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July 10, 2018

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven mean the same. I think this kingdom is a spiritual connotation. I believe this kingdom is inside the human body and centred in the heart. We have a human spirit and this spirit lives in the human heart. God’s kingdom is about spirit to Spirit, human spirit to God Spirit. The God Spirit is sent from above in to our heart to help us. We die to our old human flesh self in our heart and live for spirit. The soul in the head is saved. We are spiritual beings as Jesus Christ was Spiritual.

Adam and Eve were soulish/fleshy they died spiritually (spiritual darkness), they left God; but with Christ came a spiritual awakening. Adam and Eve sinned, they wanted to know as God the Father knows. With Jesus Christ coming we can become like Jesus in Wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. Wisdom is not the knowledge that Adam and Eve ate of. God the Father has all knowledge, Jesus Christ has all wisdom. Jesus did not study chemistry or physics or biology or botany etc. Jesus sees all, Jesus sees and knows what humans are thinking. Jesus is no rocket scientist. Jesus is wise. Knowing as God the Father knows can be different from what God the Son knows. Knowledge as the Father God knows is death to humans, mortal flesh is not meant to know as the Father God knows; what humans can have is God’s wisdom which is life (tree of life).

The kingdom of God of heaven is within. This kingdom radiates from within the hearts of the saved. The heart connects with this earth and the brain connects wth the heavenly. The kingdom of God is spiritual in nature. But does this kingdom include this world? God’s kingdoms are not of this world. God’s kingdom is within. God lives in human beings. Satan’s kingdoms are of this world. God lives above and has at His feet the earth. It’s like Satan is at the feet of the Body of Christ with Jesus Christ as Head. Christ enters the body the church, humans, and saves the soul giving it heaven and puts at the feet of this body the world and the earth. We the saved are in an enlightened state we see, we live as the temple of God, we are above in soul but in spirit we live in this world, we in spirit are in this world but we are not of this world. We are spirit that lives in Gods kingdom in our hearts but this kingdom of God though living in this world is set apart from this world. Everything our human spirit needs is in this kingdom.

The kingdom of God has the Holy Spirit at its centre. The Holy Spirit is God in Spirit. God lives with people. The Holy Spirit gives Spiritual gifts to people, these gifts come in to our hearts. So say we have wisdom of God then we say we have the Holy Spirit of wisdom. Say we have the gift of faith then we say we have the Holy Spirit of faith and it goes on. These Spiritual gifts come from God above through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a person Spirit. Are the gifts from the Holy Spirit person Spirits too? I don’t know but it’s a good chance they are, I think so but I don’t know.

So there is a kingdom of God in our hearts. We in the body of Christ are connected up with all parts of this body, parts are the saved persons. We the saved relate together in this body in the kingdom of God. We in the body commune together in this kingdom within the body. We in the body are never alone; but that is in human spirit, in soul we are above and we also relate to God above. Soul needs a mate and we marry and get a soul mate. We need more than just God and the body, we need a human mate.

God’s kingdom is not of this world. The body of Christ the living church temple is in this world but not of this world. We are separate from this world. The worldly people hate Jesus Christ. The world is about money. Jesus Christ is not about money, when He lived on this earth in this world Jesus most likely had little to do with money. When Jesus did His ministry starting at 30 years old He probably carried no money. Judas carried the money. People betray God for money. Money comes before God to many people. Judas on betraying Jesus got a guilty conscience he knew he had betrayed a good man so he hung himself. To betray truth and goodness is suicide. Good always has to win. To kill good is to kill good life and to kill good life is like killing God and to kill God is suicide. God is good and good is God. To kill God is to kill your creator. No creator no life, no universe.

The kingdom of God is within. The wise person seeks God within. The fool seeks God out there and up there. The fool builds his towers up in to the sky. The fool thinks God is up in the sky, up in outer space, on another planet. Man wants to be a rocket scientist and seek God up there in outer space. The fool searches for God in outer space.

God is not up there to our physical eyes, God is up there to our spiritual eyes. God lives with His people. King David explained God “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. God lived with David, in David, in his heart and head. God chooses who He will live with.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 10, 2018

It was 6 weeks that John had been travelling to seek the wise one. John had heard about the wise one from friends he knew. John had been on a plane, been driven by taxi, been on a ship, and walked for one week to find the wise one.

John finds the wise one way up high in the mountains with a vast desert at its base.

John enters a cave that his guide directs him to.

Hello hello anyone there?




Is that you wise one?


My name is John can we speak?


It’s dark in here I can not see you

What’s there to see, see from your inner eyes

Okay but what do you look like

What’s there to like about my looks? Sit down, what do you want?

I want to know the truth

What is truth?

Ha ha, it’s not lies

We have a funny one here do we

Sorry wise one

Where is truth?

You are truth


Yes you

I carry truth in me I am just a vessel you are a vessel also

So where is truth?

Look within

Within where?

Within your heart and mind, all truth is within

But I would have stayed at home and not come all the way here if I knew that

I am not truth God is truth God lives within

What a wasted journey I have done

Stay for a while

Why what’s the point?

Because I say so

What then?

Truth is within but it’s the getting of truth that is hard


God gives truth but only to the wise

And how do I become wise?

Wisdom is obeying God. The flesh and all its sins get in the way of truth. We must try and not sin and if we do sin we repent to God.

So wisdom is the key to truth

Exactly. Free up the truth in you by obeying God. God does not like giving truth to fools. God reveals himself to the wise not to fools. You have to go now.

Why? This is just getting interesting

I have done what I can do


You know how to get truth now obey and seek

Are you there? Hello, hello

John leaves the wise one and hikes down the mountain through the desert and on a ship and on a plane and on a taxi and gets home. The journey home takes 6 weeks and a bit.

“How was it” Johns friends ask in unison “Did you meet the wise one”?


Yes what? What truth did you learn?

Obey God and look within

That all?


What a wasted journey

Look I have to go

Go where?

On a journey to obey God

Obey God how?

Not to sin

Bahhh sinning is fun. Let’s drink high proof spirits to the wise one

Not for me

What? You usually drink us lot under the table

Not now


No thanks

Boy you have changed

I hope so. Must go. I am on a journey to find truth

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 10, 2018

What is 666? Is it the Carbon atom, 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons? It could be, who knows? Only God knows. We humans are all stupid. If Carbon is 666 then is 666 the Beast and is the Beast made up out of carbon? Thought provoking. Is the Beast 666 or is the Dragon 666? The Mark of the Beast is 666 so is the Mark made up out of carbon? Do humans receive a carbon Mark? A Carbon Mark makes sense because the human body would accept carbon as the human body is made up out of a lot of carbon. The human body I expect would not reject a carbon Mark. That’s my thinking.

What is the Beast? Is the Beast made up out of carbon? God has His Son. Is the Beast like a son of Satan the Dragon? Jesus Christ is Gods Son and Jesus is son of man and Son of God. Jesus was both human and God; is that still current, I don’t know but it was current when Jesus was on this earth in this world. What am I trying to get at? I am trying to get at that the Beast being the offspring of Satan (like Jesus the offspring of God the Father) is also part of one and another. The Beast is son of man and son of robot machine. Satan is Lord of this world. God is Lord within. The kingdom of God is within. Within the Body of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ includes all members that are saved souls of God. The kingdom of God resides in the universal body the living body the true Church, a living human church. God has all power over words. God has all power over flesh. God has all power over thoughts. God is the supreme Words. Satan rules out there outside the body of Christ. The world is out there. Satan uses machines and artificial intelligence to rule, rule who? Satan wants to rule humans. Satan builds a Beast, this Beast may be part human and part machine. We call this a cyborg creation. Satan can not control humans with words so he resorts to machines to control people. The Beast might be made up out of carbon and human flesh and bone. Jesus was part man (human) and part God so it makes sense that the Beast will be both man (human) and machine. Because the Beast is part human God will still have control over the Beast. Human is God made, God controls all what He has made. Satan will control the machines. Satan will control the artificial intelligence. The machines will control the people. Satan can not control from within so he controls from the outside. The world is out there, God is within the people of God.

My thinking, but I don’t know, is that Satan will have a big machine with artificial intelligence in, based above in the heavens orbiting the earth and this machine will keep track of every human. But not every human, there will be those humans that do not take the Mark of the Beast. [On later reflection this big machine in space orbiting the earth might just be a series (many) of big orbiting satellites but still watching and tracking those with the Mark. Could the Beast be based in a deep bunker below the ground?].

Who will be the Dragon? China is known as the Dragon nation. The Dragon throne is China. Snakes and dragons are known to be in the thinking of the Chinese, and lots of other Asian nations, but especially China. Chinese children are raised up on stories of dragons. Japan is another fervent Dragon nation. The Asians are known to use Dragon and snake symbols to decorate their buildings. The Dragon and snake are religious symbols to many Asians.

China will be the Dragon. China will build the Beast. China will control a lot of humans through a Carbon Mark.

Mind you not every Asian is a snake child of the Dragon. There are Christian Asians.

I don’t profess to know the truth. I see. I think. But do I know that is up to contention. Am i “In the know”. I could be deluded. Jesus was told that he had a demon in him. I hope I do not have a demon in me. When I used to flirt with Pentecostalism there was a lady church leader who I told about a Ministers Spirit in my heart (the real McCoy, dressed as a Minister, the dog collar, the black nightie, the scholars board hat) and she was wanting me to go to a prayer group she knew to get this Minister Spirit exorcised out of me. She thought the Minister Spirit was a demon, she was being serious. So much for my time with Pentecostalism.

I have truth evidence to back me up in part. I have seen the snakes in people and the majority of these people are Asian. This is fact. I see the snake through peoples eyes. I used to see these snakes a lot in my 20’s and 30’s (my age) I do not see snakes much now. Not that the snakes have gone but maybe I have moved on to learn other things from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Where’s God???

June 18, 2018

It’s fitting that Stephens (Stephen Hawking) voice is beamed into outer space. Why? I would say Stephens understanding of God is God in outer space.

God is a God of outer space to many people especially people of a scientific bent. People look out there or up there for truth whereas truth is from within. “Climb the Tower of Babel” science says and you will see God.

Why would people of a scientific bent believe in a God up there in outer space? Simple; science is about the physical not the spiritual. Science looks at the physical for truth. But God is Spirit (Jesus though is flesh and physical). Jesus takes us to the Father. The Father is not physical. Science can not understand an invisible non physical God, such is nonsense to many scientific people. Truth does not come from the invisible science says. Science is the way to understand to many people. To understand is to understand the physical. Not so I say. Truth comes from an invisible God. Truth also comes from God the Son who is physical, but this physical of Jesus is a physical not like any other physical, this physical transcends the physical, we know it as a divine physical.

Adam and Eve were stupid to take of science. It is thought as clever by many people to seek truth through science and not through the non physical invisible God.

So who is stupid? The person who seeks God up there in outer space or the person who seeks God from within. God makes His home with people. Science kills people and may eventually destroy all this world as we know it. People think learning science is clever but is it? Were Adam and Eve clever, they thought they were but thinking one is clever is not enough. God says who is clever. The worldly people will go on loving money and science; it’s all about the physical not the Spiritual of God.

From morning to evening people work their butts of, not to serve the head of God (the mind of Christ) above but to make money and to have every materialistic item they can buy. It’s about butts now a days or has it been about butts for ages and now it’s seen for what it is.

Parents want their boy to grow up and be a rocket scientist; this tells heaps. A rocket goes up there. Understanding to a rocket scientist is up there. But up there to a person of true Godly understanding is not the same up there a rocket scientist thinks.

So mankind has been deluded in its perception of where true understanding comes from. Satan may have blinded them; it’s like Satan has put a veil over people’s faces.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Mark McGowan goes to China

June 18, 2018

Mark arrives back in Perth. The press are waiting.

Mark what was it like?

Just fabulous.

What did you do?

It was a working holiday it was not all rest.

What did you do?

There were meetings.

How did the Chinese treat you?

Superb just superb. The food was just exquisite and the wine like the nectar of the gods.

(The Chinese were trying to lull Mark in to an attitude of least resistance)

What are the Chinese leadership like?

They are lovely people, just lovely.

(We remember that Donald Trump recently said that Kim Jong-Un was very talented. We remember that the South Korean Ambassador to Australia recently said that Kim Jong-Un is sincere).

Mark what about Huawei?

What about them?

WA State is giving Huawei the contract to build our railway transport communication 4G network.

Yes what about it?

Mark, is that wise seeing China could in the future have control over this net work in time of war.

China, war, China is very peace loving.

(The interview is going live over many television networks)

(Xi Jinping is watching television and is talking to an aid)

Did we bed him too?

No sir it was not thought quite wise at this time.

At least give him offers of free massages the next time he comes.

Bedding is on the cards maybe in the future, we see Mark as very pliable.

He’s stupid like a lot of Westerners.

The West is so decadent, they love their luxuries.

This makes me think China is invading the West. China wants to own Asia and control the world. China has being stealthy invading this world. This invasion is not like the usual way but economically. China wants to knock out all resistance. Mark McGowan is an example of China’s ability to knock out resistance. Mark is a State Premier, a job that has big influence in who can buy in to this State. The Dragon is clever in his own way. I think the Mark of the Beast will come from the Dragon China (I don’t know for sure).

