November 27, 2017

Yes dear.

I can’t cope.

Why dear?

I have so many problems.

Like what dear?

My job, my car, not enough money, my boss and it goes on.

Dear are you living the way your father and I taught you?

Mum all that religion stuff was boring I moved on.

Dear its wisdom.

But mum I want money and plenty of it.

Dear remember when you accepted Jesus to be Lord of your life.

Oh mum not Jesus.

Yes dear Jesus.

But Jesus and all that stuff is simple I must live in the real world.

Dear simplicity is the key to a truly wise life.

Mum simplicity is boring.

What do you really want dear?

I don’t want boring.

Remember our bedside chats before you went to bed.

Mummmm please. I need help.

I said to you that you are a soul. You are to love your soul. Your spirit in your heart needs to help your soul. We read scripture together. 


What are we here for dear?

To get rich?

Dear you have forgotten all I have taught you.

Ok mum. You said that we are a head and body.


And we are of a greater body the church.


And we serve each other in this body. We are here not just for self but for others. The body is Christ’s body. The body can be called the church. But church is an ambiguities word because church is seen by the world as a building made of wood or concrete or stone. We the body of Christ are not made of wood or stone or concrete. We are a living body.

That’s better dear.

I am remembering now. You said that we are here to help one another in the BODY to help prepare the BODY for the next life.

Exactly dear. So we have a thinking soul. We start helping each other in the BODY by helping ourselves first. We are dead to our old sinful nature self now we are in Christ self. Christ is the eternal. We think like Christ. 

But mum I am a female how can I think like the male Christ?

Dear, God is both male and female. God is in Christ. You still go through Christ to be saved. Christ is the ONLY way to heaven. Female is fe male, fe and male. Females go through the male. The male is the God head. The female was made originally to help the male. You can also think of Mary mother of Jesus. Mary served Jesus. 

Mum I do remember you used to talk about the head ruling the body.

Yes dear and….?

You said that my own head is alive and it coordinates the actions in my own body. 

Correct dear. We must learn about how Christ helps our own bodies to understand how Christ helps the UNIVERSAL BODY. Our head has our brain. The brain is intelligent. The brain coordinates the body. So we must learn as a soul in the mind in the head in the brain that we are serving our own body before we serve the universal body. We can not help others if we can not help ourselves. 

But mum what about my problems?

Ask yourself dear what does your body need? And go from there.

You mean it’s needs.

Yes dear.

Not wants?

Yes dear not wants.

So I must let my brain do its work.

Yes dear.

Listen see smell and taste.


Listen to your body see your body smell taste.


To go after wants confuses the simple actions of the brain. The brain is a simple organ. It needs simple not complex. Sins confuse the brain. Sins darken the mind. The brain needs light to work properly. The head is full of light the body will be full of light. Sins darken the body. 

Mum what about my problems?

There are no problems in the total light without sins. Get your life in order. Give up on idols. Keep it simple. Repent to God all your sins. Don’t love money, money can be an idol. Give up the old self. Serve others in the BODY. Give your body it’s needs then help other people in the universal body get their body needs. Don’t be selfish of the old sinful self. Serve self but serve the Christ self. 

Thanks mum.

Is that all?

That’s plenty. Got to go mum. Ring you tomorrow night.

Ok dear bye.

Bye mum. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



November 27, 2017

I am mind, I am soul in my mind, I am soul in my mind in my head, and I am soul that thinks. 

How do I get enlightenment? Light overcomes darkness. God is the light. 
What gets in the way of light? Sins. Yes. So we confess our sins to God. We believe that Jesus Christ took all our sins in His body and died to them. We believe in a dead, then resurrected, then risen Jesus Christ. We die to our sins in Christ. Christ died to our sins, we just believe that. Salvation means we believe in God and his Son. We must believe to be saved. 
So how to get enlightenment? We must empty ourselves of all ourself. Self must die. We die to everything apart from Jesus Christ and his Words. Jesus Christ is our salvation, we follow and believe no other. We get saved in Jesus and we die and rise like Jesus. Jesus went before us we follow. Jesus is waiting for us on the other side. Jesus waits and we will join Him. Jesus will come again to get us and take us to Heaven above. 
So we empty ourselves of me. We are no me any longer. We are not the light, Jesus Christ is the light. Jesus is the light because He is God the Son. Jesus is equal to the Father God. Jesus is light. The Father God is light. 
Our old selves before Jesus Christ came in to us were the sinful selves. Jesus is no sinner. Sin loves darkness. We welcome Jesus in to our lives. Jesus Words come in to our lives. Jesus sends His Holy Spirit in to our hearts to help us. The Spirit of God gives us spiritual gifts. These spiritual gifts are used for the help of the whole Body of Christ. We learn in our new Christ self that we are no longer here just for self but we are here for the greater body of Christ. Many millions of people are in the Body of Christ. We serve each other. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2017

Mankind says heaven is above.
But where above?

Is heaven up in the clouds?

Is heaven up in outer space?
If heaven is up there why do people who go above not see Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ and His angels are in heaven above.

Planes travel up in the sky why do people not see Jesus from the planes?

Or is heaven not in the sky where the clouds are but heaven is up in outer space.

If heaven is in outer space why do the astronauts not see Jesus and His angels? Jesus is in the physical.

Astronauts have gone up in to outer space quite a few times now but they do not report seeing Jesus Christ or angels. 

So when astronauts are ready to go in to outer space are they preparing to see God?

Does the Vatican keep in touch with NASA and question the astronauts?

Do the church denomination leaders keep in touch with NASA? 
To talk about Jesus Christ and His angels up in the clouds or outer space is stupid talk. We don’t talk about Jesus Christ above in the sense of the clouds or outer space. We don’t ask astronauts if they saw God in outer space. To ask astronauts if they saw God is nonsense talk. 
God is metaphysical. Meta meaning beyond. Beyond the physical. But Jesus Christ is in the physical. God the Father is invisible. 
So people don’t really know where the heavens are that the Bible talks about. People may day dream that heaven where God is is in outer space but people don’t think for a minute that astronauts go in to the heavens where God resides.  
So heaven in reality where God is is not up there from our physical eyes. To see heaven we must look with our spiritual eyes. Heaven is a spiritual realm not a realm as we know with our physical eyes. 
So to ask an astronaut if they saw Jesus is nonsense talk. 
Jesus is above. Yes. God the Father is above. Yes. 
King David summarised heaven when he said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right hand side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. 
God resides in people. Humans are the temple of God. God used to reside in buildings made by man but not anymore. God resides in the temple of humans. God would say “The world is at my feet” at the feet of the Body of Christ. The elect of God are that Body. 
God is with us. God is within us. Emanuel. God lives with us. 
Mankind is not clever. Mankind built a tower to get to God. Stupid works. The tower was called the Tower of Babel. God is not where mankind thinks He is. Mankind is blind. Mankind does not understand. God does give understanding to the Body of Christ. Understanding is here. But a veil is over the eyes of mankind. Satan deceives mankind. The Dragon is Satan. The woman who sits on the back of the Dragon perverts mankind. Most humans are perverted.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

FAITH(ful) and WORKS equals GRACE 

November 8, 2017

Martin Luther said “Faith in God alone saves you not works”. The Roman Catholics say “Faith and works save you”. 
Let us put this in perspective: 

A man has a wife.

The man is faithful to his wife. What does it mean to be faithful in this context? To love, to serve, to please. But is faithfulness enough in this context does the man have to do works to keep his relationship with his wife? To love someone does it take work? Faithfulness means faithful to one wife. So the man is faithful to his one wife but does the man have to work at his faithfulness. Faithfulness is love but love takes effort. A man can not love a woman without effort. Love takes effort. You have to work at love. 
Catholics say “Protestants have failed to understand that work and faith saves you”. 
It’s the over riding aspect of grace that saves but you get grace with working out your faith. 

So does faith need works, do you have to work out your salvation? A man loves his wife but he has to work at his love to his wife. Relationships take work. Do we have to work out our relationship with God, I think so. 

In my time and that is a lot of time I have seen Protestants and their work ethic. I have seen their constant worry about keeping busy. “No work no food”. Keep your hands busy. Don’t be lazy. Protestants are fixated with work as much as Roman Catholics they just don’t want to admit it, they freely point the finger at Catholics and decry their salvation by works but these same Protestants are all worried about what other people think if they are not working. The Protestant work ethic is just as bad and may even be worse than the Roman Catholic work ethic. 
So does faith save the soul? Or does works save the soul? Does both faith and works save the soul? 

What about GRACE? Does grace save the soul? Grace is faith and good works in action. A man is gracious to his wife, a wife is gracious to her husband. You have to work at a relationship. But we must have balance. 
Indulgences are a con. Indulgences are used by television evangelists to get money off the public. Give money to the evangelist and you will get healed, you will get blessed, you will get rich. The get rich doctrine is preached by these television evangelists with gusto. These evangelists live like billionaires, jet setting around the world, living in mansions, living off the gullible. Indulgences did not finish with the Catholics. Indulgences have made many a rich evangelist. The USA is the source of these get rich evangelists. Everyone wants to be rich. Money is everyone’s weakness. God is treated like Santa Claus. Jesus did not have money. Judas the betrayer carried the money. Judas betrayed Jesus for money. 
The Catholics are not perfect. But I am glad I married a Catholic woman and not a Protestant woman and especially not a Pentecostal woman. The Pentecostals are the militant wing of the Church, they bully and push. My wife gives credence to God and Jesus and also to Mary. A woman and a girl should give credence to Jesus Mother Mary. Females need a female role model and Mary Mother of Jesus is that role model. Females can not be like Jesus. Is Jesus female? No. Boys and men can look to Jesus. But Jesus took all the sins of the world in His body. Women can begat a child and help their male children to grow up to love Jesus and the females to love Mary. But both Jesus and Mary can be adored. 
The God Head is male according to the Catholic Church. The God Head is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Where is the female in the God Head? Female humans have heads. There is a head on my mothers (RIP) head. Why is the female not included in the God Head? Too hard for the church to go there. Too hard to think about. The Protestants also do not have the female in the God Head. God is male and female, what about the female? Is Mother Mary in the God Head? So no one goes there. No one understands. God is a male God Head but God is both male and female. Females must be confused about God, and I don’t blame them for being confused. Males have always dictated the dogma of religion; females don’t get a foot in. Males have ruled religion ever since Adam and Eve. 
So males work at a relationship with your wives, don’t be jerks. Grace means faith with works, you work out your salvation. Make an effort with your wives. Be faithful. Don’t run after other women. Don’t run after other gods. God gives grace, you be gracious, be gracious to God and others. 
Most people are in the wrong vocation, they work themselves to death, stress builds up and up, you are working against the grain, you are in the wrong jobs. Your vocation is in spirit. Look to spirit. In your youth look for signs of what your vocation might be. In your youth pray often for guidance to your true vocation. Don’t love money. Love God. Listen to your thoughts. 
Don’t get caught up in too much human wisdom, human wisdom is not always Christ’s wisdom. Human wisdom can even lead you away from Christ’s wisdom. Christ’s wisdom is the true wisdom, human wisdom can be a counterfeit wisdom. Human wisdom may promise you status, money, praise, accolades, but in the end it could lead to bitterness. Many a humanist has committed suicide. Philosophers who rest their lives on human wisdom have no hope in the end. Jesus is the hope, Jesus takes us to the next life, this life is short and temporary, Jesus prepares us for the after life. Human wisdom does not prepare you for the after life. Human wisdom is about this life and glories man not God. 
The wise man and wise woman prepare for the long journey. The wise person has eternal life.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2017

Is ALL Truth simple? And where truth is not explained simply is it then complex? Is the truth from the heart. Is politics all really just simple and man makes it complex because man wants the glory. The headship of God should have the glory. We discern from the head. The head has the senses. But man clouds his her judgement with sins. The sins of the flesh cloud and darken sense. 

So communism in Russia was a “us and them” fight. It was fighting to have land and food and peace for the “have nots”. Yes it’s “us and them” and it’s the “have and have nots” simple. But no the Scholars say you have study many years to get understanding of politics. You have to have a qualification to understand things. If you do not have a qualification you are not qualified to write or speak about things. So is it All Simple, I mean true understanding is it all really very simple and man tries to make it look hard and complex. The Pharisee teachers put burdens on people’s backs but these same teachers won’t help carry other people’s burdens. The Pharisee teachers know the above exists and that the path to the above is simple and straight but these teachers don’t enter the above and won’t lead people to the above. 
The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was about “the haves and have nots”. And “us and them”. Most of the Russian peasants had no idea of what socialism really meant, the peasants only wanted food, land of their own, and peace from fighting in wars. The bulk of land in pre revolution Russia was owned by a small section of the population who were wealthy men. The peasants were worked to the bone. The war was on and the soldier peasants were dying in the thousands in this war. Lenin offered hope and peace and food and land to the peasants. Trotsky organised the capitulation of the Russian Government. Lenin became leader but lived only for a few more years. Stalin took over after Lenins death. Stalin I call a butcher (not literally), he killed his people in the thousands each year. 
So politics can be about those who have and those who do not have. Revolution is about those who do not have taking from those who do have. Revolution is about revolving, it’s us being now them and them now being us. 
Politics is not essentially about the workers versus the managers and owners. Politics is about those who do not have wanting the things from others that do have. The have nots want to be the haves. The have nots stage a Revolution to take from the haves. It’s about WANTING. It’s about the wants from the heart. The heart is simple. Keep it simple to keep it focussed. Keep focussed to keep sane. 
The Pharisee teachers don’t teach the simple path, these Pharisee teachers don’t want souls saved. These teachers are at the entrance to above but they lead no one on the simple truth path to above. So mankind is confused. Satan has blinded people. The Pharisee teachers side with Satan. The truth should come from the heart. The heart is SIMPLE.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

God looks at the heart – It’s that simple

November 8, 2017

I am soul, I am soul in my mind. I am head, I am a brain in my head. I think. I see, hear, smell, and taste. I sense, I think. My feelings are from the body. My head rules my body. Feelings are not to rule me. My body with its feelings do not rule. Words rule. Words are in thoughts. I think and I am. I am aware, I am enlightened. My head is full of light. My head like a light bulb. God is the light. Gods words make light. Light gives understanding. 

