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DAD and MUM (both R.I.P.)

March 21, 2019

I was on the phone with my mother. She was in a giggling mood something not usual for her, actually it was quite unusual. My mum was now very old. Mum was on the fringes of dementia, it was the start. Mum and I talked on the phone now and then, she lived over in East Australia, I lived in Perth West Australia. What characterised our calls was the vexation I got from talking to her. It started slowly and wound itself up. After a few minutes talking it was quite noticeable. This happened every time we spoke over the phone. Dad, no, he never vexed me. (Vexed as in troubling my heart). One of the last times we spoke and before dementia kicked in Mum was acting irrational. She was giggling a bit. Mum said “there is something you will never find out”. Oh yer. She then said “you were not adopted”. Yer. “You were a big baby”. I did not push the point, she seemed to be talking irrational and not her same self so I let it be. On reflection now I consider Mum was hiding something from me and that may have contributed to the vexing of my heart when I spoke with her.

Let’s go back earlier to 1980. I became a Christian. A simple soul received Christ. Dad also changed. Later Dad said he was enlightened. I did not change just like that; my enlightenment has come slowly like a growing thing. I grew in wisdom, still am. Enlightenment to me is wisdom. Makes me think of Jesus Christ, He grew in wisdom and stature. Dad did not grow in wisdom, his wisdom came just like that in one go. I envied Dad for many years having his so called enlightenment. I would ask Dad questions and often was amazed at his answers. I remember Dad losing his car keys once when we were out and about, I did a simple prayer to God, Dad went straight for the keys, I was amazed.

Dad never vexed me but Mum she often vexed me. After I received Christ a while later Mum was having problems with her heart. Regularly she had to go to a medical place to get connected to a machine that helped her heart beat properly. Mums heart beat was going out of sync. The machine she was attached to helped get her heart beating right. Dad mean while was a picture of health, he looked 20 years younger than his age. He looked in his 40’s when he was older in his late 60’s. Dad never properly aged until much later.

Dad in coming in to his so called enlightenment said once to me that he was like an astrophysicist. Dad loved science and learning it, much to my annoyance. Dad had spent all of his working life in the New Zealand Post Office in the Radio communications section. Dad was a radio technician. Dad knew his job quite expertly. Dad was no radio technician to my enlightened mind, Dad was a Provost Marshal in the Army (British). I never told Dad this calling of his, I only myself understood it later in life after he had died. Mum I don’t know her God calling, and in many ways I am not interested in finding it out but it might come to me for sure one day.

Science and me don’t get along that well. Spiritual and physical are two different realms. I love learning about the Spiritual realm with God in charge not the physical realm, though I see and can perceive the physical realm from spirit eyes and can see patterns of thought pertaining to physical that obviously God and Satan are involved in. My main endeavour is with Gods Kingdom not the world. I do though follow world news and care for living life and want a better world for the living Church to live in. I hate injustice for example and want fairness for people I want mercy for people; I stand out in wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Jesus when in this world had not come to save Israel but to save souls. The Apostles were hoping Jesus would free Israel from the Roman tyranny. Jesus Kingdom is not off this world. Jesus had no interest in saving Israel from the Romans. Science and getting up in to the physical heavens does not interest me. Dad was interested in the physical heavens, he even bought a telescope and studied the heavens at night. Dad was one of the founding members of the Wellington (New Zealand) Planetarium. Dad was now retired and spent many days at the Planetarium, he was the technical officer and also ran the big projector giving shows for the public. Dad gave his time and expertise for free. I see the heavens up there in the physical have no water; yes I think there’s no water outside earth. We have a mother (earth) and one mother is enough. Mother Earth provides our water. No other planet has water. That’s what I think. I could be wrong. Life needs to have water. We need this earth and it’s water. We can take water with us to other planets or the moon. Can we humans make water? Maybe, maybe not. If we can make water then eureka we can inhabit other planets. I think man can not make water.

Dad’s science did not mesh with me well. I also think Dad wasted his time as a radio technician all those years, he was in the wrong calling, he was no technician in the God sense. Me, I am a Prophet. I am no radio technician, I am no Provost Marshal. Was Dad a simple soul? Maybe. When I received Christ I had quite a few spiritual revelations come to me over the years. I also saw my Dad in spirit. (My human Dad not my God Dad in this case). Dad was unique in human spirit. Dad was pure, clean, simple but wise, had no cunning, was straight and plain, was very quick, was all healthy. Dad was a picture of health all over in human spirit; I liked it a lot. Dad had changed when I received Christ. Dad was now the sanest person I ever knew. Dad was a new person. Dad was blessed. Mum? Mum was different. Mum was hiding something from me. Mum seemed not to have made peace with God. Whatever she was hiding she took it to the grave. I hope Mum is okay in the after life.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


SCIENCE AND HEAVEN – A Prophets lament

January 11, 2019

I have often felt like a persecuted Prophet.

Now I see how Jesus Christ must have felt; Jesus born in a stable amongst the farm animals. How humans have everything upside down in their wisdom. Christ, Gods Son, made out to be rubbish. God’s wisdom made out to be rubbish while Man’s wisdom is made to be superior.

Man makes his her heart to be the brains behind his her body. The intellect rules from the heart to Man. The seat of intellect is the heart and the brain is bypassed. Man bypasses the brain and thinks it’s not needed, Man brings in artificial intelligence. “We don’t need God” Man says ”we can replicate God, we can even replicate Gods intelligence”.

In God’s will we are not meant to use the brains, the brains use us. We don’t use God, God uses us. Simple. We just obey. We obey by not sinning.

Progress for Man is raping the earth (Mother earth – Mother) and making things; man creates; Man makes from what he she takes from the Mother. Mother Nature is abused. She is raped day and night. Man then pursues The Father and The Father is above. Man wants to get up there. Man is destroying Mother Earth, there is no other Mother. Man needs to be grounded with the Mother, rooted in to her. Man seeks to be with the Father so Man looks to going up there in the physical heavens. There is a CATCH 22 here. To go up there to Man is in someways to find new life, to find answers to life in this universe, to find God or god or a super being. But Man also wants to find a place to live when this Mother Earth is destroyed (by fire, by nuclear weapons, by whatever maybe solar storms)(Mother Earth won’t die she will renew herself). So Man is destroying his her Mother and seeking out the Father (up there?). We need the Mother and the Father. There is no other Mother Earth. We have only the ONE Mother. The CATCH 22 is that the more we try and go up there the more we rape the earth to get up there. We need the Mother Earth to supply us with the things that make up what we build to get up there. The more we rape the Mother Earth the more we have to find another Mother Earth to replace the Mother Earth we destroy. We must not destroy our Mother we have to be grounded to our ONE Mother to keep our sanity. The more we go up there we lose our grounded ness, we lose sanity.

In life we take and take from the Mother. The Mother loves her children and gives and gives. We take and take. The Mother hurts but children don’t care. We want to take everything the Mother (earth) has. We don’t care about the Mother (earth) we care just about ourselves. Humans are so selfish.

Man’s wisdom is not Jesus Christ’s Wisdom. Man is only interested in his her PROGRESS. Progress is making money. Progress to Man is ONLY about making money.

I might have it wrong about the errant way of Man seeking out God or a super power up there. I might have it wrong about science. I am just a simple, plain, straight person. I am no human scholar with high qualifications. I don’t profess to have high intelligence. I am simple, but I want pure thoughts. I hate thinking impure. I like it when the sea of thoughts of Man (his her) do not impinge on my thinking. I hate crooked thinking. I want to be on the top of God’s thinking. I want straight thinking, straight on God. I used to be off the world before I came to God or God came to me, I have gone from one track thinking of the worlds thoughts to one track thinking of Gods thoughts (through Jesus Christ).

Man (he she) seeks answers to life up there. Man wants to go up there. It might be Gods will. But I see it different from Man. I see death to this world. I see fire to this world. Am I full of doom? I see life, eternal life for many souls. People think Man’s progress will go on and on but progress of man is destroying in its wake. The earth is being destroyed, Gods creation is being destroyed. Man’s progress is costing. There is no free ride to progress. People suffer in Mans progress. Progress is about making money. Money is about materialism. Man is basically a capitalist. Man loves things.

Man will go up there and the world will die. The Earth won’t die, the Earth will renew itself. We don’t kill the Mother Earth. The world sits on the Earth. Fire will destroy this world. The Mother will live on. Humans need the Mother (Earth) to survive.

I am a Prophet, I See, but I might see it wrong. But all good things come to an End. Progress comes to an End. Evil comes to an End. The world comes to an End. There’s always an end to a beginning. God though is eternal and if we are in God we too have eternity.

The CATCH 22. The more you go up there to find answers the more you lose connective ness to the Mother (earth), the more you don’t go up there the more you don’t get answers to life. You go up you lose out on the Mother, you don’t go up, you lose out on the Father.

But heaven and Hell are spiritual revelation not physical revelation. Science can not understand God. God is Spirit. Science is ONLY about the material physical. Heaven is within and hell is within. There are two main bodies, one, Gods and the other Satans. Two living bodies. We live in one of these bodies. We are spirit. We are soul. Satan’s body is commanded by the Dragon. The snake deity is the member of the Dragons body. Snakes live for this world and go with Satan to hell in the End Times. Hell is in Satan’s body. In Gods body is heaven.

Science sees God up there in the physical because science is just about the physical and not the spiritual. Prophets who are known as Seers have strong insight. Insight helps one to see in the spiritual. Heaven to science is up there physically. Man understands from science. Man is taught that science will save us. Science saves no one. Okay science does help the physical body. Science though does not save the soul. God can give us eternal life, science can not give us eternal life. If God gave you a choice of either being a Prophet or a scientist what would you choose? Say no more.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“The Tower of Babel”

January 11, 2019

This tower was built so humans could get closer to the heavens. God to humans is in the physical heavens up there.

Man wanted to be close to God. God is the creator. Man thinks their creator is up there. The brain is up there and the brain is in charge of the body so I see why man would think their creator is up there in the physical. The brain could have created the body. So do we have an objective God and also a subjective God? God within and God out there. I also want to know. With The Tower of Babel the creator God was not pleased. Why would God the creator not be pleased with man wanting to be close to Him? God was so displeased that God scattered mankind over the earth and caused mankind to lose his her one common language; mankind now had many separate groups each having their own language. Mankind was not so strong now, he she had lost unity. No more common language, no unity to defy God, no Tower of Babel.

