NETFLIX – “Rescued by Ruby”

April 25, 2022

A thoroughly enjoyable movie. Movie is based on real life, a true story.

A dog in a animal shelter that has behavioural problems, no families want to adopt her, so the shelter plans to euthenise her but out of the blue a State Trooper keen on being in the K-9 unit adopts Ruby and with much patience trains Ruby to be one good Police dog, a far cry from Ruby’s former days. Ruby is given a second chance.

Reminds me of my life; God gave me a second chance. There’s gold in the dirt you just have to dig deep to find it. God’s people can be dirty they can even be lost souls cut off from the branch, the tree of life, but God can reattach lost souls to the living tree.

“Born again” is a second chance.

Ruby was useless, five families one by one took her but each one soon returned her to the animal shelter, she needed special help. Ruby needed love. God is love. Ruby was useless no more. Many people rejected Ruby but a State Trooper accepted her he saw worth in her. God saw worth in me.

A movie for the whole family.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Netflix – “Journey of an African Colony”.

July 22, 2022

Interesting and informative Docuseries.

Colony. Sounds like a bee colony… know make honey (money) and also do the bidding in the name of her majesty the Queen bee (British Queen).

What a hive of a time all that this Colonisation was. We are still not finished with Colony. Australia is still a quasi bee Colony as are still many other nations. The Queen bee still reins over her many hives (but more figuratively than literally now).

Colony was a very important part of Government in the past. Colony was part and parcel of Imperialism. Imperialism was about making money but off the backs of other nations peoples. We get the coolies of Asia and the negros of Africa working for the Anglo Saxons to feed these white people great riches. We had racism to the extreme in those days. Racism was also an excuse to use these coloured people as slaves and servants. Racism became part of many white peoples religion, they would say God ordained coloured people to submit to white people.

So do we have to rewrite the history books to tell the truth? That Imperialism was based a lot on racism.

The Queen standing up in a open land rover in her regalia of Royal clothing (the Royal sash for one) doing the Royal wave at many black coloured native troops lined up and smartly dressed in their plain soldiers clothes. The troops saluting the Queen. The White Queen and her black negro subjects. White supremacy.

Medicine has come along way from the main practice of “Blood letting”. Over 2000 years blood letting was the most common medical practice performed by surgeons (I guess Western surgeons).

We have grown up (matured) in medicine can we at least grow up (mature) in our attitudes to skin colour.

7/10 My grade for this Movie.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Is there going to be an Apocalypse? A Baptism of Fire?

July 22, 2022

I think Australia should go with USA nuclear subs. And nothing is off the table…..we in the future can have USA nuclear weapons based on Australian soil or we buy them and make them our own. That is radical……buy nuclear weapons…..not possible…….not possible just now but maybe possible in the future. We can buy retired nuclear propelled USA subs, why not buy nuclear weapons as well. Retired nuclear propelled subs are nuclear we can buy them or lease them why not buy or lease nuclear missiles. We can then have nuclear propelled subs armed with nuclear missiles. We might not need nuclear armed land based weapons if we have nuclear armed missiles on our own subs. Nuclear subs can act stealth, that is their main attraction. And nuclear propelled subs with nuclear weapons can act as a mutual agreed deterrent (MAD). Is that MAD. Or mutual assured destruction.

Any talk of nuclear this or that for Australia needs to be in partnership. We partner with the USA. We partner with the USA with subs.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

RUN THE RACE – but to do so don’t carry things, things are unnecessary baggage and slow you down, you won’t win carrying things, things can be sins.

July 22, 2022

“My Kingdom is not of this world” says Jesus.

The sinful self desires “things” from this world.

We are in the world but not of the world.

To please yourself you have to pay. You may have to pay in suffering. Don’t please the sinful self.

Be apart from the world.

Keep it simple. The world makes complex. Heaven is about simplicity.

Complexity is about “additions”. Simplicity is about “no additions”. Young people are immature and think that by coveting things having many things makes happiness. Older people in very old age know that having “things” makes a heaviness to carry. A runner knows to win the race he or she has to discard “things” keep the simple needs cast off all wants. You can not win a race by carrying lots of things. Complex is many, simplex is one. Young people see and want and want and want. But having many is a burden to carry. Young people add on and add on but old people cast off and cast off. Old people are wiser.

Separate yourself from the world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

For every force there is an equal and opposite force – so buyer beware, I mean forceful person/nation beware

July 22, 2022

Yes I call it “Climate change”. But I don’t call it “Global warming”. I like to call it “Global climate extremes”. In East Australia they have been forecasted for freezing temperatures. So where’s this great warmth. Okay it’s hot in half the world, abnormally hot temperatures. But the other half of the world are also getting abnormal cold temperatures, like East Australia. We have climate extremes now.

And humans on the whole do not have the sense to rectify “Climate change”. Money and the desire of it has more precedence than solving climate change. It’s like “pray to God and pass the ammunition”. “Speak and write to the public about how we need to rectify climate and pass the money”.

Merchants in the name of greed for money with the backing of Governments have raped and pillaged this earth. It’s the West not the East that’s getting a conscience about their damage; the East (and Africa) were raped and pillaged by the West.

The East, now while the West is withdrawing its imperialism and stewing in its conscience, is going to replace the West’s imperialism with their own. If the West screams to the East “human rights abuse” the East replies you did it all, your words are words of hypocrites.

I think the West does have a conscience, even though it pushed Christianity on one foot and loved money on the other foot. Now the West is stuffed, stuffed full of materialism bought by money. Factories also churn out much junk materialism.

The West has tired out of pushing Christianity, now few missionaries are sent out to the East or Africa. The West is stuffed and got fat off the backs of the Easterners and Africans. The West got rich off the backs of the coolies (Asian, predominantly Chinese) and the negro (Africa, predominantly the black skinned Africans from the Niger area of West Africa). Negro is the word from nigger and nigger is word from niger this word meaning black. Nigeria (Niger-ia) a nation and its encompassing area where the West got most of its African slaves from. The West forced many of these Africans from this region to be slaves. The Merchants got rich off these slaves backs. Merchants got rich and ruling Governments got rich.

The West yes has a conscience. The West is trying to make amends to those people the West made fortunes off. Of course the amends can not be made directly to those affected in the past, those victims have died, but the West is making some amends to the descendants of the victims.

The East led by Dragon China won’t be so merciful, there will be little or no conscience here. Does the Dragon have a conscience? Me thinks no. Look how the Japanese treated the Allied Prisoners of War (2ndWW). The Japanese were vicious sadists in many many cases. The Japanese were incensed that the white POW’s were to submit to the Japanese. The Japanese wanted to bow the white race before them. If the Japanese can act so vicious then what can we expect from the true Chinese. The Chinese have a lot to make up for they might think.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Mad World maybe ending up in a Mad (mutually assured destruction) End

July 22, 2022

I think humans have raped and abused Mother Nature (earth) that we are making her mad, go mad and be mad. People that are often troubled (vexed) can go somewhat mad and be mad. Madness can be a defence mechanism when continuously troubled/vexed. You can seek defence in madness as in madness people don’t trouble you.

The world’s human population needs culling. The Mother Nature/earth can support only so much human activity. The mother is getting mad. The mother is fighting back. Either we have such climatic disasters that kill off many humans or humans use knowledge to kill many humans. Knowledge in Satans hands can mean death.

In the Garden of Eden did the snake eat of the Knowledge of good and evil? The snake obviously was cast out of the Garden of Eden. We have snakes galore now in this world. I used to see them through peoples eyes. Snakes are predominantly in the East, not all mind you. Eastern wisdom is predominantly snake.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Fruit is in the Fringe of the Tree

July 22, 2022

I know from perception that the Pentecostals are the fringe of the Universal God Tree and what’s in the fringe of the Tree; fruit.

Yes the Pentecostals have the fruit of the Spirit of God. So when you go to one of these gatherings you see fruit like joy. Joy is only one fruit there are many more other fruits. You go to a mainline church gathering and there’s less or no fruit just as there is no fruit on the main Tree branches and no fruit on the Tree trunk.

Pentecostals lean to the right they are right minded people they vote right wing policians in to power. Scott Morrison is right side politically and religiously.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” – Proverbs chapter 3 verse 5

July 22, 2022

Well said Scott (our ex Prime Minister of late). Scott said not to trust in Government nor the United Nations.

We TRUST only in God. Humans are fallible that includes the Pope. Politicians are fallible. ALL mortal is fallible. Only God above is infallible. Our parents are fallible. Our teachers are fallible. Our Church pastors are fallible. Our spouse is fallible. Don’t trust anything in flesh and bone. Mortal is the prelude to death. Trust God He is Spirit.

Trust is such an ambiguous word and not understood by most people if any at all. You grow up expecting to trust your parents, your school teachers, your church pastor, the Government officials, the police, the military, people in authority. But alas all this trust is misguided. The pastor/priest you trust sodomises your children, the teachers don’t care, the police don’t give justice, your parents put money first.

Trust God……you think that’s crazy because we can not see God. You refer us to the psychiatrist to be analysed because we put our trust in Spirit. We believe in God. Oh yes you can believe in God but keep it to yourself we don’t want you propagating such ideologies to us we don’t trust a God Spirit that we can not see we are not that dumb.

So it’s naive to trust physical, trust Spiritual the Spiritual Spirit of God. And don’t trust doctors not even psychiatrists. Trust is not necessary love. Love is not necessary trust. Trust no one but God, don’t be a fool be wise be sensible. You are essentially spirit and soul. Humans did not make you, God made you. And don’t trust the Pope.

You come under the power of whatever you put your trust in. Power corrupts absolute powers trusts absolutely. Come under the power of God, no other. Putting yourself under the power of other humans will create a misery and for some a misery beyond comprehension. Humans are their own worst enemies. Satan works through humans as also God works through humans, it’s the knowing what temple is it. There are two main temples (two main Bodies) with snake/Spirit in in this world. Satan’s Body and Christ’s Body. Children grow up be mature grow up to God. Give your trust completely to God, to do so you won’t trust anything else. Don’t idolise.

