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May 29, 2017

Wise people plan for the end. Fools live for the beginning. This earthly life is a means to an end. There is no real end, life is endless, but we live for the endless end. This physical life is only temporary. The Spirit came first, physical came second. Spirit was here before the physical. Spirit created the physical. The invisible Spirit was before the visible physical. The invisible created the visible. 

We humans are also spirit. The real true learning comes from Spirit. Listen to the Spirit. How do we listen to Spirit? Spirit is God. God has always been here, God is eternal. Where did God come from? It’s like the question: What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither, the rooster came first. But that still does not answer the question where did God come from? The rooster is male and we may see that the male comes first in the creation equation. God the Father, father is male. Certainly Jesus Christ is male and Jesus is Gods only begotten Son. Father and Son together above. So where’s the female element above? Beats me. The headship in heaven seems to be male, just male. But that does not make sense when we have female humans. Don’t female humans worship pray to the God above? I mean do female humans pray and worship a male God head above? Or do female humans go through the male humans to connect up to God? Adam was the first human and he was male. Eve was made for Adam and was she made out of Adam. The male human has the male God head above and the female human connects up to the male God head through the male humans. The father is the head of the family. The mother is not the head of the family. Where mothers rule the family there is perversion. Where the wife rules the husband there is perversion. Perversion is a turning away from what is natural to what is unnatural. It is unnatural for a woman to rule a man. The man comes under God and the woman comes under the man. The Man on top. The man on top of a woman is not perverted, but a woman on top of a man is perverted. So the rooster came first. The man came first. 
But we know the male rules. That is natural. But God is supposably male and female. Still the answer is not there. The God Head as we read it in the scriptures is male. How can God be female when the head is male. But the female human has a head. So is the God Head male and female or just male? Do we recognise the female humans heads? The female humans have brains. Is not God in female human heads? But Jesus Christ is male and is above in the God head. Male Jesus in a female humans head? Why should the female worship a male head? And is the Holy Spirit male as well as being female? I go back to the original teaching and say The God Head is all male. The female humans worship God through their male father or male husband. The male is the head of the family. Is not God female too? Mother of Jesus Christ is not in the God Head. We do not pray to or worship Mary (Jesus Mother). We pray to the Father and Jesus Christ. Father and Son are the same, separate but equal, but the Father is honoured more than the Son, the Father knows more than the Son. 
We have a rooster, we have a male God Head. The God Head being the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, all male. Is that discrimination against females? Not having a female in the God Head? Is that a male ruse to rule the females? 
So we have a male first. Adam was first. But what does the wise person live for? Eating? Sleeping? Defecating? Work? Play? Sex? Drinking? The wise person lives for the end the endless end. We don’t live for this life we live for the “After life”. We don’t live for eating we live for defecating. We eat to survive but we also defecate to survive. Eat to defecate. Look at a pretty woman but before you eat remember you have to get rid of the waste. Eat pretty food by all means but remember you have to defecate; if you don’t defecate you will die. So we spend a lot of our time in the toilet. Defecating is a key to sanity. Getting the waste out regularly is sane. Keeping the waste in is insanity. Good sanitation is sanity. Get the waste our of our minds and hearts and physical bodies. Waste is spiritual and physical. 
So a pretty woman is all skin deep, you desire, you want, eat up, but beneath the surface could be rot. Eat pretty but pretty is surface. Look beneath before you try the goods. Get insight. God looks at the heart. Don’t just judge a book by its cover. Covers do give some hint of what’s offering but plain covers could cover real food. The youth are not wise. Wisdom comes with age. The youth are about looks. Most youth are about looks. Youth make their decisions on looks, they pay dearly afterwards. They were not so clever after all. 
A person who is regular is a wise person. Get the shit out, do not live on shit. Marry a regular person. Regular is sane. The food goes in to the body but it is also the end that matters much. Get the shit out. Live for the present but also live for the end. There is an end to our lives on this earth, live for the end to go on for the endless end above in heaven. We live on. The blessed ones live on in heaven. 
So the male God head is God and he is in charge. The church is the body. We are that body, we the elect. We elect are in that body, we come under the God head. The male came first. The Father came first. The Father is the ruler of the family (the body, the church). The Father is male. God made a partner for his male creation. Does the female have to submit to the male, in sex yes, what about in everything, probably yes. Sex is normal when the female submits to the male the male does not submit to the female. The male takes the lead in dancing with the female. The husband leads the wife. The end is better than the beginning. We die to live. We live to die. We live after our mortal life. We live on. The heavenly life is paradise. The earthy life is not paradise, if you think it is, you deceive yourselves. 
Home James (Heaven).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



March 19, 2017

It is natural that we have a constant. 

