May 29, 2017

New Zealand sending rockets in to outer space. And will Australia follow?

Possible. But what stands out to me is that these New Zealand rockets are made partly out of carbon fibre. My mind goes in to thought mode. CARBON CARBON CARBON. 
So what is it with me and carbon? Carbon is an element that makes up a lot of the universe. We humans are made out of a lot of carbon. Carbon is also the worst of the worst pollutants. We breathe out carbon. Carbon is killing us. Carbon is a waste product. But carbon makes coal, oil, and diamonds. Carbon is rubbish on the one hand and valuable on the other hand. Diamonds, oil and coal are valuable. What is one man’s rubbish is a treasure to another man. Our waste becomes our treasure, nothing is wasted on this earth. 
But carbon is 666. Carbon has 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons. And is the Mark of the Beast a carbon Mark? It seems rational to use carbon to Mark humans when carbon is easily able to be accepted by the human body. And carbon can hold electronic data, can it not? 
So we have rockets made out of carbon. So the Beast, is he made out of carbon? If the Mark of the Beast is made out of carbon would not the Beast be made out of carbon? Hey I don’t know. I am thinking though. Is the Beast a futuristic computer? A computer made out of carbon? A carbon computer in space orbiting the earth. The Beast sees all, knows all, controls all (not all as there will be those people who do not take the Mark of the Beast). 
The Beast controls the people who take his Mark. To have the Mark means you get money (data money); you can buy and sell with the Mark.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 29, 2017

 Mark (Facebook founder) wants us all in the world connected up. Sounds alright. But me thinks the Dragon Satan wants all the world connected up, connected up to the Beast. 

The Beast works for the Dragon. The Dragon is Satan. So here we become all connected up, we have the Mark of the Beast, the Beast controls us, the Dragon controls the Beast. 
This makes me think of the TOWER OF BABEL. The world’s people shared a common language, all together they sought to reach the heavens. But heaven is not meant to be taken literally. Heaven is above but to be taken metaphorically. Heaven is real just as this earth is real but heaven is to be understood to our human spirit and soul. So trying to get to God up there is misunderstood as it was in the time of the TOWER OF BABEL. God was angry to see humans he created trying to be so stupid. God had had enough of their stupidity and struck. God caused the people to separate into different languages. 
Now Satan wants to connect us humans up. BUT Satan wants to control the connections. Satan will be boss of this connected up human race. 
In the past nations were more sovereign in their own particular cultures. Each nation had their own culture different from a lot of other cultures. Nations had their own distinct language different from other nations languages. 
Now a days cultures are being eroded. Take the U.K. We see multi culturism. Even Australia is known now for its multi culturism. But multi cuturism means watering down the former distinct cultures. We humans were known to identify ourselves by our own culture, our language, our nation’s religion. 
So we lead to globalism, one culture, one language. One Government. The Dragon will govern us through the BEAST. You want money (may be the universal basic income, all cashless) you take the Mark of the Beast. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 29, 2017

So mankind is his/her worst enemy.

You may say “Speak for yourself”. 

I say “I do speak for myself”.

I quote Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me……….”.

We have both evil and good in our hearts. 

We have a choice to do good or evil. 

As I age I get wiser. My mind in my older age is more rational. I don’t let feelings control me or lead me. I use my head more. I don’t let my body rule me. My head is in charge. I think. 
Oh that might be a dirty word to some “think”. In my time with the Pentecostal Christians (call them fundamentalists because that is what they are) it was thought as unGodly to think. So if I don’t think what do I use then, feelings? Pentecostals are about emotions, don’t think, don’t think with reason. So in the Pentecostal fundamentalist churches it’s about hyped up music to cater to your emotions. Emotions are about feelings. The heart is in control not the head. Don’t use the mind use the spirit in the heart. 
But spirit in human kind, the human spirit, can be so vicious and fierce. You cross a fundamentalist and they can be vicious in their spirit to you. Human spirit can be so hateful. Their spirit can be a dagger in to your heart. People use their fierce human spirit to strike down other people. Pentecostals call this attacking people with their human spirit “Spiritual warfare”. These attackers can be so unmerciful that they think to attack you in spirit is Gods will and they will attack until they have you submitted even to death if need be.
I have come across human spirits that are wise. Even call them pure. They are clean. They look sinless. I have on occasion discerned human spirit in people. I must have a gift to do this. A gift that lets me see these things. Don’t for one minute think that the person with the clean, pure, wise human spirit has to be attractive, strong, sexy, on the outside. They can be such but on the outside they usually are plain. Plain looks. It’s like a very precious stone set in a very plain setting. It’s not the setting that is of value it’s the stone in the setting that is valuable. The gift inside our human body is the gift or gifts from God. Gifts can be spiritual gifts, they are spirit, they are the genius behind our thoughts, these genie spirits come from above, all good things come from above, these genie (genius) spirits come from God. Genie is spirit. A so called talented person is talented with genius (genie spirits, gifts) from God. 
A talented person knows their talent is genius but they also know that apart from the talent they are just a simple person, it’s the talent that is precious, they are nothing apart from the talent, they are nothing apart from God. The person who boasts about their talent is being stupid.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 29, 2017

Wise people plan for the end. Fools live for the beginning. This earthly life is a means to an end. There is no real end, life is endless, but we live for the endless end. This physical life is only temporary. The Spirit came first, physical came second. Spirit was here before the physical. Spirit created the physical. The invisible Spirit was before the visible physical. The invisible created the visible. 

We humans are also spirit. The real true learning comes from Spirit. Listen to the Spirit. How do we listen to Spirit? Spirit is God. God has always been here, God is eternal. Where did God come from? It’s like the question: What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither, the rooster came first. But that still does not answer the question where did God come from? The rooster is male and we may see that the male comes first in the creation equation. God the Father, father is male. Certainly Jesus Christ is male and Jesus is Gods only begotten Son. Father and Son together above. So where’s the female element above? Beats me. The headship in heaven seems to be male, just male. But that does not make sense when we have female humans. Don’t female humans worship pray to the God above? I mean do female humans pray and worship a male God head above? Or do female humans go through the male humans to connect up to God? Adam was the first human and he was male. Eve was made for Adam and was she made out of Adam. The male human has the male God head above and the female human connects up to the male God head through the male humans. The father is the head of the family. The mother is not the head of the family. Where mothers rule the family there is perversion. Where the wife rules the husband there is perversion. Perversion is a turning away from what is natural to what is unnatural. It is unnatural for a woman to rule a man. The man comes under God and the woman comes under the man. The Man on top. The man on top of a woman is not perverted, but a woman on top of a man is perverted. So the rooster came first. The man came first. 
But we know the male rules. That is natural. But God is supposably male and female. Still the answer is not there. The God Head as we read it in the scriptures is male. How can God be female when the head is male. But the female human has a head. So is the God Head male and female or just male? Do we recognise the female humans heads? The female humans have brains. Is not God in female human heads? But Jesus Christ is male and is above in the God head. Male Jesus in a female humans head? Why should the female worship a male head? And is the Holy Spirit male as well as being female? I go back to the original teaching and say The God Head is all male. The female humans worship God through their male father or male husband. The male is the head of the family. Is not God female too? Mother of Jesus Christ is not in the God Head. We do not pray to or worship Mary (Jesus Mother). We pray to the Father and Jesus Christ. Father and Son are the same, separate but equal, but the Father is honoured more than the Son, the Father knows more than the Son. 
We have a rooster, we have a male God Head. The God Head being the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, all male. Is that discrimination against females? Not having a female in the God Head? Is that a male ruse to rule the females? 
So we have a male first. Adam was first. But what does the wise person live for? Eating? Sleeping? Defecating? Work? Play? Sex? Drinking? The wise person lives for the end the endless end. We don’t live for this life we live for the “After life”. We don’t live for eating we live for defecating. We eat to survive but we also defecate to survive. Eat to defecate. Look at a pretty woman but before you eat remember you have to get rid of the waste. Eat pretty food by all means but remember you have to defecate; if you don’t defecate you will die. So we spend a lot of our time in the toilet. Defecating is a key to sanity. Getting the waste out regularly is sane. Keeping the waste in is insanity. Good sanitation is sanity. Get the waste our of our minds and hearts and physical bodies. Waste is spiritual and physical. 
So a pretty woman is all skin deep, you desire, you want, eat up, but beneath the surface could be rot. Eat pretty but pretty is surface. Look beneath before you try the goods. Get insight. God looks at the heart. Don’t just judge a book by its cover. Covers do give some hint of what’s offering but plain covers could cover real food. The youth are not wise. Wisdom comes with age. The youth are about looks. Most youth are about looks. Youth make their decisions on looks, they pay dearly afterwards. They were not so clever after all. 
A person who is regular is a wise person. Get the shit out, do not live on shit. Marry a regular person. Regular is sane. The food goes in to the body but it is also the end that matters much. Get the shit out. Live for the present but also live for the end. There is an end to our lives on this earth, live for the end to go on for the endless end above in heaven. We live on. The blessed ones live on in heaven. 
So the male God head is God and he is in charge. The church is the body. We are that body, we the elect. We elect are in that body, we come under the God head. The male came first. The Father came first. The Father is the ruler of the family (the body, the church). The Father is male. God made a partner for his male creation. Does the female have to submit to the male, in sex yes, what about in everything, probably yes. Sex is normal when the female submits to the male the male does not submit to the female. The male takes the lead in dancing with the female. The husband leads the wife. The end is better than the beginning. We die to live. We live to die. We live after our mortal life. We live on. The heavenly life is paradise. The earthy life is not paradise, if you think it is, you deceive yourselves. 
Home James (Heaven).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 29, 2017

 John was on his back porch. John was praying. He heard loud grunting like deep gasps of breath. John walked over to his property fence. A new neighbour named Dave had just moved in. John saw a man, in about his 40’s, working at some exercise equipment in his back yard. The man had many tattoos on his body. 


My names John. Welcome to our area. What’s with the gym equipment? 

I know who you are. You are called a Holy Man. I went to the pub here and they told me all about you. You pray and read the Bible, I don’t want you and your religion. 

Would you like to join me and my wife for dinner tonight?

Look I don’t want your religion. 

It’s just dinner.

I know you religious.


Look can you please leave me alone I am trying to work out. 


Yer work. Look at these muscles they don’t come easy.

Ok sorry to interrupt you.

John returns to his house back porch. John prays for his neighbour Dave.

The next day John is on his back porch. John is praying. Uuuur aaaar oooo. There are grunting sounds next door. Dave is working out again. John goes to the fence and looks over. Dave is hard at it lifting weights. John looks at Dave, Dave looks at John. John says nothing but he just blows some wind from his mouth in Dave’s direction. Dave carries on weight lifting saying nothing. John goes back to his house porch and continues praying. 

The next day the routine is the same. John goes to the fence sees Dave, Dave sees John, John blows some wind from his mouth. This goes on for a week. Nothing is said between the neighbours. Dave thinks “I am getting very strong, that wimp next door that religious neighbour is so weak, he’s a wimp”. That afternoon all is not well. Dave has a heart attack. Dave is in his back yard. Dave is all alone. John meantime is pottering around in his back shed. Then John begins to think of Dave. It’s like John is now meant to think of his neighbour. John thinks “God is wanting me to think of Dave”. John thinks “Maybe I should go and see Dave”. John leaves his shed and goes to the fence. John looks over the fence looking for Dave. Dave is sprawled out on his back looking limp. John calls out “Dave Dave”. No reply. John climbs over the fence and quickly walks over to Dave. Dave is hardly breathing. John has his mobile phone on him. John calls the emergency number. An ambulance is on its way. Dave gets taken to hospital. Dave receives treatment for a week and is discharged. Dave returns home. 

After Dave is back home after a few days John goes to the back fence. No gym equipment. No grunting. Then Dave comes to his back door and sees John and comes over to the fence.

Is that dinner invite still on for me?

Sure is Dave. Tonight at 6.

That night Dave is at Johns house. 

Lovely dinner Karen. 

We are just so glad to have you for dinner.

John I have been wondering why you used to puff wind out of your mouth each time you saw me over the fence.

Well I ….

Don’t explain John. I know why you did it.

You do.

Yes. I know you are a bible person. Gossip abounds. I read how God says that we humans are a mere breath. We are light as a breath. We are strong as a breath. 

Yes but….

John you don’t need to explain. My way was wrong. I have been reading the bible ever since I got out of hospital. I have given up all my lifting weights. I do however still do some physical exercises. But my main exercises now are spiritual. I too now read the bible and pray. Real strength is first in spirit. I am a spirit. I used to forgo spiritual exercise and I suffered for it, never again. 

So that brings me to you puffing out the wind. I now realise that you were trying to tell me something all that time. I am just as strong as the wind. I am breath. But God is strong. Spirit is like breath. We get breath at birth. As soon as we are birthed in to this world we get breath, we get spirit. The flesh is our covering. We are spirit inside the flesh. I was trying to get strong to overcome the world in flesh. I now know that was wrong. It’s in Gods way for us to subdue the world beneath us only through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Spirit. Jesus Christ died to all our sins, Jesus Lives. Jesus is all pure, He is sinless. Only through Jesus can we defeat the world. My way was wrong, my way was the world’s way, it was foolish. It is late I must be going home. Thank you John and Karen for the lovely dinner.

