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THE BATTLE FOR HONG KONG 1941 to 1945 (Oliver Lindsay)

December 10, 2018

A real lovely juicy read, I relished reading this book, tasty with plenty of seasoning. Spicy bits abound, War always has its good salty heroics amongst disease, devastation and death.

I love the comradeship in the military. Men being real men. Men being gallant and brave.

The author of the book in finishing up sums up by including a epitaph of words on a British memorial in Burma (To those who lost their lives in the Far East): ”When you go home tell them of us “”For your tomorrow, we gave our today”“.

I don’t need to tell the story of this book, the title of this book should tell you heaps.

Australia and New Zealand were so close to the war zone. Without the USA we would have been invaded. People talk and write that the USA was evil to drop atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. I agree in some but disagree overall; I think it was evil but a necessary evil. No war is nice, no killings are nice. Japan was ready to kill all its prisoners of war (POW’s) if the allies invaded Japan. The atomic bombs saved more people than if they were not dropped. An invasion on Japan soil by the allies would have cost much much life, not just the Japanese but the allies. When a rabid dog is attacking you and is not letting go you have to kill it. The Japanese were savage, they acted like rabid dogs.

I love reading War biographies. This one was no disappointment.

Grade 8/10 (eight out of ten).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


A Long Way Home

April 6, 2017

I loved reading this book. Another war book; yes but every war book has more of a story than just killing one’s adversity. War books written by men and women who were in the war can be books more valuable than gold. Memoirs of war written by thinking people show us the inside of people’s minds and hearts, we read people, we understand people, then and only then do we understand war. 
War is about people and how people get on together. It’s about friendship, mateship, hardship. Suffering and adversity bring people together. But alas such also divides people. We see great division in war but on both sides each side fights with such unity. Life long friends are made in war. But people get killed in war. Soldiers are trained to simply kill the enemy. It’s kill or be killed. You are not taught to think in war, you are taught only to obey. Soldiers are trained to work together. It’s team work of the highest kind. You watch my back I watch yours. And after the war the lucky ones return home. 
How men and women can follow such people like Hitler is amazing. People want someone to lead them, to protect them, to feed them, to house them, to tuck them up in bed and say they love them. How humans of all ages act like little children. We want our cult leaders. We are so alone we want to join the group following the cult leader. We want purpose in life. Cults give purpose. Cults follow personality figure heads. Hitler was a cult leader and he led many people to their (hellish) deaths, Heil Hitler.  
A Long Way Home written by Charles Granquist is a well worth read. Charles reigns from Australia, he joins the infantry and soon ships out to the Middle East. This is an adventure for Charles, just 17 years old (lowered his age to join up) and seeing the world at the Government expense. Charles fought in North Africa and Greece. He was captured by the Germans in Greece. Or to be exact he was caught on a Greek Island. No adventure now for Charles but years of internment. A POW. Charles was no dummy, he adapted and survived. At war’s end he married a Russian bride and returned home to Australia. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

CHARLES BAVIER. “A War of Words” by Hamish McDonald

March 19, 2017

The life of Charles Bavier. Charles born of a Swiss father and a white mother a mother he knew nothing about. The father grew a prosperous trading business in Japan. 

Japan was opening up to the West; by force mind you. The West used gun boat diplomacy to force Asia to trade with the West. Groups of European white colonists inhabited Japanese foreign concession areas. These foreigners prospered. Charles father’s business prospered. But the Father wanted none of Charles. Charles was raised by his fathers Japanese mistress. The father left Japan and returned to Switzerland. He was rich and bought a chateau. Charles had a bit of overseer help from the managers of his fathers Japanese business. The father had by this time married. Charles was a result of a union of misguided passion, Charles was not wanted. The new wife of the Father had children and this family kept away from Charles. Charles was raised by a Japanese woman. Charles became Japanese in a white skin. Money did come from Charles father but this stopped when he came of age. Japan was acting all war like. Japan invaded parts of China. Charles was of age and thought it best to get out of Japan. Friends in the Japanese military warned him to get out because the military thought he was western spy (this warning came this time or later; it might have come just before the second world war, I can not remember). Charles went to Australia. He joined the Australian army and fought at Gallipoli. He returned to Australia but now the Australians thought he was a Japanese spy. Charles returned to Japan then to China. Charles went to Hong kong. War was imminent with the West. Charles offered to help the Allies. His offer was accepted and he was posted to Singapore. War was near. Charles was evacuated to Australia. Charles worked in propaganda and radio. Work was a type of military intelligence. Charles was on wireless radio speaking in Japanese to the Japanese. Charles did have a Japanese wife who he brought to Singapore and then to Australia. Charles had two sons. One son stayed in Singapore and when the Japanese arrived he was forced to work for the Japanese military police. The other son went to Australia and helped the Allies. After the war Charles went back to Japan to live. Charles was more Japanese than Western. Charles was Japanese in a white skin. 
A very good read. Charles’ character is interesting. Charles comes across as a deep thinker. I like deep thinking. Charles rose above his misfortune of being abandoned by his father. The Japanese woman who raised him up did a good job.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 7, 2016