Mankind has not lost his her desire to be close to God. The human spirit in the heart of man and woman seeks the up there. The human spirit believes that God is up there, and that the ‘up there God’ made them (made human spirit). What? Human spirit was made by ’the up there’, up there is where? Does God reside in the brain of man and woman? We know the Holy Spirit God comes down in to the heart. So we have God in the heart, so is God also in the brain? People who have ‘after life’ experiences talk about a incredible strong light. Is there a strong light in our brains? Heaven in the brain? But what about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and our our getting new bodies? So when we get our new body is heaven all around then? Heaven is out there and within. Heaven is only out there when we get our new bodies. Where do we go in the interim between when we die and when we get new bodies in the Second Coming? Do we sleep in this interim? Where do we sleep? I don’t know. We die but only our physical body dies, our soul sleeps and our human spirit returns to God? Our soul awakens at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. So brain made us, who made the brain? God? Spirit? We in human spirit go perverted, we look to materialism as our God, we look out of our human hearts and lose touch and reality with Gods Kingdom. God’s Kingdom is not of this world. God’s Kingdom is a spiritual Kingdom. We look to physical to know the truth when we are spirit and should be looking to the spiritual for our truths. God made the out there. Creation is God made but we don’t have a relationship human spirit to Gods creation we have a relationship from our human spirit to God Spirit. We are spirit. We are spirit in the heart of the human body. But mankind thinks they are clever to seek truth out there in the creation; truth is with the creator, the creator is Spirit. Mankind has a relationship with the creation not the creator; dumb. To have a relationship with the creation dumbs the human spirit, it also perverts the human spirit.

Mankind with his her love to get ‘up there’ (when ‘up there’ should be the human spirit in the heart to the brain up there in the head) is just a selfish pursuit of dumb perversion. The more mankind gets up there in his her understanding the more God must be getting angry. God got angry when mankind made The Tower of Babel. So what happens? The more mankind goes on his her dumb pursuit of seeking truth and God ‘up there’, another Tower of Babel God seeking, it brings us closer to the “times up” of the scientists dooms day clock. Scientists know time is ticking to the end. The more mankind pursues God in his her own way the closer the “End of the world” comes. There is only ONE earth and there is only ONE heaven. There is only ONE God. God wants a relationship with you but you seek God elsewhere. God is Spirit. You don’t understand.

I don’t believe any life is up there in the physical heavens. Up there is just outer space. It’s a fools errand to seek life up there. Water is ONLY on this earth. The more you go up there the more we forgo our brains and go artificial intelligence. We lose our grounded ness to the earth. We must be grounded to Mother Earth. A lot of scientists don’t believe in God the creator. Einstein did not believe. Stephen Hawking did not believe. Science is taking us away from God we are going artificial.

I mulled in my thinking since writing the above today and what I thought was that because we are soul and spirit it sometimes gets confusing as to – what are we learning to who? Who as in when is the soul learning and when is the human spirit learning. We are spirit and soul in a physical flesh body. Our human spirit seems to be in the heart and our soul seems to be in the head. I could be wrong. God saves the soul. But is human spirit saved? When we die soul sleeps until awakened at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and soul gets a new body. When we die human spirit goes to God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 11, 2019

It was 1999 about mid way through the year, about May or thereabouts. I was a full time student living on campus. The campus was very nice; lovely lawns and trees and shrubs, it was an idyllic setting.

The accommodation was very nice; like motel units, self contained, not old. The class rooms were very roomy. There was lunch provided in the main dining room; when I arrived we had a chef who assisted by students prepared cooked meals for us but not long later the College tightened its budget and the chef was laid off. We now had a live on campus male students wife preparing salads and such like for lunch (they were okay and plentiful it was like a salad buffet), gone were the delicious cooked meals from a chef. My first room was in a two bedroom unit, I shared this unit with another student. Later I was moved to a three bedroom unit. Social life for the students was hot; there were dinners at other units and group car rides to restaurants in the city, walks to the beach nearby, table tennis in the recreation room, biking around the environs. There was no time to be lonely especially if you were sharing your unit with an extrovert who had all in sunder around to our unit. I was often invited to other units for dinners simply because I shared a unit with a male student who was very sociable. I was the introvert. We were single males and most dinner invites were to the student ladies (they were single females) units. We also ate a lot Asian food because we had many single female Asian students living on campus.

Off to class. I was studying a number of subjects. Now to come to teacher A. Teacher A was in charge of the spiritual formation class subjects. What the College meant by spiritual formation and how it would affect our lives beggars belief. Do these teachers here form our human spirits? I don’t know and if so how do they do it? So here I go to teacher A’s first class in spiritual formation, I do not remember the subject name of this class. Teacher A was introducing himself to the new students. You can start class subjects half way through the year, a lot of subjects are half year duration, some are full year. Teacher A said that he was, wait for it, a “Humanist”. What!! Bells went in my mind. No one seemed to notice Teacher A’s confession, no one queried it to the teacher, I did not. A humanist teaching at a Bible College. No way it can not be.

Let’s get some light here on Humanism. Humanism is a response to religion. We know the saying “Every force has its equal and opposite force”. Humanism is a force against religion. Humanism does not have to necessary mean anti God but it is anti religion. In the way past religion controlled the masses. Communism was also a response to religion, Karl Marx said “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. Marx was a Jew but he obviously was a Jew in denial. Communism was a response to the decadence of the rich, the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class who owned land and were rich. Religion, to the communists, encouraged the capitalists to control the proletariat, the working class. The Tzar and his nobles used religion to confirm their status.

Now I do not say that teacher A at Bible College was a communist. Humanism comes in many types, it’s so complex that after years and years of adding to this ideology no one knows simply what it is in a nut shell. But humanism does keep its emphasis on being non religious. Non religious can still mean God believing. You don’t need to be religious to believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in His time on this earth made enemies of the religious Jews. Religion can often be just just about the outer self, it often portrays as righteous when it is only self righteous. Religion does not save the soul, it may help a bit, but Jesus Christ saves the soul. “God’s Kingdom is not off this world”; quote the Bible. Religion can be off the world. God is about the inner person, the spirit and soul person. We change people or God changes people or what we say converts people from the inside. Soul is inside the body. Religion is about the outside, so it can not save the soul? Karl Marx and communism were trying to change people from the outside. Communism was an outside response to rich people and religion. Now Russia was having it bad under the Tzar. Peasants as they were called were living hand to mouth while decadent nobles were dancing at extravagant balls in large palaces. Supply and demand. There was a demand for a better life for the Russian workers and the likes of Karl Marx were trying to supply this better life. The Tzar really needed to reform the country. Reformation is needed often after regular introspective reflection. Reformation should be part and parcel of life. We grow we must reform as we grow. The Roman Catholic Church is antiquated in its reforming. Now we see the Catholic Church leaking all over, its priests are a disgrace. Faulty plumbing needs updating regularly.

God does not change from the outside. We must change from the inside. Words change us in soul and Spirit. God is the supreme Words. We listen. We want the soul/mind/heart of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus Christ is God the Son, don’t we? Humanists defy religion but that does not mean they have to defy Jesus Christ as God the Son? I don’t know about teacher A and his beliefs on Jesus, he never revealed anything other than saying he was a humanist.

Teacher B might reveal something here more on humanism at this Bible College. Teacher B also taught spiritual formation classes and was allied to teacher A. I think teacher A and teacher B saw eye to eye on many ideology truths or untruths. Teacher B revealed that his father had been or was still a Christian church minister. Teacher B rebelled against his fathers job. Teacher B hated all that his father stood for in his fathers religion. Teacher B hated religion, in this case I think it was mainly traditional Christian religion he hated. Teacher B never said that he was a humanist; I think he veered in this direction but he was shy of publicising it. Teacher B was anti religion enough to include in his teaching syllabus a must watch movie. This movie was about a woman who moved to a small town (in Europe) and opened a shop selling chocolates. The town was full of very catholic religious people who controlled the minds of the people. This woman tried to teach the towns people an alternative way of ideology one based not on works but on faith. So we get Teacher B’s adversity to traditional religion in his high recommendation to watch this movie. Martin Luther started Protestantism (protest) on the back of – ‘faith not works saves the soul’. But James in the Bible says “Faith without works is dead and works without faith is dead”. So we can not just be couch potatoes and do nothing. Idle hands are the Devils tool. Work with our hands.

I mentioned communism had links to humanism but humanism started to the West in Greece. We got the thinkers Socrates and Plato. Philosophy to the West stems from Greece. We get science from the philosophy beginnings. Science grew and grew, it was like a tree, the tree of knowledge. Religion saw science as a threat and tried to contain it. The religious church grew too. Catholicism had a hold on learning. Next we get the renaissance beginning in Florence Italy. The rebirth in humanism spread to other cities, Rome and Venice and soon it was taking root everywhere. The renaissance was a rebirth of thinking apart from religion. People were free to learn and think outside the confines of religious thought. This rebirth was about music, paintings, science, architecture. This rebirth of thought outside the confines of religion was like an emancipation, a freedom. We get the term ‘free thinkers’. So we get humanism which is thought outside religion. Religion is controlled by priests many acting as gods, many even call themselves father. But humanism has its share of gods; scientists are the humanistic god priests. Scientists are creating life, they are changing DNA sequences in the living bodies, they are evolving from making human foetus in test tubes to making human body parts in the laboratory. Now we have scientists using 3D printers to make body parts. Religion was acting like God, now we have science acting like God.

Me. Where do I stand? I stand in the middle. I am not religious, I am not fundamentalist, I am not a humanist, I am not biased. I am simple, plain and straight. I SEE. I never learnt anything from reading the text books (I did not read them) made compulsory buying at Bible College; I never learnt anything much in classes from the teachers, I JUST SAW. (I of course had to read the library books in parts that were required reading for doing essays/assignments). I am like an observer learning as I go along and taking bits here and there to make up what becomes the bigger picture. Humanism and knowing what it is is part of learning, I learn about people. People are in Gods likeness. I perceive and understand. I don’t follow people. I am no disciple of any human person other than Jesus Christ. I am loyal and faithful to my Leader. Teachers and their likes are like hired hands. Hired hands won’t protect me from the Devil. Hired hands are used by God to help His Elect but hired hands are just that hired.

I return to my straight thinking trying to get all the noise of the world out of my head and heart. I hate the noise of the world, it’s crooked as can be. I focus when I think straight. I focus on one, not on one of the Bible College teachers, not on one of the television evangelists, not on one of the local church Ministers, not on one of my parents, not on my one wife, not on one of my bank accounts, not on my one house, not on one money, not on one political leader, not on one of my neighbours.


I have a one brain on a one body in a one world in a one universe ALL created by God.

God is ONE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SCIENCE – “Please explain”

September 10, 2018

So I shall. I have explained that science is the knowledge that is metaphorically mentioned in the first book in the Bible, the book of Genesis, this is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Eating of the fruit of this tree is called the FALL OF MANKIND. Adam and Eve the first humans ate of this tree of knowledge. There was another tree in the Garden of Eden called the tree of life; I liken this tree metaphorically to the Wisdom of Jesus Christ. God said eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil will cause death; I presume this death is to the human spirit and not to the physical body. I don’t think Adam or Eve were going to live for eternity in this Garden, so death to human spirit it was (I guess). God spoke about these two trees as distinct to all the other trees in this Garden. But is this Garden and these two trees an analogy to explain spiritual truths? God is Spirit. I like to think this Garden was real and Adam and Eve were real but I think the two trees in mention are metaphors for spiritual understanding.

