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April 30, 2018

Well said Tony Cooke “The qualities of individuals should always be the primary consideration rather than their status or occupation “. Jesus I would think would agree Tony. I am no politician, I am a preacher minister or prophet. I call a spade a spade. I am a straight die I think straight and I speak straight, there are no bends in my bow. I am a pillar.

The world respects position. Position is ones occupation. Jesus Christ does not respect position. When I see a person I can if I want discern a persons true God calling (vocation, occupation) so when I see a person glorifying their profession (vocation) I think this is stupid. I just want to get away from that person, their glory is false and it makes me angry to see all their false pride in a vocation they should not be in. Its like being around someone smoking a cigarette, I hate the smell of lighted cigarettes and just want to get away from the smokers. I think smoking cigarettes is foolish yet people (especially in the past) are in your face about smoking. Smoking is a very dirty past time. I hate to see people glorying in my face in a vocation that makes nonsense of them and God. Most people are not in their God calling. People usually choose their vocation according to money. It’s like a man chooses his wife according to beauty first. A women may choose a husband according to the man’s financial worth. So few people glory God; it’s all about the body not the head. Save the soul above, what? I have more important things to do you say, I aim to be rich. Most young people have sex and money on their thoughts a lot of the time. Most modern churches are about money and sex. And power. Preachers in these modern churches promise wealth, just give money to the preacher and God will make you rich.

So when I meet a stranger and start a conversation, it’s first what do you do? It’s what is your occupation? What is your monetary value? Your occupation is your position in life. Your position is your ranking. Your occupation is your ranking. Your occupation has a monetary value. So the conversation is about finding first your position to know your ranking to know your value. So when we first meet you don’t want to know my character; you want to know my worth. The worldly people are all about money, money money, money. The root of all evil is the love of money and most people love money. People love Donald Trump because he is very rich. Donald has had many wives, cheated on his wives, gropes women, goes with prostitutes, but Donald is still loved for his money. Money is also power to many people and people love power. The modern church people love power.

Position is but dirty rags because position in many cases glories people not God. God does not respect position. Human wisdom respects position. The church people in mass respect position. The church in many cases glories in man’s wisdom not Gods wisdom. Mans wisdom is of this world, God’s wisdom is from above.

Law respects position. The law grades people by position. The church is still a lot about law. But the church should not be about law. Law is the old will. Jesus Christ is not about law.

So when you see Jesus Christ in the second coming don’t ask him what he does for a living. Don’t be stupid. I do sympathise with you that you do not know God’s calling for your life. To find your true calling one has to give up all idols. Don’t worship money especially. Don’t even think of money. You must keep to original thought. Original thought is simple. Innocent children in their youth not blinded by idols, sex and money are more able to discern truth. Generational sins (Ancestry sins) also blind truth.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


WORK – it’s become an anomaly 

July 3, 2017

I walked to the down town city from my home today.
Left home at 12.52pm. Arrived in the city CBD about 2.37pm. 
I did take a break for about 15 minutes stopping at a cafe for a milkshake and a savoury. I got the bus back but not all the way. I went shopping at Coles and walked from their another 8 minutes loaded up with heavy bags. 
I find walking exercise suits me best than all the other aggressive competitive exercise. I need to walk regularly because my heart needs a work out in a good benign way. Exercise in a non aggressive way helps me sleep better at night. 
On the walk I noticed a number of gyms. People pay big money to work out in a exercise gym. I muse on this, I think of it now and then, I am not wanting to offend, but I find people who work all day then go to a gym to work out defeats the whole issue of work. Why pay people to work out when people can get paid to work out. A lot of people now a days try and work with their minds rather than working with their hands. Working with ones mind is ok but why not work with both mind and hands. And why pay people to work out? There’s plenty of jobs where you can get paid to work out. But who wants to work out for money? It’s about getting a cosy well paid job where you don’t have to work out. I could find plenty of work for a person if they want to work out and get paid. 
Now I know God calls people to work in office work. Vocations abound where one is not using ones hands in hard labor. But not everyone is called to do office work. 
So you ask a person, “how was work”?

They reply, “I have been working my butt off”. 

So people go to work to work their butt off. Is that correct? Does it have to be about the butt? What about the hands? Why not work with the hands? 

You might say “I am not a labourer, I am educated, I am sophisticated, I work with my brains”. 

So who wants to really work? 

