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Mission of the Prophet

April 12, 2018

Isaiah prophesied the calling of John the Baptist. But every prophet of God has a similar calling to John the Baptist. A prophet is essentially about pulling down the proud and raising up the humble and in the process all flesh is equal.

No one should exalt their flesh above the will of God. Jeremiah the prophet was called by God to do what John the Baptist did. Prophets are given iron strength to their human spirit. Prophets have much insight, they see, they are also called seers, they see in the spiritual.

Isaiah says “every valley shall be exalted” meaning the humble of heart and flesh will be exalted “and every mountain and hill brought low” meaning the proud of heart and flesh will be brought down from their heights. Simply put God’s wants all humans to know all flesh is equal and any rank to a person has to come from God not people.

God says “all flesh is grass……….the grass withers….But the Word of our God stands forever” meaning people make much of their flesh; to many it’s about looks of the flesh; for many it’s about being proud of the flesh and what it achieves.

God says “the breath of the Lord blows upon it” meaning God just needs to blow upon your flesh and your flesh will wither.

The prophet is preparing for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ; Jesus will return. The prophets task looks hopeless and we see for example the prophet Jeremiah lamenting. Jeremiah wrote down his complaints and we got the book of Lamentations. No one knows when Jesus Christ is returning but the prophet keeps on doing his mission, regardless.

The prophet is about straight. The prophet loves straight. The prophet hates crookedness. The prophet wants the crooked person to become straight. The prophet is a straight thinker and a straight talker. The way of the coming Lord has to be a straight way. Jesus Christ is a straight thinker. Jesus is no crook.

The prophet sees the sins. Any flesh exalting itself against the prophets insight vexes the prophets heart. The prophet is often vexed of heart. Sin troubles the prophets heart. Vexation is trouble. Sins burn out. Sin burns against the Spirit and Words of God. The prophets heart is like an on going fire.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Isaiah 40:3-31 New King James Version (NKJV)

The voice of one crying in the wilderness:

“Prepare the way of the Lord;

Make straight in the desert[a]

A highway for our God.

Every valley shall be exalted

And every mountain and hill brought low;

The crooked places shall be made straight

And the rough places smooth;

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed,

And all flesh shall see it together;

For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

The voice said, “Cry out!”

And he[b] said, “What shall I cry?”

“All flesh is grass,

And all its loveliness is like the flower of the field.

The grass withers, the flower fades,

Because the breath of the Lord blows upon it;

Surely the people are grass.

The grass withers, the flower fades,

But the word of our God stands forever.”



January 18, 2018

Dad was a free thinker. Dad was an opened minded person. Dad was a thinker. Dad once told me he was enlightened. So did this mean Dad had an enlightened soul?

I used to fellowship with fundamentalist Christians. We were all young and we thought we knew it all. The older people knew nothing to us, we had God, we were the chosen. Okay we were the chosen but our attitude stunk of bigotry. We were religious zealots. We had religious zeal and thought we were always right.

I eventually left fundamentalism. I mean everything comes to a head, and it was coming to a head to me, my life was coming to a head. A head means forward and the head is above, so it was forward to above, above the body. The head rules the body, the head has the brains. But my former fundamentalist friends and peers seemed to have not come to a head, some may have but for a lot coming to a head did not happen; why did they not come to a head? When we cook or heat, the heat rises, the froth rises, we get a head on a beer when poured, things go up that is natural, heat makes things go up. So when God heats us up with His Spirit we too go up. We have a fire in our heart, a spiritual fire. Smoke goes up. Jesus went up. Jesus rose. The soul finds that it is in the head, up. Immature Christianity is staying with the fundamentals and not realising a risen soul in head.

Dad told me that fundamentalism is immature.

I used to be immature. We all start immature. But we move ahead (Head), we move away from our reliance on our body to reliance on our head. We use our brains. God is our brains. God uses our brains. Pentecostals are fundamentalists, they hate leading from the soul. So does that mean the soul is in the head? Obviously so. So the head does not rule for the Pentecostals. If the head does not rule then the brains do not rule, ha? What does rule for the Pentecostals? The heart? They will say the Holy Spirit rules. To my knowing the Holy Spirit comes down from the God head in to the heart. The Father God and Son God in the Head send the Holy Spirit in to the heart. So the Pentecostals have the Holy Spirit ruling from the heart, not from the stomach as some might think, the guts do not rule. Is it natural for the heart to rule? Does the heart have brains? Not to my knowledge, I mean Pentecostals are clever, well they think they are; I used to mix with them and they knew everything about God, or they thought they did; and are not Pentecostals full of religious zeal that borders on bigotry.

Fundamentalism is a young people’s organisation. The Pentecostals are mostly young people. The Pentecostals are young and immature. And they are bigots, they think they know Gods understanding.

Does the Holy Spirit rule? And rule what? Why did God send the Holy Spirit in to the elects hearts? Why do Pentecostals emphasise the Holy Spirit over God the Father and God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Does the the Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ rule from above? Not so to the Pentecostals. To the Pentecostals the Holy Spirit rules all. I thought the Holy Spirit was sent from above to help us in human spirit in this world. But helping and ruling can be two different things. Yes the Holy Spirit can rule but in my books the Holy Spirit gives honour to the Father and His Son. And the Son Jesus gives honour to the Father God. The Holy Spirit even prays to the Father God above. The Father God and Son God rule from above. If we are soul above and are saved and are free from the spirits of this world, all spirits are like a foot stool at our feet, we reign with Christ above, does that mean our soul reigns with Christ? What does our saved soul do in its salvation? The Pentecostal yells “You are a soulish Christian, we are Spiritual Christians”. So I am a man of the mind not the heart. The mind is where the soul is. The mind with the soul is in the head. The soul is in the brain area. A soulish Christian to a Pentecostal is wrong, it’s akin to evil.

