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February 9, 2019

Some Pharisees asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come. His answer was, “The Kingdom of God does not come in such a way as to be seen. No one will say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’; because the Kingdom of God is within you.”

Luke 17:20-21

Is salvation of the soul intended by God to be simply salvation within. Are the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles in the bible directed at just our human spirit in our heart and soul in our head and flesh self in our heart. Is dying to self an inner thing? Is salvation of our souls all metaphorical and not to be taken literally? Old people are more metaphorical and young people are more literal. Young people are more in to self than older people. Old people have died more to self. Was all Jesus’ life on this earth directed to us in the Kingdom of God that is within the human body. Is salvation an inner experience not an outer experience? Soul is in the head is it not. Human spirit is in the heart is it not. Is heaven above where the soul is? Soul is saved by believing and having faith in Gods Words. They say heaven is a state of mind. Is the Kingdom of God in our hearts, a living Kingdom. We commune with each other and with God from our hearts. We are in each other and God is in us. We are all members of the one body. We live in each other in word. A Mystery.

Now salvation may be metaphorical but I think salvation is still some literal. Yes the Bible is spiritual inspired by God. And God is Spirit and teaches our human spirit. We humans are so engrossed in flesh and physical that we do not see beyond (meta) the physical to the spirit. We see and read words or WORDS (God) but are still blinded a lot by the physical. We read people’s thoughts, we perceive people’s hearts, but we see only as much as the physical let’s us as we idolise the physical and physical does not allow us to see the spiritual. Spiritual is in words.

The youth are literal. It’s self to the youth. The youth seldom see past flesh and money. Youth are skin deep wisdom. It’s having a tan and having money and sex to the youth. The youth follow the money, it’s the leaders that ooze money that they follow.

Metaphorical is seeing past the physical. To see past the physical is to see the spiritual, see the spiritual words, read people’s hearts where human spirit is. See past the old sinful flesh self in the heart to see human spirit. The Kingdom of God grows. Those in the Kingdom of God are in the Body of Christ the living Church, we are that Church, we are that Body, your body my body, we are all joined together in one big Body, we are the Body of Christ.

Jesus says He’s coming again. This is where the contention happens between metaphorical and literal salvation. Jesus saved our souls metaphorical but we see literal interpretation of Jesus salvation when Jesus says He’s coming again. So there must be a physical resurrection of the Body the living Church. In a blink of an eye lid we get new bodies. The soul is saved and the body is saved . The body gets a new Body. We become like the angels in a body a super natural body. But who wants to live for eternity in a body, hey will it not get boring, day in day out year in year out living going on, what do we think about we want to just rest we don’t want to endlessly think we want to stop.

Jesus led the way. Jesus leads the way to a metaphorical heaven to a metaphorical Kingdom of God. Is the Kingdom of Heaven the same as the Kingdom of God? Is heaven within? Is heaven an understanding that is to be metaphorically understood? Is heaven not a literal place? Is Heaven a place to be understood only to human spirit? Soul and human spirit are not physical. Why should soul and human spirit be saved physically when they are not physical, do WORDS of God only save the soul? Words are what it is ALL about. Words save us. God is the Words.

Now I do not understand salvation. I do not understand eternal life. I think. I perceive. If I do understand things then so much the better. If you glean any truths from my writings then good. Salvation is understood to the inner person and who understands the inner self their spirit self or their flesh self. Not many people know themselves totally. We don’t understand. Jesus when on the cross said to the Father “Forgive them Father they do not understand”. We don’t understand, simple. Pilate the Governor said to Jesus “What is truth?” Truth looks us in the face yet we still do not know the truth. Truth was looking Pilate in the face. We have faces yet we do not look ourselves in the face if we did we would see a spiritual revelation we would read ourselves that’s if we were not blinded by the physical.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 10, 2018

It was 6 weeks that John had been travelling to seek the wise one. John had heard about the wise one from friends he knew. John had been on a plane, been driven by taxi, been on a ship, and walked for one week to find the wise one.

John finds the wise one way up high in the mountains with a vast desert at its base.

John enters a cave that his guide directs him to.

Hello hello anyone there?




Is that you wise one?


My name is John can we speak?


It’s dark in here I can not see you

What’s there to see, see from your inner eyes

Okay but what do you look like

What’s there to like about my looks? Sit down, what do you want?

I want to know the truth

What is truth?

Ha ha, it’s not lies

We have a funny one here do we

Sorry wise one

Where is truth?

You are truth


Yes you

I carry truth in me I am just a vessel you are a vessel also

So where is truth?

Look within

Within where?

Within your heart and mind, all truth is within

But I would have stayed at home and not come all the way here if I knew that

I am not truth God is truth God lives within

What a wasted journey I have done

Stay for a while

Why what’s the point?

Because I say so

What then?

Truth is within but it’s the getting of truth that is hard


God gives truth but only to the wise

And how do I become wise?

Wisdom is obeying God. The flesh and all its sins get in the way of truth. We must try and not sin and if we do sin we repent to God.

So wisdom is the key to truth

Exactly. Free up the truth in you by obeying God. God does not like giving truth to fools. God reveals himself to the wise not to fools. You have to go now.

Why? This is just getting interesting

I have done what I can do


You know how to get truth now obey and seek

Are you there? Hello, hello

John leaves the wise one and hikes down the mountain through the desert and on a ship and on a plane and on a taxi and gets home. The journey home takes 6 weeks and a bit.

“How was it” Johns friends ask in unison “Did you meet the wise one”?


Yes what? What truth did you learn?

Obey God and look within

That all?


What a wasted journey

Look I have to go

Go where?

On a journey to obey God

Obey God how?

Not to sin

Bahhh sinning is fun. Let’s drink high proof spirits to the wise one

Not for me

What? You usually drink us lot under the table

Not now


No thanks

Boy you have changed

I hope so. Must go. I am on a journey to find truth

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

I just love the simple straight truth of the Holy Scriptures

December 17, 2017

Don’t you just love it? The Scriptures read out clear the soul and heart. The Words of the Scriptures wash out all man’s wisdom. Don’t people just put an artificial veneer over their lives like a plastic covering. God looks at the heart but man looks at the physical looks of people, man looks at titles before a person’s name, man looks at letters after a person’s name. Doesn’t man’s wisdom just stink when compared to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. Man’s wisdom is so artificial and not genuine, it’s fake wisdom. Doesn’t man just glory in him her self. With man’s wisdom to any depth you have to check that your wrists don’t weaken. Man’s wisdom is weak spiritual strength. Man writes books to glory him her self. Not all books are to man’s glory but a lot are. I read books but I mainly keep to memoirs and based on war. I like defence and the good against evil. There’s the battle in the physical but with it there’s the battle for the soul. We are in constant battle preparedness. I say get these people who worship man’s wisdom to work with their hands. No poncing around loving artificial wisdom.

Even at Bible College I sensed that if I gave my thinking to the college theology thinking that my wrists would weaken. College thinking was orientated towards humanism. I learnt only one constructive truth at Bible College and that was that I thought in a straight line whereas most people think up and down like a sine wave. Thinking straight makes me think of a sick person in a hospital linked to a monitor with a screen and the person when alive the screen shows a graph with a electronic line going up and down but when the person dies the line goes in a straight horizontal line. We in Christ should be dead to our old nature, we live for Christ, our thinking is Christ like, Christ is above so we have above thoughts. So Christ is dead we are dead, but Christ was raised we are raised. Heaven is above. We are saved in soul above. Where is heaven? Above? So does the Vatican dialogue with NASA? Is the Pope in communications with the astronauts on the space station above? Are astronauts instructed by NASA to look out for Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is in the physical, we believe that, but is this physical of Jesus an internal understanding? Jesus Christ is real but where is He? Does Jesus and His angels hang around the space station? Is our human spirit really dumb? What is above to spirit maybe is different to what is above in human flesh. Do we learn in spirit to spirit from Spirit. Is God’s understanding only spiritual? Is there a veil over people’s souls? Is Jesus everywhere He wants to go? Is heaven everywhere to Jesus?
Why does Jesus permit so much evil to happen in this world? The answer is simple, God gave humans free will, we are not robots. Do you want God to force people to obey His will? No. We want free will.
So we do not ask astronauts to look out for God. God is in heaven but we understand heaven through metaphor because our human spirit is so stupid. Our human spirit sees physical and our spirit can be fierce and vicious. What our human spirit needs is to learn from the Holy Spirit. God is above, this is for our human spirit in our heart to understand. Our spirit in our hearts can grow wise. Our spirit is our light. We in human spirit are yoked to the Holy Spirit. We in our human spirit learn from the Holy Spirit we learn our true God calling. The soul learns from Spirit of God that he she is saved above. Man’s wisdom does not save the soul. The soul is in the head. The soul is a small shadowy like person. We are a person in the soul because the soul can think. The soul learns that it is saved above. Once the soul is saved nothing can rob that soul of its salvation. Or can one lose their salvation? Maybe. The soul is in the head, does the soul go in circles? When your head is spinning is your soul spinning, going in circles? Run soul run.
I read the simple Holy Scriptures daily. The Words of the Bible are simple truth. The truth sets you free. The truth saves you, not the TRUTH of man’s wisdom but the TRUTH of God’s wisdom through Jesus Christ.
The Holy Bible is the closest we have of the Spiritual truth in Words. We must read it often. We need the Words of the Bible. The Bible is the simple truth. We need to be anchored to a simple foundation. We don’t want to be airy fairy. We want to base our lives on a strong solid foundation. We want strong wrists. True Godly strength is in our wrists. Procreation requires the male to have strong wrists. So I am a straight thinker. I need the simple truth, I love reading the Holy Bible. I need the teachings from the Holy Spirit. I don’t want to be thinking like the worldly people think, I don’t want to be a pervert, I base my life on Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God the Son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2017

Is ALL Truth simple? And where truth is not explained simply is it then complex? Is the truth from the heart. Is politics all really just simple and man makes it complex because man wants the glory. The headship of God should have the glory. We discern from the head. The head has the senses. But man clouds his her judgement with sins. The sins of the flesh cloud and darken sense. 

