August 7, 2019

We should all be winners BUT to win mainly in our areas of God given gifts and Calling. Yes we have a Calling, yes we have God given gifts; it’s finding what we are given.

The immature try and emulate other people’s giftings and callings, this is very wrong. The idol worshippers and immature also try and find a Calling mostly about money. Then there’s the children that are bullied and cajoled by their parents in to a Calling (Vocation) of their parents choice.

Winning and losing makes a world full of mostly losers. Sure there are the winners. Should life just be about winning and losing? Does competition make a man out of a boy and a woman out of a girl? The animal kingdom is about “Survival of the fittest”. The weak are killed off. The weak are bullied in to committing suicide or in to sickness resulting in death. Is the role of bullies a natural result of how nature deals with its weak creatures. Do we only want the strong to survive? Is it natural selection to kill off the weak thus protecting the species for a long term future.

Winning and losing is like the Hindu religion, they have a cast system whereby people are born either in to a class called the “untouchables” who are at the bottom of the caste and who only get the worst jobs like toilet cleaning. The top of the caste system are the “Brahmins” who work at the best jobs like Government jobs.

Now winning and losing is more than a caste system, why? Because in winning and losing you can move between the classes of competition. But usually children of losers themselves become losers and children of winners themselves usually become winners. We emulate our parents to a degree.

Competition though makes us want to get in to a higher ranked class.

But it’s all to do with money – competition. It’s ALL about money. We go to school and college and tertiary just to get an education and qualifications to get a job. It’s about work and money, but basically it’s just about money.

Schooling is to get us in a niche that finds our job. Job is money, money is materialism and food. We are really ranked by how much money we have, but first we must have education and a qualification then the job and this all leads up to money and our ranking in society.

The winners send their children to what we call elite schools and elite universities. This is the beginning of our ranking in society. The winners are the wealthy or better waged people. So prosperous people can make their children prosperous starting with the place of schooling.

The British were good at class. This went on to the USA. Europe also had class. Class emulated in its very beginnings from the Royal Courts. Kings and Queens had their courtiers who were given estates etc as favours from the Royalty. Land in the past was the essence of wealth. We had our Lord of the Manor and his serfs. You were born to be a serf or a noble. The nobles were the rich.

Now a days you can more easily progress up the class levels. It’s not now just born in to serfdom or richness. The poor can become rich.

So competition is about wealth.

I believe in an egalitarian society; It might sound utopyish but it’s what I believe is more Christ like. I don’t believe in utopia on this earth, I don’t believe we should be seeking happiness. Bliss and all that is in the “After life” not here in this world. Seekers of paradise in this world are dreamers. Paradise is above. Weeds abound on this earth, spiritually and physically. We are time consumed in planting, reaping and weeding. We seek to have cultured hearts and minds. We must keep clean the best we can. Being cultured means more than just weeding and planting and reaping (yes there’s the cleaning too), there’s also the de bugging. Bugs abound in cultured societies too. Bugs might be the evil spirits. We must kill off the bugs or clean them away. Weeds are bad! Bugs are bad too. Keep the weeds out of our minds and hearts and as well keep the bugs out.

Christ’s Body the true Living Church is about equality. Satan is not about equality. Those members in Christ’s Body are here to help each other. Forget Satan’s body we are not here in Christ’s Body to serve Satan’s body. There’s no losers in Christ’s Body. All members of Christ’s Body are equal. Those members of Christ’s Body who are more honoured by the world are less honoured by God the Head. It’s not the world that ranks the members in Christ’s Body it’s God who does the true ranking here. If you are a member of Christ’s Body and are highly ranked by the world and not by God such is a waste of time. We are only here for a short time we must get ready for eternity in the next life. The wise PREPARE for the long journey. The fools don’t prepare for the journey.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


The three legged stool to be healthy

August 7, 2019

(1) Mentally/soul healthy

(2) Spiritually healthy

(3) Physically healthy

Mind is really soul. We need the three legs to have stability to our lives. To rest in God we need proper stability. Proper stability gives us rest. Each leg of the stool must be equal in strength. Wobbly legs are no good. Weak legs are no good. One or two strong legs but a third or second leg weak is no good.

We have the Catholic saints some so much in to the spiritual leg that they forsake the physical and soul legs. This too is instability. Instability can lead to early death. A lot of Catholic saints died young. Intellectuals who are just in to mind pursuits are also unstable. What happens is these intellectuals and spiritual people mix in environments that protect their unstableness. Thus they do not readily see their mistake. Then there’s the people just in to the physical and forsaking both mind and spiritual; these people are unstable. The physical only people also mix just in a physical environment where physical is enforced above the other legs.

What is this three legged stool? This stool is what we sit on or stand on. Three is the strength. Three chords together make peak strength. Try breaking a three chorded rope, no, yes no. You can break a one chorded rope, maybe break a two chorded rope but not a three chorded rope. God is three persons in one. One God in three. One rope but three chords. God is unbreakable. The stool is round, we want to be all rounded people, that is sanity.

Why should the stool be round? Life begins and ends together. Life goes in a circle. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. Three legs make a sure strength. But the legs have each to be strong. So it’s working on the three legs equally. Yes work. Most people work on one leg more than the others. This is very wrong. We need balance.

Soul mind pursuits can be reading, study, writing. Spiritual pursuits can be praying, reading out scriptures, fellowshipping at church. Physical pursuits can be walking, running, sports.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”

August 7, 2019

We have soul, human spirit and physical flesh/bone.

We must roll in all three areas.

Rolling in soul obviously is not the same as rolling in flesh/bone. Rolling in spirit is not the same as rolling in soul or flesh/bone. Physical rolling is not spiritual or soul rolling.

We must be active, we must belong, we must commit.

We need to move physically, walk even, move, don’t just be sedentary. Soul needs to be active, read, study. Human spirit needs to be active, pray, read the scriptures, go to church fellowship.

Act : Activity.

Belong : make and keep friends. Belong to groups. Join organisations.

Commit : help other people. Marry a spouse and work at it. Volunteer to help the disadvantaged.


This is the true one for keeping good mental health. Die to self and put other people’s needs and wants before your own. Help other people. Don’t procrastinate in self. Start putting others before you at an early age if not you will find it very hard to do in later life. If you let self rule you it will take a very long time to stop it. Don’t let self get a hold on your soul and life. Parents have to teach their children to be unselfish and teach the damage selfishness can do.

A rolling stone gathers no negativity. You need to be a blazing fire. A stone that is on fire. Light attracts the bugs. You must roll and the bugs can not stick to you. Bugs are negatively. Negativity are bad thoughts. Bad thoughts are baggage. Baggage weighs you down. You have to work even more to carry your baggage. You work more you can have heart attacks. Stress is a killer.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2019

Mr Lewis says criminal activity is not ASIO’s jurisdiction, it’s only jurisdiction is where there’s a national threat. So is it walking a fine line knowing national threat from local or persons threat. So ASIO do not protect the individual but the State. What is the State but not a whole lot of individuals. What is ASIO protecting? State could be Government.

I have wondered recently why we have security agencies that are operated outside the military sphere. I would have thought gathering intelligence was a military role. The military protect the country. Why do we have civilians protecting the country from national threats? Why is the military not being the sole protector of the country?

Intelligence used to be solely military based. We get MI6 and MI5 coming out of military intelligence. When intelligence gathering and covert operations moved from military control to civilians these civilians started to think they were the elite of the elite a specially chosen people who even called their operations a State within a State. Many upper class people in the U.K. what we call the aristocrat class joined MI6 and MI5, it was an elitism job. And these elites were usually high bred and came from the rich class and were educated in elite Schools like Eton and Cambridge and Oxford. The C.I.A. also catered for the elites of society, the rich, the Ivy League educated.

So giving the elite of society a playground with money and overseas postings made a State within a State. The military are our defenders. The military need intelligence to know what the enemy is getting up to. We have military intelligence but the ASIO Director says his brief is not with criminals but protecting the State. I thought the military protect the State as a whole. We have military attaches attached to our overseas embassies they can be the ears and eyes for our military. Now we have monstrous civilian led intelligence agencies having so much resources that to warrant their huge budgets they spy on their own people. NSA in the USA spy a lot on their own people. NSA has so much money and employees that they spy on even the law abiding to use up their resources.

Why did intelligence gathering and covert operations leave (not all of it) the military sphere of control? Maybe Government were afraid the military could go rogue and use its resources against Government. It was not until the Second World War that the West instigated civilian intelligence agencies. Before this war it was not thought polite to look at other people’s mail. Now no mail is confidential, intelligence agencies make it their brief to know what everyone is writing (or speaking). So when this war started we had in the West the upper class rich professionals who wanted a safe place to practice their war. No fighting in the front lines for them. They were the gentleman soldiers who were used to rich tastes.

So we have class in the West. Us and them. The rich and the poor. Class is human wisdom, it is not Jesus Christ wisdom. Human wisdom is dead wisdom. Human wisdom dies, Christ’s wisdom is eternal. Christ is eternal. The British had class and made a Empire on class. Sure the British had have religion but it’s religion that makes the British the upper class. The missionaries converted while living as gentry they came to bring civilisation to the savages and pagans. The missionaries did do a good job in many cases. But missionaries still put themselves above those they were trying to convert. The missionaries were white and racist to the core. So we had a British Empire of white and black/brown. The whites ruled the coloured. No matter the Body of Christ is ONE Body and all members are equal in this Body under the ONE Head God. Class is not Godly.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“God’s Mountain”

August 7, 2019

Humans want mountains to climb. It’s in their blood to climb. We humans want to get high.

Some get high on drugs, others climb high physical mountains like Mount Everest, others climb highs of trouble, others become astronauts, others fly high planes. Humans want to get up there. Plants grow up. Plants grow high. It’s about getting close to the sun. The sun is our source of main energy and we want to be close to this energy. Physical is about the sun and our human spirit is about the Son as in the Son of God, God the Son Jesus Christ. Physical is sun, spiritual is Son (God). Jesus Christ is the source of Spiritual energy. The sun is the source of physical energy. Sun tans are all the vogue because tans are a sign of good health as tans come about from the sun it’s like people worship the sun the sun is like a god to many people. Having a tan is like giving importance to the sun. Do humans need tans? No. A bit of sun is good. Vitamin D comes to our human bodies from the sun. But people are not thinking about vitamin D when they sun bathe regularly day after day.

So it’s sun and Son (God) we worship both.

Most people do not climb God’s mountain. I mean they might say “Get a life”.

God is the source of life not the sun. God created the universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. God came before the sun. Climbing physical mountains won’t get you closer to the Son God, it will get you closer to the sun. Feel the energy of the sun on your skin. You want more. But spiritual came before physical. Spirit made physical. God Spirit made the physical universe.

I choose God, who do you choose? I choose also God’s Son Jesus Christ. While you are tanning day after day I might be found praying to God. I am healthy from God. Wisdom of Christ gives good health. The sun gives some good health just as some physical exercises is good. We exercise physically and spiritually. But spiritual exercise is more important than physical exercise. But we do both. Get sun on your body just as we physically exercise but put God before everything. God is the head. Don’t worship the body, you worship your body then you worship everyone else’s human bodies. Worshipping human bodies weakens the human spirit, you get perverted. Don’t turn away from worshipping God above to worship God’s creation. Worship the creator not the creation.

Climb God’s mountain and be healthy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

STRAIGHT or BENT THINKING is about WISDOM (wisdom determines how you think more than just intelligence)

August 7, 2019

Trump says Boris will straighten out the problems of Brexit.

So what does straight mean here? Are most or all problems bent? We call heterosexuals straight. So what does that make homosexuals? Bent? Is bent crooked? Is crooked bad? Can we make homosexuals straight? Apparently not. So are people bent at conception? Now I only want the truth, The Truth will Set You Free.

So Brexit is crooked, it’s bent and needs straightening out. When I was at Bible College one of my lecturers told me that I was a straight thinker whereas other people think up and down. Other people meaning most people think up and down, I don’t know. So a straight thinker is best used to straighten out bent crooked problems. So don’t bring a crooked thinking person to fix crooked problems it won’t work.

Now I think straight thinking is non perverted thinking whereas bent crooked thinking is perverse thinking. Problems are complex, problems are perverted. Straight thinking is simplex thinking. Complex is layers and layers of humanistic thinking that gets away from the simple truth. Complex hides the simple truth. Is perverted hiding the truth? Homosexuality – is it complex and not the simple truth? Perversion is not straight. Perversion is bent crooked. Satan rules via his women with perversion. Satan is perverted. Satan’s wisdom is perversion. God’s wisdom is Jesus Christ all straight thinking.

