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God looks at the heart – It’s that simple

November 8, 2017

I am soul, I am soul in my mind. I am head, I am a brain in my head. I think. I see, hear, smell, and taste. I sense, I think. My feelings are from the body. My head rules my body. Feelings are not to rule me. My body with its feelings do not rule. Words rule. Words are in thoughts. I think and I am. I am aware, I am enlightened. My head is full of light. My head like a light bulb. God is the light. Gods words make light. Light gives understanding. 

I am in my head and I see the heart. My heart is below my head. I see the below. I know what is going on in my heart because I see. I listen to what is going on in my heart. There is the universal subconscious. The sub is below, below the head. We have a heart conscious as well as a head conscious. The head conscious rules the heart conscious. The above rules the sub, below. 
Our hearts think together. Hearts are universal. The heads are universal. We the body are universal. Universal is made up of living humans. Each human a part of the universal body, the body has the universal mind/soul and heart. We think together. The universal thinking. There are two main bodies in this world, Gods and Satan’s. Outside these two bodies is the wilderness. The lost souls live in this wilderness. 
My head is in control. My soul in the mind in head has been saved. 
Wisdom of God looks at the heart. Wisdom of God is listening to the heart. Wisdom of God knows people. To know people’s hearts is to know people. Jesus Christ is the head and rules the heart. To rule the heart is to rule the body. Education of this world is a lot about human wisdom. Human wisdom tries to snuff out the wisdom of God Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Christ gets heavily vexed from human wisdom. Human wisdom is not about preparing for the after life above in heaven. Human wisdom is about glory to man and woman in the earthly life. Christ’s wisdom prepares for the heavenly life. 
My head is saved and in control. I have enlightenment. I know (i perceive) what people are thinking in their hearts. My true education is to know people and to know people is to understand people and to understand people is to know people’s hearts. Jesus never studied man’s philosophy, or sociology, or psychology, or any other ology or sophy of man but the Fatherology. Logy, logos, the word; sophy is wisdom. It’s all about the words and essentially about Words from God. 
I am in a universal body of God. I listen see smell taste and think. I am in my right mind in my head. God at the left. I am dead to myself I am in Christ, Christ is in me, I have died, “it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). Christ is at the right, the Father on the left. Father and Son above. 
I am dead to my former self. I am is Gods Son. My education is in God from God’s Spirit. God’s Spirit is my teacher. I know God and I know people. I am not God, I am dead. 
I don’t need mans education. Man’s wisdom constipates the body. Don’t live off shit. See through and have a sharp mind, see through the shit, get the shit out of the body, be regular. Knowledge puffs up, knowledge fades away. Don’t all your life pursue mans knowledge because it will eventually all fade away. Knowledge of man is like puffing up a balloon. Mans knowledge is human wisdom. Human wisdom makes a man or woman all haughty. People with human wisdom are proud. Human wisdom makes a proud heart. Pride goes before a fall. 
I don’t need human wisdom. I have Christ’s wisdom. If you want to learn of man(kind) look at their hearts. Christ gives the way to know the heart. Christ saves the soul. A saved soul is above. Christ’s wisdom is above. The world is down there, below. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 


HEAD OVER BODY (heels) in LOVE (with God)

July 21, 2017

The head sits on top of the body. What is on top is in charge on what is below that top. The higher is always in charge. The higher sees more than the below. The higher has more insight in a metaphorical way. The higher in this case is metaphor in regard to insight. So the head is on top of the body and so the head is in charge of the body. 

The body has to have power. The power for the body comes from the heart. The heart is a simple pump. The heart also has the battery life or power life. The spirit gives life. The Spirit of God gives life. We have been given spirit. We have a human spirit that sits in the heart. The pump, that is the heart, is powered by spirit. This spirit is known as the human spirit. Some call this human spirit a spark. This human spirit is in human form but not in material human form but spirit. Spirit is not physical. God in Spirit also comes in to people’s hearts but only those of the elect. Also Gods Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the elect. The spiritual gifts may be manifested as spiritual persons in spirit form. These spirit gifts may come also in to the heart. We can call these spirit gifts genie or geniuses. A genie is spirit or what some may call a ghost. The body has its power. But what about the head and its power. The spirit powers body and head. God is in three persons. Gods power is in Spirit. We the elect have human spirit but we also have the Holy Spirit. We the elect have much power in God. The soul sits in the mind. The mind is in the head. We the elect are saved in soul. The soul sits above the body. The elect get the truth from God. When we get saved, our enemies are put at our feet (this may take some time to do). God puts the enemies of the elect at Gods feet and our feet. We in a sense become programmed to think like God. God takes us over. We are not God but God is in us the elect. God separates body from soul. There is a break between human spirit and soul. God comes between human spirit and soul. Gods Words are sharp. The Bible says Gods Words are as sharp as a doubled edged sword and come between soul and spirit. We are wanting spirits of this world to be at our feet so that our soul is free. The soul sits up there and in full salvation it is has complete freedom. The spirits of this world try to overcome our souls. When we were off the world we were assaulted in soul daily (and nightly). Our souls off the world were in a web. A web of lies. In Jesus, God frees our souls up to be free of the world and its spirit manifestations which are mostly lies. 
Our soul is forgiven all its sins by God (but first we must confess) when we accept Gods only begotten Son Jesus Christ (God the Son). Once we believe in God through Jesus Christ salvation begins of our soul. Truth sets our soul free. Jesus Christ is alive and Jesus is all truth. In Jesus our sins are forgiven and washed away, washed away by Jesus blood. Our soul in being saved and being set free from this world (from all the lies of Satan) will begin to wizen. The soul in its freedom will think but not in thoughts that the world thinks. The soul of the elect is above the world. 
Truth sets our soul free from the world. Satan tries to rule the world. There is knowledge and there is knowledge. Two types of knowledge, yes. God has two knowledges. There is knowledge in a physical sense and there is knowledge in a Spiritual sense. Physical knowledge is science based. Science won’t save the soul. Science is complex. Only the simple (simplex) truth saves the soul. We humans were created simple by God but man makes complex. Science makes complex. There is the two knowledges, science is complex and the other knowledge wisdom that is simplex. Gods wisdom does save the soul. The simple truth saves. Complex truth does not save. God offered to mankind at the beginning two types of knowledge but said take wisdom not science. But man at the woman’s and Satan’s advice took science. Dumb. Science is knowledge of good and evil, science does good and evil. So man goes to war using science to kill millions of people then man tries to heal with science thousands of people. The planet is getting inundated with humans, we the life at the top of the killing chain are getting too populated. War is what culls humans. Natural disasters also cull humans. 
Wisdom of God is not a science. Wisdom is behaviour. Wisdom is doing right not wrong. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is seeing, seeing as in insight. Wisdom is knowing how to think righteously. Wisdom in thought and words protects against the evil behaviour. Wisdom is strong. The more wisdom the stronger you are. 
Satan persuaded man at the beginning to go for knowledge apart from Gods wisdom. Man thinks he is learning Gods wisdom at universities but no (Jesus Christ, Gods wisdom is not taught at universities. Far from it if you write about Jesus Christ and His wisdom you might be reprimanded and if you persist be marked very low). Theology is taught at university but it is not taught about Jesus Christ and His wisdom but in a scientific way. Universities even have wisdom on their mottos, this is not right. Wisdom of God makes for better societies, science is about what man calls progress. Progress is about destroying God made to make man made and in doing so rubbishing this whole earth. The earth is now becoming a cesspool, a rubbish heap. Man thinks he must look for another planet to live on. But me thinks “earth this is it”. There’s no other planet habitable to mankind. We have one earth and only one, mess up this one and that’s it. 
We are waiting for the baptism of fire. Fire will destroy all. Just as water killed all (except for Noah and his family). Water and fire cleanses. The earth needs cleaning. What is this fire? I don’t know. Some say it is a world nuclear war, others say it is a meteorite? It might be a fire ball from the sun. I don’t know. But there will be an immense fire on this earth that’s for sure. When will this fire come? I don’t know. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

INVASION NONSENSE? (British invading Australia)

February 7, 2017

Is it nonsense?
I mean the Romans invaded Great Britain, the Vikings Invaded Great Britain, and who is William the Conqueror, he conquered so he invaded. 
Great Britain invaded the Americas; Great Britain became Great on the backs of many countries people’s. Great Britain invaded peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific; where did Great Britain not invade? European nations invaded Africa, Asia, Pacific etc. it goes on. Nations only became great and rich on the backs of other people. People enslaved others to get rich. Make other people work for you while you make yourself a rich lord. Empire building only works at the expense of others. Someone has to be the worker. The British Empire was great but it was at the ungreatness of others. In empire building there has to be the ruling CLASS who don’t do the hard work and there’s the working CLASS who do the work. 
CLASS is about the haves and the have nots. We start in the class system soon after birth. We go to school and are put in to classes. We are pigeon holed as children. We are labeled. God is about GRACE. Education classes us. Education labels us. Education grades us according to intelligence. School is about intelligence. God gives each soul a certain amount of ability, call it intelligence. This ability is given by God to suit the calling each person has from God. But man forsakes their God calling to fit his her ability for a calling that pertains to only money and status. God is not complex. Our true God callings are not complex. You look to the simple truth not the complex truth; truth is not complex. The calling one has is simple to do for you. For anyone to do a calling not meant for them is to do a complex calling (a complex calling is not the simple truth). To not work in ones true calling is to work in an another (someone else’s) field of work. If one works in the right field the work is simple. God given gifts are simple. To work complex is confusing and stressful. 
Education has its place. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is seemingly well engrained in to mankind that God must have used this knowledge for mans vocations. Knowledge is of God. God made the tree of knowledge. God also made the tree of wisdom. Wisdom does not have to mean the knowledge of good and evil. Wisdom is practical. Wisdom is doing. Proverbs are practical. Pro verb means verbs that are doing. Verbs are doing words. Proverbs are wise. 
I think knowledge will be used to kill off a lot of life eventually. But knowledge also does good. 
Man has used knowledge to set up systems of weapons that can be fired at the press of their fingers on machines and can kill off most of mankind maybe in a matter of minutes. A few people have the power to kill of most of life in a few minutes, give or take 5 minutes. This is fact, and knowledge has made this possible. The world can be extinguished in just minutes. Man has that power now. 
God obviously uses knowledge for mans callings. Man forsake simplicity in the garden of Eden for a complex world full of weeds (weeds: physical and spiritual). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 14, 2016

Scientists will kill us all one day. Or it might come at night time but it will come. Scientists do good and they do evil. Science is both good and bad. Science kills and it heals. But without science we are at the mercy of God and not at the mercy of man. Without science life is simple, with science life is complex. 