So communism in Russia was a “us and them” fight. It was fighting to have land and food and peace for the “have nots”. Yes it’s “us and them” and it’s the “have and have nots” simple. But no the Scholars say you have study many years to get understanding of politics. You have to have a qualification to understand things. If you do not have a qualification you are not qualified to write or speak about things. So is it All Simple, I mean true understanding is it all really very simple and man tries to make it look hard and complex. The Pharisee teachers put burdens on people’s backs but these same teachers won’t help carry other people’s burdens. The Pharisee teachers know the above exists and that the path to the above is simple and straight but these teachers don’t enter the above and won’t lead people to the above. 
The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was about “the haves and have nots”. And “us and them”. Most of the Russian peasants had no idea of what socialism really meant, the peasants only wanted food, land of their own, and peace from fighting in wars. The bulk of land in pre revolution Russia was owned by a small section of the population who were wealthy men. The peasants were worked to the bone. The war was on and the soldier peasants were dying in the thousands in this war. Lenin offered hope and peace and food and land to the peasants. Trotsky organised the capitulation of the Russian Government. Lenin became leader but lived only for a few more years. Stalin took over after Lenins death. Stalin I call a butcher (not literally), he killed his people in the thousands each year. 
So politics can be about those who have and those who do not have. Revolution is about those who do not have taking from those who do have. Revolution is about revolving, it’s us being now them and them now being us. 
Politics is not essentially about the workers versus the managers and owners. Politics is about those who do not have wanting the things from others that do have. The have nots want to be the haves. The have nots stage a Revolution to take from the haves. It’s about WANTING. It’s about the wants from the heart. The heart is simple. Keep it simple to keep it focussed. Keep focussed to keep sane. 
The Pharisee teachers don’t teach the simple path, these Pharisee teachers don’t want souls saved. These teachers are at the entrance to above but they lead no one on the simple truth path to above. So mankind is confused. Satan has blinded people. The Pharisee teachers side with Satan. The truth should come from the heart. The heart is SIMPLE.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2017

All true answers to life should be understood simply. Anyone making a complex confusing answer to a problem is not talking truth, they don’t know the truth.

Avoid those teachers who do not speak or write the simple truth. Truth should not be long winded. Einstein’s theory of relativity can be understood in a few letters and numbers. Look to straight simplicity in anything. To keep straight, be focussed. To walk a straight line you must look straight at one object ahead. To think straight the same applies you think on one subject ahead. Think of one subject in thought. Objective and subjective focus. Subjective thought can be metaphorical thought on one. To keep focussed you must look at one and concentrate on one. God is one. The head on one’s body is one. The simple truth is one. To get the answers to problems focus on one, and stay focussed on one And the truth may come out. BUT what one do you focus on? Focus on God. How to focus on God? Look at holy scripture. Look at a crucifix with Jesus Christ on. Pray to God. The world thinks the answers to life are found in the most words possible but really only a few words are all it needs. To focus on many is to focus on many gods. We have only the one true God not many gods. To have many gods is Satan’s ruse. There are no real answers in having many gods. Stay away from teachers and preachers who speak and write about there being many gods. Many gods is demon worship. Demon worship is being on the dark side.

Jesus Christ is the true light. Demons are dark.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 13, 2016

An article says that the Pope is not being black or white in relation to the truth he puts out.

My thinking says the very top leader has to be black and white. There must be no dark or grey area in the top thinking. The top is the peak and has to be sharp edged. Peaks are not meant to be blunt but sharp. The peak is above the clouds of doom and gloom, at the top you must see all. You are over all, over all sins, you are in the full light at the top. 
The Pope to be a true leader needs to be sharp and that means being this or that, right or wrong, light or dark, there are no compromises. 
But to be at the top and sharp means knowing ALL the truth. 
The Pope does not know all the truth. 
Jesus Christ is ALL sharp and sees ALL, knows ALL, so Jesus can preach/teach straight truth. 
The Pope may have the MIND OF CHRIST but his mind still is in shadows. Is the Pope not in the full light? Who is? Who can say they are in the total light of God? 
The Pope does not know all. The Pope is no King Solomon. So the Catholics are still in some sense the blind leading the blind. Oh the Catholics know plenty but not all. 
No one knows about homosexuality. Are homosexuals not Gods people? Are homosexuals the product of human wisdom and not Christ’s wisdom? We have strong wrists to work with, we weed out our minds and hearts, we plant seeds of words in minds and hearts, we need strong wrists to plant, weed and harvest. Are homosexuals the man made artificial product? Who knows for sure? No one. 
We need our leaders to lead from black and white. We need sharp leaders. We need our leaders to know all Gods wisdom. Knowing is knowing God. Leaders who are strong leaders are wise leaders. Wisdom of God sharpens ones mind up. Who is all wise? Few can say they are very wise. People covet the human wisdom rather than Christ wisdom. The Catholics pursue human wisdom and Christ’s wisdom. Wisdom has to be iron not wood. Nature is wood. Nature lovers are wooden. Prophets of God have iron strong spirits. 
Women cover their heads. The women’s longish hair is the women’s cover on her head. The women covers her body. Body cover and head cover for the women is to glory the man’s head. The man’s head is not to be covered. The man’s head is to glory God and the women’s head is to glory the man. Now a days this Christ wisdom of man and woman and headship is mostly perverted. The man now glories a lot in the women’s body and not in his headship of Christ. The women use their bodies to desecrate the wisdom of Christ. The women break the power of the man’s power in his head. The head should rule not the body. The women in charge of the man is seen by the man as seeing her body. Bodies ruling the head is unnatural and perverted. The Christ wisdom of man and woman was made to bring good sense to the church and to the world. The church needs to acknowledge that the wisdom of Christ is true. Women in charge of men in the church is not natural. A lot of church people are perverted now. The man has lost his naturalness in God. The man has lost his headship in his family. The man must be the leader in the family. There has to be one leader. Two leaders in a family make for friction and stress. But the man must have the wisdom of Christ and be loving as Christ is loving to the Church. The man is Christ in his family, the woman must submit to the man as the church submits to Christ. The woman ruling the family instead of the man is unnatural. 
The church is full of perversion now. 
Women want to lead. Women leading make useless mothers to their children and useless lovers to their husbands. The man can not love his wife if she does not submit. Now it’s the the man submitting to the woman. Perverse. So man and woman in love use unnaturalness in their love. The man is made impotent, the man loses his natural power because the woman wants the power. The power is in the head. The brain has the powers. The heart is just a pump. The brain is alive. Muscle is not the true power, God is the true power in Spirit and head. Words are the true power. Words are in spirit and head. Mind over matter. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

LETTER TO MATTHEW (reply to a comment put on post “Jesus Christ the True Prophet”)

