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July 21, 2017

Want to get a good nights sleep?
Sleep on a good pillow.

A good conscience is the best pillow. 

A good conscience to the Supreme God and to every other person. 
Your heart is where life springs from. The human spirit is in the heart. When you invite Jesus Christ to be your Lord and you repent of all your sins the Holy Spirit of God will come in to a repentant heart. A strong heart a strong person. The person who has the Spirit of understanding has the top strength. Understanding is wisdom and wisdom of God can not be toppled over, to try and topple wisdom of God over is suicide. 
Wisdom is about how we behave. How we act. How we treat God and other people. We are spirit and soul. We are flesh and bone. We humans are interconnected, we are connected by words. Think wisely as thoughts are also in words. Think wisely about God and think wisely about other humans. Your thoughts are not secret, nothing is secret. Those that see really see. God gives sight to His prophets. Prophets see. 
Make your life’s foundation on words, we stand on our words, we fight with our words, words are our protection. But not just any words, use words of God. God gave us the bible. We have the holy scriptures. Read the holy scriptures often. Memorise the holy scriptures. God gave us His will and wisdom in the holy scriptures in the bible. There’s the old will and now the new will. The new will is what should guide us not the old will. Read both old will and new will. The old will leads us to the new will. What we think and say in words about other humans is very important, it can be life or death. Don’t think you are not heard. 
Not everyone is dull of mind. The dull minds live in semi to much darkness. Dull is without much light. God gives light. Some human spirits are like smouldering wicks, their lights are dim. A strong human spirit light comes from leading a good life. Treat everyone with care. We are all precious. Keep away from the fool. Don’t take on the fools actions. The fool may become wise. God can do anything. God can save anyone He likes. The fool may become a King. 
Treat your soul with respect. Don’t hate your soul. Die to your old self in your heart but love your soul above. Save your soul by giving yourself to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ saves souls. Only Jesus Christ can save the soul, there is no other way. Jesus took all our sins in to his body and died to them. Jesus came back to life (resurrected) and rose in to heaven. Jesus is above. God the Father is above. The Head rules. The body does not rule. No body rules. Jesus the Head rules. Jesus sits at God the Fathers right hand side above. The Father God is THE LORD and Jesus MY LORD sits at the Fathers right side. Let go let God. Humble yourselves under the God Head. We are in the heart in spirit. Our soul is above saved. 
God is a mystery. Heaven and hell is a mystery. Love will keep you healthy. Don’t hate as hate will slowly kill your body. Hate will sicken parts of your body. God can not be mocked and wisdom of God can not be mocked. Sow and you will reap. Forgive your trespassers. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 7, 2017

I was on the bus today. I was coming in to the city. I looked across the aisle and there was a lady in a short dress or short pants either one or the other I can not remember exactly. Here I was looking only but a quick glance and I mused. We are known by our words not by our looks. I thought I don’t know this lady until I hear her words. Looks can deceive. We know God not by His looks but by His Words. We don’t know what God looks like. 

We do know Jesus Christ became a human being and Jesus Christ is the visible likeness of the invisible Father God. We do not know what Jesus Christ looks like. Oh we see pictures of Jesus Christ up on walls in church buildings. We even have statues of Jesus in some church buildings. But these pictures and statues of Jesus are not real. We do not know what Jesus looked like when He was living in this world. We do not know Jesus by His looks, we only know Jesus by His Words. We have the Holy Scriptures, Words, that are Jesus’ legacy. God is about Words not looks. God is Words. So to know a person, to really know, listen to their words. Listen to words and over time you will perceive thoughts. Listening needs to be an around the clock skill. We listen and perceive, we understand. Now listening is only one sense. We need to use all our senses to evaluate true reality. We don’t know true reality by just listening. We need also to see, smell and taste. We see creation but we see past creation to see God with our insight in creation. God is in us. God within, Emanuel. God is in humans. We smell God. We taste God. We consume God in words. We consume God in Jesus Christ. Sound cannibal? It does. We need Spiritual food and Jesus Christ is our Spiritual food. Don’t eat your neighbours. Don’t bite your neighbour. Consume Jesus and Jesus alone. Preach Jesus you preachers and eat Jesus. Don’t preach yourselves. The Words of God can have a smell, a taste; you can hear them, you can see them. Jesus Christ became a human being. Jesus became physical and we think of Him as still physical. Jesus rose up in to heaven in the physical. We do not see Jesus because He is up in heaven. Why do humans have to eat Jesus? Are we cannibals? We drink Jesus Blood and eat Jesus Flesh. But ALL in Words. But why? Beats me. Sounds barbaric in a way. But God knows best we just follow Gods instructions. Who are we to think we know better than the Supreme Creator God. 
Not by looks but by words. We know a person by their words. A mature thinking person, wise in thought knows how looks can be deceiving and words are really where life is at. We commune with our brothers and sisters in the body. We Christians are in a body. A universal body. We are in thought in this body. Listen and commune. Immature thinkers not wise in the Words are not able to understand much. Young people are prone to the physical passions and therefore are robbed of the ability to think in the Words of God. We can be shallow thinkers skin deep or deep thinkers thinking deep in to God. Sin makes for Spiritual darkness. When our sins and our ancestry sins are washed away we see and know. When our spiritual eyes see God within totally we see in true reality. Reality is how much we know God within. We are spirit and soul. In knowing God fully our body is full of light, our eyes are full of light. 
Does God predestine humans to be saved? I think so. We do not elect to be saved; God elects us. 

