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March 21, 2019

I think quantum physics will be a game changer for military weapons. The country who secures quantum weapons first will be much ahead of other nations weaponry. We use sub atomic particles to work for us, we harness them. We make atoms and their particles work for us.

We can then try and find out what makes physical, what makes atoms solid and in this we can control solids the physical. To have power over the physical we control. But artificial intelligence is a game changer too, we combine quantum physics with artificial intelligence then we make waves.

Also to control the DNA helix in humans is a game changer. Control the helix codes.

What about using radiation to knock out all communications. Radiation that actually destroys electronics. Radiation can kill off missiles stationary and in flight. Wave after wave of radiation. Radiation guns. Radiation that kills off robots.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


SCIENCE – “Please explain”

September 10, 2018

So I shall. I have explained that science is the knowledge that is metaphorically mentioned in the first book in the Bible, the book of Genesis, this is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Eating of the fruit of this tree is called the FALL OF MANKIND. Adam and Eve the first humans ate of this tree of knowledge. There was another tree in the Garden of Eden called the tree of life; I liken this tree metaphorically to the Wisdom of Jesus Christ. God said eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil will cause death; I presume this death is to the human spirit and not to the physical body. I don’t think Adam or Eve were going to live for eternity in this Garden, so death to human spirit it was (I guess). God spoke about these two trees as distinct to all the other trees in this Garden. But is this Garden and these two trees an analogy to explain spiritual truths? God is Spirit. I like to think this Garden was real and Adam and Eve were real but I think the two trees in mention are metaphors for spiritual understanding.

I could really have it wrong to think the tree of knowledge of good and evil is science as we understand it today. Science, yes, is knowledge but is it the knowledge of good and evil? Science is not thought of as good or evil. Whereas conscience is about right and wrong. Con-science being the inner knowledge voice or feeling. Con, inside. This science inside guides us in our behaviour. So conscience and science are two different things, but both are knowledge. So is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden the tree of conscience? We have a knowledge outside and a knowledge inside us. The outer knowledge is science and is about observing and experimenting with the outer physical realm. Conscience deals with the inner realm of thoughts, words, soul and human spirit.

We know science is knowledge. Science can be used for good or evil. But did science cause the fall of mankind or did conscience cause the fall of mankind? Do we need science and do we need conscience? Science has made a developed world. Conscience keeps people obeying the laws. Conscience makes for a law abiding society. Why should either science or conscience be wrong against God? Adam and Eve were in ignorant bliss, they both ate of knowledge and became wise; but what sort of wisdom? God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge but what is this knowledge? Has science helped mankind? Has conscience helped mankind? Adam and Eve were just simple. Adam and Eve were living in simple bliss. God provided. The Garden of Eden was full of food and water. So science and con-science maybe joining up and being the tree of knowledge. Maybe? We can not cross that out.

Where will science lead us? Cyborgs and robots. Machines ruling mankind. Cyborgs, half human and half machine robot. The Beast written about in the Bible; will this Beast be a cyborg? The number of the Beast, 666, Carbon, the name of a Man. This man being a Beast but a half man and half robot machine. Jesus Christ came in to this world as son of God and son of man. Jesus was half God and half human; not literally but it’s to explain that Jesus though all God, made himself a human creation to appear to mankind on this earth. So the Beast could appear as son of man and son of robot. So science will be used to create this Beast. Satan uses science as God also uses science. Science can be used in good hands and also in evil hands. Will science be the cause of the destruction of this world? One Big Bang, an atomic nuclear explosion killing creation. Atomic weapons could wipe out this world in a matter of hours; we have that science right now. So is science good or evil? Is this science going to cause the end of the world if so is science the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Conscience is knowing good and evil, is this the fall and not science? What’s wrong with having conscience? You would think knowing right from wrong is good to have whereas science might destroy this world. Conscience, can it destroy this world? Not that I know.

If the tree of knowledge of good and evil is not both science or conscience, what is it then? What else could it be? We know of no other knowledge and science is knowledge. Take your choice, if you could only take one, would you have conscience or science. Jesus Wisdom is about knowing right and wrong. Is Jesus wisdom another name for conscience? Is this inner voice really Jesus guiding us in spirit in our minds and hearts? Jesus never taught science to his disciples. The Bible is not about science. The Bible is about wisdom, knowing right from wrong. Science seems to be about only the physical realm whereas Jesus wisdom is for the Spiritual realm. Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God, a Spiritual kingdom. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us. True worshippers of God worship God from human spirit to God Spirit. Why learn about our physical realm? We are spirit to God. Adam and Eve died when they ate of the tree of knowledge but how can conscience kill the human spirit? Or did their soul die? Mankind wants to learn all about the physical. But what about the spiritual? The spiritual realm is real. Jesus taught about the spiritual not the physical. The Bible is no text book. Text books teach the physical not the spiritual.

We still do not know about whether the tree of knowledge is science. We think conscience is not a bad thing. But did God want Adam and Eve to have conscience when the Garden they were in was bliss, paradise. Eating of knowledge consciously awakened Adam and Eve to their nakedness. But conscious could mean knowledge of science not conscience. Adam and Eve were awakened to their surroundings but why should they feel guilty of being naked? I mean there were no other people in the Garden so why worry. Science is it about being aware of the flesh or is that conscience?

I think science may kill off most of creation and not conscience.

I tend to think science is the knowledge of good and evil. I could be wrong. I don’t know for sure, I have no real proof. No one seems to know for sure. Please take my writings about science with a grain of salt. I could be wrong.

What I don’t like is to have science as a god to worship. If science is approved by God and is not the fall of mankind I do though think science has become a god to be worshipped by many people. Science has become a religion like sports have become a religion. We then have spiritual strongholds of science trying to mould the mind set of mankind on a massive scale. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are to be worshipped, no other. I do think many peoples Godly callings in many cases involves science. If science was the cause of mankind’s fall then science later became part and parcel of God’s will.

I thought about this science and conclude that the world is below my feet. The earth is my footstool. I am above the earth. The world sits on the earth. Heaven is above. I carry heaven in me. God’s kingdom of heaven is in us; not in the church of Satan, the body of Satan, but in the church of God, the body of Jesus Christ. We the saved are in the body of Christ. There are two main bodies in this world, one Satan’s and the other Gods. Then there are the lost souls; souls in the wilderness. I don’t need teaching from mankind, God’s Spirit is my teacher. I learn spiritually. My soul is above, saved. God puts all under me. King David spoke about “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”; this particular wisdom that David spoke applies to me. David was King, can I call myself a King? Certainly not in the worldly way, maybe in a spiritual way for the Kingdom of God. God is raising me up, higher and higher, up a metaphorical mountain where I will eventually hopefully understand much. I don’t understand all yet and science still puzzles me.