March 2, 2016

Hi Matthew

Thank you for sending me your comments. I have mused over them for a few days now. To be honest I have also tried to shy away from them too. Why? Well you want feed back and I am only too ready to know that I know nothing and God knows all. Yes God is in me. But I still am unsure (as is the next believer) about my conviction in my faith. What is truth? Pilate said this question to Jesus. But Jesus ignored the question. Why? Because the truth was looking Pilate in the face. Jesus was standing in front of Pilate, meaning? The Truth is Jesus. You don’t ask God or his Son what is truth. God is truth. Pilate had opportunity to ask Gods Son many questions, only as long as Pilate recognised Jesus as Gods Son and worshipped Him as such. We have God within. We in spirit and soul can recognise Gods Spirit, worship Him in Spirit and ask Him questions. 
There was a boy who wanted answers. This boy was seeking the truth. Arthur was his name. Arthur went to many countries. Arthur went to many so called scholars and wise men. Arthur asked these men intelligent questions. Arthur wanted answers to life. Arthur wanted “to know” “to be in the know”. Pilate on seeing Jesus said “what is truth”? Truth was looking Pilate in the face; the answers to life were looking Arthur in the face. Arthur traveled world wide seeking his answers but the answers were not “out there”. If the answers were not out there where were they. If it’s not out its in. Arthur travelled for 15 years, he studied under many wise men and scholars in universities and colleges. Arthur came home still feeling and thinking he was no wiser than when he first left on his quest. Arthur went to his dying father. The father was dying of old age. Arthur sat at his fathers bedside day and night. Nothing was said. Then after about a week Arthur’s father motioned his son to come near him. “What is it father”? Arthur said. “Son” the father said, “All true answers lie within”. Then the father died. 
We humans are essentially spirit and soul. God also is Spirit. The answer lies in Gods Spirit. When we invite Jesus Christ in to our hearts Gods Spirit comes in to our heart. The wise person will say to the person seeking the meanings to life that the meaning to life lie within. Meaning can mean purpose. We want to know our God given vocation. Without knowing and doing our God given vocation we feel empty in our hearts. Most people do not know their true vocation. So most people live out an “act”. We people are like actors on the world stage. We live with our masks on over our faces. We know no better. Everyone seems to be in the same boat, few have removed their masks. Those true seekers in their youth usually also end up wearing masks. I mean you have to earn a living, you have to eat, provide for a family etc. You can not take off your mask, you wear it day and night. 
To find truth is very hard. To find ones true vocation is very hard. Pilate could not see truth when it was right in front of him. The truth is right in front of us. That’s if we have the truth within. Jesus is the truth. Spirit and soul are immaterial. We are mortals and we value material so much. But to relate in spirit and soul we must think apart from all our attachments to things of this world. Our car, our house, our mobile phone etc. The wise man to find truth might go away from even all people and live alone like a hermit. Thoughts have to be pure and un attached to physical. What sets our thoughts free? Truth does. We want to be FREE. Free thinking. Free to reflect. So we seek truth to be free.
Apostle Paul does not make us free. Apollos does not make us free. Your college teachers do not make us free. The Bible scripture does not make us free (there is some freedom here as there is light here from the scriptures) ONLY Jesus Christ makes us completely free. We do not worship the bible. The bible is not God the person. The bible is the WILL of God. Here are two wills of God, with the later will superseding the first will. God is a man of His Word. God stands on His Word. Gods Words are supreme. God is the WORD. The bible has the word of God in it (but not perfect word). The bible is Gods Words as we know them. God uses people to get his messages out to the human race. God uses mortals to be his messengers and these messengers can sin. The bible, because man is mortal and errant, can have errors in it. The bible is now in many versions and errancy can get in. God can inspire people to do things or think things but the result can not always be perfect. God is in to inspiring people but often these people can also diverse in to say humanism. What person is without sin? Everyone is a sinner. No human except Jesus can say they are sinless. The bible words are the best and closest words we have to Gods will and we should honour that. Nothing is perfect in this world and that goes for the bible too but let’s make the best of what we have. And it’s the TRUTH that sets us free and even if the bible may have errancy, such errancy can be very little as we hope the scholars that wrote it were wise people. I find the words in the bible full of truth but I am also ready to be open in my mind to any error. We have tensions in the body about women and their teaching and preaching. Tensions exist and they exist maybe because of error in the bible. There are a number of tensions in the body of Christ towards scripture. Now we are having tension about homosexuality. Some believe gay is ok others do not. The body is in tension, hearts are in tension. What is truth? Pilate asked this. But Pilate asked The truth “what is truth”? sound nonsense, yes. We the body are asking the head what is truth. The head has the truth but we the body would rather think that we know how to do things. Ever seen a body builder; a puny head on top; their body comes before their head; they glory the body not the head. So still we do not know “Truth”. 
Matthew you seemed to have prior expectations before you went to the Dallas Theological Seminary. Preaching like Paul did. The bible is all inerrant. 
I like to think enlightenment comes over time. Light over comes the darkness. We must be patient. We might not know until we are very old. They say “wisdom comes with age”. 
We follow Jesus not Paul. I went to a bible college. I lived on campus for a few years. I was searching for answers but I found nothing of consequence from my studies. It was just assignments and exams that I dished out to please the teachers. The teachers told me where to find the intellectual food in man inspired books and I put this food together in a palatable lot and fed it to the teachers. If the food tasted ok then I was marked high. Actually I found college and schooling was based on intelligence. The higher intelligence you had the better you did at your studies. I also found that teachers admired and favoured those students who were of high intelligence. Low intelligent students were not bothered with much by the faculty. Ability is intelligence and the world fawns over ability. But intelligence has become a god, especially in schooling. I like to learn by experience. Experience can teach us better than high intelligence can teach us at times. Not everyone has high intelligence but everyone can learn from experience. And having high intelligence does not mean God favours them, that action of favouring is mans wisdom. God looks at the heart. Man looks at the mind. 
Matthew thank you again for sharing your comments with me. But when it comes down to the level “I know nothing, God knows all”. But I have the mind of Christ (so says the scriptures). And with this mind I hope I have been of help. 
To cap it off I feel and sense I have not made it plainly clear about whether the Bible is ALL truly Gods WORDS. God is a person three persons in one. The bible is a book not a person. We do not worship books. We do not worship holy books. We worship the author (God) of the bible. We esteem and uphold the authors writings. The bible can be errant, why? Because the messengers can be errant. God gives His will through His messengers. The bible is Gods will. 
We want to be FREE in the collective subconscious and the collective conscious. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

What is the TRUTH?

July 4, 2015

It’s SIMPLE. I said it’s Simple. 

What is the truth? 
Lies are not simple. Lies are dark where truth is light. 
So simple straight plain truth.
So when do we know someone is lying to us? When someone is not telling the straight plain simple truth.
Understanding of God is to be focussed. To understand in God you have to focus on ONE. There is ONE God to focus on. Look at the ONE to be SANE. 

Your true God vocation/calling is found in seeking simplicity and plainness and straightforwardness. A lot of people know Gods calling but do not follow it. Then again a lot of people do not know Gods calling because they prefer to follow false gods. Money is the main god of people now a days.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

MONEY MONEY MONEY – glad I got your attention.

June 29, 2014

Ask most people; What and who do you work for? Now just about most cases the response will be I work for God. Ha ha. Of course you know and I know that is not true. Most people work for money. And who controls the world money system? Think of the Mark of the Beast. What will this Mark enable people to do? It will enable people to buy and sell.

The Beast controls the money system. The Beast works for Satan. Satan is the enemy. But no doubt a lot of people will take the Mark of the Beast. I mean what will the neighbours say. I mean the children, the children need to go to school. The wife needs all her materialistic comforts. The wife might leave me if I do not take the Mark. But will it be so hard for those who do not take the Mark. It might not be so bad. God always has back up to help his own. So people work for money. The God Head above is insignificant when it comes to money; money comes before the God Head. I mean money gives us all we need. But what about our brains. Money comes before brains. Money comes before Words. Words do not put food on our plates.

Why can not people see straight truth, I mean see as in discern. Our minds seem to be unable to comprehend straight truth all the time because it is like a mist or cloud is blocking our senses from sensing straight raw truth. We see only like dimly, sometimes the lights get brighter but man sees only what Satan wants him/her to see and know. The world is like a river of souls at the bottom of God’s mountain. The mountain of God is a mountain of God’s understanding. Now God is a God who does not readily throw his understanding to the world; no, God will not cast his understanding of mysteries to the souls below. God does not trust the world but God does give understanding to some chosen people. The understanding person gets joy in passing on God’s understanding to all people. Why? Because they know that the world will be a better place with God’s understanding. So certain people get God’s understanding but it’s not the people that the world expects to get God’s understanding. The professors of universities do not get God’s understanding. University can be very spiritually dry. I mean at university there is no inspiration. At university it is all human wisdom. Dry, dry and dry. No water of life at universities. God does not teach understanding at universities, such would be foolish. University does have intelligence. Intelligence should go hand in hand with God’s understanding but in a lot of cases it does not. Understanding of God is intelligence but it is not the intelligence of man’s wisdom. God’s wisdom in the mountain of knowledge of God goes to the outcasts of the world, to the persons who the world treats as nonsense, to the weak persons, to the simple. God invites the people of the world to his understanding party but very few turn up because they are too busy with their own pursuits; I mean they are busy getting a degree at university, they are busy working, they are climbing high mountains, they just have no time, they are just it. They are clever, they are strong, they have high salaries, they are fit. So few people understand God, they are too busy for God. And who wants to be completely straight – boring.

God is STRAIGHT. God speaks straight truth. God is a straight seer. God thinks straight. If you are straight with God and all people you are honest.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 27, 2013

Today I saw the movie “The Railway Man”. I quite enjoyed this movie. But I do think it fell somewhat short in portraying the true reality of the suffering of the POW’S (Prisoner of War) in the camps. I have read many books about the harsh Japanese treatment of POW’S and I have read The Railway Man.

On reflection after the movie I thought of my adversary at Kapiti College, (Raumati South, Wellington Province, New Zealand). I went to Kapiti College straight after finishing primary school a primary school that was in my home town of Pukerua Bay. My Adversary at college, a male student, lived in a nearby town called Paekakariki. My adversaries name is Garth Howard. Garth was a popular boy, he had many friends, he was a rugby player on one of the college teams, he was no real scholar, he was a member of the surf life saving club at Paekakariki.
Garth had a sister called Bronwyn also a student at Kapiti College; she came across as compassionate, like a caring person. Now I never ever spoke to Bronwyn but I seemed to have got a perception of her, like a spiritual perception. She was different to Garth. Garth was in my 6th form class. Garth tormented me. He was the BULLY. Now I never saw him bully other people, only me. He seemed to make it his mission to make my life a misery; and he achieved this goal. I was miserable for a lot of my first year 6th form. Garth used a very simple method to make my life a misery. Garth just repeatably in my presence called me one word – Zack. Garth called me Zack in a very mocking way like daily and many times a day. This went on for a whole year and even after college I saw him sometimes say on the train or in the city and there was Garth and his calling me Zack. I used to be scared of Garth physically even though Garth never touched me physically. With Garth it was like a tension, a conflict, a fear in my heart and mind. I felt so demeaned. I felt scared. I felt depressed. I felt miserable. I was not coping at college as it was and he was like making my college days even worse. Many years later I met a lady who lived in Paekakariki and she said Browyn had become a nurse; I relate to that; nurses are supposed to care. Bronwyn had that way of caring. I was told by this Paekakariki lady that Garth’s father was a drinker. Now I met this lady at New Norcia Monastery guesthouse a few years ago.

Why would I reflect on Garth after watching The Railway Man movie. Because the movie was about reconciliation; about saying sorry and about forgiveness. Garth has never apologised to me. In my thinking to forgive one needs first an apology. In the movie the Japanese ex kempei soldier aologised to Eric Lomax. But before the apology Lomax lived out a life suffering, Lomax was still fighting he had not finished the war, and this was much later after the war had finished. Lomax fought day and night but this was in his mind and heart. Lomax was like fighting his demons. Lomax in his older life met his adversary. There was an apology and forgiveness and both Lomax and his Japanese adversary became good friends.

Garth was my adversary he made my college days a misery. His friends helped him. I remember a time at the college walking along with another student a daughter of a local Church Minister. She tried to commiserate with me. She said she could not help me, she said Garth was on the rugby first eleven or what ever it was called and she implied Garth was popular. Her name was Elizabeth. I remember her Dad was the Clergy officiating with our Kapiti Boy Scouts district troop to Kaiapoi near Christchurch for a scout Jamboree. This was just before my college days. This Jamboree was one of the best times in my life; I thoroughly enjoyed the Jamboree. I remember Revd Orchard I remember seeing him on the train trip from Picton to Christchurch.

