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MATURITY – feeling person to a thoughtful person

April 30, 2018

I went through the mill. I went from bottom to top. I went through all the feelings of heart led by my heart to a thinking of brain led by brain. I know that feelings when you are led by them is an irrational life. I know now that the head should rule over the body. The body is not in charge, the brain in the head is.

I as a youth, had all the youthful feelings, mixed in with other youth and we attended modern Christian churches where feelings were the craze. You went to church to feel better. You waited all week until Sunday to get another high feeling. Love was about feelings, thoughts were erroneous and not to be parlayed with. I attended these modern churches (called Pentecostal churches) and was glad years later to get these modern church minds out of my head. I am a more thoughtful person now.

Feelings is about personality, thoughts are about character. Build up the character not the personality. Words not feelings. Words are thoughts. Words are God. You stand on your Words not feelings. Actually we stand on the Words of Jesus Christ. Our Words are Jesus Words. Our heart should be full of Jesus Words. The Holy Spirit comes in to our heart. The Holy Spirit is Spirit in Words.

When I was young I had a nice personality. God came in to my life and has made me a nice thoughtful person. I am a person of character. I am a person of Words. My words are me. Personality makes way for character.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 21, 2017

Want to get a good nights sleep?
Sleep on a good pillow.

A good conscience is the best pillow. 

A good conscience to the Supreme God and to every other person. 
Your heart is where life springs from. The human spirit is in the heart. When you invite Jesus Christ to be your Lord and you repent of all your sins the Holy Spirit of God will come in to a repentant heart. A strong heart a strong person. The person who has the Spirit of understanding has the top strength. Understanding is wisdom and wisdom of God can not be toppled over, to try and topple wisdom of God over is suicide. 
Wisdom is about how we behave. How we act. How we treat God and other people. We are spirit and soul. We are flesh and bone. We humans are interconnected, we are connected by words. Think wisely as thoughts are also in words. Think wisely about God and think wisely about other humans. Your thoughts are not secret, nothing is secret. Those that see really see. God gives sight to His prophets. Prophets see. 
Make your life’s foundation on words, we stand on our words, we fight with our words, words are our protection. But not just any words, use words of God. God gave us the bible. We have the holy scriptures. Read the holy scriptures often. Memorise the holy scriptures. God gave us His will and wisdom in the holy scriptures in the bible. There’s the old will and now the new will. The new will is what should guide us not the old will. Read both old will and new will. The old will leads us to the new will. What we think and say in words about other humans is very important, it can be life or death. Don’t think you are not heard. 
Not everyone is dull of mind. The dull minds live in semi to much darkness. Dull is without much light. God gives light. Some human spirits are like smouldering wicks, their lights are dim. A strong human spirit light comes from leading a good life. Treat everyone with care. We are all precious. Keep away from the fool. Don’t take on the fools actions. The fool may become wise. God can do anything. God can save anyone He likes. The fool may become a King. 
Treat your soul with respect. Don’t hate your soul. Die to your old self in your heart but love your soul above. Save your soul by giving yourself to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ saves souls. Only Jesus Christ can save the soul, there is no other way. Jesus took all our sins in to his body and died to them. Jesus came back to life (resurrected) and rose in to heaven. Jesus is above. God the Father is above. The Head rules. The body does not rule. No body rules. Jesus the Head rules. Jesus sits at God the Fathers right hand side above. The Father God is THE LORD and Jesus MY LORD sits at the Fathers right side. Let go let God. Humble yourselves under the God Head. We are in the heart in spirit. Our soul is above saved. 
God is a mystery. Heaven and hell is a mystery. Love will keep you healthy. Don’t hate as hate will slowly kill your body. Hate will sicken parts of your body. God can not be mocked and wisdom of God can not be mocked. Sow and you will reap. Forgive your trespassers. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 19, 2017

I thought and I thought I really thought I know I thought.

Dislike of banks could backfire. 

