were obvious signs but not enough for me to know exactly. He looked gung-ho, a young man making out that he was clever. Clever of things of God.

On reflection after this encounter I can only think of the Pentecostal Church denomination. I align him in my thoughts with the said denomination. I in my early Christian days flirted with the Pentecostal religion; it was vexing on a number of occasions but I stayed with it trying to learn but alas my learning did not seem to generate the maturity I was after. I found growing more sustainable within the conservative traditional denominations. I am presently with a traditional congregation and here I have matured. Where I worship I am in a church that is in the holy catholic communion. This makes our church Catholic but not Roman Catholic. Most of the conservative mainline traditional churches are aligned with the holy catholic communion. And of course the Roman Catholic Church belongs to the holy catholic communion. I find the Pentecostals are more heart led than led by the head; the brains come second to them where the heart comes first. They seem to be an immature minded denomination.

Lets go back to my encounter with the young man; so the man spoke, I asked him to speak, he seemed shy now and mumbled some words about let the heart lead and that in this church I will not get my spiritual needs met. He then left. I thought at first he was saying something profound and that it was a special message to help me. But alas what he said has triggered off a lot of my known thoughts from my experience in Pentecostal churches in the past. I never now go in to Pentecostal churches; I try and avoid them. I never really enjoyed all the loud music and hyped up atmosphere. It was like a concert. There at the front was the most attractive girl or girls singing at the front holding a microphone leading the congregation in to a frenzy of feelings of so called joy. To me it was all feelings and these people get addicted to the joy feelings so they look forward to coming back for more and more. The feeling highs last only a short time. The males are staring at these attractive girls who are leading the singing worship and it looks like something out of one of these big entertainment concerts where the girl at front is “dressed to kill”. Slain in the heart. I think of glamour here, a glamour church. The Pastor all kitted out in his suit and tie looks like he is a successful business executive who is trying to sell you something. The feelings in such a church go on the high; the music uses mood music to generate the high. It becomes addictive this high in feelings. But like all feelings they have to come down to base. So is this church conversant to growing in maturity. For me probably not. I over time see feelings as a danger rather than a good. I see being rational as a better rule to live by. I see that maturity means maturity in thought and living by mature thought not by feelings. I do not want my heart to rule; I want my head to rule. Jesus rules from above. Jesus is the head. The Holy Spirit helps but Jesus above rules. The head is above and should rule. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit in to our hearts to help us but it is Jesus above who rules.

So we get these people who are called “Born agains”. These people are the prodigal sons and daughters. They and maybe their ancestors (Maybe going way back) left God. They thought they were clever. They whored and warred. Now I myself was a born again. Yes the born agains come back in to the body of Christ. They think now God favours them; yes it looks that ways at times but the real truth is far from the way it looks. Yes the prodigal son / daughter does come home but we must not forget that there was already a son / daughter at home and these stay at homes did not whore and war. These stay at homes stayed with God. With the return of the prodigals there is sibling rivalry. Rivalry for the Fathers love and blessings. Sometimes the rivalry never stops and sometimes there is animosity here. The prodigals get on a high and never want their high feelings to stop. The prodigals never seem to settle down and live quiet lives; they are so happy to be home and want the Father to keep on giving them things.

The young man that came up to me in church did not bring a message of solidarity. His message was divisive. He said to me to “let my heart lead”; this to me was obviously wrong. Feelings and immaturity seem to go together. We do not let our feelings lead us. A mature person uses reason. The head rules with reason. The heart seems to be the seat of feelings (Emotions) and the head has the seat of reason. Reason is to learn and mature. Reason has ‘Who, what, where, when, why and how’. We must question and sift. Sifting is called discerning. Discerning is to be wise. Wisdom leads to maturity.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

14th January 2013.

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