The universe needs one major binding constant. A constant that is like a plumb line to line up the whole universe. We need a one major constant to keep our sanity. We must measure ourselves up by this true real straight constant. 
God says he never changes. To not change makes a constant. God is constant. We measure ourselves by Gods constant. God is our plumb line as to what is level headed. Level is straight. Level is sanity. 
Scientists say “Light is constant”. Einstein said “Light is constant”. 
The bible says “God is light”. Metaphorically of course. 
To measure this universe we have a constant in light to make our measurements. Can we measure God? Can we measure God by light? 
To be a measured person is to be a cultured person. To be cultured is to be sane. A good culture not a bad culture is the desire. God is a measured good culture full of light. There is bad dark culture. 
To not have a constant to rule our lives we drift, we wander, we are not rooted down, we blow about in the wind, we lack faith, we follow any Tom, Dick or Harry. 
God is our living constant in Jesus Christ. We have our foundation and growth in God. Gods WORDS. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2017

Our eyes want or need natural light (sunlight not man made light bulbs). Natural is all God made. Artificial is unnatural and is man made. Using artificial man made light to see with does not help our natural eyes, brain, body. Our body and head are natural, God made. Our senses need natural, God made. Eye sight is a sense. It’s the same with our other senses, we need natural for them. Don’t listen to man made. Don’t listen to radios or televisions or any electronic gadgetry. It’s all electronic wizardry. Man made does not help our bodies and heads. Feed natural to our brains and hearts. It’s the same with man made wisdom. Such is unnatural. Unnatural makes our heads and bodies sick. 

If you want to sleep well. Feed your senses natural. Not man made. Not artificial, not unnatural. 
If you want to be regular. Get the shit out. Feed your bodies natural not man made. Eat natural God made food. Fruit, nuts, wheat, barley, fish, animals, birds, vegetables etc; you get the drift. And drink plain water. Drink plain water and plenty of it with your eating of food. We need to make shit and get the shit out of the body. It’s about making good shit and getting rid of it. Don’t eat pretty food. Eat plain food. Drink plain drink. Men are deceived by going after pretty ladies. The Bible says “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”. Pretty food is bewitching. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Many men have gone to hell (And a hellish marriage) because they chose a partner on skin deep wisdom. The bible says “Get wisdom, get insight”. Insight is to see deep, past the skin, to the heart, to the thoughts. Read the book means reading beyond the cover. Read people. Discern thoughts. 
So man is bombarded with unnatural from birth. It’s no wonder mankind is so constipated now. The bodies sanitation system are clogged up. The shit is not getting out. Sanity comes from sanitation and good sanitation. Sanitation means getting the waste out, getting the shit out. Good sanity is good sanitation. Sanity is sanity of the head, the mind, and the head needs the body waste out to be a sane head/mind. Eat and drink natural to get the waste out. Be sane. To get the shit out We need to make a solution. We need water to make the shit. The solution to get the shit out of the body is water. Plain water. Not man made solution water but plain God made water. The water has to be pure to work properly. Water is the simple solution. 
The solution to everything is simple. The simple truth. God is that simple truth. To have a solution we need first to make a solution. We need water to make a solution. But we need a simple solution to fix the complex problem. Simple is ONE and simple is PURE. We need a one clean pure solution. Water of life. Water gives life and water gives a solution. Water makes a solution. God made water. Simple is plain. Plain is straight. Straight is good. Gods Words are simple, pure, clean, plain, straight, truth. Use Gods Words to make a simple solution. Gods Words are the Spiritual Water Of Life. 
Gods Words are natural. The Holy Scripture is God inspired. Read and think on Holy Scriptures. Feed your human spirit and soul. Feed the heart and head. So we need simple plain water and simple plain food for the sanity of the body and we need simple plain Words of God for the sanity of the head/mind/soul. The heart of the matter is a simple heart that beats at a simple heart rate. Don’t complicate the matter. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Letter to a friend

