January 11, 2019

The dress maker gets a pattern for her dress. The pattern is the design. Patterns for dresses can be bought from the shop. Patterns are made by designers. The dress maker buys her material. The maker cuts up her fabric material to fit the size of the pattern. The maker cuts out the dress sleeves. She attaches the sleeves to the main body of the dress. She sews with a sewing machine the parts of the dress together.

My question is: Was the dress created or did the dress evolve?

Did the dress evolve over time? Dresses have evolved over time to suit more modern thinking. The dress in question was made, true, but is made called created or evolved? Clothing does evolve to suit more later modern tastes but that is where evolution in clothes stops. The dress in question was made and made to a design a pattern so it was created. We get evolution of clothes to suit different clothes design tastes but the clothes are created. We get both evolution and creation.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.




January 11, 2019

What came first the hen or the egg? Neither, the rooster came first. It’s the same with Mother Nature, she did not come first. Mother Nature was created, she was made. Mother was created by the Father. The Father is Spirit. God Spirit impregnated the Mother. Mother Mary Mother of Jesus Christ was impregnated by the Father Spirit. Mother Nature is created, she is not the creator. Nature is creation. God created He made His creation.

We humans come from a woman so we are nature too we are created we are creation. Jesus Christ is son of man and Son of God, He has a nature. The Son has a nature but not the Father Spirit. Nature is the creation. Jesus had a nature being born of a Mother (nature) but He was taken up in to heaven to be free of nature and to live in a spiritual body. Does Jesus have nature now? Nature does not or can not live in heaven. In a blink of an eye lid we are changed, we get new bodies, we get immortal bodies. Mortal changes to immortal. Mortal is nature, immortal is not nature. Mortal dies, nature dies. Mother Mary did not come first, The Father God came first. Jesus had already existed before Mary gave birth to Jesus. From a egg we got Jesus but Jesus came down from heaven to be born of a physical birth. So the hen came after the rooster and the egg came next. Mother Nature was created by God Spirit creator and the Son of God was created by God Spirit. Mother Nature never came first. Creation never comes first. The body never comes first, you go head first in to anything not body first. The Father Spirit impregnated using His Spirit in to the making and beginning of the universe. The Spirit consummated and started the process of birthing the universe. The Spirit created. The universe was born. The universe grew. The rooster came first, God is first, He is the Father, the Father is Spirit. The language of humans has evolved, it was created first and grew then it evolved. The English language is an evolved perception of God the creator; we can perceive God through language in a figuratively way. Language is full of metaphors, analogies, figures of speech, parables; this makes it possible to see God. We see God in Words and the imagery that Words make. Our whole language is one big expression of God, we breathe in we breathe out, we exhale God breathe and we inhale God breathe, God is in the breathing. Human spirit and God Spirit is in us, spirit and Spirit comes and goes as we breathe, God is in our spoken words, words travel. We are part of a big body we are each members of this body. One God Body, one Satan body. Two main churches (bodies) and then there’s the lost souls, those in the wilderness. Church is a body, forget the man made buildings (they are not alive). You can be next to another person just in words. All members of a body are connected up. We rely on each other in the body. Don’t talk too much. Your words make you or break you. The head is always listening and is in charge, you are judged by your words and deeds. Take care of other body members, we win or fail as the total body (of many members) not by doing it by ourselves. The head will know when each member sins. The theory that humans evolved is a steep consideration because God created. God created and we know yes us humans even know that to make something we draw a design first. We create from a design. All intelligent makers use design, only foolish makers don’t use design. God knew what he wanted humans to grow like, we humans were created in to the image of God. So where is the evolution? Evolution has to evolve to adapt to circumstances like the environment or the climate or where and how to get to the food or water source. Life needs water and food. Humans have always had intelligence behind it every part of the way. Humans to evolve have to evolve to adapt and fit in to an environment that makes living possible. Did we evolve arms hands and legs and feet so that we could find food and water or did humans evolve to a set pattern guided by God the creator? Why evolve to a set pattern already thought of in the beginning. Evolution is there but it’s a planned out evolution brought about by intelligence. We don’t want to be in the dark about humans evolving. Evolution has only become a word to use as a tool to try and prove that there is no creator God with intelligence. Mankind tries to believe that God the Father did not make intelligence saying instead that his her intelligence was made by humans. Mother Nature made intelligence. The Father, poof, we don’t want to know. People might say God created and mankind evolved. People might say humans were first fish in a vast ocean. This vast ocean of waters existed before the universe was made, before the Big Bang. Water was here and God used the water to make the universe. Water has hydrogen and oxygen in it, oxygen can help the Big Bang explode, hydrogen is the energy. Now I do not know, all this is speculation. If Gods children were once fish (we Christians already have the fish symbol) then were Satan’s children also in this vast ocean before the universe was created. Snakes and fish in a vast ocean? Who knows? But there is no wrong in thinking. Don’t get me wrong this is theory. As fish we evolved in to humans, snakes evolved in to humans. Ha ha sounds crazy. Fish got legs and feet and arms and hands, is that not evolving? But we are in Gods image so did God evolve himself? We might have evolved but we evolved to a set design pattern patterned on God Himself. Evolution in science eyes has no design or pattern but there was design and pattern. Evolution has it wrong and right. Evolutionists try to know apart from God.

Creation comes from a seed. The rooster has the seed. God sows the seed. Male makes female (fe – male) and sows seed in female to a egg and the egg produces a life. Males have the seeds, females do not have the seeds. Males sow not females. The universe was a Big Bang, it was birthed and it grew, God is about growth. The seed came from God Spirit, the seeds were sown and life was produced, a universe was produced. The Big Bang is a created universe. Life is in the universe, we on earth are that life. I don’t believe in another planet like earth. God is about ONE ONE ONE ONE. A key to understanding God is in “oneness”. One God, One Heaven, one earth, one church that is the one body of Christ, one God Head. God’s wisdom is seen in Gods creation, we see seeds, we see growth, we see oneness, we see one head on a one body of humans. We humans are in the image of God, we see Gods wisdom in our own human make up.

What mystifies me is that the Bible says that “There will be a New Heaven and a new earth”. New as in out with the old and in with the new? I don’t know. Or does it mean a new world? The world covers the earth and is made up of a lot of man made creations. The world is the cess pool on this earth. The earth is the soil, it is the God created planet. Do we get a new world on the same planet? The End of the World is spoken of. I believe in the End of the World; how will it end? Fire. Fire cleanses the earth. The world covering the earth is burnt all off; all of it? I don’t know. Fire it will be but where will this fire come from? The world was created by man (male and female) and maybe man (male and female) will burn all his her creations. Life made by God will also burn. Humans will burn. The fire could come from solar flares from the sun or from man made weapons. The world when the fire does come will be so dirty and polluted that a good cleansing is in order. After the fire, will life come back again? A New Heaven and a new earth? A new world? I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 11, 2019

Who benefited most out of Xmas Day? Christ? No. The Church? No. The poor, lost and sick? No. The hungry? No.

The people who benefited most from Xmas Day are the shop keepers.

Xmas Day is about feeding a frenzy of greedy shop owners. Shops promote Xmas Day like it’s the end of the world. Before Xmas Day it’s a media scrum to cater to shops advertising. The media are on board to promote Xmas Day as the shops pay huge amounts of money to the media. Xmas Day is a billionaire scramble as shops try to out do each other for the customers money.

So where is Christ’s birth in Xmas Day in the shops and media advertising, it’s there a tiny bit just to make sure shoppers are brought to the shops till in peace and good will depositing all their money. Shops use the birth of Christ for their own selfish means. Do our Church leaders lambast shops for using Christ for money? No. Jesus remember when in the Temple courts turned over the money changers tables, Jesus ran the shop sellers selling wares in the Temple courts out of the Temple area. Xmas is just about money now nothing more.

So what is the purpose of Xmas time? It’s plain to see, Xmas to most people is about peace and good will. It’s about giving gifts, it’s about drinking alcohol, It’s about feasting, it’s about family reunions, it’s about resting. And the shops take your money and make themselves rich. Christ’s birth is nothing.

Children are taught that Xmas is about Santa giving gifts. Children are not taught about Jesus Christ. Some children go to Sunday school and are taught the truth but this is getting rare now a days, Sunday school is looked on as an oddity. Adults would prefer their young children believed in Santa Claus not in Jesus Christ. Who is deceiving who?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 11, 2019

I thought on this today. We feel this way that way any way. What if I feel lonely. To do so I must feel lonely about someone or some people. I must miss someone. Someone may be missing me but to feel it I must miss the other person. Feelings come and go the longer they linger and stay you can move elsewhere to get away from the feelings. Move on. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Don’t let the feelings get to you. If someone misses you and they are lonely you don’t have to miss them and be lonely. Friends linger, feelings linger. Those closest to you affect your feelings. Sometimes to get some space from feelings you may have to get away from certain people. Feelings is to and from the heart. Feelings come like vibrations. How people rave on about their city being vibrant. Vibrant means getting good feelings. We must make friends to get feelings. How do we please our feelings? We shower our friends with appropriate love, we give gifts to our friends. No man is an island. We have to have friends so we must treat our friends with sincerity. Some people do get away from other people, they call themselves hermits. These hermits live away from all people, they live lives of solitude, they are not affected by vibrations/feelings. Hermits in many cases want to just commune with God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 11, 2019

Jesus Come down from that cross right now, just wait until I tell your father.

But Mum I can not.

You sure can come down this minute.

Mum I can’t.

Son you are making a spectacle of yourself.

Mum let it be.

You there.

Yes madam.

What is your name?

Romus, madam.

And you are a Roman soldier?

I am madam.

Get my son down from that cross.

No madam that is not possible.

And why not? I am the boys mother.

Pilate gave orders for your son to be crucified.

Pilate who?

The Governor.

Oh that Pilate.

Okay what is going on here?

Who are you?

I am the centurion here. Romus is this woman making trouble?

Sir she is the mother of Jesus.

My son my son he does not deserve this. He got in with the wrong crowd. It’s not his fault.

Mum let it be.

Madam your son says he’s the Son of God.

What of it, who cares if he is Napoleon or Moses or the Son of God. He’s going through a God phase he will get over it.

But your son says he rules with God the Father.

But it’s a phase, he could be Moses next week.

The Jews are slighted by Jesus.

I am a Jew I am not slighted.

Why would God the Father have a Son? And if he did why choose a dead beat like your son?

My son is worthy, he’s a good carpenter.