Monks and religious like to get away from it all, get away from the world, cut themselves off from the world and be in small communities. These religious give up the worldly things, like money and man made technology, electronics etc. These religious want quiet and peace, they pray a lot. So do these religious want “out” of science as well? No televisions at the monastery, no radios, maybe even no computers, nothing that has electrical but keep the lights and some appliances. The Amish religious community’s don’t drive cars. These religious use horse and buggy. The Amish don’t use much technology. They might use a bit. So do the Amish try to steer clear of science or conscience? Do the religious monks keep science or conscience away from them? I think science. I could be wrong.

Is science or conscience going to be the undoing of this world? Is there any other type of knowledge? Jesus wisdom is knowledge but I call it understanding. You be the judge.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

I see merit in this. But there maybe many flaws until the finished product is viable as many people can abuse. Income can be abused.

In Australia we have now a basic income for free to many people. Take the Aborigine, many of them don’t work, so who pays them? The Government. Many aborigine get free money. So is the free basic income working for Aborigine. Not really, why? A lot of Aborigine drink alcohol. The Aborigine spend heaps on alcohol. So this income is getting abused. It’s not working. The income should go on food, electricity, shelter, water, on needs to live. The Government has tried to rectify this abuse of income by withholding cash and giving a card that can only be used to pay for say household items from shops. Alcohol is not a need.

The universal Basic Income is not a bad idea, everyone has the right of a good standard of living, there is always going to be unemployment such is part and parcel of a capitalist system. In a capitalist system there is not full employment. The communist system might have full employment.

The Universal Basic Income should be about paying for a good standard of living, not luxuries, but needs, pay for medicines, hospital treatment, doctors, dentists, food, water, but this income must not in anyway be paid in cash or money in to banks where cash can be withdrawn, no, this income must be accessible only with a card with a chip that can only access consumer goods and services at shops, hospitals, doctors, etc that are authorised by the Government.

This Universal Basic Income can gradually come in as robots with artificial intelligence take over human work. People should have the option of receiving the Universal Basic Income or a paid job, not both, one or the other. Later robots, humanoids etc, will take over much of the work. I think humans will have their own humanoids working for them. I think the Universal Basic Income will be a no brainer when the Mark is given. The Mark 666. The Beast will own us then (not me i hope). We can not stop robots with artificial intelligence coming just as we can not stop humans making things, science will not stop. Science is knowledge and mankind craves for knowledge. Satan can use knowledge against mankind. Adam and Eve and their descendants consume knowledge and later Satan uses this against them. The descendants of Adam and Eve might even build the Beast, whatever it is. Satan has his descendants. The descendants of Satan are the snake people. The snake people at loggerheads with the God people. Satan with his snake children want to rule God’s children. God’s children will contribute to building robots and artificial intelligence and Satan might use robots and artificial intelligence against God’s children. Knowledge of good and evil, knowledge used for good or evil. Let’s not be naive and think knowledge is used only for good. Science can be for good or evil. Evil is in this world.

Just as the above physical heavens has much darkness but at the same time there are many bright shining stars. In the spiritual heavens there too is much darkness but there are many bright Spirit stars. The elect of God are the stars. Darkness can breed dark deeds. Satan loves the dark. Evil is all around this world. Satan is in many places. Go to school, college, university, but are not Satan’s children also learning knowledge? The snakes learn. The weeds grow amongst the wheat. The weeds grow up. Let’s not be naive and think the snake children won’t use knowledge for evil. Evil is just a few seconds from a push button on a desk (not quite but it’s close to the real idea) in front of Evil that can wipe out this world to oblivion. But a clean slate is that not what God wants? You clean the slate when it gets dirty.


I think the 666 Mark is a carbon Mark I don’t think it’s a silicon chip or any type of micro chip. Carbon is universal to creation. The human body should accept a carbon Mark. The human body is made out of a lot of carbon. Now I am just theorising and speculating that 666 is carbon, I have no real evidence, I could easily be wrong, but it gives us something to think about.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 27, 2017

Why do humans fear that robots will one day rule humans? 

Maybe because it is true Robots will eventually be the masters of humans. What we fear may be true. Look at humans; God made humans, then humans became the masters, God is the true master. Robots will rule humans because humans try and rule God. Heaven should rule over earth but humans try and make the earth rule the heavens. Upside down doctrine. Mans doctrine in mans cleverness is often upside down. 
The heart does not rule, the head rules over the heart. Man is ruled by the heart, but the head should rule man. The head is higher than the heart. What is higher rules. The higher rules all below it.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 25, 2017

With all this artificial intelligence (AI) will humans need to think? The brain of God can be discarded ha. Humans won’t need brains, humans eventually evolve brainless. 

I don’t doubt that AI will take over just about all intelligent functions. 
Will robots get tired of having sinful humans around? I know, robots take humans in batches up in to outer space and jettison them. 
Yes I agree we are just in a little part of the picture as to the grand scheme of things to do with artificial. It’s basically all about artificial. Artificial is man made. It’s about leaving God made for man made. Artificial is art. Arty farty. Humans can be so artificial. We humans are simplex God made but we try and make ourselves complex man made. 
But humans on the path to artificial is seen by humans as clever. Nothing will change the humans path to artificiality. We humans want to destroy all God made. We humans want to be Gods. 
Robots and humanoids are essentially art, man made art. Art is man made creation. Art can be worshipped. Art can be idolized. Art can be praised. Art is artificial and man’s creations are artificial. Robots and humanoids are artificial. 
Man in his her heart pines for the simple life. Away from all man’s creations. Live on a deserted island in the ocean, live off the land and sea, away from all complex man made. Away from all the noises of man and his artificial machines. Live the simple life and enjoy God made. The heart is basically a simple pump. How mankind complicates the simple heart.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

I thought artificial intelligence was about humans not having to think any more.

