(True life is not artificial) (Artificial is manmade)

News: Man survives first week with artificial heart after world-first operation.
Artificial heart; what about a artificial brain. Can we do it, make a brain? And will this artificial heart continue to work? But man making a brain; man makes just about everything else. Seems stupid to think about an artificial brain, But But. So we are going down a path of part robotic human beings; part machine, part human. BUT man making a brain; seems so weird. So man is on a QUEST of ARTIFICIALITY. Man made as versus God made. “God made mankind simple but mankind has made themselves very complex”. The simple person sees simplicity, sees humans in a simple view, sees humans simple rather than complex, sees life as a simple view, wants life as simple; complex to the simple person is not understood. Simple people are like more child like, they are more innocent, they understand only the simple things; complex things to the simple are confusing and too complicated to understand.

True teachers of God teach from a simplistic approach. True teachers understand all truth is simple. True teachers explain everything in true simplicity. True teachers understand that all things begin simple and that God’s Wisdom is not complex, confusing and complicated but God’s wisdom is a growth from a one simple seed of true God WISDOM. God is about growth. You grow wise of God. Seeds grow. Start simple, nurture the simple seeds and God will give growth. True Learning is about growth. Mans (mankind’s) learning is all complex. God’s learning is about relationship. We relate to God; we have a relationship with our true teacher God (the Holy Spirit). Human wisdom, learnings, is not about relationship; students do not have a relationship with the human teachers; if they did or do its a relationship mainly based on the flesh (carnal).

Relationship learning is the only best way of learning. And God is our Father. We relate to a loving Father who we can trust. Human teachers you can not trust. Human teachers are just hired hands they run when the wolf comes. Hired teachers just protect the flock in name only; the real truth is that hired hands do not really protect the flock (the students). Dogs can attack the students and the hired teachers just look on doing nothing to help. Bullying in schools is rife and a lot of teachers do not help. Teachers do not want to get involved because the dogs might turn on them; and then their lives will be traumatised.

So true God teachers teach the simple truth, not a so called complex truth. True teachers teach true simplicity, KEEP IT SIMPLE. True teachers understand all true life things grow. And these teachers understand God only gives the growth; so telling a student to grow up is nonsense because humans do not give growth. True teachers relate to the students, they act like a father, brother, sister or mother. True teachers keep pure in mind, thought, word and deed. True teachers pray often to God for their students. True teachers read the bible often and read it to their charges. Learning can be wide but the true teachers always keeps the learning within a framework, that framework is the understanding in the bible. Learning is about life. Learning is about the living. We learn to discern, we grow, mature then get more discerning. Learning is a lot about discerning. We discern to learn. We understand by discerning. To discern is to have insight. We use insight to learn.


(Man made teaching is not life)
(The Tree of Life is not artificial)
(Man made teaching is artificial)

THE TREE OF LIFE – eat of it.
I think the essence of understanding about The Tree of Life is that this Tree is about LIFE. The key word here is LIFE. Learn about life. We learn so much from experiencing life.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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