He should have kept to his carpentry instead of going around making trouble and having a God complex.

But he can be cured. There’s medicines.

Look it’s out of our hands.

Who can I see?

The Governor but the decree for Jesus death has been signed with a seal.

My son my son.

Mum stop it everyone is watching you.

Son you have brought shame on our family.

Mum stop it.

Oh oh I can not bear it.

Sir what shall we do with her?

Hold her with force and give her an injection.

Inject with what?

A strong sedative.

Stop it keep your hands off me.

Grab her.

Jesus help me.

Mum I can not help.

All done sir.

I am feeling drowsy.

Take her to the town, her emotions will die down over time.

Mum mum mummm.

Pass the wine.

Jesus cheer up join in the fun.

How can I from up here.

You are no fun Jesus. You are a born loser. God complex. What a waste of a life.

Pass the jug.

Hey it’s getting dark.

Let’s leave this loser for a few hours and retire to the town for a party.

Party yes yes. I love parties. Fun fun fun.

Father forgive them they do not understand.

What a loser that Jesus is. He really believes in himself. Let’s go.

Father this time (called Xmas) is time to celebrate and enjoy me but it’s also about suffering.

Many peoples suffer over Xmas as Jesus did. We celebrate Jesus suffering. We suffer too.

Christmas is Christ mass. The mass of Christ. Mass is partaken this day we take the bread and wine we participate in the flesh and blood of Jesus. The bread represents Jesus flesh and the wine represents Jesus blood.

Xmas is the cross mass. Our sins are crossed out by Jesus dying on the cross.

So what are you celebrating over Christmas?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 11, 2019

Multiculturalism has been looked at as good but later down the line children won’t know what culture they are and identity is in the culture. Children even now know no culture. Children now have no identity. A nation can not thrive if many cultures are working individual of each other and not working together. Unity gives strength to a nation. From culture we get our values.

People embraced multiculturalism, it was interesting, people were bored of their one culture. Different languages, different cooking, different music, different religions, all made interesting. People travel overseas because they want to experience other cultures so why not invite them here. Seeing different cultures is learning and learning keeps one motivated. But having too much of one thing later goes boring. Too much multiculturalism goes boring. We can have multiculturalism but not the full works just some to spice up our nation with some exotic flavours but we don’t want foreign cultures taking over our own distinct original culture. So it’s got mad we don’t know who we are. People like the youth find solace in alcohol and drugs.

The nation needs culture to be cultured but you can not grow in many cultures together you must remain embedded in your one culture to grow. To keep your culture you must keep your cultures language, that is the big one, and you must keep your religion the other big one. To keep culture you must mix with those in your culture often. Your culture is where your home is and your home is where your heart is. You grow spiritually in your culture.

Multiculturalism was good but it has gone too much. So is Australia’s main culture English with British emphasis? Do we still have a main dominant culture in Australia? English is the main language in Australia but does that mean Australia is British culture? The Aborigine might say that the main culture of Australia is Aborigine culture. The British were not the original culture of Australia. Snuff out a races culture you snuff them all out. The white British in the early days tried just that they tried to snuff out the Aborigine culture. The Aborigine don’t grow much in a culture because they have had much of their culture snuffed out.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Escape from the Japanese (Book title)

January 11, 2019

Commander Goodwin outwitted the Devil. I think Goodwin had extra help, help from the good divine.

Even Goodwin when thinking back over his escape while writing this book reflects how only intervention by a “higher power” (I use those two words) could have helped him escape. Goodwin even says it must have been pre ordained that he would escape. So did God know before hand that this war would happen? I love a good true escape story. I love good over evil, I hate evil winning I love good winning. Goodwin is a winner.

Every day we are trying to outwit the Devil. We are in a war with our thoughts. We think or we should think. Who lives witless and mindless. Our mind is the seat of the soul. We sharpen up our thinking on the Words of God. We can use the Bible Words to sharpen us up. Truth sets us free and truth sharpens up our thinking. We war with words in our mind and heart. People think war is just in the physical, how wrong they are, they are deluded. Goodwin in his incarceration and during his escape battled in the physical but he also battled in his mind and heart with the spiritual. Don’t think soldiers and navy personnel and airforce crews fight just flesh and bone, such is an illusion. Military personnel come back from wars at war end but it is not an end to war in the mind. The thoughts in the mind may rage for years and years yet until peace comes. The military must be taught how to fight spiritual battles as well as learning about the physical battles. Mind soul and spirit go to war too, it’s just not the flesh and bone fighting. The returning military after war ends are scarred physically yes but their minds souls are scarred too. War never ends for many soldiers etc until they die. Fighting ones war demons go with a lot of people to their graves.

The military do not teach the spiritual aspects of war. If we fight for good we should be fighting for God. God is the good side. God may come from the word Good, I don’t know.

We get wounded in battle. A lot of wounds are physical but a lot of wounds are also in mind/soul. We don’t want to talk about mind wounds, why? Because most people live in a dream as it is. Minds are dull, minds do not obey God, we are essentially sinners and we know it and we hide from God. People live in a false reality. It’s money and material things, its idols, it’s perversions. To admit we have a soul is to admit that there is a creator God who gave us the soul. Also to admit we have a human spirit is to admit God is Spirit and most people don’t want to go there. So the military go to war blind, it’s not about seeing in the spirit it’s about the physical and using man made weapons. A lot of war is about ATTRITION, it’s about the stronger nation wearing down the defences of the weaker nation.

I loved reading this book. I read the e book of it. I love good over evil.

9/10 nine out of ten I rate this book.

I hate secular book reviewing. I hate pagan book reviews. I love to see God in a story. I like my brain to be thinking, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling. I am no intelligensia, academic or scholar of this world, I hate mankind glorying in his her selfish pursuits. Am I arrogant? So said a Bible College lecturer to me. But I am simple so anything complex has to even out to simplicity to make any waves with me. I only operate on the simple truth. My thoughts are even not odd so odd has to make way for even. Even comes even if odd tries to complex my thinking, even wins out it has to or God’s wisdom is naught.

Goodwin has my vote of thanks for sharing his very interesting story.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Wise Leadership

January 11, 2019

It’s good that Australians expect good morals from their leaders. Good morals are first the most important ingredient to leadership, then intelligence, then qualifications. Good morals is Godly wisdom.

We in Australia follow the British in wanting our top leaders to be moral. The USA lacks moral fibre as shown in its now top leader. Europe lacks moral fibre, we see leaders in many of Europe’s nations over many years acting perverse. Merkel is an exception. Perverts ruling nations bring nations down. The USA usually is morally sound in its leader but it’s lacking now, it’s leader now has the moral fibre of something close to Hugh Hefner. Barack Obama was a good leader, he stays faithful to his wife, he is no adulterer. Trump meantime lacks faith. Trump and his friends like Putin can talk about prostitutes.

So we need faithful and loyal leadership. Faithful means faithful to the ONE God. Faithful means faithful to the ONE wife. Loyal means loyal to the ONE God. One head to be faithful and loyal to. The ONE Head of God, the God Head.

Qualifications to rule are not necessary earned at a school or college or university but are earned by listening, loving, forgiving, being merciful, being kind, patient, caring, tolerant.

School teaches little of the true qualifications needed to rule. Wisdom of God is the true ruling qualification. Wisdom of God is JESUS CHRIST no other.

Wisdom of Jesus Christ is not taught at school, knowledge is taught at school, knowledge is of the Father God, but wisdom is of Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is knowledge in the sense it’s knowing but it is knowing God. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is NOT science. Science is knowledge that God the Father said not to eat of. The tree of life is Wisdom of Jesus Christ. We can live by knowing Christ’s Wisdom and not by knowing science. Science has a two edged sword, it kills on one side and heals on the other side whereas Wisdom of Christ is good for all and does only but good.

I don’t need science to live on this planet earth. I can live by just being wise of Christ. God said eat of knowledge and you will die.

Science makes us like God the Father. But the Father God wants us to be like His Son Jesus Christ. Science is killing this planet. Science is raping this planet earth for the sake of Progress, and Progress is simply about making money and having man made creations. Wisdom of God is living simply. Simple living is healthy living.

Religion has made friends with science. Religion has made friends with money. The religious church fights evil with science but evil uses science to fight the religious church. Scientists like Einstein and Hawking are the peoples gods. People rush to Scientists to save mankind.

We are a faithless people.

God will protect you from evil.


It’s true.



Fool. We need weapons.

But everything comes down to words.


Words control us.


Control the mind, the soul, the thoughts, the heart, you control people.

Durr. We need science to build weapons.

But we are soul we are spirit.

We are flesh and bone.

I know but flesh and bone are just a covering.

Covering for what?

For us, you, me, other people. We are what we think. Soul thinks.

Look we need to fight physically.

And physically you will die.


It’s simple.

What’s simple?

The truth.

Truth simple?

Yes it’s ALWAYS the simple truth.

Bahhhh. You are a dreamer.

Wake up sleeper.

What!!! I am not a sleep.

One of us is and it’s not me.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Language’s lesson is to keep it simple

January 11, 2019

But simple is not liked by most people. Simple to most people is foolishness.

Simple can be pure but pure is hated by people.

Simple can be humble but humbleness is hated by people.

Simple is ignorant is bliss but ignorance is hated by people.

Simple is one but one is hated by people. People love many. Many Gods. Many affairs.

So people talk about ‘keep it simple’ but really in their minds and hearts people like keeping it complex.

Complex is layer and layer of layers over the core simplicity. Complex is the facades. Complex is the veneer. Complex is the masks. Complex dilutes the truth. Complex is the dressing on top.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


SCIENCE AND HEAVEN – A Prophets lament

January 11, 2019

I have often felt like a persecuted Prophet.

Now I see how Jesus Christ must have felt; Jesus born in a stable amongst the farm animals. How humans have everything upside down in their wisdom. Christ, Gods Son, made out to be rubbish. God’s wisdom made out to be rubbish while Man’s wisdom is made to be superior.

Man makes his her heart to be the brains behind his her body. The intellect rules from the heart to Man. The seat of intellect is the heart and the brain is bypassed. Man bypasses the brain and thinks it’s not needed, Man brings in artificial intelligence. “We don’t need God” Man says ”we can replicate God, we can even replicate Gods intelligence”.

In God’s will we are not meant to use the brains, the brains use us. We don’t use God, God uses us. Simple. We just obey. We obey by not sinning.