What a fascinating story and a true story at that. A USA military cargo plane with many USA military personnel on board crash lands in dense jungle in the inner reaches of Dutch New Guinea. This is second world war time. By this time Dutch New Guinea had been liberated of Japanese control. Dutch New Guinea is now called West Papua (as distinct from Papua New Guinea an independent country to the East of West Papua but on the same Island) and West Papua is controlled by Indonesia. There were only 3 survivors of this crash a woman and two men. 
What developed was an intricate rescue by the USA military forces based in Hollandia (on the north coast). The survivors found they were in a valley aka called a hidden valley aka called Shangri La. There were many people living in this valley. These tribal people were living stone age living. These people knew nothing about the outside world. The USA military dropped a handful of soldiers (parachuted) in to this valley to aid the survivors. Now how to get their people out. To get to this valley by overland trekking would take weeks and super human strength. So what? They could parachute a construction battalion (see bees) into this valley to build an airstrip. No, another plan was enacted. Land gliders in the valley. A glider needs only a short strip to land and take off. Then by using an airborne cargo motorised plane snatch the glider back up in to the air using cable ropes etc. Think it can not be done, wrong, it was done three times to get all the personnel out of this valley back to Hollandia. It took a few weeks for the rescue to happen and in the mean time the survivors and their military help tried to mingle with the natives. The natives numbered in the thousands. They used stone axes. The natives thought that the white people were white spirits from the sky. The natives though warlike amongst themselves were non threatening to both the survivors and their now accompanying military support. The natives were even like child like. They were like a bunch of children they only knew simple things. Complex did not invade their society. They seemed content. And they had good teeth. They grew lots of sweet potato. They had constructed homes. 
The snatching of the gliders from the ground was successful and the survivors came back to civil life and to some fame. The hidden valley natives became a curiosity so in time after the ending of the war other white people ventured to see them. There is an airstrip and a town in this valley now. The place was opened up. After the war missionaries went in and converted. Natives still live in this valley descendents of the stone age tribes but these latter day natives have lost their independence and zest for life. 

A great read.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2016

Tonight I just finished reading the ebook titled MOTHERLAND written by Rita Goldberg. A sensational book to read, a book that bites into your air space and let’s you know that there is much more to life than just wondering where and when are you going to take your next holiday or what shall I have for dinner tonight or I hope the gas bill is not too high in my next bill.
This book is good reading not just because it has excitement but because this book teaches us lessons to learn about humanity. Humanity has a deep heart and that heart can spawn evil as well as good but sometimes the evil looks like it is winning BUT like every children’s books we read as youngins we believe in the good ruling over evil. We know good will prevail in the end. The wicked witch always gets her upcomance. The holocaust in the Second World War was real as real as the air I am breathing now. Rita Goldberg takes us on a journey, a journey with her mother father and grandparents. In the reading we breathe the sufferings that this family endured. We come up for air hoping the events will get better but we feel drowned in the sorrows that the family is entangled in but finally the evil is overcome and we see that God is good and He prevails.