So can Boris straighten our Brexit? Is Boris a straight thinker? He’s straight in ways but bent in other ways. Boris is complex. People are thinking Boris is straight and will go straight for the simple truth in Brexit but we might be disappointed. But Boris does have the smarts. Can smarts solve complex problems? Intelligence has its merits. Wisdom of God is straight and can straighten out problems but intelligence is not necessary straight. You can have complex intelligence and perverted intelligence. Wisdom of God is not just intelligence, it’s insight it’s good morals, Wisdom of God can take layer and layer of complexity off and get to the simple truth. Wisdom of God can go straight deep to the core of the truth. Wisdom of God sees, sees the heart and the heart of the truth. You can not hide from Wisdom of God for long. Wisdom of God was at the beginning with God. Wisdom of God KNOWS.

Wisdom of God is the simple truth; it was made at the beginning, it has no layers of complexity, it has no perversion, it is all straight, it is core simplex truth. Man tries to layer complex over simplex truth. The Holy Spirit is all simple truth and mankind tries to snuff it out. Mankind tries to snuff out God’s creation with mankind’s artificial creations. Robots looking like humanoids and cyborgs (part human part robot) will be the thing in time.

Straight thinking with good morals and deep insight make a good combination.

Trump says he likes Boris. I like him.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Christ’s Wisdom (inner) vs Human Wisdom (outer)

August 7, 2019

This is Trump at his true thinking. We are seeing Trump being his true self. And it’s self not spirit it’s selfish and not spiritual. Spiritual wisdom of God should be above, use the head. The head as defining all our judgments is above it all. Using ones heart to judge means self and feelings.

Trump is a more heart led than head led person, Trump goes by feelings more than thoughts. Feelings are not based on words and the words we base our own words on need to be God’s Words. When we look at a person we look first at a persons head, we look in the eye soul to soul. We look head to head. We relate to a person first from the head. We think and commune in thoughts head to head. But we feel also. I don’t want to cut out feelings all together. Feelings obviously have a place to play. But feelings can lead us astray. Head first then body. You dive in a swimming pool head first followed by body. You go in to a head to head relationship with somebody. Head is where we are created from. Head then body. Head first. People that are heart led or what we call body led who go body first not head first judge by the body. The body knows little. The head should know all. The body is about looks. To judge by looks is not clever it’s dumb. People who judge by looks are mainly young people. The youth are not wise. Some youth can be wise but most are not. So yes we use our bodies and as such we use our feelings from our bodies BUT we always must use our heads first then our bodies. Let feelings and body be head ruled. So we come under words and the over ruling words are God’s Words. We let God’s Words rule our lives. God is the Word. Let God rule us. We know a truly wise person by their words and actions. But to be wise it’s first in the thoughts. We are what we think. The truly wise person is head ruled not body ruled. Racism is body ruled, it’s going by looks and looks is not head ruled.

Trump is acting out what many many people think. Trump hates coloured people and many many people think like that. Obviously white people love Trumps racism. Many white people are racist. Many people are not wise of God. Few people are really wise of God. Jesus is no racist. Was Jesus a misogynist? No. Jesus had 12 apostles all male, why no females? Good point. I suppose Jesus had to fit in with the thinking of the time. The Jews and the people of that time in general treated females second to males, why? Human wisdom. Man made wisdom. Jesus did not have coloured people as his 12 apostles. Again the thinking of the time. Jesus had to work with what was the main stream at the time. Many males are male supremacist. Many whites are racist. Many white people support Trump. Many people are body ruled not head ruled. Many people judge by physical body looks. Many people or most people love money and Trump is rich and he loves money.

Should nations be nationalistic? Should nations each have their own distinct one main culture? I like that. But a lot of nations have gone multiculturalism. Has multiculturalism been a success? Not wholly. For example I sympathise with the U.K. that is now a hoj poj full of different cultures now. Great Britain used to be the English the Scotts the Welsh the Irish; not now. We knew the distinctive culture of Great Britain in the past; not now. Our grandparents fighting on the side of Great Britain knew and understood the culture they were fighting for. And identity comes from culture. Now a days the youth in our multiculturalism nations have no real identity. Youth identify with no culture. So the USA has many backers of Trump. And many Christians back Trump. Many Christians in the USA are white and they want the USA to be white ruled. Christians though ranting and raving about the Bible can also be body ruled not head ruled. Many Christians are not wise of above. Many Christians go by looks of the body. It’s feelings to many Christians. We get our happy churches where people go to Church on a Sunday to feel good. Happy Churches are the modern churches consisting mainly of young people. So should nations each have their own one main culture? Is culture important? Is culture of God?

Trump wants a white led culture in the USA. Trump wants all the coloured people out of the USA. Trump wants all the Muslims out of the USA. I am white so its in my favour to live in a white led nation. Hitler was extremely nationalistic he wanted an aryan (white, blonde, blue eyed) people to be the master race. Many white people want white people to be the master race. Trump might even get voted in for another four year term as President. Racism impacts the Church the living Body of Christ because many white believers in this living Body are racist.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2019

Aliens. I don’t believe in them. Aliens is for dreamers and fantasisers; It’s fantasy science fiction. Science is real as knowledge is real but we can also have fantasy knowledge. People love fantasy as a way of escape from reality.

We get C.S Lewis the author and his fantasy books. Maybe too much reality is not a good thing; too much of one thing might not be healthy; so fantasy fiction can be a release like taking a drug. Most people take one form of a drug. I have little time for fantasy either it be fiction or non fiction. Can fantasy be also non fiction? I don’t know. People want to believe in aliens up there it’s like a religion to them. I am too grounded with Mother Earth now to let my thoughts fantasise. If I do let my thoughts wonder I try and check them. I can pray or read the scriptures. I in my younger years was prone to fantasise but I see this as immaturity. We need a mind of Jesus Christ. Give your soul to Jesus Christ. Jesus is no fantasiser. Pray often. Read the Bible often.

Wisdom of Jesus Christ is grounded to one Mother Earth and one sky above. One earth one heaven. We don’t want to leave the one birth mother. Our mother feeds us with nutrients. Jesus has one mother one father. There is one universe one God Head one earth.

I don’t know how people can get to sleep at night thinking of aliens up there; it’s just not natural. My head is up there I see that. I do see. I am heart living for head. I speak from the heart. Heart is where self and spirit is. We die to self. We remain spiritual. Spirit does not believe in aliens up there. To live for self is a useless life. Satan lies to us.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Salvation is not credit it’s free

August 7, 2019

Credit cards bahhhh. I don’t believe in them. I believe in living within my means. I have never owned a credit card. I use bank debit cards.

I do not want to live off other people’s money, to do so means they have control of you your mind is not free. You are in the banks debt you owe the banks your mind is in debt. Be free of other people’s minds. Don’t let your mind be under the control of other minds. If you are not free you will live like a prisoner if not physically then in mind. Words free you or imprison you. Banks can imprison people’s minds. To live in debt means sleepless nights and much worry, you yearn to be free. My wife has never owned a credit card, I married good. Live and spend sensibly. Don’t gamble don’t have credit cards don’t smoke don’t take illegal drugs don’t drink much alcohol don’t do anything in excess don’t get addicted to substances don’t be unfaithful.

Worship and pray to the One God Head. Every morning pray and read the Bible and manage the rest of your day around the God Head. The God Head is supreme not yourself. Yourself is weak.

“We think we are”. We are what we think. Keep in the Word of God. Read the Bible. The soul gets converted. We must seek to have the mind of Jesus Christ. We want to think pure wise thoughts. It’s in the thinking. Our thinking is a reflection of who we really are. Do pray often. It’s in the Words. It’s all about Words. Share Christ with other people. Don’t get hooked in to this world. Life in this world is very short live for preparing for the After Life. Be prepared. Don’t be a fool. Satan wants to control your mind. Give your soul to Jesus Christ.

You see a person, look deeper, look at the heart, look with insight, perceive, discern, nothing is as it looks, you read a book after the cover, look beyond the cover, read the heart, listen, don’t just go by the cover, looks can deceive, —- there are so many con artists trying to scam people now a days. People are greedy that scammers have a field day.

Wisdom of God is Jesus Christ.

Do you want to invite Jesus Christ to be your Lord and saviour? Jesus saves. Do you want to live a wise life? Or are you clever enough too clever for Jesus Christ, you don’t need Jesus because you can sort your life yourself. Do you think it’s weak to let Jesus be your Lord. You are strong and not weak. You don’t need God, you are proud. You are too proud to want to accept God’s help. Pride goes before a fall. Adam and Eve fell, they were both proud.

I believe to ask God to help you – you ask Jesus Christ in to your heart. Yes the heart. You are heart centred. You are heart and soul. And body. But it’s your heart with self and spirit that is sick. Ask Jesus Christ in to your heart and confess/repent of your sins to God. Your soul will be converted. Some people call this conversion being born again. Believe that Jesus came in to this world born of Mary mother of Jesus; Jesus grew in wisdom and stature; Jesus at 30 years old ministered to people, after 3 years of ministry Jesus was crucified nailed to a cross. Jesus took all our sins in His body and died to them. Jesus died he took the punishment we deserved for our sins (and generational sins, ancestral sins). Jesus was put in a tomb; God brought Jesus back to life with a divine heavenly body; Jesus appeared to many people; God then raised Jesus up to heaven to be at the Father Gods right hand side. The Father and Son reign supreme from up in heaven. Jesus will come again to this world in the Second Coming, when, no one knows except the Father God, even Jesus does not know. Prepare yourself for eternal life. Don’t wait for the End Times and God’s Judgement. Don’t think you are too good not to go to hell. Don’t take that chance to hedge all your bets at the Judgement. In Christ we are not judged. Be wise prepare for the After Life and know you are going to heaven. Not all people go to heaven. Be wise don’t be a fool.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 15, 2019

I am not a fan of the theory that a giant big asteroid killed off all the Dinosaurs on earth. My theory and it’s only theory is that during the time of the Dinosaurs the whole earth’s air was very humid. It’s like when you go to these tropical rain forests in Asia in the summer. The heat is unbearable. But I think Dinosaurs thrived in the humid climate. Humid means much moisture or water in the air. Trees and all plant life were awash on this planet then they also thrived in the humidity just like tropical rain forests thrive in the humidity today. Dinosaurs to me needed the humidity to survive, maybe they can not live in the cold for too long.

Noah and the Ark and the big flood – was that true? If so then the water in the air could have been used to flood the earth. Much water is needed to flood the whole earth. So when the flood came no life existed afterwards except for the creatures in the Ark. This does not add up. There are millions of different creatures so how could the Ark hold millions of creatures? Unless God created after the flood. Now the thought here is the flood destroyed all the Dinosaurs. But… could humans live in the time of Dinosaurs? I can not imagine it happening, so that does not add up. What does add up is that Dinosaurs may have needed a warm to hot tropical climate to survive. And after the great flood the water in the air flooded the earth and now we did not have a tropical humid climate covering the whole earth. But another thing does not add up…….there are some places still with tropical warm humid climates, why could not Dinosaurs exist there. Or was there an ice age that predated the great flood that wiped out the Dinosaurs. This is believing that Dinosaurs needed humidity to survive. The great flood must have been real just as a great fire burning this whole world in the future is real. Baptism is real. God baptises, we know that, and we know baptism cleanses, and we know God the supreme creator is a God of cleanliness, purity. God wants everyone to be clean. Sins are dirty. God is sinless. I don’t know if the Dinosaurs were all killed by a big asteroid or an ice age or the great flood. But the flood meant maybe no more humidity all over the earth. All the water that caused the humidity rained over the earth.

Now scientists are saying the earth is now in the early stages of “global warming”. I am not a fan of “global warming” I am more in to “climate extremes”. I see both cold and warming. We see some very bad extreme winters and very bad extreme summers over this planet earth now. But it could be “global warming” I don’t know. I am open. I don’t think that it’s a case closed to think that all Dinosaurs were killed by a big asteroid.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 15, 2019

What was that again?

I said it’s like people are screaming in my ears. Sir sir.

Sorry I don’t sleep much at nights.

Now Graham.

Sir it’s not Graham. It’s Jesus.

Sorry now where was I?

The screaming sir.

You are Jesus.

Yes sir. Jesus Christ.

He thinks “Not another Jesus Christ I have had three this week”. You are hearing voices. This is a common mental illness.

Mental illness? But I am God’s Son how can I have a mental illness?

It’s common. Now these voices do they tell you things.

It’s screaming I said. Well it seems like screaming. I don’t know what the screaming says, it’s not like I can distinguish actual words in screaming.

Oh. Now who is your referring doctor?