So Eric Lomax returned from the war only after the apology and forgiveness; his war had gone on day and night well past the end of the physical war. Eric returned to England after the war but not in spirit and mind. Eric finished the war but it was a very long war. This is the same for a lot of people they are in an on going battle, SIMPLY because people do not apologise. BUT the second part is done by the victim they must forgive. Otherwise the mind and heart are at war. War is tension. War is more than just physical; its mind and heart; its soul and spirit. To be released one has to say sorry; release from heart and mind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 14, 2013

Either it’s rock stars, pop stars, Hollywood stars; people worship stars. Then there’s the worship of the sun; the sun worshippers. The sun is a star. Then there’s those people who study the stars; there’s astrology and there’s astro physics.

People worship what’s above in physical form. A lot of scientists are declared Atheists. These atheist scientists think that worshipping the Jesus star is all poppycock a religion for the simple uneducated people. Scientists are known for their worship of the physical heavenly bodies and this includes the suns. Scientists look to their salvation from the physical heavens above. These scientists are searching for life up in the physical heavens. Such people look to knowledge that is not spiritual of God but is knowledge of just straight physical.

God is within. Gods kingdom is within. We the elect of God carry the kingdom of God within us. True knowledge is of Spirit of God and comes in to our hearts. Man in his folly looks for life outside earth in the physical. Life is in the spirit. Spirit saves the soul. Science in this world in its pure form is atheistic and Godless.

The photo shows the star above the infant Jesus Christ. The star depicts the star of Jesus Christ. We follow only one star; we worship only one star; we idolise only one star; Stars are above; Jesus is above; we worship and follow only the Star of Jesus Christ. True knowledge needs to come to our human spirit. That is why God sends His Holy Spirit in to our hearts. The human spirit learns the truth. The truth is not in worshipping the physical heavens or stars on this earth or above; the true star to worship is in Spirit. Our body carries the fullness of understanding and salvation not in worshipping all mans wisdom. TRUE WORSHIP IS IN SPIRIT not in the physical. Salvation is not out there. Salvation is not on other planets or suns. Salvation is within.

Live a very simple life and you might find salvation; a simple life in the flesh but wise in the heart. Live simple on the outside in this world but wise inside. Yes there is a life within; a living kingdom life within; a spiritual life within.

Science makes learning in the physical clever. Satan deceives. Satan led the first man and woman away from true Spiritual knowledge. The first man and woman were led away from the Tree Of Life. Scientists may say in their foolishness that the Bible is nonsense; but they themselves are deceived. Adam the first scientist (after the Fall) thought he was clever. Eve collaborated with the Devil to see Adam fall. The woman maybe jealous that Adam was first and that she was second to Adam. Ever since the fall women entice men to fall.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



November 8, 2013

God made man and woman.
Man (mankind – man and woman) made robots.
Robots are evolving.
Robots have their beginnings in: Telegraph. Radio. Valves. Diodes. Transistors. Micro chips. Computers. Televisions. Radar. Lasers. Nuclear.
Robots are about the accumulation of knowledge. Man wants knowledge. Eventually Robots will be in the image of man. Robots are there to serve man. But robots might be given free will.
God made man and woman and gave them free will. Did humans evolve? And are humans in the image of God? God also gave humans in first instance the choice of either being in ignorant bliss or having all knowledge.
Man took the knowledge. Will robots take the knowledge? Man does not want to work. Man will make robots in mans image to do mans work. God ordained man to work with his hands. Man in the garden of Eden in his ignorance bliss did not have to work, but man in his soul awakening to knowledge then had to work, work with his hands. Working was punishment from God for man disobeying God. God said to man not to eat of the fruit of knowledge. Man disobeyed. Man has to work. Woman has to work. Man in his cleverness will make robots to do his work. Once robots in full image of man do all mans work then man can rest. Robots will then do all the work, man will then do very little work. Having robots do all mans work is mans escape from Gods punishment.
Adam and Eve living in ignorant bliss did not have to worry themselves about anything as God provided all to them. Eden was paradise on this earth. All was bliss in the garden of Eden. God is known as a jealous God. Man on a whole does not want to work with his/her hands. Man wants to prove that knowledge is good and that having knowledge is Gods will. Man in knowledge puts himself in superiority to those people with less knowledge. This is a trick of Satan. Satan rules in a dark world. Light of God does light like light houses scattered around the world but there still are many places of darkness. God sent His Son to bring back people into a right relationship with the God Head. But Satan lies and deceives the world and the church itself is deceived. Jesus came from heaven and taught the true knowledge but alas people even the church has strayed from true wisdom to knowledge that originally man was forbidden by God to eat. Jesus left us a legacy in the bible. We read in the bible the true wisdom of God. Man in his deception thinks the bible is hard to understand. Satan blinds man to the truth of God. The truth is that the Bible is simple to understand. But man looks for complex to understand God, man thinks its clever to learn complex.
Will robots in mans image eventually turn away from man and serve themselves? Humans turned away from God. Man has made himself God with his manmade creatures the robots in mans image. Once robots in mans image get all knowledge they might not want to serve man and if so will man kick the robots out of? (Man was originally kicked out of Eden) kicked out of where? Where can man send robots if they misbehave? Maybe man in the future will have set up their own cities of Eden’s and robots maybe kicked out in to the wilderness out of these glorious manmade Eden cities.
Then what will save the robots? Jesus came to save humans. Jesus was Son of God and son of man. Sounds like Jesus was half God and half man. So will man send a man (or men and women) that is half human and half robot to the robots to save them. People having both robotic features and human features. These people maybe able to get the robots back on track. All speculation.

So what is more clever; (1) living in ignorant bliss or (2) having all knowledge.

Robots may also choose to have all knowledge.

God says its more clever to live in ignorant bliss. Bliss is just that. Bliss is as close to happiness as you can get. Bliss is no worries, no wars, no violence, no rape, no sickness, no starvation, no loneliness, no lies.

In ignorant bliss God will provide all. You will not have to struggle and strive with work. In bliss its always a life of innocence. Jesus came to try and set us back onto a life of bliss. But the damage has been done. Jesus taught us to love, love is about getting on together. Humans can not return to bliss on this earth. Bliss now only is in heaven. Heavenly bliss.

On a last note of thought: How will robots be kept in line? Maybe humans to police robots (robots in image of man and woman) will have to have a large force of people who are half human and half robot. Just as God has Christians that act in wisdom of God to keep order over the people’s of the earth.

Later Additional Note
In Eden did Adam and Eve have to work? And in heaven do we have to work? Eden was bliss. Heaven is bliss. Man and woman disobeyed God so were sent out of bliss (Eden) to the wilderness. In the wilderness there are weeds. I presume Eden had no weeds. Man now in the wilderness had to work to eat. In Eden man was provided by the food in the garden. Garden of Eden, It was a garden. And presumably a garden with no weeds. Food in abundance in this garden of Eden. So man in the wilderness had to make his own gardens. Eden garden was made by God. So man in the wilderness had to work the earth, till the earth, sow, plant and weed. All this work is work using your hands. This work was punishment for mankind disobeying God and eating of the fruit of knowledge;; so mankind is not clever.

Later Note
So Eden was a Garden. So Adam and Eve ate food from this Garden. We know gardens for their fruit and vegetables and nuts. Does this mean Adam and Eve were vegetarians; meaning they did not eat meat. You don’t grow meat in a garden. Gardens grow plants. I presume Adam and Eve also did not eat fish, birds or insects. God put the first man and woman in a garden so that they could eat food from the produce of the garden. Adam and Eve had no need to kill creatures to live; as such all creatures in the Garden of Eden ate off the plants in the Garden. Killing can instil thoughts of violence, you can violate a creature. So there was no killing in the Garden of Eden. Peace reigned in this Garden. Food was in abundance in this Garden.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 12, 2013

Boys grow from their mothers to their fathers. A boy is born from the mother but looks to the father for direction. The mother nurtures the boy as the earth nurtures a plant. The boy starts as seed in the mother like as plant seed begins in the earth. The mother lets the boy grow towards the father. BUT there are cases, no doubt many, where the mother hates the father. Such hate could have begun as love and turned later to hate. The mothers hate turns on the boy.

See the boy is like a filling between two slices of bread. (The parents are like the two bread slices).The boy is as like in the father and the father is as like in the son. To get to the father the mother has to go through the son. The son gets controlled by the hateful mother. The son suffers the mothers hate for the father. The son gets controlled by the mother. The mother smothers the sons affection for the father. The mother smothers the boys spiritual growth. To grow spiritually the boy has to look to the father. An analogy is Father Sky and Mother Earth. Mother control can stop a boy from maturing. To mature is to grow; I am talking about spiritual maturity. Mother control can make the boy mentally unwell. Humans need to mature for any proper stability and this includes sexual stability. For a mother to smother a son she smothers the boys sexuality. The boy needs to mature to be able to relate to people in say work or say friendship relations. Mother control is about rebelling. The mother rebels against the father. The boy gets confused about direction in life, he never seems to find mature relationships. The mother is like the god to the boy. The boy even might learn to hate the father as the mother hates the father. The mother can not control the father but she can get the son, she tries and takes the son away from the father. The mother to win against the father takes his son. The son in this immature spiritual state can never really leave the mother and never matures to be like a/the father. The boy never matures enough to be like a proper father. The mother can destroy the boys chances of ever being a mature father. Mother control is unGodly. The mother works against what is the natural order of things. The father needs to be the overall authority in a family. The mother needs to submit to the father. The earth is below the sky as the mother is Mother Earth and is below the Father Sky. The seed comes from the father and is sown in the Mother Earth but the seed grows UP to the father sky. All plants grow UP. The boy needs both mother and father to mature. Mothers need to love the father and son and let the son grow UP towards the father. The son does not become like the mother but like the father. The boy becomes the father and gives the seeds. The cycle goes on. The boy does not become the mother. Jesus is the same as the Father. Jesus is in the Father as the Father is in Jesus. Jesus and the Father are ONE, but two persons. In real life sons and fathers should be one just as Jesus and the Father are one. Because of sin we humans do not realise the father and son sameness; but we should. Very few people get to this realisation.

