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July 10, 2018

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven mean the same. I think this kingdom is a spiritual connotation. I believe this kingdom is inside the human body and centred in the heart. We have a human spirit and this spirit lives in the human heart. God’s kingdom is about spirit to Spirit, human spirit to God Spirit. The God Spirit is sent from above in to our heart to help us. We die to our old human flesh self in our heart and live for spirit. The soul in the head is saved. We are spiritual beings as Jesus Christ was Spiritual.

Adam and Eve were soulish/fleshy they died spiritually (spiritual darkness), they left God; but with Christ came a spiritual awakening. Adam and Eve sinned, they wanted to know as God the Father knows. With Jesus Christ coming we can become like Jesus in Wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. Wisdom is not the knowledge that Adam and Eve ate of. God the Father has all knowledge, Jesus Christ has all wisdom. Jesus did not study chemistry or physics or biology or botany etc. Jesus sees all, Jesus sees and knows what humans are thinking. Jesus is no rocket scientist. Jesus is wise. Knowing as God the Father knows can be different from what God the Son knows. Knowledge as the Father God knows is death to humans, mortal flesh is not meant to know as the Father God knows; what humans can have is God’s wisdom which is life (tree of life).

The kingdom of God of heaven is within. This kingdom radiates from within the hearts of the saved. The heart connects with this earth and the brain connects wth the heavenly. The kingdom of God is spiritual in nature. But does this kingdom include this world? God’s kingdoms are not of this world. God’s kingdom is within. God lives in human beings. Satan’s kingdoms are of this world. God lives above and has at His feet the earth. It’s like Satan is at the feet of the Body of Christ with Jesus Christ as Head. Christ enters the body the church, humans, and saves the soul giving it heaven and puts at the feet of this body the world and the earth. We the saved are in an enlightened state we see, we live as the temple of God, we are above in soul but in spirit we live in this world, we in spirit are in this world but we are not of this world. We are spirit that lives in Gods kingdom in our hearts but this kingdom of God though living in this world is set apart from this world. Everything our human spirit needs is in this kingdom.

The kingdom of God has the Holy Spirit at its centre. The Holy Spirit is God in Spirit. God lives with people. The Holy Spirit gives Spiritual gifts to people, these gifts come in to our hearts. So say we have wisdom of God then we say we have the Holy Spirit of wisdom. Say we have the gift of faith then we say we have the Holy Spirit of faith and it goes on. These Spiritual gifts come from God above through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a person Spirit. Are the gifts from the Holy Spirit person Spirits too? I don’t know but it’s a good chance they are, I think so but I don’t know.

So there is a kingdom of God in our hearts. We in the body of Christ are connected up with all parts of this body, parts are the saved persons. We the saved relate together in this body in the kingdom of God. We in the body commune together in this kingdom within the body. We in the body are never alone; but that is in human spirit, in soul we are above and we also relate to God above. Soul needs a mate and we marry and get a soul mate. We need more than just God and the body, we need a human mate.

God’s kingdom is not of this world. The body of Christ the living church temple is in this world but not of this world. We are separate from this world. The worldly people hate Jesus Christ. The world is about money. Jesus Christ is not about money, when He lived on this earth in this world Jesus most likely had little to do with money. When Jesus did His ministry starting at 30 years old He probably carried no money. Judas carried the money. People betray God for money. Money comes before God to many people. Judas on betraying Jesus got a guilty conscience he knew he had betrayed a good man so he hung himself. To betray truth and goodness is suicide. Good always has to win. To kill good is to kill good life and to kill good life is like killing God and to kill God is suicide. God is good and good is God. To kill God is to kill your creator. No creator no life, no universe.

The kingdom of God is within. The wise person seeks God within. The fool seeks God out there and up there. The fool builds his towers up in to the sky. The fool thinks God is up in the sky, up in outer space, on another planet. Man wants to be a rocket scientist and seek God up there in outer space. The fool searches for God in outer space.

God is not up there to our physical eyes, God is up there to our spiritual eyes. God lives with His people. King David explained God “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. God lived with David, in David, in his heart and head. God chooses who He will live with.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 10, 2018

It was 6 weeks that John had been travelling to seek the wise one. John had heard about the wise one from friends he knew. John had been on a plane, been driven by taxi, been on a ship, and walked for one week to find the wise one.

John finds the wise one way up high in the mountains with a vast desert at its base.

John enters a cave that his guide directs him to.

Hello hello anyone there?




Is that you wise one?


My name is John can we speak?


It’s dark in here I can not see you

What’s there to see, see from your inner eyes

Okay but what do you look like

What’s there to like about my looks? Sit down, what do you want?

I want to know the truth

What is truth?

Ha ha, it’s not lies

We have a funny one here do we

Sorry wise one

Where is truth?

You are truth


Yes you

I carry truth in me I am just a vessel you are a vessel also

So where is truth?

Look within

Within where?

Within your heart and mind, all truth is within

But I would have stayed at home and not come all the way here if I knew that

I am not truth God is truth God lives within

What a wasted journey I have done

Stay for a while

Why what’s the point?

Because I say so

What then?

Truth is within but it’s the getting of truth that is hard


God gives truth but only to the wise

And how do I become wise?

Wisdom is obeying God. The flesh and all its sins get in the way of truth. We must try and not sin and if we do sin we repent to God.

So wisdom is the key to truth

Exactly. Free up the truth in you by obeying God. God does not like giving truth to fools. God reveals himself to the wise not to fools. You have to go now.

Why? This is just getting interesting

I have done what I can do


You know how to get truth now obey and seek

Are you there? Hello, hello

John leaves the wise one and hikes down the mountain through the desert and on a ship and on a plane and on a taxi and gets home. The journey home takes 6 weeks and a bit.

“How was it” Johns friends ask in unison “Did you meet the wise one”?


Yes what? What truth did you learn?

Obey God and look within

That all?


What a wasted journey

Look I have to go

Go where?

On a journey to obey God

Obey God how?

Not to sin

Bahhh sinning is fun. Let’s drink high proof spirits to the wise one

Not for me

What? You usually drink us lot under the table

Not now


No thanks

Boy you have changed

I hope so. Must go. I am on a journey to find truth

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

(David comes before God)

Hello David.


David do you know who I am?

Are you an angel?


Am I dead?


How did I die?

You really don’t know.

I know I was climbing so did I die on a mountain?

Yes David.

I then died loving what I do.

But David why live your life in death climbs? Every climb was dangerous.

I wanted to live my life fully.

David I am God. What does climbing mountains do to help humanity?


Yes. Your fellow man and woman.

But I got awards for my climbing.

David you got awards from man, you were serving yourself and man. When did you serve me? Do you think I would command people to climb mountains. How does climbing mountains help people?

I got adrenaline rushes.


I got awards.


I am better at climbing than other people.

You got an ego high.

I pushed my boundaries and over came.

David you died.

But died doing what I loved doing.

I do not know if there is a God calling as a mountaineer. There could be one. God has many many callings. People used to think that God’s callings were only the religious ones, far from it. But what does a mountaineer do to help his her fellow human being apart from helping the climber feel highly esteemed. I have my own mountain to climb. My mountain is understanding. I climb the mountain of understanding of God. People like to overcome challenges, if there’s a sea to swim or sail, they will do it. Man wants conquests. Pretty girls are mans conquests. Man wants to overcome all challenges. Man wants to be like God. I climb my mountain in the spiritual in words. David climbed his mountains in the physical. I grow in understanding and preach understanding of God. I help people by internet preaching. David helped few. David was about himself. David proved to the world and himself that he was a winner. David got ego highs.

People like to live on the edge of life. People think that to live near death is to really live life to the full. People who live close to death feel like their minds are sharpened up. People like to be sharp. You can hone up your thoughts in the spiritual soul and in the flesh. To live near death in the physical, does this hone up your thoughts? I know you can hone up your thoughts, your mind, like sword against sword. Sword sharpening sword. But in climbing physical mountains can you hone up your mind? The sword is our spirit and clashing in swords the spirit and soul are honed up.

(David comes before God)

God asks David what has he done to help other people.

David thinks he has done plenty by climbing mountains.

But what has David really done to contribute to the help of God’s creation?

Is there a God calling as a mountaineer? I don’t know. But I think David was about himself and not really others. He was about proving to the world and himself that he could achieve what others call the unachievable. David conquered.

Man conquers. I live to be at the top of my mountain. Conquering is about overcoming and achieving. It’s an ego rush. It’s about going from one ego rush to another. To feel on top of things. To feel free from the constraints of this world. To be free. To break free from the laws of physics.

But my mountain is about God. My mountain is a spiritual conquest. I live for the understanding of God through Jesus Christ. My mountain climbing is for God. I am no mountaineer in the human physical sense I climb in a spiritual sense. My climb is for the eternal. David’s climbs are for the physical and don’t last. David helped few people, I hope the understanding I learn helps many people. I understand to help those who will listen.

Mountain climbing like many challenges is about breaking free. Mankind wants to break free. Physical is binding. I climb my mountain to be free. Jesus Christ’s wisdom frees me up. To be Christ wise is to be free. People climb physical mountains to prove they can be free of the physical.

I don’t get my freedom by the physical path I take the spiritual path to get freedom. Jesus Christ frees us. Freedom in Jesus is for eternity, freedom in mans physical strength is for a very short time and that time could be very short if they die early.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2018

It’s like a war zone. The education department are not helping.

We have teens in detention in children’s jails spitting on wardens so wardens put spit hoods over their heads. Who wants to be spat at?

Children who are obviously dysfunctional need to be schooled outside of the education main stream, they do not fit in and they make life for the functional children a nightmare.

Mr Jamieson should not be teaching children who should be at a type of boot camp environment. These out of the mind children need education of a very basic kind. Children like this need to taught discipline and by tough instructors, tough and disciplinary but wise.

Schools are about knowledge and later the children go in to tertiary education that is about skills. But children learn wisdom from their parents. But many parents are not wise so we have misbehaving children not able to learn knowledge.

Church also is where children get their wisdom from. Parents and church. Now a days to speak about going to Sunday school is about as foreign as saying that there is a man in the moon. Sunday school, ha, what old fogeys, we want to party.

What can be done?

Bring in military conscription……..

Send dysfunctional children to military type boot camps…….

Don’t let dysfunctional children attend main stream schooling……

Schools just for these dysfunctional children……

Let these dysfunctional children forgo much of knowledge education and at a young age let them learn a skill……..

To learn knowledge one has to to already have learned to be wise. A wise spirit a knowledgeable spirit.

But there is wisdom of this world, human wisdom, and there is wisdom from above, Jesus Christ wisdom. Man’s wisdom, the human wisdom, is based on man’s thinking apart from God’s thinking. To follow man and not God is not true wisdom. Man’s wisdom buggers up the mind. Wisdom of Christ is above, our heads rule rather than our bodies, we look to the brain to rule not the body. The brain rules the body. We don’t use the brain, the brain uses us, we just submit and obey. The brain is alive, the mind is alive, the head is alive.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 28, 2018

Mountain of God

Seeking True Understanding

Taxi! taxi!

Yes sir; where to?


Oh right o sir.

Here we are, that will be $20.

O no I left my wallet at home. Do not worry I am the prime minister of Australia and I am good for a loan.

Stay in the taxi sir; I will look after you.

Where are you taking me driver?

Sir you are ok now. I have read up on these things; I know what you need.

Need what?

Here we are, that was a short journey, thank goodness. Out you get sir.

Now, who do we have here?

I am John Howard the prime minister.

Wait over there please.

Are there any bags driver.

None at all nurse.

Leave it to us, here’s a taxi chit for your trouble.

John, ok follow me.

Where are we?

In safe hands.

There’s a cup of tea on in the lounge at the moment, come and I will introduce you to the other’s.

Boy’s and girl’s meet John the prime minister. Say hello then.

Hello John my name is Edward and I am Napoleon.

Hello John my name is Gloria and I am Madonna.

Hello John my name is Downer and I am the foreign affairs minister.

Hello John my name is Karl and I am the commissioner of police.

Look leave the rest of the introductions until later ok.

Yes nurse.

Psss John; Come over here.

Hello Downer buddy.

Why are you here Downer?

Talk less loudly John.

Why Downer?


This place looks clean enough to me.

Drrr John.

Never mind just speak softly because I say so.

Ok ok if you say.

Hey Madonna give us a song.

Stop your cheek John.

Yes nurse.

Medication everyone.

Uuuuur; who has medication?

We do John.

Do you mean me too.

Of course John.

But I am the prime minister I am not crazy.

So we all say.

Speak up for me Karl; you are the police commissioner.

I spoke up for Downer last week. What happens? I was sent to lock up for three days.

Boy’s and girl’s we have a new patient. Meet Lester.

Who are you Lester?

Hello everyone. I do not know who I am.

Well sit down. Tea is on.

Hello Lester my name is John, I am the PM.

Hello John, I am Lester, I am ummmm I ammmm. Oh gosh I am umm I am who I am, I am me.

Ok Lester that’s ok you are like the unknown god as they say.

I am no god.

I am me.

Ok ok Lester.

Lester meet the police commissioner, Karl.

Hello Karl.

Hello Lester.

I am Downer Lester, hi.


What is the Government doing in the hospital?

We have not a clue Lester.

Henry come here.


Sit down Henry.

What is it worth to me?

Look Henry can you help us. Do you know any corrupt nurse.


I want to make a call to my chief of staff in Canberra.

Jarvis is corrupt, he’s on the take. He has gambling debts.

How much Henry?

For you John and since you are the PM $50.

$50 that is highway robbery.

Nurse nurse.

Ok ok, what is it Henry? Problems.

It’s ok nurse I owe Henry some money and I am just about to give it to him. Sure Henry I will pay you now.

Is it ok Henry.

Yes nurse it seems the problem has solved itself.

Good, then no more trouble. Keep your voices down everybody.

Come on money on the table everyone.

Karl out with it, empty your pockets. You too Downer.

One for all, all for one. You in Lester.

Sure, I got $10.

You sure are in. Come on you two, cough up.

But I wanted to buy sweets from the tuck shop.

Downer stop it, you just do not get it.

I will turn my back and there had better be $50 on the table.

Counting to 10.

Let’s see. See why I am PM I get results. Yes that’s the full amount.

Henry Henry.


$50 smackers.

Ok I will take care of it. Be back in five minutes.


Yes Karl.

You do look so like the real John Howard.

I am the real John Howard.

Yes John I agree with Karl you look like him a lot.

Downer are you kidding me after all our times together.

Downer you remind me of the real Downer, but the hair is longer.

Karl come on man it is me.

Karl when you were a boy; did you want to be police commissioner.

Why do you ask Lester?

Because you resemble the real police commissioner.

I am him.

Yes Karl and I am Napoleon.

Actually Karl you look a lot like Napoleon. I studied history at school and the resemblance is amazing.

Nut’s to you John.

Nurse nurse.

Yes Karl.

They do not believe I am the police commissioner.

Look if you do not pull your heads in I will pull them in for you.


What was that nurse?

Just thinking to myself.

Pack of nutters.

Nurse did you say there were nuts for afternoon tea.

Quiet please, not too much noise.

Boys I have the mobile phone. Jarvis said be quick. He wants the phone back in five minutes.

Thanks Henry.

Use the toilet; it’s more private.

I will; back in five.

I wonder who John is really ringing?

Probably his mother; ha.

You know John does not believe I am the police commissioner.

Ok come on Karl we have had enough of that one. Give it a rest; ok buddy.

What’s your problem Downer? You are probably some plumber from Fremantle. Foreign affairs minister, that’s a tall one.

Hey I rang Teddy my chief of staff.

Well John, is he coming to free us.


Why not?

Teddy said there was a snap election last week. There is another government in. Teddy is been investigated. Something to do with taxes. He said he has got to lie low at the moment until it is all over.

How long will that take?

He said he’s flying out to Libya tonight. It might take years.

Oh no. Our life line gone.

What are you doing Karl?

I am praying; what is it to do with you?

Praying. You going all religious on us Karl. Come on pull yourself together man. We need to stick together.

Oh Karl, what did you pray for?

God to free us.

Look we need better ideas than that. Come on any one. Downer?

I have none. My brain feels pickled. It is all that medication. I can not even think.

Same for all of us. I can not think or remember much now.

That Kim is PM now.

I bet he is behind us been here. Just wait until I get out.

I have an idea.