Scott Morrison (ex PM) you hit on a good subject of “trust” in your recent sermon. You know from experience not to trust Government.

How I perceive the members of the Body of Christ are immature about “trust”. I live in this Universal Body so I should know. I see I hear. We have so called “wise” people in this Body misinforming the Body members. Christ’s Wisdom is over shadowed by human wisdom. Human wisdom needs to be junked, thrown in the waste bin.

You think to yourself the Bible says “Submit to the Governing authorities”. Submission is not about trust. Yes you by all means submit to the Governing authorities. But to submit does not mean you have to trust. The Governing authorities do not trust us. Pastors do not trust us. Teachers do not trust the school pupils. Police do not trust us. Parents do not trust their children. What I am saying is that “The Authorities do not trust the people and we do not trust them”.

No authority is trustworthy except God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

PENTECOSTAL FRINGE and the Universal Church Tree

July 22, 2022

I never quite gelled with Pentecostalism. Pentecostal is too shallow, like the gloss on top; there is no deep thinking, no deep insights, it is like skin deep, it is more heart than brain, it does not want to be mind, it is more body than head.

Okay the Tree of life the Church Tree has to have twigs, I mean what is a tree without twigs, a tree that’s developed has to have a fringe, so the Pentecostals are the fringe of the total Church Tree. Twigs are weaker than the branches and branches are weaker than the tree trunk.

Branches are the mainline Churches, the trunk might be the Orthodox Church like Catholic. Church branches branched away from Catholicism, and modern Churches like Pentecostal branched or twigged away from mainline Churches. I don’t abhor the fringe of the tree so I can not abhor Pentecostalism.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

PRAYER AND MENTAL HEALTH – feed the soul and heart with good food not rubbish

July 22, 2022

So who came up with the deal that Police were wholesale resigning so as to be mining workers in security etc. It’s mental health that’s the problem not wholesale resigning to join mining companies.

For too long society has scorned talking about mental health. Mental health was taboo talk, it was weak talk. You suffer in your soul you shut up. Why? Society does not know how to cure souls that suffer. So you send these souls to the psychologist; these psyche workers can not cure souls. So you send these souls to the psychiatrist, these psyche (soul) workers prescribe drugs. You can also get in to a psychiatric hospital to be drugged up and hope nature heals you.

What is the real problem? Society does not understand the mind aka soul. No one really knows how to cure a soul that many people do not believe in. A lot of people are not believers in God now and to talk about soul or spirit is nonsense to them. So many people in society identify mind as brain as the physical and not invisible soul or invisible spirit. So society sees to cure the mind is to cure the brain and few or none know much about the brain. So we have an identity crisis, people don’t know the brain. People know and understand the body more than the brain.

So society does not know how to approach healing the mind. What is the mind? What is soul? Is mine in the brain? Is soul in mind in the brain? So society drugs the brain and body. Do these drugs work? They work by making the sick minds compliant. It’s about compliance. Take your drugs and be compliant. In the past it was “out of sight out of mind”. The sick minds were like put under the carpet, put in to institutions away from society. Now mental health is starting to be recognised as a sickness not to be put out of sight. Because people can not see mind aka soul people could not see the sicknesses here so people did not understand it.

People now are speaking up and not being scared to speak up about their mental health. So we now see many people who are experiencing mental health problems and this has been going on for ages. These people are everywhere even in the Police force. It’s not weak to say you are sick, it’s not weak to say you have mind problems. Let’s grow up about mental health. Let’s be wise about mental health.

Let’s not discard our friends who admit to mental health problems. Head and body both can have sickness. Let’s be head orientated people not just body orientated people. The head should come first then the body. Let’s not worship bodies. Let’s help the head. Let’s look after the soul in the head. Let’s respect the soul in the head. Let’s save the soul. Let’s love the soul. Speak wisely and use words that will be loving to the soul. Guard your mouth, speak wisely, soul is in between the ears your/there words are your best friends or your worst enemies. Words make or break souls. Christ’s Words heal. God is Words. God’s Words through Jesus Christ heal souls, save souls, love souls, and protect souls. Jesus Christ is love. True love heals.

I think our society at large has to a great extent left prayer. Left prayer, meaning prayer is few and far between. It’s about making money and loving money that now is more important. Money won’t love or save or protect the soul. The soul needs words. People don’t watch what they speak. Words are second to money. Money rules now. Prayer is using words that can heal. Many more people identified with Christianity in the past in the West so in those days more people must have prayed. Many people praying is a good influence on society. Now society is getting dry. Prayer words are like living water. Dry is waterless and weak and sick. The soul needs nourishing words. Prayer can help souls like water does for a parched desert. Water is life. Words of God are life. Words can bring life to the soul like water can bring life to plants. You look at a Spiritual person of Christ, they are animated, they are lively, they look alive, they are full of grace, they are inspiring, they look young.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Dark Side of Money – knowledge can be used for good or evil and so the same for money. We have a Tree of knowledge and a Tree of money. You love either one or the other. But I love Wisdom of Christ, that’s the other Tree. And money does not grow on Trees.

July 22, 2022

The Western money system led by the USA is cracking up. There’s cracks opening up its leaking like a sieve. Many nations or most nations depend on the likes of the USA to hold up the money system of the world. The West not the East has sponsored the world money system.

The imperialism of the West with its merchants like the East India Company made the West rich and were the foundation of the Worlds money system. Now the West is showing signs of weakening, it’s money system is weakening, nations are near to going bankrupt. Now and then we hear of another nation having economic woes. The West has its fiscal pillars the World Bank and the IMF. These two pillars are weakening with trying to hold up weak nations with weak economies this is getting to be too much of a drain.

The Wests imperialism in the past made rich on the backs of poorer nations peoples backs. Now no one wants to be the West’s coolies. The East is breaking the West’s bondages off it and the West Raj (rule) over these poorer nations is coming to an end. The West is not making the enormous money like it used to. The East is getting strong led by China. The East will be the new imperialism. The East led by China will get richer. The West won’t want to be the coolies of the East and there will probably be a fight. East fight West. But before the fight nations will be drawn in to the Easts orbit to prop their nations economies. People follow the money. The East led by China will have much money. Nations to stem off bankruptcy might have no choice but to side with the East. China with the help of Russia might have a money system that will be much better and stronger than the West’s now weakening money system. People want materialism and nations as a whole are no different. To have all this materialism you need money and only China’s economy is getting stronger to support a new money system that can help other nations. The East will drive (go) West.

Progress is simply about having “things”. Wealth is having “things”. It’s about having material “things”. It’s like young children, they want want and want. It’s about desire; if you have say a strong sex urge you are a person who has lots of desire and people who desire lots strive to get lots. Very rich men may have strong desires, the same for rich women. Capitalism is based on having capital, land, materialism. This system of capitalism is faltering, nations are cracking under the strain of want want wants. The East led by China will shore up a alternative capitalism system because China now is a roaring furnace of making money and manufacturing and providing material wants. China will take over from the USA as the leader of capitalism.

The Mark of the Beast. This Mark is a sign of a new money system. This money system will be notably an artificial system. I don’t know much more. But maybe just maybe it’s a carbon mark, but it’s mere speculation on my behalf, I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SPACE MAYBE INFINITE BUT THE UNIVERSE MAYBE FINITE – we have now since the Big Bang an expanding universe filling up space but for how long

July 22, 2022

Space might be infinite but the universe maybe finite. But the created universe is expanding so the universe is filling up space. Space was here first or was it?

Was there first a ocean of water in space. But how much water? Did God Spirit use this water to create the universe. Water has hydrogen. Hydrogen is the ultimate power in creation. If water was first how did the water get here? Did the God Spirit make water, can Spirit give off water like lots of water. Like the saying goes a Dragon breathes fire can a Spirit breathe water, out of its mouth. I don’t know, no one knows except God. But most things birth from water and the universe may have also birthed from water. The universe was birthed, yes, a bang a Big Bang that birthed a universe. The universe Big Bang has been expanding from this bangs beginning. God is light. God turned on the lights in the darkness. Before God there was darkness. Where was God in this darkness and how can anything exist before God? If there was darkness then because God is light He God can not have been here. Did God create Himself? The invisible God. The invisible created the visible. How did the invisible come up with the idea of visible and how can invisible make visible?

So space might be infinite, just as God is infinite. God is eternal, so space could be eternal. Will the universe carry on expanding for infinitely? I don’t know. I consider that energy runs out of power. The Big Bang has just so much power. But God is eternal power. I don’t know. I would rather think the universe has its cut out time, what then? The universe shuts down? The universe implodes over many millions of years? Will God create another universe after our universe closes completely down? Nothing is off the table with God.

So outside the universe is unfilled space; can you wrap your mind around that? You don’t have to. Why? This world is so full of human beings now that the earth is suffering. The earth can not cope with so many humans. So humans won’t have to concern themselves with the deep questions of space because humans will use knowledge to cull the human populations on this earth. Knowledge is here and it can be used for good or evil. How humans want to be science smart, all in vain though. It’s best not to know. It’s smart to know and it’s smart not to know. Knowledge can just make a person despair. No one can save this world. Christ does though save souls.

It’s called smart to solve many answers by physical applications. But physical is only part of the deal. The invisible made the visible. Getting tied up in the physical defeats the real purpose of God in saving souls for heaven. Do we humans go from the visible to the invisible? Is heaven invisible? Do we go to a invisible God? Jesus God became physical so there is a transition from mortal physical to immortal physical. God wanted to be physical. God used His only begotten Son to be physical. God in Jesus. But God is not mortal. Mortal is death. God seemed to think to be physical immortal was a good idea. God could have just stayed invisible. God the Father stays invisible but the God Son is visible. Is Jesus visible? Jesus is physical so is he also now visible (since the rising after his resurrection)? Jesus is visible but He is in heaven, we don’t see in to heaven, we will though see Him later.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Atheism is anti God…..

