About. Includes 4 photos of me {2 photos of me and my wife} (the last photo taken in 2013)

Thankyou for coming to my site. I hope that you enjoy my writings.
At church today the Minister spoke about Liberal theology versus Conservative theology. I do know more about the two theologies but in the knowing one may incline themselves to judge other people. The Bible says not to judge people. We can so easily offend people when we label people. I think Liberals in their interpretation of the Bible can as the saying goes “throw the baby out with the bath water.” Conservatives can also be too literal of the Bible. To me it’s getting the proper balance between what is literal and what is analogy / metaphor. To me the Bible has alot of literal and the Bible also has alot of analogies and metaphors. Knowing what is to be taken literal and what is to be taken as analogy in the Bible is sometimes very hard. Bible interpretation has divided the Church. Jesus has “One” HEAD not two heads and there is one head to one body [church]. It makes sense for one body [church] to the one head Jesus.
So what am I a Liberal or a Conservative? I tend more towards to the Conservative but I also have some Liberal tendencies.
For example as a Liberal I am open minded about evolution. But I have reservations that we came from the apes. I would prefer to believe that we came from a simple cell to fish but our lineage was not with the apes. But I do not know.
I am Conservative in believing in the Apostles creed; I believe in miracles past and present; I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ; I believe in the physical resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ; I believe in a heaven and a hell; I am open minded about a purgatory [But to be honest there being such a place as purgatory does not resonate with me]; I believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ.
I attend a Church service just about every Sunday morning and also often during the week. I pray often and read the Bible regularly.
The picture of the mountain has a story [See full view in pages section]. As you have read I call this the mountain of God. This picture is of a real painting that I have up on the wall in my lounge. I believe this painting was meant for me from God.
Jesus Christ is Lord; Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords.
Jesus Christ is God’s son. Jesus Christ is God the Son.
The Holy Trinity – Father God, Son God and Holy Spirit God; 3 persons each equal making up the God Head.
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Regards; Lester John Murray.
Lester John Murray. 2010.

Lester John Murray. 31st January 2011




One Response to “About. Includes 4 photos of me {2 photos of me and my wife} (the last photo taken in 2013)”

  1. theattentivesoul Says:

    I believe God absolutely sends messages through other people, events and odd “coincidences”. You have the painting that is the header on my site??!! I’d love to know where you got it or who painted it. It is my absolute favorite! Thanks for reading the blog – the Christian Mystic piece was written by Ursula King, and I think she did a fantastic job explaining the concept. My grandmother was born Jewish and converted to Christianity as a young woman. She was, most definitely, a mystic (she even changed her name to Teresa, for the Christian mystic Saint Teresa of Avila). My mom was similarly philosophically inclined to simply love people, love God and seek Him in her own life. Their choices and simple desire to love and follow God was a better mirror for me than any church or religion I’ve ever known. God isn’t about religion. Jesus didn’t like it much, either. He was all about seeking and love, if you ask me.


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