Thinking is a good skill. All humans should think. I am very conscious of my thoughts. Sins can get in the way of thinking. The sins of the flesh can stop wise thinking. Wise thought should go ahead of all human endeavours. We are known by our words, in spoken, written and also in thought. Read people. Listen and read. We are in a body of thought. Sin not. The dirty (sins) unwashed people keep to their own. The washed (of sins) people also keep to their own. The washed are full of light. Light and dark are not friends; just as Satan and God are not friends. The children of God listen to God and each other. Satan’s children do not listen to us. We know the children of Satan because they do not have ears to hear. Words are God. Satan does not listen to the Words. Snakes do not listen to Words. The serpent lives in the children of Satan. Satan has his universal body. Two universal bodies, one God’s and one Satan’s. 
Humans are sapient, homosapiens. Sapient meaning wise, discerning, thinking. Humans are the only creatures that are sapient. God gave humans words. We humans think with words. God is in Words. God created all creation with Words. Words of God made the one universe. Verse and Uni. One verse. Verse, spoken measured words, spoken like a poem. Creation, spoken into being. The Spirit of God being the power of God. Gods Words are alive. The elegant poetical universe. We see the universe but we see meta, beyond, we see the metaphorical God, the God beyond the physical universe. God created the universe with Words. 
We see the lady in the bus but we see beyond the ladies looks we see the words, we see and perceive the lady in word. We think and commune. We are the church the living body, the universal body, we are close, you are in me, I am in you, Jesus Christ is in the body the living Church; speak wisely. Love. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2017

 There is intelligent thinking but there is intelligence thinking that is thought out useful in a practical way. The wise King thinks this practical intelligence. God gives His King wisdom. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is this practical intelligence. Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ. The wise King of God has the wisdom of Jesus Christ. When the wise King thinks he thinks in a practical way. Everyone thinks. Humans think. Animals or birds or fish or insects do not think. Humans are called sapient, we think and discern. 
Sin in humans does dim ones insight and makes intelligence dirty in thought. The King of God is supreme in thought. The King of God thinks above everyone else. The King of God sits above everyone else and all thoughts are captive to Him. The King of God is only beholden to God no other. This world is full of thoughts. Thoughts are words. We humans are able to exist only because of words. We can not succeed at anything apart from words. Dirty words make for a miserable life; clean words make for a sane and enjoyable life. Pictures have a frame. We need a frame of reference for words too. Without a frame of reference words can go insane. Sanity is to have a frame. The frame is what keeps the words within a frame of thinking. We need to have order. We need to know what the truth is. Truth and order keeps sanity. To work outside reference, order and truth leads only to insanity. The King of God thinks and his thinking is in charge. Words are in charge but only the words of truth are in charge. God is truth and the higher you go up in the thinking chain the closer you get to the truth and God is the highest. God sets his mountain in charge. God rules in wisdom through his mountain. Mountain is not literal in this sense but is a metaphor. Prophets of God make the path straight for the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus will return. The mountains are levelled and the valleys filled in; this is all metaphor. The mountains are the people on higher ground. The valleys are the people who are lowly. God wants a level play ground. God wants straightness. No one is to exalt themselves over others, we are all equal in God. The Wise King of God is the only mountain. The King is wise and the wisdom of God is supreme. All thoughts of humans are subject to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. God made this universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in mind, heart, body and Spirit rules and He is supreme. We the church (body of Christ) have the mind of Christ. Wisdom of God is a Spirit of God. The King of God has the Spirit of Wisdom. God gives to his children gifts. These are spiritual gifts. We can call these gifts spirit genies. People are gifted with spiritual gifts from God and sometimes we call these people geniuses. A genie is a spirit, a gift within. God makes people geniuses. These geniuses are often aware that their genius is given to them. Such people do not like to brag but simply say that their genius is very simple. Simple is the catch word for a persons genius because the person gifted knows that what they are clever at is not their own doing. These people are also called talented. 
The Wise King of God knows that his wisdom is not his own doing but comes from the supreme God. We are nothing really apart from God. We don’t have talents apart from God. Words make us and words unmake us. God is the WORDS in supreme. God spiritual gifts are in words. It’s all about words to do with God. The Wise King of God knows God is all about Words. The Wise King wins or loses fights according to his words. The Wise King of God prays often knowing his words carry weight with the supreme God. God listens to his Wise King. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Student (male) sent home for too short haircut