Yer, Lester what is it?

We start by hands on the table. All together hands on hands as a sign of unity.

Downer your hand down first.

Forget it John. I am foreign affairs minister I can not be on the bottom.

I am PM and I order you to put your hand down on the table.

Ok ok; there.

Karl come on you are next.

I am police commissioner and I am on top.

Karl I will tell the nurses that you are saying you are police commissioner again. Remember the lock up.

Ok ok here’s my hand.

John you now.

Lester “who do you think I am”? I am PM.

Yes John and I am micky mouse.

Nurse nurse.

Yes Lester.

John is saying that he is PM again.

Did you say that John.

I am PM and nurse if you do not watch your step I will order Karl to charge you.

Look John you are out of line.

Code red! Code red!

Now you are in trouble John.

Why Downer?

You don’t know!


Grab him.

Leave me alone I am the PM.

Put it in.

Karl Karl help me, call your boys from the station.

He will quieten down now; the medication should take effect soon.

John John.

Leave me alone I am tired.

Put your hand on Karl’s.

Ok ok, there it is; You win Lester.

Last of all my hand on top. There. Now all we need now is divine assistance.

Boy’s and girls meet your new patient; God.

Ha ha ha; God. This place is looney.

Shut up Madonna. Sip your tea and be quiet.

God you go and join that table over there and stay out of mischief.

Thank you nurse.

Come on go. I have things to do.

Yes sir.

Hello God my name is John I am the PM.

This is Lester, Downer, and Karl.

Hello all.

What are you in for God?

Me. Oh I got a call from Karl to come and help you four.

Ha ha ha. That is so funny God.

What’s funny about it Downer?

Sorry I did not mean to offend.

No offence.

Pull together boys.

What are we going to do Lester?

God can you help us.

Sure can. What do you want?

We want to get out of here.

Easily done. I will just call my Son.

Ha ha that is funny, call your Son, I expect you mean Jesus.

Hello everyone.

What? Where did you come from? Who are you?

I am Jesus.

Son have you arranged everything.

Yes dad all is AOK as you asked.

Good. Nurse nurse.

Yes God.

We all at this table want to leave the hospital.

Sure thing God. Now has everyone taken their shower today.

Nurse did you hear me.

Shut up God and lighten up.

Oh, hello Administrator; I did not see you there.

That’s ok Charlie; how is the wife and kids?

Fine sir.

I have the documents filled out and signed by me for the people at this table to be released.

Ok sir as you say.

But that is Jesus I thought.

Quiet John.

How can the Administrator of the hospital be Jesus?

Golly stranger things must happen.

You calling me strange John.

No Jesus. Sorry

Look boys just walk out now. Go go.

Ok God. Come on boys.

Lester you do not really believe all that god stuff. Get a handle on life. I say we vote a new leader.

I am PM so I will be leader.

Oh no not down that path again.

Come on let’s follow Lester and try the God stuff.

Boy’s, your taxies are waiting outside.

Thank you thank you nurse.

What about our stuff?

The drivers put all your private possessions in the taxies.

Boys out, move!

Yes nurse.

Hey four limousines. I bag the front limo.

No John I am the foreign affairs minister and I have to go in front because of my importance with the foreign dignitaries.

Shut up Downer I am the PM, you pull in to line or there will be no dignitaries.

Oh ok.

I should go in the first limo because I am the police commissioner and I wear a uniform.

No no Karl, I am thinking that we have to tighten up the police budget on uniforms. Too much expense on braid as I see it.

Oh you spoil it John.

So it’s me in the front limo.

Hey hey stop!

That smarty Lester is taking off in the first limo.

Karl help me. Call your boy’s.

What boy’s? John.

The boy’s in blue; who do you think?

Too late he’s gone.

You are not helping Karl. Call yourself police commissioner, I bet you are just a sales assistant in a shop. I should have you up for impersonating the real police commissioner.

John John cool it.

Look I am off; you two can fight it out over the third limo.

Karl I am taking this limo; I am foreign affairs minister and I am of a more higher authority then you.

Balls; I have the uniform and I do a better job than you.

Toss for it.



Heads it is. See you Karl.


Yes sir.

What is your name and where are you taking me?

James sir and I am taking you to your home.

No no. I want you to take me to my office in Canberra.

You do not have a office in Canberra sir.

I am the PM and I demand to be taken to my office in Canberra.

Sir I am just putting up the security window between us; mind your fingers.

Look James who are you working for? Is Kim all behind this. Rotter. I knew it. When I was at school with him he blamed me for taking his lunch.

Did you take it sir.

Yes I did, what of it.

I work for God sir.

God! The world is going bonkers.

Sir, pick up please.

Oh, a phone how nice.

Hello, John here.

Kim oh hello.

What’s going on Kim? You just wait. I will get you.

Calm down John, is everything ok.

Ok you call this ok after that hospital.

Kim tell this driver to drive me to my office in Canberra.

John hello; Mildred here.

Mildred, golly it’s so nice to hear your voice.

Mildred I was kidnapped; me Karl and Downer and some no hoper called Lester.

Kidnapping, noo, I was told that you were at a hush hush conference some way a way.

No way Mildred, I was in a hospital.

Never mind come home John, I miss you. Your retirement has been plasted all over the news.

Retirement what, never. I am PM.

Come home John, I have plans. I have booked a four week cruise.

Downer; James get me downer on the phone.

Sir it’s a conference call, all your friends are already on line listening.

Downer can you help me.

Sorry John; Kim is PM now. I am off to Paris tomorrow as the Australian consul there.

That just leaves you Karl, can you help.

Sorry I am back at my job tomorrow. I had a ring from Betty my secretary and she asked me how my secret hush hush conference went. I just said it went well.

Lester are you there.

Yes John.

Where are you going?

God knows.

You mean you do not know where you are being taken.

I said God knows and he is sitting right next to me along with his Son Jesus.

Can I speak to God .

Sorry John no, you think about what you just said, bye.

Lester Lester.

James get Lester on the phone please.

Lester who sir? I do not know a Lester.

The Lester in the first limo.

There is and was no first limo sir.

Downer Downer. Is he gone too James.

No sir, his limo is now getting out of phone range.


Yes dear.

At least there is someone.

Your driver told me that you are only a few minutes from home.

Where are we driver?

In a Sydney suburb.

I do not know this area.

Your wife just bought a new property this week.

Here’s the house sir.

What? it’s only a duplex.

Sorry sir but we had a share market collapse a week and a half ago and the major banks collapsed. I understand that all your savings were in one of those banks. You do have your government superannuation sir.

Out you get sir.

Oh dear.

What is it John? Come in to the house.

But it is only a duplex, I can not live here.

John this is our new home now, just relax, I have turned the kettle on. Alfred rang and so did Beth. The children are concerned about you. You are now officially retired, it is all over the news.

Rotter. Operator get me the PM’s office.

John put the phone down! John!

Hello PM’s office.

John Howard here I want to speak to Kim.

Sorry the PM is in the debating chamber. He will not be available for some time. After the major debate he has a meeting with the foreign ambassadors; then talking to the media, it goes on, can I help you sir. Are you there, hello.

John get off the phone; you should not interfere in matters that are not your business.

Don’t worry Mildred I hung up.

Here we are nice cup of tea.

Mildred that Kim out smarted me.

Nothing of the sort darling; it is all in your mind.

We leave tomorrow on a cruise around the world.

But I thought that we had lost all our money because of the banks collapsing.

Not all darling; I had my savings.

Where did you invest your savings dear?

In this big cookie jar in the kitchen; this one, see.

Amazing. Truly amazing.

Why dear? My mum always did the same with her savings.

Forget it Mildred, a bit more sugar please.

You calm now John.

So what am I now to do with all my life?

Leave it all in God’s hands dear, I am sure he is looking after us. Cruise first, then we will see.

Dear what are you doing? Tired are you.

No Mildred I am praying to God.

That’s good dear.

One last call. Operator can you get me Mr Downer the new Paris Australian consul.

Hello, John Howard here.

Good evening sir my name is Henry and I am the consul’s assistance.

Henry that you from the hospital.

Oh golly it’s you John; hi.

How did you get that job Henry?

All I can say is that God works in mysterious ways.

Can I speak to Downer.

Sorry John but he is in the chapel.

Chapel, what chapel? you do not mean chapel chapel.

Yes I do John.

Look John I have to go, Downer wants me in the chapel.

You too Henry.

Afraid so John, bye.

Bye Henry.

Mildred please turn the T.V on.

Good the news. Hey there’s Karl. He looks good in his uniform.

What’s happening dear?

Nothing much dear; just some nonsense about Karl and the church.

What is it all about John?

Karl talking about the merits of God for people especially for the woes of the youth at the moment.

John; I always did think Karl was a decent person.

He probably is but I still think his wanting to go in the first limo was a bit too much.

What was that dear?

Nothing Mildred, just thinking.

I am turning in; you come in when you are ready John.

Ok dear.

Do not be too long dear.

Cruise tomorrow.

John John.

Yes Mildred. Mildred did you call me.

No John, come to bed you must be tired.


Yes Mildred.

What is it John?

Did you not call me Mildred.

No John. Please.

Sorry Mildred; you sleep dear I will be in shortly.

Yes God.

John I was a thinking; we are friends are we not.

Yes God.

You keep in touch.

Will do God.

Coming Mildred.

About time.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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July 21, 2017

Wisdom of God is discipline, self discipline; laws are about discipline too, but laws are about bondage. Laws are about the physical whereas wisdom of God is about the spiritual. Wisdom of God is about the inner person whereas laws are about the outer person. Wisdom of God is about disciplining the human spirit whereas laws are about disciplining the flesh. 

You might say that if laws can be bondage then wisdom of God can be bondage too. True, it does look that way. Bondage is only there when one transgresses the laws. Yes but what if one transgresses the wisdom of God? You confess to God and God forgives. The law is not all that forgiving but Jesus Christ Gods wisdom is forgiving. 
Wisdom of God is the better way to go rather than laws. Jesus Christ brought wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. In wisdom of God we do not need laws. Wisdom of God meets all the law requirements. Law came with Moses. Jesus all wise is above Moses. Law is under Jesus. God brought law and wisdom but wisdom is better as Jesus is better than Moses, Jesus is God the Son. Moses was a servant, Jesus is God. Jesus is the Master and Moses is the servant, law is servant to wisdom of God. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HEAD OVER BODY (heels) in LOVE (with God)

July 21, 2017

The head sits on top of the body. What is on top is in charge on what is below that top. The higher is always in charge. The higher sees more than the below. The higher has more insight in a metaphorical way. The higher in this case is metaphor in regard to insight. So the head is on top of the body and so the head is in charge of the body. 

The body has to have power. The power for the body comes from the heart. The heart is a simple pump. The heart also has the battery life or power life. The spirit gives life. The Spirit of God gives life. We have been given spirit. We have a human spirit that sits in the heart. The pump, that is the heart, is powered by spirit. This spirit is known as the human spirit. Some call this human spirit a spark. This human spirit is in human form but not in material human form but spirit. Spirit is not physical. God in Spirit also comes in to people’s hearts but only those of the elect. Also Gods Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the elect. The spiritual gifts may be manifested as spiritual persons in spirit form. These spirit gifts may come also in to the heart. We can call these spirit gifts genie or geniuses. A genie is spirit or what some may call a ghost. The body has its power. But what about the head and its power. The spirit powers body and head. God is in three persons. Gods power is in Spirit. We the elect have human spirit but we also have the Holy Spirit. We the elect have much power in God. The soul sits in the mind. The mind is in the head. We the elect are saved in soul. The soul sits above the body. The elect get the truth from God. When we get saved, our enemies are put at our feet (this may take some time to do). God puts the enemies of the elect at Gods feet and our feet. We in a sense become programmed to think like God. God takes us over. We are not God but God is in us the elect. God separates body from soul. There is a break between human spirit and soul. God comes between human spirit and soul. Gods Words are sharp. The Bible says Gods Words are as sharp as a doubled edged sword and come between soul and spirit. We are wanting spirits of this world to be at our feet so that our soul is free. The soul sits up there and in full salvation it is has complete freedom. The spirits of this world try to overcome our souls. When we were off the world we were assaulted in soul daily (and nightly). Our souls off the world were in a web. A web of lies. In Jesus, God frees our souls up to be free of the world and its spirit manifestations which are mostly lies. 
Our soul is forgiven all its sins by God (but first we must confess) when we accept Gods only begotten Son Jesus Christ (God the Son). Once we believe in God through Jesus Christ salvation begins of our soul. Truth sets our soul free. Jesus Christ is alive and Jesus is all truth. In Jesus our sins are forgiven and washed away, washed away by Jesus blood. Our soul in being saved and being set free from this world (from all the lies of Satan) will begin to wizen. The soul in its freedom will think but not in thoughts that the world thinks. The soul of the elect is above the world. 
Truth sets our soul free from the world. Satan tries to rule the world. There is knowledge and there is knowledge. Two types of knowledge, yes. God has two knowledges. There is knowledge in a physical sense and there is knowledge in a Spiritual sense. Physical knowledge is science based. Science won’t save the soul. Science is complex. Only the simple (simplex) truth saves the soul. We humans were created simple by God but man makes complex. Science makes complex. There is the two knowledges, science is complex and the other knowledge wisdom that is simplex. Gods wisdom does save the soul. The simple truth saves. Complex truth does not save. God offered to mankind at the beginning two types of knowledge but said take wisdom not science. But man at the woman’s and Satan’s advice took science. Dumb. Science is knowledge of good and evil, science does good and evil. So man goes to war using science to kill millions of people then man tries to heal with science thousands of people. The planet is getting inundated with humans, we the life at the top of the killing chain are getting too populated. War is what culls humans. Natural disasters also cull humans. 
Wisdom of God is not a science. Wisdom is behaviour. Wisdom is doing right not wrong. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is seeing, seeing as in insight. Wisdom is knowing how to think righteously. Wisdom in thought and words protects against the evil behaviour. Wisdom is strong. The more wisdom the stronger you are. 
Satan persuaded man at the beginning to go for knowledge apart from Gods wisdom. Man thinks he is learning Gods wisdom at universities but no (Jesus Christ, Gods wisdom is not taught at universities. Far from it if you write about Jesus Christ and His wisdom you might be reprimanded and if you persist be marked very low). Theology is taught at university but it is not taught about Jesus Christ and His wisdom but in a scientific way. Universities even have wisdom on their mottos, this is not right. Wisdom of God makes for better societies, science is about what man calls progress. Progress is about destroying God made to make man made and in doing so rubbishing this whole earth. The earth is now becoming a cesspool, a rubbish heap. Man thinks he must look for another planet to live on. But me thinks “earth this is it”. There’s no other planet habitable to mankind. We have one earth and only one, mess up this one and that’s it. 
We are waiting for the baptism of fire. Fire will destroy all. Just as water killed all (except for Noah and his family). Water and fire cleanses. The earth needs cleaning. What is this fire? I don’t know. Some say it is a world nuclear war, others say it is a meteorite? It might be a fire ball from the sun. I don’t know. But there will be an immense fire on this earth that’s for sure. When will this fire come? I don’t know. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

Want to get a good nights sleep?
Sleep on a good pillow.

A good conscience is the best pillow. 