People love to be pampered and the Chinese leadership know how to pamper. Our leaders go to China and they are easily won over. Our leaders are dined and wined and maybe even bedded. The only work they have to do is shit. It’s like paradise they say in China.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

My Italian Adventures by Lucy de Burgh

June 18, 2018

My appetite for Second World War memoirs is strong. Lucy did not let me down. Lucy is a author I approve, she has good morals. I like the positive side of war, I hate the deaths.

I see how war can bring the good out of people. War is a necessity. War has been with us since Cain killed his brother Abel. We are all related, we carry similar genes. Life is relative. Everything is relative. We hate war but we need it. Love overcomes all evil but love to overcome has to give up its own life, Just as Jesus Christ died. Love has to die to give life. The seed dies to live. We die to live. We die to our old sinful self (for the born agains).

Lucy describes Italy and her relationships well. Lucy has a deep love for Italy. Lucy meets many an interesting person. Lucy related well with her environment and fellow persons. Lucy writes very intelligently.

I got to know Italy and the Italians more so having read this book. You know your true friends during war. Italy though being fascist and an ally of Hitler had at its true heart the British/USA cause.

Some Philosophical thoughts follow:-

(Just now my mind is thinking elsewhere)

In the beginning there was a vast ocean of darkness, it was chaos. God burned and turned much of the darkness in to light. God turned on the light in the dark. God is light. The light spread in this ocean and the light is said to be expanding to light up even more of this ocean as we write. The ocean is the universe. Lights are stars. More lights are coming on. The universe is expanding. Will the universe always expand? This is up to contention. Does the universe have an end? Or is the universe unlimited? If the universe has an end then in the future when, no one knows, the universe at its end will implode, the opposite of explode. We had the explode what we call the “Big bang”. God is eternal so is the universe eternal. Scientists say that the expanding universe is slowing down, thus a clue that there is an end to everything. Is there an end to God though? The Bible says God is eternal and we have to believe this.

A question, does there first have to be dark to have light? Without darkness there can be no light. Light is put on in the darkness, darkness comes first. The universe being first a ocean was dark. The universe was created out of darkness. So dark comes then light.

What I really wonder is; was this first beginning before the universe, this dark ocean, was this ocean all water? And did this water convert to energy to become the universe? Are stars originally made from water. Water has hydrogen and stars are hydrogen. Water may be God’s main original energy source. Maybe.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Chinese Dragon

June 18, 2018

That is what I see.

From article (The Australian Newspaper Monday 11th June 2018): “Dr Lee said China’s grand strategy was to ease the US out of Asia without major conflict ………………and convincing these regional countries not to take a hostile stand toward China”.

I see China wants Asia. Japan set a similar task for its nation (second world war) but it went about it quite differently from how China is now doing it. China does not want war, especially not a world war. China can use economic coercion. China has the military muscle in the back ground to warn off nations wanting to be aggressive.

So the Dragon this time might get Asia. I think it will. The USA and other Western Powers will pull back. I think the Dragon will have its area of control and the West will have its area of control. It will be like good and evil. Light and dark.

Will Australia be in the good area? China is busy and has been for a while trying to weaken resistance from Government and big business (in nations like Australia) to China. China is offering economic packages. China will control through a world bank and trade. I don’t think China necessary wants war. People and nations will side with China because of money. But will Australia side with China? Even now China has Australian politicians in its pocket. A few but nevertheless few is too much and it’s increasing. People go where the money is. Businesses will side with China.

So the area of free/light/good. We see the USA as the leader of the free world. Enough said about that when our free world leader is alienating the USA’s friends. Trump is making new friends with dictators. Trump should be shoring up the free world side encouraging these nations not discouraging them. Trump is making bad odour with nations of the free world. Trump is like helping the Dragon, maybe he’s had too many women, I mean he’s of the type that women are there for only one thing. Even the likes of Putin knows Trumps weakness.

The free world stays free and Australia is free. We are a nation of the light. Will China try and get Australia? I think China and the free world need to know their boundaries. Australia was not invaded by Japan. Australia is not Asian and China needs to know that. Australia might be and should be protected as it was from Japan.

I think China can have Asia. The USA should pull back and not go to war. As long as China does not take over nations of the light then let China be. The Dragon is powerful, we don’t want a world war over Asia. The free world does not need Asia. It’s right that the Dragon has its area.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 18, 2018

Wake up sir

Ummm what

You have to get dressed

Ummm ok

Here sir let me help you get in to your clothes

Ok I feel dizzy my mind seems all fogged up

(Man runs in)

Sir they are waiting you must hurry

Okay let’s go I can not see properly

Just follow me sir

I need my glasses

We will bring them later

I need my glasses

We can not wait sir

(Trump follows the valet)

We are here sir

Where’s my glasses?

They are coming I sent for them

The delegation is here you sit here sir

I can not see properly and I feel drugged

Sir please begin

I know I have done this many times before, you are all fired

Sir what are you saying?

You are all fired! fired! fired!

Sir the delegation is walking out

Get me back to my room I want to sleep

But sir the summit

My room

Okay sir you are the boss follow me

That’s better now my glasses

Here we are sir

That’s much better I can see

Sir the summit

What summit?

North Korea

What about the show?

What show?

The Apprentice. I did good did I not I fired them

Sir you are not at the Apprentice show you are in Singapore at a summit

Now I am remembering. Someone must have spiked my drinks

Sir we did give you a sleeping tablet last night or maybe more than one or two

How many?

Sir you could not get to sleep you were insisting to be given more tablets you took ten in the end

No wonder I forgot where I was. It’s all coming back now. Get me back to the conference room

(Man runs in to room)

Sir the North Koreans have left

Quick we must get them back

(Another man runs in to the room)

Sir Kim has left with his people for the airport

My head is going dizzy I must lie down

But sir the North Koreans

My head my head I can not think

(Someone in the room puts on the tv)

News reports are coming that Trump sacked the leader of North Korea along with his delegation


It’s true sir you sacked the entire North Korean delegation, Kim is furious

Out! out! everyone out! I need to sleep

(Everyone leaves the room)

Oh what have I done. I should have stuck with celebrity tv. The Apprentice was great and the Miss World beauty pageants were an eye sore.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Super funds, financial advisors, banks, who knows what they are really up to???

June 18, 2018

The public have super, that’s good, but no one seems to know much about super, who manages it, who invests it, where the investments go, WE WANT SIMPLE ACCOUNTABILITY, we want to know the simple truth, it’s the public’s money, yet the public are told little. And who can you trust with your money? Financial advisors seem to be billing customers for what and how much? Who can trust a financial advisor? Only the rich can afford financial advisors, accountants and lawyers.

Money is so complex. It’s like a web. You touch the web and you get caught. So we don’t like touching it. Money and thinking about it makes sick.

When you are in the light, enlightenment, you know, you are in the know, you see, you hear, the body comprises many people, the church is that body, the body is not a building made up out of wood, stone, brick, or concrete. I am in this universal body, I have access to the head, God head, I can think, I am at the head so I know. The head is in charge of the universal body.

How I hate a non level playing field. All flesh is equal. Forget your titles before your names, forget all your letters after your names, no one is better than any other person especially in the body. You don’t like it, then leave the body, but God will be patient with you. God wants a level playing field. Don’t exalt your jobs over other peoples jobs. Those people who the world exalts need to be humbled and those people who the world puts down need to be exalted. Prophets of God make a level playing field. Don’t exalt your positions, your job titles have no real significance. Position of this world is nothing. Money and the love of it means little to God. Jesus had little use for money when He was in this world. John the Baptist had no use for money.

The church the real true body of Christ is about equality. Don’t like it then you are in the wrong body. People love position. Jobs are position. Jobs are about money. People adore money. The reality of Gods kingdom is that it is not about things.

Those in to position and money need to get out and work with their hands. The intelligentsia and academics need to work with their hands. Intelligence has become an idol.

Serve the God head. You are spirit in a body in the heart of the body, learn the true spiritual wisdom from God, learn from Gods Spirit, don’t follow man follow Jesus Christ. God will save the soul, you are spirit and you learn. Learning man’s wisdom is following man and buggers up the thinking. God is above. Learn to believe heaven is above. You are spirit, if you really do see and hear you will know where God is. The human spirit is to be yoked to Gods Spirit, don’t yoke human spirit with other human spirits such buggers one up. Human wisdom that Apostle Paul talks writes about buggers up the soul.

You are spirit in heart in a body, learn from God. Listen.

Humans are now so perverse. Humans turn away from God to worship and follow man. Human wisdom stinks, stinks of decaying flesh. Teachers of this world have little time for God. Most educational institutions are secular, God is not worshiped.

We need all these members of Christ’s body to give up all their idols and work with their hands. We want equality right throughout the body. Rank in the body is according to God. Don’t bring titles (job etc) or money in to the kingdom of God. Forget idols.

Teachers of this world are the real hurdle to get at the simple truth. The worlds teachers do not teach the simple truth, for these teachers truth is complex. Teachers of this world lay heavy burdens on peoples backs. I see the school children often carrying big back packs on their backs and no doubt these packs are laden with many big text books. How the academics and intelligentsia love to write books, especially text books. If they were really working with their hands these people would not have time to write books. We need food yes food from crops grown in the soil, get these teachers growing food in the fields and let the real teachers of God teach people. God’s teachers teach spirit and soul. Teachers of this world don’t recognise soul or spirit.

There is an anomaly in this world. Okay there are many anomalies. The members of Christ’s body are learning from human spirit when they should be learning from God Spirit. Human spirit and its achievements are put above Gods Spirit.

I work from the head, I am a straight thinker. The body needs to obey God. In the time of Noah God had mercy on only one family, all other people died; and it will happen again, but this time it won’t be water it will be fire.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Brain lapse

June 18, 2018

Who has brain lapses? ie they have a moment when they disengage their brain. But are there people who all the time don’t engage the brain and run on idle? Idle may sound fun to people but they have lives that do not move (rolling {moving} stone gathers no moss), they are literally useless to the body and society. The body without the brain is dumb. The senses are in the head. The head is the brains and senses. The God head. The head belongs to God as does the body belong to God. God is in the head as well as in the body. God is in the heart and brain. God is above. God is with us in heart. The soul is with God as is the human spirit with God. We are with God above and also here.

There is much God light in the brain. It’s about connecting up to that God light. We are truly bright only in God, all other brightness is false. You can not be bright apart from God. God is light. Generations of a family tree line are blessed to have connection to the God Head because they love God but there are also many family trees in darkness because they hate God. Many people are cut off from God, many people live in darkness and are lost. To educate oneself while in darkness of soul and spirit is foolishness. So society is stupid to think that everyone can be educated. Society pushes education on children and adults, the God headed people are not wise to force education on the lost souls. Lost souls are in darkness. To live in the dark is not to see. God headed people need to express that God will forgive people for their sins if they repent to God. The Governing authorities are pushing education like never before. But alas education can just wind up people who are disengaged from the God Head. You need to see and hear and smell and taste to get educated. The senses are our tools of education. The brain picks up what we sense and uses that information to educate us. What breaks our connection from the God head? Sins, sins sins and sins. We break up from God because of sins. John the Baptist came saying “Repent of your sins”. Jesus came saying “The kingdom of God is near”. God can not be tricked, you can not hide from God. You break up from God it is your fault, you will leave the light, you will live in the dark, your body will be full of darkness. People in the light need to help those people in the dark in to the light. The people of the light should not be forcing education on people who are in the dark, stupid stuff. The people of the light need to help those people in the dark by leading them to Jesus. Jesus took all our sins in His body and died to them, a mystery? Yes but it’s true. Only after sins have been forgiven can we live in the light. Our sins are washed away by Gods forgiveness and we connect again to the God head. God’s words wash us clean. God’s Son Jesus blood washes us clean, a mystery? Yes but it’s true. You can learn while in the light, the light gives you insight. You need insight to learn. Sinners have problems learning. People in the light also sin but they have an intermediary in Jesus Gods Son between them and the Father God and they can confess and be forgiven. People in the light have to confess regularly to keep up a good connection to God. You want good sense confess to God. Even if a person of the light forsakes God God will be patient and hope the errant person will confess in due time. God can wait. People can cut off all connection to God and God can turn his back on people. You will be thrown in to the darkness, you will gnash your teeth and be lost. If an eye sins too much and for too long cut it out, the body is better without an eye than the whole body go in to hell. So God prunes and prunes off worthless branches. Families are cast off the true vine they are thrown in to darkness. God is loving but he is no fool, you can tolerate fools for just so long.

The body needs the head and the head needs the body. Jesus is the head. We are the body. Does Jesus need us? Maybe I don’t know. But a head without a body is useless. We use our heads, no, our heads use us. The body does not use the head, the head uses the body, we are not in charge the head is in charge. Repent to God all sins. The body sins. The members of the body are us the believers in Jesus. Jesus has His own body. We each in the one body come under the one head. We each in the body are as close as words. Words make us in the body. The head is the Words. It’s about words. Words give light. God is Words. Education is in words.

