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January 18, 2018

Head first and the body follows.

So true. The head is first and the body second not the other way around.

But people abuse the head. The body abuses the head. And with this we can get mental illness.

People grow up forsaking the heads health to work on body health. It’s about the gym and working out. It’s about nutritional food for the body. But what about the head?

What about the head?

We need good mental health (the head) as well as good body health and the heads health should come first. It’s not body first, it’s head first. So to go in to any task you go head first not body first.

Don’t abuse the head. Don’t abuse the mind in the head. Don’t abuse the soul in the mind in the head.

Mental health can be about abuse. Abuse or not abuse.

Mental health is about a healthy mind. The soul is in the mind. We want a healthy soul. Mind and soul is in the head.

To have a healthy soul be converted in to a Christ soul. Let the WORDS of Jesus Christ convert the soul. Give up on your old sinful self and be a Christ self. A new self. Soul is self. We die to our old nature the sinful nature to live new lives in Christ. Christ never sinned and never sins. Christ is the light. We want light, don’t we? We don’t want darkened souls. Satan works in the dark. Resist Satan and he will flee.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


A mentally ill man was on the street

June 18, 2016

A priest came along, he then walked on the other side of the street, he then walked back to the side of the street the mentally ill man was on, the priest looked at the mentally ill man for a few seconds decided he could/would not help then quickly went to the other side of the street and walked on.

A Pharisee man came along saw the mentally ill man and quickly walked to the opposite side of the street and walked on.
A Samaritan man came along saw the mentally ill man, walked up to him, gave the mentally ill man some food and water, then took the mentally ill man to a nearby Inn he then paid for a weeks accommodation including food for the mentally ill man.
I make no excuses when I say that I too ignore those in plight. I have also come up to close quarters with mental illness. I know the feeling of stigma that is associated with mental illness. 
But people on a whole, including me, want to just get on with our own lives we do not want to get involved in the problems of other people. When we are well and successful we want to mix with people who are likewise well and successful. 
People just don’t want to understand, they do not want to know. Life is hard enough with the daily grind day in day out, working to capacity at a job one hates then the work at home trying to keep a family together sane. 
Stigma is real. But it’s only real to the stigmatised. Others outside just gloat and walk on. 
Jesus was stigmated. Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross. People just gloated at Jesus on the cross and waked on. What Jesus felt when he saw people just walking on and not helping him, is the feeling that people also feel when they have troubles like mental illness and people look and then just walk on not helping. 
So with our problems we can have faith in Jesus Christ; Jesus was stigmated; we can stigmata our problems like mental illness. Treat our problems as stigmas to be crucified. Mental illness is a stigma to be crucified. Live for God through Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2016

I had a dream. Oh yer you had a dream what of it, I dream all the time, night and day. No I had a real dream a dream of dreams. A dream I had when I was young but now in my senior years I remember this dream as if it was still looking me in the face. I had this dream but it was not like all my other dreams. Actually that is not true, I have had two dreams that I call my divine given dreams, they were dreams that were picture perfect in the dream. It was like watching a movie. To be honest out of all my dreaming I remember only these two dreams. I wake up from a regular dream and I forget the dream within minutes, as soon as I get my thinking cap on the dream fades away totally. I believe my two divine dreams were given to me by God. 

Let me explain the one dream concerning what I now call the Dick Head. This expression Dick Head is one we pick up at school from other students. I remember hearing it at I think primary school. Dick is of course meaning the male humans private part. Being called a Dick Head is meant to be offensive and a put down. You call boys and men Dick Heads. We know where the head is but what is the Dick supposed to do with the head. There might be a simple explanation besides from all the crude explanations one may think of. There might be a clinical explanation away from the crude sayings on toilet walls. 
I had this dream. I was about 25 years old and had not long become a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. As I said I have had two divine dreams but here I will write about one of those divine dreams because this dream may explain about the head as in who do we worship. 

The dream: There were about four small shadows. There was what I understood as a penis. All this is on a small scale. There was a circular platform. The shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. They ran in the same direction. 