Progress for Man is raping the earth (Mother earth – Mother) and making things; man creates; Man makes from what he she takes from the Mother. Mother Nature is abused. She is raped day and night. Man then pursues The Father and The Father is above. Man wants to get up there. Man is destroying Mother Earth, there is no other Mother. Man needs to be grounded with the Mother, rooted in to her. Man seeks to be with the Father so Man looks to going up there in the physical heavens. There is a CATCH 22 here. To go up there to Man is in someways to find new life, to find answers to life in this universe, to find God or god or a super being. But Man also wants to find a place to live when this Mother Earth is destroyed (by fire, by nuclear weapons, by whatever maybe solar storms)(Mother Earth won’t die she will renew herself). So Man is destroying his her Mother and seeking out the Father (up there?). We need the Mother and the Father. There is no other Mother Earth. We have only the ONE Mother. The CATCH 22 is that the more we try and go up there the more we rape the earth to get up there. We need the Mother Earth to supply us with the things that make up what we build to get up there. The more we rape the Mother Earth the more we have to find another Mother Earth to replace the Mother Earth we destroy. We must not destroy our Mother we have to be grounded to our ONE Mother to keep our sanity. The more we go up there we lose our grounded ness, we lose sanity.

In life we take and take from the Mother. The Mother loves her children and gives and gives. We take and take. The Mother hurts but children don’t care. We want to take everything the Mother (earth) has. We don’t care about the Mother (earth) we care just about ourselves. Humans are so selfish.

Man’s wisdom is not Jesus Christ’s Wisdom. Man is only interested in his her PROGRESS. Progress is making money. Progress to Man is ONLY about making money.

I might have it wrong about the errant way of Man seeking out God or a super power up there. I might have it wrong about science. I am just a simple, plain, straight person. I am no human scholar with high qualifications. I don’t profess to have high intelligence. I am simple, but I want pure thoughts. I hate thinking impure. I like it when the sea of thoughts of Man (his her) do not impinge on my thinking. I hate crooked thinking. I want to be on the top of God’s thinking. I want straight thinking, straight on God. I used to be off the world before I came to God or God came to me, I have gone from one track thinking of the worlds thoughts to one track thinking of Gods thoughts (through Jesus Christ).

Man (he she) seeks answers to life up there. Man wants to go up there. It might be Gods will. But I see it different from Man. I see death to this world. I see fire to this world. Am I full of doom? I see life, eternal life for many souls. People think Man’s progress will go on and on but progress of man is destroying in its wake. The earth is being destroyed, Gods creation is being destroyed. Man’s progress is costing. There is no free ride to progress. People suffer in Mans progress. Progress is about making money. Money is about materialism. Man is basically a capitalist. Man loves things.

Man will go up there and the world will die. The Earth won’t die, the Earth will renew itself. We don’t kill the Mother Earth. The world sits on the Earth. Fire will destroy this world. The Mother will live on. Humans need the Mother (Earth) to survive.

I am a Prophet, I See, but I might see it wrong. But all good things come to an End. Progress comes to an End. Evil comes to an End. The world comes to an End. There’s always an end to a beginning. God though is eternal and if we are in God we too have eternity.

The CATCH 22. The more you go up there to find answers the more you lose connective ness to the Mother (earth), the more you don’t go up there the more you don’t get answers to life. You go up you lose out on the Mother, you don’t go up, you lose out on the Father.

But heaven and Hell are spiritual revelation not physical revelation. Science can not understand God. God is Spirit. Science is ONLY about the material physical. Heaven is within and hell is within. There are two main bodies, one, Gods and the other Satans. Two living bodies. We live in one of these bodies. We are spirit. We are soul. Satan’s body is commanded by the Dragon. The snake deity is the member of the Dragons body. Snakes live for this world and go with Satan to hell in the End Times. Hell is in Satan’s body. In Gods body is heaven.

Science sees God up there in the physical because science is just about the physical and not the spiritual. Prophets who are known as Seers have strong insight. Insight helps one to see in the spiritual. Heaven to science is up there physically. Man understands from science. Man is taught that science will save us. Science saves no one. Okay science does help the physical body. Science though does not save the soul. God can give us eternal life, science can not give us eternal life. If God gave you a choice of either being a Prophet or a scientist what would you choose? Say no more.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


“The Tower of Babel”

January 11, 2019

This tower was built so humans could get closer to the heavens. God to humans is in the physical heavens up there.

Man wanted to be close to God. God is the creator. Man thinks their creator is up there. The brain is up there and the brain is in charge of the body so I see why man would think their creator is up there in the physical. The brain could have created the body. So do we have an objective God and also a subjective God? God within and God out there. I also want to know. With The Tower of Babel the creator God was not pleased. Why would God the creator not be pleased with man wanting to be close to Him? God was so displeased that God scattered mankind over the earth and caused mankind to lose his her one common language; mankind now had many separate groups each having their own language. Mankind was not so strong now, he she had lost unity. No more common language, no unity to defy God, no Tower of Babel.

Mankind has not lost his her desire to be close to God. The human spirit in the heart of man and woman seeks the up there. The human spirit believes that God is up there, and that the ‘up there God’ made them (made human spirit). What? Human spirit was made by ’the up there’, up there is where? Does God reside in the brain of man and woman? We know the Holy Spirit God comes down in to the heart. So we have God in the heart, so is God also in the brain? People who have ‘after life’ experiences talk about a incredible strong light. Is there a strong light in our brains? Heaven in the brain? But what about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and our our getting new bodies? So when we get our new body is heaven all around then? Heaven is out there and within. Heaven is only out there when we get our new bodies. Where do we go in the interim between when we die and when we get new bodies in the Second Coming? Do we sleep in this interim? Where do we sleep? I don’t know. We die but only our physical body dies, our soul sleeps and our human spirit returns to God? Our soul awakens at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. So brain made us, who made the brain? God? Spirit? We in human spirit go perverted, we look to materialism as our God, we look out of our human hearts and lose touch and reality with Gods Kingdom. God’s Kingdom is not of this world. God’s Kingdom is a spiritual Kingdom. We look to physical to know the truth when we are spirit and should be looking to the spiritual for our truths. God made the out there. Creation is God made but we don’t have a relationship human spirit to Gods creation we have a relationship from our human spirit to God Spirit. We are spirit. We are spirit in the heart of the human body. But mankind thinks they are clever to seek truth out there in the creation; truth is with the creator, the creator is Spirit. Mankind has a relationship with the creation not the creator; dumb. To have a relationship with the creation dumbs the human spirit, it also perverts the human spirit.

Mankind with his her love to get ‘up there’ (when ‘up there’ should be the human spirit in the heart to the brain up there in the head) is just a selfish pursuit of dumb perversion. The more mankind gets up there in his her understanding the more God must be getting angry. God got angry when mankind made The Tower of Babel. So what happens? The more mankind goes on his her dumb pursuit of seeking truth and God ‘up there’, another Tower of Babel God seeking, it brings us closer to the “times up” of the scientists dooms day clock. Scientists know time is ticking to the end. The more mankind pursues God in his her own way the closer the “End of the world” comes. There is only ONE earth and there is only ONE heaven. There is only ONE God. God wants a relationship with you but you seek God elsewhere. God is Spirit. You don’t understand.

I don’t believe any life is up there in the physical heavens. Up there is just outer space. It’s a fools errand to seek life up there. Water is ONLY on this earth. The more you go up there the more we forgo our brains and go artificial intelligence. We lose our grounded ness to the earth. We must be grounded to Mother Earth. A lot of scientists don’t believe in God the creator. Einstein did not believe. Stephen Hawking did not believe. Science is taking us away from God we are going artificial.

I mulled in my thinking since writing the above today and what I thought was that because we are soul and spirit it sometimes gets confusing as to – what are we learning to who? Who as in when is the soul learning and when is the human spirit learning. We are spirit and soul in a physical flesh body. Our human spirit seems to be in the heart and our soul seems to be in the head. I could be wrong. God saves the soul. But is human spirit saved? When we die soul sleeps until awakened at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and soul gets a new body. When we die human spirit goes to God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 11, 2019

It was 1999 about mid way through the year, about May or thereabouts. I was a full time student living on campus. The campus was very nice; lovely lawns and trees and shrubs, it was an idyllic setting.

The accommodation was very nice; like motel units, self contained, not old. The class rooms were very roomy. There was lunch provided in the main dining room; when I arrived we had a chef who assisted by students prepared cooked meals for us but not long later the College tightened its budget and the chef was laid off. We now had a live on campus male students wife preparing salads and such like for lunch (they were okay and plentiful it was like a salad buffet), gone were the delicious cooked meals from a chef. My first room was in a two bedroom unit, I shared this unit with another student. Later I was moved to a three bedroom unit. Social life for the students was hot; there were dinners at other units and group car rides to restaurants in the city, walks to the beach nearby, table tennis in the recreation room, biking around the environs. There was no time to be lonely especially if you were sharing your unit with an extrovert who had all in sunder around to our unit. I was often invited to other units for dinners simply because I shared a unit with a male student who was very sociable. I was the introvert. We were single males and most dinner invites were to the student ladies (they were single females) units. We also ate a lot Asian food because we had many single female Asian students living on campus.

Off to class. I was studying a number of subjects. Now to come to teacher A. Teacher A was in charge of the spiritual formation class subjects. What the College meant by spiritual formation and how it would affect our lives beggars belief. Do these teachers here form our human spirits? I don’t know and if so how do they do it? So here I go to teacher A’s first class in spiritual formation, I do not remember the subject name of this class. Teacher A was introducing himself to the new students. You can start class subjects half way through the year, a lot of subjects are half year duration, some are full year. Teacher A said that he was, wait for it, a “Humanist”. What!! Bells went in my mind. No one seemed to notice Teacher A’s confession, no one queried it to the teacher, I did not. A humanist teaching at a Bible College. No way it can not be.

Let’s get some light here on Humanism. Humanism is a response to religion. We know the saying “Every force has its equal and opposite force”. Humanism is a force against religion. Humanism does not have to necessary mean anti God but it is anti religion. In the way past religion controlled the masses. Communism was also a response to religion, Karl Marx said “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. Marx was a Jew but he obviously was a Jew in denial. Communism was a response to the decadence of the rich, the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class who owned land and were rich. Religion, to the communists, encouraged the capitalists to control the proletariat, the working class. The Tzar and his nobles used religion to confirm their status.