Or is intelligence not merely about thinking? Intelligence is the ability to understand. But what about thinking? To understand does one need to think? Or is intelligence based mainly on perception, discernment?
Robots and artificial intelligence is not about more jobs for humans, it’s about less jobs for humans. Humans don’t want to work.
Governments talk about a universal basic income. Everyone gets a set income no matter what their job or their not even having a job.
Humans create artificial (whatever – plastic, intelligence, robots, etc), arty farty, hoity toity, unnatural, limp wristed, not straight thinking. Artificial buggers up the mind.
Robots with artificial intelligence will be called humanoids. These humanoids might get rational thought, might, I don’t know. Can humanoids ever morally think? Will these robots know right from wrong? Humans got rational thought. God made humans simple and God said to the first humans not to eat of science (the knowledge of good and evil) but humans went ahead and partook of science. Now humans (not all) disregard their maker. Why then should not humanoids partake of science and disregard their maker, humans. Humanoids made simple by humans and then becoming complex. Humans are getting more complex over time as they partake of science. Humanoids might become renegade. There will be the good humanoids and the evil humanoids.
Science is about good knowledge and evil knowledge. Science can do good or evil.
Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. If science is complex does that mean God is complex? Science is of God. Is the Father God complex and is the God Son Jesus Christ simplex? Why would the Father be complex and His Son simplex? Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God. Is the Wisdom of God simplex and not complex? Truth is simple. The simple truth. Is not science the simple truth? Jesus Christ is not complex. We assume Jesus is simplex as is His wisdom is simplex. Science is here to stay. But why were humans in the beginning warned not to eat of science? What is wrong with science? If the Father God knows science why can not humans know science? What is dangerous about science? Why did God tempt the first humans with science? Science is good and evil. Science now can destroy most of life on this planet earth. Man can use science to obliterate mankind. Science also heals. Science provides comforts to humans. Man uses science to create robots. Man uses science to create artificial.
Man was made simple but man has made him her self complex. Man has made knotty balls of wound up thought in his her minds. Man is winding him her self up in thinking. It’s no longer straight thinking.

Those people who embrace science usually don’t embrace Jesus Christ. Those that embrace science might say that Christ and his message is simple. These science lovers presume simplicity of God is foolishness. These science people think complex is wise.
Satan has blinded many people. There is an anomaly of what is truth. There is a veil over people’s minds, they see but do not see, they hear but do not hear, their hearts do not understand.
Universities are full of science. There’s the social sciences for example. I studied sociology at university. I found the sociology teaching very man made. It’s like you have to check your wrists in case you leave the straight path too much. Sociology is not Gods wisdom but is human wisdom. In my final exam in sociology I wrote of my conversion to Jesus Christ. And I failed the course. I could imagine the examiner getting angry at my writings. I was probably thought of as an idiot.
Let me be quite straight here, Jesus Christ’s teachings are not wanted at universities. University does not teach Jesus Christ’s wisdom. University is about human wisdom not Gods wisdom. University is about the achievements of human spirit not Gods Spirit. At university you embrace humanism. If you write in university essays and assignments on Jesus teachings you will be failed. Theology at university is taught very objectively, it’s not about believing in God but being critique. You study comparing the different religions, which is not bad.
At Bible College I found a lot of humanism. One of our main lecturers was/is a humanist. And this lecturer was not shy in telling the class at one point that he was a humanist.
So where does that leave the Holy Spirit? Many try and quench Gods Spirit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 31, 2017

Can we contain it? Artificial intelligence. Science is good or evil. Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. Science can help or destroy. Humans are already at the service of robots.

Humans are building robots in stages. We get the arms. We get the arms and hands. We get the legs and feet. Then we get the full robot humanoids. We are serving the humanoids from day one of beginning to bring them to existence. Humans create and worship what they create. Humans make idols and humans worship their man made idols. Man’s idols are their gods. Humanoids listen but they do not listen, they see but they do not see, they smell but they do not smell, they taste but they do not taste, they think but they do not think. Robots are artificial they are not God made. Robots do not have soul and spirit. Robots are essentially a perversion. Man was made to work for God. We humans are God’s creation.
Now man wants to be God and make humanoids to serve man. It’s a perversion. Man will make God, yes the supreme heavenly God. This supreme man made God might be put up in the sky. This idol God will control humans. The Mark of the Beast will be on humans.
Man is so clever, he she thinks they are. Science the knowledge of good and evil. Evil will cancel out the good and good will cancel out the evil so we go back to nothing of mans achievements leaving just God and His Words.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

Progress is about making money. Making money is about having riches. Riches are about physical comforts. Comforts are about living luxury. Luxury is about idle living and worshipping materialism.

Materialism is like a religion to a lot of people. Materialists like to deny the existence of soul and human spirit. Materialists are usually atheists. Atheism is “a” for anti and “theist” for God; anti God. Anti in some cases does not have to mean unbelief but just against. Atheists in many cases, when in trouble, will call on God just like anybody else. Atheists can spend much writings and speech arguing that God does not exist BUT why argue that God does not exist if you don’t believe He exists. If God does not exist in ones mind or heart why try and prove that? I think atheists try and lock God out of their minds and hearts. God is in all. How atheists hate God. Atheists probably hate their own human parents. What fools atheists are.
Progress is about taking Gods creation and making it in to man made creation. In this making we get waste. In making man made from God made we get what man calls “Progress”. Progress is slowly turning this earth and world in to “artificial”.
Robots will do all the work. What will mankind do when robots do all the work? Mankind just rests. God rested after He had made the universe. Does God still rest? When robots do all the work the nations people might have a “basic universal income”. Income not worked for. The Mark of the Beast will come. This Mark will give people of the Mark access to money; money from a basic universal income.
Robots will be:

Cyborgs – part artificial, part living human.

Humanoids – all artificial. Made in mankind’s image.
There might be a cult of mankind worshipping humanoids. There will be humans that will worship humanoids as gods. Then we will know that the End Times are getting closer. Man makes man in his her own image. Mankind becomes God. Man is God and humanoids are gods. The full transformation.
“Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life on this planet”.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 5, 2017

I think there is substance to this idea of a universal basic income BUT I think this idea is better down the road a bit when we have humanoids doing most of the work functions. Robots do much work now but robots have not evolved yet to their full potential. When we have robots created in the image of man/woman and can do all what humans can do and more then a universal basic income has worth. The evolution of robots is there for us to see. Man, people say also evolved. Man created in Gods image and robots created in man’s image. Robots will eventually do most if not all of the work. Man will rest as God rested. God rested after he had created and man will rest after he has created.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

MAN MADE GOD (The ultimate idolatry)

September 5, 2015

 Mans wisdom is to replicate God, the creator and His creation. 