What can we do with all these scientists? We can put them all to work in the fields sowing, reaping, and weeding. Make the scientists work with their hands, both hands. We need food not books. 
Science can be academic. Academics can be about not working with ones hands. We need to work with our hands. Adam and Eve the first people gave up the right of a simple non working utopia life for a life outside paradise where one needs to work regularly tilling the soil clearing the weeds away, planting and reaping. Outside of the garden of Eden man works with his hands. There are two to this work of man. There is the physical and there is the spiritual. Man works in both. We have tilling, weeding etc physically and spiritually. We work with our hands to weed and till and plant and reap for the Mother Earth and for our minds and hearts. To not work with our hands we can easily succumb to the Devil. Academics who puff themselves up with knowledge using their intelligence for intelligence sake are people who are dry and boring. Dry spiritually, no water of life, no Words from God Spirit. 
So we can not return to the garden of Eden. No paradise on this earth. Man forfeited paradise on this earth so he now will die. So we must till the land. We must plant crops. We need to eat. Man male and female has been cursed by God. We live under a curse. 

Did this curse leave us on becoming saved in Christ? Did the “fall of man” curse fall on Jesus Christ while He was on the cross? Did the curse die with Jesus’ death? It may seem so. But the Christian Church still remains under the curse of the fall of man because we can not return to a paradise on this earth. Weeds still are abundant. The devil roams this earth. Demons are everywhere. The fall of man curse remains. But we can try and understand this curse. It is the original sin. Mankind carries the original sin to death. Man uses knowledge to help him and to defend him. Man kills and he heals. 
Without knowledge we would be simple people like Adam and Eve (before eating of the tree of knowledge). Complex was with Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. 

Adam you need to grow up.

What do you mean Eve?

You let God boss you around too much.

No I don’t.

Yes you do. Stand up for yourself, take control of your own life, are you a man or a mouse.

But God is almighty.

And you really believe that.

Hi all.

Hi snakey.

What’s up?

Adam won’t stand up for himself with God.

Adam is that true? 


You lying.

Ok its part true, but God is God.

Hey none of that God complex.


Yes complex. I have counselled other creatures on this. It’s a complex that needs shrinking. 


Yes shrink.

You are just a wimp Adam, please stand up to God, he controls you. 

Eve please.

Please what.

Ok what can I do? 

Snakey can you help.

Yes for a fee. 

What’s a fee?

What do you have? 


Ok because it’s you Adam the first shrinking is on the house.

What do you Shrink?

Your ego.

What’s ego?

It’s your self that’s needs deflating. Come down to earth more. Not up in the sky.

You mean my thoughts.

Yes. Adam you need to show God that you are your own boss. Once God sees that he won’t bother you anymore. 

What shall I do?

Do something that God does not like.


Did God say not to eat of the tree of knowledge?


Go eat the fruit of that tree. 


Now go do it.


You want to be always a wimp Adam.

No I don’t Eve. 

Don’t be a wimp stand up to God and eat the fruit.

What will happen snakey?

You will become wise like God. You and your descendants will be clever; you will know as God knows. Eventually all knowledge will be known. 

Go on Adam.

Ok Eve just for you. 

It’s for the best Adam, we don’t want our children and children’s children and all our descendants being bossed around by this egomaniac God who thinks he’s just it.

Let me take a bite first; oh that is delicious. Now you Adam. 

It is quite nice.

Adam you now are more important. When you meet God now you can meet him on equal terms. 

I hear the wind rustling I think God is coming. 

That reminds me I have to go I have another appointment with another client. Another shrinking.

But snakey can you not stay and stand up to God with us. 

Sorry got to go urgent business can not wait. Bye.


Ah children how are you?

Who was that that just left?

Snakey my Lord.

Oh that trouble maker.

Adam remember you are now clever like God, stand up to him.

Ok Eve.

Look here God you stop bossing me around. I don’t need you now I am clever too.


Yes I am clever just like you. We would rather you left me and Eve alone.

Adam what’s being going on?

You are just a bossy boots God we don’t want you around us. And Eve and I ate of the tree of knowledge so we are just as smart as you. 

Oh you are are you. You want to take control of your own lives and live apart from me so be it. Leave the garden of Eden this minute; Adam you will now work with your hands; Eve you will suffer in labour when having children (child birth). 
Adam and Eve were not that smart after all.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

The Garden of Eden was as close as heaven could ever be on this earth. God made the earth but mankind made the world. God is Godly and mankind are worldly. So how does one communicate in heaven? How did Adam and Eve communicate in the Garden of Eden? 

In my later life I am very conscious now of my thinking. It’s like I can now just about control my thinking. My thinking is so now developed that my thinking has become much of me and who I am. It’s not feelings but thinking that now makes up much of my life. I think day and night. I love thinking. I can think deep. I can think and work out problems to questions. But I think that this can not be like what we call worldly intelligence. This thinking of mine has very little or nothing to do with thoughts about knowledge as we know it at schools and colleges and universities. I think like I am in communication with God above. 
My thinking has become so much of my life now that I am becoming to think that man in the beginning communicated by thoughts. Adam, did he and God communicate together by thoughts? We can call this thought communication – communing. Adam and Eve were given souls; these souls had no knowledge as we know worldly knowledge today. Did Adam and Eve have such clear and sinless souls that communing by thoughts was easy for them to do? The tree of knowledge was tempting to Adam and Eve; I mean know as God knows; but eating of knowledge led to sin. God said it was wrong to eat of knowledge. Knowledge may have meant the loss of communication by thought. I find speech of mankind such a vexation. Every time mankind speaks they sin. Mankind complains, mankind curses, mankind threatens, mankind lies, mankind slanders, mankind mocks. The mouth of mankind has turned in to one big cesspool. 
So was original communication done by just communing in thoughts?
Jesus Christ came in to this world to restore mankind from his fallen grace. But mankind still eats of knowledge. Jesus is the WISDOM of God. The Bible is full of wisdom. We can live by wisdom and not by knowing the knowledge of the world. Gods wisdom makes a society strong and unified. Do we need worldly knowledge for mankind to survive? Can mankind survive by Gods wisdom alone apart from worldly knowledge? Adam and Eve lived very well in the Garden of Eden apart from worldly knowledge. To live apart from worldly knowledge we have to trust and obey God explicitly. God will provide if we live just for his wisdom. Jesus Christ while living on this earth in this world never learnt worldly knowledge. Jesus knew no worldly studies. I think Jesus never even went to school. Jesus when he began his ministry chose disciples who were not schooled. Paul and Luke were probably exceptions. People did accept Jesus Christ’s teachings. But people still wanted worldly knowledge. People wanted both Gods wisdom and worldly knowledge. So mankind has not come out from the FALL. 
Mankind listens to SATAN. The beast will rule and mankind will obey the beast. The beast serves Satan. The beast encourages worldly knowledge. The beast and Satan are about replicating what God does. God uses mankind to see, hear, taste, smell, think; but Satan will try and replicate the God head that senses and thinks; Satan will make his own God head and Satan will try and rule all creation with his God head. Robots in the image of mankind will be made. Mankind will serve Satan and the beast and maybe the robots will rule mankind. The robots will serve Satan and the beast. Satan rules over mankind from the outside but God rules mankind from the inside. Satan tries to get inside mankind to rule him/her, we get the mark of the beast. We also get virtual reality. We also get half robot and half man/woman. But God is the Living Words. Living words win against Satan and the beast. God can make Satan and the beast think what God wants them to think. 
In the true Church we are all ONE body, we are all ONE body of thinkers, we think together, we commune in thought together, each part of the body communing with other parts of the body and we each also commune in thought with the head of the body JESUS CHRIST. 
The language is in thought and we call it communing but what are the components of this language? We use words. I use English words in my thoughts. I am very aware that I think in English. I hear my thoughts. So how do all the people commune together in the body of Christ if there are many different kinds of languages? That puzzles me. The Asians, they have symbols to represent meanings. How can you think in symbols? Pictures to represent meaning were used by earlier civilisations. Adam and Eve were given the words from God. God is Words. But the Asians did/do not have words. Asians got words off others. The early Egyptians used pictures to represent meaning. Symbols like what the Asians use for communication are not words. Does Satan and his children commune together? Or is Satan and his children deaf to words? Satan is described as a serpent. A serpent is a snake. Do snakes have ears? When you get an Indian snake charmer playing a flute and the snake rises up, the snake does not hear the music from the flute, the snake rises because it is watching the flute move about. So I guess Satan and his children are deaf to words. 
God gave the words. Original thought came from God. God communicates with his children by words. 
Why did we need speech from the mouth? And why is the Adam’s apple in our throat right by the larynx? Why did mankind get voice chords? Only humans have voice chords? Only humans can speak a language. Is the Adams apple anything to do with the voice chords? Did the FALL of mankind have anything to do with speaking rather than communing in thoughts? Is worldly knowledge about speech? 
I like thinking. I hate being around people who speak a lot. I sense a communion going on. You commune, you listen, and you understand. You can understand people. People might call it discernment or perception. You can read people. Talking can just be stupid most of the times. 
These are my thoughts; they do not have to be right. They could be right. But they could also be wrong. I hope that what I have written here might make you the reader and me more wiser; we can think and pray and maybe amongst what I have written the truth will come out. I make no promises that what I have written above is all truth. What I have written above is just me thinking. I hope we all learn something new. I want to learn too. If I write my thoughts then the communion will go on and the truth will come out. I hope what I have done is make you think and I hope that you can develop your communing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden lived in ignorant bliss. Ignorant bliss is simple bliss. But to have knowledge means you can do good or evil. 

There was no eating of flesh in the Garden of Eden. No one was biting other creatures. 
We humans in this wild world bite each other (it’s meaning is metaphorical). 
In the Garden of Eden PEACE reigned. 
Adam and Eve had all the food they needed from the Garden of Eden. No creature in this Garden was afraid as no creature ate other creatures they only ate of the fruit and vegetables of the Garden. 
Knowledge was not needed in the Garden of Eden. All needs were provided. 
In the wilderness outside the Garden of Eden humans use knowledge for good and evil, we kill other creatures and we heal other creatures. Knowledge will finally kill off all life (or will a fire not in a man made form burn us all?). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WHY is EDUCATION treated like a SPORT? 

