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RELIGION AND MONEY (not altogether good mates)

February 25, 2014


When you dig a grave dig deep. We do not want a shallow grave. When we die to ourselves dig deep. Bury the old sinful nature. When we plant a seed we plant it in the soil. Do not put the seed on top of the soil, firmly put the seed in to the soil. The seed dies, but it gives new life. Fundamentalist Christianity can be so shallow. The seed, the old sinful nature, needs a good burial. The wise build a strong foundation. It takes time and hard work to build a solid foundation as it takes time to prepare a seed in planting.

As a young Christian I belied fundamentalism and flirted with Pentecostalism; hey I was single then and all the single Christian young ladies seemed “Pentecostal”. And the Pentecostals were about money and fame; are we not all like that when we are young. Young people are about being “seen”. And seen is in most cases about showing the flesh. So the beautiful people (blemish free skin, tanned body, athletic body looks) are keen on Pentecostalism. Money, fame and good looks seem to go together and the young lap it up.

So in my youth I read about Paul Yonggi Cho and like many other fundamentalists we lapped up his books. Paul was the epitome of a successful Christian. He had made it – fame and fortune BUT through religion. Pentecostalism is true blue religion; Its a religion that also includes rules and regulations; such are man made. True; Pentecostalism has God and the Bible but don’t a lot of traditional churches have the same.

The Pentecostals are bigoted, bigoted in thinking they are the only true church. The traditionalists are hypocritical, hypocritical in saying one thing and doing another.

Religion and money are not altogether good mates. Christians need to choose, love of money or love of God. And some want both, love of money and love of God, a foot in both doors. Love of money corrupts. Yes power corrupts but so does money. Paul Yonggi Cho became the leader of one of the biggest churches (membership wise) in the world yet he too fell; why? The love of money. Pentecostals love money and lots of it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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