I was referred to you by my Father.

Oh your Father is a doctor?

Sort of.

Sort of what well is he or is he not?

He’s God.

Why are you here?

I said I hear screaming.

You hear voices.

No screaming.


Look can you help me. Dad sent me. Dad said you had good results.

Tell your Dad that I am old now, I used to be a keen when I was young but now a days I ……

Sir you are nodding off again.

Ahem… sorry. You say you hear voices.

No. It’s screaming.

And your Dad sent you to me.

Yes yes.

Graham could you wait outside in the reception I will make a few phone calls on your behalf and will call you back in in about 15 minutes.

Sir it’s Jesus not Graham.

Yes Jesus.

Jesus goes out in to the reception area and sits down.



First time.


My name is Lester.


You have a good name.

Dad gave the name to me.

What’s the doctor like?

Not bad. But he’s old and forgets things. Dad knew him in the past but that was the past.

Oh. He’s not so good.

He’s just old now.

You going back in.

Yes later. He’s making a few phone calls.

That’s a good painting (On reception wall).


It’s called THE SCREAM.


Me I feel like that often.

Me too.

It’s like people trying to get in my hair day and night.

Oh your hair. Me too.

The doctor also says I have a Jesus Christ complex.

Hey my name. Dad sent me here hoping I could get put in to a hospital for rest. The people’s tongues strut day and night in the millions pouring out words to heaven I need a break.

What people’s?

All the world’s people’s.

I know how you feel. It’s like heaven is inundated with noise from this world. The head and brain can just take so much.

Dad is getting very riled up He can just take so much. Mean while He wants me to take a break.

What will your Dad do if he can not take it anymore?


Fire what fire?


Burn what?

The world.


Mr Jesus. Mr Jesus.


The doctor will see you now.

Talk again another time.

Okay Jesus.

Hello doctor.


Jesus sir.

Doctor thinks “Oh another Jesus Christ complex”. Jesus I have rung around and sorry to say the hospitals are full.

I just need a short break.

Sorry son I tried. Give this to the receptionist when you go out.

But sir I hear screaming.

Jesus it’s common. And your complex is common.

What complex?

Look we are finished.

No medication.

Yes this note to the receptionist will give you a script to take to the chemist the receptionist will fill you in with details. Sorry I can not help you further.

Bye doctor.

Bye Jesus.


People screaming upwards to heaven. The brain going mad. God going mad. God threatens to destroy this world. God wants to cleanse this world. The second baptism fire. Water the first baptism destroying this world, already been. Two baptisms no more. I would expect the fire to come from the sun like a global solar storm but that’s a guess, I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 15, 2019

In a ship the engines are below. The engines power the ship. But are the engines of a ship in charge of a ship? No. The captain is in charge of a ship. The captain rules from the front and top of a ship. The engineer is in charge of the engines but the engineer works below where the engines are. The engineer answers to the captain. The captain does not rule from the engine room. The captain is on the top deck at the front. The captain is the ears and eyes and nose and tongue of a ship. The captain is in charge of all the ships crew.

In a human body the heart is below. The heart powers the body. But is the heart in charge of a body? No. The head is in charge of a body. The head rules from the top. The Holy Spirit is in charge of the heart but the Holy Spirit works below where the heart is. The Holy Spirit answers to the God Head above. The God Head does not rule from the heart. The Head above is the eyes and ears and nose and tongue of a body. The God Head is in charge of all the members (Those souls Jesus Christ has saved) of the body.


Regards; Lester John Murray.


July 15, 2019

It’s going to come, no doubt about it. But are the present banks going to be the main stayers of cashless or is cashless going to be played out by other players like internet companies accessed through a app.

Cashless is going online but banks as they are might miss out as technology advances and leaves them behind. Online booked taxis like Uber have left the more conventional taxis behind. Maybe a online company like Facebook can start up an online Bank, it’s possible. Facebook online money. Maybe online can have many online currencies. I don’t know. Maybe the world will want one main online currency. But there’s China who may want to take over online banking in the world but I think the USA will hold out and not fall for China’s rule over the world by online banking.

There will be a great big contention between the USA and China over who dominants and controls the world’s banking. For many decades the USA has controlled the world’s banking. The world bank and the IMF are under the influence of the USA in a big big way.

We access banking through an app on our computer or mobile phone, we do that now, but we use cards on the whole to pay for things at shops.

I don’t use cash now, I don’t have to. I have used cash only a few times in the past months. I use my bank card and online.

Will the Mark of the Beast be initiated from China? I don’t know. Will the USA initiate the Mark of the Beast? I would think China but it’s a guess. So is it about taking sides? USA or China? We must remember that the USA is equally involved as say China in going for a cashless society. The USA is also very much a big player in online banking. The Mark of the Beast is still a mystery. It’s not so much the Mark being a mystery but who brings it about.

Who is this Beast? Obviously the Beast works for Satan. Who is Satan? The enemy. The Dragon. Who is the Dragon? I can only think of China, the land of snakes. But Asia is known for snakes. Decades back and still sometimes Asians would build snake statues and use them to front their homes or other buildings. Dragons and snakes are high up in Asian mythology, and even more so in Asian religions and beliefs. The snake spirit in the length of the body. I often in the past used to see what I perceived as a snake looking out through people’s eyes. People’s? Mainly Asian but not all Asian, other people’s and races also.

Who wants wisdom? God’s Wisdom is through Jesus Christ no other. Human wisdom or what we know as the world’s wisdom is limp and weak compared to Jesus Christ’s wisdom. The Bible emphasises God’s wisdom. To be truly wise is to know Jesus Christ. Human wisdom just puffs a person up, its knowledge but it eventually fades away. Jesus Christ goes on for eternity. Human wisdom can be about creation and not about the creator. Human wisdom can love creation and not the creator. Human wisdom can be all about the human spirit and not the Holy Spirit.

Then there is Satan’s wisdom; such is all perverted. Human wisdom is like wisdom sitting on the fence it is between Gods Wisdom (Jesus Christ) and Satan’s wisdom. Satan has his women. These women pervert the human race. These women are the Dragon women.

Human wisdom sits on the fence like agnostics. Agnostics do not want to know God, they do not want God knowing them. Agnostics don’t want a relationship with God, they sit on the fence between God and Satan. It’s like going to watch a game, there are the players and then there are the ones who sit on the fence and watch the game.

Satan’s wisdom is the Dragon woman. God’s wisdom is Jesus Christ. The world’s wisdom is based on the human spirit and is about wisdom apart from God or Satan.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The spirit of Pentecostalism

June 16, 2019

I see. Seeing is also one form of understanding. Seeing is insight. Seeing is perceiving. But seeing is not all just knowing and believing, we also listen we also smell and taste. Insight is not the end of all. Senses are more than just sight. Commonsense to be total needs all the senses. And we can throw in wit or what we call the sense of humour; humour is a good filling out of all the senses. Why be serious all the time. Wit is good.

Pentecostalism is a Christian religion, it is fringe and not main stream Christianity. Pentecostalism is fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is living off the fundamentals, the core the basics. Fundamentalism Christianity treats the Bible scriptures as literal, they think the Bible is inerrant. So I come to see a Pentecostal spirit, but do I see intelligence in this spirit? I see some good and some bad. I see at times in this spirit extreme bigotry. I get annoyed at this spirit. I don’t see a lot of God’s wisdom in this spirit, I see immaturity.

I thought back to some thoughts I have had in the past on this subject. The tree. The metaphorical tree of the universal church. The tree has roots and a trunk and branches and twigs and fruit and leaves. The Pentecostals to me are the fringe of this tree. The fringe are the twigs. The twigs have the fruit and the leaves. The fruit are the spiritual gifts of God what we call the charisma gifts and the leaves represent healing. The trunk is the Catholic Church and the branches are the mainline Protestant Churches. To remain sane in this tree is to keep connected to the tree so the twigs connect to the branches and the branches connect to the trunk and the trunk is connected to the roots. We must keep our connection to remain spiritually sane. Don’t wreck the connection. Don’t ridicule the connection. The connection can also work both ways. We grow up and we grow below. The fringe to grow must evangelise.

Pentecostalism is immature, they are the twigs and don’t have a lot of strength and they as the fringe, being twigs, get blown around by the wind. Twigs as compared to say the trunk we see the thickness of the trunk compared to the twigs and the trunk is oozing strength. But the twigs make up for their lack of strength by having the fruit and leaves. The fruit of the Spirit of God. Leaves to me make me think of healing.

I used to fellowship a lot with Pentecostals I don’t now or I try and not to. Pentecostalism is evangelical. Evangelicals can be so evangelical that they evangelise everyone, no one is spared except for maybe those in their own denominational church. Its push and push for these evangelicals especially those evangelicals who are young they are the real pushers. Pentecostalism can think that traditional Christianity is of Satan. Satan is the Pope to many Pentecostals. Rome is Babylon to many Pentecostals. But what gets me most is that some Pentecostals think that the saved are only those who speak in tongues. The Pentecostals have the charisma gifts, the fruit I call, some Pentecostals have the charisma gift of tongues. These tongue speakers say that the proof of salvation is in having this tongue gift; that is where bigotry really gets in to Pentecostalism. Bigotry is religious zeal but with erroneous beliefs.

Pentecostalism is fundamentalism. To just live off the basics the fundamentals is weak and immature. We must make a good foundation of the basics but we build on that foundation. We need a house. The house sits on the foundation, it’s just not a foundation that is needed we also need to build on this foundation. The Pentecostals, called fundamentalists, use more a literal approach to the Bible, they don’t like to see metaphors or figures of speech, they see things in the bible more face value rather than seeing with insight they don’t want to see a metaphorical interpretation. Pentecostals take the Bible as all God said without considering that man may have intervened in misinterpreting God in writing the translations. There are many versions of the Bible now but Pentecostals who are English may rule that the King James Version of the Bible is the real authority of God’s Word. English speaking people who are white and British descended think the King James Bible is the only real God Bible. Never mind that not all Christians are British or have any British in their family lines. Japanese Christians or Arab Christians for example have no connection to just the King James Bible; they might say who is King James, they may have no connection to English at all. Not everyone is English but English Christians can be so bigoted about English being Gods main language; English speaking Pentecostals can be bigoted about this a lot. Hey Japanese Christians may never have heard of Shakespeare. Why does education just have to be based on the West? The East has Christians too. So are we to educate the world just according to Western values and especially English values? English is just one language amongst thousands and why should it be the supreme language who says so? God? Pentecostals are immature, and they do not “think“ much they see thinking as dangerous. Pentecostals find refuge in the Bible, they might say the Bible saves the soul. I remember when I was not saved, lost? Yes, a lost soul, I had a small gideons Bible. I tried to read it but it did not mean anything to me, I could not relate or connect to it. But when I got saved I could understand the Bible more. So the Bible in itself does not save the soul. The Bible on its own will save no one. The Bible did not save me when I was a lost soul. It’s the Spirit of God that God sends from above that saves the soul. Without God’s Spirit you are not saved. Of course people without God’s Spirit still can be saved, those without the Spirit of God come before the Judgement Seat of God, they are judged and God will decide whether they go to heaven or hell. I like thinking, I love reflecting, meditating. Pentecostals though usually are young and think of sex or money etc. The young want sex, money and power. Young people are the same everywhere and it’s the same for the young in the Pentecostal Church. The Pentecostal Church comprises mainly young people. The Bible scriptures can be used by Gods Spirit. Reading out scriptures for the saved is good.

The metaphorical tree is growing but it’s only the twigs growing now, the trunk does not evangelise, the branches don’t evangelise much now, it’s only the fringe of the tree growing. The Pentecostals are evangelising. The Pentecostal Churches are going strong, we see lost souls still being saved and going to Pentecostal Churches. No lost souls are being added to the trunk or the main branches. In the past, years and years back, there was no real fringe, no Pentecostals, it was the Catholics and the Protestant mainline Churches evangelising but no more. So what next? The fringe might grow more yet, and what then? The tree is fully mature. What then? I don’t know. Maybe the tree exists for years yet maybe for a long time. But only when the tree is fully mature will God return in His Son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 16, 2019

Britain has many friends outside of the EU, especially amongst nations whose main language is English.

Trump has promised Britain a “phenomenal trade deal” if it exits the EU.

I am a friend of the EU but I don’t like to see Britain lose its own unique identity. Britain should be a stand alone nation with its own identity. I hate to see Britain lose its British culture which is its identity.

Culture is unique to each nation, and we get identity from our own national culture, we must preserve our own culture, we must grow as sovereign nations within that unique culture.

Culture includes things like language, religion, history, dance, music, philosophy, arts, cuisine, politics.