Now I do not say that teacher A at Bible College was a communist. Humanism comes in many types, it’s so complex that after years and years of adding to this ideology no one knows simply what it is in a nut shell. But humanism does keep its emphasis on being non religious. Non religious can still mean God believing. You don’t need to be religious to believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in His time on this earth made enemies of the religious Jews. Religion can often be just just about the outer self, it often portrays as righteous when it is only self righteous. Religion does not save the soul, it may help a bit, but Jesus Christ saves the soul. “God’s Kingdom is not off this world”; quote the Bible. Religion can be off the world. God is about the inner person, the spirit and soul person. We change people or God changes people or what we say converts people from the inside. Soul is inside the body. Religion is about the outside, so it can not save the soul? Karl Marx and communism were trying to change people from the outside. Communism was an outside response to rich people and religion. Now Russia was having it bad under the Tzar. Peasants as they were called were living hand to mouth while decadent nobles were dancing at extravagant balls in large palaces. Supply and demand. There was a demand for a better life for the Russian workers and the likes of Karl Marx were trying to supply this better life. The Tzar really needed to reform the country. Reformation is needed often after regular introspective reflection. Reformation should be part and parcel of life. We grow we must reform as we grow. The Roman Catholic Church is antiquated in its reforming. Now we see the Catholic Church leaking all over, its priests are a disgrace. Faulty plumbing needs updating regularly.

God does not change from the outside. We must change from the inside. Words change us in soul and Spirit. God is the supreme Words. We listen. We want the soul/mind/heart of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus Christ is God the Son, don’t we? Humanists defy religion but that does not mean they have to defy Jesus Christ as God the Son? I don’t know about teacher A and his beliefs on Jesus, he never revealed anything other than saying he was a humanist.

Teacher B might reveal something here more on humanism at this Bible College. Teacher B also taught spiritual formation classes and was allied to teacher A. I think teacher A and teacher B saw eye to eye on many ideology truths or untruths. Teacher B revealed that his father had been or was still a Christian church minister. Teacher B rebelled against his fathers job. Teacher B hated all that his father stood for in his fathers religion. Teacher B hated religion, in this case I think it was mainly traditional Christian religion he hated. Teacher B never said that he was a humanist; I think he veered in this direction but he was shy of publicising it. Teacher B was anti religion enough to include in his teaching syllabus a must watch movie. This movie was about a woman who moved to a small town (in Europe) and opened a shop selling chocolates. The town was full of very catholic religious people who controlled the minds of the people. This woman tried to teach the towns people an alternative way of ideology one based not on works but on faith. So we get Teacher B’s adversity to traditional religion in his high recommendation to watch this movie. Martin Luther started Protestantism (protest) on the back of – ‘faith not works saves the soul’. But James in the Bible says “Faith without works is dead and works without faith is dead”. So we can not just be couch potatoes and do nothing. Idle hands are the Devils tool. Work with our hands.

I mentioned communism had links to humanism but humanism started to the West in Greece. We got the thinkers Socrates and Plato. Philosophy to the West stems from Greece. We get science from the philosophy beginnings. Science grew and grew, it was like a tree, the tree of knowledge. Religion saw science as a threat and tried to contain it. The religious church grew too. Catholicism had a hold on learning. Next we get the renaissance beginning in Florence Italy. The rebirth in humanism spread to other cities, Rome and Venice and soon it was taking root everywhere. The renaissance was a rebirth of thinking apart from religion. People were free to learn and think outside the confines of religious thought. This rebirth was about music, paintings, science, architecture. This rebirth of thought outside the confines of religion was like an emancipation, a freedom. We get the term ‘free thinkers’. So we get humanism which is thought outside religion. Religion is controlled by priests many acting as gods, many even call themselves father. But humanism has its share of gods; scientists are the humanistic god priests. Scientists are creating life, they are changing DNA sequences in the living bodies, they are evolving from making human foetus in test tubes to making human body parts in the laboratory. Now we have scientists using 3D printers to make body parts. Religion was acting like God, now we have science acting like God.

Me. Where do I stand? I stand in the middle. I am not religious, I am not fundamentalist, I am not a humanist, I am not biased. I am simple, plain and straight. I SEE. I never learnt anything from reading the text books (I did not read them) made compulsory buying at Bible College; I never learnt anything much in classes from the teachers, I JUST SAW. (I of course had to read the library books in parts that were required reading for doing essays/assignments). I am like an observer learning as I go along and taking bits here and there to make up what becomes the bigger picture. Humanism and knowing what it is is part of learning, I learn about people. People are in Gods likeness. I perceive and understand. I don’t follow people. I am no disciple of any human person other than Jesus Christ. I am loyal and faithful to my Leader. Teachers and their likes are like hired hands. Hired hands won’t protect me from the Devil. Hired hands are used by God to help His Elect but hired hands are just that hired.

I return to my straight thinking trying to get all the noise of the world out of my head and heart. I hate the noise of the world, it’s crooked as can be. I focus when I think straight. I focus on one, not on one of the Bible College teachers, not on one of the television evangelists, not on one of the local church Ministers, not on one of my parents, not on my one wife, not on one of my bank accounts, not on my one house, not on one money, not on one political leader, not on one of my neighbours.


I have a one brain on a one body in a one world in a one universe ALL created by God.

God is ONE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

Mrs Merkel is blamed for far right or far left interference because she is in the ideological centre and tolerates both.

Mrs Merkel has been the best stabilising intelligent wise leader that Germany has ever had so far. Angela is a far cry from the previous leaders that Germany has bred and put in charge like for example the Kaiser and Hitler. Germany has acted dumb in the past with its election of leaders so Merkel is a lovely fresh breeze.

So Germany you put Hitler in charge, was that intelligent or dumb?

People can not see (SEE) that going left or right just destabilises the nation. Take a boat, you lean one way or the other you get unstableness. You sit in the middle of the boat you get stable. People are so undisciplined that they do not walk straight, see straight, act straight, think straight. So people walk crooked, up and down. People think crooked. To sit in the middle is to be disciplined.

People hate discipline; they also do not understand it. Merkel is centrist and that is wise. Left or right are the unbalanced ones. Left should get on with right. Right should get on with the left. Let left and right be led from the centre. Left and right are not inherently wrong but they need centre to lead. Centre balances left and right. You need left and right but centre is the boss.

Politics for many of the undisciplined are all about left and right fighting over who rules. It should be obvious that the centre should rule. Centre is the pivot. The pivot calls the tune of what is balanced.

What happens in undisciplined politics? Left wins and rules then to get the balance the next vote the right rules. If far left rules then next vote the far right rules. It’s a seesaw effect. People are blind or do not want to know. People are crooked in thinking. People are not straight thinkers. You rule from the middle of the seesaw you are balanced.

So politics for a lot of nations is swinging right to left, left to right and so on back and forth. Seesawing away, up and down, down and up. Politics can be so unbalanced.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Electricity Grids

December 10, 2018

The people who own the electricity grids in Australia are trying to protect their own interests and see green energy like solar as good if in their own hands meaning they own the solar farms and sell the power. But if people go green privately like homes each go solar this means the grids will lose out and that means those people who own the grids lose out.

Who owns the grids? Who, yes who? Government own and big corporations own in a mixture; it’s owned State and privately. So it’s not in the interests of the State it seems for people to go green privately like solar because homes going solar don’t need so much of the grid. Big private corporations who own grids don’t want homes to go green like solar. Governments and big private corporations make money from the grids.

Those who own the grids could entice home owners to feed off the grid more if prices came down. Grids feed off coal power stations and in some cases hydro electric. Coal and water. Coal is seen as a danger to the atmosphere. Coal is fossil not green. Grids could go solar themselves and have coal just as an emergency back stop. Grids could have huge solar farms feeding power in to them. Grids could have masses of wind turbines feeding power in to them.

I think grid owners had better lift their game if they want to keep solvent. Green power is obviously the way to go. Grid owners don’t want the excess solar power that homes feed back in to the grid because this does not make the grid owners money. Grid owners are about making money, they are not a charity.

More and more homes will go solar. I don’t know what the grid owners will do other than trying to compete with private homes going solar and going green themselves so as to offer electricity at a better price, thus under cutting the green private home solar power.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


My past friend Trevor

December 10, 2018

Trevor Mackey (Not his real name).

I was on the phone, Trevor you did what? Trevor had received a letter from the Prime Minister. Trevor was my friend. I did see that letter later. The letter did indeed come from the Prime Minister. I read notably that our esteemed leader was trying to fend Trevor off. The letter was about being vexed. Vexed was there in writing. The letter seemed to want Trevor to detest from troubling the leader. It was like please desist it’s getting too much. Trevor what are you doing, you can not go around vexing people. So much for my talk, I too vex people, or have done. Was Trevor called by God to keep the Government honest? No? I think I am a Prophet and Prophets of past kept authorities in order under God’s order. The Bible has many examples of God’s Prophets keeping leaders in order. But Trevor a Prophet? Stretching it a bit. But what do I know.

Then Trevor on another occasion described his troubling, wait for it, the New-Zealand Secret Service. Apparently Trevor had been on the phone to this Secret Agency on many an occasion. Then Trevor describes to me that a number of police cars came to his home. Trevor was put in to a Psychiatric Hospital but he just ran away from it. I never found Trevor to be a physical threat, he never was aggro, he never committed violence. Trevor to me was just somewhat immature. Trevor lived with his parents. I think Trevor had good intentions but when he vexed people he got in to a web that he did not want to be in and he would not apologise so he got in further and trying to wriggle oneself out of a web makes one get tangled even further. Trevor thought he was right and the Government wrong. So the Prime Minister was getting caught up in Trevors words. Trevor was no dummy. Trevor was a believer. Trevor’s brother Edwin was a born again Christian. Edwin knew my friend Guy. Guy introduced me to Christianity and through Guys efforts I too became a born again Christian. Edwin was no fool. Trevor was a bit different from his brother, Edwin married and had a regular job but Trevor seemed never to leave home base. I identified with Trevor in a number of ways, I too had mental problems. I called myself a Prophet of God but is that bad; you know I might be the real deal; and God protects his Prophets. If I am the real deal then I do not have to defend myself. You will just know. I had mental problems but I am a Prophet. Trevor a Prophet? If he is he is not a called one. I was disappointed that Trevor was vexing the Secret Service and Government leaders. If he wanted to keep authorities in order he could use love of God not just act immature and childish. Trevor was both childlike and childish. I like childlike but not childish.