I could really have it wrong to think the tree of knowledge of good and evil is science as we understand it today. Science, yes, is knowledge but is it the knowledge of good and evil? Science is not thought of as good or evil. Whereas conscience is about right and wrong. Con-science being the inner knowledge voice or feeling. Con, inside. This science inside guides us in our behaviour. So conscience and science are two different things, but both are knowledge. So is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden the tree of conscience? We have a knowledge outside and a knowledge inside us. The outer knowledge is science and is about observing and experimenting with the outer physical realm. Conscience deals with the inner realm of thoughts, words, soul and human spirit.

We know science is knowledge. Science can be used for good or evil. But did science cause the fall of mankind or did conscience cause the fall of mankind? Do we need science and do we need conscience? Science has made a developed world. Conscience keeps people obeying the laws. Conscience makes for a law abiding society. Why should either science or conscience be wrong against God? Adam and Eve were in ignorant bliss, they both ate of knowledge and became wise; but what sort of wisdom? God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge but what is this knowledge? Has science helped mankind? Has conscience helped mankind? Adam and Eve were just simple. Adam and Eve were living in simple bliss. God provided. The Garden of Eden was full of food and water. So science and con-science maybe joining up and being the tree of knowledge. Maybe? We can not cross that out.

Where will science lead us? Cyborgs and robots. Machines ruling mankind. Cyborgs, half human and half machine robot. The Beast written about in the Bible; will this Beast be a cyborg? The number of the Beast, 666, Carbon, the name of a Man. This man being a Beast but a half man and half robot machine. Jesus Christ came in to this world as son of God and son of man. Jesus was half God and half human; not literally but it’s to explain that Jesus though all God, made himself a human creation to appear to mankind on this earth. So the Beast could appear as son of man and son of robot. So science will be used to create this Beast. Satan uses science as God also uses science. Science can be used in good hands and also in evil hands. Will science be the cause of the destruction of this world? One Big Bang, an atomic nuclear explosion killing creation. Atomic weapons could wipe out this world in a matter of hours; we have that science right now. So is science good or evil? Is this science going to cause the end of the world if so is science the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Conscience is knowing good and evil, is this the fall and not science? What’s wrong with having conscience? You would think knowing right from wrong is good to have whereas science might destroy this world. Conscience, can it destroy this world? Not that I know.

If the tree of knowledge of good and evil is not both science or conscience, what is it then? What else could it be? We know of no other knowledge and science is knowledge. Take your choice, if you could only take one, would you have conscience or science. Jesus Wisdom is about knowing right and wrong. Is Jesus wisdom another name for conscience? Is this inner voice really Jesus guiding us in spirit in our minds and hearts? Jesus never taught science to his disciples. The Bible is not about science. The Bible is about wisdom, knowing right from wrong. Science seems to be about only the physical realm whereas Jesus wisdom is for the Spiritual realm. Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God, a Spiritual kingdom. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us. True worshippers of God worship God from human spirit to God Spirit. Why learn about our physical realm? We are spirit to God. Adam and Eve died when they ate of the tree of knowledge but how can conscience kill the human spirit? Or did their soul die? Mankind wants to learn all about the physical. But what about the spiritual? The spiritual realm is real. Jesus taught about the spiritual not the physical. The Bible is no text book. Text books teach the physical not the spiritual.

We still do not know about whether the tree of knowledge is science. We think conscience is not a bad thing. But did God want Adam and Eve to have conscience when the Garden they were in was bliss, paradise. Eating of knowledge consciously awakened Adam and Eve to their nakedness. But conscious could mean knowledge of science not conscience. Adam and Eve were awakened to their surroundings but why should they feel guilty of being naked? I mean there were no other people in the Garden so why worry. Science is it about being aware of the flesh or is that conscience?

I think science may kill off most of creation and not conscience.

I tend to think science is the knowledge of good and evil. I could be wrong. I don’t know for sure, I have no real proof. No one seems to know for sure. Please take my writings about science with a grain of salt. I could be wrong.

What I don’t like is to have science as a god to worship. If science is approved by God and is not the fall of mankind I do though think science has become a god to be worshipped by many people. Science has become a religion like sports have become a religion. We then have spiritual strongholds of science trying to mould the mind set of mankind on a massive scale. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are to be worshipped, no other. I do think many peoples Godly callings in many cases involves science. If science was the cause of mankind’s fall then science later became part and parcel of God’s will.

I thought about this science and conclude that the world is below my feet. The earth is my footstool. I am above the earth. The world sits on the earth. Heaven is above. I carry heaven in me. God’s kingdom of heaven is in us; not in the church of Satan, the body of Satan, but in the church of God, the body of Jesus Christ. We the saved are in the body of Christ. There are two main bodies in this world, one Satan’s and the other Gods. Then there are the lost souls; souls in the wilderness. I don’t need teaching from mankind, God’s Spirit is my teacher. I learn spiritually. My soul is above, saved. God puts all under me. King David spoke about “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”; this particular wisdom that David spoke applies to me. David was King, can I call myself a King? Certainly not in the worldly way, maybe in a spiritual way for the Kingdom of God. God is raising me up, higher and higher, up a metaphorical mountain where I will eventually hopefully understand much. I don’t understand all yet and science still puzzles me.

Monks and religious like to get away from it all, get away from the world, cut themselves off from the world and be in small communities. These religious give up the worldly things, like money and man made technology, electronics etc. These religious want quiet and peace, they pray a lot. So do these religious want “out” of science as well? No televisions at the monastery, no radios, maybe even no computers, nothing that has electrical but keep the lights and some appliances. The Amish religious community’s don’t drive cars. These religious use horse and buggy. The Amish don’t use much technology. They might use a bit. So do the Amish try to steer clear of science or conscience? Do the religious monks keep science or conscience away from them? I think science. I could be wrong.

Is science or conscience going to be the undoing of this world? Is there any other type of knowledge? Jesus wisdom is knowledge but I call it understanding. You be the judge.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 4, 2018

Science is the fruit of good and evil. Science is real fruit. Science is knowledge. Science can do good or evil. Science is true.

God warned Adam and Eve not to eat of knowledge of good and evil because it would kill them eventually. So will science kill everyone one day? Science has created the worst weapons possible, even now science could kill all life. Atom bombs. Hydrogen bombs. In a few hours at a push of a button most life can be killed. That’s science. But science has also done a lot of good. Science has helped the growing of crops, it has helped with health, it has helped with transportation, heating, cooling, cooking, sewing, gardening, kitchen helps, radio, television, internet, computers, telephones, etc. Science has done a lot of good. But science is evil too. Science has killed millions of people. People die in wars with weapons made by science. Since Adam and Eve ate of knowledge millions and millions of people have died because of science.

If we had no science it would be ignorant bliss. Simplicity. People would not die from scientific weapons but just die from natural causes.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Prosperity and born again and science

August 4, 2018

These prosperity gospel preachers churn me up. Money money money, oh and a BMW car or Mercedes car. Nothing like getting some status to these fundamentalist preachers.

My human Dad (R.I.P) said these fundamentalist people are immature. I stand with Dad on that; well Dad did say once to me that he had enlightenment. But Dad had his faults he was in to sciiieeence. Science the fruit of good and evil. But does God use science, He may do. It seems God’s callings can include science; and what do I know. Science was not in Gods first plan for humans. Man chose science over wisdom. Man later got science and wisdom confused, man thought science is wisdom. But wisdom is Jesus Christ and Jesus is no rocket scientist.

Fundamentalist people are usually the young set. In with the young out with the old. The young want to rule. Overcome the old fogeys. The old do not know, they are too old to rule, the youth are wise. It’s like a revolution. The fundamentalists are the youth and they want to rule. The youth are about sex, status, ruling, money and God. Yes God too. The young people want what the old people have.

The youth in the USA are attracted by Donald Trumps money and dictatorial type of rule. Youth want to be led. Youth lack experience. Trump has money. Money to youth is power. Follow the money.

I flirted with Pentecostalism in my younger years. Pentecostalism is fundamentalism. A majority of Pentecost’s are the youth. These Pentecost’s hated the Traditional church people. It was tradition they hated, not so the people themselves. The Pentecost’s might even say that traditional church is of the Devil and is spiritual darkness. Now I have been involved in both fundamentalist Pentecostal and liberal Traditional church and out of the two both have good points and both have bad points. The Pentecostals are bigots and the Traditionalists are hypocrites.

I would be called “Born again” but I hate bandying those two words about as if I knew it all. You get the young Pentecostals evangelising on the streets “Are you born again”? Not a good approach. Jesus never went around the world saying “Are you born again” Who really understands “born again”? Few I expect. But me being a born again Christian does not make me a fundamentalist. My Dad in the past thought I was a fundamentalist but I grew out of it. I matured and thought. I use my own brain. Or my brain uses me. I think. I have thoughts. I have understanding. I have enlightenment. My Dad said he had enlightenment so I can say I also have enlightenment.

But Dad had science I do not go for science. I think science is the knowledge fruit of good and evil. Science does good and it does bad. Science might destroy everything in the future. We are even now a button push away from destroying most of life on this earth. A few people can destroy most of life. But does God use science in people? He may do. I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Where’s God???

June 18, 2018

It’s fitting that Stephens (Stephen Hawking) voice is beamed into outer space. Why? I would say Stephens understanding of God is God in outer space.

God is a God of outer space to many people especially people of a scientific bent. People look out there or up there for truth whereas truth is from within. “Climb the Tower of Babel” science says and you will see God.

Why would people of a scientific bent believe in a God up there in outer space? Simple; science is about the physical not the spiritual. Science looks at the physical for truth. But God is Spirit (Jesus though is flesh and physical). Jesus takes us to the Father. The Father is not physical. Science can not understand an invisible non physical God, such is nonsense to many scientific people. Truth does not come from the invisible science says. Science is the way to understand to many people. To understand is to understand the physical. Not so I say. Truth comes from an invisible God. Truth also comes from God the Son who is physical, but this physical of Jesus is a physical not like any other physical, this physical transcends the physical, we know it as a divine physical.

Adam and Eve were stupid to take of science. It is thought as clever by many people to seek truth through science and not through the non physical invisible God.

So who is stupid? The person who seeks God up there in outer space or the person who seeks God from within. God makes His home with people. Science kills people and may eventually destroy all this world as we know it. People think learning science is clever but is it? Were Adam and Eve clever, they thought they were but thinking one is clever is not enough. God says who is clever. The worldly people will go on loving money and science; it’s all about the physical not the Spiritual of God.

From morning to evening people work their butts of, not to serve the head of God (the mind of Christ) above but to make money and to have every materialistic item they can buy. It’s about butts now a days or has it been about butts for ages and now it’s seen for what it is.

Parents want their boy to grow up and be a rocket scientist; this tells heaps. A rocket goes up there. Understanding to a rocket scientist is up there. But up there to a person of true Godly understanding is not the same up there a rocket scientist thinks.

So mankind has been deluded in its perception of where true understanding comes from. Satan may have blinded them; it’s like Satan has put a veil over people’s faces.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2018

New Norcia rings a bell but I can not quite remember it.

It’s the site of the European Space Agency (ESA) tracking dish.

Yer of course but wasn’t there something else there?

Some farms.

Nothing else?

Some old former school and orphanage buildings.

Now I remember. There’s a monastery there.

Yes but New Norcia is now known for the ESA tracking dish.

