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July 21, 2017

How do I learn? I am essentially a human spirit and a soul in a human flesh body. I am essentially non physical in a physical body. I think, my words in thinking are not physical. What makes physical? How do atoms stay together to make solid? Even scientists have not worked that one out yet. So true learning is within not without. True learning is inside not outside. We are subjective humans in an objective body. The body is objective, the spirit and soul is subjective. 

Do we learn subjectively or objectively? We learn both. We are still in the physical. The physical are objects. The soul and spirit are not objects, they are not physical. We can not see soul and spirit. We see the human body. To learn we have a helper, the Holy Spirit (HS). The Holy Spirit is not a object. But the HS is still a person but can we objectivise it? The HS is within. The within is subjective. We subjectivist the inner. People forgo the inner learning to learn the outside. People force themselves with much discipline to objectivise their learning. They like force their minds outside. It’s basically losing your mind but not losing it. They do not lose their minds because they force themselves to be very disciplined. True learning is within with the help of the HS not learning by forcing ones mind to go out there and learn out there. We stay in our minds not leave them. We stay in our heads and not leave them. So if a person completes a degree at university they may have disciplined themselves much but inside they may have learnt nothing. So what have they proved in getting the degree? They have proved first they might be highly intelligent and second that they are a hard worker. But being intelligent and being a hard worker does not have to mean understanding. Jesus Christ as he lay nailed to the cross said “Forgive them Father for they do not understand”. So what is understanding? True understanding is in Spirit from Spirit. Understanding can be a gift from God. Gifts from God can be Spiritual. God is above and gives us spiritual gifts in to our heart. A spiritual gift can be like a spiritual person gift in to our heart. This spiritual gift is like a genie, a genie spirit who is a genius. A genius person is only a genius according to the gift God gives. Talented people are called geniuses. Talented people are praised for their talents. The people get the praise and don’t know that the talent comes from heaven above. God should get the praise for talents. Most people do not have the spiritual gift of understanding. Most people who want to be understanding, who want to be scholars, who want to be wise, learn by applying their minds to the outside. These scholars learn objectively because they can not learn subjectively because they do not have the subjective gift of understanding in their hearts. God can still teach those people who do not have the gift of understanding. God gives gifts to His people and the gifted people can teach the non gifted people. Gifts from God are for the up building of the body. Let’s call it by its true name – the body of Christ. When we say church most people think of a building. Church is not in reality bricks, mortar and wood. Church is people. I don’t like the word “church”. Understanding in reality is gained within not without. True understanding comes from a gift of God. This understanding gift of God is in the heart. You do not have to seek understanding out there, out of the mind, true understanding is within. The world lauds it over the scholars of this world, the world thinks these scholars are understanding; but in reality, in truth, these so called scholars know nothing, it’s a sham. God gives vocations, callings, to His people. There are many many vocations of God. A vocation of God is not just as a minister, pastor or priest. The vocations seat is in the heart. The heart has the spirit. The soul is in the mind, the head. To work outside ones true vocation is being objective. The vocation you seek (and is wrong) is out there not inside the heart. To work in your true vocation is simple. To work outside your true vocation is complex. So people who work outside their true vocation and are succeeding in another vocation not ones own are disciplined, but all such is in vain. To be disciplined for another vocation is not clever. 
Life for many people is an act, it’s like a play, a drama, it’s putting a mask up BUT you know in your own heart if you are acting. Your wife or your children might not even know if you are acting (vice versa) but you know. Your true vocation is simple, to learn in this vocation is simple. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



April 6, 2017

 Major Mary Hegar says Women make better military helicopter pilots because women are better at multi tasking. She is effectively saying men in general are not good at multi tasking. 
I think – To be focussed is better for thinking. Does multi tasking and focus have similarities. Focus is to focus on ONE. To focus on ONE is keep ones right bearings. To focus on many is confusing and complicated. To focus on the ONE true GOD is the best thinking. One head, one body. One brain, one heart. One one one. Single tasking is better than multi tasking. Handling many tasks at the ONE time is complicated and not good for the mind and heart. The human spirit needs to focus on ONE. So for a male human to focus on many is to focus on many gods. Many gods can be many idols. Sanity is about focus on ONE not many. Many gods worship is demonic. Many gods worship is insane. Male humans who multi focus think of many gods. Female humans who multi idolize focus on many male humans. The female human looks to the male human. She focuses on the male. For the female to focus on ONE she is sane. The male human looks to God and the female human looks to the male human. Outside of our proper God focus we are perverted. To pervert is to turn away from. To pervert is to turn away from God. The woman who is good at multi thinking is being perverse. She is idolising many men, she is being perverse. To worship many is to get sick. 
Worshipping many complicates the thoughts and causes sickness to the body. To force the body off it’s one track is to cause sickness. 
If you are really focussed on your work, that is you are focussed on ONE, you are more likely to be in your true GOD vocation. Outside ONE you are complicated and not in the right God vocation. Your true vocation should be simple to do, it’s simple for you to do but looks complicated to do by other people who are not of your vocation. Everyone finds simplicity in their own true God vocation. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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