I thought on this. Speak up, write up. But in the end if you do not have the support of thought your way then your way is wrong. 
Power is in the thoughts. But we must remember all thoughts are in words. 
So we can speak and write about the dislike of banks but if the thoughts on this issue do not support your way then you have no legality. Your mandate then is useless. 
But we should not shy away from speaking up or writing about truth because we could be on the truthful way. 
But thoughts are not the end, it’s Jesus Christ who is the alpha and omega. Our thoughts may be for or against an argument but alas that means nothing if Jesus Christ thinks differently. Jesus is in us (saved souls) in Spirit. The Spirit of God decides truth, no other. So my heart has the Holy Spirit. I have the truth within me. Anyone who speaks against the truth in me suffers. You can not outwit God, to try is very foolish. I might not be right all the time and I am answerable to God like everyone else. God can lead my thoughts. I bring my thoughts in to focus by ensuring my thoughts are God like. I try to keep focussed. I use my senses in line with Gods thoughts to focus. Keeping focussed is to keep sane. 
So we use our words with caution. We eat foods and liquids with caution. We are what we eat, meaning we are in words what we eat, we eat what we need and think what we need. Eating makes us what we are in thought. We eat the Words of Jesus Christ and we become like Jesus Christ. We eat other people we become like them. We are essentially living soul and spirit in a physical mortal body. We live in a physical body. We eat and drink but we eat and drink to supply our body and spiritual needs and cast the waste out. If we do not eat and drink needful we also live on waste. We need to get rid of our waste to stay sane. If we also live on waste we talk and write waste (shit). Such people are known to be bull shitters (excuse the inflammatory words). So focussing on just eating is not good, we need to think of eating and also getting the waste out. 
I am trying to explain that what we eat and drink physically can affect our thinking and thus affect what we speak and write. We are in words physically and spiritually. The spiritual can affect the physical and the physical can affect the spiritual. 
I have seen people eat pretty foods. If someone has the choice between a plain food or a pretty food most or not all people go for the pretty food. Pretty food has much sugar. Plain food is plain tasting. Pretty food is sweet food. People love sweet foods. So when a male person has a choice as a long term partner between a plain woman or a sweet woman the male will choose the sweet woman. Sweet to a male is sexy. And males usually are immature, most are what we call jerks, so a sweet sexy woman would empower a male and make the male think he was something he was not. Alas a lot of marriages fail because of this strategy. Sweet is short and sweet. Sweet is a quick rush. Sugar gives a quick rush, the rush is over in minutes. It’s like being jerked off (excuse the slang). 
The physical and spiritual live together. The two affect each other in many ways. God simply says LOVE. Not the world’s love but Gods love. Love is being wise. If we are loving we are doing Gods will. Not love of Satan or the world’s love but the love taught by Jesus Christ and is explained in the Gospels. 
So eating spiritual food of Jesus Christ affects our physical body. Eating physical food affects our spiritual side. 
We must eat and drink to survive not to pander to our selfish pleasures. Now a days people eat and drink because they want to not because they need to. In the past people ate to supply their needs. Today’s world is decadent of waste, people living with waste inside them. 
Nothing is free to this world. You pay for all selfish pleasures beyond needs. Your body pays in the end for all self. 
Rich people live to eat,

Poor people eat to live. 
That surmises my thinking here on eating. I started off writing about thoughts then I brought in eating. I hope I have not confused you. I am a living soul and spirit, I write what I think and perceive. I like to think I have the Mind Of Christ. Don’t ever think I learnt any of my perceptions from Bible College; one of the main lecturers that taught me said he was a humanist. I got my Diploma of Ministry from Bible College; I was qualified as the world would say. In Christ the best qualification is to LOVE. My perceptions and understanding come from the Mind of Christ fed from the Spirit of God.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2017