I am in my head and I see the heart. My heart is below my head. I see the below. I know what is going on in my heart because I see. I listen to what is going on in my heart. There is the universal subconscious. The sub is below, below the head. We have a heart conscious as well as a head conscious. The head conscious rules the heart conscious. The above rules the sub, below. 
Our hearts think together. Hearts are universal. The heads are universal. We the body are universal. Universal is made up of living humans. Each human a part of the universal body, the body has the universal mind/soul and heart. We think together. The universal thinking. There are two main bodies in this world, Gods and Satan’s. Outside these two bodies is the wilderness. The lost souls live in this wilderness. 
My head is in control. My soul in the mind in head has been saved. 
Wisdom of God looks at the heart. Wisdom of God is listening to the heart. Wisdom of God knows people. To know people’s hearts is to know people. Jesus Christ is the head and rules the heart. To rule the heart is to rule the body. Education of this world is a lot about human wisdom. Human wisdom tries to snuff out the wisdom of God Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Christ gets heavily vexed from human wisdom. Human wisdom is not about preparing for the after life above in heaven. Human wisdom is about glory to man and woman in the earthly life. Christ’s wisdom prepares for the heavenly life. 
My head is saved and in control. I have enlightenment. I know (i perceive) what people are thinking in their hearts. My true education is to know people and to know people is to understand people and to understand people is to know people’s hearts. Jesus never studied man’s philosophy, or sociology, or psychology, or any other ology or sophy of man but the Fatherology. Logy, logos, the word; sophy is wisdom. It’s all about the words and essentially about Words from God. 
I am in a universal body of God. I listen see smell taste and think. I am in my right mind in my head. God at the left. I am dead to myself I am in Christ, Christ is in me, I have died, “it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). Christ is at the right, the Father on the left. Father and Son above. 
I am dead to my former self. I am is Gods Son. My education is in God from God’s Spirit. God’s Spirit is my teacher. I know God and I know people. I am not God, I am dead. 
I don’t need mans education. Man’s wisdom constipates the body. Don’t live off shit. See through and have a sharp mind, see through the shit, get the shit out of the body, be regular. Knowledge puffs up, knowledge fades away. Don’t all your life pursue mans knowledge because it will eventually all fade away. Knowledge of man is like puffing up a balloon. Mans knowledge is human wisdom. Human wisdom makes a man or woman all haughty. People with human wisdom are proud. Human wisdom makes a proud heart. Pride goes before a fall. 
I don’t need human wisdom. I have Christ’s wisdom. If you want to learn of man(kind) look at their hearts. Christ gives the way to know the heart. Christ saves the soul. A saved soul is above. Christ’s wisdom is above. The world is down there, below. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 


November 8, 2017

Oh and experts of AI are now feeling guilty. (Artificial intelligence). 

I think back when experts that made the first atomic bomb went guilty. 
Scientists using knowledge of good and evil go on to feel guilty. Well you scientists should have thought about it before you made inventions. 
Who is naive to think knowledge is just for good? Who thinks knowledge won’t be used for evil? 
Scientists, the experts, feeling guilty. These experts when inventing are all for receiving accolades and glory from the world. Guilt, bahh!!! 
Open your eyes, there’s evil in this world and any invention will be used by good as well as by evil. 
You could say good and evil cross each other out, what’s left on this earth? Nothing. 
Scientists the clever ones or the world thinks so, they will bring destruction to this world; but most likely it’s meant to be. 
Experts of AI feeling guilty, a bit late for guilt. AI will take firm root in this world good will use it and evil will use it. 
Do people want a plain field to work on? No, people hate plain. People think plain is simple and stupid. People hate drinking plain water. 
So man invents and invents and invents but mans inventions might eventually be the undoing of him her. 
Satan uses mans inventions. Satan uses knowledge. Satan will use AI. 
The body of God with Christ as Head uses inventions and the body of Satan uses inventions. 
Or do we want to go back to a simple life living with no knowledge and no inventions? Then mankind might exist for much longer, how long? I don’t know. But long long. 
Some people do live in communities where they embrace the simple life. But very few people live this life. Most people live complicated confusing lives embracing knowledge of good and evil and embracing inventions. 
So mankind dies, good and evil using knowledge to destroy each other. 
The simple plain life is the better life. Adam and Eve thought they were clever. They wanted to know as God knows. 
God sent His Son into this world to save souls. 
Jesus Christ God’s Son is wise. Wisdom of God is not the knowledge of good and evil. We can embrace the wisdom of God. Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. Embrace Jesus Christ. Knowing as God the Father knows is not the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Adam and Eve should have chosen wisdom. Wisdom is the tree of life. You can live a simple plain life with wisdom of God. Jesus lives a simple life.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 23, 2017

Hear of the saying “He or she is out of their mind”. So what does this mean “Out of your mind”? It means stay in your mind. Stay in your tree. Don’t leave your mind. To leave your mind is insanity. But where is the mind and what is the mind? The mind is where the soul is. The soul lives in the mind. The mind is above, above is the head. The soul lives in the head, so to stay normal stay in the head. The soul is like a little shadow person. The soul is very very unique. To talk about the soul as shadow is to understand the soul. Most people now a days do not understand soul. To many people now soul is just a word for mind and mind is the brain and the brain is where the thinking goes on. People talk and write about mind not soul. 

Soul to many people is a made up religious word. People now do not get taught religion in State education. The State in many areas controls the purse strings for the nations education and State is separate from Church and religion. We have State sports Ministers in political cabinets but we do not have Ministers of Religion in State cabinets. We have State Ministers of Cultural affairs, gambling. State avoids religion. So religion is just taught in the minority of religious institutions. And even here religion is not a focal point because State even controls money handouts to religious schools. Religion bows to State, religion wants the State money. 
So religion and soul are not strong teachings to people now a days. It’s not about converting the soul. It’s about converting no one. Evangelism from religion is slow now. 
We have a soul in our mind in our brain in our head. 
We have a human spirit in our heart in our body. 
So what leads us? The soul or the human spirit. The Pentecostal Christian would adamantly cry out the Holy Spirit rules. I have had lots of time with Pentecostals. And I am glad that my time has finished with them. It took some time to get them out of my hair. Bigoted? Yes they are. Religious zeal? Yes bigoted religious zeal. Zeal is ok but not when the person is immature and lacks understanding. Young Christians can be bigots. The young think they know it all. Ok the elderly can be hypocrites. But what is it better to be a young bigot or an elderly hypocrite? Do we have to have a choice? Is there no other option? Tell me.
We have a soul and human spirit. What leads us? The spirit is in the body. Does the body lead us? The soul is in the head. Does the head lead us? We know the brain is in charge of the body. The body we know is not in charge of the brain. The body does not rule as the church does not rule. The head rules over the body. Jesus is the head. So if the head rules the body does the head lead us? I think the ruler leads so the head leads. Why should the body not rule? It’s obvious, look. The head has the eyes (sight), ears (hearing), tongue (taste), nose (smell). So the head has the senses. Cut the head off the body and we lose our sight, hearing, taste and smell. The young person will shout “You are wrong the body has the feelings and the body rules with feelings”. Wrong, feelings should not rule or lead. The body has feelings but rational thought from the soul should rule and lead. Now the head can not rule if it does not have a body to rule. So the body is needed by the head as much as the head is needed by the body. The head is nothing without the body vice versa. 
The soul needs to stay in the mind. The mind is the platform for the soul. The soul thinks. The soul is saved by the truth. The salvation message of God saves the soul. The simple believe. The simple become wise. Don’t leave the mind. God and His kingdom are within. God is within. The answers to life are within. We in heart and mind relate to everyone else but in words. Words make us and words can break us. Keep to the simple truth of God through Jesus Christ. The human spirit is our tool, weapon, light; the spirit is like a spark. The human spirit is in the heart. This spirit is a spirit person. This spirit lights up our body. We have a fire in our hearts. We are continually burning the sins of this world. Our spirit is our connection with other humans. 
God saves souls. The lost souls are saved through Jesus Christ. The elect of God are given a Spirit helper. This helper is called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes in to the heart. This Spirit helps the human spirit. Both human spirit and Holy Spirit are like yoked together. The Holy Spirit has spiritual gifts. The soul above is saved by the truth of God. Jesus also gave gifts to mankind when he ascended in to heaven. Gifts such as apostle and prophet and evangelist and teacher and pastor. So we have gifts from Jesus and gifts from the Holy Spirit. Gifts are for helping the whole church (body). Anyone who thinks their gift is just for them self are kidding them self. Gifted people who are not here for the whole body are in a dream. We are here for the whole body not just for ourselves. The body is made up of many parts. The body is the church, and I don’t mean a building made up of brick and wood. I am a part of this body. I have gifts. My gifts are to be used for the whole body. 
Human spirit can be dim. The light of the spirit can be dim. Sins can make the body dark. Sin likes darkness. You can more easily sin in the darkness where you can not be seen. People don’t like been watched when they sin. Sins can dim the light of the human spirit. What is best, to live in the light or live in the darkness? You can see in the light. You can see where you are going in the light. The church needs to be full of light. Fellowship with other Christ like people. Fellowship in the light. Be amongst those people of the light. The elect in having the Holy Spirit now have an all on light. Gods Spirit is total light. There is no sin in Gods Spirit. But human spirit can sin. Don’t sin. If you sin confess to God. God is above. God is above to the human spirit. God is within. The human spirit needs to understand. Above does not mean the above where astronauts go. Above is to be understood simply pure spiritual. The soul is saved above with God. So the Holy Spirit comes into the heart. The Holy Spirit is God. God in our hearts!!!!!! God the supreme God in my heart!!! How could this be. God is all powerful. If God is in my heart, is God also in my head? Is God in my brain? The soul is saved by the truth. The soul is with God above. Stay in the head. The human spirit is our sword. The human spirit interacts with the world. The human spirit is helped by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has spiritual gifts. The soul stays in its tree. The spirit does the interacting. The spirit becomes wise. Does the soul become wise? I expect so, both soul and spirit become wise of God. The soul in death of its mortal body gets a new immortal body in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The soul on the death of its mortal body sleeps. Where is heaven to our soul and new immortal body? I suppose all around. In our new body we are like the Angels. 
So stay in your tree. Let the spirit do the spiritual work, the Holy Spirit will help. The soul stays still. “Be still and know God”. The truth will save the soul. Read the Bible often. Pray often. Stay in your tree and wait. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 23, 2017

Wives be submissive to your husbands as the church is submissive to Christ. The body is to be submissive to the head. The head rules the body. The woman is as the body submitting to the head of the man who has the Mind of Christ. 

Now there is more than meets the eye. God does not expect wives to submit to husbands who are not behaving as Christ. Wives do not submit to hate, or violence or anything not bespeaking Christ like attributes. 
Christ lords it over the church the body. Christ is the head. But we in the body do not submit to a head with a mind with thoughts not Godly. 
So wives do not have to always submit to their husbands because husbands in many ways do not think with Godly thoughts. The husband to act as the head needs the mind of Christ and having the mind of Christ is to think Godly thoughts. 
Many husbands do not think with a full mind of Christ. 
Wives have to discern what is Godly and what is not Godly. READ THE BIBLE. We discern Gods will from holy scriptures. Don’t let the establishment church bully you. Women read the bible, think, and act as a united voice. Men have for centuries used women just to satisfy their egos. Christ wants women to submit to Him, Christ wants the whole body to submit to Him, male and female. Men have to rule only with the headship of God, without this headship of Christ men are impotent and live out a fantasy life led by their lusts, men use women to satisfy their fantasy lusts. 
So what is it to have the mind of Christ? To think like Christ. Christ teaches us through the Bible that we must change our thoughts. It’s about actions too but most things are keyed in to ones thoughts. We want a changed soul. The soul thinks. To change the thinking we go through a conversion. Convert the soul. 
Most people do not care about their thinking. Then again a lot do. People are so immersed into this worlds noise that they can not hear themselves think. Life is on a treadmill, one that is getting faster by the year. No one has time to think. No one knows what they are thinking. But thoughts rule the roost. Even if you can not hear yourself think, your thoughts are ruling your actions. Words control everything. Good word thoughts should be in control. 
Husbands who commit domestic violence against their wives are not thinking and acting Godly. Wives do not submit to violence, why? Because Jesus the head is not violent. Wives who regularly submit to a violent husband need their heads read. Read the bible. In the past the husband was the bread winner and the wife the housewife. The housewife earned no money. Money rules this world. The husband had power by having the money. Money is power. But wives look to God, don’t focus on money, have faith in God, leave the violence and make a stand for God. God would never bash a woman. Women need to choose a wise husband and vice versa. Pray and read the bible, Satan is roaring around like a lion looking for prey to eat. Demons exist. Protect the mind. Protect the thoughts. Fight the good fight. Give your hearts to Jesus. Let Jesus protect you.
Don’t have faith in the church. Have faith in God above. Don’t give your life to the church, give your life to God above. The church is made up of declared sinners but God does not sin. Have a relationship with God. Have a simple faith in God. Be childlike to God, don’t think you know better than God. To marry well is being wise. Don’t be a fool in your choice of a spouse. Just because the person is charming or beautiful or rich does not mean it’s ok. Charm and beauty and riches can be a veneer hiding a monster. Look deep. Look to spirit and soul. Look to heart. Don’t look at the house, or job, or income, or clothes. 
Your marriage is one made in heaven or hell. It takes two to tango.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 23, 2017

A few minutes ago I was in a Roman Catholic Chapel. Yes on a Friday during the day. This chapel is open all week. I come here now and then. I reflect here in the silence. Stop the noise. Stop the noise. A bit of music yes. No no music no noise. Be quiet. Listen. Don’t speak. No music no music no music. You sure? Music is so good. Silence is good. Silence is healing. Just a little music. No no no. 

