March 20, 2018

New Norcia rings a bell but I can not quite remember it.

It’s the site of the European Space Agency (EPA) tracking dish.

Yer of course but wasn’t there something else there?

Some farms.

Nothing else?

Some old former school and orphanage buildings.

Now I remember. There’s a monastery there.

Yes but New Norcia is now known for the EPA tracking dish.

I would have thought spiritual over physical is more important.

What!! Put science second. Science is where it is all at.

But the Monks.

What about them?

They are a prayer stronghold helping our nation.

What!! Prayer. You talk nonsense. It’s science that helps our nation. The EPA are going to build a second tracking dish at New Norcia.

What for?

To watch out for any solar flares coming our way.

What is it about solar flares?

They could burn this world back to the Stone Age.

What’s the point of watching for them, if they come who is going to stop them and we may burn in minutes.

You have your point. But we will go ahead and build.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



March 20, 2018

It’s like a war zone. The education department are not helping.

We have teens in detention in children’s jails spitting on wardens so wardens put spit hoods over their heads. Who wants to be spat at?

Children who are obviously dysfunctional need to be schooled outside of the education main stream, they do not fit in and they make life for the functional children a nightmare.

Mr Jamieson should not be teaching children who should be at a type of boot camp environment. These out of the mind children need education of a very basic kind. Children like this need to taught discipline and by tough instructors, tough and disciplinary but wise.

Schools are about knowledge and later the children go in to tertiary education that is about skills. But children learn wisdom from their parents. But many parents are not wise so we have misbehaving children not able to learn knowledge.

Church also is where children get their wisdom from. Parents and church. Now a days to speak about going to Sunday school is about as foreign as saying that there is a man in the moon. Sunday school, ha, what old fogeys, we want to party.

What can be done?

Bring in military conscription……..

Send dysfunctional children to military type boot camps…….

Don’t let dysfunctional children attend main stream schooling……

Schools just for these dysfunctional children……

Let these dysfunctional children forgo much of knowledge education and at a young age let them learn a skill……..

To learn knowledge one has to to already have learned to be wise. A wise spirit a knowledgeable spirit.

But there is wisdom of this world, human wisdom, and there is wisdom from above, Jesus Christ wisdom. Man’s wisdom, the human wisdom, is based on man’s thinking apart from God’s thinking. To follow man and not God is not true wisdom. Man’s wisdom buggers up the mind. Wisdom of Christ is above, our heads rule rather than our bodies, we look to the brain to rule not the body. The brain rules the body. We don’t use the brain, the brain uses us, we just submit and obey. The brain is alive, the mind is alive, the head is alive.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2018

Chess used to be my game of choice. I used to love the deep thinking I did when playing my opponents. I don’t play chess now have not for a very long time except there was two games I played not long ago. Do I miss playing chess? Not really, chess takes a lot of thought to me and I prefer to do internet preaching with my thinking.

I get these inspired thoughts now and then I sense the need to share these thoughts and do so over the Internet. It’s like a lake, someone makes the lake water ripple. The water ripples, there are small waves, especially waves rippling from the centre of the lake to its fringes. Same with me, I get ripples of thought building up in my thinking. I sense I must express these thoughts, they are my inspired thoughts.

Chess requires deep thought. Why a person like me who was no good at schooling, I was no intelligent scholar at school, college etc, was able to be good at chess I don’t know. In chess I am not a fast mover, I like a long time to think over each move. I have to think out all the possibilities. I make my move only after exhausting every possibility then I know I have a good chance to win the game. I play to win, I hate losing.

Heard of automatic writing. People do do it. But heard of automatic chess playing, no; I have done it. I have played an entire chess game which went on for some time (at one sitting) and I won just by automatic moving the chess pieces. I played no loser, my opponent knew the game well and he was intelligent.

Amazing ha. We live inside our flesh and bone bodies. It’s the thinking and living from the inner person.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2018

Who to believe? Whatever the stories and most stories can be tall stories we know that nightclubbing, disco music, alcohol and sex go together. It’s a give that when a woman invites a full blooded man in to her bed for the night that the man does not think he is going to play a game of cards.

So girls if you are not wanting a man to think of sex then don’t invite him to share a bed with you for the night.

Courtney Lakay does not deserve prison.

Nightclubbing is about one night stands.

Courtney at worst in this incident is just a jerk. But Rebecca in this incident is just a slut. Most men are jerks until proven otherwise and most women are sluts until proven otherwise.

Oh Courtney did not ring me or see me for days after the sexual consensual union – Rebecca might say. He did ring me days after but only at my girlfriends prompting. And then he apologised for the sex. I was made to feel like a slut.

Most women that go to nightclubs regularly are acting like sluts. It’s drinking top shelf spirits and going home blotto not remembering who or what you met and did. Men go to nightclubs to get a woman for sex. Get real.

Married people on the whole do not go nightclubbing and if they do it’s on the sly. Married people know nightclubbing is a pick up joint for sex (not love but sex).

How can people in their right minds hope to make normal love together when they are all high up fuelled on alcohol and drugs. It’s a nightmare relationship. It’s not real love. It’s not real happiness. It’s like I can not remember what she looked like. You wake up in the morning and get dressed and go home. You get home and have a long shower. She wakes up and has a long shower. You want to wash away all the dirtiness. Until next weekend and the same happens with other strangers.

If you do find true love through going to nightclubs, it is a rarity, I am not saying it does not happen, of course it can happen, but it might take years and years to get the true soul mate this way. It’s definitely not a simple way to find true love. What soul in their right mind wants to meet their soul mate high on alcohol and flirting with every body at a pick up joint? It’s just a bad dream in the end.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

China the Dragon nation

March 20, 2018

Asia, snakes and dragons.

My thoughts for what they are worth goes like this. China will create a bank a bank so big that it becomes the biggest bank in this world. This bank will buy people. Buy leaders of foreign nations, buy diplomats, buy control eventually of most of this world. And this bank will lead to a new way of banking, all done online through a Mark. This Mark will be on the right hand or the forehead and will link itself to this China world bank. People will use this Mark on them to be scanned when they buy or sell.

China does not want to go to war with the USA. China would lose in a war with the USA (both nations would lose) so it buys the world and it buys peoples souls.

Russia is acting the agro nation to the West. Putin is a dictator as the President of China looks like being a dictator. Dictators have no place in the psyche of the conscientious thinking person. Dictators are a recipe for war.

China wants Taiwan and soon China will be literally able to buy Taiwan. Or will China just bully itself in to possession of Taiwan? China won’t say no when it gets very powerful.

How will China neutralise the USA? Will the USA and Russia fight it out leaving China as the biggest super power? Maybe not. Will the USA go insular and give up its imperialism? I don’t know.

I am angry to see Australian officials been bought by the Chinese Government. These officials love it when they are dined and wined, given expensive gifts, given free travel, these officials are living in la la land, their egos are massaged and they are made to feel important. It’s diplomatic cocktail parties and the high life, they love the attention.

We are at war in our minds. The battle for our souls goes on regardless even though our leaders are being wined and dined by the enemy.

The Dragon is not asleep. Why should our own leaders be asleep? The Devil charms our leaders with trinkets and pretty things and later takes all.

But maybe it’s all meant to be. Judas betrayed Jesus for what? Money. Satan knows mans weakness, MONEY. Judas was meant to betray Jesus, It was Gods will. The Devil also does Gods will.

It’s a TEST, money or God?

Most people take the money. We are not stupid they say.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Jesus rose on the third day

March 20, 2018

Will Jesus return on the third day. In scripture we see the writer implying that in Gods way of thinking – one day is about the same as a thousand years. We Christians love to speculate about the future. We love to think that we know.

We get our share of bigots in our faith. Bigots are usually the fundamentalists and they are on the whole young in age. The immature usually are the bigots they think they know better than the old and learned. Jesus we know rose (resurrection) on the third day but to imply Jesus was coming back to earth again after three thousand years after his rising is an unknown. Jesus implied that He Himself does not know when He is returning; something’s are known only by the Father God. The Father God knows all not Jesus. Jesus is the Wisdom of God. Three is a good number; we have the trinity explained as three. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. But they say seven is also a good number. So is Jesus coming back three thousand years after his death and rising? Is it wise to speculate? I know after three thousand years we probably will need rising. The earth then will be mostly rubbished. Gods creation will be smothered in man made. Man will be part robot. Machines will dominate. Cyborgs and machines (humanoids) will rule. After three thousand years we will need Jesus. We don’t need Jesus yet. We can cope so far. Jesus might come after the magical number seven not three. Seven thousand years but that does not gel with me.

Jesus won’t say when He is returning, He can not say because He does not know. We don’t know and we speculate. Don’t think I know because I don’t. But it’s nice to think about it. I do though think that Jesus is not returning for a while yet. Why? There’s still Gods will to be done. God has not finished with this world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2018

I saw this movie “12 Strong”.

I left about half way through the movie. Is it my age? Am I getting tired of violence? Or am I wiser and see foolishness. Maybe a combination of these.

I did consider in my thoughts, I reflected, yes reflection is a good word to use. I reflected about war. I reflected on the fact that God’s people are everywhere. God’s people fight and kill God’s people. God’s people can also be Taliban. God’s people are in all nations. Abraham was promised by God to have many descendants, a number greater than the sand particles on a beach. Abraham is the father to many nations. Jews are not necessary the only offspring of Abraham. War brings God’s people to fight God’s people. We are in a body, members of that body are God’s people, and the body is at war, members fight members. The body is divided. God hates division in His body. We must not fight in the body. The Head God can not do His job properly with the body in division. God commands us to love, members love members, we want a healthy body. We must know who the real enemy is. The Dragon is our enemy. The snakes are our enemy. You have eyes but you do not see. Satan has his body.


God wants to cleanse this His earth. The cleansing will come at God’s timing. The cleansing will be a massive fire. It will be like push the RESET button on a computer. The fire will destroy all the filth. This fire will be a baptism. Maybe Jesus will come again before the baptism of fire. The baptism will come but when will Jesus come, after or before the fire. What I do think and it fits in with Holy scripture is that there will be a judgment from God. And the judgement will decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. What the Holy scripture does say is that the saved of Jesus Christ are not judged but have already received eternal life.

So it’s wise to prepare for a journey. The wise prepare. The fools don’t prepare. Jesus offers salvation and this ensures eternal life in heaven, the fool scoffs at Jesus salvation message they have no time for it, we are working too hard to take time to look at Jesus message. So the unsaved who are God’s people rely on chance that they will go to heaven for eternity. Accepting Jesus as Lord is no chance. Jesus offers salvation but there are God’s people who do not want to obey Jesus while on this earth. Chance of heaven or hell is a big gamble; what if God judges you as worthy of only hell. The fool says he’s she’s not a sinner. The fool does not care.

So I see two main bodies on this earth in this world. One body God’s and one body Satan’s.

The Satan body is the Dragon and snakes. The Dragon and snakes do not go to heaven. God’s body is God’s people and these people are like Abraham’s seed. We don’t need to be a Jew to be saved. God’s seed is everywhere. Satan’s seed is everywhere. Weeds and good crops grow up together. The weeds are burnt but the good crop are harvested for eternal life in heaven. So the harvest could be the rapture, the coming of Jesus, and according to this thinking the big big burn is after the rapture. The saved are raised then the burn. The weeds are only burned. The weeds are the snakes. But are all God’s people given eternal life in heaven in the rapture? I don’t think so. The saved in Jesus definitely receive eternal life in heaven but the rest of God’s people come before the judgement. You are judged by every word you said and by every action you did. Many will go to hell. Not all God’s people are saved. If all God’s people are automatically saved for eternity then we would not need the judgment.


A wise person prepares for a journey. Don’t take chances, you might lose out. Don’t treat salvation as a gamble, ensure your salvation by giving your life to God’s Son Lord Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus, confess your sins and be saved. Read up on Jesus, He took your sins in His body died to them, He died, Jesus came back to life and then ascended in to heaven.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2018

I have thought (maybe not enough on this subject but albeit I will write what I think now) about the two bodies. One body God’s and one body Satan’s. Two opposing bodies in this world. One body the God body has its head in heaven and the other body is at the God’s body feet. The God body is the heavenly body, the Satan body is the hell body. We have two forces fighting each other. Satan’s body has the embodiment of the snake. The spiritual deity the Dragon (in the hell body) rules this Satan body. Snakes and dragon are more defined to the Asian race. Snakes live in other races but mainly the Asian race. The snake is spiritual, few people see it, I have seen it. I don’t know anyone else who sees or has seen it. Prophets called seers may see it. I used to see it for quite a while but hardly at all now. The snake I saw was seen through other peoples eyes. The hell body is Satan’s body and is the enemy.

We think in our bodies. Words words thoughts words thoughts. Don’t go on feelings in the body. Think in words. But what about sins? Yes sins rob you of knowing God. Sin robs you of using your senses clearly. Sin blinds you. Sin robs you of your hearing, smelling and tasting. We need our senses to win the fight against Satan’s body. Though we in God’s body are above Satan’s body we can be compromised by sin. We in the body are each a part of the one big body. We are connected up in the body by words, thoughts, words, thoughts, words. Don’t go on feelings. We think and we use reason. We think the way we do for reasons; who, what, where, when, why and how; we do not stray from reason. We question everything. To learn we question. Answers come after questions, be brave ask. Fake teachers hate being questioned. Teachers can be teachers only in name. We think and our words in thoughts and vocal are all linked in to the big body. The big body is all of us. Satan has his body with all his members and God has his body with all his members. It’s not church membership. We are members of the body because of God no other. No one makes us a member of God’s body but God. No one after coming in to the God body can be expelled from the body by mans intervention. You are in the body at God’s invite. God can only expel you. And likewise for Satan’s body only the Dragon can expel (I guess this is true for Satan).

We are two bodies walking this earth.

The two bodies vie for peoples, nations, and wealth. Why is Satan’s body taking over this world? Simple, God’s body is sinning. The morals of God’s body is in decline, has been for a while. People for example in God’s body worship money, it’s about money day and night to them, they work for money they don’t work to help people. It’s not about service it’s about pride. And what does pride go before? We know that one, pride goes before a fall. Will the body of God fall? Adam and Eve the first Homo sapiens also took a fall, they were proud. All pride leads to a fall. But God’s body is above Satan’s body, yes, but members of God’s body are blind and deaf spiritually they are sinning and Satan can take this world away from them. Will there be a bastion left where true righteous believers of God can have sanctuary? I don’t know, maybe the USA but that is wishful thinking.

We think and the Wisdom of God in the God body is supreme. Wisdom of God (Jesus Christ) is the clever thinking and as such all other wisdom in the God body has to submit to this God wisdom. If wisdom other than Gods contends with God’s wisdom then we see sickness in this other wisdom. Mans wisdom is useless against God’s wisdom, it is like man in his own wisdom is only as strong as wood whereas God’s wisdom compared to wood is strong as iron. Prophets in the Old Testament are called men of iron. God said to Jeremiah that he would make him strong as iron. We are not taking about flesh and bone here. The world thinks of strong in physical terms that’s why people love watching all the violence on television and at the cinema. Humans are parts of the big body. We think together. I am in the God body. I am in the God body by the choosing of God. No mans flesh or demon spirit made me part of God’s body. God made me part of his body. God can accept or reject. God can invite or turn away.

But it’s about sin as to how one understands his her place in the God body. I write more about the God body rather than the body of Satan. I know more about God’s body. In God’s body we God’s people all think together. Be very careful what you speak out or write about. Words words words. It really comes down to thoughts. Young people are immature they are about the physical body so it’s only the older people who have died to much of their physical passions who are able to understand. Flesh means sins. Young people are about the flesh. Young people are about want want and want. Young people are about idolising materialism and people. God is far from young peoples minds when they wake up in the morning. Satan has his opportunity with young people. The youth are blinded by the physical, they see but they do not see, they hear but they do not hear. The youth hear Alice Cooper and Elton John they do not discern God. The young seemingly wimpish in their thoughts and weak in their wrists. Alice Cooper won’t give a boy strong wrists. Alice may have come from Godly parents but his music is definitely not Godly. The Rolling Stones (a rock group) members faces look like they are battle hardened by drugs like heroine. Mick Jaggers face reads drugs all over it. What do women and girls find adorable in drugged up rock stars? Stars? What stars? They don’t shine, they don’t give light, it’s fake light, it’s dark.

We are in a body. God’s people are all over this planet. You just don’t find them in church buildings, they are everywhere. Satan’s people are everywhere. Take a paddock, there is grass, but there are weeds too. Weeds are the members of the body of Satan. There will always be weeds. There will always be grass. But weeds and grass are all burnt up sometime in the future, when I don’t know. The grass and weeds meantime wither, we all die sometime. We are not just flesh and bone, we are spirit, soul and a spiritual body. We leave our physical body. In the Second Coming of Christ we the saved each get a new body. The big burn will cleanse this earth, burn away all the trash, burn up all the sins. Will this burn be from nuclear weapons? I don’t know, the first cleansing of this earth was by water and that was not man initiated. The burn could come from solar flares from the sun, but I do not know. I don’t think anyone knows for sure. Jesus would know.

What does Jesus want us to do? Be clean. Don’t sin. Jesus wants his body clean of sins. Jesus gave to his body the mind of Jesus Christ. Jesus lives in this body. Jesus is Spirit and mind in this body. Where is Jesus Christ? He rose in to heaven. But someone might say, that what Jesus disciples saw of Jesus rising up in to the clouds, that was a vision. Maybe so. But Jesus rising is to be understood Spirit to spirit, God Spirit to our human spirit. Our human spirit is in our heart. God’s Spirit comes down in to our heart. We learn from a mind and a heart level. Our mind is our soul. Our soul is saved. Jesus says true worship of God is from spirit and in truth.

Be clean and we are healed says Jesus. We carry our ancestors sins in us. We must die as Jesus died. We must die to our sins and our ancestors sins. We are born again. This born again is nonsense to the traditional way of salvation where children are christened in to the church body as infants. Born again is nonsense to many people. Parents who are Godly and who come from a family tree of Godly people see the born agains as sinners returning to the fold. It’s the lost being found. Sinners rejoice in being cleansed, the born agains never quite understand their place in the body and some fall back in to their old ways. Traditional Christians go to church on a Sunday regularly but they see no need to have an ongoing relationship with God. They may pray but very seldom. They think they are okay whereas the born agains are all about Jesus day and night. The born agains are so thankful to be forgiven for their sins and so thankful to Jesus Christ for being the atoning sacrifice for their sins.

