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February 26, 2018

“For Mrs Chu a plane is a sanctuary. You have no phone calls to bother you, no people around you to say, hey do this and do that, so it’s sort of like an escape” – From a news article.

Humans want to escape??

Are we imprisoned? Are we chained? Are we chained to man made creations, the phone, the computer, the house, the car, etc.

We find freedom in simple things. We find freedom in God made creations, the soil, the grass, the trees, the animals, the fish, air, water, sun, etc.

Man made creations have become mans prison. Man has created his her own prison around them. Humans are chained to their own creations.

You can not educate man he she is blinded by Satan. Man thinks freedom is in man made, man he she is not clever. The more mans creations the more man thinks such are his her freedom. Satan has blinded man. And the Dragon woman takes mans attention. It seems there is a veil over mans his hers mind.

The truly free person lives for the simple life away from man made creations, the free person lives in God made. Live on an island in the ocean, live off fish etc, no phones, no computers, no cars, no kitchen appliances, no gardening machines.

The Key to freedom is simplicity. But why is simplicity the main key to freedom? Simple; it’s because God is simple. Simple for God does not mean foolish. Simple for God also means knowing ALL. Simple faith, simple truth, simple belief. All real truth is simple.

Satan has deceived this world. People live under a veil in their minds. People think that God is complex and difficult and confusing to understand.

In reality in the truth of God, God is simple to understand.

We were created simple by God. So if we live in simplicity with Gods simple created creations then our human body, soul and spirit will keep healthy. To live with mans creations our human body, soul and spirit suffer. We are killing ourselves if we create complexity over us because complexity kills. Simplicity is life. Simplicity is one, complexity is many, God is ONE and creates one. Man makes complexity. Man worships many gods. Many is complex. Man is meant to worship the ONE God not many gods. The human body and head are simple to the person that knows. God knows and He understands that the human body and head are simple. To know is simple. To not know is complex. It’s in the knowing. Satan hides the truth from humans. Take one organ of the body, the heart of the body, the heart is a simple pump. The heart is not complex. The universe is ONE. The God head and God body are ONE. GOD IS ONE. Mans creations are complex, Gods creation are simplex. We live in a complex world because man makes it so. This man made complex world is killing us.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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God looks at the heart – It’s that simple

November 8, 2017

I am soul, I am soul in my mind. I am head, I am a brain in my head. I think. I see, hear, smell, and taste. I sense, I think. My feelings are from the body. My head rules my body. Feelings are not to rule me. My body with its feelings do not rule. Words rule. Words are in thoughts. I think and I am. I am aware, I am enlightened. My head is full of light. My head like a light bulb. God is the light. Gods words make light. Light gives understanding. 

I am in my head and I see the heart. My heart is below my head. I see the below. I know what is going on in my heart because I see. I listen to what is going on in my heart. There is the universal subconscious. The sub is below, below the head. We have a heart conscious as well as a head conscious. The head conscious rules the heart conscious. The above rules the sub, below. 
Our hearts think together. Hearts are universal. The heads are universal. We the body are universal. Universal is made up of living humans. Each human a part of the universal body, the body has the universal mind/soul and heart. We think together. The universal thinking. There are two main bodies in this world, Gods and Satan’s. Outside these two bodies is the wilderness. The lost souls live in this wilderness. 
My head is in control. My soul in the mind in head has been saved. 
Wisdom of God looks at the heart. Wisdom of God is listening to the heart. Wisdom of God knows people. To know people’s hearts is to know people. Jesus Christ is the head and rules the heart. To rule the heart is to rule the body. Education of this world is a lot about human wisdom. Human wisdom tries to snuff out the wisdom of God Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Christ gets heavily vexed from human wisdom. Human wisdom is not about preparing for the after life above in heaven. Human wisdom is about glory to man and woman in the earthly life. Christ’s wisdom prepares for the heavenly life. 
My head is saved and in control. I have enlightenment. I know (i perceive) what people are thinking in their hearts. My true education is to know people and to know people is to understand people and to understand people is to know people’s hearts. Jesus never studied man’s philosophy, or sociology, or psychology, or any other ology or sophy of man but the Fatherology. Logy, logos, the word; sophy is wisdom. It’s all about the words and essentially about Words from God. 
I am in a universal body of God. I listen see smell taste and think. I am in my right mind in my head. God at the left. I am dead to myself I am in Christ, Christ is in me, I have died, “it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). Christ is at the right, the Father on the left. Father and Son above. 
I am dead to my former self. I am is Gods Son. My education is in God from God’s Spirit. God’s Spirit is my teacher. I know God and I know people. I am not God, I am dead. 
I don’t need mans education. Man’s wisdom constipates the body. Don’t live off shit. See through and have a sharp mind, see through the shit, get the shit out of the body, be regular. Knowledge puffs up, knowledge fades away. Don’t all your life pursue mans knowledge because it will eventually all fade away. Knowledge of man is like puffing up a balloon. Mans knowledge is human wisdom. Human wisdom makes a man or woman all haughty. People with human wisdom are proud. Human wisdom makes a proud heart. Pride goes before a fall. 
I don’t need human wisdom. I have Christ’s wisdom. If you want to learn of man(kind) look at their hearts. Christ gives the way to know the heart. Christ saves the soul. A saved soul is above. Christ’s wisdom is above. The world is down there, below. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 


