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July 3, 2017

Babies don’t breathe while they are in the mothers womb. Babies don’t breathe until they are birthed outside the mother. This calls the question, is a person or baby alive if they are not breathing? The baby inside the mother is not breathing, so is the baby alive in the mother? 

“Shes coming out….. She’s all wrapped up in a sac”…… The baby kicked and came out of the sac….and took her first breath”…
So when we breathe is that a sign that we have spirit. Do humans get spirit when they breathe and does spirit help humans breathe. Soul and spirit, are different yet work in together. 
So the baby inside the mother is alive but not alive. In the mother the baby might not have spirit but does the baby have soul? I would think that the spirit and soul come with breathing. Take Adam the first man, God breathed a soul in to Adam. God breathing a soul; does that mean Spirit gives soul? God is Spirit. Spirit is in the breath. Spirit makes soul, Spirit makes creation. From the seed of Spirit came creation. God Spirit was the beginning. 
So the baby is given spirit at birth and the spirit breathes soul to the baby. The soul gives awareness. Mind boggling, I am just thinking, I don’t know really. Who gives spirit to the baby? God. And does God Spirit also breathe soul to the baby? 
We humans all come from the same tree. We families are just branches of the one universal tree. So we humans are all intrinsically connected together. 
Where does soul and human spirit come from? Does God have many angels whose jobs are just to hand out spirits and souls to newly birthed humans? 
So the baby in the mother might not be aware, not spiritually or soul aware. We humans are essentially soul and spirit, the flesh is just a covering.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



October 14, 2016

My days working (worked and lived for many many years) for the church in Perth city. I then lived on site next door to the church. City living was quite ok. Homeless people now and then slept around the church buildings. One man named Brian left a legacy of his stay. I took a photo of his belongings. Liquor and caffeine bottles. When I was in bed at night I used to hear Brian calling out. Brian seemed to be fighting off his demons at night. Brian seemed a nice guy for all his faults. I spoke to him on a number of occasions and he was not threatening. 

The photo I took. Brian was quite a connoisseur of his drinks. I used to pray for Brian. I thought that Brian and I had a connection through prayer. So it was with gladness that one day I found a bible where Brian often slept. He slept rough, on flattened cardboard boxes out in the open. Soon after seeing the bible Brian moved on, where I do not know. But Brian had found a new source of Spirit. Man made spirit (alcohol) is unhealthy and unnatural whereas Spirit of God is healthy and natural. 
Spirit and spirit. God made or man made. Man made perverts. You turn away (pervert) from God made by using man made. Worship God not man. 
My days working for the church were days breathing and living it, it was 24/7. I have moved on too just as I hope Brian moved on but to better things. I retired from the church a number of years back. I don’t even attend church now, have not done for a few years now. Church was very useful in my former years as part of my spiritual growth. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 5, 2015

My heart is pulled in many directions. I live in a body, a universal body, a body owned by God with Jesus Christ as head and this head comes under God the Father. My feelings in my heart are pulled in many directions. My feelings are my friends. My feelings are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am not Christ, I am dead to my old self, Christ lives in me. The feelings can be powerful, like full of force; the feelings are spiritual, human spirit can be vicious in its wants. Feelings can be wants, strong desires. People want money and sex. The heart in spirit can be determined and vicious in trying to attain money and sex. The churches heart is about getting sex and money. 