So here am I in this chapel. Mass has just completed. I sat through it. But I am an outsider in respect of mass. Catholic Church law says I can not take the host of bread. Why? I was never confirmed into the Roman Catholic denominational church. And I was never confirmed a Roman Catholic because I was never born into the Roman Catholic Church. And I was never born a Roman Catholic because my parents were not Roman Catholic. So the Roman Catholics might say I am a heretic. Of course saying this would be because they are tutored by their priests to think and say this. Catholic priests the high and mighty. Pride goes before a fall. And priests are falling everywhere. Priests picking on the most vulnerable and weakest members of their community. Priests abusing children. Children who don’t have a voice. Children who depend on adults. The priests preyed on the weak segment of their community. The priests proud. The Catholic priests should never think – to be confirmed a Roman Catholic means they are the only ones in the KINGDOM OF GOD. The body of CHRIST is not confined by Priests and denomination. Christ is the HEAD of more than divided denominations. So don’t think you are better. God hates division in the body. 
Mass just completed. I am thinking. So I did not take the host the bread wafer. I am not allowed to take it. I am in the KINGDOM OF GOD yet priests say I am not able to partake of the communion. The priests are saying I am not in communion with the Catholics who are confirmed. Human wisdom??? Of course. Mans thinking? Of course. And priests are showing their true mettle now, we see they have been abusing our children. Surely it’s only a few priests? You what. It’s about a couple of priests in a dozen. The water is dirty. A little bit of dirt makes all the water dirty. Priests raping and buggering young children then giving out the bread and wine in mass. And I am not allowed to take this bread and wine. Maybe it’s for the better. But not all priests are degenerate; out of a dozen priests still the majority try their best. But the water is dirty. Two priests in a dozen sully the water for everyone else. 
I am in the chapel. I was thinking. I thought of the other church service I had just come from. While walking in the city I stopped off at a Protestant church. This church also is open week days. I went in and a small service was on. About a dozen people were in the pews. A few young adult seemed to be running this lunch time service. Back to the Catholic chapel. I thought here we have two different styles of church worship. I thought. One service run by the young adults in the Protestant church was about heart. It was feelings. Feelings were at the forefront. There was plenty of music. People were singing out loud. The music was loud. I felt weakened by this feeling worship. I considered that feelings do weaken a person especially if feelings rule the body and mind. In the Catholic chapel feelings do not rule. In this chapel thoughts rule. I can think better rational thoughts in the Roman Catholic chapel. But in the church run by young adults I could not think. I like thinking. And I don’t mean thinking of sins. I think rationally in pure thoughts. Not of the flesh. Not of money, not desire. I prefer the Catholic church than the Protestant church in thinking. One is weak and one is strong. The Protestants seem to be weaker than the Catholic. But I am not a Roman Catholic it will most likely stay that way. I was brought up in the Protestant church, not brought up as a child, as a child I was lost, even as a young adult I was lost, but it was the Protestant church that welcomed me in to its fellowship in my middle 20’s. Oh I was not born a Catholic. So be it. See the Catholics do not evangelise, tough bicky for those lost in their sins. It’s the young Protestants who are still taking Jesus to those lost in their sins. 
If the Catholic Church is more about the mind than the heart does that make this church more about the head than the heart. Maybe so. The head should rule. The heart should not rule. Young people rule by the heart. Young people are immature thinkers, they think to think that is to think of sex, money, status, position, other people, looks, materialism. See young people have not yet got mature minds. The soul is in the mind. The soul is converted. The soul takes time to convert. So we get church denominations that the youth flock to and these young churches are about heart. The young do not want to attend church denominations that are about head. It’s about the body to the young. It’s about sex. Sex sex sex. Are you queer? Why do you ask? You don’t like sex. I love sex. But but!!! Shut up and listen. You are gay. I am a mature thinker. I have not always been mature. I also did not know a lot. I know more now. You are young. You don’t know. You are immature. But I am mature. Rats. It takes years to mature. Even people in the 30’s are not mature. Maturity comes with age. Wisdom comes with age. You think immature thoughts that’s why you ask if I am gay. You have not developed a full Christ mind. Christ is not homosexual. That’s what I think. Christ is straight. So much for my connection now to the gay community. But I am allowed free speech. Immature people think sexually immature thoughts. These thoughts are weak. It’s weak to be led by the heart. It’s strong to be led by the mind of Christ. 
What else do I discern? Here I am in the Catholic chapel. No hallelujahs, no loud music, no loud singing, no dancing; just a straightforward thinking worship. I still don’t like it. I seemed to have tired of most church worship now. I am ageing. I am not young now. Sitting in a pew singing does not interest me now. I like silent prayer. I like reflection. Did not Jesus say “My house is a house of prayer”. I like thinking. Call it meditation. I like silence. I hate noise. I hate people trying to get the better of other people by noise. I know myself. I don’t need other people to mould me. 

I AM WHO I AM. Take it or leave it.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 23, 2017

Playboy, it says it all, boy oh boy, not a man just a boy, did not grow up. There was no true love here, it was lust not love. Immature boys who don’t want to grow up. Where’s the faith, the faithfulness and commitment and work. Relationships take work. You work at love. Not jerk. Hugh heralded jerking with lust. It was easy. Hugh made money from jerking. 

“Evil prevails when good people do and say nothing”. 
Good people are scared to speak out. The Devil might get them. But if you are in a relationship with God and your conscience is right then no harm will befall you. God is real. Don’t wantonly sin. WE all sin but we can confess to God. Words are what the universe is about. Money makes the world go around but not the earth. The world sits on the earth. Words and Words and Words. To think you need words. To speak or write you need words. To do most things in life you need words. God is the supreme words. God is the WORDS of words. God is in charge of ALL words. You can not even fight or go to war without words. 
Playboy oh yer, just a dirty old man. 
Why are males the ones that go for pictures of females stark naked? Why are females not lusting after males by looking at magazines with males naked? Why are most prostitutes female? Women generally do not go to a male prostitute, it’s the men who do. But why? Men and boys leer at naked females, but females don’t generally leer at males. 
The male needs to look up not down. The male needs the mind of Christ. The male needs to relate to God. Males to worship females is perversion. Males are the head of the female. The male head needs to be a head mind of Christ. The female gets her honour from child bearing, raising children and honouring her husband. If she is single she honours her father. Adam was created first. Is God male? We know the God Son is male. But God is both male and female. Adam was given a mate. With this children came. Not jerking as Hugh Hefner prescribes. Sex was for having children. It’s obvious. But because there is so much perversion in the world now a days sex is not used for children like it was made to be, sex is lust. Satan perverts the world. Satan has his Dragon women who pervert even the Church. Sex is not simple now. Sex now is complicated. Sex is not sex like it was used in the beginning, sex is so complicated that a lot of males are now impotent. Sex is confusing to the male ego. Sex to many is just jerking. 
“Evil prevails where good people say nothing”. 
So the male who boasts he has scored many ladies, he is most likely to be just a jerk. He works at no love. There is no deep love here, the love here is skin deep, the love here is shallow, it’s a unfulfilling love, it’s a nonsense love.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 23, 2017

People did not respect Jesus Christ because he was in the eyes of many a no body. Jesus did have a body of the old will but His body became a new body. There was a body transformation. Jesus carried all the sins of Gods people in the old body. The old body and will with all the sins died. God brought Jesus back to life with a new body. 

This new body is the body of the new temple of God that we the saved join in to. I am in this new body as are many other people. The Jews who have not accepted Christ belong to the old body, many other people belong to this old body. The old body lost Gods respect. The old body was about salvation by laws. In the new body of Christ we are saved by faith and belief. There is no real earning your way to salvation of ones soul. Salvation is a free gift. But to be saved we must be faithful to God. What does being faithful mean? A husband should be faithful to his wife and vice versa, that means no union with other gods. In God we are joined in union with God. In marriage we are joined in union with our spouse. 
“Jesus was no respecter of persons”. What does that mean? It means we do not respect all the baggage a person carries. Baggage can be titles before a persons name. Sir, lord, baron, etc. and baggage can be the letters a person puts after their name PHD, MA, BA, etc. we are simply what we are in God, nothing more. We come into this world with nothing and leave this world with nothing. All our achievements to mans glory are but nonsense baggage that burn off us. You may have climbed Mount Everest, the world gives you glory and accolades for such a climb but to God such is just nonsense. And many people have even died trying to climb Mount Everest, all vanity of vanities. 
There is a man married to a queen who has many letters after his name. There are so many letters that it takes a few minutes to go through them. But these accolades are but vanity. This man will face God. Man respects such accolade letters. Adults teach their children to respect such accolades. Vanity. This man with the letters is very old now and my advice to help him gain any credence with God is to write all those letters down on a paper and burn the paper. This man may have only years to live and he needs to renounce all his worldly achievements. The soul is very very precious, it is our duty to present our soul to God in a wise way. Our hearts can be so dirty but we save the soul and don’t let the dirty heart destroy the soul. We carry the world in our heart but we die to this world and live for eternity in soul. The soul is raised, the human spirit has done its work and returns to God. 
Jesus does not respect this mans letters after his name. This queens husband. He is so many times knighted and has so many military ranks that the whole thing is a grand farce, a circus. But the world respects such accolades. The world is blinded by Satan. But God is not blind. 
Jesus came to save the outcasts not the respectable people. Respectable people have no time for Jesus. Respectable people may go to church on a Sunday but it’s just a religious duty. But why condemn the respectable people? I mean it’s the outcasts who are the prodigals, they whored and war ed. The prodigal returns home to God the Father and the prodigal thinks the sun is now shining out of his behind. But the prodigal should be glad to be home with God. But the children that did not leave home (God) are angry at these returned children because it looks like to them that God favours these returned prodigals. The prodigals became outcasts, they sinned immensely. So the respectable find it hard to get on with the prodigal outcasts returning home to God. God sent Jesus out in to this world to save the prodigal outcasts. Few take up the challenge to go out in to the world to harvest the world, few want to take Jesus message to the outcast prodigals. But respectable people do take up the banner to save the lost. And the returning prodigals also after maturing return to their former grounds and help the outcasts. Now the former outcasts can help the current outcasts.
Jesus does not respect worldly wealth. What is out there is not to be worshipped or glorified. Don’t go outside the body to worship – not outside. Keep sane, worship the God Head. God is above not outside there. Males want strong wrists, work with ones hands, keep in your tree as the saying goes. Don’t go out of your mind. Keep in your mind. The soul is like a small shadow. The soul is fed the spiritual truth. The soul is like in what we call the mind. The soul is a real shadow person. The soul stays in the temple. The temple is in the head. The soul is saved in the temple head. The soul is saved by the truth of Jesus Christ. But first one has to repent to God of ones sins. Acknowledge ones sins to God. Never think you are sinless. Never pray to God thinking you are all pure. You get dirty spiritually and physically all the time. Just to be in this world is being dirty. There is a dirty earth and a dirty world. The earth is made of dirt and so our human flesh can not help but be dirty, the flesh is made from the dirt.
Jesus cleaned with water his disciples feet. This action of Jesus was a metaphorical teaching. We don’t go around cleaning people’s feet. A lot of Jesus teachings and actions are metaphorical. Meta means beyond. Beyond the physical to the spiritual, beyond the visible to the invisible. See the invisible made the visible. So Jesus said to his disciples, you have been fully water cleansed baptised in water but now you need to clean only partly regularly. So the feet cleaning is a sign that we the saved still need to get cleaned. We clean partly. It’s not now a major clean. How do we clean regular partly? The blood of Jesus cleanses us. So for this cleansing by the blood to happen we need to fellowship with like minded saved followers of Jesus Christ. How does the blood of Jesus cleanse us? It’s a mystery. Jesus says it, so it’s true, just believe. This cleansing is not a full baptism that we received at our coming to Christ (and our repentance) but a small cleansing. We get dirty. We need a regular clean spiritually.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 27, 2017

The heart is simple not complicated. Simple pump with simple valves. The heart pumps blood around the body, simple. 

The heart pump has two main parts, left and right. Each main part is divided in to two, top and bottom. 

The left side gets the blood from the lungs where it has collected oxygen and pushes this blood all round the body. 