Church fellowship is about learning about God, worshiping God, and being cleansed of sins. In a group of the saved mysteriously our sins are washed away. Don’t ask how, they just are, it’s done spiritually. We also make friends at church fellowship. We need friends. No man is an island.

We are in this big big big body. We are connected. To know about this big big big body is to first know it spiritually and this means to understand it in our human spirit. God often teaches us, as did Jesus to his apostles on this earth, with metaphor. So to understand spiritual we can talk or write about the physical we teach physical but we in spirit, when clean of sins, see and hear beyond the physical to understand in the spirit. It’s like when we look at a person physically, we see beyond the flesh we see the person within and read his her thoughts, we perceive. So when we choose a book we don’t stay with the book cover we want to go beyond the cover and read. Food for thought. The food is in words. We read words. The body to us is physical but the body is also spiritual. We are one body of many bodies. We must get on together. We must not fight each other. Bodies get sick, members fight each other. Don’t fight or resist the head. Honour and glory the head. Don’t glory or honour the body. Head first not body first.

Satan is slowly taking over this world. Maybe meant to be. God’s people may have to make a choice one day, take the Mark of the Beast or not. To take the Mark joins you to the Beast, you then belong to the Beast. The Beast belongs to Satan. Money is a powerful temptation and Satan knows this. You take the Mark you belong to Satan. Is God using this Mark as a test? Maybe I am not sure. But God says me or money. God says trust Me or Satan.

This may be it: Maybe the two bodies will have their distinct areas that each body controls in this world. Maybe we won’t have to take the Mark of the Beast for those living in the area controlled by God’s people.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 28, 2018

Mountain of God

Seeking True Understanding

Taxi! taxi!

Yes sir; where to?


Oh right o sir.

Here we are, that will be $20.

O no I left my wallet at home. Do not worry I am the prime minister of Australia and I am good for a loan.

Stay in the taxi sir; I will look after you.

Where are you taking me driver?

Sir you are ok now. I have read up on these things; I know what you need.

Need what?

Here we are, that was a short journey, thank goodness. Out you get sir.

Now, who do we have here?

I am John Howard the prime minister.

Wait over there please.

Are there any bags driver.

None at all nurse.

Leave it to us, here’s a taxi chit for your trouble.

John, ok follow me.

Where are we?

In safe hands.

There’s a cup of tea on in the lounge at the moment, come and I will introduce you to the other’s.

Boy’s and girl’s meet John the prime minister. Say hello then.

Hello John my name is Edward and I am Napoleon.

Hello John my name is Gloria and I am Madonna.

Hello John my name is Downer and I am the foreign affairs minister.

Hello John my name is Karl and I am the commissioner of police.

Look leave the rest of the introductions until later ok.

Yes nurse.

Psss John; Come over here.

Hello Downer buddy.

Why are you here Downer?

Talk less loudly John.

Why Downer?


This place looks clean enough to me.

Drrr John.

Never mind just speak softly because I say so.

Ok ok if you say.

Hey Madonna give us a song.

Stop your cheek John.

Yes nurse.

Medication everyone.

Uuuuur; who has medication?

We do John.

Do you mean me too.

Of course John.

But I am the prime minister I am not crazy.

So we all say.

Speak up for me Karl; you are the police commissioner.

I spoke up for Downer last week. What happens? I was sent to lock up for three days.

Boy’s and girl’s we have a new patient. Meet Lester.

Who are you Lester?

Hello everyone. I do not know who I am.

Well sit down. Tea is on.

Hello Lester my name is John, I am the PM.

Hello John, I am Lester, I am ummmm I ammmm. Oh gosh I am umm I am who I am, I am me.

Ok Lester that’s ok you are like the unknown god as they say.

I am no god.

I am me.

Ok ok Lester.

Lester meet the police commissioner, Karl.

Hello Karl.

Hello Lester.

I am Downer Lester, hi.


What is the Government doing in the hospital?

We have not a clue Lester.

Henry come here.


Sit down Henry.

What is it worth to me?

Look Henry can you help us. Do you know any corrupt nurse.


I want to make a call to my chief of staff in Canberra.

Jarvis is corrupt, he’s on the take. He has gambling debts.

How much Henry?

For you John and since you are the PM $50.

$50 that is highway robbery.

Nurse nurse.

Ok ok, what is it Henry? Problems.

It’s ok nurse I owe Henry some money and I am just about to give it to him. Sure Henry I will pay you now.

Is it ok Henry.

Yes nurse it seems the problem has solved itself.

Good, then no more trouble. Keep your voices down everybody.

Come on money on the table everyone.

Karl out with it, empty your pockets. You too Downer.

One for all, all for one. You in Lester.

Sure, I got $10.

You sure are in. Come on you two, cough up.

But I wanted to buy sweets from the tuck shop.

Downer stop it, you just do not get it.

I will turn my back and there had better be $50 on the table.

Counting to 10.

Let’s see. See why I am PM I get results. Yes that’s the full amount.

Henry Henry.


$50 smackers.

Ok I will take care of it. Be back in five minutes.


Yes Karl.

You do look so like the real John Howard.

I am the real John Howard.

Yes John I agree with Karl you look like him a lot.

Downer are you kidding me after all our times together.

Downer you remind me of the real Downer, but the hair is longer.

Karl come on man it is me.

Karl when you were a boy; did you want to be police commissioner.

Why do you ask Lester?

Because you resemble the real police commissioner.

I am him.

Yes Karl and I am Napoleon.

Actually Karl you look a lot like Napoleon. I studied history at school and the resemblance is amazing.

Nut’s to you John.

Nurse nurse.

Yes Karl.

They do not believe I am the police commissioner.

Look if you do not pull your heads in I will pull them in for you.


What was that nurse?

Just thinking to myself.

Pack of nutters.

Nurse did you say there were nuts for afternoon tea.

Quiet please, not too much noise.

Boys I have the mobile phone. Jarvis said be quick. He wants the phone back in five minutes.

Thanks Henry.

Use the toilet; it’s more private.

I will; back in five.

I wonder who John is really ringing?

Probably his mother; ha.

You know John does not believe I am the police commissioner.

Ok come on Karl we have had enough of that one. Give it a rest; ok buddy.

What’s your problem Downer? You are probably some plumber from Fremantle. Foreign affairs minister, that’s a tall one.

Hey I rang Teddy my chief of staff.

Well John, is he coming to free us.


Why not?

Teddy said there was a snap election last week. There is another government in. Teddy is been investigated. Something to do with taxes. He said he has got to lie low at the moment until it is all over.

How long will that take?

He said he’s flying out to Libya tonight. It might take years.

Oh no. Our life line gone.

What are you doing Karl?

I am praying; what is it to do with you?

Praying. You going all religious on us Karl. Come on pull yourself together man. We need to stick together.

Oh Karl, what did you pray for?

God to free us.

Look we need better ideas than that. Come on any one. Downer?

I have none. My brain feels pickled. It is all that medication. I can not even think.

Same for all of us. I can not think or remember much now.

That Kim is PM now.

I bet he is behind us been here. Just wait until I get out.

I have an idea.

Yer, Lester what is it?

We start by hands on the table. All together hands on hands as a sign of unity.

Downer your hand down first.

Forget it John. I am foreign affairs minister I can not be on the bottom.

I am PM and I order you to put your hand down on the table.

Ok ok; there.

Karl come on you are next.

I am police commissioner and I am on top.

Karl I will tell the nurses that you are saying you are police commissioner again. Remember the lock up.

Ok ok here’s my hand.

John you now.

Lester “who do you think I am”? I am PM.

Yes John and I am micky mouse.

Nurse nurse.

Yes Lester.

John is saying that he is PM again.

Did you say that John.

I am PM and nurse if you do not watch your step I will order Karl to charge you.

Look John you are out of line.

Code red! Code red!

Now you are in trouble John.

Why Downer?

You don’t know!


Grab him.

Leave me alone I am the PM.

Put it in.

Karl Karl help me, call your boys from the station.

He will quieten down now; the medication should take effect soon.

John John.

Leave me alone I am tired.

Put your hand on Karl’s.

Ok ok, there it is; You win Lester.

Last of all my hand on top. There. Now all we need now is divine assistance.

Boy’s and girls meet your new patient; God.

Ha ha ha; God. This place is looney.

Shut up Madonna. Sip your tea and be quiet.

God you go and join that table over there and stay out of mischief.

Thank you nurse.

Come on go. I have things to do.

Yes sir.

Hello God my name is John I am the PM.

This is Lester, Downer, and Karl.

Hello all.

What are you in for God?

Me. Oh I got a call from Karl to come and help you four.

Ha ha ha. That is so funny God.

What’s funny about it Downer?

Sorry I did not mean to offend.

No offence.

Pull together boys.

What are we going to do Lester?

God can you help us.

Sure can. What do you want?

We want to get out of here.

Easily done. I will just call my Son.

Ha ha that is funny, call your Son, I expect you mean Jesus.

Hello everyone.

What? Where did you come from? Who are you?

I am Jesus.

Son have you arranged everything.

Yes dad all is AOK as you asked.

Good. Nurse nurse.

Yes God.

We all at this table want to leave the hospital.

Sure thing God. Now has everyone taken their shower today.

Nurse did you hear me.

Shut up God and lighten up.

Oh, hello Administrator; I did not see you there.

That’s ok Charlie; how is the wife and kids?

Fine sir.

I have the documents filled out and signed by me for the people at this table to be released.

Ok sir as you say.

But that is Jesus I thought.

Quiet John.

How can the Administrator of the hospital be Jesus?

Golly stranger things must happen.

You calling me strange John.

No Jesus. Sorry

Look boys just walk out now. Go go.

Ok God. Come on boys.

Lester you do not really believe all that god stuff. Get a handle on life. I say we vote a new leader.

I am PM so I will be leader.

Oh no not down that path again.

Come on let’s follow Lester and try the God stuff.

Boy’s, your taxies are waiting outside.

Thank you thank you nurse.

What about our stuff?

The drivers put all your private possessions in the taxies.

Boys out, move!

Yes nurse.

Hey four limousines. I bag the front limo.

No John I am the foreign affairs minister and I have to go in front because of my importance with the foreign dignitaries.

Shut up Downer I am the PM, you pull in to line or there will be no dignitaries.

Oh ok.

I should go in the first limo because I am the police commissioner and I wear a uniform.

No no Karl, I am thinking that we have to tighten up the police budget on uniforms. Too much expense on braid as I see it.

Oh you spoil it John.

So it’s me in the front limo.

Hey hey stop!

That smarty Lester is taking off in the first limo.

Karl help me. Call your boy’s.

What boy’s? John.

The boy’s in blue; who do you think?

Too late he’s gone.

You are not helping Karl. Call yourself police commissioner, I bet you are just a sales assistant in a shop. I should have you up for impersonating the real police commissioner.

John John cool it.

Look I am off; you two can fight it out over the third limo.

Karl I am taking this limo; I am foreign affairs minister and I am of a more higher authority then you.

Balls; I have the uniform and I do a better job than you.

Toss for it.



Heads it is. See you Karl.


Yes sir.

What is your name and where are you taking me?

James sir and I am taking you to your home.

No no. I want you to take me to my office in Canberra.

You do not have a office in Canberra sir.

I am the PM and I demand to be taken to my office in Canberra.

Sir I am just putting up the security window between us; mind your fingers.

Look James who are you working for? Is Kim all behind this. Rotter. I knew it. When I was at school with him he blamed me for taking his lunch.

Did you take it sir.

Yes I did, what of it.

I work for God sir.

God! The world is going bonkers.

Sir, pick up please.

Oh, a phone how nice.

Hello, John here.

Kim oh hello.

What’s going on Kim? You just wait. I will get you.

Calm down John, is everything ok.

Ok you call this ok after that hospital.

Kim tell this driver to drive me to my office in Canberra.

John hello; Mildred here.

Mildred, golly it’s so nice to hear your voice.

Mildred I was kidnapped; me Karl and Downer and some no hoper called Lester.

Kidnapping, noo, I was told that you were at a hush hush conference some way a way.

No way Mildred, I was in a hospital.

Never mind come home John, I miss you. Your retirement has been plasted all over the news.

Retirement what, never. I am PM.

Come home John, I have plans. I have booked a four week cruise.

Downer; James get me downer on the phone.

Sir it’s a conference call, all your friends are already on line listening.

Downer can you help me.

Sorry John; Kim is PM now. I am off to Paris tomorrow as the Australian consul there.

That just leaves you Karl, can you help.

Sorry I am back at my job tomorrow. I had a ring from Betty my secretary and she asked me how my secret hush hush conference went. I just said it went well.

Lester are you there.

Yes John.

Where are you going?

God knows.

You mean you do not know where you are being taken.

I said God knows and he is sitting right next to me along with his Son Jesus.

Can I speak to God .

Sorry John no, you think about what you just said, bye.

Lester Lester.

James get Lester on the phone please.

Lester who sir? I do not know a Lester.

The Lester in the first limo.

There is and was no first limo sir.

Downer Downer. Is he gone too James.

No sir, his limo is now getting out of phone range.


Yes dear.

At least there is someone.

Your driver told me that you are only a few minutes from home.

Where are we driver?

In a Sydney suburb.

I do not know this area.

Your wife just bought a new property this week.

Here’s the house sir.

What? it’s only a duplex.

Sorry sir but we had a share market collapse a week and a half ago and the major banks collapsed. I understand that all your savings were in one of those banks. You do have your government superannuation sir.

Out you get sir.

Oh dear.

What is it John? Come in to the house.

But it is only a duplex, I can not live here.

John this is our new home now, just relax, I have turned the kettle on. Alfred rang and so did Beth. The children are concerned about you. You are now officially retired, it is all over the news.

Rotter. Operator get me the PM’s office.

John put the phone down! John!

Hello PM’s office.

John Howard here I want to speak to Kim.

Sorry the PM is in the debating chamber. He will not be available for some time. After the major debate he has a meeting with the foreign ambassadors; then talking to the media, it goes on, can I help you sir. Are you there, hello.

John get off the phone; you should not interfere in matters that are not your business.

Don’t worry Mildred I hung up.

Here we are nice cup of tea.

Mildred that Kim out smarted me.

Nothing of the sort darling; it is all in your mind.

We leave tomorrow on a cruise around the world.

But I thought that we had lost all our money because of the banks collapsing.

Not all darling; I had my savings.

Where did you invest your savings dear?

In this big cookie jar in the kitchen; this one, see.

Amazing. Truly amazing.

Why dear? My mum always did the same with her savings.

Forget it Mildred, a bit more sugar please.

You calm now John.

So what am I now to do with all my life?

Leave it all in God’s hands dear, I am sure he is looking after us. Cruise first, then we will see.

Dear what are you doing? Tired are you.

No Mildred I am praying to God.

That’s good dear.

One last call. Operator can you get me Mr Downer the new Paris Australian consul.

Hello, John Howard here.

Good evening sir my name is Henry and I am the consul’s assistance.

Henry that you from the hospital.

Oh golly it’s you John; hi.

How did you get that job Henry?

All I can say is that God works in mysterious ways.

Can I speak to Downer.

Sorry John but he is in the chapel.

Chapel, what chapel? you do not mean chapel chapel.

Yes I do John.

Look John I have to go, Downer wants me in the chapel.

You too Henry.

Afraid so John, bye.

Bye Henry.

Mildred please turn the T.V on.

Good the news. Hey there’s Karl. He looks good in his uniform.

What’s happening dear?

Nothing much dear; just some nonsense about Karl and the church.

What is it all about John?

Karl talking about the merits of God for people especially for the woes of the youth at the moment.

John; I always did think Karl was a decent person.

He probably is but I still think his wanting to go in the first limo was a bit too much.

What was that dear?

Nothing Mildred, just thinking.

I am turning in; you come in when you are ready John.

Ok dear.

Do not be too long dear.

Cruise tomorrow.

John John.

Yes Mildred. Mildred did you call me.

No John, come to bed you must be tired.


Yes Mildred.

What is it John?

Did you not call me Mildred.

No John. Please.

Sorry Mildred; you sleep dear I will be in shortly.

Yes God.

John I was a thinking; we are friends are we not.

Yes God.

You keep in touch.

Will do God.

Coming Mildred.

About time.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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February 26, 2018

I am full on for Brexit.

Why? I wonder too this.

I think I am on for the British and Scots for keeping their own distinct cultures. I hate to see the British and Scots cultures eroded by being mixed in with other cultures. Multi-culture was a good idea in many nations but only in moderation. Too much multi culturism is not good. Culture is good, it’s how we also get our identity, but cultures that mix get eroded. So the British don’t know if they are British, French, or Polish etc. We keep borders up so that cultures can be kept intact. But do we need cultures? Does the world need many cultures? In Europe there are many different cultures but over a long time with borders down the people in the EU won’t know what culture they are unless say in one hundred years they just call themselves European. Maybe in time the EU nations names as they are now will disappear too.

I prefer to keep distinct cultures alive. I don’t want a mixture that erodes the separate cultures. Separate cultures make life in this world more interesting.

People cry out for one world government. What will happen with one government ruling this world? It’s sounds boring. Maybe people want just one culture in this world, boring I say. And what about having one language in this world, boring. Keep the British way and the Scottish way, keep the French and Italian way etc.

The EU should only be a free trade organisation not take down borders, not have one money system, not break down the current separate distinct cultures. Open markets are good. Free trade markets are good. Trade is good. But keep our identities which are based a lot on culture. No one knows if they are a male or a female now a days, it’s in the schools just call people persons. Toilets are not male or female, they are just toilets. Globalisation is making everyone one but I think people really want their differences. There’s no sex gender all people are one. There’s no culture we are all one. Cultures took thousands of years to get where they are now and do people want to destroy them all. Take Asian, how do you make Asian and say Middle Eastern one culture? I say do not destroy our distinct cultures. Keep Britain British, keep Scotland Scottish, Keep Ireland Irish, keep France French, keep Italy Italian. Open borders mixes up cultures. What does Jesus say on culture? I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE VICAR OF DIBLEY (television series) – Emma R.I.P.