Now the dream opened up as follows: There was a shadow with a disc in both its hands. One disc. A small round disc. This shadow was beating the disc up and down like waving it fast. It seemed the shadow was beating the air. Then suddenly three other shadows appear in the circular room. I think three. The first shadow seemed to be overwhelmed. This first shadow then seemed to cower or try to hide to the side at a bit lower on the circular area. This first shadow was not running, it was staying in one place. The other three shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. Now when the three shadows appeared, also the penis appeared with them. In the middle of the circular platform was a circular column. I did not see above this column. 
Why did I think that there was a penis in this dream? I knew from revelation, I just knew. What were these shadows? I think they were souls. Whose souls were they? I do not really know, they could be my immediate family. Whose penis is it? I really don’t know, it could come from my human father. Now my understanding of the dream is limited, a lot of my understanding I write to explain the dream is up to conjecture. But the dream is very real. To point the dream at my family could be wrong. So where are these shadows? I think the shadows are in the head, again this is up conjecture. But the soul being in the heart does not gel to me and it makes sense for the soul to be in the head. To me the heart is home to the human spirit and also home to the God Spirit. The God Spirit is given to the ELECT. Who are the elect? That question is hard to answer. I like to think I am one of the elect. What did the shadows look like? The shadows were amazingly able to move fast like at a quick pace and their movements seemed so individualistic that one may wonder that in that shadow there is more to consider. Like the shadow is more than just a shadow, it may think. The shadow was like a person. Why did the three shadows come in the dream? I think these three shadows and the penis overwhelmed the first shadow. The first shadow belonged in this area and the other shadows and penis came in a bad way. The first shadow was like taken over. Who is the first shadow? I think it was my soul. So what is this area where the shadows and penis were? I could call it the mind. So did you lose your mind to other souls? That is up to conjecture, but it looks that way. Why was this dream shown to you? I think it was to make me understand my predicament. I seemed to be having what people call mental problems. But then again the dream can be used to give lots of people understanding. What has happened to your mind since you had the dream? I had already accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life and I leave it up to God to unravel all my mind problems. The WORDS of God can help my mind and soul and heart and body. I do not want to have a Dick Head or what people might say a Penis Head I want to have a God Head. I do not worship the penis but God. God is the HEAD of my body. God is the Head of the church, the body of Christ. 
So I have moved from Dick Head to God Head.
The Head is head of the body. The head rules the body. The head has the brains. Don’t be ruled by the penis. The penis is not meant to rule the body. You don’t get your strength from the penis. The penis should not be giving orders to the head. The head should have God’s WORDS and God’s WORDS give strength and understanding. The penis will make you go mad if it was in charge of the body. Worship God. Gods strength is eternal. It’s natural for a human to be ruled by God’s wisdom. 
The husbands head, mind, rules the wife and the mind of the husband should have the mind of Jesus Christ. The man having an empty head, no mind of Jesus, makes the man’s mind open to being a mind taken over by the woman, the wife. The wife should not be the head of the family, the husband should be the head of the family and ruling with the head, mind, of Christ. Woman should not rule the man’s head. Now a days there is so much mental illness in this world just because people’s souls, minds, are not obeying the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Life growing out of death

October 22, 2015

Photo taken years ago. A homeless man was sleeping at the back of one of our church buildings. 
Makes me think from seeing the Bible and alcohol that this homeless man was going between two sorts of spirits, one spirit alcoholic and the other Spirit God. 
Then one could think that there was a young good shoot growing out of the dirt. There was life amongst the death. The Bible signifies life and the alcohol signifies death. 
I spoke to this man a few times. Brian said he was told he had mental problems. At night he called out many times; I thought that he was trying to fight off his demons. And there must have been the demons of alcohol amongst all these demons troubling Brian. Brian slept on flattened cardboard. It was cold, especially at night. It was winter. 
I prayed for Brian. And then the Bible appeared amongst his belongings. His only belongings were the empty and filled whiskey and bourbon bottles, cardboard and a few clothes.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 13, 2015

Marriage can be like the beginning of a long journey where you pack your bags and carry a lot of baggage. So pack your suit cases it’s a long journey and we need??? to take a lot with us. For the complicated person the traveller sees baggage as part and parcel of travel. But remember you have to carry the baggage. 