Jesus Christ while in this world had no money. 
The Modern Church is a lot about money and sex. The modern church comprises mostly young people. Young people are a lot about money and sex. The modern churches leaders encourage the getting of money by their “Prosperity doctrine” messages. These leaders think they are doing Gods will by bringing a message of prosperity. The Modern Church has its roots in the USA. The USA the worlds prime capitalist nation. It’s about the “American Dream”, a big home, two cars, a high income job, live in a good area, etc etc. Young people just lap up this “American Dream” doctrine. This dream is the way to happiness. Money makes you happy. Happy is being materially content. 
Man makes many things, I mean this earth is now smothered with man made things. Yes they are mere things; toys for some. Toys for children, and for adult children. Man is making his man made toys day and night, it is relentless, it never stops, no one can stop this creating now. God created the universe. God created and then rested. But when God created, God also created man. After God rested man started creating and he has not stopped. God owns his creation and man owns his creation. We have two creations. God does not own mans creation and man does not own Gods creation. God does not want mans creation. 
There are certain groups of people who do not create much but who try and live off the natural God given creation. This is called “The simple life”. Living simple is natural. Gods creation is natural. Natural as in nature. Nature as in Mother Nature. We live off Mother Nature. Mother Nature provides all our earthly needs. 
The AMISH a Christian sect try and live off Gods creation and they create little in the way of man made creation. The Amish try and do away with most of mans creations, we can also call them inventions. Man invents. The Amish don’t have cars, no motor vehicles. The Amish don’t have telephones. No televisions or radios. 
There are also monks who forgo mans inventions (creations) and live out simple lives. To live simple is to live off Gods creations and to live complex is to live off mans creations. Complex lives lead to mental illness. Many knotty balls of thought complexes in the mind. To solve a complex problem you need a simple solution. You can not solve a complex problem by applying more complex, if you do the complex is just exasperated. Gods creations are simple and mans creations are complex. 
When I was young and confronted by a future of mans complexes I day dreamed of living on a Pacific Island atoll. No man made creations (inventions) on the atoll. Live for my needs not wants. Man is about wants, God is about needs. Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. God provides our needs not our wants. The flesh needs to be tamed. Our bodies have to be tamed. Our tongue has to be tamed. Tame the tongue, tame the body. So fish for food in the sea. Eat coconuts. Drink rain water. Eat natural food and drink plain water. Eat food from the natural vegetation on the atoll. No eating man processed food or drink. 
But you might say I do not want to live like the cave man in the past. But we now have understanding. Understanding has come to us through the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not ignorant and we have no excuse to be ignorant now because we have the WORDS of God. 
Get in contact with God in Spirit. Commune with God in Spirit. Holy men to get enlightenment forgo mans creations and immerse themselves in Gods creation. Holy men give up all their attachments to mans materialism (mans creations/inventions/idols). You can not hope to know God in immersing yourself in mans creations. Holy men also get away from all the noises made by mans creations/inventions. Many man made creations make noises. Holy men want to learn in silence, mans silence. So holy men do not want to listen to anyone or anything apart from their inner thoughts and spirit. In listening in silence holy men hope to perceive truth. God comes to those who seek him, but seek Him in silence. Man makes noise, man blows his trumpet day and night, he is like a naughty child, he wants attention. Man makes noise from the day he is born. But quiet brings peace and noise brings war. Peace goes with quiet and noise goes with war. The more noise there is the more likely there will be war. Stay away from noisy people. Peaceful people like listening to their own thoughts. Peaceful people are wise; their wisdom brings their thoughts to the surface, and wise people enjoy their thoughts because wise thoughts are enjoyable just as eating honey is enjoyable. Honey is sweet to the taste and wise thoughts are sweet. 
A man told Jesus that they were being asked to pay the tax. Jesus told the man to catch a fish. A fish was caught and in the fishes mouth was a coin. The man took the coin to Jesus. Jesus said “Whose face do you see”. The man answered “Caesars”. Jesus said “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and render to God what belongs to God”. 
“Render to God what belongs to God and render to man what belongs to man”. 
Money is mans creation. God does not create money. You might say “But we need money”. And you might say “If we need money then God made money”. So does that mean that in heaven God has printing presses printing off money? And do we need money? Money has been so engrained in to the human psyche over so many thousands of years that we think money is everything. I mean we think it can buy anything. We see money as our saviour. We see money as our way to nirvana. So we want to use money to buy our happiness. Everything has its price and happiness has its price. Man has dug himself in to a hole where money rules us. Man did this. We can not get out of this complex hole. Jesus shows us the true way to happiness. Jesus is the simple solution to all our complex problems. No matter how much money you spend on happiness, you will want to spend more and more, it’s like a bottomless hole, you will want more and more, it won’t end. Happiness is like a mirage, you are better to give up on wanting and just look to providing your needs. We wait to be in heaven where there is heavenly bliss. Don’t look for bliss on this earth. Life on this earth is meant to be hard not easy. The easy life is in heaven. 
God created the universe then God rested. God is still resting. If God is resting he is not creating. Man is doing the creating. Man is not resting. Why does man create? Did God ask or command man to create? Gods will is: “Man you will work with your hands, you will till the soil, you will pull the weeds, you will sow and reap”. So is man a gardener? Man gardens the land, but the land is our hearts and minds/souls. We are spiritual Gardeners. Man has strong wrists to work with. Work with your hands, do not have idle hands. Adam was a soul man who was a gardener in the Garden of Eden; we in Christ are Spirit man and we also are gardeners. We in Christ, garden in words/WORDS. Adam gardened in a physical garden we garden a spiritual garden. 
God rests; does man come to a rest? Yes. Man is on a journey to the promised land. There is a promise from God and we in Christ are children of the promise. God brings us to the land of promise. The Hebrews in the past were led by God to Israel the land of promise. In Christ we journey; Apostle Paul calls it “A race”. We run for the prize, the prize is the upper calling. The calling is heaven. In heaven we will rest from all our labours. 
P.s. Man: means men and women.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE BREATH OF LIFE – and mankind’s dumb choice

