So what is this colour of skin and it’s dividing people.

Is racialism what Apostle Paul calls human wisdom? Paul writes about human wisdom as contrasted against Jesus Christ wisdom. Jesus Christ wisdom is from above whereas human wisdom comes from this world. John the Baptist came preaching, “all flesh is equal”, not in those words but the message is plain to see. Johns message was SIMPLE. You do not need to be highly intelligent to understand Johns message. All should be able to understand John, even young children should understand. It’s the adults who profess great learning who are confused by Johns message. John is not out to trick anyone, his message is straight. Christ’s wisdom is above because God is above, the Father God and Son (Jesus) God are above. The head is above. Human wisdom is not clever whereas Christ wisdom is clever. Human wisdom divides, divides peoples and nations. Human wisdom starts at home, it divides families, communities, society’s. Division divides the body, your body with all its parts. The body of Christ is only strong when it is all equal. Satan’s Church, his body, is weakened by division. There’s strength in unity. Unity is not division.

So racialism is human wisdom and it divides first the body and then the nation, it is wisdom of this world not from God above.

No true follower of Christ, who is in the true body of Christ, is to be racist. The body of Christ is not just a white skinned body, we have many races of people in this body.

Human wisdom is shallow insight. Human wisdom is skin deep. Human wisdom sees no further than the skin. We must have deep insight that sees past skin to soul and heart. God looks at the heart. We must copy God and look at peoples hearts, and that means seeing and listening to spirit in the heart.

Human wisdom is not clever.

So what was the message of John the Baptist. John was first a Prophet of God. A Prophet is known for their penetrating insight. A Prophet SEES. A Prophet is called a Seer. A Prophet sees in the spiritual realm. A Prophet sees peoples hearts. A Prophet is the eyes of the body of Christ. A Prophet is also the spokesman for God. Many Prophets over time have also been given God’s Spirit of Wisdom. There is the Prophet of understanding. John a Prophet came to prepare the Way, the Way of God. John came to level the ground (flesh), fill in the valleys (raise up the lowly in thought and deed), and pull down the hills and mountains (pull down the proud in thought and deed), and make the path straight (Jesus God the Son came after John), (straight in thought and deed).

John came to make all flesh equal. Prophets pull down and raise up. Jeremiah is a Prophet of the Old Testament where he was directly commissioned to raise up and pull down, God said to Jeremiah that I will make you strong as iron (metaphorically of spirit).

Leaders need to read Christ’s wisdom. Too much the education of this world encourages people to compete against one another. We then have a world full of winners and losers. From day one at school we are on a path of competition. It’s about beating the others. But the true wisdom of God is about competing in a race, yes, but competing to be like Jesus Christ and preparing ourselves for the next life in heaven. Human wisdom does not prepare one for heaven. Human wisdom is about money and gaining lots of it. The worlds education is about human wisdom. Human wisdom is about dog eat dog. Leaders have to lead from example, they change themselves from inside, they get converted souls, souls of Christ, the mind of Jesus Christ. Education of the world is about gaining freedom through money, buying your freedom. Satan will take your money. Satan commands the heights over this world. Satan rules this world with his women (the Dragon Women). To be a success without God you must please Satan and his women.

The true Church the body of Christ should never be about discrimination. Colour of skin is usually just a pigment colour with a scientific explanation. Skin colour is not about good and evil. Many people who have a dark skin or white skin are in the body of Christ. The church needs to be wise of God and God’s wisdom is through Jesus Christ.

The Mind of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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