God gave us hands to work with. 
So people end up all day, day in day out, working their butts off. Is that not crude? In the old days life was simpler, people worked more with their hands. 
People work their butts off during the day and in the evening try and make amends by going to a gym and trying to work with their hands and legs. 
God can not be defeated. God made us. We have a purpose in God. God made us with simplicity. We humans are the ones who try and complicate everything. We need to treat our bodies and minds with simplicity. Simple tasks. 
So you go to work in the day time and everyone is trying to screw with each other’s minds. It’s butts. Perverted.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Wisdom 9:13-18 Good News Translation (GNT)

March 19, 2017

13 Who can ever learn the will of God? 14 Human reason is not adequate for the task, and our philosophies tend to mislead us, 15 because our mortal bodies weigh our souls down. The body is a temporary structure made of earth, a burden to the active mind. 16 All we can do is make guesses about things on earth; we must struggle to learn about things that are close to us. Who, then, can ever hope to understand heavenly things? 17 No one has ever learned your will, unless you first gave him Wisdom, and sent your holy spirit down to him. 18 In this way people on earth have been set on the right path, have learned what pleases you, and have been kept safe by Wisdom.

No one seems to be lining up to know Gods will. 
But do people really want to obey Gods will. The problem about knowing Gods will is to know it and not to obey it and incur the anger of God. Then again God could be angry or He might not be angry. 
I perceive in mind and heart people’s God will. I do not lie. I am either a fool or wise in my discerning people’s God wills. I call myself a prophet of God. I am either a false prophet or a true prophet. So if I am a false prophet you have every right to rubbish the God will I counsel people in. I see will but I see vocation will. Seem rubbish? Am I deluded? Am I a nutter? Do I have a demon in me? Am I working for the Devil? I seldom tell people their God will. Why? Oh we have a nutter here. People hate being told Gods will. I mean to be told Gods will means one has to obey it. Who really wants to obey God? Very few in heart and mind want to really obey God. I mean it’s about the body, what the body wants. Does Gods will pay a lot? It’s about the body and money. And not too much hard work mind you. 
I discern Gods will in people. By this I mean I discern the vocation of a person. I have seen vocation for many people. The people I tell Gods vocation to either say nothing to me in return or blast me with their words. It’s like “Who do you think you are? You do not have a psychology degree; you have no university degree; you have no training in discerning Vocation for people; you are a no body of importance; have you written books, no; you are not qualified to tell a person their vocation; you might have a demon in you; you have a mental illness. 
I see a match up of face to Gods will. Face goes with vocation. When a person is in the will of God, their face accentuates the look of Gods vocation. Face is very important. 
I have seen a person deep in to computers who should be a brick layer. I have seen a bible college lecturer who should be a wine steward. I have seen a church pastor who should be a civil engineer in mining. I have seen a church minister who should be a watch maker. And it goes on. Most people, just about all people, are not at the coal face (face again) of their God given vocation. Why?
Why are people not doing Gods vocation? Maybe I am the stupid one. Maybe I am cuckoo to think God gives vocation to people. It’s either I am a fool or I am wise. Christians in their youth cry out to God asking Gods will. But no answer. People go to pastors who are not real pastors. People go to psychologists who are not psychologists. People go to teachers who are not teachers. But no one wants to hear from me. 
I am a true prophet. I am no false prophet. I have wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. I do not operate under human wisdom. 
And when people want to hear from me, they bring pride. They know better than me. They are more qualified than me. To hear from God you must humble yourself to my gift. It’s the gift in me that helps people. Forget the thinking that I am not very intelligent, or not handsome, or not qualified with university degrees or not rich. Listen to me just because of the calling/vocation I have from God and listen to me because of the understanding in me from God. Still people forsake God. God would not speak or write through such a simple person like Lester. Lester is a no body. 
God uses the simple to impart His wisdom and understanding to this world. God does not use the worldly wise to impart his wisdom and understanding to this world. Don’t knock Gods wisdom. Don’t raise the ire of God. Gods wisdom is superior to human man’s/woman’s wisdom. To raise the ire of Gods wisdom is foolish. To knock Gods wisdom is like knocking life itself. To knock life is like wanting death. To hate Gods wisdom is to love death. Be wise listen to Gods wisdom. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

GODS VOCATION (It is simple)

February 7, 2017

I have discerned many things in my life time; this discernment came when I became a member of the Body of Christ. I took on the God Head. I accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Head. I have being thinking of one of my discernments gleamed in understanding. 
People of God (not people of the Snake, who are the off spring of the Dragon and snakes) are people who are the off spring of Adam and Eve (and that is everyone not of the Snake). Such wisdom written here is nonsense to the people who are into human wisdom. As I was saying people of God have a calling.