September 27, 2017

The heart is simple not complicated. Simple pump with simple valves. The heart pumps blood around the body, simple. 

The heart pump has two main parts, left and right. Each main part is divided in to two, top and bottom. 

The left side gets the blood from the lungs where it has collected oxygen and pushes this blood all round the body. 

The right side gets the blood after the blood with oxygen has been round the body and sends this blood back to the lungs for more oxygen. This blood needs oxygen after losing the oxygen and becoming carbon dioxide. 
It sounds like the blood breathes. We breathe in air oxygen in to our lungs and the blood carries this oxygen around the body through arteries and capillaries. The blood loses the oxygen in the body and gets carbon dioxide that is breathed out through the lungs. 
The heart is a simple pump. The heart functions simply. In with the oxygenated blood and out with the carbon dioxides blood. In and out. The blood carries oxygen to our cells. The cells breathe. The cells need oxygen. The cells give off carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is waste. The blood takes the carbon dioxide to the lungs for us to breathe out.  
Life is in the blood. The blood carries around the food and oxygen to survive. We are one cell but many cells. One cell is similar to other cells. Cells need food, vitamins, proteins, minerals. The blood is the channel to supply the cells. Cells operate like a human in many ways but not all ways. The blood takes the waste away from the cells. In with the substance out with the waste, simple. 
Human spirit is in the heart, why the heart? Ask God I don’t know. But the heart is the central organ of the body and the human spirit is a body thing. The soul is the heavenly thing. The soul in the head. The body comes under the head, the head rules. The soul is in the brain. The brain rules the body. The soul is where we think. We think in words. The human spirit has to respect the soul. The human spirit has to keep to the simple truth because the heart will get sick and under stress if the heart is complicated. Many people have heart attacks. Keeping the words in your heart simple will keep the heart healthy. The simple is the simple truth. 
The wise of Jesus Christ in heart will be strong in heart. But wisdom of Christ gets vexed. The wise of Jesus are often vexed in heart. Vexed means annoyed, irritated, troubled. People tell lies. People deceive. Lies are not simple. Lies complicate. Lies make sick hearts. Lies vex the hearts of the wise in Jesus. But the simple truth in the wise of Jesus protects them. The simple truth is strong, as strong as iron. The heart thrives on the simple truth. Lies can not overcome truth just as darkness can not overcome light. The unwise heart can not overcome the wise heart (in Jesus) of God. The simple heart can get wise of Jesus. Simple souls relish and love Christ’s wisdom. Simple souls are easily damaged by lies and deceit. But in Christ the simple souls are protected. The truth protects simple souls. 
The human spirit is in the heart. We humans commune in spirit. We commune to each other and with the God head. We in the body of Christ are connected up. We are connected up in words. We think and we commune. But we must commune in truth or we get sick hearts. We must speak the truth or we get sick hearts. The heart was made simple. 
Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple and live. Live and be healthy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HEAD OVER BODY (heels) in LOVE (with God)

July 21, 2017

The head sits on top of the body. What is on top is in charge on what is below that top. The higher is always in charge. The higher sees more than the below. The higher has more insight in a metaphorical way. The higher in this case is metaphor in regard to insight. So the head is on top of the body and so the head is in charge of the body. 