July 12, 2022

Atheists are in to Mother Nature not Father Nature. Atheists might even hate their fathers and love their mothers. The son might hate his father and the daughter might hate her mother. Daughters grow up to be the mother and the sons grows up to be the father. But if either son or daughter are anti their parents then the daughter and son might not grow properly. God is both male and female.

To be anti God is to be anti male and anti female. We get genderless people who don’t want gender. Male and female is God’s plan. Atheists are about Mother Nature they grow down but grow little up. Atheists are about creation not the creator. The creator is above. Atheists look to science for all their answers. Atheists don’t read the Bible. Atheists enshrine scientists like the ilk of Albert Einstein as their priests. If Atheism is a religion it’s a belief in a Godless universe where creation came about by chance. Atheists live by chance not by faith they are faithless. Atheists don’t believe in an “After Life”, this is it to the Atheists, they think they are just flesh and bone without soul or spirit. Atheists are in to worshipping creation with the help of science.

There were 2 Trees in the Garden of Eden, one Tree life the other Tree death. The 2 Trees two knowledges. One Tree the Tree of death is knowledge that gives evil or good. But evil and good fight each other to death. The Tree of life is the Wisdom of God. Christ is the Wisdom of God, no other. Simple. Wisdom of Christ is eternal.

Agnostics believe in God but don’t want to Know God nor do they want to be known by God. Agnostics sit on the fence.

Science has its doomsday clock. Science, since I think 1947 not long after the nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, have acknowledged the coming of the End of the World. The doomsday clock is a scientists invention. Prophets of God warn of troubles to come but science even warns of the coming End of the World. Science is about good and evil, and good will fight evil and evil will fight good, and both sides will be destroyed. Science is death overall. Wisdom of Christ is simple. Wisdom of God is life. Only by being sensible will the world keep on going.

But the world is not sensible, it forsakes the Creator for the creation, it worships the creation not the Creator. Daughters and sons can be cut off from God. Or fathers and mothers can reject their children where children reject them. To forsake your connection to your parents is like cutting yourself off from God. To be cut off can be a final cut off. There may be a sin or sins of no return. People prefer to give up the creator to worship the creation. These creation people lose the spiritual connection to God through their parents.

The Family Tree is so important. We are branches of a Universal Tree. Branches can be cut off this Universal Tree, these branches become weak and withered, but branches can be attached back to the Universal Tree. But some twigs etc can reject the Tree entirely. So science can be limp. Mother Nature worship with out Father Nature worship can be limp. God is Spirit. We must connect up to God above to have life true life we must grow up as we grow down. We must give equal credence to mother earth and father sky. We must put our roots down in to the Mother Earth and grow up to the Father Sky.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Happy wife happy husband. Happy staff happy business/owner.

July 12, 2022

What I can think of…….. big businesses or even small businesses owning holiday homes. Homes that are used for staff to stay at while on holidays.

Charge no rent. Free rent and free electricity and free water. Homes preferably near water, the sea or lake or river. Homes away in a quiet location. Homes self contained, all furnishings etc etc.

Businesses need to accommodate for workers health, physical and mental health. In the past businesses were known to have staff cafeterias, places where staff got staff discount on food and drinks. Staff cafeterias are still a good idea but staff holiday homes is a better idea.

Businesses need to keep staff so what better way to keep staff by looking after their physical and mental health. Having new staff regularly means more time and effort and money to train new staff.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

We change in a blink of an eye

July 12, 2022

The U.K. won’t protect Australia from China or and Russia but the USA will or might. We have a security pact AUKUS but it really only means security with the USA. The U.K. has its arch enemy Russia to deal with. China will want to expand across the Pacific, a prelude no doubt to tensions between the USA and China maybe eventuating in war. But if our benefactor and protector the USA goes down it will probably mean Australia goes down as well. But we go down not in vain, we fight and stand up for what we believe in. We essentially need to believe in the “After Life” and that this present life is only a “means to an end”. In a blink of an eye we change. Mortal gets taken over by immortal. Mortal dies. We live on.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Homeless or soulless we need to love our soul and that starts at home with us i lead you to God you just have to drink

July 12, 2022

The Federal Government paid for a big facility of housing in Perth somewhere. I mean was it $200 million spent to create this village of modular housing. It was thought at the time of planning to put Covid quarantine people in it.

But now that Government have shifted in their policies to Covid this accommodation is going spare it’s become an expensive white elephant. But not to despair; why? We do have many people in Perth Metropolitan who deeply desire a roof over their head. But why are these homeless not given first choice now? Because these homeless don’t have a voice; they are looked at as having no moral authority to speak out and thus they are treated as like soulless animals etc. Good morals make a person. Bad morals ruin a person. The good can speak out and be listened to by the so called “washed” people. Clean skins are hated and loved, but they are better of than dirty skins. People know intrinsically that cleanliness is better than dirtiness. People believe “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and no matter how dirty or clean people are they have an inkling or sorts that there is a “higher power” what we as Christians call God.

And no matter how much people deny God they still will look to cleanliness as better than dirtiness. Even the persistent sinners who wallow in the dirt see being clean as a true way.

People who do not love their souls and do not treat their souls with respect are people who go selfish they wallow in loving their sinful old nature ego self. These people love exercising their body flesh desires, they don’t work at saving their soul for heaven they work at abusing their bodies and tend towards hedonism. People are either body people or head people. Body people are flops in life. Head people are successful. Body people go body first in to life. Head people go head first in to life. People who don’t love soul might even deny soul they act like soulless creatures. I believe only humans have souls; animals and birds and fish and insects do not have souls.

So the homeless people are usually people who are not head people they are body people. Homeless people are not usually about saving the soul. These people tend to get in to addictions because they feed the desires of the body. Addictions are traps, like a web of lies traps the thoughts. Addictions trap the body. Homeless people therefore because they tend not to love soul but love their ego selves they are treated like animals who are soulless. Who helps a soul of a person when that person does not want to help their own soul.

The homeless need to want to help their souls. A saying known is “God helps those who help themselves“. “You can lead a horse to water but you can not force the horse to drink the water”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Imposter syndrome

July 12, 2022

Most or nearly all people are not in their “God calling”. People even think that there is no exact one God calling for each person. Now I do not know Satan’s Body members but I do speak up for members of God’s Body, we do have a God calling call it a God vocation, I see it I know.

Many Christian’s grow up being told God has a will for their life and even a calling but later these people flounder around so much trying to find God’s calling and don’t seem to find it they give up thinking there is such a thing as a God calling for everyone (in God’s Body). Then there are people that think there are only religious God callings. God’s calling is simple. Religion can get in the way of a true God calling. Education can get in the way. Parents can get in the way. And of course money and status can get in the way. Teachers can get in the way. It’s best to find your God calling when you are young like when you are a teen, before the opposite sex and money and education get in the way. You think education won’t get in the way… can. Now education can be a asset or a liability. You need to learn to read and write. Education though can lead you in to the wrong God calling. You can end up endlessly trying to fit in a calling not your own, you are continually trying to fit in a niche hole and you don’t fit. You are endlessly pushing through out your life. People become pushy, pushy to other people. No wonder peoples hearts suffer much. People have high blood pressure. So of course most people think they are imposters at work. I felt like an imposter in my work in Wellington New-Zealand I knew it. The imposter role gets worse when people heap lauds and awards on you for your work.

To find your true vocation start trying to know it early like in your teens. Children are more in to simplicity than adults. Adults are in to porn, lying, smoking, gambling, love of money, perversions, materialism, status – adults are more complex. Don’t deviate from your vocation for the future. Don’t chase after money and materialism. Find a spouse who fits in with your true God vocation. The key to your true vocation is – SIMPLICITY. Simple is the simple truth. Don’t lie to others or yourself about your true vocation, don’t live a lie all your life.

Believe me I KNOW there is a true God vocation. I see I know.

A Prophet can see (he or she has insight) but a Wise Prophet can see and they (he or she) also can understand they know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

EAST V WEST (2 forces both cancel out the other) but the light goes on only the physical (and our mortal) dies, we of the light live on

July 12, 2022

Former US commander Philip Davidson told 60 Minutes China’s forays into the region were part of a bigger plan.
“I think Papua New Guinea and, frankly, all the nations in the Indo-Pacific are at risk,” he said.
“China does not play by the rules. They have ambition, by the middle of this century, to displace the international order and replace it with one of their own.”


But I will.

The Christian West spread its beliefs and values over the world. But it was not only the Wests desire to spread its religion the West was as much concerned with making money and being rich. It was money and religion in tandem. But money at many times took first place, religion was often put second. The West built big fleets of war ships to protect the Wests conquests in the world. For example you got the British war ship fleet for a long time ruling the waves. The British used these ships to protect their business interests overseas. Many Western nations colonised worldwide seizing opportunities at the demise of their colonies. We got the East India Company. Britain led in this imperialism for many a year. Britain’s ships ruled the waves. Was it about religion or was it about money? What? Imperialism? It was both about money and religion but most of the time money led before religion.

Now I as a Christian believer I have no scruples about spreading the Christian religion. I believe in Christ, I believe the Bible to be the Word of God and the Truth of God. I know there have been many translations of the Bible but I think the essential truth is still there. The truth sets you free.

The Chinese Government think the West is hypocritical to think China’s imperialism is dangerous and unwanted. China wants to spread its hold, control, values, over the world. The West did this but has now run out of steam. The West are rich they have stuffed themselves silly from the riches of imperialism. China is now having its go. China has much energy. China has been sleeping and now it is awake and ready to grow and spread.

Where there is a force there is a equal and opposite force [Newtons law].