I would have thought spiritual over physical is more important.

What!! Put science second. Science is where it is all at.

But the Monks.

What about them?

They are a prayer stronghold helping our nation.

What!! Prayer. You talk nonsense. It’s science that helps our nation. The ESA are going to build a second tracking dish at New Norcia.

What for?

To watch out for any solar flares coming our way.

What is it about solar flares?

They could burn this world back to the Stone Age.

What’s the point of watching for them, if they come who is going to stop them and we may burn in minutes.

You have your point. But we will go ahead and build.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

I thought artificial intelligence was about humans not having to think any more.

Or is intelligence not merely about thinking? Intelligence is the ability to understand. But what about thinking? To understand does one need to think? Or is intelligence based mainly on perception, discernment?
Robots and artificial intelligence is not about more jobs for humans, it’s about less jobs for humans. Humans don’t want to work.
Governments talk about a universal basic income. Everyone gets a set income no matter what their job or their not even having a job.
Humans create artificial (whatever – plastic, intelligence, robots, etc), arty farty, hoity toity, unnatural, limp wristed, not straight thinking. Artificial buggers up the mind.
Robots with artificial intelligence will be called humanoids. These humanoids might get rational thought, might, I don’t know. Can humanoids ever morally think? Will these robots know right from wrong? Humans got rational thought. God made humans simple and God said to the first humans not to eat of science (the knowledge of good and evil) but humans went ahead and partook of science. Now humans (not all) disregard their maker. Why then should not humanoids partake of science and disregard their maker, humans. Humanoids made simple by humans and then becoming complex. Humans are getting more complex over time as they partake of science. Humanoids might become renegade. There will be the good humanoids and the evil humanoids.
Science is about good knowledge and evil knowledge. Science can do good or evil.
Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. If science is complex does that mean God is complex? Science is of God. Is the Father God complex and is the God Son Jesus Christ simplex? Why would the Father be complex and His Son simplex? Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God. Is the Wisdom of God simplex and not complex? Truth is simple. The simple truth. Is not science the simple truth? Jesus Christ is not complex. We assume Jesus is simplex as is His wisdom is simplex. Science is here to stay. But why were humans in the beginning warned not to eat of science? What is wrong with science? If the Father God knows science why can not humans know science? What is dangerous about science? Why did God tempt the first humans with science? Science is good and evil. Science now can destroy most of life on this planet earth. Man can use science to obliterate mankind. Science also heals. Science provides comforts to humans. Man uses science to create robots. Man uses science to create artificial.
Man was made simple but man has made him her self complex. Man has made knotty balls of wound up thought in his her minds. Man is winding him her self up in thinking. It’s no longer straight thinking.

Those people who embrace science usually don’t embrace Jesus Christ. Those that embrace science might say that Christ and his message is simple. These science lovers presume simplicity of God is foolishness. These science people think complex is wise.
Satan has blinded many people. There is an anomaly of what is truth. There is a veil over people’s minds, they see but do not see, they hear but do not hear, their hearts do not understand.
Universities are full of science. There’s the social sciences for example. I studied sociology at university. I found the sociology teaching very man made. It’s like you have to check your wrists in case you leave the straight path too much. Sociology is not Gods wisdom but is human wisdom. In my final exam in sociology I wrote of my conversion to Jesus Christ. And I failed the course. I could imagine the examiner getting angry at my writings. I was probably thought of as an idiot.
Let me be quite straight here, Jesus Christ’s teachings are not wanted at universities. University does not teach Jesus Christ’s wisdom. University is about human wisdom not Gods wisdom. University is about the achievements of human spirit not Gods Spirit. At university you embrace humanism. If you write in university essays and assignments on Jesus teachings you will be failed. Theology at university is taught very objectively, it’s not about believing in God but being critique. You study comparing the different religions, which is not bad.
At Bible College I found a lot of humanism. One of our main lecturers was/is a humanist. And this lecturer was not shy in telling the class at one point that he was a humanist.
So where does that leave the Holy Spirit? Many try and quench Gods Spirit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 31, 2017

Humanism is the enemy of religion. True humanists detest religion. Humanism came in to being as a break away from religion. Religion has for centuries been at the forefront of civilisation. Religion was the glue that kept societies together. Man has always been about money and religion and not necessary in that order. I think religion even came before money. Religion is about belief.

As soon as man got language and writing together man was curious about both the heavens and nature. Man needs beliefs. Man saw living and working in communities as a better way to survive, not just a few people living in a cave separated far from others. The cave man may have dwelled in small groups. But man saw strength in numbers. There were always the marauders the bandits so living in numbers the group can fight off their enemies. Life was and is about survival. In the communities man had their leaders but man wanted their spiritual leaders. Man has since the beginning perceived the spiritual side. How does man perceive spiritual? Man is spirit and soul and so man naturally believes in the spirits. Over the centuries man in their own unique languages have called the spirit side by many names but no matter what names are used the fact is man can perceive and there is a big pattern to all this belief. The total pattern is that there is a Supreme One God. Religions in their immaturity might address many gods as in many demons so they address the dark spiritual side. The Jews addressed the one supreme God and then came Christianity to cap it off on this one God. Christ came to teach and preach about His Father the One Supreme God. We only mature spiritually and see the big pattern of true belief through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only begotten Son of the One Supreme God.
Humanism came as a response maybe to the corruption in religion. We call this first break away as the Renaissance. It was a born again period. Humanism was a born again break away. Birthing anew and away from religion. The Renaissance was essentially a European thing. The religion at this time in Europe was essentially Roman Catholic. We get Catholic priests who were corrupt. Bishops bought their positions. Bishops and cardinals ruled the roost. The people were under the thumb of these religious. Now amongst the people were talented people. But to learn or get good positions you had to be either rich or know friends in high places. Religion was stifling society. There were many intelligent people who wanted more of life, they wanted to learn. Most people at this time were poor and were in to labouring jobs. The people blamed religion for their predicament. People went to literature, music and the arts to satisfy their hunger for learning. We got the classical painters and musicians. People learnt to read and write. People read books. People saw beyond the confines of what the Roman Catholic Church taught. People left the church and even said the church was evil and that the Pope was the Devil. Universities were opened to all people who could pay and not just open to the upper classes. We saw an emancipation of the lower classes to learn.
Humanism like anything that goes too much goes into unbalance. We now don’t have religion controlling every thought and deed of our lives. But people when they start something don’t know when to stop. Humanism was a response to religion. Humanism was essentially a western response.
But humanism has not always been a response to religion. You could even say humanism came with the Greeks. The Greeks were about thought. Philosophy they called it. We got the teachers Plato and Socrates. So it was only later we got the Renaissance and the freedom to learn away from religion. The Greeks got western civilisation on to science. Philosophy soon became science. It was about the study of the heavens and nature.
We have the initial humanistic wave coming with the Greeks then we got the second wave coming with the European Renaissance. Later came the psychological humanism from the likes of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. It was philosophy and psychology. But the word “science” has superseded all the previous names for humanisms pursuits. So where is religion now with the humanists? A true humanist does not need the religion of God or gods, the true humanist now has science as his her religion. It’s all about science to the humanist now. Science is about empirical evidence. Science can be proved whereas religion is just belief and can not be proved. You can not prove God exists.
What am I? I am no humanist. To me humanism in today’s definition is not just about a freedom from religion. I have a lot of my life been religious. I am now forsaking religion. But I am not forsaking God. My Master and Lord is God through Jesus Christ. Religion in todays life can smother out talent and inspiration. Religion even today is a lot about man made dogmas and man made rules and man made rituals. Priests are forsaking Christ’s teachings to teach their own made up teachings. Priests are controlling souls with man made rules. But not all religion is bad, quite a lot is ok. I lived with religion quite a bit, I grew up with it for many years. I became a Christ believer in the lap of religion. Without religion I might not have been saved. My soul is saved. There are also good religious. With age comes wisdom. With Christ’s wisdom comes a break away from man made wisdom. Religion can be man made so I break away from the man made religion, I do keep the wisdom and religion that is of Christ. I don’t need mans wisdom now as I have Christ’s wisdom to help me. Mans wisdom served its purpose, it helped me until I was wise of God. In Christ’s wisdom I am no humanist but I also am no religious, I am neither. I don’t need humanism and I don’t need religion. It’s that simple.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 31, 2017

Can we contain it? Artificial intelligence. Science is good or evil. Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. Science can help or destroy. Humans are already at the service of robots.

Humans are building robots in stages. We get the arms. We get the arms and hands. We get the legs and feet. Then we get the full robot humanoids. We are serving the humanoids from day one of beginning to bring them to existence. Humans create and worship what they create. Humans make idols and humans worship their man made idols. Man’s idols are their gods. Humanoids listen but they do not listen, they see but they do not see, they smell but they do not smell, they taste but they do not taste, they think but they do not think. Robots are artificial they are not God made. Robots do not have soul and spirit. Robots are essentially a perversion. Man was made to work for God. We humans are God’s creation.
Now man wants to be God and make humanoids to serve man. It’s a perversion. Man will make God, yes the supreme heavenly God. This supreme man made God might be put up in the sky. This idol God will control humans. The Mark of the Beast will be on humans.
Man is so clever, he she thinks they are. Science the knowledge of good and evil. Evil will cancel out the good and good will cancel out the evil so we go back to nothing of mans achievements leaving just God and His Words.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HEAD OVER BODY (heels) in LOVE (with God)

July 21, 2017

The head sits on top of the body. What is on top is in charge on what is below that top. The higher is always in charge. The higher sees more than the below. The higher has more insight in a metaphorical way. The higher in this case is metaphor in regard to insight. So the head is on top of the body and so the head is in charge of the body. 