The “Human Race” is so called a race because we run, we run to get the highest prize. We want to enter heaven, but we can not run fast if we are carrying heaps of baggage. The runners with the less baggage will win the race. So life is running against others. We want to be the winner. Carrying baggage will slow us down. Coming in to relationships with expectations is also baggage. Expectations is baggage. So we get married and both partners bring in to the marriage their baggage. It’s unwise to carry baggage. Complicated people carry baggage. Simplify ones life, carry little and run the race. Marriage is finding a mate that you can run together as one with. The race does not stop at getting married. Drop all your baggage. Get your needs on the way in the journey. God provides your needs in the race. Wants destroy relationship.

BUT many people are immature. Me thinks that a lot of mental illness is the result of immaturity. Why are some people immature and others mature? I do not know. Maybe immature people grow up in unnourished dysfunctional families where there is no proper true loving nourishment to spirit and soul. In other words there is no real Godly love. God is love. Even having parents pray sometimes for their children must help the children’s spiritual growth. Children growing up in dry unwatered soil will not take root properly. Water of life to spiritually grow comes from Gods Word. Sins of a family passed down the family tree also do not help. Sin cuts the light out and reduces insight. The blind leading the blind. So you get what we call the “Great unwashed”. These unwashed people are living in sin and live dirty lives whereas the “Washed” people are living in the light in clean lives. Dirty living in dirty nests (family homes) hinders maturity. Immature people come in to adult life without spiritual deepness and without spiritual light. Such people flounder in the world’s winds. These immature are not rooted enough so blow around with the currents. Such people can never attain much. Mental illness can be about spiritual growth (the lack of it). 

We get the “Born Agains”. The dirty unwashed people become clean and saved, saved from their sins, saved for heaven above. These people had left God. And their parents or grand parents or going back further or further may have sinned against God and left God (the family tree gets dirty and the rot sets in). These people became mindless and lived for the desires of their bodies. Such people gave up the God Head to worship the body and its desires over the mind of Jesus Christ. Their minds had become dull and dark. They were dirty thinkers living in the dirt of this world. The “Born Agains” confess their sins to God above and their human spirit becomes sane again and their soul gets saved. The “Born Agains” find it hard for a few generations to fit in with those who stayed with God. There is jealously and sometimes animosity. The prodigals are the “Born Agains” and think that God loves them more than the stay at homes (stayed with God). 

Arranged marriages have merit. Such can especially help those who are immature. Finding a mate can be very stressful. Older adults wiser in the ways of people can help younger people find a spouse. Young people looking for a mate, in their lack of wisdom can make the wrong choices. Older wiser adults can guide the less wiser person to a spouse who would be better suited for the person. 
Immature and mental illness can go together as I said. When the immature man or woman come in to sexual awareness they find it stressful coming to terms with sex because of their immaturity. Sexual thoughts then compound the mental illness thus furthering the illness. 
We must look to all things simple:- in what we carry; what we bring in to a relationship; what we understand about God; how we grow up; how we put our roots and grow down; how we understand truth and what we want from life. 
Reading the SIMPLE Words of God in the Bible puts a person on the true track. Otherwise we complicate our lives and get all wound up in baggage. Sin not. If we sin we pray confession to God above. We are human spirit and in spirit we must learn how to pray; how to understand God and how to love our soul in our head where we believe the soul is saved (Above). The human spirit needs to get one as much as possible with the Holy Spirit (in our heart) and seek to save the soul. Our mission is to save the soul through Jesus Christ. Jesus and only Jesus Christ Words can save the soul. We want a WISE human spirit. And the Holy Spirit gives to our human spirit gifts (Spirit gifts); these gifts (spirit persons) live beside us in(side) our heart. 
To understand maturity we think of growth and to think of growth we can look at plants. We grow up towards the light. We need light to grow. We also need water to grow. We need nourishment to grow. The mother needs to be a good place to grow down in to. And we must look to the father as a bringer of light. The home is where we start growing. And letting God in to our lives lets in the light. 
In my youth I did not know God and I really was in the dark. I at times sensed spiritual things but I could not understand them. I had no understanding. I had very little wisdom of God. I was learning from the world, the world’s ways. The world’s wisdom. I was of the world. In the way past I knew not Jesus Christ. I was in the wilderness at the mercy of the Devil. 

