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March 20, 2018

It’s like a war zone. The education department are not helping.

We have teens in detention in children’s jails spitting on wardens so wardens put spit hoods over their heads. Who wants to be spat at?

Children who are obviously dysfunctional need to be schooled outside of the education main stream, they do not fit in and they make life for the functional children a nightmare.

Mr Jamieson should not be teaching children who should be at a type of boot camp environment. These out of the mind children need education of a very basic kind. Children like this need to taught discipline and by tough instructors, tough and disciplinary but wise.

Schools are about knowledge and later the children go in to tertiary education that is about skills. But children learn wisdom from their parents. But many parents are not wise so we have misbehaving children not able to learn knowledge.

Church also is where children get their wisdom from. Parents and church. Now a days to speak about going to Sunday school is about as foreign as saying that there is a man in the moon. Sunday school, ha, what old fogeys, we want to party.

What can be done?

Bring in military conscription……..

Send dysfunctional children to military type boot camps…….

Don’t let dysfunctional children attend main stream schooling……

Schools just for these dysfunctional children……

Let these dysfunctional children forgo much of knowledge education and at a young age let them learn a skill……..

To learn knowledge one has to to already have learned to be wise. A wise spirit a knowledgeable spirit.

But there is wisdom of this world, human wisdom, and there is wisdom from above, Jesus Christ wisdom. Man’s wisdom, the human wisdom, is based on man’s thinking apart from God’s thinking. To follow man and not God is not true wisdom. Man’s wisdom buggers up the mind. Wisdom of Christ is above, our heads rule rather than our bodies, we look to the brain to rule not the body. The brain rules the body. We don’t use the brain, the brain uses us, we just submit and obey. The brain is alive, the mind is alive, the head is alive.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 21, 2017

How do I learn? I am essentially a human spirit and a soul in a human flesh body. I am essentially non physical in a physical body. I think, my words in thinking are not physical. What makes physical? How do atoms stay together to make solid? Even scientists have not worked that one out yet. So true learning is within not without. True learning is inside not outside. We are subjective humans in an objective body. The body is objective, the spirit and soul is subjective. 

Do we learn subjectively or objectively? We learn both. We are still in the physical. The physical are objects. The soul and spirit are not objects, they are not physical. We can not see soul and spirit. We see the human body. To learn we have a helper, the Holy Spirit (HS). The Holy Spirit is not a object. But the HS is still a person but can we objectivise it? The HS is within. The within is subjective. We subjectivist the inner. People forgo the inner learning to learn the outside. People force themselves with much discipline to objectivise their learning. They like force their minds outside. It’s basically losing your mind but not losing it. They do not lose their minds because they force themselves to be very disciplined. True learning is within with the help of the HS not learning by forcing ones mind to go out there and learn out there. We stay in our minds not leave them. We stay in our heads and not leave them. So if a person completes a degree at university they may have disciplined themselves much but inside they may have learnt nothing. So what have they proved in getting the degree? They have proved first they might be highly intelligent and second that they are a hard worker. But being intelligent and being a hard worker does not have to mean understanding. Jesus Christ as he lay nailed to the cross said “Forgive them Father for they do not understand”. So what is understanding? True understanding is in Spirit from Spirit. Understanding can be a gift from God. Gifts from God can be Spiritual. God is above and gives us spiritual gifts in to our heart. A spiritual gift can be like a spiritual person gift in to our heart. This spiritual gift is like a genie, a genie spirit who is a genius. A genius person is only a genius according to the gift God gives. Talented people are called geniuses. Talented people are praised for their talents. The people get the praise and don’t know that the talent comes from heaven above. God should get the praise for talents. Most people do not have the spiritual gift of understanding. Most people who want to be understanding, who want to be scholars, who want to be wise, learn by applying their minds to the outside. These scholars learn objectively because they can not learn subjectively because they do not have the subjective gift of understanding in their hearts. God can still teach those people who do not have the gift of understanding. God gives gifts to His people and the gifted people can teach the non gifted people. Gifts from God are for the up building of the body. Let’s call it by its true name – the body of Christ. When we say church most people think of a building. Church is not in reality bricks, mortar and wood. Church is people. I don’t like the word “church”. Understanding in reality is gained within not without. True understanding comes from a gift of God. This understanding gift of God is in the heart. You do not have to seek understanding out there, out of the mind, true understanding is within. The world lauds it over the scholars of this world, the world thinks these scholars are understanding; but in reality, in truth, these so called scholars know nothing, it’s a sham. God gives vocations, callings, to His people. There are many many vocations of God. A vocation of God is not just as a minister, pastor or priest. The vocations seat is in the heart. The heart has the spirit. The soul is in the mind, the head. To work outside ones true vocation is being objective. The vocation you seek (and is wrong) is out there not inside the heart. To work in your true vocation is simple. To work outside your true vocation is complex. So people who work outside their true vocation and are succeeding in another vocation not ones own are disciplined, but all such is in vain. To be disciplined for another vocation is not clever. 
Life for many people is an act, it’s like a play, a drama, it’s putting a mask up BUT you know in your own heart if you are acting. Your wife or your children might not even know if you are acting (vice versa) but you know. Your true vocation is simple, to learn in this vocation is simple. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