Night Dave.

Later that night John and Karen are talking.

John that was very clever of you to do the puffing of the wind.

Yer. But …

Dear you don’t need to explain, God works in mysterious ways.

But Karen I….

Don’t explain John let go let God.

John thinks “Whatever; no one seems to want to hear the truth. I was puffing because I was feeling the strain of holding myself up looking over the fence”. 

Tired dear.

Yes dear.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Neuroscientist dies – An Obituary I won’t attach but I saw in the newspaper

May 19, 2017

Neuroscientist sounds a fancy name. Of course this man is not a scientist. He’s a scientist in name only but in his soul and heart (human spirit) in Gods will he has another vocation. I thought what vocation “a caretaker of groceries” or what we called in the ole days a “Greengrocer”. 

So we have a greengrocer come neuroscientist telling the world that animals have emotions. 
My thoughts for what they are worth: Animals do not have souls. Fish do not have souls. Insects do not have souls. God saves souls but saves only human souls because humans are the only creatures who have souls. God does not save a dog or cat for eternal life. Cats and dogs etc do not go above to heaven. Capisci. 
Animals, fish and insects live by instinct, they are thoughtless. Instinct is living without thoughts. Humans have thoughts because humans have souls, souls have language, language that understands. 
Souls have thoughts and human spirit has feelings. Our human spirit is in our heart. We relate in feelings from our spirit in our hearts to other humans. The soul is above. The soul should be saved above. We are thinkers in soul in the mind. The soul is in the mind in the head. The soul is like a very small shadowy type of person. The shadow looks like a person shape but very small in the head. The shadow goes moves around in a circle around the area of the mind or it did does it still do? Only humans have the shadow soul. God gives the soul to humans. Soul is eternal, and is damned to hell or glorified to heaven. We make our own heaven and hell. Actually we make our hell through Satan and our heaven through God. We prepare for our eternal life, we prepare in our human physical life for the ever after life. 
Emotions are feelings. Humans feel. Only humans have feelings. So all other creatures do not have feelings. So all other creatures outside humans do not have a spirit. I am not sure. Does a fish have a fish spirit? It does not have soul, it does not think, but does a fish feel, does the fish feel from spirit? I might think that a fish does not have spirit. So only humans have spirit. So only humans feel and think. How do humans think? With words. We learn words from babyhood. Thinking comes from learning a language. Words give understanding. Gods Words are the frame of reference for all wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. 
King Solomon said “Does the human spirit go up and the animal spirit go down?” Solomon did he know? Solomon supposed animals have spirits. Do we humans in our spirit clash with animal spirits? Are we humans in spiritual warfare with say our domestic cat or dog? Do I fight spiritually with my neighbours cat? 
I see. But I see. I do not see soul or spirit in my neighbours cat. Look at the eyes, there is nothing. No inward life. The cat is living by instinct. 
Humans so much want their cat or dog or both to know. Humans want love. Humans hate humans. Humans bite humans. Humans devour humans. Humans tongues expel venom. Humans curse and lie to other humans. How we want our pet animals to know, to be aware, to love us, to understand us. Humans turn to their pets to get love and friendship. Why? Because humans are our worst enemies. Humans act like Nazis to other humans with their thoughts and words.
So we have a come neuroscientist doing work all in vain. 
How the world loves their titles. Titles mean a lot to people OFF the world. The world listens to titled people. The world follows titled people. 
The world is like a big stage. Humans are the actors. Lie don’t tell the truth. You hide behind a mask, everyone does.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 19, 2017

Professor Professor we are ready. 
Here I am. Busy as ever.

Professor you sit next to Doctor Meilink. 

Hello Professor, I have heard so much about you. Your reputation goes before you.

I try and please.

Now Reverend Smiley are you there (satellite television communications link up).

I am here. 

Good how is it in your home town?

Oh today it’s snowing. 

Ok we have all the three great minds here. Ok in three the cameras will roll. All ready? Roll!!!

Professor can we start with you. Tell me where did you find this master piece of knowledge and why is it never moved out of its casing?

Yes yes we found it in a derelict building site.

But where in the site?

It was found by an excavator crew who were digging up the ground after demolishing an old house. 

Doctor Meilink. Why has no one been able to interpret the words?

This has stumped all great minds of this century. No one has been able to understand the words. We think this angel figurine came from an alien race on another planet. Maybe this angel figurine has been around for millions of years. 

Why has no one carbon dated this angel figurine?

We are not allowed to touch it, we can not remove it from its casing. 

Why not Doctor? 

It is so precious that an act of parliament has put layer and layer of laws protecting it. We think this angel figurine may be a link to other worlds. We don’t want to cause any damage to it. 

Please can I talk. 

This is Reverend Smiley through satellite TV from his home town Brooksfield where he is a Pastor. Yes Reverend please speak. 

This angel figurine is probably the most important object of historical find in this world. No one can buy such a think. It is priceless. We may be looking at something made by aliens.

But Reverend being a man of God don’t you think this angel figurine is from God?

No no not necessary God works in mysterious ways. God could be reaching out to us earthlings through an alien race. 

Thank you all for coming. We will leave it there. That was Professor Smithers from the University of Good Hope. No doubt you have read some of his many books. Doctor Smiley from the think tank “Waters for life” and Reverend Smiley a man that television knows so well. Thank you all for coming. 
Bye everyone. 

Bye Doctor.

Bye Professor.

Bye Reverend.
Everyone has left the television studio room. Lights are put out. Later that night a cleaner comes in to the room. She tries to put the light switch on. The light is not working. 
The angel figurine is still in the room. It is protected by laser beam Security. Also CCV cameras are in the room. 
Hi Cath (Cleaner).

Hi Bob (Security officer).

What’s with the light in studio four?

The fuses are gone in that area and the back up generator for studio four is not working.

How am I to clean that room? 

Come with me I can help. You clean the room and I can shine with the torch.

Fine with me.
In studio four.

Oops I have dropped something on the floor. It looks like an angel figurine. 

Put it back on the table. Was it in something?

Some sort of casing. 

Well make it look like nothing was touched. 

There, looks good as gold. No one would think it came out of its casing.

Have you finished?

All finished.

Let’s go.

Night Bob.

Night Cath.
The next day. The television director Steve enters studio four. He looks at the angel figurine.


What is it? I heard your cry?

Dave the figurine.

What about it?

The words!

Yer, words what of it?

But we can read them.

Oh golly. You are right. 

Get it out of its case.


We must work out what happened. 

Ok ok. There. 

Steve turns the angel figurine around. 

Look the words change when looking from the back. 

What shall we do?

Just put it back in its casing. 

But should we not tell. 

No and lose our high television ratings. The world watched our station last night. We had a coup on revealing this figurine. Besides we would look foolish after interviewing three great minds of this world who say it’s an alien figurine. 

But we can not.

Yes we can. I am the studio head.

But but!!

Do you want to keep your job?

Ok ok. There all back like it was. The opposite side is showing where the words can not be understood. 

Door to studio opens. Bob the security officer comes in. 

Sorry about the security failure. It will be back on in a few minutes. 

Thanks Bob. Cath told me this morning. Come on Steve we have things to do. 

Yes Dave.
Last night in a retirement home away away. An elderly man was watching television in the main lounge. His mind is wasting away and he talks seldom now. No one can understand him much now because he is so frail. 

Nurse nurse!

What is it Mr Jarvis?

The angel, the angel. 

What angel?

The other elderly residents in the lounge look at Mr Jarvis and think cook coo. 

You seeing things again John?

No nurse. The television, the angel. 

Oh yer the greatest find this world has ever known.

I made that angel.

Yer and I am Albert Einstein.

But I did.

John you look tired I had better take you back to your room. 

But nurse!

But nurse nothing! Here take another sedative. 


Drink, drink it all up.

Yes nurse. I am feeling tired.

Night Mr Jarvis.

Night nurse.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.
For those who do not see the attached photo of the angel figurine:

This figurine is shaped as an angel with wings, it is about 7 inches tall and about 9 inches wide wing tip to wing tip. The figurine is made out of thin wood. There are a number of words inscribed on the figurine. These words letters go right through the thin wood so you can see the wording front and back, but of course only one side is readable as on the opposite side the words go backwards. This is a real figurine that was made by a friend. 


May 19, 2017

The Mark of the Beast. It’s a money system run by a computer system, is it? This system will be much advanced than what we know computers today.

I mean there’s quantum computers on the horizon. Some people think the Beast will be a big computer and a computer so advanced that in our present time we can not even imagine it. 
Technology is advancing all the time. I mean in my teens it was the transistor, in my human dads time it was the valve. So we have seen big strides in a little time between the valve, diode, transistor to the micro chip and so forth. It obviously does not stop there. Knowledge is ever going on.
Is the Beast a later model more advanced computer? I truly do not know. Who knows? 
But this Beast will control the money system. There will be no cash. The Mark, on the hand or forehead; will this Mark also affect the heart beat and our respiration system? I mean the Beast; will he be able to control our hearts and minds? The Beast could even kill us through the Mark. The Beast would know all about us; where we are, what we do, may be even what we say. 
I see China wants to control this world through money. This makes me think, will the Mark of the Beast originate from China? I don’t know. Will there be an enormous big space satellite station orbiting the earth above that is called the Beast? I am just speculating. The Beast sees all, hears all, knows all, and controls all.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 19, 2017

I thought and I thought I really thought I know I thought.

Dislike of banks could backfire. 

I thought on this. Speak up, write up. But in the end if you do not have the support of thought your way then your way is wrong. 
Power is in the thoughts. But we must remember all thoughts are in words. 
So we can speak and write about the dislike of banks but if the thoughts on this issue do not support your way then you have no legality. Your mandate then is useless. 
But we should not shy away from speaking up or writing about truth because we could be on the truthful way. 
But thoughts are not the end, it’s Jesus Christ who is the alpha and omega. Our thoughts may be for or against an argument but alas that means nothing if Jesus Christ thinks differently. Jesus is in us (saved souls) in Spirit. The Spirit of God decides truth, no other. So my heart has the Holy Spirit. I have the truth within me. Anyone who speaks against the truth in me suffers. You can not outwit God, to try is very foolish. I might not be right all the time and I am answerable to God like everyone else. God can lead my thoughts. I bring my thoughts in to focus by ensuring my thoughts are God like. I try to keep focussed. I use my senses in line with Gods thoughts to focus. Keeping focussed is to keep sane. 
So we use our words with caution. We eat foods and liquids with caution. We are what we eat, meaning we are in words what we eat, we eat what we need and think what we need. Eating makes us what we are in thought. We eat the Words of Jesus Christ and we become like Jesus Christ. We eat other people we become like them. We are essentially living soul and spirit in a physical mortal body. We live in a physical body. We eat and drink but we eat and drink to supply our body and spiritual needs and cast the waste out. If we do not eat and drink needful we also live on waste. We need to get rid of our waste to stay sane. If we also live on waste we talk and write waste (shit). Such people are known to be bull shitters (excuse the inflammatory words). So focussing on just eating is not good, we need to think of eating and also getting the waste out. 
I am trying to explain that what we eat and drink physically can affect our thinking and thus affect what we speak and write. We are in words physically and spiritually. The spiritual can affect the physical and the physical can affect the spiritual. 
I have seen people eat pretty foods. If someone has the choice between a plain food or a pretty food most or not all people go for the pretty food. Pretty food has much sugar. Plain food is plain tasting. Pretty food is sweet food. People love sweet foods. So when a male person has a choice as a long term partner between a plain woman or a sweet woman the male will choose the sweet woman. Sweet to a male is sexy. And males usually are immature, most are what we call jerks, so a sweet sexy woman would empower a male and make the male think he was something he was not. Alas a lot of marriages fail because of this strategy. Sweet is short and sweet. Sweet is a quick rush. Sugar gives a quick rush, the rush is over in minutes. It’s like being jerked off (excuse the slang). 
The physical and spiritual live together. The two affect each other in many ways. God simply says LOVE. Not the world’s love but Gods love. Love is being wise. If we are loving we are doing Gods will. Not love of Satan or the world’s love but the love taught by Jesus Christ and is explained in the Gospels. 
So eating spiritual food of Jesus Christ affects our physical body. Eating physical food affects our spiritual side. 
We must eat and drink to survive not to pander to our selfish pleasures. Now a days people eat and drink because they want to not because they need to. In the past people ate to supply their needs. Today’s world is decadent of waste, people living with waste inside them. 
Nothing is free to this world. You pay for all selfish pleasures beyond needs. Your body pays in the end for all self. 
Rich people live to eat,

Poor people eat to live. 
That surmises my thinking here on eating. I started off writing about thoughts then I brought in eating. I hope I have not confused you. I am a living soul and spirit, I write what I think and perceive. I like to think I have the Mind Of Christ. Don’t ever think I learnt any of my perceptions from Bible College; one of the main lecturers that taught me said he was a humanist. I got my Diploma of Ministry from Bible College; I was qualified as the world would say. In Christ the best qualification is to LOVE. My perceptions and understanding come from the Mind of Christ fed from the Spirit of God.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Macho Meeting – Prime Minister and President

May 19, 2017

Clint (Eastwood) here how can I help you and who gave you my number?