I was living with my parents. Next door to us lived the Taylors, two parents and a son and a daughter. By this time the daughter had left the nest but the son returned to build his own home on his parents big property. The son married and had children. I knew the son as a teenager. Mrs Taylor eventually got a job at the New-Zealand Secret Service Agency, she became the private secretary to the Director of this Agency. One day my mother said to me that Mrs Taylor had spoken to her and warned that Lester should have nothing to do with Trevor. I thought when I heard it, Trevor is really known to the Secret Service Agency and is really troubling them. But it did not stop my friendship with Trevor. Trevor was just acting like a kid and he was no threat just annoying to some people. Mrs Taylor obviously was taking calls from Trevor, Trevor was trying to talk to the Director. Mrs Taylor was maybe privy to all Trevors actions being a secretary to the boss of this Agency. Our family knew the Taylors over many years. Mum was a friend of Mrs Taylor. Mrs Taylor would often cadge a lift to her work in the city with Dad and Mum (Mum was a private secretary to a high up Director in the New-Zealand Trade and Industry Department) when Dad drove his car and this was quite often. I do ask, how did Mrs Taylor know that I was a friend of Trevors? Did mum mention it, but I would not think so. So I was known at the Secret Service Agency as a friend of Trevors. But how was my connection to Trevor found out? Bugging phones maybe, not my phone but Trevors phone; beggars belief. Mrs Taylor and her husband seemed a cut above me and Dad; my Mum came from similar stock to the Taylor couple. Mr Taylor was a very high up official in a Government Department in what was then known as a Ministry.

But when I became a born again Christian I received a gift. Dad changed too. Dad was no longer any below cut person, Dad was now “enlightened” and that was his own word to me on one occasion. Dad was a radio technician, he gave his life to this profession but in my new God gift thinking I saw Dad was really called to be a Provost Marshal, a military policeman, maybe in the British Army. Dad had given his life to a calling not his to call. Dad, true, became enlightened but now he was retired or close to it and he had no chance of being a Provost Marshal now and even if he was younger and I was able to tell him then (I never did tell him) I doubt if he would have understood and changed his profession. Most people would not change their profession on my say so. I have a gift but nearly all people won’t recognise it. Dad was also science mad and science does not, on most accounts, accept a Spiritual gift. Dad never discussed God. God was a no no to Dad and Mum. Dad and Mum were helped by God but neither of them in my knowledge thanked God and neither were grateful to God. God was with me. I was grateful to have God and to be gifted by God.

The Taylors lived next door to my parents for many many years (both are passed away now), their children went to primary school with me and my two sisters. The son later lived next door in his new house with his family. The son I heard many years later died in a house fire a house somewhere else. I don’t know what happened to Trevor, I moved to Australia with my parents to Perth and I did not keep up with most of the people I knew in New-Zealand. I was trying for a clean break from all the mentally disturbed people I mixed with in New-Zealand I needed head space and saner minds about me. I sympathised with the lost and broken souls but I too needed to look out for my own soul health. I took to Jesus Christ as my saviour whereas many mentally ill took to other saviours.

P.S. All Christian names and surnames except mine are not the real names. The Secret Service Agency as mentioned is a real Secret Agency in New-Zealand but it has a different name but similar. This whole story is otherwise all TRUE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Gay priests worry Pope

December 10, 2018

It is of concern. Society is not straight like it used to be. Transgender transitioning, fetishes, pedophile, homosexuality, Life is not now black and white it is now very colourful. Is colour wrong? Television went colour and that was not wrong. We humans see colour. There are even and odd numbers. They say homosexuality is odd. Is odd wrong if there are odd numbers? I find homosexuality distasteful but that is me. I love straight. I love heterosexual sex. I detest homosexual sex. That is me and I have my human right of opinion. I have the freedom to like or not like what I want.

I sympathise with the Pope on his stand about homosexuality. But we the world do not understand homosexuality. No one seems to understand homosexuality not even the Pope. I don’t understand homosexuality. What we don’t know we are scared of. What I can not tolerate is the persecution of homosexuals. Homophobia is understood we hate the unknown but persecuting people can be evil.

I detest people like Fundamentalist Christian churches trying to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals. I think homosexuality is a born trait. You can not be heterosexual if you are born homosexual. You can practice homosexuality but if you are not born homosexual you are not one.

I find my conscience does get a good feel in a Catholic setting. But am I Catholic? Not to my knowledge. I sit in a Catholic Church with others and the universal feel and thoughts are there. I have a SPIRIT of God in me, I have discerned Him, I have seen Him, but is this SPIRIT of God in my heart a Catholic Spirit? He looks like a Priest, he is dressed like a Priest, but is He a Catholic Priest? He looks more like a Presbyterian Minister to me. He has a black nightie over his clothes, yes He wears a Priests dog collar. He even wears a teachers board cap. Is this SPIRIT a Catholic? I don’t know, maybe not. So why do I connect up better in a Catholic setting? I don’t know. Universal is Catholic and universal is better than non universal. Universal is strong, there’s more people in universal. Catholic then is strong and I like strong. Prophets have a strong spirit. Is the Priest Spirit in my heart the Holy Spirit? I don’t know. All I know is I have been called a PROPHET, A CHIEF PROPHET. That I know for sure. I also wear a crown on my head; what is this crown for? I don’t exactly know.

I am maturing. I sense that my heart and mind are coming in to its rightful place. I listen I see I smell I taste and my heart is whole. I just have to behave. My head rules my heart and body. My senses are all alive. I am fully protected. God has put my enemies at my feet. I am saved. I must stay faithful and loyal to God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

Drones flying for 26 days without refuelling. China is developing drones at an incredible pace, I mean drones for military use. Swarms of drones.

Young people at computer consoles directing drones, swarms of them. Just imagine the new type of warfare. The drone operators could be thousands and thousands of kilometres from where the drones can go. Wars could be on the other side of the world from where the drones can go. Ships could be taken out with the drones. Drones have no pilots on board so lives are not lost. An aircraft carrier could be hit by swarms of drones. Drones could even be missiles themselves. Thousands of lives could be lost on a ship and no lives lost on the drone. It’s very tempting to go drone warfare.

There is peace yes but peace is just a prelude to war. Peace is just a time to get anxious about money and idols. No one has real peace; real peace is peace for the heart and mind but such does not exist. People are warring and whoring in their thoughts all the time and it is just a matter of time before these type of thoughts are put in to physical action. When war does come many people actually relish it. It’s a big adventure. Fight the good fight. Fight against evil.

But the real evil starts in your thoughts. The heart is evil. We War with our own evil thoughts. The conscience sits above the warring sinful heart. Who can tame the human spirit? Who can tame the heart? Who can tame the tongue? Our tongue speaks what our heart is full of.

We are at peace, bahhh we fight everyday, our tongue struts out like a blade cutting in to our neighbours, our family, our friends, people everywhere. There’s no real peace. War is just a pressure release for our sinful minds and hearts. This pressure builds up over time and wam war.

War in the physical is just the next step from war in our thoughts. Then there is Satan the Evil one who hates good. Evil is warring with good in its thoughts. Evil will war physically with good. Satan’s church, a body, a living body hates Gods church, Christ’s body. This hate of Satan’s body gets fervent and eventually there’s physical war.

We War with ourselves, we War with our neighbours, we War with Satan’s body.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


WORK with your Hands

December 10, 2018

Suspended no school (From news), NO SCHOOL, wow, do as I want, no teachers buggering up my mind. I am for it, where do I sign up?

Children should be able to go in to apprenticeships at a young age. Maybe at say 16 yrs old. If children want to learn other things while doing their apprenticeship obviously there is plenty of opportunity to do that over the Internet.

The world has gone qualifications mad. We need skilled workers not everyone wanting to work in management. Apprenticeships supply valuable workers to society. Not everyone is so called “Intelligent“.

Some people are better working with their hands, not stressing themselves out working with words. Adults force children in to moulds not suited for children.

Words and working with them are fine for the people who are saved and have had their sins washed away. But for most people words is not an option; they might come from dirty to very dirty nests and their behaviour is not suited to working with words; these people need the option to be able to learn a skill early in their lives where they are working with their hands.

Intelligent people are more word people, but hands on work is even for them.

Apostle Paul says “Work with your hands”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

When reading the Holy Scripture in the Bible – You must determine what is to be taken literal; what is metaphor; what is analogy; what is figurative and what is a parable. So we have different tools for interpretation.

Take for example “Heavenly bodies”. We humans who are in Christ are those heavenly bodies; well that’s how I see it. There’s earthly bodies and there’s heavenly bodies. We in Christ are like stars. We shine as lights like stars.

Then we must approach Gods Words with subjectiveness or objectiveness. So is God speaking about the outside out there or the inside inside us. The Kingdom of God (or heaven) is not off this world. The Kingdom of God is within, within true believers in Christ’s Body. Christ carry’s the Kingdom of God within Him. We the SAVED are in that Kingdom.

So is God talking about heaven up there or up there. Up there in the objective or up there in the subjective. Heaven can be within.

So when Jesus Christ returns it may be both objective and subjective. It may be internal and external.

We the saved heavenly bodies burn at the end times. But we don’t die we live on.

So we know Jesus Christ will return. We know there will be a burning so we know there will be a fire. We don’t know for sure what will cause this fire but it must be a very big one to burn this whole earth. This fire could be from the sun or from man made weapons; that’s how I see it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

I am of the opinion that there was first a BIG BANG. It just makes sense. We come in with a “bang” and we go out with a “bang”. What’s the END bang? Maybe nuclear weapons or maybe solar.

I also think that the “Big Bang” was a very Big Bang like with all the energy of God. Then God had to rest to build up His energy again. The Universe to be the size it is has to have resulted from the biggest bang possible.

E = Mc square. The Theory of Relativity. We have two theories (1) The Big Bang theory and (2) The theory of Relativity.

E in the above equation is energy. E is God’s energy. Energy brought this universe in to being, Yes but it was God’s energy. Energy is one side of the equation, there are two sides and both sides are equal to the other side. We have a balanced equation. Energy of God equals mass. Energy made mass. God made mass through His energy. So what is God’s source of energy? Words? Maybe, I don’t know. Mass in the Big Bang may have come with the cooling process. Energy exploded, think of the suns type of energy times God. The sun is the most powerful known energy source we know so it makes sense that energy of God equals the type of sun energy. But WORDS of God being alive may have made the energy. Spirit of God made the energy. Mystery. It’s all mystery for the finite mind of human beings. We crave for the infinite mind of God and that is possible only through Jesus Christ. Energy gave off energy to mass, we got an explosion a massive one with all the force of God and made what we call the universe.

