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April 6, 2017

To walk centrist thinking is sensible and sane. Very few people walk centrist. It’s like a drunk person, they can not walk a straight line. Most people are drunk in thought, they are sleepy, they are not wide awake. People don’t walk a straight line. People are not straight thinkers. To think straight is to be wise and to be wise is to be disciplined. 

The wisdom Spirit from God is a disciplined Spirit. Who is disciplined now a days? Very few people. Most people today walk and think perverted. To be perverted is not being straight. Heterosexuals might say we are straight. Oh yer then why do you not think straight. Heterosexuals are in to the arse just like the homosexuals. We live in a very perverted world. People who can not walk straight in the central walk think right or left. Then there’s the extreme left and right thinkers. We get extreme left and right politics. Right and left extreme religious thinkers. People who are extreme thinkers like Hitler are pycho. They are mad. Thinkers like Hitler are better put down. Put them down like a rabid dog is put down. 
Straight is middle, middle is centrist, centrist is disciplined, disciplined is wise, wise is sensible, sensible is good sense, good sense is common sense, sense is head, head is in charge, head rules the body, body submits to the head, head is wise, God head rules, mind of God in head, head rules a disciplined body, God head rules a straight body, turn to God, to turn away from God is to pervert. 
Atheism is a non prophet organisation. To turn away from God is to pervert the thinking.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



October 22, 2015

Tutorial class at university.
Smithers what do you think?

Yes I agree with the conventional thought, animals do think.

Murray what do you think?

My question is, do animals in Japan think in Japanese?

Murray are you trying to make a mockery of this class?

No Sir I am simply trying to put all this in perspective.

So you think animals do not think?

I ask another question, do animals in the USA think in English?

Murray do you think animals think?

You say it’s conventional belief that animals think. I don’t agree. I think that animals as in all creatures apart from humans do not have soul so they do not think. The true conventional belief is that animals are thoughtless as are birds, fish and insects and all such live by instinct. 

Ok Murray why has convention changed here?

I think man in many cases man has lost his mind. We live like we are ourselves thoughtless. We have lost our connection with soul. Losing our connection with soul we lose our connection with thoughts and words. Man is becoming all materialistic. Man worships money. Man is becoming as thoughtless as other creatures. Man is living on instinct. 

Smithers what do you think of Murray’s answers?

I think Murray has lost it. Murray has not followed the wisdom of the great thinkers from the Greek philosophers until now. We know animals think. We humans are wise now we know.

Murray you have heard it. I agree we humans are wise now. We know so much now. Murray you need to change your ideas or you will fall behind. 

Murray looks at the teacher. Murray perceives that the teacher is a farmer. Murray asks himself in thought, “what is a farmer doing teaching at university”?

Class over.

Later that day.

Hi Murray.

Hi Jones.

Hey Murray word is getting around that you will fail your science class.


It’s true. You better wizen up. The professor says you just don’t have the intelligence. 

Murray thinks, “That farmer, what right has a farmer to pass judgment on my intelligence”?
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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