July 11, 2016

We compete to learn knowledge. Why not enjoy learning knowledge and learn together NOT learning against each other. 

The BIBLE says “Knowledge will die out but Love, hope and faith will live on for eternity”. 
We obviously don’t take knowledge with us to the “AFTER LIFE”. Yes love, hope and faith go with us to the after life. 
Knowledge is temporary. But man is so mad on knowledge. I mean it’s like a fever. But when man gets very old man can not remember all the knowledge he’s learned. Knowledge dies out. 
Children are taught to compete. Schooling is about competition. Sports is a big thing at schools. Schools teach us to compete. But WHY? Why are we taught to COMPETE? Why can we not get to our common goals together, helping each other. The strong can help the weak. The learned can help the unlearned. The healthy can help the sick. The rich can help the poor. 
School is feverish to compete. Teachers are like overseers whipping the students in to competing. The weak students are treated like inferiors. Weakness is taught by the teachers as being unnatural. Weakness is looked at as bad. No one cares about the weak. It’s jungle mentality the survival of the fittest. Weed out the weak. But JESUS never taught like this. Jesus was helping those marginalised by the world’s competing. Jesus welcomes those who are weak, poor, sick and He even welcomes the fools. In Jesus the weak become strong, the fools become wise, the sick become well. 
True CHURCH should not be about competing. We are all equal in Gods Church. The body has many parts but one head. Each part depends on every other part for the body to function and all parts are under the head and the head is in charge. Jesus Christ is the HEAD. Jesus rules with LOVE. 
Schooling is about TESTS. Who cares if they do not learn or remember knowledge students just care about passing the TESTS.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 11, 2016

(Class stands)
Good morning class. You may sit. Now where were we up to? Jarvis?

Sir we are up to ….

I know, heaven.

Sir we are up to Babel. 

I know. Babel was confusion of language sure but Babel was about heaven. Goodyear tell the class what you know of the Tower of Babel.

Sir the people were not long after the “big flood”. The flood was God’s way of cleansing this earth. Now the people were sinning again. The people were defying God by trying to enter the heavens in their own way. God was angry. The people built an enormous tall tower reaching up to the sky. Man did not understand God. Man saw the heavens as up there in the physical. Man was more physical than spiritual. Man understood God more in the physical. But God is in Spirit and Word. 

Jarvis carry on from Goodyear.

Sir I have read your book thoroughly. 

I am glad my students are reading my book. 

Sir most people see God in a physical way. Jesus Gods Son came in the physical. But Jesus in the physical was to lead the people to God in the spiritual. Man seldom understands God. Man wants the physical, man seldom wants the spiritual. Man sees skin level. Man seldom sees deeper than the skin. Man looks at man but man sees no depth. It’s like a book, man sees the cover but not inside. Man sees people and judges them according to their outer looks. But man is soul. Man is spirit. Jesus came in the flesh to lead man to God Spirit. 

Well done Jarvis.

Anyone else want to contribute?


Miller. Have you read my book?

Thoroughly sir.

Ok let’s hear from you.

Sir humans are in the physical but man sins in the physical and such sins in quantity deny man access to God. Sins bring on darkness. Darkness denies man access to spiritual knowledge. God is light. To have light one has to keep sinless. 

Yes yes Miller good. Jesus does lead us to the Father. The Father is not in the physical. The Father is in WORDS. The Father is a person as Jesus the Son is a person. We humans sin and still do but we can confess our sins to God and be forgiven so as sinners we can keep in a relationship with the Father God and learn spiritual knowledge. 

Anyone want to take off from here?


Mathews you have the class.

Sir man sees truth in the physical. Man seeks truth in the physical. Man thinks all truth is in the physical. Man does not see truth in the spiritual. 

Mathews why were the people building a tower to the sky?

Man believed God the creator was in the sky.

Why in the sky?

God is above. We are told by the wise prophets that God is above in the heavens. We call the above high up the heavens. 

Mathews, is God in the sky?

God is above but God is in us, God is above in us, God is within, God is in the temple, we our human bodies are Gods temple. 

So has God always been in man?

It’s a mystery.

So where is this heaven that the Bible talks about?

God speaks to man in metaphors. God also uses analogies. Heaven is a place metaphorically. Hell is a place metaphorically. We are people in words. Heaven is a place in words and hell is a place in words. Soul goes to heaven. Our souls are saved in heaven. We are saved already. Our souls are in heaven. We save ourselves through the Words of Jesus Christ. The Words of God enlighten our souls to the truth. Our souls live in the light of God. But there are also many souls who live in darkness or semi darkness and are going to hell. You live in hell or heaven.

But Mathews what about the after life? Maybe Howard you can enlighten us here.

Yes sir. Sir and class there is definitely an “after life”. 

But if our souls are saved what happens to our soul after we die in the physical flesh?

Class and sir after our death to our flesh we sleep. Our souls sleep. We sleep until we get new bodies. We get a new body when the earth and world are baptised. 

Howard speak on this baptism a bit more.

Baptism comes twice. Baptism comes first in water then in fire. The earth has already been once baptised and that was in water during the “great flood”. We await the second baptism of fire. Baptism cleanses. God is a God of cleanliness. God is a pure clean God. God hates the dirt of sin. Sins are dirty. The fire cleansing is the final cleansing and Jesus Christ Gods Son will appear. Jesus came once before and He will come again. When Jesus comes the saved who are alive in the flesh will get a new body. Those asleep who died in the physical body and are saved will awaken and get new bodies. 

Howard what happens to us in our new bodies?

There is a saying “Heaven is all around us”. So in our new bodies we are in heaven. Heaven is all around us. 

Do we live for eternity in our new bodies?

Apparently so sir. 

Howard get back to the Tower of Babel.

Sir and class the people wanted to reach God in their own efforts. The people did not understand God. Man sees and believes but man believes seeing in the physical is believing apart from the spiritual. Man even now tries to get in to the physical heavens. Man sends man up to the heavens in craft that go to the moon and in to orbit around the earth. Man has sent space probes to circle other planets. Man is looking for answers to life up in the physical heavens. Man thinks it’s clever to seek truth up there. But up there to our human spirit and soul is not up there in the physical heavens. Man thinks going up there in the physical will either get one closer to God or prove that God up there does not exist. God won’t be found up there. God is up there but not in the way man sees. When man proved God is not up there in the physical man justifies to himself that God does not exist and that man and all creatures and life is here by chance. Man hates God. Man wants to sin and does not want any God telling him that he is doing wrong. 

Thank you Howard.

Class we have an anomaly. Now who can explain this anomaly I write about it in chapter 6 of my book.

Sir I can explain what you wrote.

Ok Smithers go for it.

Sir the anomaly is very big. It could be the anomaly of anomalies. We have the Tower of Babel back in action. Man is again reaching up to the sky to get in to the heavens. Man is using physical knowledge to try and get truth. The anomaly is that man uses physical knowledge to know God. The tree of knowledge to man will eventually kill him. Man is mans worst enemy. Man will kill man. Knowledge that man has and gets will kill all. This knowledge of man is not the knowledge that God wanted man to know. Man fell in grace and dignity at the beginning by disobeying God and wanting to know God in his own efforts. God ate of knowledge. Now in the wilderness man uses knowledge to survive and destroy. In the Garden of Eden man had all his needs met. Now outside this garden man tries to survive and people die and live. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s jungle law. 

Man in the Garden of Eden had the choice between knowledge and Spiritual wisdom. Wisdom is Christ’s Wisdom. Christ Jesus when he was on this earth never went to school. Christ also chose disciples who were not schooled. Luke and Paul were exceptions. 

Smithers what’s the anomaly in a nut shell?

It’s knowledge. It’s knowing God. Man seeks knowledge in the physical not in the Spiritual. Jesus while nailed to the cross said “They do not understand”. 

Thank you Smithers. Essentially man wants to glory himself not God. We wait for the second baptism. We wait for the fire to destroy all mans glory. Gods glory will go on in to eternity, mans glory will burn up in the fire. In a blink of an eye lid we will be changed. There’s the bell, class dismissed.
Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 9, 2016

I have been watching the television series 10,000 BC recently. I see how hard it is for a small tribe of 21st century modern day thinkers to survive just with Stone Age technology. Well we can hardly call it technology as we define it now; the seeds of technology took root in the way past and survive to this day. We can call technology the result of knowledge. Knowledge came to rest in mankind’s souls and hearts just after the beginning of human existence. People became human beings when God breathed a soul in to them. Knowledge was not a necessary thing for mankind to have in the Garden of Eden as God provided all mankind’s needs. Knowledge came soon after mankind’s soul existence and caused The Fall. The soul brought with it language. What was mankind like before they got soul? Maybe mankind was just a non thinking creature using instinct like other creatures. 