The body has to have power. The power for the body comes from the heart. The heart is a simple pump. The heart also has the battery life or power life. The spirit gives life. The Spirit of God gives life. We have been given spirit. We have a human spirit that sits in the heart. The pump, that is the heart, is powered by spirit. This spirit is known as the human spirit. Some call this human spirit a spark. This human spirit is in human form but not in material human form but spirit. Spirit is not physical. God in Spirit also comes in to people’s hearts but only those of the elect. Also Gods Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the elect. The spiritual gifts may be manifested as spiritual persons in spirit form. These spirit gifts may come also in to the heart. We can call these spirit gifts genie or geniuses. A genie is spirit or what some may call a ghost. The body has its power. But what about the head and its power. The spirit powers body and head. God is in three persons. Gods power is in Spirit. We the elect have human spirit but we also have the Holy Spirit. We the elect have much power in God. The soul sits in the mind. The mind is in the head. We the elect are saved in soul. The soul sits above the body. The elect get the truth from God. When we get saved, our enemies are put at our feet (this may take some time to do). God puts the enemies of the elect at Gods feet and our feet. We in a sense become programmed to think like God. God takes us over. We are not God but God is in us the elect. God separates body from soul. There is a break between human spirit and soul. God comes between human spirit and soul. Gods Words are sharp. The Bible says Gods Words are as sharp as a doubled edged sword and come between soul and spirit. We are wanting spirits of this world to be at our feet so that our soul is free. The soul sits up there and in full salvation it is has complete freedom. The spirits of this world try to overcome our souls. When we were off the world we were assaulted in soul daily (and nightly). Our souls off the world were in a web. A web of lies. In Jesus, God frees our souls up to be free of the world and its spirit manifestations which are mostly lies. 
Our soul is forgiven all its sins by God (but first we must confess) when we accept Gods only begotten Son Jesus Christ (God the Son). Once we believe in God through Jesus Christ salvation begins of our soul. Truth sets our soul free. Jesus Christ is alive and Jesus is all truth. In Jesus our sins are forgiven and washed away, washed away by Jesus blood. Our soul in being saved and being set free from this world (from all the lies of Satan) will begin to wizen. The soul in its freedom will think but not in thoughts that the world thinks. The soul of the elect is above the world. 
Truth sets our soul free from the world. Satan tries to rule the world. There is knowledge and there is knowledge. Two types of knowledge, yes. God has two knowledges. There is knowledge in a physical sense and there is knowledge in a Spiritual sense. Physical knowledge is science based. Science won’t save the soul. Science is complex. Only the simple (simplex) truth saves the soul. We humans were created simple by God but man makes complex. Science makes complex. There is the two knowledges, science is complex and the other knowledge wisdom that is simplex. Gods wisdom does save the soul. The simple truth saves. Complex truth does not save. God offered to mankind at the beginning two types of knowledge but said take wisdom not science. But man at the woman’s and Satan’s advice took science. Dumb. Science is knowledge of good and evil, science does good and evil. So man goes to war using science to kill millions of people then man tries to heal with science thousands of people. The planet is getting inundated with humans, we the life at the top of the killing chain are getting too populated. War is what culls humans. Natural disasters also cull humans. 
Wisdom of God is not a science. Wisdom is behaviour. Wisdom is doing right not wrong. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is seeing, seeing as in insight. Wisdom is knowing how to think righteously. Wisdom in thought and words protects against the evil behaviour. Wisdom is strong. The more wisdom the stronger you are. 
Satan persuaded man at the beginning to go for knowledge apart from Gods wisdom. Man thinks he is learning Gods wisdom at universities but no (Jesus Christ, Gods wisdom is not taught at universities. Far from it if you write about Jesus Christ and His wisdom you might be reprimanded and if you persist be marked very low). Theology is taught at university but it is not taught about Jesus Christ and His wisdom but in a scientific way. Universities even have wisdom on their mottos, this is not right. Wisdom of God makes for better societies, science is about what man calls progress. Progress is about destroying God made to make man made and in doing so rubbishing this whole earth. The earth is now becoming a cesspool, a rubbish heap. Man thinks he must look for another planet to live on. But me thinks “earth this is it”. There’s no other planet habitable to mankind. We have one earth and only one, mess up this one and that’s it. 
We are waiting for the baptism of fire. Fire will destroy all. Just as water killed all (except for Noah and his family). Water and fire cleanses. The earth needs cleaning. What is this fire? I don’t know. Some say it is a world nuclear war, others say it is a meteorite? It might be a fire ball from the sun. I don’t know. But there will be an immense fire on this earth that’s for sure. When will this fire come? I don’t know. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 5, 2017

How long have you been depressed?
About a week.

I can refer you to a specialist.

Yes please but what do they specialise in?

It depends on you. There are two types of specialist in this area. 

I don’t follow.

See in the past religion was a mainstay of a lot of thinking. Religious thought meant believing in a higher power what we call God. Religion now is on the out. The fabric of society is being now made to accept any type of belief. Most nations grew up with their own each unique religion. The Western nations have their Christian religion. Other nations have their religions. The East have their god deities. Now in the West paganism has creeped in to our main fabric of society. It is popular to believe in bizarre beliefs like Jedi and humanism. Man wants to be his own God. Man wants to rule his own destiny. Who wants to obey a God above that you can not see. Humanism has creeped in to main stay thinking world wide and it is thought of as being clever to have no belief in a supreme God. Actually humanism supports science. Science is the new God. Trust science not a God you can not see. Learn science not learn from God. The bible is a simple book. Only simple people read a bible full of myths and tales. To be scientific is to be clever. Science has truth. Jesus is a real person and taught good sense but you don’t want to read about him much because he never taught science. Science is king. 

But Doctor what is this all to do with my going to a specialist?

The type of specialist you need to go to is one who specialises in either the brain or the soul. 

I don’t get it.

You will. See soul is a religious word. Soul is to do with the supreme God. Soul is to do with salvation. You know ‘convert the soul’. Soul goes on for eternity. Soul is right from the pages of the bible. Soul is a western thought word. In the past, and still is, specialists of the soul were/are called psychiatrists. Psyche means soul. Doctor healing the soul. Psychologists are also of the psyche the soul. Psychologists study the soul, they are not doctors to heal the soul they merely do study of the soul and can help by say analysing the soul. 

But how can doctors heal the soul?

Shock treatment, lobotomies, drugs. They mostly use drugs. It’s mainly about trying to rectify the chemical imbalance in the brain.

So why are specialists of the soul called psyche doctors when these doctors are in to treatments dealing with the physical brain and not the soul?

Soul was thought of as in the head. It still is thought that in many circles. Religion still believes in soul. But many doctors, specialists, medical people are not religious now. Most of these specialist people now do not believe in a supreme God or a soul. These people rely heavily on science. Science is their God. These specialists look to science to answer all their problems. Trusting a God that you can not see is looked at as being foolish. 

Doctor I believe in a supreme God.

In that case I can refer you to a soul specialist doctor.

What was the other doctor?

That would be a brain doctor. The word psyche for the medical side has been abused. Brain doctors using the word psyche soul are not telling the truth. Brain doctors who rely on only science should not use the word soul in their job title. Actually in this case the soul job title is misleading because brain doctors are only about the visible not the invisible. Soul doctors on the other hand have every right to use psyche in their title because they believe in an invisible supreme God. 

Doctor I trust God.

So do I. But science has taken over from God above. Medicine now is not about God. But there are still a few of us Doctor God believers. You have to search for us. 

How will my depression get treated?

The soul doctor first can pray. The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful. The soul doctor is limited by what he can do because the world is ruled by Godless authorities and this doctor is ruled by these worldly rulers. The world and Gods kingdom are two different things. Doctors work for money and therefore these doctors are keyed in to the grid of the world’s networks. Take the mark of the beast. This mark will definitely tie you in to a grid. The grid is where the beast controls you. The beast might even know your heart beat. The beast through this mark might even be able to kill you. Gods kingdom on the other hand is within. Gods kingdom is not of this world. So soul doctors to appease the spiritual rulers of this world also use science treatments. But soul doctors still recognise soul and may try to counsel you. Counselling is not forbidden fruit to the rulers. Brain doctors might just go straight to a physical treatment. Medication and lots of it. 

Doctor should I go to a priest to help me?

Yes you can of course. But the governing rulers would prefer you take say medication. Science does work. God created science. The tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden was made by God. Knowledge comes from God. God simply said “do not to eat of this knowledge tree. Eat of the wisdom tree”. Wisdom and knowledge can be two different things. Wisdom is about behaviour. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. Jesus Christ is not all knowledge of good and evil. Jesus never taught science. The bible is in no way a science book. The bible is not taught at universities or colleges or schools. Some religious schools might have a bit taught from the bible. What main stream university teaches the bible? Universities do teach theology but such courses are not reading and studying the bible as the Word of God. Such study is very intellectual and not Spiritual at all. Bible colleges do teach from the bible as the Word of God but the colleges also have to fall in to line behind the rulers of this world. To get money any educational institution has to fall in to line behind the spiritual rulers of this world. Schools and colleges and universities need money. Money makes the world go around to most people and money makes education go around. So many schools, colleges, universities etc are on the world grid and this grid in the future will be the mark of the beast. The beast will control the world. 

Doctor I need money. 

We all do.

Science does good or bad. I will take my chances and hope I get the good. Medication does good or bad. My employer won’t employ me if I don’t have a notice saying that I have been checked by a specialist. My employer is a humanist. I had better take the medication. I need the money from my salary. Medication has helped many many people. I will take my chances and go with science.

I understand. Yes medication does help. I will refer you to a brain doctor. If you change your mind later on down the track I can also refer you to a soul doctor. Soul doctors are not respected much now a days and their treatment is frowned upon by the governing authorities. I do understand. 

That sounds good. I do have a faith in God but I respect science. I need to support my family. 

Here we are take this referral to doctor Smith.

Thank you doctor, bye.


The doctor thinks: “Many people obviously will take the mark of the beast. I mean what will the neighbours say. I have a wife and 3 children to support. I need the money. I am not a religious fanatic. I am sensible. It comes down to who will not take the mark of the beast? Will this mark be forced on people. Money is not forced on people. Bank cards are not forced on people. The internet is not forced on people. So who will the simple living people be who don’t take the mark? The mark maybe phased in over a number of generations. It won’t be sudden. I know even now of some old people who still use a bank savings book. Of course in time such books will be phased out all together but it shows you that the mark may take many years to phase in. I hope I won’t have to make the decision to take the mark, by that time I hope I am buried and gone from this world. To take or not to take the mark makes for grave consequences but I know that God says for Christians not to take the mark”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

Science does good and evil.
You see SCIENCE at work on the battlefield.

People kill people with weapons made with science and at the same time you see medical staff using science to heal soldiers who have been wounded by science weapons.

Science is good but it is also evil.

You see science raping the earth to get minerals and oil and then you see at the same time science doing conservation on the land.

You see science polluting the rivers and lakes and at the same time you see science cleaning these waters.

Science is used for man’s “progress”.

Progress to man is to make capital.

Man is basically a capitalist.

Man wants possessions.

Science is used to make money to buy possessions.

It’s not the money people really want it’s the possessions people want.

Money buys the possessions.

Possessions are the capital.

Man’s creations with science make residue or waste.

Man makes and gives off carbon.

Carbon is ok but too much of it is a killer.

Plants take in carbon and give off oxygen.

We need plants.

Humans need to have oxygen to breathe.

Without plants humans will not survive.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Wisdom of God is pure.

Wisdom of God is simplex.

Science can be very complex.

Jesus never taught science to his disciples.

Apostle Paul never taught us science.

People trust and have faith more in science than in God.

Farmers depend on science for good food crops.

Farmers trust science.

Nations defence trust science.

It’s looked at as clever to learn science.

It’s looked at as simple to trust God.

Simple to the scientist is foolish.

To trust a God you can not see is looked at as being foolish.

Man thinks he/she is so clever consuming science.

It is too simple to follow the wisdom of Christ.

Science is our future.

Science helps this earth.

You know science is slowly killing this earth.

You get people who really think climate change is nonsense.

Science is making this earth one big rubbish dump.

And people do not see the rubbish.

Climate change deniers only want to see money.

So you can choose what you want – science or wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Science and Gods wisdom are two different trees of thought.

Wisdom can understand science.

Science can know wisdom.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

The head is over the body.
The head has the mind.

Is the mind the soul?

Soul is thoughts.

Soul is in words.

Soul is your shadow.