A good conscience to the Supreme God and to every other person. 
Your heart is where life springs from. The human spirit is in the heart. When you invite Jesus Christ to be your Lord and you repent of all your sins the Holy Spirit of God will come in to a repentant heart. A strong heart a strong person. The person who has the Spirit of understanding has the top strength. Understanding is wisdom and wisdom of God can not be toppled over, to try and topple wisdom of God over is suicide. 
Wisdom is about how we behave. How we act. How we treat God and other people. We are spirit and soul. We are flesh and bone. We humans are interconnected, we are connected by words. Think wisely as thoughts are also in words. Think wisely about God and think wisely about other humans. Your thoughts are not secret, nothing is secret. Those that see really see. God gives sight to His prophets. Prophets see. 
Make your life’s foundation on words, we stand on our words, we fight with our words, words are our protection. But not just any words, use words of God. God gave us the bible. We have the holy scriptures. Read the holy scriptures often. Memorise the holy scriptures. God gave us His will and wisdom in the holy scriptures in the bible. There’s the old will and now the new will. The new will is what should guide us not the old will. Read both old will and new will. The old will leads us to the new will. What we think and say in words about other humans is very important, it can be life or death. Don’t think you are not heard. 
Not everyone is dull of mind. The dull minds live in semi to much darkness. Dull is without much light. God gives light. Some human spirits are like smouldering wicks, their lights are dim. A strong human spirit light comes from leading a good life. Treat everyone with care. We are all precious. Keep away from the fool. Don’t take on the fools actions. The fool may become wise. God can do anything. God can save anyone He likes. The fool may become a King. 
Treat your soul with respect. Don’t hate your soul. Die to your old self in your heart but love your soul above. Save your soul by giving yourself to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ saves souls. Only Jesus Christ can save the soul, there is no other way. Jesus took all our sins in to his body and died to them. Jesus came back to life (resurrected) and rose in to heaven. Jesus is above. God the Father is above. The Head rules. The body does not rule. No body rules. Jesus the Head rules. Jesus sits at God the Fathers right hand side above. The Father God is THE LORD and Jesus MY LORD sits at the Fathers right side. Let go let God. Humble yourselves under the God Head. We are in the heart in spirit. Our soul is above saved. 
God is a mystery. Heaven and hell is a mystery. Love will keep you healthy. Don’t hate as hate will slowly kill your body. Hate will sicken parts of your body. God can not be mocked and wisdom of God can not be mocked. Sow and you will reap. Forgive your trespassers. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WISDOM AND THERE IS WISDOM (What is the better half?)

April 6, 2017

In my young youth it was not that I did not think that there was a Supreme Creator God, it was I did not understand God. 

I think I believed in the One true God when I was developing awareness in my teens I even possessed a small gideon bible. I remember in my young adulthood looking at this bible but I could not seem to relate to it; reading it did not seem to help me; it was like I was not connected up to God. AND then I did not know how to connect up to the Supreme God. I knew about prayer but my heart and mind did not seem to be able to pray to God. I knew then little about Jesus Christ. I was like a lost soul. I was in the dark. I knew not the power of words. Words to me were not alive. I knew nothing about spiritual warfare. I knew nothing about demons. My thoughts were immature and depraved. 
Coming to God was not one Big Bang, bang I am with God. I was weltering in the wilderness. I had these thoughts to go to university. I was then living by myself and very lonely, I had a job but had no purpose. It was like someone was guiding me in my thinking to attend university. This someone must be Spirit. God. I joined up as a student and then arranged for my accommodation at a university hostel. It was like it was meant to be. I liked living in a hostel with other students. I made friends. Now I was not lonely. I met Christians. I was mentored by a Christian. I attended bible studies. I learnt to pray. My heart softened. I was on the journey of up. My rise was not sudden, my growing maturing wizening understanding has been a climb. I am going up not down. I have a simple soul; Satan was trying to convert my soul in to the wisdom of perversion. Satan’s wisdom is perversion. Simple souls believe. Perversion is Satan’s wisdom. Perversion is depravity. Satan uses his women to pervert the world. This women is Satan’s wisdom. Gods wisdom is Jesus Christ. In my coming to God, I repented of all my sins and accepted Jesus Christ in to my heart. I now was on a climb up. Satan’s wisdom is a going down. Climbing up has brought on me wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. Oh how I love Christ’s wisdom. Oh how I hated Satan’s wisdom. How grateful I am to be in the Body of Christ. 
It is foolish to choose Satan’s wisdom over God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Wisdom 9:13-18 Good News Translation (GNT)

March 19, 2017

13 Who can ever learn the will of God? 14 Human reason is not adequate for the task, and our philosophies tend to mislead us, 15 because our mortal bodies weigh our souls down. The body is a temporary structure made of earth, a burden to the active mind. 16 All we can do is make guesses about things on earth; we must struggle to learn about things that are close to us. Who, then, can ever hope to understand heavenly things? 17 No one has ever learned your will, unless you first gave him Wisdom, and sent your holy spirit down to him. 18 In this way people on earth have been set on the right path, have learned what pleases you, and have been kept safe by Wisdom.

No one seems to be lining up to know Gods will. 
But do people really want to obey Gods will. The problem about knowing Gods will is to know it and not to obey it and incur the anger of God. Then again God could be angry or He might not be angry. 
I perceive in mind and heart people’s God will. I do not lie. I am either a fool or wise in my discerning people’s God wills. I call myself a prophet of God. I am either a false prophet or a true prophet. So if I am a false prophet you have every right to rubbish the God will I counsel people in. I see will but I see vocation will. Seem rubbish? Am I deluded? Am I a nutter? Do I have a demon in me? Am I working for the Devil? I seldom tell people their God will. Why? Oh we have a nutter here. People hate being told Gods will. I mean to be told Gods will means one has to obey it. Who really wants to obey God? Very few in heart and mind want to really obey God. I mean it’s about the body, what the body wants. Does Gods will pay a lot? It’s about the body and money. And not too much hard work mind you. 
I discern Gods will in people. By this I mean I discern the vocation of a person. I have seen vocation for many people. The people I tell Gods vocation to either say nothing to me in return or blast me with their words. It’s like “Who do you think you are? You do not have a psychology degree; you have no university degree; you have no training in discerning Vocation for people; you are a no body of importance; have you written books, no; you are not qualified to tell a person their vocation; you might have a demon in you; you have a mental illness. 
I see a match up of face to Gods will. Face goes with vocation. When a person is in the will of God, their face accentuates the look of Gods vocation. Face is very important. 
I have seen a person deep in to computers who should be a brick layer. I have seen a bible college lecturer who should be a wine steward. I have seen a church pastor who should be a civil engineer in mining. I have seen a church minister who should be a watch maker. And it goes on. Most people, just about all people, are not at the coal face (face again) of their God given vocation. Why?
Why are people not doing Gods vocation? Maybe I am the stupid one. Maybe I am cuckoo to think God gives vocation to people. It’s either I am a fool or I am wise. Christians in their youth cry out to God asking Gods will. But no answer. People go to pastors who are not real pastors. People go to psychologists who are not psychologists. People go to teachers who are not teachers. But no one wants to hear from me. 
I am a true prophet. I am no false prophet. I have wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. I do not operate under human wisdom. 
And when people want to hear from me, they bring pride. They know better than me. They are more qualified than me. To hear from God you must humble yourself to my gift. It’s the gift in me that helps people. Forget the thinking that I am not very intelligent, or not handsome, or not qualified with university degrees or not rich. Listen to me just because of the calling/vocation I have from God and listen to me because of the understanding in me from God. Still people forsake God. God would not speak or write through such a simple person like Lester. Lester is a no body. 
God uses the simple to impart His wisdom and understanding to this world. God does not use the worldly wise to impart his wisdom and understanding to this world. Don’t knock Gods wisdom. Don’t raise the ire of God. Gods wisdom is superior to human man’s/woman’s wisdom. To raise the ire of Gods wisdom is foolish. To knock Gods wisdom is like knocking life itself. To knock life is like wanting death. To hate Gods wisdom is to love death. Be wise listen to Gods wisdom. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

INVASION NONSENSE? (British invading Australia)

February 7, 2017

Is it nonsense?
I mean the Romans invaded Great Britain, the Vikings Invaded Great Britain, and who is William the Conqueror, he conquered so he invaded. 
Great Britain invaded the Americas; Great Britain became Great on the backs of many countries people’s. Great Britain invaded peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific; where did Great Britain not invade? European nations invaded Africa, Asia, Pacific etc. it goes on. Nations only became great and rich on the backs of other people. People enslaved others to get rich. Make other people work for you while you make yourself a rich lord. Empire building only works at the expense of others. Someone has to be the worker. The British Empire was great but it was at the ungreatness of others. In empire building there has to be the ruling CLASS who don’t do the hard work and there’s the working CLASS who do the work. 
CLASS is about the haves and the have nots. We start in the class system soon after birth. We go to school and are put in to classes. We are pigeon holed as children. We are labeled. God is about GRACE. Education classes us. Education labels us. Education grades us according to intelligence. School is about intelligence. God gives each soul a certain amount of ability, call it intelligence. This ability is given by God to suit the calling each person has from God. But man forsakes their God calling to fit his her ability for a calling that pertains to only money and status. God is not complex. Our true God callings are not complex. You look to the simple truth not the complex truth; truth is not complex. The calling one has is simple to do for you. For anyone to do a calling not meant for them is to do a complex calling (a complex calling is not the simple truth). To not work in ones true calling is to work in an another (someone else’s) field of work. If one works in the right field the work is simple. God given gifts are simple. To work complex is confusing and stressful. 
Education has its place. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is seemingly well engrained in to mankind that God must have used this knowledge for mans vocations. Knowledge is of God. God made the tree of knowledge. God also made the tree of wisdom. Wisdom does not have to mean the knowledge of good and evil. Wisdom is practical. Wisdom is doing. Proverbs are practical. Pro verb means verbs that are doing. Verbs are doing words. Proverbs are wise. 
I think knowledge will be used to kill off a lot of life eventually. But knowledge also does good. 
Man has used knowledge to set up systems of weapons that can be fired at the press of their fingers on machines and can kill off most of mankind maybe in a matter of minutes. A few people have the power to kill of most of life in a few minutes, give or take 5 minutes. This is fact, and knowledge has made this possible. The world can be extinguished in just minutes. Man has that power now. 
God obviously uses knowledge for mans callings. Man forsake simplicity in the garden of Eden for a complex world full of weeds (weeds: physical and spiritual). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2017

 There is intelligent thinking but there is intelligence thinking that is thought out useful in a practical way. The wise King thinks this practical intelligence. God gives His King wisdom. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is this practical intelligence. Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ. The wise King of God has the wisdom of Jesus Christ. When the wise King thinks he thinks in a practical way. Everyone thinks. Humans think. Animals or birds or fish or insects do not think. Humans are called sapient, we think and discern. 
Sin in humans does dim ones insight and makes intelligence dirty in thought. The King of God is supreme in thought. The King of God thinks above everyone else. The King of God sits above everyone else and all thoughts are captive to Him. The King of God is only beholden to God no other. This world is full of thoughts. Thoughts are words. We humans are able to exist only because of words. We can not succeed at anything apart from words. Dirty words make for a miserable life; clean words make for a sane and enjoyable life. Pictures have a frame. We need a frame of reference for words too. Without a frame of reference words can go insane. Sanity is to have a frame. The frame is what keeps the words within a frame of thinking. We need to have order. We need to know what the truth is. Truth and order keeps sanity. To work outside reference, order and truth leads only to insanity. The King of God thinks and his thinking is in charge. Words are in charge but only the words of truth are in charge. God is truth and the higher you go up in the thinking chain the closer you get to the truth and God is the highest. God sets his mountain in charge. God rules in wisdom through his mountain. Mountain is not literal in this sense but is a metaphor. Prophets of God make the path straight for the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus will return. The mountains are levelled and the valleys filled in; this is all metaphor. The mountains are the people on higher ground. The valleys are the people who are lowly. God wants a level play ground. God wants straightness. No one is to exalt themselves over others, we are all equal in God. The Wise King of God is the only mountain. The King is wise and the wisdom of God is supreme. All thoughts of humans are subject to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. God made this universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in mind, heart, body and Spirit rules and He is supreme. We the church (body of Christ) have the mind of Christ. Wisdom of God is a Spirit of God. The King of God has the Spirit of Wisdom. God gives to his children gifts. These are spiritual gifts. We can call these gifts spirit genies. People are gifted with spiritual gifts from God and sometimes we call these people geniuses. A genie is a spirit, a gift within. God makes people geniuses. These geniuses are often aware that their genius is given to them. Such people do not like to brag but simply say that their genius is very simple. Simple is the catch word for a persons genius because the person gifted knows that what they are clever at is not their own doing. These people are also called talented. 
The Wise King of God knows that his wisdom is not his own doing but comes from the supreme God. We are nothing really apart from God. We don’t have talents apart from God. Words make us and words unmake us. God is the WORDS in supreme. God spiritual gifts are in words. It’s all about words to do with God. The Wise King of God knows God is all about Words. The Wise King wins or loses fights according to his words. The Wise King of God prays often knowing his words carry weight with the supreme God. God listens to his Wise King. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 5, 2017

​I don’t know why women don’t protest more publicly against discrimination of their gender.
I mean from the year dot it’s like women are treated as soulless and just to be used by men to satisfy their lust. Lust is not love. To lust for something does not mean you are in love with it. No wonder a lot of marriages break down. After the honeymoon stage or in many cases what we can call the lust stage there is no union. Men rape women in lust. Husbands rape their wives because there is no real love between them. Rape is considered normal. Parents rape, children rape. 
But maybe many can not think otherwise. The Devil has most people in a spell. The Devils women keep people in a semi dream. Males are dethroned of their headship in Christ. Women rule men to the men’s detriment. Males are not the head of their household, women are. The wife rules the husband. 
From our conception we are taught that money is the God, that “money makes the world go around” and that sex is our goal. We serve money and sex. The spell over people’s minds is money and sex. People live in a day dream. 
The God Head is male. Father and Son God. So I guess this means the Holy Spirit is male too. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the God Head, ALL MALE. But is the God Head truly all male? Women have a head, they have a brain. Why are not women in the God Head? Is this male discrimination? Is the woman really in the God Head? Hey if I look at a woman I see a head. Women are not just bodies, they have a head. God is male and female so why is not the female in the head. So do we see women as headless, mindless, soulless? Are women just bodies for males to satisfy their sexual desires? Is RELIGION culpable for how males treat females with objective lust. Men are supposed to see women just as a body and not a head. Women have a head and a brain, there’s no two ways about it. And God is both male and female. Religion can be bigoted. The Catholic Church has tried to be unbiased to women by promoting the adoration of Jesus’ Mother Mary. But the Catholic Church won’t ordain women as priests. I respect that males are the headship over females and this is in accordance with the WISDOM of Christ. So Jesus WISDOM may look like it discriminates the females but in fact it is not doing this it is in fact trying to keep the body of Christ sane. We have two sexes; God wants order here; someone has to rule. You can not have two leaders, one must lead over the other. 
So males have lost their mind of God for heathen Godless minds so the males love females in degenerate love, which is lust. Females do not submit to the headship of males but try and rule the males minds so there is degenerate lust from the females. 
The female might in fact be in the God Head but even if she is the WISDOM of Christ stands. We must have order in the body. The mind can not have two minds vying for control over the body. We know the Son of God Jesus Christ is a male. We must respect the Father Gods wishes and let the mind of Christ rule the body of Christ. The world and those outside the body rule as they like but we in the body of Christ uphold the WISDOM of Christ. We love and adore Christ, He is Gods only begotten Son. We follow a male God. 
 Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

Science does good and evil.
You see SCIENCE at work on the battlefield.

People kill people with weapons made with science and at the same time you see medical staff using science to heal soldiers who have been wounded by science weapons. 

Science is good but it is also evil.

You see science raping the earth to get minerals and oil and then you see at the same time science doing conservation on the land. 

You see science polluting the rivers and lakes and at the same time you see science cleaning these waters.

Science is used for man’s “progress”.

Progress to man is to make capital.

Man is basically a capitalist.

Man wants possessions.

Science is used to make money to buy possessions. 

It’s not the money people really want it’s the possessions people want. 

Money buys the possessions.

Possessions are the capital.

Man’s creations with science make residue or waste.

Man makes and gives off carbon.

Carbon is ok but too much of it is a killer.

Plants take in carbon and give off oxygen.

We need plants.

Humans need to have oxygen to breathe.

Without plants humans will not survive.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Wisdom of God is pure.

Wisdom of God is simplex.

Science can be very complex.

Jesus never taught science to his disciples.

Apostle Paul never taught us science.

People trust and have faith more in science than in God.

Farmers depend on science for good food crops.

Farmers trust science.

Nations defence trust science.

It’s looked at as clever to learn science.

It’s looked at as simple to trust God.

Simple to the scientist is foolish.

To trust a God you can not see is looked at as being foolish.

Man thinks he/she is so clever consuming science.

It is too simple to follow the wisdom of Christ.

Science is our future.

Science helps this earth.

You know science is slowly killing this earth.

You get people who really think climate change is nonsense.

Science is making this earth one big rubbish dump. 

And people do not see the rubbish. 

Climate change deniers only want to see money.

So you can choose what you want – science or wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Science and Gods wisdom are two different trees of thought.

Wisdom can understand science.