Malcolm here Clint.

Hi Malcolm. Long time no see. Now when was it when we last met?

Clint we have never met.


Clint you really don’t know who I am.

Sorry but I have a lot of friends.

I am Malcolm Turnbull. 

Now is that the Turnbull from my college days. 

No Clint I am the Prime Minister of Australia.

Oh that Turnbull. Nice to hear from you Malcolm. And again how can I help you. 

Clint I am meeting up with the Trump soon and I need some advice on behaviour at the meeting.

Your behaviour or Trumps behaviour? 

My behaviour Clint.

You are on your mobile.

I am.

I can text you some good points to act out in trumps presence. But why me why ask me?

I think Trump might think I am a bit wimpish. 

Ok I see where you are coming from. Leave it to me. I will text you some pointers in the next 5 minutes. 

Thanks Clint, love your movies. 

Bye Malcolm. 

(6 minutes later the text comes through from Clint)

Wow what golly.

Sir the car is ready. 

(Malcolm is on the way to meet President Trump)

Wow what a big aircraft carrier.

It’s big sure is.

Mind the door sir.

Follow me sir.

(Turnbull is taken in to a room where Trump is sitting)

Greeting Mr President (Malcolm holds Trumps hand hard and with his hand on top of Trumps)

Malcolm take a seat. You sure have a strong handshake.

It’s all in the wrist.

(A secretary comes in to the room)

(Malcolm intentionally drops his mobile phone on the floor)

I will get it Prime Minister (She bends down).

(Malcolm pinches the woman secretaries backside)

Aaaar. Who did that?

(The secretary looks at Malcolm)

(Malcolm smiles)

(Trump thinks this guy is starting to impress me)

(The secretary leaves the room)

(Ivanka Trump comes in to the room)

Meet my daughter.

(Malcolm lays a kiss on her cheek)

You are a beauty. When can we go out on a date?

(Trump thinks this guy is getting better all the time)

Greetings Prime Minister, I am married.

I know that I was only kidding about the date but not about the beauty.

You make me blush Prime Minister. 

Call me Malcolm.

I must go. Bye Daddy. And goodbye Malcolm. Keep in touch Malcolm.

Will do Ivanka. 

(Trump buzzes the intercom) Spicer send in the press.

(The room gets crowded full of news reporters)

Mr Prime Minister how did your talk go with the President?

I think the President and I have a good understanding. 

On what sir?

We share common values.

Mr President do you agree you share common values with the Prime Minister? 

Yes I do. He knows how to treat women. And that’s a plus with me. 

Do you agree Prime Minster do you know how to treat women?

I have been getting instruction on this and I think it’s working out.

Working out with whom?

With President Trump. 

Spicer we are finished.

Ok ok rap it up. No more questions. Please leave. 

(It’s just Trump and Turnbull in the room)

Malcolm you and I will get along fine. To be honest I thought you were a mothers boy; I hope you do not mind me talking candid; but I like to shoot from the hip; you surprised me today. 

I have been getting help.

You are much improved. Well that just about wraps it up. 

Bye Mr President

Call me Donald.

Bye Donald. 

Bye Malcolm. 

(Malcolm leaves. The meeting was held on a large decommissioned US aircraft carrier. Every thing tastes of military. It’s like macho. Military macho. Malcolm is pleased with himself)
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 19, 2017

Having good mind intelligence and having good emotional intelligence. 

Raised in soul mind to the head in Christ Jesus. God raises our mind soul to the above to the head level. The world is apart from our head soul mind when we are saved in Christ. In salvation we are of the head level. We are raised from the heart level to the head level. We think from above. Our mind soul is free from the world. The heart deals with the world. Our heart always under tension. Our heart vexed regularly. Our soul is saved. Our soul in the head. 
In our head we listen to our heart. Our ears are in our head. Our soul and heart in salvation is cleaned of all sins, this includes generational sins (our ancestors sins). Our head is in charge of our heart. Our head commands the body. The body submits to the head. Salvation is being free from all sins and living above. 
We die in our old sinful flesh person in our heart, we are born again, we have a new cleansed human spirit in heart, our human spirit gets a new life. In our old sinful flesh self off the world did we then have a human spirit or did human spirit only come to us in what is known as a born again experience? I am of the opinion that everyone has a human spirit from birth, the time when we first took a breath, spirit is in breath, so the baby comes in to the world and breathes. Does the baby breathe in the mothers womb? I think not, so human spirit comes at birth. In salvation the Holy Spirit comes into our heart. We go through a dying to old flesh self and a renewal in human Spirit. We are spirit person now. In the past we were soul person. But soul is above in head saved. Our human spirit interacts with the world. Our Holy Spirit is our main stay in our heart. We are not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is God but we in human spirit grow and mature and wizen in God. Our soul is above and free from the world, it’s the spirit and Spirit in our heart that interacts with others. We are spirit people in God. Adam the soul man, Christ the Spirit person. 
Emotional intelligence is based on heart whereas mind intelligence is based on head. The head has the senses not the heart. The head helps the heart. The head and heart and body have to be free of sins to be of any good as bearers of useful intelligence. Generations of family who love the supreme God and do good works not bad works pass on to their heirs (children, and so on down the family tree) sinless hearts, minds, and bodies. So people can pass sins down the family tree. Sin makes for dark minds, dark hearts, and dark inner bodies thus sins can darken intelligence emotionally or mind. 
We are saved above in soul, the head of Christ rules. 

In the second coming of Jesus Christ we wake up in soul, we were sleeping after our physical death, we are given a new immortal body and we live for eternity in heaven. 
Not all humans go to heaven. And birds, fish, insects and animals do not go to heaven for eternity. Only humans have souls to live on, either in hell or heaven.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Important Meeting between two Super Power Presidents

April 22, 2017


Yes President.

Call me Donald.

You can call me Jinping. 

White tea?

No milk thank you.

One or two lumps?

One thank you. 

Nice weather we are getting.


How’s your handicap?



Improving all the time.

Phone call sir.

Just a minute Jinping.

No worries I can wait.

Sorry about that but we are in a a bit of a stew at the moment.

I like stew.

No I meant it figuratively. I just gave the go ahead to our military to strike Syria.


Another cup?

No I must be going. I just wanted to pass by to congratulate you on your new job.

A game of golf?

No I must return home, another time.

Sir excuse me. The media want to ask a few questions.

Jinping do you mind?

No a few questions will be ok. 

Mr President.

Which one?

Mr Trump did you discuss North Korea?

We had a very intelligent and enlightening discussion and spoke on many issues that are confronting our two nations.

But did you talk about North Korea?

The talk we had was sweet and refreshing.

That sounds like a sweet drink.

Next question.

President Xi what would you like to see improve between you and President Trump?

I hope that my swing improves.

What swing sir.

That will be all for now President Xi has a long trip a head of him he is returning home.

Sir sir what about North Korea? The North Koreans are getting war like.

President Xi is tired that will be all.

No let me speak. I am at peace with the USA. I see no call for war. I came here to keep the peace not to ferment war. North Korea is a sovereign nation it acts as it sees fit. 

But North Korea is making much noise.

China does not want a nuclear war with the USA, such would be suicide for both nations. In difficult times where tension arises, to ease the tensions compromises have to be made.

Sir do you mean you trade out of difficult situations.

Exactly TRADE.

We will trade, you trade. You can trade to get out of tensions. The USA has things we want. War can be averted by appeasement. Appease by trade. China wants things that the USA has. China can trade with things China has.

Sir you are also taking about trading national security things.

Yes national security. Taiwan is a problem to us. North Korea is a problem to you. But Taiwan is not making noise. Your problem is more heightened than our problem. There are also other international concerns we can trade on. I am tired.

That will be all. 

The tea was nice Donald.

You are welcome.

(Donald Trump later at home)

Darling how did the talks go with the Chinese President?

We just had a nice cuppa of tea and talked golf.

Nothing else?

Nothing else. He did talk to the media.

That’s nice, night dear.

Night dear.
Donald reflects:

Peace and quiet.

Noise and war.

Keep away from noisy neighbours.

Surely China does not want war!!!!! 

And Xi seemed to give off no angry vibes of war.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 22, 2017

This book written by Halina Wagowska is both confronting, and educational. It makes one think “If the Germans in mass can treat the Jews like they did then it is collective responsibility”. 

I am saying is it possible that you and me and all gentiles can do what the Germans did? The Jews killed Jesus. Are all Christians capable of killing and or hating the Jews? And are Jews capable of killing and or hating gentiles. Christians are also known for their abominations in other areas; killing of the red Indians in North America; the white people wanted the red Indians land; treating black colored people as slaves and treating them abominably; taking the Australian aboringine land by force; the aborigine of Australia only got the federal election vote in 1962 and they were not even citizens of their own land until 1967. In Australia we have politicians who are xenophobic. Pauline Hanson would look good in leathers bull whipping aborigines and Muslims or for that matter any human who is not white and Christian.
Halina the Jew. She spent years in a German concentration camp. While in camp Halina promises herself that after the war she would testify to her inhuman treatment. To testify meant she had to survive and survive she did. Halina in writing her story had to confront her demons, those shadows that she fought from her mind. Halina now was old, most of her foes probably have left this world. This obviously now made it easier for her to write, to write when a lot of her shadows had passed away. Halina decided there can be no supreme God. What God would allow this suffering? There can be no God. But Halina is forgetting that the Jews crucified Lord Jesus Christ. There was a curse on the Jews; the curse was on the head of every Jew. Crucifixion is no tea party, it must have been agonising for Jesus to suffer the way he did. And then there was the whipping of Jesus. If Jews can do what they did to Jesus then it must be in their hearts to do the same to Christians. The Germans were not the only ones in history to persecute and kill Jews. Other nations over time did it too. Halina a Jew but a Jew who does not believe in God. Halina is a Jew by birth. Halina became a humanist. I personally find humanists hard to take; I hate the idea of humanism. I remember at Bible College at the first class of one of my subjects and the lecturer introduced himself as a humanist. No one in class seemed to find humanism wrong but I was shocked to see it in a bible college lecturer. And this lecturer was in charge of the spiritual formation classes and counseling classes. Maybe this lecturer was a God believing humanist. But I thought humanists do not believe in a supreme God. Halina the humanist; I am disappointed in Halina. There can be no God because of the way the Germans treated the Jews; tell that to the Jews who bull whipped Jesus and nailed him to a cross. Jesus the Lord, Gods Son. Halina should know that humans are quite capable of bull whipping and killing other humans. The USA civil war was about freeing the slaves. They were slaves because of the colour of their skin. The confederates many who were educated and intelligent. 
Man can be good and he can be bad. We carry good and bad in us. Don’t act all sanctimonious and say you are good and would never whip or crucify Jesus. “Crucify him crucify him” the crowds shouted to Pilate the Govenor. “The death be on your heads and the heads of your descendants”. We humans curse our neighbours, we gossip, we lie, we slander, we mock. We are no better than the Nazis. We just do it in a different way to the Nazis. We use our tongues like a sword, we stick it in and our neighbours suffer. 
This book is a good read. Halina after the war devotes a lot of her time to helping those people disadvantaged. I am just sorry that she denies a supreme God. The war and the concentration camp should have taught her about people. Halina lacked faith. Halina lost faith, you don’t have faith in human beings you have faith in God. This life is only temporal. Our life in the next life is paradise. Paradise is not in this world. We suffer in this world and wait to join Jesus in heaven. Man is capable of much evil. Satan rules a lot in this world. Persevere not for paradise here but paradise in the next life. Death is only a step. Death is a door. 
I prefer reading books written by believers. Loyalty and faithfulness in God mean a lot to me. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 22, 2017

Was Jesus Christ nailed to the cross through His wrists or His hands? Who knows? No one. Does the Pope know? No. I was in a city chapel today. In the front on the wall is a very big cross with a image of Jesus on. The nails on this crucifixion went through the hands. I feel more comfortable with the nails going through the hands rather than going through the wrists. Wrists are more than meets the eye. 

