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May 29, 2017

So mankind is his/her worst enemy.

You may say “Speak for yourself”. 

I say “I do speak for myself”.

I quote Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me……….”.

We have both evil and good in our hearts. 

We have a choice to do good or evil. 

As I age I get wiser. My mind in my older age is more rational. I don’t let feelings control me or lead me. I use my head more. I don’t let my body rule me. My head is in charge. I think. 
Oh that might be a dirty word to some “think”. In my time with the Pentecostal Christians (call them fundamentalists because that is what they are) it was thought as unGodly to think. So if I don’t think what do I use then, feelings? Pentecostals are about emotions, don’t think, don’t think with reason. So in the Pentecostal fundamentalist churches it’s about hyped up music to cater to your emotions. Emotions are about feelings. The heart is in control not the head. Don’t use the mind use the spirit in the heart. 
But spirit in human kind, the human spirit, can be so vicious and fierce. You cross a fundamentalist and they can be vicious in their spirit to you. Human spirit can be so hateful. Their spirit can be a dagger in to your heart. People use their fierce human spirit to strike down other people. Pentecostals call this attacking people with their human spirit “Spiritual warfare”. These attackers can be so unmerciful that they think to attack you in spirit is Gods will and they will attack until they have you submitted even to death if need be.
I have come across human spirits that are wise. Even call them pure. They are clean. They look sinless. I have on occasion discerned human spirit in people. I must have a gift to do this. A gift that lets me see these things. Don’t for one minute think that the person with the clean, pure, wise human spirit has to be attractive, strong, sexy, on the outside. They can be such but on the outside they usually are plain. Plain looks. It’s like a very precious stone set in a very plain setting. It’s not the setting that is of value it’s the stone in the setting that is valuable. The gift inside our human body is the gift or gifts from God. Gifts can be spiritual gifts, they are spirit, they are the genius behind our thoughts, these genie spirits come from above, all good things come from above, these genie (genius) spirits come from God. Genie is spirit. A so called talented person is talented with genius (genie spirits, gifts) from God. 
A talented person knows their talent is genius but they also know that apart from the talent they are just a simple person, it’s the talent that is precious, they are nothing apart from the talent, they are nothing apart from God. The person who boasts about their talent is being stupid.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 7, 2017

 There is intelligent thinking but there is intelligence thinking that is thought out useful in a practical way. The wise King thinks this practical intelligence. God gives His King wisdom. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is this practical intelligence. Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ. The wise King of God has the wisdom of Jesus Christ. When the wise King thinks he thinks in a practical way. Everyone thinks. Humans think. Animals or birds or fish or insects do not think. Humans are called sapient, we think and discern. 
Sin in humans does dim ones insight and makes intelligence dirty in thought. The King of God is supreme in thought. The King of God thinks above everyone else. The King of God sits above everyone else and all thoughts are captive to Him. The King of God is only beholden to God no other. This world is full of thoughts. Thoughts are words. We humans are able to exist only because of words. We can not succeed at anything apart from words. Dirty words make for a miserable life; clean words make for a sane and enjoyable life. Pictures have a frame. We need a frame of reference for words too. Without a frame of reference words can go insane. Sanity is to have a frame. The frame is what keeps the words within a frame of thinking. We need to have order. We need to know what the truth is. Truth and order keeps sanity. To work outside reference, order and truth leads only to insanity. The King of God thinks and his thinking is in charge. Words are in charge but only the words of truth are in charge. God is truth and the higher you go up in the thinking chain the closer you get to the truth and God is the highest. God sets his mountain in charge. God rules in wisdom through his mountain. Mountain is not literal in this sense but is a metaphor. Prophets of God make the path straight for the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus will return. The mountains are levelled and the valleys filled in; this is all metaphor. The mountains are the people on higher ground. The valleys are the people who are lowly. God wants a level play ground. God wants straightness. No one is to exalt themselves over others, we are all equal in God. The Wise King of God is the only mountain. The King is wise and the wisdom of God is supreme. All thoughts of humans are subject to Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. God made this universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in mind, heart, body and Spirit rules and He is supreme. We the church (body of Christ) have the mind of Christ. Wisdom of God is a Spirit of God. The King of God has the Spirit of Wisdom. God gives to his children gifts. These are spiritual gifts. We can call these gifts spirit genies. People are gifted with spiritual gifts from God and sometimes we call these people geniuses. A genie is a spirit, a gift within. God makes people geniuses. These geniuses are often aware that their genius is given to them. Such people do not like to brag but simply say that their genius is very simple. Simple is the catch word for a persons genius because the person gifted knows that what they are clever at is not their own doing. These people are also called talented. 
The Wise King of God knows that his wisdom is not his own doing but comes from the supreme God. We are nothing really apart from God. We don’t have talents apart from God. Words make us and words unmake us. God is the WORDS in supreme. God spiritual gifts are in words. It’s all about words to do with God. The Wise King of God knows God is all about Words. The Wise King wins or loses fights according to his words. The Wise King of God prays often knowing his words carry weight with the supreme God. God listens to his Wise King. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 29, 2015