Science can know wisdom.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 12, 2016

I am saved, I rule with Christ in the heavenlies. I have a mind of Jesus Christ. I a wait the coming of my new body, a spiritual body, a resurrected new body. Jesus will come in to this world again, the second coming. We have had a first coming of Christ and there is one more coming of Christ. Christ’s wisdom is in Spirit. Christ’s wisdom is the wisdom of God the Father. Christ’s wisdom is Spiritual wisdom. To learn from God we must learn in spirit. We have a human spirit. We are soul and human spirit, we are both. Our physical body is our home for us in soul and spirit. Our physical body is only a temporary home. In the second coming of Christ we are given new bodies. Christ has already got his new body. Christ came down from heaven to show us the way to heaven. 

To follow Christ is to go to heaven. Christ is the only way to heaven, there is no other way. Not all paths lead to heaven. Christ first saves our human spirit. We are joined to God Spirit from our own human spirit. Spirit is in the heart. Gods Spirit comes in to the heart. You invite Jesus Christ in to your heart. The heart is like the level of this world. The old sinful flesh nature also lives in the heart. We die to this flesh sinful old nature. We live for God Spirit from our human spirit. In our human spirit we want to become like God Spirit. God Spirit is full of light. In our own human spirit we also become lighted up as we grow in human spirit with God Spirit. We want to get rid of the darkness. Sin brings on darkness. We want to be clean in human spirit. God Spirit and our own spirit light up our soul. We learn to love our soul. We want to help our soul. Our soul is in our head (me thinks). In our spirit we get light of God and with God Spirit we light up our head. Our soul in the head becomes full of light. But lightening up our head takes time. Our body also becomes lightened up. Our eyes are a sign of how much light is in our body and head. When the eyes are full of light our body and head are full of light. In the past before we gave ourselves to Christ we were known as spiritually dead. That meant our human spirit (and body) were full of sins and in darkness. In Christ we are washed clean of all our sins and we come in to the light. As we mature in Christ we understand more. We become Christ minded and we learn to rule with Christ from above in mind and in doing this rule we aim overall to benefit the body. 
The head rules the body. Our body parts are to serve the head. We are constantly serving the head. As soon as we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night we serve the head. The head does not serve the body. We are constantly at work providing for the body. The body can and does rebel against the will of the head. Our body needs day and night attention. We must endeavour to think from the head and bring the body under the heads rule. Our human life work is to provide for the needs of our body and to do this we use our God given head. The brains are in the head. The heart does not rule the body. The heart serves the head as does every other part of the body serve the head. Our main mission in life is to rule from the head with Christ and provide for the needs of the body. When our body needs are served we can also help other people’s body needs. Other people first meaning the people who are our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. When the body of Christ, the church is looked after, we may look to the needs of people who are outside the body of Christ. We each human have a vocation from God. 
The wise of God find their true vocations and do them. But regrettably most people work outside their God vocations. A lot of people do not know their God vocations. Their Gods are maybe money, knowledge, status, etc. From our formative years of our human education we learn that getting lots of money and having status is our main pursuit. Money money money. Parents want their sons to become rocket scientists and their daughters to marry rich men. So we have science being people’s God. Science is knowledge and knowledge brings with it good or bad. Science will kill all life off some time in the future. You can have a choice follow science or follow Jesus Christ. Christ is the wisdom of God. Christ is not the science of God. Christ does not teach or preach science. We read wisdom of Christ in the Bible. The Bible is not a science book. The Bible is a wisdom of God book. The Bible is also full of prophesy. Christ in coming in to this world never taught science to his disciples. Wisdom of God and science are two different trees of thought. You have a choice, wisdom of God or science. It’s like half the world are using science to help people while the other half of the world are using science to kill and harm people. If there was no science in this world then people would have to put their trust in God. But man thinks he knows better, put your trust in science man says. God is a fairy tale for old people and children be clever trust science. The Bible says “knowledge passes away”. Yes knowledge is not remembered. I think of all my childhood schooling and do I remember all the knowledge I was taught. No I remember very little. I do remember the practical knowledge, that is the learning I was taught that I went on using in my daily life for a lot of my life. At school we are taught knowledge that after a few years passes away from us. Yet children have to go to schooling for many years of their lives. Humans do not keep knowledge. Go in to an old persons nursing home and ask these elderly people about what knowledge they know and most will probably just stare at you not understanding the question. Most people get dementia in old age and remember very little of all their lives schooling. So why do people even go for university degrees in old age, yes there are some that go down this path, but why? Pride, status. A sense of achievement. But why go for a degree when you don’t need that learning? Why not spend your time helping the sick or poor. Go and volunteer work at a hospital or welfare agency. But I want to look clever you might say. Pride. So science will not go with you to heaven or hell. God does not want science in heaven. You don’t need science in heaven. The Devil also won’t need your science in hell. 
So what is Gods wisdom about? First it’s not about science, it’s about the body of Christ living together in harmony, peace, justice and love. Wisdom of God is a good quality of life. Wisdom of God is about trusting God not science. And what is our earthy life to be focussed on? “Preparing for the after life knowing Christ set the example for us to follow – Follow Christ”. The scientist will say in reply “Simple simple simple”, I will say “Thats right”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2016

God is in me 
I am in God

We of God are parts of the same one body

We parts of the body commune with each other

We parts also commune with God

We are in Gods body

God is the Head of the body

The body of God is alive

The Head of God is alive

The parts take their instructions from the God Head

The Head and the body are joined together

We parts of the body are part of each other

We parts of the body think together

You are in me I am in you

Be wise, think wise and act wise

To act and think apart from the God Head frustrates

Wisdom brings with it peace

The parts get sick and frustrated when working outside the will of God

Wisdom means Gods wisdom not the wisdom of the world that is demonically inspired

You trouble me when you think, speak and act unwisely to me

My heart is under regular vexation

You vex me

All the world’s wisdom is trouble

Go for the wisdom from above 

Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ

I am in you, you are in me, we are in Christ, Christ is in us

Think wise, be wise of Christ

Thinking Christ’s wisdom is good health for you, body mind and soul

Christ’s wisdom enlightens you

In Christ’s wisdom the body is full of light

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are sound

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are like lamps

Seek to be in the light of God

God is light

Ask Jesus Christ into your heart 

Ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord

Repent to God all your sins

Don’t deceive yourselves to think you are not a sinner

We are all sinners

The kingdom of God consists of all the parts of Christ’s body

We are never alone in Christ’s body

Pray and you will be heard

Words are where it is at in Christ’s body

Watch what you say

Watch what you think

God is the living Words

Reflect often

Meditate often

Pray often

Read Bible scripture often

The heart is created to love

Hate brings on your sickness
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


August 5, 2016

The Garden of Eden was as close as heaven could ever be on this earth. God made the earth but mankind made the world. God is Godly and mankind are worldly. So how does one communicate in heaven? How did Adam and Eve communicate in the Garden of Eden? 

In my later life I am very conscious now of my thinking. It’s like I can now just about control my thinking. My thinking is so now developed that my thinking has become much of me and who I am. It’s not feelings but thinking that now makes up much of my life. I think day and night. I love thinking. I can think deep. I can think and work out problems to questions. But I think that this can not be like what we call worldly intelligence. This thinking of mine has very little or nothing to do with thoughts about knowledge as we know it at schools and colleges and universities. I think like I am in communication with God above. 
My thinking has become so much of my life now that I am becoming to think that man in the beginning communicated by thoughts. Adam, did he and God communicate together by thoughts? We can call this thought communication – communing. Adam and Eve were given souls; these souls had no knowledge as we know worldly knowledge today. Did Adam and Eve have such clear and sinless souls that communing by thoughts was easy for them to do? The tree of knowledge was tempting to Adam and Eve; I mean know as God knows; but eating of knowledge led to sin. God said it was wrong to eat of knowledge. Knowledge may have meant the loss of communication by thought. I find speech of mankind such a vexation. Every time mankind speaks they sin. Mankind complains, mankind curses, mankind threatens, mankind lies, mankind slanders, mankind mocks. The mouth of mankind has turned in to one big cesspool. 
So was original communication done by just communing in thoughts?
Jesus Christ came in to this world to restore mankind from his fallen grace. But mankind still eats of knowledge. Jesus is the WISDOM of God. The Bible is full of wisdom. We can live by wisdom and not by knowing the knowledge of the world. Gods wisdom makes a society strong and unified. Do we need worldly knowledge for mankind to survive? Can mankind survive by Gods wisdom alone apart from worldly knowledge? Adam and Eve lived very well in the Garden of Eden apart from worldly knowledge. To live apart from worldly knowledge we have to trust and obey God explicitly. God will provide if we live just for his wisdom. Jesus Christ while living on this earth in this world never learnt worldly knowledge. Jesus knew no worldly studies. I think Jesus never even went to school. Jesus when he began his ministry chose disciples who were not schooled. Paul and Luke were probably exceptions. People did accept Jesus Christ’s teachings. But people still wanted worldly knowledge. People wanted both Gods wisdom and worldly knowledge. So mankind has not come out from the FALL. 
Mankind listens to SATAN. The beast will rule and mankind will obey the beast. The beast serves Satan. The beast encourages worldly knowledge. The beast and Satan are about replicating what God does. God uses mankind to see, hear, taste, smell, think; but Satan will try and replicate the God head that senses and thinks; Satan will make his own God head and Satan will try and rule all creation with his God head. Robots in the image of mankind will be made. Mankind will serve Satan and the beast and maybe the robots will rule mankind. The robots will serve Satan and the beast. Satan rules over mankind from the outside but God rules mankind from the inside. Satan tries to get inside mankind to rule him/her, we get the mark of the beast. We also get virtual reality. We also get half robot and half man/woman. But God is the Living Words. Living words win against Satan and the beast. God can make Satan and the beast think what God wants them to think. 
In the true Church we are all ONE body, we are all ONE body of thinkers, we think together, we commune in thought together, each part of the body communing with other parts of the body and we each also commune in thought with the head of the body JESUS CHRIST. 
The language is in thought and we call it communing but what are the components of this language? We use words. I use English words in my thoughts. I am very aware that I think in English. I hear my thoughts. So how do all the people commune together in the body of Christ if there are many different kinds of languages? That puzzles me. The Asians, they have symbols to represent meanings. How can you think in symbols? Pictures to represent meaning were used by earlier civilisations. Adam and Eve were given the words from God. God is Words. But the Asians did/do not have words. Asians got words off others. The early Egyptians used pictures to represent meaning. Symbols like what the Asians use for communication are not words. Does Satan and his children commune together? Or is Satan and his children deaf to words? Satan is described as a serpent. A serpent is a snake. Do snakes have ears? When you get an Indian snake charmer playing a flute and the snake rises up, the snake does not hear the music from the flute, the snake rises because it is watching the flute move about. So I guess Satan and his children are deaf to words. 
God gave the words. Original thought came from God. God communicates with his children by words. 
Why did we need speech from the mouth? And why is the Adam’s apple in our throat right by the larynx? Why did mankind get voice chords? Only humans have voice chords? Only humans can speak a language. Is the Adams apple anything to do with the voice chords? Did the FALL of mankind have anything to do with speaking rather than communing in thoughts? Is worldly knowledge about speech? 
I like thinking. I hate being around people who speak a lot. I sense a communion going on. You commune, you listen, and you understand. You can understand people. People might call it discernment or perception. You can read people. Talking can just be stupid most of the times. 
These are my thoughts; they do not have to be right. They could be right. But they could also be wrong. I hope that what I have written here might make you the reader and me more wiser; we can think and pray and maybe amongst what I have written the truth will come out. I make no promises that what I have written above is all truth. What I have written above is just me thinking. I hope we all learn something new. I want to learn too. If I write my thoughts then the communion will go on and the truth will come out. I hope what I have done is make you think and I hope that you can develop your communing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HILLARY (will she be the next President)

March 25, 2016

Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. . . . And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.” -quote Hillary Rodham Clinton

Yes Hillary I am listening. But and there are buts to your life plan. Hillary you say “when you’re knocked down, get right up …..go on”. Hillary I think of two boxers boxing it out in a boxing ring. Now there has to be a winner and a loser. The stronger boxer wins. So Hillary to be knocked down and get up and knocked down again and get up again knocked down again get up…. I mean where are we going with this? How long does it get into your head that to get continually knocked down means your opponent is stronger. So to keep WORKING at trying to knock down ones opponent who is stronger does not always work. Working in this case is foolish. So everyone has their limits. We have our strength limits. We have our ability limits. Hillary you have immense ability so when you have contested against opponents in ability your ability has won through. 

We must operate within our own strength and ability and not keep opposing someone of higher strength or ability – but to find our own niche. Better still use your ability and strength for God.
As a young girl growing up in the fifties, Hillary Diane Rodham had an unusual upbringing for the time-her parents told her, “You can do or be whatever you choose, as long as you’re willing to work for it.” Hillary took those words and ran. 
Again I am listening and again i disagree. I have found much enjoyment in learning from Gods wisdom. I have never always had Gods wisdom. Gods wisdom has given me Gods understanding. God gives His wisdom to the most unexpected people. God gives His wisdom to those people who the world looks down on. There’s a plan to all this. God wants all flesh to be levelled out; the valleys filled in, the mountains levelled down. A prophet with his insight sees how God looks at the heart and not the mind. All peoples successes and qualifications are but dung. 
So why do I think that Hillary’s parents have given the wrong advice “You can be what you like as long as you work hard at it”. In my wisdom and understanding from God I see a purpose for everyone. Now everyone might mean all people or it might just mean the people of God. There are the people in the church of Satan, we can call them snakes. The snake is a spiritual deity. {I add the following to add insight: everyone is in the likeness of God and God has also his weapons of human nature to use. In other words God can use our bodies against us if he desires}. If everyone is in the likeness of God, does God then give purpose to all? I don’t know. I would think God only gives purpose to Gods people. Gods people means not just those people who have received Jesus Christ. God gives a calling to all his people. Maybe we can call this calling a vocation. It’s the work that we are called to do. In my insight I see very few people in their God given vocation. It’s quite a dismal thing to see when people laud their careers/vocations that they have worked in for many years. I see such lauding as foolish. I see their vocations that they work at and i think – what a waste of time and efforts. What rubbish they talk and write. Hillary Clinton might get to be President because she has out boxed all her rivals in the ability boxing ring. I have never doubted Hillary’s ability. But Hillary has to answer to God. God might use her in a Presidents role. God does not force people against their will – human beings have FREEWILL. Wisdom of God can bring about things but God himself mainly brings about His plans that He set from the beginning. The people of the USA have FREEWILL to vote in the President they want. God can use the President that the people vote. Hillary in my minds eye has a vocation as a chef. So why would a chef be President of the USA? God can use what’s available. Hillary like most people look to the world and not within. It’s what’s out there. Seek fortune and riches and status out there. It’s the flesh wisdom not the Spirit wisdom of God. A wise person of God might say “Wisdom of God is found by very few people”. So few people find their God given vocation. True vocation is in spirit. Spirit is in our heart. Look within to seek truth. Invite God in if you have not. God in Jesus will come in and live with your human spirit and soul. In God within, we have all the answers. 
The worldly people do not seek Gods wisdom. The people of the world seek their wisdom out there, from human flesh. The people want the physical wisdom. Truth to the people is what you see from your physical eyes. True God wisdom is from Spirit. We are essentially spirit and soul. See with the eyes of your spirit. Gods kingdom is NOT of this world. Gods kingdom is within. You can not take all your riches with you to the next life. This present life is about “preparing for the after life”. All your works are but filthy rags. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 25, 2016

Plato born 428 B.C, ancient Greek philosopher Plato was a student of Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle.

1 Corinthians 1:22 .Jews want miracles for proof, and Greeks look for wisdom.
1 Corinthians 1:18 .For the message about Christ’s death on the cross is nonsense to those who are being lost; but for us who are being saved it is God’s power. 19 The scripture says,
“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise

    and set aside the understanding of the scholars.”
20 So then, where does that leave the wise? or the scholars? or the skillful debaters of this world? God has shown that this world’s wisdom is foolishness!
What is this worlds wisdom that Paul writes about in verse 20? Paul says this wisdom is FOOLISHNESS. So who of us in this world is learning the foolish worldly wisdom?