What makes the Pentecostal Christian think he or she is Spiritual? Pentecostals are for the Charismatic gifts. Many Pentecostals speak in the gift of tongues. Pentecostals think that to speak in tongues, having that gift, means they are saved. Pentecostals those who speak in tongues even think that all peoples who do not have the speaking in tongues gift are not saved by God. So we get bigotry here. Bigotry leads to arrogance, such leads to pride and pride leads to a fall. Adam and Eve had a fall. Fall in grace. Jesus restores our grace.

Pentecostals don’t like using the word “Conversion”. Pentecostals won’t speak or write about the conversion of the soul. The Pentecostals are about “born again”. And what is “born again’? Who understands born again. To me born again is about spirit not soul. I thought Jesus saved the soul not saved the human spirit. On our death the human spirit, a person spirit, a God given spirit, the spark of our life, lives in the heart, comes from above, goes back to God, is it used again I don’t know, but the soul is us in thoughts and in soul we the saved live for eternity. It’s essentially about WORDS. We live on in Words. Words are what we use in soul. Words save our souls. God is essentially in WORDS. We think in words in our soul. We think in words for eternity. In our new state in the Second Coming of Christ we transcend our physical body and all physical. The next life is in a new state, we transcend to the new state. We are still alive in the next life, we are like the Angels, but we are more than Angels, we are children sons and daughters of the Supreme God. Angels are not children of God, Angels are ministering spirits. Angels are servants of God.

Apostle Paul warned Christians about the charisma gifts; he said it is better to speak prophecy than to speak in tongues. Paul emphasised that to uplift the mind (soul) with words is better than speaking in tongues that just edifies the tongue speaker and not others. Paul though did say that it was ok to speak in tongues but it was better to have an interpretation of the tongues to edify others. To be honest I find tongues annoys my mind/soul; why? Because I can not understand what is being said. Tongues does not help me. I prefer not to listen to tongues. Then again Pentecostals with the gift of tongues might find all my writings annoying to them. Do they find me all just blah blah blah? Even if Pentecostals do find my writings annoying I won’t stop writing. Why are Pentecostals so fixated on spiritual rather than the soul? Most speak in tongues and they think speaking in tongues is the Holy Spirit and is a sign that they are saved. We are not saved according to them, we the non speakers in tongues. So there’s bigotry on behalf of Pentecostals.

I was called a Chief Prophet. “Blah blah blah” people might say. “You witness according to your own self, what qualification do you have to say you are a Prophet? What authority gave you the right to call yourself a Prophet”? Jesus was also accused by the religious of his time as witnessing for himself. Jesus said to these religious “I witness and I have another witness my Father”. Then the religious accused Jesus of blasphemy “How dare you call yourself the Son of God”.

So prophecy is good for the edifying of the body of Christ whereas the gift of speaking in tongues is only good for edifying the speaker unless they have an interpretation of the tongues. I prefer prophecy by far.

So if I am a true Prophet of God I have my witness in God above. I like to think I am a Wise Prophet. Fear God. God punishes those who He loves, He hopes by punishing they the offender will turn from his her foolishness. So if God punishes you be glad, just be thankful that you are not punished for doing good, because Evil hates good and God never punishes you if you do good. Use your head, use your brain, use your senses in your head, do not rely on feelings too much. Don’t think that gifts will save you. Gifts are for helping. Jesus saves, Jesus is the head.

A Prophet is a SEER. He or she sees.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

I am also losing my religion

July 21, 2017

I was religious for a long time. Religion also housed me for a time. But religion for me filled a gap. Religion is good and bad. But is not everything good or bad? I worked in religion for many years and in this I think God called me. God called you in to religion? Yes I believe so. I went to Bible College got a diploma in ministry and worked as a church officer for a denominational church. I don’t know if God called me to Bible College but I think God called me to a particular church to work. 

A prophet can work in religion if God calls it. I worked in a central city church where my calling of prophet was useful. I lived in the central area of a large city and my gifts can be used in such a setting. I think my time working at this church was valuable and successful. I achieved much not just for me but for the wide community. This was a traditional church setting. 
You put a precious stone in a setting. The previous stone is the gift I have from God. Yes I have a gift. I like to think I have understanding. Not what the world calls understanding. My understanding is simple. God put me in a traditional church setting for a time. I had my bad times there but overall the time there was good. My times in religion were more happier in a traditional setting than in a fundamentalist setting. 
The Pentecostals (fundamentalists) can be so pushy even to bullying. The Pentecostals stem from the North American way; money, power and status. I like the USA, do not get me wrong, I like to even have lots of money; but to use religion to get rich does not gel with me. The Pentecostal evangelists croon the shirt off your back. It’s about giving, you give and the evangelists take. You make the evangelists rich. These evangelists use television to get to the people; they motivate the people, they sell Jesus, they promise redemption, they promise healing, give and get healed, give and get saved. I am too old now and too wise now to fall for the sales pitch of these Pentecostal (fundamentalist) evangelists. I am not one to believe every salesman (person) that gives me a sales pitch. I have little time for motivational speakers. 
Religion is dying in me but my soul is saved. Jesus Christ saved my soul. Religion did not save my soul, though religion helped me. Religion can not take away my soul salvation. Religion is just a setting for the gems. You usually have to have a setting for a precious stone. But my setting is simple. Religion can be complex and man made. A complex setting is no good. It’s the stone in the setting that is precious not the setting. 
Religion dies out but Jesus lives on. I don’t take religion with me to heaven. Gods Words live on.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 21, 2017

Oh what a climb!!