The right side gets the blood after the blood with oxygen has been round the body and sends this blood back to the lungs for more oxygen. This blood needs oxygen after losing the oxygen and becoming carbon dioxide. 
It sounds like the blood breathes. We breathe in air oxygen in to our lungs and the blood carries this oxygen around the body through arteries and capillaries. The blood loses the oxygen in the body and gets carbon dioxide that is breathed out through the lungs. 
The heart is a simple pump. The heart functions simply. In with the oxygenated blood and out with the carbon dioxides blood. In and out. The blood carries oxygen to our cells. The cells breathe. The cells need oxygen. The cells give off carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is waste. The blood takes the carbon dioxide to the lungs for us to breathe out.  
Life is in the blood. The blood carries around the food and oxygen to survive. We are one cell but many cells. One cell is similar to other cells. Cells need food, vitamins, proteins, minerals. The blood is the channel to supply the cells. Cells operate like a human in many ways but not all ways. The blood takes the waste away from the cells. In with the substance out with the waste, simple. 
Human spirit is in the heart, why the heart? Ask God I don’t know. But the heart is the central organ of the body and the human spirit is a body thing. The soul is the heavenly thing. The soul in the head. The body comes under the head, the head rules. The soul is in the brain. The brain rules the body. The soul is where we think. We think in words. The human spirit has to respect the soul. The human spirit has to keep to the simple truth because the heart will get sick and under stress if the heart is complicated. Many people have heart attacks. Keeping the words in your heart simple will keep the heart healthy. The simple is the simple truth. 
The wise of Jesus Christ in heart will be strong in heart. But wisdom of Christ gets vexed. The wise of Jesus are often vexed in heart. Vexed means annoyed, irritated, troubled. People tell lies. People deceive. Lies are not simple. Lies complicate. Lies make sick hearts. Lies vex the hearts of the wise in Jesus. But the simple truth in the wise of Jesus protects them. The simple truth is strong, as strong as iron. The heart thrives on the simple truth. Lies can not overcome truth just as darkness can not overcome light. The unwise heart can not overcome the wise heart (in Jesus) of God. The simple heart can get wise of Jesus. Simple souls relish and love Christ’s wisdom. Simple souls are easily damaged by lies and deceit. But in Christ the simple souls are protected. The truth protects simple souls. 
The human spirit is in the heart. We humans commune in spirit. We commune to each other and with the God head. We in the body of Christ are connected up. We are connected up in words. We think and we commune. But we must commune in truth or we get sick hearts. We must speak the truth or we get sick hearts. The heart was made simple. 
Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple and live. Live and be healthy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

AI – The Future World Ruler??

September 27, 2017

Putin speaks sense here – He who rules the world in the future will rule at top with artificial intelligence (AI). The top AI will rule. Top is not metaphorically speaking with this AI rule. Top in this sense with AI is what we see with our physical eyes, it is not a beyond meta rule. 

I say will AI rule from space? AI above in the physical heavens whereas God the creator rules above in the metaphorical heavens. AI is unnatural. God is natural. Will the Beast use AI? Will Satan use AI? God does not have to use AI. Why should God use AI? God is not off this world. We live in this world but we are not off this world. Satan rules this world. God rules from above. Our soul is above and saved in Jesus Christ, simple, heaven is above, simple. We live in the body of Christ with God above. The elect of God live for the above. AI is a way that Satan uses to rule this world, Satan is not up in the real God heaven, Satan rules in this world but from above. Have insight. See. Discern. But only those who are in the body of Christ can really see or really hear. Who is deluding who?
So we have an AI creature man made ruling from space and orbiting the earth, he sees all. Maybe knows all about everyone who takes the Mark. This AI creature will rule the world. We have God made by humans. Humans at last defying the true God and making their own God and humans putting their God up above. Humans obeying Satan. Satan loves it all, seeing humans rebelling against the true God. But God has the last word, as always. God can not be mocked. And try and kill God you kill yourselves. God is eternal. God sees and hears all, God knows all. Man wants to know as God knows, man wants the power of God. Satan easily leads humans to do his works. Satan offers money, prestige, status, luxury, power, world position. Humans are a push over for Satan. 
AI will rule this world. Putin is right. What will become of humans when AI rules? Humans will obey the Beast. The Beast will rule with AI. The Beast does not have a God created brain. God is the natural brains. The AI will be artificial brains. 
“Beam me up Scotty there is no naturally intelligent lifeforms on this planet”. 
Humans won’t have to use their natural God made brains, AI will be the brains. 

No thinking for humans. And who thinks now a days? Humans think that animals also think. Animals think??? Lions think?? Elephants think??? Dogs think?? Cats think??? Humans have lost the plot. Life is so complex now that humans can not see. Our thinking is now done by AI. If your cat thinks then it must have a soul and if it has a soul then it can be saved for heaven. Jesus saves souls. We should be able to teach a cat to learn English if the cat has a soul and then to preach salvation to the cats soul. 
I hate people talking and writing that animals have souls. Humans are the only creatures that have souls. It’s obvious to me. Am I deluded? Who is deluded here? Some of these intelligentsia need their heads read. These fake teachers teach nonsense. We don’t save cats or dogs for the kingdom of God. We don’t save fish or birds for the kingdom of God.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE LAST GOODNIGHT – book written by Howard Blum

September 27, 2017

An interesting read. Cloak and dagger stuff or in Betty’s case whoring and waring. But more of the whoring and little or nil waring. 

Betty was the temptress who used the game of espionage to validate her free love style. Betty bed men like a promiscuous alley cat. Betty never got on with her mother. It was like Betty wanted her freedom and freedom meant not to be like her mother. Betty was intelligent. Can you be intelligent and not wise? I think so. Betty betrayed men and her excuse was she was working for a bigger better cause. War and defeating the enemy gave Betty the cause. Betty had children but she just ignored them – Betty came first, it was about Betty and her happiness. Betty did help the Allies; sometimes the most unconventional people are valuable assets in times like war. War is organised chaos and here Betty thrived. Betty gave all to the cause even her body. 
A women’s honour is estimated by how much she loves her children. You know a good woman by how good a mother she is. The childless women still have children, they have other people’s children. These childless women are aunties to many children. Betty had no time for her children. 
Betty was about having a good time. Betty even bed a author of a book about her. Cynthia was Betty’s war spy code name and a writer wrote a book named Cynthia. 
Betty did good for the Allied cause but she had a lot of personal collateral damage. Her son and daughter were mentally scarred. Betty needed to get her own life in order before she can get other people’s lives in order. Betty’s first husband committed suicide. Betty’s daughter committed suicide. Clean your own backyard up before you clean up your neighbours backyard. 
But Betty was a spy. And people love a good spy story. Spying is glamorous to people.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 27, 2017

Why do humans fear that robots will one day rule humans? 

Maybe because it is true Robots will eventually be the masters of humans. What we fear may be true. Look at humans; God made humans, then humans became the masters, God is the true master. Robots will rule humans because humans try and rule God. Heaven should rule over earth but humans try and make the earth rule the heavens. Upside down doctrine. Mans doctrine in mans cleverness is often upside down. 
The heart does not rule, the head rules over the heart. Man is ruled by the heart, but the head should rule man. The head is higher than the heart. What is higher rules. The higher rules all below it.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 27, 2017

Apostle Paul said “do not worship creation. Worship the creator”. All physical is made from cells and atoms. God is the creator of all cells and atoms. Cells are the plants and creatures. Humans are made out of cells. Man made is made up out of God made. Everything is made from God. We do not worship the creation, we do not worship the physical. 

Creation is physical. Jesus came in the physical (human flesh) to lead us to worship the invisible non physical Father God. We worship the invisible not the visible, that is where faith comes in. We believe by faith in a invisible God that we can not see with our physical eyes. To worship creation for humans is also to worship other humans. Human is physical. We grow in maturity in relation to our growing in God. We grow up to God above. God is SPIRIT as well as WORDS. Spirit and Words are invisible. To worship creation is to weaken the human spirit. The human spirit needs to worship God Spirit. Human spirit was never meant to worship physical. Physical is only what is made. We do not worship what is made we worship the maker of what is made. Our strength in spirit is notable by our strength in our wrists. Jesus came in the physical to lead us to the non physical invisible creator supreme God. We even love the Father God with our strength. 
Female humans are not known for strong wrists. Female humans get their honour and strength from their relation through the male human. The male is the head of the female as Jesus is head of the body (the church). The male head is the mind of Jesus Christ. The female acts feminine with her graces according to how she honours her father or her husband. But the female only honours the man according to how much the man acts and behaves like Jesus Christ. The female can tend towards male characteristics if she puts herself above the male. The female looks to the male to get to God. The male needs to act like Jesus Christ. The male to forgo behaving like Christ then the female forgoes honouring the male. The male has the strong wrists in God not the female. 
Adam was told to work the land sowing weeding and harvesting. The land in spirit can be our hearts and minds. We sow weed and harvest with words. The seeds are words. We save our souls with Words. Words came to Adam first. God is in WORDS. females need to act feminine. Males need to act masculine. 
People need to live off words. And the best words to live off are the Bible Words. Read the Bible Words, speak them out, write them down. The Bible speaks about God, our supreme creator God. Keep in the Words of the Bible daily. Perceive God through the scriptures, perceive God through creation. Listen often as God might speak to you. Stay around holy people. Pray often. Keep clean, be of good morals, be faithful always, be faithful and loyal to God. Never give up on God. Listen in your heart, your human spirit needs to be attentive to God always. Never give up on God.
Work with your hands. Adam was sent out in to the world, he was kicked out of paradise on this earth to work with his hands. Strength is important in the hands. The Devil loves idle hands. Sow weed and harvest with your hands (using words). In Jesus we are spirit. We are alive in Jesus. We are strong in spirit. Be wise in spirit. Don’t worship man, worship God. Males, want strong wrists? – worship God. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Mocking religions 

August 25, 2017

Tom you write good in my books. Yes the Mardi Gras; such behaviour here is much desired. Males and females dressed as nuns, monks, priests and even the Pope. And no BIG public outcry, no outcry from the parliaments benches. A mockery of the Christian religion; where are the Greens and Labor now in their protection of religion. 

If Pauline Hanson had come to parliament dressed as a nun would she receive the same criticism? I think Pauline should sit in parliament dressed as a nun. Who would really care? No slight on me as a Christian. Pauline the extremist, right wing to the core. If homosexuals can mock religion why can not Pauline do the same? Oh it’s the Muslims, they might kill us. But if Pauline wore a nuns habit even the Catholics would not find offence. Religion in many cases is just an outside thing, not of the heart. True religion is a soul and heart thing. God looks at the heart and so should we. Nuns in habits and Muslims in burqas does not necessary mean a Godly heart and soul. Even priests in dog collars can be a sham. Many priests in the name of God and wearing their priest dog collars have sexually abused children. The priests even say to the abused children that God will punish them if they tell. The outer does not necessary have to define the inner. I know most people who choose a book to read go first by the looks of the cover, who doesn’t. I know I like to see a good cover before I read a book. 
A burqa defines religion and religion can be just for show. Jesus wore no religious showy garments. Jesus is not about the outer show. Look how religious I am. True religion is not about clothes you wear or titles you have before your name or letters you have after your name, no, religion is nothing about that. Who cares if it’s Sir Roger Tuffett OM BA MA PH.D. That is not true religion, that’s what the world looks up to. So Pauline wear a nuns habit to parliament. And why wear suits to parliament? Wear casual more practical clothing. Wear shorts in the summer. Wear sandals in the summer. 
There is a religion of the world and there is a religion of God. Often man chooses the world’s religion, man goes humanism. “Clever man” he thinks. 
So it’s back to acting. How the religious of this world love to act. We humans love all the acting coming via the cinemas and television. We are engrossed with acting. We love a good act. And the movie actors are acting actors. No one knows their true vocation, forget it it’s too hard to know. Just act. Humanism will not find your true vocation. Intelligence will not find your true vocation. But wisdom of Jesus Christ will find your true vocation, it’s simple. Empty yourself of mans wisdom. Empty yourself of humanism (human wisdom). Human wisdom buggers up the mind. 
Jesus Christ while in this world was anti establishment. The Jews were the religious establishment of Jesus day. But now the Christian religion has gone establishment. The Church is about rituals, laws and regulations. And the church is about money, land and buildings. The church has in many places gone humanism. The church people look to man not God. Man is central to the church not God. You even see that most Catholics do not read the Bible; why? Church teaching from mans thoughts have superseded the Bible scripture. Priests reign supreme in the Catholic Church. The Catholics call the Priest – Father.
A note to finish of:

If homosexual people at Mardi Gras can wear nun habits and monk outfits and priests garments and collars, WHY are they not wearing burqas? Why are the Catholics not raging fire and brim stone about the anti religious Mardi Gras? The Mardi Gras do not wear the burqa, why? True the Catholic Church sees homosexuality as abnormal. But what about the Muslims, what do they see about homosexuality? I give credence to the Catholics for being forgiving to the Mardi Gras. There’s hope yet for the Catholic religion.
Genuine Christians are of the soul and heart and look to the inner and not the outer.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.
P.s. The Tom I refer to is a Tom who wrote a letter to the Editor of the West Australian Newspaper and published on Saturday 19th August 2017. On Saturday the paper is called the Weekend West.

Same Sex Marriage

August 25, 2017

Keeping marriage just for heterosexuals is akin to keeping sex just for having children – both have lost the plot. Sex now is as perverted as it can get or are there other perversions on the horizon. Marriage was made for a union of a man and a woman to have children. 