I see. I am the eyes and the head. I am the spokesperson of God. I teach and preach. I am a prophet of God, my boss is God. Prophets see, they have strong insight. I have not always been in the light, I used to be in the dark. I was once lost. I know what I know only because I can see and have seen over many years. My body and eyes are slowly gathering more light. My eyes are becoming more sound. Wisdom comes to prophets. Wisdom is good sense. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is having righteous thoughts. We are what we think. You can only be caught out in your thoughts, one must get through your thoughts to get to your body and your possessions. You are only as strong as you are in your thoughts. Wisdom of God makes for strong thoughts. The universe is one universal thinking mind, a universal mind full of words and God’s words are supreme over all other words. Jesus is the head and reigns above and His Words are above all other words.

You get body builders. These builders build up their bodies to make them strong, these people work out daily for many hours pushing themselves hard physically to make their bodies strong. These people are praised by others, but all is in vain. The real strength starts from inside, in the soul and spirit in words. It’s words in the thinking that should be our major defence. Think wise then you are safe. But there is human wisdom and there is God’s wisdom in Jesus Christ. Human wisdom is not genuine wisdom, it is false like false gold. False gold looks good but it is a sham. Christ’s wisdom keeps us safe. Human wisdom will not keep us safe, Satan knows that. Satan can walk through human wisdom easily. Quoting man’s poetry or man’s philosophy at Satan might even make Satan laugh. Human wisdom is about man not God, it’s about seeking man’s praise and awards not Gods. Man seeks praise, it’s like an ego massage. Man wants to look and be important, it’s dignity relying on flesh and words of man not on God. Human wisdom is fake wisdom, Christ’s wisdom can see through it. Human wisdom is the veneer, the gloss, it’s acting, it’s wearing a mask, it’s hypocrisy. Christ’s wisdom is not wearing a mask, with Christ’s wisdom you are what you really are. Christ’s wisdom is true and not perverse, human wisdom is perverse. This world is so perverse now, who is not perverse.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HUMAN WISDOM!! (Is not Christ’s wisdom)

May 25, 2018

So the community gives a man suffering from depression a toilet cleaning job, bravo, the company responsible tell the whole world how they are helping the mentally ill, bravo company you are so good you are helping people who are disadvantaged (the problem is the company probably believes they are helping, thus the reason for todays big big West Australian newspaper advert).

There are two main wisdoms in this world:

Apostle Paul calls one wisdom, human wisdom the other wisdom he names as coming from above.

I think the above wisdom is the wisdom of the brain/head whereas the human wisdom is wisdom of the body and heart.

Human wisdom:

Seeks top paid jobs

Seeks status jobs

Seeks to be rich

Loves materialism

Is about sex rather than love

Is about the body not the head

Is about personality not character

Is about feelings not thoughts

Wants qualification letters after their names

Wants titles before their names

Is about the looks of the body

Discriminates according to skin colour, religion, race, intelligence and ability.

Is skin deep thinking

Is shallow thinking

Not a deep thinker

Sees but does not see

Hears but does not hear

Marries for money and looks

Marriage made in hell not heaven

Is about position (job)

Values a person according to how rich they are

First time they meet a person they ask them what they do, what their job is, so as to categorise them according to position and money. Position ranks a person according to how much money the position pays

Loves self glory from other humans

God wisdom from above:

Seeks the better for other people before themselves

Puts others before them

Is about the head more than the body

Is unselfish

Deep thinker

Good insight

Deep insight

Clear thinker


Self control

Loves not lusts

Marriage made in heaven (from above)

Marries a soul mate (soul above)

Headship marriage

More about thinking than feelings

More about character than personality


Is patient

Is honest

Glories only in God above

The God wisdom is a race as the human wisdom is a race but we have two very different races.

One race God race is to race to be like Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son and the other race Human race is to be rich, etc. Human wisdom does not prepare one for heaven. Human wisdom is all about SELF (Self dies, dust to dust ashes to ashes). God wisdom is all about Jesus Christ.

So we get an anomaly in this world about wisdom. Human wisdom to many people is thought of as being clever. But it’s stupid. Stupid.

We should judge a person only according to how Godly they are and that means how wise they are in Jesus Christ.

Even the established Church is rife of human wisdom.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

People discriminate, it’s what we humans do and we do it at our best. It’s called human wisdom, it’s wisdom of this world, it’s not the wisdom from above, it’s not using ones brains, it’s about the flesh, it’s the body in charge not the head. Discrimination is brainless wisdom.

But what can you say, most people walk around in a dream. It’s dream at night and dream during the day.

So women are speaking up, and at, at their abusers. To speak up, God is above and hears. God has ears. The head has ears. Speak from the heart to the head. Women have not always been treated equal, women for example were not given the vote. And women still are treated as the fair sex the weak sex, and thus should be in the kitchen and the bedroom, to procreate and cook and clean. Females were treated by males as domestic servants and lovers.

Males treated females as sex objects, objects to satisfy the male sexual drive.

I see females in mass do not want to be just sex objects. Speak up and out and at. Words are power. You don’t need an education to speak up for your human rights. Read the Bible, most of Jesus first disciples had little education. Peter the Apostle was a simple fisherman he knew no big knowledge but he was the first leader of God’s church. Jesus chooses the simple to become wise. Jesus is up in heaven. Jesus listens.

John the Baptist came saying “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near”. Repent to God above, we are sinners. The prophet comes to smooth the path, make straight the crooked, level out the ground; what does that mean? It’s metaphor speaking; it’s to make all people equal, all flesh is equal.

So is the casting couch over with or is it just on standby? Will people repent to God? God can help but you have to come to God in heart.

In this world we get the victims and the bullies. The bullies need victims but do the victims need bullies. There will be no bullies if there are no victims. The bullies look for the weak, the weak are made victims. But you are only as strong as you are in your heart. Resist from the heart. But resist in Words. The best Words to resist with are the Holy Scripture Words from the Bible.

God will show you the way through His Son Jesus. In Christ we get the mind of Christ, we become powerful in Christ. It’s Christ in us that is powerful. We die to our old sinful self nature and take on Gods Son nature. We are strong in Christ. Jesus said to the fig tree to die and it withered up right then and died. Words of Jesus are powerful and that power is right in us of Christ. The fig tree represents people. We must watch our words. Women must realise their power only through Jesus Christ.

To fight discrimination we fight with the spiritual weapons of Jesus Christ. We use the Words and faith of God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

I see merit in this. But there maybe many flaws until the finished product is viable as many people can abuse. Income can be abused.

In Australia we have now a basic income for free to many people. Take the Aborigine, many of them don’t work, so who pays them? The Government. Many aborigine get free money. So is the free basic income working for Aborigine. Not really, why? A lot of Aborigine drink alcohol. The Aborigine spend heaps on alcohol. So this income is getting abused. It’s not working. The income should go on food, electricity, shelter, water, on needs to live. The Government has tried to rectify this abuse of income by withholding cash and giving a card that can only be used to pay for say household items from shops. Alcohol is not a need.

The universal Basic Income is not a bad idea, everyone has the right of a good standard of living, there is always going to be unemployment such is part and parcel of a capitalist system. In a capitalist system there is not full employment. The communist system might have full employment.

The Universal Basic Income should be about paying for a good standard of living, not luxuries, but needs, pay for medicines, hospital treatment, doctors, dentists, food, water, but this income must not in anyway be paid in cash or money in to banks where cash can be withdrawn, no, this income must be accessible only with a card with a chip that can only access consumer goods and services at shops, hospitals, doctors, etc that are authorised by the Government.

This Universal Basic Income can gradually come in as robots with artificial intelligence take over human work. People should have the option of receiving the Universal Basic Income or a paid job, not both, one or the other. Later robots, humanoids etc, will take over much of the work. I think humans will have their own humanoids working for them. I think the Universal Basic Income will be a no brainer when the Mark is given. The Mark 666. The Beast will own us then (not me i hope). We can not stop robots with artificial intelligence coming just as we can not stop humans making things, science will not stop. Science is knowledge and mankind craves for knowledge. Satan can use knowledge against mankind. Adam and Eve and their descendants consume knowledge and later Satan uses this against them. The descendants of Adam and Eve might even build the Beast, whatever it is. Satan has his descendants. The descendants of Satan are the snake people. The snake people at loggerheads with the God people. Satan with his snake children want to rule God’s children. God’s children will contribute to building robots and artificial intelligence and Satan might use robots and artificial intelligence against God’s children. Knowledge of good and evil, knowledge used for good or evil. Let’s not be naive and think knowledge is used only for good. Science can be for good or evil. Evil is in this world.

Just as the above physical heavens has much darkness but at the same time there are many bright shining stars. In the spiritual heavens there too is much darkness but there are many bright Spirit stars. The elect of God are the stars. Darkness can breed dark deeds. Satan loves the dark. Evil is all around this world. Satan is in many places. Go to school, college, university, but are not Satan’s children also learning knowledge? The snakes learn. The weeds grow amongst the wheat. The weeds grow up. Let’s not be naive and think the snake children won’t use knowledge for evil. Evil is just a few seconds from a push button on a desk (not quite but it’s close to the real idea) in front of Evil that can wipe out this world to oblivion. But a clean slate is that not what God wants? You clean the slate when it gets dirty.


I think the 666 Mark is a carbon Mark I don’t think it’s a silicon chip or any type of micro chip. Carbon is universal to creation. The human body should accept a carbon Mark. The human body is made out of a lot of carbon. Now I am just theorising and speculating that 666 is carbon, I have no real evidence, I could easily be wrong, but it gives us something to think about.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

I would have to admit this death (Professor David Goodall went to Switzerland to be euthanised) might set a bad precedent if it was legalised in Australia. If euthanasia was legalised in Australia and people like David could get a legal euthanised death then we might see hundreds of old people euthanised each year.

Old people who are so old that they are senile and useless to society and have lost much of their memory and can not perform everyday regular tasks needed to support their bodies may take the euthanised way to alleviate their keeping a useless body alive.

Now I am a supporter of euthanasia. But I am only a supporter of euthanasia if it is used for people who have long term acute pain. I see no sense in a person living if they are in long term extreme pain. And drugging up a person to the eye balls to alleviate pain but then the person is living like in a vegetable state does not seem right. I see palliative care reasonable for short term pain persons.

Euthanasia may be legal soon in many countries. So we must protect the elderly and suicidal. Suicide tendencies could mean long term pain to the mind. But legalising suicidal people to be euthanised also might set a bad precedent.

Euthanasia was bandied around as a solution to death to people with say cancer and they were acutely suffering.

I think if Australia legalised euthanasia there would then begin stretching of the borders of what is legal and what is not legal.

I see a sure case of warranting euthanasia for people who are suffering with long term acute pain and only for them. There is also a case for euthanasia not only for persons suffering extreme long term physically pain but also for people suffering extreme long term mental pain.

The soul is a delicate area, it’s the mind. Feelings and thoughts come and go. There are other cures for the soul than death. Euthanised death because of pain to the soul must be very thought out. This is really Gods area. Psychologists and psychiatrists can not be God here. We must not secularise this area. Then again religionisation of this area could also be detrimental. I don’t know really what to do for incurable souls that are in extreme long term soul pain. Prayer I think of. Rest. Change of location. But the mentally unwell suffering long term acute pain should also have access to euthanasia. We must not exclude the mentally ill because they have their rights like everyone else. The right to die must be a right a fundamentally right but only when it’s obeying the law. God has laws too.

Euthanasia when legal must only be allowed after submitting an application to the justice courts of the land. And a warrant from a judge must be issued before a euthanasia. The courts must have a team of specialists in medical and health and legal and religious areas who advise the courts of a euthanasia request. The judge must not act alone, there should be at least three judges who decide a request. To keep the courts honest here we need complete transparency for each euthanasia request so the courts must be completely transparent and that means the courts are open to the public eyes, nothing hidden from view. Abuse can so easily creep in so transparency will hopefully keep abuse checked. No one abuses when all the world is watching them.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

So is a person a Christian if they have a Christian name. We in the Christian led West and English speaking have Christian names. In other nations where English is not spoken there can also be Christian names. Christian names seem to be of a religious beginnings. I would expect the Roman Catholic Church to have inspired people having as their first name a Christian name. The Catholics probably instigated a first Christian name and a surname. But I don’t really know. The Christian religion beginnings brought with it the rise of what we know as the Roman Catholic Church. This Catholic Church was the beginnings of a structured religion based on Jesus Christ.

Later we got schisms in the church. The Greek Orthodox and then much later the Russian Orthodox came being both schisms. Then the major big schism came being the Protestant churches. Protestant was a protest, a protest of the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t know if the Russian Orthodox Church was a schism off the Greek Orthodox Church or a direct schism of the Catholic Church but the Greek Orthodox Church was I think a schism off the Roman Catholic Church. The Protestant church though was a schism off the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic Priest. Martin instigated the schism protesting the Catholic Church. Martin was our first Protestant Church member. The Protestant Church has been schismed galore. Many twigs have grown off the main Protestant branch. We now get Pentecostal churches being the foliage of the tree. The tree is massive, and we see it’s age and it’s coming readiness, twigs are all over the tree, fruit is growing, we will later see it ready to be harvested.

So we in the Western Christian nations have a Christian name. We are Christian based. The Asians do not have Christian names. Asia is not Christian based.

Do Muslims have Christian names? How can they? They are not Christian.

Who is of this church grown tree? What families belong to this tree?

True haters of Christianity should get rid of their Christian names. Christian names obviously came about because of the Christian religion.