Sure am. That was no small mountain.

Do you want to know?

Of course I do.

Then the climb is worth it.

Yes yes.

What do you want to know?

Wise one do you know the tennis star Bernard Tomic?

Yes. But before I go on are you ready?

Ready for what wise one?

Are you ready to know?

Why not?

But will you listen?

Of course.

No I mean will you listen to me?


There are many voices will you know who is talking, will you know my voice?

I think so.

Ok we can make a try of it.

I am certainly game.

It’s not a game Lester.

Sorry wise one.

It’s serious.

Yes wise one.

Bernard Tomic. Yes.


He’s having life purpose thoughts. His father spirit is a tennis ball maker.

So why is Bernard a tennis player?

Bernard somehow understood his fathers gift calling.

So Bernard is no real tennis player.

He can play tennis but his vocation lies elsewhere.


Bernard is a mathematics professor in an esteemed university in say Argentina and researches missile development. He makes missiles that’s it in an egg shell.

Why did Bernard take up his fathers vocation?

Maybe because his fathers spirit would protect Bernard as a tennis player.

Why did Bernard not go in to his own vocation?

It’s hard working without protection. Bernard though not working in his own vocation has protection working in his fathers vocation.

Why was Bernard not protected for his own vocation?

Bernard needed God to protect him. Bernard had no God protection.

What is the God protection?

A person. A mate in arms. Someone who cares, a true mate.

Who is this true mate?

He’s a Spirit of God. He’s the true shepherd. This Spirit will protect.

Why do we need protection?

Look around you. Who doesn’t need protection. Everywhere you go people in mind are assaulted. Words rule this globe and words can be very nasty. Spirits abound that can turn your life very nasty. Demons infect the mind. Satan is like a roaring lion ready to devour you. It’s hide and run. Bernard got the little protection he could from his fathers spirit. Bernard had no God Spirit.

How do we get the God Spirit?

The Father God and Son Jesus Christ God are above they are the God Head above and they give the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.

Wise one did Bernard’s father make tennis balls?

I don’t know but I doubt it. But Bernard’s fathers spirit would have understood tennis. This understanding can help Bernard.


It’s all in the body and mind. It’s a mystery. Family can be close. Things can rub off on each other.

Wise one what is my fathers spirit calling?

Your fathers spirit calling was army captain or major. England army. Provost marshal.

That makes sense. I remember Dad taking me to the army recruiting office when I was young. I never saw Dad as a radio technician. I was no good at maths and neither was he. Physics was even worse for me. I think Dad would have excelled in the army if he had the protection of Gods Spirit. Dad was a radio technician but I think it was mostly in vain. But if I had joined the army Dads spirit might have helped me. I had no God Spirit when I was young. I only received the gift of the Holy Spirit in my middle 20’s.

You are a Prophet.

Me a prophet what’s that?

You make the way of the Lord.


Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming again.


Only the Father God knows no one else, even Jesus does not know.

How do I make the way for the Lord Jesus?

The bible speaks of this matter. You will make the path straight for the Lord. John the Baptist a prophet had the same calling. John was a prophet. Fill in the valleys, pull down the hills and mountains. All flesh is equal. The humble will be exalted and the proud will be humbled. Many prophets come and go. Making the path straight for Jesus is a hard task and it could take a long time.

Wise one do you know when Jesus is coming?


But you are wise.

I am wise. I can only go by the weather.

Weather why the weather?

I look at the changing seasons in life, I see the present, I think of the past and I can perceive the future. I can see the pattern of life taking place. I see the picture taking effect. There is a season there is a time for the second coming of Jesus and this time will fit in exactly the right time to make the picture of life right. God the Father is a perfect painter. God the Father knows the complete picture but only He.

But does not Jesus sit at God the Fathers right hand side in heaven should not Jesus know everything too?

Yes but the Father is more glorified than the Son. It’s the Father who brings everything under the control of Jesus, all is put at Jesus’ feet and then when this is complete Jesus comes under the Father.

Thank you wise one.

Are you ready?

Ready for what?

To learn from me.

But I have been haven’t I.

You have but are you ready to learn one on one?

I know the listening.

There are many sounds, many claim to know, but are you wise?

I don’t know. I am in a body, a universal body of thought, my mind is open. And many false teachers and false prophets abound. My mind and heart are assaulted day and night. The kingdom of God is full of those who claim to know and don’t know. The kingdom of God is full of sinners. The kingdom of God is under attack. The body of Christ is far from perfect.

So do you think the body of Christ is complete and ready for resurrection and rising?

I don’t know.