August 10, 2015

Life is in water and blood but life is also in the breath.

Spirit is like the wind. Spoken words are given off in breath. We speak we breathe. Breathing gives off spirit. Spirit is in the breath. Words are expelled as breath is expelled. We breathe in and we breathe out. Inspire and expire. Life is in spirit. Life is in water and blood and life is in spirit. Spirit comes to us like the wind; we know neither where it comes from or where it is going, only God knows this. 

Man made creations do not have breath. God put breath in to His creations. Of course not all of Gods creations have breath. Plants do not have breath. Animals, insects, birds have breath. So do the such mentioned have spirit? Looking at say a live fishes eye one sees no sign of soul, the eye is just blank, there is no thought life there. But do animals and the like have spirit? This is up to contention, but myself I see no interaction of spirit of say animals with my human spirit. I see no need for spiritual warfare with say a dog or cat or fish. I am not fighting the animal kingdom in spirit so I lean towards saying spirit and soul are just in humans. I also think soul and spirit both work together so if you have a soul you also have a spirit. So no spirit, no soul; no soul, no spirit. The human spirit has words that protect the soul and lead our soul in to wisdom. We the saved humans have the assistance of the Holy Spirit who guides us in to all truth. We are gifted through the Holy Spirit so we in the (universal) body can contribute towards helping the body mature and wizen. 

We humans have spirit and soul. I said I think we must have both soul and spirit or neither at all. Spirit in us goes like the wind, spirit travels hither and thither. Does human spirit in us have a limit on its distance to travel? I do not know. If human spirit can travel like the wind all around the world, then can human spirit travel out to outer space; can human spirit travel the universe? I think not. I think human spirit needs water. To me spirit hates dry waterless places. How can human spirit in astronauts survive in outer space? One wonders. But the astronauts human bodies hold plenty of water. But does the human spirit in these astronauts roam out up there? Good question. Maybe not. Human spirit does travel on this earth and people who have great insight like the prophets of old can see in spirit so can experience deeper understanding of life on this planet from a spiritual side. Prophets exist today. Prophets are known as seers, they see in human spirit. Prophets have deep insight. Of course sinning prophets can be blinded by their sins. 

Life is in the breath. What about people who watch and listen to television a lot. There is no breath in the television. So what is happening when one watches and listens to television? There is no soul and spiritual connection with the television so in fact the TV must dumb down the human senses because spirit keeps the human senses aware and alive. Spirit teaches soul through breath. The wind in the breath feeds the soul information. TV has no spirit therefore the TV does not inspire the human soul at all. There is no inspire or expire from the TV. Humans can teach humans because of spirit. Technology is man made and does not inspire (inhale) or expire (exhale). 