September 22, 2016

​Dear friend
Greetings from a fellow traveller. We don’t know where we have come from and often we don’t know where we are going. Some people who we offend might say to us “Go to hell”. It’s a figurative response but it may belie more than just letters it might be metaphor but a deep meaning metaphor with truth. I like to think I am going to heaven but heaven can be a metaphor for a place that is spiritual in the making. Spirit is real, heaven and hell are real but understood only through spirit. Metaphor can explain reality but reality that we often can not see as we can not see God but we know about Him through metaphor. 
Friend welcome to the world of make believe. We make it and believe it. We make up our own world. Our world becomes a stage full of actors. We hide behind masks. No one knows who we are and we don’t know who others are. We act out a part. To show your true self is a no no. We don’t know who we are because we have no mirror to look in to to see our true selves. But there is a mirror – We can look at Holy Scripture. We can try and focus on the One True God. A mirror reflects as truth reflects. God reflects us. God is all truth. Gods Spirit is all truth. We can pray to God or read scripture and reflect. To know oneself through reflection is understanding. To know God is to know thyself. To look at God in faith is to look at thyself because we are created in the likeness of God. Faith means believing in a God we can not see. God won’t reveal himself to a sinful people. Even if God revealed himself we would still sin. God might get angry and kill all of us if He showed himself because we would continue to sin and God hates sin. 
God loves obedience, to obey is to love. Children love to disobey the authority. We are told to do something but we like to do the apposite. Who do you think you are telling me what to do? How we humans hate to obey? We want to do it our way we think we know best we are rebellious so why should God show himself. 
Friend chin up, have faith, believe, love. Pray often and read God. Focus is about one as God is one. Focus on one is sane. Insanity is about many. Walk the Faith and let your head bring all in to focus by the One head one brain one mind. The head is one and is in charge through the mind of Jesus Christ. Your mind is understood in words. Your mind is sane in one head one mind of Jesus Christ. Your senses are the tools of the Christ mind. Use your senses wisely. 
The heart is not in charge, the head is in charge. How humans get it upside down at times. The head is above the heart. The heart is below the head. Jesus is the Head. The body is not ruled by the heart. The brain is in the head not the heart. The brain is in charge of the body. The brain uses the senses. Be sensible and use your senses wisely for the use of the mind of Christ. Immature people are led by their heart. Mature people are led by their head. 
Though man makes believes God is at the same time trying to win His universe back to Him. He does this through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
Bye for now; Lester John Murray.


April 8, 2015

Do you want to be regular? That means do you want to be sane? You may ask what has sanity got to do with being regular? Regular and sanity are about getting the waste out. You know, put the rubbish out. Keep clean. Sanity is from the root word sanitation. Sanitation we all know is about waste removal. It is very important that we put the rubbish out otherwise we live in a pigsty. Living in a pigsty is dirty living and dirty living is unhygienic and such we get unhealthy bodies and minds. Living dirty we get diseases etc. 

We all should want to be regular, we all should want to be sane, we all should want to be clean. 

But what makes us dirty? What makes us unclean? What makes us un regular? What makes us insane?

God our almighty creator is all clean. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. So if we get away from being clean we get away from God. God is all sane. To be regular is sanity. Humans are meant to keep clean. We are meant to follow in the steps of Gods all clean Son JESUS CHRIST. 

God calls dirtiness – sin. Sinning makes us un clean and sin separates us from God. So what is sin? The Bible tells us what are sins. First God gave to the Hebrews (Gods elect) the 10 commandments. We as Christians (the new elect of God) uphold these 10 commandments. Christians are given two new commandments that supersede the 10 commandments. These two new commandments are simply to LOVE God and LOVE your neighbour. The 10 commandments given to the Hebrews is the OLD will; the two LOVE commandments are the NEW will. The new will supersedes the old will. 

Sin makes us un clean and sin makes us insane and sin makes us un healthy. We are not regular if we carry on sinning. BUT we are not perfect humans and getting dirty is part and parcel of life. Yes we can not be squeaky clean 24/7. We get dirty but we can adjust and control how dirty we get by our actions and words. After getting dirty we can at times go to God in prayer and confess our sins and God in his grace and mercy forgives our sins and washes us clean in the blood of Jesus Christ (this cleansing in JESUS blood is a mystery). 

Keeping regular can be to do with the food and drinks we consume. Now a days people eat not because they NEED to eat and drink but because they WANT to eat and drink. So wants can be detrimental to mankind. In the way past before materialism, luxury and heaps of food was available; man hunted and scavenged for his food and man grew his own food. In those early days you ate and drank what you needed. In those days man was not obese. Wants make man obese. Wants make man un regular. “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” (Psalm 23). The Lord God provides our needs not wants. You don’t pray to God for a new BMW car. We don’t need a status car. You are mocking God if you pray for wants. JESUS when he was on this earth had just his needs met not his wants. Wanting can be a big dark deep hole. Wanting has no end. So if we eat and drink for our needs we keep regular and we keep sane. JESUS commands us to LOVE. But we are not to love as the people of the world love we are to love as the Bible instructs us. Love of God keeps us regular and sane. God Love is simple, God love is not complex, God love is straightforward, God love is not complicated. The world is complicated and people make their lives complex and complicated but God brings simplicity and truth. 