Then neither do I know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 7, 2016

Nash, who added she gave her whole life to the church. “I also feel so stupid that I used to fear and revere these people.”(these people meaning the Catholic priests and brothers). 
Nash, wrong wrong wrong, you don’t give your whole life to the church you give your whole life to God. It’s called the “God Head” for a reason. Don’t live for your body, live for the Head. The HEAD of heads rules. The body submits to the head not the other way around. God is Head. God rules from the HEAD. 
But the priests can excommunicate me from the church. 
If you are truly in the true body of Christ then only only one person can separate you from God and that is God himself. If you are in the true body of Christ no one but God can exit you from the body. The body of Christ is the true church of God. 
A Prophet of God is in contention with the parts of the body of Christ, the prophet speaks and writes the WILL of God. A prophet is seldom contending with Satan and his church but contends with his own people. The parts of the body of Christ are contending against each other and with the head, the body is in stress, there is tension in the body because the parts of the body each try and do their own will as against the Heads will. The church is the body not a man made structure. The body of Christ is a living church. Man made structures are temporary whereas Gods body is eternal. Man made church is not alive. In the body of Christ our heads are alive and our body parts are alive. 
Giving your life to a man made church is wrong. Church can be full of man made teachings. Church can be about man made:- rules, regulations, church laws, buildings, doctrines. Church of this world can not save the soul. God saves the soul. God is the living Words. 
Church fellowship is good. Christians coming together to pray, share and worship God is good. But man brings his her ego to these church gatherings. 
A servant, slave, becomes a friend of God. We were once slaves, slaves to sin, but in Jesus we are friends of God just as Jesus is the friend of His Father God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 1, 2016

 Isaiah 40:

3 A voice cries out,

“Prepare in the wilderness a road for the Lord!

    Clear the way in the desert for our God!

4 Fill every valley;

    level every mountain.

The hills will become a plain,

    and the rough country will be made smooth.

5 Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed,

    and all people will see it.

The Lord himself has promised this.”


Mountains here are a metaphor. As the valleys here are a metaphor. Mountains and valleys are about people. People that are high and low. High in deeds of the flesh and low in deeds of the flesh. High in mans glory and low in mans glory. Gods intention through the Prophet is to make everything PLAIN. Plain is what glorifies God and God wants to have the glory not give man the glory. Take plain water; no additives, all God made, no man made ingredients in it; drink plain water and live. Plain water is healthy to drink, all other drinks can be unhealthy to drink. The low people (the valleys) in glory of man are raised up to a height of glory of plain in God. The high people (the mountains) in glory of man are cut down to a height of glory of plain in God. The plain that we get now is the flat road for the Lord to travel. Prophets prepare the way for the Lord to travel. God hates mans glory. In the plainness of man God is delighted. Plainness of man glorifies God. 
Take a diamond ring. The setting for the ring can be plain. But the diamond is valuable. It’s about the diamond not the setting. God is the valuable diamond (metaphor) in a plain setting. 
Take a painting. The frame around the painting can be plain. But the art work painting can be valuable. God is the valuable painting (metaphor) in a plain setting.
We want plain bodies that have the valuable God within. When we meet a person, we should discern God, we should discern the spiritual gifts of God, we should discern the calling of God. So it’s not about the outer appearance of a person, it’s the inner appearance of a person that we want to see and meet. The outer appearance can be plain but the inner appearance can be valuable. 
Man glories in himself; that is wrong. True glory is only when God is glorified. God should be glorified through man and through all creation. 
God has promised that His glory will be revealed through plainness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray. 

Man: Men and Women.


August 23, 2014

Muslim fundamentalism – it’s much much more militant than Christian fundamentalism. Christian fundamentalism does not hack people’s heads off.
I used to fellowship with Christian fundamentalists – I found them: pushy, militant, mostly of a young age, egotistical, hormonal, selfish.
I used to associate with Christian fundamentalists a lot in my younger years. But they were young people who wanted power, they wanted money (and would use religion to get money), they wanted to be noticed. And of course they wanted fame and fortune. They were like young children and had lots of sibling rivalry amongst themselves.

But young people all seem to want “Fame and fortune”. Its hard for young people growing up. Its a hard to very hard life. No one wants to work like a pack horse and young Christians are no different. We want to live in the lap of luxury.

Then we get the extreme religious fundamentalists. These people are the apocalyptic. They live for the end times. They will even die in their so called end times struggle. So you see Muslim Religious leaders saying to the Muslim youth “if you die for the cause you will go to heaven and sleep with many virgin women”. Of course it’s all deceit with no truth in it.

Christian extreme fundamentalists set up communities and may have a leader that they call a prophet leading them. This prophet in most cases preys on the women and girls of the community committing all sorts of sexual perversions.

The youth want to believe these extreme fundamental causes because they feel wanted, needed and they have friends.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 14, 2013

Either it’s rock stars, pop stars, Hollywood stars; people worship stars. Then there’s the worship of the sun; the sun worshippers. The sun is a star. Then there’s those people who study the stars; there’s astrology and there’s astro physics.

People worship what’s above in physical form. A lot of scientists are declared Atheists. These atheist scientists think that worshipping the Jesus star is all poppycock a religion for the simple uneducated people. Scientists are known for their worship of the physical heavenly bodies and this includes the suns. Scientists look to their salvation from the physical heavens above. These scientists are searching for life up in the physical heavens. Such people look to knowledge that is not spiritual of God but is knowledge of just straight physical.

God is within. Gods kingdom is within. We the elect of God carry the kingdom of God within us. True knowledge is of Spirit of God and comes in to our hearts. Man in his folly looks for life outside earth in the physical. Life is in the spirit. Spirit saves the soul. Science in this world in its pure form is atheistic and Godless.