The West forced its way over the world now we get an equal and opposite force the East who will force itself over the world.

East meets West.

But the Western force is benign and on the light side. The Eastern force is malign and on the dark side. We get the Christ meeting the Dragon.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Law of Relativity

July 12, 2022

Things were more cheaper to buy in the past BUT all things are RELATIVE. The Law of RELATIVITY. Prices are low, wages are low. Prices are high, wages are high. It’s called the inflated ego. Ego gets the better of us. Letting the wages and prices go free without regulation we get greed. We get unequality. We get corruption. We need to police most or all things, people sin they need the Law to keep them inline. Ego is a manifestation of sin. Anything that inflates is sin. Bigger is not necessary better.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

When is a soul a soul? When it gets a soul

July 12, 2022

It’s about who owns the foetus growing inside the mother. Is the foetus owned by the mother? Does the mother have all rights over the foetus growing inside her? Is the foetus sapient inside the mother? When do we humans get soul and human spirit? When do we officially become alive? When we start breathing?

Do we as a foetus breathe inside the mothers womb? How can a foetus breathe inside the mother? Many mothers want control over their own body and they may think a foetus is part of them it’s a growth from them. Foetuses obviously don’t breathe inside the mother. Is a foetus a living soul if it is not breathing? Does the spirit and soul come in to the child at conception? How can a foetus not developed get soul and spirit at just the conception? You need a head for soul and a heart for spirit. The baby comes out of the mother and the doctor slaps the back of the baby to get it to breathe and spirit and soul come to the baby; I don’t know, I guess. Spirit is like in breath, so does soul come from spirit. God is Spirit. Did God Spirit come before anything else? Did God Spirit create souls?

Mothers want no one telling them what to do with their bodies. Mothers see a foetus growing in them as their turf. Women don’t want religion, politics, Government, men, telling them what to do with parts of their body. Is a foetus a part of a mother? Is a living soul sapient at conception or birth?

Vulgate: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his notrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”.

Peshitta: “And the Lord God formed Adam (as) dust from the earth. and he blew in his nose the breath of life and Adam became a living being”.

Genesis 2.7

God breathed in to man’s nostrils. Spirit must have made soul. God is Spirit. But is God also soul? God is called Spirit in the Bible not soul. God Spirit created the Universe. God Spirit hovered over the deep waters God Spirit ignited the hydrogen and created the “big bang”; now I surmise I don’t really know. God Spirit breathed in to Adams nostrils creating soul.

Was the growing foetus in the mother made from dust? Dust is akin to earth. Mother Earth. The mother is the earth that gives forth the children. Why is it not Father earth? It’s Father sky. The Father is above. Spirit and soul are life. We are spirit and soul with a flesh and bone covering. Spirit of God breathed soul in to Adam. Does God Spirit breathe soul in to foetuses or in to just birthed babies? Obviously humans don’t breath soul in to people.

Does God live in everyone, or just everyone in God; meaning God does not live in people in Satans Universal Body. But God could be in all; I don’t know. If God is in all he comes through the family lines (in the inner sense) and God through the parents breathes soul in to new born children. God is above, it’s a mystery. We have a family God. Some family members are broken off the family tree these are the members going against the family God. But the family God goes on in the family line in other family members those not cut off the tree. The family God is Spirit. We have God with us.

Foetuses don’t breathe inside the mother. So the soul is not breathed in to the foetus. Soul is breathed. The baby breathes in the soul from God Spirit. The baby comes out of the mother, birthed, and God Spirit breathes in to the baby soul and spirit and baby breathes in. We get a living soul.

Hey I am just thinking. I don’t know as in know know but I use my senses for what they are worth. I read the bible scriptures. If I do know then I must be keenly focused and in the light. More light comes over time, I am growing in light. I see more as I get older. I don’t proclaim to know all but I try to understand. It makes sense God is in all, but not in the foetus. God is in the mother and father. God is above. In Christ we saved also get God in to our hearts.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Secret phone call between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin some time in the past

July 12, 2022

Trump: You want a deal?
Putin: Yes a deal.
How does it go?
You want peace?
So the deal will be peace.
Peace between who?
Russia and the USA.
Why just Russia and the USA?
You be the President of the USA and I as President of Russia can make peace together because we are in charge of each other’s military and nuclear weapons.
You mean we don’t nuke each other?
Yes. We have peace.
What about China?
I can only speak for Russia.
Will China want to take over the world?
Look Don as long as the USA and Russia don’t go to war then we have some time.
Time before what?
The apocalypse.
You mean the apocalypse starts with war between China and the USA?
Hey I don’t know everything. But if we can be friends at least we are putting the apocalypse off for a while.
You mean the apocalypse is certain?
Nothings certain Don.
Okay so we don’t war with each other at least that will give us time.
Sure will Don.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

CAPITALISM and inflation and community

July 12, 2022

The whole things crazy (re the attached news article on inflation). War is organised chaos; is capitalism the same. Freedom can often be free to be crazy. Employers and business owners increase the prices of their goods and services this includes farmers (crops and living live stock) then wage hikes come. And economists say this risks the economy.

Capitalism is okay but it caters to the greedy people. But what if we had communism under the Headship of Jesus Christ? Israel has many communes and they are under God in many a sense. Israel calls their communes Kibbutzes.

Communism without God is organised chaos. War is organised chaos. Capitalism without God is organised chaos.

We need the Mind of Christ, we need this Headship of Christ. We should come under (this is understanding [stand under] in its real context) the Headship of Christ. We are spirit to this world and to the Kingdom of God within. We are soul yes but we relate in spirit our human spirit to God Spirit and to other human spirits. We commune in our own human spirit to God and to other peoples human spirits. Our spirit is tamed by God Spirit; do you have God’s Spirit in your heart given to you from God above? The/our Spirit/spirit is our Words/words.

Humans don’t get on well, they bite each other, so communes do not succeed. Christ’s Wisdom can make a commune succeed but many or most people prefer human wisdom. Human wisdom will drag a commune down. The West has few communes, the only ones that really work are the monasteries and convents. The East has a few communes. The East’s wisdom is the nemesis of the West’s Wisdom.

Capitalism works; why? Acquiring capital gives people an incentive to work. To work for just ideas and sharing without owning your own land or own house or own car etc etc does not inspire to work. Capital can be money and money can be physical possessions. We love for example having our own land and house. We love having all the mod cons in our house. We don’t want to work for the good of say a commune or community. We want to really work for money. We work and wait patiently for the next pay day. We work for money to buy capital. We don’t work for God, no, we want money. It’s all about “INCENTIVE”. The former Communist regimes were a flop because there was no incentive to work. Communist is for one not working for God and it’s not working for capital, money and land etc. Having money gives us control over our lives, money and the more of it gives us independence from other people. Money has the buying power.

I have never been much of a capitalist because I hate attachments. You come in to this world owning nothing and you depart from this world owning nothing of this world. I have hated working for money. Don’t get me wrong I love the buying power of money. I hate working for employers who because they pay me money seem to think they have the right to control me. I hate coming under the control of anyone. I hate also coming under the control of so called teachers in this world. I like to keep it very simple. I sleep, eat and work without the worlds attachments. I am more subjective than objective. I live more for the inner life than the outer life.

I like community living; I think of my living on Campus at Perth Bible College and this was appealing to me. I have visited and stayed many times for short spells at a time at a few Catholic Monasteries and this type of community has appealed to me but I would never become a monk, I though don’t mind forsaking money but I hated celibacy. I love being married.

I am no communist I am a centrist. Fascism and communism are extremes and unbalanced therefore harmful and sick. We get dictators whose regimes are extreme. Dictators are on the whole depots and psychopaths.

The more you move away from the centre the more you pervert what is natural thinking. To pervert is to move away from normal and natural. Despots are unnatural. To be on centre is to be balanced. Few walk the centre middle path, you have to be straight as a die to think centre all the time. Few people are straight thinkers all the time, we pervert we think perverse away from the straight middle. Who can walk a straight line, most people or all act drunk and walk like drunks weaving all over the place. So most people have lost their senses, their senses are impaired by their sins so they act drunk.

The centre or/and middle is called the “Sensible Centre”, the “Sensible Middle”. It’s also called being “Unbiased”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 12, 2022

Fertilisers go up in price; farmers then put prices of vegetables and fruit up; the Unions rage for employees wages to be increased; we call all this inflation but inflating what? The ego?

Someone in the loop of “supply and demand” puts up their numbers (prices or wages), it can be anywhere in the loop, and this messes with the stability of the economy. Someone gets greedy.

Prices are going up now, NOW the Unions want an increase in employees wages.

Wages then go up; businesses have to pay more wage to their workers, to meet the wage increase businesses increase prices. Prices go up…….and so on.

We have a “cycle of inflation” it’s like the cat chasing its tail. Inflation goes up but also in a circle. The numbers go up but the numbers go in a circle.

How does the economy restore to a sensible inflation, how? A recession maybe. Take numbers out of the loop, take money out of the loop. The less money in the loop the less inflation. Employment should be for needs not wants. We manufacture consumables that are needed not wanted. We grow crops and farm animals for needs. We export and import, we grow and farm and manufacture our needs but also we do this above our needs to a certain aspect so that this surplus is enough to import commodities that we need that we don’t have that are farmed and grown and manufactured in overseas nations.

Free market enterprise can be so wantonly. This type of market encourages wants and not needs. Immature people are about wants. The economy based on mostly wants is a immature system. Wants don’t last. Needs last. Wants are thrown away as rubbish after a short time. We rubbish the Mother Earth with wants.

Free markets do have merit even though they can resort to wanton. We humans crave our freedoms. We want to be free. Free from what? Ignorance? Spiritual darkness? Poverty? Sickness? But wanting usually means we want what other people have. It is our right to covet our needs. Once we have our needs we can help other people get their needs. Free markets make a imbalanced economy, we have those with and those without. We don’t get equality with a free market. But most people love a free market. We want to satisfy our ego’s so much. We want to be rich to satisfy our ego’s. The simple life of needs is looked at as boring. We want excitement.

