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April 6, 2017

To walk centrist thinking is sensible and sane. Very few people walk centrist. It’s like a drunk person, they can not walk a straight line. Most people are drunk in thought, they are sleepy, they are not wide awake. People don’t walk a straight line. People are not straight thinkers. To think straight is to be wise and to be wise is to be disciplined. 

The wisdom Spirit from God is a disciplined Spirit. Who is disciplined now a days? Very few people. Most people today walk and think perverted. To be perverted is not being straight. Heterosexuals might say we are straight. Oh yer then why do you not think straight. Heterosexuals are in to the arse just like the homosexuals. We live in a very perverted world. People who can not walk straight in the central walk think right or left. Then there’s the extreme left and right thinkers. We get extreme left and right politics. Right and left extreme religious thinkers. People who are extreme thinkers like Hitler are pycho. They are mad. Thinkers like Hitler are better put down. Put them down like a rabid dog is put down. 
Straight is middle, middle is centrist, centrist is disciplined, disciplined is wise, wise is sensible, sensible is good sense, good sense is common sense, sense is head, head is in charge, head rules the body, body submits to the head, head is wise, God head rules, mind of God in head, head rules a disciplined body, God head rules a straight body, turn to God, to turn away from God is to pervert. 
Atheism is a non prophet organisation. To turn away from God is to pervert the thinking.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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