The first Man and Woman lived in a Garden of bliss. This garden had growing in it all the food that Adam and Eve needed for survival. I do not think Adam and Eve were carnivores. This Garden in the beginning was a place of Peace. No creature ate other creatures. Food was in abundance in this Garden. We do call it the Garden of Eden and a Garden as we know just grows plants. Gardens have fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Gardens are not enclosures for animals to be captured and slaughtered for food. Gardens are for growing food, non meat. God placed the first man and woman in this Garden. All the creatures in this Garden were tame (they had nothing to fear). There were no hunters in this Garden. The Garden provided all the necessary food for all the creatures in the Garden. 
But mankind got knowledge. Do we need knowledge to survive? I think mankind needs knowledge to survive in this world. Knowledge was not necessary for survival in the Garden of Eden but knowledge is necessary for survival outside the Garden of Eden. This television series I have been watching, 10,000 BC, proves mankind needs knowledge to survive. Why did mankind get knowledge in the first place when he/she did not need knowledge in Gods Garden. Mankind is greedy. Mankind wanted to be like God. Mankind wanted to know as God knows. We humans want the things that our superiors tell us not to touch or have. Humans basically are naughty children. God says “don’t touch that” and we touch it. God says “don’t eat that” and we eat it. God said to mankind “don’t eat of knowledge” and mankind ate of it. So mankind got knowledge as God has knowledge but what was the problem? God does not like disobedience. Mankind disobeyed God. But still what is the problem for mankind to know as God knows? You tell me. But remember it is said and written that God is a jealous God. Mankind disobeyed God and got knowledge like God has and God in his anger sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Now mankind had to survive but he/she with knowledge and with work was able to survive. Mankind had to learn skills to acquire food. There were the hunters and gatherers. Then also came the livestock herders and the gardeners. Knowledge took root in Adam and Eve and now in our current times knowledge is like exploding. We hope knowledge does not explode in mankind’s face and destroys us all. 
Maybe God ejected Adam and Eve from the Garden because God was providing all the needs, mankind had no need or want, all was provided. Mankind had no need of knowledge to survive in the Garden but mankind turned his/her nose up at God, thinking he/she knew better. So now you know as God knows go and do it your way. Prove you can do it without Gods help. But not in my Garden. 
Mankind can not return to the Garden of Eden times so knowledge has become a necessity. We can not survive without knowledge. The irony of knowledge was that mankind did not need knowledge because in the beginning God provided mankind with all his/her needs. But mankind disobeyed God, got ejected out of Gods Garden and so mankind had to provide his/her own needs. To provide their needs mankind has to work. In the Garden of Eden mankind did not have to work. Mankind has to live with what we call his/her fallen state. The fallen state was to eat of knowledge and get ejected from the Garden of Eden and work for a living (work to survive). The tree of knowledge took root in man and woman and it has been growing for along time. How long has mankind existed? I believe all things begin simple. They say life starts simple and then it becomes complex. Complex is many. One cell becomes many cells. Life starts as a single cell in water. Adam and Eve lived a very simple life in the Garden but in the world (outside the Garden) their lives and their descendants lives became complex. Mankind makes complex. God makes simple. Life is now getting so complicated that mankind is often stressing out. Mankind’s thoughts are getting so wound up that we need time out to unravel all his/her thinking. Balls of knotty thoughts mess up with our thinking minds. Mankind needs time out to reflect. We need a mirror to reflect off. Mirrors are clean or they should be. We need to reflect off clean spirits. Clean minds can help reflect other minds. The Holy Spirit of God can cleanse our minds and hearts. Gods Holy Scriptures can also help us to reflect. The Holy Scriptures act as a mirror and a good sounding board. 
So where does knowledge connect up with Gods vocations for us humans. I see, perceive, that we humans each have a God given vocation. The peculiar thing about our God given vocation is that each vocation has a face that goes with it. Our face on our head expresses in looks our vocation, such is like a spiritually revelation, given off by spirit to spirit. I think knowledge (caused the fall of mankind) is embedded in our God given vocation, but about this I am not sure. I do perceive vocations in people and can not but think that knowledge has to support such God given vocations, so we and God make do with what we have and get on with it. Mankind can not go back to a life of simplicity (in the Garden of Eden). Is knowledge simple? Knowledge is understood according to how much ability one has. Ability is called intelligence. But is knowledge simple? We can try and keep knowledge simple (that is the better way) but mankind often tries to make knowledge complex.
Knowledge is most likely to be with mankind until the END.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 21, 2016

The current world’s nuclear reactors are I think fission.

From article: “Nuclear fission — a chain reaction where 👉 uranium atoms are split to release extraordinary amounts of energy 👈 and, unfortunately, high levels of radioactive waste.
But a different type of nuclear reaction — nuclear fusion — has been the focus of research to develop nuclear power without the radioactive waste problem.
Nuclear fusion is the reaction that powers the Sun. It involves 👉 smashing hydrogen atoms together under extraordinary temperature and pressure, fusing them together to form helium atoms and releasing a large amount of energy 👈 and radioactive waste. But unlike fission, this radioactive waste is short-lived, quickly decaying to undetectable levels.
Nuclear fusion happens readily in stars like the Sun, because their cores reach extreme temperatures of over 15 million degrees Celsius, and pressures billions of times greater than our atmospheric pressure on Earth”. Finish of article.
So is the example of the sun teaching us on the best form of energy to harness? 
Then there’s the H Bom – this Bom is powered by fusion. 
Fission produces too much radioactive waste. Fusion produces little radioactive waste.

Knowledge can be used for good or evil. Knowledge will eventually kill everyone. Without knowledge there is just IGNORANT BLISS. So in heaven do we have knowledge or ignorant bliss. They say paradise is BLISS. Heaven is paradise. The closest this earth came to paradise was THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Ignorant bliss is simple. Simple is unadulterated. I believe The Garden of Eden actually existed. There was no killings in this garden. Life in this garden was very simple. Evil did not rule this garden. The devil the snake was there but he did not rule this garden. God ruled this garden. God protects the simple.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 28, 2016

The communists promised utopia to the masses. But no utopia came. The collectives, the communes were a drastic failure. 

So how can we reach utopia? Is it possible? Utopia is like the GARDEN OF EDEN. Its a place where each human is valued by his Godliness not by how much money he/she has. God is the value of measurement not money. But how do we do away with money and what will replace it? 
God gave mankind WISDOM but mankind wanted KNOWLEDGE. Satan knows knowledge will eventually kill all mankind. What about the H bom. Will not the H bom vaporise mankind? Or will the H bom vaporise some and leave other’s behind? The H bom might be the equivalent power of a sun. Knowledge kills but it heals too. But we just get a stale mate in knowledge; no one is a winner; the only winner is in the next life. Jesus to defeat Satan had to die. Death took Satan down. The good has to die to destroy the evil. But God has the last laugh. God takes the good in to heaven. The evil go to hell. Knowledge will die in mankind and in that death all the good that knowledge did through mankind will die with it; it will be as if mankind got no knowledge at all. 
Utopia can be possible with WISDOM not knowledge. Knowledge kills but wisdom is a flat playing field, everyone is equal. We play for our needs not wants. The Garden of Eden was utopia and the snake was there. In this Garden God reigned. Can we go back to a utopia like this Garden? But man has knowledge and there is now no turning back. A Garden where people live in ignorant simplistic bliss is now not possible. “Make your bed and you have to sleep in it”. Mankind chose not WISDOM but KNOWLEDGE; was that clever? Eve thought it was clever. The snake thought it was clever. 
So mankind can not have utopia. Not with knowledge. We can have wise people though. The wisdom that God gives is ONLY through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Wisdom outside Jesus Christ is vanity and a waste of time. Man does make up his own wisdom; there are many gurus that come along regularly pushing their own brand of wisdom. “Fools gold” I call it. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

Yes I had a hair cut today; a very short hair cut and you know what, I am loving it. 

The cutting blade (for my haircut today) for those who want to know is cut number 1 and a half. I had not long ago gone down to a number 2 cut but this is a first for anything below number 2. Oh its so good. 
Finally showing my head off rather than trying to glorify my body. Yes I have no qualms glorifying my head over my body. Yes the brains are not in the body; we all know the brains are in the head. Yes I am a thinker, I love thinking so I glorify the good thoughts over the bad thoughts. Conscience rules. The con-science is science being knowledge within. Not the science out there (the science taught in academia) but the science within. The science of true wisdom in spirit from Spirit. The mind over matter. The body is the matter under the Mind of Jesus Christ. 
I hate it when I see men or even for that matter boys with long hair. Such means that these persons put the body before the head. They rule from the body and not the head. Urrrr excuse me I think that some people are missing a few intelligent principles, THE BRAIN IS NOT IN THE BODY. So when I see a body builder with his body exercised and muscled I often also see a puny small head on top of their body. So who here is respecting and glorifying the head? not the body builder; he or she do not glorify the head. 
We Christians have or should have the MIND OF JESUS CHRIST. The mind is in the head. The soul is in the head. The mind are the thoughts of the soul. We think Christ like thoughts. Thoughts are in words and words of GOD in us rule. The words rule but Gods WORDS rule over all other words. Gods WORDS are supreme. 
We have a soul and a spirit. I have a soul relationship with my wife. My wife is my soul mate. I have a spirit relationship with God. God is my Spirit mate. 
Do we worship God from our souls to Gods soul? Or do we worship God from our soul to only God Spirit? Does God have a soul? When we pray do we say God soul in praying to God? Jesus Christ must have a soul. But does the Father God have a soul? The Holy scriptures do mention people’s souls worshipping God. So we do worship God from our souls. We are comfortable saying that God is Spirit but are we comfortable saying God is soul? 
God says “those who are true worshippers of God worship God in spirit and truth”.
Speaking about soul – those of you who are married; did you marry a soul mate or just a body mate? To marry a soul mate one has to see through the outer layer the skin and discern the within. The soul can be hidden behind all the glory of flesh. A true connection to a beloved is through soul and the flesh will follow. Soul love is the true deep love; anything else is skin deep and fizzles away. Skin deep love does not endure. Love the soul. So outer looks can deceive, they can lead you astray and in to a very bad relationship. It will cost you heaps. 
There are two types of marriage: One made in heaven (ruled by the head). 

And one made in hell (ruled by the body).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 23, 2015

Knowledge of good and evil is in the Father God. Jesus did not bring in to this world knowledge of good and evil, Jesus just brought WISDOM of God in to this world. At no time in Jesus sojourning in this world did Jesus preach or teach the physical or social sciences as we know them today. The Father God knows the time and place for everything, Jesus does not know the such but Jesus in his wisdom He can work out such but not in their fullness. Wisdom of God is not knowledge of good and evil. 

Jesus sees the heart and knows the thoughts at heart level of all peoples. So according to these heart thoughts Jesus is abased or glorified. God the Father created this universe for Jesus. Jesus, knowing the true heart sentiment of all human hearts, as does the Father God also know such sentiments, the Father God acts on this sentiment as the true feelings from man to God. So a holocaust is no mean thing to God when people so debase Gods Son. The plumb line to man’s intentions are the intentions to the Wisdom of Christ and NOT the intentions to the knowledge of good and evil. Man chose knowledge of good and evil over the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Man continues to go after this knowledge rather than Jesus’ Wisdom. Clever???? No not at all. So a holocaust (fire) is a burnt sin offering. The world’s sin offering. God must get so angry at how the world debases the simple wisdom of Christ. 

Water and fire are the baptisms of cleansing. Water (the great flood on this earth) came first, fire comes second. Grim – yes.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 28, 2015

Mankind turns away from God made to manmade.

You may say what is God made? Good question because in this life we humans are now getting confronted so much with MANMADE that we begin to forget that yes there is a God and he made his own creation. Mankind is now so immersed in his own MANMADE creations that mankind is now trying to forsake God made. 