There is an anomaly: Infants come in to this world, they are given Christian names, later some might become God deniers, they become atheist. Thus we have many atheists with Christian names. When the atheists go for job interviews they give not just their surname but their Christian name too. These atheists live a life structured around the 7 day week. This 7 day week was initiated by Christ believers. The atheists lives are based on Christ’s death as we use BC before Christ and AD after death for our calendar. When the atheist dies and is buried they have a cross on their grave, the cross represents the cross Jesus Christ died on.

When I was young before my introduction to Christianity I might have been called a lost soul. But even in my lost state I did not deny the Supreme God. I just did not know or understand God, i was lost and ignorant. I wanted understanding, I wanted wisdom. But in my simple state my simple soul was overwhelmed by wisdom of the world that was breaking my soul. I was being perverted in soul around the clock. The Dragon woman and Satan were trying to break me, bend me. It’s probably a kind of witch craft. In my lost state I did not have understanding. God saw me, I may have been chosen even before I was born but I do not know. In my fallen state or lost state God reached out to me. God gave me a Holy Spirit to help me. From that day on I was protected and helped. Understanding came to me, I could see. I could hear. My human Dad put it this way “I am enlightened”. He said this about him. He said he was enlightened. When I became saved my human Dad was a changed person. I used to think of Dad in this new life of his as being on top of everything. I also now saw Dad had crystal clear eyes. His transformation was quite amazing, it awed me.

What I am trying to say is even though I was not a Christian in my earlier years I did not deny God. I have never been an atheist. In my earlier non Christ life I would never have thought I could be intelligent enough to deny God. In my former life I did not think much or if I did my thoughts were of little real consequence. I can not get my head around intelligent thinking people denying God. How can you deny God if you don’t believe in Him and how can you not believe in God if you do not first believe in Him. To not acknowledge God you first have to acknowledge Him. I think atheists are taking the mickey out of Christ believers, they are trying to act all clever, an excuse to just sin.

Final thought here:

I can see the atheist is about a person who calls out to God above in the heavens “God up there I do not believe in you”. Sound and look foolish? Certainly not clever.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

I think – out of all our famous Hollywood female actresses, who did not go on a casting couch? As the saying goes models and actresses have to work their butts off.

Hollywood is about glamour. Glamorous bodies. Nothing more. People also say – acting is a craft, its art in the making. I say acting is a craft that is crafty and acting is an art that is arty farty.

Hollywood is about the body.

We love acting because there’s an actor in every one of us. We are all actors on a world stage. We wear masks and we have positions. We have titles before our names and letters after our names. We get qualifications from universities and colleges to build up our status. There are positions that have status accorded to them. So you get a bachelor degree and are accorded some status, it’s like becoming a officer in the military. You get a masters degree and more status comes, people now look up to you, you are like a god. You get a doctorate degree and you are at the holy of holies, you are at the top, people just about worship you, your words are as gods.

People want their freedom. Satan keeps us in bondage. We are nothing more than slaves to Satan. So we want our freedom, only Jesus Christ can free us from bondage to Satan. Education can not free us. Money can not free us. Religion can not free us. Work can not free us.

Jesus Christ over came the world and if we accept Jesus Christ as Lord then Jesus will come in to our life and put the world at our feet. Jesus Christ outwitted Satan. Satan is at the feet of Jesus Christ. If we have Jesus Christ in our life, we have the mind of Jesus Christ and we have Satan at our feet. We only are FREE through Jesus Christ. University degrees and other qualifications do not over come Satan. It’s a myth to believe that education frees us. Our souls are free only in Jesus Christ. No other person but Jesus defeated the world and Satan.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Sex abuse by hostel manager

May 25, 2018

Tells the welfare officer, he is slapped; tells the headmaster, he is told to go to the police; goes to the police, the police laugh at him and punch him in the stomach and throw him out of the police station where he lands on the kerb and cracks his head.

Now in court the victim is asked why did he not report the sex abuse to the perpetrators wife who also ran the hostel. The victim said after i reported it to the police i knew i could not report it to anyone else.

The victim is a welfare boy. He is nothing. He has no money. He has no position. The police the upholders of the law just laughed in his face.

What was going on in the past with the Governing authorities? Why were the law not helping? Was it about the poor and the rich? Did the law favour helping the rich? In the past was it more about class, the lower, middle and higher classes.

The establishment church seems to have been complicit in this class system based on money. Jesus Christ is not about money. This world is ruled by Satan and the establishment church seems to have been complicit with Satan’s wisdom. God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ is nothing to do with this worlds wisdom based on money. There is no real justice with Satan’s wisdom.

So in the past were sins just as rampant as today but they were hidden?

I HATE the wisdom of this world. I HATE human wisdom. I HATE humanism that glories man male and female. In times like this i wish for the fire that will burn this whole world. Burn it back to the Stone Age. The big fire will burn all the sins away, it’s a baptism of fire to cleanse just as God brought a baptism of water in the time of Noah to wash this world clean of sins.

Satan may rule this world but the church should not ever succumb to Satan’s wisdom. The establishment church is just brick, wood, and stone. It’s people who come together in man made structures and their doctrines are based on man made. It’s artificial. It’s not genuine.

I sympathise with the establishment church, why? Jesus said on the cross “Father forgive them for they do not understand”. We are all sinners I too am one. And I don’t fully understand. I can not point the finger. But I can try and enlighten people to the truth, i can try, if people will listen to me. What can you do for starters? Pray.

An after thought:

I think of Cardinal George Pell. If the victim in the case written above say went to George Pell and reported the sex abuse, what would most likely have happened? You know it. Yes George would have cursed the victim and told him not to lie, not to make trouble, and not to come back. So the religious fraternity and its minions are complicit in sex abuse in society because the church is meant to be the moral pillar in society but the so called church has failed. The religious establishment failed Jesus Christ and they fail him now. It’s about human wisdom: it’s about position, it’s about class, it’s about money, it’s about status.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Finance Companies

May 25, 2018

I can not understand this federal government; the financial sector, the banks, finance company’s, have been bleeding Mr and Mrs citizen dry and yet here the federal government gives these companies a big handout (tax exemptions).

I can understand giving tax exemptions to the struggling small businesses but giving say banks and large financial firms tax exemptions does not make much sense. It’s like the federal government is rewarding these finance companies when the government should be punishing such companies with higher tax (Punishment is for corruption and cheating). The big banks are raking in the money; they must be smiling. It takes a Liberal Government to reward these companies, no other party would. (Corruption does not deserve rewards).

And this federal Government was not keen to start a royal commission in to the finance sector, I can see why. Liberal are but putty in these big businesses hands. Liberal has always been about money. But that’s politics; Labor have their faults too; we have the best system we can have, there is no such thing as utopia on this earth. Utopia is for dreamers. We make do.

The finance sector is so complex that they hide behind their complexity to hide their cheating. The finance sector is like a web of unknowns; no one seems to know how to get proper financial advice. The financial advisors can easily cheat Mr and Mrs citizen.

Money is complex. Man makes complex. It’s not about service it’s about making lots of money. Service and profit should go hand in hand but it doesn’t. Profit is what’s its about overriding service.

I think; this corruption or/and cheating in the financial sector is a form of abuse and sadly when there is no good oversight there is abuse. Humans abuse, it comes natural to mortal bodies, no one is perfect all the time. So to check abuse we need transparency.

There were earlier signs: fat cats on company boards and executives getting ridiculously high salaries with ridiculously high bonuses. Reserve bank interest rate increases being on forwarded from banks to their customers. Bank transaction fees that were bleeding customers. Questionable billionaire profits, how come? Banks colluding with each other making cartels.

What puzzles Joe and Gloria citizen, that includes me, is who does own these big companies. Shareholders you say own these companies. So do mum and dad shareholder have control over these big companies? No, why not? These mum and dad investors are small time, their shares total few. But there are shares owned by super funds and these funds buy big. So these super funds do have quite a bit of control over big companies. But who are these super funds, who controls through them? Board members. So we get directors of boards having control and not mum and dad shareholders. And directors and top executives vote themselves big salaries with bonuses. Mum and dad shareholders don’t make a fuss as long as they are getting their dividend. Mum and dad shareholders seldom attend shareholders meetings and if they do they have little power (their shares are minimal). So it’s the big cats at the top that control these companies and the super funds have control too. The super funds are very wealthy and they can afford to buy big parcels of shares so the fat cats try and placate the board members of super funds. Super funds could sell their shares in a company and thus affect the share price, but does this matter to the company. As long as the company is making good profits little else matters. People will buy shares of a profitable company, as long as the dividends are good.

Fat cats rule companies. Super funds have a say. Who loses out if profits are low? Dividends for shareholders will be low or not at all but the fat cats keep their big salaries. Fat cats can bleed a company dry and just move on to another company. The company might go down but these fat cats have their cream. And there are other companies waiting to be creamed off.

I am trying to get at the means of control of big companies who have shareholders. It seems the authority control of these companies is wanting. As long as businesses are making money no one cares who is in control. Capitalism is about everyone making and having capital but who controls capitalism? The Government? The people? We do have Government regulations. It’s about supply and demand, it’s a floating fiscal structure. It goes according to the way the wind blows. But what about the rocks? Companies fold. Fat cats become fatter. Board members of companies can abuse. We vote left wing when right wing abuses and vice versa. Right wing are the fat cats. Left wing are the masses the workers; the right wing the management and owners. We must keep capitalism simple and honest and transparent otherwise we get abuse.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

(At the psychiatrist)

John start from the beginning.

Doctor I have a crush on this girl.


I can not keep her out of my mind.


But she seems to show little interest of a relationship with me.


But she says we have an understanding.

What understanding?

I am not sure. I think we both like each other.

Why not get together?

I feel hopeless. She’s does not seem to be sexually interested in me. She is but she is not.

Uuummm let’s see. She’s on your mind a lot.


But no sex.


I think this is an episode of sex machine syndrome.

What’s that doctor?

A machine is involved in your so called relationship of understanding.

What relationship we have not been together that way.

You though have an understanding.


I think this girl is using a machine.

What machine and why?

The girl is trying to keep sex out of it to get advantages.

What’s the machine?

It’s a machine to get pleasure but not with you.

I don’t understand doctor.

The girl likes you but she wants to have the relationship strictly on her terms and that means she will try and get everything going her way. She wants to be the boss.

But the machine.

You can buy them.



What shops?


What shall I do?

Well you can not compete against a machine.

But I like her a lot. I think I would even like to marry her.

Look my boy, she’s using a machine, she’s started a bad precedent, move on.

Move on where?

Look elsewhere for love. Machines make very complex. People wind us up, people screw with our minds. Machines might be the ruin of mankind in the future.

But my mind.

This girl is screwing with your mind using a machine. Move on. Machines will rise one day and be the ruin of us all.

Will the Beast be a machine?

Beast, what Beast?

It’s in the Bible.

I know not the Bible but machines might act beastly in the future.

The Beast will rule the Bible says.

I think you are over simplifying it.

But simple is good is it not?

For you it might be but not for me. Here’s a script for some medication, come back next week same time.

But the crush I have on this girl.

It will go away over time. Machines can be a menace. This girl will move on and hopefully give up the machine and make a real go of it but not with you. People think it’s clever to use machines and they do help but hands on treatment at the coal face of reality is better. Machines make us work less. Machines make us lazy. Mankind needs to work with their hands. Computers make lazy minds. We don’t need to think now, computers do all our thinking.

I think the Beast will be a machine with artificial intelligence.

Are you sure?

Not really.

You are speculating.

Yes. I don’t think anyone knows for real sure what the Beast will be. Some might say it’s a computer. But computers now are just in their infancy, in the future computers could be something else. We have quantum computers coming, we have artificial intelligence coming.

We had better stop there. I have my next patient in a few minutes, we have already gone over time as it is.

Sorry Doctor. Bye.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

When I think of all this spying I think of:

Let’s go back to prior digital let’s go back to analogue days say the 1930’s to 1950’s. Say the Government in those earlier days wanted to spy on its own people. So in every post office in this country we get government spies who work in these offices looking through all mail, opening up and resealing mail. So why did Government not look through all our mail in these earlier times? Why the change with Government wanting to look through all our private mail now? For a start in the earlier times looking at other peoples mail was not cricket, no gentleman or lady of refinement looked at other peoples mail. But now it seems gentlemen and ladies do look at other peoples mail. In the past privacy was just that privacy. In the past even Government respected privacy, but not now. Why do Government now think that it has a right to look at peoples private mail? Maybe now a days we don’t have gentlemen and ladies. Are spies gentlemen and ladies? What used to the definition of a gentleman and a lady is maybe a different definition from what it is now.

So is mankind creating a big BEAST to watch us all. The BEAST has powers. The BEAST will serve SATAN. Humans serve Satan by building his Beast. Maybe a Beast will be sent in to outer space and spy on us all from above.

In the past life was more simple. The Beast and it’s making in the past was just a minor aberration and this aberration consisted of say only a diode or resister or even before that just a bulky valve. We had radio. Radio the beginnings of electronic wizardry. Radio and telegraphy our first beginnings to make a Beast. The Beast will get most people online. The Beast will rule with artificial intelligence (AI). Radio and telegraphy the beginnings of online. Satan knows that money is mankind’s love so Satan will control through controlling the money system. You will be bought through money. You will give access of your life to Satan for money. Satan will own you. Life was more simple in the past before electronic gadgetry; life was more simple when mans inventions did not exist. Life was more simple when man worked for his her needs not wants. Mans inventions have made this world very complex. Satan is complex. The Beast is complex. Mans inventions are complex. The human body and soul and spirit thrive on simplicity. Now man has to drug him her self up to the max. Drugs are rife in society now. In the past in the simple past where mans inventions were few, drugs were not needed. Now every Tom, Dick and Gloria are either taking prescription or hard drugs.