The former Soviet Union and former China embraced “communism“ but it proved to be a flop a failure of gigantic proportions. It was a body flop. There was no Head of Christ in this system. Without Christ most endeavours prove to be flops. We need the Headship of Christ to make a true success. Communities living together working together can be a success with the God Head. Communist Soviet Union and communist China embraced atheism; what a flop. Anti God helps no one.

Communists in the ole days ranted on about the decadence and immorality of nations like the USA. Now we do have decadence and immorality in the Free West but we are under the God Head. We sin. We admit our sins. There is always going to be sin. Communism was preaching about a decadent West but it was a decadent West that God loves; God does not love decadence God loves the people. The sinful West embraced God. Communism rejects God and His Son Jesus.

The West can embrace God as well as community. Communes under the Headship of Christ can work. But many communes in the West have gone under, we get communes that are led by so called false prophets who betray the trust of the community and become perverts. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some Church denominations do have their communities. Some work.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Rape and pillage with inflated ego

July 12, 2022

Prices of goods and services go up……..does it stop there? No no no….one side goes up the other side goes up. Now people will be pleading for higher wages. What do we have here actually? Inflated heads aka minds? Maybe inflated egos. One side thinks it’s clever to inflate but then the other side inflates, the head has two hemispheres.

What does change is technology. And what does change is technology getting minerals and oil and gas out of the earth. Technology makes it easier to work. Technology aided by artificial intelligence does a lot of our work. We though get stressed out using technology and artificial intelligence (AI) as we work but we are not working we are just partners with technology, machines and AI, we work then we have to go to the gym to really work out. We deceive ourselves we are really working partnered with machines and AI but this is not true work so most people have to go to the gymnasium after their supposed work and work out until they feel like they have really worked out. The heart needs a good workout and the hands as well. In the past it was more simpler, humans worked they did not need to go to the gym after their work because they really worked at their main job.

So humans change the mother earth with machines and AI. Humans rape Mother Earth to make money and the more money one makes is called progress. Mother Earth suffers. Most mothers suffer. Man rapes and rapes mother (earth). Man rapes and he gets a inflated ego. We have inflation.

Wages versus good and services costs/prices. We need a balance. We have one side of politics that wants more Government regulations and the other side that wants free market called free enterprise. One side wants more Government control the other side wants more free enterprise. Left is Government control, right is free enterprise. Both sides have merit. But right and left must work together with centrist leading. But left and right think the other the enemy and won’t work together. Each side thinks they are the clever one.

Let’s meet together and share more. Nope, both sides are enemies. The King is in the middle, left is one one side of him and right is on the other side of him. The King is the supreme authority.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Netflix – “Keep Sweet Pray and Obey”

July 12, 2022

I started to feel sick in my heart from I think episode 3. I got to episode 4 and that was that I could not take anymore of it my heart was sickening at it all.

I think in man’s world in man’s making it’s man that puts man on pedestals. Man rules from the backs of other people. Man lifts other men. This incudes woman putting women and men higher up on their shoulders. Man gets rich on the top of other peoples backs and man gets power on the backs of other people.

The Body of Christ is different. The Body of Christ is God’s way not man’s way. We are in the image of God. God is the God Head. We are the members of the Body. The Head is above the Body. We are spirit in heart and soul in head. We are saved souls in the God head waiting for full redemption and a transition in to the “After Life”. We are saved now. We the saved go to heaven, we leave the mortal to go in to the immortal. We become like the angels but later we get new immortal heavenly bodies.

This movie series is a wake up call to people who follow other people and not following Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is above in heaven. We though are spirit and if God has sent the Holy Spirit down from heaven in to our heart then we in our spirit are also to worship the Holy Spirit. We must wisen up in our spirit. Don’t act dumb and follow man. Man is mortal, Jesus is immortal. Jesus is above. Prophets come and go but Prophets do not know the exact time and day of the “Day of reckoning”, only the Father God knows, Jesus Christ does not even know. Yes Prophets have insight, they see, they are called seers, they may see signs, true Prophets do perceive the times in general in seeing signs, but false prophets are people who are not true Prophets. You can not be a true Prophet by the calling of man, no, God calls and chooses His Prophets. And many Prophets are called but few are chosen.

This prophet in this movie series gets his (em)power(ment) from people. People are so dumb to believe him they put him up high in power (human wisdom) and they let him even take the peoples children away from them. This false prophet is/was up there because of other people.

So it takes two to tango. Don’t dance with a partner if you don’t want to. Start dancing and keep on dancing you can be put under the partners spell. People want to follow a person, to believe in them, because they want to be led, they don’t want to take responsibility, they want someone to give the orders, they want a simple life, they want to feel safe; these people choose their King; then the King may turn bad. No person is without sin. Religion can be so man made. Religion can be man made – laws, regulations, dogma, doctrines, rituals. God’s Spirit gets smothered out.

So man makes and puts a man made world over God’s creation. Man invents and invents – religion, philosophy, machines, arts, technology, etc etc. Man covers God’s Earth with his creations. Life is getting smothered. God life.

You choose your leaders. Choose wise leaders. Be wise to choose wise leaders. Know a false prophet by their fruit. Know the signs of a prophet. A good tree bears good fruit, a bad tree bears bad fruit.

And fundamentalists are dangerous in many cases. Fundamentalists are on the whole immature, they are usually young and militant. Fundamentalists don’t want to think they want a leader to think for them. You give these false prophets their power and authority.

God’s Kingdom is NOT of this world. You won’t find paradise/utopia or total full on happiness in this world. This is not heaven. Heaven is ABOVE….have faith believe. We prepare for a after life that we have little know how of, we have faith. We are spirit and soul.

P.s. Man = male and female, man and woman.

We must know that male was created to complement female and female was made to complement male, both are equal, as much as the head needs the body and the body needs the head, as much as the brain needs the heart and the heart needs the brain. God created His creation; does God need His creation as the creation needs God the Creator? The God Head needs the God Body. Is God ineffective with out the Body of Christ? We grow down to Mother Earth and we grow up to Father Sky. We grow both ways, up and down, equally. We need both Father and Mother to grow.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT – the two trees to eat of

June 11, 2022

Boris is okay. Boris is very highly intelligent, he’s a loyal and patriotic Boris may have roots in Turkey but he’s the epitome of true British, he won’t betray the British, Scot’s, Welsh or Irish. But what about the foreign immigrants who have migrated and become citizens of the U.K. I don’t know where Boris stands on foreign immigration. I respect high intelligence but I don’t just take it as a bench mark of morality. I believe Christ’s Wisdom is the bench mark of all rule. Wisdom of God is intelligent but it’s a divine intelligence not of this world. The Bible is never talked about as highly intelligent scriptures, it is though talked about as Wise scriptures. Boris leads well, he has some bad morals but such can be tolerated in light of his good leadership, intelligence, and patriotism.

We have two Trees to consume of, one knowledge that we can use for good or evil but in the end both good and evil both annihilate each other to become zero. Flesh and bone against flesh and bone both sides annihilate each other this begins the real life the life after this life the life where time and money and idols do not matter. There’s no matter, no matter to matter about, in the after life. We do get new bodies but these bodies are immortal not like we could now ever now; we will know when we get the new bodies until then we wait in trepidation.

The Bible scriptures are the Tree of Wisdom of God. This Wisdom is Spirit of God inspired. The scriptures are Spirit given. The scriptures are not science or what we know as knowledge of good or evil the scriptures are not science at all. You can not understand scriptures in the Bible by understanding from a science angle. Scriptures are discerned by your spirit to soul. It’s Spirit to spirit. God’s Spirit to human spirit. Science does not understand God at all. Wisdom of God is not about science so you may say Wisdom of God does not understand science.

So we have two Trees of thought. The world and its people look up to science the Tree of thought of good and evil. Good will destroy evil and evil will destroy good; we have nothing left. But the real win is after life.

Why did God put two Trees of food for thought in the Garden of Eden. Of course these Trees are figurative. You must work it out just as Christ left the fish symbol to the world to work out. Why the fish sign; it’s a sigh yes. What does the fish sign mean? Science may say human beings originated from fish; makes sense. We come from water, makes sense. We were made simple and became complex, makes sense. Simple was the beginning, simplex was the beginning. Simplex comes before complex. Water; the beginning, the universe hatched from water, maybe. God and water. God Spirit and water. Fish and snakes. Bewildering. But why Two Trees? Is the Garden of Eden an analogy? Maybe, maybe not.

We have snakes in people, of spirit. We have Christ in people, of Spirit. The snake is not the image of God; we in God are in the image of God, we carry the image of God within, we in spirit human spirit are in the image of God. The two main temples, bodies, one God’s in Christ the other Satan’s; the snake is not in the image of God; we are….like me. We in God originated from fish but we changed later to be in the image of God. It makes sense to come from water just as a baby is in a sac in woman as a foetus in the mothers womb. You need water, and you need water to birth. The baby originated from a sperm (like a fish) impregnating a egg. The seed the sperm. God is Spirit and was the seed that ignited the Big Bang.

The truly clever way is to choose the Tree of food for thought of Wisdom of Christ. God the Father gives one Tree of food for thought and Christ gives the other Tree of food for thought. But the Father God told Adam to choose the Tree of life that is Christ’s Wisdom. Adam of course disobeyed. Adam chose to follow the Woman’s path.

The World thinks it’s so clever to choose the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. But this will come to death. People will use good and evil to destroy each other. Good knowledge and evil knowledge.

If all God’s people on earth were all wise in Christ, maybe just maybe this planet will not be as it is now in rack and ruin. People will not be destroying each other. Life will be more simple. Life won’t be stressful. There will be more Godly love. With true love there is good health. Wisdom of Christ is good health.

