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May 29, 2017

So mankind is his/her worst enemy.

You may say “Speak for yourself”. 

I say “I do speak for myself”.

I quote Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me……….”.

We have both evil and good in our hearts. 

We have a choice to do good or evil. 

As I age I get wiser. My mind in my older age is more rational. I don’t let feelings control me or lead me. I use my head more. I don’t let my body rule me. My head is in charge. I think. 
Oh that might be a dirty word to some “think”. In my time with the Pentecostal Christians (call them fundamentalists because that is what they are) it was thought as unGodly to think. So if I don’t think what do I use then, feelings? Pentecostals are about emotions, don’t think, don’t think with reason. So in the Pentecostal fundamentalist churches it’s about hyped up music to cater to your emotions. Emotions are about feelings. The heart is in control not the head. Don’t use the mind use the spirit in the heart. 
But spirit in human kind, the human spirit, can be so vicious and fierce. You cross a fundamentalist and they can be vicious in their spirit to you. Human spirit can be so hateful. Their spirit can be a dagger in to your heart. People use their fierce human spirit to strike down other people. Pentecostals call this attacking people with their human spirit “Spiritual warfare”. These attackers can be so unmerciful that they think to attack you in spirit is Gods will and they will attack until they have you submitted even to death if need be.
I have come across human spirits that are wise. Even call them pure. They are clean. They look sinless. I have on occasion discerned human spirit in people. I must have a gift to do this. A gift that lets me see these things. Don’t for one minute think that the person with the clean, pure, wise human spirit has to be attractive, strong, sexy, on the outside. They can be such but on the outside they usually are plain. Plain looks. It’s like a very precious stone set in a very plain setting. It’s not the setting that is of value it’s the stone in the setting that is valuable. The gift inside our human body is the gift or gifts from God. Gifts can be spiritual gifts, they are spirit, they are the genius behind our thoughts, these genie spirits come from above, all good things come from above, these genie (genius) spirits come from God. Genie is spirit. A so called talented person is talented with genius (genie spirits, gifts) from God. 
A talented person knows their talent is genius but they also know that apart from the talent they are just a simple person, it’s the talent that is precious, they are nothing apart from the talent, they are nothing apart from God. The person who boasts about their talent is being stupid.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


EDUCATION (Learning process out dated and unwise)

January 16, 2014

Education (learning process) has not changed much for decades or is it centuries. It’s still about exams and tests. True education – should be enjoyable learning.

Children are taught knowledge that has no bearing on them as a person in this world with what gifts they have or intelligence they have. Students are missing out on use of their gifts simply because the present system is antiquated. This system favours mainly just intelligence. People think intelligence is the beginning and end all of education. I mean if one is highly intelligent the world considers them God favoured. Badness seems to go with low intelligence in people’s minds. Not so, not true. Intelligence is merely an ability suited to a God calling be it a door man, lift operator person, dress maker, army soldier, accountant etc. Intelligence is merely a tool used for work it is not about putting intelligent people on a pedestal over lower intelligent people. Intelligence becomes an idol. A lot of teachers teach for money not to serve God. Every worker is entitled to their payment. Working for money is so selfish.

True teaching is about making sure students understand.

Say in a class of 20 students; if 15 students understand a theory and 5 students do not understand the theory, the teachers aim is to make sure all the students understand the theory and only then go on to the next learning. You leave students behind in learning they will fall back and back and back and never catch up. The teacher teaches at the pace of the weakest link. The class of students is a whole, no favourites, no teachers pets. The intelligent students learn with the less intelligent students. No favouring the high intelligent students. High intelligence can also mean a straightforward calling like a dress maker or cleaner or soldier. Intelligence does not necessary mean top paid jobs.

Tradesmen are now getting paid more than university educated people but in the past tradesmen were looked down on by university people and in the past tradesmen received less pay than university educated people. Tradesmen called the bluff of people; we won’t repair your toilet or shower etc; so people came to the party and paid tradesmen more. SO CALL THE BLUFF.

Most people are not in God’s calling so its easy to pull the plug on them because their careers/calling is based on a veneer, a coating of glaze. Veneer is thin it has no strength. It’s just a thin layering. God looks at the heart. Insight looks at the heart. You can not hide your true likeness from God. You may think that you can hide from people your true likeness but a stronger person might see through you.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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