Christian teachers love to preach/teach about callings of God, especially the Pentecostal Teachers love to teach about God’s calling on people’s lives. I have discerned people’s callings. I see where they fit in, in a work profession. I see what they would excel at if they were in the profession that I discern. Not only can I read this at times about people but with that discernment I also see a correlation between the looks of a persons face and their true God calling. Their face matches their calling. So we have facial likeness to a chosen career. Chosen if chosen in God’s will. Now I discern many professions. I discern that most of God’s people are not in God’s chosen profession. A lot of people might just be partly in God’s profession; most are not even in part. 

So to be in God’s profession is to be in the mind of that profession. You learn to think in that profession. You understand that profession; your face is in that profession meaning your brain and head are in that profession. It is a Head thing not just a body thing. Most people decide their career based on money and status. It is all about money to most people. Money does not get one in to God’s profession.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

HILLARY (will she be the next President)

March 25, 2016

Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. . . . And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.” -quote Hillary Rodham Clinton

Yes Hillary I am listening. But and there are buts to your life plan. Hillary you say “when you’re knocked down, get right up …..go on”. Hillary I think of two boxers boxing it out in a boxing ring. Now there has to be a winner and a loser. The stronger boxer wins. So Hillary to be knocked down and get up and knocked down again and get up again knocked down again get up…. I mean where are we going with this? How long does it get into your head that to get continually knocked down means your opponent is stronger. So to keep WORKING at trying to knock down ones opponent who is stronger does not always work. Working in this case is foolish. So everyone has their limits. We have our strength limits. We have our ability limits. Hillary you have immense ability so when you have contested against opponents in ability your ability has won through. 

We must operate within our own strength and ability and not keep opposing someone of higher strength or ability – but to find our own niche. Better still use your ability and strength for God.
As a young girl growing up in the fifties, Hillary Diane Rodham had an unusual upbringing for the time-her parents told her, “You can do or be whatever you choose, as long as you’re willing to work for it.” Hillary took those words and ran. 
Again I am listening and again i disagree. I have found much enjoyment in learning from Gods wisdom. I have never always had Gods wisdom. Gods wisdom has given me Gods understanding. God gives His wisdom to the most unexpected people. God gives His wisdom to those people who the world looks down on. There’s a plan to all this. God wants all flesh to be levelled out; the valleys filled in, the mountains levelled down. A prophet with his insight sees how God looks at the heart and not the mind. All peoples successes and qualifications are but dung. 
So why do I think that Hillary’s parents have given the wrong advice “You can be what you like as long as you work hard at it”. In my wisdom and understanding from God I see a purpose for everyone. Now everyone might mean all people or it might just mean the people of God. There are the people in the church of Satan, we can call them snakes. The snake is a spiritual deity. {I add the following to add insight: everyone is in the likeness of God and God has also his weapons of human nature to use. In other words God can use our bodies against us if he desires}. If everyone is in the likeness of God, does God then give purpose to all? I don’t know. I would think God only gives purpose to Gods people. Gods people means not just those people who have received Jesus Christ. God gives a calling to all his people. Maybe we can call this calling a vocation. It’s the work that we are called to do. In my insight I see very few people in their God given vocation. It’s quite a dismal thing to see when people laud their careers/vocations that they have worked in for many years. I see such lauding as foolish. I see their vocations that they work at and i think – what a waste of time and efforts. What rubbish they talk and write. Hillary Clinton might get to be President because she has out boxed all her rivals in the ability boxing ring. I have never doubted Hillary’s ability. But Hillary has to answer to God. God might use her in a Presidents role. God does not force people against their will – human beings have FREEWILL. Wisdom of God can bring about things but God himself mainly brings about His plans that He set from the beginning. The people of the USA have FREEWILL to vote in the President they want. God can use the President that the people vote. Hillary in my minds eye has a vocation as a chef. So why would a chef be President of the USA? God can use what’s available. Hillary like most people look to the world and not within. It’s what’s out there. Seek fortune and riches and status out there. It’s the flesh wisdom not the Spirit wisdom of God. A wise person of God might say “Wisdom of God is found by very few people”. So few people find their God given vocation. True vocation is in spirit. Spirit is in our heart. Look within to seek truth. Invite God in if you have not. God in Jesus will come in and live with your human spirit and soul. In God within, we have all the answers. 
The worldly people do not seek Gods wisdom. The people of the world seek their wisdom out there, from human flesh. The people want the physical wisdom. Truth to the people is what you see from your physical eyes. True God wisdom is from Spirit. We are essentially spirit and soul. See with the eyes of your spirit. Gods kingdom is NOT of this world. Gods kingdom is within. You can not take all your riches with you to the next life. This present life is about “preparing for the after life”. All your works are but filthy rags. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 4, 2015