 There is intelligent thinking but there is intelligence thinking that is thought out useful in a practical way. The wise King thinks this practical intelligence. God gives His King wisdom. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is this practical intelligence. Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ. The wise King of God has the wisdom of Jesus Christ. When the wise King thinks he thinks in a practical way. Everyone thinks. Humans think. Animals or birds or fish or insects do not think. Humans are called sapient, we think and discern. 
Sin in humans does dim ones insight and makes intelligence dirty in thought. The King of God is supreme in thought. The King of God thinks above everyone else. The King of God sits above everyone else and all thoughts are captive to Him. The King of God is only beholden to God no other. This world is full of thoughts. Thoughts are words. We humans are able to exist only because of words. We can not succeed at anything apart from words. Dirty words make for a miserable life; clean words make for a sane and enjoyable life. Pictures have a frame. We need a frame of reference for words too. Without a frame of reference words can go insane. Sanity is to have a frame. The frame is what keeps the words within a frame of thinking. We need to have order. We need to know what the truth is. Truth and order keeps sanity. To work outside reference, order and truth leads only to insanity. The King of God thinks and his thinking is in charge. Words are in charge but only the words of truth are in charge. God is truth and the higher you go up in the thinking chain the closer you get to the truth and God is the highest. God sets his mountain in charge. God rules in wisdom through his mountain. Mountain is not literal in this sense but is a metaphor. Prophets of God make the path straight for the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus will return. The mountains are levelled and the valleys filled in; this is all metaphor. The mountains are the people on higher ground. The valleys are the people who are lowly. God wants a level play ground. God wants straightness. No one is to exalt themselves over others, we are all equal in God. The Wise King of God is the only mountain. The King is wise and the wisdom of God is supreme. All thoughts of humans are subject to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. God made this universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in mind, heart, body and Spirit rules and He is supreme. We the church (body of Christ) have the mind of Christ. Wisdom of God is a Spirit of God. The King of God has the Spirit of Wisdom. God gives to his children gifts. These are spiritual gifts. We can call these gifts spirit genies. People are gifted with spiritual gifts from God and sometimes we call these people geniuses. A genie is a spirit, a gift within. God makes people geniuses. These geniuses are often aware that their genius is given to them. Such people do not like to brag but simply say that their genius is very simple. Simple is the catch word for a persons genius because the person gifted knows that what they are clever at is not their own doing. These people are also called talented. 
The Wise King of God knows that his wisdom is not his own doing but comes from the supreme God. We are nothing really apart from God. We don’t have talents apart from God. Words make us and words unmake us. God is the WORDS in supreme. God spiritual gifts are in words. It’s all about words to do with God. The Wise King of God knows God is all about Words. The Wise King wins or loses fights according to his words. The Wise King of God prays often knowing his words carry weight with the supreme God. God listens to his Wise King. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 5, 2016

The Garden of Eden was as close as heaven could ever be on this earth. God made the earth but mankind made the world. God is Godly and mankind are worldly. So how does one communicate in heaven? How did Adam and Eve communicate in the Garden of Eden? 