Soul is an internal shadow in the head.

Soul shadow has thoughts.

Humans think.

The body and the head is matter. 

Did mind make the body?

Did mind make the head?

Does mind in words make matter?

Do words make matter?

Are words alive?

Was the universe made out of words?

What is matter?

Matter is solid.

What makes matter solid?

All matter is energy.

The whole universe was made out of energy.

What keeps the electrons going around the nucleus?

Matter is all atoms.

Atoms are energy.

In the beginning was energy, God was and is that energy.

Energy is first and last.

God is a person.

God is intelligence.

God is energy.

What holds matter together?

No one understands why matter is solid.

Matter did not make itself.

Did God mind make matter?

Mind rules over matter.

Jesus Christ walked on water.

Jesus Christ walked through a solid door.

Will humans find the secret of how matter is solid?

To find how matter is solid will science have to search the mind?

Will science believe in a soul?

Will science accept the invisible spirit?

To understand the soul / mind is to understand God.

Matter was made by the mind.

The physical was made by the invisible.

Science will never be complete without God.

God made science.

Man was tempted and consumed science.

The FALL. Man wants to know as God knows.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Wisdom is the tree to consume.

Science is good and bad.

Wisdom of Christ is all good. 

Science kills and heals. 

The head rules over the body.

Jesus is the Head.

Mind / soul is in the head.

Have the soul / mind of Jesus Christ.

Let the mind of Christ rule.

Christ rules from above.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

Light energy makes matter. E = Mc square. E is energy. M is matter. C is the speed of light. The universe expanding at the rate of speed of light square. This is an expansion at a constant rate. This is the Big Bang theory. There was a Big Bang at the beginning of our time. Energy gave off the Big Bang. We come in with a bang and so do we go out with a bang? How can we go out with a bang? Who is the Energy? Is the Energy God Spirit? 

Can we refer to this energy as being light energy? God is light. So we are referring to Gods energy. Is there another energy? Is there dark energy? Satan is the dark force. Satan is opposite to God. There is light so there must be dark. We know there is dark. But does dark have power? Light has power we know that to turn on a light at say home we know that energy feeds the light bulb and gives off light. But we can not make dark power. Dark has no power. So we say that dark has no energy. Satan then being the dark force has no power. But does not Satan have power? We would have thought so or does Satan get his power from God? Light is energy, dark is not energy. Einstein in his E = Mc square is about light energy and light matter. Einstein is not about dark energy nor dark matter. If there is no dark energy then there must be no dark matter. Gods light energy made matter. Is there dark matter in the universe? How can this be? Can Satan make matter? God can make matter because he is light and light can make matter. Light is energy; dark is not energy. Satan did not create. Satan can not create a universe. Only God can create a universe. Scientists say there is dark matter but how is this to be when matter comes from energy and there is no dark energy as energy needs light and only God is light. Einsteins E is energy but light energy and this is God energy as only God is the true light. You might say light energy can make both light matter and dark matter. Could be so. I mean Satan the dark force was originally made by God. God created all life. Was darkness made out of the light? How can you make darkness? Before the universe was created there was a big void, a dark and chaotic void. Sounds like before the light came there was evil. Light came and brought light to the darkness and order to the chaos. So was evil ruling before God came and where did God come from? So maybe there is no dark energy and that light energy made the dark matter. 
God made matter, Satan makes no matter. 
So we conclude there is no dark energy but maybe there is dark matter. God is the source of all energy. God made the light and the dark. There are always opposites. Each has their opposite. It’s a fundamental law to have opposites. Satan is the opposite of God. God good and Satan evil. Life is about opposites – opposing each other. Life is a battle in words, spoken or thought or written, between good and evil. We fight in words. Words make a person, we win or lose according to words. We use the truth words to fight against the lie words. Truth wins. Truth sets us free. Truth is light, lies are dark. Satan is a liar, God is the truth. Christians use the bible scripture as their measure of what is Spiritual truth. The bible is acknowledged as a collection of books of truth. Scripture can be used against the evil side. Scripture can be used as a Words weapon. Jesus Christ Himself used scripture Words against Satan. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

These brain doctors are masquerading as healers of the soul but at the same time they do not believe in a soul. A SHAM.
What I can not understand is why these psychiatrists like using the word psyche in their titles and cover words but they say they do not believe in a separate human soul or human spirit. These psychiatrists over many years say mental illness is a brain sickness. 
So these so called doctors of the mind are deceiving us. They submit to the Devil so they don’t believe in soul and spirit but at the same time they show off the word psyche trying to use the authority of the supreme God. 
Psychiatrists get their authority from the law. The law protects and encourages psychiatry. The law looks to psychiatrists for authority on the soul even though a lot of the law and psychiatrists do not believe in a human soul or human spirit. 
The law has to decide whose side it is on. The Godly or the pagans? The law should be led by Godly people not by pagans.
The soul in the past used to be the domain of the church. Religion was the voice of soul. Religion encouraged soul. The church ordains priests to shepherd and look after souls. The law in the way past looked to the church or religion to explain soul. The law looks to pagans the non religious to explain soul now. The law is full of pagans. Pagans hate the thought of soul. Soul means God and pagans hate God. A lot of psychiatrists are pagan. A lot of law people are pagan.
Psyche means soul in Greek. 
These mind doctors to be true to their beliefs need to discard the word soul from any definition of their works. These doctors call the soul the mind. But really to them their treatment is of the brain. These doctors see all mind illness as a physical illness. 
These doctors should even give up on the word mind. Why? Because mind suggests there is a identity of humans separate from the physical brain. 
These brain doctors are stupid. Their wisdom is stupid.Their understanding is stupid. They think they are wise when they are foolish.
Most psychiatry is not simple. Some tries to be simple. Psychiatrists seem to be the blind leading the blind as they do not really know what they are doing. These doctors in the end just resort to drugs. These doctors just give out drugs as their only treatment. Drug the patients. Sedate them and hope they get well. Or even electric shock them hoping for a healing. Hey why not just use bloodletting. Blood let the patients. Bloodletting was common in the past and used by these so called professional brainy doctors, all protected and encouraged by the law. 
Psychiatry is a science. Psychiatry treatment relies on science. Science is good or evil. Science is a tree of thought. Science is knowledge. Man wants science. Man chooses science rather than Christ’s wisdom. Man trusts science not God. Scientists say to trust in a supreme One God is too simple. Simple to science is dumb. Man trusts in knowledge rather than God the supreme creator. Man thinks it’s clever to trust in science. Adam and Eve chose science. But God prefers mankind to trust Him. It’s simple to trust God. It’s complex to trust science. Mankind thinks to be complex is clever. The Christian church in the past did not rely on science but now many Christians rely on science. Many Christians put science before Christ. Science has come before Christ’s wisdom in the church. The established church think it’s clever to trust science. The body, soul, and spirit were made for simplicity. The heart beats or should beat at a simple rate. God said to man not to eat of science. But of course man thought he knew better. Do you know better? Science will end up with its own creation. Science creates its own creation. Man uses science to create an artificial creation. Man makes robots who look like man and act like man. Robots may eventually rebel against its maker man. 

To deny God is foolish.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 12, 2016

I am saved, I rule with Christ in the heavenlies. I have a mind of Jesus Christ. I a wait the coming of my new body, a spiritual body, a resurrected new body. Jesus will come in to this world again, the second coming. We have had a first coming of Christ and there is one more coming of Christ. Christ’s wisdom is in Spirit. Christ’s wisdom is the wisdom of God the Father. Christ’s wisdom is Spiritual wisdom. To learn from God we must learn in spirit. We have a human spirit. We are soul and human spirit, we are both. Our physical body is our home for us in soul and spirit. Our physical body is only a temporary home. In the second coming of Christ we are given new bodies. Christ has already got his new body. Christ came down from heaven to show us the way to heaven. 

To follow Christ is to go to heaven. Christ is the only way to heaven, there is no other way. Not all paths lead to heaven. Christ first saves our human spirit. We are joined to God Spirit from our own human spirit. Spirit is in the heart. Gods Spirit comes in to the heart. You invite Jesus Christ in to your heart. The heart is like the level of this world. The old sinful flesh nature also lives in the heart. We die to this flesh sinful old nature. We live for God Spirit from our human spirit. In our human spirit we want to become like God Spirit. God Spirit is full of light. In our own human spirit we also become lighted up as we grow in human spirit with God Spirit. We want to get rid of the darkness. Sin brings on darkness. We want to be clean in human spirit. God Spirit and our own spirit light up our soul. We learn to love our soul. We want to help our soul. Our soul is in our head (me thinks). In our spirit we get light of God and with God Spirit we light up our head. Our soul in the head becomes full of light. But lightening up our head takes time. Our body also becomes lightened up. Our eyes are a sign of how much light is in our body and head. When the eyes are full of light our body and head are full of light. In the past before we gave ourselves to Christ we were known as spiritually dead. That meant our human spirit (and body) were full of sins and in darkness. In Christ we are washed clean of all our sins and we come in to the light. As we mature in Christ we understand more. We become Christ minded and we learn to rule with Christ from above in mind and in doing this rule we aim overall to benefit the body. 
The head rules the body. Our body parts are to serve the head. We are constantly serving the head. As soon as we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night we serve the head. The head does not serve the body. We are constantly at work providing for the body. The body can and does rebel against the will of the head. Our body needs day and night attention. We must endeavour to think from the head and bring the body under the heads rule. Our human life work is to provide for the needs of our body and to do this we use our God given head. The brains are in the head. The heart does not rule the body. The heart serves the head as does every other part of the body serve the head. Our main mission in life is to rule from the head with Christ and provide for the needs of the body. When our body needs are served we can also help other people’s body needs. Other people first meaning the people who are our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. When the body of Christ, the church is looked after, we may look to the needs of people who are outside the body of Christ. We each human have a vocation from God. 
The wise of God find their true vocations and do them. But regrettably most people work outside their God vocations. A lot of people do not know their God vocations. Their Gods are maybe money, knowledge, status, etc. From our formative years of our human education we learn that getting lots of money and having status is our main pursuit. Money money money. Parents want their sons to become rocket scientists and their daughters to marry rich men. So we have science being people’s God. Science is knowledge and knowledge brings with it good or bad. Science will kill all life off some time in the future. You can have a choice follow science or follow Jesus Christ. Christ is the wisdom of God. Christ is not the science of God. Christ does not teach or preach science. We read wisdom of Christ in the Bible. The Bible is not a science book. The Bible is a wisdom of God book. The Bible is also full of prophesy. Christ in coming in to this world never taught science to his disciples. Wisdom of God and science are two different trees of thought. You have a choice, wisdom of God or science. It’s like half the world are using science to help people while the other half of the world are using science to kill and harm people. If there was no science in this world then people would have to put their trust in God. But man thinks he knows better, put your trust in science man says. God is a fairy tale for old people and children be clever trust science. The Bible says “knowledge passes away”. Yes knowledge is not remembered. I think of all my childhood schooling and do I remember all the knowledge I was taught. No I remember very little. I do remember the practical knowledge, that is the learning I was taught that I went on using in my daily life for a lot of my life. At school we are taught knowledge that after a few years passes away from us. Yet children have to go to schooling for many years of their lives. Humans do not keep knowledge. Go in to an old persons nursing home and ask these elderly people about what knowledge they know and most will probably just stare at you not understanding the question. Most people get dementia in old age and remember very little of all their lives schooling. So why do people even go for university degrees in old age, yes there are some that go down this path, but why? Pride, status. A sense of achievement. But why go for a degree when you don’t need that learning? Why not spend your time helping the sick or poor. Go and volunteer work at a hospital or welfare agency. But I want to look clever you might say. Pride. So science will not go with you to heaven or hell. God does not want science in heaven. You don’t need science in heaven. The Devil also won’t need your science in hell. 
So what is Gods wisdom about? First it’s not about science, it’s about the body of Christ living together in harmony, peace, justice and love. Wisdom of God is a good quality of life. Wisdom of God is about trusting God not science. And what is our earthy life to be focussed on? “Preparing for the after life knowing Christ set the example for us to follow – Follow Christ”. The scientist will say in reply “Simple simple simple”, I will say “Thats right”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 18, 2016