February 26, 2018

“It’s so hard to play the all straight person in this world”. These words though not word for word I read in a news article on Emma. Emma tried to play the all straight lady.

“Emma was a very bright spark……..Unique and beautiful spark”. These quotes from this article emphasis we humans are sparks. A spark makes light. Our spark is our spirit. A bright spirit. A beautiful spirit. We are spirit and soul. The soul is in the mind in the brain in the head, the human spirit is in the heart in the body. Spirit gives light. Emma played a dim person in the tv series “The vicar of Dibley” but she was called a bright spark. Dim means dim in light, a dim spark, a dim human spirit.

We like bright sparks, they lighten up our lives. light is good. Darkness is bad. Emma brightened up our lives. Light brightens.

We must never forget that God is the source of ALL true light.

Emma as Alice would interpret jokes literally. So we see literal is not always the correct way to interpret. This implies we must learn truth mostly metaphorically. Meta meaning beyond, from beyond, on the other side, God is invisible and on the other side, heaven is above and not in this world, to learn truth from God we learn from the beyond from the other side, learn from the invisible. To be a deep thinker we must look to the metaphorical we can not take things as they look but look beyond, go deep, go within, to the heart, don’t judge a book by its cover, we are spirit and soul not just flesh and bone.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 26, 2018

“For Mrs Chu a plane is a sanctuary. You have no phone calls to bother you, no people around you to say, hey do this and do that, so it’s sort of like an escape” – From a news article.

Humans want to escape??

Are we imprisoned? Are we chained? Are we chained to man made creations, the phone, the computer, the house, the car, etc.

We find freedom in simple things. We find freedom in God made creations, the soil, the grass, the trees, the animals, the fish, air, water, sun, etc.

Man made creations have become mans prison. Man has created his her own prison around them. Humans are chained to their own creations.

You can not educate man he she is blinded by Satan. Man thinks freedom is in man made, man he she is not clever. The more mans creations the more man thinks such are his her freedom. Satan has blinded man. And the Dragon woman takes mans attention. It seems there is a veil over mans his hers mind.

The truly free person lives for the simple life away from man made creations, the free person lives in God made. Live on an island in the ocean, live off fish etc, no phones, no computers, no cars, no kitchen appliances, no gardening machines.

The Key to freedom is simplicity. But why is simplicity the main key to freedom? Simple; it’s because God is simple. Simple for God does not mean foolish. Simple for God also means knowing ALL. Simple faith, simple truth, simple belief. All real truth is simple.

Satan has deceived this world. People live under a veil in their minds. People think that God is complex and difficult and confusing to understand.

In reality in the truth of God, God is simple to understand.

We were created simple by God. So if we live in simplicity with Gods simple created creations then our human body, soul and spirit will keep healthy. To live with mans creations our human body, soul and spirit suffer. We are killing ourselves if we create complexity over us because complexity kills. Simplicity is life. Simplicity is one, complexity is many, God is ONE and creates one. Man makes complexity. Man worships many gods. Many is complex. Man is meant to worship the ONE God not many gods. The human body and head are simple to the person that knows. God knows and He understands that the human body and head are simple. To know is simple. To not know is complex. It’s in the knowing. Satan hides the truth from humans. Take one organ of the body, the heart of the body, the heart is a simple pump. The heart is not complex. The universe is ONE. The God head and God body are ONE. GOD IS ONE. Mans creations are complex, Gods creation are simplex. We live in a complex world because man makes it so. This man made complex world is killing us.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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FESTUS TO APOSTLE PAUL – “Paul all your learning has made you mad”.

February 26, 2018

What is going on and where is it going? We have computers but these computers are not going to be it. Nothing is it. It moves on. It changes. We humans are not it’s. God is not an it. So humans began simple. Computers as we know them did not come out of a test tube. Computers did not wam bam just appear. Computers have evolved.

Computers started with radio. We had the first inkling of a computer with diodes and valves and electricity. We got radio and then transmitters. We had spark transmitters. So we must start with a spark to communicate. Humans have a human spirit. We sometimes call our spirit our spark. And we say sometimes he or she is a bright spark. In my thinking the human spirit is like no other spark but is human in form. Animals or birds or fish or insects I see nothing as to them having spirit. I just don’t know. Humans have soul. Animals, birds, fish, insects do not have soul. You can not educate any creature other than humans. You can not educate any creature to speak a wise language except humans. Humans have soul and can learn to speak languages and learn knowledge. Humans have a voice box.

Computers to my thinking will move on. We are still in the infancy of evolving artificial intelligence and it’s accompanying mechanics. Where are humans going with computers? Computers are artificial intelligence. Mankind is moving away from God given intelligence to man made intelligence. But why does mankind want to give up what is natural for what is unnatural? Mankind calls it ‘progress’. Progress makes money. Money brings in materialism. Mankind wants materials. Mankind does not want to work for God above. Satan led the first man and woman to eat of knowledge. This knowledge can do good or evil. So why did Satan approve of Adam and Eve eating knowledge? God did say eating of knowledge will eventually cause your death. Maybe this death is in human spirit? Or was this death meant to imply death to the human race in the future? Whatever; death may come either way. Mankind might eventually destroy this world using knowledge of good and evil. Satan hates anything God made. But Satan also was made by God. Satan has his plan, he wants to control this world, he is the Prince of this world. Satan will use his Beast to control humans and therefore this world. The Beast is up to conjecture because such is still in the pipeline, we won’t see the Beast until he is created. Some people say the Beast is a giant big computer in this world. There could be super computers in this world controlling humans indirectly but the aim of Satan is to have direct control over humans. The Beast will control humans via a Mark that will be on human foreheads or on their right hands. This Mark will link humans directly to the Beast. Maybe the Beast will have life or death over humans through the Mark. The Beast will control buying and selling. Humans will give their lives to the Beast. Satan will control the Beast. We see China evolving and slowly edging its way in to a top super power. China the Dragon nation. I have seen the snake in peoples eyes. This is true. And the Asian person is the most likely host of a snake deity inside their bodies. Snakes abound in other races but it’s mostly in Asian bodies.

I thought today about the future of computers in relation to mankind and Satan. It makes me think that because computers have evolved up to this time then mankind themselves also evolved. See we had the diode. We had the valves. We had the transistor. We had resistors. Humans had to start somewhere, like one cell, to many cells, to limbs, to brain, to organs. Computers did not appear over night. So how could humans appear over night? Humans were created, yes, by God. God used intelligence to create life. God is in us humans. God is invisible. The Father God is invisible. The invisible made the visible. Humans started as single cells, maybe in water. We need water for all life to start and end, without water we can not exist. We came from water, we exist in water, water is in us. Our bodies are full of water. We drink water regularly. Humans are in the likeness of our creator God. Humans became totally in the image of God at the time of the Garden of Eden. God gave soul to Adam and Eve and humans ever since are given soul. Computers are also on the way to being like their creator. Mankind creates computers and eventually mankind will make creations in his her own image. These humanoids will be in the image of mankind. So is Satan all for these man made creation humanoids? First mankind needed knowledge of good and evil to make computers, starting from diodes and valves. Without the knowledge mankind could not create. God wanted Adam and Eve and their descendants to be simple and obedient. God provided everything for Adam and Eve. There was nothing Adam and Eve had want for. Eden was a paradise. But God gave freewill. God did not want mankind to be obedient through God complete control. God wanted mankind to obey freely.

So we have humanoids, man made robots in our image coming in the future. God created and rested. Mankind will create robots in our image and rest. Robots in our image will do all the works. Mankind will be God and the humanoids will be the creatures. But will not humanoids rebel against the authority of mankind just as humans rebelled against God? It seems a good possibility. What does Satan want to do here with artificial intelligence and man made artificial humanoids? Surely Satan knew that when mankind first ate of knowledge that he knew this was the beginning of the end of humans. Satan really wants to rule mankind and mankind thinks he she is clever to create humanoids in his her image but I think also that Satan will use all this man made humanoids to his own advantage. God the Father has a Son. God the Father rules above with His Son. Satan has the Beast. Jesus Christ came in to this world and called Himself Son of God and son of man. So it makes me think that Satan’s Beast will be say half human and half robot. The Beast rules in this world alongside Satan just as Jesus Christ rules alongside the Father God in heaven. Jesus Christ is both human and God. The Beast will be both human and robot. I think cyborgs are the name for creatures both human and robot. Jesus has His followers. We call Jesus followers the elect. Will the Beast have his own followers who are the Beast’s elect? Will the supposed cyborg Beast have many cyborgs of lesser power than him under his control and ruling with him but in a subservient role to him? The Beast will of course have much powers.

Mankind has served Satan ever since Adam and Eve obeyed Satans suggestion and ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Satan won to God’s great disappointment. God in His extreme love turned to the human race and offered a hand of help. God sent His only begotten Son in to this world, Son of God, Son of man, and this Son Jesus took the punishment that mankind so deserved and also this Son Jesus took our sins in His body and died to them. God only asks that we repent to Him our sins and accept His Son Jesus in to our lives to be Lord. Jesus lives above He was raised. Jesus will save our souls. God also promises to the saved souls eternal life above in heaven.

Now I do not know if the Beast will be a cyborg. I don’t know a lot of things. It’s up to your own conscience to decide what is truth. Read the Bible for truth.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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Internet Preacher


February 26, 2018

What is the purpose or one of the many purposes of Satan?

To get every human online.

And online to what?

Online to what will be known as the Beast.

Why get people online to the Beast?

The Beast serves Satan. Satan is the Evil one. Satan is a deposed angel kicked out of heaven. God is the true real brains but Satan rules through the world through artificial intelligence.

Why does Satan not rule from God given intelligence?

To be truly God intelligence is to rule from above, Satan does not rule from above.

What is the Beast?

The Beast can be left up to our imagination at this time. Just as we did not know where radio valves and transistors would lead to. We don’t know entirely where present computers will go.

The Beast???

Yes the Beast. Satan has to make up his own intelligence apart from God. Satan’s intelligence is what we call artificial intelligence. Artificial is not God made, it’s not genuine. The Beast will rule in Satan’s name. But the Beast is ruled by Satan.

So why go online to the Beast?

The Beast will control the money of all the world. As the saying goes “Money makes the world go around” (please note: God makes the earth go around).

But why go online to the Beast?

People want money, most people will say they need money (a lot of people will say we need sex, we just don’t want sex we need it). Money buys things. Money buys food. We need food and water to survive. People will go online to the Beast to get money to buy things.

Will many people go online to the Beast?

Look at online now. Look at how many people are in to artificial intelligence now. See how many people are online now. This is the start. Online has been here for a while. The future online will be marked by what is known as the Mark of the Beast.

Who rules this world?

Satan is the prince of this world.

We the true elect Church are in this world but not of this world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 26, 2018

I rang Ken and asked if I could attend the prayer meeting at his home. Ken was an elderly man maybe in his middle to late 60’s and that is guessing. This happened many years back I am 62 now going soon on 63. I do remember Kens surname ‘Salt’. This time was before the Cold War disintegrated. Soon the Berlin Wall came down I expect Gorbachev or Yeltsin was ruling Russia now. Ken agreed and said “come to the meeting”, but I had a request could I stay the night. Like a lot of prayer meetings they are in the evening when people are free from work. Work was not my problem it was that I lived quite a long way from Kens house and I had no car. I use public transport and with the prayer meeting so late there was no transport available home. I asked Ken if I could stay the night. Ken agreed I could stay.

Why was I keen to attend this prayer meeting? Prayer meetings are happening frequently and closer to home. I saw this meeting as important more important than many other prayer meetings. The meeting was a regular one that centred on praying for Christians persecuted by the Soviet Union communists. The reading material for this meeting was a book I think it is called ‘Tortured for Christ’ written by Richard Wurmbrand. Richard was living in the West but he came from more humbler origins, like humble as in submit. Richard was from I think Romania, or a nation close to Romania, I read the book but that was when I was young so I do not remember it now. I do know Richard was an underground Church Pastor in was it Romania. Romania was behind the iron curtain. Richard was put in prison and tortured, the secret police tried to make him recant of his faith in Jesus Christ. Richard eventually was released and he was allowed to go to the West. I think Western people paid the Romanian or Soviet Government for his release and for him to be allowed to travel to the West. We are at the prayer meeting at Kens home. A nice small home, and Ken though old was a proper gentleman and obviously of good faith to God. Ken lived alone but made us all welcome. There were about 6 people at the meeting. We prayed and we prayed. I hated the way the Soviet communists were putting a strangle hold on its own people and on the satellite nations it controlled and especially on Christians in its orbit of control. The Communists hated Christianity they saw it as a threat to communism. Communism was atheist. The meeting finished and people left it was only Ken and me, Ken retired to his room and I was alone in the lounge, the sofa was my bed for the night. The sofa was comfortable, I was warm and I went to sleep. During the night I was aware I was in a semi awake and sleep mode. I was not a sleep but I was not wide awake. I saw but I was seeing half my upper body rise and bend at the waist in to a sitting position. But I was also lying completely down. My physical body did not rise in to the sitting position. I was quite amazed but I took it all in with tranquility. I was not alarmed, I liked what was happening. It was like I was in two bodies, the raised one sitting up and in the physical body lying flat down. I had two bodies, one physical and one invisible. And I saw this invisible body, well half of it, the raised sitting up half. I was not scared. I took it all calmly. I just knew God was showing me something. I had a very high faith and belief in God then as I hope I still do. Now not all was rosy with this state I was in. Do I call it a dream or a vision or both? When I bent at the waist in the raised self I was aware of forces trying to have influence on my backside. What, are you gay you may think? No I am not gay. Why was I having strange feeling that my backside was like on show or of any importance to whoever? It happened and my backside seemed to be of abnormal interest to someone or some people or something. I have never had sex with a male. I have no desire to have sex with a male. So why does there seem to be attention to my backside?

I think I am in a universal body, I am one part of a universal Christ body. We are one body of Christ. So in this one body we the parts are connected spiritually. So what happens to one part in the body all parts can feel. We feel for each other. But feelings should not control us, reason with rational thoughts should be in control. Jesus Christ is reason, He is wise, and wisdom does not rule from feelings. So why was my backside seemingly a hot issue? Ask yourself. Backsides are the vogue now. Men look at a woman’s backside. It used to be looking at the legs of a woman, not now, it’s backsides. Buggery is so common now. Heterosexuals point the finger at gays but heterosexual males are buggering up females with gay abandon. Backsides are a hot topic now. God showed me how my backside seemed to be a hot topic but it may be hot universally.

My writings are mainly directed at Jesus Christ believers. I don’t expect everyone to understand me because I preach and teach for spirit. People in the dark won’t see so my writings will not be understood spiritually to them. Jesus said “You must be born again”. Holy Scripture talks about “the wind comes and goes, you can not see it, the Spirit also comes and goes and you can not see it”. We in the spirit in our born again status live in the light. We see in the light, we see, we hear, and we understand in our hearts. The Words of God are like clean water, the Words wash us clean in mind thought soul and spirit and heart. We read the Bible often. We don’t need a complete wash as God has already given us a big wash, but we still get dirty in a dirty world so we Christ believers come together and in our togetherness we are washed clean of sins. Sins are dirty. We can not avoid dirt. Jesus washed the disciples feet, He said “wash each other’s feet”. Not wash feet literally, Jesus meant this as a spiritual lesson for the human spirit. Jesus teaches us through metaphor.

It takes not only belief and faith to come to Jesus. God has to draw people to Jesus. Jesus then acts as a go between you and God the Father. No one sees God the Father, He is invisible, but Jesus brings us in to a relationship with the Father. We believe Jesus. The Gospels of the Bible are the Gospel truth.

Non spiritual people who are not in the body of Christ can also read my writings. If you come in to the body you will come in to a kingdom – your human spirit should take note here, your old self with its sinful thinking caused by many generations of dirty thinking will be up for dying. In Jesus we take on Christ’s thinking, we are converted, this takes time like a plant growing, eventually your soul will be fully converted and your body will be in full light, you will see and understand.

Are we brain washed?

I call it soul washed. But yes we are washed. We are cleaned. Christ is God the Son. Christ is pure and clean. Christ is sinless. Christ has never sinned. Can Christ sin? I don’t know. To think like Christ is to think pure. Trust Christ.

I saw a vision/dream of another body a invisible body maybe call it a spiritual body a body within a body. I saw because I am a seer. A prophet can be called a seer. Seers have deep insight. I have not always had good insight but I have worked my way from the bottom of the pile soon getting to the top. At the top I can see all.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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WISDOM OF CHRIST IS HEALTH – die to your old self

February 12, 2018

The atheist and humanist do not understand about dying to themselves

To die to oneself is nonsense to the humanist and atheist

You are out of your mind they might say

But Jesus Christ’s salvation is not nonsense

The humanist or atheist might come from parents who are saved in soul

The atheist or humanist might because they are born to saved parents have been born clean and not in sin

The atheist and humanist being born clean from clean born again parents might see no sense in being born again themselves and so disregard the salvation message of Jesus Christ

The born clean atheist and humanist might indulge themselves in mans wisdom apart from Jesus Christ’s wisdom and in doing so they might think that they are clever

The atheist and humanist born clean think they do not need salvation, they were not born in sin, they don’t need forgiveness of their sins they say we are clean, we are not sinners

The atheist and humanist coming from former generations of God loving ancestors think born again is for the lost souls and dirty sinners

The atheist and humanist might think they are saved because their parents are saved

The atheist and humanist who are born clean might have parents and grandparents that pray for them often and thus the atheist and humanist are blessed and protected

The atheist and humanist might turn against their so called religious parents and grandparents

The atheist and humanist don’t need religion

The atheist and humanist don’t need to work at salvation they are blessed by their former ancestors working at a Godly path

Born again people are an enigma to the atheist and humanist

Born again means to die to oneself, to all your ways, to all your thinking, to all your achievements, to all your pursuits. Born again means to be converted to the thinking of Jesus Christ. You are like programmed totally in Christ’s thoughts. The soul is programmed, the soul in the mind, the soul in the mind in the brain in the head. We are totally newly programmed. The old program of our soul is deleted/erased it dies out. The atheist and humanist cringe at dying to their self because the atheist and humanist are happy to keep their self and not to think according to Christ thoughts.