We can still choose life we can choose Jesus Christ. Christ when born began to grow in Wisdom. Jesus never went to school. We don’t talk about an intelligent Christ. Christ is the Wisdom of God. But it’s too late….why? Mankind has chosen its path, Christ is just a swear word or a patsy. Mankind is on a path of destruction, no one can turn it back. It’s money……, money, money, it’s too late mankind has made its choice. But God knew this. God has a plan. A plan of a baptism. A cleansing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“A thousand years to you are like one day”….[Psalm 90: 2,4]

June 11, 2022

I had a “outer body” experience. Okay it was not a full body outer experience it was a part one. Half of me a invisible half a half I visioned came out of my physical body. At the time I was lying down on my back and the top half of me sat up. The top half that rose was invisible the top physical half stayed lying down but I was conscious of this invisible half that rose like as in a vision. But it was not really a vision because this top half rising was real. I was in two places at the one time. True. I was very much conscious at this time. The experience lasted only a matter of minutes.

Now a thousand years are like one day…. In my outer body experience I can relate now to the timeless aspect of God. I relate to timelessness because in my outer body experience I in reflection now think of how timeless I was in the outer body. There was no time in my being out of the physical body, no time at all.

“Time is money”. “Time is the essence”. Time is man made. Watches and clocks, all time pieces are man made. Man is worried he has a short time to live on this earth. Science is about time. Wisdom of God is timeless. Science is the physical creation and man made creation. Wisdom of God is heavenly it’s about the Creator God. The more you become like Jesus, the more you get God nature, you then get away from time. You don’t die you live on. Mortal of course dies, but you don’t die. The flesh is just a covering.

Time is very mortal not immortal. Time is the earth not heaven. The earth circles the sun in time, the earth revolves on its axis in time. Creation in the physical has time. We work according to time. We work for money, money is linked explicitly to time, we are a slave to money and time. We fantasise about “time travel” but I don’t believe in it.

We have only a certain number of years to live…..such is an illusion, a delusion, we really have eternal life. Be spiritual not ego flesh sinful self.

We don’t work for God we work for money, time is money. We are trapped in time because of money. Time imprisons us. It’s the same for our mortal bodies, they trap us they imprison us; that’s if we sin. We must work for God not money and we should not sin, if we do we need to confess our sins to God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Aliens in outer space – science fiction/fantasy?

June 11, 2022

I don’t believe in aliens in outer space (but I am simple). If there were aliens in outer space I am sure if they came to Earth we would be the aliens grub; you know feed, food. Life needs food and water.

Any life up there needs to survive and life does not live off just air. And where is the air up there, I mean oxygen. Did not the oxygen in water burn up in the “Big Bang” but somehow Earth was given life with water. Is Earth God’s home or more to the point is Earth at the feet of God? Does God Spirit need water to survive? Was water here before the universe? Can God make water, can Spirit of God expel water?

Spirit was here first (if so Spirit can survive without water but that is up to contention); Spirit gave (expel) water; water was used to create the Big Bang. Hydrogen burning with oxygen made the Big Bang. You need oxygen to burn. Hydrogen in water is the energy. God Spirit ignited this fireball.

The sun is fusion not fission. So the “Big Bang” was obviously fusion. The hydrogen bomb is fusion. The hydrogen bomb is also known as a thermonuclear bomb. The hydrogen bomb is the bomb of all bombs. The sun is fusion. The sun is the energy of energies. Fusion is fusing together, fission is splitting. Fusing together atoms and splitting atoms give off energy.

But if water existed and was the component that the universe was made out of why did the “Big Bang” need oxygen from water? Fusion does not need oxygen. Our sun or any sun does not need oxygen to burn. Perplexing.

It looks like man can not build a fusion reactor or what we can call a artificial sun on earth. The problems are to keep this artificial sun contained. But what if man built a artificial sun orbiting the earth or orbiting the moon. A artificial sun in outer space. Perplexing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

CULTURE – with grace or class, you decide but Christ is not classy he is graceful. I preach grace not class (class divides with walls, grace is unity in love)

June 11, 2022

The Aborigines have culture but it’s a weak culture, it has very little representation of values and principles. Where are the wise men and women in Aboriginal culture? What stands out in Aboriginal culture is its weakness in unity and Wisdom. Most cultures have their wise people and prophets. The Prophets are the direct line from above from God to the people. But there are cultures that have their wise people that speak for Satan.

In Africa we got what were/are known as witch doctors. These doctors were in to animism, it’s creation worship and not the Creator worship; it’s also satanic, it relies on the good intentions of evil spirits (demons). These wise sages are only wise in the dark arts. The Aboriginal don’t even seem to be much in either dark arts or light arts. I only know about the Aboriginal “dream time” and their “walkabouts”. There must be more than just dreaming and walking.

We grow in cultures. The British defeated the Aboriginal because the British had a unifying culture that made them strong and with it their Christian religion. Culture is only strong when it’s unified and has unifying aspects like one common language and one common belief system like the British religion in this case Christianity. I don’t know the Aboriginal religion; they talk about the snake, what else. So the British were able to take the land off the Aboriginal like taking candy off a baby.

The British brought to Australia the Christian religion; but the Aboriginal were treated as outcasts, ha what hypocrisy of the British, why? Jesus came for the outcasts to save their souls, Jesus did not particularly come for the respectable people. But the so called respectable people hogged the Christian religion it was they who went to Church on a Sunday and snobbed the Aboriginal and also the white convicts; these respectable used religion to give them status giving them the excuse to treat the Aboriginal and white convicts as lower class and to be treated as servants and slaves. The respectable people used the excuse that the Aboriginal and white convicts were the so called “unwashed”.

Religion can be used to make people rich. Religion can be racist to the core. Racism is just an excuse to use dark skinned people as cheap labourers or as slaves. The respectable people get rich off the backs of the poor. The poor are poor because of the rich. The rich hog all the money. Religion like Christianity was used by the respectable white people to support a “class system”. India also has a class system in their religion “Hinduism”. Religion is used to keep those in power in power.

Christ is made a mockery of in the “class system”. Class is about money but it is also about education. You can pay your way to get to a higher class. Money buys class. Education and its qualifications also attain higher class. There are careers vocations jobs that have a class rank. What used to be and still partly is today is that we have Monarchs of nations and these Kings and Queens reaffirm the class system. It’s the rich people who want the Monarchy system as the Monarchy is about conserving a system based on class and Monarchs in the past made the class system and the rich are at the top of this system. This system is outdated. This system is based on human wisdom NOT Jesus Christ’s Wisdom. Simple.

Prophets see, they are called seers. The “Body of Christ” has eyes, it’s the Prophets eyes that are the eyes of the “Body of Christ”. It’s time the “Body of Christ” woke up to see as Christ sees. Christ is The King. The King and I. The Wise of Christ go up not down.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Man rapes the Mother [Earth] in the name of “progress” (It inflates the ego – called inflation)

June 11, 2022

Costs and services have gone up recently. Now wages are going to go up. The Labor Federal Government want the wages of low income people to go up. Hey it’s called “inflation”. One side goes up, the other side goes up. And so on. So no one wins do they? Labor want the minimum wage to be raised.

So people think they are clever and entitled to raise costs for consumer items and raise costs for services. But the high does not last; for every force there is an equal and opposite force (Newtons Law); wages go up. So we have to have a balance. So it’s all about numbers. Wages go up and people think they are getting more for their dollar; but costs go up. Now items costing 5 pence or a shilling in the past are now costing say (just a guess) $10.00 or even $30.00 or even more. These costs are covered by wages going up from day a few dollars a day in the past to hundreds of dollars a day now.

So why this inflation? Why have it? Can we not just lower all the numbers across the board and start at ridiculously low numbers again. Wages at a few dollars an hour and bread at 20 cents and milk at 30 cents etc etc etc. No one wins in inflation; it’s just an illusion. What does change is technology. Science brings out new inventions daily. We have all these many inventions now that try and make life more comfortable for human beings.

The Mother Earth is getting raped more and more for her treasures that lie deep below her facade. These treasures help science function. Science makes the inventions but these inventions have to be made out of materials raped from Mother Earth. And Mother Earth gives up her energy to mankind to run all these inventions. Man made is flooding the earth so much now. The earth is a rubbish dump of ever increasing amounts of discarded man made inventions. Man makes and discards, use and abuse. The Mother Earth gets used and abused. Most mothers can understand that. Man uses and abuses.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

TRUE SCHOOL SHOULD BE PREPARING US FOR THE “AFTER LIFE”. Jesus was never schooled in the ways of the world; He did though grow in wisdom. Simple.

June 11, 2022

I don’t think man will be satisfied until computers compute at the speed of light. Also the arms race will increase until mankind destroys the world. Mankind wants to be like God. God; does he travel at the speed of light? Maybe, I think he can. We have this competition between good and evil, and knowledge feeds this race of good and evil. Maybe the race of good against evil will implode or explode. I think the speed of light is the ultimate top speed.

The race instead of being for this competition between good and evil should instead be a race to be Wise of God, like Jesus Christ.

We have Wisdom and we have this race for knowledge. We can race to be Wise of Christ or race good to combat evil or evil to combat good. We have a arms race and a knowledge race and both are linked together. The day Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge damned the worlds people in a race a race shared by Satan (snakes and the Dragon). Do the snakes and Dragon eat of knowledge? I don’t know.

Choose Wisdom of Christ. There were two Trees in the Garden of Eden. Choose the correct Tree. Don’t eat of the Tree God counselled not to eat of.

We should be preparing for the “Next Life”. This life is preparation. This life is a series of tests, we are tested, we are refined, we are schooled. We have the Holy Spirit to teach us. Our teacher is God. This is school, taught by God. Don’t get carried away by schooling of the world. Jesus Christ never went to school.