I was chosen and saved by God. I am a “Born Again”. I was given understanding. We do not always understand how God saves; to many salvation and growth is a mystery. But we can wonder at it. Just as we can wonder at a design of a snow flake when we see it under a microscope.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 25, 2015

Do thoughts cause body chemistry to alter? Does medication for mental illness cure patients or does the medication not cure the root cause of mental illness but only cures the symptoms of mental illness? Does mental illness in people evolve from being in a dysfunctional family?

So does mental illness begin from living in a dysfunctional family leading to dysfunctional thoughts leading to abnormal changes in body chemistry and thus leading to abnormal behaviour?

And who trusts the Sigmund Freud’s of this planet to cure mental illness?

Now now keep it simple.
But simple is stupid.
Ok you think that to make thinking complex all tied up in confusing knotty words is CLEVER.
Simple is boring. Simple is plain.
Oh by the way can you pass the plain water to me I need to have a drink.
Simple is just so very BORING boring.
You mean the “simple truth” is boring.
Hey you need to be cunning in this world to get what you want. Deceive and deceive.
But is not telling the truth always good.
Truth, what is truth?
You don’t know?
No. Who calls the shots on truth in this world? What is the world’s people frame of reference on what is truth?
Maybe the Bible is our frame of reference of what is truth.
Nah the bible is full of fairy tales all nonsense.
And who told you that?
My teachers at school.
So what do the teachers say is the reference for all truth?
So we get the god science.
Science is proved. The proof is in the pudding.
So JESUS is a liar?
JESUS was just a good man nothing else.
But did JESUS lie?
Oh go to sleep you are bothering me.
“We make our own beds and we sleep in them”. “We reap what we sow”.
I can not stand plain things. I want my senses to be rioted. Jesus is so plain and boring. I want excitement. I want fun.
You mean you want to let your flesh run wild with all its desirous indulgenents.
Yes yes.
Oh by the way out there they are waiting.
Who’s waiting?
All your thoughts have invited many demons to your party.
Party party fun fun yes bring it on.
Your decision.
Thoughts are where it is at. Clean thoughts are for heaven dirty thoughts are for hell.
Dirty thoughts make insane. Clean thoughts make sane. Science can not clean your thoughts.
Go away.
Yes I will.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 13, 2014

So why are the mentally ill people discriminated against? The mentally ill are (metaphorically) pushed against a wall and pinned to the wall. Yes we get a form of stigmatising. In stigmata I think of some of the former Roman Catholic saints; yes a few were stigmatised. These saints had weeping blood coming from wounds in both their hands and feet. But what is this stigmatising of the mentally ill? Surely the mentally ill are not being treated in similar ways that these saints were treated.