Me I was glad to accept the gospel truth of Jesus Christ and be converted in soul. I was glad to die to my former thinking. I was a failure in my former thinking. I could not cope well in this world in my former old self thinking. Christ has taken over my soul. My soul in totality belongs to God in Christ. I am happy to have a soul of Christ. Christ owns me.

Christ is the wisdom of God. Christ is the simple truth of God. To think like Christ is to be wise. Christ’s thinking is good health to our physical body. To think against Christ’s thinking is thinking according to sickness, your body gets sick. It is sick to think against Christ. Christ is the head so to think against the head is to think against life, God is life. The parts of your body get sick if you go against Christ and also if you go against the wisdom of Christ in other people people who are in the body of Christ. The body of Jesus Christ is the true church, not a man made building. We the people saved in Christ are the true living church. We each saved of Christ live in a spiritual body, we are each parts making up a whole. We the parts of the body of Christ are together, we live as one, well we should do, so when one part of this body goes against another part in this body the body suffers, but it is the aggressor person who gets sick in their human body. No one is exempt from getting sick if they act unwisely to other people who are parts in Christs body. It’s a fundamental spiritual law that you reap what you sow.

Atheists and humanists can be in the body of Christ. Children once saved can turn against religion as adults. These people turn against their parents religion. The parents might be saved. Christ hates giving up souls once saved. These people are playing with matches because to rebel against religion is okay but to go more and publicly declare to the world that there is no God can grieve God. It is so hard for God to give up anyone. For generations of a family to be saved and then from this family tree there is a soul who denies God and embraces humanism or atheism is so hard for God to take. God is first love. Love is long suffering and forgiving and tolerant so for the sake of this rebellious souls former Godly ancestors God is patient.

You are indoctrinated

Yes by God I call it converted

You are brain washed

Yes by God, washed clean of all my sins and of my former generational (ancestors) sins

You are simple

Yes I am in the simple truth

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 12, 2018

I reflected. It’s true Western society’s fabric has the Christian religion as one of its most common traits. Yes Western thought has as its major contributor Christianity. Christianity is woven through our Western fabric in much detail. Without Christianity Western society would have only the rule of law as its guardian. But no Western society has more than law it has the Wisdom of Jesus Christ. Laws do not always make a nation. Culture with wisdom makes a nation.

But what is culture? Culture grows, it spreads, but what exactly is it? It’s life, it’s living. We humans make up culture. We humans are a living culture and our thoughts are key to that culture. Thoughts make a person and people make a culture. Culture is about mankind’s activities and thoughts, it’s what we do and think and say. Law is what guards that culture but Wisdom of Christ is also protection. Law is not full proof whereas wisdom of Christ in its fullest is the best protection. Christianity makes up a lot of the Western foundation. But this foundation is being eroded over time. Man builds and builds on this foundation. Now the youth of today know nothing about our foundation. It’s now about building to get higher, highly paid jobs, higher education. But buildings have to be built on something what we call a foundation. People went before us. People in the past set up our culture and we hope they put good beginnings in place so that what we build on will cope.

The Bible might (does it?) talk about the 7 pillars of wisdom. 7 they say is Gods number. I don’t know. Revelation book of the Bible does talk about the 7 churches. Wisdom comes down to thought. We think wisely and we act wisely. Wisdom is good health for our culture. Wisdom keeps order. Law (and it’s order) came before wisdom. Moses was given laws from God to give to the people. It was only much later that Christ came in to this world with wisdom. Wisdom of Christ supersedes the law of Moses. Wisdom of Christ is better than the law of Moses. Moses was only a servant of God, Jesus is Gods begotten Son and equal to God the Father.

Why all my thoughts here, what began them? Simple. I was considering why Sunday used to be a holiday. Holiday as in Holy day. Holidays were holy days to start with. So I considered Sunday and how Christianity has had a big effect on Western society. Sunday was chosen by the forefathers of Western society as a rest day in accordance with the Holy scriptures of the Bible. Why not Saturday as the rest day? Both Saturday and Sunday became Holy days or holidays. Sunday was chosen because the Christians wanted a day at rest that is not used by the Jews. The law of Moses in the 12 commandments says rest on the sabbath the last day of the week Saturday that being the 7th day. God created 6 days and rested on the 7th day and we too are to rest on the 7th day. But Christianity wanted to rest on the Sunday to differ from the law of Moses. Jesus is not Moses. Jesus is the wisdom of God not the law of God. So Christian’s rested on the Sunday, Sunday being the first day of the week. Christianity respected the Jews observance of resting on the Saturday so Western society got 2 holy days (holidays). Simple.

Western society has recently in the last couple of decades moved away from rest on the Sunday. Many businesses now work both Saturdays and Sundays as well as the other days of the week. People can still have the weekends free from their usual jobs but most choose to do extra time to earn more. Weekends used to be for the family and church worship. Now weekends are for sport and extra work. Family life is eroding. Parents have little time for their family. Parents just chuck money at their children and hope all is well.

BC and AD. The calendar that we in the West use is timed as BC that is before Christ (Christ’s birth) and AD that is after death (Jesus Christ’s death). But atheists and humanists are trying to do away with BC and AD and replace them with other words the words I can not remember. The days of the week Monday to Sunday are tied in to the Bibles teaching. God created in 6 days and rested on the 7th. How the anti God squad are going to try and rearrange the calendar all together is open to question. As I said the Western society in many characteristics is based on Christianity and teachings from the Bible. So to change Western society you can change the way the building goes but to mess with the foundation you mess with the stability of the structures. A stable heart makes a person. Feed the heart the SIMPLE food of Jesus Christ. We want a pure and simple foundation. Simple means undefiled, one substance, no mixture, pure. To have a mixture of thought for the heart means weakening the heart. We want one master for our hearts. Jesus Christ can be that pure one simple master. Ask Jesus Christ to come in to your heart. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. Repent to God.

Humanism is not akin to Christ wisdom, both may look the same but no they are different. Humanism is like fake gold, it is not the true wisdom of God. Humanism is like fools gold. Humanism follows man, it does not follow Christ.

In the West we celebrate Xmas and Easter. If you go say to a foreign nation that worships gods contrary to the God we worship you will see different celebrations. The Asians might honour their Dragon god with dances and festival days. The Muslim’s celebrate their religious days. And it goes on. Xmas and Easter are fixated in to Western culture but not so in many other nations. Muslims for example do not celebrate Xmas or Easter.

Christianity has spread to many nations. But the dark powers also have many nations peoples. Christian nations are known as the “Free world”. The other nations are enslaved to foreign gods with their demons and idols. So we have light forces and dark forces. Light wins, that is natural. The light has to win, God is light, and God does not lose. I am on the winning side. I like that. I am of the promise. I have promise from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 12, 2018

Do you believe in the “after life”?


So when you wake up every day in the morning do you have hope?

Where are you going with this?

Are you hopeful each morning on awakening? Do you look forward to the rest of the day?

Are you trying to trick me?

Look you don’t believe in the next life so why do you live for this life?

What, you mean I should commit suicide?

I am just saying with the next life comes hope

Hope for what

Eternal life hope

You mean the “after life” is for eternity

Yes and that gives us hope. What are you hopeful for?

Sex and lots of it

Anything else

Money and lots of it

Anything else

To be famous

Well you have a number of things to be hopeful for but are your hopes on shaky grounds

What do you mean?

Your hopes are not sound. The foundation you are building on could collapse at any time, what then?

Well what then?

You put all your hopes on things that do not last and can collapse. Your hopes can just go down the toilet at a moments notice

But I have hope in my family, my wife and children that’s my best hope

Wives can leave their husbands. Divorces are common. Children can rebel against their parents

Not for me

Yes they can. Your hopes are not sound

What then?

The fool thinks he is too clever for God. But the fools hopes will not last. The fool falls. The foundation of Jesus Christ never falls. Jesus Christ is risen and no one can pull Him down. Satan can not even pull Jesus Christ down from heaven. Jesus will come down again to this world when the Father God sends Him

I have hope in my work

You mean your job

Yes yes


No what?

You are not even in your proper calling

What is calling?

God gives everyone in God a calling, that calling is your true work


It’s true

How do you know?

I discern


I see

My eyes are open I see, how can you see more than me?

I see because in the seeing I am called

You talk nonsense

You don’t see as I see and you won’t listen. You will fall and you will fall and you will fall. You will fall until you come to your senses or until you die

Rubbish leave me alone you know nothing

I will leave you but please don’t call knocking on my door when you fall


You call me a fool, you call Christ a fool

You are not Jesus Christ

I am not Christ but Christ lives in me. “I have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me”.

Your words

Not my words but words from the Bible

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 12, 2018

Its like the word bugger was the underlying theme word of the previous (to me) generation. What really was going on?

At the funeral:


David was a good man, he was always there for his friends. David had many friends he was a mr nice guy. We will miss David he……..

I wish they would finish

David was all kindness he……

Oh hurry up and finish

David was a good husband to Meg

Oh shut up SHUT UP


No more I am going right up there to tell them the truth…… I go….now… My husband was a bugger.

David was the apple of his children’s eyes…….

Did you not all hear me, David….golly I am day dreaming…I was up there in mind in thoughts but I have not moved… I have no courage… won’t the truth come out

At the reception afterwards, tea and coffee and snacks are served:

Meg hello

Oh hello Mary

Oh poor David we do sympathise. What a great man he was…..

Oh shut up Mary…..oh did I say that… no it was just my thoughts again…

Do ring Meg and we can have coffee together

Thanks Mary

I must be off Meg Greg wants his lunch

Bye Mary

Hi Meg

Hello a Stephanie

Sad loss we all loved David

Yes he was a dirty bugger….my thoughts again…

Ring sometime

Will do Stephanie

The reception ends. Meg goes home. Meg rings her mother who is a invalid and living in a nursing home

Hi mum

Hi Meg

The funeral went well

I am sad for you my daughter having to lose your husband at a young age. The poor bugger……..

Mum you understand

Of course dear…she thinks understand what

Oh mum you are the only one that understands me

We mums are like that we understand our daughters. Now about David the poor bugger has gone and you after grieving will have to move on

Oh mum I am so happy at last someone understands. The bugger has gone

Dear are you okay

I am fine

Life is not easy life is hard

Life is a bugger but not anymore

Dear life for me was a bugger too

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

I am buggered – Life is a bugger

February 12, 2018

Come in Mrs Davidson. How can I help?

Doctor it’s like this I am buggered I can not cope it’s too much

No worries I can prescribe some tablets to calm you down

Tablets but I am buggered

I know and these tablets I prescribe will do the trick

Tablets for buggery

Mrs Davidson we all feel low at times

But I am buggered

I hear you Mrs Davidson and most people feel the same

You mean most people are buggered

Yes yes

I did not know it was so common

It’s common believe me. I am buggered all the time

Who buggers you off, you are a doctor

Doctors get buggered too

Doctor are we talking about the same thing

Now now you come back to see me again in two weeks to see how the tablets are working

Okay doctor

Mrs Davidson leaves the doctors surgery and thinks. So buggery is common. I did not know that. But tablets for buggery, that does not add up. How do tablets stop my husband from buggering me? Life is a bugger.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 12, 2018

Stand under me

I will stand beside you but not under you, who do you think you are

I am God

Call yourself what name you like but I stand for no one

Who can you stand?

I stand few people

You stand yourself?

Yes I stand myself

Do you understand yourself?

What do you mean?

How can you stand under yourself?

I stand myself but I do not understand myself

Why not stand under God and understand God? Why try and understand yourself? Die to yourself and live for God. You don’t need to understand yourself because understanding God is enough

But what about me?

Me me me is that what you are about?

How do I understand?

Stand under God


You are spirit in the heart. Stand under God and understand


Stand, pray, listen.

I am spirit?

Yes and God teaches you spiritual wisdom, this wisdom will help you understand

But I can not stand God

There is your problem. If you can not stand God you won’t stand under God and you won’t understand

What about the Bible?

The Bible is essentially spiritual knowledge. This knowledge is for your human spirit. This spiritual knowledge saves your soul. God is also Spirit, He comes in to the hearts of the elect to save them. God uses the Holy Scriptures to help save you.

But my understanding comes from people

What people?


God says “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and frustrate the intelligence of the intelligent”.

Did God really say that?

It’s in the Bible

I don’t read the Bible

Maybe you should read the Bible

I am too busy


Yep I have many things to pay off

You mean your 5 bedroomed house and your luxury car

I have two cars I am no cheapskate

But why engross your life in things? In God it’s not about things

I have my work

But you are working yourself to death, why?

What then?

Simply your life. Live simply. Eat simply. Drink simply. Drop all the facade and live for needs not wants. The key to good health and being with God is to keep everything simple. God is not complicated. Complicated life leads to complications in your body. Satan loves people working themselves to death. Please God not people. Glory from man fades very quickly. Glory in God. Accolades and awards from man won’t go to heaven with you. Seek a spiritual life. Pray often to God. Read the Bible often. You need to keep focussed to keep sane. Sanity keeps the waste out of the body. To keep true focus you need to look at one. One is the one God. The head is one as is the body is one. Your human spirit must learn to relate to God. Human relationships abound but true spiritual knowledge only comes from God. God also is Spirit. To understand God is to understand yourself but not your old self but your new Christ self. And your new self is in the risen Christ. In the new self in Christ we have thoughts now from above, we are not of this world now but are of above, we use our brains and senses in the head. We are people now of the headship of God, we are risen in Christ because Christ has risen. We are in this world but not of this world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2018

Jesus is all brain

No no

Jesus is not all brain?

Jesus is brainy yes but….

Well what but?

Jesus is clever.

Yes Jesus is clever He is all clever He is the brain

No no

Jesus is up in heaven

Yes Jesus is all brainy

I said Jesus is up in heaven

Jesus yes is up in heaven and all brain

Jesus is not brain

Jesus is not all brainy?

Yes He is all brainy but He is up in heaven

I agree Jesus is up in heaven and all brainy, all brain

Jesus is Spirit

Yes I agree Jesus is Spirit, the Spirit of God comes down in to our heart

You are making out Jesus is the brain

I say Jesus is all brainy

But the brain is not God

God is not the God head?

Yes God is the God head

So what then?

I don’t know

You don’t understand

I read nothing of this

You mean school teaches you nothing about this


What about the established church does it teach about this?

They teach nothing about this

So man tries to rule from the body, man even tries to rule from the heart, no wonder man gets heart attacks and hernias

Nonsense you speak nonsense

Who would you rather listen to?


You mean people


Not the God above

You are not God

I don’t follow other people, my God is above, you don’t follow me, if you listen to me and learn you will be directed to God above, man he and her follow the body and partake in certain lengths to worship the body, such leads to buggery. Mans wisdom leads to buggery. Gods wisdom is above and is based on the headship of God. You must put the head before the body. Look at a person look at the head. Make eye contact and discern. Read a persons mind.


Why? Is it dirty wisdom? Or do you have dirty thoughts?

Who are your parents?


You need help

What is your church ministers name?


You need to be reported

Maybe you can report me to the police

Go away keep away from me or I will report you

Leave me satan

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


February 7, 2018

Sending Western foreign aid to these third world nations that are based on corruption is a farce.

The Western hard working tax payer has to pay for the mistakes of these foreigners. Establishment Church money also should be cautioned in where it goes to these poor nations. Poverty in many cases is caused by corrupt leaders in power. Give to a poor nation and it’s the trickle down effect, the ruling class takes its cut of the foreign aid and the poor get little. Poor nations peoples have to take a stand, take on stand with Jesus Christ, not idols, not false gods, not nature, stand with Jesus, give your lives to Jesus and change. Transform your nations from within, from the hearts and minds. The West based it’s development on Christ why should not all nations embrace Christ. The West is rich because of Christ. The rule of law also needs the Wisdom of Jesus Christ. Poor nations people have darkened spirits, they worship demons. Africa is full of witchcraft.

The Africans won’t grow as nations if they do not take more responsibility on their own and not depend on the Western Christ nations to always give them hand outs. Nations like Nigeria are rich beyond means, the oil generates billions of dollars a year but where does this money go? Not to the masses but to the few ruling class. Zimbabwe used to be the food basket of Africa, now it’s as poor as a beggar. Africans lack faith in the true God. There are Africans who do believe and have faith in God but more are needed to counter the attack from Satan.

I was in Bali (in Indonesia) recently and saw the poverty but I also saw the peoples worship of demons. Most of the Balinese worship demons not the true supreme one God. Darkness pervades Bali and corruption is rife amongst the rulers.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE HEAVENLY HEAD – JESUS (the brains of the body)

February 7, 2018

In Christ we are washed clean, that includes our mind soul brain. Our brain is clean so our brain when fully clean can do It’s job. God enters the heart but God is also in the head in the brain. God uses the brain, and the brain uses us.

We are like in the heart and brain. Our human spirit is in the heart and our soul is in the brain. Very mysterious. How can we in two places at the same time. God is in two places, God is in the above, and He is also in our heart. God is the Father and Son above and below the head in the heart God is the Holy Spirit. God is three persons but one. It’s a mystery how God can be three persons. So we are flesh and spirit and soul. How can we relate to a three person God, we may get confused. Who are we taking to when we pray to God? So yes the brain is in charge just as the Father and Son above are in charge. The heavens rule. Confusing??? It might be. So we don’t use the Father and Son, the Father and Son want to use us. We let God in to our lives to be master ruler the boss. God sits up there too, not just in our heart.

If we don’t use our brains and our brains use us, how can we apply ourselves to learn skills and knowledge? God gives callings and gifts. These gifts in to the heart from above help us to do our calling. Most people do not find Gods calling, they do still have the gifts and so they use the gifts in a calling not their own. All God’s people have gifts. God’s people are many and include even many who are strayers and not in flocks.

God also gives intelligence. This is the ability to do the God calling. Most intelligent people are also not in Gods calling. Intelligence, the ability, can become the focus for people and so we get the intellectuals. Ability/intelligence is treated like an idol in this world.

In Christ we have the Headship of Christ. We are in the body of Christ. Christ is in the temple. We are a living temple. God does not live in man made structures.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


February 7, 2018


Excuse me!! language!!


You could connect with the brain more often.

And how do I do that?


Prayer connects you to to your brain?


And how?

God is above.

God above where?

Oh and you think connecting with God is connecting with what? the moon? Mars? Pluto? Maybe another galaxy? Is God on Mars now?