Marriage was a religious union then a civil union now a secular union. Marriage has left the bible’s interpretation of a union. Religions outside Christianity had their unions. Religion is on the out. It’s secular now. God is not wanted in marriage. The church used to have a big hold on western society in the past, religion was finely woven in to the fabric of all life. Now society does not want religion. Why marry at a church? People in the a West used to marry at church then over the years as secularism creeped in there were civil marriages. Why they called secular civil unions marriages I don’t know. Why not call them civil unions why use marriage? Marriage is a religious word. The church and its teachings used to govern much of life in the West as did other religions in other nations have a hold over their people. Buddhism controls the minds of many nations people’s and Islam controls a lot of people and it goes on, Hinduism also. The West has its religion, Christianity. In the past in the western nations the local Christian church was the mainstay of gathering for spiritual truth. Now the local Christian church is making way for secular idols. People now prefer to congregate at the hotel bar or the local sports club. It’s participating in spiritual refreshment but not the Spirit of God but alcohol spirit. People now a days do not know if they are Arthur or Martha. Where do people get their truth from now? Television, cinema, Internet. And “what is truth” Pilate said to Jesus. Pilate a Governor of a State and he does not know what truth is. Jesus said nothing in reply. I just hope Pilate did not believe in the tooth fairy. I have no qualms at saying “Jesus Christ is the truth”. The wise man says “Look within”. 
Marriage was a union between a man and a woman, this was a religious union to have a family. Sex in marriage was to have children. But sex is now a lot about perversion. And I am not just talking about homosexuals here. Heterosexuals have perverted the marriage union as much as any other sexual persuasion. There’s buggery in heterosexual unions. Homosexuals do not have a monopoly on buggery. Marriage lost its purity many generations back. A lot of marriage partners commit adultery on the sly. Marriage now in many cases is not a religious union. So who cares now if Johnny and David want to marry? Who cares if Tim wants to marry his dog? I mean if two really love each other let them marry. And if the son wants to marry his mother who eventually is going to stop them? The courts? The Church? Who? This world is going deeper in to perversion and the Bible foretells this. We can not stop the pollution. 
Homosexuality looks odd. Our observation of life tells us that opposites attract. It’s plainly obvious to even a child that males and females differ. I am not a female. Why do males and females differ? Why was creation made with male and female? “Chance” say the atheists. But creation is meant to multiply. Creation is meant to survive. Is homosexuality created to restrict population growth? Did God make homosexuality? God is not a God of chance God is a God of reason. Who says God has lost his reason? God is all reasonable. Humans are to do things using reason. Reason keeps humans sane. God is all sane. Mother Nature has its balancing mechanisms. So is homosexuality a balancing mechanism? We don’t want the human species to over populate we must keep our species within our food and water needs. But this is just speculation. Is homosexuality a Mother Nature response and not a Heavenly Father response? The Mother and Father can work differently. 
To be honest I am not too much concerned if same sex marriage goes ahead. Marriage lost its originality a long time ago. Let homosexuals marry. Homosexuals have born the brunt of too much hurts to not let them have what they want, they want marriage let them marry. The church lost its originality too. Priests abusing the most vulnerable sections of our society. Children abused in the thousands. 
It’s not about same sex marriage it’s about homosexuality. No one really understands it. What we don’t understand we fear. So we get homophobia. 
But pedophilia is odd if not down right criminal. Where is society going to go with adults having sex with children? Are people born as a pedophile if so did God ordain it? Pedophile is rife now in this world but we can not accept it as normal. People now want to accept homosexuality as normal. Do we accept all the sexual perversions as normal? Buggery is now normal to a lot of people. But buggery seems so abnormal, it does not look right.  
The case on homosexuality has no closure yet and will it ever have closure? We fear what we do not understand.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 25, 2017

Robyn you write intelligently. I like intelligence. But I like wisdom of Jesus Christ better. You can be very intelligent but not be wise of Christ. A lot of secular intellectuals can be up there in intelligent but not be wise of Christ. What these secular scholars and intellectuals have is human wisdom. Human wisdom is a fake wisdom for the real thing. It’s human wisdom that buggers up the mind. The real debate about Same Sex Marriage should be about whether homosexuality is normal. 

Homosexuality is prone to buggery. Male and male bugger each other, is that natural, does that look normal, did God mean Adam to bugger Eve? Why did God give sex for? We know from looking at animals, birds, fish that sex is for having offspring. Other creatures outside the human race are not deeply perverted. Sex has been about lust and perversion for centuries. But sex was not created for lust and perversion. People make money out of mans lust and perversion, look at Hugh Hefner he catered to people’s perversions by offering the world pornography. I think SATAN uses perversion and lust to lead man away from God. Perversion has been the fall of many a man. So we need to understand homosexuality to understand same sex marriage. I look at a homosexuals eyes and see very little deep spiritual depth. Why? Why is there seemingly no depth? And why do homosexual males usually have weak wrists? I thought strong wrists for a male meant maturity. Maturity also can mean deep spiritual strength. Homosexuals should not be shy about talking and writing about their homosexuality, not hide it away, let us see and understand. To not talk about it means it stays in the dark. If homosexuals think their orientation deserves to be respected then let us talk frankly about it. Why do homosexuals have weak limp wrists? Or am I stepping in to waters where I am talking dirty? Is it dirty to talk about limp wristed males? Am I discriminating against people? It is not new that male homosexuals do buggery. I mean buggery is all over homosexual males. 
Robyn writes saying that it is wrong to over simplify sex. She says the bible and its adherents can and do simplify Gods sex will. Sex used to be simple. Sex for many other creatures is still simple. But humans have a soul. Other creatures do not have soul. Humans think with their souls. Animals, birds, fish do not think. Humans think as God thinks but humans fell. Satan helped humans fall. The fall was humans wanting to know as God knows. Why does man sin and what is sin? Man can not help but sin. Sex used to be simple. Sex over the centuries has got complex and it gets more complex over time. Robyn the author of the article says we should not over simplify sex. Robyn thinks we should not over simplify marriage. But complex is not the simple truth. Einstein put his theory of relativity in to a simple equation. We understand this theory of Einsteins simply because he made it simple, forget all about the grand complexity of this theory just keep to its simplicity and we comprehend it all. So sex was made simple. Humans were made simple. Adults in their older age pine for the simplicity of their simple childhood. Adults engrossed in their complexity of thought want their former simple thinking. Adults seek a simple life. We don’t want heart attacks. The heart wants simple. The simple heart pump. The bible is simplistic, it is meant that way. We crave simplistic. So sex is complicated now and now with it comes complexity in marriage. Marriage will lose its simplicity. It was simple when marriage was just between a man and a woman. God made male and female. It’s obvious to a child even, an innocent child, a child not complicated up with humanism, that there is a difference between a male and a female and for good reason. Do people like our esteemed author of the article want neutral humans, neither male or female? God created humans simple, man and woman have made themselves complicated. Science complicates. Sin complicates. Satan uses sex to pervert humans. Pervert is a moving away from what is normal. God gave humans souls but Satan uses our thoughts to our detriment. Other creatures do not have souls so their sex inclinations on the whole have not changed. We must save our souls from Satan. Jesus Christ saves our souls. We must pray and read the Holy Sciptures. The Scripture is Gods Words and Will. We must let God convert our souls. We must think as God wants us to think. We must think as Christ. 
We must protect our souls, we must love our souls. Our souls are eternal. Jesus saves.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.
P.s. The Robyn I refer to is Robyn J Whittaker a lecturer in Biblical Studies at Trinity College. She wrote an article that was published on ABC NEWS (Australia). 


August 25, 2017

With all this artificial intelligence (AI) will humans need to think? The brain of God can be discarded ha. Humans won’t need brains, humans eventually evolve brainless. 

I don’t doubt that AI will take over just about all intelligent functions. 
Will robots get tired of having sinful humans around? I know, robots take humans in batches up in to outer space and jettison them. 
Yes I agree we are just in a little part of the picture as to the grand scheme of things to do with artificial. It’s basically all about artificial. Artificial is man made. It’s about leaving God made for man made. Artificial is art. Arty farty. Humans can be so artificial. We humans are simplex God made but we try and make ourselves complex man made. 
But humans on the path to artificial is seen by humans as clever. Nothing will change the humans path to artificiality. We humans want to destroy all God made. We humans want to be Gods. 
Robots and humanoids are essentially art, man made art. Art is man made creation. Art can be worshipped. Art can be idolized. Art can be praised. Art is artificial and man’s creations are artificial. Robots and humanoids are artificial. 
Man in his her heart pines for the simple life. Away from all man’s creations. Live on a deserted island in the ocean, live off the land and sea, away from all complex man made. Away from all the noises of man and his artificial machines. Live the simple life and enjoy God made. The heart is basically a simple pump. How mankind complicates the simple heart.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

It was now later in the day. Usually when I rise in the morning from sleep I don’t take much time before I turn my attentions to heaven. But today I took my time before heaven with God became my focus. So what did I do? I attended to my bodily wants and needs first. When I did pray to God I reflected and understood what I had done. I have an alive body but I also have an alive head. My head should come first not my body. My body submits to my head. My head is not dead. My mind my soul in my head is very much alive. My soul above, saved, saved in God. God is above. 

And God is in my heart in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is part of the God head because He comes from the Head. The Holy Spirit comes from above in to my heart. The Holy Spirit is sent by God. The Holy Spirit is also God, God the Spirit. God is above in the God head in WORDS and next to Him at His right is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is in flesh, an immortal flesh whatever that might be. Immortal means not death but ever lasting. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. 
When I got around to praying to God today I reflected on my giving the body first place before my head today and my thoughts wondered on to university professors. Professors, the big “humanism” sticks out its head. Humanism is not Jesus Christ’s wisdom. Then I thought – humanism might have its place in the grand scheme of salvation. No one just gets all wise of God in minutes or just years. Wisdom of God comes slowly. Gods elect are put under the leadership of human wisdom until they are wise enough of Christ to think for themselves. Human wisdom is about humans apart from God. Human wisdom is humanism. The wise of God break free of human wisdom as they grow in Gods wisdom. Gods wisdom is Jesus Christ. 
So I prayed to God today later than usual. I put my body first today. I realised my mistake. My body is not to be first. My head comes first. My head is in charge of my body. My head is very much alive. My head holds my soul. My soul is in my mind. My mind (thoughts) is not dull. My mind (thoughts) is sharp. I sharpen my mind up using words, Gods words. I read the Holy Scriptures from the Bible. The scriptures are simple, the simple truth. The simple truth is sharp. 
There are many versions now of the Bible but the true essence of God is still there. Read and discern, perceive and understand. God is invisible, God is a metaphor, meta meaning beyond, beyond the physical. God teaches us in parables, He throws a story a long side another story to try and show that there is invisible along side visible. Jesus would talk about a story in the visible to impart a perception of the God teaching of the invisible. We humans are human spirit, the teachings from God via the Holy Scriptures, are essentially for our human spirit to comprehend. Parables teachings are also called analogies. Metaphors are words used in analogical teachings to help our human spirit to see that there is a beyond, this beyond is where the human spirit is living apart from the physical existence that we live in. Metaphors describe something in the physical sense to make it real in the spiritual sense (to give meaning to our human spirit). 
We are essentially trying to teach our human spirit to be wise and understanding. Remember God is invisible and the invisible made the visible. Human wisdom (humanism) has little place for Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. God teaches about another kingdom apart from all worldly physical kingdoms. There is a Spirit kingdom of God. We the elect of God in spirit live in this Spiritual kingdom. We the elect live in the world but not off the world. We elect are just transient. We elect don’t belong to this world. 
To give first place to my head before my body is as simple as just praying to God above. Pray from heart. Pray from human spirit in heart to above. Pray with words. Speak. To give first place to the head means giving the head glory. Do not glorify the body. Glory the head. Moses was glorified in his head when he went up Mount Sinai. Moses even put a veil over his head so that the Hebrews could not see the glory of the head (the people were not worthy to see the glory of God). There is a veil even now over people’s minds, they see but they do not see, they hear but they do not hear, they do not understand in their hearts. Moses and many prophets gave/give glory to God. God above first. We know each other by our faces we know God by His face. The face is on the head. Simple.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

I was talking on the phone with my human Dad (R.I.P.). Dad said I see a war in the Pacific. Then he confirmed it by saying yes he can really see it going to happen. 

When I heard him say this I was quite amazed. Dad had already told me many years back that he had enlightenment. Dad has amazed me on a number of occasions. Dad was not always enlightened. Actually for most of Dads life I thought he was in the dark; I thought this when and after I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and repented of my sins. Dad got enlightenment when I received Christ; I stand by that notion. Dad was not religious. If any Dad was humanistic. Dad tended to science for his answers to life. I tend to the Spirit of God for answers. I am a man of the Holy Spirit. When Dad said he saw a war in the pacific it sounded like he was seeing something in his mind. I seldom heard Dad saying something like this. He is in to science; science has to have proof by experiment or by observation. Dad the man of science. But Dad saying he sees meaning an inner sight this is no science. So it amazed me to hear Dad say what he said about war. I think Dad said it to me about a pacific war because God wanted me to know about this war. Dad said he saw war but that was all, no time of the war, nothing about who will be fighting, nothing. I don’t know who will be fighting; thinking it will be China is mere guessing. I don’t know. But Dad was a man who used his words wisely. He was no fool. 
Dad may have been a fool in his earlier life but he turned in to a very Godly wise man. Dad died as a Godly wise man. So is there going to be war in the pacific? Is Dad right? When?
I believe my human Dad got enlightenment from Jesus Christ. He was enlightened when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord. I don’t believe science enlightened Dad. Science is not necessary light. Light comes from God. Jesus Christ is light. Light comes from Gods Spirit. Gods Spirit of Wisdom gives light. Dad studied science in his own way for most of his life but it was only when he became about 60 yrs old when I received Christ in to my life that Dad got true enlightenment. Enlightenment is not out there, it’s an inner light, the sun does not give enlightenment. The Son (of God) and not the sun is the Spiritual power. All flesh circles the sun but human spirits should be centred on Jesus Son of God. The sun is the centre for all physical earthly life. People who worship the sun and are known as sun worshippers forsake who they really are because we are human spirit first (and soul). The human spirit needs to worship God Spirit. We are soul and spirit in a physical body. The physical body is only the cover. To know a person, know their soul and human spirit. Spiritual connection comes before a physical connection. Soul connects to other people and God by spirit. Spirit is our life line to God and to other people. We commune in spirit. Human spirit communes in words with God and with other people’s human spirits. 
True worship with God is in human spirit to God Spirit. Get an intelligent and wise human spirit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN (“No” says the fool)

August 7, 2017

Intelligent design!!!
Nah! nah! says the fool.