Why? Why? Why? Some people may ask why did this holocaust happen? Our hearts are evil but our hearts also have good, it is up to us to foster the good side not the evil side. God gives us FREEWILL. But in our FREEWILL we humans can be so evil. We must live for God not Satan. Spread the message of God. Give children growing up Hope and Love and Peace. We want this world to be a good place to live in. Adults need to raise up their children in the love of God and these children will teach their children Gods love and so on for many many generations.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

SISTERS, SECRETS, AND SACRIFICE: The true story of WW2 special agents Eileen and Jacqueline Nearne written by Susan Ottaway.

June 4, 2015

A true story. I loved reading this book. Eileen was 23 years old when as a English secret agent (S.O.E.) Special Operations Executive she was landed in France and was a wireless operator in Paris. The gestapo caught her, tortured her and incarcerated her in Ravensbrück Concentration camp. Eileen escaped and lived to an old age to die in 2010. 

My thoughts were: That such atrocities like what happened in these concentration camps can only be kept alive in mind and heart by those who suffered the atrocities and are still already living in mind and heart. Those who kept their lights burning and were in these camps and then their lights burn out the atrocities will burn out of the hearts and minds of everyone and we are just left with written words. Words are ok in print but it’s people alive with soul and (human spirit) that keep alive what thoughts they may have. People that die take with them their memories and their light. We can not resurrect (happens only to the children of light in the Second Coming of Jesus) dead people’s light so in the next generation of people all people who suffered the atrocities of WW2 will have died and those who live after their deaths will not have the same concern and may probably do the same or similar things that the Nazis did. A fool goes back to its vomit and we have a world of fools. The wise in this world are shining lights just as there are stars in the heavens. The more wise people in this world the better. Heavenly stars give light.
Words are only kept alive by spirit. Words are alive with spirit. But when we humans die our human spirit dies too. Our memories then all die because they are not alive. Written words does not mean that such words are alive. If we die we die to our own written and spoken words. So authors who die, their words die with them, only spirit makes words alive. When we die we sleep. We wait for the Second Coming of Jesus to resurrect us spirit, soul and body. When we sleep after we die, sleeping is a type of death, but is only a death in waiting, waiting for the resurrection. 

Now Jesus lives in Spirit and He still lives, He does not die again, He did die but he came back to life and lives. Jesus Christ’s Spirit keeps Jesus Words alive. The Bible Words are alive, alive in Spirit. Jesus lives, His Words live. We read the Holy Scriptures and we read living Words. But with dead people and their books their words are dead. Jesus was and is immortal; we humans are not immortal we are mortal but in the ‘Second Coming’ the children of light do become immortal. So a lot of writing is dead writing from now dead people. We might as well be eating dead corpses.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 15, 2014

It was truly a rape and a massacre. They say over 300,000 Chinese were massacred and a minimum of 20,000 (maybe many more) women and girls raped.

So people wince when they are told that the USA dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan.

We are told that if the atomic bombs were not dropped on Japan that Japan was going to fight until they could not fight anymore. Meaning that the USA would have had to invade Japan. In the process of invasion it was noted that up to one million USA and allied soldiers and Japanese would be killed.

What do you do to kill a savage dog that is indiscriminately killing
everything in its path? You of course bomb it literally out of existence. Kill it with whatever means at your disposal. The dog gets no sympathy.

If an invasion of Japan did go ahead the Japanese were going to annihilate all prisoners of war that they had captured. And that is all POW’s that the Japanese had wherever they were.

So the 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japan saved many many lives. Not just saving USA (and its allies) lives but also Japanese lives.

And look what happened after the war – Japan was helped by the USA to become very prosperous. The irony in all this is that the Japanese went to war to be prosperous – the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

So who turned out the best rulers. Japan failed dismally as rulers over the countries it conquered. BUT the USA in ruling Japan after the war showed compassion and good will. Who do you want ruling, Japan or the USA? Japan acted like savage dogs that enjoyed making people suffer but the USA and the allies were benevolent in their ruling.

Japan has a very big population and so little land. I mean its cities are like ant colonies with so many people.

Maybe Japan needs to think about its defence more now because China wont be bullied by Japan like in the past. Japan has plenty of people to sacrifice in a war. Japan is splitting at the beams with people.

It makes me wonder is war like a means of culling. Sound mean but culling goes on to many other animals in the pecking order. Man culls certain animals. So humans cull humans.