We say that the universe is expanding. This expansion slows down over time, like millions of years slowing down, maybe much much longer maybe billions of years. God is powerful. So we can understand God’s power by looking at the universe. So the universe is still expanding. Einstein in his theory of Relativity says the universe is expanding at the speed of light square. I don’t know if that is right. I am no mathematician. The speed of light is the fastest known speed. Even God might travel if He wants at the top speed of light. So God’s top speed is the speed of light. We say God is light. The universe expands at the speed of light. But what about the using up of energy. Energy does not last. Energy gets depleted. Energy gives up. If the universe expansion is slowing down that means the universe expansion is not expanding at the speed of light? God is light and can travel at the speed of light and the universe expands at the speed of light but overtime God’s energy gets depleted so He rests and gets more energy and the universe tires out but it does not rest to get more energy. Maybe when this universe tires out and dies we get a new heaven and a new earth; hey I am just speculating.

Einstein says the universe is expanding at the speed of light square. I don’t know. Does God travel at the speed of light square? It does not make sense. So the universe in the beginning of the Big Bang expanded at the speed of light and over time with energy loss the expansion has slowed down. Einstein was right that Energy makes Mass but was Einstein right to say that the universe is expanding at the speed of light square? Is God square? God is light He is not square.

What was here before the universe? Darkness in a big big big big big big void. God was of course here. Was God in this dark void? Was there chaos in this big void before the Big Bang? Dark and chaos seem to go together. God is light. We know light overcomes darkness. Was the void full of water? A massive ocean of water. I don’t know. But we had a void and we had darkness. The Big Bang took place in this dark void. Light was turned on. Like a dark room and someone turned on the light switch. Is this void limitless? When will the expanding universe fill up all this void? Or as I wrote is this void limitless? Some people might say that before the universe was there was water. Maybe so. It could mean that the energy to make the universe came from water. Water has hydrogen. Hydrogen is I think the most powerful energy. Whatever the case God is here and has always been here and God created the universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

Liberal and Labor parties want to get whose votes? Those voters who are centrist who vote left or right.

I think John Howard understood this. So to get the centrist votes one must ally with the centrist cause. Turnbull may have understood this but he was too weak. Turnbull’s weakness was in his style of leadership. Turnbull was not inspiring. People that come to control the helm soon show their true colours; we saw it in Rudd and Abbott. Rudd and Abbott were too controlling. Some Leaders don’t last long because they simply are bad at leading. It’s not their policies or philosophy it’s just their poor style of leadership. Poor leadership is a weakness.

Liberal will lose the next federal election not because of just policies; change is needed for change sake. We hate seeing the same people at the helm. We want new wind and new blood. A change is as good as a holiday.

So go for the centrist voters if you want to win. The centrist voters decide who is to be Government. Centrist is unbiased. Centrist can go either way. Centrist are neither left or right but they will vote left or right. Howard understood this; Turnbull tried to understand this, but Turnbull is a ex merchant banker and is very rich so Turnbull does not gel with centrist voters, he is seen as too Liberal. Rich people are usually Liberal. Centrist don’t like the unions or the very wealthy, both they see as a threat.

Liberal are too far right now for the centrist vote. I think we will see a landslide in the next federal election in Labor’s gain. The more Liberal go right the more the landslide will go in Labor’s gain.

So we see first a change for change sake. Then we see wanting leadership change, new blood. Then we see the centrist voter now voting left.

I think of a seesaw. A plank of wood balanced in the middle on a fixed support. Children play on seesaws. You have the child on each end representing the fixed Liberal voter one end and the fixed Labor voter the other end. Both children are about equal in weight. Now we see the centrist child in the middle. This child governs what way the seesaw goes, down or up. Say up is for Government. The seesaw is liable to change according to the child in the middle. But why are Liberal fixed voters about the same in numbers as the Labor fixed voters? That’s quite amazing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


THE BATTLE FOR HONG KONG 1941 to 1945 (Oliver Lindsay)

December 10, 2018

A real lovely juicy read, I relished reading this book, tasty with plenty of seasoning. Spicy bits abound, War always has its good salty heroics amongst disease, devastation and death.

I love the comradeship in the military. Men being real men. Men being gallant and brave.

The author of the book in finishing up sums up by including a epitaph of words on a British memorial in Burma (To those who lost their lives in the Far East): ”When you go home tell them of us “”For your tomorrow, we gave our today”“.

I don’t need to tell the story of this book, the title of this book should tell you heaps.

Australia and New Zealand were so close to the war zone. Without the USA we would have been invaded. People talk and write that the USA was evil to drop atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. I agree in some but disagree overall; I think it was evil but a necessary evil. No war is nice, no killings are nice. Japan was ready to kill all its prisoners of war (POW’s) if the allies invaded Japan. The atomic bombs saved more people than if they were not dropped. An invasion on Japan soil by the allies would have cost much much life, not just the Japanese but the allies. When a rabid dog is attacking you and is not letting go you have to kill it. The Japanese were savage, they acted like rabid dogs.

I love reading War biographies. This one was no disappointment.

Grade 8/10 (eight out of ten).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

Has the USA got it right by having an Electoral College vote in their President?

A news article says the simplest proposal is removing the middle man and letting the public vote directly who their President and Vice President is. I say simple is best. But is simple best in this case? The simple solution is always better than the complex solution. Adding layers and layers is complex. One layer is simplex. One is simplex. The article says there is no clear solution; but simplex one is clear; so layer and layer makes it complex and unclear. Taking the middle man layer, the Electoral College, out of the equation makes it simplex one and clear.

From a news article:

Donald Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton despite losing the popular vote by 2,868,686 votes.

There’s no clear solution, either. Some, like Bayh and his allies, support a direct popular vote. That’s the simplest proposal, removing the middle man entirely and putting the election of the president and the vice president wholly in voters’ hands.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


New Heaven and a New Earth

December 10, 2018

Solar Storm.

Water and fire the two baptisms. The two cleanings.

The Water baptism has already been. Now we wait for the Fire baptism.

What will the fire baptism be like?

I can think of only two types of fire (1) nuclear weapons fire and (2) solar storm flares fire.

It could be either. We could get both. I don’t know.

I do think God uses natural cleans. Man made nuclear weapons are just that man made not God made whereas a solar storm on this earth is using natural. But what do I know. I really don’t know.

It looks like a forecast of atomic destruction according to man. Nuclear even now could wipe out most of life on this earth. After the water baptism life still went on so will life also go on after the fire baptism? What is the End of the world?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

Teens want to be taught like skills, not how to pass exams.


Schooling to me is just an exercise in intelligence. It’s not about learning life skills. School favours the high intelligent students. Teachers favour the high intelligent students. School is about competition not collaboration. School is about weeding out the unintelligent. School is about competition to give the most intelligent the awards. The highly intelligent succeed at school not the low intelligent.

It’s a TRAVESTY all this schooling. School is disguised as learning for everyone but it’s not, only the highly intelligent succeed at school. School is a nightmare for many students.

The Government makes laws to compel children to go to school for some years and children are not listened as to what they want. School needs to reform. Church needs to reform.

Are exams helping students learn life skills? Exams just help know who are the intelligent students.

Why all this non parity in intelligence? The high intelligent people get all the rewards, awards, accolades, scholarships, money; the high intelligent get these and don’t care that the low intelligent get little. “God gives” intelligence people might say “and we live with what we get, intelligence is ability, we have to fall in line in a pecking order of intelligence, that is life”.

I see past intelligence, I see intelligence is not the thing that grades us in our pecking order. I see Christ’s wisdom as the pecking order. Christ is Gods Son. Christ is the Head. The Body is ruled by Christ. Okay you say “I am not in Christ“. So Christ is not your Head, who is your Head? Satan? Or are you in the wilderness, living wild. We in the cultured Body of Christ live an enlightened life under God. This Body of Christ has order. The order of this body is not according to intelligence. So much for the churches teachings and the worlds teachings. The church has been an abomination of human wisdom, full of man and not God, it’s human wisdom to the hilt. Christ’s wisdom is not human wisdom. Christ’s wisdom is above, human wisdom is of this world. Humanism is man made and false. Intelligence is ability, but ability for a God given calling. Are you really in the Body of Christ? Do you really listen to Jesus Christ? We in the Body of Christ each have a calling from God. You won’t find your calling listening to humanism. Listen listen listen your ears are in your head. HEAD. Your eyes are in your HEAD. God is the HEAD of the Body of Christ. Few people are in their God calling. Schools won’t find you your God calling, why? Because schooling is about humanism not Christ’s wisdom. School does not teach Christ’s wisdom. Simple SIMPLE SIMPLE.

So schools don’t teach collaboration they teach competition. It’s a race. Not a race to be Christ like but a race to learn about the creation not the creator; time to check your wrists. No wonder everyone now a days is about the arse they have got everything back to front; it’s about man made not God made. Christ’s wisdom is being dropped for man made wisdom. Check your wrists.

The true race is to become like Jesus Christ. To be truthful, pure in thought, loving of God, patient, kind, tolerant, long suffering, generous – this is a true education. We become like Gods Son we get converted then we can know God’s calling on our life. We look for the SIMPLE truth in our calling. Simple. Simple. We match our face to our true calling. Our face matches our true calling. We are at the face of God in our true calling.

Humanism has nothing to do with becoming like Christ and knowing Christ’s calling. Humanism is about the achievements of human spirit apart from God Spirit. Humanism has taken over universities. Humanism thinks it’s clever more clever than Christ’s wisdom. We make our own choices in life. We live with our choices. Humanism might look clever but the HEAD of God knows better.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

Listening to the enlightened is listening inner and outer. But the inner listening can be more interesting. The outer listening can be boring.

Listen, learn and love.

The Kingdom of God is within. Emmanuel, God with us within; a whole different reality but God Spirit generated. We in our human spirit when understanding this God Spirit generated reality will understand life.

We can do away with human wisdom and understanding as artificial and not God made. We want God made. Man made is arty farty, hoity toity, weak, limp waisted, artificial, not the real McCoy, false, glossy veneer, pretentious, puffed up, and PERVERTED. God made is strong, genuine, the real McCoy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

Nationalism is getting up head speed.

But with nationalism it seems to be white nationalism. White as in white skinned.

The Asians like China don’t like the white rule over this world. Asians have felt lesser mortals then white skinned mortals. Racism is a live and thriving. Whites think they are the superior race. Whites think they are superior to Asians and Africans and Pacific Islanders. China wants to change this mentality that whites are superior to Asians. China wants to rule this world.