The body has to have power. The power for the body comes from the heart. The heart is a simple pump. The heart also has the battery life or power life. The spirit gives life. The Spirit of God gives life. We have been given spirit. We have a human spirit that sits in the heart. The pump, that is the heart, is powered by spirit. This spirit is known as the human spirit. Some call this human spirit a spark. This human spirit is in human form but not in material human form but spirit. Spirit is not physical. God in Spirit also comes in to people’s hearts but only those of the elect. Also Gods Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the elect. The spiritual gifts may be manifested as spiritual persons in spirit form. These spirit gifts may come also in to the heart. We can call these spirit gifts genie or geniuses. A genie is spirit or what some may call a ghost. The body has its power. But what about the head and its power. The spirit powers body and head. God is in three persons. Gods power is in Spirit. We the elect have human spirit but we also have the Holy Spirit. We the elect have much power in God. The soul sits in the mind. The mind is in the head. We the elect are saved in soul. The soul sits above the body. The elect get the truth from God. When we get saved, our enemies are put at our feet (this may take some time to do). God puts the enemies of the elect at Gods feet and our feet. We in a sense become programmed to think like God. God takes us over. We are not God but God is in us the elect. God separates body from soul. There is a break between human spirit and soul. God comes between human spirit and soul. Gods Words are sharp. The Bible says Gods Words are as sharp as a doubled edged sword and come between soul and spirit. We are wanting spirits of this world to be at our feet so that our soul is free. The soul sits up there and in full salvation it is has complete freedom. The spirits of this world try to overcome our souls. When we were off the world we were assaulted in soul daily (and nightly). Our souls off the world were in a web. A web of lies. In Jesus, God frees our souls up to be free of the world and its spirit manifestations which are mostly lies. 
Our soul is forgiven all its sins by God (but first we must confess) when we accept Gods only begotten Son Jesus Christ (God the Son). Once we believe in God through Jesus Christ salvation begins of our soul. Truth sets our soul free. Jesus Christ is alive and Jesus is all truth. In Jesus our sins are forgiven and washed away, washed away by Jesus blood. Our soul in being saved and being set free from this world (from all the lies of Satan) will begin to wizen. The soul in its freedom will think but not in thoughts that the world thinks. The soul of the elect is above the world. 
Truth sets our soul free from the world. Satan tries to rule the world. There is knowledge and there is knowledge. Two types of knowledge, yes. God has two knowledges. There is knowledge in a physical sense and there is knowledge in a Spiritual sense. Physical knowledge is science based. Science won’t save the soul. Science is complex. Only the simple (simplex) truth saves the soul. We humans were created simple by God but man makes complex. Science makes complex. There is the two knowledges, science is complex and the other knowledge wisdom that is simplex. Gods wisdom does save the soul. The simple truth saves. Complex truth does not save. God offered to mankind at the beginning two types of knowledge but said take wisdom not science. But man at the woman’s and Satan’s advice took science. Dumb. Science is knowledge of good and evil, science does good and evil. So man goes to war using science to kill millions of people then man tries to heal with science thousands of people. The planet is getting inundated with humans, we the life at the top of the killing chain are getting too populated. War is what culls humans. Natural disasters also cull humans. 
Wisdom of God is not a science. Wisdom is behaviour. Wisdom is doing right not wrong. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is seeing, seeing as in insight. Wisdom is knowing how to think righteously. Wisdom in thought and words protects against the evil behaviour. Wisdom is strong. The more wisdom the stronger you are. 
Satan persuaded man at the beginning to go for knowledge apart from Gods wisdom. Man thinks he is learning Gods wisdom at universities but no (Jesus Christ, Gods wisdom is not taught at universities. Far from it if you write about Jesus Christ and His wisdom you might be reprimanded and if you persist be marked very low). Theology is taught at university but it is not taught about Jesus Christ and His wisdom but in a scientific way. Universities even have wisdom on their mottos, this is not right. Wisdom of God makes for better societies, science is about what man calls progress. Progress is about destroying God made to make man made and in doing so rubbishing this whole earth. The earth is now becoming a cesspool, a rubbish heap. Man thinks he must look for another planet to live on. But me thinks “earth this is it”. There’s no other planet habitable to mankind. We have one earth and only one, mess up this one and that’s it. 
We are waiting for the baptism of fire. Fire will destroy all. Just as water killed all (except for Noah and his family). Water and fire cleanses. The earth needs cleaning. What is this fire? I don’t know. Some say it is a world nuclear war, others say it is a meteorite? It might be a fire ball from the sun. I don’t know. But there will be an immense fire on this earth that’s for sure. When will this fire come? I don’t know. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 2, 2015

It was 1999 I had arrived for my first interview with a faculty member of Bible College. I was hoping to be accepted as a live on site student. I sat in front of Graeme (his real name) and considered some of his words. Graeme conveyed to me a man that was used to hard work. I could see in his face that he was living hard, I thought he had high blood pressure. This was a man that seldom was idle. But his full on must have been taking its toll on his health. Graeme let slip a few words that were insightful. I have on a few occasions considered those particular words he let slip and such has made me think of deeper things. Graeme said in an around about way that life is meant to be objective not subjective. 

