Pre conclave meeting

Five Cardinals were chatting together in a lounge room in the Vatican

I think Caruthers would make a fine Pope

I agree but Dominic is a better choice

No I disagree with you both

What then?

That North American Cardinal Rivers is up to the job

No he’s too American


We need to keep it closer to the heart

And where’s that?




I guess you are right

What about Poldark

No he’s British

But is not British European

No, British is British

Look what about Simpson

He’s British

Yes but only half and he lives in Italy

Half what?

His Father was Italian his mother British

But he’s too simple

I know but I like him

We all like him, but simple?

He’s kept his simple faith what’s wrong with that?

But simple?

The bell goes

It’s time gentlemen

They all walk to the door then a long a long corridor. The other Cardinals join them and they walk in to a big room called the Sistine Chapel. The doors are locked behind them.

In the conclave

The Cardinals now have to choose the next Pope. The Cardinals are each “thinking” to themselves:

I like Moses but he’s so pompous

Rivers might be okay but he’s always scheming

I don’t know who to vote I think Roberts might be up to the job but he’s always going on about money

Hickey might do but he is such a snob

Hocking is okay but he’s always giving off airs of importance

I can not stand them all except maybe Simpson

Simpson is so simple but he’s very intelligent he’s a bright light

I don’t know who to vote, Simpson is simple he carries the simple faith well

This is so complicated I see so much wrong with the choices

Seven days later and no Pope yet voted. Many votes were taken but there was no real winner

Gentlemen Cardinals we must make the final vote this time, please decide

Oh who shall I vote?

Vote who?

I don’t know

Gentlemen cast your votes

Keep it simple

It’s too complicated I need something simple

Simpson is simple he’s intelligent and simple he’s got a real simple faith he’s kept true to his simple faith

Gentlemen decide

There Simpson it’s the simple choice

Simpson has kept his simple faith this is the simple truth I must go with the simple truth

All votes in, counting begins

Gentlemen the clear winner is Simpson

The simple truth wins

The simple truth is the head that should rule

Jesus Christ is the simple truth

The Mind of Jesus Christ is the simple truth

The Spirit of Jesus Christ is the simple truth

The Mind of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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