Wrists are about strength. Males want to have strong wrists. Strong wrists mean maturity. Do females have strong wrists? I don’t know. Males use their strong wrists to do their work. Males need strong wrists to make love to women. Strong wrists for a male mean a strong heart and a strong heart means a strong human spirit. What about homosexuals? What about them? I mean homosexuals have weak wrists. Don’t they. I don’t know about female homosexuals having weak wrists but homosexual males have weak wrists. I thought this is so. So homosexual males have what we call limp wrists thus their hearts are not strong and their human spirit is not strong. So do homosexuals have immature hearts? I don’t know.
Strong wrists are needed for work; and love making, this is for the male. Adam the first man was booted out of Eden. Man in Eden had no work. Man was thrown out of Eden to work in the wilderness garden. In the wilderness were many weeds. The soil had to be tilled. Cultivation means tilling, planting, and weeding. But there is a parallel garden, the spiritual garden of each of our lives. We cultivate our minds and hearts. We want to be cultivated people. Cultivated means refined. Refined is purity. Pure is clean. We want to keep the weeds out of our minds and hearts. We want to till our hearts and minds and plant in our hearts and minds word, good words, true words, wise words. We live in a garden in words. Gods Words are the frame of reference of all words. Plant Gods words in us. 
Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross, we all know that, and we are comfortable to believe He was nailed to the cross by His feet but wrists or hands we are in doubt. To nail the hands people think that his body would have dragged down too much making pure agony for Jesus. People seem inclined to think Jesus was also roped to the cross. Wrists have a special connection to human males but females I do not know. And why are homosexual men limp wristed? Do not homosexual men cultivate their minds and hearts? Adam was a gardener, we humans come originally from a garden. Gardening is what’s it’s about. Sowing and reaping. Are homosexuals not sowing and reaping? Sowing and reaping is physical and spiritual. Weeds abound in this world. Weeds are like viruses on a computer, we clean up our computers regularly cleaning away the viruses; we weed out the weeds in our minds and hearts regularly. Words are weeds. We want the good words to grow. Homosexuals seem to not be in the wisdom of Jesus Christ; but why? The God Head has wisdom. Christ is Gods wisdom. The headship of God does not seem to be with homosexuals but what do I know. Homosexuals seem to be in to the human man made wisdom. Man made is artificial and not God made. We are talking about the soul/mind and how it works. The headship of God is the defining factor of what is above. We want the mind of Christ. We want our souls above in heaven saved. We are spirit and must learn in spirit from God Spirit. We are spirit in heart. Don’t be soulish people but spiritual people. Soul is important but we relate to this world from spirit and God Spirit. Soul is saved. Soul is at rest. We fight with spirit and God Spirit not with soul. The head rules the body; the head is above; the soul is in the head; the body submits to the soul mind of Jesus Christ. But our spirit is our sword. We use the sword of the spirit joined to God Spirit to defend us. Spirit is the light and power. Soul is saved and is not the weapon. We have spiritual weapons. Gifts are given to us from high. These gifts are spiritual entities that come in to our hearts. These gifts come from God above. These gifts are not just to help us but to help all the people in the body. We are each person making up a body of many persons. Our spiritual gifts are to help all in the body. You in me, me in you, Christ in us, and we in Christ. We are in each other in the body of Jesus Christ. We are as closest as one word. Words define our existence. We are in words. Adam the soul man and Jesus Christ the Spirit man. We humans must crave to be God Spirit led. Let our souls rest above, let Spirit do the work. Your field of work is simple. Look to the simple way. Your God field of work will be complicated to other people but you will find your God field of work simple. Wisdom of God is simply understood to those who are gifted in wisdom from above. Spiritual gifts are simple, they are like “practice makes perfect”. We in the Christ body each have our gifts or gift. Don’t try and use gifts that you do not have look for your own gifts and use those. Gifts from above can be spiritual person identities that are in your heart. Spirits can be like people but in spirit. Gifted people can not boast. Why boast about something that was given to you. Gifts do most of the work, we just apply ourselves. Most people work in other people’s fields so they become like slaves to other people. To work in ones own field means much responsibility. And you might think your field is too simple, and it does not pay well. People think truth is complicated. To say to them that it’s the simple truth goes over their heads, they do not understand. Satan wants to make you believe in the complicated truth not the simple truth. God is only complicated to those who do not understand. To understand you must keep it simple. Keep away from teachers who do not teach the simple truth. Teachers are teachers in name only; they teach not from their learned wisdom and understanding, they just follow a curriculum that is already set out. You hear very few good insights from teachers. Most teachers have only one good thing going for them, they are intelligent. But teachers know very little. Intelligence is not necessary wisdom and understanding of Jesus Christ. You go to university and teachers never mention Jesus Christ the author of true wisdom. Schooling can be such a farce. God is not welcome at school. So is Satan or the Beast welcome at school? But school must serve its purpose. Even if it’s boring. 
Jesus is not boring. At the chapel in the city today and looking at Jesus on a cross I am comfortable to see the nails in His hands and not in His wrists. But that’s me. I like having strong wrists. Maturity means a lot to me. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 22, 2017

Let’s be more literal here. Friends as in human being friends. The people you know and welcome in to your life. The friends you accept in to your heart. But you might say I don’t know how to control who I let in to my heart. 

The church is open to everyone. Thus the body of Christ is open to all. We are that body, we are in that body. People might say “I am open minded”. So we have open minds and open hearts. People come in who contend or get on well with our thoughts and feelings. We are never really alone. Thoughts and feelings are affected day and night by those who come in to the body of Christ. We who are saved are that body. We are the living church. Our friends are first our brothers and sisters of Christ and second those who come in to the church our body in to our mind and heart. No one is forced in to the living church. Our life must reflect the mind and actions of Godliness so those who are in the living church know that we stand for all the virtues and truth of God through Jesus Christ. Feelings and thoughts are also for communing. We commune in the body of Christ. We commune in words. We communicate in words. We commune with each other. Like cells in a body all one but many and all linked in together and helping each other we people in words also act like the cells. We help each other. We pray for each other. We love each other. We carry each other around in our bodies. We are one but many. Our bodies are the church. We in the body of Christ are in the light. We see in the light. Call it discernment. We have sight and can also call it insight. Wisdom and insight guard ones life and keeps one on a sane and healthy life. Insight is not good by itself but needs wisdom. To see is ok but to know right from wrong is better. Our friends come to visit. Our friends may stay a long time. Our friends may be depressed, or lonely, or sad, or joyful, etc. We feel our friends depression, loneliness, sadness, joy. We pray for our friends. When our friends are feeling down we pray for their betterment. No man (or woman) is an island. We are all in it together and we are in each other and Christ is in all. 
We are in Christ, Christ is in us and we are in each other.  
The secret key is Jesus Christ. Christ is in us. Words are everything. Every word we speak can act like a spark, a spark to bring warmth or a raging fire. Guard your mouth. Holy Scipture brings truth and love. But bad words can bring hate and stress. Love brings health. Jesus Christ is the resurrected and risen Word of God. The Word of God became flesh, human, in Jesus Christ. It’s all about words. Heaven is about words. We humans should be about words. 
Jesus sits in heaven. This death and resurrection and rising of Jesus Christ is to be understood in words in the heart and soul. You are soul and spirit. It’s the soul and spirit that thinks and feels not the bone, flesh or muscle. Where is heaven and hell? It’s an answer in spirit. Spirit gives the answer. Man in his own understanding will never know where heaven and hell is because such is a spiritual revelation. Heaven is not a physical revelation. I don’t think God is up in the milky way circulating the planets. But I don’t know really. You don’t know and I don’t know. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put your enemies at your feet”. David referred to God within. Not God up in the physical sky. Do we see God sitting on clouds? No. God is in the body of Christ. God is not in physical buildings made of brick and stone. God in the old days might have resided in man made temple but God now resides in a living temple, human being temples. When I think of the temple in the body I think of the head and on each side being called the temple. God was in King David. How can we understand where God is, we can not, God is in us but he is also out there. God comes and goes. But Gods home is with us. God teaches us using metaphors, why? We lack insight. God also uses parables. Still man does not know. 
Who knows? No one. A wise man may claim to know but he does not know. So what am I about? Understanding. I want to understand. God placed a crown on my head (i saw it in a vision) and gave me a painting of a mountain. I want to know why.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 6, 2017

To walk centrist thinking is sensible and sane. Very few people walk centrist. It’s like a drunk person, they can not walk a straight line. Most people are drunk in thought, they are sleepy, they are not wide awake. People don’t walk a straight line. People are not straight thinkers. To think straight is to be wise and to be wise is to be disciplined. 

The wisdom Spirit from God is a disciplined Spirit. Who is disciplined now a days? Very few people. Most people today walk and think perverted. To be perverted is not being straight. Heterosexuals might say we are straight. Oh yer then why do you not think straight. Heterosexuals are in to the arse just like the homosexuals. We live in a very perverted world. People who can not walk straight in the central walk think right or left. Then there’s the extreme left and right thinkers. We get extreme left and right politics. Right and left extreme religious thinkers. People who are extreme thinkers like Hitler are pycho. They are mad. Thinkers like Hitler are better put down. Put them down like a rabid dog is put down. 
Straight is middle, middle is centrist, centrist is disciplined, disciplined is wise, wise is sensible, sensible is good sense, good sense is common sense, sense is head, head is in charge, head rules the body, body submits to the head, head is wise, God head rules, mind of God in head, head rules a disciplined body, God head rules a straight body, turn to God, to turn away from God is to pervert. 
Atheism is a non prophet organisation. To turn away from God is to pervert the thinking.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 6, 2017

Sincere disbelief in God; is there such a thing. It sounds negative to me.

I have thought on God today. I don’t know if it’s in answer to minds combatting against my mind in the current cosmos of thinking at this time but my thoughts are troubled and looking for solutions. 
My thoughts as they are now:
There are two kinds of Christians. The traditionalist and the born again. I am myself born again. You reach out to God through tradition or by being born again. The Born Agains are like the prodigals and the traditionalists are like the other son who stayed with God.
So what is a Born Again? The Born Again goes through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He or she dies to their old self to take on the new self of Jesus Christ. The born again is like crucified. In their death they die to all their sins and generational sins. Their generational sins are their ancestors sins. 
What is the Traditionalist? He or she have Godly parents. Their parents live in God. Their parents don’t wilful sin. Their parents believe in God. The traditionalist grows up in a Godly family where God is respected. These people are born not in sin whereas the born again is born in sin. The traditionalist might go to church and attend Sunday school when they are young. The traditionalist might only go to church when they are young and leave all sense of religion when they are of adult age. The born again comes from a irreligious family and may have never attended church when they were growing up. The born agains parents too would have avoided anything religious. 
I am BORN AGAIN. I don’t like throwing the words born again around like its a fad. I experience the pain inside of dying to myself. I am feeling the pain of crucifixion 24/7. The traditionalist is not being crucified. The traditionalist was not born in sin. The born again is dying to the old sinful man and being made in to a new creation. The born again goes through a conversion. The traditionalist is like he she might say born in to the church and maybe rightly so. The traditionalist goes through an infant baptism whereas the born again is baptised as a teen or adult when they realise that they are sinners and repent. The born again comes in to the church or to be exact the body of Christ when they acknowledge their sins and are truly repentant. The saying goes “Choose your parents well”. But I think we can not choose what parents we have. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WISDOM AND THERE IS WISDOM (What is the better half?)

April 6, 2017

In my young youth it was not that I did not think that there was a Supreme Creator God, it was I did not understand God. 

I think I believed in the One true God when I was developing awareness in my teens I even possessed a small gideon bible. I remember in my young adulthood looking at this bible but I could not seem to relate to it; reading it did not seem to help me; it was like I was not connected up to God. AND then I did not know how to connect up to the Supreme God. I knew about prayer but my heart and mind did not seem to be able to pray to God. I knew then little about Jesus Christ. I was like a lost soul. I was in the dark. I knew not the power of words. Words to me were not alive. I knew nothing about spiritual warfare. I knew nothing about demons. My thoughts were immature and depraved. 
Coming to God was not one Big Bang, bang I am with God. I was weltering in the wilderness. I had these thoughts to go to university. I was then living by myself and very lonely, I had a job but had no purpose. It was like someone was guiding me in my thinking to attend university. This someone must be Spirit. God. I joined up as a student and then arranged for my accommodation at a university hostel. It was like it was meant to be. I liked living in a hostel with other students. I made friends. Now I was not lonely. I met Christians. I was mentored by a Christian. I attended bible studies. I learnt to pray. My heart softened. I was on the journey of up. My rise was not sudden, my growing maturing wizening understanding has been a climb. I am going up not down. I have a simple soul; Satan was trying to convert my soul in to the wisdom of perversion. Satan’s wisdom is perversion. Simple souls believe. Perversion is Satan’s wisdom. Perversion is depravity. Satan uses his women to pervert the world. This women is Satan’s wisdom. Gods wisdom is Jesus Christ. In my coming to God, I repented of all my sins and accepted Jesus Christ in to my heart. I now was on a climb up. Satan’s wisdom is a going down. Climbing up has brought on me wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. Oh how I love Christ’s wisdom. Oh how I hated Satan’s wisdom. How grateful I am to be in the Body of Christ. 
It is foolish to choose Satan’s wisdom over God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 6, 2017

 Major Mary Hegar says Women make better military helicopter pilots because women are better at multi tasking. She is effectively saying men in general are not good at multi tasking. 
I think – To be focussed is better for thinking. Does multi tasking and focus have similarities. Focus is to focus on ONE. To focus on ONE is keep ones right bearings. To focus on many is confusing and complicated. To focus on the ONE true GOD is the best thinking. One head, one body. One brain, one heart. One one one. Single tasking is better than multi tasking. Handling many tasks at the ONE time is complicated and not good for the mind and heart. The human spirit needs to focus on ONE. So for a male human to focus on many is to focus on many gods. Many gods can be many idols. Sanity is about focus on ONE not many. Many gods worship is demonic. Many gods worship is insane. Male humans who multi focus think of many gods. Female humans who multi idolize focus on many male humans. The female human looks to the male human. She focuses on the male. For the female to focus on ONE she is sane. The male human looks to God and the female human looks to the male human. Outside of our proper God focus we are perverted. To pervert is to turn away from. To pervert is to turn away from God. The woman who is good at multi thinking is being perverse. She is idolising many men, she is being perverse. To worship many is to get sick. 
Worshipping many complicates the thoughts and causes sickness to the body. To force the body off it’s one track is to cause sickness. 
If you are really focussed on your work, that is you are focussed on ONE, you are more likely to be in your true GOD vocation. Outside ONE you are complicated and not in the right God vocation. Your true vocation should be simple to do, it’s simple for you to do but looks complicated to do by other people who are not of your vocation. Everyone finds simplicity in their own true God vocation. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Human Immortality (Man Made)

April 6, 2017

I have thoughts here. Humans will control the DNA. We will be able to create our body parts etc and keep our bodies from ageing. Where is this going? Immortality. This must be the apex of man’s existence. 