Man will make robots in mans image. Just as God made humans in Gods image. But will man be able to give breath to robots? In other words will man be able to create spirit and give spirit to robots? There are what we call holograms. Holograms could be the beginnings of the workings of man in creating spirit and spirit for robots. Man made spirit is maybe in the pipeline. The robots in the future may with the help of lasers be able to project holograms. Such man made holograms may look like the visions that some people get to see from God but of a different nature. God definitely gives off visions. If robots get breath; how they get it bamboozles me; I have no idea how mans creation is going to get breath. God created humans in his likeness and breathed in to them soul. Breath and soul are linked. You breath soul. But what about spirit? God gave man soul but when did God give spirit to man? I say soul and spirit must go together, separate but together. Human spirit for the heart and soul for the head. 
Man wants to create as God has created; hey that’s mans mission from day one he got knowledge of good and evil. Man uses knowledge for either good or evil. And man uses knowledge of good and evil to create and create as God has created. Man will create robots and other creations that do good and evil. As much as man creates good he will match the good with creating evil. Good and evil are both like light forces (good) and dark forces (evil) against each other but the good thing about light is that light overcomes the dark but dark can not overcome the light. Light forces are the good forces so the good will win. We have evil people on this earth creating with evil knowledge evil creations as we have good people on this earth creating with good knowledge good creations. With knowledge we do not have bliss. The only way to have bliss is to know nothing, what we call ignorant bliss. The more we know, the more puffed we become; we puff ourselves up with knowledge as we strut our tongues on high belting out all the words of knowledge feeding our guts with tarnished and obtuse spiritual food. The more puffed up we become, we become airy fairy and we look big in our own eyes. The puff is wind but it’s ill wind. Puff is just that puff and is of no real consequence. 

The after life is not about learning knowledge. In heaven we do not study. So when you die prepare yourselves for unadulterated bliss (heaven). Bliss is knowing nothing as this world knows but living in full splendour in the light of God and being totally aware and feeling constant love. We live in heaven in totally freedom and in the full wisdom of God. There is no work in heaven, we do not study and strive in heaven. In heaven we do not work for food and shelter. When we ascend to heaven we leave all this world behind, we leave everything behind, we don’t need anything this world offers when we go to heaven. You might say it must be boring in heaven if we do not learn up there. Learning is mans doing to appease the soul in knowing good and evil. Mans soul wants to know as God knows. God offered man ignorant bliss or toiling and working for knowledge and food. Man chose to toil and work for food and knowledge – dumb choice. In the Garden of Eden man had everything he needed. God gave man free will and man chose to want to know as God knows. Bliss was in the Garden of Eden not in this world. We do not live in bliss in this world, this world is full of weeds (spiritual and physical) and man toils day and night. Adam and Eve did not work in the Garden of Eden. 

Parents say to their young children “Don’t touch …….”; but when the parents are out the child goes and touches it. You do what you are told not to do. That is sin. Adam and Eve the first humans with soul and spirit were the first sinners. So what this world knows as the clever people are not clever they are dumb. These so called clever people do what dumb Adam and dumb Eve did, they want to know as God knows. And these dumb people are making man (and woman) made creations in the likeness of Gods creations. Dumb dumb dumb.  

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 4, 2015

Jesus said “he was in the His Father and that His Father was in Jesus”.  Does this follow suit for us humans? For instance am I in my father and is my father in me? Why not? Father like son, son like father. A son should grow up to be like his father not like his mother. When people look at a mature male adult people would like to see this sons father. For a son to be like his father shows great wisdom and maturity. A son follows in the footsteps of his father not his mother. The father sows the seed, the baby is born, the child grows, the child grows from the mother earth up to the father sky. You grow up. But you put your roots down in to the mother earth. The light is above through the father sky. Light is understanding. The father gives understanding. The mother gives a place to grow in. 
Jesus said “You people are in me and Jesus is in you people”. 