But I am confused. God has given mankind many callings, as in vocations. We get engineer callings, we get just about every vocation under the sun. And a lot of these callings work with electronics. Why does God give callings to mankind that aberration the soul? Mans inventions seem to be part and parcel of God’s callings. But God’s callings are building up to making the Beast and its operations possible, why? It certainly can not be God’s plan to have the Beast, or is it? Is the Beast Gods plan? God knows the Beast will rule and God is allowing it. So we have all these God’s callings and they look like they pave the way for the Beast. The Beast serves Satan. But God is above and let’s it all happen. The Beast is not in heaven nor is Satan in heaven but heaven is above and sees all hears all, just like the eyes and ears are in the head over the heart and body. What is above rules over what is below. Every human body is subject to God, so God can do anything He likes to your body. But people still do wrong. And the Beast will still control. God let’s the Beast rule.

So the simple man and woman find no solace in a complex world, they do not belong to this world, there will be aberration in their souls. The simple person is straight and to cope in this world you need to be perverted and complex. The simple straight person will be smothered by perversion and complexity that can make their souls (minds) go mad.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

Gurus come and go. These gurus may be called self help mentors. These gurus write and publish books that promise life. These gurus promise self awareness. What is exactly self awareness? Using the brain, using the senses. These gurus teach the art of nivarna, forget self. Nirvana is the gurus heavenly trance. Maybe nirvana is about what Jesus taught, the dying to self. Jesus died and came back to life, but back to life in an immortal body. Nirvana is about an immortal body. Jesus took all our sins in His body and died to them. Only Jesus can claim to dying to all our sins. Any other guru can promise nirvana the immortal body, death to self, but it’s only Jesus that can bring it about. No other person besides Jesus died to all our sins. These self help gurus are wasting their time and our time.

Self awareness is what we want. But to get this awareness we must have a clean brain. Clean means being washed of all our sins. We need our brains washed. I am talking about washing in spiritual terms. Words washing us. Blood washing us. Jesus blood washes away our sins, a mystery. Words can wash us clean. Our souls in our heads are washed clean. The soul is in the brain. We want to be washed clean. We need clean words to wash us. Jesus Christ is the only human person who was and is sinless. Sin is dirt. Sinless is clean. Jesus Words are the only totally clean Words that can fully clean our souls. The clean, wash, is also for our hearts. Human spirit is in the heart. Our soul and human spirit are washed clean by Jesus Words.

Being brain washed in soul and heart washed in spirit we are able to be fully aware. Our brain is at top potential when we are fully clean. Only Jesus can clean us, no other. To have a clean brain is a wonderful thing. To be clean means our senses are operating at full capacity and we can understand. We perceive and discern better when our senses and brain are clean. Our brain protects our body. Our brain is our computer, the brain sees the enemy and can think accordingly as to a defence. The body obeys the brain. Our senses are in the head close to the brain. The brain coordinates the body not the other way around. The brain uses the senses, the body does not use the senses. The brain uses the senses and coordinates the body. The body just needs to obey. We humans are in that body. We live in a body. The body is our home. The kingdom of God is NOT of this world. If God’s kingdom is not out there it must be in here, within. So the kingdom of God is in the body. We the members of God are that body. The body obeys the Head, Jesus Christ is that Head. We just obey. All our Christian walk we learn off Jesus just to obey. Our whole Christian experience is about submission to the God Head. To obey the God above is to love God. Let the brain do it’s work. Don’t sin. If you sin, confess to God above, God forgives, God washes you clean.

The best body is a body connected well to the head. Pray often, connect by prayer to the head. The head is in charge. God is above. The head has an intense light in it. Our heads are like light bulbs, we carry a light. Pray from human spirit. Human spirit is in the heart. God’s Spirit if He has come down from above in to your heart He can teach you, teach your human spirit. Your human spirit is yoked (metaphor) to the Holy Spirit.

God is above, heaven is above, but above to the human spirit and soul. Heaven is a spiritual word. In the so called rapture – heaven is all around. Heaven is not a physical literal term but a invisible metaphorical term. God is Spirit and teaches us spiritually. Jesus brought us in to fellowship with an invisible God the Father. Believe in the invisible God. Jesus is physical in an immortal body a body that transcends the physical.

The first beginning is to believe that Jesus came down from heaven through a woman. Jesus went back to heaven. How I do not know. Heaven maybe an internal thing as Jesus spirit and soul came down before or just after Jesus was birthed from a woman. Jesus went back to heaven but not through going back in to a woman. The brain was set. Jesus brain was set. Soul was set, soul in Jesus. Where is Jesus now? No one knows. Just as humans don’t understand the brain or the kingdom of God. A lot of God’s mystery is understood within. Can we see or hear or taste or smell in God’s kingdom, if so that’s the answer to understanding. Believe first in Jesus and his coming and believe that Jesus is God’s only begotten Son, believe Jesus died to all your sins, Jesus died and came back to life, Jesus rose to heaven. The disciples saw Jesus rise up in to the clouds, this may have been a vision. Read the Gospels in the Bible and believe. We when we are raised become like the angels. But we are more than angels we are God’s children. Angels are not God’s children, Angels are ministering (servants) spirits.

To end on a thought: These self help gurus who promise nirvana (dying to self) try to clean us with their words. But these gurus are sinners so they clean us with dirty words, the water is dirty. So we get a wash but in dirty water. We never really get clean properly this way. Whereas Jesus Christ Words are clean, pure, undefiled. Jesus Christ is sinless so His Words are totally clean and His Words clean us properly. A wise person cleans in clean water not dirty water.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

Well said Tony Cooke “The qualities of individuals should always be the primary consideration rather than their status or occupation “. Jesus I would think would agree Tony. I am no politician, I am a preacher minister or prophet. I call a spade a spade. I am a straight die I think straight and I speak straight, there are no bends in my bow. I am a pillar.

The world respects position. Position is ones occupation. Jesus Christ does not respect position. When I see a person I can if I want discern a persons true God calling (vocation, occupation) so when I see a person glorifying their profession (vocation) I think this is stupid. I just want to get away from that person, their glory is false and it makes me angry to see all their false pride in a vocation they should not be in. Its like being around someone smoking a cigarette, I hate the smell of lighted cigarettes and just want to get away from the smokers. I think smoking cigarettes is foolish yet people (especially in the past) are in your face about smoking. Smoking is a very dirty past time. I hate to see people glorying in my face in a vocation that makes nonsense of them and God. Most people are not in their God calling. People usually choose their vocation according to money. It’s like a man chooses his wife according to beauty first. A women may choose a husband according to the man’s financial worth. So few people glory God; it’s all about the body not the head. Save the soul above, what? I have more important things to do you say, I aim to be rich. Most young people have sex and money on their thoughts a lot of the time. Most modern churches are about money and sex. And power. Preachers in these modern churches promise wealth, just give money to the preacher and God will make you rich.

So when I meet a stranger and start a conversation, it’s first what do you do? It’s what is your occupation? What is your monetary value? Your occupation is your position in life. Your position is your ranking. Your occupation is your ranking. Your occupation has a monetary value. So the conversation is about finding first your position to know your ranking to know your value. So when we first meet you don’t want to know my character; you want to know my worth. The worldly people are all about money, money money, money. The root of all evil is the love of money and most people love money. People love Donald Trump because he is very rich. Donald has had many wives, cheated on his wives, gropes women, goes with prostitutes, but Donald is still loved for his money. Money is also power to many people and people love power. The modern church people love power.

Position is but dirty rags because position in many cases glories people not God. God does not respect position. Human wisdom respects position. The church people in mass respect position. The church in many cases glories in man’s wisdom not Gods wisdom. Mans wisdom is of this world, God’s wisdom is from above.

Law respects position. The law grades people by position. The church is still a lot about law. But the church should not be about law. Law is the old will. Jesus Christ is not about law.

So when you see Jesus Christ in the second coming don’t ask him what he does for a living. Don’t be stupid. I do sympathise with you that you do not know God’s calling for your life. To find your true calling one has to give up all idols. Don’t worship money especially. Don’t even think of money. You must keep to original thought. Original thought is simple. Innocent children in their youth not blinded by idols, sex and money are more able to discern truth. Generational sins (Ancestry sins) also blind truth.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

I am thinking this live export trade is based on religion. The religion that makes up this trade is Islam. Muslim’s want to kill their own livestock.

Muslims have a special religious way of killing their live stock. Muslims i think cut the jugular vein of the animal but the cut has to be made in accordance with traditional Muslim ways. Muslim’s use a knife and don’t use humane methods to kill their livestock (Muslim ways of killing livestock have not changed for hundreds or thousands of years). Muslims are about rules and laws just like the Jews. Christians are about grace and truth through Jesus Christ. Law is superseded by wisdom of Christ for Christians, a wisdom of grace and truth. In Muslim nations (yes there are Muslim nations, as we our nation and western nations are known as Christian nations) we have a demand from Muslims for live sheep and cattle. Indonesia is mainly Muslim as are also most nations in the Middle East Muslim. We Australia export live sheep and cattle to the Middle East and Indonesia. No where else? Why not? Western nations don’t need to import live animals. We westerners don’t kill our own animals for meat; our meat is processed, the animals go to an abattoir (here the animals are humanely killed). We get our meat from the butcher or supermarket.

Our Australian farmers are feeding a habit of Muslim’s to kill their live stock in the Muslim way. And a cruel way at that.

We export live stock to appease Muslims. And farmers make money out of this. It’s the money. The farmers don’t care much about the sheep and cattle when it leaves their farms, they are just happy to get the money.

Who cares about these poor souls? Souls? Sheep and cattle have souls? If they did it would be murder. Sheep and cattle being murdered for money. But sheep and cattle do not have souls so it’s not poor souls. Lucky for the farmers. But mankind is put over all other creatures as God intended and mankind is to be compassionate to all life and that includes animal life. We eat meat etc but we also do not cause any unnecessary suffering.

Australia is serving the Muslim God by keeping up the live export trade. We are supposed to be a Christian nation but we serve the Muslim nations. Christians are not Muslim’s.

Who is the Muslim God? I don’t know. But Jesus Christ said “I am in the Father and the Father is in me”. See Jesus see the Father. The Father and Son are one. Muslims do not worship Jesus Gods Son. We are to honour the Son as we honour the Father. Okay the Jews do not worship Gods Son Jesus so the Jews are backward like the Muslims but “Salvation is through the Jews” says the Bible. The Jews and Christians are of Gods promise. The Muslims are not of Gods promise. What is the promise? If someone is promising they are blessed.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

GOVERNMENT- military or civilian?

April 30, 2018

Trump is so gung ho on choosing military personnel to the top jobs. An Admiral no less was to be the USA Ambassador to Australia; but a change in plans this Admiral is now going to South Korea.

My thoughts: extreme thinking tends towards what we call far right or far left. Extreme left or extreme right. Extreme is unbalanced. Middle thinking is balanced. Middle thinking is main stream. Trump is far right.

Why do extremists tend to be more militant. Extremists look to the power of the military to back up their rule. Trump has military all over his administration. Is this a power thing? Ego of power? Why do extremists feel that they need the military to back them up? Overall power should be in civilian control not in the military control. The military power should come under civilian power. Trump i hope is not making a bad precedent for the USA i would hate to see the USA military get used to ultimate power and one day assume power over civilian authorities. The military should be kept out of civilian Government. Many nations in this world have had histories of military uprisings; but the military controlling nations has been a bad thing. We get military dictatorships. Generals and Admirals get control over a nation and then think it best they the military stay in control. We lose out on democracy with military juntas controlling nations. Trump should keep the military out of his administration it’s starting a bad precedent. Trump is extremist and extremists look to the military to hold them in power. Extremists really lack power they are not main stream and they lack credible power; extremists are unstable.

The extremist Christian groups love Trump; these groups also seek power because they are not main stream and they lack main power. Main power is middle thinking. Most people lean towards the middle. Middle is seen as stable and sensible.

I think the military should keep out of central Government. There should be no military ranks or uniforms in central Government. Overall rule of a nation should be civilian rule. We have military of course but the military come under civilian rule. Civilians rule just as Trump is civilian and not military and he is the Commander in Chief of all the USA military. Trump never trained in the military but he is in charge of the military. Trump wears no military uniform but he out ranks all USA generals and admirals. Civilians should always rule the military. Civilians don’t carry guns. Civilians are less prone to start wars. Civilians are not gun ho. Civilians are more likely to first look to a diplomatic solution to conflict. War is not always the best solution. The military are trained for war. The military are about brute force. Trump may feel inside himself a lack of power; he makes up with this by having highly ranked military men around him. Trump loves power but it’s worldly power he loves; guns, uniforms, money, rank. We must always choose words first over fists.