When mankind was literally kicked out of the Garden of Eden did mankind need to make use of knowledge what we know as science to help mankind survive?
In the Garden of Eden mankind was in a form of utopia, all mankind’s needs and comforts were supplied. Mankind was in a Garden and the Garden supplied all the foods and water. I think mankind in this Garden was a vegetarian. I think all the animals in this Garden were vegetarians. 
But mankind outside this Garden had to survive in the wild and mankind now had to work hard and provide all his/her own needs and comforts. Science aided mankind in surviving in the wild. Mankind did not need to know science in the Garden of Eden. There was first no dangers in this Garden. Peace reigned in this Garden. Food and water was abundant in this Garden. Outside this Garden (after the Eden exit) there were wars and fighting over the spoils of life (still happening). Survival meant killing, killing other creatures, and man killing man. It was (is) every man for himself. 
Mankind wanted science and he got it, but at his peril. Children playing with matches hurt themselves. Matches are dangerous to children. We are children of God. Science can be like playing with matches, man can hurt himself. Matches make fire, fire can help but fire can destroy, fire can destroy all mankind.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 29, 2015

Tea Gordon?

By jove yes Martin.

Oops spilled a bit on the rocks.

No worries, here let me wipe it off with my hanky.


Two lumps please.

Oops dropped a lump.

Aren’t those the comet rocks dropped off here by NASA.

Yes old boy the same rocks.

A bit of rum in your tea?

By jove yes. Don’t spill it this time. 

The boss is coming. Look alive. Hide the rum, tea, sugar and cups. My hands are all wet with the rum from the bottle.

Too late to clean the hands, look busy.

Morning Sir.

Arrr Gordon and Martin. How is analysing the rocks going?

Sir we are just about to put them under the electron microscope.

Good, do it now I want to watch.

There, now push these buttons and the computer will do the rest.

Come on. Results?

Yes we have results.

Ok what are they?

The readings say sugar and alcohol molecules. 

Wow we have made history. I must inform the press. 

Sir we have another reading come up. Sir sir. Where’s he gone?

He’s gone to tell the press.

But the other reading?

Never mind with that. We have more important things to do.

Yes get the cups, tea, rum and sugar out. 


Yes make it the same.

Delicious. The rum just makes it better.

By the way Martin what was that other reading?



Yes tea. Lipton tea.

Both men look at each other for half a minute.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 22, 2015

Tutorial class at university.
Smithers what do you think?

Yes I agree with the conventional thought, animals do think.

Murray what do you think?

My question is, do animals in Japan think in Japanese?

Murray are you trying to make a mockery of this class?

No Sir I am simply trying to put all this in perspective.

So you think animals do not think?

I ask another question, do animals in the USA think in English?

Murray do you think animals think?

You say it’s conventional belief that animals think. I don’t agree. I think that animals as in all creatures apart from humans do not have soul so they do not think. The true conventional belief is that animals are thoughtless as are birds, fish and insects and all such live by instinct. 

Ok Murray why has convention changed here?

I think man in many cases man has lost his mind. We live like we are ourselves thoughtless. We have lost our connection with soul. Losing our connection with soul we lose our connection with thoughts and words. Man is becoming all materialistic. Man worships money. Man is becoming as thoughtless as other creatures. Man is living on instinct. 

Smithers what do you think of Murray’s answers?

I think Murray has lost it. Murray has not followed the wisdom of the great thinkers from the Greek philosophers until now. We know animals think. We humans are wise now we know.

Murray you have heard it. I agree we humans are wise now. We know so much now. Murray you need to change your ideas or you will fall behind. 

Murray looks at the teacher. Murray perceives that the teacher is a farmer. Murray asks himself in thought, “what is a farmer doing teaching at university”?

Class over.

Later that day.

Hi Murray.

Hi Jones.

Hey Murray word is getting around that you will fail your science class.


It’s true. You better wizen up. The professor says you just don’t have the intelligence. 

Murray thinks, “That farmer, what right has a farmer to pass judgment on my intelligence”?
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

MAN MADE GOD (The ultimate idolatry)

September 5, 2015

 Mans wisdom is to replicate God, the creator and His creation. 

Man looks to the physical. I mean people who have qualifications in physics are already being treated like gods. God is up in the heavens with Jesus Christ in the flesh sitting at His right side. So man has to replicate God and His Son in the heavens. So what does man do? Man is mostly about physical so man puts his own man made god up in the heavens and that is in the physical. 

But the Father God is invisible. No problem mans god can be invisible too. Then man needs to replicate Jesus. No problem man can create a humanoid robot that has many powers. The man made God and His Son need to be put above. No problem we can put the man made god and his son above in a space craft. This space craft can orbit above the earth in the heavens. The Father God and Jesus see all, hear all, and know all. The man made god and his son will also see all, hear all, and know all. God is very powerful. The man made god will also be very powerful. So man has his own god in heaven. Man thinks physical when he thinks of knowledge; man thinks he is so clever. God gives spiritual knowledge BUT this knowledge is in wisdom through His Son Jesus Christ. Man will worship his god he has made. 

So where is God? God is within. God is spiritual. God is in physical and Spirit. God is not made by man. God is a spiritual reality. God is in WORDS. God made the heavens and earth. But God made a spiritual kingdom that came first and then the physical Kingdom. Spirit came before physical. God rules within his spiritual Kingdom. Words rule this spiritual Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within. The Kingdom of heaven is within. Our human spirit and soul lives in this God Kingdom. We have two realities – spiritual and physical BUT the spiritual is first, came first and rules. Jesus is in the physical but also lives within. “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies at your feet” (Bible verse from King David). King David was the chosen King and God in Spirit lived in him. God lives in His chosen King. There is a spiritual reality that we all humans share. Remember the movie “Matrix”. This movie had two realities running beside each other. There was the inner reality and the outer reality. But both were realities. Having two realities means that to teach about God to humans we have to teach in parables and metaphors. Para as in ‘along side’. Humans are created in the flesh the physical so humans to grasp knowledge see physical coming first and physical reigns BUT not so. Spiritual came before physical. So God has to educate humans to perceive spiritual and to do so God tries to draw humans away from the physical. Physical desires etc compound the difficulty in learning spiritual. Man thinks it’s so clever to learn the physical sciences I mean physicist scientists are lauded as gods. But man in his cleverness is screwing up mankind. It is best to go spirit first before physical. Plato the philosopher was about learning and he perceived that to learn one is best to forsake the physical pleasures. Physical gets in the way of spiritual. We need to get back to the spiritual. Physical just needs to be about needs not desires/wants. 

Man thinks he’s clever to make his own gods. Man forsakes the true God to make his own gods. Man will create the ultimate god to sit up above in the physical seeing heavens and man will rest from his works, man will admire his handiwork and say to himself well done. When man takes his rest, the man made god above and the man made humanoid robots will do all the work. The true God rested after He had created; man will rest too after he has created.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 11, 2014

I had an e mail today offering me a synthetic lawn for the front of my villa. On first looking at this e mail I took a few minutes to get my thoughts even keeled because the thought of synthetic lawn in front of my villa caused a few minutes of windy thinking. Yes I was upset. I do not want artificial lawn on my property. Artificial, synthetic, manmade, plastic, all try to smother out Mother Nature. So who is Mother Nature now? Is she a plastic barbie doll?

Years ago a photo in a woman’s magazine stood out to me. This photo was a picture of a well known Italian actress. This actress was vey old in age but in the photo she looked about 30 years old. I have heard that she has had many plastic surgeries. I mean she is now a lot plastic. Just imagine at her funeral, the priest says “plastic to plastic and a bit dust to dust”. If this actress was cremated there would be a blob of plastic left after her burning.

Girls start their initiation in to mothering by having baby dolls. These dolls are usually plastic. But there are adults that do not give up on the plastic but take it into adult life in their own lives. Plastic is artificial. There is artificial mothering. Women go in to their adult life as barbie dolls. They are barbie dolls. This actress mentioned is a barbie doll.

So we have women smothering out what is natural for what is unnatural. Synthetic is unnatural. Ageing is natural and God ordained. Grow old and enjoy it. Grow old and do not fight it.

So Mum is becoming synthetic, artificial and Manmade. Mum is becoming the barbie doll. Creation is becoming smothered in synthetic. Cover God in plastic. Replace God with synthetic.

We want our real true mothers back!!!!!!!

Mankind is replacing humans with synthetic. Replace mum and dad with manmade. Replace God the Father and Mother Nature with artificial.

But mankind is determined down this path of replacing all God made with manmade. This path is like programmed in to mankind’s psyche so nothing will change it. Mankind is determined that science (knowledge) is mankind’s answer to all problems. So is everyone more or less constipated? Eating the wrong food can mess up with our intestines. We need natural food not unnatural food because our bodies were made for natural by a natural God. Manmade can be so very unnatural. We need simple food for our simple intestines. Manmade can be so complex. Humans make themselves complex. God does not make humans complex. God speaks the simple truth. SIMPLE truth. Mankind lies.

So mankind is pursuing life outside planet earth. But life needs water and food. That’s the life I think of. I see no water outside earth. Mankind is like a whore looking for another Mother Nature. Mankind has whored with earths Mother Nature and defiled it now mankind wants to find a new mother (nature) to whore with. Mankind’s Mother Nature has become defiled (polluted). All our making of the mother into artificial is making mankind in to jerks. There is no putting mans roots deep down in to an artificial Mother Nature. Putting roots down in to plastic is just jerking. Artificial is just being a jerk. You get these women that look like sex sirens – I am afraid to say but such women are just jerks. Pornography is just for immature jerks. There is no deep relationship in pornography.

I see mankind and his pursuit for life outside earth as vain. But what is mankind’s demise? Will it be when our solar systems sun dies out? I do not know, no one knows yet. The mind boggles at such questions. Will mankind send robots to far out journeys in to space? Why send humans when robots can exist up there.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE UNIVERSE – the universe made from water might not wash with most people and even I am not convinced.