We are having white nationalism but we are also having Asians wanting to come out as the king pin rulers where whites have to give honour and respect to Asians.

Nationalism is a response to globalisation. Globalisation is not necessary good. I like sovereign nations to keep their own distinct cultures that they have developed over many decades. Culture is not bad we must protect our distinct cultures. The EU is not all too good; we have the poorer EU nations sucking the life out of the richer EU nations. Europe did not have to go global; it could have just developed free trade with each other and kept up with NATO. The Euro dollar has not been all that a success.

Nationalism is about culture. We grow in our own distinct cultures. We have our own religion, language, food cuisine, music, dress. The U.K wants to protect its culture; to do so it must control its borders.

The EU sounds strong but why did it come about? Was it because of wanting a strong one money system? Or was it a response to wanting to be strong against Russia? Why this unity of nations that can suffocate each nations culture? EU is unity and unity is strong but unity means eventually bringing its people under one culture system. Decades of one EU means individual cultures try and rule but the strong culture over rides the weaker cultures.

We had the same unity here in Australia; but in this case I think of the Uniting Church. This Church came about to unify the Methodist Church and the Congressional Church and the Presbyterian Church. What happened was that the Methodist’s had a stronghold over the other two church’s and dominated.

Nationalism can be a response not only to globalisation but also to multiculturalism. Multiculturalism does not work in the end. Why? One culture has to be dominate. So each culture fights for survival. It used to be thought of as clever for a nation to go multicultural but is it really? Cultures spread they grow but to not grow what happens? Do they die out? culture to survive may have to fight against other cultures.

We are getting nationalism and we are getting Asian rule. West fighting against East. The USA fighting against China. We choose sides. The world chooses sides.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

What is the big deal? The Muslims have Mecca what do they want Jerusalem for?

If the Jews took Mecca yes that would be wrong, but they wont, they just want their capital as Jerusalem. This is not religious this is a quarrel about land. Muslims want Jerusalem but they also want all of Israel. There won’t be a two nation solution here if the Palestinians want Jerusalem.

What is stopping the two nation solution? The Palestinians think “Jews took land from us, Jews don’t deserve any nation ruled by Jews on land that is ours”. The Palestinians to commit to a two nation would have to admit that the Jews deserve their own nation, their nation being on some land which the Palestinians believe is there’s not the Jews.

This war is only religious to the extent that each side has different beliefs other than that the war is about land just as the Northern Ireland war was really only about land even though each side had a different type of religion.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

Is Japan getting scared of China?

Japan in the Second World War was no benign influence on the Chinese people, rather the Chinese people were treated very very horribly by the Japanese invaders. And we must never forget “The Rape of Nanking”. If China wants to dominate Asia I don’t think the Chinese have forgotten the ruthless treatment by their former Japanese Masters.

Asia is Dragon and snake. The Dragon Throne is in Asia; where now? I am not sure but I guess it is now in China where it used to be. The Dragon can be ruthless against Gods people but it also can be ruthless against its own snake people.

Not all Asians are snake. But a lot are. Most are.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

Reforming Islam

Reforming is a good idea. And we should start in our own backyard. I am not really denominational when it comes to CHURCH. I am not really a world council of church man even though I am on the church roll of a church under the auspices of this council body.

I am UNIVERSAL but not necessary Roman Catholic universal. I am in the ONE body of Christ under the ONE head of God. I am universal but I believe in reformation. Church should go through reformation as time goes on. We can not be head stick in the sand to new revelation. Revelation from God comes with time and the body of Christ needs to accept it. The light of God is getting stronger and brighter and lightening up more of the darkness, we must go with this as new understanding comes to be revealed.

The Roman Catholic Church needs reformation.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

Catholic clergy reject assisted dying law.

I think. Catholics on a whole, or is it just a few or is it just mostly the Catholic clergy, accept that the unborn child in the mothers womb is a separate living human being. I contest this catholic view.

The unborn child is unborn, this unborn is not separate from the mother, actually it is like an extension of the mother; the mother keeps it alive. I believe life comes with breath. The unborn child in the womb to me does not breathe. Spirit comes and goes with the wind, wind can be breath. We breathe in spirit, spirit comes to us when we make our first breath. Soul comes to us when we first breathe. Soul is mind in the head in the brain, spirit is in heart. We are a living spirit and soul on breathing. The unborn child does not breathe so it is just a attachment to the mother without soul and spirit, it is just flesh and bone. The child is birthed out of the womb, the child takes its first breath, soul and spirit come, it is now a human being in its own right, killing it now is murder.

Killing any human with a soul is murder (humans have no qualms killing creatures other than humans, why? Only humans have souls). We are human when we are soul. The flesh and bone are a covering for our soul and spirit. Soul and spirit go on for eternity. Oh yes in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ at the blink of an eyelid we change we get new bodies.

I think the Catholic clergy have got it wrong on the unborn child and I also think they have got it wrong on the assisted right to die. Palliative care is warranted in many cases but not all cases. Sadly some people in palliative care suffer enormously. Some people are drugged to the eye balls with say morphine to kill the pain. We must help these people who suffer much and who may just be in a vegetable state and have lost any contact with the world. Keeping such people alive to appease some guilty peoples conscience about life and death is not helping. Governments send millions of people to die in wars yet they won’t lift a finger to let a few people who suffer much die gracefully with dignity.

Death does not have to be dirty. Death should be understood. It’s not evil to die. Sex is dirty but sex does not have to be dirty. We must be able to talk and write about death and sex without cries and thoughts of ”its dirty”. Sex is dirty because most people are perverted. Death is dirty because it is not understood. Death is just a transition stage, nothing more. Death is dirty when you don’t believe in God and the After Life. Death can be a welcome escape from a evil world. Death can be freedom to those who believe and go to heaven. Heaven is not a fairy tale.

On further reflection:

More thoughts. The human spirit on first breath comes in to the heart. The human spirit keeps the heart beating and alive. The soul on first breath comes in to the brain and keeps the brain alive. The brain and heart keep the body alive. Make sense? Maybe I need to think more on this, let’s see where it goes.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

We are grateful to be living in a free nation. We must do much to make sure we don’t vote in leaders who propagate any sort of extremism.

We have our own Christian extremism. These extremists join up with the likes of Pauline Hanson and preach hate; their only political policy is skin deep it’s about the colour of ones skin. Skin deep wisdom is very shallow wisdom. We must see past the skin to the inner heart, we need insight.

We don’t want any extremist religion to rule our society. We don’t even want Christian extremism to rule our country. Christian extremism is fundamentalism, they want to bring in the law of Moses (the 12 Commandments) to rule us. The Islamic extremists want to bring in their laws, sharia laws. Jesus came to do away with laws and live by grace and truth with wisdom. Law is the old covenant, the old will, the new will is not law. Laws bind, wisdom is freedom. There is only one wisdom to live by, that is Jesus Christ’s wisdom. The fundamentalists want to chain us up with laws.

I mixed with Christian fundamentalists in my younger years. They are so bigoted. They push and push. They abuse prayer by using it to push for their immature ends. I was so glad to get these peoples words out of my hair and head by leaving their groups and not returning.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 10, 2018

What about a legal right not to have to attend school. Children should have legal rights.

The legal right to die is good. Children should now be given their human rights. School is not for everyone past the basic learning of how to read and write. Not everyone has high IQ. Children can learn the basics then go in to apprenticeships.

We must think why does God not give everyone the same IQ level. There is a reason as God does everything for a reason; God is a God of reason; God is not irrational. Irrational is mentally unstable. So we have a wide spectrum of IQ from low to high over the worlds population. The Body of Christ has many parts and those many parts have a wide distribution of IQ. It’s the higher IQ children that do well at schooling past basics. You won’t find your true God calling doing it man’s way. Many of Gods callings are very simple; simple of course to those who are called in that vocation, but complex and hard to others. Your true vocation is simple to you but people outside your vocation see it as complex. Choose simple. Don’t choose complex. Don’t think it’s smarter to go for hard, easy is not all that wrong. Don’t put yourself in the wrong vocation you will just end up most of your life trying to fit in when you naturally don’t, it will be always stressful.

Children can go in to apprenticeships at a young age. They will have a vocation and surety of earning a living. Higher IQ children can go on learning more advanced stuff.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Knowledge is Power

December 10, 2018

I think is knowledge power and what is meant by it?

I think it’s got to do with people, it’s not about things. It’s about getting ahead of another person. It’s competition. Its getting what you want. It’s getting what you want from other people. Its about getting money and materials. It’s coveting and greed. It’s over powering other people to take from them. It’s not about putting other people before you. It’s competing for life resources. It’s the strong taking from the weak. “Knowledge is power” is an illusion, an illusion made up by people to out smart you. It’s putting yourself on a pedestal of knowledge but what knowledge? It’s not knowing God our Creator. It’s knowing the creation. It’s knowing Mother Nature. It’s not knowing the Father it’s knowing the Mother. It’s mummy’s boy and girl. When things go wrong, call out to Mom, don’t call out to Dad.

Knowledge puffs people up, they get proud and puffed up. Knowledge fades away over time, it’s hit pay dirt when you get old and get dementia, so much for all that knowledge you so learned that made an illusion of power over other people.

We humans make our own illusions; knowledge is power is just one of many. Summer comes; get the tan. Die for a tan. Tans are beautiful and sexy. Tans get sex. Die for a smoke. Smoking is manly and womanly. It’s mature to smoke cigarettes. Suits are the wear of a successful worldly man. We judge a person according to how much money they earn and what house and car they have. Sex is so perverted now that no one knows when exactly they lose their virginity. Sex is the biggest illusion because no one really knows what sex is truthfully. Is oral sex for example losing ones virginity. Children don’t know what sex is. Parents don’t teach their children about sex because they themselves are so perverted, it’s not simple anymore, it’s so complex it’s Satanic. The women on the Dragon feeds most minds what sex is and she this false prophetess teaches straight out perversion. keep it simple and you will be on the right path. Simple??? People hate simple, they want complex and perverted. So children grow up thinking normal sex has to be perverted. Illusions illusions we are born in to illusion, Satan and his women deceive us.

Just knowledge is not power. Jesus Christ is power. Jesus Christ is up there. The worlds people are under a spell. Satan uses magic, perverted magic. Power is God. God is light. God is good. God is many things, yes He is all knowing, but power is more than just knowing; love is a powerful thing; forgiveness is a powerful thing; patience is a powerful thing; power is force, God is a good force; good is powerful; light is powerful.