And the Words of God have precedent over all other words. Pray and read the Bible. We need rulers who pray to our creator. We need rulers who read the Bible. We are our words. Words make us and they break us. We stand on our words. Jesus Christ Words are supreme. Pray to God for our enemies. Rulers are to pray to the creator God for their enemies. Pray in love.

To fight our enemy use words and only later when words have not worked do we use our fists but only in defence.

Rulers do not pray. Rulers are not wise of Jesus Christ. Solomon was wise and his Godly wisdom protected him and his nation Israel. Wisdom protects, not human wisdom but Gods Wisdom. Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of creator God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

What is it about these countries that have dictators? Come on why? Australia does not have a dictator. The closest Australia comes to having a dictator is Queen Elizabeth. Why do some nations breed dictators and others not?

Our nation does not make it helpful for anyone to assume dictator potential. Our military for one do not interfere in politics. We don’t encourage narcissism as normal. Narcissist leaders are cut in the bud early. Dictators are usually narcissistic. From school to work bullies are not welcome. We don’t welcome bullies as members of parliament. Our society is based on the rule of law. Laws are respected in our nation.

But there are many nations in this world where bullies become a nations President. Bullies become despot leaders. But why? Nations seem to breed bullies to be leaders. Hitler was adored by many Germans. Hitler comes back to Berlin from France after defeating it and in Berlin the crowds are all out in the streets to greet him with praise.

The church should not breed bullies. But the church now has lost a lot of its credibility. It’s now not credible to attend church service on a Sunday. But many people in democratic nations still believe in the One Supreme God and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Is our belief in Jesus Christ keeping the bullies subdued in our democratic countries? It’s by words that we win over hearts and minds and Jesus Words are between us and Evil. What made the Germans accept Hitler? Was Germany a Godless nation? Hitler came a long and promised lots for the Germans. Germany was coming out of a long recession. The repatriations after the Second World War was bleeding Germany dry. Hitler promised jobs, food, homes. Hitler was their saviour. Jesus was their Hitler. Hitler became their god and religion. But why? Were most of the Germans stupid? Hitler promised wealth. People love money more than God. Germany was tested and it fell short of the glory of God.

We in our western nations don’t tolerate dictators. Most of us don’t. Oh we still have our far left and far right politicians but we don’t as a whole follow them. Sometimes our extreme politicians are to us as just entertainment. Sensibleness is to be main stream not far right or far left. We follow the main path. We like more centre thinking. Even if our leaders are centre right or centre left, they still lean to the middle or try to. Hitler came at a time when the Germans were being milked for all their money. The allies wanted their money. So the Germans thought Hitler was their saviour to give them back their dignity.

Germany should not have involved itself in the First World War. Too many nations rushed in to the First World War without much thinking. Great Britain did not have to go in this war. It was a war started by the nobility and fought by the lower classes. The lower classes were the cannon fodder. The nobility were fighting from the rear resting in luxury in mansions. The nobility were the officers dining and wining in style. Lead from the rear? I thought the leader leads from the front, not so with most wars. It’s the generals that are lauded after the war with glories. The generals led from the rear. The First World War began with just one mans death. The reason war initially came was that this first man to die he was a royal prince. So hundreds of thousands of people died to appease one mans death. Most people do not know how this first war started; why? Because this war did not start with simplicity; and it was about royal families. The lower classes at the time did not on a whole understand politics; these classes were not much educated then. The Tsar might have kept his crown if he had side stepped this First World War. Royal families and top leaders make decisions that cause many many people to die yet these top leaders lead from the rear and live in luxury while other people have to do the dirty work. One man died a Prince; a Austro/Hungarian Prince; don’t start a war; use legal channels; negotiate. Talk. The assassin of this Prince may have wanted war. But what do I know? Russia had a defence treaty with Serbia. Russia’s ruin in many ways came about because of it going in to this war.

Australia does not start wars. New Zealand does not start wars. We align ourselves with other democratic nations. We hate dictators ruling. We hate bullies ruling. We have good values. Jesus Christ is our heavenly Lord. Our leaders attend church; some don’t true but many do if not just on Xmas and Easter.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

What particularly irks radio personality Daddy Freeze is that preachers tell very poor people that if they give to the church, God will make them wealthy – an idea known as the “prosperity gospel”.

How people have fallen for this “prosperity doctrine gospel”. How people crave to be wealthy. Jesus had nothing in this world when he was here, oh yes he had an under garment and one set of clothes. But Jesus was rich when he was here. John the Baptist had the clothes he wore and nothing else.

But the youth want money. The youth go to church and literally scream out for money. The preachers (modern churches) scream to their congregations give us your money and God will make you wealthy.

You give as you want to give and you give as your heart gives not give because of some domineering person shouting out that to give to him or her will make you rich. The church buildings should have big donation boxes at the front of the churches in the front foyer and people can give in to these boxes as they wish. Collection plates etc should be banished from church buildings. Pastors and preachers should not teach or preach about giving. Any reference to giving should be kept entirely to what the scriptures say. Giving needs to be from the heart. Churches have become big corporations and businesses.

Church should not be focussed on money.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

MATURITY – feeling person to a thoughtful person

April 30, 2018

I went through the mill. I went from bottom to top. I went through all the feelings of heart led by my heart to a thinking of brain led by brain. I know that feelings when you are led by them is an irrational life. I know now that the head should rule over the body. The body is not in charge, the brain in the head is.

I as a youth, had all the youthful feelings, mixed in with other youth and we attended modern Christian churches where feelings were the craze. You went to church to feel better. You waited all week until Sunday to get another high feeling. Love was about feelings, thoughts were erroneous and not to be parlayed with. I attended these modern churches (called Pentecostal churches) and was glad years later to get these modern church minds out of my head. I am a more thoughtful person now.

Feelings is about personality, thoughts are about character. Build up the character not the personality. Words not feelings. Words are thoughts. Words are God. You stand on your Words not feelings. Actually we stand on the Words of Jesus Christ. Our Words are Jesus Words. Our heart should be full of Jesus Words. The Holy Spirit comes in to our heart. The Holy Spirit is Spirit in Words.

When I was young I had a nice personality. God came in to my life and has made me a nice thoughtful person. I am a person of character. I am a person of Words. My words are me. Personality makes way for character.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

Loved reading this book.

Two women, both helping the German war effort, both aviators, one woman very pro Nazi and the other not.

Both women had beliefs in a love for the Fatherland. Melitta’s love for the Fatherland over rode the Nazi belief whereas Hanna’s belief in the Fatherland was intrinsically tied in to Hitler. Hanna was child like in her belief in Hitler, Hitler was the Father of Germany and was to be adored. Hanna treated Hitler like God. Hitler was the true Father to Germany and Hanna was placing all her bets on Hitler to win. But Hitler lost. Hanna bet on the wrong horse. Hanna lived on after the war but she continued to believe in Hitler and like Hitler (when he was alive) she preferred to blame other people like Goring for Germany’s loss. Hanna after the war never believed much in the holocaust, she believed it was a western conspiracy. Melitta married Alexander Stauffenberg. Claus Stauffenberg Alexander’s brother tried to assassinate Hitler. The plot failed and Claus was shot and many including Alexander were incarcerated. Meliita would have been jailed but because she was important to the German war effort she was left alone. Melitta was an engineer and test pilot. Melitta died towards the end of the war, she was flying and was shot down by a allied fighter plane. Hanna was also a test pilot. Hanna flew to Berlin in the last days of the war. Hanna went to the bunker where Hitler was and beseeched him to leave, Hanna was ready and willing to fly him out of Berlin. Hitler would have none of it, within days he committed suicide. Hanna survived getting out of Berlin just by the skin of her teeth and lived till she was in her 60’s and died of a heart attack.

I have no sympathy really for Hanna. Hanna was a Hitler fanatic and she never repented. If you back the wrong horse it helps to admit it not to carry on as if there was a crime done against the losing horse. Melitta was more cerebral than Hanna, Melitta saw the evils of National Socialism, Hanna was like a puppy to Father Hitler. Hanna liked being around forceful men. Hanna liked the power of Hitler. Hanna never married and this must leave a question mark over her. Hanna loved powerful men but why not marry. The Nazis were all about women being domestic and raising children yet Hanna did neither.

A good read.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SEX ABUSE – fake love

April 30, 2018

Oh no another sex abuse. What is going on in this world. Sex sex sex abuse abuse abuse.

My generation it seems has been the most abused generation so far. Generation Y.

The flower power hippies of the 1960’s led to outing sex in to the public domain, it was sex with many multiple partners. Now we see the outing of sex from the marriage bedroom has been about a response to abuse.

Governments need to find a solution to abuse.

Why do people abuse? It starts with their home. Their parents their ancestors. It’s if parents abuse, their children abuse. It’s a cycle. The home is where we need clean nests. We want to be loved. But true love is only God’s love, all other love is fake. Children growing up in Godly loving homes are less likely to abuse. Abuse is a response to lack of Godly love. Lust is not true love. Parents who bring their children in to this world through LUST are bringing their children in to this world through ABUSE. Lust is abuse.

Sin breeds abuse. Sin is against God. We need brains, minds, souls, of God. Parents need to set good examples. Parents breed abuse. The cycle has to stop. Prayer is powerful. God’s love is powerful. Church attendance is just on the wane, it’s not about youth fellowship at church on a Friday night it’s party party on a Friday night. Party and drugs, party and alcohol. It’s fake joy and love. Sex on its own is not true love.

Church has let people down. Priests abuse. Priests abuse their congregations.

It seems generation Y my generation and generation X my parents generation worked like buggery working their butts off. So we get all these buggers around now who are buggered off. So the world goes back to work working day in day out working their butts off. Who is working for the God Head?

God what?

God Head.

What’s that?

The brains behind everything.

I work my butt off.

So it seems.

I work like buggery.

Do you know what you are saying? Are you thinking?

Of course.

Uuuummm. I don’t think so.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

The infallible Pope, oh sorry, I mean the fallible Pope. No one is infallible but God.

The Big Cover Up, from top to bottom.

I have a soft spot for the Catholic Church. For one they are a more thinking than a feeling church.

The modern churches like the Pentecostals are mostly about feelings. I like to use the mind more than the heart. I like to reflect in thoughts. To guide ones life by feelings rather than thoughts can be a irrational life. An irrational life is a life led without reason. God is a God of reason He does everything for a reason.

The head should rule the body. In the past we had the Catholic contemplatives. These people were mostly Monks, they meditated in thought, they prayed deeply. I like to call my meditations, reflections. Pentecostals and a lot of the Protestant churches are not known for contemplating. In this fast world we need to slow down and think. We need to reflect. We need to reason. But we need a solid strong foundation to think on. The only true souls solid foundation is Jesus Christ in Spirit in the heart. The heart is what we base our thoughts on. The thoughts are in the mind, the soul, in the head, but the foundation is the heart. To have thoughts on a weak foundation make for weak thoughts. We want strong wrists.

I am not a Roman Catholic member. But I see the value of a headship over heartship. The heart should not steer the ship. The engine of a ship does not steer the ship. The heart should not steer the body. The heart is the engine but the head person steers the ship. The head person is in charge. The engine person the engineer is not overall in charge of the ship. The captain the head person does not lead does not steer from in the engine room. The head is not in the heart. The captain rules from above the engine near the top of the ship (where he can see). The head rules the body from the top (the head has the eyes). The Catholics rule more from the head more so than the modern Protestant churches.

I married a Catholic woman. A woman loving, family, children, Mary Mother of Jesus and Jesus. My wife puts family before herself. I have it good marrying such a woman. My wife so unselfish.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

(David comes before God)

Hello David.


David do you know who I am?

Are you an angel?


Am I dead?


How did I die?

You really don’t know.

I know I was climbing so did I die on a mountain?

Yes David.

I then died loving what I do.

But David why live your life in death climbs? Every climb was dangerous.

I wanted to live my life fully.

David I am God. What does climbing mountains do to help humanity?


Yes. Your fellow man and woman.

But I got awards for my climbing.

David you got awards from man, you were serving yourself and man. When did you serve me? Do you think I would command people to climb mountains. How does climbing mountains help people?

I got adrenaline rushes.


I got awards.


I am better at climbing than other people.

You got an ego high.

I pushed my boundaries and over came.

David you died.

But died doing what I loved doing.

I do not know if there is a God calling as a mountaineer. There could be one. God has many many callings. People used to think that God’s callings were only the religious ones, far from it. But what does a mountaineer do to help his her fellow human being apart from helping the climber feel highly esteemed. I have my own mountain to climb. My mountain is understanding. I climb the mountain of understanding of God. People like to overcome challenges, if there’s a sea to swim or sail, they will do it. Man wants conquests. Pretty girls are mans conquests. Man wants to overcome all challenges. Man wants to be like God. I climb my mountain in the spiritual in words. David climbed his mountains in the physical. I grow in understanding and preach understanding of God. I help people by internet preaching. David helped few. David was about himself. David proved to the world and himself that he was a winner. David got ego highs.

People like to live on the edge of life. People think that to live near death is to really live life to the full. People who live close to death feel like their minds are sharpened up. People like to be sharp. You can hone up your thoughts in the spiritual soul and in the flesh. To live near death in the physical, does this hone up your thoughts? I know you can hone up your thoughts, your mind, like sword against sword. Sword sharpening sword. But in climbing physical mountains can you hone up your mind? The sword is our spirit and clashing in swords the spirit and soul are honed up.

