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Important Meeting between two Super Power Presidents

April 22, 2017


Yes President.

Call me Donald.

You can call me Jinping. 

White tea?

No milk thank you.

One or two lumps?

One thank you. 

Nice weather we are getting.


How’s your handicap?



Improving all the time.

Phone call sir.

Just a minute Jinping.

No worries I can wait.

Sorry about that but we are in a a bit of a stew at the moment.

I like stew.

No I meant it figuratively. I just gave the go ahead to our military to strike Syria.


Another cup?

No I must be going. I just wanted to pass by to congratulate you on your new job.

A game of golf?

No I must return home, another time.

Sir excuse me. The media want to ask a few questions.

Jinping do you mind?

No a few questions will be ok. 

Mr President.

Which one?

Mr Trump did you discuss North Korea?

We had a very intelligent and enlightening discussion and spoke on many issues that are confronting our two nations.

But did you talk about North Korea?

The talk we had was sweet and refreshing.

That sounds like a sweet drink.

Next question.

President Xi what would you like to see improve between you and President Trump?

I hope that my swing improves.

What swing sir.

That will be all for now President Xi has a long trip a head of him he is returning home.

Sir sir what about North Korea? The North Koreans are getting war like.

President Xi is tired that will be all.

No let me speak. I am at peace with the USA. I see no call for war. I came here to keep the peace not to ferment war. North Korea is a sovereign nation it acts as it sees fit. 

But North Korea is making much noise.

China does not want a nuclear war with the USA, such would be suicide for both nations. In difficult times where tension arises, to ease the tensions compromises have to be made.

Sir do you mean you trade out of difficult situations.

Exactly TRADE.

We will trade, you trade. You can trade to get out of tensions. The USA has things we want. War can be averted by appeasement. Appease by trade. China wants things that the USA has. China can trade with things China has.

Sir you are also taking about trading national security things.

Yes national security. Taiwan is a problem to us. North Korea is a problem to you. But Taiwan is not making noise. Your problem is more heightened than our problem. There are also other international concerns we can trade on. I am tired.

That will be all. 

The tea was nice Donald.

You are welcome.

(Donald Trump later at home)

Darling how did the talks go with the Chinese President?

We just had a nice cuppa of tea and talked golf.

Nothing else?

Nothing else. He did talk to the media.

That’s nice, night dear.

Night dear.
Donald reflects:

Peace and quiet.

Noise and war.

Keep away from noisy neighbours.

Surely China does not want war!!!!! 

And Xi seemed to give off no angry vibes of war.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


FAIR GAME (book)

September 23, 2016

Just finished reading this e book. 

Valerie Plane outed by the White House. Valerie was a covert officer working for the C.I.A. (The USA Central Intelligence Agency). Covert is to work under cover. To out a C.I.A. covert officer is against the law in the USA. Outing someone covert is to reveal to the general public the coverts true name and identity. Valerie was married to a man who got on the wrong side of both the Vice President and the President of the USA. 
Valerie’s husband Joe Wilson spoke to the media to contend about the White Houses issue of wanting to go to war against Iraq. The White House, the President especially wanted to go to war. The President just needed an excuse for this war. The President wanted the USA public on his side in this war. The public were fed tit bits of information that seemed to make out that Iraq were making weapons of mass destruction. But no such weapons were being made and the C.I.A. could not even prove to the White House that such weapons were in Iraq. But President Bush Jr wanted war. Valerie’s husband was making noise against the war so the White House discreetly mentioned to journalists that Valerie was working for the C.I.A. It looks like the White House punished Valerie’s husband by outing his C.I.A. covert wife. It was big news in the media about Valerie working for the C.I.A. This outing of Valerie soon led to her leaving the employment of the C.I.A.
We have a dilemma here – Does the President of the USA have the power to go to war at his own discretion? Does the President need Congress approval to go to war? The President is first Commander in Chief of all USA military. President Bush Jr wanted war with Iraq. But why? Was it to get the Iraqi oil? I think not. Bush wanted to depose a tyrannical dictator. Tyrants stink this earth. So is it justified to go to war, a war that kills thousands of people, to get this tyrant? Bush seems to be exonerated in his dealings to get Saddam Hussein. Bush seems to have the higher moral ground in going to get Hussein. 
Valerie Plane got mixed up with the politics of the White House. It started really when a Vice Presidential aid rang one of her section staff and asked for any information on a report about Iraq trying to buy uranium from the African country of Niger. Valerie worked as a section boss in dealing with Iraq and its supposed weapons of mass destruction. One of Valerie’s staff recommended Joe Wilson (Valerie’s husband) go on a fact finding mission to Niger. Joe was an ex USA Ambassador to African nations. Joe was not working for the C.I.A. but he was called in when expertise in his area was required. And Joe obliged in helping where he could. Both Joe and Valerie were patriotic USA citizens. 
Here we get where the rubber hits the road. Joe Wilson going to Niger and coming back and reporting no substance in the report of Iraq buying uranium from Niger. The White House was not thrilled by this report. The White House wanted only evidence of building of weapons mass destruction by Iraq. The President in his State of Union address stated that Iraq had bought uranium from Niger. Joe Wilson was livid about the President giving to the public what he thought was misleading information. Joe went to the press. The White House were angry that Joe had gone to the press. So in revenge the White House outed Joes wife. The White House said that Joe had been sent on a junket (free paid trip) to Niger by his C.I.A. wife. 
It came down to a fight for their reputation – Joe and Valerie against the White House. It then came down to Republicans against Democrats. So it was all really political. It was about the President wanting to go to war to depose Saddam Hussein. Joe and his wife just just got in the way. Both were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
I think Saddam Hussein needed deposing. 
Leaders of countries are hesitant in ordering their intelligence agencies or military to assassinate other nation leaders. Of course for a nation leader to order an assassination of another nations leader would mean the very likely hood of a revenge killing killing the leader. So what do leaders do? To save their hides they send in a full military force. Thousands and thousands die. What for? To kill one man, to kill the tyrannical dictator. So are leaders cowards? Who wants to die? Why did they not assassinate Hitler?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler????? No no.