Teachers can be lazy teachers. Teachers like teaching the quick intelligent students because these bright students are easy to teach. Teachers would prefer to let the students do most of the donkey work. Ok teachers have a big work load, I mean some schools have a high student to teacher ratio. How would you like to have to teach hundreds of students over a whole day week in week out. Schools don’t help. Teachers need less students and better teaching aids. Ok put the quicker intelligent students in classes by themselves. Now the less intelligent students need teachers who will teach with grunt, hard work. These low intelligent students should not learn in classes with high student ratio to teachers. Small classes. Teachers don’t want to teach low intelligent students, I mean it hard work, and who likes hard work. 

The simple way to how to teach and the simple way for students to learn is: –
“Let us please know, everyone know, that when a teacher teaches his students the teacher teaches always as if he’s teaching small children no matter what age the students are. Teach simple. And if the students still do not understand teach again more simpler. Bring reason to the answer. Students usually do not know what questions to ask. And if they do know questions to ask they are scared to ask because they think they will look stupid to ask such simple questions. The teacher should reinforce the idea that the students can ask simple to very simple questions of the teacher. The teacher is there to help the students learn not to try and make the students look stupid”.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Letter to a friend

September 23, 2016

My understanding and learning is different from the way the learning is acquired in the audio tape you mentioned. I listen and see but I try and get all the information in to a simple focus that I can mind digest. Having a lot of just intelligence but not been able to simplify it in to a one focus just goes over my head and is wasting my time. Intelligence can be intelligence just for intelligence sake and has no real bearing on “What did I get out of this? What moral lesson did I learn? What practical lesson did I learn”? I mean having just facts is to me not learning a moral lesson. Facts and facts just to learn for the sake of facts does not give practical learning. We need to put our learning in to practice otherwise we look and don’t see, we hear but do not listen, we don’t learn about our selves. I hate learning intelligence for just intelligence. My mind focuses the learning down to a moral lesson. But with just intelligence without moral lesson we really learn nothing to help society and the church to improve and be better.
Regards; Lester John Murray

The selfish worldly winners 

September 7, 2016

From very early in our lives as soon as we become cognitive we learn that life is mainly about winners and losers. If there are winners there have to be losers. It’s like a race. 
Schooling drills in to us to win. School is about competition, we learn this from school sports and doing school exams. This all comes from the jungle law “Survival of the fittest”. Life is like a jungle. The world is a jungle. 
What does Jesus teach? The strong help the weak, the rich help the poor, the wise help the fools, the healthy help the sick, the saved help the lost. We make the weak areas in the chain strong. In Jesus there are no losers we all win. We the elect are in the body of Christ. We in this body are each a part in this body. Each part in this body has a part to play. It does not matter if you are sick, or poor, or low ability, we all play our parts. The less admired parts by this world are given more glory by God whereas the parts admired by this world are given less glory by God. This is so we are all equally given the same glory in the body. 
The world’s teaching is alien to how Jesus teaches. 
Apostle Paul mentions about a race. But this race is not about physical sports or qualifications. This race Paul describes is a race to receive the upper calling to heaven. This race is to live a wise, sensible, loving, moral life based on what God teaches through Jesus Christ. We yearn to be accepted in to heaven at the “Last Days”. 
The world’s race of winning and losing is about money. Gods race of winning and losing is about getting a divine nature and looking to the upward next life. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 30, 2013