I have thought on these two words, objective and subjective and have wanted to understand those two words more. To me objective is the outer and subjective is the inner. Graeme made me think that being subjective is not good, it is being idle and not productive. I myself see that being subjective is good as being objective is good. I see there has to be a balance. One of the balances is recognising the inner life and outer life equally. Too much objectivity can not be good on health and too much subjectivity can not be good for health. We must seek balance. I gleaned very little insights from Bible College but Graeme and his objectivity was one of the few insights that went with me. Bible College was not really about insights, Bible College was about intelligence and intellect. The high intelligent people thrive in scholarly pursuits but alas the low intelligent students are just rowing a boat with small oars. High intelligence at College is rewarded. Tonight I mused on Graeme and his objectivity. I knew he was a success but I thought it was costing him. 

What is it to be subjective? You could pray to be subjective. You could read the Bible to be subjective. You can also meditate, think, reflect. So what is it to be objective? You can do work with your hands, you can converse with other people, you can read books, you can watch videos, in other words activity of the body and mind to do with what’s out there. Subjective is inner, the inner man and his relationship with an inner invisible God. You could say objective is the physical and subjective is the invisible or what we call spirit. Jesus Christ is both physical and spiritual, half and half. So to be very balanced we need to give half our time to the spiritual activities and half our time to the physical activities. Graeme made me think that being too subjective is not good and he’s right but in his case being too objective is not good.  
I considered Graeme and his blood pressure. I saw a man all steamed up. I thought “what is it about old people and their learning”. Graeme was older in years but not very old. I thought of the Holy Scripture: “Do not put new wine in to old wine skins”, “Put new wine in to new wine skins”. So people in their youth have youthful skins (young flesh), their skin is relatively new. Young people can fill themselves up with new knowledge. But old people (old flesh) find it hard to accept new knowledge. So putting new knowledge in the old skins (old flesh) of old people does not work, you get high blood pressure (the skins will burst) the heart can not take it. Old people hate the new knowledge of say computers and smart phones. Old people do not want to learn new technology. I still find a lot of old people do not have computers or smart phones. 

The heart to me is a simple pump (no lie). The heart needs simplicity feeding it. The human spirit is in the heart and to feed the human spirit complexity will bring much pressure on the simple heart. People put so much complexity in to their hearts via their human spirit that many people have heart problems in later life. We must look after our hearts. The Holy Scriptures of the Bible are the simple food to feed the heart and keep the heart in good health and keeping the heart in good health means the body will be healthy. The human spirit learns from the Words in the Bible. The words in the Bible make our human spirit wise. The simple become wise. The simple truth makes us wise. 

Graeme meant well but I knew his interpretation of being objective and subjective was wrong. I too was wrong as I have been in the past too much subjective and not enough objective. It’s so hard keeping a balance. The saints of the Roman Catholic Church were obviously too subjective and in cases extremely subjective. Subjective can mean being introspective. Being too much introspective can look unbalanced. These Roman Catholic saints in many numbers died at a young age because they were too subjective, they were extreme and such causes unhealthy ness. So begin the day begin with prayer and reading the Bible. Get subjective first in the day and then throw yourself in to objective activities but inter mix the physical activities with prayer and bible readings throughout the day. The best result is half the day time in prayer, bible reading, reflection, and the other half of the day time in physical pursuits. 
I thought further, I considered again “thoughts”; simple thoughts and how the heart reacts to our thinking. At the end of the day at night you retire to bed, you want to sleep but sleep might not come for quite a while. The heart is sifting through your thought intake for the day and trying to bring all your thoughts down to the simple truth. Your heart is simple and needs simplicity for it to be at rest and sleep. The heart does not stop in sleeping but it needs a simple beat to be at rest. So when we retire in the evening the heart will beat and beat hard until all is in simple mode in your thinking. Many people have insomnia now a days because most people feed their hearts with complex thinking. Many people take medications to get to sleep and alas many people take illegal hard drugs to get to sleep or just rest. The world is complex and it will get even more complexed. 

I considered Graeme (his real name) again and wondered what his true calling was and scouting came to mind, a scout master. There must be paid jobs in scouting say at scout head offices. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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