We consume Gods WORDS that are simple, WORDS that provide our needs (not wants), WORDS that make us regular, sane and clean. 

Then there is eating the wrong sort of food; what we may call junk food. Gods WORDS are all simple truth and if we keep consuming Gods WORDS we also will try and consume good foods and drinks. There’s good foods and drinks and there’s bad foods and drinks. People who are wise eat and drink wisely. Gluttony is a sin. Gluttony is a want not a need. Sins can go down through the family tree. Dirty parents, dirty children. If you raise your children in a dirty nest full of worms and parasites (demons) then the children will be dirty. 

In our materialistic age where WANTS are more important than NEEDS and BAD food is eaten more than GOOD food and man HATES rather than LOVES – mankind is constipated and not regular. 

Being regular is a sign of being wise. Get rid of that waste and stay clean.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 31, 2014

Order! order! everyone.
Now where are we up to? Oh yes item 4.
(At a global conference for psychiatrists)
Item 4 says “God complex”. We know that God is in need of mind healing. Has anyone any suggestions.
I have a suggestion.
Your name please.
Mr Riley.
Ok Mr Riley what is your suggestion?
I suggest we send a psychiatrist to heaven to heal God.
First are we all in agreement that God has a mental illness. A show of hands please. That’s most of us.
Excuse me.
I don’t believe in God.
You are a minority here sir, just about all present here believe in God.
Ok go on,
Mr Riley back to you, could you please elaborate on your suggestion of sending a psychiatrist to heaven.
It’s simple really. One of us can go.
And how does this one of us get to heaven?
Easy. Just kill one of us.
What!!! That’s preposterous we can not kill a person. Are you out of your mind.
No sir I am not.
Ahem ahem ahem.
What is it? You sir have something important to say.
Yes I do. My name is Mr Blair and I support Mr Riley’s suggestion.
You accept killing someone.
Yes I do. But we kill by administering drugs. It will be totally painless.
Ok ok say it works who will go?
I will.
Who said that?
Your name sir.
Mr Clark.
Mr Clark will you honestly let someone administer drugs to you that will kill you?
Yes I will.
You realise Mr Clark this could be a one way journey and we can not guarantee that you will go to heaven and meet God.
I will take that chance.
Why Mr Clark? Why would you want to go to God?
I have been thinking about this for a long time. I see God has gone nutters. Gods not well. God needs our healing treatment.
Ok Mr Clark let’s say we kill you, you go to heaven and meet God; what then?
I propose I do some psychotherapy on God. I can not minister drugs to God because I can not take anything to heaven with me.
Ok ok. Anyone else with any suggestions?
Over here. My names Mr Bisset.
Yes Mr Bisset you have the floor.
I think psychotherapy on God is a good idea. I believe we need to psychoanalyse God. God is maybe repressing anger and other emotions from the past. We need to go back even as far as God’s childhood. There may also be relational problems between God and his son JESUS Christ.
All sounds good. But when do we go with this?
I say tonight.
Mr Clark are you sure?
Yes I am sure. I am the one to go.
Yes true it is urgent. God seems to be out of his tree.
So I am going tonight.
Ok everyone in agreement; a show of hands please. It’s done. It’s a goer.
Now the drugs.
It’s ok I have access to the necessary drugs. I know what to take. I am a doctor.
Please a round of applause for Mr Clark.
Let’s move on. It getting late. Item 5. The CHRIST complex. We have a lot of our patients deluded by God into having a CHRIST complex.
Your name.
Mr Smith.
You have the floor Mr Smith.
This CHRIST complex is Gods way of taking over the world.
Mr Smith how do you think God will achieve this takeover?
God is very clever. He’s more clever than all us here. God programmes people’s minds into having the mind of his son JESUS Christ.
Ok what can we do to stop God taking over? Mr Smith any ideas?
Yes drugs.
Sorry we have to stop there. The time is 5pm. Dinner is in the hotel dining room at 6pm. We carry on tomorrow 9am sharp from where we left off. Thank you ladies and Gentleman for your time.