We humans are spiritual. We are spirit. God is Spirit. God in Spirit can help the boy back on track. God can guide the boy to the father. The Bible is full of words of wisdom and can help the human spirit know what is the truth. Jesus came to take away the sins of the fathers and mothers (generational sins) and put people right with God. God gives people a second chance at making it right in life. Jesus took all our sins and our parents sins and our grand parents sins and all generational sins; all the foul sins of our ancestors, into his body and died to them. Jesus gave us another chance at life. Ancestral sins come through the family and the parents pass on these ancestral sins to their children. But this progressive carry on of sins can come to a stop; at the foot of the cross with Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Give the sins to Jesus. Jesus on the cross is the power and wisdom of God. Only through Jesus can our sins and the sins (acquired) of our ancestors be forgiven. We are reconciled to the FATHER GOD only through Jesus Christ. Our ancestors may let us down, our parents may let us down, we can even let ourselves down, BUT God never let’s us down. Believe in God and His Son Jesus and believe that Jesus will make things right. Have Faith.

Immaturity is a form of what we call mental illness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

For The Love Of Money

July 5, 2013

Life is not fair. Humans love to discriminate. To their advantage of course. And usually a selfish advantage. The North American war was about discrimination but the cause of this war also went deeper than just discrimination it was about the love of money. They called this war ‘The American Civil War’.

About 600,000 people died in this war. The Southern States of the USA were known as slave states. These slave states depended for their prosperity on the growing and selling of cotton. Great Britain was a major buyer of cotton as were a number of European countries. Great Britain with many European nations were in the process of a heightened industrial revolution. Machines had been invented and as such these machines like the steam engine assisted in manufacturing. Textiles was a major industry and cotton was imported from the slave states of the USA. BUT these slave states needed workers to work in the cotton fields. Such work was hard so these states brought in slaves from Africa to work in the fields. The white people did not want to do the hard manual work in producing cotton. Africans were captured by slave traders and shipped to North America and sold to white people. These Africans were slaves and were the white people’s property. Slaves did the hard work and thus made the Southern States of North America prosperous. These slave states later became known as the Confederation and the northern states came to be known as the Union. The Union states were more industrialised than the Confederate states. The Union states were free states; slavery was not tolerated much here.

Slaves meant prosperity. Slaves work for no wages and they are given very little. The ‘American Civil War’ was about slavery but it went deeper than that it was about money and prosperity. Who wants to work hard labour in the cotton fields? Not the white people when you can have slaves doing the work. Selling cotton meant making money.

Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency in 1860. The slave states were wary of Lincoln; Lincoln was a northerner and was not pro slavery. A number of slave states then went to secession (broke away from USA) and formed the Confederacy. Lincoln saw the secession as illegal. Lincoln wanted the slave states back in the USA. So ‘Civil War’ began in 1861. The Union won this war in 1865. Slavery was abolished. Lincoln was assassinated by a Confederate sympathiser; Lincoln died aged 56 years old 6 days after the ‘Civil War’ ended.

We get humans believing that they have the right to treat other humans with evil for the sake of making money. Humans want to be prosperous but on the backs of other people. Get the weaker people, the uneducated, the powerless, and subject them to a supposed master race and force them to work and make money for this master race. The Confederates made themselves a master race and the Africans slaves were made the inferior race. The whites believed that they had a right to treat the Africans as slaves. But what right? Surely it was not human rights. The Africans were chosen because for one; white people looked down on coloured skin people. White to them was supreme. Black skin colour was inferior. True intelligence respects life in all forms. Humans kill other humans because of the love of money.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Life can often be unfair

June 18, 2013

A lady is dragged in to an alley way. It is night. She screams. Passers by carry on just passing by. She screams then quiet. A man a Good Samaritan calls out “Does any one want help?” Still quiet. The Good Samaritan, Sam by name, steps in to the alley. It is all dark. No one is to be seen. It is too dark to see. Suddenly there is running of steps, a person runs past Sam; this person is just shadow like in the dark. The person is gone it is now quiet again. Sam walks down the alley. He feels his way using his hands along the side of one wall. He comes to a bump in the ground. Sam bends down he feels a human body, there is blood it gets all over his hands. He tries to wipe the blood off his hands with his handkerchief. “Hello he calls”. No answer. Sam moves his hand over the body. It is a female body. He touches a handle of a knife. He pulls on the handle the blade comes out of the body. No one is around, only the two of them. Suddenly theres the noise of screaming car tires then the alley way is all lit up. “police, move away from the body, put your hands in the air”. Sam is still holding the knife in his right hand. He has blood all over him.
Camera’s click, flashes go, there seems to be a time of just many cameras clicking. “Put the knife down, both hands behind your back”. Sam is taken in to custody. The newspapers have a field day. On front page news there is a large photo of Sam standing hands in the air with his right hand holding a bloodied knife. In everyone’s eyes it is too apparent who the killer was. Yes the woman was killed. Sam is the chief suspect and in court the jury find him guilty and the Judge gives Sam a life sentence.

What do we learn from this:

The obvious is not always right.

The passersby did not want to get involved. It’s true that in society if you get involved you are likely to get trouble. Sam got involved and he got trouble. Sam got a life sentence in prison. The law does not always work for the good person. Law is not perfect. We can not always trust the Law. Law can not protect. It just protects in name, but in name is not enough. Wisdom of God does protect. Law is made up of people who are fallible. Judges are fallible. The courts are fallible. Trust God with all your heart do not put your hearts trust in mere humans. Flesh and blood are no match for God. Flesh and blood are weak but God is all strong.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 27, 2012

Cleansing is an act of God. We clean regularly. We clean with water. We clean ourselves with clean water. Water – a gift from God. God gave water. God created water. Did water evolve? Water is a essence of life. Water gives life. Without water there would be no life. Life lives in water. Life starts with water. Water to me is peculiar to planet Earth. Planet Earth is a peculiar planet. There to me is only one planet like Earth. Jesus the only begotten Son of God reigns supreme over this world and Earth. God the Father created the Universe for Jesus his Son. We humans clean ourselves often, we wash in water. Most animals, insects and birds wash in water. Cleaning is a major activity of a lot of creatures on this Earth. We get dirty day and night and we do not like to stay dirty all the time. We prefer to be clean.

Why do creatures prefer to be clean? Why not just stay dirty all the time? Why spend hours each week cleaning ourselves? Cleaning ourselves is hard work and takes up a lot of our time. There’s cleaning our hands, our bodies, our teeth, our hair, our head, our nostrils, our ears, our eyes etc etc. Humans spend heaps of time, effort and money on keeping physically clean why not then also spend such resources on keeping their hearts and minds clean. Cleanliness does not stop at just our personal cleaning but means also cleaning our own environment that we live and work in. So there’s a lot of physical cleaning involved and it takes a lot of hard work and money to be clean. As I said there’s also the cleaning of our hearts and minds. A lot of people clean the physical but neglect the spiritual cleaning. Both physical cleaning and spiritual cleaning should go hand in hand. It’s no good just been physically clean when ones heart and mind are still dirty. We must also spend time and work on cleaning our inner selves. People might say we do not have time to clean our inner selves we are too busy as it is. That’s where a balance needs to come in, balancing the spiritual with the physical. Recognise the inner self and give dignity to this inner spirit person. Also it is no good meeting a clean inner person and they smell badly in their physical flesh. Wash the inner and the outer. To think pure clean thoughts is to be clean in the inner person. Parents need to teach their children the value of both inner and outer cleaning. Cleanliness is next to Godliness my earthly Mother (RIP) used to say. Being clean means the less likelihood of been sick. Cleanliness is a ticket to good health. Dirtiness is unhealthy and dirtiness makes one sick. Spiritual dirtiness means spiritual unhealthiness. There’s the sick soul, the sick human spirit. Dirty people hang around dirty people and clean people hang around clean people. Clean people do not want to hang around dirty people and vice versa. Having a dirty human spirit is an invitation for other dirty spirits to hang around. Demons are evil spirits and they are dirty and they keep in the spiritual darkness. Dirty spirits do not like living in the light of God. Clean spirits like living in the light of God. People that are dirty spiritually tend to have dirty demons hanging around them. Demons love sin. Sin is to be dirty spiritually. Sin is impurity. Satan loves it when humans live in sin and are dirty. To live dirty is to live in sin and living in sin is to live in spiritual darkness. Cleanliness is to live in the light and to live with God.
So we wash often – spiritually and physically. Wash the inner self (The new inner self growing in God’s will) hand in hand with the outer self. Respect the inner person as well as the outer person, give dignity to both.

“If we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his Son washes away our sins”. 1 John 1:7 – Bible.

Christians need to regularly meet together so that spiritual washing can take place.

Jesus Christ while on this Earth on one occasion cleaned his disciples feet. We Christians need to do likewise. But this cleaning of feet is a spiritual lesson from Jesus. We do not actually clean people’s physical feet — no no. Jesus Christ has cleaned us when we were baptised we were fully immersed in a spiritual/soul cleansing. God has cleaned us whole (the saved ones). But we Christians still get dirty. The world is dirty. Dirt is all around – spiritually. Jesus taught us that we still need to clean one another. We Christians meet together in fellowship and in doing so we are cleaned. The blood of Jesus cleans us. We Christians need regular part cleaning. No human stays clean all the time. We need regular physical cleaning and regular spiritual cleaning.

Being clean gives us peace of mind it reinforces our sanity. We humans naturally see cleanliness as normal, it is what God wants. God is always clean. We must try to clean ourselves as often as possible so that we are clean like God our creator. In our after life in heaven we are eternally clean, we work towards that objective of our eternal cleanliness. And I say “Bring on heaven I look forward to heaven. Death carries no worries with it, to die a natural death is sweet, death no longer carries a sting with it, we have overcome death”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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Aid To Undeveloped Nations

December 26, 2009

Oh where does all the aid money go?

