There’s Power in the Name – of Jesus


Honey I am home.

[Roger arrives home from work. He walks in to the lounge and throws himself on the sofa and lies down]

Honey! I am home.

Oh there you are I can hear from out the back yard do you want the neighbours to hear.

Sorry dear.

Look you can not just lie there, there are things to be done we do not have servants.

Yes dear.

The garage needs a clean out. There’s the lawn to be mowed. The vase in the lounge needs repairing.

Yes dear.

Come on hop to it.

Just be a moment got to change my clothes.

Well don’t be long.

[Phone rings]


Who is it dear?

It’s mum. Hi mum.

How is that lazy son in-law of mine?

He’s still lazy. He hasn’t changed.

Why don’t you trade him in for a better model?

I do think about it mum.

[Roger comes in to the kitchen]

You surely can not have finished.

Not yet just want a break it is tiring work.

Tired after 10 minutes work. Men!

I am going.

Yes mum that was Roger.

Tell him I will give him a boot if he was my husband. That lazy first husband of mine I was glad to see the end of him after 15 years. I certainly did well with Jimmy my latest. I must go Jimmy is calling me he wants his dinner.

Bye mum.

[Doris looks out of the kitchen window. She sees Dave the next door neighbour mowing his lawns. She looks at him with want she sees a man that to her is a real man. Dave is a labourer and knows how to treat a woman. He takes no nonsense from anyone]

You back again.

All finished.

Finished!! Finished! You just started. Mow the lawns.

Doris I am tired I have been at work all day. I need a rest.

Rest from what? Sitting at a desk all day twiddling your fingers over a computer. You call that work. Look at our next door neighbour now there is a real man.

But he is only a labourer.

Only!!! He works.

Ok I will go and mow the lawns.

[Phone rings]

Hi Myrtle.

How are you?

I am fine as good as it gets with a husband like mine.

Why not trade him in? There’s a single military man I know he is available.

You mean have someone on the side.

Sure it’s the done thing now days.

What’s he like?

Strong authority type knows how to treat a woman. Not like your powerless Dodger.

It’s Roger.

Sorry Roger. What are you looking for in a man?

A man that takes the lead.

That’s certainly not Dodger I mean Roger.

[Roger comes in to the kitchen]

Dear I need a drink.

Myrtle I must fly. Roger is here.

Bye Doris.

Who was that dear?


I am hungry is dinner on soon.

What did your last slave die of?

Dear I have been at work all day I need to eat.

Make it yourself. There’s bread in the bread box. When are you going to be promoted? We can not exist on your wages.

Doris I am already just about at the top of the company I am a director how much more promotion can I get.

Myrtle’s husband is a general manager now there is a real man.

Doris I am only 45 years old it takes more years to be at the top.

Top!!! Top!!! We live just about on pauper’s wages and you talk about top.

Dear my wages are near the top of the industry.

Ok where is that holiday to Thailand that you promised me? We get to go to Bali I wanted Thailand. Call yourself a man.

I must eat and I am exhausted.

[Roger makes a sandwich and goes in to the lounge and sits on the sofa. He turns television on. The movie Commander is on]

[Doris joins Roger in the lounge. She looks at the movie. She sighs and thinks – now there is a real man]

[Roger drifts off in to a sleep. For the next 5 minutes Doris dozes off. She daydreams about been married to the main actor in the movie]

I am going to bed I am tired.

Well don’t wait up for me.

You don’t want an early night.

Early night with you. Who do you think I am? Did you mow all the lawns?

Forget it. Good night.

[Roger leaves the lounge and goes to bed]

Men!! All the same!!! Think only of themselves.

[Roger is in bed and goes to sleep he did not hear the last out burst from Doris]


The Bible say’s


The husband is the head of the wife. The wife should submit to the husband.


Jesus is head of the church the body. The body must submit to the head Jesus.


The husband head of the wife and Jesus head of the church is meant as a mystery. It is meant to be a mystery to be understood. It is meant to be taken literally but at the same time it is meant to be understood only in the light of Jesus. The understanding here goes very deep, so much insight is needed. If one only sees skin deepness of this mystery they will miss out on its true understanding. Literal understanding is bad to many people but in denying all literal you might “throw the baby out with the bath water”. Yes literal can be bad and it is bad but also in the right hands it can be good at times.


What did happen?


What did Doris want? She wanted a strong leadership man that takes no nonsense.


What did Doris do? She took the lead because Roger was not taking the lead.


What happened? Doris in taking the lead usurped the mans authority and made a joke of it.


What did Roger do? Avoided his responsibility as the leader.


Where was the power? The power is in Christ Jesus. We are powerless without Jesus. If we do not have Jesus we lose our power and wisdom. Power and wisdom is in Jesus Christ – no other. If we forsake Jesus we forsake our natural place in the divine scheme of things. Men become powerless without Jesus. Men can and do try to get power by means of making their bodies very strong. Strength should start with the head / the mind / the soul / the human spirit and then the body. Mind over matter as the saying goes. Start with mind and end with matter. Mind comes first then comes matter. Material is not infinite it is finite. It is better to look at the eternal infinite things than the temporary finite things. So before going to the gym and trying to get a body builders body think first of getting your soul / mind / human spirit right. Spiritual exercises are more meaningful than body exercises. Body exercise in moderation is ok. Spiritual exercise is for the eternal. Body exercise is for the temporary.



Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


Perth. Oz.

















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