(David comes before God)

God asks David what has he done to help other people.

David thinks he has done plenty by climbing mountains.

But what has David really done to contribute to the help of God’s creation?

Is there a God calling as a mountaineer? I don’t know. But I think David was about himself and not really others. He was about proving to the world and himself that he could achieve what others call the unachievable. David conquered.

Man conquers. I live to be at the top of my mountain. Conquering is about overcoming and achieving. It’s an ego rush. It’s about going from one ego rush to another. To feel on top of things. To feel free from the constraints of this world. To be free. To break free from the laws of physics.

But my mountain is about God. My mountain is a spiritual conquest. I live for the understanding of God through Jesus Christ. My mountain climbing is for God. I am no mountaineer in the human physical sense I climb in a spiritual sense. My climb is for the eternal. David’s climbs are for the physical and don’t last. David helped few people, I hope the understanding I learn helps many people. I understand to help those who will listen.

Mountain climbing like many challenges is about breaking free. Mankind wants to break free. Physical is binding. I climb my mountain to be free. Jesus Christ’s wisdom frees me up. To be Christ wise is to be free. People climb physical mountains to prove they can be free of the physical.

I don’t get my freedom by the physical path I take the spiritual path to get freedom. Jesus Christ frees us. Freedom in Jesus is for eternity, freedom in mans physical strength is for a very short time and that time could be very short if they die early.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Be Head led not Heart led

April 30, 2018

The RULE BOOK I presume the rule book is the BIBLE

The heart should never lead. A pump should not be in charge. The heart is a pump not a brain. The brains are in the head.

It is very immature to be led totally by the heart. The heart is about feelings. But feelings change like the wind. You don’t depend on the wind to lead. You feel one way one minute and another way the next minute.

Princess Diana went by feelings; maybe that was her biggest problem.

Princess Diana went by the heart. But the heart has no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue. The heart does not see, hear, smell and taste so how did Diana live. The senses are needed to survive. If you can not see you are blind, if you can not hear and speak you are mute.

So much for Princess Diana’s advice to her two sons (Her advice was don’t go by the rule book be led by the heart not the head).

The head should rule as its divinely meant to do.

You don’t use the head, the head uses you, you just submit to the head. See hear smell taste.

Feeling is a sense of the body. Feelings can lead you astray. Let the head with the senses direct you. Common sense is headship not heartship. The ship is led by a small rudder, and the body is led by a small rudder the tongue in the mouth. The tongue guides but the tongue without the seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting is a tongue that leads blind and deaf and dumb. The wise person sees from his head. The head is alive. The brain is alive. Be sensible lead with the senses in the brain.

People who are very emotional all the time are body led people and not head led people. Jesus Christ is the head of the body, we are the members of the body. Jesus Christ is above. Submit to the headship of Jesus Christ. Love can be just a feeling but love should be a headship thing not just a body thing, feelings don’t last, feelings can be just for minutes, true love is headship and brain and lives for ever. The brain can love, let the brain love by using the body. The brain uses the body, the body does not use the brain.

Immature people are feelings led. Mature people are head led. The head loves as the God Head loves. Sex is a head thing, the brain leads. Sex without the head, the brain, is just a minutes feelings call it lust. Lust is not love. Lust is selfish and ego.

God is about God Head. People truly loving God with maturity are brain led. Young people are immature and more body led, more heart led, more feelings led. People of the head are of God more than people who are of the body. Many generations of a family can love God and God can use them because they are headship of God people. The prodigals who come in from the wild take years and years maybe generations to get right with the God head. Generations of a family who were led by the body and a descendent comes to God it takes a lot to get the brain functioning properly as God intended it to do. Generations of a family can hate God and without the God headship they can act worthless and are trouble.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Heavens above!!

April 12, 2018

Heaven is not understood with the earthly physical eye alone. To see we need to use the physical eyes but more much more is needed to really see, spiritual sight. Spiritual sight is akin to insight. Insight is in not out, in is to see above. Heaven is not to be understood with just the physical eyes alone but with the spiritual eyes.

We are spirit, call us a human spirit. God’s Words in the Bible are for human spirit to learn. God’s Words in the Bible are God Spirit originated. God’s Spirit inspired the Words in the Bible. Heaven is up to the human spirit. Heaven is learnt metaphorically and literally. The soul is saved up in the heavenlies and rules beside God. The human spirit is in the human heart. The human spirit is in the kingdom of God. Jesus said explicitly “My kingdom is not of this world”. If the kingdom of God is not out there it must be in here. In here meaning inside the human body. The human body being the temple of God. The kingdom of God is in God’s temple. God resides in His temple, we humans in the Body of Christ are that temple. How do I know all this knowledge? No I learnt nothing of it from my past Bible College lecturers. I learnt nothing from so called learned theologians, theologians with divinity degrees from universities. They call themselves Doctors of Divinity but they seem to know nothing about God. These Doctors expect the Body of Christ to fall at their feet, but I fall at no humans feet. I would not even kiss the Popes ring. I see. Prophets are called seers. Prophets have amazing insight.

What made me begin this letter. I call my writings letters, not stories. My Bible College lecturers emphasised the story as a way of teaching. I teach with letters. Stories are okay but to me letters are better. Even the Bible has many letters. The New Testament has many letters. The Epistles are letters. So my writings are more epistles than stories. I have been thinking on the theme of heaven recently and what did I see. I see a large great sized space station in the sky orbiting the earth. We may call it a space station in today’s rhetoric and writings but if this colossal ship in the sky is realised it might have a different term name. Why would there be this ship in the sky? Yes we have a space station in the sky already but the space station in the future will be used for different purposes. This future space station will be monitoring everyone who has the Mark of the Beast. This station in the sky will be the ears and eyes of Satan. This station serves the Beast and the Beast serves Satan. Why would Satan want a large sized ship in the sky? Simple, to go higher is to see and hear more. The higher you go the more control you can have. It makes sense that you rule from above. The head of the human body rules the body because the head is above. Satan knows he must rule from above. Satan is of this world not of the kingdom of God within the human Body of Christ. Satan rules from a worldly objective. God rules from within. Satan rules from the outside, God rules from the inside. God puts a Holy Spirit in to the heart of the saved, Satan puts a Mark on the forehead or right hand. The Mark of Satan is physical. The Mark of God is Spiritual and is the Holy Spirit.

Heaven above is interpreted in different ways. Heaven to many people is above to the physical human body. So many people take heaven as a literal interpretation. What about the heaven interpretation for the human spirit. This human spirit is in the heart and understands heaven in a more metaphorical way. Heaven is within to the human spirit. Spirit of God comes in to the heart to teach the soul that it is saved above. God’s Spirit teaches both human spirit and soul.

Satan’s teachings are out there in the world. God’s teachings are within. Satan is prince of this world. The world is at the feet of the Body of Christ. The snakes are at the feet of the Body of Christ.

Satan rules the human body from the outside. Satan will rule through the Beast. The Beast will control through the Mark.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Mission of the Prophet

April 12, 2018

Isaiah prophesied the calling of John the Baptist. But every prophet of God has a similar calling to John the Baptist. A prophet is essentially about pulling down the proud and raising up the humble and in the process all flesh is equal.

No one should exalt their flesh above the will of God. Jeremiah the prophet was called by God to do what John the Baptist did. Prophets are given iron strength to their human spirit. Prophets have much insight, they see, they are also called seers, they see in the spiritual.

Isaiah says “every valley shall be exalted” meaning the humble of heart and flesh will be exalted “and every mountain and hill brought low” meaning the proud of heart and flesh will be brought down from their heights. Simply put God’s wants all humans to know all flesh is equal and any rank to a person has to come from God not people.

God says “all flesh is grass……….the grass withers….But the Word of our God stands forever” meaning people make much of their flesh; to many it’s about looks of the flesh; for many it’s about being proud of the flesh and what it achieves.

God says “the breath of the Lord blows upon it” meaning God just needs to blow upon your flesh and your flesh will wither.

The prophet is preparing for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ; Jesus will return. The prophets task looks hopeless and we see for example the prophet Jeremiah lamenting. Jeremiah wrote down his complaints and we got the book of Lamentations. No one knows when Jesus Christ is returning but the prophet keeps on doing his mission, regardless.

The prophet is about straight. The prophet loves straight. The prophet hates crookedness. The prophet wants the crooked person to become straight. The prophet is a straight thinker and a straight talker. The way of the coming Lord has to be a straight way. Jesus Christ is a straight thinker. Jesus is no crook.

The prophet sees the sins. Any flesh exalting itself against the prophets insight vexes the prophets heart. The prophet is often vexed of heart. Sin troubles the prophets heart. Vexation is trouble. Sins burn out. Sin burns against the Spirit and Words of God. The prophets heart is like an on going fire.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Isaiah 40:3-31 New King James Version (NKJV)

The voice of one crying in the wilderness:

“Prepare the way of the Lord;

Make straight in the desert[a]

A highway for our God.

Every valley shall be exalted

And every mountain and hill brought low;

The crooked places shall be made straight

And the rough places smooth;

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed,

And all flesh shall see it together;

For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

The voice said, “Cry out!”

And he[b] said, “What shall I cry?”

“All flesh is grass,

And all its loveliness is like the flower of the field.

The grass withers, the flower fades,

Because the breath of the Lord blows upon it;

Surely the people are grass.

The grass withers, the flower fades,

But the word of our God stands forever.”

Bible College??

April 12, 2018

What did I learn from being a student at Bible College? Nothing really. Yes really. Oh yes there is one thing I learnt; I was attending private counselling from a lecturer and at one session he said “You think in a straight line”.

Okay what does that mean, he did not elaborate much. But he did draw a graph on a wall board. He drew a horizontal and vertical line and a sine curve. Then he drew a straight line. He said “Most people think like a sine curve, up and down, but not you”. Now this happened years back so I do not remember him word for words but I give the gist of what he said. So I learnt only the one thing from all the time with the lecturers at Bible College and I was at this College for about 2 and half to 3 years.

Now I do not really want to blame the teachers, teachers are a lot about just guiding students to learn for themselves, to think for themselves, teachers don’t teach original thought, teachers are about letting students do most of the learning work. But still I never learnt anything. One thing to learn for 3 years. And amongst all this studying I did learn myself how to type words on a computer. I learnt how to put out assignments. I kept a diary and this helped me to manage my days and nights. I liked living in a Christian community, actually I loved living in Christian community, we were like one big family. I loved living on campus. The accommodation on campus was very nice and the meals palatable. Most of the students were nice people. I was single (not married) and I hated being single so it was a great help for me to live on campus with this large Christian family, it suited me well. Studies at College actually stifled my thinking. College is about intelligence not necessary insight. Teachers at College don’t want students knowing outside the norm of what previous scholars and teachers have come up with. So it’s about regurgitating what has come before, so original thought is frowned upon. You just need to quote writings from well known writers and understand these authors. The highly intelligent scholars achieve much at College. The less intelligent students struggle. Intelligent students get the scholarships and awards. The less intelligent students who struggle to learn and achieve don’t get the scholarships. Intelligence is rewarded at College. So if you have low intelligence you are not the teachers pets that’s for sure. Teachers love the bright students. But what is bright is up to contention. Bright means light and light comes from God. Sin does dirty up the light. Every authority of the land encourages people to study and learn. Learning, to authorities, is to better yourself. You are rewarded if you achieve at learning. But even if someone is bright, they have a bright mind, they might not be intelligent. What is intelligence? The world rewards intelligence. But what is it? Yes it’s ability. But what ability? Why do children have to go to school if not all children have ability? Children are forced to go to school for many years of their lives. Okay we all want to know how to read and write and to know the language of our nation, but after that what? Okay we want people to learn a skill so they can get employment. I learnt many things at school that were never used by me in this world.

To be honest I hate learning from people. Teachers in the whole don’t think in a straight line. So how do teachers think, not straight then what? Bent? (Bent in this case does not have to mean homosexuality. Homosexuality used to be called bent but homosexuality is a grey area it is not fully understood. There are many shades of perversion. Though Homosexuals themselves might say they are not straight). So if teachers are not on the whole straight they must be bent. And bent is perverted. Who wants to learn from perverted teachers? Where are the straight teachers to learn from? No straight teachers around? Teachers exude pride, they put themselves above students, they make out they know, but they are just doing a job. I found most teachers do not exude simplicity in their teaching. Simplicity is the key to all truth. Teachers make learning complex and they love the highly intelligent students when these students understand the complexity. All truth is simple but there are many teachers who think truth is complex. When we have a complex teacher the true learning is lost, complexity makes learning useless. Keep it simple. It’s the simple truth not the complex truth. I hate teachers teaching the complex truth, they need to be shamed. God is a God of simplicity not complexity. God is ONE. One is simplex not complex. Teachers teach a debased truth. Maybe most teachers are perverted, they are not straight. Most of the world is perverted now. Teachers are putting out perverts in to this world. I needed a straight teacher and only God is all straight. With the converted mind of Jesus Christ I find I don’t need man or woman to teach me I can learn with the Spirit of God and the Mind of Christ. With Christ as my Lord I don’t need mans thinking. I can see hear smell and taste with the headship of God, not the headship of man or woman. Mans wisdom is perverted. Man loves man. Man worships man. God is above, we worship God above.