(True life is not artificial) (Artificial is manmade)

News: Man survives first week with artificial heart after world-first operation.
Artificial heart; what about a artificial brain. Can we do it, make a brain? And will this artificial heart continue to work? But man making a brain; man makes just about everything else. Seems stupid to think about an artificial brain, But But. So we are going down a path of part robotic human beings; part machine, part human. BUT man making a brain; seems so weird. So man is on a QUEST of ARTIFICIALITY. Man made as versus God made. “God made mankind simple but mankind has made themselves very complex”. The simple person sees simplicity, sees humans in a simple view, sees humans simple rather than complex, sees life as a simple view, wants life as simple; complex to the simple person is not understood. Simple people are like more child like, they are more innocent, they understand only the simple things; complex things to the simple are confusing and too complicated to understand.

True teachers of God teach from a simplistic approach. True teachers understand all truth is simple. True teachers explain everything in true simplicity. True teachers understand that all things begin simple and that God’s Wisdom is not complex, confusing and complicated but God’s wisdom is a growth from a one simple seed of true God WISDOM. God is about growth. You grow wise of God. Seeds grow. Start simple, nurture the simple seeds and God will give growth. True Learning is about growth. Mans (mankind’s) learning is all complex. God’s learning is about relationship. We relate to God; we have a relationship with our true teacher God (the Holy Spirit). Human wisdom, learnings, is not about relationship; students do not have a relationship with the human teachers; if they did or do its a relationship mainly based on the flesh (carnal).

Relationship learning is the only best way of learning. And God is our Father. We relate to a loving Father who we can trust. Human teachers you can not trust. Human teachers are just hired hands they run when the wolf comes. Hired teachers just protect the flock in name only; the real truth is that hired hands do not really protect the flock (the students). Dogs can attack the students and the hired teachers just look on doing nothing to help. Bullying in schools is rife and a lot of teachers do not help. Teachers do not want to get involved because the dogs might turn on them; and then their lives will be traumatised.

So true God teachers teach the simple truth, not a so called complex truth. True teachers teach true simplicity, KEEP IT SIMPLE. True teachers understand all true life things grow. And these teachers understand God only gives the growth; so telling a student to grow up is nonsense because humans do not give growth. True teachers relate to the students, they act like a father, brother, sister or mother. True teachers keep pure in mind, thought, word and deed. True teachers pray often to God for their students. True teachers read the bible often and read it to their charges. Learning can be wide but the true teachers always keeps the learning within a framework, that framework is the understanding in the bible. Learning is about life. Learning is about the living. We learn to discern, we grow, mature then get more discerning. Learning is a lot about discerning. We discern to learn. We understand by discerning. To discern is to have insight. We use insight to learn.


(Man made teaching is not life)
(The Tree of Life is not artificial)
(Man made teaching is artificial)

THE TREE OF LIFE – eat of it.
I think the essence of understanding about The Tree of Life is that this Tree is about LIFE. The key word here is LIFE. Learn about life. We learn so much from experiencing life.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 14, 2013

Today I received the regular Perth bible college newsletter. It comes out every so often and the college posts me a copy. Yes I was a student at Perth Bible college, whoopee. It sounds good to some, Bible college. And I lived on campus in quite nice accommodation and the campus grounds had lovely lawns and shrubs, trees etc. Living on campus was my highlight. It’s nice especially because I was single then I was among people day and night who were on the whole sensible people. Such people you would expect were in to prayer and reading the bible. I enjoy my faith in God; I believed the whole salvation message and still do. I love the idea of a supreme creator God who lives above.