The photo shows the star above the infant Jesus Christ. The star depicts the star of Jesus Christ. We follow only one star; we worship only one star; we idolise only one star; Stars are above; Jesus is above; we worship and follow only the Star of Jesus Christ. True knowledge needs to come to our human spirit. That is why God sends His Holy Spirit in to our hearts. The human spirit learns the truth. The truth is not in worshipping the physical heavens or stars on this earth or above; the true star to worship is in Spirit. Our body carries the fullness of understanding and salvation not in worshipping all mans wisdom. TRUE WORSHIP IS IN SPIRIT not in the physical. Salvation is not out there. Salvation is not on other planets or suns. Salvation is within.

Live a very simple life and you might find salvation; a simple life in the flesh but wise in the heart. Live simple on the outside in this world but wise inside. Yes there is a life within; a living kingdom life within; a spiritual life within.

Science makes learning in the physical clever. Satan deceives. Satan led the first man and woman away from true Spiritual knowledge. The first man and woman were led away from the Tree Of Life. Scientists may say in their foolishness that the Bible is nonsense; but they themselves are deceived. Adam the first scientist (after the Fall) thought he was clever. Eve collaborated with the Devil to see Adam fall. The woman maybe jealous that Adam was first and that she was second to Adam. Ever since the fall women entice men to fall.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Subjectivity and Objectivity / Both need each other to exist

September 8, 2013

Humans are both subject and object, we need to get a balance.

A subject is only a subject when it is subject to an object but the object is only an object when it has subjects that it objects to.

A king could be called a object and the kings people could be called his subjects.

Subjects worship an object.

Subjects do not worship other subjects.

Subjects are to submit to the reigning object.

The heart submits to the head.

The heart is below the head.

Objects are objective they object to evil.

The objects are more of the mind and rely more on facts.

Subjects are more of the heart and rely more on feelings.

The head is objective and the heart is subjective.

Subjective; sub, meaning below.

So the reigning king objects to the evil of his subjects.

Objects have subjects.

Christians rule with the mind of Jesus Christ as such they rule with rational objectivity. Christians also have a heart so they rule with subjective feelings. BUT the feelings are subject to the rational mind. Feelings do not rule without obedience to the rational mind.

Feelings are always subjective to facts. A rational mind is factual. Jesus Christ is fact.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.


August 19, 2013

Jesus Christ: I am in my Father and my Father is in me and you my brethren are in me and I am in you.

Lester: I am in my father and my father is in me and I am in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is in me.

Lester: The father and son are one.

Lester: father like son, son like father.

Jesus: The Father and I are one.

God is ONE.

A true essence of God is oneness, we too must try and achieve oneness.

Oneness is ultimate wise achievement.

God creates to a plan of ONENESS.

The ONE universe.

To achieve oneness for father and son is to achieve complete understanding.

Oneness is to know the Father and the Son.

One God one universe.

Sins rob father and son of oneness.

Generational sins dirty the nest.

Satan lies to God’s children.

Sins are passed down the generations through the family tree.

Confess your sins to God.

The God head was at the beginning.

Heads rule.

God is the ultimate Head, the Head of heads.

Sins make a darkness in the minds and hearts.

Sins dull the senses.

Sins darken true understanding.

To be Truly focused is to be focused on ONE. Worship the ONE true God.

To be focused on ONE is to be sane.

Each human being is an analogy of God and his Body.

Each human being has ONE head and ONE body.

The head rules the body.

God is the HEAD and the church is the BODY.

We are spirit and we learn the truth from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 12, 2013

Boys grow from their mothers to their fathers. A boy is born from the mother but looks to the father for direction. The mother nurtures the boy as the earth nurtures a plant. The boy starts as seed in the mother like as plant seed begins in the earth. The mother lets the boy grow towards the father. BUT there are cases, no doubt many, where the mother hates the father. Such hate could have begun as love and turned later to hate. The mothers hate turns on the boy.

See the boy is like a filling between two slices of bread. (The parents are like the two bread slices).The boy is as like in the father and the father is as like in the son. To get to the father the mother has to go through the son. The son gets controlled by the hateful mother. The son suffers the mothers hate for the father. The son gets controlled by the mother. The mother smothers the sons affection for the father. The mother smothers the boys spiritual growth. To grow spiritually the boy has to look to the father. An analogy is Father Sky and Mother Earth. Mother control can stop a boy from maturing. To mature is to grow; I am talking about spiritual maturity. Mother control can make the boy mentally unwell. Humans need to mature for any proper stability and this includes sexual stability. For a mother to smother a son she smothers the boys sexuality. The boy needs to mature to be able to relate to people in say work or say friendship relations. Mother control is about rebelling. The mother rebels against the father. The boy gets confused about direction in life, he never seems to find mature relationships. The mother is like the god to the boy. The boy even might learn to hate the father as the mother hates the father. The mother can not control the father but she can get the son, she tries and takes the son away from the father. The mother to win against the father takes his son. The son in this immature spiritual state can never really leave the mother and never matures to be like a/the father. The boy never matures enough to be like a proper father. The mother can destroy the boys chances of ever being a mature father. Mother control is unGodly. The mother works against what is the natural order of things. The father needs to be the overall authority in a family. The mother needs to submit to the father. The earth is below the sky as the mother is Mother Earth and is below the Father Sky. The seed comes from the father and is sown in the Mother Earth but the seed grows UP to the father sky. All plants grow UP. The boy needs both mother and father to mature. Mothers need to love the father and son and let the son grow UP towards the father. The son does not become like the mother but like the father. The boy becomes the father and gives the seeds. The cycle goes on. The boy does not become the mother. Jesus is the same as the Father. Jesus is in the Father as the Father is in Jesus. Jesus and the Father are ONE, but two persons. In real life sons and fathers should be one just as Jesus and the Father are one. Because of sin we humans do not realise the father and son sameness; but we should. Very few people get to this realisation.