God is above.

And above in Spirit is where, Mars? Why do the astronauts and cosmonauts not report seeing God?

I pray to God.

You don’t even know where God is so how can you pray to Him?

I pray.

You pray but because you don’t know how to pray the Holy Spirit in the heart intercedes to God on your behalf.

God is in the heavens.

But Heaven is metaphorical, Heaven is meta, beyond the physical. Heaven is a mind (soul) set. Heaven is in Words. Heaven is real. Spirit is real. Soul is real. We do get a new body in the Second Coming of Christ. We carry heaven in us. The Kingdom of God is within. Emanuel, God with us, God within us. God does not live in physical buildings God lives in a temple. There is a temple above. We have a temple for God to live in. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. David was not talking about God up there on Mars. The enemies are put at the feet. Feet is of a body. Feet are David’s feet. The KING of God has God in him. So for a person to pray to God from the heart is to connect with the brain. To connect with the brain is to bring the body in to submission to the brain. The head rules. People who seldom pray seldom connect with the brain. We must have the brain in charge. God is the brains of the body the church. The church is not a good word to use now, I prefer using Body of Christ. Church has become full of human wisdom. Jesus said “I am in the Father and the Father is in me. See me you see the Father”. You can not see the Father God, no one has seen Him. You will die if you see God the Father. Prophets in the past have yearned to see God the Father. Moses even wanted to see God the Father. You don’t see God just as you don’t look directly at the sun. You get blinded by looking at the sun. God does show Himself in visions and dreams through His only begotten Son. Don’t believe people who say they have seen God the Father. God also reveals Himself through His Angels.

So where is heaven?

Heaven is above. If you are saved you are saved above.

What is saved?

Your soul. You rule with God in the heavens. We are in the world but not off the world. The world is at my feet. My head is above. My soul is saved. No university or school teaches the true wisdom of Jesus Christ. Teachers teach but they do not save the soul.

So pray often to engage the brain, use the brain often, don’t rule from the body.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Simple Solutions

February 7, 2018

We have this glass jar at home, it’s full of food. My wife asks me to open it. I try but to no avail. My wife tries and to no avail. It is too hard to open.

I think……

A scenario: I ask a man to open the jar. He tries. It does not open. He thinks “I am too weak to open the jar. I need to apply more strength”. The man applies all his strength to open the jar but no it does not open. The man thinks he’s failed because he is not strong enough.

I ask another man to open the jar. He tries. It does not open. He thinks “This jar is too complicated to open. I must think up complex ways to open this jar. I may need parallel thinking. I must think complex and thus solve this riddle of opening this jar”. The man thinks and thinks, trying to solve the riddle of opening the jar with a complex solution. The man gives up, the jar is far too complicated and complex and confusing for him. The man thinks he is dumb. “I am not intelligent enough”.

Another man a simple man comes along. But this man is not asked to open the jar. People think this man is too simple to understand how to open the jar. While the crowd are all mystified about the jar, the simple man eyes the jar, “what’s that in this jar it looks nice to eat”. The simple man looks at the jar and opens the jar. The crowd did not notice they are still talking amongst themselves about how complicated it is to open the jar. But there is one wise man of God who did see the simple man open the jar. The wise man catches up to the simple man who is walking off. “I saw you open the jar, how did you do it? No one else could open it”. “Simple” the simple man said “the opening instructions are on the bottom of the jar. I read these and opened the jar, it’s all simple to those who know and I knew because I read the instructions on how to know”.

The wise man of God considered……..

I am a thinker… to know God is simple but it’s only simple to those who know and to know God you must read the instructions. The Bible is our instruction manual on how to know God. But we must keep the instructions simple. The simple man read simple instructions on how to open the jar. Keep it simple. Keep all instructions simple no matter what we want to know. To know the supreme God keep it simple. God gives a simple instruction manual on how to know Him. The Bible is our simple instruction book. All truth is simple. Simple truth. The strong man used strength to try and open the jar but he thought he was weak because he could not open the jar. The intelligent man used his brawn to work out how to open the jar but he failed so he thought he was not clever. The simple man did not use strength or intellect but just followed instructions and he opened the jar, simple. It’s simple when you know. It’s simple when you know God. You don’t need to be highly intelligent or physically strong to know God. You don’t find God with intellect or strong muscles. God is found in simplicity. God does not weigh down your backs with intellectual burdens or work to know Him. God can be found if you are like children. Children are not weighed down with the worlds problems. When we come to God and are in His kingdom we are “In the world but not of the world”. The kingdom of God is not of this world. We are sojourners on this earth. We are on a journey passing through. If you say God is complicated then you do not know God. As i said the instruction book (Bible) on God is simple, why would God want souls to be saved in complexity? God is found in simplicity. God wants our souls. We preach the simple faith. Believe in the simple truth of the Bible.

So to Know God read the simple truth, the gospel truth, and learn. And have a relationship with God. How? Pray often to God and listen, you will perceive God.

To know anything made in this world read the instruction book. Every made thing has a maker. To know humans know the maker. The maker of things always has an instruction book on his creation. To know the creation read the instruction book and know the maker. Our maker is God. Man makes creation after creation. Mans creations have instruction booklets.

Who says “God is complicated”. Then you do not know God. In the knowing it’s simple. Just as opening the glass jar was truthfully simple. Don’t look for a complicated God, you won’t find him. Learn to keep everything simple. Start simple and become wise of God, not the wisdom of this world, that’s all buggery. Follow Jesus not man. Jesus is above, set your souls on the above. Be saved in soul above.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2018

We bring you live coverage of the Popes pilgrimage to heaven. I am Clive Brown from channel five and I am accompanying the Pope and his party. I will just fill you in with happenings so far. The Pope arrived at Kennedy Space Centre earlier on today at exactly 2pm. Crowds lined the road from the airport. People carried placards with writings “The Pope goes to heaven”. We are now suiting ourselves up. The Pope has a special suit made all in white. The Cardinals in the entourage are suited in red. We are a party of total 10. I am the only reporter. The Pope is saying something. He asks to make a prayer. The Pope is now going to deliver an doxology. This is live. “Dear God we praise you, we love you, you are all mighty. God we are so glad to be able to have the opportunity to go to heaven to see you. Please God show yourself to us in heaven. Amen”. We are now being escorted on to the space ship. A few minutes now to launch. We are all in our seats. Reception will be cut off during the initial take off. The Pope looks calm. Launch in 2 minutes. (Reception is cut off for 10 minutes). Back again. We are live from the space ship Odyssey. The Pope is talking. “Gentleman we are very privileged to go to heaven, soon we hope to see God, surely God will reveal himself to me, I am the Pope the first shepherd”. We are going at a great speed, we are in the heavens we will see God and his angels. The Pope is in quiet prayer. We are at any moment expecting to see God. We are carrying the top earthly representative of God and surely God will reveal himself to his top man on earth. There is a deep quiet. I am the only one talking. We are waiting for God. We are in the heavens. We should see God at any moment.

The Editor: God is in Spirit. God teaches us in Spirit. We human are in spirit, we are a human spirit. God teaches our human spirit spiritual truths. Understanding from God comes spiritual. Wisdom of God is a Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom. Some call the Spirit of Wisdom the Holy Spirit of Wisdom. There are many Spiritual gifts from God, from above, gifts come in spiritual form, these gifts come through the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit gifts are sometimes called the charisma gifts. There are gifts from God that come through Jesus Christ and there are gifts that come through the Holy Spirit.

The Editor: Gods understanding comes to us in spiritual knowledge. We listen and learn in our human spirit. Our soul in our head learns from this spiritual knowledge. Heaven is learnt in spiritual knowing. Hell is also learnt in spiritual knowing. We do not base our God understanding on the physical. The Father God is invisible. We learn to have a relationship with the invisible Father God. Jesus Christ came physical to lead us to the invisible Father God. True understanding of God is not about the physical. The physical dies out. Physical tires, loses its energy and dies. The physical heavens all die out eventually but the spiritual heavens go on for eternity. We are human spirit and we learn spiritual knowledge. Salvation of the soul is to learn from God Spiritual knowledge. The physical heavens won’t save the soul. Mortal dies. Physical is mortal. What God does promise for the ELECT is an immortal body. Our mortal bodies become immortal bodies.

The Editor: Heaven is spiritual. Heaven is not physical. Heaven is to be learnt by the human spirit and soul not by the human flesh and bone. Heaven is above but above to the human spirit. God sends His Holy Spirit into our hearts to teach us the truth. All is revealed. The Holy Spirit is yoked with our human spirit in our hearts. We learn that God is above, but not above literally as in above physically, heaven is above metaphorically.

The Editor: The Pope and his cardinals will not see God and his angels up in the physical heavens. Why have religious leaders not gone up in space ships? It’s obvious to even religious leaders that they won’t see God if they go up into the physical heavens. It’s a fools errand to go up there, as up there in the literal (physically), to see God. Religious leaders don’t look through telescopes hoping to see God up there. So the Pope is not booked on a spaceship to the physical heavens to see God, such would look stupid.

The Editor: True wisdom of God is spiritual. God teaches us metaphorically. The Father God is invisible. The visible Jesus leads us to the invisible Father God. The invisible made the visible. All physical will die. The physical heavens will eventually wrap up like a scroll folding up. We the ELECT will live on. We will be like the angels. We will have new immortal bodies. Jesus was given a new body, God can do anything. Jesus lives in an immortal body and so will we the elect.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray (Writer and Editor)

Listen to Jesus Christ

January 26, 2018

Having the soul mind of Jesus Christ is being clever. We are dumb and foolish apart from Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the brains. Let Jesus be your head. Your body needs to obey the Jesus head brain. Jesus is above. God is above. God is the Father and Jesus Christ. The Father God and Son God above. You are essentially a human spirit, you die to your old sinful flesh nature in your heart and you yoke your human spirit in your heart with the Holy Spirit in your heart. But do you have the Holy Spirit? If you do do not grieve Him. The Holy Spirit comes from above, both The Father and the Son Jesus can give the Holy Spirit; is that right? Or does only the Father God give the Holy Spirit. The headship of God is mandatory to a saved soul. The soul is saved by truth. The truth of God sets you free. You are free from lies. The truth of God saves the soul. The Holy Spirit takes what truth it learns and imparts it to you. If God has chosen you, the Father God will draw you to His Son Jesus and Jesus will reveal the Father. The Father is always invisible so you won’t see Him but you will know him through Jesus. READ the BIBLE. Nothing that is hidden will stay hidden. The light searches all. The truth will come out. The light overcomes the darkness and eventually the body will be full of light and the eyes of the body will be sound and crystal clear. No body can out wit God. God is supreme.

Those who refute Jesus Christ as God the Son are living a lie. They are NOT of the truth. READ the BIBLE. And beware the leaven of the Pharisees. The Pharisees love getting glory from people. The Pharisees love the important seats in the assembly. The Pharisees love titles before their names and letters after their names. The Pharisees stand at the door to heaven and teach/preach that to go through this door is wrong. Jesus is that door. Jesus is the door to eternal life. Jesus is God the Son and the Pharisees say that Jesus spoke blasphemy. Jesus enemies were not Pilate the Governor nor the Roman soldiers, Jesus enemies were supposably his own people. The Pharisees hated Jesus. We have Pharisaical minded people in our church buildings, in our communities, all over.

Jesus is the door to heaven. Don’t listen to any persons who deny Jesus is that door, the deniers were not sent by God, they are false prophets, they were not called by God. Keep away from these false prophets. They claim to see and hear so they are without excuse. It’s the blind and deaf that have excuse. READ the BIBLE.

The Bible is to read both metaphorically and literally. But because we are human spirit and soul God teaches us mostly metaphorically. God is trying to teach the spirit and soul. So we are to try and detach ourselves from the physical and learn from the invisible. It’s the invisible that made the visible. God the Father is invisible. Jesus came down from heaven and became physical human and He returned to heaven physical human. We will see Jesus Christ when we go to heaven but the Father God is invisible. God gives us a new body in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We will then be like the Angels. Heaven is all around then.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 18, 2018

I am a thinker. I like to think I am a free thinker. What made me free? I like to think that the truth made me free. Whose truth? Of course Gods truth. “The truth sets you free” (Holy Bible). And God uses Jesus Christ to set us free. Jesus is ALL truth. Why do we need to be set free? Satan rules this world, Satan is the prince of this world. The saved of God are saved from this world. The saved are the ELECT. The ELECT are in this world and not off this world.

The last few days I have been in reflection. I have had a friend stay for a few days. The reflection comes and goes. My thoughts come and go, they often get stirred up, the thoughts come to a head and I get the urge to preach. My platform to preach is over the Internet. I am not one to prattle off sermons to a caged in audience in a so called church building, a church just in name, when the real church is the body. The body of Christ is the real church. I write, I speak and the living words do the rest. Words live. The body has ears, we the ELECT are all parts of that body of Christ. Words travel objectively and subjectively, words travel out there and in here. I am a Minister, I have a Ministry, not in the ways of the church building type of church Ministry but as a Wisdom of Christ type of Ministry. I don’t heed to human wisdom. I detest humanism. I hate humanism.

Here I am reflecting and I have a friend staying. I discern my friend, call him Bob (not his real name), is a fundamentalist Christian. Nothing new to me but in my thinking Bobs fundamentalism was grating on my thoughts. Hey I don’t need converting again. Bob maybe praying. I don’t need fundamentalism thinking; I was involved in it for years in the past and was glad to eventually get it out of my hair. So what reflections did I gleam from my friends fundamentalism?

Pentecostalism is fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is about just the fundamentals, the basics in other words. They don’t get passed base one. It’s immature thinking. Young people like this thinking. Pentecostalism is about the heart and not the mind. The mind is the soul. You don’t speak to Pentecostals about conversion, they are about ‘born again’. Conversion is about the soul. The soul is about the mind. The soul is about the head. The head does not rule for Pentecostals, the heart rules for them. Why do Pentecostals see the heart as the ruling part? My guess is it is because a lot of Pentecostals speak in tongues. Tongues a spiritual gift, a gift of the Holy Spirit. Pentecostals think that the tongues gift is a sign that the heart rules, the tongues gift is a Spiritual gift in the heart. There are many Holy Spirit gifts, what some call the charisma gifts. We get the Christian Charismatic churches. God gives the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes from above. The Holy Spirit has many charisma gifts. But gifts do not rule the body. Gifts are not in charge. Spiritual gifts help the body. The head rules the body. The head has the brains. The Traditional Church people are known to use their brains more than the Pentecostal Church people. Traditional Church people do not rely so much on Spiritual gifts in the heart like tongues. Not everyone is given the gift of tongues. So we get the Pentecostals thinking the heart rules the body because they have the gift of tongues and tongues to these people is their sign that they are saved. Saved of what though? Saved soul? The soul is in the head not in the heart, the human spirit is in the heart. We convert the soul in the head, the soul is saved by the knowledge of God. This knowledge of salvation is not human wisdom (humanism). Christ saves, Christ is God’s wisdom. The soul is saved, the soul is saved above. Spiritual knowledge comes to our human spirit. Our human spirit is yoked (metaphor) to the Holy Spirit. But we need God’s Spiritual knowledge to get saved, not mans or Satan’s knowledge. The soul is converted from Spirit. The soul is converted from within. God’s Holy Spirit leads us to freedom. We want to be free thinkers. The head rules the body, the heart does not rule the body. The Holy Spirit is our helper in our heart in our body, the Father God and Jesus Christ Son God rule from above. The God Head is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Head rules. But how can the Holy Spirit rule when it is in the heart? The Holy Spirit comes from the Father or Son above. The Holy Spirit lets the Head rule, that’s the Father and Son but the Holy Spirit is God’s direct connection to the body. The Head always should rule. The Father God is honoured more than the Son Jesus. Jesus honours the Father, the Son honours the Father. The soul is saved above by the saved message from Jesus. The Holy Spirit is very subtle, He passes on to us what He learns.

Gifts don’t rule, the brains rule, we must be mature thinkers in converted souls, the soul is saved in heaven, heaven is made by God, the light is above, the light is also in God Spirit.

I have reflected for 38 years as a Christian (I am 62 yrs old now). I never spoke up much in the past about my reflections, it’s only in the past years that I have spoken up (in my case written). I have had many reflections in 38 years. I still mull over reflections I have had in the past. My reflections on this page are not overall new, I have churned over such like in the past, maybe same reflections churned over many times. In the past I suppose I was scared to speak up (write up). We have a very non caring world and as one recent respondent commented to me, “No one cares what you (me) write, you are a mad man”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 18, 2018

Dad was a free thinker. Dad was an opened minded person. Dad was a thinker. Dad once told me he was enlightened. So did this mean Dad had an enlightened soul?

I used to fellowship with fundamentalist Christians. We were all young and we thought we knew it all. The older people knew nothing to us, we had God, we were the chosen. Okay we were the chosen but our attitude stunk of bigotry. We were religious zealots. We had religious zeal and thought we were always right.

I eventually left fundamentalism. I mean everything comes to a head, and it was coming to a head to me, my life was coming to a head. A head means forward and the head is above, so it was forward to above, above the body. The head rules the body, the head has the brains. But my former fundamentalist friends and peers seemed to have not come to a head, some may have but for a lot coming to a head did not happen; why did they not come to a head? When we cook or heat, the heat rises, the froth rises, we get a head on a beer when poured, things go up that is natural, heat makes things go up. So when God heats us up with His Spirit we too go up. We have a fire in our heart, a spiritual fire. Smoke goes up. Jesus went up. Jesus rose. The soul finds that it is in the head, up. Immature Christianity is staying with the fundamentals and not realising a risen soul in head.

Dad told me that fundamentalism is immature.

I used to be immature. We all start immature. But we move ahead (Head), we move away from our reliance on our body to reliance on our head. We use our brains. God is our brains. God uses our brains. Pentecostals are fundamentalists, they hate leading from the soul. So does that mean the soul is in the head? Obviously so. So the head does not rule for the Pentecostals. If the head does not rule then the brains do not rule, ha? What does rule for the Pentecostals? The heart? They will say the Holy Spirit rules. To my knowing the Holy Spirit comes down from the God head in to the heart. The Father God and Son God in the Head send the Holy Spirit in to the heart. So the Pentecostals have the Holy Spirit ruling from the heart, not from the stomach as some might think, the guts do not rule. Is it natural for the heart to rule? Does the heart have brains? Not to my knowledge, I mean Pentecostals are clever, well they think they are; I used to mix with them and they knew everything about God, or they thought they did; and are not Pentecostals full of religious zeal that borders on bigotry.