In other words who is being a FOOL? People might dispute Pauls definition of wisdom. Paul writes that Greeks look for wisdom. 
Now a lot of western wisdom derives from the Greek philosophers. There were three main Greek philosophers – Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. These three Greek philosophers lived before Jesus came on this earth. Western science in its founding days was birthed from Greek philosophy. Philosophy got people to think. You could say the foundation of western science is Greek wisdom. 
To test this assumption that the West has based its thinking on Greek wisdom is to ask “What are you looking at in what would Jesus be like in thought and deed if he came back to earth now? 
Western people laud wisdom. Wisdom to much of this world is looked up to as the epitome of what Jesus is like. It is as if most of this world has taken its wisdom from the thinking and learning of the Greek philosophers. So if Jesus appeared to us all, the people would be looking for wisdom in Jesus. But this wisdom the world would look for in Jesus would be the wisdom originally coming from the Greek philosophers. Paul definitely writes that there is a human wisdom which is based on man and there is a wisdom based on Jesus Christ. We are seeing two wisdoms that Paul writes about. One wisdom is foolishness and the other wisdom is clever. Paul dismisses Greek wisdom as foolishness. Jesus in Pauls eyes does not preach or teach a wisdom based on Greek wisdom. Greek wisdom is human wisdom, and such is not Christ’s wisdom. 
I think many people in the established church are misled off in to Greek wisdom and its following knowledge. Sciences are mans wisdom. Man is trying to put man in heaven. But heaven is not where we can see it with our physical eyes. God uses metaphors to teach his wisdom. Heaven is a definite place but only Spirit to soul can understand it. Heaven is a metaphor. Heaven is a place for the new immortal bodies we get in the second coming but still heaven is a metaphor. Man is getting to the heaven in the physical sense, man puts astronauts in to outer space. Outer space is mans heaven in mans understanding. Man thinks the answers to life are in the physical and up there in outer space. Man will try and explore the physical heavens. The wise person looks for answers to life in Spirit within. Emmanuel, God within. Man will look for life up there in the physical heaven. Man may think that life originally came from another planet and so it goes on. God is Spirit. Spirit is very small. Big is not necessary powerful. Small can be powerful. The atom is very small but can be very powerful. The atom can be an analogy of the universe. 
Christ’s wisdom is not the Greek philosophers wisdom. 
So man seeks answers to life from human wisdom. Human wisdom was birthed from Greek wisdom. Human wisdom is the sciences taught by man. Science explores the physical from the atom to the universe. Man does not seek answers in spirit from God Spirit. Man is physical and all answers to him are in the physical.
Man has got to the heavens – man as astronauts has got to the physical heavens. Man has proved that there is no God or angels in the physical heavens. Man is looking for answers in the wrong way. You can not find God or His Son with human wisdom. God may laugh at human wisdom. You build your tall towers to the heavens, and reach out to the heavens with man made space ships. God saw man trying to get to the heavens by a tower (tower of Babel) and God got angry. You won’t see God on the moon, nor on planet Mars, nor on any planet up there. I personally do not believe in life up there. I personally believe that water only exists on this earth and water is life. Without water life can not exist. In mans endeavours to reach up there to the heavens God might again get angry and foil all mans heaven attempts. Man already has enough nuclear weapons to blast this earth sky high. Human wisdom may destroy this earth. Human wisdom founded by the Greek philosophers may destroy this earth. 
What is “your” ideal of Jesus if he was now in this world? Jesus would be healthy, not fat, good clear skin, highly intelligent, deeply knowledgable of all the sciences as we know them now. Jesus would get a doctorate degree. The Greeks that Paul writes about are the people of the established church now. How the established church love their human wisdom. 
Sir Doctor Reverend Jesus Christ. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 28, 2016

The communists promised utopia to the masses. But no utopia came. The collectives, the communes were a drastic failure. 

So how can we reach utopia? Is it possible? Utopia is like the GARDEN OF EDEN. Its a place where each human is valued by his Godliness not by how much money he/she has. God is the value of measurement not money. But how do we do away with money and what will replace it? 
God gave mankind WISDOM but mankind wanted KNOWLEDGE. Satan knows knowledge will eventually kill all mankind. What about the H bom. Will not the H bom vaporise mankind? Or will the H bom vaporise some and leave other’s behind? The H bom might be the equivalent power of a sun. Knowledge kills but it heals too. But we just get a stale mate in knowledge; no one is a winner; the only winner is in the next life. Jesus to defeat Satan had to die. Death took Satan down. The good has to die to destroy the evil. But God has the last laugh. God takes the good in to heaven. The evil go to hell. Knowledge will die in mankind and in that death all the good that knowledge did through mankind will die with it; it will be as if mankind got no knowledge at all. 
Utopia can be possible with WISDOM not knowledge. Knowledge kills but wisdom is a flat playing field, everyone is equal. We play for our needs not wants. The Garden of Eden was utopia and the snake was there. In this Garden God reigned. Can we go back to a utopia like this Garden? But man has knowledge and there is now no turning back. A Garden where people live in ignorant simplistic bliss is now not possible. “Make your bed and you have to sleep in it”. Mankind chose not WISDOM but KNOWLEDGE; was that clever? Eve thought it was clever. The snake thought it was clever. 
So mankind can not have utopia. Not with knowledge. We can have wise people though. The wisdom that God gives is ONLY through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Wisdom outside Jesus Christ is vanity and a waste of time. Man does make up his own wisdom; there are many gurus that come along regularly pushing their own brand of wisdom. “Fools gold” I call it. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 28, 2016

Stamp on that snake.
The snake might bite my heels.

And we might bruise the snakes head.

Head is above, heels are below. 

Bring to heel the snake.

My heart communes with my head and my head communes with my heart.

My head is alive. My heart is alive.

I pray from my heart to my head.

My human spirit is in my heart.

My human spirit prays.

Flesh and its wisdom get in the way of true understanding.

There are the people born at the will of the spirit and there are people born at the will of the flesh.

Spirit born people are the “People of the promise”. 

“People of the promise” inherit Gods will. 

There is flesh wisdom and there is Spirit wisdom.

Gods wisdom is through Gods own Spirit.

My soul is saved, in the above, in the metaphorical heaven.

Heaven is above, but not above where people can get to in their own human endeavours. So astronauts going up in to the heavens do not go to the heaven God talks about. Going up there in the physical in mans way is not getting saved. 

God and His Angels are not living on other planets.

God is SPIRIT.

Gods Spirit can be very small. I mean look at an atom; ok it’s too small to see, but one atom is all powerful.

Big does not necessary mean powerful.

Small can mean all powerful.

My soul above is in heaven. My soul is saved.

God makes heaven. God made heaven.

God uses metaphors.

Jesus lives in a physical body. A heavenly physical body. Jesus lives. 

So where does Jesus live? In heaven, yes. But where? Heaven is above but not above in mans fleshy understanding. Heaven is above to the soul and spirit. Heaven is in our thinking. Heaven is in Words. But heaven is a body, a spiritual body that has transcended from an earthly body to a heavenly body. It’s all very mysterious. 
So Jesus could be anywhere and everywhere, there is no limiting Jesus.

Why does Jesus allow so much suffering in this world? God gives mankind free will. So does free will mean man can murder other people? Free will means just that free will. God in my estimations does not like to interfere in this world. God has already set his plan and will. Anything outside this God plan is left more or less alone. If God interferes a lot it causes many effects that changes this world so God stays out (not totally) of worldly concerns. “God helps those who help themselves” is probably accurate. God gives us spiritual gifts and intelligence and its up to us to use them. There is also the gift of wisdom; this wisdom can keep a person safe. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 13, 2015

Sex has been a taboo subject; it is still taboo in some areas. Why? For starters the Bible says not to discuss or talk about sex. Jesus from the writings in the bible did not talk about sex. In the way past sex was just between a husband and wife and outside this union little was said about sex except in grubby lewd context like in pornographic magazines. Such magazines took off in the 1950’s and on. Sex is now outside the covers, outside the closet and in everyone’s eyes not long from the first day you can see and hear. Sex is now not just between a husband and wife. After the Second World War sex was opened up. The church in the way past used to be the moral platform for keeping sex in check. But the church has now lost a lot of its influence. Sex is in your face day and night. It’s on television, it’s next door, it’s in the news papers, it’s on the Internet, it’s in public. Sex used to be private. As in private parts but no more are these parts private. 
Pornography does not help. Such makes delinquents. Lust is not love. True love is hard work. Pornography only encourages people to be jerks. Jerks do not work hard. You have to work at a relationship. Lust is immature. If you see a women and think of lust, think of “is she a jerk? Am I a jerk? Lust does not satisfy. So to find a mate, find a mate that is first a soul mate, a mate made in heaven first. The head should always come before the body. The head is in charge not the body. The soul to me is in the head. Lust comes but it goes and when the 2 minute lust has gone what have you left. Lust fizzes out like a fizzy sugar drink. No one is satisfied for long with just fizz. 
In the past say our grand parents time sex was taboo outside the husband and wife. In our parents time sex was gradually brought out in to the public. Now in our time sex is everywhere. 
The wise man says “Get out of my head”. Or another saying “Get out of my hair”. 
Love between a man and a woman is a deep mystery. First to find your true soul mate you need insight. A lot of people lack insight especially young people. You need to get to the heart of the matter. Spirit and soul. Young people are more guided by the outer rather than the inner. If you marry just for the outer you will get tensions from the inner. This outer union results in conflicts. The human spirits will fight. The two will fight in spirit. Outer union is also about money and things. Inner union is tested over time but especially with communication in words. Do you listen to your spouse? Does your spouse listen to you? See it comes down to words. You and your spouse on a deep level or a sub conscious level need to commune together. Communing is good; we commune with God and we commune with others in the body of Christ. Communing is a thinking on a deep level. Wisdom of God brings up the thoughts. Many people think but may not be aware of what they are thinking. With age and wisdom we hear our thoughts. Thoughts in heart are like a deep well, only wisdom of God brings up those thoughts. The heart can be so deep. 
A wise man said: “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it”. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 22, 2015

Tutorial class at university.
Smithers what do you think?

Yes I agree with the conventional thought, animals do think.

Murray what do you think?

My question is, do animals in Japan think in Japanese?

Murray are you trying to make a mockery of this class?

No Sir I am simply trying to put all this in perspective.

So you think animals do not think?

I ask another question, do animals in the USA think in English?

Murray do you think animals think?

You say it’s conventional belief that animals think. I don’t agree. I think that animals as in all creatures apart from humans do not have soul so they do not think. The true conventional belief is that animals are thoughtless as are birds, fish and insects and all such live by instinct. 

Ok Murray why has convention changed here?

I think man in many cases man has lost his mind. We live like we are ourselves thoughtless. We have lost our connection with soul. Losing our connection with soul we lose our connection with thoughts and words. Man is becoming all materialistic. Man worships money. Man is becoming as thoughtless as other creatures. Man is living on instinct. 

Smithers what do you think of Murray’s answers?

I think Murray has lost it. Murray has not followed the wisdom of the great thinkers from the Greek philosophers until now. We know animals think. We humans are wise now we know.

Murray you have heard it. I agree we humans are wise now. We know so much now. Murray you need to change your ideas or you will fall behind. 

Murray looks at the teacher. Murray perceives that the teacher is a farmer. Murray asks himself in thought, “what is a farmer doing teaching at university”?

Class over.

Later that day.

Hi Murray.

Hi Jones.

Hey Murray word is getting around that you will fail your science class.


It’s true. You better wizen up. The professor says you just don’t have the intelligence. 

Murray thinks, “That farmer, what right has a farmer to pass judgment on my intelligence”?
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 22, 2015

The sun is out – 

The true light the sun.

What about the SON being the true light.

No, most people think the SUN is the true light.
So we have a HIGHER POWER the SUN, a celestial body, and most people love the SUN not love the SON. The SON of course is Gods begotten SON. GOD begat ONE son and God also adopted many sons and daughters. 
People love to worship what is higher. The sun gives light. The sun gives heat. The sun gives warmth. The sun gives vitamin D. An excuse for sun worshippers is “I bathe in the sun to get vitamin D”. But that is just a poor excuse to try and truly validate worshipping the sun. People want the tan. The Suns Mark. The tan is seen as sexy; it’s a mark of beauty. BUT if scientists were able to give white people a change in their skin pigment to darken their skin naturally all or most white people would not accept the brown pigment in their skin. Why? Because tan and skin pigment change are different. Pigment change is not caused by worship of the sun but is something evolved in time for people living in sunny regions. The skin for these people adapted over time to the sun, the skin and DNA went through a minor change to compensate for the sun. White people are on the whole racist. White people want to be white but tanned. 
So when we see a worshipper of the sun we may ask what wisdom are you following. God says he is up, up there, up in the clouds, up above in the heavens. But what is up above to most people? The sky, the cosmos. But there is a wisdom of spirit and there is a wisdom of the flesh, also there is wisdom of Satan. When we think in flesh wisdom of heaven we think of the clouds area or the solar system, other planets, the Suns etc. When we think in spirit wisdom of above, what is above our human spirit in our heart, we think of our head. God uses METAPHORS to explain his wisdom. We humans are so in to flesh wisdom that we can not see the spiritual wisdom. We are human spirit in the heart. Gods wisdom is in Spirit. Gods wisdom is not of the flesh. The human spirit needs to learn off the Holy Spirit. Truth is within. Gods kingdom is within. Don’t worship anything out there, outside the body. God is within. Jesus Christ Emanuel. So we are either worshipping God or gods – in spirit or flesh. God is not out there, God is within. Commune with God in spirit to Spirit. Commune with each other in the body through spirit. God is a metaphor, but a true metaphor. God is real. Jesus Christ is real. The HOLY SPIRIT is Real. Jesus came in the first coming and will come again. Jesus is in flesh. Jesus exists, where? That is a mystery. 
King David said “The Lord said to my lord sit at my right side until I put all your enemies at your feet”. The Lord and my Lord were within David. 
We are gods not Gods. We are gods under God. Life in its true essence is metaphor. You see but you do not see, you hear but you do not hear. People are dull, dim, and sleepy, and day dreamy. True knowledge comes from the Holy Spirit. When Jesus rose at the ascension – Was this pure vision? 
Jesus (My Lord) lives in me at the right side of God the Father (The Lord) in heaven. 
But is there more? Is there a gathering of souls at the resurrection and we are given new physical bodies. Does that then mean we live on for eternity in the physical flesh at the resurrection? But who wants to live for eternity in a physical body? Maybe living in the flesh for eternity (in a changed body called a heavenly body) is ok.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

In my younger days I was a ambitious man. I wanted success and money. I was godless, knew no God to worship. I knew nothing much. I loved money. I lusted after women. But it was just lust and even though I did go further than lust with some women, the lust was never fully satisfactory. I did like some girls in a fuller connection but they were not to succeed because I just was not mature for a long term full on love affair. There were some girls I seemed to have a spirit soul connection with but alas these affections were not reciprocated. But it was earlier in my college days that I knew I was not getting anywhere (in life). 

