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GOING SOLO – by Roald Dahl (autobiography)

July 31, 2017

Exceptional read. I can not but think Roald had a good Spirit protecting him. Roald left school at 18, he did not enter university but took a job with Shell Oil. Roald was sent to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (then called Tanganyika). It was an idealic life for Roald in Africa, it was the time of the British Raj (rule) and Britain ruled an empire. 

The Raj rulers were like princes, the ruled people were treated like servants and not as equal to the white person. The Raj ruled third world nations. Roald came to Africa in the late 1930’s and he was experiencing a British empire rule that was soon on a decline. The ruled in these non white nations soon began to break away from the Raj. Times were changing, war came. After the war nations were getting their independence. The European Raj rulers (not just British) were pressured to give up their colonies. 
Roald left Shell Oil and joined the RAF, he became a fighter pilot. Roald saw fighter plane combat against the Germans in Greece. Roald was lucky or was he blessed; he survived Greece and returned to Africa, to Alexandria. Roald then saw fighter plane combat while stationed in Syria against the Germans and Vichy French. 
The Stars saw Roald removed from flying, he was getting severe migraines (they say caused by an earlier plane crash) while flying. Roald was invalided back to Blighty. Roald was still in the RAF but not in combat duty, he was appointed as a Air Attache to Washington USA. 
Read grade: 8/10
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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