Now God will have to stop man and his inventions/creations. Man wants to live on forever. I mean forever in their physical bodies. It makes me sick to think of such a possibility. But was Adam and Eve destined to live forever in their physical bodies before the fall? Man wants to be like God in all areas. We are created in Gods likeness but man wants so much more.
Is it wise to want to live forever in our mortal bodies. Oh sorry I mean immortal bodies. Oh please let me be free of my physical body. But in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ we get new bodies, immortal bodies; why can not man just hurry up the plan. But Immortal bodies made by God are very different from the immortal bodies made by man. 
Where is all this going? Man wants to take over from God. Man wants to create. Man wants to control. 
Man took knowledge of God and creates. Man’s fall was wanting to know as God knows. Humans will kill and heal with this knowledge. Knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge used for good and evil purposes. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

A Long Way Home

April 6, 2017

I loved reading this book. Another war book; yes but every war book has more of a story than just killing one’s adversity. War books written by men and women who were in the war can be books more valuable than gold. Memoirs of war written by thinking people show us the inside of people’s minds and hearts, we read people, we understand people, then and only then do we understand war. 
War is about people and how people get on together. It’s about friendship, mateship, hardship. Suffering and adversity bring people together. But alas such also divides people. We see great division in war but on both sides each side fights with such unity. Life long friends are made in war. But people get killed in war. Soldiers are trained to simply kill the enemy. It’s kill or be killed. You are not taught to think in war, you are taught only to obey. Soldiers are trained to work together. It’s team work of the highest kind. You watch my back I watch yours. And after the war the lucky ones return home. 
How men and women can follow such people like Hitler is amazing. People want someone to lead them, to protect them, to feed them, to house them, to tuck them up in bed and say they love them. How humans of all ages act like little children. We want our cult leaders. We are so alone we want to join the group following the cult leader. We want purpose in life. Cults give purpose. Cults follow personality figure heads. Hitler was a cult leader and he led many people to their (hellish) deaths, Heil Hitler.  
A Long Way Home written by Charles Granquist is a well worth read. Charles reigns from Australia, he joins the infantry and soon ships out to the Middle East. This is an adventure for Charles, just 17 years old (lowered his age to join up) and seeing the world at the Government expense. Charles fought in North Africa and Greece. He was captured by the Germans in Greece. Or to be exact he was caught on a Greek Island. No adventure now for Charles but years of internment. A POW. Charles was no dummy, he adapted and survived. At war’s end he married a Russian bride and returned home to Australia. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SPIRIT or spirits

March 19, 2017

Some of these young detainees are just so naughty. They trash the cells. They scream, they spit at the guards. No way would I want to be a guard at one of these places. The guards just get so upset. 

I mean they get the local fire brigade to hose out the cells. Can not the detainees just be quiet and behave? It’s not a racial thing here. We are talking about very bad behaviour. If your own children played up like this you might kick them out of home. Who wants people trashing ones home and spitting at you? Spit hoods are a protection to the guards. Saliva can cause sickness to those spit at. These children have no discipline. And now they are the States problem. Bad parenting is one of the causes. Parents that get drunk consistently don’t make good role models. Aborigine and alcohol go together. Aborigine have problems and no one wants to go there and help. A lot of aborigine drink alcohol in excess. But why? Why are the aborigine not fitting in to society like the white man has? Most leadership or professional jobs have no aborigine. Aborigine are just drinking themselves senseless. Why do people play the racialist card here? Whatever colour of your skin we should all get on. There is Spirit and there is spirits. Spirit with a capital S is God and spirits with a small s is alcohol. When the white people came to Australia they brought with them Spirit and spirits. One, the alcohol spirits, is of this world and can lead to demonic influence. On the other hand Spirit of God is from heaven and is good for you.
We speak about God Spirit as ONE; not God Spirits; not many. God is ONE. Alcohol is spirits, MANY. Many is complex whereas one is simplex. Simplex is the answer to life. Simplex gives meaning to life. Worship the God Spirit not the alcohol spirits. True Wisdom comes from Spirit not spirits. 
You choose between the Spirit or spirits. Choose wisely, don’t be a fool. The wise choose the heavenly Holy Spirit. Of course there are those who choose both Spirit and spirits. But God Spirit should dominate ones life.
NB: Australian Aborigine.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

On the way in to the city today I had some thoughts. People say about other people “They have a crutch”. A crutch is what people lean on for support. 

People might say “He has alcohol as his crutch”. “Or drugs, or sugar, or religion etc”. Yes religion in its outer form can be a crutch. But I see that the word “crutch” can be replaced with the word “crux”. Both words sound the same; but do they mean the same? Crux is the most important point at issue. Crux means also “cross”. Jesus Christ had His most important time and that was when He was nailed to a cross. “The crux of the matter is Jesus Christ”. Jesus on the cross is the most important time of all us humans. But Jesus had a crux and a crutch. The crux was the cross but the crutch was also the cross. Jesus was held up by a wooden cross. Jesus was nailed hand and feet to a wooden cross. The wooden cross was Jesus’ support. 
We true Christians also have our crux, crutch, cross. Our crutch, our support is also a cross; not literally but metaphorically. On the bus this morning I felt the pain in my heart. It was like I was carrying the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in my heart. I die literally to the sins in my heart. My heart, the world. The crux is the cross, the crutch is the cross, the cross crosses out all our sins. I feel the pain in my heart not just on a bus but the pain is noticeably often. The more sins around the more pain in my heart. The church contains many people. 
The church is ONE body. You carry my pains, I carry yours. The pain is universal to the body of Christ. There is no easy way out in the body of Christ. The easy way is the path to Hell. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

The brain is in the head. And we know the head is up there. We are up there in thought. We are the head. God is the HEAD too. God is the head of the body of Christ. We die and rise to be with God above. We die to our old sinful selves. We are raised to think like Jesus Christ. We rule with Christ in the Heavenlies. We are saved. We think and we are saved. Salvation is in Words, Words of God. 

The brain has two hemispheres, or two main parts. The brain has the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. 
Humans have a brain like most creatures have a brain. But human brains are unique. Humans are made in the likeness ((image) of God. 
So humans think from two brain hemispheres. But are humans more prone to more one sided brain than the other. I mean humans are either right handed or left handed so why would humans not be either right brain or left brain. So humans have one dominant side of the brain. 
We also get right extreme thinkers or left extreme thinkers. The right side of the brain is the side that acts like a king. The right side lords it over the body. The right side is like Jesus Christ and His rule. The left side is like the Father Gods rule. Now all this teaching is metaphorical. Meta means beyond. Beyond the physical. We have a Spiritual side to us, another completely new dimension from our physical awareness. 
Who thinks right brain? Pauline Hanson is to me a right wing thinker. Right thinking is politically right wing. Right wing thinkers do vote Liberal and are usually of the Pentecostal churches (that’s if they are of any religion). 
The left side of the brain is more the Words of the head and body. The Father God is in Words. The Father God is not visible. The right side is more of the physical rule as Jesus Came in to this world in physical and was raised physical. Right side people, being more of the physical than the left side people, we can call them (the right) more objective thinking and the left we can call more subjective thinking. Objective is “out there” and is about objects of physical. Subjective is subject in Words. Words are invisible and God is invisible. 
The left side thinkers are more prone to be of the heart than right side thinkers. The heart in the body is tending towards the left side of the body under the left side of the brain. Left side thinkers are more prone to follow causes made up in words whereas the right thinkers being objective see people as their cause to follow. People see Pauline Hanson and see her as an object to follow whereas left thinkers look to ideas, doctrine, dogmas; such are in words. Right thinkers are prone to be cultish with their leaders. Right thinkers want a leader that stands out. Jesus is in the right thinking and Jesus is the ultimate King of kings. Right thinking wants a strong leader. Right thinking thinks Jesus rules like a almighty ruling King who has all power and majesty. Right thinkers want a leader who acts like a majestic King and lords it over all. 
The parts of the body are the people. We are the parts. Jesus is the head. We have the mind of Jesus Christ. We submit to the head. We obey the head. We do not control the body. The head controls the body. We listen and obey. We act subservient to the head. We let the head rule with the brain and the senses in the head. We do not rule. The body does not rule. We just obey. 
God commands us to love. Love God and our neighbour. It’s SIMPLE. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

GOD HEAD or God Heart – Who rules?

March 19, 2017

In my Christian youth I mixed with Christian fundamentalists quite a lot. Even in my later age I was known to frequent their houses of worship. I never properly fitted in. For example I never spoke in tongues. To speak in tongues meant you were saved, one of the chosen, the elect of God. These churches were on the whole called Pentecostal Churches. In some ways these churches were elitist. So we get to call these Pentecostal followers bigots. 

Bigotry is religious zeal but zeal not always right. So we get people here who can be what we call “pushy”. They do have good intentions but their motives are suspect. The youth are the majority here in these Pentecostal churches and what are the prime importances of youth? Sex, money and power; not necessary in that order. Youth are more about feelings than reason. Youth are immature. The older age group tend to be in the Traditional churches. These Traditionalists are usually more mature. Yes they are called hypocrites because they say one thing and do another. We have the bigoted Pentecostals and the hypocritical Traditionalists. The Pentecostals seem to never move from base one. These people are called the fundamentalists, they never move from the fundamentals of their religion. They do not go on to deep thinking. These people are immature thinkers. What stands out to me is that these people (called Pentecostals) are people of the heart not the head. These people are guided more by their feelings not their thoughts. These people say that the Holy Spirit is in charge and that this Spirit is in their heart so to them the heart rules. But Jesus is the Head not the body. Jesus is the Head and the head rules the body. The heart is in the body not in the head. Is the Holy Spirit in charge or is Jesus Christ the head in charge? Both are in charge. But the God head rules. And the Holy Spirit is in the God head. But the Holy Spirit is in the heart. This is a mystery. The Holy Spirit came from the head. 
God is the brains of the body of Christ. God is the head of the body. The heart does not rule. People who rule from the heart are immature. People who rule from the heart rule from feelings not words. The head rule is the words rule. Feelings should not rule. Words should rule and Gods Words rule all other words. The head rules the heart, the head rules the body. Submit the heart to the head, submit the body to the head. The head is the seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting; the body is stupid without these senses. These senses help the body. The head helps the body. The head is the brains of the body. The body is stupid without the head.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray

CHARLES BAVIER. “A War of Words” by Hamish McDonald.

March 19, 2017

The life of Charles Bavier. Charles born of a Swiss father and a white mother a mother he knew nothing about. The father grew a prosperous trading business in Japan. 

Japan was opening up to the West; by force mind you. The West used gun boat diplomacy to force Asia to trade with the West. Groups of European white colonists inhabited Japanese foreign concession areas. These foreigners prospered. Charles father’s business prospered. But the Father wanted none of Charles. Charles was raised by his fathers Japanese mistress. The father left Japan and returned to Switzerland. He was rich and bought a chateau. Charles had a bit of overseer help from the managers of his fathers Japanese business. The father had by this time married. Charles was a result of a union of misguided passion, Charles was not wanted. The new wife of the Father had children and this family kept away from Charles. Charles was raised by a Japanese woman. Charles became Japanese in a white skin. Money did come from Charles father but this stopped when he came of age. Japan was acting all war like. Japan invaded parts of China. Charles was of age and thought it best to get out of Japan. Friends in the military warned him to get out because the military thought he was western spy (this warning came this time or later; it might have come just before the second world war, I can not remember). Charles went to Australia. He joined the Australian army and fought at Gallipoli. He returned to Australia but now the Australians thought he was a Japanese spy. Charles returned to Japan then to China. Charles went to Hong kong. War was imminent with the West. Charles offered to help the Allies. His offer was accepted and he was posted to Singapore. War was near. Charles was evacuated to Australia. Charles worked in propaganda and radio. Work was a type of military intelligence. Charles was on wireless radio speaking in Japanese to the Japanese. Charles did have a Japanese wife who he brought to Singapore and then to Australia. Charles had two sons. One son stayed in Singapore and when the Japanese arrived he was forced to work for the Japanese military police. The other son went to Australia and helped the Allies. After the war Charles went back to Japan to live. Charles was more Japanese than Western. Charles was Japanese in a white skin. 
A very good read. Charles’ character is interesting. Charles comes across as a deep thinker. I like deep thinking. Charles rose above his misfortune of being abandoned by his father. The Japanese woman who raised him up did a good job.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

It is natural that we have a constant. 