50% to the politicians

30% to the military

10% to provincial governors

5% to local police

5% to the poor people

This is called ‘The Trickle Down Effect.’ The more we give the more the poor get.

The local police might gripe that they only get as much as the poor people.

The Provincial Governors might gripe that they only get 5% more than the poor people.

The Military might gripe that they get less than the Politicians.

The Politicians might gripe that they do not get all the aid money.

The poor might gripe that they should be the sole recipient of the Aid money because it was all for them in the first place.

Thus no one is happy with the Aid money.

The givers of the Aid [the developed nations tax payers and the Charities] are sometimes none the wiser.

In the mean time the leaders of these Undeveloped Countries go on living in indulgent luxury. The Presidents of poor nations and all those who vie for his attention live in palaces and commute in private jets to the play grounds of the wealthy.

In the mean time the poor go on living in squalor. There lot does not change.

The people in Developed Countries mean time continue to give to Charities who then pass on the monies to the Undeveloped Countries.

What can we learn from this? Nothing is really what it seems to be.

We in the developed Countries are providing money to corrupt leaders in Undeveloped Countries so that they can live the lifestyles of the rich.

Solution: To put our own people [charity workers] directly at the coal face of poverty. This is been done but still the trickle effect works. The leaders still try and hold the power over the distribution of the Aid. The leaders of Undeveloped Countries in most cases are only the leaders because they used force to get to their positions. They used guns to achieve their leadership positions.

The powers of darkness rule these poor countries. There is no proper sound moral leadership in these countries. These people do not in majority worship the One True God. The Light shining in such countries is not shining in abundance. It is not in education of worldly things that will save these countries but in true worship and obedience of the One True God. These nations must forsake idol worship and they must forsake devil worship. Light overcomes darkness, good overcomes evil, right overcomes wrong. It is not for these poor nations people to rely on the developed nations people for their spiritual light/force but for the poor nations people to really get involved in a serious way with God. In the past these poor nations were heavily involved in witchcraft it is about time they came out of the dark ages and into the light and acted maturely. There are lights in these poor countries but not of a great magnitude.

Most developed nations of this earth have had a fabric of their culture steeped in Christian thinking. One may say that China is rich and it is not Christian but I say China is still poor because they do not have a good human rights charter. China also still has alot of people in it living on subsistence wages. So the Chinese leaders and their friends live in luxury while a lot or their people live in poverty. Also democracy is the way of developing nations and they are more the richer for it.

So we have tax payers of developed western nations providing money to rich wealthy leaders [and their cronies] of undeveloped nations.

So back to work for the tax payer he/she has to continue supporting these corrupt leaders of these poor nations.

The politicians of developed nations might say “at least the poor get something”.

I say these politicians of developed countries have got indifferent because they live of the tax payer.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

No Losers, All Winners

December 25, 2009

We will now cross over to the handicap race at Edgecombe. Hello are you there Beavis.

Yes I am here Gloria. Thank you. We are now at the racing track in Edgecombe. The weather is sunny the ground is good. We have good weather for the race. I just see now the runners getting in to their start positions. The race is about to start. There’s the pistol shot they are off. Richardson in number 15 is slow of the mark. The pack is moving fast. Number 23 is in the front. We now have 3 runners together setting the fast pace at the front. Number 15 in a wheel chair is gaining on his lost distance. Look at his hands move on the wheels of that chair. Number 14 looks like he has decided to go in the opposite direction. No number 16 has stopped and is standing with number 14 and it looks like number 16 is explaining to number 14 the direction to go. There they go number 14 and number 16 going in the right direction and hugging each other. Number 15 has caught up to number 14. Number 15 has got out of his wheel chair and is leaning on number 14 and they are hugging. The front runners have stopped. Looks like they are waiting for the others. Yes the runners are now all together. Number 15 in the wheel chair has gone to the front. Number 16 the runner with one wooden leg is catching up to number 15. The race is near to the end. A few more minutes and the race will be over. Looks like number 15 is going to win. No number 15 has stopped. Stopped just before the finishing line. I see people on the side line shouting to number 15 to cross the line. What is happening? The other runners have caught up to number 15. Oh no they have all stopped just before the finishing line. They are lining up. This is a first in a track race that I have ever seen. The runners are now all crossing the finishing line together holding each others hands. The crowd is ecstatic. Looks like there was no one winner. It was a group win. No losers but all winners. What a race. That certainly taught me more about true racing than all the races that I have watched before. Back to the news room. Gloria are you there.

Yes I am Beavis. What a race. Excuse my tears. Thank you Beavis. We will now move on to the weather………………………

They say we adults can learn of children I say we can learn of children and we can also learn of people that are disabled.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Relationship and its connections – Feelings; Reason and Body

December 22, 2009

In a relationship that we as humans have with each other what keeps these relationships together? Relationship can be of many levels. We have the relationship whereby two humans beings connect up in a superficial way we might call such a relating an acquaintance. Then there’s the friendship relationship a relating that is closer than superficial and more enduring and deeper in the connection. Alot of boundaries are pushed aside in friendship and openness is the forte of such a relationship. We move on to an even deeper connection in relationship and that is the relating of a union of two people in marriage. In marriage two people make a pledge to each other to be together and try and make their connection endure through the good times as well as the bad times. Marriage is a commitment.

In relationship what keeps the connection going?

We humans have a soul and we have a heart and we have a body. Soul to me is in the head and soul is where we think from. Thinking is about reasoning. We can also call the soul the mind. Heart to me has the human spirit. Heart to me is where the feelings come from. Feelings that are deep are called emotions.

Spirit or what we call the human spirit is as much a part of us humans as the flesh and bone of our bodies are. We are spirit as well as flesh and bone. Flesh and bone do not think. We live in our bodies and we think and feel. Feelings to me are in spirit [and in the old Adam and Eve nature in us] because in spirit we travel and connect up spirit to spirit human spirit to human spirit or human spirit to evil spirit or human spirit to Holy Spirit. We as Christians accept the Holy Spirit and He comes in to our hearts. We yoke ourselves in our human spirit to the Holy Spirit. Yoke is to be like joined up more like a student to a teacher. True believers in God are yoked to God in spirit they learn spiritual truths in spirit and worship God in spirit. Take some insects they have what are known as feelers. With these feelers they know what they are coming in to contact with. But for all creatures in the world contact between creatures is not always nice and there are hurt feelers. Feelings get hurt spirit to spirit hurting each other. We feel it in the heart. To my knowledge only human beings have a spirit [or a soul] or what we call a human spirit. No other creatures have spirit. Of course that is apart from there been evil spirits called demons in this world.

The head of humans have soul. Soul is where we humans think. In our thinking we reason. God is all about reason. God has a reason for everything. Nothing is by chance for God. God is an intelligent thinker and reasons everything through. We humans were made for a reason. The universe was made for a reason. The fish, birds, insects and animals were made for a reason. Nothing is made apart from reason. We humans think and we reason. Reason keeps us sane.

When we humans marry someone we make a connection that we see as been yoked. We pledge to be together for all our lives. Marriage is not just about a connection it is about a union. This union is about becoming one. Just as we worship the one God we humans marry and become one under the one God head. The wife comes under the God head of the husband and in this way she is protected. The husband has the God head of Jesus Christ. The God head is the soul of Christ. But the God head is more it is the Father too. The Father reigns over the Son Christ as well as over the husband and the wife.

In a relationship we have a connection but what is this connection? We as humans have soul, spirit and body. We can connect up to others with feelings from our heart and we can connect up with soul from our head and lastly there is the physical body connection.

All three, soul, spirit and body have to be connected up to make a proper marriage. A marriage can not just exist on feelings as a marriage can not just exist on soul or it can not just exist on body. When marriages are tested say through a trial or tribulation the connection between both parties has to have a union that will stand all tests. One part connected up or just two parts connected up can break the union we need all three parts connected up to make a Godly union. When we meet someone for the first time we use our feelers we in human spirit sense with feel. Then we reason with the person and body contact might come later even if the body contact is just a hug or a kiss.  

With our relationship with God we worship God in spirit our human spirit to God Spirit. We give our heart to God. We love God with all our heart. We feel for God. Not the feeling associated with worldly connotations. Love of God is not always the love associated with human love of this world. God love is true love.  Our connection with God does not stop with having good feelings for God we must also reason with God. Reasoning with God is to learn from Him. To learn we must question God we are students / disciples we want to know God. To reason with God we begin to think like Him we do away with all immature thoughts and think rationally. We develop souls [minds] of Christ we become wise because Jesus Christ is all wise. Lastly we offer to God our body we submit our body to the God head and we come under this head along with our wife.

Our relationship with God becomes sound. We become ready for the next life a life of eternal bliss.  

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

The Jews – Who and What are they Expecting in Their Messiah?

December 20, 2009

 Again I have been musing. I had the bible in my hand and had just read it out loud for a while. Before then I had a number of minutes in spoken prayer. Reading the bible and prayer must have triggered a reflective response from me. I mused and mused. I quite liked the musing as it made me think in deep thought on things that I like to think about.

So what did I think about in my musing today? I mused about the Jews and their response to the return of the Messiah. 

I thought about why did the Jews not accept that Jesus Christ was the Messiah? I thought about what kind of person are they expecting as the Messiah?

Jesus Christ came to this world as a humble meek man. To put added topping on this entry of Jesus He came in to Jerusalem riding on a donkey.

So what and how are the Jews expecting the Messiah to enter in to this world? Riding on a donkey? No way. The messiah is God’s Son He will have many servants carrying him in a gilded golden cabin. He will wear the most expensive garments He will be man of the law and use the law and supernatural to control all the people.

