In my younger days I was a ambitious man. I wanted success and money. I was godless, knew no God to worship. I knew nothing much. I loved money. I lusted after women. But it was just lust and even though I did go further than lust with some women, the lust was never fully satisfactory. I did like some girls in a fuller connection but they were not to succeed because I just was not mature for a long term full on love affair. There were some girls I seemed to have a spirit soul connection with but alas these affections were not reciprocated. But it was earlier in my college days that I knew I was not getting anywhere (in life). 

In other words I was not maturing. I was not learning. I needed a teacher. I wanted a mentor teacher friend who was Godly and mature and gifted who would guide me in an education of Gods wisdom. But in my youth I knew nothing about wisdom. I expect in my youth the word wisdom had not even entered my vocabulary. In my early 20’s I craved for knowing. I looked at people and thought that they had something that made them aware and gifted. I moved to another job, a job way away from my present surroundings, I lived alone and worked at a job in a town shopping mall. I was very lonely. I had no friends. I struggled to cope. During this time I had thoughts of going to university and learning knowledge. It was like I was being led in these thoughts (by Spirit). I enrolled at university and applied for university accommodation. I was accepted in both. I found the living arrangements at the university hostel very satisfactory. I liked it there and it felt great to be around people. But I needed a teacher. The university studies were horrific I could understand little. But I was determined to carry on. I was never one for the likes of suicide. My mind was a total mess but I tried to do the best I could. I found no teacher for me at the university but a teacher did find me at the university hostel. He was a student but also a practicing Christian. He was into disciple making. I felt comfortable with his style and it fitted well with my getting an education. But not the education from the likes of humanistic teaching but the teachings coming from Jesus Christ. Christ’s teachings were just up my street. I went head long in to learning from the biblical teachings. I found my God, my saviour and teacher. The Holy Spirit came to be my teacher. The Christian teacher led me to Christ and once that was secure I felt I did not need any other teacher but Christ. Christ taught me through His Spirit. I was a very simple man and needed an education but not in the way of man. I learnt not much at all from mans schooling/education; none of that education really grew in me. I understood little from all my mans schooling. I passed qualifications because I some how did the work and just passed but all the learning meant little to me. 
At my first job (just after college and before university) and after about five working years I received a job report. The manager had written in my report: that I would be now considered for promotion but it was dependent on my maturing more. I knew in my heart that I was not maturing and to do the manager and the job justice I would need to leave. I left this job. But a few years prior; I was at this work and in an interval of a few minutes I was sensing a voice talking to me. I sensed this voice saying to me that I was going to write. Now at the time I felt privileged to be spoken to by this voice. It was not a voice like loud or decipherable in a mind way but it was like a perception, I could not hear the exact words in my ears as such but all the same I could relate to something talking to me. Obviously in hindsight it was a Spirit talking to me. At the time I knew nothing about spirit or soul or gods or God or Jesus Christ or Angels. In those days I was devoid of any sort of religion. I was simple. I knew no wisdom. I believed or tried to believe other people. Everyone who knew knowledge were like gods to me. I was a nothing. 
But recently on reading about the simple person and the foolish person I see a difference between them. The fool knows the principles of wisdom but deliberately does not adhere to them. The fool thinks he is wise when he is not. The fool never learns. The fool mouths off all sorts of curses and judgments on others thinking he is right. On the other hand the simple person knows not the principles of wisdom. The simple believe everyone. The simple need wisdom and when led to wisdom they become wise. The fool seldom becomes wise. The fool thinks he has no need of wisdom. The fool is in denial like some alcoholics are in denial. Keep away from the fool. 
I found my wisdom in Christ through the Holy Spirit. My first human teacher led me to Christ’s teachings then the Holy Spirit took over. I have matured in the body of Christ in spirit and soul. I am simple but wise, I learn off God, I believe God in Christ. I am wise now in Christ. I have never lost my simplicity it’s just that I have matured and know right from wrong. I have not become complex in Christ, no. God protects the simple. God teaches the simple. The simple in Christ learn from seeing their enemies defeated. The simple in Christ have all their enemies defeated by God and these enemies either repent or suffer. Christ lives in the simple and every knee has to bow to Christ. The simple person likes to live the simple easy life. In Christ the simple become wise but if the simple avoid Christ they are fed complex. Complex leads to this complex and that complex and leads to layers of complexity that shut out normal simplistic functioning. Complex leads us away from the simple truth. 
The simple person needs the simple truth. Without the simple truth the simple person will never be a success. Feed complexity to the complex person but feed the simple truth to the simple person. With truth the simple person will mature, grow strong, be wise, succeed, prosper and be in good health body mind and soul.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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