No country goes to war with a nuclear armed country. To do so is suicide. And no nuclear armed nation goes to war with another nuclear armed nation, also such is suicide. There is a thinking of “Mutual agreement on war” between nuclear armed nations.

The nuclear armed nations that have second strike capability have the stronger position over nuclear armed nations that are dependent on single nuclear strike capability. Few nations have second nuclear strike capabilities.

War is evil. War is miserable. Despots, tyrants, dictators and some bullies all ought to have their testicles surgically removed.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 27, 2013

Today I saw the movie “The Railway Man”. I quite enjoyed this movie. But I do think it fell somewhat short in portraying the true reality of the suffering of the POW’S (Prisoner of War) in the camps. I have read many books about the harsh Japanese treatment of POW’S and I have read The Railway Man.

On reflection after the movie I thought of my adversary at Kapiti College, (Raumati South, Wellington Province, New Zealand). I went to Kapiti College straight after finishing primary school a primary school that was in my home town of Pukerua Bay. My Adversary at college, a male student, lived in a nearby town called Paekakariki. My adversaries name is Garth Howard. Garth was a popular boy, he had many friends, he was a rugby player on one of the college teams, he was no real scholar, he was a member of the surf life saving club at Paekakariki.
Garth had a sister called Bronwyn also a student at Kapiti College; she came across as compassionate, like a caring person. Now I never ever spoke to Bronwyn but I seemed to have got a perception of her, like a spiritual perception. She was different to Garth. Garth was in my 6th form class. Garth tormented me. He was the BULLY. Now I never saw him bully other people, only me. He seemed to make it his mission to make my life a misery; and he achieved this goal. I was miserable for a lot of my first year 6th form. Garth used a very simple method to make my life a misery. Garth just repeatably in my presence called me one word – Zack. Garth called me Zack in a very mocking way like daily and many times a day. This went on for a whole year and even after college I saw him sometimes say on the train or in the city and there was Garth and his calling me Zack. I used to be scared of Garth physically even though Garth never touched me physically. With Garth it was like a tension, a conflict, a fear in my heart and mind. I felt so demeaned. I felt scared. I felt depressed. I felt miserable. I was not coping at college as it was and he was like making my college days even worse. Many years later I met a lady who lived in Paekakariki and she said Browyn had become a nurse; I relate to that; nurses are supposed to care. Bronwyn had that way of caring. I was told by this Paekakariki lady that Garth’s father was a drinker. Now I met this lady at New Norcia Monastery guesthouse a few years ago.

Why would I reflect on Garth after watching The Railway Man movie. Because the movie was about reconciliation; about saying sorry and about forgiveness. Garth has never apologised to me. In my thinking to forgive one needs first an apology. In the movie the Japanese ex kempei soldier aologised to Eric Lomax. But before the apology Lomax lived out a life suffering, Lomax was still fighting he had not finished the war, and this was much later after the war had finished. Lomax fought day and night but this was in his mind and heart. Lomax was like fighting his demons. Lomax in his older life met his adversary. There was an apology and forgiveness and both Lomax and his Japanese adversary became good friends.

Garth was my adversary he made my college days a misery. His friends helped him. I remember a time at the college walking along with another student a daughter of a local Church Minister. She tried to commiserate with me. She said she could not help me, she said Garth was on the rugby first eleven or what ever it was called and she implied Garth was popular. Her name was Elizabeth. I remember her Dad was the Clergy officiating with our Kapiti Boy Scouts district troop to Kaiapoi near Christchurch for a scout Jamboree. This was just before my college days. This Jamboree was one of the best times in my life; I thoroughly enjoyed the Jamboree. I remember Revd Orchard I remember seeing him on the train trip from Picton to Christchurch.

So Eric Lomax returned from the war only after the apology and forgiveness; his war had gone on day and night well past the end of the physical war. Eric returned to England after the war but not in spirit and mind. Eric finished the war but it was a very long war. This is the same for a lot of people they are in an on going battle, SIMPLY because people do not apologise. BUT the second part is done by the victim they must forgive. Otherwise the mind and heart are at war. War is tension. War is more than just physical; its mind and heart; its soul and spirit. To be released one has to say sorry; release from heart and mind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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