Those who accepted Jesus as the Messiah accepted a humble meek man a man without pretension a man ordinary in the general sense just like us but a man that is also of the supernatural. The Jews do not want their Messiah coming in to their main city riding a donkey and extolling the law as not the means to be saved.

The Old Testament does explain the return of the Messiah and how His return will be. The book of Isaiah in the Old Testament explains about the Messiah. Are the Jews blinded about the Messiah? Are the Jews intentionally blinded by God about the Messiah? 

So what are the Jews expecting in a return of the Messiah? Say in today’s time how will their Messiah return? Are they expecting Him to be a supernatural man like the man called superman in the films? I think they are expecting a man that has super power that saves the land of Israel and the Jewish people from their enemies. To the Jews it’s about land and their physical bodies. Have the Jews really thought deeply about what they think the Messiah will be like when He returns. Do they really care? Are they expecting the Messiah to come down from the clouds – and who will see this vision of the Messiah coming down from the clouds? – will all the Jews be warned that He is descending and will all the Jews be outside looking up. Or will only a few select people see the vision of the descension. If only a few see it how will all the other Jews believe it? So Jesus came as son of man and son of God He was human and God – both. 

If I ask a Rabbi how will we know when it is the Messiah when He comes? I can expect a very indifferent answer.

Jesus was born of a virgin. But Jesus came from above from heaven; how can He be born of a woman on this earth when heaven is above heaven is not in a human being? Or is it?

So are the Jews expecting the Messiah to come with wealth and servants and an army [Army of what?] and will their Messiah be a man of supernatural ability and do miracles and power wonders all the time. 

Law is of the Jews and law is about the physical. Law is also spiritual and it is to be upheld but law is about “Do unto others what you want them to do to you”. Law is about physical protection. Obey the laws of God and you will be safe. In Jesus we do away with the laws; we still in our new will with God uphold the law but in our new will of God we in the new wisdom are above the law. In the new wisdom the law though under Jesus is still respected because the law stays until all that God wants saved are saved. Jesus is a fulfilling of the law. Does Jesus need the law? Jesus made the law. As followers of Christ Jesus we have our souls [minds] converted to think like Jesus. In thinking like Jesus we have the soul [mind] of Jesus therefore we are not bound by the law. The law binds because we are all sinners. In Jesus we are free from the law and its bondage.

Jesus told the Jews that they were sinners. The Jews response – We obey the laws we are not sinners. You Jesus are a carpenter’s son from Nazareth you are a no body.

So the Jews may not be expecting their Messiah to be a tradesman. Jesus told the Jews that they were hypocrites that they were people that were in lip service praise to God but their hearts were far from God. The Jewish leaders lived a life of ease they were honoured and looked up to they had status and prestige no upstart was going to take away all their perks.

So who and what are the Jews expecting in their Messiah? Do their Rabbis not teach on this subject? Why do the Rabbis not teach about what the book of Isaiah says about the Messiah?

So the Jews are stuck with the law and to the law they keep for their supposed salvation but are their salvation to heaven or is it salvation of the state of Israel?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

The Signs are there

December 14, 2009

News! News! Read all about it.

I will have a paper thanks.

That will be $2 sir.

Good at the price.

[George returns to his work office and sits down at his work desk and reads the newspaper]

Any good news George.

I see there has been another accident on the trains.

What happened?

A young male was knocked over by a train at a train station.

How is that possible?

It reads that the youth was crossing the tracks at a no crossing tracks area.

Is it serious?

He’s hurt but lucky for him only minor injuries. He’s suing the railways for a million dollars for not putting a sign warning not to cross the tracks where he crossed.

Wow a million. A lot of money. What station was it?

Meltin Station.

Hey I know that station there are lots of signs saying not to cross the tracks.

[Mean while in a hospital bed Stan is recovering from his injuries]

Mum I did not see the warning signs.

But son there are plenty of them there. Why did you go on the tracks?

Because they were there and it’s fun.

Son the signs are there.

I told you Mum I did not see any warning signs.

[Mean while a documentary is on television and a patient next to Stan’s bed is watching it]

Hey look at this a man gets a cool million dollars in compensation for diving in to the water of a jetty.

He probably deserves it.

But the Council who own the jetty say there were warning signs all around the jetty saying not to dive in to the water.

Mum I also want a million dollars in compensation.

But do you deserve all that money.


Hey look this dude gets a million dollars and now he is back on disability support pension.

What happened to his million?

The dude says he spent it all. Spent it all in 12 months.

Wow what did he spend it all on?

Most of it went on prostitutes.

[Mean while somewhere else Craig has just carted it meaning he has just died he gets to the pearly gates and there is Jesus]

Hey where am I?

Craig you are in heaven.

Who are you?

Jesus Christ.

No kidding. So much bright light.

Afraid it won’t be for long for you Craig.

I never have liked the light.

So your wish will be granted dark it will be for you.

I feel more comfortable in the dark.

Craig see down there that is where you are going.

Hey that’s a fire. That looks like Hell.

It is Hell.

Why am I going to Hell?

Craig you were warned many times about your bad ways.

What warnings? No one warned me.

Yes they did warn you.

Who warned me?

Bob, John, David, Gloria, Denis and the list goes on. The warning signs were there.

What did Bob say?

Remember Bob told you about me and warned you about the consequences of your lifestyle. There were many signs to see the path to take in life. The signs also warned you of the paths not to take.

But Jesus.

No buts Craig your journey on the earth has finished no more tests you are graded accordingly to your decisions and choices in life. You are at the end now you get the results.


Take him away Satan he is one of yours.


The signs were there Craig.

[Satan takes another one away to Hell]

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Jesus Said “Be Clean” and the Man was Healed

December 9, 2009

Dirt attracts vermin. A sewer pipe may be inundated with cockroaches. Rats too may populate such places. Rats and cockroaches are vermin.


1. Small animals collectively, such as insects and rodents, that spread disease and damage crops.

2. Unpleasant people.

 So dirt attracts vermin and vermin may be unpleasant people. If say we are dirty people then dirty people attract dirty people. Dirty people like been around dirty people. Clean people like been around clean people. Dirt can be sin. Sin is been dirty. Sin attracts unpleasant people. Sin can be spiritual so sin been dirty can be spiritual dirtiness. Spiritual dirtiness can attract dirty spirits. These dirty spirits are unclean and are evil. Evil spirits are dirty and do not like the light. They go where there is dirtiness. Dirty people in spirit attract evil spirits. Evil spirits are like the vermin that go where dirt is. Having a dirty mind is thinking dirty. Evil spirits are drawn to an unclean mind. Evil spirits are called demons. Dirty people who seldom wash spiritually are prone to have demons in their lives. Followers of Jesus Christ fellowship together regularly and as they walk in the light of God they wash each other. In their Christian gatherings they bathe spiritually together; the Word of God cleansing them. Demons do not like going where it is clean. Dirty people are fighting of their demons. So it is wise to bathe and keep clean. We bathe in water. Water is the purest liquid around. In our outward appearance we are to bathe in water. We wash our flesh. It is commonsense to wash our flesh. No one disputes that. But there is the inward washing the washing of our spirit and soul. Keeping our mind/soul/human spirit clean is also commonsense and not to be over looked. We can only really be clean inwardly by washing in a pure — Word. Words make up our inner self. It is word that we think. We are what we think. So to wash our soul/mind/human spirit we need the pure Word. Only God’s Word is pure. Washing in any other word is like washing in unclean water. So looking at someone washing in dirty water does not look good. Dirty water may wash some of the dirt of but it does not wash all dirt of. Seeing a person living amongst vermin say rats and cockroaches beggars belief. Clean people find such a set up disgusting. God wants us to be clean. God is not dirty He is all clean.

My Mother used to say: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

 Some extra wisdom on cleanliness and dirtiness

Cleanliness is without dirt; dirt is been earthly not heavenly; earthly is to do with the world; heavenly is to do with above to do with God; to be clean is to do with above not to do with below; dirt attracts demons; demons love dirt; some mentally ill people are people that are known to be fighting off their demons; demons hate light and hate purity; Satan is a spirit of the darkness; people who are dirty love to be in the dark; people who are dirty love the dark more than the light because they do not want people to see their dirtiness; dirty people usually walk in the dark not in the light; God is light; some mentally ill people usually grow up in a home that has dirt and demons in it; the home/nest needs to be clean to make sound minds; dirty nests/homes breed demonic activity; demons love dirty homes; children growing up in dirty homes usually know no difference and take their demons to their new homes; a clean home is a pure home; a pure home is a loving home; God’s Word cleans us up; demons hate cleanliness; cleanliness makes a sound mind; dirtiness makes a dirty mind; dirt obstructs the senses; dirt makes one blind [spiritually blind]; cleanliness is to do with healthiness; cleanliness is to be without sin; sin is dirt; sin is unhealthiness; there is generational sin, sin that has come down through the ancestors; there are the family demons; parents pass their dirtiness on to their children and the children to their children and it goes on until it changes when an offspring goes to Jesus Christ to be washed; dirty people are unhappy people; dirty people play with dirty people and clean people play with clean people.

 So how can I be clean? Ask / invite [pray] Jesus Christ in to your life. Accept that you are a sinner and repent of your sins to Jesus Christ [pray to Him]. Believe that Jesus Christ took in His body all your sins and died to them all. This was at Jesus’ crucifixion. Believe that Jesus died and 3 days later came back to life. Jesus rose and is in heaven above at the right side of The Father God. Father like Son, Son like Father each both God and each the same. Pray often to God the Father and also regularly read the bible. Seek out repentant followers of Jesus Christ and fellowship with them. Believe and have faith.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

When is Jesus Christ returning to this World?

December 2, 2009

Does Jesus know? No he does not.

If Jesus does not know the time of his return how then is it possible for any human being to know the time of Jesus return.