Jesus in this world was never schooled by the world and it’s teachers. Jesus never went to school. Jesus though grew in Wisdom. We the saved also grow in Wisdom. We the saved have the Holy Spirit to teach us. We are meant to follow Jesus. We are not to follow the world. Jesus leads us out of the world in to the heavenly light. We are in the world but not of the world. We prepare ourselves for the “Next life”. This whole life in this world is lessons to prepare us for the “Next life”; we don’t need human teachers the Holy Spirit is enough. We are a human spirit and soul. Don’t even harness human wisdom, such is not the genuine Wisdom of Christ. We should be schooled by the Holy Spirit. Spirit to spirit. We worship from our spirit to God SPIRIT. Human wisdom just tries to bugger up our minds.

Don’t grow in knowledge, grow in Wisdom (of Christ).

Our whole life should be being Wise such prepares us for heaven. Now the Bible suggests that many people do get a spirit of the world. What is this spirit I do not know. Obviously people have to have knowledge to do all these vocations callings that they seem to be God given. I don’t understand it. Maybe we have the ELECT and the ELECT are not to be of the world or it’s vocations. The ELECT are set apart and like Jesus are to grow in Wisdom. Now I just speculate I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 11, 2022

What’s in those bags? Bricks? Large stones? Oh, text books. Maybe a laptop computer. But why a laptop why not just go a slim weightless iPad or other tablet. Tablets now weigh so little. I used to see students on the public buses toting these big school bags around like rucksacks on their backs. Text books, the bane of a students life.

Text books are about boosting the ego of the text books writers. The writers, glorified intellectuals, who sit, write, speak and no do. The schools tell the students to buy these text books or all hell will pay. Of course the parents have to cough up (the money) I mean their children are getting an education.

At Bible College we students were the same it was each semester we had to pay heaps for text books. I imagine the writers of these books thinking their words must be made in heaven. Schools encourage these intellectuals (text book writers) to write; these intellectuals ego’s must be like a big bubble. No doubt these intellectuals are walking around like they are walking on air. Where do I kiss them? Certainly not on the arse. I kiss no one of pride. I kiss no pride.

Intellectuals like to look important in their offices looking all important as if their words were God’s Words. Prophets are chosen by God to give God’s Words to the people. Intellects like secular teachers are not chosen to speak or write for God. God chooses a Prophet and can even make that Prophet Wise.

The school system is antiquated; it’s still a past system not grown up. Just chuck the children in a system and hope the system sorts them out, the strong overcome the weak, bullies weed out the weak, the poor of intellect are put in lower classes, the intelligent rule, the intelligent go to top classes, it’s a big hotchpotch of mixture being heated put to the test and from it we get a class system, lower middle and upper classes we get the upper class ruling the lower and middle classes. School is about class.

Jesus Christ is about grace. Teachers teaching in the Churches don’t get it about grace and class. Teachers need to submit to the Prophet Jesus Christ. We are graded and tested to be organised in to classes and this more or less stays with us all our lives. Our careers vocations are dependent on what class school has set us up for. School moulds you to prepare you for your future. Money, money, money. Class sets you up for your future monetary rewards. So school is about class but class is about money. Education is about work yes but work is about money.

Forget thinking you will save the world, you will become a doctor and save many patients you will go to the poor and help them. Oh you become a lawyer and you will help the poor. Etc etc etc. No you get in to your so called vocation and you save no one; it’s number one now, you and your family. It’s survival.

As a Prophet I see. Seer, as in see. I see hopefully with focus. Focus gets better over the years. The world over time gets put more and more at my feet. The light shines more and more over time. I see teachers not recognising Prophets. I see teachers teaching education without reflecting off God. I see uninspiring teachings. It’s like the teaching is dry without water. God is like the water. We need water to survive. Dry parch education makes for boring. Education can be so wooden, nature loving yes, but not Father God Nature but only Mother Nature. Education can be so about the Mother and not enough about the Father. Education is perverse. We are supposed to honour both Father and Mother equally. So we get people educated and weak, they are wooden but not iron. Mother is wooden, Father is iron.

Prophets see the mistake education is making. We must return to the Father in education as we in spirit and soul return to the Father in the Last Days. The Father came first not the Mother. God is Spirit. The Father created the Mother and the Son. Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Neither the rooster came first. The rooster is the male father.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Aboriginal representatives in Parliament

June 11, 2022

It’s good to have Aboriginal members of Parliament, Federal and State and Territory.

The New-Zealand example of Māoris representation in Parliament seems to work. I think the Māoris can either elect Māori members to Parliament or elect according to their own electorate they live in voting for whoever is running for office in their electorate.

The USA did not do well with the red Indians with no Indian representatives just representing Indians in Congress. Australia has faired just as worse, Aboriginals do not have their own representation in Parliament.

The New-Zealand Māoris faired better by first having a Treaty with the British Queen, Queen Victoria. This Treaty did not come easy to the Māori, the Māoris first had to fight for their lives, many Māoris died in their pursuit to keep their lands; alas the Māori were defeated, the British were too strong and better organised. The Māoris lost their land and there was a Treaty. Queen Victoria promised to protect the Māoris.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 11, 2022

Are these Bible verses below nonsense to those who are not saved?

1 Thessalonians 4:16,17

I think of the atheist; a anti, theist belief in God. Anti belief in God. Against belief in God.

I think of the agnostic; ag against, nostic knowing, against knowing God. At least the agnostic is half hearted to God. The Atheist is no heart to God. The agnostic believes in God but does not want to know God. The agnostic really does not want God knowing them. The Atheist does not believe in God and does not want to know God and does not want God knowing them.

People reading the Bible verses below have to make up their mind do they think these verses are rubbish, lies, nonsense, foolish, good, truth, wisdom, – your life depends on it, your eternal life depends on it. The writer of these verses is either a fool or truly wise. You decide.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Some of my Favourite Quotation’s

June 11, 2022

“It’s called the simple truth not the complex truth”.
“The simple things in life are the best things in life”.
“Want to be wise, first become simple”.
“The simple become wise”.
“Complex is mankinds making”.
“True wisdom is found in simplicity”.
“To be healthy in life is to be wise”.
“To be mentally healthy one has to love everyone but not love in the love of evil but to love in the love of God”.
“Loving of God’s love keeps one mentally healthy and physically healthy”.
“It is wiser to love of God than it is to love of evil”.
“Light overcomes darkness; darkness does not overcome light”.
“God is light; Satan is dark”.
“Silence is golden”.
“Peace goes with quiet as war goes with noise”.
“Two ears, one mouth – I am sure God is hinting at something – Maybe listen twice the time as speaking”.
“If you have a complex please keep it to yourself I like simplicity”.
“Sssshhh be careful the person you are talking about might be listening. Want good health choose your words carefully”.

“I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and especially his death on the cross” [1 Corinthians 2:2 — Good News Bible]

The house of silence breeds prayer
The house of prayer breeds peace
The house of peace breeds love
The house of love breeds faith and hope

“Atheism is a non- prophet organisation”.

No body rules
I am the Prime Minister and I rule
No body rules
I am the Mayor and I rule
No body rules
You are deluded my learned friend I am the President and I rule
No body rules
You sir are mad
No body rules
Who does rule then?
Not the body. The Head rules.

War brings the best out in people and war brings the worst out in people.
War is organised chaos.

When the going gets tough the tough get going.
What seems to be too good to be true is most likely not true.
Jesus Christ is truth.

Put a seed in the ground – For it to grow it has to die.
Life comes from death a paradox but its the truth.
We as humans die to live and we live to die.

We humans eat to live and we live to eat.
The rich people live to eat and the poor people eat to live.

Bible; New Testament; Good News Bible: 1 Peter, Chapter 1, verse 18
“….. to set you free from the worthless manner of life handed down by your ancestors”.

Jesus Christ took in his body all our sins and the sins of our ancestors [generational sins] and died to all these worthless sins.

We are worthy through Jesus Christ.

I am clean.

Birds of a feather fly together.
What is one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.
My enemies enemy might be my friend.
My Mother used to say: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
Our visionaries are the Prophets. When a church loses vision bring in the Prophets to bring back vision/ focus to the church.

God is found in silence – our silence.

When mankind and all his/her inventions are silent then we listen to God. God is heard in the noise of the wind; the noise of the birds; the flowing of the stream; the noises of the cattle and sheep; the chirping of the insects; and other God made creations. Manmade creations/inventions noises just snuff out our human spirit.

My heart beats at a simple rate. The rhythm of my heart is simple. We each human in heart immerse in to the greater world and whole universe with the simple beat of of our human hearts. The rhythm of the universal heart beat is simple. The heart beat rate can go faster or slower but it still remains a simple beat. To complex the heart beat makes a heart under tension. The universe (uni –verse) is like as a poetic verse made from a simple rhythm. We must keep our hearts in simple rhythm otherwise we go against God our creator. So keep the rhythm.
lies fed to a simple heart bring on tension. Lies are complex and truth is simple. The heart does not accept lies because the heart can not digest complex. The heart only digests simplex. We need to have a healthy heart; we need to feed the heart the simple truth. There is so much tension in this world; it starts with words – lies; – the heart is tense – anxious. Speak the truth and its health to the heart thus healthy to the mind and body.

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.
Anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one that finds the gold.
You can not see air but you breathe it, you can not see God but you believe in Him.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Prophets go before the RETURN of Jesus they level the ground (The Body of Christ members are equal); the Beast goes before the Dragon

June 11, 2022

China attacking and invading Taiwan is a when not a if. Russia went first, it attacks and invades Ukraine. Europe is more Putin’s nemesis while The USA is China’s nemesis. Is Russia the Beast? I don’t know. But does not the Beast go before the Dragon? The Beast serves the Dragon?

Like John the Baptist went before Jesus. Prophets of God go before……to make way for Jesus and His return. Prophets make the road straight, the prophets fill in the valleys, and pull down the mountains or hills; this is figurative speech of course. Literalists just don’t get it; especially the young ones. The mountains and hills and valleys are people in words, in spirit. The Prophet pulls down and also raises up.