People think knowledge is power but they don’t understand. Knowledge of the creation is weak compared to knowledge of the Creator. Worshipping creation is weak compared to worshipping the Creator. Want weak wrists? Worship creation, worship Mother Nature. Mother Nature strength might be as strong as wood (metaphorically speaking). The Creator strength is as strong as iron (metaphorically speaking).

Knowing God is power; that’s no illusion but the SIMPLE truth.

Parents can not and do not teach their children about sex. Why? Ask the Devil. Children find out about sex from the likes of Hugh Hefner. Our esteemed free world leader Trump found out about women from the Playboy magazine. Sex is dirty to adults so it’s dirty to children, it’s a cycle. Satan’s wisdom is perversion. Most people learn sex from Satans women. Jesus wisdom is too simple and people prefer perversion.

How I have hated growing up in a perverted world led by Satan and his women. I have a simple soul and what a miserable life the Dragon and his women caused me. Jesus rescued me and in Spirit God has all power. God in Spirit is a game changer for me. Mess with God you love death. Hate God love death.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

China is Asia. Japan made war to claim Asia for Asia. White people ruled a lot of Asia. Asia was the servant of the white people.

The white people thought that they by colonising Asia were helping the Asian people; it was a two way streak, both parties benefited. Japan wanted to break the stronghold of the white people off Asia. Asians are hardly wholly true benevolent people; some are though, so we saw Asians decimating Asians; we saw for example the Rape of Nanking. China now wants an Asia under its rule.

The West might have to cool it’s heels when China eventually spreads its wings over Asia. The Chinese don’t want white rule in Asia.

The USA will have to lift its nuclear umbrella protection off Taiwan and maybe off South Korea. It’s not worth getting no sleep over this, because this is about life and death to many.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

Tell a spade when it is a spade.

If these Extremist terrorists are mentally ill then there are a lot of extremist fundamentalists in this world who are sick.

Any extreme is sick. Extreme is unbalanced. Unbalanced is mentally sick.

You can even get Christian extremist.

So a lot of people in this world are mentally sick; what is new.

Islamists got angry when the Christian West went in to Islamic nations with their military to depose their Governments. The Islamic terrorists called these invaders “Crusaders”. It was War. Fight the crusaders. Fight the infidels.

Islam is sick when it is extreme just like any religion is sick if it is extreme.

But the West has incited this holy war against the West by invading Islam nations. The West had the best of intentions in bringing down Islamic nation leaders. We saw nations under the control of tyrants. The likes of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. We hate tyrants ruling anybody so the West went in to free these Islamic peoples from being ruled by tyrants. Good intentions but obviously not good for for Islam. Maybe Islam needs to be ruled by dictatorial tyrants. We in the Free West use rule by democracy. Christians hate dictatorships.

The Christian West also hate how women are treated by Islam males. Women are chattels and servants in Islam, they are second class inferior to men. Honour killings against females happen regularly. Female genital mutilation is widely practiced.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

War and old people

December 10, 2018

China is rolling forward in making its military BIG and ARMED. But why all this arming to the teeth? To support its economic drive especially overseas? China is copying the USA.

The USA has been very imperialistic, it has dominated this world with its money and military for a long time. The British and some European countries in the past did their bit of imperialism. The USA with its imperialism is now stalling, and that’s not without help from Trumps isolationist policies. China is now taking the lead in imperialism. China wants to take over from the former imperialists and rule through its money and military.

The USA rules through money, yes, loans, aid, world bank loans, IMF loans. China has its own main bank now from which it loans to many nations in this world. Nations are in debt to China and now under Chinas economic control.

I had a thought a few minutes back. Japan took on the USA. Japan by taking on the USA meant Japan losing the war. China should learn a lesson from Japan’s move on the USA. The USA is too big and too strong to win against without losing ones own nation. It would be suicide for any nation to nuke the USA. For China or Russia to nuke the USA, the USA might be defeated but China or and Russia will also be defeated. Japan lost the war early on in the war when it attacked Hawaii. Destroying a few battleships can not stop a nation like the USA. The Japanese to be effective at all needed to destroy the USA’s aircraft carriers. The attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour did not destroy one USA aircraft carrier. The three USA aircraft carriers were at sea at the time of the attack. The Pacific war was initially a carrier based war because of the planes. We had the battle of the Coral Sea and the battle of Midway. The battle of the Coral Sea most likely protected Australia from any Japanese invasion and the battle of Midway stopped the Japanese from advancing across the Pacific. So attacking Pearl Harbour was suicide to Japan, the war was won and lost then. China likewise or Russia have no way of winning a nuclear war with the USA (all will lose). Russia could attack Europe but remember France is nuclear armed.

The West had better wisen up; the next big war or world war is not aircraft carrier based. These big carriers will be just juicy targets easily taken out by the enemy. We can not fight battles based on past ideas and past technology. The British went in to the Second World War with First World War weapons. British Bi planes to fight Japanese zero fighters. The British were asleep.

The problem:

In my work with the church I came across this problem. In this church I was working amongst much older people. The leaders were all old. The church council was full of old old people. The Pastor was old old. The Church was not growing, no people were joining up. Ummm why? It was obvious to me. For starters these old old people’s children and grand children were not attending our church, though one or two were. No younger people were joining up. But why? Why would young people not join up, why? Why? Old people have old ways; old music, old buildings, old outing excursions, old everything. The old people could not see past their out dated ways. Youth want the newer ways. So this church did not grow, it stagnated. Now this church is waiting until all it’s old people die out.

Now the problem with the military. In the Second World War the British went in to war with old this and old that. The old First World War leaders were in command. These leaders knew old ways of military warfare, they knew about old weapons. The Germans and Japanese were more advanced in weapons at the beginning. Old should make way for new. New blood. The youth can lead too. Not young young but mature wise youth. At this church I was in I only saw death, old people dying; these old people needed to put younger people in charge to inspire younger people to attend, but no they thought they knew better. Old military chiefs in charge with out dated ideas can be easily overwhelmed by the enemy who may go with more advanced ideas with the help of intelligent youth.

Aircraft carriers are old ideas. The enemy can take these carriers out with swarms of drones. China is encouraging intelligent youth to work on military projects.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

We train the Chinese to rule the world.

Artificial intelligence will be China’s key to rule.

“What does that look like? A Chinese media article on his work paints the following picture: “Dozens of rows of fixed-winged aerial drones take off from a runway. At speed, they form ranks and fly towards a designated battlefield area for their reconnaissance mission.”

Besides battlefield reconnaissance, swarms of drones can overwhelm existing air defences and destroy aircraft carriers. Flying one of these inexpensive devices into the air intake of an F-22 fighter jet could take down the plane”.

So much for the West’s aircraft carriers. It seems the next war will be a drone war and possibly nuclear. Who knows? Not me.

It’s simply not cricket (old British).

Singapore is impregnable to attack. The Japanese simply came in from behind.

British and Australian troops faced off the Japanese. The Japanese simply out flanked them. That’s not cricket.

Aircraft carriers were a big deal with the USA and the Japanese in the Second World War, why? Planes, the control of the air. The Pacific Ocean did not have many airfields on both sides especially at the beginnings of the war here. It was control the sky control the war and planes were the key and planes needed aircraft carriers.

In the next war aircraft carriers maybe be a burden. Drones won’t need aircraft carriers to take off or land or will they; will they? Maybe drones will be able to travel long distances. Drones will need to take off but from where? China is effectively saying drones will be big in any next war and drones in swarm. Drones in swarm can attack an aircraft carrier. Is China also working on submarine drones? I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Kim Philby

December 10, 2018

City square honour for Russian spy.

Kim Philby a traitor of the highest order. Kim merits honour, yes a medal, the medal “Order of the highest traitor”.

Kim had it all; he was part of the British establishment; he was educated at the prime British establishment Cambridge University. Kim never had to grovel or go without food or work hard, no, Kim was establishment, he was groomed for the high up echelons of privileged society. Kim entered the British establishments upper class MI6. Kim had it all, Kim got overseas postings even to the British Embassy in Washington. Kim never had for want. But people sometimes turn on the hand that feeds it and Kim just did that. Kim became a traitor. Kim did not betray Britain for money, no his betrayal was for ideology. Kim was spoilt rotten, Kim became a little rotter. Kim thought he was smart, and he did have high intelligence, but Kim thought he was smarter than the British establishment that gave him everything.

Kim was communist but did Kim understand communism as it related to his own conscience or was Kim just acting as a rebel a rebel without a cause, a rebel because his own human father was a sort of rebel. Was Kim being his father? Father like son, son like father.

You might think “What do you know Lester, you don’t know Kim Philby. You have no university degree. You have no high qualifications. What education do you have? You are no big important scholar. Why should we read your writings or listen to you?

I am 63 years old. I read all the time. I always usually have a book going. I read books. I read the news in abundance. I am always reading. I have read about Kim Philby. I have read books just on Kim Philby. My main pursuits in reading books is reading biographies and autobiographies. I have read in my 63 years thousands of books, more than thousands. I don’t read text books. I don’t like reading novels. I like fact not fiction. I like biographies because I learn about people. Text books don’t feed me. I have read all about Kim Philby and his life in a number of books. I know his treachery, how many people died because of him, Kim indirectly killed hundreds of people. Kim was a mass murderer.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 11, 2018

My thoughts for what they are worth:

This Somali man attacking people (On the recent news). People come to Australia from other cultures, cultures different from our own culture. Some of these people just do not adapt and fit in with our culture in Australia. No matter how hard they try and fit in and assimilate they feel they don’t belong. For starters their religion and beliefs are different. They might be Islamic in faith and Australia is predominantly Christian in faith. It’s not just about the colour of the skin being different, it’s the thinking that is different, it’s the culture and beliefs that are different. People might say humans are the same everywhere. Maybe so in ways but in many ways people are different. So what does a Somalian think back in Somalia? I don’t know but culture is a mixture of many different thoughts from food, drink, religion, festivities, beliefs, Government, work, etc. So it’s in the thinking. And thinking that does not fit in might get angry and fight. The culture within a culture fighting to survive. Multiculturalism has worked to a degree but over time it fights to survive, the dominate culture fights to survive and the interposing cultures fight to survive within the dominate culture. Cultures battle cultures for space to grow. Only one culture can win. We can not think to convert all imposing cultures to the dominant culture. People do not want to convert. So we get radicals in our main dominant culture, radicals that fight our main culture.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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