We humans are spiritual. We are spirit. God is Spirit. God in Spirit can help the boy back on track. God can guide the boy to the father. The Bible is full of words of wisdom and can help the human spirit know what is the truth. Jesus came to take away the sins of the fathers and mothers (generational sins) and put people right with God. God gives people a second chance at making it right in life. Jesus took all our sins and our parents sins and our grand parents sins and all generational sins; all the foul sins of our ancestors, into his body and died to them. Jesus gave us another chance at life. Ancestral sins come through the family and the parents pass on these ancestral sins to their children. But this progressive carry on of sins can come to a stop; at the foot of the cross with Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Give the sins to Jesus. Jesus on the cross is the power and wisdom of God. Only through Jesus can our sins and the sins (acquired) of our ancestors be forgiven. We are reconciled to the FATHER GOD only through Jesus Christ. Our ancestors may let us down, our parents may let us down, we can even let ourselves down, BUT God never let’s us down. Believe in God and His Son Jesus and believe that Jesus will make things right. Have Faith.

Immaturity is a form of what we call mental illness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

For The Love Of Money

July 5, 2013

Life is not fair. Humans love to discriminate. To their advantage of course. And usually a selfish advantage. The North American war was about discrimination but the cause of this war also went deeper than just discrimination it was about the love of money. They called this war ‘The American Civil War’.

About 600,000 people died in this war. The Southern States of the USA were known as slave states. These slave states depended for their prosperity on the growing and selling of cotton. Great Britain was a major buyer of cotton as were a number of European countries. Great Britain with many European nations were in the process of a heightened industrial revolution. Machines had been invented and as such these machines like the steam engine assisted in manufacturing. Textiles was a major industry and cotton was imported from the slave states of the USA. BUT these slave states needed workers to work in the cotton fields. Such work was hard so these states brought in slaves from Africa to work in the fields. The white people did not want to do the hard manual work in producing cotton. Africans were captured by slave traders and shipped to North America and sold to white people. These Africans were slaves and were the white people’s property. Slaves did the hard work and thus made the Southern States of North America prosperous. These slave states later became known as the Confederation and the northern states came to be known as the Union. The Union states were more industrialised than the Confederate states. The Union states were free states; slavery was not tolerated much here.

Slaves meant prosperity. Slaves work for no wages and they are given very little. The ‘American Civil War’ was about slavery but it went deeper than that it was about money and prosperity. Who wants to work hard labour in the cotton fields? Not the white people when you can have slaves doing the work. Selling cotton meant making money.

Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency in 1860. The slave states were wary of Lincoln; Lincoln was a northerner and was not pro slavery. A number of slave states then went to secession (broke away from USA) and formed the Confederacy. Lincoln saw the secession as illegal. Lincoln wanted the slave states back in the USA. So ‘Civil War’ began in 1861. The Union won this war in 1865. Slavery was abolished. Lincoln was assassinated by a Confederate sympathiser; Lincoln died aged 56 years old 6 days after the ‘Civil War’ ended.

We get humans believing that they have the right to treat other humans with evil for the sake of making money. Humans want to be prosperous but on the backs of other people. Get the weaker people, the uneducated, the powerless, and subject them to a supposed master race and force them to work and make money for this master race. The Confederates made themselves a master race and the Africans slaves were made the inferior race. The whites believed that they had a right to treat the Africans as slaves. But what right? Surely it was not human rights. The Africans were chosen because for one; white people looked down on coloured skin people. White to them was supreme. Black skin colour was inferior. True intelligence respects life in all forms. Humans kill other humans because of the love of money.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Psychic Cyber Warfare (Soul and Computers)

June 27, 2013

I ask did the former Soviet Union Government sponsor such warfare on its own citizens and against its satellite communist country citizens; and against other people’s in other countries. The KGB might have been at the forefront of using such warfare. Then did the Chinese use such warfare and does it still use such warfare. The Soviet Union in its fall of communism might (that is only maybe) have stepped down from such warfare in disgust seeing such warfare as really evil. But the USA Government, did it see the value of such warfare and has it gone with it to a deep level?
Such warfare is evil in the wrong hands. The church has known such warfare (without the computers) for a long time. When there is evil and good contesting each other there is mind warfare. The bible teaches about warfare in a spiritual sense. Apostle Paul calls it spiritual warfare. Christians are real aware of spiritual warfare. It seems to be a battle for the mind or I prefer to call it the soul. Evil and good want to possess the soul. We call the evil force Satan. The Soviet Government in the past in their warfare of souls did not have the benefit of as much computer technology as we now have.

So are Governments interfering in the workings of the soul? (With computers etc and psyche powers). If so it should be none of their business. The soul is God’s territory.

Governments are maybe interfering with people’s souls but they do not have the last word. God can cast soul in to heaven or hell. Spiritual warfare against Evil should be in the churches domain it should not be the responsibility of Government. The church has such responsibility of the soul, the Governments are interfering in church business. God gave spiritual warfare to the church to overcome evil against the souls. We have separation of church and Government for good reasons. True, church has been known to interfere with Governments but only when Governments transgress the will of God.