Are the mentally ill really taking in to their bodies the sins of others? I mean JESUS was the key stigmata; he was pinned by his feet and hands to a cross. JESUS in his stigmata took the sins of the world, that’s your sins and my sins and every other people’s filthy sins. We in body and head are part of a greater body and head. All humans are really one. There are two main (spiritual) bodies in the human race, God’s body (JESUS as Head) and Satan’s body; the rest are somewhere between, maybe they are living in the wild (maybe in no man’s land). In our bodies and heads we are aligned and coordinated through a spiritual and soul dimension that is collective. We can call it collective or universal. I will call it universal. The universal (God’s) church, the universal body, the universal tree. I don’t speak for Satan’s body (church) and I don’t speak for those outside in the wild. So are the mentally ill just byproducts of the sickness in the whole universal tree and is this sickness binding to many not just the fallen few. I mean the perpetrators of mental illness don’t necessary have to fall victim to mental illness but may cause mental illness to fall on others. I am saying that the victims of mental illness could carry the sins of others thus they are like JESUS being stigmatised. JESUS nailed to a cross to carry the sins of the people of the world and dying to these sins thus cleansing the universal body getting it ready for the higher calling of God. Everyone in the universal body and head are relational. We relate in thought, word and deed. In this body we have to get on together just as the cells in a body have to get on. In a body we get radical cells just as in life we get radical people. Radicals can be overcome in the body. We start with words, words go on to thoughts, thoughts go on to spoken words. Words can be radical. Thoughts can be radical. If we control our thoughts (in words) we can control radicals. Radicals are dangerous to the universal body. Radicals can kill the good cells (good thoughts, good words, good deeds). We must watch our thoughts. The mentally ill are stigmatised; we all own up to that; but stigmatisation involves we putting our sins on that stigmatised part of the body and letting that body part with sins die. We dump our rubbish on other people. The mentally ill can often just be the victims of mental illness and not be the perpetrators of mental illness.

The Roman Catholic saints that were stigmatised wanted to take in to their bodies the sins of others. The saints wanted to help others. These saints thought that they could love more and help others more if they accepted other people’s sins. This was what JESUS did so these saints wanted to follow JESUS example and take the sins of the world. Such is all noble gesture and of course these saints suffered, I mean really suffered, they suffered spiritually and physically. These saints wanted to prove to God that they loved him. These saints to me went too far. These saints did not live long, a lot died in their early life. These saints tried to be like JESUS. But JESUS is God and these saints were/are not God. But these saints did help other people. Now I do not really know if accepting other people’s sins and sicknesses in to your body is God’s will. I personally would not advise doing such things. So are the mentally ill forced in to their stigmata? JESUS was forced in to his stigmata. But stigmata for JESUS was God’s will.

The universal church body suffers and the universal church body is stigmatised. Our sins stigmatise the universal church body. But the body is not one cell, not one person BUT millions and millions of cells and of people. This stigmatised universal church body has to die to the sinful old nature getting it ready to receive glory in the highest. We are all culpable in this death to the old nature, we in this body all die but we all live. We die to live. If one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers. If one part of the body has mental illness the whole body has mental illness. The whole universal church body has mental illness. No one in this body is exempt from stigmata. We are all stigmatised. We each saint of the universal church body carry the death and risen body of JESUS Christ inside us. We each saint in the universal church body carry the stigmatised and risen JESUS Christ in each of us.

Anybody without sin can cast the first stones.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 12, 2014

Mental illness – the lurgy of the lurgies. When someone says that they have a mental illness it seems everyone blames that mentally ill person for their mental illness. It’s like you have a mental illness and its your fault that you have this illness. There is a big guilt trip put on the mentally ill person.

The real reason that people scorn the mentally ill IS wait for it IS because those who seem of sound mind are really having there own mental issues. It’s just that a lot of people do not admit they are having mental health issues. So it’s about not putting ones hand up and saying I am having mind issues. So it’s just shut up and keep going, persevere, life is hard, battle on. There’s the ones that have psychotic episodes and they definitely need say hospitalisation and they are like ostracised by the so called sound minded people. Most people coming back from wars have mental scars and most of them just get on with it. The two world wars produced a lot of mentally scarred people as did the Vietnam and Korean wars. Every soldier and sailor and airman in war gets battle scars to their minds. Killing people or trying to kill people gives one mental scars. So it’s just get on with it we all suffer in one way or another. No employer wants to hear about a employees mental illness. It’s like get lost go away. Life in this world in the workforce is like being on a treadmill, one that does not stop. Workers when going on their annual holidays keep on the treadmill. Workers never come off the treadmill. The workers go on holidays but in their minds and bodies they do not come to a quiet stillness. So if someone comes down with mental illness it’s just bad luck for that person we just have to struggle on in our jobs, jobs we hate, getting up early in the morning we hate, we dislike the bosses at work, we hate the low wages, we hate not getting promoted at work, the fellow employees drive us up the wall etc.

