“The Tower of Babel”

This tower was built so humans could get closer to the heavens. God to humans is in the physical heavens up there.

Man wanted to be close to God. God is the creator. Man thinks their creator is up there. The brain is up there and the brain is in charge of the body so I see why man would think their creator is up there in the physical. The brain could have created the body. So do we have an objective God and also a subjective God? God within and God out there. I also want to know. With The Tower of Babel the creator God was not pleased. Why would God the creator not be pleased with man wanting to be close to Him? God was so displeased that God scattered mankind over the earth and caused mankind to lose his her one common language; mankind now had many separate groups each having their own language. Mankind was not so strong now, he she had lost unity. No more common language, no unity to defy God, no Tower of Babel.

Mankind has not lost his her desire to be close to God. The human spirit in the heart of man and woman seeks the up there. The human spirit believes that God is up there, and that the ‘up there God’ made them (made human spirit). What? Human spirit was made by ’the up there’, up there is where? Does God reside in the brain of man and woman? We know the Holy Spirit God comes down in to the heart. So we have God in the heart, so is God also in the brain? People who have ‘after life’ experiences talk about a incredible strong light. Is there a strong light in our brains? Heaven in the brain? But what about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and our our getting new bodies? So when we get our new body is heaven all around then? Heaven is out there and within. Heaven is only out there when we get our new bodies. Where do we go in the interim between when we die and when we get new bodies in the Second Coming? Do we sleep in this interim? Where do we sleep? I don’t know. We die but only our physical body dies, our soul sleeps and our human spirit returns to God? Our soul awakens at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. So brain made us, who made the brain? God? Spirit? We in human spirit go perverted, we look to materialism as our God, we look out of our human hearts and lose touch and reality with Gods Kingdom. God’s Kingdom is not of this world. God’s Kingdom is a spiritual Kingdom. We look to physical to know the truth when we are spirit and should be looking to the spiritual for our truths. God made the out there. Creation is God made but we don’t have a relationship human spirit to Gods creation we have a relationship from our human spirit to God Spirit. We are spirit. We are spirit in the heart of the human body. But mankind thinks they are clever to seek truth out there in the creation; truth is with the creator, the creator is Spirit. Mankind has a relationship with the creation not the creator; dumb. To have a relationship with the creation dumbs the human spirit, it also perverts the human spirit.

Mankind with his her love to get ‘up there’ (when ‘up there’ should be the human spirit in the heart to the brain up there in the head) is just a selfish pursuit of dumb perversion. The more mankind gets up there in his her understanding the more God must be getting angry. God got angry when mankind made The Tower of Babel. So what happens? The more mankind goes on his her dumb pursuit of seeking truth and God ‘up there’, another Tower of Babel God seeking, it brings us closer to the “times up” of the scientists dooms day clock. Scientists know time is ticking to the end. The more mankind pursues God in his her own way the closer the “End of the world” comes. There is only ONE earth and there is only ONE heaven. There is only ONE God. God wants a relationship with you but you seek God elsewhere. God is Spirit. You don’t understand.

I don’t believe any life is up there in the physical heavens. Up there is just outer space. It’s a fools errand to seek life up there. Water is ONLY on this earth. The more you go up there the more we forgo our brains and go artificial intelligence. We lose our grounded ness to the earth. We must be grounded to Mother Earth. A lot of scientists don’t believe in God the creator. Einstein did not believe. Stephen Hawking did not believe. Science is taking us away from God we are going artificial.

I mulled in my thinking since writing the above today and what I thought was that because we are soul and spirit it sometimes gets confusing as to – what are we learning to who? Who as in when is the soul learning and when is the human spirit learning. We are spirit and soul in a physical flesh body. Our human spirit seems to be in the heart and our soul seems to be in the head. I could be wrong. God saves the soul. But is human spirit saved? When we die soul sleeps until awakened at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and soul gets a new body. When we die human spirit goes to God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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