Fundamentalism is a young people’s organisation. The Pentecostals are mostly young people. The Pentecostals are young and immature. And they are bigots, they think they know Gods understanding.

Does the Holy Spirit rule? And rule what? Why did God send the Holy Spirit in to the elects hearts? Why do Pentecostals emphasise the Holy Spirit over God the Father and God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Does the the Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ rule from above? Not so to the Pentecostals. To the Pentecostals the Holy Spirit rules all. I thought the Holy Spirit was sent from above to help us in human spirit in this world. But helping and ruling can be two different things. Yes the Holy Spirit can rule but in my books the Holy Spirit gives honour to the Father and His Son. And the Son Jesus gives honour to the Father God. The Holy Spirit even prays to the Father God above. The Father God and Son God rule from above. If we are soul above and are saved and are free from the spirits of this world, all spirits are like a foot stool at our feet, we reign with Christ above, does that mean our soul reigns with Christ? What does our saved soul do in its salvation? The Pentecostal yells “You are a soulish Christian, we are Spiritual Christians”. So I am a man of the mind not the heart. The mind is where the soul is. The mind with the soul is in the head. The soul is in the brain area. A soulish Christian to a Pentecostal is wrong, it’s akin to evil.

What makes the Pentecostal Christian think he or she is Spiritual? Pentecostals are for the Charismatic gifts. Many Pentecostals speak in the gift of tongues. Pentecostals think that to speak in tongues, having that gift, means they are saved. Pentecostals those who speak in tongues even think that all peoples who do not have the speaking in tongues gift are not saved by God. So we get bigotry here. Bigotry leads to arrogance, such leads to pride and pride leads to a fall. Adam and Eve had a fall. Fall in grace. Jesus restores our grace.

Pentecostals don’t like using the word “Conversion”. Pentecostals won’t speak or write about the conversion of the soul. The Pentecostals are about “born again”. And what is “born again’? Who understands born again. To me born again is about spirit not soul. I thought Jesus saved the soul not saved the human spirit. On our death the human spirit, a person spirit, a God given spirit, the spark of our life, lives in the heart, comes from above, goes back to God, is it used again I don’t know, but the soul is us in thoughts and in soul we the saved live for eternity. It’s essentially about WORDS. We live on in Words. Words are what we use in soul. Words save our souls. God is essentially in WORDS. We think in words in our soul. We think in words for eternity. In our new state in the Second Coming of Christ we transcend our physical body and all physical. The next life is in a new state, we transcend to the new state. We are still alive in the next life, we are like the Angels, but we are more than Angels, we are children sons and daughters of the Supreme God. Angels are not children of God, Angels are ministering spirits. Angels are servants of God.

Apostle Paul warned Christians about the charisma gifts; he said it is better to speak prophecy than to speak in tongues. Paul emphasised that to uplift the mind (soul) with words is better than speaking in tongues that just edifies the tongue speaker and not others. Paul though did say that it was ok to speak in tongues but it was better to have an interpretation of the tongues to edify others. To be honest I find tongues annoys my mind/soul; why? Because I can not understand what is being said. Tongues does not help me. I prefer not to listen to tongues. Then again Pentecostals with the gift of tongues might find all my writings annoying to them. Do they find me all just blah blah blah? Even if Pentecostals do find my writings annoying I won’t stop writing. Why are Pentecostals so fixated on spiritual rather than the soul? Most speak in tongues and they think speaking in tongues is the Holy Spirit and is a sign that they are saved. We are not saved according to them, we the non speakers in tongues. So there’s bigotry on behalf of Pentecostals.

I was called a Chief Prophet. “Blah blah blah” people might say. “You witness according to your own self, what qualification do you have to say you are a Prophet? What authority gave you the right to call yourself a Prophet”? Jesus was also accused by the religious of his time as witnessing for himself. Jesus said to these religious “I witness and I have another witness my Father”. Then the religious accused Jesus of blasphemy “How dare you call yourself the Son of God”.

So prophecy is good for the edifying of the body of Christ whereas the gift of speaking in tongues is only good for edifying the speaker unless they have an interpretation of the tongues. I prefer prophecy by far.

So if I am a true Prophet of God I have my witness in God above. I like to think I am a Wise Prophet. Fear God. God punishes those who He loves, He hopes by punishing they the offender will turn from his her foolishness. So if God punishes you be glad, just be thankful that you are not punished for doing good, because Evil hates good and God never punishes you if you do good. Use your head, use your brain, use your senses in your head, do not rely on feelings too much. Don’t think that gifts will save you. Gifts are for helping. Jesus saves, Jesus is the head.

A Prophet is a SEER. He or she sees.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 18, 2018

Head first and the body follows.

So true. The head is first and the body second not the other way around.

But people abuse the head. The body abuses the head. And with this we can get mental illness.

People grow up forsaking the heads health to work on body health. It’s about the gym and working out. It’s about nutritional food for the body. But what about the head?

What about the head?

We need good mental health (the head) as well as good body health and the heads health should come first. It’s not body first, it’s head first. So to go in to any task you go head first not body first.

Don’t abuse the head. Don’t abuse the mind in the head. Don’t abuse the soul in the mind in the head.

Mental health can be about abuse. Abuse or not abuse.

Mental health is about a healthy mind. The soul is in the mind. We want a healthy soul. Mind and soul is in the head.

To have a healthy soul be converted in to a Christ soul. Let the WORDS of Jesus Christ convert the soul. Give up on your old sinful self and be a Christ self. A new self. Soul is self. We die to our old nature the sinful nature to live new lives in Christ. Christ never sinned and never sins. Christ is the light. We want light, don’t we? We don’t want darkened souls. Satan works in the dark. Resist Satan and he will flee.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 18, 2018

The ship is grand, it is no small ship yet it is not as big as many of the ships now cruising the oceans. This ship is a lady, an old one in her 50’s to 60’s and elegant. Angelina and I turned up at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal with much time to spare.

This Terminal is large. This Terminal looks vintage old but functional. I had read other people’s reviews of this terminal and most reviewers chastised this terminal as old and out dated, something reeking of 1950’s and past its use by date. Okay these reviewers have a point, a point in relation to terminals in other countries, yes the terminal has seen better days and it would be good to see a revamped terminal. For one, more shops would be nice. One cafe in the terminal and no other shops looks bad on paper. But what is a terminal really about? Getting on the ship, but before embarking its filling in a few forms. But why buy drinks and food at the terminal, we were going to be on the ship soon. We filled in our forms and were soon on the ship. One last check, we walked through a scanner, had a pat down, yes the buzzer went for me, but not for others. Yes it was embarrassing getting a pat down, I felt like I was picked out, but I meekly submitted and moved on. We were led in to a restaurant, wow, it is modern looking, the food was very good, the service of the waiters was very good. Soon lunch finished and we waited a short time and then we were allowed to go to our cabins. On entering our cabin Angelina and I were wow and I mean wow, the cabin is superb. We had a premium suite ocean view. And I mean suite. The room I could find few faults. The room allured of elegance. There was a large double bed, a ensuite with shower, toilet and basin. The ensuite was like a modern hotel bathroom. Provided were towels (four), flannels, shampoo, body wash. What really appealed was the two big floor to ceiling glass windows, wow what good viewing. The suite was not small. We had a sofa and two lounge chairs, and a coffee table. It is quite spacious this cabin. We are very satisfied with this cabin. And to top it off the cabin was in the middle of the ship, and I mean the middle. We wanted a middle cabin because we had been told that the middle is where you feel less ship motion. We could not have been better accommodated. My first two days I loved looking at the ocean, it was like I was mesmerised by looking at the waters. Did I get sea sick? No at least not up to day six when I wrote this. I did feel like a bit fuzzy in the head but it was really nothing, and when I looked at the ocean I felt better grounded. The other thing that made me feel grounded was food. Food made you grounded??? Yes. I know it sounds unbelievable to say food grounds me on a moving ship, most people will say food contributes to sea sickness but with me on this voyage no. Angelina felt the ships motion a bit but nothing to write home about. Out of Fremantle the swell was minor but later and that’s soon later the swell was negligible. And today on day six, the swell is even less negligible, it’s like smooth water. We are fortunate to have smooth seas. No rains, little wind, sunny days, little cloud so far. Bali tomorrow. We arrive at the port of Benoa in Bali in the early morning of the seventh day. We stay for a whole day and leave at about mid night. There are shops on board ship but the costs of the merchandise are very expensive. I don’t shop on board. Angelina though was tempted and succumbed, she bought chocolate, a small hand bag, some tanning lotion, iced coffee, wine. What she bought on board can be bought for a few dollars in Bali while she paid big on board. Our Australian money in Bali goes a very long way. But on board you have to be very gullible or very rich to buy. The fare for our cruise included food at the two main restaurants. Tea and coffee and juices and water was also included. One restaurant is open all day and in the evening for coffee and tea at no extra cost. You can get away with not buying on board. Alcohol is another question. Alcohol is not included in your fare. But you can buy a drinks package. Drink as much alcohol as you like for a few hundred dollars. I don’t know the amount of money, I am not interested in knowing the amount. I hardly drink alcohol so I don’t go there. Angelina has been having a glass of wine with dinners. Not me. Because Angelina and I have not got a drinks package we are charged for our drinks by the glass or bottle as we go along. We are given a ship account and we are charged to our ship account. We carry no cash or bank cards with us while we move about the ship, such are kept in our cabin safe. Every item purchased on ship is charged to our account. We have a joint account, and at the end of the voyage all charges are totalled and taken out of my bank debit card (master card). We gave the ship my bank card number and the total sum is automatically taken out at the end. Each time we purchase, say alcohol, the waiter gets us to sign a recipe and we get a copy. This means we can check our receipts against the invoice at the end of the voyage. On embarking on the ship we were given an ID card. This card is presented each time we buy on the ship, the card is scanned each time we buy, I think the scanning is linked to a computer. Drinks packages are good for the hard drinkers, those who can not keep out of the ships bars. I don’t go on trips to drink alcohol. I have other ways of unwinding down. I like quiet for example. Quiet gives me the peace I crave for. I like time out, time out from people and noise, I am not lonely, I have a wife, I don’t need to seek out other people to interact with to fill a void in my heart. I like being in my big cabin and just relax in the provided bath robe, lie stretched out in the sofa, look at the ocean through the large big windows, read a book, or pray, reflect and meditate. I don’t always just relax in my cabin, I do talk to some people but I don’t make a habit of it, I am scared people will bite. You know the saying “once bitten twice shy” and I have been shy most of my life, especially in my younger life, so I must have been bitten much in my younger years. Now I am a chosen one. Not chosen by people but chosen by God. Bite me bite God. But I am no terror in my new exalted state. Our cabin is cleaned and tidied twice a day, once in the morning and later again in the late afternoon. The beds are made, dirty linen changed, towels changed, it seems like even the cabin is vacuumed but I do not know, but the cleans twice each day are thorough cleans. Each day the cabin is sparkling new again. The staff on this ship work hard, the work is efficient and of a good standard. There is a Wellness Centre on the ship. Angelina has booked a hair cut style etc for next week. This cruise has two formal nights. It’s a chance to dress up. Men long pants, shoes, jackets and business shirts. Angelina has her hair appointment on the day of the next formal night. For Angelina the cost is $80 (wash cut and blow dry). If I had a haircut it would cost $16. I just have a number two cut all over. Costs are charged to our on board account. There are two swimming pools on board but we don’t go in them. We leave such activities to the more water sported people. For the preparation of this cruise I was a novice at what clothes etc to bring. I thought the males would be wearing their best clothes a lot but no the main thing is wearing shorts. The weather is warm to hot. Wear light clothes. Sandals or flip flops. On formal nights even jackets and ties are rarely seen. I dressed up in jacket, shirt and long pants. The bar line for formal nights is no shorts or flip flops, that’s the red line otherwise you don’t really have to dress up. Who wants to come with big suit cases. The women are more inclined to dress up more on formal nights. Men can dress up to the nines but remember you have to cart all your clothes on to the ship and off again. Okay portage (included in fare) takes your luggage from the port terminal to the cabin and off again but the key is travel light. There was hardly one man’s suit in the whole ship. I saw only a few men wearing suits. I am so glad now that I took my suit out of my suit case before I came. I did initially pack my suit. Suits take a lot of room. I also had put two jackets in my suit case but I took one out so I only brought the one jacket. I am so glad for that too. Ten nights cruising with one jacket for men is enough. Most males just move around in shorts, flip flops and tea shirts. It’s very casual. There are two main restaurants, one is easy going you can wear shorts and flip flops, the other restaurant you dress up a bit more, the criteria is covered shoes and long pants for the males, with a shirt of course (but this is only for dinner evening meal, for breakfast and lunch its causal wear). No one dresses to impress, it’s quite unpretentious. There’s no competition in what people are wearing. This ship is an old lady, most people are in the more mature age, not all mind you, we have our young set, but the older people outnumber the younger set. Old people seem less pretentious in their wear, they have been there done that so they have wizened up. Young people are about the body more and looks. Every night there is a show entertainment in the large Astor Lounge. This lounge has seating and small tables for many people. This ship can take up to 600 passengers. Tonight they say we are having a Russian theme in the entertainment. The last nights we have had singing, dancing and quizzes. A band also plays at times and people can dance. This is not disco music; disco is in a bar where people can congregate until they are tired and have to retire. I don’t go to the bars to drink. Angelina joined a few ladies last night and they went on the town. I was in bed when she came home (our cabin), I think it was 10.30pm when she got home. She spoke of people dancing in the bar. She said it was not just the young people disco dancing the old people were also letting their hair down. But I like my quiet and peace, music and dancing are not for me. Angelina likes it. We have three bars on this ship. These bars are open late I mean late.

I became vexed today. A vexation in my heart is normal to me, vexations come and they go, but vexing is annoying and I lose my peace, but all is not lost all vexing ends soon or or a bit later, nothing lasts in this world. So why should I be vexed this time? I went to a ship bar. My first drink on the cruise, a middy shandy. I sat there for ages sipping gradually on my drink. After drinking a few gulps my head noticed the effect of the alcohol. It was like a sedated feeling. Yes I have drunk alcohol in the past. But in the last quite a few years I have seldom touched alcohol. I used to drink alcohol in good measure when I was a young adult, just social drinking, maybe a few pints a week, that’s all. But that was a very long time ago. If I drink alcohol now I tend to drink a shandy, half lemonade half beer. And I prefer the low strength beer. After about quarter way through my shandy thoughts came to me, inspired thoughts. Maybe call it discernment. Were the thoughts to do with my vexed state? I don’t know but there may possibly be a link. The ship I am on has links to Russia. A number of crew are I think Russian. The ship used to be Russian owned. Who owns the ship now is up to conjecture, people say the ship is now owned by Germans but who knows, ships are registered in tax haven nations. The Astor is registered in Nassau in the Bahamas. But let’s go with the latest, the Astor is German owned. My thoughts now. I in my inspiration was thinking of communism. In my thoughts in reflection I thought what is Jesus’ will here on communism. The thoughts went as so – Jesus is not a communist or a capitalist. Jesus is EVEN. Jesus is not left or right political thinking as man thinks. Jesus is FREEWILL. So Jesus is about man working and accumulating wealth. That’s ok. You might say “then Jesus is a capitalist”. I have not finished. Jesus says yes accumulate wealth but share your wealth with those who have less wealth. It’s about EVEN. Jesus says Even is about sharing so everyone gets enough; everyone has equal amount. But you might say that that is communism. No it’s not. Because Jesus says “man must have FREEWILL”. Man shares only with FREEWILL. Man is not forced to share or give. Communism is not about freewill. Communism forces sharing. Communism is about people living in collectives and sharing. Man in communism forces people in to collectives. God is about collective but not in the way man has collectives. God has collective conscious. Collective conscious has to be free to be in Gods will. Communism forces and controls collective consciousness. God does not force or control collective consciousness. Man is given FREEWILL to think as he she wants. Communism is man made. Capitalism is man made. The Christian churches in some ways try to share their wealth. Members of the church’s give to the church and the church gives to the less fortunate. But this church sharing is no way on the scale that God wants. The Christian churches are trying to be even and share their wealth but most church members are capitalist. These church members do accumulate wealth, that is ok, but greed is a big factor. A lot of church members live in palaces when even members of their own congregations are living in sub standard accommodation. But God has given us FREEWILL. We want FREEWILL, we want to be free thinkers, we don’t want man controlling our thoughts. Communism is not about FREEWILL so communism is wrong. Capitalism is more or less FREEWILL but man is selfish and does not give. So do I share my wealth? Hey I am just sharing what I have learned. Most of my life I have had little. The church did help me for a time but not in my former years. Now I have enough and am provided for. I do share my wisdom, and my wisdom I do not think is my own, my wisdom comes from above and I freely share it. I have had not much money to share, I have some now in my old age. So freewill is mandatory to Gods thinking. We must be free thinkers. God is about sharing, giving. Man is innately selfish, it’s about me me me. Then we get selfish relationships, selfish sex. The Christian church did begin right in sharing. Peter the first church leader taught the church members to share so that everyone would have enough. But now many church members live in great contrast to other church members. Take for example my life, I when younger lived like a poor man compared to many other church members. My family helped me out, I mean my parents, and now I live like a king. Church is selfish. It’s more about how to pay for a new church roof than help the poorer people in the church congregation. Capitalism is partly right as is communism is partly right but both fall short. God is about EVEN. And the body of Christ should be about EVEN. Each part of the body of Christ should be equally blessed as every other part and if one part of the body has more than it needs this part shares its abundance with the other members who do not have their needs. So the Christian church is falling short of Gods will. God’s will starts with the body of Christ, not about buildings and paying for new church building roofs. Forget buildings remember people’s needs. The church should be the body of Christ a real living body, not brick and mortar and wood. So church members go without while other church members are stuffing themselves. Angelina said yesterday that “We have the good life” we are on a ship cruise, the ship is elegant, the food is abundant and good, the drinks flow, our cabin is luxurious and large, we are pampered by the staff. Yes I have the good life but it has not always been like this. We are monied up now but I think I deserve it. It is late now at night. It does not feel like we are on a ocean. We could be in a train, it’s so smooth. I do though hear a ships hum. We will be in Bali tomorrow at about 8am. I expect to get on wifi in Bali. Maybe free wifi in a hotel or at the port passenger terminal. During the cruise I have not been on Internet. All internet while at sea is by the ships satellite connection and costs heaps to use. It is far too expensive to use Internet or wifi on board by satellite. No one or few use the ships wifi/internet. It’s a good excuse to be quiet so put ones iPads and mobile phones in the cabin safe like I do.