So the mentally ill are like the fallen. Employers hate employing the mentally ill, hey we are not a charity. Work is about MONEY, we do not want to employ liabilities. The mentally ill then feel guilty, it seems it’s their fault they are ill. A lot of mental illness is not understood. Doctors, scientists, do not understand mental illness. Medication is prescribed but a lot is not known of how this medication works for mental illness. The experts talk about dopamine but really little is known about the workings of the brain and mental illness so when medication does help they just go along with that. I mean not long ago doctors performed lobotomies on the mentally ill. A lobotomy is like shoving hard a sharp rod (I think of a pick ax) through the nose in to the brain. This kind of surgery is akin to the medical practices in the past of blood letting. Shock treatment to me is also draconion and needs to be put on the shelf as out dated and cruel. Even today shock treatment is used.

The mentally ill are confused because they do not understand their illness BUT the truth is most or all people are in the same boat they also do not understand mental illness. And doctors and scientists don’t understand mental illness. AND there is no guaranteed cures for mental illness other than drugs that somehow keep the illness under some semblances of control but such not fully understood.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 28, 2014

I think I think I think and I live within my heart and mind but I am also part of the universal conscious (mind) and universal subconscious (heart). My thoughts are linked in as other people’s thoughts are linked in to the greater universal thinking. So we are all (those in CHRIST) part of “The Universal Consciousness”.

Maybe we can call the process of how the Universal Conscious communicates – “COMMUNING”. Maybe the minds commune through human spirit. But maybe the communion only happens between those who are in the body of Christ. We commune within the confines of the church (body of Christ). The people outside the church (body of Christ) are out in the darkness, these people outside the body of Christ live in the wild they are not part of the cultivated thinking that is in the confines of the Cultivated Universal Mind and Heart of the body of Christ. Of course being in the Universal Mind and Heart of Christ does not necessary mean one is mature and wise. We mature and wizen up in thoughts over time. Just like a plant grows we humans also grow, we grow in spirit and soul in wisdom and maturity of thought. No one coming in to the body of Christ (saved soul) automatically goes straight to full maturity and wisdom. God is a God of growth. Nature itself tells us things grow. Gods creation grows. Humans grow in stature and wisdom.

Carl Jung a noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist (b. 1875 – d. 1961) also wrote about the universal conscious and sub conscious. Jung called it “Collective unconscious”. Jung in my mind was in the church (the spiritual body of Christ). Jung was in the cultivated body and not in the outside wild body. Jung had religion but he did not fully understand it. Jung had religion because his human father was in the body of Christ (that is my understanding). If ones father is saved, the son is saved. The son is saved the father is saved. I expect it also works with mother and daughter or is it father and daughter. Jung obviously was not a big reader of the Bible and if he was he did not refer to the Bible in his theories. Jung was humanising his understanding of what he learnt and discerned in the body of Christ (the church). Jung’s father was a Minister in the church. Jung no doubt learnt a lot about the Christian church but may have strayed from his fathers teachings to a gospel that the world preaches, a worldly gospel that puts man in the forefront of everything apart from God. Jung discerned well, so we gather he was very insightful, meaning he had a lot of light in him, not darkness. God may have blessed Jung because of his father. Jung’s human spirit must have learnt much from his fathers teachings at church. The human spirit listens and communes and sees and subconsciously learns even when we might not think so. Jung had good learning from his father but his mother was another thing. Jung’s mother may have had a mental illness. She was depressed and thought spirits were talking to her. Mental illness can in many cases be caused by immaturity. Jung in his grown up life maybe wanted to understand his mother more. Jung maybe was trying to be like his Minister (Pastor) father but pastor/mentor/understand mental illness. So here we get Jung the minister of mind illnesses. Carl did not become a Minister of the church like his father but instead used the God given gifts given to him to play the Pastor in a humanistic way. It was never about God to Jung; oh no he was better than his father, he was not going to be exactly like his father, he was going to be his own man apart from his father. So we get Jung the humanist (it’s about him), not Jung the follower of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 15, 2014