The universe needs one major binding constant. A constant that is like a plumb line to line up the whole universe. We need a one major constant to keep our sanity. We must measure ourselves up by this true real straight constant. 
God says he never changes. To not change makes a constant. God is constant. We measure ourselves by Gods constant. God is our plumb line as to what is level headed. Level is straight. Level is sanity. 
Scientists say “Light is constant”. Einstein said “Light is constant”. 
The bible says “God is light”. Metaphorically of course. 
To measure this universe we have a constant in light to make our measurements. Can we measure God? Can we measure God by light? 
To be a measured person is to be a cultured person. To be cultured is to be sane. A good culture not a bad culture is the desire. God is a measured good culture full of light. There is bad dark culture. 
To not have a constant to rule our lives we drift, we wander, we are not rooted down, we blow about in the wind, we lack faith, we follow any Tom, Dick or Harry. 
God is our living constant in Jesus Christ. We have our foundation and growth in God. Gods WORDS. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

Progress is about making money. Making money is about having riches. Riches are about physical comforts. Comforts are about living luxury. Luxury is about idle living and worshipping materialism. 

Materialism is like a religion to a lot of people. Materialists like to deny the existence of soul and human spirit. Materialists are usually atheists. Atheism is “a” for anti and “theist” for God; anti God. Anti in some cases does not have to mean unbelief but just against. Atheists in many cases, when in trouble, will call on God just like anybody else. Atheists can spend much writings and speech arguing that God does not exist BUT why argue that God does not exist if you don’t believe He exists. If God does not exist in ones mind or heart why try and prove that? I think atheists try and lock God out of their minds and hearts. God is in all. How atheists hate God. Atheists probably hate their own human parents. What fools atheists are. 
Progress is about taking Gods creation and making it in to man made creation. In this making we get waste. In making man made from God made we get what man calls “Progress”. Progress is slowly turning this earth and world in to “artificial”. 
Robots will do all the work. What will mankind do when robots do all the work? Mankind just rests. God rested after He had made the universe. Does God still rest? When robots do all the work the nations people might have a “basic universal income”. Income not worked for. The Mark of the Beast will come. This Mark will give people of the Mark access to money; money from a basic universal income. 
Robots will be:

Cyborgs – part artificial, part living human. 

Humanoids – all artificial. Made in mankind’s image.  
There might be a cult of mankind worshipping humanoids. There will be humans that will worship humanoids as gods. Then we will know that the End Times are getting closer. Man makes man in his her own image. Mankind becomes God. Man is God and humanoids are gods. The full transformation. 
“Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life on this planet”.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Wisdom 9:13-18 Good News Translation (GNT)

March 19, 2017

13 Who can ever learn the will of God? 14 Human reason is not adequate for the task, and our philosophies tend to mislead us, 15 because our mortal bodies weigh our souls down. The body is a temporary structure made of earth, a burden to the active mind. 16 All we can do is make guesses about things on earth; we must struggle to learn about things that are close to us. Who, then, can ever hope to understand heavenly things? 17 No one has ever learned your will, unless you first gave him Wisdom, and sent your holy spirit down to him. 18 In this way people on earth have been set on the right path, have learned what pleases you, and have been kept safe by Wisdom.

No one seems to be lining up to know Gods will. 
But do people really want to obey Gods will. The problem about knowing Gods will is to know it and not to obey it and incur the anger of God. Then again God could be angry or He might not be angry. 
I perceive in mind and heart people’s God will. I do not lie. I am either a fool or wise in my discerning people’s God wills. I call myself a prophet of God. I am either a false prophet or a true prophet. So if I am a false prophet you have every right to rubbish the God will I counsel people in. I see will but I see vocation will. Seem rubbish? Am I deluded? Am I a nutter? Do I have a demon in me? Am I working for the Devil? I seldom tell people their God will. Why? Oh we have a nutter here. People hate being told Gods will. I mean to be told Gods will means one has to obey it. Who really wants to obey God? Very few in heart and mind want to really obey God. I mean it’s about the body, what the body wants. Does Gods will pay a lot? It’s about the body and money. And not too much hard work mind you. 
I discern Gods will in people. By this I mean I discern the vocation of a person. I have seen vocation for many people. The people I tell Gods vocation to either say nothing to me in return or blast me with their words. It’s like “Who do you think you are? You do not have a psychology degree; you have no university degree; you have no training in discerning Vocation for people; you are a no body of importance; have you written books, no; you are not qualified to tell a person their vocation; you might have a demon in you; you have a mental illness. 
I see a match up of face to Gods will. Face goes with vocation. When a person is in the will of God, their face accentuates the look of Gods vocation. Face is very important. 
I have seen a person deep in to computers who should be a brick layer. I have seen a bible college lecturer who should be a wine steward. I have seen a church pastor who should be a civil engineer in mining. I have seen a church minister who should be a watch maker. And it goes on. Most people, just about all people, are not at the coal face (face again) of their God given vocation. Why?
Why are people not doing Gods vocation? Maybe I am the stupid one. Maybe I am cuckoo to think God gives vocation to people. It’s either I am a fool or I am wise. Christians in their youth cry out to God asking Gods will. But no answer. People go to pastors who are not real pastors. People go to psychologists who are not psychologists. People go to teachers who are not teachers. But no one wants to hear from me. 
I am a true prophet. I am no false prophet. I have wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. I do not operate under human wisdom. 
And when people want to hear from me, they bring pride. They know better than me. They are more qualified than me. To hear from God you must humble yourself to my gift. It’s the gift in me that helps people. Forget the thinking that I am not very intelligent, or not handsome, or not qualified with university degrees or not rich. Listen to me just because of the calling/vocation I have from God and listen to me because of the understanding in me from God. Still people forsake God. God would not speak or write through such a simple person like Lester. Lester is a no body. 
God uses the simple to impart His wisdom and understanding to this world. God does not use the worldly wise to impart his wisdom and understanding to this world. Don’t knock Gods wisdom. Don’t raise the ire of God. Gods wisdom is superior to human man’s/woman’s wisdom. To raise the ire of Gods wisdom is foolish. To knock Gods wisdom is like knocking life itself. To knock life is like wanting death. To hate Gods wisdom is to love death. Be wise listen to Gods wisdom. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

Today I was in a chapel. I sat here for a while, thinking, reflecting and contemplating. Ok these actions i describe are really meaning the same thing. I am just thinking consciously. But I can think out loud, I hear my thoughts. I don’t verbalise my thoughts but I hear my thinking inside. So here I am now later writing down my thoughts. I think and therefore I am. I am who I am. I feel therefore I am. I am who I feel. I think and I feel. 

So what was I thinking in my great thought burst in my time today at this chapel. Let me first say that this chapel is a Catholic chapel. Why would I find inspirational thought in a Catholic chapel? Beats me. I did marry a Catholic lady so there is something much deeper here than maybe I realise. But to me denomination and church can be immature. God is not head of a denomination, God is head of a body. My physical body is not a denomination, cult or a sect. Let’s be mature. None of this “I am better than you” nonsense. We who are in the body of Christ do not need to have labels of denomination. The body of Christ is more than just man made denomination. Be mature. But as I said I married a Roman Catholic lady and I am ok about that. Roman Catholics extol Mother Mary. I am no Mother Mary worshipper but I think a lady who sees Mother Mary as the virtue of virtues has my vote. Jesus’ Mother is the example of all true women. 
My bursts of thought were: I looked around the chapel. It was dead quiet. Dead to the world that is. My thoughts began,True church environment should be natural. To pray and worship God we need to be in a natural place. No man made inventions in our true prayer and worship place. God is natural we need to be with natural to pray and worship natural. No artificial. No radios, no televisions, no computers, no electronic wizardry stuff at all. The prayer house made of simple basic building materials not plastic material but wood or stone or maybe brick. Even lighting has to be natural. No electricity in to this prayer house. Use candles by all means. Use kerosene lights if necessary. Use natural lighting, sunlight for example. Keep all wires out of this prayer house.
The idea of a natural prayer and worship house is to be natural with God. We want to see and hear and smell and feel natural. No artificial noises coming from electronic gadgetry. We want to hear the birds singing. We want to hear the rain falling. We want to hear the wind blowing. We want natural sunlight coming in to our prayer house. We want silence, silence of man, silence if all man made inventions AND listen to God made noises. We want to see listen smell taste feel God and we can not do that with mans inventions. With our senses on God we can think normal. Most of life’s thoughts in mankind are now not normal because mankind has been making his own gods. Mankind will make his own god in his own likeness and bow down and worship it. 
When we see simple church, the natural church, we know we are going to be closer to God. The modern churches love their man made inventions. Youth love man made. Youth are the bulk membership of the modern churches. Modern churches are immature. Fundamentalism is popular in these modern churches. These churches act cultish in their adulation of their leaders. Not that the traditional church like the Catholic are shy of worshipping persons like the Pope and Mother Mary. I am happy being married to a Catholic lady and am glad I never married a Pentecostal lady or for that matter a Protestant lady. My wife extols the good thinking of a Catholic wife who thinks much of family and children. Family to me is so important. Alas the Catholic priests in great numbers have let the side down. Catholic priests and Catholic religious have desecrated the temple of God, their bodies, and made a hypocrisy of all their teachings. A little poison in a bottle of water poisons all the water. But we forgive and make the most of what we have. 
We don’t give in. We have hope. Christ is above. We love our neighbour. We love God. There is no happy happy life, there is no utopia in this world, we plod on, faithful and loyal to a Supreme God we do not see. Sins in the church should not worry us. We are all sinners. We often read the Holy Scriptures and often pray. The people let us down but God does not let us down. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

Teachers can be lazy teachers. Teachers like teaching the quick intelligent students because these bright students are easy to teach. Teachers would prefer to let the students do most of the donkey work. Ok teachers have a big work load, I mean some schools have a high student to teacher ratio. How would you like to have to teach hundreds of students over a whole day week in week out. Schools don’t help. Teachers need less students and better teaching aids. Ok put the quicker intelligent students in classes by themselves. Now the less intelligent students need teachers who will teach with grunt, hard work. These low intelligent students should not learn in classes with high student ratio to teachers. Small classes. Teachers don’t want to teach low intelligent students, I mean it hard work, and who likes hard work. 

The simple way to how to teach and the simple way for students to learn is: –
“Let us please know, everyone know, that when a teacher teaches his students the teacher teaches always as if he’s teaching small children no matter what age the students are. Teach simple. And if the students still do not understand teach again more simpler. Bring reason to the answer. Students usually do not know what questions to ask. And if they do know questions to ask they are scared to ask because they think they will look stupid to ask such simple questions. The teacher should reinforce the idea that the students can ask simple to very simple questions of the teacher. The teacher is there to help the students learn not to try and make the students look stupid”.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2017

All true answers to life should be understood simply. Anyone making a complex confusing answer to a problem is not talking truth, they don’t know the truth. 

Avoid those teachers who do not speak or write the simple truth. Truth should not be long winded. Einstein’s theory of relativity can be understood in a few letters and numbers. Look to straight simplicity in anything. To keep straight, be focussed. To walk a straight line you must look straight at one object ahead. To think straight the same applies you think on one subject ahead. Think of one subject in thought. Objective and subjective focus. Subjective thought can be metaphorical thought on one. To keep focussed you must look at one and concentrate on one. God is one. The head on one’s body is one. The simple truth is one. To get the answers to problems focus on one, and stay focussed on one And the truth may come out. BUT what one do you focus on? Focus on God. How to focus on God? Look at holy scripture. Look at a crucifix with Jesus Christ on. Pray to God. The world thinks the answers to life are found in the most words possible but really only a few words are all it needs. To focus on many is to focus on many gods. We have only the one true God not many gods. To have many gods is Satan’s ruse. There are no real answers in having many gods. Stay away from teachers and preachers who speak and write about there being many gods. Many gods is demon worship. Demon worship is being on the dark side. 

Jesus Christ is the true light. Demons are dark.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2017

Of course I am.
But listening to what?

You stupid? can you not see I am watching television. 

So what are you listening to?

Golly i said the television.

Grrrr. But we have an inner life as well as an outer life.

Quiet i am listening. Go dodgers. Oh. Go. Goal!!!

But George I am your spouse i want to be listened to.

I listen to you all the time.

No you don’t.

I do.



You listen with your outer ear.

Go dodgers!!

George!! George!!

What inner life?

It’s hard to describe. But we live in an inner life. 

Bahh!!! Missed the goal. 

George you are in me and i am in you.

What was that dear, can you pass me another beer.

George are you listening?

Of course dear, you said an inner life.

Yes an inner life. We live in an inner spiritual life. Call it a kingdom. 

And who rules this inner kingdom? 

God in Jesus Christ.