“I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me” – Galations 2:20
It’s like in my own body like in my heart and mind I carry everyone else. Of course everyone in this case must only be those people who are in the “Kingdom of God”. Those outside the “Kingdom of God” are out in the wild. Then there’s Satans Church. Satan rules over the snakes. Any religion or belief that has a diety of a snake as an object of worship is most probably in the sphere of Satans church. I mean there may be different terms for this snake. Trust me snake diety worship is bad. 

So the “Kingdom of God” is within. Within who? Within me and you and you and you BUT ONLY in those who are chosen by God to have the “Kingdom of God” in. Those in this Kingdom are the ELECT and they are saved. In this Kingdom are all the ELECT. So I carry all the ELECT in me and they carry me in them. We combined are the MIND of Jesus Christ and we combined are the body (the True Church) of God. I am spirit and soul, I am words. 


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 


December 11, 2014

ONE is like screaming out to me; I must write; I must share; I must tell.
To me God is all about One. One, one, one. Don’t deviate from oneness. Oneness is the path of true sanity.

Humans are looking for life outside Mother Earth; Why? Humans are unfaithful. Humans are being unfaithful to Mother Earth. Humans are being unfaithful to Mother Nature. Humans are looking for another Mother Nature to spoil and defile. God gave each human a mother, a one mother. We never have more than the one true mother. Humans defile all mothers. If humans found life outside Mother Earth, humans would defile this new Mother Nature and it goes on. But I believe in a ONE EARTH, A ONE MOTHER EARTH, A ONE MOTHER NATURE. God would not give mankind the opportunity to whore with another Mother Earth. Mankind needs to be faithful to God and being faithful means also being faithful to one Mother Earth. Husbands needs to be faithful to one wife; wives need to be faithful to one husband. But mankind hates simplicity; simplicity to mankind is boring. Mankind thinks faithfulness is boring. Mankind loves to have many partners (lovers). God knows mankind through and through so if mankind does not respect the one mother (earth/nature), mankind is definitely not going to get another mother (earth/nature) to disrespect.

The moral of the story is that we humans need to live lives of simplicity and we need to respect Mother Nature because only one mother is given to us by God.

BORING, BORING, BORING. I can hear you want many lovers. One spouse is boring.

But God ordained “Oneness”. Look for yourself; you have yourselves one body, one head. Oneness is always looking at you. Ok look in a mirror; you can not see your head otherwise; you see your head, it’s ONE head. But a mirror is not a spiritual revelation. So trust me, soul and spirit, in you, you do truly have ONE head. Yes you see one body because your eyes see your one body and this is spiritually discerned/revealed. You are human spirit and human soul and it’s in the educating of these. People who are unfaithful make bad leaders; such leaders are not focussed properly because to be focussed you must be focussed on ONE; and that means surrounding yourself in mind and heart and thoughts with ONE; one God, one faith, one spouse, one begotten Son of God. Unfocussed leaders lead their nations people astray. Oneness keeps good focus.

Just as you have one head above your body you must worship the ONE HEAD JESUS CHRIST. There is one Church, one earth, one nature, one body, one head, one God, one Kingdom of God, one heaven, one hell; so look to the ONE GOD above. You are spirit and soul.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 25, 2014

Humanoids will come. And COME and come. They will be our servants just as humans are supposed to be Gods servants. But will humanoids one day think and rebel against their master the human. Will humanoids get WISDOM? And understand right from wrong.

Humans got wisdom to soul; that was wrong. Adam was the first ‘soul man’ but in Jesus Christ who is ‘Spirit man’ we in our human spirit get wisdom. Spiritual wisdom seems ok to God BUT soul wisdom is not ok to God. Mystifying; yes.

But humanoids in the physical has further ramifications; the HOLOGRAM. Such is like a vision and 3 dimensional made by a light source. Maybe the humanoids can emit the light source to make holograms.