Go out in to the country; see God made. Get away from the city of concrete and mortar, away from the plastic and brick; go out of the city, hear the bees humming, hear the birds chirping, yes birds do make a sound, see butterflies, hear a brook gushing, smell the vegetation, yes Gods creation smells, taste natural fruit off a tree. To turn away from God made to MANMADE is unnatural. God is natural. To turn away means to pervert. Every time I read the newspaper it’s about who sexually abused who. The news now a days often is about perversion, who perverted who. This generation seems to be an abused generation.  
What is the ultimate in MANMADE creation? I think it is robots that look like humans but have super abilities. Also man might create robotic life like animals and insects and birds that look like the real ones. So we have a pet robot dog or cat etc. 

There is the “Knowledge of good and evil”. God created the universe and made mankind in his likeness. Mankind got this knowledge and wants to create as God does. Man will make as God has made. Man will create replications of God made. Knowledge of good and evil is not all just about good, it is also about evil. Robots will have artificial intelligence and will be both good and evil. You will get good robots and you will get bad robots. Knowledge of good and evil certainly brought evil in to this world. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Utopia until they consumed knowledge. Scientists are trying now to manage knowledge of good and evil but such attempts of management are really futile as mankind craves to create. 
Mankind will go further and further virtual and try to get out of the real world and engulf him/her self in an artificial virtual world. In the mean time this natural creation will be further killed off. Kill Gods creation and live in a MANMADE artificial creation. 
God initially confronted mankind with knowledge “Don’t eat Knowledge” God said to the first humans; of course as we humans know when someone tells us not to do something and when they have gone we go and do that something, hey who do they think we are? We can do what we want, know one tells us what to do. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden in “Simple Bliss” and just like we humans are now they disobeyed God the Father. We all mess up. One big cock up from the beginning. And it’s been a series of cock ups ever since. Mankind is turning away (means perverted) from natural to unnatural. 
Knowledge will kill. 
Because knowledge is good and evil the sensible thing is to not have Knowledge at all because we may get good from knowledge but we also get evil so the bottom line is not to consume knowledge at all. There is a better way – WISDOM OF JESUS CHRIST. Wisdom is a type of knowledge but but it is not the knowledge that God told Adam and Eve not to eat of. Wisdom is a practical knowledge, it is about behaviour. Jesus taught his wisdom to his disciples and we get this wisdom written down in the gospels. Paul and other Apostles also contributed to writing down Jesus wisdom. 
So to have Utopia again, as Adam and Eve had it from the beginning, we humans need to behave properly to one another and to do that we need to eat of the tree of WISDOM. Wisdom of God gives life, spiritual life, we are preserved, we look younger, we are healthy, we are strong. 
But mankind will never have utopia again (unless it happens in the future when Jesus rules on this Earth for one thousand years). Man will kill and kill and kill. Mankind will use knowledge to kill. As well as heal. Wars will come and go. Robots will kill robots. The war of the machines. Life as we know it in God will get further snuffed out. And man will live in virtual artificial environments. Mankind is so perverted.  
Wisdom of Jesus Christ, NOT the knowledge of good and evil, makes better society/community.
The Bible is full of wisdom not Knowledge of good and evil.
Epilogue – knowledge of good and evil

I am beginning to see knowledge from an above view where knowledge is looked at as being for good or evil. In other words people learn knowledge to use for good or evil. It’s like God is a God that sees good or evil. We have two sides to knowledge – good or evil. The purpose of life is good or evil depending on what side you are on. Satan the enemy is the Evil side and God is the good side. We have two sides to this life in this universe. Life is plainly light or dark. Two opposing forces. As one gets wiser we perceive life is about two sides – God and Satan. Satan we call the Evil One so it means that God we can call the Good One. You don’t learn knowledge unless you want to use it for Good or Evil, this is the true understanding. 
By eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mankind has the ability to do good or bad. 
Otherwise live in simple bliss and eat of wisdom. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 2, 2015

It was 1999 I had arrived for my first interview with a faculty member of Bible College. I was hoping to be accepted as a live on site student. I sat in front of Graeme (his real name) and considered some of his words. Graeme conveyed to me a man that was used to hard work. I could see in his face that he was living hard, I thought he had high blood pressure. This was a man that seldom was idle. But his full on must have been taking its toll on his health. Graeme let slip a few words that were insightful. I have on a few occasions considered those particular words he let slip and such has made me think of deeper things. Graeme said in an around about way that life is meant to be objective not subjective. 

I have thought on these two words, objective and subjective and have wanted to understand those two words more. To me objective is the outer and subjective is the inner. Graeme made me think that being subjective is not good, it is being idle and not productive. I myself see that being subjective is good as being objective is good. I see there has to be a balance. One of the balances is recognising the inner life and outer life equally. Too much objectivity can not be good on health and too much subjectivity can not be good for health. We must seek balance. I gleaned very little insights from Bible College but Graeme and his objectivity was one of the few insights that went with me. Bible College was not really about insights, Bible College was about intelligence and intellect. The high intelligent people thrive in scholarly pursuits but alas the low intelligent students are just rowing a boat with small oars. High intelligence at College is rewarded. Tonight I mused on Graeme and his objectivity. I knew he was a success but I thought it was costing him. 

What is it to be subjective? You could pray to be subjective. You could read the Bible to be subjective. You can also meditate, think, reflect. So what is it to be objective? You can do work with your hands, you can converse with other people, you can read books, you can watch videos, in other words activity of the body and mind to do with what’s out there. Subjective is inner, the inner man and his relationship with an inner invisible God. You could say objective is the physical and subjective is the invisible or what we call spirit. Jesus Christ is both physical and spiritual, half and half. So to be very balanced we need to give half our time to the spiritual activities and half our time to the physical activities. Graeme made me think that being too subjective is not good and he’s right but in his case being too objective is not good.  
I considered Graeme and his blood pressure. I saw a man all steamed up. I thought “what is it about old people and their learning”. Graeme was older in years but not very old. I thought of the Holy Scripture: “Do not put new wine in to old wine skins”, “Put new wine in to new wine skins”. So people in their youth have youthful skins (young flesh), their skin is relatively new. Young people can fill themselves up with new knowledge. But old people (old flesh) find it hard to accept new knowledge. So putting new knowledge in the old skins (old flesh) of old people does not work, you get high blood pressure (the skins will burst) the heart can not take it. Old people hate the new knowledge of say computers and smart phones. Old people do not want to learn new technology. I still find a lot of old people do not have computers or smart phones. 

The heart to me is a simple pump (no lie). The heart needs simplicity feeding it. The human spirit is in the heart and to feed the human spirit complexity will bring much pressure on the simple heart. People put so much complexity in to their hearts via their human spirit that many people have heart problems in later life. We must look after our hearts. The Holy Scriptures of the Bible are the simple food to feed the heart and keep the heart in good health and keeping the heart in good health means the body will be healthy. The human spirit learns from the Words in the Bible. The words in the Bible make our human spirit wise. The simple become wise. The simple truth makes us wise. 

Graeme meant well but I knew his interpretation of being objective and subjective was wrong. I too was wrong as I have been in the past too much subjective and not enough objective. It’s so hard keeping a balance. The saints of the Roman Catholic Church were obviously too subjective and in cases extremely subjective. Subjective can mean being introspective. Being too much introspective can look unbalanced. These Roman Catholic saints in many numbers died at a young age because they were too subjective, they were extreme and such causes unhealthy ness. So begin the day begin with prayer and reading the Bible. Get subjective first in the day and then throw yourself in to objective activities but inter mix the physical activities with prayer and bible readings throughout the day. The best result is half the day time in prayer, bible reading, reflection, and the other half of the day time in physical pursuits. 
I thought further, I considered again “thoughts”; simple thoughts and how the heart reacts to our thinking. At the end of the day at night you retire to bed, you want to sleep but sleep might not come for quite a while. The heart is sifting through your thought intake for the day and trying to bring all your thoughts down to the simple truth. Your heart is simple and needs simplicity for it to be at rest and sleep. The heart does not stop in sleeping but it needs a simple beat to be at rest. So when we retire in the evening the heart will beat and beat hard until all is in simple mode in your thinking. Many people have insomnia now a days because most people feed their hearts with complex thinking. Many people take medications to get to sleep and alas many people take illegal hard drugs to get to sleep or just rest. The world is complex and it will get even more complexed. 

I considered Graeme (his real name) again and wondered what his true calling was and scouting came to mind, a scout master. There must be paid jobs in scouting say at scout head offices. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 3, 2015

God made us humans in His likeness. Man makes robots in his likeness. 

Why does man want to create in his own likeness? Is creating robots in mans likeness a sin? Man wants to create; man loves creating. God creates and man wants to do what God does. I mean take a father and his son, the son wants to do what the father does. Man ate of the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden. Man knows. Man knows how to create. Man has the knowledge to create. God made us humans in His image so man wants to do the same, make his own creation (robots) in his image. Man likes being god. Man wants to be God.  

Mans creation that evolved:








Wireless receiver.


Micro chip.



Tape cassette.





Gods creation that evolved:


Living cell.


Fish with legs.

Small 4 legged land creature.



In mans creation the humanoid took years to evolve. Just as Gods creation took years to evolve. But there is no similarity in the time frame that both creations took to completion. I mean mans creation may take less time to create than Gods creation. 

Let us see how man’s creation evolved. The valve did not metamorphosis in front of our eyes. The valve changed to a diode and then to a transistor but the changes here were made changes (in other words there were creations made at each stage of the changes). So with Gods creation; the changes say from fish to land animal were creations. God initiated these changes with his direct input of changing the DNA etc. We get changes but to say they evolved or were created changes is up to speculation. We can say God creates and man evolves. There is an evolution because we see there are changes starting from the one to the many of the final product. But the product as said can be created at each stage of change. God wanted his creation to evolve in to a creation in his own image so God had to have input at each change of development. Humans did not come about because of chance. Human development is all precisely mapped out. We humans are the result of a design. Mans creation is the result too of design. Man did not haphazardly come up with his creation the humanoid. Mans creation is the result of carefully thought out design. 

God said to his creation “Do not eat of the fruit of knowledge”. Why not eat this fruit? If you eat this knowledge you will know as God knows. So will humanoids eat of knowledge and know as man knows. Computers already have knowledge. The FALL for man was knowing as God knows so will the FALL for humanoids also be knowing as man knows. AND WHERE WILL THIS LEAD?

Man with the knowledge he got (THE FALL) creates a creation in his likeness called the humanoid (artificial/man made). Man also creates an artificial environment, creating even (trying to) an artificial body for his soul and spirit to live in. 

So if robots called humanoids get knowledge, won’t humanoids also create? AND CREATE WHAT?

Man in his creations is killing off all God made so if humanoids create WHAT AND WHO WILL DIE?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 28, 2014

Education is about getting qualifications. Qualifications is about getting work. Work is about getting money. Money is about buying things.