Now I have not always been a Christian believer; I came one in about 1979. It was like I was destined to be a believer in God and a follower of Jesus Christ. But when I was young I knew very little about God and His Son Jesus. God put a desire in to my heart to go to university in 1979. There I met a man that had the integrity and belief in God that helped me to get in to a relationship with God. This man taught me the salvation message of Christ. This man had the good morals that went with a faith in the almighty. He was faithful and loyal to God. After I accepted Christ as my saviour this man was blessed by God; he got married to a really nice lady and God gave enough money through a building society lottery gift for this couple to buy a new home. He was blessed no two ways about it. This man introduced me to the church that he attended and I began attending this church. I was baptised and joined as a member. The minister of this church was quite understanding. But a few years down the track his church flock (not all) turned against him. A church meeting was held to vote the minister out of office of this church. But before the vote took place the minister got a message through to the meeting giving his resignation. Poor show I thought, why did this all happen. The minister was good to me. The church Elders elected a new minister a man that was then overseas as a missionary. This man came back to New Zealand and took up the ministry of this church. But this man died a few years later, he left behind a young wife and young children. I can not remember what caused this mans death. But in hindsight I think the church did a very bad thing to the first minister.

So I was a Christian and in 1999 I applied to be a student at Perth Bible College. I was asked to attend the college for an interview. I arrived at the college, I was enraptured by the beautiful lawns and gardens. The buildings were all semi modern and nice looking. There were many accommodation units all looking modern. I liked what I saw. I came to the administration block walked in and spoke to the receptionist. I was asked to sit down in the foyer and wait. I sat next to a lady; she seemed about 4 or 5 years younger than me and I guessed she also was enrolling to be a student, we both would be mature students older than most students studying here. I introduced myself with my Christian name trying to be nice. But lo and behold this lady was not nice. “Miss Burfoot to you” (not her real name) in a raised voice. I mean what was she on about. I was a Christian and I presumed she was a Christian, does that not make us brother and sister in The Lord Jesus Christ. Am I missing something here? Reminds me of when I was living with my parents, my mother said “Pray and pass the ammunition”. Meaning church is really about fighting each other with words. This lady seemed spiteful and I had never met her before in my life. It was not a good start for her and I tried to avoid her for all my years at college. Yes she was single and I was single. Maybe she thought I was going to come on to her, like pursue her, but what for? I was single and my intentions were honourable to her.

Here I was now at college, a full time student and cleaning toilets. Yes I was a college toilet cleaner. But you might say were you not a student, you know walked around with a halo and gave off importance. No I was never important at college. But you were learning, why clean toilets? The college had no paid servants other than the teachers. So someone had to clean the toilets and that someone was me against my wishes. Each Friday for 3 hours all full time students had to work on the college; cleaning, gardening, admin, whatever. That brings me back to the lady mentioned above Miss Burfoot. I had more problems with her. But she was aided by another lady a teacher. The teacher here a lady was in charge of some cleaning details and I was in one of those details. This teacher a single lady a bit older than me chose Miss Burfoot to be her supervisor. Miss Burfoot just checked people’s work, I never saw her do any works while she supervised. But I had trouble here. A lot of times I would be cleaning the men’s toilets and then my heart would get vexed. Something was upsetting my heart. Not too long into this vexation the teacher and Miss Burfoot would turn up at my place of cleaning and go through a thorough check on my cleaning. I knew when I got the vexation that it was these 2 ladies vexing me. It was not a pleasant job cleaning toilets and it was more unpleasant having 2 ladies load more work on me and think it was funny. This teacher was the one that had assigned me to toilet cleaning. Next term came again and I was hoping that I would be assigned to a different duty but no this teacher assigned me toilet cleaning again. I had already done months of toilet cleaning and now had to do months more. I went to this teachers office and complained. She obliging did move me to another duty. But the student a male that replaced me on toilet duty did not have problems with the teacher and Miss Burfoot checking up on him. This student was left alone. Talking about vexation, I get vexed a lot, sometimes I can work out who the trouble makers are. I do remember another vexing time at college in the class room. A student sat next to me and while the teacher in front was speaking this student was trying to talk to me. I just wish that student did not talk it was a bother. I mean the teacher was teaching. Now I picked up a vexation in my heart. As soon as the vexation came the teacher addressed me to be quiet. Did I feel bad. I wish that student next to me had kept quiet he caused me to look bad. I had another run in with the single lady teacher. In class we were discussing the merits of teachers teaching about other religions in class. In college only one religion was taught and that was Christianity. I mentioned that universities taught comparative religions, comparing different religions. But this teacher shot my idea down with flames and then the vexation in my heart. It was a strong vexation. I knew it was vexing coming from this teacher. She now looked cross. I knew our hearts had connected and she was suffering. The class finished we went outside to the courtyard for tea and coffee during class break. This teacher came up to me looked at me and said in a loud emotionally charged voice that I was arrogant. And there were a group of people here. I did not go back to her class for a few days or was it one day; she found me in the library and apologised to me. I went back to her classes.