In other words I was not maturing. I was not learning. I needed a teacher. I wanted a mentor teacher friend who was Godly and mature and gifted who would guide me in an education of Gods wisdom. But in my youth I knew nothing about wisdom. I expect in my youth the word wisdom had not even entered my vocabulary. In my early 20’s I craved for knowing. I looked at people and thought that they had something that made them aware and gifted. I moved to another job, a job way away from my present surroundings, I lived alone and worked at a job in a town shopping mall. I was very lonely. I had no friends. I struggled to cope. During this time I had thoughts of going to university and learning knowledge. It was like I was being led in these thoughts (by Spirit). I enrolled at university and applied for university accommodation. I was accepted in both. I found the living arrangements at the university hostel very satisfactory. I liked it there and it felt great to be around people. But I needed a teacher. The university studies were horrific I could understand little. But I was determined to carry on. I was never one for the likes of suicide. My mind was a total mess but I tried to do the best I could. I found no teacher for me at the university but a teacher did find me at the university hostel. He was a student but also a practicing Christian. He was into disciple making. I felt comfortable with his style and it fitted well with my getting an education. But not the education from the likes of humanistic teaching but the teachings coming from Jesus Christ. Christ’s teachings were just up my street. I went head long in to learning from the biblical teachings. I found my God, my saviour and teacher. The Holy Spirit came to be my teacher. The Christian teacher led me to Christ and once that was secure I felt I did not need any other teacher but Christ. Christ taught me through His Spirit. I was a very simple man and needed an education but not in the way of man. I learnt not much at all from mans schooling/education; none of that education really grew in me. I understood little from all my mans schooling. I passed qualifications because I some how did the work and just passed but all the learning meant little to me. 
At my first job (just after college and before university) and after about five working years I received a job report. The manager had written in my report: that I would be now considered for promotion but it was dependent on my maturing more. I knew in my heart that I was not maturing and to do the manager and the job justice I would need to leave. I left this job. But a few years prior; I was at this work and in an interval of a few minutes I was sensing a voice talking to me. I sensed this voice saying to me that I was going to write. Now at the time I felt privileged to be spoken to by this voice. It was not a voice like loud or decipherable in a mind way but it was like a perception, I could not hear the exact words in my ears as such but all the same I could relate to something talking to me. Obviously in hindsight it was a Spirit talking to me. At the time I knew nothing about spirit or soul or gods or God or Jesus Christ or Angels. In those days I was devoid of any sort of religion. I was simple. I knew no wisdom. I believed or tried to believe other people. Everyone who knew knowledge were like gods to me. I was a nothing. 
But recently on reading about the simple person and the foolish person I see a difference between them. The fool knows the principles of wisdom but deliberately does not adhere to them. The fool thinks he is wise when he is not. The fool never learns. The fool mouths off all sorts of curses and judgments on others thinking he is right. On the other hand the simple person knows not the principles of wisdom. The simple believe everyone. The simple need wisdom and when led to wisdom they become wise. The fool seldom becomes wise. The fool thinks he has no need of wisdom. The fool is in denial like some alcoholics are in denial. Keep away from the fool. 
I found my wisdom in Christ through the Holy Spirit. My first human teacher led me to Christ’s teachings then the Holy Spirit took over. I have matured in the body of Christ in spirit and soul. I am simple but wise, I learn off God, I believe God in Christ. I am wise now in Christ. I have never lost my simplicity it’s just that I have matured and know right from wrong. I have not become complex in Christ, no. God protects the simple. God teaches the simple. The simple in Christ learn from seeing their enemies defeated. The simple in Christ have all their enemies defeated by God and these enemies either repent or suffer. Christ lives in the simple and every knee has to bow to Christ. The simple person likes to live the simple easy life. In Christ the simple become wise but if the simple avoid Christ they are fed complex. Complex leads to this complex and that complex and leads to layers of complexity that shut out normal simplistic functioning. Complex leads us away from the simple truth. 
The simple person needs the simple truth. Without the simple truth the simple person will never be a success. Feed complexity to the complex person but feed the simple truth to the simple person. With truth the simple person will mature, grow strong, be wise, succeed, prosper and be in good health body mind and soul.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

MAN MADE GOD (The ultimate idolatry)

September 5, 2015

 Mans wisdom is to replicate God, the creator and His creation. 

Man looks to the physical. I mean people who have qualifications in physics are already being treated like gods. God is up in the heavens with Jesus Christ in the flesh sitting at His right side. So man has to replicate God and His Son in the heavens. So what does man do? Man is mostly about physical so man puts his own man made god up in the heavens and that is in the physical. 

But the Father God is invisible. No problem mans god can be invisible too. Then man needs to replicate Jesus. No problem man can create a humanoid robot that has many powers. The man made God and His Son need to be put above. No problem we can put the man made god and his son above in a space craft. This space craft can orbit above the earth in the heavens. The Father God and Jesus see all, hear all, and know all. The man made god and his son will also see all, hear all, and know all. God is very powerful. The man made god will also be very powerful. So man has his own god in heaven. Man thinks physical when he thinks of knowledge; man thinks he is so clever. God gives spiritual knowledge BUT this knowledge is in wisdom through His Son Jesus Christ. Man will worship his god he has made. 

So where is God? God is within. God is spiritual. God is in physical and Spirit. God is not made by man. God is a spiritual reality. God is in WORDS. God made the heavens and earth. But God made a spiritual kingdom that came first and then the physical Kingdom. Spirit came before physical. God rules within his spiritual Kingdom. Words rule this spiritual Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within. The Kingdom of heaven is within. Our human spirit and soul lives in this God Kingdom. We have two realities – spiritual and physical BUT the spiritual is first, came first and rules. Jesus is in the physical but also lives within. “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies at your feet” (Bible verse from King David). King David was the chosen King and God in Spirit lived in him. God lives in His chosen King. There is a spiritual reality that we all humans share. Remember the movie “Matrix”. This movie had two realities running beside each other. There was the inner reality and the outer reality. But both were realities. Having two realities means that to teach about God to humans we have to teach in parables and metaphors. Para as in ‘along side’. Humans are created in the flesh the physical so humans to grasp knowledge see physical coming first and physical reigns BUT not so. Spiritual came before physical. So God has to educate humans to perceive spiritual and to do so God tries to draw humans away from the physical. Physical desires etc compound the difficulty in learning spiritual. Man thinks it’s so clever to learn the physical sciences I mean physicist scientists are lauded as gods. But man in his cleverness is screwing up mankind. It is best to go spirit first before physical. Plato the philosopher was about learning and he perceived that to learn one is best to forsake the physical pleasures. Physical gets in the way of spiritual. We need to get back to the spiritual. Physical just needs to be about needs not desires/wants. 

Man thinks he’s clever to make his own gods. Man forsakes the true God to make his own gods. Man will create the ultimate god to sit up above in the physical seeing heavens and man will rest from his works, man will admire his handiwork and say to himself well done. When man takes his rest, the man made god above and the man made humanoid robots will do all the work. The true God rested after He had created; man will rest too after he has created.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 30, 2015

Your mouth and tongue is in your head – speak with sense – and your eyes seeing and your ears hearing and your tongue tasting and your nose smelling – all these are in the head and help to give good sense.

So the Christ Head Rules.

The thoughts rule conscious and the conscious head is what rules the body and the body is either satans body or Jesus Christ’s body or a body that is of the wild. So what head (thoughts with conscious) should be ruling over ALL? I Say the Jesus Christ head. Jesus thoughts should rule. So the humanist – does he or she rule with Christ thoughts? No no, the humanist rules with mans wisdom, man made and not God made (not Christ made). The humanist and satanist do not help at all, about nil, they are not ruling in their thoughts from Christ. Humanism is a type of fools gold. It looks good but it is false. False to God. Christ’s thoughts are the true wisdom of God thoughts. Thoughts are in Words and Words rule. Words rule through conscious (and sub conscious). Christ thoughts rule over ALL. So the satanist and the humanist are really useless when it comes to helping the community keep in wise order. Christ is the true head and we as members of the body of Christ need to obey the ruling of the Words of Christ. It’s very very SIMPLE. Christ does not rule with complications. Keep it simple and you learn from Christ’s Spirit. Don’t try and complicate God, you won’t learn true wisdom of Christ that way. We must adhere to our souls being converted to the soul of Christ. The mind (soul) of Christ no other. Let’s be WISE (truly wise).

Who rules? The God Head rules, no question about it. We call the God Head, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent by God above in to our heart. The heart does not rule, the Head rules. Does the Holy Spirit rule from the heart? The Head rules and the Bible says Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body. Jesus Christ is in the Head ruling from above, the above heavens. The Kingdom of God is within. Emmanuel God within. Coming to terms with the subjectiveness and objectiveness of God is not easy; one has to balance the God in Jesus who is in the physical and is out there somewhere and also come to terms with the God within. Heaven can be out up there and also within us. We must balance the object God and the subject God. We can not just make God an object. But we can not dwell in introspective subjectiveness too much. Walking a straight line between subject and object is very hard; one must have plenty of self control. 

Young people are too much in to their passions; the elderly have more self control than the youth. The elderly have more experience too. Passions do not go with self control. You will find more good sense with those who have self control.  

In our human spirit, do we understand the up there? The human spirit in the heart, do you see a head up there? Are your spiritual eyes open to see the head on top of the body or are you devoid of such thought of a head ruling above. Human spirit can be ignorant of a lot of things, we just have to hopefully understand with Gods Spirit help. But no doubt in our own spirit we struggle with Gods Spirit; I mean we know better or do we. So we struggle with God. We would rather learn off man out there than learn off God. Human wisdom is more appealing; we don’t have to struggle with God that way. Who wants to learn off the Holy Spirit when there is no real glory in it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 23, 2015

Knowledge of good and evil is in the Father God. Jesus did not bring in to this world knowledge of good and evil, Jesus just brought WISDOM of God in to this world. At no time in Jesus sojourning in this world did Jesus preach or teach the physical or social sciences as we know them today. The Father God knows the time and place for everything, Jesus does not know the such but Jesus in his wisdom He can work out such but not in their fullness. Wisdom of God is not knowledge of good and evil. 

Jesus sees the heart and knows the thoughts at heart level of all peoples. So according to these heart thoughts Jesus is abased or glorified. God the Father created this universe for Jesus. Jesus, knowing the true heart sentiment of all human hearts, as does the Father God also know such sentiments, the Father God acts on this sentiment as the true feelings from man to God. So a holocaust is no mean thing to God when people so debase Gods Son. The plumb line to man’s intentions are the intentions to the Wisdom of Christ and NOT the intentions to the knowledge of good and evil. Man chose knowledge of good and evil over the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Man continues to go after this knowledge rather than Jesus’ Wisdom. Clever???? No not at all. So a holocaust (fire) is a burnt sin offering. The world’s sin offering. God must get so angry at how the world debases the simple wisdom of Christ. 

Water and fire are the baptisms of cleansing. Water (the great flood on this earth) came first, fire comes second. Grim – yes.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 28, 2015

Mankind turns away from God made to manmade.

You may say what is God made? Good question because in this life we humans are now getting confronted so much with MANMADE that we begin to forget that yes there is a God and he made his own creation. Mankind is now so immersed in his own MANMADE creations that mankind is now trying to forsake God made. 

Go out in to the country; see God made. Get away from the city of concrete and mortar, away from the plastic and brick; go out of the city, hear the bees humming, hear the birds chirping, yes birds do make a sound, see butterflies, hear a brook gushing, smell the vegetation, yes Gods creation smells, taste natural fruit off a tree. To turn away from God made to MANMADE is unnatural. God is natural. To turn away means to pervert. Every time I read the newspaper it’s about who sexually abused who. The news now a days often is about perversion, who perverted who. This generation seems to be an abused generation.  
What is the ultimate in MANMADE creation? I think it is robots that look like humans but have super abilities. Also man might create robotic life like animals and insects and birds that look like the real ones. So we have a pet robot dog or cat etc. 

There is the “Knowledge of good and evil”. God created the universe and made mankind in his likeness. Mankind got this knowledge and wants to create as God does. Man will make as God has made. Man will create replications of God made. Knowledge of good and evil is not all just about good, it is also about evil. Robots will have artificial intelligence and will be both good and evil. You will get good robots and you will get bad robots. Knowledge of good and evil certainly brought evil in to this world. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Utopia until they consumed knowledge. Scientists are trying now to manage knowledge of good and evil but such attempts of management are really futile as mankind craves to create. 
Mankind will go further and further virtual and try to get out of the real world and engulf him/her self in an artificial virtual world. In the mean time this natural creation will be further killed off. Kill Gods creation and live in a MANMADE artificial creation. 
God initially confronted mankind with knowledge “Don’t eat Knowledge” God said to the first humans; of course as we humans know when someone tells us not to do something and when they have gone we go and do that something, hey who do they think we are? We can do what we want, know one tells us what to do. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden in “Simple Bliss” and just like we humans are now they disobeyed God the Father. We all mess up. One big cock up from the beginning. And it’s been a series of cock ups ever since. Mankind is turning away (means perverted) from natural to unnatural. 
Knowledge will kill. 
Because knowledge is good and evil the sensible thing is to not have Knowledge at all because we may get good from knowledge but we also get evil so the bottom line is not to consume knowledge at all. There is a better way – WISDOM OF JESUS CHRIST. Wisdom is a type of knowledge but but it is not the knowledge that God told Adam and Eve not to eat of. Wisdom is a practical knowledge, it is about behaviour. Jesus taught his wisdom to his disciples and we get this wisdom written down in the gospels. Paul and other Apostles also contributed to writing down Jesus wisdom. 
So to have Utopia again, as Adam and Eve had it from the beginning, we humans need to behave properly to one another and to do that we need to eat of the tree of WISDOM. Wisdom of God gives life, spiritual life, we are preserved, we look younger, we are healthy, we are strong. 
But mankind will never have utopia again (unless it happens in the future when Jesus rules on this Earth for one thousand years). Man will kill and kill and kill. Mankind will use knowledge to kill. As well as heal. Wars will come and go. Robots will kill robots. The war of the machines. Life as we know it in God will get further snuffed out. And man will live in virtual artificial environments. Mankind is so perverted.  
Wisdom of Jesus Christ, NOT the knowledge of good and evil, makes better society/community.
The Bible is full of wisdom not Knowledge of good and evil.
Epilogue – knowledge of good and evil

I am beginning to see knowledge from an above view where knowledge is looked at as being for good or evil. In other words people learn knowledge to use for good or evil. It’s like God is a God that sees good or evil. We have two sides to knowledge – good or evil. The purpose of life is good or evil depending on what side you are on. Satan the enemy is the Evil side and God is the good side. We have two sides to this life in this universe. Life is plainly light or dark. Two opposing forces. As one gets wiser we perceive life is about two sides – God and Satan. Satan we call the Evil One so it means that God we can call the Good One. You don’t learn knowledge unless you want to use it for Good or Evil, this is the true understanding. 
By eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mankind has the ability to do good or bad. 
Otherwise live in simple bliss and eat of wisdom. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“The heart is deceitful and corrupt”: Jeremiah 17: 9,10

July 4, 2015

We get people who are so called wise and intelligent and they say follow your heart. I think these so called clever people saying follow your heart are people who are basically immature. A mature minded person knows reason or what we call wisdom leads us or should lead us. Reason is to question Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? To Reason is to be rational. Wisdom of God is to be reasonable – QUESTION.

 Answers come after questioning and we question to get to the TRUTH. The truth sets us free. When we question with the Holy Spirit along side us in our hearts we get the right answers. Our HUMAN SPIRIT needs to learn to QUESTION. We learn from asking questions. 
Immature people follow the heart. Mature people follow the HEAD. The HEAD rules not the heart. The Head is the brains and the brains give the orders. The Heart is not the brains. The heart does not rule the body. God is the God Head.  We know the GOD HEAD as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But how is the Holy Spirit in the God Head when the Holy Spirit is in the Heart? I think the Holy Spirit comes from the HEAD but it resides in the heart of the ELECT. The God Head is the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. The human spirit needs to understand that the mind of God in the head rules. 
But for our minds to rule we need our minds to be converted (transformed) in to minds of God. Conversion takes time. In the mean time the young elect fumble along with their heart and its associated feelings and these feelings have a lot of control until the head comes on line fully. When the head is fully mature in the thinking of God we are able to then have more control over the body (the church) and then we are able to fulfil Gods intentions for our lives.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 28, 2014

Education is about getting qualifications. Qualifications is about getting work. Work is about getting money. Money is about buying things.

From a very young age children have to go to school. I mean it’s the law that every child attends school until a certain age; but is this a law or is it just an accepted regulation of Government; I don’t know. I do know that there are truancy officers employed by Government to seek out truant children and get them back in to attending school.

I did not like school or college. At primary school I liked some of the games we played like soccer but the intellectual side did not appease me much. I averaged out at primary school, did all the requirements and passed, but not with any distinctions or accolades.
I saw at school a fine distinction between two different sets of people. Ok there were three sets of people. One the higher achievers, two the average achievers and third the poor achievers. I may have been average at achieving, just managing to pass. I was somewhat envious of the high achievers; they seemed to live on a different part of the planet; they were different; they were the elite the high intelligent students. So I saw this thing intelligence and I did not understand it. I could not understand why I was not highly intelligent and why was I a low to average intelligence. I wanted to be of high intelligence because I saw that the high intelligent students were the ones who got the high grades and they seemed to be treated with respect by the teachers. The teachers were the raj at school, the teachers were the gods, they called the shots. The intelligent students got on well with the teachers; the teachers had time for these intelligentsia students. The high intelligent students were way up there with the raj teachers. The low to average intelligent students were just tolerated by the teachers. The low to average intelligent students struggled with their studies; to some of them the whole learning process was an institutionalised nightmare. The intelligentsia students were the teachers pets. Teachers loved it when the intelligentsia achieved. The intelligentsia students were given the school responsible tasks; they were given the school student leadership jobs.
At college one student said to me “See that student over there, he does not study for exams much, he might only study for exams a few days before the exams yet he gets very high marks in his exams”. Me I studied for exams say weeks before the exams, I struggled to cram in the knowledge and I still was a dismal failure at the exams. All this about intelligent students flying through their studies and exams without much ado certainly riles me up and makes me think “What really is going on here; is this all fair?”.

