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November 8, 2017

Oh and experts of AI are now feeling guilty. (Artificial intelligence). 

I think back when experts that made the first atomic bomb went guilty. 
Scientists using knowledge of good and evil go on to feel guilty. Well you scientists should have thought about it before you made inventions. 
Who is naive to think knowledge is just for good? Who thinks knowledge won’t be used for evil? 
Scientists, the experts, feeling guilty. These experts when inventing are all for receiving accolades and glory from the world. Guilt, bahh!!! 
Open your eyes, there’s evil in this world and any invention will be used by good as well as by evil. 
You could say good and evil cross each other out, what’s left on this earth? Nothing. 
Scientists the clever ones or the world thinks so, they will bring destruction to this world; but most likely it’s meant to be. 
Experts of AI feeling guilty, a bit late for guilt. AI will take firm root in this world good will use it and evil will use it. 
Do people want a plain field to work on? No, people hate plain. People think plain is simple and stupid. People hate drinking plain water. 
So man invents and invents and invents but mans inventions might eventually be the undoing of him her. 
Satan uses mans inventions. Satan uses knowledge. Satan will use AI. 
The body of God with Christ as Head uses inventions and the body of Satan uses inventions. 
Or do we want to go back to a simple life living with no knowledge and no inventions? Then mankind might exist for much longer, how long? I don’t know. But long long. 
Some people do live in communities where they embrace the simple life. But very few people live this life. Most people live complicated confusing lives embracing knowledge of good and evil and embracing inventions. 
So mankind dies, good and evil using knowledge to destroy each other. 
The simple plain life is the better life. Adam and Eve thought they were clever. They wanted to know as God knows. 
God sent His Son into this world to save souls. 
Jesus Christ God’s Son is wise. Wisdom of God is not the knowledge of good and evil. We can embrace the wisdom of God. Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. Embrace Jesus Christ. Knowing as God the Father knows is not the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Adam and Eve should have chosen wisdom. Wisdom is the tree of life. You can live a simple plain life with wisdom of God. Jesus lives a simple life.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



August 25, 2017

With all this artificial intelligence (AI) will humans need to think? The brain of God can be discarded ha. Humans won’t need brains, humans eventually evolve brainless. 

I don’t doubt that AI will take over just about all intelligent functions. 
Will robots get tired of having sinful humans around? I know, robots take humans in batches up in to outer space and jettison them. 
Yes I agree we are just in a little part of the picture as to the grand scheme of things to do with artificial. It’s basically all about artificial. Artificial is man made. It’s about leaving God made for man made. Artificial is art. Arty farty. Humans can be so artificial. We humans are simplex God made but we try and make ourselves complex man made. 
But humans on the path to artificial is seen by humans as clever. Nothing will change the humans path to artificiality. We humans want to destroy all God made. We humans want to be Gods. 
Robots and humanoids are essentially art, man made art. Art is man made creation. Art can be worshipped. Art can be idolized. Art can be praised. Art is artificial and man’s creations are artificial. Robots and humanoids are artificial. 
Man in his her heart pines for the simple life. Away from all man’s creations. Live on a deserted island in the ocean, live off the land and sea, away from all complex man made. Away from all the noises of man and his artificial machines. Live the simple life and enjoy God made. The heart is basically a simple pump. How mankind complicates the simple heart.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 5, 2015

My heart is pulled in many directions. I live in a body, a universal body, a body owned by God with Jesus Christ as head and this head comes under God the Father. My feelings in my heart are pulled in many directions. My feelings are my friends. My feelings are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am not Christ, I am dead to my old self, Christ lives in me. The feelings can be powerful, like full of force; the feelings are spiritual, human spirit can be vicious in its wants. Feelings can be wants, strong desires. People want money and sex. The heart in spirit can be determined and vicious in trying to attain money and sex. The churches heart is about getting sex and money. 