People love to travel to foreign nations to experience foreign cultures. Culture identifies a nation.

England now is so congested in its cities with so much foreign culture that the original British culture is being squeezed in. We now have in Britain congested cultures. It’s like in Britain if they go to war against a foreign nation it’s like Britain is armed with a congestion of many cultures making it hard to identify with a main British fighting force identity.

We knew what a British fighting force was in the First World War, we had the English and we knew what they represented in culture, we had the Scots with their unique culture, we had the Welsh with their unique culture. Britain was English, Scottish and Welsh and Irish. Okay we have four cultures but they seemed to bed down well but now Britain has many many cultures, no one knows what Britain is now. Should Britain return to its original four culture identity, if so how? It’s too late. Maybe it might recover if it goes Brexit. Maybe maybe not.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 16, 2019

Such has no real place in God’s Body. But human wisdom is stuffed like a cooked goose into the Body. Our exalted religious leaders stuff themselves with human wisdom. The Church is full of not just material buildings made of brick wood and stone but our Church comprises member humans who stuff themselves so they become bloated on man’s wisdom. Human wisdom is made up by man and is so uninspiring that our leaders who preach from the Church pulpit are wasting our time.

Our pulpit preachers preach human wisdom. Human wisdom is so dry and uninspiring that our preachers just waste our time. Our leaders go to university to get wisdom and understanding; no regard for God’s Wisdom through Jesus Christ. Wisdom of God is a Spirit. So we get our preachers stuffed up bloated on university subjects like psychology, sociology, philosophy, literature, poetry. Art subjects are wisdom to people. I say arty farty because these arty wise are basing their wisdom their foundation on weakness, limp wristedness, and wooden not iron spiritual strength. Iron is God’s wisdom, human wisdom is wooden. No wonder the church is going perverse. Perverseness is all around, who is straight thinking now? Few. We get arty farty hoity toity leaders leading our church. Universities do not teach God’s wisdom. Jesus Christ would never go to University. Jesus when on this earth was never schooled. Art and science are taught at universities. Science is about the material world not the Spirit world. Science on a whole does not recognise spirit or soul. Science will tell us about the physical side of the universe not the spiritual side. We learn nothing about Jesus at university. Okay there are theology subjects but these are not about learning about wisdom of Jesus. Theology is about religion and religion does not necessary have to mean the Father God and the Son God. University is about intelligence not Wisdom of Jesus Christ. University is about human wisdom and intelligence. Teachers at university are looking for intelligent responses. You write about Jesus Christ in your exams or assignments at university you will be graded low. University is about critique, but on human wisdom terms not Christ’s wisdom terms. There are three types of Wisdom (1) God’s Wisdom through Jesus Christ (2) Human wisdom or called worldly wisdom (3) Satan’s wisdom.

Get wisdom, get insight. So parents send their children to be taught by humans who teach human wisdom. Thankfully they are not teaching Satan’s wisdom. So children are training their bodies not in simplicity but in complexity that both bugger the mind and body and cause such constipation that toileting has a new dimension. We should be getting the waste out regularly but no, humans are winding up their hearts and minds and bodies with insanity. Drugs are the main source to unwind and de stress. Who does not take a drug? Everyone just about takes some form of drug. The chemical imbalance in the body and head is so out of kilter. Keep it simple is not understood. Human wisdom is causing insanity. Sanitation is getting the waste out. We must shit or die. Getting the waste out is sanity. We must be simple.

Human wisdom is not based on simplicity. Christ’s Wisdom is the Simple Truth. Man lies so don’t always believe him/her. Believe God. Follow Christ not man or woman. Be disciples of Christ. Christ is alive. Christ is not dead, believe.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 16, 2019

All knowledge of Wisdom is right at home; the understanding is within, Wisdom of God is a Spirit. The Body tells us heaps about God’s Wisdom. The Head tells us even more. The Head needs the Body and the Body needs the Head. The Seer sees and knows.

Seeing is believing but the Spirit of Wisdom is a person in Spirit He is called the Holy Spirit of Wisdom. The Holy Spirit has spiritual gifts but they come and act through the Holy Spirit. We are human spirit but the spiritual gifts are not us in human spirit. So we can not glory ourselves in God’s gifts, they are there simply for the Body to help the Body a Universal Body a Body with many members. To glory in ourselves is demeaning the God Head. We don’t accept accolades from humans for something given by God. We glory in the God Head not the Body. The Body is nothing without the Head and vice versa but we give glory only to the Head.

We are words in a Body and God’s Words in us are supreme. We are words, we think and we are. We are nothing without words, without words we are like the animals and live by instinct that is being thoughtless. The Word became a human being. God (The Son) became a human being. We become gods, not God, but gods. We are living words living in a Body. We are simply just words and nothing else. Our flesh dies. We get new bodies in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 16, 2019

Right wing and left wing thinking concerning say politics is a mystery, the mystery is how some people think left and some people think right, it seems to be one way or the other.

It seems either side is not bad, why? Who can walk a straight line down the middle? Few, so we go right or left. I tend left more than right but whatever way you go does not mean you are evil; right and left must be natural so it’s not the Devil on the left side and not the Devil on the right side, the brain has two hemispheres and God is the brains. God the Father is left and God the Son is right. Jesus might be a right thinker, the Father might be a left thinker. What we however have to be careful of is extreme left and extreme right such are unbalanced.

The Father God is more honoured than God the Son and the heart is more to the left of the body. The right side brings us in to a relationship with the left side. We relate to the whole brain but we tend left more. We are right handed more (dominate right hand) so is the left side of the brain more dominant than the right side of the brain because does not the left brain side control the right side (right hand) of the body and vice versa.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Red Joan – movie (Joan Stanley)

June 16, 2019

Compelling viewing. Enjoyed watching it from beginning to end.

This red spy reminds me of Kim Philby another red spy. Both I think thought that by giving nuclear secrets to Russia would make a more peaceful world, how? You have two strong men, one has the superior weapon and can dictate the terms of peace or war. The superior man will of course win in a war he is much stronger than the other man. So by giving the less strong man equal strength with the much stronger man you will get peace, neither man will want to fight the other, so we get a mutual understanding. The mutual understanding is that to fight both men would die and therefore war is a waste of time. So we get peace and this theory was brought about in to reality by very highly intelligent people who were schooled at the top universities in England, such as Cambridge.

I personally hated communism of old that the Soviets fostered and encouraged. This type of communism is as bad as the sort of fascism of the Nazis. I hate fascism and communism. The Soviets had the gulag labor camps and the Nazis had the concentration camps, both evil. The Communists had the KGB and the Nazis had the gestapo, evil beyond measure. My Dad and his father my Grandad fought in the two main world wars to defeat perverted thinking. Fascism is extreme perversion to the right and communism is extreme perversion to the left.

Now the world is going right of right. Either way extreme of the spectrum you get a police state. The KGB were a state within a state and so was the gestapo. Even the C.I.A. (USA) in its early days was trying to be a state within a state. I can tolerate the C.I.A.


From the Internet:

In a picturesque village in England, Joan Stanley (Academy Award (R) winner Dame Judi Dench), lives in contented retirement. Then suddenly her tranquil existence is shattered as she’s shockingly arrested by MI5. For Joan has been hiding an incredible past; she is one of the most influential spies in living history… Cambridge University in the 1930s, and the young Joan (Sophie Cookson), a demure physics student, falls intensely in love with a seductively attractive Russian saboteur, Leo. Through him, she begins to see that the world is on a knife-edge and perhaps must be saved from itself in the race to military supremacy. Post-war and now working at a top secret nuclear research facility, Joan is confronted with the impossible: Would you betray your country and your loved ones, if it meant saving them? What price would you pay for peace? Inspired by an extraordinary true story, Red Joan is the taut and emotional discovery of one woman’s sacrifice in the face of incredible circumstances. A woman to whom we perhaps all owe our freedom. (Lester: I personally don’t believe we owe our freedom to her).


Who thinks STRAIGHT now a days. Everyone is either buggering their neighbour or mate or changing sex. What is normal sex from decades back has changed drastically. No one knows what sex is now, we need a new definition of it, why? How can we teach children what sex is when it is all arse now. Straight sex is now no such thing. Sex has so many perversions now, no one knows what is Straight. How can you teach children that buggery is normal and God given. Children must be so confused and wound up about sex that they are stressed out to the eye balls.

Politics has perverted thinking. Sex has perverted thinking. It’s not intelligence that will save the world it’s Wisdom of Jesus Christ. These Cambridge University spies (Joan though did not attend Cambridge) were the cream of society they were highly intelligent but they were perverted. These cream of our society thought that by handing Evil the secrets of the atom it would create peace in the world. Stalin was a evil monster. You don’t give a monster weapons. It’s quite obvious to even the unlearned that extreme left or right political thinking is dangerous. Stalin and his sort were extreme and dangerous. If you give the likes of Stalin equal footing then you would also have given Hitler equal footing, both men extreme and perverted and very evil.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 5, 2019

I am a brexiter. I think it would be good if the U.K. allied itself with the USA more so than with the EU. We have a strong partner in the USA. Europe does not have a good history in upholding righteousness.

If any it has upheld unrighteousness, we saw the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Vichy France. France though a good ally now has in the past warred with Great Britain. Britain warred with a number of European nations in the past. But the U.K. and the USA are brothers, it was the settlers from the early U.K. that initially helped set up the now USA. The USA is English speaking because of the U.K. We in Australia and New Zealand who are descended from Britain are allied with our brothers and sisters in the USA who are also descended from Britain, we share DNA as well as a mother tongue. Canada also shares a bit of our British DNA.

The British and their descendants share common values. We are worldwide. And we have colonised nations. Our mother tongue is English. We share common values like our belief in Christ.

Should British be a culture still? Is it racist to think British should be still like it was in the past.

English people worldwide who share DNA from the motherland share common values. English is the main language in the world.

The living Church, the living Body of Christ is not just English speaking. Members of Christ’s Body speak many languages.

We in the Body of Christ are a mixture of many cultures. Is culture important? Cultures used to define nations, not so much now. Should nations try and retain their culture built over many generations of its citizens.

What is culture? Is God about culture? The world is about culture. Should say the British try and protect their British culture? London is scary now, there are so many people from different cultures and speaking different languages in London now. I hate the thought of visiting London. It’s scary. But New York is also scary to me, the congestion, the crime, the population.

I am not about abusing other people’s culture. The British colonised Australia and over rode Aborigine culture. So what is it about culture? Does it give a person identity? The British culture invaded the world. But is culture important? Should we discard all culture? The West in many cases has gone multicultural. Is multicultural good or bad? Should each nation have one main language? Why is Australia’s main language not an Aborigine language? Do we fight for culture? We fight for our values but does culture contain our values? Is God about culture or is culture just worldly?

Brexit to me is about culture and about British culture. Is British culture a thing of the past? So we have white people in the U.K. trying to protect what they call the British culture. These people are white because the British of old was white but not much now. Does it really matter what culture or skin colour you have? When the U.K. goes to war is it protecting their culture but how when a lot of U.K. citizens now have no links to white British Christians.

Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life on this planet. So for me I am in the world but not of the world. I serve Christ not the world. I look forward to going to heaven. Culture is worldly. We don’t fight for culture we fight for God. The Church has many people from many cultures we are one in the Body of Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

PROBLEM SOLVING FROM THE HEAD NOT THE HEART (don’t put feelings into problem solving put Words)

June 5, 2019

I was a thinking. I was addressed with a problem. I received a letter from a friend who as he called it asked for my advice, me I saw it was him wanting to solve a problem he had. My friend seemed to have been slighted by someone. Someone is obviously human. Don’t all problems come down to people? Are not humans the universes problems? I read his letter and sympathised with him. The problem caused sadness to my friend.