You live to work or you work to live. You eat to live or you live to eat. You die to live or you live to die.
Most people I perceive are not in their God given vocation. How does one find true vocation? First it’s SIMPLE. Second its not just about MONEY. Third it’s a PLAIN job. Fourth the job is STRAIGHTforward to you. Other people (in other true vocations) see your true vocation when you are working in your true vocation, complex, about money, difficult, and not straight. If you see your own vocation straight and simple you might be ok but if you see your vocation as bent and complex watch out. 

Most people now a days eat not because they need to eat but because they want to eat. It’s about piling the food in. In the old days people worked to eat. You worked because you needed food. Now people just eat to enjoy food. People love food now. It’s about people’s stomachs. Peoples god is their stomach. It’s not about NEEDS now a days, it’s about WANTS. I want to eat not I need to eat. 

We live to die but it should be we die to live. The seed is sown in the soil. The seed has to die to grow. We humans are in a mortal body a body that has to die for us to live. This life on earth is just a temporary life, we are sown as a mortal body to become an immortal body. But humans in their foolishness think that the seed is all there is. No the seed is just the beginning. The seed is necessary yes but the seed dies to grow a beautiful plant. A plant that grows fruit. And the cycle goes on. Seed comes from the fruit. 

A lot of people go to work during the day then go to the gym after work and work out. Am I missing something here? You go to work all day then do more work after work. Why? See a lot of people now a days work in offices. These people sit at desks all day. In the old days people worked outside all day and they did not need to work out at the end of the day. People in the old days worked, I mean literally worked, they worked with their hands and bodies. Now people go to work during the day, get paid for it then pay other people to work out after work. Why pay gyms to work out? Are not people really working out in their day time jobs in the offices? There must be plenty of jobs still available where people can really work out all day and get paid for it and not have to pay a gym to work out. But people say we do not want to work with our hands and bodies all day it’s too hard. But is it not hard work working out at a gym. Yes it’s very hard work at a gym. You get people going on a jog before work. It’s called exercise. So people working all day in the office are not exercising? Obviously I am missing something here. People work but are not working. So it’s about money, going after money. In the old days the people worked with their hands, they did work, they had no time for gyms. The irony of all this work is that people pay their money to work out. Why pay to work when you can work to get pay? People want the cushy jobs where they don’t have to work out. But their bodies tell them they need to work so it’s off jogging or its off to the gym. 

I see very few people in their true God given vocations. Are most people working in Vain? Yes. If you are not working for the God Head you are working in vain. But you might say I work hard, I work long hours, I help people, I make plenty of money, – but I say all is vain. Now when the archer fires an arrow, it’s about getting the Bulls eye. The wise archer gets the Bulls eye. But there are still points if you get near the Bulls eye. But no points for getting way clear of the Bulls eye. We children are like arrows in a quiver and the father fires each arrow; lets just hope our father is WISE. The foolish archer fires his arrows way off the mark. Let’s be children who submit to our father and obey. Foolish father, foolish son; wise father, wise son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

What is the TRUTH?

July 4, 2015

It’s SIMPLE. I said it’s Simple. 

What is the truth? 
Lies are not simple. Lies are dark where truth is light. 
So simple straight plain truth.
So when do we know someone is lying to us? When someone is not telling the straight plain simple truth.
Understanding of God is to be focussed. To understand in God you have to focus on ONE. There is ONE God to focus on. Look at the ONE to be SANE. 

Your true God vocation/calling is found in seeking simplicity and plainness and straightforwardness. A lot of people know Gods calling but do not follow it. Then again a lot of people do not know Gods calling because they prefer to follow false gods. Money is the main god of people now a days.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 17, 2014

Today I had an interesting episode. It happened in the briefest of time but I have mulled over it in my mind a few times since. I am a thinker. There must be a lot of thinkers in this world. I mean thinking can be a very nice thing to do. I have thought many interesting enlightening things over my time.

In my former state of “lost soul” and “depraved mind” I did not have enlightened thoughts; how could I? I then was not in the light of God, I was in the dark, my spirit and soul were full of sin either it be just my sins or both my sins and the sins of my ancestors passed down to me; what we call generational sins (the bible calls it generational sins). So dirty nest, dirty people. Dirty parents, dirty nest, dirty children and so forth continuing on down the generations. BUT this cycle of sins through generations of families can stop at the CROSS of JESUS CHRIST. So we can become part of the washed people.