Another missed goal. Some people don’t learn.

George you and me and everyone else in this inner kingdom are just thoughts apart. 

That Smith needs to think more. Look he moving too far away from the ball.

George this kingdom is real.

I know dear. Smith is real but he acting unreal. Oh it’s half time. Pass the chippies dear.

You are not listening.

I listen.

You listen with your outer ears but you have no time to listen from your inner ears. We are not just flesh we are spirit too. 

Spirit dear.

Yes spirit. 

What spirit?

Your spirit lives in you.

In my body.

Yes in your body, to be exact in your heart. 

What’s this inner kingdom?

I think of the movies trilogy Matrix. Do you remember the movies?

Yes and what has Matrix movie got to do with this so called inner kingdom?

Matrix had two kingdoms, one outer and one inner.

A bit too much vinegar in these chips. 

Matrix is just fiction but it gives off a metaphor to read in to. This inner kingdom is very real as real as the outer kingdom is real. To listen to really listen we must listen with both our outer ears and inner ears. 

Another beer if you don’t mind dear.

Oh here’s your beer. You are not listening. 

Quiet dear they are about to give the half time score. 


Dear are you ok? You don’t need to scream. Go and lie down.


But the footy. Can’t it wait until after the footy has finished.




The neighbours will hear.

The neighbours can hear for all I care. I just want you to hear.

Ok dear you win. There the television is now turned off. What is it dear?

We live in two kingdoms.

Oh yer the inner kingdom and the outer kingdom.


So what’s this to do with the movies Matrix?

The movies had two parallel kingdoms. One inner and one outer.


The movie is just fiction but it shows a metaphorical angle to what life in reality is like. It’s the having two kingdoms.

Who do I listen to with my inner ear?

Your inner ear is your spiritual ear. You listen to others.

Others? Who others?

We in this body of Christ Jesus are connected up in words. We are as close to everyone else in this body by words. Words can be thoughts or spoken words or written words BUT WORDS. We listen to other people and perceive understanding. We understand each other in the body of Christ by words.

What about television? 

Television is man made wizardry. It’s electronic wizardry. You do not connect up to television in spirit. The television does not have a living spirit. 

So what happens if i listen and watch the television?

You dull your mind. You dull your senses. Spirit is what inspires and feeds your spirit. You need to connect up in spirit to really learn and grow. 

What about radio?

All man made is without spirit.

But the plants do not have spirit and that is God made I presume. 

Yes God made plants but only humans are sapient and have soul and spirit. 

Don’t birds and fish and animals have spirit?

I don’t know the answer to that but I know as a human I do not connect up in words with any creatures other than humans. Humans are the only creatures in Gods image.

Why do most humans not hear with their inner ears?

Flesh the physical came first. Humans sin. Spirit came after the flesh. Sins get in the way of understanding. Satan (and the woman who sits on the back of the Dragon Satan) deceive the people of the world. Satan and his woman keep people from getting wisdom and understanding of God. It is as if there was a veil over people’s minds, a veil so people can not know the truth.

Dear can I get back to the footy.

Have you not listened to anything I have just said?

Yes dear. You said there is a veil over my mind. Please dear the footy.

Ok! ok! watch your footy.

Thanks dear. More chippies dear.


Thanks dear.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

OCEAN DEVIL – Written by James MacManus

February 25, 2017

A true story about George Hogg. George was well educated lived in England went to the best schools and when just out of university went to try his hand overseas. George went to Japan with his aunt. Japan was sharpening its swords for a fight. This was just before Japan greatly expanded its military take overs; they had already taken parts of China. George could not have gone to Asia at a worst time. Japan was acting belligerent to its neighbour nations and its military ruled the Japanese Government. George was young and single and curious about the world. 

George came from a deeply Christian religious family that hated violence in any form. George was taught pacifism from a young age. Georges’ family were pacifists so it is strange that a pacifist wants to be in an area that is so entering in on violence. George travelled to China. George stayed in Shanghai for a time then moved inland. The Japanese attacked Shanghai and George took up pen to write for Western newspapers. George moved where the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek had his seats of Government. The Nationalist Government moved its seat of Government many times going further inland retreating from the invading Japanese military. George met Rewi Alley a New Zealander who was sympathetic to the Communist cause. George accepted a job as a head master of a Chinese boys cooperative school. The school was a success but the Japanese were getting close to the school. George and all his pupils walked, some in a lorry, some on carts, over a number of mountains to set up a new school on the edge of the Gobi Desert far from the reach of the Japanese. George was playing sport with the boys and he stubbed his feet. Tetanus took a hold. The school or town had no serum. The closest serum was days away over mountains. George died before the serum arrived. 
George seemed like a saint to me. I think George Hogg is a man worthy to be read about in the good light of God. We can read about George knowing we are reading about good. Ok no one is all good, Yes we carry good and bad in us, but George leaned to the good. I won’t read a book if I am not enjoying it. I choose my books with my much thought and searching. I like my central character in books to be of good moral character. I don’t expect excellence but I expect attempts at good to very good. 
China was a melting pot of war and political furore. George came along and saw people in need. The bulk of the Chinese were poor and starving. The war was against the Japanese. But China had two Chinese factions vying to be in charge. There was the Nationalists and there was the Communists. The Japanese surrendered and the two Chinese factions fought it out. Mao the communist leader and Chiang Kai-Shek the Nationalist leader were both bad. It was nothing to both leaders for millions of Chinese to die. Mao and his forces won; the Nationalists retreated to the island of Taiwan and Mao and his Communists ruled China. 
George Hogg seemingly did not get involved in Chinese politics; he had his faith In God as the underlying theme and rock of his life. George was taught well by his parents to help those in need. The school boys that George was head master of were boys he could help and he helped them; such was Georges’ Christian duty. 
A very good read.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2017

Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. I think so. Diamonds are made up out of carbon. That makes me think, humans are also made up a lot out of carbon. Carbon forms the key component for all life on Earth. So can we carbon date the Earth?

Carbon is in plants.There is a carbon cycle. Humans exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of humans. BUT what is one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. Plants need carbon. Plants take carbon from the air and use it to grow. 
Carbon is in the Earth’s crust. Carbon exists in the Earth’s crust as coal, oil, and diamonds. Now to carbon date the Earth. Where does the carbon come from that exists in the Earth’s crust? We know carbon comes from life. Plants and all living creatures on the Earth’s surface are made out of a lot of carbon. Carbon in the crust may come from this carbon source – plants and living creatures. Also carbon can come from carbon dioxide trapped below in the Earth’s crust. 
Coal, oil, and diamonds are carbon but they do not appear over night; they came about through much intense heat and pressure. Coal, oil, and diamonds do not grow like plants and creatures do. Coal comes from the surface plants and animals, creatures. But coal may take hundreds of thousands of years to form. Coal may after much heat and much pressure form in to oil. And oil after a long time may turn in to diamonds. Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. To refine something to make it pure you need very high temperatures. The purer to make something, the higher the temperatures are needed. This takes time. Diamonds take longer than coal or oil to form. Diamonds may take millions or billions of years to form. Now we are getting close to understanding how old our Earth is. Yes a age of nothing less than maybe billions of years. Carbon is our measuring tool of the age of our Earth, and diamonds are the peak of understanding of the Earth’s age. 
I do not know how old human existence is. Who knows? Life may have come much later after the Earth was formed. But the carbon in the Earth’s crust could not have all come from trapped carbon dioxide. Plants and living creatures must have contributed to main source of coal, oil, and diamonds in the Earth’s crust. So life must have been around a long time. Dead carbon life on this Earth leaches from ground level in to the depths of the Earth’s crust.
I do think all things start simple. Simple is one. One cell is the beginning to make many cells. Everything starts with one. One with water makes many. Water is needed to make life. A cell needs water to live. So in the beginning of life there was water. Life first existed in the water. Life started in water. Life emerged out of the water but life has to still consume water. The Christian symbol of the FISH may tell us more than most people think. Fish live in water. God may have subtly sent a message to humans in the fish symbol. Fish may be the beginning of human life. Truth maybe staring us in the face yet people see but do not see, they see but do not understand. 
The Earth looks like it has been in existence for billions of years. Life came later. But how much later? When did water come? Water has to come for life to exist. So the Earth had water. When water came life came too. Did the Spirit of God hover over the WATERS and create the universe? Was water always here? Was water before the universe? Was the universe created out of water? Did God use water to create? Water has hydrogen. Hydrogen is power/energy. Was hydrogen and oxygen in water used to create the universe? If water was always here then the Earth in the beginning might have had water. If water was in and on the Earth at the beginning then life might have followed soon after the Earth’s conception. Another thought: If water existed before the universe was made; there might have existed life living in this water. Life existed before the universe was made. Now these are only my thoughts. Fish the Adam and Eve ancestor and snakes the Devil ancestor. Just my thoughts. Fish and snakes in a large ocean of water.
Now I do not profess to know. I think. That is not a crime. I discern. If I am correct in my words, I am only correct in God, if I am not correct I am incorrect in me. I still carry some of me in my body but I do carry God in me too, I want to die to myself and carry God in me, but all takes time just as a tree takes time to grow.
I think God created and life evolved. I have not always thought this. In my youth I too thought I knew it all. I flirted with fundamentalism a lot. We young fundamentals knew it all, the older more mature people knew naught. We were wise. To just stay with the fundamentals and not grow past such make for immature thought. We need to get past the milk stage and eat the meat. Many Christians never mature (in thought). What irks me the most is not the young immature fundamentalist people but the old fundamentalist people. Old should be wise. Alas it is not always the case.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SPIRITS (God and alcohol)

February 7, 2017

Life was simple for Lester but the world was complex. Lester just wanted simplicity but people were pushing complexity on him. God saw my dilemma. Everyone was so clever. But they were clever of the world not clever of God. Lester believed most spirits. The simple believe. But the simple believe even the bad. The simple die in their simplicity. The simple to believe the complexity of mankind struggle to survive. Coping with complexity is one trauma to the next. God knew what Lester needed. Lester needed simplicity but the simple truth. Lester was taught by the world that complexity was truth, how far was that wrong, complete wrong. Lester’s mind was bombarded with complex thoughts day and night. Lester went on a world trip. He went to many countries over about 3 and half months. In his time away his thoughts became sane, no bombarding of his mind. The Bible says “A prophet is not honoured in his own family, town or country”. Lester returned home. Lester believed the world and thus was imprisoned by the thoughts of the world. Simplicity does not go well with this world. Simplicity really gets sick in this world. 

Australia Day. Yer man, Australia Day. 

What do you do?

We get in to the spirit.

Oh that’s nice.

Nice? It’s beautiful. 

You want spirit. 

I sure do.

Spirit will bring you peace and joy. 

I want it.

Come with me.

But why is Australia Day celebrated?

It’s the invasion. 


We invaded this land.

Who invaded who?

The whites, our ancestors, invaded the black man’s land.

Why invade?

Land, land, land.


Land you know. People want land. To grow crops for a start. There’s also the minerals and oil. And water of course. We need land to survive. 

But why take the black man’s land?

Why not? Invasion is part and parcel of life. The strong take from the weak.

But why?

Survival of the fittest. 

Oh survival of the strong.

Yer who wants to be the runt of the family, dive in get all you can. Live. The Vikings invaded Britain. Germany tried to invade Britain. Britain invaded many countries. You know “Brittanica rules the waves”. To get rich someone has to suffer. Equality is a day dream utopia, it’s not realistic. Nations invade other nations. 

But this spirit.

Yer Australia Day is about getting in the spirit and consuming the spirit. The spirit takes away our problems. Want a solution to all your problems take the spirit. 

Hey hi dudes.

Oh hi.

Look David me and Lester are cooling out can you give us head space.

Let David stay.

No he’s trouble.

What trouble?

He speaks about spirit too but another Spirit.

Lester Spirit is real. There are two spirits, one of the world and one of God. Oh of course there is also Satan’s spirits called demons.

Will spirit help me?

The spirit Matt talks about is man made spirit. Another name for it is alcohol. 

Man leave us alone. 

No I want to hear David.

Australia Day is celebrated by the public with man made spirits. It’s a false celebration, it’s a worldly celebration. Alcohol is false hope, false love, false faith. 

What about this Spirit of God?

I am out of here.

Why go?

I feel sick. I need to lie down. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. 

Leave him Lester. Come with me.

What will the God Spirit do for me?

The Spirit is a Spirit of TRUTH. You will get love, hope and faith. You Lester believed the world. You are simple. The simple believe but they may die if they believe the world. 

I want the God Spirit. 

The God Spirit will make you very wise. The simple become wise. The simple believe God all the way. To go all the way with the world is certain death. Ask Jesus Christ to come in to your heart. Repent of all your sins to God. Believe in the Gospel of Salvation – Jesus Christ was born of a virgin named Mary, Jesus at 30 years old preached, taught, and healed. For 3 years Jesus ministered. Jesus was crucified on a cross. God the Father was in Jesus. Jesus is Gods Son begotten of God and Jesus is God the Son. The Holy Spirit was in Jesus. Jesus died to the old order of law and sins. The Jewish laws and its accompanying salvation died in Jesus. Salvation was now by FAITH in Jesus Christ. Jesus died to all our sins. Jesus came back to life. Jesus met many people. Jesus ascended up in to heaven to sit at the right hand side of God the Father.