But is not there a designer and is not the designer intelligent?

Nah nah it’s all by chance.

So do you live your life by chance and not by intelligence?
Me thinks: the fool is not intelligent. 
This universe was made by an intelligent God. A God Head of intelligence. Humans are made by an intelligent head. 
Nah nah says the fool, humans are made by nature. 

What is nature to you fool?

I don’t know ask my mother she knows.

You mean Mother Nature knows all?

Mums the word.
But I thought God the Father and His Son are the Words. God the Father sowed the seed. The seeds only come from the Father and His Son. Mother Nature might know a lot but the Father sows the seed and the seeds are sown in nature but the seeds grow upwards to the Father. The Father is above and the Father created with the help of Mother Nature. Both male and female of God forces bringing about a creation. 
The head is male but the Christian church does not accept the female God head. Is this wrong because female humans have heads? 
So in the beginning God male and female made the universe. Not just male making but female too. Humans are made from intelligence from a head and both males and females have heads. Female humans are also made by intelligence from a head. We see heads on females. God is in female human heads is He not?
The Established Church might have it wrong about the God Head being male and not male and female. Does your wife and mother have a head and is not intelligence in that head? So the universe was made by intelligent design and females are also intelligent and good designers. Male and female are intelligent designers. The male could not have made this universe and life and creatures without the help of the female. 
The fool is a fool because he/she does not respect intelligence. The fool does not accept an intelligent God head. Words make intelligence. Respect words but respect first and foremost Gods Words. Love of words is intelligence. But Love Gods Words more than any other words.
The fool to get wisdom can turn to the male or female God head, God is both male and female. But don’t reject one for the other. Turn to both father and mother. The fool might reject the father. 
The Words came originally from the Father God, that’s the way the Bible seems to put it. But why does the Father get all the power and not share equal power with the mother? Why is male exalted over female? Jesus is male. The Father God had a Son and not also a daughter, why why why?
God used both my father and mother to bring me in to this world. Without my mother the father can not have brought me in to this world. The father needs the female to help create. The father and mother should be equal. I should love equally my father and mother. God the male needs the female God to create. God is both male and female. So why does the Bible seem to discriminate against the female?
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

 I thought artificial intelligence was about humans not having to think any more. 

Or is intelligence not merely about thinking? Intelligence is the ability to understand. But what about thinking? To understand does one need to think? Or is intelligence based mainly on perception, discernment? 
Robots and artificial intelligence is not about more jobs for humans, it’s about less jobs for humans. Humans don’t want to work. 
Governments talk about a universal basic income. Everyone gets a set income no matter what their job or their not even having a job. 
Humans create artificial (whatever – plastic, intelligence, robots, etc), arty farty, hoity toity, unnatural, limp wristed, not straight thinking. Artificial buggers up the mind. 
Robots with artificial intelligence will be called humanoids. These humanoids might get rational thought, might, I don’t know. Can humanoids ever morally think? Will these robots know right from wrong? Humans got rational thought. God made humans simple and God said to the first humans not to eat of science (the knowledge of good and evil) but humans went ahead and partook of science. Now humans (not all) disregard their maker. Why then should not humanoids partake of science and disregard their maker, humans. Humanoids made simple by humans and then becoming complex. Humans are getting more complex over time as they partake of science. Humanoids might become renegade. There will be the good humanoids and the evil humanoids. 
Science is about good knowledge and evil knowledge. Science can do good or evil. 
Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. If science is complex does that mean God is complex? Science is of God. Is the Father God complex and is the God Son Jesus Christ simplex? Why would the Father be complex and His Son simplex? Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God. Is the Wisdom of God simplex and not complex? Truth is simple. The simple truth. Is not science the simple truth? Jesus Christ is not complex. We assume Jesus is simplex as is His wisdom is simplex. Science is here to stay. But why were humans in the beginning warned not to eat of science? What is wrong with science? If the Father God knows science why can not humans know science? What is dangerous about science? Why did God tempt the first humans with science? Science is good and evil. Science now can destroy most of life on this planet earth. Man can use science to obliterate mankind. Science also heals. Science provides comforts to humans. Man uses science to create robots. Man uses science to create artificial. 
Man was made simple but man has made him her self complex. Man has made knotty balls of wound up thought in his her minds. Man is winding him her self up in thinking. It’s no longer straight thinking.

Those people who embrace science usually don’t embrace Jesus Christ. Those that embrace science might say that Christ and his message is simple. These science lovers presume simplicity of God is foolishness. These science people think complex is wise. 
Satan has blinded many people. There is an anomaly of what is truth. There is a veil over people’s minds, they see but do not see, they hear but do not hear, their hearts do not understand.
Universities are full of science. There’s the social sciences for example. I studied sociology at university. I found the sociology teaching very man made. It’s like you have to check your wrists in case you leave the straight path too much. Sociology is not Gods wisdom but is human wisdom. In my final exam in sociology I wrote of my conversion to Jesus Christ. And I failed the course. I could imagine the examiner getting angry at my writings. I was probably thought of as an idiot. 
Let me be quite straight here, Jesus Christ’s teachings are not wanted at universities. University does not teach Jesus Christ’s wisdom. University is about human wisdom not Gods wisdom. University is about the achievements of human spirit not Gods Spirit. At university you embrace humanism. If you write in university essays and assignments on Jesus teachings you will be failed. Theology at university is taught very objectively, it’s not about believing in God but being critique. You study comparing the different religions, which is not bad. 
At Bible College I found a lot of humanism. One of our main lecturers was/is a humanist. And this lecturer was not shy in telling the class at one point that he was a humanist. 
So where does that leave the Holy Spirit? Many try and quench Gods Spirit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 31, 2017

Humanism is the enemy of religion. True humanists detest religion. Humanism came in to being as a break away from religion. Religion has for centuries been at the forefront of civilisation. Religion was the glue that kept societies together. Man has always been about money and religion and not necessary in that order. I think religion even came before money. Religion is about belief. 

As soon as man got language and writing together man was curious about both the heavens and nature. Man needs beliefs. Man saw living and working in communities as a better way to survive, not just a few people living in a cave separated far from others. The cave man may have dwelled in small groups. But man saw strength in numbers. There were always the marauders the bandits so living in numbers the group can fight off their enemies. Life was and is about survival. In the communities man had their leaders but man wanted their spiritual leaders. Man has since the beginning perceived the spiritual side. How does man perceive spiritual? Man is spirit and soul and so man naturally believes in the spirits. Over the centuries man in their own unique languages have called the spirit side by many names but no matter what names are used the fact is man can perceive and there is a big pattern to all this belief. The total pattern is that there is a Supreme One God. Religions in their immaturity might address many gods as in many demons so they address the dark spiritual side. The Jews addressed the one supreme God and then came Christianity to cap it off on this one God. Christ came to teach and preach about His Father the One Supreme God. We only mature spiritually and see the big pattern of true belief through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only begotten Son of the One Supreme God.  
Humanism came as a response maybe to the corruption in religion. We call this first break away as the Renaissance. It was a born again period. Humanism was a born again break away. Birthing anew and away from religion. The Renaissance was essentially a European thing. The religion at this time in Europe was essentially Roman Catholic. We get Catholic priests who were corrupt. Bishops bought their positions. Bishops and cardinals ruled the roost. The people were under the thumb of these religious. Now amongst the people were talented people. But to learn or get good positions you had to be either rich or know friends in high places. Religion was stifling society. There were many intelligent people who wanted more of life, they wanted to learn. Most people at this time were poor and were in to labouring jobs. The people blamed religion for their predicament. People went to literature, music and the arts to satisfy their hunger for learning. We got the classical painters and musicians. People learnt to read and write. People read books. People saw beyond the confines of what the Roman Catholic Church taught. People left the church and even said the church was evil and that the Pope was the Devil. Universities were opened to all people who could pay and not just open to the upper classes. We saw an emancipation of the lower classes to learn. 
Humanism like anything that goes too much goes into unbalance. We now don’t have religion controlling every thought and deed of our lives. But people when they start something don’t know when to stop. Humanism was a response to religion. Humanism was essentially a western response. 
But humanism has not always been a response to religion. You could even say humanism came with the Greeks. The Greeks were about thought. Philosophy they called it. We got the teachers Plato and Socrates. So it was only later we got the Renaissance and the freedom to learn away from religion. The Greeks got western civilisation on to science. Philosophy soon became science. It was about the study of the heavens and nature. 
We have the initial humanistic wave coming with the Greeks then we got the second wave coming with the European Renaissance. Later came the psychological humanism from the likes of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. It was philosophy and psychology. But the word “science” has superseded all the previous names for humanisms pursuits. So where is religion now with the humanists? A true humanist does not need the religion of God or gods, the true humanist now has science as his her religion. It’s all about science to the humanist now. Science is about empirical evidence. Science can be proved whereas religion is just belief and can not be proved. You can not prove God exists. 
What am I? I am no humanist. To me humanism in today’s definition is not just about a freedom from religion. I have a lot of my life been religious. I am now forsaking religion. But I am not forsaking God. My Master and Lord is God through Jesus Christ. Religion in todays life can smother out talent and inspiration. Religion even today is a lot about man made dogmas and man made rules and man made rituals. Priests are forsaking Christ’s teachings to teach their own made up teachings. Priests are controlling souls with man made rules. But not all religion is bad, quite a lot is ok. I lived with religion quite a bit, I grew up with it for many years. I became a Christ believer in the lap of religion. Without religion I might not have been saved. My soul is saved. There are also good religious. With age comes wisdom. With Christ’s wisdom comes a break away from man made wisdom. Religion can be man made so I break away from the man made religion, I do keep the wisdom and religion that is of Christ. I don’t need mans wisdom now as I have Christ’s wisdom to help me. Mans wisdom served its purpose, it helped me until I was wise of God. In Christ’s wisdom I am no humanist but I also am no religious, I am neither. I don’t need humanism and I don’t need religion. It’s that simple. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF GOD (read the bible to learn God’s will)

July 31, 2017

Submit to the head of Christ. Submit to the mind of Christ. The husband is supposed to have the headship of Christ over his wife. The wife submits to the headship of Christ in the husband. The wife does not submit to evil. If the husband is acting outside the will of God that means the wife is not to submit to that evil will. The wife submits to Christ not to the wisdom of this world. What is God’s will? Read the Bible, the will of God is there for all to learn. The husband is to love the wife as Christ loves the church. The church does not submit to evil. The church submits to Christ. The husband is not God but he acts in Christ’s name but if he is sinning you don’t submit and obey the husbands sins. 

Simple. Simple. 
And a lot of Christ followers marry non followers of Christ. Women marry dogs and men marry bitches. Don’t marry strays. Loose women and men are best left alone. Light can not partner with darkness. You may think I can save my partner if I marry them; I say true, but it’s your bed, you make it and you lie in It.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

GOING SOLO – by Roald Dahl (autobiography)

July 31, 2017

Exceptional read. I can not but think Roald had a good Spirit protecting him. Roald left school at 18, he did not enter university but took a job with Shell Oil. Roald was sent to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (then called Tanganyika). It was an idealic life for Roald in Africa, it was the time of the British Raj (rule) and Britain ruled an empire. 

The Raj rulers were like princes, the ruled people were treated like servants and not as equal to the white person. The Raj ruled third world nations. Roald came to Africa in the late 1930’s and he was experiencing a British empire rule that was soon on a decline. The ruled in these non white nations soon began to break away from the Raj. Times were changing, war came. After the war nations were getting their independence. The European Raj rulers (not just British) were pressured to give up their colonies. 
Roald left Shell Oil and joined the RAF, he became a fighter pilot. Roald saw fighter plane combat against the Germans in Greece. Roald was lucky or was he blessed; he survived Greece and returned to Africa, to Alexandria. Roald then saw fighter plane combat while stationed in Syria against the Germans and Vichy French. 
The Stars saw Roald removed from flying, he was getting severe migraines (they say caused by an earlier plane crash) while flying. Roald was invalided back to Blighty. Roald was still in the RAF but not in combat duty, he was appointed as a Air Attache to Washington USA. 
Read grade: 8/10
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 31, 2017

Can we contain it? Artificial intelligence. Science is good or evil. Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. Science can help or destroy. Humans are already at the service of robots. 

Humans are building robots in stages. We get the arms. We get the arms and hands. We get the legs and feet. Then we get the full robot humanoids. We are serving the humanoids from day one of beginning to bring them to existence. Humans create and worship what they create. Humans make idols and humans worship their man made idols. Man’s idols are their gods. Humanoids listen but they do not listen, they see but they do not see, they smell but they do not smell, they taste but they do not taste, they think but they do not think. Robots are artificial they are not God made. Robots do not have soul and spirit. Robots are essentially a perversion. Man was made to work for God. We humans are God’s creation. 
Now man wants to be God and make humanoids to serve man. It’s a perversion. Man will make God, yes the supreme heavenly God. This supreme man made God might be put up in the sky. This idol God will control humans. The Mark of the Beast will be on humans. 
Man is so clever, he she thinks they are. Science the knowledge of good and evil. Evil will cancel out the good and good will cancel out the evil so we go back to nothing of mans achievements leaving just God and His Words.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 31, 2017

The Holy Scripture is quite straightforward and simple in its explanation that the husband is head of the wife. Just as long hair on a female and short hair on a male is straightforward and simple to understand. The headship of God is sanctified. To understand God is to understand the God Head. 