Back to my interesting episode; I was thinking and I thought this episode and my enlightened thinking about it deserves public mention; why? Because the enlightenment brought about by this episode may help people better understand God and people. I was in this large department store in the city. I was walking along and saw someone I instantly recognised though I had to look a few intent times to make sure I was right in my analysis of who it was. But I was quite sure it was who I thought it was. This man was dressed very casually I mean even his shirt was hanging out which to me seemed odd as I knew this man, especially in the past, would not on occasions like this walked around so casually dressed. What I mean this man used to be a big profile figure in Australia, he used to be a member of parliament for a lot of his previous life. He was a high ranking Federal cabinet minister for many years. So such a person in the past used to be in the public eye and so he would have dressed more fitting incase media for example were around. He in his time dined and wined with nations Presidents and Prime Ministers. Now he gave up all this status and maybe pomp to settle for a regular job. I mean he did surprise a lot of people when he retired from politics; he surprised even me. I had respect for this man in how he handled himself and others during his reign at the so called top. He had very important positions in Government. I think he was generally well liked and may have made a good Prime Minister one day. So I see this man, just for a minute or two. But I see more than what I see with the physical eye. I see and think. I consider; a man that has a decent nature. I don’t see evil. It is like I see him but really see him. I wonder here is a man that mixed with the so called high flyers of the world. I thought what could be his real true God given calling, and it came to me a “Shoe Salesman”. I thought yes his face matches exactly what I would consider a shoe salesman would truly look like in the face. But I thought; but this man has been high up in politics and Government surely he can not really be a shoe salesman. But no I thought he looked like a shoe salesman and the match to me looks right. I thought, how can people like this man be informed of their true God calling? I thought no they can not. How can you tell a high flyer that you are a shoe salesman? The problem always comes down to money. I considered and thought it was money that is the issue of career choices. Shoe salesman do not get big pay like a politician. Now I understand the man in question is now a practicing lawyer. Lawyers earn big money. So people love money more than they love God. And Satan deceives people. Satan obviously does not want people to serve God. Maybe there is a metaphorical veil over the people of the world.

So what is it about me and discerning people’s true God callings. I think people on a whole would turn on me if I told them their true calling. And the people that were in their true calling and I confirm this to them would probably be indifferent to me. The ones not in Gods calling might voice their concerns about my so called state of mind if I told them their true calling. Alas such is what we humans are like. We put Jesus on the cross, we put thorns on Jesus head, we said “Jesus has a demon in him”, we said to Jesus “you tried to save others save yourself”. THE WORLD DOES NOT UNDERSTAND. Now Jesus while still alive on the cross prayed to the Father God saying “forgive them (all of us the people) for they do not understand”. Sad but true we the world still do not understand. It is easier to say “Jesus is mad he has a demon in him” than to understand. And does the world really want to understand?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 15, 2013

God’s callings such a touchy subject because there are so many books written on the subject but still people do not understand the gist of it all. I have had some thoughts on callings but have not analysed it too much. I have discovered that only through wisdom and insight of God can one find their true calling. I think of a person and can perceive their calling. I think with insight. Wisdom comes to the heart but in heart to human spirit. We humans are essentially spirit and soul. We think in soul helped by spirit. Spirit has the gifts from God (spiritual gifts) and these gifts in spirit help our souls and bodies. In helping body and soul these gifts are really helping the one whole body of Christ, the true church. I perceive callings I see a person in minds eye and can understand their God given calling. When I see this calling I see a correlation between their physical looks like the look of their face and their calling. The facial features correlate with their calling. Such features make sense of their calling. This sense confirms their calling.

An Example
My time at Bible College. I perceive the callings of the college lecturers. The first teacher I met and had an interview with to discuss my enrolment he looks like a army major. The second teacher I saw for an interview he looks like a barman. And my last interview was spent with a teacher looking like an accountant. There was a third teacher and he looks like a television producer. Another teacher she looks like a school teacher. Another teacher was really a book publisher.

All these lecturers taught me at college. But there was only one true teacher.

I don’t usually work out a persons calling just by looks. Looks come second. It’s my insight and thoughts that work out a calling and then looks confirm the calling.

Life is so vain. People work but don’t work. Vanities of vanity. It’s like what the bible says “People see but don’t see, people listen but don’t listen, all is vanity”.

The bible says “The people stone my prophets”. The prophets are the messengers of God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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