What about a free standing (power within the hologram; like a spirit) 3 dimensional hologram – is that possible. Maybe ‘Man’ will create spirit. I mean we are getting just about every other manmade thing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 27, 2013

Today I saw the movie “The Railway Man”. I quite enjoyed this movie. But I do think it fell somewhat short in portraying the true reality of the suffering of the POW’S (Prisoner of War) in the camps. I have read many books about the harsh Japanese treatment of POW’S and I have read The Railway Man.

On reflection after the movie I thought of my adversary at Kapiti College, (Raumati South, Wellington Province, New Zealand). I went to Kapiti College straight after finishing primary school a primary school that was in my home town of Pukerua Bay. My Adversary at college, a male student, lived in a nearby town called Paekakariki. My adversaries name is Garth Howard. Garth was a popular boy, he had many friends, he was a rugby player on one of the college teams, he was no real scholar, he was a member of the surf life saving club at Paekakariki.
Garth had a sister called Bronwyn also a student at Kapiti College; she came across as compassionate, like a caring person. Now I never ever spoke to Bronwyn but I seemed to have got a perception of her, like a spiritual perception. She was different to Garth. Garth was in my 6th form class. Garth tormented me. He was the BULLY. Now I never saw him bully other people, only me. He seemed to make it his mission to make my life a misery; and he achieved this goal. I was miserable for a lot of my first year 6th form. Garth used a very simple method to make my life a misery. Garth just repeatably in my presence called me one word – Zack. Garth called me Zack in a very mocking way like daily and many times a day. This went on for a whole year and even after college I saw him sometimes say on the train or in the city and there was Garth and his calling me Zack. I used to be scared of Garth physically even though Garth never touched me physically. With Garth it was like a tension, a conflict, a fear in my heart and mind. I felt so demeaned. I felt scared. I felt depressed. I felt miserable. I was not coping at college as it was and he was like making my college days even worse. Many years later I met a lady who lived in Paekakariki and she said Browyn had become a nurse; I relate to that; nurses are supposed to care. Bronwyn had that way of caring. I was told by this Paekakariki lady that Garth’s father was a drinker. Now I met this lady at New Norcia Monastery guesthouse a few years ago.

Why would I reflect on Garth after watching The Railway Man movie. Because the movie was about reconciliation; about saying sorry and about forgiveness. Garth has never apologised to me. In my thinking to forgive one needs first an apology. In the movie the Japanese ex kempei soldier aologised to Eric Lomax. But before the apology Lomax lived out a life suffering, Lomax was still fighting he had not finished the war, and this was much later after the war had finished. Lomax fought day and night but this was in his mind and heart. Lomax was like fighting his demons. Lomax in his older life met his adversary. There was an apology and forgiveness and both Lomax and his Japanese adversary became good friends.

Garth was my adversary he made my college days a misery. His friends helped him. I remember a time at the college walking along with another student a daughter of a local Church Minister. She tried to commiserate with me. She said she could not help me, she said Garth was on the rugby first eleven or what ever it was called and she implied Garth was popular. Her name was Elizabeth. I remember her Dad was the Clergy officiating with our Kapiti Boy Scouts district troop to Kaiapoi near Christchurch for a scout Jamboree. This was just before my college days. This Jamboree was one of the best times in my life; I thoroughly enjoyed the Jamboree. I remember Revd Orchard I remember seeing him on the train trip from Picton to Christchurch.

So Eric Lomax returned from the war only after the apology and forgiveness; his war had gone on day and night well past the end of the physical war. Eric returned to England after the war but not in spirit and mind. Eric finished the war but it was a very long war. This is the same for a lot of people they are in an on going battle, SIMPLY because people do not apologise. BUT the second part is done by the victim they must forgive. Otherwise the mind and heart are at war. War is tension. War is more than just physical; its mind and heart; its soul and spirit. To be released one has to say sorry; release from heart and mind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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