But a lot of teachers do not acknowledge the calling of Prophet; that is a big problem, why? The Body of Christ loses out on focus. Prophets of God are the eyes of the God Universal Body; the Prophets have insight. God also gives the gift of Wisdom to some Prophets. This gift of Wisdom from God can be called the Holy Spirit of Wisdom. The giver of the Spirit of Wisdom from above can be Jesus above at the right side. Why Jesus? Jesus is the Wisdom of God.

Now I am speculating that Jesus gives the Holy Spirit of Wisdom; the Father God may give it as well. How does the God Head give gifts? God Spirit is in Jesus. The God Head of God heads is Jesus. We the saved are God heads. We each saved have a part of God in us.

The Beast goes before the Dragon. The Prophet goes before Jesus. The Beast serves the Dragon. The Prophet of God serves God.

Russia is going before the Dragon.

Now I speculate. I don’t know.

My wife in the past often called me a king. No I am not a king in human wisdom. I am a king in the Body of Christ. I am a king in the Kingdom of God in the Body of Christ. I don’t act like a king of this world. I am in the world but not of the world. I am getting prepared for the “After Life”. Simple. My mission is to give the simple truth about God. I prepare the way for Jesus. I don’t know when Jesus is returning, no one knows except the Father God; Jesus does not know. I am a king in spirit. I am no mortal king. I rise to the top of a (metaphorical) mountain. The river at the foot of the mountain are all the peoples souls/spirits. God Spirit raises me to the top of this mountain.

People might think the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit of Wisdom are two different Spirit persons. I don’t know. Does the Holy Spirit come down from heaven from the Father God (left side) and does the Holy Spirit of Wisdom come down from heaven from the Son God Jesus (right side)? I don’t know. If the two Holy Spirits do exist then it makes sense that the Holy Spirit of Wisdom submits (and obeys) to the Holy Spirit. The Father is more honoured than the Son. The Son obeys the Father.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The speed of light….

June 11, 2022

It’s said you need infinite energy to go at the speed of light.

The Bible says “God is light”. God is not man made light. So God can go at the speed of natural light. The suns light is natural light. Hydrogen burning gives off natural light. The sun is energy but is it infinite energy, alas no. Any mass has finite energy. God uses energy to go at the speed of light. Did God use the hydrogen and oxygen in water to create the Universe?

So is water finite or infinite. So water is finite. God though is infinite. God’s Words are infinite. Creation is finite not infinite. The creator God is infinite. The Universe can pass away but God will live on. God was before creation was. God was before the Universe was. God used the water to make the Universe, but where and when and how did the water come about. Where did the hydrogen and oxygen come from to make the water that was here before the Universe? God is Spirit. How did God Spirit originate? The “Big Bang” was a bang of energy. Energy from where? Water with its hydrogen and oxygen? God Spirit the spark that ignited the fire, the explosion the bang. God is a person. The Big Bang initially created an explosion that caused its explosion to spread at the speed of light (Einstein says the speed of light square). The Speed of light is constant. God is constant. But does not energy wear out?

So the universe is not now expanding at the speed of light (square) (according to Einstein it was). The Universe is slowing down in expansion. Energy slows down it wears out. But does energy stay in the loop? Like for example water is either sold ice or liquid water or steam gas. So does energy also stay in the loop. Energy just changes its property. So the Universe expanding its energy to expand wears out but this energy is staying in the universe but just changing its property. So all water can not just disappear or be non existent it can though change its properties.

If energy is infinite, it just changes its properties. Water then can be infinite, it just changes it properties. God is infinite, He can also change His properties. I said above that water is finite; I could be wrong. I don’t understand this infinite of energy and water; it’s too hard for me at this time to get my head around it. See the Universe is expanding as the energy is getting stretched, I see the universe stretching like a rubber band. You have only so much energy to use. The rubber band has only a certain amount of Stretch.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 11, 2022

There’s strategic clarity and there’s strategic ambiguity. I think it’s wise to use one or the other but clarity is declaring your hand whether you will fight or not.

Clarity is also used to say if you will use first strike or not. Clarity sets the red lines firmly. Ambiguity makes your intentions vague like in the grey area you don’t let your enemy know the cards you hold.

I like strategic clarity. It’s clear. It’s yes or no. It’s making clear your intentions.

Who really can hide their cards in this information gathering age now. China knows all the USA knows all. But still the intelligence agencies make mistakes. Sometimes perception is better than raw intelligence. Who can hide their secrets. All secrets have their price you can buy them. People will even sell their soul for a price. People sell their bodies for a price.

Strategic ambiguity can be used in times of peace but when the likelihood of war it’s best to declare your intentions. When a man courts a woman the woman’s parents want the man to declare his intentions. Relationships need clarity. Nations have relationships with other nations. Be truthful. Don’t lie. You are going to marry this woman or not. You are going to fight this nation over ….……. or not.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

INFLATION – the ego of the economy

June 11, 2022

Goods and services go up in price; wages go up. Mortgage interest rates go up bank savings interest rates go up.

We call a lot of this inflation. The balloon gets inflated. It’s like capitalism has an inflated ego. The ego inflated balloon is our nemesis and our economy is weighed down by it. We try and hide this balloon, we don’t like it, but it’s part of the economy.

Seniors with their savings want the bank savings interest rates high but the younger generation want the mortgage interest rate low. Seniors usually own and have paid off their homes. The younger generation buy a house but with a mortgage.

So capitalism creates with it hot air (called inflation). We all carry ego, some bigger than others.

Businesses love it when goods and services go up BUT the workers on wages love it when their wages go up. How to even out the balance.

Capitalism has not solved ego inflation. We must die to ego. Ego is selfish. The balloon of inflation with all hot air can burst, we get a recession and depression. Sadly people get depressed, their ego inflates too much and it bursts. The economy can recede and get depressed, a low. People get lows. Burst egos can be diagnosed as broken minds; but the problem could be only the ego self not the mind/soul as such. The ego is at the heart of the economy and at the heart of people. Die to ego. Be spiritual. Spirit is also in the heart. Tame the human spirit with God Spirit. Read the Bible often, pray to God often. Taming the economy is to die to inflation. Ego drives the economy too much. Ego is about self interest.

Spiritual people with God Spirit should be in charge of a nation’s economy. Ego driven people – keep them away from hands on rule of the economy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 11, 2022

Foreign Minister Penny Wong is racing to stop China from signing a new regional security deal with the Pacific, as fears grow that up to 10 nations could enter a Solomons-style security deal with Beijing.

[above from news article] (is this fake news?)

Penny might be up to it. If this is true (above) then Tony Albanese and Penny Wong are in the hot seats straight away.

My Dad (RIP) said to me once that he saw a war in the Pacific.

I don’t think we can stop China’s expansion in the Pacific certainly not by ourselves, only the USA has the power to look down China. But China might look down its own fire power barrel in the Pacific with the USA one day.

Will Penny watch our backs? The USA is our lifeline. Penny should go to Washington DC; meet and greet. Get the gen.

We would hate to see many Pacific nations having defence pacts with China, but if the news is correct then the reality of this will kick in soon and people hopefully will take their heads out of the sand.

Climate change will be put on the back burner if China is now making big moves on our Pacific doorstep. Xi Jinping has a plan and this also involves Russia. Don’t underestimate China’s ambitions.

What is China’s plan? To invade Taiwan first before winning over many Pacific nations? And if when China invades Taiwan won’t the West sanction China with many penalties? And won’t Australia join in sanctioning China and will Australia also cut iron ore exports to China as part of that sanctioning. China might want the Pacific nations onside before it attacks Taiwan. China uses money diplomacy followed up by gun boat policies. It’s a form of imperialism. Is all this a prerequisite to a war? I don’t think it will be a world war over Taiwan. I think later that war will come but how major it is I do not know.

Will China do first strike in a war with the USA but in the Pacific. Japan did first strike on the USA with its attack on Hawaii. Japan is snake like China. Hawaii is in the Pacific. Japan is like more snake than China, why? Japan tried to keep Christians out of Japan more so than China in the earlier years. Japan kept westerners out for a long time. Thus westerners could not marry Japanese women and sow seeds and bring western blood and beliefs in to Japan. Did the Dragon Throne leave China for Japan, I don’t think so, China is the Dragon Throne, maybe the Dragon was sleeping, he though seems wide awake now. It’s spiritual.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

God tames our human spirit in love; man using their human spirit to tame other peoples human spirits tame in hate

June 11, 2022

It makes me think is prison about breaking the criminals human spirit. Taming the human spirit. Prison is supposed to be about two things, one punishment, and two rehabilitation.

But when imprisoned for a long time does this not in effect tend to break one’s spirit. Taming the tongue is good but how do you tame the human spirit. People born in to Godly loving homes tend to be in the light and their spirits grow up nourished in true God love; these human spirits tend not to be vicious like children raised in unGodly homes. Taming the tongue has a lot to do with taming the human spirit. Spirit comes and goes in the breathe like the wind. Spirit is God breathed. God breathes Spirit in to us.

Is soul made by God Spirit? I don’t know. They say God is SPIRIT but no one says God is soul. Did not Jesus have soul, I don’t know, I would expect so, and does Jesus still have soul. Jailers can break peoples spirit. People become tame. But God breaks the spirit in love. Jailers use worldly love to try and break the criminals spirit. Human spirit breaking human spirit. God comes in to a saved persons heart. God SPIRIT yokes (please it’s metaphorical) itself to our human spirit and tames our spirit. We get our tongues tamed as a result. Get to the root of it. The heart.

How people hate being broken in by human spirit to human spirit. God Spirit however breaks us in love. The jailers (with their human spirit) use little true Godly love. Law is not about Godly Love.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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