Jesus Christ while in this world had no money. 
The Modern Church is a lot about money and sex. The modern church comprises mostly young people. Young people are a lot about money and sex. The modern churches leaders encourage the getting of money by their “Prosperity doctrine” messages. These leaders think they are doing Gods will by bringing a message of prosperity. The Modern Church has its roots in the USA. The USA the worlds prime capitalist nation. It’s about the “American Dream”, a big home, two cars, a high income job, live in a good area, etc etc. Young people just lap up this “American Dream” doctrine. This dream is the way to happiness. Money makes you happy. Happy is being materially content. 
Man makes many things, I mean this earth is now smothered with man made things. Yes they are mere things; toys for some. Toys for children, and for adult children. Man is making his man made toys day and night, it is relentless, it never stops, no one can stop this creating now. God created the universe. God created and then rested. But when God created, God also created man. After God rested man started creating and he has not stopped. God owns his creation and man owns his creation. We have two creations. God does not own mans creation and man does not own Gods creation. God does not want mans creation. 
There are certain groups of people who do not create much but who try and live off the natural God given creation. This is called “The simple life”. Living simple is natural. Gods creation is natural. Natural as in nature. Nature as in Mother Nature. We live off Mother Nature. Mother Nature provides all our earthly needs. 
The AMISH a Christian sect try and live off Gods creation and they create little in the way of man made creation. The Amish try and do away with most of mans creations, we can also call them inventions. Man invents. The Amish don’t have cars, no motor vehicles. The Amish don’t have telephones. No televisions or radios. 
There are also monks who forgo mans inventions (creations) and live out simple lives. To live simple is to live off Gods creations and to live complex is to live off mans creations. Complex lives lead to mental illness. Many knotty balls of thought complexes in the mind. To solve a complex problem you need a simple solution. You can not solve a complex problem by applying more complex, if you do the complex is just exasperated. Gods creations are simple and mans creations are complex. 
When I was young and confronted by a future of mans complexes I day dreamed of living on a Pacific Island atoll. No man made creations (inventions) on the atoll. Live for my needs not wants. Man is about wants, God is about needs. Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. God provides our needs not our wants. The flesh needs to be tamed. Our bodies have to be tamed. Our tongue has to be tamed. Tame the tongue, tame the body. So fish for food in the sea. Eat coconuts. Drink rain water. Eat natural food and drink plain water. Eat food from the natural vegetation on the atoll. No eating man processed food or drink. 
But you might say I do not want to live like the cave man in the past. But we now have understanding. Understanding has come to us through the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not ignorant and we have no excuse to be ignorant now because we have the WORDS of God. 
Get in contact with God in Spirit. Commune with God in Spirit. Holy men to get enlightenment forgo mans creations and immerse themselves in Gods creation. Holy men give up all their attachments to mans materialism (mans creations/inventions/idols). You can not hope to know God in immersing yourself in mans creations. Holy men also get away from all the noises made by mans creations/inventions. Many man made creations make noises. Holy men want to learn in silence, mans silence. So holy men do not want to listen to anyone or anything apart from their inner thoughts and spirit. In listening in silence holy men hope to perceive truth. God comes to those who seek him, but seek Him in silence. Man makes noise, man blows his trumpet day and night, he is like a naughty child, he wants attention. Man makes noise from the day he is born. But quiet brings peace and noise brings war. Peace goes with quiet and noise goes with war. The more noise there is the more likely there will be war. Stay away from noisy people. Peaceful people like listening to their own thoughts. Peaceful people are wise; their wisdom brings their thoughts to the surface, and wise people enjoy their thoughts because wise thoughts are enjoyable just as eating honey is enjoyable. Honey is sweet to the taste and wise thoughts are sweet. 
A man told Jesus that they were being asked to pay the tax. Jesus told the man to catch a fish. A fish was caught and in the fishes mouth was a coin. The man took the coin to Jesus. Jesus said “Whose face do you see”. The man answered “Caesars”. Jesus said “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and render to God what belongs to God”. 
“Render to God what belongs to God and render to man what belongs to man”. 
Money is mans creation. God does not create money. You might say “But we need money”. And you might say “If we need money then God made money”. So does that mean that in heaven God has printing presses printing off money? And do we need money? Money has been so engrained in to the human psyche over so many thousands of years that we think money is everything. I mean we think it can buy anything. We see money as our saviour. We see money as our way to nirvana. So we want to use money to buy our happiness. Everything has its price and happiness has its price. Man has dug himself in to a hole where money rules us. Man did this. We can not get out of this complex hole. Jesus shows us the true way to happiness. Jesus is the simple solution to all our complex problems. No matter how much money you spend on happiness, you will want to spend more and more, it’s like a bottomless hole, you will want more and more, it won’t end. Happiness is like a mirage, you are better to give up on wanting and just look to providing your needs. We wait to be in heaven where there is heavenly bliss. Don’t look for bliss on this earth. Life on this earth is meant to be hard not easy. The easy life is in heaven. 
God created the universe then God rested. God is still resting. If God is resting he is not creating. Man is doing the creating. Man is not resting. Why does man create? Did God ask or command man to create? Gods will is: “Man you will work with your hands, you will till the soil, you will pull the weeds, you will sow and reap”. So is man a gardener? Man gardens the land, but the land is our hearts and minds/souls. We are spiritual Gardeners. Man has strong wrists to work with. Work with your hands, do not have idle hands. Adam was a soul man who was a gardener in the Garden of Eden; we in Christ are Spirit man and we also are gardeners. We in Christ, garden in words/WORDS. Adam gardened in a physical garden we garden a spiritual garden. 
God rests; does man come to a rest? Yes. Man is on a journey to the promised land. There is a promise from God and we in Christ are children of the promise. God brings us to the land of promise. The Hebrews in the past were led by God to Israel the land of promise. In Christ we journey; Apostle Paul calls it “A race”. We run for the prize, the prize is the upper calling. The calling is heaven. In heaven we will rest from all our labours. 
P.s. Man: means men and women.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 20, 2015

How man craves the simple life. No man made creations/inventions. Nothing complex. Just live for ones needs not wants. Fish from the sea, grow ones own vegetables, drink rain or spring water. No eating any foods or drinking any liquids that man has interfered with. Wear simple clothes.
Live out a life that the New Testament of the bible scriptures teach. The WORD of God is simple, all total straightforward, all true, the simple truth, the plain truth, no defilements, honest, pure, powerful, strong and All LIVING.

We want the SIMPLE LIFE. Wants make complexity, needs make simplicity. Live for our NEEDS not wants. For example live on an Island in the ocean where fish is in abundance, it rains regularly, vegetables can be grown.

MONEY is the Beasts domain. JESUS Christ did not carry money. JESUS left the money with Judas. Judas was the money man. Judas loved money. Judas lost his soul to Satan.

On an Island living the SIMPLE life (living just for our needs) we want to get AWAY from money.
Money is not simple. Money is complex. Money is mans invention.

So to get happiness in this world live for only your needs and not your wants. People think that to be happy you have to be able to have what you want and that means having the money to buy all you want. But that is deceptive because wants are deceptive. Want is like a big black hole with no end.

The simple life to some is a boring life. But a lot of people are jerks and they also see no further than a few feet in front of them. Insight is clearly lacking in a lot of people. And a lot of people are not deep thinkers, they have shallow thoughts, they see only skin deep. So people see the cover of a book but seldom want to go deeper and read the whole book.

Man = Mankind, male and female.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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