May 13, 2016

 Stalin and Hitler were bosom pals at the beginning of the war. Stalin is as much a butcher as Hitler. 
We must not forget that the USA had the trump card. This card was the atomic bomb. The USA had the atomic bomb in 1945 and if the Soviets had not come in to the war against Hitler the USA could have nuked a few German cities. Actually the Soviets you could say saved Germany from being nuked. Japan was nuked in to submission and Germany could have been nuked in to submission. 
Hitler and Stalin were like Rottweiler dogs, they were savage and attacked people. These two dogs needed putting down. If a dog is attacking you viciously sometimes killing the dog is the only way to save yourself. Even if you have to pull the clip off a grenade and put the grenade down the dogs throat. 
Governments should have sent assassins after Hitler. 
But of course that is not cricket.
And world leaders are afraid they will then be targeted.
Sometimes war can be just about killing the leaders, the leaders are few. But no what happens millions of people have to die. Leaders don’t want to die. Leaders may have an agreement that they don’t die but their followers, military, die. Hitler could have been assassinated early on in the play before the war. But leaders think there will be pay back. 
President Kennedy – when he was The leader of the USA he came close to being an important cog in there being a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the USA. This was going on while the likes of me and you (if you were alive then) were sleeping in our cosy beds, parents saying good night to our children, going to work, reading a book, watching television. But while we were living our daily grind we might have been obliterated in a few seconds, like vaporised in to nothing. But aren’t we all nothing but wind, and some might say “hot air”. 
Kennedy did a show down with the Soviets preventing their ships bringing and landing missiles to Cuba. USA war ships forced the Soviet ships to turn back. 
Now were these Soviet missiles nuclear armed? I guess so. 
The confrontation was eased and war stopped because the USA as a compromise removed their nuclear missiles from Turkey. Such missiles here in Turkey were obviously aimed at the Soviet Union. 
Kennedy was later assassinated. 
Why Kennedy was killed is still not fully known. 
But we know that there might have been a nuclear war and millions of people dying. There was no war this time. 
Did Kennedy have to die? Was it better he died to save face for other people? I don’t know. 
So world leaders take the safe back seats and send their armies in to the battle. Millions die. But in the case of Hitler if he had been killed millions of people might not have died.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 29, 2015

Saw the movie “Bridge of Spies” yesterday at the cinema. 
What a movie. I even thought I saw tears in another movie goer. It was like I heard him weeping. I don’t know what was going on there, I mean was it the movie? I thought to myself, “I wonder if he came from East Berlin”. 
Makes me also think “Maybe I was unwise to go in to East Berlin especially toting a big camera around my neck”. I mean the Stasi could have picked me up and accused me of being a spy. I did have the camera. I saw no other people with cameras. This was 1977 and I went in to East Berlin through check point charlie going by myself and telling no one. It was a day trip.
Tom Hanks you played well. I get the impression Tom is not the usual hollywood actor; he seems serious; you don’t hear of him shacking up with the ladies. I guess he’s married and married well. Most actors are known for their infideilities. 
This movie is based on real truth. The USA and Russia swapping some prisoners during the “Cold War”. And it was cold. Freezing to some, like those in East Berlin (When we think of cold we think of hate). The bridge is a real bridge that linked East Berlin to West Berlin. The swap of prisoners took place on this bridge (and also at check point charlie). 
I grade this movie: 7 (out of 1 to 10)

An enjoyable movie.
Lester John Murray.

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