December 13, 2016

For the information of this college I had a number 2 haircut recently. I love my short haircuts. I usually have a number 2 and a half but now I like getting a number 2. Males I think should have short hair and females can have longer hair. 

It is to the glory of God that a male has short hair. The female glories in the males head if she has long hair. The head is so very important, more important than the body. The head is in charge not the body and the Wisdom of God says the males head is in charge over the females head. That is the wisdom from above. When males put the body before the head and glory in their bodies they are glorying in the female, such is really weak and false. You get body builders who try to bypass their heads. You can not outwit your head. The body is not in charge. The head has the WORDS. The head rules through Words. Words rule not flesh. Words are eternal. The flesh is mortal and dies whereas Words can go on for ever. Gods Words go on for ever. Spirit feeds the mind in the head; the mind the soul. The soul needs Words and feeding the soul Gods Words is like feeding one sweet honey. Those people who glory the body glory the flesh and not the Words. Words bring life. Gods Words. God is the Words. Words bring light and life. The source of life comes from Gods Words. We think in Words. 
I love my short hair cuts I have no shame in my head. I am my head. I think and use the senses in the head. My head is in charge. I don’t cover my head. My head is there for all to see. God is in my head. 
I cover my body. My body is to glorify my head. My body is not to glory in it. My body is covered up to give glory to my head. The female covers up both body and head. The females long hair is her cover on her head. 
To glory my body is for me to glory the female. But the female is not in charge of my body. To glory the body for me is for me to follow the female. That is wrong. The female looks to the male to take the lead. 
Perversion is to turn away from; to turn away from letting the head rule to letting the body rule. Perversion is big in this world now. Bodies rule and females rule over males. Male children are led to believe that the mother is in charge not the father. Males get perverted in childhood. The father should take the lead in the family. The mother is the earth where she makes a home. Mother Earth. The earth is where the children put their roots down. The father sky is where the children grow up to. The father light. 
Both father and mother are needed. But don’t let children get the wisdom wrong. Roots go down but you grow upwards. Don’t grow upwards to your mother and don’t put your roots in to your father. We can have upside down wisdom, such is perversion.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

The head is over the body.
The head has the mind.

Is the mind the soul?

Soul is thoughts.

Soul is in words.

Soul is your shadow.

Soul is an internal shadow in the head.

Soul shadow has thoughts.

Humans think.

The body and the head is matter. 

Did mind make the body?

Did mind make the head?

Does mind in words make matter?

Do words make matter?

Are words alive?

Was the universe made out of words?

What is matter?

Matter is solid.

What makes matter solid?

All matter is energy.

The whole universe was made out of energy.

What keeps the electrons going around the nucleus?

Matter is all atoms.

Atoms are energy.

In the beginning was energy, God was and is that energy.

Energy is first and last.

God is a person.

God is intelligence.

God is energy.

What holds matter together?

No one understands why matter is solid.

Matter did not make itself.

Did God mind make matter?

Mind rules over matter.

Jesus Christ walked on water.

Jesus Christ walked through a solid door.

Will humans find the secret of how matter is solid?

To find how matter is solid will science have to search the mind?

Will science believe in a soul?

Will science accept the invisible spirit?

To understand the soul / mind is to understand God.

Matter was made by the mind.

The physical was made by the invisible.

Science will never be complete without God.

God made science.

Man was tempted and consumed science.

The FALL. Man wants to know as God knows.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Wisdom is the tree to consume.

Science is good and bad.

Wisdom of Christ is all good. 

Science kills and heals. 

The head rules over the body.

Jesus is the Head.

Mind / soul is in the head.

Have the soul / mind of Jesus Christ.

Let the mind of Christ rule.