In my later life I am very conscious now of my thinking. It’s like I can now just about control my thinking. My thinking is so now developed that my thinking has become much of me and who I am. It’s not feelings but thinking that now makes up much of my life. I think day and night. I love thinking. I can think deep. I can think and work out problems to questions. But I think that this can not be like what we call worldly intelligence. This thinking of mine has very little or nothing to do with thoughts about knowledge as we know it at schools and colleges and universities. I think like I am in communication with God above. 
My thinking has become so much of my life now that I am becoming to think that man in the beginning communicated by thoughts. Adam, did he and God communicate together by thoughts? We can call this thought communication – communing. Adam and Eve were given souls; these souls had no knowledge as we know worldly knowledge today. Did Adam and Eve have such clear and sinless souls that communing by thoughts was easy for them to do? The tree of knowledge was tempting to Adam and Eve; I mean know as God knows; but eating of knowledge led to sin. God said it was wrong to eat of knowledge. Knowledge may have meant the loss of communication by thought. I find speech of mankind such a vexation. Every time mankind speaks they sin. Mankind complains, mankind curses, mankind threatens, mankind lies, mankind slanders, mankind mocks. The mouth of mankind has turned in to one big cesspool. 
So was original communication done by just communing in thoughts?
Jesus Christ came in to this world to restore mankind from his fallen grace. But mankind still eats of knowledge. Jesus is the WISDOM of God. The Bible is full of wisdom. We can live by wisdom and not by knowing the knowledge of the world. Gods wisdom makes a society strong and unified. Do we need worldly knowledge for mankind to survive? Can mankind survive by Gods wisdom alone apart from worldly knowledge? Adam and Eve lived very well in the Garden of Eden apart from worldly knowledge. To live apart from worldly knowledge we have to trust and obey God explicitly. God will provide if we live just for his wisdom. Jesus Christ while living on this earth in this world never learnt worldly knowledge. Jesus knew no worldly studies. I think Jesus never even went to school. Jesus when he began his ministry chose disciples who were not schooled. Paul and Luke were probably exceptions. People did accept Jesus Christ’s teachings. But people still wanted worldly knowledge. People wanted both Gods wisdom and worldly knowledge. So mankind has not come out from the FALL. 
Mankind listens to SATAN. The beast will rule and mankind will obey the beast. The beast serves Satan. The beast encourages worldly knowledge. The beast and Satan are about replicating what God does. God uses mankind to see, hear, taste, smell, think; but Satan will try and replicate the God head that senses and thinks; Satan will make his own God head and Satan will try and rule all creation with his God head. Robots in the image of mankind will be made. Mankind will serve Satan and the beast and maybe the robots will rule mankind. The robots will serve Satan and the beast. Satan rules over mankind from the outside but God rules mankind from the inside. Satan tries to get inside mankind to rule him/her, we get the mark of the beast. We also get virtual reality. We also get half robot and half man/woman. But God is the Living Words. Living words win against Satan and the beast. God can make Satan and the beast think what God wants them to think. 
In the true Church we are all ONE body, we are all ONE body of thinkers, we think together, we commune in thought together, each part of the body communing with other parts of the body and we each also commune in thought with the head of the body JESUS CHRIST. 
The language is in thought and we call it communing but what are the components of this language? We use words. I use English words in my thoughts. I am very aware that I think in English. I hear my thoughts. So how do all the people commune together in the body of Christ if there are many different kinds of languages? That puzzles me. The Asians, they have symbols to represent meanings. How can you think in symbols? Pictures to represent meaning were used by earlier civilisations. Adam and Eve were given the words from God. God is Words. But the Asians did/do not have words. Asians got words off others. The early Egyptians used pictures to represent meaning. Symbols like what the Asians use for communication are not words. Does Satan and his children commune together? Or is Satan and his children deaf to words? Satan is described as a serpent. A serpent is a snake. Do snakes have ears? When you get an Indian snake charmer playing a flute and the snake rises up, the snake does not hear the music from the flute, the snake rises because it is watching the flute move about. So I guess Satan and his children are deaf to words. 
God gave the words. Original thought came from God. God communicates with his children by words. 
Why did we need speech from the mouth? And why is the Adam’s apple in our throat right by the larynx? Why did mankind get voice chords? Only humans have voice chords? Only humans can speak a language. Is the Adams apple anything to do with the voice chords? Did the FALL of mankind have anything to do with speaking rather than communing in thoughts? Is worldly knowledge about speech? 
I like thinking. I hate being around people who speak a lot. I sense a communion going on. You commune, you listen, and you understand. You can understand people. People might call it discernment or perception. You can read people. Talking can just be stupid most of the times. 
These are my thoughts; they do not have to be right. They could be right. But they could also be wrong. I hope that what I have written here might make you the reader and me more wiser; we can think and pray and maybe amongst what I have written the truth will come out. I make no promises that what I have written above is all truth. What I have written above is just me thinking. I hope we all learn something new. I want to learn too. If I write my thoughts then the communion will go on and the truth will come out. I hope what I have done is make you think and I hope that you can develop your communing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

Yes I had a hair cut today; a very short hair cut and you know what, I am loving it. 

The cutting blade (for my haircut today) for those who want to know is cut number 1 and a half. I had not long ago gone down to a number 2 cut but this is a first for anything below number 2. Oh its so good. 
Finally showing my head off rather than trying to glorify my body. Yes I have no qualms glorifying my head over my body. Yes the brains are not in the body; we all know the brains are in the head. Yes I am a thinker, I love thinking so I glorify the good thoughts over the bad thoughts. Conscience rules. The con-science is science being knowledge within. Not the science out there (the science taught in academia) but the science within. The science of true wisdom in spirit from Spirit. The mind over matter. The body is the matter under the Mind of Jesus Christ. 
I hate it when I see men or even for that matter boys with long hair. Such means that these persons put the body before the head. They rule from the body and not the head. Urrrr excuse me I think that some people are missing a few intelligent principles, THE BRAIN IS NOT IN THE BODY. So when I see a body builder with his body exercised and muscled I often also see a puny small head on top of their body. So who here is respecting and glorifying the head? not the body builder; he or she do not glorify the head. 
We Christians have or should have the MIND OF JESUS CHRIST. The mind is in the head. The soul is in the head. The mind are the thoughts of the soul. We think Christ like thoughts. Thoughts are in words and words of GOD in us rule. The words rule but Gods WORDS rule over all other words. Gods WORDS are supreme. 
We have a soul and a spirit. I have a soul relationship with my wife. My wife is my soul mate. I have a spirit relationship with God. God is my Spirit mate. 
Do we worship God from our souls to Gods soul? Or do we worship God from our soul to only God Spirit? Does God have a soul? When we pray do we say God soul in praying to God? Jesus Christ must have a soul. But does the Father God have a soul? The Holy scriptures do mention people’s souls worshipping God. So we do worship God from our souls. We are comfortable saying that God is Spirit but are we comfortable saying God is soul? 
God says “those who are true worshippers of God worship God in spirit and truth”.
Speaking about soul – those of you who are married; did you marry a soul mate or just a body mate? To marry a soul mate one has to see through the outer layer the skin and discern the within. The soul can be hidden behind all the glory of flesh. A true connection to a beloved is through soul and the flesh will follow. Soul love is the true deep love; anything else is skin deep and fizzles away. Skin deep love does not endure. Love the soul. So outer looks can deceive, they can lead you astray and in to a very bad relationship. It will cost you heaps. 
There are two types of marriage: One made in heaven (ruled by the head). 