I wanted to lash out and contact people who could have helped but did not. I wanted to tell people off. I was emotional. Good sense luckily kicked in. Good sense is determined by sins. The more sins the less commonsense the less sins the more commonsense. Sin clouds judgement. Sins are the dark clouds, we can not see properly in the dark. Insight works in the light. The more sins the more darkness, the less sins the more light. So commonsense kicked in and I prayed to God. I prayed for my friend and his problem. Thoughts were triggered. I thought, to pray is to give the problem to the above. Let the head solve the problem. Give it time. To solve problems from the heart is not healthy for the body. The heart is a simple pump we should not overburden it. Many people solve problems with the heart. The head should solve the problems. The God Head. God is the brains let the brains solve problems. With my friend I first wanted to solve the problem with my heart and contact people and get emotional. Emotions do not solve problems. The head………marriages are made in heaven or they should be. Marriages just made in the heart are emotional. Emotions are feelings, feelings should not rule. I prayed to God above for my friend and will leave it up to the head to solve the problem. The brain is the computer, not the heart. God is the Words. Words are needed to solve problems unless you are a mathematician and work in numbers. I work in Words not numbers. Can we expect the head to solve the problems that we pray to God above? Can we trust the God Head? Is our brain alive? In my single life I had a girlfriend whose mother said to me that I was brain dead. I don’t think I am brain dead now. Or was I just a sleeper in the past, you know a sleeper agent for God, waiting. Marriages made in heaven are marriages made from the head, the brains. God is above, we are spirit, we want to be a wise and understanding spirit. We are heart bound but we return to God above, we came from God above and we return to God above. I believe in prayer, it’s in the Words, Words make us or break us, we stand on our Words, our foundation is our Words, we are our Word.

So pray to God above, you speak Words, the brain listens, the head senses work, we are in a Universal Body, we have a Universal God, and it all comes together, just wait. People listen especially those who are in the Body. We in the Universal Body are all connected up. No one can outwit the Universal Brain of God no matter how big their muscles are or how much their heart beats. Pray and pray and pray and wait, the brain listens, thoughts come together and solve. We then obey. The body obeys the head or it should. We are that body, we live in the body, we are one of many many many many people in the Body.

Keep the simple beat (heart beat).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.,Murray


June 5, 2019

Why this determination to climb physical mountains. The urge to conquer physical is so incessant in humans it is a passion.

Me I go the spiritual path. Physical has its merits yes but spiritual has more. I have my mountain to climb. My mountain is not physical, you wont see me anywhere near Mount Everest. My mountain is a metaphorical mountain in the spiritual sense. Does spirit have senses? Spirit has eyes to see and ears to hear, there’s two senses; what about tasting and smelling?

I climb a mountain, I conquer, I overcome, BUT my overcoming is from God, God overcomes in me. My climb is intrinsic. I climb in words and spirit. God overcomes the world in me. The world is put at my feet, where it should be.

When people come before the JUDGEMENT SEAT of God and their lives are portrayed to God, what will God think or say about man’s inventions and pursuits.

Man is crazy to be so physically orientated, man should be spiritually oriented that is wise and clever. We live for eternity, either in heaven in bliss or hell in punishment.

Jesus went up hills to pray. But what are these people doing climbing Mount Everest? Is it to pray? Is it to get close to God? Is it ego? It’s certainly not Spirit of God. Maybe it’s human spirit, but humanism is weak. Humanism is not about God. We have to give an account of ourselves to God. Success to people can be so worldly not heavenly. God is above. It should not be about the body so much it should be more about the brain. Glory the head over the body. The body does not reign even if you have climbed Mount Everest. Nobody (no body) rules, God rules above.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

CREATURES with soul and without soul

June 5, 2019

I believe humans are the ONLY living creatures that have been given souls from God the creator.

But that does not mean I look down with disrespect at all other living creatures. Life is all valuable. We must value all creation. God does not make trash. God’s workmanship is valuable.

We save souls. Christ saves souls. We save souls through Jesus Christ. Living souls are like as a living shadow.

Humans also have spirit in their hearts. Do other creatures also have spirit in their hearts? I don’t know. I perceive no soul or spirit in any creature other than humans. Look at say the eyes of a fish, do you discern spirit? Or soul? There is no inner life animating from life other than humans. It’s like people who think that trees have living spirit? Nonsense wisdom. Stupid wisdom. When you look at a living fishes eyes, you see blank. Nothing is looking back, no inner fish person.

So when we kill say cows or fish or deer or bears or chickens or etc etc etc any creature other than human we are not killing souls. If say cows had souls humans killing cows would be committing murder. killing fish would be murder if fish had souls. Killing any animal, fish, bird or insect would be murder if they had souls. But no, humans kill such creatures with no remorse, why? There’s no soul.

Christ saves souls. Priests only do funerals for humans no other creatures.

So souls have thoughts. Humans are the only thinking creatures. Fish don’t think. Animals and birds and insects don’t think. I think, I know I think, I often hear my thinking. Wisdom of God helps humans to know their thinking. Wisdom of God goes deep and brings the thoughts out of the well of your heart. Wisdom of God can go deep to the bottom of thoughts. Hearts can go deep. I perceive other humans in thought I commune in thought with them and me, BUT in spirit. I don’t commune in spirit with any creature other than humans. God is the head of the Church the living Body. No creature other than humans can be in the living Church the Body of Christ.

Humans are stupid to think that creatures other than humans also think. To think you need thoughts, to have thoughts you need words. Fish don’t have words. Animals and birds don’t have words. Only humans were given words.

Humans can be so stupid. Human wisdom can be so blind. Blind leading the blind.

I hate seeing or knowing living creatures are being abused; that’s any creature.

Rescuing say animals from inhuman treatment of course has my blessings. We can kill animals or fish or birds or insects but not for sport; to eat to survive is okay; but we don’t abuse these same creatures we treat them well. Nature is often abused. People’s egos hang out as they kill for sport to show their mates and women how powerful they are. Mother Nature is not just abused it’s raped.

Who goes trophy shooting? Who goes on safari looking for animals to shoot? Who kills animals for sport? Who would kill a lion or elephant for sport? Not women, men yes. Women know better. Men want to prove their virility. Killing a big animal the bigger the better proves a man’s virility. These macho men are used to getting their way with Mother Nature. It’s abuse and rape of women. Men love a photo of them with their big big gun the bigger the better and with the big big animal they have killed. Do they eat the animal? No. They do not have to, they were not hungry. Besides dinner is not far away at a restaurant or hotel. They are just hungry for abuse. Men who are macho, some women too, also love to have a photo of themselves with a big gun. It’s like their ego is hanging out.

A person who is NOT of the world but in the world can be more observant of what is going on around them. To be not of the world means you have no attachments to this world. To have no attachments to this world means you are FREE to see and hear from a detached manner meaning you are not pulled in to any direction of thought. You can think for yourself independently. You are not pulled in to any particular thinking. Your thoughts are free. To be detached from this world means you have no worldly idols.

Riches. There are physical riches and there are spiritual riches. Most people go after physical riches and not spiritual riches. Why? People can not see spirit. Seeing is believing to just about all people. In the real test people doubt. Apostle Peter denied Jesus Christ 3 times. Peter went on to lead the church. We all doubt in our own ways. The wise clever go for spiritual riches not physical riches but who is truely wise and clever, few of us. There are the few truly wise people.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 5, 2019

We call our poor in Western countries the “Homeless”. In third world nations the poor may be called the “Starving”. Yes real poor people are starving, but not in Australia. You must be a fool to starve in Australia. Charity organisations are all out there to feed the poor in Australia. Food is relatively cheap to buy in Australia. Clothing can be bought for a song too in Australia especially from Opp shops and there are plenty of these around. So in Australia the poor are fed and clothed. Good. But we don’t call our poor the starving or clothe less, they are called the homeless.

Why are there homeless people in Australia? For starters the unemployment benefit is not a fit income to live on, you can not live on it; you have to be homeless to live on it, so we get the homeless. Government wants people off the unemployment benefit so they give a very low amount.

We have complex issues with the homeless people. Many are mentally unwell, many also have addictions. Most spend what money they have on their additives. These additives can be tobacco, alcohol, hard drugs, even glue. Homeless people don’t manage their lives well, they can not work because of their issues. They can not interact with other people in an ordered way so no one wants them. Their issues mean they are not clean, they live dirty lives. Putting these people in lovely clean homes is not the real answer. They might trash their new homes in little time. Addictions is dirty living.

I had mental issues but I try and be clean whereas mentally ill people can be dirty. I hate a dirty life. I love being clean. In NZ when I mixed with the mentally ill a lot were smoking incessantly, they did not eat sensibly, they drank coffee or tea with heaps of sugar and basically lived like tramps. When I worked for the Church in Perth city we had Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in our buildings and these people smoked like never before, most of these people smoked. Why do some people take to addictions and others avoid them like fire? I have never liked smoking, I hate it actually and hate being around people who are smoking, I think smoking is foolish. I have been known to have a glass of wine or beer now and then like a glass once a month or two. I don’t need to sedate my life from the complexes of the world, I work with reality, I am no coward. I do take medication but it is prescribed by the doctor so I must take it, doctors orders.

Homeless people need homes, not food or clothing these they have. But we can not house them, they can not manage their homes, they are delinquently sociably. Most of these people have come from dysfunctional families. Their spiritual lives have been hated and not loved. Their home lives were like war zones they have learned bad attitudes. The nest is where we have to train people to manage their lives. Parents have been bad role models. Government can not take over the parents roles. Government can not be the parents. School is not Christ wisdom based. School is not a place to learn God wisdom. School is about learning knowledge of this universe. Souls and human spirits crying out to be loved won’t find it at school. Teachers don’t have the time to love all the children. Teachers are not there to love. Teachers are not trained to love. Schooling is about a curriculum. The curriculum is made up by Government and is to be adhered to to the letter.

Homeless people do not get on with other people. There are the gems among the dirty soil. Some people are sensible who have slipped through the cracks and live on the streets. We must help these gems. The Godly must be helped. The Godless need help but they have to come as they say to the party, it takes two to tango, they have to give to receive. They must help themselves when help comes, they must make an effort to get out of their pits of despair. People can offer a helping hand but the recipients must also try with effort with that helping hand.

God does help. The Father God draws people to Jesus Christ. Does the Father draw everyone? I don’t know. I was drawn to Jesus Christ. God has blessed me. I was given Wisdom of God. Wisdom gives Understanding. I was no rolling stone in my younger years but now look out, get out of my way, I am on a roll. I have a Spirit gift in my heart. I learn from God, God’s Spirit. My God conversion has taken time, it’s like a plant growing it takes time. But in my conversion it’s like an awakening, it’s like a light brightening up my body and head, the light gets stronger. The light overcomes the darkness, I get to finally live in a body full of light. I eventually get crystal clear eyes (Like my human Dad). I get enlightenment (I don’t get it from teachers of this world I get it from God Spirit a gift).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Keeping a budget is like keeping a diet – it’s about using good sense, nothing more nothing else

June 5, 2019

To diet you eat sensibly. To budget you spend sensibly. Eat and drink only what you need. Spend only on what you need. Your gut does not need rich food. Rich food can make you sick and unhealthy. Keep it simple. Feed the gut simple. Spend simple. To run a race to win you carry very few things. Drop the baggage. Repent to God of your sins. Sin is extra weight to carry in the race, the human race. Carrying extra weight causes high blood pressure, your heart is weighed down, heart attacks are common. The heart is a simple pump and needs looking after. Simple. Don’t complex your life with many things. Keep clutter out. To have in coming you must have out going. Get the waste out. Sanity is to do with sanitation. Sanitation is to get the waste out, out of the mind in thoughts and out of the body in food waste and liquid waste.

Keep the body and mind simple. Keep simple thoughts. Keep to the simple truth. God is the simple truth. Focus on ONE. God is ONE. You have ONE head, ONE body. One verse the uni verse. Sin can make you sick, Generational sins or your own sins.

And LOVE God and your neighbours. Try and be unselfish try and be spiritual. Selfish will ruin you. You are in others, others are in you, work through others and for others. God made this universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. God works through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. We humans in the Universal Body work through other members of this Body and for other members of this Body. You will not understand God using only human wisdom. God is Spirit. We must be spiritual to understand God. Human wisdom is only as strong as clay whereas God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ is as strong as iron. Prophets of God can be spiritually strong as iron. Prophets have insight and can be steely eyed seers.

Human wisdom sees Gods wisdom as nonsense. God’s wisdom sees human wisdom as nonsense. You can not learn about God’s wisdom at human wisdom schools. Jesus Christ never went to school.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SELF – flesh and spirit

June 5, 2019

So should Prince Harry have said “Meghan and I have had a baby boy”. Harry did not say I he said myself. So “myself” is that a bad word? Self is bad. Self and selfish go together.

Humans are self or spirit. Oh yes humans are both spirit and self. What is better to be, self or spirit? Self is the flesh, spirit is the spiritual. What does God want us to be? God is Spirit and wants us to be spiritual. We can be good spiritual or evil spirit. There is evil spirit of Satan. There is the Dragon and the snakes. The truly wise who choose spirit choose God. Fools choose Satan. Satan a fool? He’s not clever to try and take God’s place.

