SCIENCE AND HEAVEN – A Prophets lament

I have often felt like a persecuted Prophet.

Now I see how Jesus Christ must have felt; Jesus born in a stable amongst the farm animals. How humans have everything upside down in their wisdom. Christ, Gods Son, made out to be rubbish. God’s wisdom made out to be rubbish while Man’s wisdom is made to be superior.

Man makes his her heart to be the brains behind his her body. The intellect rules from the heart to Man. The seat of intellect is the heart and the brain is bypassed. Man bypasses the brain and thinks it’s not needed, Man brings in artificial intelligence. “We don’t need God” Man says ”we can replicate God, we can even replicate Gods intelligence”.

In God’s will we are not meant to use the brains, the brains use us. We don’t use God, God uses us. Simple. We just obey. We obey by not sinning.

Progress for Man is raping the earth (Mother earth – Mother) and making things; man creates; Man makes from what he she takes from the Mother. Mother Nature is abused. She is raped day and night. Man then pursues The Father and The Father is above. Man wants to get up there. Man is destroying Mother Earth, there is no other Mother. Man needs to be grounded with the Mother, rooted in to her. Man seeks to be with the Father so Man looks to going up there in the physical heavens. There is a CATCH 22 here. To go up there to Man is in someways to find new life, to find answers to life in this universe, to find God or god or a super being. But Man also wants to find a place to live when this Mother Earth is destroyed (by fire, by nuclear weapons, by whatever maybe solar storms)(Mother Earth won’t die she will renew herself). So Man is destroying his her Mother and seeking out the Father (up there?). We need the Mother and the Father. There is no other Mother Earth. We have only the ONE Mother. The CATCH 22 is that the more we try and go up there the more we rape the earth to get up there. We need the Mother Earth to supply us with the things that make up what we build to get up there. The more we rape the Mother Earth the more we have to find another Mother Earth to replace the Mother Earth we destroy. We must not destroy our Mother we have to be grounded to our ONE Mother to keep our sanity. The more we go up there we lose our grounded ness, we lose sanity.

In life we take and take from the Mother. The Mother loves her children and gives and gives. We take and take. The Mother hurts but children don’t care. We want to take everything the Mother (earth) has. We don’t care about the Mother (earth) we care just about ourselves. Humans are so selfish.

Man’s wisdom is not Jesus Christ’s Wisdom. Man is only interested in his her PROGRESS. Progress is making money. Progress to Man is ONLY about making money.

I might have it wrong about the errant way of Man seeking out God or a super power up there. I might have it wrong about science. I am just a simple, plain, straight person. I am no human scholar with high qualifications. I don’t profess to have high intelligence. I am simple, but I want pure thoughts. I hate thinking impure. I like it when the sea of thoughts of Man (his her) do not impinge on my thinking. I hate crooked thinking. I want to be on the top of God’s thinking. I want straight thinking, straight on God. I used to be off the world before I came to God or God came to me, I have gone from one track thinking of the worlds thoughts to one track thinking of Gods thoughts (through Jesus Christ).

Man (he she) seeks answers to life up there. Man wants to go up there. It might be Gods will. But I see it different from Man. I see death to this world. I see fire to this world. Am I full of doom? I see life, eternal life for many souls. People think Man’s progress will go on and on but progress of man is destroying in its wake. The earth is being destroyed, Gods creation is being destroyed. Man’s progress is costing. There is no free ride to progress. People suffer in Mans progress. Progress is about making money. Money is about materialism. Man is basically a capitalist. Man loves things.

Man will go up there and the world will die. The Earth won’t die, the Earth will renew itself. We don’t kill the Mother Earth. The world sits on the Earth. Fire will destroy this world. The Mother will live on. Humans need the Mother (Earth) to survive.

I am a Prophet, I See, but I might see it wrong. But all good things come to an End. Progress comes to an End. Evil comes to an End. The world comes to an End. There’s always an end to a beginning. God though is eternal and if we are in God we too have eternity.

The CATCH 22. The more you go up there to find answers the more you lose connective ness to the Mother (earth), the more you don’t go up there the more you don’t get answers to life. You go up you lose out on the Mother, you don’t go up, you lose out on the Father.

But heaven and Hell are spiritual revelation not physical revelation. Science can not understand God. God is Spirit. Science is ONLY about the material physical. Heaven is within and hell is within. There are two main bodies, one, Gods and the other Satans. Two living bodies. We live in one of these bodies. We are spirit. We are soul. Satan’s body is commanded by the Dragon. The snake deity is the member of the Dragons body. Snakes live for this world and go with Satan to hell in the End Times. Hell is in Satan’s body. In Gods body is heaven.

Science sees God up there in the physical because science is just about the physical and not the spiritual. Prophets who are known as Seers have strong insight. Insight helps one to see in the spiritual. Heaven to science is up there physically. Man understands from science. Man is taught that science will save us. Science saves no one. Okay science does help the physical body. Science though does not save the soul. God can give us eternal life, science can not give us eternal life. If God gave you a choice of either being a Prophet or a scientist what would you choose? Say no more.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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