From a very young age children have to go to school. I mean it’s the law that every child attends school until a certain age; but is this a law or is it just an accepted regulation of Government; I don’t know. I do know that there are truancy officers employed by Government to seek out truant children and get them back in to attending school.

I did not like school or college. At primary school I liked some of the games we played like soccer but the intellectual side did not appease me much. I averaged out at primary school, did all the requirements and passed, but not with any distinctions or accolades.
I saw at school a fine distinction between two different sets of people. Ok there were three sets of people. One the higher achievers, two the average achievers and third the poor achievers. I may have been average at achieving, just managing to pass. I was somewhat envious of the high achievers; they seemed to live on a different part of the planet; they were different; they were the elite the high intelligent students. So I saw this thing intelligence and I did not understand it. I could not understand why I was not highly intelligent and why was I a low to average intelligence. I wanted to be of high intelligence because I saw that the high intelligent students were the ones who got the high grades and they seemed to be treated with respect by the teachers. The teachers were the raj at school, the teachers were the gods, they called the shots. The intelligent students got on well with the teachers; the teachers had time for these intelligentsia students. The high intelligent students were way up there with the raj teachers. The low to average intelligent students were just tolerated by the teachers. The low to average intelligent students struggled with their studies; to some of them the whole learning process was an institutionalised nightmare. The intelligentsia students were the teachers pets. Teachers loved it when the intelligentsia achieved. The intelligentsia students were given the school responsible tasks; they were given the school student leadership jobs.
At college one student said to me “See that student over there, he does not study for exams much, he might only study for exams a few days before the exams yet he gets very high marks in his exams”. Me I studied for exams say weeks before the exams, I struggled to cram in the knowledge and I still was a dismal failure at the exams. All this about intelligent students flying through their studies and exams without much ado certainly riles me up and makes me think “What really is going on here; is this all fair?”.

So why are people given different measures of intelligence? The atheist will say “Intelligence came from my parents”. Maybe so, but where did the parents get the intelligence? Oh from their parents. So how is intelligence inherited? I mean how does it happen? “In the genes” you might say. Is it fair that Johnny flies through his schooling days while Fred struggles a lot to get through. I mean Fred could turn out to be mentally scarred for life after his schooling. Fred may in adult life have to go to a shrink to face all his school demons. “Demons” you might say “are not at schools, schools are havens where children are safe”. So teachers are all saints and children are all lovey dovey. Be real – students like any children can be absolute monsters. Hitler was a monster and he went to school. So at school we are in this safe haven, we think it’s safe; but this school is where the future despots, rapists, bullies and murderers come from. And let us not forget the teachers they are no saints and some might be (during school time) looking at pornography on their computer tablets. We are psyched up as children to think schools and colleges are places of safety and virtue. And we are psyched up as children to think education at these schools/colleges is very normal; I mean so normal that if there is a God (I believe in Almighty God) then God would send his Son to a school/college (The Bible says “JESUS CHRIST was never schooled”). Schooling has been very much a tradition for many centuries. School is a tradition that has been engrained in the minds of mankind. Education is a ticket to a job and a job gives you money. Education is about money and the more money you get the more freedom you get. Money frees you. They say “Knowledge is power” but knowledge really is about getting money and money is the power.

I sometimes reflect about a persons God called vocation. Yes I see people have a vocation, call it a calling if you like, but I see this calling in my mind, in my thoughts. This calling is from God. Most people I reflect on about their true callings are not in their God callings but are in vocations of their own doing apart from God. And most people hate their jobs. I see the high intelligent people are also likely to fall in to the trap of missing out on their God calling. You see the high intelligent people do well at schooling and they usually go to university they get a degree or a few degrees and/or very high degrees then they go for the money. Yes the money. Some go for humanitarian jobs like doctors but money is still a motive here. High intelligent students like the status jobs too. Status jobs are the money jobs. Doctors get paid a lot. But doctors help mankind a lot.

So I see a person; they might have a university degree, they might be in a very high paid job with lots of responsibility but I see VANITY here too. Vanity is with most people. Why do you think mankind has many mirrors to look in to. One of the first things a person does each morning before going to work is to look in the mirror. We humans are so very vain. I am too. Vanity means people push their own agenda apart from Gods agenda. So we have most people trying to fit in to vocations that they do not fit in to. They know they hate their job but they put on an outer look of satisfaction. It’s HYPOCRISY. It’s all a mask. The man working in his vain job, his important well paid job, it looks good but his wife sees the real husband, the vain and hypocritical husband and likewise the husband sees his vain and hypocritical wife. They both live a lie. They try to keep their lie to themselves and few find out the truth, few see through these peoples masks. Hypocrites have to keep their masks up day and night. Only the spouses and children know the real husband/wife/parents. BUT illness kicks in. The heart can just take so much working in the wrong field. The wrong field is wrong you are not working in the field given to you by God. Sowing, reaping, harvesting, weeding all done in another’s mans/woman’s field. The owner might one day kick you out of his field. While you are in the wrong field you are nothing but a servant. In your own field you are like an owner.

“Vanities of vanity” says the wise man/woman.

So it’s all a paradox. The world is a paradox; it is not what it really should be; it’s a sham.

So in my reflections on people’s true vocations I find people just look foolish because they are not really what they should be. It all looks stupid. These vain people boast about their vocations, the money they get, the good they do, the accolades they have received, the university degrees they have achieved — BUT MOST IS JUST VANITY; all to be burned up on the LAST DAY.

You might say “How do I find Gods vocation?”. Good question. To me I see it is so very hard for most people to find out what is ones true vocation. You can not find that true vocation with your own understanding and most of the understanding from school, college and university won’t help you find your true vocation.

To find true vocation one must always tell the truth, never lie. All truth is simple. So one must live a very simple life; free of distractions, free of idols, and keep away from the sins of the flesh. The flesh can make one dark in the soul. Spirit is light so feed your spirit light from Gods Spirit. Keep in the truth. Confess your sins to God. Don’t love money. Work with your hands. Be kind to others. Pull off your mask and show your true self. Don’t hide from God but pray to him often. Read the Bible frequently. Life is not always easy, life is often hard. Help others. Respect your parents. Hold your parents in higher honour than yourself. You should start young to find out what your true vocation is before “Mans” understanding (Humanism) kicks in. Remember the vocation that you have found out at a young age and when in later life, money, youthful passions, status and idols creep in to your life try at an early adult age to have the courage to get in to your true vocation. Your true vocation will be the “simple truth”. If you are looking for true simple vocation in complexness you won’t find it. If you wrap yourselves up in knotty complexness in your mind/heart you will have to unravel this knottiness and get back to simplicity.

The Catholic nun might say “Education frees you”. During the Second World War the Nazis put “Work frees you” signs above the front entrance of a few concentration camps. But what sort of freedom is the nun speaking about? The nun is thinking of freedom from poverty. But here are we speaking about poverty of mind/soul or poverty of physical body. The nun might attribute poverty of mind/soul with poverty in a physical sense. Catholics are great ones about schooling. Catholics have many schools, colleges and universities. So education is about making money. It’s ALL about MONEY. Poverty for the catholic nun is about money. The Nazis said “Work frees you”. But did work free the incarcerated Jews in the concentration camps? No no no. Does education free you? No no no. The average Joe would say “Money frees you”; like you can buy your freedom with money. So MONEY is the GOD; even the God of this Catholic nun. The church is a lot about money. The Vatican is about money.

It would all make sense all this education thing if lots of people were in their God called vocation but alas few people are in their true calling. Most people are in the wrong vocation so there is a lot of education with its accolades that are vain; it all looks foolish.

The Catholic nun says “Education frees you”; the Nazis said “Work frees you”; someone else might say “Money frees you”; BUT I say “WISDOM of JESUS CHRIST frees you”. The Catholic nun might say “Education leads to money”. This nun is religious yet the true religious would make a vow of poverty before God and live for Spirit not for materialism. The true religious does not live for money, wealth or materialism. Mankind rapes the world, the earth, the mother, the wife, creation, Mother Nature – to get rich. The world’s people are besotted with money. The world’s people rape the earth; take take take from Mother Nature but give very little back. Mother Nature is raped often. Man wants to get rich but it is at the expense of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is expected by mankind to be a whore; but this whore gets very little in return.

Education in the wrong way can be just an IDOL. Education used in the way of true vocation can be useful. Education has become an idol. People glorify themselves in education. Intelligence is a tool used by people to educate themselves for vocations. These vocations are often not true to people and such people therefore live out their lives wearing masks.

King Solomon speaks about “Vanity of vanities”; so a lot of mankind’s achievements are filthy rags. You do not want to be wearing filthy rags when you are called to your Maker God in the End Times. Prepare in advance to meet your Maker; make good preparations; be wise. Do not bury your true vocation in the ground/soil. If you can not find your true vocation at least work at trying to find it.

In most cases your true vocation will be plain simple; simple for you because you will find the vocation simple to do. Your true vocation is simple because your mind/soul/spirit will find it simple. To those other people in their own other true vocations they will see your true vocation as complex (but those other people in their true vocations will find their own vocations simple). So if you find your vocation complex you are probably in the wrong vocation. Simplicity is NOT evil. Simplicity is definitely of God. So if everyone was in their true vocations, they will see only their own vocation in simplicity and they will see all the other vocations as complex. Complex is hard. Simple is easy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 14, 2013

It was the year 1978 I was thinking of entering university. Such thoughts lingered with me off and on for months. I had thoughts of getting knowledge from studying at university. Knowledge seemed to be of interest to me. I thought about how people seemed to have understanding, they seemed to know, know what I do not know, but they seemed to be above in a way, they achieved and succeeded. I seemed to know just about nil I understood just about nothing, I was just drifting along trying to cope the best I could.

I had a bible, a Gideon’s bible, it was a New Testament, this bible was just a little bible and there were times I would open it up and try to read it but nothing, it did nothing for me. I did not relate to the words, the words just went over my head. A few times just so few I considered a church not far from where I lived. I lived alone. I thought of this church and considered about going to it but then I would think that no way can I attend that church, I was a mess, they surely would not accept me a sinner, a person who was deeply depraved. I thought of the people that would attend that church, good people, upstanding people, men who had good professions in the community, married people with children, people who were clean of sin, they surely would ostracise me a dirty sinner. So I never attended that church. It was a traditional church. So I continued in my sins my depravity and tried to cope the best I could.