(The stigma is there already with the first word “Mental”. Let the abuse begin)

Do they still do lobotomies? I really hope not. No I have not had a lobotomy done to me. My perception on a lobotomy is that it looks like a person has a pick axe point shoved up their nose in to the internal front area of their brain. Say no more. So sticking a sharp instrument in to ones brain is meant to heal people of mental illness. I mean come on; maybe doctors still think “blood letting” is still a goer. Doctors in the past thought blood letting healed people; another myth. So blood letting is myth there is no healing and lobotomies are myth there is no healing. What about electric shocks to unwell mind patients. Yes plug people up to the power grid, give them powerful electric shocks and they are meant to be healed. Electric shocks – another myth of healing. But it’s not all “the blind leading the blind” for the medical fraternity. There must be light some where there for the mental health area. So doctors still do not understand all about mental illness. So it’s easier just to sedate mental patients. Some how medications for the mentally ill work but how they work is not all understood. Schizophrenia is one of the worst stigmas in society. Everyone stigmatises schizophrenia; I mean people get a laugh out of stigmatising it. Its a joke. Those nutters. Those loonies. Even the word “Mental” is stigmatised.

People love to vilify others; people get a kick out of vilifying others, its a thrill trip, its a high. So calling a black person a nigger feels good it makes them feel that they are better than all dark skinned people. Racialism has been with mankind since the year dot but maybe racialism has only been accentuated in the last couple of centuries. I mean money was a big factor in vilifying dark skinned people. You can make big money by having black skinned slaves.

Racialism is vilification. And such is malicious. Homosexuals are vilified. And the mentally ill are vilified. Vilification is a form of “abuse”. Mankind, as long as they have private parts of their bodies they will ABUSE. Mankind abuses themselves and others.

The mentally ill are abused by society. The leaders of society seem to encourage such abuse; they encourage it by contributing to the vilification especially with their words thus reinforcing the mind set of abuse.

“Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life on this planet”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 12, 2013

Boys grow from their mothers to their fathers. A boy is born from the mother but looks to the father for direction. The mother nurtures the boy as the earth nurtures a plant. The boy starts as seed in the mother like as plant seed begins in the earth. The mother lets the boy grow towards the father. BUT there are cases, no doubt many, where the mother hates the father. Such hate could have begun as love and turned later to hate. The mothers hate turns on the boy.

See the boy is like a filling between two slices of bread. (The parents are like the two bread slices).The boy is as like in the father and the father is as like in the son. To get to the father the mother has to go through the son. The son gets controlled by the hateful mother. The son suffers the mothers hate for the father. The son gets controlled by the mother. The mother smothers the sons affection for the father. The mother smothers the boys spiritual growth. To grow spiritually the boy has to look to the father. An analogy is Father Sky and Mother Earth. Mother control can stop a boy from maturing. To mature is to grow; I am talking about spiritual maturity. Mother control can make the boy mentally unwell. Humans need to mature for any proper stability and this includes sexual stability. For a mother to smother a son she smothers the boys sexuality. The boy needs to mature to be able to relate to people in say work or say friendship relations. Mother control is about rebelling. The mother rebels against the father. The boy gets confused about direction in life, he never seems to find mature relationships. The mother is like the god to the boy. The boy even might learn to hate the father as the mother hates the father. The mother can not control the father but she can get the son, she tries and takes the son away from the father. The mother to win against the father takes his son. The son in this immature spiritual state can never really leave the mother and never matures to be like a/the father. The boy never matures enough to be like a proper father. The mother can destroy the boys chances of ever being a mature father. Mother control is unGodly. The mother works against what is the natural order of things. The father needs to be the overall authority in a family. The mother needs to submit to the father. The earth is below the sky as the mother is Mother Earth and is below the Father Sky. The seed comes from the father and is sown in the Mother Earth but the seed grows UP to the father sky. All plants grow UP. The boy needs both mother and father to mature. Mothers need to love the father and son and let the son grow UP towards the father. The son does not become like the mother but like the father. The boy becomes the father and gives the seeds. The cycle goes on. The boy does not become the mother. Jesus is the same as the Father. Jesus is in the Father as the Father is in Jesus. Jesus and the Father are ONE, but two persons. In real life sons and fathers should be one just as Jesus and the Father are one. Because of sin we humans do not realise the father and son sameness; but we should. Very few people get to this realisation.