The Father God and Son God are in the God head. They say the Holy Spirit is also in the God head. The Holy Spirit comes from the Head. The head is in charge of the body. The head has the brain. The brain is not the power, the power is in Spirit in the heart in the body. Gods Spirit is the ultimate power. God used the God Spirit to create the universe. Spirit of God hovered over the deep (deep what? Ocean, ocean what? Water maybe). God Spirit triggered the energy to create the universe. The head is above the body, the body takes orders from the head. The mind of Jesus Christ is in the mind of the converted. With husband and wife we have a male mind head and a female mind head. Jesus Christ is male not female. Jesus mind is in the male the female submits to the male mind of Christ. The Bible clearly says “The husband must love his wife as Christ loves the church and the wife must submit to the husband as the church submits to Christ”. This scripture is a mystery but it is real and true. Headship is real. We think in the head. Adam was created first. Adam a male. We call God Father not mother. Jesus was born of a woman but Mary Jesus mother is not in the God Head. The God Head is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Husbands beating and or abusing their wives. Women should not have to tolerate domestic violence in any form. You walk away from trouble not encourage it. I know divorce by many conservatives is frowned upon. Even the Bible speaks against divorce unless there is adultery. But no one should have to be violated. The women must be empowered to make their own decisions. In the past wives stayed with their abusive husbands because of financial considerations. In the past the male was the bread winner, now women work at careers and earn money. In the past women were just breeders and house wives. Women now also are much educated, in the past women were just educated in few things just until they could be married off. 
No woman or girl should tolerate domestic violence. Husbands who prey on their wives are not loving their wives as Christ loves the church. A husband needs to love his wife as he loves his own body. If the husband is not loving as Christ then the wife is not beholden to the husband. The wife only submits to the husband if the husband is loving as Christ does. There is love and there is love. The people think the world’s love is the way to go, wrong. Christ is above in heaven, use your heads people, Gods love is not off this world, Gods love is from above. 
Use your heads. Use your head in the proper order and fashion. Jesus wisdom of the headship is there to help not hinder. God is male and female but the headship is male. The God Head has no female in it. Mother Mary, mother of Jesus even is not in the God Head.
Is the God Head teaching wrong? Do you want Jesus’ Mother in the God Head? Will God let the female in to His God Head????
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

Wisdom of God is discipline, self discipline; laws are about discipline too, but laws are about bondage. Laws are about the physical whereas wisdom of God is about the spiritual. Wisdom of God is about the inner person whereas laws are about the outer person. Wisdom of God is about disciplining the human spirit whereas laws are about disciplining the flesh. 

You might say that if laws can be bondage then wisdom of God can be bondage too. True, it does look that way. Bondage is only there when one transgresses the laws. Yes but what if one transgresses the wisdom of God? You confess to God and God forgives. The law is not all that forgiving but Jesus Christ Gods wisdom is forgiving. 
Wisdom of God is the better way to go rather than laws. Jesus Christ brought wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. In wisdom of God we do not need laws. Wisdom of God meets all the law requirements. Law came with Moses. Jesus all wise is above Moses. Law is under Jesus. God brought law and wisdom but wisdom is better as Jesus is better than Moses, Jesus is God the Son. Moses was a servant, Jesus is God. Jesus is the Master and Moses is the servant, law is servant to wisdom of God. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HEAD OVER BODY (heels) in LOVE (with God)

July 21, 2017

The head sits on top of the body. What is on top is in charge on what is below that top. The higher is always in charge. The higher sees more than the below. The higher has more insight in a metaphorical way. The higher in this case is metaphor in regard to insight. So the head is on top of the body and so the head is in charge of the body. 

The body has to have power. The power for the body comes from the heart. The heart is a simple pump. The heart also has the battery life or power life. The spirit gives life. The Spirit of God gives life. We have been given spirit. We have a human spirit that sits in the heart. The pump, that is the heart, is powered by spirit. This spirit is known as the human spirit. Some call this human spirit a spark. This human spirit is in human form but not in material human form but spirit. Spirit is not physical. God in Spirit also comes in to people’s hearts but only those of the elect. Also Gods Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the elect. The spiritual gifts may be manifested as spiritual persons in spirit form. These spirit gifts may come also in to the heart. We can call these spirit gifts genie or geniuses. A genie is spirit or what some may call a ghost. The body has its power. But what about the head and its power. The spirit powers body and head. God is in three persons. Gods power is in Spirit. We the elect have human spirit but we also have the Holy Spirit. We the elect have much power in God. The soul sits in the mind. The mind is in the head. We the elect are saved in soul. The soul sits above the body. The elect get the truth from God. When we get saved, our enemies are put at our feet (this may take some time to do). God puts the enemies of the elect at Gods feet and our feet. We in a sense become programmed to think like God. God takes us over. We are not God but God is in us the elect. God separates body from soul. There is a break between human spirit and soul. God comes between human spirit and soul. Gods Words are sharp. The Bible says Gods Words are as sharp as a doubled edged sword and come between soul and spirit. We are wanting spirits of this world to be at our feet so that our soul is free. The soul sits up there and in full salvation it is has complete freedom. The spirits of this world try to overcome our souls. When we were off the world we were assaulted in soul daily (and nightly). Our souls off the world were in a web. A web of lies. In Jesus, God frees our souls up to be free of the world and its spirit manifestations which are mostly lies. 
Our soul is forgiven all its sins by God (but first we must confess) when we accept Gods only begotten Son Jesus Christ (God the Son). Once we believe in God through Jesus Christ salvation begins of our soul. Truth sets our soul free. Jesus Christ is alive and Jesus is all truth. In Jesus our sins are forgiven and washed away, washed away by Jesus blood. Our soul in being saved and being set free from this world (from all the lies of Satan) will begin to wizen. The soul in its freedom will think but not in thoughts that the world thinks. The soul of the elect is above the world. 
Truth sets our soul free from the world. Satan tries to rule the world. There is knowledge and there is knowledge. Two types of knowledge, yes. God has two knowledges. There is knowledge in a physical sense and there is knowledge in a Spiritual sense. Physical knowledge is science based. Science won’t save the soul. Science is complex. Only the simple (simplex) truth saves the soul. We humans were created simple by God but man makes complex. Science makes complex. There is the two knowledges, science is complex and the other knowledge wisdom that is simplex. Gods wisdom does save the soul. The simple truth saves. Complex truth does not save. God offered to mankind at the beginning two types of knowledge but said take wisdom not science. But man at the woman’s and Satan’s advice took science. Dumb. Science is knowledge of good and evil, science does good and evil. So man goes to war using science to kill millions of people then man tries to heal with science thousands of people. The planet is getting inundated with humans, we the life at the top of the killing chain are getting too populated. War is what culls humans. Natural disasters also cull humans. 
Wisdom of God is not a science. Wisdom is behaviour. Wisdom is doing right not wrong. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is seeing, seeing as in insight. Wisdom is knowing how to think righteously. Wisdom in thought and words protects against the evil behaviour. Wisdom is strong. The more wisdom the stronger you are. 
Satan persuaded man at the beginning to go for knowledge apart from Gods wisdom. Man thinks he is learning Gods wisdom at universities but no (Jesus Christ, Gods wisdom is not taught at universities. Far from it if you write about Jesus Christ and His wisdom you might be reprimanded and if you persist be marked very low). Theology is taught at university but it is not taught about Jesus Christ and His wisdom but in a scientific way. Universities even have wisdom on their mottos, this is not right. Wisdom of God makes for better societies, science is about what man calls progress. Progress is about destroying God made to make man made and in doing so rubbishing this whole earth. The earth is now becoming a cesspool, a rubbish heap. Man thinks he must look for another planet to live on. But me thinks “earth this is it”. There’s no other planet habitable to mankind. We have one earth and only one, mess up this one and that’s it. 
We are waiting for the baptism of fire. Fire will destroy all. Just as water killed all (except for Noah and his family). Water and fire cleanses. The earth needs cleaning. What is this fire? I don’t know. Some say it is a world nuclear war, others say it is a meteorite? It might be a fire ball from the sun. I don’t know. But there will be an immense fire on this earth that’s for sure. When will this fire come? I don’t know. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

I am also losing my religion

July 21, 2017

I was religious for a long time. Religion also housed me for a time. But religion for me filled a gap. Religion is good and bad. But is not everything good or bad? I worked in religion for many years and in this I think God called me. God called you in to religion? Yes I believe so. I went to Bible College got a diploma in ministry and worked as a church officer for a denominational church. I don’t know if God called me to Bible College but I think God called me to a particular church to work. 

A prophet can work in religion if God calls it. I worked in a central city church where my calling of prophet was useful. I lived in the central area of a large city and my gifts can be used in such a setting. I think my time working at this church was valuable and successful. I achieved much not just for me but for the wide community. This was a traditional church setting. 
You put a precious stone in a setting. The previous stone is the gift I have from God. Yes I have a gift. I like to think I have understanding. Not what the world calls understanding. My understanding is simple. God put me in a traditional church setting for a time. I had my bad times there but overall the time there was good. My times in religion were more happier in a traditional setting than in a fundamentalist setting. 
The Pentecostals (fundamentalists) can be so pushy even to bullying. The Pentecostals stem from the North American way; money, power and status. I like the USA, do not get me wrong, I like to even have lots of money; but to use religion to get rich does not gel with me. The Pentecostal evangelists croon the shirt off your back. It’s about giving, you give and the evangelists take. You make the evangelists rich. These evangelists use television to get to the people; they motivate the people, they sell Jesus, they promise redemption, they promise healing, give and get healed, give and get saved. I am too old now and too wise now to fall for the sales pitch of these Pentecostal (fundamentalist) evangelists. I am not one to believe every salesman (person) that gives me a sales pitch. I have little time for motivational speakers. 
Religion is dying in me but my soul is saved. Jesus Christ saved my soul. Religion did not save my soul, though religion helped me. Religion can not take away my soul salvation. Religion is just a setting for the gems. You usually have to have a setting for a precious stone. But my setting is simple. Religion can be complex and man made. A complex setting is no good. It’s the stone in the setting that is precious not the setting. 
Religion dies out but Jesus lives on. I don’t take religion with me to heaven. Gods Words live on.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

Want to get a good nights sleep?
Sleep on a good pillow.

A good conscience is the best pillow. 

A good conscience to the Supreme God and to every other person. 
Your heart is where life springs from. The human spirit is in the heart. When you invite Jesus Christ to be your Lord and you repent of all your sins the Holy Spirit of God will come in to a repentant heart. A strong heart a strong person. The person who has the Spirit of understanding has the top strength. Understanding is wisdom and wisdom of God can not be toppled over, to try and topple wisdom of God over is suicide. 
Wisdom is about how we behave. How we act. How we treat God and other people. We are spirit and soul. We are flesh and bone. We humans are interconnected, we are connected by words. Think wisely as thoughts are also in words. Think wisely about God and think wisely about other humans. Your thoughts are not secret, nothing is secret. Those that see really see. God gives sight to His prophets. Prophets see. 
Make your life’s foundation on words, we stand on our words, we fight with our words, words are our protection. But not just any words, use words of God. God gave us the bible. We have the holy scriptures. Read the holy scriptures often. Memorise the holy scriptures. God gave us His will and wisdom in the holy scriptures in the bible. There’s the old will and now the new will. The new will is what should guide us not the old will. Read both old will and new will. The old will leads us to the new will. What we think and say in words about other humans is very important, it can be life or death. Don’t think you are not heard. 
Not everyone is dull of mind. The dull minds live in semi to much darkness. Dull is without much light. God gives light. Some human spirits are like smouldering wicks, their lights are dim. A strong human spirit light comes from leading a good life. Treat everyone with care. We are all precious. Keep away from the fool. Don’t take on the fools actions. The fool may become wise. God can do anything. God can save anyone He likes. The fool may become a King. 
Treat your soul with respect. Don’t hate your soul. Die to your old self in your heart but love your soul above. Save your soul by giving yourself to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ saves souls. Only Jesus Christ can save the soul, there is no other way. Jesus took all our sins in to his body and died to them. Jesus came back to life (resurrected) and rose in to heaven. Jesus is above. God the Father is above. The Head rules. The body does not rule. No body rules. Jesus the Head rules. Jesus sits at God the Fathers right hand side above. The Father God is THE LORD and Jesus MY LORD sits at the Fathers right side. Let go let God. Humble yourselves under the God Head. We are in the heart in spirit. Our soul is above saved. 
God is a mystery. Heaven and hell is a mystery. Love will keep you healthy. Don’t hate as hate will slowly kill your body. Hate will sicken parts of your body. God can not be mocked and wisdom of God can not be mocked. Sow and you will reap. Forgive your trespassers. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

I was in the old city town hall. Not the new hall what I knew then as the Michael Fowler Centre. Where am I? Wellington, New Zealand, I am attending a Christian crusade centred around evangelist Leighton Ford. 