In my younger days in Christ I was confronted with my inner flesh self. This flesh self was/is in my heart. Maybe being a Prophet of God has its benefits to me in many ways besides also benefitting other people in Christ’s Body. I see, prophets see, they have insight. So I see and God shows me things to see. I saw my self in my heart. My self was flesh and not a nice picture. God has shown me many other things in my Christian life. God shows me things to see, especially when I am going through a bad patch. I see and know. There are benefits to having a gift of insight. I call it insight or is it wisdom. Does the Spirit of wisdom reveal things to me? I don’t know. I saw my flesh self in my heart that is definite I do not lie. So I have a self person of me in the heart. I also have a human spirit of me in the heart. I struggle to be spiritual trying to be led by spirit with Spirit (God) and not flesh self. I have the Holy Spirit in my heart. I want to be led overall by Spirit of God (Holy Spirit). My human spirit is yoked (metaphorically) to the Holy Spirit. My human spirit learns from Gods Spirit.

How do we not depend on flesh self but spirit and ultimately Spirit (God)? There is only one way to be spiritual of God, we must die to self. This self in flesh in the heart must die. Jesus paved the way showing the way to heaven. We die to flesh self and live for spirit and Spirit. We feed our spirit not flesh self. Our self is spirit. Our flesh self is sinful and like Jesus dies. Jesus died to his flesh, we die to our flesh.

Harry said “Meghan and myself had a baby boy”. Is saying I any better? Is Harry a spiritual man? Most people in this world are selfish. Just about all young people are selfish. It is hard to be spiritual of God. Self is flesh and flesh is about sins. Spirit can be sin too but that is dark spiritual things. God is light and to be spiritual of God is to be in the light. It is foolish to want to be in the dark spiritually. Satan is the losers side. Satan lost when he tried to take God’s place in heaven.

Most people are selfish. It is hard to try and be spiritual of God. People do try and be spiritual of God. Not many try. The world is no proper place to be spiritual of God. The world is a cess pool of evil. To be overly righteous is not wise and to be overly evil is not wise. We can not walk around being like robots of good or evil. We sin and we do good. Spiritual people please God more than selfish people.

Sex can be so selfish. Can spiritual people of God have sex? Of course, sex is natural. Sex is spiritual. Most people have sex for flesh self. Sex was ordained to have children, that is obvious as we see other creatures have sex. A Godly purpose of humans is to have sex to have children. We humans find purpose and meaning in having family. Sex is not selfish when it’s purpose is to have children. But humans are consumed with lust. Children are born in sin. I am no different, I lust. Lust is prevalent in the Body of Christ. So people should have their spouse. I was born in sin. Children born to Christian parents who profess Christ and are saved can bring children in to this world clean. Otherwise people are part of the “great unwashed” and living in sin and unrepentant. Dirty parents, dirty nest, dirty children. Generational sins come down the family line. Only the blood of Jesus Christ washes away sins. I am “Born Again”. Nicodemus a Jewish teacher and member of the Sanhedrin went to Jesus. Jesus said to Nicodemus “You have to be born again”. What go back in to my mother’s womb and be born again; Nicodemus did not understand. Jesus scoffed at Nicodemus, you are a great teacher but you don’t understand. The Prodigal Son story that Jesus spoke about had two sons of a father. One son went away with his fathers inheritance and whored a warred. The other son stayed at home behaving himself and working hard. Who was this son who stayed at home? The other son that was lost and found, the prodigal son, he was the born again son. According to this story not everyone in the Body of Christ is born again. In the generational line people do stay with God. Children born of Christian parents or who grow up in Godly homes full of God light and cleanliness can be the son that stayed at home and did not whore and war. But Jesus Christ saves the soul and those souls saved by Jesus are not judged by God on the Judgement Day.

The prodigal son was flesh selfish. But he came home to God and became Spiritual of God. People do see the errors of their ways and repent to God. Whoring is selfish. Warring is selfish. Most sex is selfish. Lust is selfish. We are all guilty of lust, me too.

We can either be flesh selfish or Spiritual, or we can be both. God wants us to be Spiritual. Don’t feed the flesh self in the heart feed the human spirit in the heart, feed off Gods Words. The saved of Christ receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes in to the heart. But where does the Holy Spirit come from? Mars? The moon? Jupiter? Pluto? We humans understand little about the brain, we hardly know anything about it. We the saved get Spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit gives the saved Spiritual gifts. These gifts are in the heart and are used for the helping of the whole Body of Christ. If you are saved you are in the universal Body of Christ. It’s a mystery about people being in a one universal body. We are each a part of this Body and we commune together. This body of Christ and it’s inner Kingdom of God is not understood flesh wise but only in Spirit to spirit. Spiritual matters is utter nonsense to the non spiritual people. Only spiritual people can understand Spirit. Flesh people only understand flesh not Spirit.

So where does the Holy Spirit come from? Above yes but where above? Are we spirit in the heart and to be spiritual do we learn to spirit? Is our soul saved above?

The Catholic Pope is with his top Cardinals at the Vatican. Cameras live are focussed on the Pope and his entourage. The Pope is being beamed live over television to the entire world. NASA have sent a rocket in to outer space, two astronauts are on board. One astronaut has been doing a space walk earlier on and fixed loud speakers to the outer fuselage of the rocket capsule. The whole world is watching, cameras with acoustics are live streaming back to earth in conjunction with the live streaming of the Pope and his Cardinals.

Is it ready?

Copy Houston.

We have you.

You are live Your Eminence. Please begin.

Greetings God. I am Pope Francis the First Shepherd in Apostolic line to Apostle Peter. God we need your help, the planet earth is becoming a rubbish heap, people have lost the way.

Excuse me your Eminence we have to butt in here.

Houston here Sky One is the voice going out loud enough over the outside speakers.

All good Houston.

Carry on your Eminence.

God please help our planet. Progress is killing this planet. We humans are going artificial this and artificial that, the world is losing its true connection to spirit we are all becoming fairies without tapping in to the Spirit of God. We are a planet people worshipping other humans and Mother Nature. God God talk to me!!!

The Cardinals look agitated. The Pope is God’s top representative and God is ignoring him. It does not look good. People might think that the Pope has lost favour with God. Everything is impinging on God talking back this could end the relevance of the Roman Catholic Church to the world’s people. A Cardinal sees the eyes of the Pope. There is fear in his eyes. The Pope does not know what to do. The people surely think God will talk to the Pope. The Pope whispers to his chief Cardinal “What shall I do”? The Cardinal has an idea, he whispers back “Faint”. “What”? “Faint”. “But”. “Do it”. The Pope faints. The world is shocked. People all over the world see the Pope faint. The Pope has fallen to the ground. “What now the Pope whispers”? “It’s okay” the chief Cardinal says to the cameras “The Pope has been slain in the Spirit. The Pope has seen God”. The Pope smiles and is helped to his feet. The world’s people are over joyed. “God has spoken to me”. The people watching the live streaming are quiet. People are wanting to know what God said to the Pope. The chief Cardinal whispers to the Pope ”Say something you are the Pope God has to talk to you”. “God said He loves us all and to have faith”.


Yes Sky One.

We are losing our connection with you.

Copy Sky One.

That wraps it up for now.

An applause goes out over the world. The Cameras stop rolling.

So does the Pope and his Cardinals hope to be sent in to outer space sometime to meet God? Is God in outer space? Does the Holy Spirit come in to our hearts from outer space? People build their ivory towers up there trying to reach the heavens. People in the past built the Tower of Babel to reach God, now people build rockets to get up there. Will everything come falling down like a building made with a pack of cards? Man builds on flesh self not through Spirit to spirit. The heart needs a strong foundation. Jesus Christ is the strong foundation for our hearts. We need strong hearts not weak hearts. Fools build their houses out of a pack of cards. The wolf comes and blows down those cards. The wolf can not blow down a house made by Jesus Christ. We must be tapped in to God in our heart. We don’t want to be up with the fairies. There is self and there is self. Self to me is human spirit in heart “born again” of God. The other self the flesh one in my heart dies. I die to live. The seed dies. The spirit grows from death. The seed dies and gives life.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

RECENT MUSINGS – heaven and feelings, judgement, simple truthful salvation, faith and works

May 8, 2019

We don’t feel in heaven. The body feels not the head. The soul does not feel it thinks. The soul is just about words. The soul is in the head. We save the soul or more to the point Jesus Christ saves the soul. Words of God save the soul. The soul is converted to be saved. To be converted of soul is to be set free, set free from the lies of Satan. Satan is the enemy of our souls. Truth sets us free. The soul is converted with truth of God to set us free.

So heaven is not about feelings. When we go to heaven we will not feel up there. In heaven we are just about words and words are not feelings. In heaven we don’t feel sad, happy, down, miserable, glad, pleased, cold, hot, warm, depressed, etc. We don’t feel like doing this or that or not feel like doing this or that in heaven. Heaven is simplicity defined. The head teaches us that words are the way. It’s the body that feels. In the second coming of Jesus Christ we are given new bodies. Our new bodies are angelic and are not based on feelings. In heaven we are like angels, but more so, we are children of God. Angels of God are not children of God. Some people say heaven is all around, it’s a mystery. I have had an out of body experience, true, God’s truth. Half of me came out of my physical body, yes only half, I was lying down and half of me sat up. Uuuur you say sat up but your physical body did not? Yes, I sat up and I was in two places. I sat up in a body but this other body was inside the physical body, I sat up in this other body. Can I call this other body a spiritual body. Beggars belief. We are all beggars for the truth to believe, I am no different. In heaven it’s strictly words.

Those saved by Jesus Christ are not judged. There is the JUDGMENT. People come before God and are judged. Not all people come before God to be judged, only those who are not saved by Christ are judged. At the End Times everyone is raised, the dead are also raised, we all come before God, those not saved by Christ are judged, judged according to what they said and did. The judged are sent either to heaven or hell. Those saved by Christ can not even be condemned on this earth during their earthy life.

Secrets have a time span. To hold a secret is like holding your breath under water, soon you will come to the surface and breathe you will tell the secret.

The Simple Truth converts our souls. To find truth to life you must go to the simple truth. All answers to life are simple. To find God You don’t go big you go small. To find answers you go for the simplest answers. God is found in simplicity. To understand the universe you go to one verse, one verse in Words of God. One is the answer to life. One verse answer is the whole answer to life, the universe and God. God is One. To find God in the universe by looking for Him up there in the physical heavens as man knows heaven is not wise. Look for God within. God is Spirit. Look for God not up there or out there, God is not out there. God is the simplest of persons. The atom has the most power, God so small is the most power. The atom can tell us the answers about the universe. God’s Spirit is small, maybe very small. To go to the small sometimes it means starting from the big, you go to the core of the big to get to the simple answer. Mathematicians start with many equations they bring everything down to one simple equation the simple truth answer. Prophets focus, they see, they are called seers. Prophets to remain focussed and see they must focus on one. God is one. Prophets have insight. But prophets to see and have insight can not look at big and complex they must look at the simple truth. We are one body we have one head. We humans are in the image of God, we are one.

Faith and works. The book of James in the New Testament of the Bible goes on about faith and works. Faith without works is dead says James and works with out faith is dead says James. Martin Luther our fiery reformer of the Catholic Church protested and said faith not works saves the soul. Then we got the Protestant Church a breakaway from the Catholic Church. I think a combination of works with faith makes sense. Being a faithful husband to ones wife is okay and good but you also have to work at a relationship of marriage. Being faithful to ones spouse is not the end of it in a marriage. We work at our relationships. We work at loving. Now a days many people excel at work, they work hard with long hours. People think work is the big thing. Get a qualification and work, work to get a high salary, work to get promotion, work to get a fancy job title. People look up to people who have high paid jobs. People who work long hours are lauded over. So it’s work now a days not faith that is more important to people. People are forsaking faith and just emphasising work. Its cool to talk about how much you love your job and the big salary you get. It’s all show, it’s far from the real truth. People are just prisoners to their jobs, their bosses are the prison wardens. Faith and works should go together but both not one more than the other. We have faith in God and we work at a relationship with God. Our relationship with God means serving Him. We have a calling. God gives each of His children a calling, it’s our place to find that calling and do it, it’s simple. Our true God calling is simple. Go for the simple truth. In our true calling we are free but in a calling not ours we are prisoners. We work at our God calling. Our body serves the head. The head keeps it simple but it’s our body that wants complex. Our body wants to please itself. The ego in the heart takes over and takes us away from obeying the head. The head is just about needs. The brain operates in needs. Our body is about wants. We must serve the head in simplicity then we keep healthy bodies.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2019


What do you think? It’s not rude to ask someone what they think. God’s Wisdom brings out thoughts, the deeper the Wisdom the deeper the thoughts. Thoughts surface through Wisdom of God. God’s Wisdom goes back to original thought. God’s Wisdom was at the beginning.

