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July 21, 2017

I was in the old city town hall. Not the new hall what I knew then as the Michael Fowler Centre. Where am I? Wellington, New Zealand, I am attending a Christian crusade centred around evangelist Leighton Ford. 

Who is Leighton? The brother in law of evangelist Billy Graham. I think the year was 1987 and the month March but my memory is not so good now and I have not kept any records of this event. I found the date and month off the Internet and so I take this as accurate. There I was in the city hall along with lots of other people all come to listen to Leighton. I arrived with much expectations, Leighton’s reputation had gone ahead of him and being related to Billy Graham made him even higher in people’s expectations. The hall was big. I sat about half way back on the ground floor, there was also a large mezzanine floor. I had came to be entertained. But I got a different message all together, I got nothing from Leighton but he was part of Gods plan to help me that night. 
During the crusade things happened out of the ordinary. But I was at the centre of these happenings. I remember it as follows: I had a crown on my head. Yes a crown. No bull. How could I see the crown? No I did not look in a mirror, I just knew. It was real. The crown was in vision form. 
A tall man was on the front stage of the hall. I knew it was the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. It was Pope John Paul II. I am telling the truth. The Pope was in vision form. I knew it was the Pope because for one the vision had the Pope in all his white clothes and I knew the Popes face from seeing him on television and in other media. The vision of the Pope made the Pope tall. 
Then I remember my heart feeling like there was a gushing stream of like water flowing through it. It was obviously not water but the feeling was akin to a beautiful feel of washing. I loved the feeling. My response to this heart gushing feeling was to look around the audience and think “Were they all at the same time praying for me?” I looked around but no one seemed to be looking at me. My heart felt so good. So no one in the audience was praying just for me. 
Leighton started speaking to the audience. I sensed a Spirit speaking. And I sensed this Spirit speaking to Leighton. Leighton then spoke a few words about simplicity. The Spirit seemed to be in me. And this Spirit was confirming the simplicity of God. 
That about wraps it up about the visions. On leaving the hall I felt like I was on cloud nine. This heavenly feeling for me lasted a few days. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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