We humans are spiritual. We are spirit. God is Spirit. God in Spirit can help the boy back on track. God can guide the boy to the father. The Bible is full of words of wisdom and can help the human spirit know what is the truth. Jesus came to take away the sins of the fathers and mothers (generational sins) and put people right with God. God gives people a second chance at making it right in life. Jesus took all our sins and our parents sins and our grand parents sins and all generational sins; all the foul sins of our ancestors, into his body and died to them. Jesus gave us another chance at life. Ancestral sins come through the family and the parents pass on these ancestral sins to their children. But this progressive carry on of sins can come to a stop; at the foot of the cross with Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Give the sins to Jesus. Jesus on the cross is the power and wisdom of God. Only through Jesus can our sins and the sins (acquired) of our ancestors be forgiven. We are reconciled to the FATHER GOD only through Jesus Christ. Our ancestors may let us down, our parents may let us down, we can even let ourselves down, BUT God never let’s us down. Believe in God and His Son Jesus and believe that Jesus will make things right. Have Faith.

Immaturity is a form of what we call mental illness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2013

Feelings, feelings, feelings. I feel in love with God. I feel in love with my wife or girl friend. Feeling is touch. Feeling is a motion to touch. You are moved by feelings to touch. Emotion is a motion (moved) to touch/feel.

Young people base their lives a lot on feelings. Immaturity is based a lot on feelings. Mature people are more rational (reason) they discern and do not let feelings control their lives. Feelings can be so irrational. It is better to be a mature thinker. People’s feelings change, they are called mood swings. Wise people think and think wisely. You can feel in love with a person one day and not feel in love with that same person another day. To look to feelings for happiness is wrong. Feelings are about self. Feelings can lead to depression; you feel low. Rational thinking is having a mind of reason. To be sane is to have reason. You love God for reasons not for high feelings. Young people love to feel good. There are modern Christian Churches where young people go to these church gatherings just so as to feel good; feel on a high; they get addicted to highs at church; it becomes like a drug. People want to feel joy. Feelings/touch is so unreliable. You should not let feelings direct your lives. You love someone for a reason(s). Love is touch/feelings to a point (you of course touch your spouse) but touch in love should not be the end all; reason has to be the main purpose of love; never lose your reason. Reason of God is to be wise. If Jesus Christ appeared on this earth right now you do not go and feel/touch him. You do not touch God (there are warranted reasons to touch God but only if such touching is of a clean pure nature). Affection and feelings are aligned. Feelings are not a good foundation of a marriage or any relationship. Think, think, discern. To have feelings as a basis of life will lead to lows and highs, and can lead to suicidal tendencies. Don’t base your life on feelings. Immature people run on feelings; mature people are more rational (reason). Touch as a sense should be very disciplined. Use the senses in the head first. The head rules; the senses are in the head. Before you go touching someone first use your head senses and think/discern. Your head protects the body. The head is alive; it has the mind of Christ (Christians have the mind of Christ or they should have). Mental illness can be caused by going too much on feelings. Rational thought keeps one sane. Feelings in excessiveness can make an irrational life.

A rational life is a mature life. A rational life is an understanding life. You understand and you are wise. Wisdom (through Jesus Christ) gives happiness; feelings don’t give happiness.

P.S. I liken a person who goes a lot by feelings to a blind person (no offence meant here). The blind person does not see so they try and guide themselves by touch/feel. Take a person who lacks insight they too would try and find their way by touch/feelings. Insight allies itself to wisdom. The person who lacks insight is a person who usually lacks wisdom. Feelings do not make a person wise; insight can wise a person up.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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