Editor’s note: For the unenlightened the CHRIST complex is not possible. CHRIST is simplex not a complex. Psychiatrists psychoanalyse their patients unravelling people’s complexes trying to get people’s minds back to simplex. Complexes are like knotty balls. The CHRIST simplex is the sanest mind there is. If CHRIST is simplex then God is simplex.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 11, 2014

ONE is like screaming out to me; I must write; I must share; I must tell.
To me God is all about One. One, one, one. Don’t deviate from oneness. Oneness is the path of true sanity.

Humans are looking for life outside Mother Earth; Why? Humans are unfaithful. Humans are being unfaithful to Mother Earth. Humans are being unfaithful to Mother Nature. Humans are looking for another Mother Nature to spoil and defile. God gave each human a mother, a one mother. We never have more than the one true mother. Humans defile all mothers. If humans found life outside Mother Earth, humans would defile this new Mother Nature and it goes on. But I believe in a ONE EARTH, A ONE MOTHER EARTH, A ONE MOTHER NATURE. God would not give mankind the opportunity to whore with another Mother Earth. Mankind needs to be faithful to God and being faithful means also being faithful to one Mother Earth. Husbands needs to be faithful to one wife; wives need to be faithful to one husband. But mankind hates simplicity; simplicity to mankind is boring. Mankind thinks faithfulness is boring. Mankind loves to have many partners (lovers). God knows mankind through and through so if mankind does not respect the one mother (earth/nature), mankind is definitely not going to get another mother (earth/nature) to disrespect.

The moral of the story is that we humans need to live lives of simplicity and we need to respect Mother Nature because only one mother is given to us by God.

BORING, BORING, BORING. I can hear you want many lovers. One spouse is boring.

But God ordained “Oneness”. Look for yourself; you have yourselves one body, one head. Oneness is always looking at you. Ok look in a mirror; you can not see your head otherwise; you see your head, it’s ONE head. But a mirror is not a spiritual revelation. So trust me, soul and spirit, in you, you do truly have ONE head. Yes you see one body because your eyes see your one body and this is spiritually discerned/revealed. You are human spirit and human soul and it’s in the educating of these. People who are unfaithful make bad leaders; such leaders are not focussed properly because to be focussed you must be focussed on ONE; and that means surrounding yourself in mind and heart and thoughts with ONE; one God, one faith, one spouse, one begotten Son of God. Unfocussed leaders lead their nations people astray. Oneness keeps good focus.

Just as you have one head above your body you must worship the ONE HEAD JESUS CHRIST. There is one Church, one earth, one nature, one body, one head, one God, one Kingdom of God, one heaven, one hell; so look to the ONE GOD above. You are spirit and soul.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE UNIVERSE – the universe made from water might not wash with most people and even I am not convinced.

October 30, 2014

God created the universe. Before God created the universe there was only a vast ocean. Was this ocean all water? Did God with his energy convert all the vast ocean of water in to what it is now? Did all life come from water? Did all creation come from water? Did the universe come from water? I am hesitant to believe that there is any water outside earth. So there was this vast ocean first. But was this vast ocean (was it water?) in total darkness? Yes I believe it was. And was not chaos here in this dark vast ocean? Yes chaos and darkness go together. So God made the chaos and darkness in to order and light. God created the heavens and hell and earth and the world. God used wisdom and understanding to create. God is all powerful; he has abundant eternal energy but even He needed rest after making the universe.

This universe being created from water might not wash with most people and even now I am having lots of second thoughts. I know life has to come from and stay in water. But out there beyond the earth there might be no life therefore no water and so why would God make matter outside the earth from water when (probably) that matter has no life on it or in it. I am a great sceptic of scientists who say there is a high chance of life out there beyond Earth, such does not gel with me. I could be wrong but my mind and heart are comfortable with only life here on earth. If the universe was made from water then there should all likelihood be water (and thus life) in lots of other places in the universe. Can an Almighty expanding explosion in a large ocean of water make matter like planets and gasses and suns? Can water burn? Can water give off energy? Life as we know it and understand and know it is only on planet earth. So water is only on this earth with the evidence at hand. Could God have created all earthly life from water and could the rest of the universe not been created from water.

Even if God did not create the universe from water we still know God is about cleanliness and being clean means being washed and being washed means washed in water. We humans need water, not just to stay alive but to also keep clean. God comes along and washes with His WORDS. The WORDS of God are all clean. Sin is dirty. God uses water. Does God need water to stay alive? Does God’s Spirit need water to stay alive? We humans as like all life on this planet earth need water to survive; without water we will die. God is a God of cleansing and the righteous people love to be clean. Cleanliness is sanity. Insanity is dirtiness. If we keep a clean mind/soul/spirit and body we stay sane.

Water is very very important to life, without it there is no life but did God create with water?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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