What about Australia Day?

Forget Australia Day. That Day is the world’s celebration. We in God’s Spirit celebrate Christ. We celebrate the salvation of souls. We celebrate God. 

God I repent of ALL my sins. Jesus Christ please come in to my heart and be my Lord. I believe the salvation message as David my new friend has told me. Jesus you died but you live. Jesus you live in heaven at the right hand side of God the Father.
Man Made spirits have been the undoing of many people. The victims like the black skinned people take alcohol (spirits) to make them forget the shame, the shame of being invaded by a stronger force. The weak need to rise up, with Spirit, not spirit (alcohol). Alcohol is false strength, God’s Spirit is true real strength. The aborigine will never get their strength and power back with alcohol. Alcohol is false hope. God is true love, true hope and true faith. The aborigine are going after the wrong spirit. The white man takes the spirit too. The white man wants to forget his transgressions. The white man invaded other nations in the name of Spirit and spirit. The Spirit must grieve when mankind does evil.
Can we the body of Christ justify invading other nations and making empire? Is it really just about money? I don’t know. For starters Great Britain would be splitting at the seams in over population if the British and Scots did not emigrate. 
To test how much a person is in to the world or in to heaven is to see how much alcohol they drink. The more drinking of alcohol the more worldly a person is. 
The man made spirit (alcohol) is not the simple solution for mankind’s problems. Alcohol is not simple it is complex. The simple truth solves our problems. Alcohol spirits is a false solution. God’s Words are the Simple Truth. Man made solutions do not solve mans problems. We need simplicity. The human body needs simplicity. The human soul and human spirit need simplicity. The human heart needs simplicity. Jesus Christ is that SIMPLE TRUTH.
Let me say we Christians are still in this world, that is obvious, but we are not off this world. We Christians look to the next world, the heavenly world. Man made and God made are different. Man worships his her creations. Man even worships God’s creation. We worship not creation we worship the creator but we don’t worship man. Man is looked at as being God because he she creates. We worship God, not God’s creation, not man or woman, not man or woman’s creation. 
Man: male and female.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2017

Our eyes want or need natural light (sunlight not man made light bulbs). Natural is all God made. Artificial is unnatural and is man made. Using artificial man made light to see with does not help our natural eyes, brain, body. Our body and head are natural, God made. Our senses need natural, God made. Eye sight is a sense. It’s the same with our other senses, we need natural for them. Don’t listen to man made. Don’t listen to radios or televisions or any electronic gadgetry. It’s all electronic wizardry. Man made does not help our bodies and heads. Feed natural to our brains and hearts. It’s the same with man made wisdom. Such is unnatural. Unnatural makes our heads and bodies sick. 

If you want to sleep well. Feed your senses natural. Not man made. Not artificial, not unnatural. 
If you want to be regular. Get the shit out. Feed your bodies natural not man made. Eat natural God made food. Fruit, nuts, wheat, barley, fish, animals, birds, vegetables etc; you get the drift. And drink plain water. Drink plain water and plenty of it with your eating of food. We need to make shit and get the shit out of the body. It’s about making good shit and getting rid of it. Don’t eat pretty food. Eat plain food. Drink plain drink. Men are deceived by going after pretty ladies. The Bible says “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”. Pretty food is bewitching. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Many men have gone to hell (And a hellish marriage) because they chose a partner on skin deep wisdom. The bible says “Get wisdom, get insight”. Insight is to see deep, past the skin, to the heart, to the thoughts. Read the book means reading beyond the cover. Read people. Discern thoughts. 
So man is bombarded with unnatural from birth. It’s no wonder mankind is so constipated now. The bodies sanitation system are clogged up. The shit is not getting out. Sanity comes from sanitation and good sanitation. Sanitation means getting the waste out, getting the shit out. Good sanity is good sanitation. Sanity is sanity of the head, the mind, and the head needs the body waste out to be a sane head/mind. Eat and drink natural to get the waste out. Be sane. To get the shit out We need to make a solution. We need water to make the shit. The solution to get the shit out of the body is water. Plain water. Not man made solution water but plain God made water. The water has to be pure to work properly. Water is the simple solution. 
The solution to everything is simple. The simple truth. God is that simple truth. To have a solution we need first to make a solution. We need water to make a solution. But we need a simple solution to fix the complex problem. Simple is ONE and simple is PURE. We need a one clean pure solution. Water of life. Water gives life and water gives a solution. Water makes a solution. God made water. Simple is plain. Plain is straight. Straight is good. Gods Words are simple, pure, clean, plain, straight, truth. Use Gods Words to make a simple solution. Gods Words are the Spiritual Water Of Life. 
Gods Words are natural. The Holy Scripture is God inspired. Read and think on Holy Scriptures. Feed your human spirit and soul. Feed the heart and head. So we need simple plain water and simple plain food for the sanity of the body and we need simple plain Words of God for the sanity of the head/mind/soul. The heart of the matter is a simple heart that beats at a simple heart rate. Don’t complicate the matter. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

GODS VOCATION (It is simple)

February 7, 2017

I have discerned many things in my life time; this discernment came when I became a member of the Body of Christ. I took on the God Head. I accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Head. I have being thinking of one of my discernments gleamed in understanding. 
People of God (not people of the Snake, who are the off spring of the Dragon and snakes) are people who are the off spring of Adam and Eve (and that is everyone not of the Snake). Such wisdom written here is nonsense to the people who are into human wisdom. As I was saying people of God have a calling.

Christian teachers love to preach/teach about callings of God, especially the Pentecostal Teachers love to teach about God’s calling on people’s lives. I have discerned people’s callings. I see where they fit in, in a work profession. I see what they would excel at if they were in the profession that I discern. Not only can I read this at times about people but with that discernment I also see a correlation between the looks of a persons face and their true God calling. Their face matches their calling. So we have facial likeness to a chosen career. Chosen if chosen in God’s will. Now I discern many professions. I discern that most of God’s people are not in God’s chosen profession. A lot of people might just be partly in God’s profession; most are not even in part. 

So to be in God’s profession is to be in the mind of that profession. You learn to think in that profession. You understand that profession; your face is in that profession meaning your brain and head are in that profession. It is a Head thing not just a body thing. Most people decide their career based on money and status. It is all about money to most people. Money does not get one in to God’s profession.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Movie “LION”

February 7, 2017

The movie moved my heart in places. Especially when Saroo at the end met his mother. 

I saw the poverty in India. And there was also the abuse against children. Australia obviously has no track record such as India on children abuse. Abuse is rampant in India. 
I thought what would I do to help the people of India? Not fly them all to Western nations. The mess has to be cleaned up at home. Home is where the heart is. Clean ones own home up. Not take people from their nation home and put them in another’s nations homes. Yes I know the West is cleaner than India. But why? I think maybe the problem with India is first their pagan Hindu religion. Religion is where ones home is. The heart of a person is their beliefs. Beliefs shape thoughts. And thoughts are words. We stand on our words. I don’t for one minute think Hindu religion helps a person. It works the opposite this Hindu religion darkens people’s minds and hearts. 
If I was in charge of India I would: 

Set up districts with Governors having wide judiciary powers. The Governors would be Christ believing people. 

It’s about having the mind of Christ in charge. 

The Governors would be strictly moral. The Governors would be audited and overseen by moral leaders based in the capital. 
Co operatives would be set up. Work places each employing hundreds of people. Rewi Alley a New Zealander based in China in the late 1930’s organised co operatives. Such were not too successful because of corrupt political interference. Rewi was an acknowledged communist. I am no communist but these co ops would manufacture goods. Co ops can also be in to planting and growing crops. The co ops would put back profits to the workers and their community. 
In Europe and Great Britain in the past we had Lords of the Manor. The Lord would have land given to him from the ruling Monarch. The Lord owns the land. Peasants called serfs worked the land. The lands would be big holdings. Many villages would be on each Lords land. The Lord owned the villages. Profits went to the Lord of the Manor. The Lord was like God to his serfs. The serfs were Christians and every Sunday worshiped at their village church. The village Church Minister had influence and helped keep some village records. 
So there are TWO ways we can tackle the poverty in India. 
India in the past had ruling Lords. These Lords were Indian, they had vast lands, much riches, big palaces – but we’re not really helping the people. These Indian rulers lived just for themselves. These Royal rulers in India were done away with and the Indian Government took on all governing. 
Why did the European model of rule succeed more than the Indian model of rule over poverty? Ok the population per square mile in India is much much higher density than it is in Europe. But still why did India not mature and grow in to a fruitful wealthy society. There is no good fruit from this Indian tree. India is like a dry and impoverished tree. Poverty is based on thoughts. Thoughts are based on beliefs. India has a religion based on idol worship. Idol worship is pagan. The Bible says “preach the good news to the poor”. The Words of God make us rich. Rich is a state of mind as is poverty a state of mind. Poor in thought, poor in spiritual, poor in physical. 
The European did not go straight to riches from heaven. The European state of mind grew and matured and with this mature tree came good fruit and with the tree we have a well manicured garden. 
So the people in to idol worship live in poverty of mind and heart and these people see Europeans as like gods. Europeans have Christianity as their basis of religion, whatever people might say. But not all Europeans/British have good intentions when they go in to business. Christianity has spread over this world but with it at times evil has followed. Missionaries go out but merchants follow or vice versa merchants go out and missionaries follow. Merchants are about profit at whatever cost. Merchants and business people have been bad examples to this world. 
India was the gem in the crown for the British. India used to be a colony of Great Britain. But the job was obviously too hard for the British to tame this Indian society. Hindu had taken root too much. Muslim had taken root too much. The British did not want to work too hard. 
There are two ways to help India:

Other than the obvious, change its religion. 

(1) We do what Rewi Alley did in China. We come from a left politically inspired direction. We create collectives, co operatives. All State owned. But this way has proved in lack of incentive. People hate working for the State. State working robs people of inspiration. The State is made out to be God. God is robbed of His place in people’s lives. 
(2) We create provinces ruled by Lords who are consecrated in their jobs by the the Christian leaders. The Christian Church has great powers given to it. The Christian Church has authority on all moral and spiritual matters. 

The Province Lords are beholden to the civil and religious authorities. The church and State are unified. Both church and State share the nations powers. In the past European authority was shared by church and State. Now church power is diminished; but is that good. But in the West the tree has matured and is some what fruitful.
States that choose or are based on Christian way of thinking have shown to be a better tree of life. Christian thought has matured and this has only but been good for the society that this Christian thought has been based in.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

INVASION NONSENSE? (British invading Australia)

February 7, 2017

Is it nonsense?
I mean the Romans invaded Great Britain, the Vikings Invaded Great Britain, and who is William the Conqueror, he conquered so he invaded. 
Great Britain invaded the Americas; Great Britain became Great on the backs of many countries people’s. Great Britain invaded peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific; where did Great Britain not invade? European nations invaded Africa, Asia, Pacific etc. it goes on. Nations only became great and rich on the backs of other people. People enslaved others to get rich. Make other people work for you while you make yourself a rich lord. Empire building only works at the expense of others. Someone has to be the worker. The British Empire was great but it was at the ungreatness of others. In empire building there has to be the ruling CLASS who don’t do the hard work and there’s the working CLASS who do the work. 
CLASS is about the haves and the have nots. We start in the class system soon after birth. We go to school and are put in to classes. We are pigeon holed as children. We are labeled. God is about GRACE. Education classes us. Education labels us. Education grades us according to intelligence. School is about intelligence. God gives each soul a certain amount of ability, call it intelligence. This ability is given by God to suit the calling each person has from God. But man forsakes their God calling to fit his her ability for a calling that pertains to only money and status. God is not complex. Our true God callings are not complex. You look to the simple truth not the complex truth; truth is not complex. The calling one has is simple to do for you. For anyone to do a calling not meant for them is to do a complex calling (a complex calling is not the simple truth). To not work in ones true calling is to work in an another (someone else’s) field of work. If one works in the right field the work is simple. God given gifts are simple. To work complex is confusing and stressful. 
Education has its place. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is seemingly well engrained in to mankind that God must have used this knowledge for mans vocations. Knowledge is of God. God made the tree of knowledge. God also made the tree of wisdom. Wisdom does not have to mean the knowledge of good and evil. Wisdom is practical. Wisdom is doing. Proverbs are practical. Pro verb means verbs that are doing. Verbs are doing words. Proverbs are wise. 
I think knowledge will be used to kill off a lot of life eventually. But knowledge also does good. 
Man has used knowledge to set up systems of weapons that can be fired at the press of their fingers on machines and can kill off most of mankind maybe in a matter of minutes. A few people have the power to kill of most of life in a few minutes, give or take 5 minutes. This is fact, and knowledge has made this possible. The world can be extinguished in just minutes. Man has that power now. 
God obviously uses knowledge for mans callings. Man forsake simplicity in the garden of Eden for a complex world full of weeds (weeds: physical and spiritual). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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