Man looks to the physical. I mean people who have qualifications in physics are already being treated like gods. God is up in the heavens with Jesus Christ in the flesh sitting at His right side. So man has to replicate God and His Son in the heavens. So what does man do? Man is mostly about physical so man puts his own man made god up in the heavens and that is in the physical. 

But the Father God is invisible. No problem mans god can be invisible too. Then man needs to replicate Jesus. No problem man can create a humanoid robot that has many powers. The man made God and His Son need to be put above. No problem we can put the man made god and his son above in a space craft. This space craft can orbit above the earth in the heavens. The Father God and Jesus see all, hear all, and know all. The man made god and his son will also see all, hear all, and know all. God is very powerful. The man made god will also be very powerful. So man has his own god in heaven. Man thinks physical when he thinks of knowledge; man thinks he is so clever. God gives spiritual knowledge BUT this knowledge is in wisdom through His Son Jesus Christ. Man will worship his god he has made. 

So where is God? God is within. God is spiritual. God is in physical and Spirit. God is not made by man. God is a spiritual reality. God is in WORDS. God made the heavens and earth. But God made a spiritual kingdom that came first and then the physical Kingdom. Spirit came before physical. God rules within his spiritual Kingdom. Words rule this spiritual Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within. The Kingdom of heaven is within. Our human spirit and soul lives in this God Kingdom. We have two realities – spiritual and physical BUT the spiritual is first, came first and rules. Jesus is in the physical but also lives within. “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies at your feet” (Bible verse from King David). King David was the chosen King and God in Spirit lived in him. God lives in His chosen King. There is a spiritual reality that we all humans share. Remember the movie “Matrix”. This movie had two realities running beside each other. There was the inner reality and the outer reality. But both were realities. Having two realities means that to teach about God to humans we have to teach in parables and metaphors. Para as in ‘along side’. Humans are created in the flesh the physical so humans to grasp knowledge see physical coming first and physical reigns BUT not so. Spiritual came before physical. So God has to educate humans to perceive spiritual and to do so God tries to draw humans away from the physical. Physical desires etc compound the difficulty in learning spiritual. Man thinks it’s so clever to learn the physical sciences I mean physicist scientists are lauded as gods. But man in his cleverness is screwing up mankind. It is best to go spirit first before physical. Plato the philosopher was about learning and he perceived that to learn one is best to forsake the physical pleasures. Physical gets in the way of spiritual. We need to get back to the spiritual. Physical just needs to be about needs not desires/wants. 

Man thinks he’s clever to make his own gods. Man forsakes the true God to make his own gods. Man will create the ultimate god to sit up above in the physical seeing heavens and man will rest from his works, man will admire his handiwork and say to himself well done. When man takes his rest, the man made god above and the man made humanoid robots will do all the work. The true God rested after He had created; man will rest too after he has created.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE BREATH OF LIFE – and mankind’s dumb choice

August 10, 2015

Life is in water and blood but life is also in the breath.

Spirit is like the wind. Spoken words are given off in breath. We speak we breathe. Breathing gives off spirit. Spirit is in the breath. Words are expelled as breath is expelled. We breathe in and we breathe out. Inspire and expire. Life is in spirit. Life is in water and blood and life is in spirit. Spirit comes to us like the wind; we know neither where it comes from or where it is going, only God knows this. 

Man made creations do not have breath. God put breath in to His creations. Of course not all of Gods creations have breath. Plants do not have breath. Animals, insects, birds have breath. So do the such mentioned have spirit? Looking at say a live fishes eye one sees no sign of soul, the eye is just blank, there is no thought life there. But do animals and the like have spirit? This is up to contention, but myself I see no interaction of spirit of say animals with my human spirit. I see no need for spiritual warfare with say a dog or cat or fish. I am not fighting the animal kingdom in spirit so I lean towards saying spirit and soul are just in humans. I also think soul and spirit both work together so if you have a soul you also have a spirit. So no spirit, no soul; no soul, no spirit. The human spirit has words that protect the soul and lead our soul in to wisdom. We the saved humans have the assistance of the Holy Spirit who guides us in to all truth. We are gifted through the Holy Spirit so we in the (universal) body can contribute towards helping the body mature and wizen. 

We humans have spirit and soul. I said I think we must have both soul and spirit or neither at all. Spirit in us goes like the wind, spirit travels hither and thither. Does human spirit in us have a limit on its distance to travel? I do not know. If human spirit can travel like the wind all around the world, then can human spirit travel out to outer space; can human spirit travel the universe? I think not. I think human spirit needs water. To me spirit hates dry waterless places. How can human spirit in astronauts survive in outer space? One wonders. But the astronauts human bodies hold plenty of water. But does the human spirit in these astronauts roam out up there? Good question. Maybe not. Human spirit does travel on this earth and people who have great insight like the prophets of old can see in spirit so can experience deeper understanding of life on this planet from a spiritual side. Prophets exist today. Prophets are known as seers, they see in human spirit. Prophets have deep insight. Of course sinning prophets can be blinded by their sins. 

Life is in the breath. What about people who watch and listen to television a lot. There is no breath in the television. So what is happening when one watches and listens to television? There is no soul and spiritual connection with the television so in fact the TV must dumb down the human senses because spirit keeps the human senses aware and alive. Spirit teaches soul through breath. The wind in the breath feeds the soul information. TV has no spirit therefore the TV does not inspire the human soul at all. There is no inspire or expire from the TV. Humans can teach humans because of spirit. Technology is man made and does not inspire (inhale) or expire (exhale). 

Man will make robots in mans image. Just as God made humans in Gods image. But will man be able to give breath to robots? In other words will man be able to create spirit and give spirit to robots? There are what we call holograms. Holograms could be the beginnings of the workings of man in creating spirit and spirit for robots. Man made spirit is maybe in the pipeline. The robots in the future may with the help of lasers be able to project holograms. Such man made holograms may look like the visions that some people get to see from God but of a different nature. God definitely gives off visions. If robots get breath; how they get it bamboozles me; I have no idea how mans creation is going to get breath. God created humans in his likeness and breathed in to them soul. Breath and soul are linked. You breath soul. But what about spirit? God gave man soul but when did God give spirit to man? I say soul and spirit must go together, separate but together. Human spirit for the heart and soul for the head. 
Man wants to create as God has created; hey that’s mans mission from day one he got knowledge of good and evil. Man uses knowledge for either good or evil. And man uses knowledge of good and evil to create and create as God has created. Man will create robots and other creations that do good and evil. As much as man creates good he will match the good with creating evil. Good and evil are both like light forces (good) and dark forces (evil) against each other but the good thing about light is that light overcomes the dark but dark can not overcome the light. Light forces are the good forces so the good will win. We have evil people on this earth creating with evil knowledge evil creations as we have good people on this earth creating with good knowledge good creations. With knowledge we do not have bliss. The only way to have bliss is to know nothing, what we call ignorant bliss. The more we know, the more puffed we become; we puff ourselves up with knowledge as we strut our tongues on high belting out all the words of knowledge feeding our guts with tarnished and obtuse spiritual food. The more puffed up we become, we become airy fairy and we look big in our own eyes. The puff is wind but it’s ill wind. Puff is just that puff and is of no real consequence. 