Back to the alcohol. I don’t sleep well with alcohol in my system. I stay awake. It’s like a demon bothering me. I wait until the effects of the alcohol wear off before I sleep. My brain has to be conscious to be ready for sleep. Sleep is not death. We sleep but the brain still helps the body. We must have aware brains even while we sleep otherwise any bad words can take us over. It’s like been tied or asleep and others can do with you as they will. The brain is in the head and the head protects us. We don’t want to wake up in the morning feeling we were bashed or raped. A brain with the mind of Christ is a good defence. Does God sleep? I don’t know. God is in the heart, yes, but God is also above. We don’t have a Godless head. The head is always in charge. The body does not rule.

Day eight now. Day seven we spent in Bali. The ship docked at Benoa Port (Bali) at about 8am. The ship departed Benoa Port for the return to Fremantle at about 12 midnight. Angelina and I bused to Kuta. The bus trip took about half an hour. We chose Kuta because we have heard on the news of its shopping attraction. The air was very humid. Soon it became sticky, it felt uncomfortable. Fortunately the bus was air conditioned. We were delivered to the heart of Kuta to the Discovery shopping centre. Hawkers soon descended on us, they were all over us. They were annoying. We followed one hawker to his shop, he insisted. This hawker was so insistent that it soon felt like we were bullied. Angelina was wanting to cool his feelings by buying his merchandise but I thought the goods were rubbish. I was all for getting out of the shop but the hawker got noisy. We left. The goods were low quality and cost too much. We went to a shopping mall. The department stores were expensive for the quality of the goods. I surmised that you can get better quality goods in Australia for a better price. I think the goods sold in Kuta were like what we in Perth can buy for the same price if not cheaper from Red Dot and Reject stores. The goods in Kuta were no bargain. Now a days in Perth you can buy all this low quality merchandise made in Asia for cheap prices. These low quality goods are exported from Asia to the West in the tons each day and is really cheap. You don’t need to go to Asia to get cheap goods. Asia floods the West with cheap goods. So Kuta shopping did not impress me. I did notice that the quality of life is cheaper in Bali. People in Bali are poorer than in Australia. The people and buildings and infrastructure look poor. The place actually looks squalid. The humidity makes one very uncomfortable, oh yes Perth can get humid but not like this. And the traffic, cars, motor bikes, so many, it is even difficult to cross the street, so many vehicles. People every where. We stayed in Kuta for about 4 hours and was glad to get back on the bus to take us back to the port. Before the cruise we booked the return bus through the cruise line. There are a number of excursions you can pre book. We thought it safer to go with a bus booked through the cruise company than get a taxi. We don’t know Bali. If we go again to Bali we might just get taxis. But we might not go back to Bali because it did not thrill us one bit. Speaking to people over breakfast this morning we were told that it is quieter and better in other places in Bali. Yes Kuta was noisy. Getting back to the ship was like returning home. Home to our comfortable and cool cabin. On returning it was go to afternoon tea, eat and drink (it’s like another meal) then go to my cabin and have a shower. It rained, I mean bucketed down when I got back to the port terminal. The terminal has free wifi so I contacted people by messenger. When I tried free wifi in the Bali shopping centres I had no luck. Here I was on the ship. I reminisced how blessed I was to live in Perth. I thought I was blessed to live first in New Zealand and then in Australia. Society is so different between Asian and the West. Asian is so much poorer. I like the Western living. The West to me is based on the teachings of God through Jesus Christ. Jesus says “The Government rests on my shoulders” or something of that thinking. In Asia Governments do not rest on Jesus shoulders. Asian authority to me can not be trusted. It is the wet season in Bali now, it’s hot but it also rains, it pours. We bought a few things. We walked in to a shop in Bali, small shops are everywhere, I bought a watch, we bought some clothes, a lady shop assistance was all over us, first she painted some of Angelina’s finger nails with small flowers, she cut my toe nails, she brushed of my skin off my feet heels. But I liked this shop owner and his assistant, they did not bully or insist too much. The watch I was pleased with. You bargain. You don’t take the first price they say, you haggle over the price. We did not eat and drink in Bali. We took bottled water from the ship and bottled water was given out on the bus. I do not trust the food and drink in Bali.

We are now back in to the usual ship routine. It is a day after Bali. At breakfast I noticed the noise. The noise on our first journey of our cruise Fremantle to Bali seemed ok but now I notice the noise. We took on many new passengers in Bali. It seems we took on a bogan set. Not that we had no bogans on the way out. Now the bogans are more noticeable, the tattoos, the singlets, the noisy chatter. At least I have not heard them swearing. I guess the bars will be inundated with these new passengers. Bogans and alcohol go together like a knife goes with a fork. A bogan in his singlet, tattoos over his arms, drinking beer and loud talking – this is the fair dinkim male bogan Aussie. He has his sheila bogan (his partner) next to him, she also has a few tattoos, she also talks loud. It seems Bali attracts the Australian bogans.

The sea is still mainly smooth with a slight swell. It’s nice and cool in the ship. Outside though is different, it’s very humid. The sun is not as bright as days earlier. It’s so good that I have not got sea sick. This is my first cruise and everything is A1 on the ship. Only Bali was the down turn. Cruising is good. This morning i filled in a laundry form. There is no self service laundry on board ship. The crew wash, iron or dry clean, but for a charge, charged to your on board account. A male polo shirt will cost say $3.50, male trousers say $5.50. This is washed and ironed and will be delivered to your cabin the next day. There is a quick same day service for an extra charge (50% again of the total). Some passenger families include young children. But children are far and few between. Infants number very few, maybe one or two. Teenagers are few too, they number about twenty. Most of the passengers are more mature. I like the ship having an older age group. I am old. Noisy children running around is not my scene. I love quiet.

I had a thought just now. This thought I have had at other times through this sea voyage. Chapel. There is no chapel on board ship. This makes me think the shipping line does not put any importance on spiritual matters. The human spirit can not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Human spirit has no credibility on board, it’s more about the human flesh. The flesh is catered for, food is abundant and liquids flows. The Wellness Centre on board caters for relaxing the flesh – sauna, pool (both included in fare), hair done, nails done, massages (charged to your onboard account). But spirit and soul are not catered for. Oh yes there is a library on board. There is also a gideon bible in the cabin. The bible is important and I use it daily. I did not bring a bible, see I often just read the bible off the Internet and I did not take in to consideration that the Internet on board ship is too expensive. Before the cruise I could find no information on this ships onboard Internet charges. So at least I have a bible. But no prayer room on board ship. It should not just be about the flesh. Human spirit and soul are a priority and not to be given second shift to the flesh. We unwind yes when we are on holiday. Holy days are set for resting. But unwinding truly is about spiritually then physically, both go hand in hand. A chaplain on board ship would not go amiss. A chaplain can be available to counsel and pray. Prayer over the ship and its crew and passengers is very very important. Not every one goes after the spirit of alcohol for their strength, and joy, people do go after the Spirit of God for their strength and joy. Alcohol does not protect, God protects. Words are where it is at. God is Words. Spirit is Words. We want a person to be ongoing prayer over all those on board. Chaplains can also mentor those people who are depressed, lonely, sad, suicidal. Chaplains can even perform marriages on board in a chapel. Cruise ships should cater for marriages. Even child baptisms can be performed on board ship.

Today day nine. Not much sun today. Some but not enough to sun oneself. Had breakfast or shall I call it a feast. Consumed bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast, muesli, prunes, seeds of many kinds, apricots, peach yogurt, water and a number of cups of apple juice. I think that’s enough. I might miss lunch. It’s ok to eat but it’s good to eat in moderation. I don’t want to suffer later. I have thought that to pleasure self costs. But to pleasure the God head in you you have good health. Pleasuring the body has its benefits but to pleasure the head is good sense, I mean the senses are in the head. The fool goes by the feelings of his her body, the wise goes by the senses in his her head. I used to go by feelings, I was not always wise. Feelings used to rule me, not now. The service is very good on this ship. Waiters hover around you at meal time at your beck and call. The ships crew go out of their way to please. We are pampered. It’s nice.

More thoughts. “No news is good news” they say. So on ship we have no news of the world. We don’t know what’s happening out there. Internet is available. The cost of Internet is as follows: 250MB for $29; 500MB for $39; 1GB for $59. Internet is also not reliable, signal depends on the location of satellites. Signal could come and go. I don’t see passengers on board using Internet. What I would suggest for the news buffs is that the ship administration put out a news sheet each morning. The ship admin can access the Internet and get news and make up a world news summery say on one page. If the ship admin want they could charge a small sum for a copy of this news sheet, say $1.50.

I went up to the top deck this morning and proceeded to do walking. You can walk on this deck all around the top of the ship. It helps to do this walking to get some exercise. I have done this walking a few mornings now. I thought that the railings don’t look safe enough. Most railings on the ship don’t look safe enough. The rails are not high enough for starters. You could slip near the rails or the wind could blow you against the rails. The deck railing needs say very strong thick plastic and held in place by steel. Some plastics are very strong. I think the elderly people and young children are not safe near these railings. The ship can roll in the sea swell and if you are outside by the railing a roll of the ship could find you against the railing. Not that I have seen this happen on this voyage. I think these railings are a recipe for disaster. And the deck when wet, it rains sometimes, can be slippery, another recipe for an accident especially when slipping by the short railings. So children and the very elderly should not go out on the deck when the ship rolls or after rain when the deck is slippery. It is the wet season up north. It’s summer but still can be wet to very wet. I think they call it monsoonal weather. And when it does rain it buckets down, like what happened when we were in Bali. Bali was very humid and wet and sunny. Going to the monsoonal climate take an umbrella. There is a number of lifts on this ship. There are two main passenger inner stairwells on this ship. But the lifts do not go to the top deck. The elderly especially can not access the top deck. The steps to the top deck are not not safe for the elderly. The ship does have motion. The sports court is on the top court as is the walking track. Getting young infants or very young children to the top deck would also be difficult using the steps. If you took the lift or internal stairwell as high as you can go you need one more set of steps they are not wide and are outside or inside but on the outer of the ships main area. Steps are not safe for many people. So the lifts and there are a few of these are good. But most able people use the main internal stairwells because like me we want the exercise.

Day ten. The seas are a bit choppy today. But not enough to make a whole lot of difference. I still think the cruise is very good. The ship is very good. The Astor crew are exemplary, if we are not already kings and queens then we feel like it on this cruise, the crew are splendid. We are waited on hand and foot. We could be in a kings palace. I have been reading a book while on this cruise. This book a result of being given a Dymocks book shop gift voucher for Xmas. The title of the book: “Spies in the family” written by Eva Dillon. I perceive this book as belying human wisdom and my life in Christ is in Christ wisdom. Christ wisdom is not human wisdom. Human wisdom follows man where’s Christ’s wisdom follows Christ. One wisdom is off this world and the other wisdom is off the above. We want to led by the heavenly above wisdom not the earthly worldly wisdom. To be led by people just buggers up the mind. But I still find reading books about human wisdom endearing to me as I can see the folly in man and I learn more about man. I can share mans way of doing things as against Jesus Christ’s way of doing things. To have a mind of Christ and to be led by the Christ brain makes for a better world. The Christ brain lights up the world. The Christ brains are the stars. The stars are light and let’s people see. This book is about spies, yes, espionage. It’s the USA’s C.I.A pitting itself against the Soviet Unions spies. C.I.A as in Central Intelligence Agency. The C.I.A are protecting the interests of the USA. The USA is about democracy and capitalism. The C.I.A hates extreme left politics. The C.I.A will tolerate extreme right wing politics. The USA’s interests are worldwide. The USA wants to uphold democracy and capitalism worldwide. It’s in the USA interests to have the world follow the idealism of the USA. The book mentions how one C.I.A agent got distraught about the policies the C.I.A was upholding. See the C.I.A supported right wing dictators in Central and South America. This agent worked for the C.I.A in some of these nations. These dictators ruled with an iron fist. Nothing wrong with an iron fist but these leaders oppressed their own people. These nations were unstable, leaders were unstable, the economy was unstable, the politics was unstable. So why this unstableness? The nations peoples must be unstable, but why? This thinking is unstable. Maybe the people worship demons. Thinking is to do with light or dark. Light or dark is to do with your gods you worship. Religion has a lot to do with this. Thinking is about who do you follow? Who is your Lord? Who do your learn from? I mean all this spiritually. Who does your human spirit worship follow and learn from? So we have these unstable nations and they are not far from the USA. The USA wants to influence the world’s people in its own mould. The Soviet Union also wanted to influence the world in its mould. We have the USA capitalist and democratic and the Soviet Union communist and autocratic. Both big super power nations vying to take over as many people and nations as possible. Some nations are unstable, like Central American and South America so the C.I.A goes with what it has available, the extreme is unstable, but the extreme is right wing extreme and that is capitalist and far from the extreme of left wing communism. So the USA supports these right wing dictators because it is better than letting these nations fall to the left wing communists. Capitalism hates communism and vice versa, both are systems of human wisdom. If I was to favour one over the other I would go for capitalism. Capitalism in most cases is democratic. Communism is in most cases autocratic. Communism is losing its appeal in this world. Nations that were formerly die hard communist have in many cases taken up capitalism. Now former communist nations though going capitalist are keeping their autocratic political system. So we get former communist nations now capitalistic but still autocratic. Communism failed in this world. I am not communist, I am capitalist, I was brought up in a capitalist system, I am for democracy, but I am a capitalist who believes in EVEN. Even is sharing your wealth. Even is what the teachings of Christ are about. The true Christian Church should be about sharing. The church is the body. We in the body are each parts. The parts help each other. We help the body parts and when we have provided for the whole body and we have wealth left over we provide for people outside the body. We work we make money we provide for our own part then the other parts in the body and then those outside the body. Satan has a body, Satan has a church. Satan is the head of his body his church. Satan is the Dragon. Satan’s people are snakes. It’s the West against the East. The East is dark. The West is light. Satan keeps his church in poverty. Russia sides with China. Christ is the head of the His body His Church. We have two main bodies in this world. Christ’s body and Satan’s body. Christ leads from above. Satan is off this world. Satan rules those off this world. The head of Christ with the Father God is above this earth. True followers off Christ are in this world but not off this world. The true body off Christ is not off this world. We the ELECT of God are chosen to rule with Christ above. Our souls are saved above. Salvation is from Christ not from man. Human wisdom won’t save the soul. Human wisdom buggers up the soul. Human wisdom is about the human spirit apart from the Holy Spirit. The ELECT are given the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit teaches, guides, leads, mentors, protects, loves, provides for, the human spirit. The soul is saved above. God is above. The Holy Spirit is sent from the above in to our heart to help us.

Day twelve. Cruise finish. I am at home now. The ship arrived in Fremantle Port about 7.40am we were a bit early. 8am was the about time planned arrival. I now reflect. I love reflection. I don’t go for all the shows and noise. I love silence. I listened on the cruise, reflected and learned, learned to my inner person. My inner person is more important than my outer person. Flesh dies but soul is eternal. Flesh in the second coming of Jesus does change. But the second coming could be a long way off. My flesh decays as I get older, there is no glory in decaying flesh. Glory is in the above. There is no real true glory in this world. Glory of this world fades like a flower withering.

Grading of cruise

Ship facilities: very good.

Ship crew service in general: very good.

Our cabin stewardess service: very good to excellent.

Food in restaurants: very good.

Drinks: very good.

Bali experience: poor. We went only to Kuta. This is where all the main shopping is. It’s like a run down shanty town. Also the heat was unbearable. And it rained down for ages I mean bucketed down. Touts were bothering us to buy their goods, some were outright bullies in their insistence.

Maybe elsewhere in Bali there are better places to visit.

Recommendation: visit another port not Bali. I know going from Fremantle there is a restriction in the number of main ports to visit especially exotic foreign ports. Maybe I just don’t like Asian, it’s the psyche, too much of the Dragon and snake for my liking. I discern and I am not of the true Asian psyche. There are obviously Asian Christians who have the psyche of Christ but Indonesia is predominantly an idol (demon) worshipping nation. Dragon and snakes are their forte.

Over all impression of the cruise: the cruise itself was very good to excellent. Though I kept much to myself and did not involve myself much in group activities I did enjoy myself. I like quiet and the things like the night shows especially I did not attend. My brain was real awake and I did learn. I enjoyed my reflections.

Observation: I noticed that most passengers were Anglo Saxon caucasian. There was only one family Asian (parents and their young child). There were no Africans or Afro Americans. Most passengers were white skinned, most were in their 50’s and up in age and a lot were mainly in their 65 and up. There was only one infant with its parents. There were a small number of young teenagers. This ship suits the 50 and above age group more so than teenagers or young adults. Group activities cater more for the mature set.

Cabin: our cabin can only be described as fabulous. It was an excellent cabin.