Many years ago I was at this church meeting. In this meeting the leader spoke about how this reputable teacher of the bible [I wont mention the teachers name] said to people that Jesus told him [the teacher] that he Jesus would be coming back to this world in the teachers natural life time in this world. This teacher at the time was an author of many books writing about biblical matters. How does this teacher know when Jesus is coming back when he Jesus does not know the time for his return? This teacher in certain church circles is [was] recognised for his great teachings on biblical matters. Now this leader in this church meeting might have got it wrong about what the teacher said. Hey we all make mistakes. But this church leader was in certain church circles known as a reputable scholar on biblical matters. The teacher in question to my knowledge has passed away. No Jesus did not return in the teacher’s life time. 

What I am trying to point out is that no one will ever know when Jesus Christ is returning; no one. Why does the Father God not tell Jesus when he Jesus is returning to this earth? Jesus is Gods son should he Jesus not have the right to know the time of his return to earth. The Father God obviously shares alot with his son but not the time of when Jesus returns to the earth. So it’s no good praying to Jesus and asking him when is he returning. We might pray to the Father God and ask him when is Jesus returning but if the Father God will not tell his only begotten son why should he tell us humans. So if you hear someone say that they know when Jesus Christ is returning please do not believe them. When the time for the return of Jesus comes the return will be sudden like a flash of lightening. Jesus will be instructed by the Father God to go back to the earth and Jesus will obey maybe straight away. Jesus will not have to pack any bags or prepare himself he is already prepared for his return.

So like as a sudden flash of lightening Jesus will return and in a blink of an eye we mortals that are saved will be transformed. We will then have immortal bodies. So there will be no warning of Jesus’ return. It will happen like a thief comes to a home at night it will just happen. No one is expecting the thief he just comes without warning.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


December 2, 2009

I walk in to the church

I am reminded as I have been so many times in the past by Pentecostal Christians that church is not the building church is the people

Yes I agree, church are the people, but to me it does no harm to call the building where church meets a church

I sit down on a pew

Yes good ole pews not like the nice individual chairs in the modern churches

I am here for God

Not for myself?

For God and myself

I sit quietly yes it is quiet

No noise

Not even a whisper

I sit in silence I listen I see 

I drift of in to thinking

My thinking is like a narrative it is like a story it is a story that I remember I tell my story here

I listen to the silence I love the silence I think and hear my thoughts I am like a preacher telling a story I preach to no one but my story is to be told I tell it here

I am here to listen to God

But I listen to my own thoughts I listen to God in my thoughts my thoughts tell me about God

To listen to God I need silence there is no God in noise

The silence I need is the world’s silence

We hear God in our own silence in the silence of the world

To hear God all people made noise must be quiet

I listen and I know I know God I know God in all people’s silence

The quiet that I need brings with it peace

Peace and quiet go together

To get peace we need to be quiet

No sounds from our mouths no technological sounds from people made inventions no sounds from any apparatus made by people

I am now not disturbed all the noise that I had been bombarded with outside the church has now faded away I am at peace I now do not feel bothered

My thoughts are strong they are as if I am bouncing them off a solid wall I am now in true reflection I reflect off God

I understand more now

God is in the silence in our silence

Understanding comes to me in the silence it comes to my heart


War is made out of noise

People made noise

Peoples talk and peoples inventions noise [electronic and technological].

Peace is made out of quiet

Peoples quiet

All peoples made inventions been all quiet

There are no wars with quiet

Kind regards; Lester John Murray

Wisdom-Is it Found in Complexity or in Simplicity

November 12, 2009

 Nakedness and embarrassment were the first consequences of the decision to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve become aware of themselves in a way that was novel to them. But they did not immediately die; they became conscious of their mortality, and they became conscious of their creatureliness. [This comment was made by a Allen Dyer – obtained off the internet]. 

Lester : They became aware of their physicalness. The knowledge that Adam and Eve ate of was the knowledge of good and bad in the physical sense. We humans are spirit and soul. Spirit and soul are not physical. We think in our minds – the mind is the thinking part of the soul. Thoughts are not physical. Thoughts are invisible. Thoughts are words. Words are not physical. The Father God is invisible He is not physical. He God knows all about physical but I do not think that God intended Adam an Eve to know all about physical. Spiritual bliss is just that living without cares of the physical. Once Adam had eaten the fruit of knowledge of physical he was cast out of paradise to work hard physically all his life. Adam reaped physical hardness for pursuing physical. Eve also suffered a physical punishment for pursuing physical knowledge. Eve suffered physical suffering in child birth. Jesus Christ came in to this world in physical to point the way back to the invisible non physical Father God. Physical is consuming mankind now in a large proportion. We are losing our senses of the invisible God. We see but we do not see we hear but we do not hear. Our spirits have become dull. Young people especially are losing their sanity. Advertising and consumer items all in the physical. Our God has become amongst other things “materialism”. We worship materialism and to get it we worship money we want money for materialism – all physical. Mankind now is consumed in his quest to understand the physicalness of the universe. Now a days it’s a lot about physical not spiritual. We humans are dying spiritually and living all for physicalness. We humans are worshipping the physical body. We are worshipping Mother nature. We humans are turning away from worshipping the Father to worship the Mother [nature – creation]. The human race is becoming more and more perverted [turning away]. The Mother did not create it was the Father that created.

Wisdom  –  Is it found in complexity or in simplicity

People think it is clever to think complex. When someone has a problem to solve they think that the more complex the problem is the more complex the solution has to be.

Simplex is “one”. Complex is “many”. To find the answer to a complex many problem one has to not keep the problem at many but to refine it down to one that is simplex. In our seeing from our eyes to keep focused we must focus on one spot. To keep focused we must also endeavour to think of the “one”. One what? one item one thing but it has to be one. Our eyes are made to focus on one point. Complex is not been focused. Complex is many and spreads our focus making confusion. Complex creates confusion unless the complex is refined down to a “one”. We can know everything from the “one”. If we look at the lowest denominator in the building blocks of life the “atom” we can understand most of the physical universe. So the smallest “one” can tell us alot. Just as a plant or organism cell can tell us lots about plant and creature life.
We are taught about the “One” God. Not many gods but “one”. We are taught that we are in a spiritual journey in life. How many journeys? “One” journey. To worship many gods creates confusion and we are unfocused. To focus on one creates a sharpness in our minds that helps us to keep sane.

Sanity is doing away with the bad thoughts. Sanity is to do with sanitation. Sanitation is doing away with the waste. Waste in thinking is the bad thoughts. To focus on the “One” God a God of purity keeps the bad thoughts out. And this in turn keeps the waste out. Mind over matter. Mind in its thinking has charge over the body. We become sharp in our minds if we keep out the bad thinking. To be a regular person we think good thoughts. To think good is to think wise. Wise thoughts are sane thoughts. Insanity is dwelling in bad thoughts and this leads to delusion. To think badly is to be amongst bad thinking people and badness tends towards lies and lies can deceive. Deception deludes. So complex can lead to insanity and deluded thoughts. Deluded is believing that lies are true. 

So “mankind” can be deluded in to thinking that the clever way to solve complex problems is to use further complexity to solve the complex problems. Far from the truth. Complex does not solve complex. That is a delusion. Simplex solves complex. The “one” solves the “many”. It is not clever to think complex. Simplex is easier and far wiser to think in. Look at an atom under a microscope alot of learning just there.

Albert Einstein came up with a theory of relativity. He no doubt started with complexity but he refined the theory down to one single small equation. Single as in simple equation. People usually start with complexity because people have become complex. People make complexity. God the creator is “One” and has always been “One”. God has not changed ever. To look and understand the “ONE” true God is to understand everything. No need to go anywhere else to know everything but just to this “ONE” person God. No need to go to many people no need to go to millions of people to find the understanding of life but just to “One” person God. Speak to Him and listen in your heart. With God you will perceive the truth. God is in Word and we learn in Word. We listen in Word.

Seeking truth in this world is to some so hard. People go to hear this guru and that guru. Each guru they learn from lightens up their pockets. Gurus cost money. Guru knowledge is not free it is very expensive. Gurus become gods to their followers and at their peak of godness they even might say that they are Jesus Christ. But people want someone to follow. In the guru’s case it is the blind leading the blind. Eventually the guru might lead their followers as the saying goes “of a cliff”. A cliff to hell. Guru’s can be false prophets. They can have prophetic insight but use their insight to as the saying goes “to feather their own nests”.  False prophets are not serving God the creator they are serving themselves. False prophets are not called by God. God did not send them.

Is God simple? Is God complex? Does God the creator confuse us humans? Did God originally make us humans simple? Even if evolution is true that still does not do away with creation been created. We are creatures and will always be creatures. God may have created and then life evolved. It’s a possibility. Adam and Eve can still have been the first people to have souls. Soul mind same area. Mind maybe the thinking part of the soul. Were Adam and Eve two complex persons or were they very simple persons. They lived in a garden of simplicity. Walking around in naked simplicity. The simplicity of thought and life left Adam and Eve once they were put outside Eden and living in the wild. So what was the downfall of Adam and Eve? The bible says it was their eating fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In today’s terms what is this knowledge? This knowledge that Adam and Eve acquired made them know like God. This knowledge was the “original sin”. So what is this knowledge? Who knows? Do the theologians know? Does the Pope know? Are we humans still participating of this original sin? When Jesus Christ was on this earth did he teach about the physical sciences? If not why not? Did Jesus tell the disciples about the “atom”? What about life on other planets did Jesus teach about that? Is spiritual knowledge nothing to do with the physical sciences? But does not learning about the physical sciences make one wise. Wise of this world knowing as God knows. Physical dies as our physical body’s die – is learning physical just burdening our human spirits.

So what is real wisdom? And where do we find it? Real wisdom is eternal wisdom. Physical wisdom dies out but spiritual wisdom goes on either to hell or heaven. There is the dark spiritual wisdom and there is the light spiritual wisdom. Light is of God and darkness is of Satan. So we have spiritual wisdom and we have physical wisdom.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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