And one made in hell (ruled by the body).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 24, 2015

 And its spiritual associated weather.
Einstein was about the physical I am about the spiritual.

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. 
A psychologist is saying you can be sad because of the cold winter weather. 

I remember being sad for some of my life living in Wellington region New Zealand. Wellington has atrocious winter weather so that might account for my sadness. I hated the cold and wind in Wellington region. The weather might have attributed to my sadness in Wellington but I think there were many other factors contributing to my sadness in Wellington factors which seemed out of my control because they were spiritually connived. 

The Bible says “A prophet is not honoured in his own country”. I myself relate to this verse. Kill the prophets. Stone the prophets. Prophets are Gods messengers. Stone the messengers. Curse the messengers. 
I am far too strong now in Christ to bow down to pressure from out side forces to let evil into my heart and mind. Christ Jesus protects me. The clouds soon part over me and the sun shines often. 
Weather of the soul/mind can be attributed a lot to words. And words come from mouths. And humans have mouths and speak words. There are thoughts too.

We humans are relational. We humans relate together. There is the church. I am talking about the body of Christ Church, not a building church. God lives in a living body. This living body is a human body. We humans of God are that living church body. God does not live in a building made of wood, concrete or brick but in a building of human flesh and we in God are that building. God lives in us of God. Immanuel, God within. So we humans are relational. But relational is specific to what body you are in. Because there is Christ’s body and there is Satan’s body. Then there are the lost. Do the lost live in a body? they must do but where are they in relation to God’s body and Satan’s body I do not know. 
So Gods people live together in heart and mind. Satan’s people likewise live together in heart and mind. The two main bodies living on this earth. My life is in God’s body. I relate together with all God’s people. I relate in thought, word and deed. I am in a great big family of God. This family is the church, a living body church. Jesus teaches us to love one another. Love is of God, and love keeps the body healthy. The body is meant to grow in love. We in the family of God are commanded by God to love otherwise we are disobeying God the HEAD. The brains of the body work in true love. To hate is to go the way of unhealthy ness and the body (you your part in the body) gets sick. 

We all in the body relate. Words are our relational tools. Heard of the saying “All things are relative”. God is the HEAD of the body of God’s people. Think wise and speak wise less your words come back and strike you. God is above listening and seeing (and tasting and smelling) and knows when each person in the body (below the God Head) sins. God hates sin.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 11, 2013