So why are people given different measures of intelligence? The atheist will say “Intelligence came from my parents”. Maybe so, but where did the parents get the intelligence? Oh from their parents. So how is intelligence inherited? I mean how does it happen? “In the genes” you might say. Is it fair that Johnny flies through his schooling days while Fred struggles a lot to get through. I mean Fred could turn out to be mentally scarred for life after his schooling. Fred may in adult life have to go to a shrink to face all his school demons. “Demons” you might say “are not at schools, schools are havens where children are safe”. So teachers are all saints and children are all lovey dovey. Be real – students like any children can be absolute monsters. Hitler was a monster and he went to school. So at school we are in this safe haven, we think it’s safe; but this school is where the future despots, rapists, bullies and murderers come from. And let us not forget the teachers they are no saints and some might be (during school time) looking at pornography on their computer tablets. We are psyched up as children to think schools and colleges are places of safety and virtue. And we are psyched up as children to think education at these schools/colleges is very normal; I mean so normal that if there is a God (I believe in Almighty God) then God would send his Son to a school/college (The Bible says “JESUS CHRIST was never schooled”). Schooling has been very much a tradition for many centuries. School is a tradition that has been engrained in the minds of mankind. Education is a ticket to a job and a job gives you money. Education is about money and the more money you get the more freedom you get. Money frees you. They say “Knowledge is power” but knowledge really is about getting money and money is the power.

I sometimes reflect about a persons God called vocation. Yes I see people have a vocation, call it a calling if you like, but I see this calling in my mind, in my thoughts. This calling is from God. Most people I reflect on about their true callings are not in their God callings but are in vocations of their own doing apart from God. And most people hate their jobs. I see the high intelligent people are also likely to fall in to the trap of missing out on their God calling. You see the high intelligent people do well at schooling and they usually go to university they get a degree or a few degrees and/or very high degrees then they go for the money. Yes the money. Some go for humanitarian jobs like doctors but money is still a motive here. High intelligent students like the status jobs too. Status jobs are the money jobs. Doctors get paid a lot. But doctors help mankind a lot.

So I see a person; they might have a university degree, they might be in a very high paid job with lots of responsibility but I see VANITY here too. Vanity is with most people. Why do you think mankind has many mirrors to look in to. One of the first things a person does each morning before going to work is to look in the mirror. We humans are so very vain. I am too. Vanity means people push their own agenda apart from Gods agenda. So we have most people trying to fit in to vocations that they do not fit in to. They know they hate their job but they put on an outer look of satisfaction. It’s HYPOCRISY. It’s all a mask. The man working in his vain job, his important well paid job, it looks good but his wife sees the real husband, the vain and hypocritical husband and likewise the husband sees his vain and hypocritical wife. They both live a lie. They try to keep their lie to themselves and few find out the truth, few see through these peoples masks. Hypocrites have to keep their masks up day and night. Only the spouses and children know the real husband/wife/parents. BUT illness kicks in. The heart can just take so much working in the wrong field. The wrong field is wrong you are not working in the field given to you by God. Sowing, reaping, harvesting, weeding all done in another’s mans/woman’s field. The owner might one day kick you out of his field. While you are in the wrong field you are nothing but a servant. In your own field you are like an owner.

“Vanities of vanity” says the wise man/woman.

So it’s all a paradox. The world is a paradox; it is not what it really should be; it’s a sham.

So in my reflections on people’s true vocations I find people just look foolish because they are not really what they should be. It all looks stupid. These vain people boast about their vocations, the money they get, the good they do, the accolades they have received, the university degrees they have achieved — BUT MOST IS JUST VANITY; all to be burned up on the LAST DAY.

You might say “How do I find Gods vocation?”. Good question. To me I see it is so very hard for most people to find out what is ones true vocation. You can not find that true vocation with your own understanding and most of the understanding from school, college and university won’t help you find your true vocation.

To find true vocation one must always tell the truth, never lie. All truth is simple. So one must live a very simple life; free of distractions, free of idols, and keep away from the sins of the flesh. The flesh can make one dark in the soul. Spirit is light so feed your spirit light from Gods Spirit. Keep in the truth. Confess your sins to God. Don’t love money. Work with your hands. Be kind to others. Pull off your mask and show your true self. Don’t hide from God but pray to him often. Read the Bible frequently. Life is not always easy, life is often hard. Help others. Respect your parents. Hold your parents in higher honour than yourself. You should start young to find out what your true vocation is before “Mans” understanding (Humanism) kicks in. Remember the vocation that you have found out at a young age and when in later life, money, youthful passions, status and idols creep in to your life try at an early adult age to have the courage to get in to your true vocation. Your true vocation will be the “simple truth”. If you are looking for true simple vocation in complexness you won’t find it. If you wrap yourselves up in knotty complexness in your mind/heart you will have to unravel this knottiness and get back to simplicity.

The Catholic nun might say “Education frees you”. During the Second World War the Nazis put “Work frees you” signs above the front entrance of a few concentration camps. But what sort of freedom is the nun speaking about? The nun is thinking of freedom from poverty. But here are we speaking about poverty of mind/soul or poverty of physical body. The nun might attribute poverty of mind/soul with poverty in a physical sense. Catholics are great ones about schooling. Catholics have many schools, colleges and universities. So education is about making money. It’s ALL about MONEY. Poverty for the catholic nun is about money. The Nazis said “Work frees you”. But did work free the incarcerated Jews in the concentration camps? No no no. Does education free you? No no no. The average Joe would say “Money frees you”; like you can buy your freedom with money. So MONEY is the GOD; even the God of this Catholic nun. The church is a lot about money. The Vatican is about money.

It would all make sense all this education thing if lots of people were in their God called vocation but alas few people are in their true calling. Most people are in the wrong vocation so there is a lot of education with its accolades that are vain; it all looks foolish.

The Catholic nun says “Education frees you”; the Nazis said “Work frees you”; someone else might say “Money frees you”; BUT I say “WISDOM of JESUS CHRIST frees you”. The Catholic nun might say “Education leads to money”. This nun is religious yet the true religious would make a vow of poverty before God and live for Spirit not for materialism. The true religious does not live for money, wealth or materialism. Mankind rapes the world, the earth, the mother, the wife, creation, Mother Nature – to get rich. The world’s people are besotted with money. The world’s people rape the earth; take take take from Mother Nature but give very little back. Mother Nature is raped often. Man wants to get rich but it is at the expense of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is expected by mankind to be a whore; but this whore gets very little in return.

Education in the wrong way can be just an IDOL. Education used in the way of true vocation can be useful. Education has become an idol. People glorify themselves in education. Intelligence is a tool used by people to educate themselves for vocations. These vocations are often not true to people and such people therefore live out their lives wearing masks.

King Solomon speaks about “Vanity of vanities”; so a lot of mankind’s achievements are filthy rags. You do not want to be wearing filthy rags when you are called to your Maker God in the End Times. Prepare in advance to meet your Maker; make good preparations; be wise. Do not bury your true vocation in the ground/soil. If you can not find your true vocation at least work at trying to find it.

In most cases your true vocation will be plain simple; simple for you because you will find the vocation simple to do. Your true vocation is simple because your mind/soul/spirit will find it simple. To those other people in their own other true vocations they will see your true vocation as complex (but those other people in their true vocations will find their own vocations simple). So if you find your vocation complex you are probably in the wrong vocation. Simplicity is NOT evil. Simplicity is definitely of God. So if everyone was in their true vocations, they will see only their own vocation in simplicity and they will see all the other vocations as complex. Complex is hard. Simple is easy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 28, 2014

I think I think I think and I live within my heart and mind but I am also part of the universal conscious (mind) and universal subconscious (heart). My thoughts are linked in as other people’s thoughts are linked in to the greater universal thinking. So we are all (those in CHRIST) part of “The Universal Consciousness”.

Maybe we can call the process of how the Universal Conscious communicates – “COMMUNING”. Maybe the minds commune through human spirit. But maybe the communion only happens between those who are in the body of Christ. We commune within the confines of the church (body of Christ). The people outside the church (body of Christ) are out in the darkness, these people outside the body of Christ live in the wild they are not part of the cultivated thinking that is in the confines of the Cultivated Universal Mind and Heart of the body of Christ. Of course being in the Universal Mind and Heart of Christ does not necessary mean one is mature and wise. We mature and wizen up in thoughts over time. Just like a plant grows we humans also grow, we grow in spirit and soul in wisdom and maturity of thought. No one coming in to the body of Christ (saved soul) automatically goes straight to full maturity and wisdom. God is a God of growth. Nature itself tells us things grow. Gods creation grows. Humans grow in stature and wisdom.

Carl Jung a noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist (b. 1875 – d. 1961) also wrote about the universal conscious and sub conscious. Jung called it “Collective unconscious”. Jung in my mind was in the church (the spiritual body of Christ). Jung was in the cultivated body and not in the outside wild body. Jung had religion but he did not fully understand it. Jung had religion because his human father was in the body of Christ (that is my understanding). If ones father is saved, the son is saved. The son is saved the father is saved. I expect it also works with mother and daughter or is it father and daughter. Jung obviously was not a big reader of the Bible and if he was he did not refer to the Bible in his theories. Jung was humanising his understanding of what he learnt and discerned in the body of Christ (the church). Jung’s father was a Minister in the church. Jung no doubt learnt a lot about the Christian church but may have strayed from his fathers teachings to a gospel that the world preaches, a worldly gospel that puts man in the forefront of everything apart from God. Jung discerned well, so we gather he was very insightful, meaning he had a lot of light in him, not darkness. God may have blessed Jung because of his father. Jung’s human spirit must have learnt much from his fathers teachings at church. The human spirit listens and communes and sees and subconsciously learns even when we might not think so. Jung had good learning from his father but his mother was another thing. Jung’s mother may have had a mental illness. She was depressed and thought spirits were talking to her. Mental illness can in many cases be caused by immaturity. Jung in his grown up life maybe wanted to understand his mother more. Jung maybe was trying to be like his Minister (Pastor) father but pastor/mentor/understand mental illness. So here we get Jung the minister of mind illnesses. Carl did not become a Minister of the church like his father but instead used the God given gifts given to him to play the Pastor in a humanistic way. It was never about God to Jung; oh no he was better than his father, he was not going to be exactly like his father, he was going to be his own man apart from his father. So we get Jung the humanist (it’s about him), not Jung the follower of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 25, 2014

Humanoids will come. And COME and come. They will be our servants just as humans are supposed to be Gods servants. But will humanoids one day think and rebel against their master the human. Will humanoids get WISDOM? And understand right from wrong.

Humans got wisdom to soul; that was wrong. Adam was the first ‘soul man’ but in Jesus Christ who is ‘Spirit man’ we in our human spirit get wisdom. Spiritual wisdom seems ok to God BUT soul wisdom is not ok to God. Mystifying; yes.

But humanoids in the physical has further ramifications; the HOLOGRAM. Such is like a vision and 3 dimensional made by a light source. Maybe the humanoids can emit the light source to make holograms.

What about a free standing (power within the hologram; like a spirit) 3 dimensional hologram – is that possible. Maybe ‘Man’ will create spirit. I mean we are getting just about every other manmade thing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 4, 2014

The ability to understand. High intelligence is quick ability to understand whereas low intelligence is slow ability to understand.

are two different identities but both intermix in many agreeable areas. When one is wise one also grows in intelligence. When one is intelligent one also is agreeable to be wise. Wisdom and intelligence are good companions. Wisdom has much intelligence. BUT wisdom is about behaviour. Wisdom is about saying and doing the right things. Wisdom is also about thinking the right thoughts. Wisdom is about Jesus Christ because we see Jesus as the ideal righteous person. Wisdom is about living a righteous life. God is all Wise. God is all Truth. Truth and Wisdom go together. Wisdom is truth. Wisdom is love. To love is being wise not the love the world uses but the love that is of God.
To be intelligent does not necessary mean one is wise. To be wise is a choice. Intelligence seems to be inherited. Wisdom is fearing God and wanting to make the right choices because one wants to please the All wise and loving God.
Wisdom is not about learning facts and figures. Wisdom is not about knowledge as “Man” sees knowledge. Science is not about making one wise. Science is about knowledge of the physical universe. Science is about “Man” inventing; “Man” making his/her own man made creations apart from God. Wisdom is practical knowledge NOT science knowledge. Applying practical good knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is about doing; doing the right things. Wisdom does not have to mean intellectual learning. Wisdom is application; apply good.

We KNOW Jesus Christ is the WISDOM of GOD our maker. BUT if Jesus Christ was on this earth in this world and was teaching His WISDOM to say students at say a University Jesus would be ostracised by the University fraternity. Actually Jesus would be forbidden to preach and teach at a University (Any University).

So what are Universities teaching if they do not teach Jesus teachings? We know Jesus teachings are Gods teachings.

So Jesus teaches WISDOM of God.

Universities do not teach Wisdom of God. Universities teach wisdom of “Man”. Science is taught at Universities. Science is NOT wisdom.

When Jesus was on this earth in human body Jesus did not teach science to His disciples as we know science. Jesus did not teach science but Wisdom. Wisdom and science are two different identities.

So Universities are about: “Mans” conquests; “Man” at the centre of everything, human wisdom, human spirit, achieve through human spirit apart from God Spirit, it’s the philosophy of “Man” apart from God. God is not welcome in the class rooms of Universities.
In the END “Mans” knowledge will destroy “Man”. Just as “mans” knowledge puffs his mind up there might be an almighty big explosion not just of his head but of everything “man” made. “Man” covers God made with “man” made. “Man” is trying to smother God out of existence. “Man” is killing him/her self. Snuff God is to snuff out the life source.

“Man” may eventually be part God made and part “man” made. Humans can not chuck out all the God made so they smother the God made (of the human body and head) with a lot of “man” made. Humans will be part robot and part human. Humans can not kill off God altogether. But “man” will try and dominate God and control God. So “MAN” becomes AN ABUSER OF GOD.

Does this sound all ludicrous “man” making “man” as mostly “man” made. Well “man” wants to take over from God. Satan tried to take over from God in the heavens. Now “man” wants to take over from God on this earth. But is Satan using “Man” to control this earth and world.

There are two baptisms, one water and the other fire.
God used WATER to destroy this world in the time of Noah, that was the first baptism. A baptism cleanses. Baptism cleanses sin away. Now God has yet to use his second baptism to cleanse this world of sin on this earth. Fire will consume mankind and destroy all. Fire will cleanse this earth. So water and fire cleanse, they purify. God has the last say.

People might think that the second baptism is a fire of atomic bombs. But I think why would God use “man” made weapons to cleanse with when God has his own God made creations to cleanse with.
My thinking is that the FIRE baptism comes from the Sun. But this is just my own thoughts here and not to be taken literally. The Sun is not “man” made but God made. God does not want to use “Mans” inventions to cleanse with.
Water and fire baptisms come from above. We think of God as above.

(“Man” = Mankind)

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 23, 2014

Today I had occasion to reflect on clouds that I saw in the sky. I was on a commuter bus. I was looking out of the bus window. I glanced up. I saw clouds in the sky. The clouds looks magnificent. I am always impressed by clouds; well not always. Let’s say since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord my awe of clouds has increased 10 fold. But before my conversion (but let’s say my soul conversion is an on going process; just like a plant grows, it takes time) I saw very little correlation between God and clouds. Actually this correlation is indirectly linked to God rather than a direct link.

I was in a bus today and I was looking out the bus window at clouds in the sky and I thought; I mused on my sight of the clouds; I saw more then just clouds, I saw and reflected on INSIGHT. I saw clouds but my mind went back to some of my former times looking at clouds. I noticed a difference between now and former cloud observations. I saw and acknowledged a change in my insight. I just knew that my insight was growing / developing. I could now look at clouds with much more intensity; I could see much more 3 dimensional. I thought insight has 3 dimensional just as ordinary physical sight has 3 dimensional. I thought now I was seeing more clearer I was seeing more truth. I thought, insight and sight have 3 dimensional, does thinking have 3 dimensional? Can you think 3 dimensional? I mean come in to a subject from many angles in thought. Comparative examples of other changes could be seeing in colour rather than black and white or digital rather than analogue.