The after life is not about learning knowledge. In heaven we do not study. So when you die prepare yourselves for unadulterated bliss (heaven). Bliss is knowing nothing as this world knows but living in full splendour in the light of God and being totally aware and feeling constant love. We live in heaven in totally freedom and in the full wisdom of God. There is no work in heaven, we do not study and strive in heaven. In heaven we do not work for food and shelter. When we ascend to heaven we leave all this world behind, we leave everything behind, we don’t need anything this world offers when we go to heaven. You might say it must be boring in heaven if we do not learn up there. Learning is mans doing to appease the soul in knowing good and evil. Mans soul wants to know as God knows. God offered man ignorant bliss or toiling and working for knowledge and food. Man chose to toil and work for food and knowledge – dumb choice. In the Garden of Eden man had everything he needed. God gave man free will and man chose to want to know as God knows. Bliss was in the Garden of Eden not in this world. We do not live in bliss in this world, this world is full of weeds (spiritual and physical) and man toils day and night. Adam and Eve did not work in the Garden of Eden. 

Parents say to their young children “Don’t touch …….”; but when the parents are out the child goes and touches it. You do what you are told not to do. That is sin. Adam and Eve the first humans with soul and spirit were the first sinners. So what this world knows as the clever people are not clever they are dumb. These so called clever people do what dumb Adam and dumb Eve did, they want to know as God knows. And these dumb people are making man (and woman) made creations in the likeness of Gods creations. Dumb dumb dumb.  

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 28, 2015

Mankind turns away from God made to manmade.

You may say what is God made? Good question because in this life we humans are now getting confronted so much with MANMADE that we begin to forget that yes there is a God and he made his own creation. Mankind is now so immersed in his own MANMADE creations that mankind is now trying to forsake God made. 

Go out in to the country; see God made. Get away from the city of concrete and mortar, away from the plastic and brick; go out of the city, hear the bees humming, hear the birds chirping, yes birds do make a sound, see butterflies, hear a brook gushing, smell the vegetation, yes Gods creation smells, taste natural fruit off a tree. To turn away from God made to MANMADE is unnatural. God is natural. To turn away means to pervert. Every time I read the newspaper it’s about who sexually abused who. The news now a days often is about perversion, who perverted who. This generation seems to be an abused generation.  
What is the ultimate in MANMADE creation? I think it is robots that look like humans but have super abilities. Also man might create robotic life like animals and insects and birds that look like the real ones. So we have a pet robot dog or cat etc. 

There is the “Knowledge of good and evil”. God created the universe and made mankind in his likeness. Mankind got this knowledge and wants to create as God does. Man will make as God has made. Man will create replications of God made. Knowledge of good and evil is not all just about good, it is also about evil. Robots will have artificial intelligence and will be both good and evil. You will get good robots and you will get bad robots. Knowledge of good and evil certainly brought evil in to this world. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Utopia until they consumed knowledge. Scientists are trying now to manage knowledge of good and evil but such attempts of management are really futile as mankind craves to create. 
Mankind will go further and further virtual and try to get out of the real world and engulf him/her self in an artificial virtual world. In the mean time this natural creation will be further killed off. Kill Gods creation and live in a MANMADE artificial creation. 
God initially confronted mankind with knowledge “Don’t eat Knowledge” God said to the first humans; of course as we humans know when someone tells us not to do something and when they have gone we go and do that something, hey who do they think we are? We can do what we want, know one tells us what to do. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden in “Simple Bliss” and just like we humans are now they disobeyed God the Father. We all mess up. One big cock up from the beginning. And it’s been a series of cock ups ever since. Mankind is turning away (means perverted) from natural to unnatural. 
Knowledge will kill. 
Because knowledge is good and evil the sensible thing is to not have Knowledge at all because we may get good from knowledge but we also get evil so the bottom line is not to consume knowledge at all. There is a better way – WISDOM OF JESUS CHRIST. Wisdom is a type of knowledge but but it is not the knowledge that God told Adam and Eve not to eat of. Wisdom is a practical knowledge, it is about behaviour. Jesus taught his wisdom to his disciples and we get this wisdom written down in the gospels. Paul and other Apostles also contributed to writing down Jesus wisdom. 
So to have Utopia again, as Adam and Eve had it from the beginning, we humans need to behave properly to one another and to do that we need to eat of the tree of WISDOM. Wisdom of God gives life, spiritual life, we are preserved, we look younger, we are healthy, we are strong. 
But mankind will never have utopia again (unless it happens in the future when Jesus rules on this Earth for one thousand years). Man will kill and kill and kill. Mankind will use knowledge to kill. As well as heal. Wars will come and go. Robots will kill robots. The war of the machines. Life as we know it in God will get further snuffed out. And man will live in virtual artificial environments. Mankind is so perverted.  
Wisdom of Jesus Christ, NOT the knowledge of good and evil, makes better society/community.
The Bible is full of wisdom not Knowledge of good and evil.
Epilogue – knowledge of good and evil

I am beginning to see knowledge from an above view where knowledge is looked at as being for good or evil. In other words people learn knowledge to use for good or evil. It’s like God is a God that sees good or evil. We have two sides to knowledge – good or evil. The purpose of life is good or evil depending on what side you are on. Satan the enemy is the Evil side and God is the good side. We have two sides to this life in this universe. Life is plainly light or dark. Two opposing forces. As one gets wiser we perceive life is about two sides – God and Satan. Satan we call the Evil One so it means that God we can call the Good One. You don’t learn knowledge unless you want to use it for Good or Evil, this is the true understanding. 
By eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mankind has the ability to do good or bad. 
Otherwise live in simple bliss and eat of wisdom. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 3, 2015

God made us humans in His likeness. Man makes robots in his likeness. 