I am not convinced that monkey’s can control virtual limbs with their thoughts. Science gone mad to me.
So WHAT is the monkey thinking when he moves a virtual limb? Let us use REASON here. Reason keeps us sane. So the scientists say the monkey is using thoughts from his brain WHAT thoughts and WHAT do the thoughts comprise? WHAT are thoughts for the monkey? WHAT are thoughts made of for humans? If I myself think what do my thoughts comprise of? REASON THINK THINK LISTEN. listen to your own thoughts. Are your thoughts consisting of WORDS? Do you hear your thoughts? Are you so dull in your mind that you hear no thoughts? And if you think in words as I do how can a monkey also think in words? Science is going mad. Deluded science. Science without insight. I think regularly and I hear my own thoughts. I think in a REFLECTION. I love reflection; call it meditation if you like. My heart, my mind thinks. Words are strong for me. So what human has so much wisdom of a God that his spirit / soul is so wise and disciplined that he/she has perfect control over their thoughts that they can use their thoughts to control machines. What if say a human is thinking of sex often how can they be harnessed to a machine with limbs and use thoughts to control the machine. Discipline of thoughts is a spiritual thing and few humans if at all any ever get to the peak of being so very perfect in their thoughts. So what is being perfect in thoughts? who is our role model? Of course no other but JESUS CHRIST. Most humans are perverts. Most humans think perverted thoughts. So if science says that monkeys think; can scientists tell us what monkeys think and in what language? Do monkeys in Japan say think in the Japanese language or do they think in the English language? I myself think in the English language so all my thoughts are in English no other language. Thoughts are a tongue thing. Humans, most of them, no, all of them are sinners so all humans think sinful thoughts so using a humans thoughts to control machines is mad. Every human can not think pure thoughts. If they can its only for a short time if at all. So putting human thoughts to control life will be a catastrophe in the making. The world is mad as it is and to make it worse by using humans thoughts to control the world will make life more insane. Jesus Christ can use His thoughts to control but humans are dirty thinkers. Even human thoughts harnessed to computers with virtual thinking and control over robots and machines will be a catastrophe. People will use such devices to kill and rape and steal from people. Wars will be major; it will be one big killing field. Science can not control thoughts. Thoughts are spiritual and soul areas and scientists are best to stay out of this area because Spirit and soul are invisible and science is just about the physical. So even now in my writings here I am thinking I think and write I stop reflect and write again I am thinking its like my tongue is being used but not physically but spiritually. I am spirit. I am soul. I live in this physical body. I think. I love thinking. I have matured in thinking. I mature more and more in thinking. Science can be so blind at times.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Rant and Rave

October 19, 2013

Just been in the shower. While I was in the shower I was deep in thought. BUT my thinking was like explosive, it was like I was having a conversation. I was speaking to one of these call centre operators. YES the Indian call centre. We think such calls come from India. Well these call operators sound like Indians speaking English. How do you know they are Indian; television has shown us such Indian accents speaking English. So here I am in the shower ranting and raving in my thinking; yet such was like a conversation. I was angry. I recently moved in to a new home. I just got my landline phone connected with Telstra. So here I am in my new home with a new landline phone connection and what happens? Indian call centre operators ring me up. So far in the short time of about 4 weeks I have had a number of call centre calls. I cut them off before they can spiel out more of their lies. I say this is a private line and demand they delete my phone number off their records and put the phone down. I am fuming about how these Indian call centres were able to get a new telephone number so fast, in a matter of days, since the phone was just connected and my mind thinks of Telstra. I think “Does Telstra sell phone numbers to Indian call centres?” Hey there’s money to be made here for Telstra. How else could a foreign country get my phone number, a number that is so new that very very few know it. “Telstra do you know something about this”. So here I am conversing with a call centre operator in India and asking to speak to the owner of the company, I want to sue him, then I ask for the manager, then I ask for the supervisor. I was using swear words, so unholy of me.



Everywhere you go “Mankind” makes noise. His and her noise. I went in to a shop today to look at furniture. I was the only customer. I liked what I saw. Then the shop assistant went over to a radio; and then loud music. I said to the assistant “Its too noisy in here” and walked out. Why did that assistant think I liked noise? I hate noise; I can not hear myself think with noise. Noise of “Mankind” makes a person go bonkers.

Think in a straight line and go deep the deeper the better. Pray and pray and pray and read the Bible. Think and discern together. See and think. See, hear, smell, taste and think. Use all the head senses and think. AND KNOW. God is known through our senses. Our senses give us UNDERSTANDING. We are sensible when using all our senses to the fullest. Sense and sensible. Sensible is to be wise. BUT sins darken our minds; darken our senses. CONFESS Sins to God above. We are clean through Jesus. Jesus is the WORD. The WORD of GOD cleanses us.

Think in a straight line and go through all the obstacles of thought. The greater consciousness of thought of mankind; veering away from the traps, keeping away from the trouble spots, not going after the flesh pots, staying clean not dirty, being wise of God, keeping away from the women who use their flesh to entice men, staying away from violent people, staying away from noisy people. Think and stay true to God in thought, word and deed. Stay faithful. I am so pleased to be married. To find a sensible wife is very hard but when you find one, oh it is so good. Marriage is so good but there is a marriage made in heaven and a marriage made in hell. Choose wisely.

So to be wise is to be wise in thought, word and deed. Once your thoughts are matured your words will be mature and your deeds will follow suit. There is a growing up for good and a growing up for evil. Another choice to make.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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