Christ rules from above.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE BRAIN Рand its thinking 

July 27, 2016

The brain has two hemispheres. One brain two main parts. Humans are homosapiens, we think. Only humans think in ALL creation. The words were given only to humans. God is the ultimate supreme WORDS. GODS Words are our plumb line for our own words. 

Gods words keep us in a good frame of reference so if we go outside Gods framework we lean towards the insane. It’s sane to think within Gods truth. Truth is identified as sane. God is all truth. Humans were given the words because humans are in the image of their creator God. Humans were chosen to be with God. We commune and communicate with God with words. 
We stand on our words, meaning our words are what we are and if we use bad words then we stand on bad words and then our foundation of words we make becomes unsteady. If we make our foundation, what we stand on, strong then we get through life more safely and enjoyable. Using Gods Words as our foundation secures us a good standing in the community and a better stable life. Truth is our best foundation but fools stand on a shaky foundation, fools lie. The foundation we build will be tested over time as the winds come and go. The dogs will attack. The snakes will bite. The wise build with Gods Words. Gods words are like a secure fortress. 
Thinking is where it’s at. “We are what we think”. You think, I think, we think, and we think together. There is a “sea of thoughts”. Everywhere we go we are in this sea. It’s a sea of words.
The brain has two parts. Left and right part. We have two types of thinking. The left side of the brain is the words side. It’s words words and words. The right side of the brain is the objective side. 
Left is subjective and right is objective.
It’s easier to think of the God Head. We have a head and we are part of the greater God head. 
Jesus sits on the right hand side in heaven, right of God the Father. The Father God is in WORDS only. Jesus on the right side is in physical with Words. This is an ANALOGY to explain our head as against the God Head. The God Head has the Father God, the Son God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit God. The God Head has three persons but each the same and each making up the ONE God Head. The God Head sits with us as we are a God head but not the God Head. We carry God in us. God within, Emanuel. The Holy Spirit is in our heart and God the Father and Jesus the Son are above. We are not God, we die to our old selves, we are a new person in Christ. 
Our right brain thinking is based on Christ’s thinking. Our left brain thinking is based on the Father Gods thinking. The Word reigns both sides of the brain but the Father is more honoured than the Son so maybe the left side of the brain might be more dominant. I know the father is always more honoured than the son. King David said “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies under your feet”. David is speaking about what is going on with him in his mind and heart. David had insight. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 24, 2015

 And its spiritual associated weather.
Einstein was about the physical I am about the spiritual.

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. 
A psychologist is saying you can be sad because of the cold winter weather. 

I remember being sad for some of my life living in Wellington region New Zealand. Wellington has atrocious winter weather so that might account for my sadness. I hated the cold and wind in Wellington region. The weather might have attributed to my sadness in Wellington but I think there were many other factors contributing to my sadness in Wellington factors which seemed out of my control because they were spiritually connived. 

The Bible says “A prophet is not honoured in his own country”. I myself relate to this verse. Kill the prophets. Stone the prophets. Prophets are Gods messengers. Stone the messengers. Curse the messengers. 
I am far too strong now in Christ to bow down to pressure from out side forces to let evil into my heart and mind. Christ Jesus protects me. The clouds soon part over me and the sun shines often. 
Weather of the soul/mind can be attributed a lot to words. And words come from mouths. And humans have mouths and speak words. There are thoughts too.

We humans are relational. We humans relate together. There is the church. I am talking about the body of Christ Church, not a building church. God lives in a living body. This living body is a human body. We humans of God are that living church body. God does not live in a building made of wood, concrete or brick but in a building of human flesh and we in God are that building. God lives in us of God. Immanuel, God within. So we humans are relational. But relational is specific to what body you are in. Because there is Christ’s body and there is Satan’s body. Then there are the lost. Do the lost live in a body? they must do but where are they in relation to God’s body and Satan’s body I do not know. 
So Gods people live together in heart and mind. Satan’s people likewise live together in heart and mind. The two main bodies living on this earth. My life is in God’s body. I relate together with all God’s people. I relate in thought, word and deed. I am in a great big family of God. This family is the church, a living body church. Jesus teaches us to love one another. Love is of God, and love keeps the body healthy. The body is meant to grow in love. We in the family of God are commanded by God to love otherwise we are disobeying God the HEAD. The brains of the body work in true love. To hate is to go the way of unhealthy ness and the body (you your part in the body) gets sick. 

We all in the body relate. Words are our relational tools. Heard of the saying “All things are relative”. God is the HEAD of the body of God’s people. Think wise and speak wise less your words come back and strike you. God is above listening and seeing (and tasting and smelling) and knows when each person in the body (below the God Head) sins. God hates sin.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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