One day I took a trip in my car. I passed a building offering art work for sale. I went in and was besotted with a painting. I really loved this painting it was so appealing. An oil painting with a mountain and a River. I just knew I had to buy it. It was a fantastic art work and not expensive. It was cheap but not nasty. I bought the mountain painting. I liked a mountain scene so much. It was only later that in my mind and heart that I learnt that there was understanding that God wanted to teach me from looking at this painting. I knew nothing about the understanding at this stage.

I applied to go to university. I got accepted. I applied for university accommodation and got it. I went to university thinking I was going to get knowledge. I got no knowledge from university but I did get another type of knowledge. I lived and studied at university for one year. The knowledge I received was a Spirit knowledge. I never received mans knowledge. University seemed to be about man and his achievements apart from God, mans philosophy, mans study of the soul, mans science, mans sociology, I was dumb to all such teachings.

I moved back home to my parents. I needed to rest. I tried mans way and it just was stressing me out. I tried God’s way. God’s knowledge not man’s knowledge. I discovered the power of words. I discovered that God’s Word is supreme. I discovered a Spirit an inner Spirit person in my heart. I found this Spirit communing with me. Understanding slowly grew in me. Night and day I learnt. I knew things but I could not talk to others about what I had learnt because I thought that they would say I was talking nonsense. Mans wisdom is strong in the church. The painting was now on my bedroom wall. I often lay in bed looking at this painting. Then I got inner revelation about this painting. I saw things. I saw a person at the top of the mountain. I saw a woman sitting on a dragon. I saw the man at the mountain top holding a rod in his hand. The man looked like he could strike the dragons head with the rod. I saw a hand facing outward from the mountain; the hand in a revelation was now the woman and the dragon. The woman turned in to a palm of a hand and the dragon turned in to a arm.

I remembered a time back years ago in my early 20’s; I was working at the Government Tourist Bureau. I was mesmerised for a few minutes. I seemed to be listening but not listening. I seemed to be aware of something speaking to me but I did not know where the voice was coming from. I heard but I could not make out exact words I just got an understanding of what was being told to me. The voice was speaking to me about me writing. Writing what I did not know at that stage, I just knew there was something bigger or better for me in the future, what I did not know.

Years later after my born again experience with God at my university time, I was in the Wellington town hall. I sat there with a big audience watching and listening to a USA evangelist preaching; Leighton Ford, brother in law to evangelist Billy Graham. I then got mesmerised. I saw a vision on the front stage of the then current Roman Catholic Pope John Paul. He was tall and in his white vestments. But there was more; my heart felt like a River of water was gushing through it; and there was more, I perceived and it was a sure perception like it was visible but it was not visible there was a crown on my head. Now I was in a nirvana state I was on a real Spiritual high, I was totally engrossed with these spiritual happenings. How long did it last? Maybe minutes but it was so wonderful, I loved every moment of it. I must mention one more happening at this time; I knew during the vision that a voice was talking. It was directing it’s speech maybe to Leighton Ford, I could be wrong. I understood the voice was speaking about simplicity; that is all I could make out from what was said. But a couple of days later in the newspaper Leighton was quoted speaking to the reporter about the simplicity of God. Wow wow it is no delusion to me.

Religion never saved me. In 1978 when I was considering going to a church I did not go because I thought that I was not good enough to be with such good church people. So such religious people did not save me. It was a humble man who was at university that pointed me in the direction of God. This man was evangelical. He befriended me. He reached out to me in friendship. He mentored me. He taught me. Today I had thoughts about religion. Religion to me still had its place. This place can be like a home, a place to worship God and fellowship with fellow believers. Religion does not always save but it can be a place where we make friends. Religion is like a church building; it’s an outer thing, but it has its purpose in the scheme of things. Rituals are all known as religious and as such are called man made. True they are man made but sometimes they try and copy what the Bible teaches us to do. Not all rituals are bad. The taking of bread and wine at communion can not be bad. I have found solace within the walls of a church. I attend services often at a church and have done so for 12 years. Before then I attended church in other places and regularly. Church can be a lot of religion but in religion one can find good as well as bad. I thought today of a family; father, mother and say 3 children. The children have sibling rivalry, they fight, argue and bully each other. But some children in families also get on well. In a family we have good and bad. Church is family with also sibling rivalry etc. No one is perfect. Church has overall been good for me. I find attending a Traditional church suits me better than a modern Pentecostal church. In the modern churches there is a lot of young people and the young are generally known as unwise; what with all their youthful passions bubbling up, their noisy ness, their bullying, their hormones at peak; their forceful competition; so I prefer fellowshipping with an older wiser congregation. I am older now I like being older. Maturity comes with age, wisdom comes too. Older people are more sensible.
Who saves? Jesus Christ saves no other. God invites people to salvation. God will lead us in to situations where we learn to depend on Him. Religion does not save but it can be a home. Buts it’s a home more in the physical.

Science is a physical thing too. I received knowledge from God. I got understanding but it was not the knowledge from man, it was not the science that man goes for, I was barren of mans wisdom but got to have the fruit from the Tree of Life. Man is deceived by Satan. Man eats of the fruit of knowledge. But what knowledge? This surely is the knowledge that man and woman were told not to eat of. This was the fall of mankind. Man is so deceived that he/she knows no difference; he/she can not see; Satan has blinded them. Jesus while on this earth never taught the knowledge that resulted from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Man will eat this knowledge and will eventually know all. He/she will not know God but will know all about creation, its a creation thing not a creator thing. Its like a human; man will know all about the body but not the head. Jesus is the head. So man thinks he will understand the head by researching the brain; still man won’t understand the head. The soul is God’s domain. The soul is in the head is it not. Science will never see the soul. So science to never see the soul will never believe in soul because science is about seeing is believing.

The religious people of Jesus day (on this earth) thought Jesus was a nutter; “He has a demon”. Prophets are not honoured in their home town and maybe not even honoured in their own country.
But we love everyone and everyone includes religious people. God loves everyone. When I was young and trying to cope in my sins, the self righteous people rejected me. But “The stone that the builders rejected has become the most important stone of all”. I want to love all people and that includes the self righteous people and the religious people.

Man: Mankind (Men and women).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2013

God made man and woman.
Man (mankind – man and woman) made robots.
Robots are evolving.
Robots have their beginnings in: Telegraph. Radio. Valves. Diodes. Transistors. Micro chips. Computers. Televisions. Radar. Lasers. Nuclear.
Robots are about the accumulation of knowledge. Man wants knowledge. Eventually Robots will be in the image of man. Robots are there to serve man. But robots might be given free will.
God made man and woman and gave them free will. Did humans evolve? And are humans in the image of God? God also gave humans in first instance the choice of either being in ignorant bliss or having all knowledge.
Man took the knowledge. Will robots take the knowledge? Man does not want to work. Man will make robots in mans image to do mans work. God ordained man to work with his hands. Man in the garden of Eden in his ignorance bliss did not have to work, but man in his soul awakening to knowledge then had to work, work with his hands. Working was punishment from God for man disobeying God. God said to man not to eat of the fruit of knowledge. Man disobeyed. Man has to work. Woman has to work. Man in his cleverness will make robots to do his work. Once robots in full image of man do all mans work then man can rest. Robots will then do all the work, man will then do very little work. Having robots do all mans work is mans escape from Gods punishment.
Adam and Eve living in ignorant bliss did not have to worry themselves about anything as God provided all to them. Eden was paradise on this earth. All was bliss in the garden of Eden. God is known as a jealous God. Man on a whole does not want to work with his/her hands. Man wants to prove that knowledge is good and that having knowledge is Gods will. Man in knowledge puts himself in superiority to those people with less knowledge. This is a trick of Satan. Satan rules in a dark world. Light of God does light like light houses scattered around the world but there still are many places of darkness. God sent His Son to bring back people into a right relationship with the God Head. But Satan lies and deceives the world and the church itself is deceived. Jesus came from heaven and taught the true knowledge but alas people even the church has strayed from true wisdom to knowledge that originally man was forbidden by God to eat. Jesus left us a legacy in the bible. We read in the bible the true wisdom of God. Man in his deception thinks the bible is hard to understand. Satan blinds man to the truth of God. The truth is that the Bible is simple to understand. But man looks for complex to understand God, man thinks its clever to learn complex.
Will robots in mans image eventually turn away from man and serve themselves? Humans turned away from God. Man has made himself God with his manmade creatures the robots in mans image. Once robots in mans image get all knowledge they might not want to serve man and if so will man kick the robots out of? (Man was originally kicked out of Eden) kicked out of where? Where can man send robots if they misbehave? Maybe man in the future will have set up their own cities of Eden’s and robots maybe kicked out in to the wilderness out of these glorious manmade Eden cities.
Then what will save the robots? Jesus came to save humans. Jesus was Son of God and son of man. Sounds like Jesus was half God and half man. So will man send a man (or men and women) that is half human and half robot to the robots to save them. People having both robotic features and human features. These people maybe able to get the robots back on track. All speculation.

So what is more clever; (1) living in ignorant bliss or (2) having all knowledge.

Robots may also choose to have all knowledge.

God says its more clever to live in ignorant bliss. Bliss is just that. Bliss is as close to happiness as you can get. Bliss is no worries, no wars, no violence, no rape, no sickness, no starvation, no loneliness, no lies.

In ignorant bliss God will provide all. You will not have to struggle and strive with work. In bliss its always a life of innocence. Jesus came to try and set us back onto a life of bliss. But the damage has been done. Jesus taught us to love, love is about getting on together. Humans can not return to bliss on this earth. Bliss now only is in heaven. Heavenly bliss.

On a last note of thought: How will robots be kept in line? Maybe humans to police robots (robots in image of man and woman) will have to have a large force of people who are half human and half robot. Just as God has Christians that act in wisdom of God to keep order over the people’s of the earth.

Later Additional Note
In Eden did Adam and Eve have to work? And in heaven do we have to work? Eden was bliss. Heaven is bliss. Man and woman disobeyed God so were sent out of bliss (Eden) to the wilderness. In the wilderness there are weeds. I presume Eden had no weeds. Man now in the wilderness had to work to eat. In Eden man was provided by the food in the garden. Garden of Eden, It was a garden. And presumably a garden with no weeds. Food in abundance in this garden of Eden. So man in the wilderness had to make his own gardens. Eden garden was made by God. So man in the wilderness had to work the earth, till the earth, sow, plant and weed. All this work is work using your hands. This work was punishment for mankind disobeying God and eating of the fruit of knowledge;; so mankind is not clever.