Meaning is Purpose; Purpose is God’s Will. We find purpose from within Culture. We live to be cultured people not uncultured people. We live for God and through God. We live through other people and for other people. Our purpose is to obey God. We are in God and God is in us. We are in other people other people are in us. We are a culture under the God Head. A culture grows, it is planted, it is reaped, it is weeded. God is the gardener of His culture. A culture to survive is about needs not wants.

We find purpose and meaning through other people and God. Other is not everyone. Everyone is not necessary us. Us can mean living in a Body, a Culture. There is the good culture and there is the bad culture, a good body and a bad body. Our body can be God’s through Jesus Christ or it can be Satan’s body. Lost souls have no meaning, no purpose. Satan’s children have meaning and purpose through Satan. Children of God have meaning and purpose through God and His Son Jesus Christ within Christ’s Body with each child of God a part of this Body, we are all joined together, we commune together.

Below is from a News Article:

Many experts attribute our preoccupation with meaning to the fall of traditional religion, which seems to have left society with a collective existentialist gap.

With the absence of organised religion and increasing isolation from community, we’re often trying to fill the vacuum with what we think defines the 21st century: work, productivity, efficiency — and money.

Millennials are under the dual pressure to find work in a precarious market and keep up the facade of a perfect life online — but resilience-building isn’t the answer.

Ms Papadakos has been working with people who are lost in their career — and even life — for years.

She says high expectations, combined with disappearing entry-level jobs, an increasingly casualised workforce and the effects of digital disruption have left many of us, particularly millennials, living with extreme uncertainty.

“Being in a job that is meaningless to us is not so good for our mental health. It is thus important to give this aspect of our lives a lot of consideration,” Ms Papadakos says.

“We define meaning through culture — so everything you don’t have to do to survive,” he says.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Was Jesus qualified to teach?

April 19, 2019

Greatest man in history, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. His name is Jesus.

Jesus has no qualifications from a school or college or university. So is Jesus qualified and for what? Why read the Bible when none of the 12 Apostles had qualifications. Moses had no qualifications. The Prophets of old had no qualifications. We qualify ourselves for jobs for the wrong reasons. Money and the love of it, also status. We love the titles before our names and the letters after our names.

Don’t read the Bible if you want to read qualified writings. The Bible is not qualified but it may be anointed, and inspiring. Are you qualified or are you inspiring? Jesus Christ the anointed one inspires people.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Universal poetic verse

April 19, 2019

The universe is poetic verse we should all harmonise together.

Rhythm and rhyme with simple beat make for poetic order. Harmony is order. The heart is an expression of poetic holiness or it should be. The universe is verse but one verse.

Verse can be poetry. God can create with poetry, simple beat with rhyme and rhythm. The universe can be one poem. God is Words and created the universe with Words. God created the universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. When God created the universe God said a poem, one verse became one universe. The Words of God are the source of life. God needed to have structure to his poem of creation, the poem of the universe is not by chance, there is order to poetry.

Did God create the universe through His Son Jesus Christ’s heart, I don’t know, or was it through Jesus Christ’s Head, I don’t know. Does the Spirit of God dwell in the heart of Jesus Christ and the living Church, I don’t know. The Holy Spirit is given to the ELECT and it comes in to their heart, but from where? The Head, and whose Head?

Everyone keep the harmony. Keep the beat the simple beat. Love is harmony and simple. The universe is a love poem. God is love.

My heart beats at a simple rate. The rhythm of my heart is simple. We each human in heart immerse in to the greater world and whole universe with the simple beat of of our human hearts. The rhythm of the universal heart beat is simple. The heart beat rate can go faster or slower but it still remains a simple beat. To complex the heart beat makes a heart under tension. The universe (uni –verse) is like as a poetic verse made from a simple rhythm. We must keep our hearts in simple rhythm otherwise we go against God our creator. So keep the rhythm.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

City councils are trying to get more people and businesses in to their cities while environmental agencies are trying to relieve congestion in the same cities. What is it? People in or out of the cities. People and businesses are money to the city councils and these councils think money before congestion. Money is votes to these councillors.

What about free public transport. Yes all free. Free public transport would mean fewer cars in the city. It’s looks a laugh when you see the roads all choked up around cities during rush hour to work and rush hour home after work, it can make you laugh or cry. Cities need to be off limits to cars.

Free transport; what about free universal basic income. “Commy commy socialism” scream the right wing conservatives. Yes the left wingers are more about equality than right wingers.

There are just so many jobs to be had in a capitalist democratic system. We can not just make jobs for jobs sake we need to adhere to the system. The system makes only a certain number of jobs. The people left without jobs can not be just put on the rubbish tip.

Communism is a State (This is far left wing State of Mind; far right wing State of Mind is fascism) whereby most people have a job (fascism can also interfere in economies and provide most people jobs). The State will provide. The State provides jobs. But economics should be about supply and demand. Supply and demand must be free to act on its own without interference from State. The communist system (the State controls the economy) has proved unworkable (far right State of thinking fascism also is an unworkable system for nations). The true God gives freewill, the Communist State trying to be God does not give freewill (nor does the fascist State trying to be God give freewill). Humans basically want freewill, free Will is freedom. The Communist and Fascist States acting as God imprisons people, imprisons conscience. Humans want to be individualistic, to act alone using their own free consciences but in a collective conscience. Collective is that collective, many, it’s communing as a collective, but with a mindset, the mindset is called the Wisdom of God. The Wisdom of God is Jesus Christ. So the State of the economy should be a State of Mind, a free one at that. Heaven is a State, a State led by God. The Kingdom of God is a State, a Spiritual State. What State of Mind are you in? We must live for what is in, not necessary just what is out. We think as individuals in a collective, a collective Body, called the Body of Christ the living Church, the living Temple of God. Are you in the Body of Christ? The Universal Body under a Universal God in a one verse the Universe. The Universe is like a verse, words, it’s a understanding for the Mind set. We close off from a lot literal and become a lot metaphorical. We see then the light at the end of the tunnel, we see the meta (the beyond) the light of the after life, heaven, we are metaphorical and metaphysical we are ready for the next life. We believe.

Am I saying that the best, sane, most workable State of Mind is right in the middle between Communist State and Fascist State? Maybe. We must have a yard line of measure to find our centre. Does Christ’s Wisdom rule/lead from the middle? The Mind of Christ is the Wisdom of Christ. The Mind is the Head. Christ is Head over His Body the living Church. The living Church should align itself under Christ’s Head in the middle of the spectrum of thinking. We are centre and straight.

Humans must be allowed free conscience. State control (that is humanism and is outside the Mind State of Jesus Christ) stifles free conscience. Economies that prosper prosper best under free conscience.

So economics of supply and demand without State control (Humanism, man’s wisdom) is okay, it’s the best system, humans like it, BUT this system does not employ everyone of working age SO universal basic income has credence. Free public transport has credence to help alleviate congestion on the roads.

So economics is a state of mind like everything else. Your mother might have said to you as a child “its all in the mind”. Exactly. It’s your thinking and it’s in the mind. You are what you think. How do we know what we think? A wise person brings out their thoughts. Wisdom of Christ brings out thoughts. You think, you hear, you see, you smell and taste. Don’t depend on feelings, that’s immature.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Wise Owls

April 19, 2019

Why is the owl called wise? The owl sees in the dark. Seer. Sees. To see in the dark is wise. You see and know. Seer is associated with insight. Prophets of God are called seers, they see they have insight. Prophets can have penetrating insight. Prophets of God are called wise. God gives his Prophets Wisdom. Jesus Christ the begotten Son of God and God the Son is both a Prophet and wise. Wisdom of God makes a King. Jesus Christ is King, King of Kings. Prophets of God can have wisdom and insight and be called Kings. Simple.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

“Don’t over simplify it” the politicians shout. We are talking about problems in the community. But how do we solve the problems? The politicians band aid the problems and if that does not work apply more band aids. What? Throw things at the problems. Maybe even throw money at the problems. What about simplifying the problems then they might wash away. “No” say our wise leaders. So people add to their problems.

You have a animal in the country that is being a national pest, you import another animal from another nation that eats this first animal; but this second animal becomes a national pest; so you import another animal from another nation to eat this second animal pest. And it goes on. The problems exacerbate, the problems get worse. Adding to a problem does not necessary solve the problem. Einsteins Theory of Relativity is offered in a very simple equation: E = Mcsquare. That’s the theory in a nut shell. Simple. You bring every problem down to its simplest form and it is solved. But our clever clever wise educated leaders and academics and scientists often just add to the problems. Many does not make the problems go away. Complex is many. Complex is seen as being clever to many people; are they deceived? Go for the simple answer and understand from there. Simplify the problem to its lowest denominator. To be properly focussed you must focus on one, one simple solution. To focus on many is complicated and this is not sanity. Politicians have to simplify the communities problems. Go for the lowest denominator, even mathematics teaches that. The Prophet of God needs to be focussed. The Prophet is the Seer of God, he she brings the problems in the Body of Christ to a simple solution. The Prophet hates being not focussed, being not focussed can make the Prophet go mad. The Prophet is the eyes of the Body of Christ. We must have a focussed Body of Christ to be useful to God. Problems are complex because many is in place, many parts, many elements, many numbers. Pure is best. Sin is not pure. Problems are usually sins. Sins cause problems. Mathematics can be often about solving problems, but of course maths is not about solving sin problems. In the world humans sin and these are problems.

To solve a problem we must unwrap it, we must untangle it, go to the core of the problem and that is simple, the core is simple, sin has been added to the core. God says “Repent of your sins” (Repent to God, pray to Him). Mind problems can be in words. God is the supreme creator in Words. God in simplicity can unwind you of all your mind and heart problems. God is the simple sinless pure core. Go back to original thought. Read the simple truth, the Holy Scriptures in the Bible. Simplify your thinking. Simplify and focus. Focus on one, God is one.

After thoughts:

We can solve the problem within, in words or Words as in God’s Words. God’s Words are the Simple Truth and the Simple Truth solves problems. Simple is one, one simple answer. We use Gods Words to overcome ignorant darkness we use Gods Words as light to overcome the darkness in our minds, hearts and bodies. Salvation of our souls is within, not out there, out there the Lord of the air rules, Satan. We rule from within. The human body is in the image of God. God has full rights and control if He likes over all His creation and every human body is His creation in His image. Wisdom of God through Christ has as its best weapon the ability to control, the human bodies or any other created body. God though gives freewill to humans but Wisdom of God can override freewill if it chooses to do so which obviously is not often. Satan’s body can also be controlled by God’s Wisdom as Satan and his body is also Gods creation but obviously a sinful one. Prayer is a powerful tool in the right hands. Scriptures are also powerful in the right minded good hearted people. We War in this world but if we were all praying and thinking good there would be no need for physical wars. We must fight for the souls of people. Our true fight is within. We fight with the weapons of light. God’s Words are light. Love overcomes hate. Light overcomes darkness. Our battle is within. Satan is off this world, he is Lord of the air, his battles are out there. We in God’s Body can not be overcome if the Body is in the light. Dark forces out there can not overcome light forces in God’s body. But money money money and the love of it is the root of all evil and Satan knows this. How God’s Body loves money and Satan will buy all they own. The Church the Body of God might lose everything of this world but hopefully Satan can not get our souls. God has no use for the riches of this world, God is interested in saving souls. You might lose everything to Satan but you might be saved in soul. The Body of Christ needs to go back to simple living. Who cares if Satan buys nations, the soul is more important, the soul is for eternity.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

The heart must worship one God Head. Just as one man must have one wife. One one one. One is the understanding of God. One Head, one body, one wife, it’s the healthy way. For the one heart in our body to worship many gods is like worshiping many heads, it’s unnatural. To worship many for the heart puts a big strain on it, it is under so much tension, it suffers so much. God is above the heart the heart needs a God. We are spirit in the heart. We are also flesh person in the heart. We deny ourselves to live for God above. The head needs to be boss of the body not our flesh person in our heart. The human spirit also is not in charge of the body. The head is in charge. One one one one. For the male to have one wife is one and one is natural. The male to have many partners makes many and many is complex and complex makes sick. The heart needs one wife. One is good health. Many gods is unhealthy. Many gods is weakness. We put all our heart into loving one God the above God the God Head.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

I see “GetUp” as political militarism, it’s political activism yes, but it’s goes further and its active militarism without the military hardware, their guns are words.

This political militarism is about pulling down a political party. It’s war, unions also are about political militarism, Unions are left and are fighting the right. Unions and Get Up are on the same side, the left side. Labor party is left and it’s guns are the Unions and Get Up.