Who is Leighton? The brother in law of evangelist Billy Graham. I think the year was 1987 and the month March but my memory is not so good now and I have not kept any records of this event. I found the date and month off the Internet and so I take this as accurate. There I was in the city hall along with lots of other people all come to listen to Leighton. I arrived with much expectations, Leighton’s reputation had gone ahead of him and being related to Billy Graham made him even higher in people’s expectations. The hall was big. I sat about half way back on the ground floor, there was also a large mezzanine floor. I had came to be entertained. But I got a different message all together, I got nothing from Leighton but he was part of Gods plan to help me that night. 
During the crusade things happened out of the ordinary. But I was at the centre of these happenings. I remember it as follows: I had a crown on my head. Yes a crown. No bull. How could I see the crown? No I did not look in a mirror, I just knew. It was real. The crown was in vision form. 
A tall man was on the front stage of the hall. I knew it was the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. It was Pope John Paul II. I am telling the truth. The Pope was in vision form. I knew it was the Pope because for one the vision had the Pope in all his white clothes and I knew the Popes face from seeing him on television and in other media. The vision of the Pope made the Pope tall. 
Then I remember my heart feeling like there was a gushing stream of like water flowing through it. It was obviously not water but the feeling was akin to a beautiful feel of washing. I loved the feeling. My response to this heart gushing feeling was to look around the audience and think “Were they all at the same time praying for me?” I looked around but no one seemed to be looking at me. My heart felt so good. So no one in the audience was praying just for me. 
Leighton started speaking to the audience. I sensed a Spirit speaking. And I sensed this Spirit speaking to Leighton. Leighton then spoke a few words about simplicity. The Spirit seemed to be in me. And this Spirit was confirming the simplicity of God. 
That about wraps it up about the visions. On leaving the hall I felt like I was on cloud nine. This heavenly feeling for me lasted a few days. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

Oh what a climb!! 

Sure am. That was no small mountain.

Do you want to know?

Of course I do.

Then the climb is worth it.

Yes yes.

What do you want to know?

Wise one do you know the tennis star Bernard Tomic?

Yes. But before I go on are you ready?

Ready for what wise one?

Are you ready to know?

Why not?

But will you listen?

Of course.

No I mean will you listen to me?


There are many voices will you know who is talking, will you know my voice? 

I think so.

Ok we can make a try of it.

I am certainly game.

It’s not a game Lester.

Sorry wise one. 

It’s serious.

Yes wise one.

Bernard Tomic. Yes.


He’s having life purpose thoughts. His father spirit is a tennis ball maker. 

So why is Bernard a tennis player?

Bernard somehow understood his fathers gift calling. 

So Bernard is no real tennis player.

He can play tennis but his vocation lies elsewhere.


Bernard is a mathematics professor in an esteemed university in say Argentina and researches missile development. He makes missiles that’s it in an egg shell. 

Why did Bernard take up his fathers vocation? 

Maybe because his fathers spirit would protect Bernard as a tennis player. 

Why did Bernard not go in to his own vocation? 

It’s hard working without protection. Bernard though not working in his own vocation has protection working in his fathers vocation.

Why was Bernard not protected for his own vocation?

Bernard needed God to protect him. Bernard had no God protection.

What is the God protection?

A person. A mate in arms. Someone who cares, a true mate. 

Who is this true mate?

He’s a Spirit of God. He’s the true shepherd. This Spirit will protect.

Why do we need protection?

Look around you. Who doesn’t need protection. Everywhere you go people in mind are assaulted. Words rule this globe and words can be very nasty. Spirits abound that can turn your life very nasty. Demons infect the mind. Satan is like a roaring lion ready to devour you. It’s hide and run. Bernard got the little protection he could from his fathers spirit. Bernard had no God Spirit. 

How do we get the God Spirit?

The Father God and Son Jesus Christ God are above they are the God Head above and they give the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.

Wise one did Bernard’s father make tennis balls?

I don’t know but I doubt it. But Bernard’s fathers spirit would have understood tennis. This understanding can help Bernard.


It’s all in the body and mind. It’s a mystery. Family can be close. Things can rub off on each other. 

Wise one what is my fathers spirit calling?

Your fathers spirit calling was army captain or major. England army. Provost marshal. 

That makes sense. I remember Dad taking me to the army recruiting office when I was young. I never saw Dad as a radio technician. I was no good at maths and neither was he. Physics was even worse for me. I think Dad would have excelled in the army if he had the protection of Gods Spirit. Dad was a radio technician but I think it was mostly in vain. But if I had joined the army Dads spirit might have helped me. I had no God Spirit when I was young. I only received the gift of the Holy Spirit in my middle 20’s. 

You are a Prophet.

Me a prophet what’s that?

You make the way of the Lord.


Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming again.


Only the Father God knows no one else, even Jesus does not know.

How do I make the way for the Lord Jesus?

The bible speaks of this matter. You will make the path straight for the Lord. John the Baptist a prophet had the same calling. John was a prophet. Fill in the valleys, pull down the hills and mountains. All flesh is equal. The humble will be exalted and the proud will be humbled. Many prophets come and go. Making the path straight for Jesus is a hard task and it could take a long time. 

Wise one do you know when Jesus is coming?


But you are wise.

I am wise. I can only go by the weather. 

Weather why the weather?

I look at the changing seasons in life, I see the present, I think of the past and I can perceive the future. I can see the pattern of life taking place. I see the picture taking effect. There is a season there is a time for the second coming of Jesus and this time will fit in exactly the right time to make the picture of life right. God the Father is a perfect painter. God the Father knows the complete picture but only He. 

But does not Jesus sit at God the Fathers right hand side in heaven should not Jesus know everything too?

Yes but the Father is more glorified than the Son. It’s the Father who brings everything under the control of Jesus, all is put at Jesus’ feet and then when this is complete Jesus comes under the Father. 

Thank you wise one.

Are you ready?

Ready for what?

To learn from me. 

But I have been haven’t I.

You have but are you ready to learn one on one?

I know the listening. 

There are many sounds, many claim to know, but are you wise?

I don’t know. I am in a body, a universal body of thought, my mind is open. And many false teachers and false prophets abound. My mind and heart are assaulted day and night. The kingdom of God is full of those who claim to know and don’t know. The kingdom of God is full of sinners. The kingdom of God is under attack. The body of Christ is far from perfect. 

So do you think the body of Christ is complete and ready for resurrection and rising?

I don’t know.

Then neither do I know. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

How do I learn? I am essentially a human spirit and a soul in a human flesh body. I am essentially non physical in a physical body. I think, my words in thinking are not physical. What makes physical? How do atoms stay together to make solid? Even scientists have not worked that one out yet. So true learning is within not without. True learning is inside not outside. We are subjective humans in an objective body. The body is objective, the spirit and soul is subjective. 

Do we learn subjectively or objectively? We learn both. We are still in the physical. The physical are objects. The soul and spirit are not objects, they are not physical. We can not see soul and spirit. We see the human body. To learn we have a helper, the Holy Spirit (HS). The Holy Spirit is not a object. But the HS is still a person but can we objectivise it? The HS is within. The within is subjective. We subjectivist the inner. People forgo the inner learning to learn the outside. People force themselves with much discipline to objectivise their learning. They like force their minds outside. It’s basically losing your mind but not losing it. They do not lose their minds because they force themselves to be very disciplined. True learning is within with the help of the HS not learning by forcing ones mind to go out there and learn out there. We stay in our minds not leave them. We stay in our heads and not leave them. So if a person completes a degree at university they may have disciplined themselves much but inside they may have learnt nothing. So what have they proved in getting the degree? They have proved first they might be highly intelligent and second that they are a hard worker. But being intelligent and being a hard worker does not have to mean understanding. Jesus Christ as he lay nailed to the cross said “Forgive them Father for they do not understand”. So what is understanding? True understanding is in Spirit from Spirit. Understanding can be a gift from God. Gifts from God can be Spiritual. God is above and gives us spiritual gifts in to our heart. A spiritual gift can be like a spiritual person gift in to our heart. This spiritual gift is like a genie, a genie spirit who is a genius. A genius person is only a genius according to the gift God gives. Talented people are called geniuses. Talented people are praised for their talents. The people get the praise and don’t know that the talent comes from heaven above. God should get the praise for talents. Most people do not have the spiritual gift of understanding. Most people who want to be understanding, who want to be scholars, who want to be wise, learn by applying their minds to the outside. These scholars learn objectively because they can not learn subjectively because they do not have the subjective gift of understanding in their hearts. God can still teach those people who do not have the gift of understanding. God gives gifts to His people and the gifted people can teach the non gifted people. Gifts from God are for the up building of the body. Let’s call it by its true name – the body of Christ. When we say church most people think of a building. Church is not in reality bricks, mortar and wood. Church is people. I don’t like the word “church”. Understanding in reality is gained within not without. True understanding comes from a gift of God. This understanding gift of God is in the heart. You do not have to seek understanding out there, out of the mind, true understanding is within. The world lauds it over the scholars of this world, the world thinks these scholars are understanding; but in reality, in truth, these so called scholars know nothing, it’s a sham. God gives vocations, callings, to His people. There are many many vocations of God. A vocation of God is not just as a minister, pastor or priest. The vocations seat is in the heart. The heart has the spirit. The soul is in the mind, the head. To work outside ones true vocation is being objective. The vocation you seek (and is wrong) is out there not inside the heart. To work in your true vocation is simple. To work outside your true vocation is complex. So people who work outside their true vocation and are succeeding in another vocation not ones own are disciplined, but all such is in vain. To be disciplined for another vocation is not clever. 
Life for many people is an act, it’s like a play, a drama, it’s putting a mask up BUT you know in your own heart if you are acting. Your wife or your children might not even know if you are acting (vice versa) but you know. Your true vocation is simple, to learn in this vocation is simple. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

One man’s RUBBISH is another man’s TREASURE

July 3, 2017

My dead body (when I die) will just come to dust. But that dust might hold a lot of carbon. If my dust was thrown in to the air on the land or sea that carbon in the dust could in years like millions of years contribute to making diamond and diamond to humans is a treasure. Now I do not know when the world will end so please don’t deride me about the future being millions of years, I don’t know the time for the end. I do believe this world will end. There might be a new heaven and a new earth. Everything has its use by date and that’s the same for us humans (we die) and for the earth and the heavens. We live on in Jesus Christ. Everything else apart from being saved in Jesus gets consumed in the fire. What is this big fire? I don’t know. We have two baptisms, one water and the other fire. The earth has already had the water baptism, at the time of Noah. We have yet to have the fire baptism on this earth. Baptisms water and fire are there to cleanse. I don’t know if the fire baptism will be caused by nuclear weapons or the sun or by a meteor or a asteroid. This fire baptism will cleanse this earth of sins. The fire will kill off most life. God let Noah and his family live after the water baptism but I do not know who or if any life lives after the fire baptism.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Agent 110 – Allen Dulles

July 3, 2017

Allen was a spy working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) a US agency that preempt the Central Intelligence Agency and as we know for short as the C.I.A. The OSS was born out of the Second World War. Allen was a lawyer head hunted to work for the OSS and stationed in Bern Switzerland. 

The Second World War got the USA short on intelligence gathering, the British by this time had plenty of intelligence gathering experience. With the British help the OSS got of to a start. Before the OSS it was said by one Secretary of State “Gentlemen do not read other people’s mail”. The Allies needed intelligence and mail reading was now on in speed. So much for being gentlemen. The British had MI6 the foreign intelligence gathering and MI5 the domestic intelligence gathering. 
Allen’s father was a Presbyterian Minister. Allen’s maternal grandfather had been a Secretary of State. Allen’s brother, Foster, was a lawyer who in 1953 became Secretary of State. Allen became C.I.A. Director in 1953. Two brothers at the apex of USA power. Allen and Foster now had the communist threat from the Soviets to deal with. Allen was the first civilian Director of the C.I.A. the former Directors were military men. 
Allen began work in the diplomatic corps in 1916. Allen was stationed first in Vienna then transferred to Bern Switzerland when the First World War started. Later Allen left the diplomatic services to work in a New York law firm. 
Allen was deeply involved in “Operation Sunrise”. SS General Karl Wolff who commanded all SS troops in Italy saw defeat looming and initiated peace talks with the Allies. Dulles was the front man for these talks. Wolff went to Switzerland on a few occasions to meet Dulles. 
A good read. 

8/10 grade.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WORK – it’s become an anomaly 

July 3, 2017

I walked to the down town city from my home today.
Left home at 12.52pm. Arrived in the city CBD about 2.37pm. 
I did take a break for about 15 minutes stopping at a cafe for a milkshake and a savoury. I got the bus back but not all the way. I went shopping at Coles and walked from their another 8 minutes loaded up with heavy bags. 
I find walking exercise suits me best than all the other aggressive competitive exercise. I need to walk regularly because my heart needs a work out in a good benign way. Exercise in a non aggressive way helps me sleep better at night. 
On the walk I noticed a number of gyms. People pay big money to work out in a exercise gym. I muse on this, I think of it now and then, I am not wanting to offend, but I find people who work all day then go to a gym to work out defeats the whole issue of work. Why pay people to work out when people can get paid to work out. A lot of people now a days try and work with their minds rather than working with their hands. Working with ones mind is ok but why not work with both mind and hands. And why pay people to work out? There’s plenty of jobs where you can get paid to work out. But who wants to work out for money? It’s about getting a cosy well paid job where you don’t have to work out. I could find plenty of work for a person if they want to work out and get paid. 
Now I know God calls people to work in office work. Vocations abound where one is not using ones hands in hard labor. But not everyone is called to do office work. 
So you ask a person, “how was work”?

They reply, “I have been working my butt off”. 

So people go to work to work their butt off. Is that correct? Does it have to be about the butt? What about the hands? Why not work with the hands? 

You might say “I am not a labourer, I am educated, I am sophisticated, I work with my brains”. 

So who wants to really work? 

God gave us hands to work with. 
So people end up all day, day in day out, working their butts off. Is that not crude? In the old days life was simpler, people worked more with their hands. 
People work their butts off during the day and in the evening try and make amends by going to a gym and trying to work with their hands and legs. 
God can not be defeated. God made us. We have a purpose in God. God made us with simplicity. We humans are the ones who try and complicate everything. We need to treat our bodies and minds with simplicity. Simple tasks. 
So you go to work in the day time and everyone is trying to screw with each other’s minds. It’s butts. Perverted.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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