I think the way children are taught in schools should radically change. Who wants to sit day in day out on chairs listening to condescending teachers who just keep reminding you that you are dumb. Young children should not be sitting down all day. Not every child has been gifted with genius intelligence.
Intelligence is just one part of the learning process. We must try and encourage less intelligent children to excel. And excelling does not have to just mean intellect. Children feel talked down to, dumbed down to by the teachers. The teachers only seem to like the high intelligent children. And today there are such very high expectations to qualify. I mean qualifications are not just about work though work is involved, qualifications is about getting money in a job. Who likes work? Few do, but the rewards of money justify work. Excelling at school is about money rewards later. There are the few people who excel to do service to mankind. 

School is also a place for children to go to and stay while the parents are at work. We can not have young children at home without adult supervision while parents are working. 
Very few people find their God given vocation. Most people work in fields that are not their God given right. 
Why work in a strangers field when you can work in your own field.
And who meets a true God vocation teacher in their schooling? The system is wrong with the teachers so what do you expect from the children. It’s a charade from the beginning. Everyone is getting constipated, teachers and students. 
Vocation is set in human spirit in heart. Tapping that understanding in spirit is so hard. Our human spirit can be so vicious. Our human spirit can turn in to a sword that maims and kills. 
But the Wisdom of Jesus Christ can bring out the deepest thoughts from the deepest well. The heart can be like a well. Christ’s wisdom can tap deep in to the heart and bring up many treasures. We might see a barren and dry and heartless person but beneath all this might be treasures that can only but astound everyone. Christ’s Words can bring out the deep wealth. Gods Words go deep and soften the heart releasing the inner God given treasures.
So in most schools children are not taught to develop their spiritual gifts. To do so one must accept the Words of God. Schools in abundance now a days refuse to accept Gods Words in to the curriculum of learning. 
Then there is the generational sins of each child. We are products of our parents going down the family line and we carry the sins brought on us by our parents. We grow up in nests (family homes) that could be clean or dirty. We carry this dirt or cleanliness with us. So if we are dirty we see little. Sins blacken our insight. Sins keep us in darkness of mind. We are bright according to how much light we have in God in our human spirit. There are the dim people who we call dim witted and there are the bright people whose spirit is on fire and they see lots. 
Jesus came to do away with sins. But Jesus can not help much unless people confess their sins to God. In learning we need the words to learn from. Jesus words are the ultimate words. We use our words in relation to Jesus words. Jesus words are our level of truth ness. Children in their darkened minds can not learn much. We must in schools help children who are in darkness to come in to the light so they can learn. Schools help but they also do not help. Schools can just be a prison to those children living in their sins. School can be like a prison and the teachers the wardens. 
Christ should always be the centre of all learning. Otherwise it’s all a charade. We must start our teaching in a simple manner. Keep it simple but build on it. Never forget the simple foundation of ones learning because all other learning built on that simple foundation relies on that foundation because the foundation holds up all the other learning. Without a foundation we can not properly learn. Christ gives the best and strongest foundation. Sunday school is ok for some of the foundation but still this lacks the depth of the best foundation. We need more than Sunday schooling for a true best foundation. 
We measure our worth and learning from our simple foundation. The best foundation will support the best building. 
Though we learn and learn and learn; we remember our roots of first learning. If our roots are not sound, the rest of us is not sound.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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