In religion we also have our militarism. In the Christian religion we have the far right Pentecostal militants. Does religion have right and left wing thinking? I am not sure. But I see Pentecostals tend to vote right wing politics. Is right wing politics right wing brain thinking? Maybe as it is maybe the same for left wing politics being left brain thinking.

Now if the Pentecost’s are right wing thinkers what Christian denominations are left thinkers?

I use the mind of Jesus Christ in my political understanding. My head is Christ. I don’t see politics as a class war. I am not interested in human wisdom made up by men. In politics I rule from the centre. The King rules from the centre.

It’s wise to think straight and talk straight, straight centre. I don’t get in the bind of one side of the brain ruling as against the other side of the brain, both sides of my brain rule, I don’t deaden one side over the other. I am not a one sided person.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

P.s. GetUp is a left wing inspired group/organisation in Australia.


April 19, 2019

“There is no easy fix for homelessness. It is a complex issue and people experiencing homelessness are often contending with a number of issues such as mental illness, family and domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse issues or financial problems,” he said. Mark McGowan the Premier of Western Australia.

So the solution to homelessness is to simplify the problems to make them wash away. A solution is liquid it washes the problem away. Homelessness is a complexity, it has layer and layer of added desires/wants that are not necessary to living. To survive we need to just have our needs catered for. We do not need alcohol to survive. We do not need domestic violence to survive. We do not need cigarettes or hard drugs to survive. Mental illness can be a complexity caused by generations of unwise living. Mental illness can be a chemistry imbalance in the body and brain but it can be caused by wrong choices in life. We must get on with everyone. We must speak wisely. We are what we think so our thinking can lead to chemistry imbalance. Our life choices can lead us to addictions and that can make us poor.

We need a simple solution not a complex solution to homelessness. We need these people to have disciplined hearts and minds and the only true way to discipline the inside is to invite someone into our inside to help us be wise and Jesus Christ is the only non sinner and we invite Him into our heart. Jesus sends His Spirit into our heart, the Spirit of true discipline. To be wise begins with the heart and mind; to invite any other spirit (other than Jesus Christ) in to our lives we are asking for trouble. Demon spirits of Satan are trouble. Demon spirits will make you poor. True discipline is about needs not wants. Wants lead to addictions; needs won’t lead to addictions.

So start to be wise from a young age. Pray and read the Bible from your youth. Go to church and listen to more wiser and mature people, Godly people. Don’t love money. Avoid idols. Love one spouse from all your heart. Always worship and pray to the ONE creator God. There is ONLY one God Head.

Many people are a product of their parents and ancestors; we must break the bad cycle that comes through our family tree; we must break the bad habits. Jesus took all our sins in His body and died to them. Only through Jesus Christ can we break off generational sins. Only Jesus Christ died to all our sins. As born again you are now children of God, God is your Father.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

Bill Shorten is no Scott Morrison. I like Scott, he is really of a good ilk. Bill does not measure up to Scott. But Bill must have the smarts being married to the wife he has. Bill certainly has a good woman behind him. Good to see the photo of Bill kissing his wife. Behind every successful man there is a successful woman – so a saying goes.

Bill will help the poor. Bill will help the low income families. This is what Labor is about, help the disadvantaged, the poor, and the sick. Labor are about equality for all. But Labor is still stuck in that mentality of a class war. Down with the upper classes up with the lower classes. Class warfare stinks too much of human wisdom and is about money and power. Remember revolution is about taking power away from the powerful and then the revolutionaries have the power. It’s a revolving door, in with the new out with the old. It’s just replacement tactics. Nothing more. The downtrodden become the elite and the once powerful elite become the downtrodden. Things don’t change they can become worse. The former Soviets are a case in point. The Soviet cadres of the former low classes became the upper classes. But the ones that get the power and privilege are only a select few. The masses just go on being poor. How people get power and don’t want to give it up. That’s where democracy comes in, power to the people and from the people. Democracy ensures no one power goes on for too long so corruptness has little time to evolve.

I hate class. Class divides. Labor and all equality goes well with me. But the Soviets and their like have proved that class warfare is not the way to go. Classes start at school. We learn class from school from a young age. School divides. We learn division from our schooling. School is about winning and losing, people are divided according to winning and losing. School divides through competition. We compete to win. School uses knowledge (and also sports to divide but it’s mostly knowledge). The winners are the elite and the losers are the low classes. The winners are the higher classes. Education is about winning and losing. Education is about classes. Labor wants equality. We have to teach equality from the beginning and that means at school right through children’s education. Labor are left, left of centre is okay but extreme left is dangerous. The extreme Soviets were dangerous with their extreme communism. It’s the same with the right politics; centre right is okay but fascism extreme right is dangerous.

The Federal Coalition have balanced our nation purse books. We are out of the red, we have money to spend. But what about the national debt to pay off? The Liberals are good at money and accounting. Labor like spending money on the poor but Liberals are good at making money. If we have a Federal Labor Government come this May they no doubt will take the national economy into the red. We are used to that. And Liberals will bail the nation out when they get in again.

Bill Shorten is on to a good thing about Medicare. But it’s spend spend and spend. The poor love it. Big businesses hate it.

I think Labor will be in Federal Government come this May. I am no crystal ball gazer but I think Liberals need a rest and Labor deserves a try at the helm. Such is life. Scott has proved his mettle worth as a leader. Scott has been a good Prime Minister. Sad that it looks like Scott has only a little time as leader.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

Hands on work is the more healthy work. You don’t need to work hours in a gym each day if you have a proper job working with your hands. A job not sitting at a desk all day.

Trades jobs are crying out for people. Tradesmen work with their hands, none of sitting down all day. Tradesmen can also be tradeswomen. Women are so lacking in the trades, why? You call a electrician, it’s a man not a woman. You call a plumber, it’s a man and not a woman and it goes on. Mechanics are men on the whole. Gas fitters are men on the whole.

You don’t need to go to University to get a real job as a Tradie. And Tradies are not poor. You pay heaps of money just to get a Tradie to turn up at your home. Tradies are in such high demand that they can take or leave a job and they can charge heaps for the jobs they take.

University makes managers, people who sit at a desk all day and give the orders.

Working at a computer all day is work to many people now. Then these same people after work go for a workout at the gym. Am I not understanding? They workout after work? Why go to work to get paid then go to workout and pay? You pay a gym to workout. Why not work in a job during the day that is a workout that means that you don’t have to pay a gym to workout. Tradies work and are active in their jobs they don’t have to go to a gym.

If people that go to gyms want a workout they can come to my place and I am willing to give them a workout and they don’t need to pay like they pay the gym. These people can cut my hedge, prune my plants, weed my gardens, paint things, plant plants. Don’t worry after these people have done a workout at my place they won’t want to go to a gym. And they don’t have to pay me for the workout like they pay the gym. They can do my grocery shopping too, no taking the car, they walk to and from the supermarket, they carry my groceries. All good workout.

Gymnasiums took off after people needed workouts after people found themselves working at a desk behind a computer and sitting down all day. In our grandfathers time people really worked and had no time for gyms. Gyms in the old days were for sporting people.

People sit and sit and sit and it’s called work. People get stressed out by not working properly. People work all day in a fake job and get stressed then they go to a gym to work to get the stress out of them.

Working focusing on money makes people fakes. Focusing on money and the love of money is not natural it’s unnatural. We must work for the God Head. The God Head is our Lord. We work for the above. Working for idols stresses out the body. The body answers to the Head, it should do, not to money. Money and focusing on it stresses out the body, the heart is under so much tension.

Most people are actors, maybe that’s why we love theatre and cinema and television so much. We love watching acting. Successful people in this world are the best actors.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

I think all this kissing a persons ring, hand or feet is cultish. For a cult to be a cult you need a cult leader. The Pope is a cult to many.

Jesus Christ is our Lord. Jesus reigns from above. Jesus is the Head of the Church Body. We worship man or woman we bugger our thinking. Worship the above not here in this world. Parts of Body do not worship other parts in the same Body. We don’t worship the Body. Is the Pope up in heaven? I don’t think so. I know he’s not up in heaven, it’s plain to see. But people want a leader, people love to follow, people want a protector; people are more body than head. People live in darkness in their bodies, people want a body protector. The head can protect the body but people have no faith in the head. It’s about flesh and not Spirit to most people; it’s about the seen not the unseen to most people. The invisible Father God is unseen. The invisible made the visible.

Pope Francis is trapped in traditions that should not continue but these traditions are so etched in stone that they have become their religion. When Jesus was on this earth He did not have people kissing a ring on His finger. Apostle Peter did not put on fine robes and a ring and expect the faithful to kiss his hand, ring, or feet. Peter was just Peter without all the trappings of what we call religion now. Peter was just plain Peter, what you saw is what you got, he was just plain simple Peter, no expensive robes or chariot, no palace to live in, no servants, not much money.

Now Catholic Priests live in palaces, eat rich food, wear expensive clothes, hob knob with the rich and famous, travel the world first class. Peter would be shocked how his replacements have used his office.

I work from inside the Body. I am one part of this Body. The Body lives. But we have a Head to this Body and the Head is in charge. The Body has one God and any other person claiming to Head this Body is acting like a cult leader. Who wants to take Jesus Christ’s job? Peter? Peter was given the task of shepherding the believers and Popes say they represent the work of Peter. I don’t know about that, I don’t accept it and I don’t deny it, i don’t know. If the Pope is in Peter’s office we still know Peter was just an ordinary man, he was a sinner like the next person, Peter even denied Jesus 3 times, Peter could sin that’s for sure. Peter was not infallible he was fallible like everyone else. Only Jesus Christ had that distinction of being infallible, He and the Father and the Spirit of God. The Pope is not in the God Head. We worship the above, the God Head not people’s bodies. We work inside the Body, we are the Body, that is those in the Body of believers who are in the Kingdom of God.

I am in you, you are in me, we are in God, God is in us, God is above. The Body parts need to be taught the truth.

We must be careful how we think. We think we speak we write we physically act. We think a thought, we speak about that thought, we act out that thought in physical behaviour. Wars with physical fighting start with thoughts. We kill people but first we need to think words that lead to killing people. A wise person is wise because first he or she thinks wisely. You don’t just behave wise without thinking wisely. A wise person can help the Body the Body of Christ because a wise person knows. A wise person sees. A wise person with his her wisdom can read people. We read the thoughts of people. It’s like reading a book, we read a person simply because that person thinks. Most people don’t know what they are thinking but a wise person can bring their thoughts to the surface. We read people, we understand people.

The Pope is just a man like any person; he is never infallible.

Is the Roman Catholic Church the Mother Church. I think first we must take away the word Roman from the Catholic Church. We can just call it the Catholic Church, better still we can call it the Universal Church. We don’t need the word Roman in this case, most Catholics are not Roman. Just because the leader of the Universal Church resides in Rome does not mean the Church is Roman. Mother Church? The Catholics certainly adore Mary Mother of Jesus Christ. Mary the Mother of the Church.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 19, 2019

Children need to be taught to help each other not compete against one another. Competition leads to dog eat dog. Winning is about losers. To win there are losers. Winning makes losers. Without winners there’s no losers. Winners make a us and them mentality. Losing can make depression. Losing can make a nation of many losers who don’t believe in themselves they think they are valueless.

We must learn to help others. We must help the sick, the poor, the lost, the weak. Jesus Christ did not compete against other people. It was not about winning and losing to Jesus. Winning and losing makes for division. Divided we fall.

The Body of Christ the living Church is about many parts in a Body uniquely blessed with callings/vocations, each part having its own function to perform, but under the head of God the God Head. To work outside ones calling is working against the grain and is stressful and leads to sickness. We work from within the circle, we don’t work outside the mind. There are those people who are called “they are out of their mind”. We work inside our mind our head in the circle. Most people work outside their mind. Most people do not work in their God calling. To know ones calling is to know the simple truth; dare I say the word again “simple”.

We have a human race. It’s a race. We run. We run to be like Jesus Christ. The race is not a competition like a world’s competition. We are not favoured. God favours no one, each person is equal to the other. Each part of the Body is honoured accordingly to its place as set by the head. The parts more honoured by the world get less honour from the head. To get honour from the head is the true honour, honour from people is vanity. Rewards, honours, awards, prizes, from people is vanity for the body. The body submits to the head, the head is alive, the body is alive.

We run yes but the run is about every part of the body equally running and equally contributing to the one mission. We help each other in this mission. We can not succeed alone or in groups, we are not factionised, we can only succeed if we get the whole body to the end of the race. We can not get few parts to the end we get the whole body to the end. The end is entry to eternal life.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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