Why does man want to create in his own likeness? Is creating robots in mans likeness a sin? Man wants to create; man loves creating. God creates and man wants to do what God does. I mean take a father and his son, the son wants to do what the father does. Man ate of the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden. Man knows. Man knows how to create. Man has the knowledge to create. God made us humans in His image so man wants to do the same, make his own creation (robots) in his image. Man likes being god. Man wants to be God.  

Mans creation that evolved:








Wireless receiver.


Micro chip.



Tape cassette.





Gods creation that evolved:


Living cell.


Fish with legs.

Small 4 legged land creature.



In mans creation the humanoid took years to evolve. Just as Gods creation took years to evolve. But there is no similarity in the time frame that both creations took to completion. I mean mans creation may take less time to create than Gods creation. 

Let us see how man’s creation evolved. The valve did not metamorphosis in front of our eyes. The valve changed to a diode and then to a transistor but the changes here were made changes (in other words there were creations made at each stage of the changes). So with Gods creation; the changes say from fish to land animal were creations. God initiated these changes with his direct input of changing the DNA etc. We get changes but to say they evolved or were created changes is up to speculation. We can say God creates and man evolves. There is an evolution because we see there are changes starting from the one to the many of the final product. But the product as said can be created at each stage of change. God wanted his creation to evolve in to a creation in his own image so God had to have input at each change of development. Humans did not come about because of chance. Human development is all precisely mapped out. We humans are the result of a design. Mans creation is the result too of design. Man did not haphazardly come up with his creation the humanoid. Mans creation is the result of carefully thought out design. 

God said to his creation “Do not eat of the fruit of knowledge”. Why not eat this fruit? If you eat this knowledge you will know as God knows. So will humanoids eat of knowledge and know as man knows. Computers already have knowledge. The FALL for man was knowing as God knows so will the FALL for humanoids also be knowing as man knows. AND WHERE WILL THIS LEAD?

Man with the knowledge he got (THE FALL) creates a creation in his likeness called the humanoid (artificial/man made). Man also creates an artificial environment, creating even (trying to) an artificial body for his soul and spirit to live in. 

So if robots called humanoids get knowledge, won’t humanoids also create? AND CREATE WHAT?

Man in his creations is killing off all God made so if humanoids create WHAT AND WHO WILL DIE?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 12, 2015

It was the year 2045 Ron a bright and gifted PHD student was bringing his new project home. Ron lived with his elderly retired parents. 
Mum and Dad meet Nigel. 

Hello Nigel.

H e l l o.

Mum and Dad Nigel is going through his last paces of readaptation. 

What’s that mean son?

Readaptation just means Nigel is coming in to human thinking. 

Nigel kept looking at Ron’s parents, actually Nigel was eye balling Ron’s parents. 

Sit down Nigel while I have my dinner in the other room. 

Ron leaves the room. 

Ron’s parents Adam and Gloria find it intimidating having Nigel stare at them.

Nigel what do you like doing?

I  a m  g o i n g  t o  s n u f f  y o u  b o t h  o u t  o n e  d a y.

What!! What do you mean?

I  a m  g o I n g  t o  k i l l  y o u.

Ron!! Ron!! Come here 

What is it?

Your robot just threatened to kill us.

Come on Mum and Dad Nigel does not even know how to kill. Nigel is not programmed to kill. 

But Ron he said he would snuff us out.

Nigel did you say that?

R o n  I  d o n t  c o m p u t e. 

Nigel did you say you would kill my parents?

W h a t  d o e s  k i l l  m e a n ?

There You must have heard Nigel wrongly.

But son.

I have to go to my room. Nigel and I are working late tonight. Nigel and I are at the frontier of science. Nigel is the first of his kind. I hope to have my PHD thesis finished soon.

Son are you sure you know what you are doing?

Nigel will just be the first of his kind. Soon we will have many like Nigel. Artificial intelligence and robots will be the making of mankind. Good night. 

Adam and Gloria remain in the kitchen and discuss the ramifications of robots. 

Artificial the making of mankind I think it’s the perversion of mankind. Artificial will take over from what is natural. We don’t need artificial thinking robots. They might kill us humans.
100 years later ……….

Humanoids populate the earth and space. Humanoids are robots that look and think like humans. The human powers to be have decided that we humans must do away with all diseases and this can only be achieved by cloning humans and cloning only those who are disease free. Police humanoids are authorised to round up diseased humans and imprison them and then ship them in a space craft into outer space where they are ejected out of the space craft to die.  
Years and years in the past ……….

In the Garden of Eden.

Life was simple. There were no wants, there were just needs. Here there was no money. Food and water was abundant in this garden. Everything in this garden was natural. There was nothing unnatural in this garden. There was no fear. There was no hate. All the creatures were vegetarian. 

God said to Adam and Eve that if you eat of the tree of knowledge you will die. Man was tempted by Satan to know as God knows. 

Knowledge brings death. Maybe knowledge will bring death to mankind. With this knowledge that man has got he has been able to create like God. The snake inspired Eve and therefore Adam to eat knowledge. 

Satan is behind mans knowing. This knowing is called the FALL of mankind. Man was not meant to know as God knows. God gave man FREEWILL. Will man give humanoids FREEWILL? 
Where do I stand in all this? …………

I say let it all come on. The beast whatever. The death of mankind yes bring it all on. God knows how we think I mean God is the beginning of thought and knows thought through and through (right to the end if there is an end to thought) with all its possibilities. God knows Satan’s thoughts. God has all power over everyone’s thoughts (words). But God has given us freewill in our thoughts. So bring on Armageddon, bring on the end of the world. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2015

Satan is Lord of the air. But we humans need air to breathe. And why is God not Lord of the air? God yes is king of his kingdom. God is within. Within what? The human body. So is God not in the air? How can God be in the air when Satan rules the air? Does spirit need air to exist? Also does spirit need water to exist? Does God have lungs and does God breathe? JESUS lives and in so doing does JESUS breathe air? Or does God live out in outer space where there is no air?