We secularise the soul. We leave God’s wisdom that is wisdom that comes from God through Jesus Christ and use manmade wisdom. The soul should always be God’s domain. We humans are gods not God. Man wants to rule the soul. Leaders of Governments need to read the Bible. Security of a nation for the good of that nation needs the leaders to turn to God and His Son Jesus Christ. Leaders are working for the good of their nations outside the church and outside the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

My understanding tells me that there is no alien life on other planets interfering in this world. At this time I do not believe in alien life.

So cyber (computer) warfare on its own is not the main bastion of warfare; the main bastion of warfare is the battle for the soul (Psyche). The battle for the soul has been in the religion arena for thousands of years. We hope the battle for the soul has now not come into the hands of Governments that want to control the world, control the worlds population through control of their souls.

Governments and their supposed roles in psychic warfare are not substantiated and as with most things that have no evidence such writings are put into say the conspiracy basket and labeled delusional. So please unless any evidence does surface (if any ever does) then we have to just take such writings (Governments into psyche warfare) with a grain of salt and leave it to providence. Such writings as such are just theory without evidence and I could be wrong about such theory.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Who do we serve the head or the body?

June 21, 2013

The head has the soul.
The mind and the soul are one.
The head has the temple.
When we serve the body, are we then being selfish?
The old human sinful nature is in the heart.
The sinful nature can be called the old man.
The human spirit is in the heart.
The Holy Spirit is in the heart (comes from above).
When we serve the body, are we serving the old sinful nature in the heart.
When we serve the head, we serve the brains.
The brains are in charge of the body.
God is the head, he reigns from above.
The heart is not in charge of the body.
Light comes from God.
Invite God in to the heart.
Sin dims our insight.
Sin dims our hearing.
Sin dims all our senses.
Repent to God of all our sins, our sins are washed away.
Repent and we become functioning heads and bodies of God.
God is in the head and heart.
Invite God in to our temple.
Our body is the temple.
Our head is the temple.
We are gods not God.
Ego as it is known is the old sinful nature in the heart.
We do not serve this sinful ego nature.
We serve the head.
The head has to be free of darkness.
The body has to be free of darkness.
God is light.
Satan (enemy) rules in the darkness.
The head is above like as in the heavens.
The heart is like as in the world.
We overcome the world by having the head and heart of God through Jesus Christ.
Wickedness rules from above.
We must overcome this wicked rule from above.
We must take over the earth for God.
Only through Jesus Christ can wickedness be overcome above (head) and on this earth (heart).
Heaven and earth belong to God.
God wins back heaven and earth only through his begotten Son Jesus Christ.
We humans each of us in the body of Christ are each an analogy of the greater body and head of Jesus Christ.
We humans are the temple and head and body of Jesus Christ. BUT WE ARE AN ANALOGY OF GOD AND HIS TEMPLE.
We each human are not Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is in us. Jesus Christ is a real person. He is the first and the last.
We wait for Jesus to return.
The atom is an analogy of the universe.
Each human is an analogy of God his/her creator.
Quantum spiritual knowledge exists as there is quantum physical knowledge.
Quantum, the ability to understand the whole when looking at a small part of the whole.
Satan our enemy also has his temple.
Satan lives in his temple.
Humans are that temple.
Satan’s children are the snakes.
Satan most probably is a dragon.
Such deities, snake and dragon live inside humans.
Basically we have two opposing forces that work through two main bodies (many people) of people.
God’s kingdom is within the body of Christ.
God’s kingdom is inside the bodies of each and every believer in Jesus Christ (the elect).
God’s kingdom is unconquerable.
So God’s word is spiritual.
We humans have a human spirit.
Mans wisdom is shallow.
We are human spirit and we must learn from God in human spirit.
Mans wisdom is mainly based on the physical.
We are more than just physical, we are spirit and soul.
We must save our souls.
God saves through Jesus Christ.
God gives spiritual gifts to believers.
There is a spiritual gift of understanding.
Heaven above remains a mystery just as the brain remains a mystery.
Heaven is more than the head of the church the body.
The brain, the mind, the soul, are just an analogy of heaven.
The heart holds the kingdom of God.
Analogy is sometimes hard to understand just as the analogy of the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden is hard to understand.
The invisible is always hard to understand.
The FATHER God is invisible.
Jesus Christ is in the flesh, He is above in heaven.
When God overcomes the wickedness above and on this earth, our minds/souls and hearts become free, we come in to the light.
Wickedness when overcome by God’s Word leaves the heavens and earth and is like below our feet.

Analogy is hard to understand. We do not see we do not believe. Analogy only tries to teach answers when the student can not see the answer. To see through someone else’s eyes is so hard. Analogy as like a parable tries to show an answer/truth that lies in the invisible. It is so hard to prove the invisible. God says have faith.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Quotations for Good Health

June 20, 2013

It’s called the simple truth not the complex truth.
The simple things in life are the best things in life.
Want to be wise, first become simple.
The simple become wise.
Complex is mankinds making.
True wisdom is found in simplicity.
To be healthy in life is to be wise.
To be mentally healthy one has to love everyone but not love in the love of evil but to love in the love of God.
Loving of God’s love keeps one mentally healthy and physically healthy.
It is wiser to love of God than it is to love of evil.
Light overcomes darkness; darkness does not overcome light.
God is light; Satan is dark.
Silence is golden.
Peace goes with quiet as war goes with noise.
Two ears, one mouth – I am sure God is hinting at something – Maybe listen twice the time as speaking.
If you have a complex please keep it to yourself I like simplicity.
Sssshhh be careful the person you are talking about might be listening. Want good health choose your words carefully.