Summery of my thoughts

My writings are guided by the psyche of Christ. I make no excuses for my psyche. I am guided by insight with thought with help from the Wisdom Spirit of Christ. I am not ashamed to be a follower of Christ. I don’t worship the deities of Dragon and snake. I also do not worship idols with their demons. To me Western thought is based on Christ but it is also based on human wisdom that is mans wisdom apart from Christ. Human wisdom is a poor excuse for Christ wisdom. Human wisdom is about the human spirit. Human wisdom is not the above wisdom. Human wisdom is trying to be clever and say I can do it without Christ. Human wisdom is about God but not through the Son. So Western thought is a mixture of human wisdom and Christ wisdom. Such a mixture makes for weakness. Christ wisdom alone is strong as iron. The West wisdom we have now is as strong as wood. Wood is strong but iron is stronger. Human wisdom makes for buggery. Western human wisdom originated from the likes of Greeks and such buggers the soul. Christ wisdom can not be smothered out just as dark can not overcome light. The foundation of the West is therefore not too strong. But the Eastern thought is based on Satan. Satan is the Dragon. The Dragon has his snakes. The Eastern thought is based on the Dragon and snakes. Then we have the Middle East, here we have the Jews and their step brothers the Arabs. The Middle East is between the East and the West. The thought in the Middle East is two opposing sides, God and Satan. Bali did open my eyes to see Eastern thought. I did not like it. I was glad to get back on the ship. I like the Western thought based on Christ. I like the strong wisdom of Christ but not wisdom of man. Western thought has been moulded by Christ’s teachings. But beware the leaven of the Pharisees and the Greeks. The Pharisees are about the law, they study it and stand at the gate to heaven saying do not go in, follow us. The Pharisees are about human wisdom. The Pharisees love to be showy, they love getting their glory from man, they flaunt their awards and qualifications to others, they want the best seats in public, they want to be seen. The worldly people look up to these Pharisees. The Pharisees will not save their souls through Christ so why follow them. The Pharisees think they are too clever for Christ. The Pharisees are everywhere.

Ship cruising is good, one can learn much by travelling. And I did not get seasick not even once on the whole cruise.

I dedicate these writings to God above. Not my own glory but Gods. I am nothing apart from God. A prime reason I booked this cruise was to take my wife on a good holiday. I wanted to give my wife a treat. I have some money (my own) and wanted to show my appreciation to my wife for being my wife.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 18, 2018


Excuse me!! language!!


You could connect with the brain more often.

And how do I do that?


Prayer connects you to to your brain?


And how?

God is above.

God above where?

Oh and you think connecting with God is connecting with what? The moon? Mars? Pluto? Maybe another galaxy? Is God on Mars now?

God is above.

And above in Spirit is where, Mars? Why do the astronauts and cosmonauts not report seeing God?

I pray to God.

You don’t even know where God is so how can you pray to Him?

I pray.

You pray but because you don’t know how to pray the Holy Spirit in the heart intercedes to God on your behalf.

God is in the heavens.

But Heaven is metaphorical, Heaven is meta, beyond the physical. Heaven is a mind (soul) set. Heaven is in Words. Heaven is real. Spirit is real. Soul is real. We do get a new body in the Second Coming of Christ. We carry heaven in us. The Kingdom of God is within. Emanuel, God with us, God within us. God does not live in physical buildings God lives in a temple. There is a temple above. We have a temple for God to live in. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. David was not talking about God up there on Mars. The enemies are put at the feet. Feet is of a body. Feet are David’s feet. The KING of God has God in him. So for a person to pray to God from the heart is to connect with the brain. To connect with the brain is to bring the body in to submission to the brain. The head rules. People who seldom pray seldom connect with the brain. We must have the brain in charge. God is the brains of the body the church. The church is not a good word to use now, I prefer using Body of Christ. Church has become full of human wisdom. Jesus said “I am in the Father and the Father is in me. See me you see the Father”. You can not see the Father God, no one has seen Him. You will die if you see God the Father. Prophets in the past have yearned to see God the Father. Moses even wanted to see God the Father. You don’t see God just as you don’t look directly at the sun. You get blinded by looking at the sun. God does show Himself in visions and dreams through His only begotten Son. Don’t believe people who say they have seen God the Father. God also reveals Himself through His Angels.

So where is heaven?

Heaven is above. If you are saved you are saved above.

What is saved?

Your soul. You rule with God in the heavens. We are in the world but not off the world. The world is at my feet. My head is above. My soul is saved. No university or school teaches the true wisdom of Jesus Christ. Teachers teach but they do not save the soul.

So pray often to engage the brain, use the brain often, don’t rule from the body.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 17, 2017

Makes me think:
“But the day of the Lord will come like a fire………….”.

We have two baptisms: Water and fire.

We have already had the water baptism. Noah and the ark.

But are the two baptisms metaphorical? Or are the two baptisms just literal? Or are the two baptisms both literal and metaphorical?

I think they are both, literal and metaphorical.

So the fire Will be real literal.

But what will the fire be? A nuclear world holocaust? Or a smite from the sun? The sun has solar flares that might be able to burn the world.

People might accept the nuclear weapon holocaust fire more than solar flares.

I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

I just love the simple straight truth of the Holy Scriptures

December 17, 2017

Don’t you just love it? The Scriptures read out clear the soul and heart. The Words of the Scriptures wash out all man’s wisdom. Don’t people just put an artificial veneer over their lives like a plastic covering. God looks at the heart but man looks at the physical looks of people, man looks at titles before a person’s name, man looks at letters after a person’s name. Doesn’t man’s wisdom just stink when compared to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. Man’s wisdom is so artificial and not genuine, it’s fake wisdom. Doesn’t man just glory in him her self. With man’s wisdom to any depth you have to check that your wrists don’t weaken. Man’s wisdom is weak spiritual strength. Man writes books to glory him her self. Not all books are to man’s glory but a lot are. I read books but I mainly keep to memoirs and based on war. I like defence and the good against evil. There’s the battle in the physical but with it there’s the battle for the soul. We are in constant battle preparedness. I say get these people who worship man’s wisdom to work with their hands. No poncing around loving artificial wisdom. 

Even at Bible College I sensed that if I gave my thinking to the college theology thinking that my wrists would weaken. College thinking was orientated towards humanism. I learnt only one constructive truth at Bible College and that was that I thought in a straight line whereas most people think up and down like a sine wave. Thinking straight makes me think of a sick person in a hospital linked to a monitor with a screen and the person when alive the screen shows a graph with a electronic line going up and down but when the person dies the line goes in a straight horizontal line. We in Christ should be dead to our old nature, we live for Christ, our thinking is Christ like, Christ is above so we have above thoughts. So Christ is dead we are dead, but Christ was raised we are raised. Heaven is above. We are saved in soul above. Where is heaven? Above? So does the Vatican dialogue with NASA? Is the Pope in communications with the astronauts on the space station above? Are astronauts instructed by NASA to look out for Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is in the physical, we believe that, but is this physical of Jesus an internal understanding? Jesus Christ is real but where is He? Does Jesus and His angels hang around the space station? Is our human spirit really dumb? What is above to spirit maybe is different to what is above in human flesh. Do we learn in spirit to spirit from Spirit. Is God’s understanding only spiritual? Is there a veil over people’s souls? Is Jesus everywhere He wants to go? Is heaven everywhere to Jesus? 
Why does Jesus permit so much evil to happen in this world? The answer is simple, God gave humans free will, we are not robots. Do you want God to force people to obey His will? No. We want free will. 
So we do not ask astronauts to look out for God. God is in heaven but we understand heaven through metaphor because our human spirit is so stupid. Our human spirit sees physical and our spirit can be fierce and vicious. What our human spirit needs is to learn from the Holy Spirit. God is above, this is for our human spirit in our heart to understand. Our spirit in our hearts can grow wise. Our spirit is our light. We in human spirit are yoked to the Holy Spirit. We in our human spirit learn from the Holy Spirit we learn our true God calling. The soul learns from Spirit of God that he she is saved above. Man’s wisdom does not save the soul. The soul is in the head. The soul is a small shadowy like person. We are a person in the soul because the soul can think. The soul learns that it is saved above. Once the soul is saved nothing can rob that soul of its salvation. Or can one lose their salvation? Maybe. The soul is in the head, does the soul go in circles? When your head is spinning is your soul spinning, going in circles? Run soul run. 
I read the simple Holy Scriptures daily. The Words of the Bible are simple truth. The truth sets you free. The truth saves you, not the TRUTH of man’s wisdom but the TRUTH of God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ. 
The Holy Bible is the closest we have of the Spiritual truth in Words. We must read it often. We need the Words of the Bible. The Bible is the simple truth. We need to be anchored to a simple foundation. We don’t want to be airy fairy. We want to base our lives on a strong solid foundation. We want strong wrists. True Godly strength is in our wrists. Procreation requires the male to have strong wrists. So I am a straight thinker. I need the simple truth, I love reading the Holy Bible. I need the teachings from the Holy Spirit. I don’t want to be thinking like the worldly people think, I don’t want to be a pervert, I base my life on Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God the Son.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 17, 2017

Mankind says heaven is above.

But where above?

Is heaven up in the clouds?

Is heaven up in outer space?
If heaven is up there why do people who go above not see Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ and His angels are in heaven above.

Planes travel up in the sky why do people not see Jesus from the planes?

Or is heaven not in the sky where the clouds are but heaven is up in outer space.

If heaven is in outer space why do the astronauts not see Jesus and His angels? Jesus is in the physical.

Astronauts have gone up in to outer space quite a few times now but they do not report seeing Jesus Christ or angels. 

So when astronauts are ready to go in to outer space are they preparing to see God?

Does the Vatican keep in touch with NASA and question the astronauts?

Do the church denomination leaders keep in touch with NASA? 
To talk about Jesus Christ and His angels up in the clouds or outer space is stupid talk. We don’t talk about Jesus Christ above in the sense of the clouds or outer space. We don’t ask astronauts if they saw God in outer space. To ask astronauts if they saw God is nonsense talk. 
God is metaphysical. Meta meaning beyond. Beyond the physical. But Jesus Christ is in the physical. God the Father is invisible. 
So people don’t really know where the heavens are that the Bible talks about. People may day dream that heaven where God is is in outer space but people don’t think for a minute that astronauts go in to the heavens where God resides.  
So heaven in reality where God is is not up there from our physical eyes. To see heaven we must look with our spiritual eyes. Heaven is a spiritual realm not a realm as we know with our physical eyes. 
So to ask an astronaut if they saw Jesus is nonsense talk. 
Jesus is above. Yes. God the Father is above. Yes. 
King David summarised heaven when he said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right hand side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. 
God resides in people. Humans are the temple of God. God used to reside in buildings made by man but not anymore. God resides in the temple of humans. God would say “The world is at my feet” at the feet of the Body of Christ. The elect of God are that Body. 
God is with us. God is within us. Emanuel. God lives with us. 
Mankind is not clever. Mankind built a tower to get to God. Stupid works. The tower was called the Tower of Babel. God is not where mankind thinks He is. Mankind is blind. Mankind does not understand. God does give understanding to the Body of Christ. Understanding is here. But a veil is over the eyes of mankind. Satan deceives mankind. The Dragon is Satan. The woman who sits on the back of the Dragon perverts mankind. Most humans are perverted.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 17, 2017

The Cross. What does this cross mean? Why do most western nations that are based on a history of Christianity use the cross on people’s graves?

The west slowly decaying through use of humanism still uses the cross on its graves. Humanism is not about the cross that Jesus Christ died on. Even the Godless people in the western nations use the cross on their graves. The atheist spends all his her life denying the existence of God then when they die they have a cross on their grave. Atheists and their hypocrisy. The atheist secretly wanting to have feet in both sides of the equation. The atheist denying the supreme God but hedging his her bets and hoping to go to heaven if there is one.
If we go to non western nations do we see crosses on the graves in the cemetery? No of course not. There will of course be a small section of the cemetery that will have crosses, just for the so called Christians. The Jews don’t use crosses on their graves so if you go to Israel the cemeteries there will have few crosses.

So most people in societies I have grown up in the peers I have mixed with would think having a cross on their grave as normal and very agreeable. Soldiers of western nations who die in battle have a cross put on their graves.

The Western nations are based on Christ. Western nation Governments are based on Christ. Christ says “I carry the Government on my shoulders”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2017

Yes dear.

I can’t cope.

Why dear?

I have so many problems.

Like what dear?

My job, my car, not enough money, my boss and it goes on.

Dear are you living the way your father and I taught you?

Mum all that religion stuff was boring I moved on.

Dear its wisdom.

But mum I want money and plenty of it.

Dear remember when you accepted Jesus to be Lord of your life.

Oh mum not Jesus.

Yes dear Jesus.

But Jesus and all that stuff is simple I must live in the real world.

Dear simplicity is the key to a truly wise life.

Mum simplicity is boring.

What do you really want dear?

I don’t want boring.

Remember our bedside chats before you went to bed.

Mummmm please. I need help.

I said to you that you are a soul. You are to love your soul. Your spirit in your heart needs to help your soul. We read scripture together. 


What are we here for dear?

To get rich?

Dear you have forgotten all I have taught you.

Ok mum. You said that we are a head and body.


And we are of a greater body the church.


And we serve each other in this body. We are here not just for self but for others. The body is Christ’s body. The body can be called the church. But church is an ambiguities word because church is seen by the world as a building made of wood or concrete or stone. We the body of Christ are not made of wood or stone or concrete. We are a living body.

That’s better dear.

I am remembering now. You said that we are here to help one another in the BODY to help prepare the BODY for the next life.

Exactly dear. So we have a thinking soul. We start helping each other in the BODY by helping ourselves first. We are dead to our old sinful nature self now we are in Christ self. Christ is the eternal. We think like Christ. 

But mum I am a female how can I think like the male Christ?

Dear, God is both male and female. God is in Christ. You still go through Christ to be saved. Christ is the ONLY way to heaven. Female is fe male, fe and male. Females go through the male. The male is the God head. The female was made originally to help the male. You can also think of Mary mother of Jesus. Mary served Jesus. 

Mum I do remember you used to talk about the head ruling the body.

Yes dear and….?

You said that my own head is alive and it coordinates the actions in my own body. 

Correct dear. We must learn about how Christ helps our own bodies to understand how Christ helps the UNIVERSAL BODY. Our head has our brain. The brain is intelligent. The brain coordinates the body. So we must learn as a soul in the mind in the head in the brain that we are serving our own body before we serve the universal body. We can not help others if we can not help ourselves. 

But mum what about my problems?

Ask yourself dear what does your body need? And go from there.

You mean it’s needs.

Yes dear.

Not wants?

Yes dear not wants.

So I must let my brain do its work.

Yes dear.

Listen see smell and taste.


Listen to your body see your body smell taste.


To go after wants confuses the simple actions of the brain. The brain is a simple organ. It needs simple not complex. Sins confuse the brain. Sins darken the mind. The brain needs light to work properly. The head is full of light the body will be full of light. Sins darken the body. 

Mum what about my problems?

There are no problems in the total light without sins. Get your life in order. Give up on idols. Keep it simple. Repent to God all your sins. Don’t love money, money can be an idol. Give up the old self. Serve others in the BODY. Give your body it’s needs then help other people in the universal body get their body needs. Don’t be selfish of the old sinful self. Serve self but serve the Christ self. 

Thanks mum.

Is that all?

That’s plenty. Got to go mum. Ring you tomorrow night.

Ok dear bye.

Bye mum. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2017

I am mind, I am soul in my mind, I am soul in my mind in my head, and I am soul that thinks. 

How do I get enlightenment? Light overcomes darkness. God is the light. 
What gets in the way of light? Sins. Yes. So we confess our sins to God. We believe that Jesus Christ took all our sins in His body and died to them. We believe in a dead, then resurrected, then risen Jesus Christ. We die to our sins in Christ. Christ died to our sins, we just believe that. Salvation means we believe in God and his Son. We must believe to be saved. 
So how to get enlightenment? We must empty ourselves of all ourself. Self must die. We die to everything apart from Jesus Christ and his Words. Jesus Christ is our salvation, we follow and believe no other. We get saved in Jesus and we die and rise like Jesus. Jesus went before us we follow. Jesus is waiting for us on the other side. Jesus waits and we will join Him. Jesus will come again to get us and take us to Heaven above. 
So we empty ourselves of me. We are no me any longer. We are not the light, Jesus Christ is the light. Jesus is the light because He is God the Son. Jesus is equal to the Father God. Jesus is light. The Father God is light. 
Our old selves before Jesus Christ came in to us were the sinful selves. Jesus is no sinner. Sin loves darkness. We welcome Jesus in to our lives. Jesus Words come in to our lives. Jesus sends His Holy Spirit in to our hearts to help us. The Spirit of God gives us spiritual gifts. These spiritual gifts are used for the help of the whole Body of Christ. We learn in our new Christ self that we are no longer here just for self but we are here for the greater body of Christ. Many millions of people are in the Body of Christ. We serve each other. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2017

Mankind says heaven is above.
But where above?

Is heaven up in the clouds?

Is heaven up in outer space?
If heaven is up there why do people who go above not see Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ and His angels are in heaven above.

Planes travel up in the sky why do people not see Jesus from the planes?

Or is heaven not in the sky where the clouds are but heaven is up in outer space.

If heaven is in outer space why do the astronauts not see Jesus and His angels? Jesus is in the physical.

Astronauts have gone up in to outer space quite a few times now but they do not report seeing Jesus Christ or angels. 

So when astronauts are ready to go in to outer space are they preparing to see God?

Does the Vatican keep in touch with NASA and question the astronauts?

Do the church denomination leaders keep in touch with NASA? 
To talk about Jesus Christ and His angels up in the clouds or outer space is stupid talk. We don’t talk about Jesus Christ above in the sense of the clouds or outer space. We don’t ask astronauts if they saw God in outer space. To ask astronauts if they saw God is nonsense talk. 
God is metaphysical. Meta meaning beyond. Beyond the physical. But Jesus Christ is in the physical. God the Father is invisible. 
So people don’t really know where the heavens are that the Bible talks about. People may day dream that heaven where God is is in outer space but people don’t think for a minute that astronauts go in to the heavens where God resides.  
So heaven in reality where God is is not up there from our physical eyes. To see heaven we must look with our spiritual eyes. Heaven is a spiritual realm not a realm as we know with our physical eyes. 
So to ask an astronaut if they saw Jesus is nonsense talk. 
Jesus is above. Yes. God the Father is above. Yes. 
King David summarised heaven when he said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right hand side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. 
God resides in people. Humans are the temple of God. God used to reside in buildings made by man but not anymore. God resides in the temple of humans. God would say “The world is at my feet” at the feet of the Body of Christ. The elect of God are that Body. 
God is with us. God is within us. Emanuel. God lives with us. 
Mankind is not clever. Mankind built a tower to get to God. Stupid works. The tower was called the Tower of Babel. God is not where mankind thinks He is. Mankind is blind. Mankind does not understand. God does give understanding to the Body of Christ. Understanding is here. But a veil is over the eyes of mankind. Satan deceives mankind. The Dragon is Satan. The woman who sits on the back of the Dragon perverts mankind. Most humans are perverted.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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