October 30, 2014

God created the universe. Before God created the universe there was only a vast ocean. Was this ocean all water? Did God with his energy convert all the vast ocean of water in to what it is now? Did all life come from water? Did all creation come from water? Did the universe come from water? I am hesitant to believe that there is any water outside earth. So there was this vast ocean first. But was this vast ocean (was it water?) in total darkness? Yes I believe it was. And was not chaos here in this dark vast ocean? Yes chaos and darkness go together. So God made the chaos and darkness in to order and light. God created the heavens and hell and earth and the world. God used wisdom and understanding to create. God is all powerful; he has abundant eternal energy but even He needed rest after making the universe.

This universe being created from water might not wash with most people and even now I am having lots of second thoughts. I know life has to come from and stay in water. But out there beyond the earth there might be no life therefore no water and so why would God make matter outside the earth from water when (probably) that matter has no life on it or in it. I am a great sceptic of scientists who say there is a high chance of life out there beyond Earth, such does not gel with me. I could be wrong but my mind and heart are comfortable with only life here on earth. If the universe was made from water then there should all likelihood be water (and thus life) in lots of other places in the universe. Can an Almighty expanding explosion in a large ocean of water make matter like planets and gasses and suns? Can water burn? Can water give off energy? Life as we know it and understand and know it is only on planet earth. So water is only on this earth with the evidence at hand. Could God have created all earthly life from water and could the rest of the universe not been created from water.

Even if God did not create the universe from water we still know God is about cleanliness and being clean means being washed and being washed means washed in water. We humans need water, not just to stay alive but to also keep clean. God comes along and washes with His WORDS. The WORDS of God are all clean. Sin is dirty. God uses water. Does God need water to stay alive? Does God’s Spirit need water to stay alive? We humans as like all life on this planet earth need water to survive; without water we will die. God is a God of cleansing and the righteous people love to be clean. Cleanliness is sanity. Insanity is dirtiness. If we keep a clean mind/soul/spirit and body we stay sane.

Water is very very important to life, without it there is no life but did God create with water?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 3, 2014

The world as we know it today – Eat or be eaten.

BUT true Christians do not have to eat/devour other people (spiritually) because we true Christians eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the blood of Jesus (of course spiritually – all is metaphor).

Jesus taught us metaphorically in a lot of cases because we are spirit and we must learn in spirit (God is Spirit) BUT mankind often sees everything from a physical view; but this should not always be the case; we often only believe if we see not with spiritual eyes but with physical eyes.

Take scientists – all their truth comes from seeing (with physical eyes) not seeing with spiritual eyes. Science learning is usually not taught by metaphor. Science to “Man” (in most cases) is strictly physical. Spiritual really has no place in “Mans” science.

BUT God Teaches – God Spirit to Human spirit. We learn in spirit in heart. God’s Spirit is total light; such light when imparted to our own human spirit brightens up our human spirit. Our physical eyes are the lamps of our body; if our eyes (lamps) are full of light our human spirit is full of light, our body is full of light. Spirit is the spark that gives us light. Some people have dim sparks (lights)(human spirits) some others have bright sparks (human spirits); we need this light (spark/spirit) to see spiritually, seeing spiritually is insight and insight gives us understanding.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 14, 2013

Either it’s rock stars, pop stars, Hollywood stars; people worship stars. Then there’s the worship of the sun; the sun worshippers. The sun is a star. Then there’s those people who study the stars; there’s astrology and there’s astro physics.

People worship what’s above in physical form. A lot of scientists are declared Atheists. These atheist scientists think that worshipping the Jesus star is all poppycock a religion for the simple uneducated people. Scientists are known for their worship of the physical heavenly bodies and this includes the suns. Scientists look to their salvation from the physical heavens above. These scientists are searching for life up in the physical heavens. Such people look to knowledge that is not spiritual of God but is knowledge of just straight physical.

God is within. Gods kingdom is within. We the elect of God carry the kingdom of God within us. True knowledge is of Spirit of God and comes in to our hearts. Man in his folly looks for life outside earth in the physical. Life is in the spirit. Spirit saves the soul. Science in this world in its pure form is atheistic and Godless.

The photo shows the star above the infant Jesus Christ. The star depicts the star of Jesus Christ. We follow only one star; we worship only one star; we idolise only one star; Stars are above; Jesus is above; we worship and follow only the Star of Jesus Christ. True knowledge needs to come to our human spirit. That is why God sends His Holy Spirit in to our hearts. The human spirit learns the truth. The truth is not in worshipping the physical heavens or stars on this earth or above; the true star to worship is in Spirit. Our body carries the fullness of understanding and salvation not in worshipping all mans wisdom. TRUE WORSHIP IS IN SPIRIT not in the physical. Salvation is not out there. Salvation is not on other planets or suns. Salvation is within.

Live a very simple life and you might find salvation; a simple life in the flesh but wise in the heart. Live simple on the outside in this world but wise inside. Yes there is a life within; a living kingdom life within; a spiritual life within.

Science makes learning in the physical clever. Satan deceives. Satan led the first man and woman away from true Spiritual knowledge. The first man and woman were led away from the Tree Of Life. Scientists may say in their foolishness that the Bible is nonsense; but they themselves are deceived. Adam the first scientist (after the Fall) thought he was clever. Eve collaborated with the Devil to see Adam fall. The woman maybe jealous that Adam was first and that she was second to Adam. Ever since the fall women entice men to fall.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



November 11, 2013

I am not convinced that monkey’s can control virtual limbs with their thoughts. Science gone mad to me.
So WHAT is the monkey thinking when he moves a virtual limb? Let us use REASON here. Reason keeps us sane. So the scientists say the monkey is using thoughts from his brain WHAT thoughts and WHAT do the thoughts comprise? WHAT are thoughts for the monkey? WHAT are thoughts made of for humans? If I myself think what do my thoughts comprise of? REASON THINK THINK LISTEN. listen to your own thoughts. Are your thoughts consisting of WORDS? Do you hear your thoughts? Are you so dull in your mind that you hear no thoughts? And if you think in words as I do how can a monkey also think in words? Science is going mad. Deluded science. Science without insight. I think regularly and I hear my own thoughts. I think in a REFLECTION. I love reflection; call it meditation if you like. My heart, my mind thinks. Words are strong for me. So what human has so much wisdom of a God that his spirit / soul is so wise and disciplined that he/she has perfect control over their thoughts that they can use their thoughts to control machines. What if say a human is thinking of sex often how can they be harnessed to a machine with limbs and use thoughts to control the machine. Discipline of thoughts is a spiritual thing and few humans if at all any ever get to the peak of being so very perfect in their thoughts. So what is being perfect in thoughts? who is our role model? Of course no other but JESUS CHRIST. Most humans are perverts. Most humans think perverted thoughts. So if science says that monkeys think; can scientists tell us what monkeys think and in what language? Do monkeys in Japan say think in the Japanese language or do they think in the English language? I myself think in the English language so all my thoughts are in English no other language. Thoughts are a tongue thing. Humans, most of them, no, all of them are sinners so all humans think sinful thoughts so using a humans thoughts to control machines is mad. Every human can not think pure thoughts. If they can its only for a short time if at all. So putting human thoughts to control life will be a catastrophe in the making. The world is mad as it is and to make it worse by using humans thoughts to control the world will make life more insane. Jesus Christ can use His thoughts to control but humans are dirty thinkers. Even human thoughts harnessed to computers with virtual thinking and control over robots and machines will be a catastrophe. People will use such devices to kill and rape and steal from people. Wars will be major; it will be one big killing field. Science can not control thoughts. Thoughts are spiritual and soul areas and scientists are best to stay out of this area because Spirit and soul are invisible and science is just about the physical. So even now in my writings here I am thinking I think and write I stop reflect and write again I am thinking its like my tongue is being used but not physically but spiritually. I am spirit. I am soul. I live in this physical body. I think. I love thinking. I have matured in thinking. I mature more and more in thinking. Science can be so blind at times.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Science is not Faith

December 30, 2012

Part of a recent letter to my earthly father (He is still alive at 92 years old and he still seems strong)

Your written notes that you posted to me recently made me think. My first thought on those notes is that you can not prove God exists by science. Science deals with the physical, the Father God is not physical. Science deals with the visible, the Father God is invisible. So to me philosophical ramblings about a supreme God’s existence or non existence is just that; thought ramblings that go no where. We can think and think and think but we can not think God to appear before us. Thinking won’t prove God exists or God does not exist. So philosophy is impotent here. One can ramble on and look clever but without a frame work, without a foundation, the rambling though called philosophy can just be airy fairy and sound nonsense. To believe in a supreme God needs a step of faith. God in Spirit will invite His called Ones.

Science is not about belief and faith. Faith and belief are to do with religion. Science is about empirical evidence, it is about seeing is believing. Faith is not about seeing is believing. Faith is not a visible thing; faith believes in the invisible. “You see and you do not see, you hear but you do not hear” says the Bible. “Your minds have become dull and your hearts have become sick” says the Bible. God is Spirit. You can not say “God is there, God is here, God is under there”; God is Spirit and moves like the wind. God will only reveal himself to the true believers and to be a true believer takes a lot of faith. Faith means being faithful just like a man is faithful to his wife. To believe in God you have to want God, it means believing in the metaphorical, you have to need God. Only by going through a door will you know what is on the other side. It is a step of faith. Standing outside the door and saying all philosophical so called intelligent ramblings will not help open the door and will not get you through the door. Such philosophy is nonsense to those who have gone through the door. To step in faith means that you consider the Jesus Christ that is written in the scriptures is a man who is above all humans in quality. You see Jesus Christ as a person that stands out as what every human being should be like. We read the scriptures and see good sense in the writings. Science is based on knowledge but its all about physical. Meta; the beyond, the beyond in to the invisible spiritual life, see beyond the physical; that is clever. To see only physical is dull. Spirit gives life, life to mind heart and body. We each human have a human spirit, we must feed this human spirit. You can not feed your invisible human spirit physical food so physical sciences can not help the human spirit; physical sciences can not save the soul. You can not win against the dark forces in the game of life by using science as your weapons. Science is about physical weapons and “Fight by the sword and you die by the sword”. The true battle is in the mind (soul). We do not use physical weapons to save our souls from the dark forces. Our true weapons are spiritual in Word. Man’s words are futile against Evil it is only Gods Word’s that will win against Evil. Quoting Shakespeare or classical poets or classical philosophers against Evil to defend yourself is lame. Such wisdom will only spawn weakness in heart.

Agnosticism is to waver between belief and unbelief in a supreme God. It is to sit on the fence. It is not to believe in God and it is not not to believe in God, it is just wanting to observe. Observation is ok to some but it means missing out on so much more. Watching the game and not taking sides might make you think that you are clever but the participants who are playing the true life game are really having the better time. Light forces fighting the dark forces.
It is hard playing the game of life; light forces fighting the dark forces in spirit; the battle for people’s souls; saving people’s souls from the dark forces.

So the observers just accept the status quo and do not join in the game, they let others play the game of life and they just watch. But it is better to watch the game than join the game on the dark side. So is Science a lot of observation and is Faith a lot of action (Action for good).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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