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Seek God’s Wisdom

June 20, 2013

Seek wisdom. The photo of a crest of the ‘University of Western Australia’. God the creator gives His wisdom to mankind only through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. But if the name Jesus Christ is mentioned at all in classes at the University by students the students will be reprimanded. Also you don’t mention the name Jesus Christ in assignments or exams, if you do your grades will marked down. And if you persist in the said you will be failed. Universities do have classes on theology but this is about comparative religions not studying Jesus’ teachings as being the way, truth and life and saving people’s souls. So this University crest says ‘Seek wisdom’; what wisdom? whose wisdom? If Jesus Christ is like nothing more than swear words at University, where does Jesus Christ come in in the teachings / learnings / knowledge at University? Jesus Christ is the HEAD of heads, the MIND of minds, the SPIRIT of spirits, the HEART of hearts; so why is Jesus Christ not recognised as the HEAD of all Universities, the top MIND of all Universities. Scripture (bible) should be at the forefront of University teaching, such biblical teaching should be our frame work of all other learning. We must be anchored by our frame work, it keeps us from being up with the fairies. We have to check our wrists, we do not want to weaken our spiritual (human spirit) strength. Strength in the wrists is good. We work with our hands. We cultivate our minds and hearts with our hands. We keep the weeds out of our minds and hearts with working with our hands. Weak wrists, weak spiritual strength; weak spiritual strength, weak morals. We work for God with our hands, we work for the God Head, we work for the brains of God. We have the mind of Jesus Christ. We are converted we have our souls converted to the soul of Christ. Our soul is like as in heaven. We wait for the glorious heaven above, we have a taste of it now. We in human spirit serve our soul, we love our soul, we save our soul (through Jesus Christ, no other). We in serving God the creator the God of gods serve the Christlike soul, serve all Christlike souls. But we are ultimately serving The One and only True God. So if Jesus Christ is not acknowledged at University, what is the University teaching? What wisdom is the University teaching? To teach wisdom outside Jesus Christ, we need to check our wrists. We have a perverted world. Man is becoming God in his own eyes and man is being worshipped. Satan has deceived the world. Satan and the women who sits on the Dragon deceive.


To me secular education is not about learning God’s wisdom. Jesus Christ is far from people’s thoughts in their pursuits of learning say at a University. Jesus Christ is the wisdom and power of God. Most education is about getting qualified. Education is about having a document that proves you are qualified in some field. SEEK WISDOM is the motto on the crest of the shield of the University of Western Australia. But what wisdom? Jesus Christ wisdom? But Jesus talk would most probably not be tolerated at University. So education on a whole is not about seeking God’s wisdom but seeking a qualification. You could come away from studying years at a University and have a qualification but not learnt God’s wisdom. People study and get qualified but they get qualified for work that does not sit with their human spirit and soul. They do not work for the head of God. They work but they are not working. It’s like an act. They are like actors. It’s about money yes. Get qualified so you can work for lots of money. It’s not about working with your hands its about money. And parents encourage this. Most people do not work in the field that God has chosen them to work in. It’s about the body and not the head. SO EDUCATION IS ABOUT GETTING A QUALIFICATION NOT GETTING GOD’S WISDOM. And most people get qualified and work not in God’s will because they were not wise enough to find God’s will. SEEK WISDOM, the motto on the crest of the University, is an anomaly.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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