Bible College never taught me any insights. I learnt college is a place where the intelligent people succeed. It’s more about exercising ones intelligence than learning new insights. Schools favour the intelligent students. I learnt that to get the qualification it was about being clever at doing assignments and exams. I learnt the art of doing assignments. I learnt how to learn for exams. It was just about assignments and exams and just attending classes. I learnt word processing on a computer. I learnt how to format essays on the computer. But I never really learnt anything new from the bible. Humanism was big in the teaching at college. I had to work hard it was like big heavy boulders were put on my back. Each year students had to buy many text books as part of their studies, this was a requirement, and the books were big text books and cost lots of money. I hardly ever read these text books. When I left college I gave just about all of them away for free. I did quite well at assignments and exams. I passed with good marks. But now I do not remember anything that I actually learnt from those studies. It seemed all about Just getting good marks in assignments and exams. I was awed by some of the students who seemed to be so intelligent. And yes these intelligent students were like the teachers pets. Teachers seem to love intelligent students, the less intelligent students seem to just be in the way. Teachers give the intelligent students responsible leader positions. No toilet cleaning for the higher intelligent students.

So was bible college halcyon days? They were in part because living on college campus was a nice experience. I made friends and was never lonely. The social life was great. Always something happening, no boredom. I passed my qualification. I really never learnt what I wanted to learn, I wanted to learn straight insights, I wanted none of the humanism, I did not want mans teaching, I wanted good direct insights that were Godly. I wanted the truth taught to me. College maybe is a place not to give you the truth but to guide you to find the truth yourself and think for yourself. Maybe I wanted teachers to teach me direct truth rather than for me to find it. I found out that I could not think like all the other students and teachers, my thinking wanted straight direct, not like up and down; up and down to me was weak thinking, not strong, I want my wrists to be super strong not weak. So to get on a roll in bible college thinking was not natural to me. Such thinking was weak. I think of teachers in the way past before bible college that I have perceived and I saw uninspiring teachers, they gave off a look of dryness in their knowledge, they seemed wooden in spiritual strength, they had no fountain of Wisdom in their hearts. How can you learn from such teachers? To be the strength of wood to me is weak; it may look strong; I mean wood can be a good weapon, but God in Word is strong as iron, and I can not accept anything but the spiritual strength of iron. Wood alludes to nature, it is about creation rather than the creator, its about the body and not the head, wood is created its about nature, and nature is about Mother Nature. So these wooden spiritual strength people worship Mother Nature rather than God above. For them its about mother first and then father. They love the mother more than the father. In a crises they may call out to the mother for help.

I left college but was I better for it? I knew that bible college was far better than my school college in my teens. Bible college did give good support. Teachers did care about their students. There was love and help from students and staff.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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