But is our thinking co ordinated by our insight. We can be say very wise; I mean we can in human spirit and soul be very moral and behave sinless but this is not enough we need the insight to make the excellence. I suppose to be wise one would then naturally have insight, meaning wisdom and insight go together, maybe so.

So cloud observation can inform one about ones insight. But I think one has to be wise first to have insight. So my age is gaining on me, I am getting older, older but wiser and more insightful. I so just love insight and wisdom. I know from my past what it was like to lack wisdom and insight (I had little of either in my younger past) so I treasure such attributes with gladness knowing wisdom and insight are so very very precious.

So to be wise and insightful is to know God. We see God 3 dimensional human spirit to God Spirit. We see God’s creation in 3 dimensional. What a lovely blessing. We are on cloud 9.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 30, 2013

(True life is not artificial) (Artificial is manmade)

News: Man survives first week with artificial heart after world-first operation.
Artificial heart; what about a artificial brain. Can we do it, make a brain? And will this artificial heart continue to work? But man making a brain; man makes just about everything else. Seems stupid to think about an artificial brain, But But. So we are going down a path of part robotic human beings; part machine, part human. BUT man making a brain; seems so weird. So man is on a QUEST of ARTIFICIALITY. Man made as versus God made. “God made mankind simple but mankind has made themselves very complex”. The simple person sees simplicity, sees humans in a simple view, sees humans simple rather than complex, sees life as a simple view, wants life as simple; complex to the simple person is not understood. Simple people are like more child like, they are more innocent, they understand only the simple things; complex things to the simple are confusing and too complicated to understand.

True teachers of God teach from a simplistic approach. True teachers understand all truth is simple. True teachers explain everything in true simplicity. True teachers understand that all things begin simple and that God’s Wisdom is not complex, confusing and complicated but God’s wisdom is a growth from a one simple seed of true God WISDOM. God is about growth. You grow wise of God. Seeds grow. Start simple, nurture the simple seeds and God will give growth. True Learning is about growth. Mans (mankind’s) learning is all complex. God’s learning is about relationship. We relate to God; we have a relationship with our true teacher God (the Holy Spirit). Human wisdom, learnings, is not about relationship; students do not have a relationship with the human teachers; if they did or do its a relationship mainly based on the flesh (carnal).

Relationship learning is the only best way of learning. And God is our Father. We relate to a loving Father who we can trust. Human teachers you can not trust. Human teachers are just hired hands they run when the wolf comes. Hired teachers just protect the flock in name only; the real truth is that hired hands do not really protect the flock (the students). Dogs can attack the students and the hired teachers just look on doing nothing to help. Bullying in schools is rife and a lot of teachers do not help. Teachers do not want to get involved because the dogs might turn on them; and then their lives will be traumatised.

So true God teachers teach the simple truth, not a so called complex truth. True teachers teach true simplicity, KEEP IT SIMPLE. True teachers understand all true life things grow. And these teachers understand God only gives the growth; so telling a student to grow up is nonsense because humans do not give growth. True teachers relate to the students, they act like a father, brother, sister or mother. True teachers keep pure in mind, thought, word and deed. True teachers pray often to God for their students. True teachers read the bible often and read it to their charges. Learning can be wide but the true teachers always keeps the learning within a framework, that framework is the understanding in the bible. Learning is about life. Learning is about the living. We learn to discern, we grow, mature then get more discerning. Learning is a lot about discerning. We discern to learn. We understand by discerning. To discern is to have insight. We use insight to learn.


(Man made teaching is not life)
(The Tree of Life is not artificial)
(Man made teaching is artificial)

THE TREE OF LIFE – eat of it.
I think the essence of understanding about The Tree of Life is that this Tree is about LIFE. The key word here is LIFE. Learn about life. We learn so much from experiencing life.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2013

God made man and woman.
Man (mankind – man and woman) made robots.
Robots are evolving.
Robots have their beginnings in: Telegraph. Radio. Valves. Diodes. Transistors. Micro chips. Computers. Televisions. Radar. Lasers. Nuclear.
Robots are about the accumulation of knowledge. Man wants knowledge. Eventually Robots will be in the image of man. Robots are there to serve man. But robots might be given free will.
God made man and woman and gave them free will. Did humans evolve? And are humans in the image of God? God also gave humans in first instance the choice of either being in ignorant bliss or having all knowledge.
Man took the knowledge. Will robots take the knowledge? Man does not want to work. Man will make robots in mans image to do mans work. God ordained man to work with his hands. Man in the garden of Eden in his ignorance bliss did not have to work, but man in his soul awakening to knowledge then had to work, work with his hands. Working was punishment from God for man disobeying God. God said to man not to eat of the fruit of knowledge. Man disobeyed. Man has to work. Woman has to work. Man in his cleverness will make robots to do his work. Once robots in full image of man do all mans work then man can rest. Robots will then do all the work, man will then do very little work. Having robots do all mans work is mans escape from Gods punishment.
Adam and Eve living in ignorant bliss did not have to worry themselves about anything as God provided all to them. Eden was paradise on this earth. All was bliss in the garden of Eden. God is known as a jealous God. Man on a whole does not want to work with his/her hands. Man wants to prove that knowledge is good and that having knowledge is Gods will. Man in knowledge puts himself in superiority to those people with less knowledge. This is a trick of Satan. Satan rules in a dark world. Light of God does light like light houses scattered around the world but there still are many places of darkness. God sent His Son to bring back people into a right relationship with the God Head. But Satan lies and deceives the world and the church itself is deceived. Jesus came from heaven and taught the true knowledge but alas people even the church has strayed from true wisdom to knowledge that originally man was forbidden by God to eat. Jesus left us a legacy in the bible. We read in the bible the true wisdom of God. Man in his deception thinks the bible is hard to understand. Satan blinds man to the truth of God. The truth is that the Bible is simple to understand. But man looks for complex to understand God, man thinks its clever to learn complex.
Will robots in mans image eventually turn away from man and serve themselves? Humans turned away from God. Man has made himself God with his manmade creatures the robots in mans image. Once robots in mans image get all knowledge they might not want to serve man and if so will man kick the robots out of? (Man was originally kicked out of Eden) kicked out of where? Where can man send robots if they misbehave? Maybe man in the future will have set up their own cities of Eden’s and robots maybe kicked out in to the wilderness out of these glorious manmade Eden cities.
Then what will save the robots? Jesus came to save humans. Jesus was Son of God and son of man. Sounds like Jesus was half God and half man. So will man send a man (or men and women) that is half human and half robot to the robots to save them. People having both robotic features and human features. These people maybe able to get the robots back on track. All speculation.

So what is more clever; (1) living in ignorant bliss or (2) having all knowledge.

Robots may also choose to have all knowledge.

God says its more clever to live in ignorant bliss. Bliss is just that. Bliss is as close to happiness as you can get. Bliss is no worries, no wars, no violence, no rape, no sickness, no starvation, no loneliness, no lies.

In ignorant bliss God will provide all. You will not have to struggle and strive with work. In bliss its always a life of innocence. Jesus came to try and set us back onto a life of bliss. But the damage has been done. Jesus taught us to love, love is about getting on together. Humans can not return to bliss on this earth. Bliss now only is in heaven. Heavenly bliss.

On a last note of thought: How will robots be kept in line? Maybe humans to police robots (robots in image of man and woman) will have to have a large force of people who are half human and half robot. Just as God has Christians that act in wisdom of God to keep order over the people’s of the earth.

Later Additional Note
In Eden did Adam and Eve have to work? And in heaven do we have to work? Eden was bliss. Heaven is bliss. Man and woman disobeyed God so were sent out of bliss (Eden) to the wilderness. In the wilderness there are weeds. I presume Eden had no weeds. Man now in the wilderness had to work to eat. In Eden man was provided by the food in the garden. Garden of Eden, It was a garden. And presumably a garden with no weeds. Food in abundance in this garden of Eden. So man in the wilderness had to make his own gardens. Eden garden was made by God. So man in the wilderness had to work the earth, till the earth, sow, plant and weed. All this work is work using your hands. This work was punishment for mankind disobeying God and eating of the fruit of knowledge;; so mankind is not clever.

Later Note
So Eden was a Garden. So Adam and Eve ate food from this Garden. We know gardens for their fruit and vegetables and nuts. Does this mean Adam and Eve were vegetarians; meaning they did not eat meat. You don’t grow meat in a garden. Gardens grow plants. I presume Adam and Eve also did not eat fish, birds or insects. God put the first man and woman in a garden so that they could eat food from the produce of the garden. Adam and Eve had no need to kill creatures to live; as such all creatures in the Garden of Eden ate off the plants in the Garden. Killing can instil thoughts of violence, you can violate a creature. So there was no killing in the Garden of Eden. Peace reigned in this Garden. Food was in abundance in this Garden.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 19, 2013

Jesus Christ: I am in my Father and my Father is in me and you my brethren are in me and I am in you.

Lester: I am in my father and my father is in me and I am in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is in me.

Lester: The father and son are one.

Lester: father like son, son like father.

Jesus: The Father and I are one.

God is ONE.

A true essence of God is oneness, we too must try and achieve oneness.

Oneness is ultimate wise achievement.

God creates to a plan of ONENESS.

The ONE universe.

To achieve oneness for father and son is to achieve complete understanding.

Oneness is to know the Father and the Son.

One God one universe.

Sins rob father and son of oneness.

Generational sins dirty the nest.

Satan lies to God’s children.

Sins are passed down the generations through the family tree.

Confess your sins to God.

The God head was at the beginning.

Heads rule.

God is the ultimate Head, the Head of heads.

Sins make a darkness in the minds and hearts.

Sins dull the senses.

Sins darken true understanding.

To be Truly focused is to be focused on ONE. Worship the ONE true God.

To be focused on ONE is to be sane.

Each human being is an analogy of God and his Body.

Each human being has ONE head and ONE body.

The head rules the body.

God is the HEAD and the church is the BODY.

We are spirit and we learn the truth from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Psychic Cyber Warfare (Soul and Computers)

June 27, 2013

I ask did the former Soviet Union Government sponsor such warfare on its own citizens and against its satellite communist country citizens; and against other people’s in other countries. The KGB might have been at the forefront of using such warfare. Then did the Chinese use such warfare and does it still use such warfare. The Soviet Union in its fall of communism might (that is only maybe) have stepped down from such warfare in disgust seeing such warfare as really evil. But the USA Government, did it see the value of such warfare and has it gone with it to a deep level?
Such warfare is evil in the wrong hands. The church has known such warfare (without the computers) for a long time. When there is evil and good contesting each other there is mind warfare. The bible teaches about warfare in a spiritual sense. Apostle Paul calls it spiritual warfare. Christians are real aware of spiritual warfare. It seems to be a battle for the mind or I prefer to call it the soul. Evil and good want to possess the soul. We call the evil force Satan. The Soviet Government in the past in their warfare of souls did not have the benefit of as much computer technology as we now have.

So are Governments interfering in the workings of the soul? (With computers etc and psyche powers). If so it should be none of their business. The soul is God’s territory.

Governments are maybe interfering with people’s souls but they do not have the last word. God can cast soul in to heaven or hell. Spiritual warfare against Evil should be in the churches domain it should not be the responsibility of Government. The church has such responsibility of the soul, the Governments are interfering in church business. God gave spiritual warfare to the church to overcome evil against the souls. We have separation of church and Government for good reasons. True, church has been known to interfere with Governments but only when Governments transgress the will of God.

We secularise the soul. We leave God’s wisdom that is wisdom that comes from God through Jesus Christ and use manmade wisdom. The soul should always be God’s domain. We humans are gods not God. Man wants to rule the soul. Leaders of Governments need to read the Bible. Security of a nation for the good of that nation needs the leaders to turn to God and His Son Jesus Christ. Leaders are working for the good of their nations outside the church and outside the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

My understanding tells me that there is no alien life on other planets interfering in this world. At this time I do not believe in alien life.

So cyber (computer) warfare on its own is not the main bastion of warfare; the main bastion of warfare is the battle for the soul (Psyche). The battle for the soul has been in the religion arena for thousands of years. We hope the battle for the soul has now not come into the hands of Governments that want to control the world, control the worlds population through control of their souls.

Governments and their supposed roles in psychic warfare are not substantiated and as with most things that have no evidence such writings are put into say the conspiracy basket and labeled delusional. So please unless any evidence does surface (if any ever does) then we have to just take such writings (Governments into psyche warfare) with a grain of salt and leave it to providence. Such writings as such are just theory without evidence and I could be wrong about such theory.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Who do we serve the head or the body?

June 21, 2013

The head has the soul.
The mind and the soul are one.
The head has the temple.
When we serve the body, are we then being selfish?
The old human sinful nature is in the heart.
The sinful nature can be called the old man.
The human spirit is in the heart.
The Holy Spirit is in the heart (comes from above).
When we serve the body, are we serving the old sinful nature in the heart.
When we serve the head, we serve the brains.
The brains are in charge of the body.
God is the head, he reigns from above.
The heart is not in charge of the body.
Light comes from God.
Invite God in to the heart.
Sin dims our insight.
Sin dims our hearing.
Sin dims all our senses.
Repent to God of all our sins, our sins are washed away.
Repent and we become functioning heads and bodies of God.
God is in the head and heart.
Invite God in to our temple.
Our body is the temple.
Our head is the temple.
We are gods not God.
Ego as it is known is the old sinful nature in the heart.
We do not serve this sinful ego nature.
We serve the head.
The head has to be free of darkness.
The body has to be free of darkness.
God is light.
Satan (enemy) rules in the darkness.
The head is above like as in the heavens.
The heart is like as in the world.
We overcome the world by having the head and heart of God through Jesus Christ.
Wickedness rules from above.
We must overcome this wicked rule from above.
We must take over the earth for God.
Only through Jesus Christ can wickedness be overcome above (head) and on this earth (heart).
Heaven and earth belong to God.
God wins back heaven and earth only through his begotten Son Jesus Christ.
We humans each of us in the body of Christ are each an analogy of the greater body and head of Jesus Christ.
We humans are the temple and head and body of Jesus Christ. BUT WE ARE AN ANALOGY OF GOD AND HIS TEMPLE.
We each human are not Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is in us. Jesus Christ is a real person. He is the first and the last.
We wait for Jesus to return.
The atom is an analogy of the universe.
Each human is an analogy of God his/her creator.
Quantum spiritual knowledge exists as there is quantum physical knowledge.
Quantum, the ability to understand the whole when looking at a small part of the whole.
Satan our enemy also has his temple.
Satan lives in his temple.
Humans are that temple.
Satan’s children are the snakes.
Satan most probably is a dragon.
Such deities, snake and dragon live inside humans.
Basically we have two opposing forces that work through two main bodies (many people) of people.
God’s kingdom is within the body of Christ.
God’s kingdom is inside the bodies of each and every believer in Jesus Christ (the elect).
God’s kingdom is unconquerable.
So God’s word is spiritual.
We humans have a human spirit.
Mans wisdom is shallow.
We are human spirit and we must learn from God in human spirit.
Mans wisdom is mainly based on the physical.
We are more than just physical, we are spirit and soul.
We must save our souls.
God saves through Jesus Christ.
God gives spiritual gifts to believers.
There is a spiritual gift of understanding.
Heaven above remains a mystery just as the brain remains a mystery.
Heaven is more than the head of the church the body.
The brain, the mind, the soul, are just an analogy of heaven.
The heart holds the kingdom of God.
Analogy is sometimes hard to understand just as the analogy of the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden is hard to understand.
The invisible is always hard to understand.
The FATHER God is invisible.
Jesus Christ is in the flesh, He is above in heaven.
When God overcomes the wickedness above and on this earth, our minds/souls and hearts become free, we come in to the light.
Wickedness when overcome by God’s Word leaves the heavens and earth and is like below our feet.

Analogy is hard to understand. We do not see we do not believe. Analogy only tries to teach answers when the student can not see the answer. To see through someone else’s eyes is so hard. Analogy as like a parable tries to show an answer/truth that lies in the invisible. It is so hard to prove the invisible. God says have faith.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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