If Satan is Lord of the air, will Satan try and pollute the air say with heaps and heaps of CARBON to try and kill life. Carbon can kill. Carbon can kill humans. Carbon: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. The triple 6 here in Carbon might not mean Satan’s number, it is pure conjecture if intended. But the mark of the Beast put on/in humans in the future might be a Carbon Mark. I mean look at the strip of Carbon on the backs of bank cards etc. God sees all, God knows all, God hears all. Satan was in heaven until he got too proud and God banished Satan to this world. Later Satan will be banished to Hell. So Satan is working his tricks now on earth. Satan wants to what? See all, know all, hear all. So Satan is setting up a replica system to God and his system. Satan creates what we call the Beast. Satan wants to through the Beast rule the peoples of this world. So the mark of the Beast comes in. God knows everything about every human so Satan also wants to know everything about every human. The Beast is used to know everything on all people. Is the Beast a computer, I don’t know. See in the future our technology currently now will be seen as just children’s play or even babies play. Technology in the future including computers is going to change a lot from what it is today. We are still in infancy of technology. Computers in the future are going to be so very different from today’s computers. I mean it was just in my fathers generation that radio valves were used. We certainly have advanced further than valves. But tell my grandfather in his time that valves will be obsolete and that there will be micro chips etc; granddad will just yawn and maybe not comprehend. I see we are going to go in to robots in a very very deep way. Robots that look just like humans, but all artificial. Man wants his robots. Man was made by God to serve the God head but man wants robots to serve him. Man wants to be god and have robots as his servants. As I said Satan wants to replicate God and His system. And Satan will use the Beast. The Beast is 666. Is the Beast made out of Carbon and is the mark of the Beast a Carbon mark? Could be but we really don’t know. Carbon is certainly polluting the air and if too much Carbon is in the air humans will struggle to live.

The bible says Satan is Lord of the air. Maybe God did not make Satan Lord of the air but Satan saw opportunity here that by ruling the air he Satan would rule the world. So the air is what Satan uses to his advantage. Satan does not try and rule the water, the plants, the animals, birds, insects, soil, NO Satan tries to rule the air.

Back to the Beast. The Beast will know everything about everything about people. This mark of the beast will tell the Beast a lot. Maybe this mark will even be able to record heart beats; maybe this mark will be used by the Beast to have control over human body systems.

When ever an evil dictator gets in control of a nation the dictator wants to have information on his people. Stalin in the former Soviet Union had files made up on a lot of people. Hitler was the same, files on people. But God already knows all about everybody so why do these tyrants want to know what God already knows. It’s because tyrants work for Satan. So George Orwell predicted this all seeing hearing knowing State. The State was like a Beast. The State was God in the Soviet Union and the State owned most things. The State in the Soviet system was the all seeing hearing knowing God. But the State was ruled by few people who had all the power. These few people were Evil. Stalin and Hitler were despots of the vilest kind.

The Beast will know everything about people and the Beast will control all banking. There will eventually be a cashless society. Cash even now is an inconvenience. Bank cards will eventually be made obsolete. When will we lose cash and cards? In my grandfathers time there were no credit or debit cards. In granddads time there were no computers, no ATM’s. Cash has been around for many many many generations BUT bank cards are not too old. Maybe we will give up cash and resort to just cards for a long time then later the mark of the Beast. The book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible warns Christians NOT to take the mark of the Beast. So in the future how are Christians going to buy and sell when they have not taken the mark? It might be very hard for Christians in the future.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 18, 2015

God gave man FREEWILL. Man can sin if he wants. Man can commit murder, rape, steal, curse, lie, commit fortification, commit adultery, commit all perversions under the sun — BUT we have the LAW to protect us. We also have conscience that can help us. We also have Wisdom.

If I wanted I could kill the next person walking a long the street outside my home. I have FREEWILL. My conscience tells me killing is wrong and I know if I kill the law will get me. Laws are there to protect. If I want to kill a person, God is not going to control me like a robot. God won’t make my body go lame. God won’t kill me. Law is a deterrent to crime but a lot of people get away with crimes. People just don’t get caught. Sin started from the beginning. Adam and Eve wanted knowledge. Was not living a life of simplicity and living in a garden free of evil and having all ones needs not enough. No; man wanted to know as God knows. Then Cain killed Abel. God did not stop Adam and Eve from getting knowledge. God did warn Adam and Eve that knowledge would eventually kill, you will die. Cain was free to kill Abel. We humans are not programmed robots, we can do as we want. Humans in CHRIST do have the MIND of Christ but still we have FREEWILL. But the Law keeps (tries to) us in check.

Wisdom came through JESUS Christ and this CHRIST wisdom does protect. But we must ask God for this wisdom. So now man is enlightened by wisdom of JESUS Christ. But not many people have Christ’s wisdom. Solomon was wise of God and this wisdom protected Solomon and as he was king of Israel, Solomon’s wisdom also protected Israel. Seek Christ’s wisdom. Wisdom of JESUS Christ protects an individual but such wisdom also helps those people that the wise person oversights in say a leadership capacity.

Man = mankind, male and female.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 18, 2015

I see virtual reality as a future reality of the human race. It’s a man made (artificial) reality as distinct from the God made reality.

Man makes his own reality. Remember the movies MATRIX. Outstanding movies. I was entranced with these movies. Matrix was about a virtual reality. In this virtual reality we had good against evil as there is in Gods reality good against evil. Man made reality; man made God; man made robots looking like and doing what humans can do and maybe much more. Snuff out Gods reality and replace it with man made reality. Satan wants us to do away with God. Kill off all the creation. Kill off all the plants. Kill off all the animals, insects, fish and birds. Snuff out the human spirit and soul.

So we wake up from our sleep and connect up to virtual reality. Our life becomes a lot virtual. Maybe the BEAST will have overall control over virtual reality. Robots made in human likeness will do all the work. How Satan must hate seeing man – why? Because man is made in the likeness of God. Satan does not want to be reminded of God. Humans and all plants, animals, insects, birds and fish are Gods creations. Satan will use man to make ARTIFICIAL.

So there are humans that are artificial they are odd. Humans that have minds not based on Gods creation but on mans creation. Man is a gardener, he sows and reaps and he weeds and plants. We have strong wrists to plant; weed and harvest. Sow spiritually and physically. Man has the seed; spirit and physical seeds. Spirit seeds are in living words. Physical seeds are sperm.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



June 25, 2014

Humanoids will come. And COME and come. They will be our servants just as humans are supposed to be Gods servants. But will humanoids one day think and rebel against their master the human. Will humanoids get WISDOM? And understand right from wrong.