Later Note
So Eden was a Garden. So Adam and Eve ate food from this Garden. We know gardens for their fruit and vegetables and nuts. Does this mean Adam and Eve were vegetarians; meaning they did not eat meat. You don’t grow meat in a garden. Gardens grow plants. I presume Adam and Eve also did not eat fish, birds or insects. God put the first man and woman in a garden so that they could eat food from the produce of the garden. Adam and Eve had no need to kill creatures to live; as such all creatures in the Garden of Eden ate off the plants in the Garden. Killing can instil thoughts of violence, you can violate a creature. So there was no killing in the Garden of Eden. Peace reigned in this Garden. Food was in abundance in this Garden.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Snakey gives counsel

October 15, 2013

The Nagging Wife

Come on eat.
No Eve God said no.
You a man.
Stop it Eve.
You want to be clever don’t you.
Well eat.
Do it for me. You will be smart like God.
I will look up to you.
You won’t get the other.
What other?
Hello there what’s up.
Hi snakey.
You got problems.
Nothing Adam won’t fix. Won’t you honey. I will love you more if you eat.
Hey is it about that tree over there.
Yes snakey. Do you know much about it.
Of course I know lots. That tree will make you clever. You eat of it and you become clever like God.
Come on Adam eat of it. I want my darling to be clever. All the other creatures will look up to you.
Can I say something.
Yes snakey.
If you eat of the tree your descendants will know all.
What about me now.
The growth of knowledge takes time. Eventually your descendants will know all there is to know but it takes time.
Do it for our descendants honey. I am going to take a bite then you do the same.
(Both Eve and Adam ate of the tree of knowledge – they and their descendants are smart).


Adam you need to grow up.
What do you mean Eve?
You let God boss you around too much.
No I don’t.
Yes you do. Stand up for yourself, take control of your own life, are you a man or a mouse.
But God is almighty.
And you really believe that.
Hi all.
Hi snakey.
What’s up?
Adam won’t stand up for himself with God.
Adam is that true?
You lying.
Ok its part true, but God is God.
Hey none of that God complex.
Yes complex. I have counselled other creatures on this. It’s a complex that needs shrinking.
Yes shrink.
You are just a wimp Adam, please stand up to God, he controls you.
Eve please.
Please what.
Ok what can I do?
Snakey can you help.
Yes for a fee.
What’s a fee?
What do you have?
Ok because it’s you Adam the first shrinking is on the house.
What do you Shrink?
Your ego.
What’s ego?
It’s your self that’s needs deflating. Come down to earth more. Not up in the sky.
You mean my thoughts.
Yes. Adam you need to show God that you are your own boss. Once God sees that he won’t bother you anymore.
What shall I do?
Do something that God does not like.
Did God say not to eat of the tree of knowledge?
Go eat the fruit of that tree.
Now go do it.
You want to be always a wimp Adam.
No I don’t Eve.
Don’t be a wimp stand up to God and eat the fruit.
What will happen snakey?
You will become wise like God. You and your descendants will be clever; you will know as God knows. Eventually all knowledge will be known.
Go on Adam.
Ok Eve just for you.
It’s for the best Adam, we don’t want our children and children’s children and all our descendants being bossed around by this egomaniac God who thinks he’s just it.
Let me take a bite first; oh that is delicious. Now you Adam.
It is quite nice.
Adam you now are more important. When you meet God now you can meet him on equal terms.
I hear the wind rustling I think God is coming.
That reminds me I have to go I have another appointment with another client. Another shrinking.
But snakey can you not stay and stand up to God with us.
Sorry got to go urgent business can not wait. Bye.
Ah children how are you?
Who was that that just left?
Snakey my Lord.
Oh that trouble maker.
Adam remember you are now clever like God, stand up to him.
Ok Eve.
Look here God you stop bossing me around. I don’t need you now I am clever too.
Yes I am clever just like you. We would rather you left me and Eve alone.
Adam what’s being going on?
You are just a bossy boots God we don’t want you around us. And Eve and I ate of the tree
of knowledge so we are just as smart as you.
Oh you are are you. You want to take control of your own lives and live apart from me so be it. Leave the garden of Eden this minute; Adam you will now work with your hands; Eve you will suffer in labour when having children (child birth).

Adam and Eve were not that smart after all.


Adam you wimp. You just don’t listen. Now listen to me. It’s all in the mind.
But I hear God so well.
It’s in the mind. You need a shrink.
Heelo did someone call for me.
Hi snakey no we did not call you.
But you did.
You might be able to help Adam.
Sure anything.
Adam says he hears this person he calls God.
Oh the God complex.
You know about it.
Sure. I used to have it.
At last someone that understands.
Yep I had it for many years like yonks.
You don’t have it now.
Nope all gone.
How did you get rid of this complex?
Well as you say it’s all in the mind. You need to cast it out of the mind.
Adam you need to fight this. Let me in to your mind and we can tackle this thing together.
You want to get inside my head.
Sure but I do it with my words. You have the God complex and this causes you to hear voices. I can help shrink that complex. It is like getting rid of cancer. Cut it out. We start with the mantra therapy. I say a few words now and you repeat them first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed. And you must repeat the mantra every time you hear the God voices. The mantra can be ‘God does not exist’. Say it now for a few times.
God does not exist, God does not exist, God does not exist.
You are getting it. You have to reprogram your mind. You have believed a lie. You are deluded.
It’s God.
Children I will be with you in a few minutes.
God is coming.
Snakey tell Adam he’s hearing voices. Help my husband he’s sick.
But I heard him.
Adam it’s all in the mind. It’s a delusion.
Adam trust me I know what I am doing. Say the mantra keep repeating it when you hear the God voices.
Look I must run got another appointment.
Snakey you are trembling.
Just a touch of the nerves I have been up all last night planning the future. Bye.
Children at last. How are you?
God does not exist, God does not exist, God does not exist.
Adam what is wrong?
God does not exist. Eve do you hear the voices.
What voices Adam?
I hear nothing, just you.
Children I must go take care just dropped into say hello. Adam you are acting strange, is everything ok with you?
God does not exist.
Eve I did it I think I have overcome the God complex.
Hi, back again.
Hi snakey. You disappeared quick before. You are still trembling.
Up late last night and getting over the flu.
I did it snakey I said your mantra and the voices stopped.
But you must keep the mantra up. Let’s all party.
Yes let’s. I picked these apples off the tree of knowledge. Let’s eat and drink and be merry.
Adam eat up.
Quite nice. But Eve we are naked.
Now you are talking Adam. None of that God complex and you are fun.
Adam I know trust me you are healed.
Thanks snakey. Eve and I are so eternally grateful for all your help.
Any other mind problems give me a call.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Seek Wisdom

June 19, 2013

Jesus! Jesus!
Hi Tom.
Don’t just stand outside come in.
Thanks for inviting me Tom.
No worries, help yourself to a beer, on the house, fridge is in the kitchen end of the corridor.
(Jesus smiles, walks in to a crowded living room, the music is loud. Jesus makes his way down the corridor)
Oh hi Gloria.
Meet my friend Joan.
Hi Joan.
Hi Jesus.
Gloria tells me you are studying sociology.
Sure am.
I love sociology. You like it.
It’s very complex to me.
You mean you do not understand it.
It’s just so uuumm yer complex.
What do you mean Jesus?
Well it’s seems so human made up.
Well I love sociology.
Hey Joan you love me too.
Yes Gloria I love you too.
It’s good to love; God is love.
Now Jesus do not get religious on us. I know who can help you about sociology; Roger. Roger is gay but he understands sociology so well. Roger is looking for a new friend.
No thanks Joan.
Hey are you being a snob Jesus.
Must go, need a leak.
(Jesus walks away from Gloria and Joan; Jesus heads for the kitchen)
Hey Tom where’s the bathroom?
Upstairs last room end of passageway.
(Jesus climbs the stairs comes to the door to the bathroom, opens the door, Jesus is desperate for a leak)
Oh so sorry.
You the new guy Jesus don’t mind me I will be here for yonks you can use the bath.
No I am imposing.
No you are not.
(Jesus is desperate to go)
Hi Carol.
(Sam and Jeff holding hands come in)
Use the bath.
No worries Carol.
Hi Jesus,
Hi Sam, hi Jeff.
(Carol still on the toilet answers her phone. Carol gets in to a conversation with a friend)
(“What the heck with it” Jesus thinks “I have to go”)
(Jesus relieves himself and walks out of the bathroom)
(Sam shouts after him, “Roger wants to speak to you”)
Hi Jesus, you still doing psychology?
Hi Ben, yep still doing it.
You not drinking.
No Ben I am not thirsty.
Thirsty, what’s thirsty to do with beer?
Jim! Jimbo!
Yer Ben!
Throw me a can!
(While Ben is turned away Jesus moves away quickly, he heads for the lounge, the music here is ear jamming, so very loud, people are dancing, some are even half dressed)
There you are Jesus.
Oh hi Roger.
Hear you are not coming to terms with sociology. I can heal you of that. Meet me in the upstairs bedroom down the passageway first on left. Meet me in 10 minutes.
(Roger then falls down on a sofa, the liquor is getting to him)
Hi. Want a dance.
No thanks.
Don’t you like women?
Yes but I can not dance.
My name is Kitty.
Yes I know, I see you in psychology class. You always sit at the back.
Yes I do, I find psychology so boring.
Me too.
I thought you were a genius. You look like one.
Psychology to me is so manmade.
Why do an Arts Degree then?
My FATHER instructed me to do it.
He wants me to learn about man.
What about women?
Yes women too.
How does studying an Arts Degree give you knowledge about men and women?
The Arts are to do with artificial. Artificial is to do with manmade. Manmade is to do with perversion. Perversion is a turning away from God our creator. Art is in the word artificial and art is about mankind not God. Art is mans creations not Gods creations.
You are so religious. Have fun, unwind, you look so tense, forget God and religion that’s for the oldies we are young, enjoy.
Got to go.
Your mummy wants you home.
Now Kitty be nice. Bye, see you in class tomorrow.
I might miss tomorrow, might sleep in, I will have such a bad hangover.
(Jesus leaves the house, he heads for his own digs a room in a university hostel nearby)
FATHER do I have to carry on learning about “mans” (peoples) understanding?
Yes my Son, please endure, you will bear fruit, you will succeed.
FATHER when can I come home?
Everything in its right timing. Be patient Son.
Night Son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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