Bible College is not much different from how any other College teaches. It’s mans wisdom rather than Christ’s wisdom. I was called a Christianese thinker by a lecturer at Bible College. So thinking like Christ thoughts was thought by a lecturer as wrong.

The only good I got out of Bible College was living on campus in good accommodation and living in a nice community. The people were nice.

I hate complexity and love simplicity. I love straight thinking. I hate being taught complexity by complex teachers.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Eat, drink and marry

April 12, 2018

Mum are the biscuits ready.

Yes dear. Hot just out of the oven. Sit up at the table.

Mum I have David and James visiting.

Yes they can sit up too. There.

They looks delicious Mrs Brown.

Now I have three types of biscuit. There’s this one a healthy one with much nutrition but no sweet flavour. This other one less nutritious a little sweet and the last one very sweet little or no nutrition and called a tart.

You go first David.

Thanks John. I take the healthy one.

Why David? It’s not sweet.

But it’s nutritious.


My mum and dad eat nutritious all the time.

John let him be.

Okay mum.

Now whose next? James you go.

I take the less nutritious and a little sweet one.

Ha ha you left the best type.

Okay John you next.

I take the tart.

Why dear? Why the tart?

It’s sweet and gives me a quick sugar rush.

It’s high school reunion. Both three boys are now in their 30’s.

Hi David.

Hi John. I see James over there let us join him.

Hi James.

Hi. Long time no see.

This is my wife Lisa.

Hi Lisa.

This is my wife Samantha.



This is Clare.

Nearby is a group of past teachers talking together. They taught the three boys.

Look at David’s wife. She looks sensible. She may look plain but she looks like she has a good head on her shoulders. David married well.

Yes and James though not marrying as well as David still has quite a good wife. She may not have a good head on her shoulders but she’s not just a pretty face.

Look at Johns wife. John picked a tart obviously. Foolish boy. Tarts are just a quick rush nothing lasting.

So you can marry healthy and you can marry unhealthy.

You can eat healthy and you can eat unhealthy.

Eating is the name of the game, your wife or husband is a reflection of you. The food you eat is a reflection of you.

You are what you eat, physically or spiritually.

Eat sensible and marry sensible.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The RULE BOOK I presume the rule book is the BIBLE

April 12, 2018

The heart should never lead. A pump should not be in charge. The heart is a pump not a brain. The brains are in the head.

It is very immature to be led totally by the heart. The heart is about feelings. But feelings change like the wind. You don’t depend on the wind to lead. You feel one way one minute and another way the next minute.

Princess Diana went by feelings; maybe that was her biggest problem.

Princess Diana went by the heart. But the heart has no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue. The heart does not see, hear, smell and taste so how did Diana live. The senses are needed to survive. If you can not see you are blind, if you can not hear and speak you are mute.

So much for Princess Diana’s advice to her two sons (Her advice was don’t go by the rule book be led by the heart not the head).

The head should rule as its divinely meant to do.

You don’t use the head, the head uses you, you just submit to the head. See hear smell taste.

Feeling is a sense of the body. Feelings can lead you astray. Let the head with the senses direct you. Common sense is headship not heartship. The ship is led by a small rudder, and the body is led by a small rudder the tongue in the mouth. The tongue guides but the tongue without the seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting is a tongue that leads blind and deaf and dumb. The wise person sees from his head. The head is alive. The brain is alive. Be sensible lead with the senses in the brain.

People who are very emotional all the time are body led people and not head led people. Jesus Christ is the head of the body, we are the members of the body. Jesus Christ is above. Submit to the headship of Jesus Christ. Love can be just a feeling but love should be a headship thing not just a body thing, feelings don’t last, feelings can be just for minutes, true love is headship and brain and lives for ever. The brain can love, let the brain love by using the body. The brain uses the body, the body does not use the brain.

Immature people are feelings led. Mature people are head led. The head loves as the God Head loves. Sex is a head thing, the brain leads. Sex without the head, the brain, is just a minutes feelings call it lust. Lust is not love. Lust is selfish and ego.

God is about God Head. People truly loving God with maturity are brain led. Young people are immature and more body led, more heart led, more feelings led. People of the head are of God more than people who are of the body. Many generations of a family can love God and God can use them because they are headship of God people. The prodigals who come in from the wild take years and years maybe generations to get right with the God head. Generations of a family who were led by the body and a descendent comes to God it takes a lot to get the brain functioning properly as God intended it to do. Generations of a family can hate God and without the God headship they can act worthless and are trouble.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 12, 2018

This is racist. This is about multi culturalism.

(This writings I do here are in response to a man reported in the news as having gone in to a Centrelink Office (Social Welfare Office) and ranted racist comments to the staff and clients).

Australia used to have a white first policy. Even aborigine in the past were treated as inferior. Aborigine in the past were not allowed to vote and were not allowed in to the military and were given curfew times in cities, they were not allowed in cities at certain times like at night. Curfews have finished but the aborigine still are treated as inferiors. But the aborigine don’t help their cause, they do not fight for their human rights. When we see the aborigine in the cities they live in the parks, being drunk and disorderly. The aborigine are not the white mans problem, oh yes lots of money is thrown their way with nothing in return but the aborigine are more or less subdued they don’t fight they don’t resist. The ones that do make trouble end up in prison. Yes the prisons are full of aborigine especially in WA and up North. The whites just tolerate them and get on with life.

So in the past Australia was looked at as being clever in taking on multi culturalism. All cultures were let in to Australia. The whites still wanted their culture to be dominant. Alas over time the white culture, the so called British culture, will have to give up its dominance. Other cultures might fight to take over. At the moment the British culture still has the reigns of the major institutions in Australia but that of course can change in the future.

Even mother Britain is multi cultural. What is being British now? It’s certainly not being white now. White is past tense. White is just a pigment of the skin or not a pigment, brown could be a pigment. Brown skinned people are brown from DNA true, but the reason for darker skin has a plausible scientific reason, and it’s not because God hates darker skinned people. People are darker skinned are those people who for many generations have lived in hotter climates (or those who are the descendants of these people). The DNA evolved to creating a pigment dark to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun, it was not because of a curse. White people have no reason to think they are superior just because they are white.

Racialism works both ways. Dark skinned people can be racist against white skinned people, South Africa is a case in point. We have reverse racism in South Africa. What was once racialism against the blacks is now racialism against the whites.

So in this video we get a white man fuming that dark skinned people and people from cultures outside his perception of his culture (maybe his culture is Anglo Saxon) coming in to Australia and taking away what he thinks is rightly his and for those like him. Is Australia British now? Yes Australia is still annexed to Britain but this may change soon. Britain is not even called Britain now, it’s called the United Kingdom. Great has gone from Britain and Britain has gone too.

This white man fuming about his rights are now not existent now. Years ago he might have had the law on his side but not now. We are not British, we are Australian and Australia is not British, we are many cultures. What about young people and their wanting identity, who are they? What about teaching history in schools? What can be taught about culture in schools? It’s the same with same sex marriage, now schools how do they get their heads around teaching same sex to children? Anal sex taught to children as proper sex might ruffle many feathers. But same sex is about anal sex. The gay pride parades advertise the anus to all and asunder. So sex education in schools has to change to fit the new laws.

What is Australian culture. Children now have no real cultural identity. Children besides not knowing if they are Mary or Martha or for that matter John or Peter don’t know their own history. We don’t talk about Australia Day as the founding day for Australia we now talk about invasion day. The aborigine were pushed by the whites to forget their own culture and history, they were made to take on the white mans culture which of course they rebelled against and now they just live drunk not knowing their identity. Now the white person is also getting his her culture slowly squeezed out of him her and white children do not know who they are, what identity they have.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 12, 2018

Corporate tax cuts? I understand cutting taxes for struggling small businesses but not for big developed businesses like banks. Banks are raking in the money. Mining companies are raking in the money.

Big corporate really should be paying more tax. So who are the Government going to go after to fill their treasury? The Aussie battler of course, he she is weak and can not afford lawyers to contest tax. The big companies can afford lawyers to fight their tax fights. And there are the big companies that have off shore accounts, their profits are safe from taxes in tax havens.

I do understand that businesses make up the backbone of our economy. But cutting taxes say on big banks does not make sense. Government is not Government without taxes. So the battler gets to pay more taxes. The Liberal Party is the big businesses Party.

The Liberal Party is not the Aussie battlers Party. Liberals are the owners and managers. Labor are the labourers and hands on workers.

Big businesses can also afford to have politicians in their pockets. Politicians sell out to big business (for money) and they sell out to China (for money). It’s not God makes the world go around it’s money makes the world go around. The world and its creations belong to Satan, the earth and its creations belong to God.

Satan is prince of this world.

God is ruler of the earth. The world is at the feet of the body of Christ. Satan is at the feet of the body of Christ. Who is in this body of Christ and truly understands; who truly sees. The body of Christ is in this world but not of this world. The body of Christ is everyone in Christ, the believers, with God as Head.

Holy men of old knew that they had to be free of attachments of this world. John the Baptist had no money. Truly Holy men avoid money. Jesus when He was on this earth avoided money. Judas, Jesus banker was primed up to betray Jesus, betray for what? Money of course.

Who is your God? Money or Jesus.

Satan rules this world through money. The Mark of the Beast is a monetary online system. Can Satan buy you? What are you worth? What is your price? Satan can buy your soul.

All things they say come to a HEAD. When Jesus rose up to heaven He drew all people to Him. Obviously not all. Jesus is the head. The people in the body of Christ are drawn towards the head. Older wiser people use their heads. Older wiser people are less feelings and more rational thoughts.

So closer to the end there might be a cut out time take Satan’s money (Take the Mark) or be with God.

Peoples take Satan’s money now. But soon or later take the final decision, no going back.

When the Mark of the Beast comes maybe many of God’s people will take the Mark. Maybe. Many of Gods people choose money now over God so why should it be different later. Who will be saved? Good point, who? God wants to know who really loves Him. God wants the true believers in heaven. Judas, God did not want him in heaven, Judas loved money more than God.

The people of God in Gods body: we are all members of this ONE body, you are in me, I am in you, we are in God and God is in us; a Mystery. Will all the members of this body go to heaven? God knows; you probably know if you are preparing for heaven, are you? Do you love money? You can not love money and God at the same time.

Holy people detach themselves from the attachments of this world. Holy people live a simple life. God is a God of simplicity. God is not complex. The simple life is about needs not wants. Holy people are pray ers. Holy people reflect. Holy people work with their hands.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

LAW (and order)

April 12, 2018

Law is law

There are laws for physics but there are also laws for the spiritual.

Take one spiritual law: sow and you will reap. In other words do unto others and God will do to you. Meaning reap what you sow. God is above. God is the brains. The body comprises many people. One member of the body does wrong to another member of the body the first member does not get away with it. God is above and knows all. The brain knows every member, nothing is hidden from God, God sees all. We the people of God are under God and we are liable to God and to each other person in the body. Gods people are everywhere. Just as Satan’s people are everywhere. The grass in a field has weeds amongst it. The weeds metaphorically being the snakes the members of Satan’s body. Gods people are warned by prophets of God not to sin. God wants a healthy clean body of Christ. No one in the body of God is exempt from the spiritual laws of God as everyone is not exempt from the physical laws of God. A physical law as an example is every force has an equal and opposite force. Keep healthy by keeping wise of Jesus Christ. Watch your tongue, guard your mouth, every word you say has consequences. Every thought you have has consequences. I myself am not exempt from the laws. Laws are there to help. Wisdom of Christ protects you. Be wise. A lot of people get sick because they sin. We sin against the God head and against each other. God commands us to love. Love is the key to wisdom of Jesus Christ. Want a long and healthy life just love. Intelligence is not love. Intelligent people do though pick up the understanding quick to be wise. I am not intelligent but I have learnt wisdom of Jesus Christ. I know. I have enlightenment. I am a light a bright light. I have brightness so I would be thought of as being intelligent but intelligence is not necessary wisdom of Christ. Wisdom of Christ is intelligence but not the intelligence that the world knows it as. I am not of this world. My wisdom is not the wisdom of this world. I see. I am a seer. The people of God need to give up on the wisdom of man. Follow God not man. I see, I know. Man loves glory from man; the man of God seeks only glory from God not man (man being both males and females). I hate glory from man. Man gives me no awards and the ones I have are vanity. Man is vain. Man would prefer looking in to a mirror than reflecting off God. Reflection can happen in prayer. Man needs to pray often. Talk to God. Pray for other people. Man is vain and loves looking at him her self in a mirror. Vanity of vanities are mans achievements. Man will die. God has the last say. Man is weak. God is strong.

So speak with a guarded mouth. Words can make you or unmake you. Don’t think you are more clever than God. God sends his servants the prophets to prepare the way. The prophets have insight and they see. Prepare for the after life. Don’t be a fool. You will die in your sins and be judged if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and confess your sins. If you die in your sins without Christ as your Lord you are judged and you may have eternal life or not. Its not a taken that everyone judged gets eternal life in heaven. Only those in Christ are not judged and they are given eternal life. It’s not so much about this life; this life prepares you for the next life. This life is very short in time. Eternal life is hard to grasp but it is not a fairy tale. Only fools who do not prepare are up with the fairies. Prepare for the journey. The wise person prepares for a journey. Forget the things of this world. Nothing lasts, just Gods Words last. Believe.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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