Humans got wisdom to soul; that was wrong. Adam was the first ‘soul man’ but in Jesus Christ who is ‘Spirit man’ we in our human spirit get wisdom. Spiritual wisdom seems ok to God BUT soul wisdom is not ok to God. Mystifying; yes.

But humanoids in the physical has further ramifications; the HOLOGRAM. Such is like a vision and 3 dimensional made by a light source. Maybe the humanoids can emit the light source to make holograms.

What about a free standing (power within the hologram; like a spirit) 3 dimensional hologram – is that possible. Maybe ‘Man’ will create spirit. I mean we are getting just about every other manmade thing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

ROBOMAN / ROBOWOMAN – Part human part robot

May 15, 2014

The 6 million dollar man – remember the TV series.

So in the future we humans can be man made. Artificial human beings not God made but man made. Snuff out all God made with man made. Try to kill off God.

But man can transplant hearts with man made hearts but where will all this end. I mean its one thing to say have man made kidneys or a man made heart BUT how far can man making humans go before we go too far. Too far meaning how far before man becomes some sort of robot and not human. I mean can we man make a brain.

So we can print human parts/organs/bones with a 3D printer.

When does man made go too far and transgress God made? Is the cross over threshold the brain? Is the soul in the brain? People have already had heart transplants so we know the cross over threshold between God made and man made is not the heart. So I presume it must be the brain.

Man = mankind

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2013

God made man and woman.
Man (mankind – man and woman) made robots.
Robots are evolving.
Robots have their beginnings in: Telegraph. Radio. Valves. Diodes. Transistors. Micro chips. Computers. Televisions. Radar. Lasers. Nuclear.
Robots are about the accumulation of knowledge. Man wants knowledge. Eventually Robots will be in the image of man. Robots are there to serve man. But robots might be given free will.
God made man and woman and gave them free will. Did humans evolve? And are humans in the image of God? God also gave humans in first instance the choice of either being in ignorant bliss or having all knowledge.
Man took the knowledge. Will robots take the knowledge? Man does not want to work. Man will make robots in mans image to do mans work. God ordained man to work with his hands. Man in the garden of Eden in his ignorance bliss did not have to work, but man in his soul awakening to knowledge then had to work, work with his hands. Working was punishment from God for man disobeying God. God said to man not to eat of the fruit of knowledge. Man disobeyed. Man has to work. Woman has to work. Man in his cleverness will make robots to do his work. Once robots in full image of man do all mans work then man can rest. Robots will then do all the work, man will then do very little work. Having robots do all mans work is mans escape from Gods punishment.
Adam and Eve living in ignorant bliss did not have to worry themselves about anything as God provided all to them. Eden was paradise on this earth. All was bliss in the garden of Eden. God is known as a jealous God. Man on a whole does not want to work with his/her hands. Man wants to prove that knowledge is good and that having knowledge is Gods will. Man in knowledge puts himself in superiority to those people with less knowledge. This is a trick of Satan. Satan rules in a dark world. Light of God does light like light houses scattered around the world but there still are many places of darkness. God sent His Son to bring back people into a right relationship with the God Head. But Satan lies and deceives the world and the church itself is deceived. Jesus came from heaven and taught the true knowledge but alas people even the church has strayed from true wisdom to knowledge that originally man was forbidden by God to eat. Jesus left us a legacy in the bible. We read in the bible the true wisdom of God. Man in his deception thinks the bible is hard to understand. Satan blinds man to the truth of God. The truth is that the Bible is simple to understand. But man looks for complex to understand God, man thinks its clever to learn complex.
Will robots in mans image eventually turn away from man and serve themselves? Humans turned away from God. Man has made himself God with his manmade creatures the robots in mans image. Once robots in mans image get all knowledge they might not want to serve man and if so will man kick the robots out of? (Man was originally kicked out of Eden) kicked out of where? Where can man send robots if they misbehave? Maybe man in the future will have set up their own cities of Eden’s and robots maybe kicked out in to the wilderness out of these glorious manmade Eden cities.
Then what will save the robots? Jesus came to save humans. Jesus was Son of God and son of man. Sounds like Jesus was half God and half man. So will man send a man (or men and women) that is half human and half robot to the robots to save them. People having both robotic features and human features. These people maybe able to get the robots back on track. All speculation.

So what is more clever; (1) living in ignorant bliss or (2) having all knowledge.

Robots may also choose to have all knowledge.

God says its more clever to live in ignorant bliss. Bliss is just that. Bliss is as close to happiness as you can get. Bliss is no worries, no wars, no violence, no rape, no sickness, no starvation, no loneliness, no lies.

In ignorant bliss God will provide all. You will not have to struggle and strive with work. In bliss its always a life of innocence. Jesus came to try and set us back onto a life of bliss. But the damage has been done. Jesus taught us to love, love is about getting on together. Humans can not return to bliss on this earth. Bliss now only is in heaven. Heavenly bliss.

On a last note of thought: How will robots be kept in line? Maybe humans to police robots (robots in image of man and woman) will have to have a large force of people who are half human and half robot. Just as God has Christians that act in wisdom of God to keep order over the people’s of the earth.

Later Additional Note
In Eden did Adam and Eve have to work? And in heaven do we have to work? Eden was bliss. Heaven is bliss. Man and woman disobeyed God so were sent out of bliss (Eden) to the wilderness. In the wilderness there are weeds. I presume Eden had no weeds. Man now in the wilderness had to work to eat. In Eden man was provided by the food in the garden. Garden of Eden, It was a garden. And presumably a garden with no weeds. Food in abundance in this garden of Eden. So man in the wilderness had to make his own gardens. Eden garden was made by God. So man in the wilderness had to work the earth, till the earth, sow, plant and weed. All this work is work using your hands. This work was punishment for mankind disobeying God and eating of the fruit of knowledge;; so mankind is not clever.

Later Note
So Eden was a Garden. So Adam and Eve ate food from this Garden. We know gardens for their fruit and vegetables and nuts. Does this mean Adam and Eve were vegetarians; meaning they did not eat meat. You don’t grow meat in a garden. Gardens grow plants. I presume Adam and Eve also did not eat fish, birds or insects. God put the first man and woman in a garden so that they could eat food from the produce of the garden. Adam and Eve had no need to kill creatures to live; as such all creatures in the Garden of Eden ate off the plants in the Garden. Killing can instil thoughts of violence, you can violate a creature. So there was no killing in the Garden of Eden. Peace reigned in this Garden. Food was in abundance in this Garden.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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