“I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and especially his death on the cross” [1 Corinthians 2:2 — Good News Bible]

The house of silence breeds prayer
The house of prayer breeds peace
The house of peace breeds love
The house of love breeds faith and hope

Atheism is a non- prophet organisation.

No body rules
I am the Prime Minister and I rule
No body rules
I am the Mayor and I rule
No body rules
You are deluded my learned friend I am the President and I rule
No body rules
You sir are mad
No body rules
Who does rule then?
Not the body. The Head rules.

War brings the best out in people and war brings the worst out in people.
War is organised chaos.

When the going gets tough the tough get going.
What seems to be too good to be true is most likely not true.
Jesus Christ is truth.

Put a seed in the ground – For it to grow it has to die.
Life comes from death a paradox but its the truth.
We as humans die to live and we live to die.

We humans eat to live and we live to eat.
The rich people live to eat and the poor people eat to live.

Bible; New Testament; Good News Bible: 1 Peter, Chapter 1, verse 18
“….. to set you free from the worthless manner of life handed down by your ancestors”.

Jesus Christ took in his body all our sins and the sins of our ancestors [generational sins] and died to all these worthless sins.

We are worthy through Jesus Christ.

I am clean.

Birds of a feather fly together.
What is one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.
My enemies enemy might be my friend.
My Mother used to say: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
Our visionaries are the Prophets. When a church loses vision bring in the Prophets to bring back vision/ focus to the church.

God is found in silence – our silence.

When mankind and all his/her inventions are silent then we listen to God. God is heard in the noise of the wind; the noise of the birds; the flowing of the stream; the noises of the cattle and sheep; the chirping of the insects; and other God made creations. Manmade creations/inventions noises just snuff out our human spirit.

My heart beats at a simple rate. The rhythm of my heart is simple. We each human in heart immerse in to the greater world and whole universe with the simple beat of of our human hearts. The rhythm of the universal heart beat is simple. The heart beat rate can go faster or slower but it still remains a simple beat. To complex the heart beat makes a heart under tension. The universe (uni –verse) is like as a poetic verse made from a simple rhythm. We must keep our hearts in simple rhythm otherwise we go against God our creator. So keep the rhythm.
Lies fed to a simple heart bring on tension. Lies are complex and truth is simple. The heart does not accept lies because the heart can not digest complex. The heart only digests simplex. We need to have a healthy heart; we need to feed the heart the simple truth. There is so much tension in this world; it starts with words – lies; – the heart is tense – anxious. Speak the truth and its health to the heart thus healthy to the mind and body.

The speed of acquiring knowledge is inversely proportional to the acquiring of wisdom.
Old people learn better. Old people are wiser.
Young people can be wise.
In my older age I learn better.
But knowledge can puff one up. Getting wisdom is better.
Humans want to know as God knows.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Seek God’s Wisdom

June 20, 2013

Seek wisdom. The photo of a crest of the ‘University of Western Australia’. God the creator gives His wisdom to mankind only through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. But if the name Jesus Christ is mentioned at all in classes at the University by students the students will be reprimanded. Also you don’t mention the name Jesus Christ in assignments or exams, if you do your grades will marked down. And if you persist in the said you will be failed. Universities do have classes on theology but this is about comparative religions not studying Jesus’ teachings as being the way, truth and life and saving people’s souls. So this University crest says ‘Seek wisdom’; what wisdom? whose wisdom? If Jesus Christ is like nothing more than swear words at University, where does Jesus Christ come in in the teachings / learnings / knowledge at University? Jesus Christ is the HEAD of heads, the MIND of minds, the SPIRIT of spirits, the HEART of hearts; so why is Jesus Christ not recognised as the HEAD of all Universities, the top MIND of all Universities. Scripture (bible) should be at the forefront of University teaching, such biblical teaching should be our frame work of all other learning. We must be anchored by our frame work, it keeps us from being up with the fairies. We have to check our wrists, we do not want to weaken our spiritual (human spirit) strength. Strength in the wrists is good. We work with our hands. We cultivate our minds and hearts with our hands. We keep the weeds out of our minds and hearts with working with our hands. Weak wrists, weak spiritual strength; weak spiritual strength, weak morals. We work for God with our hands, we work for the God Head, we work for the brains of God. We have the mind of Jesus Christ. We are converted we have our souls converted to the soul of Christ. Our soul is like as in heaven. We wait for the glorious heaven above, we have a taste of it now. We in human spirit serve our soul, we love our soul, we save our soul (through Jesus Christ, no other). We in serving God the creator the God of gods serve the Christlike soul, serve all Christlike souls. But we are ultimately serving The One and only True God. So if Jesus Christ is not acknowledged at University, what is the University teaching? What wisdom is the University teaching? To teach wisdom outside Jesus Christ, we need to check our wrists. We have a perverted world. Man is becoming God in his own eyes and man is being worshipped. Satan has deceived the world. Satan and the women who sits on the Dragon deceive.


To me secular education is not about learning God’s wisdom. Jesus Christ is far from people’s thoughts in their pursuits of learning say at a University. Jesus Christ is the wisdom and power of God. Most education is about getting qualified. Education is about having a document that proves you are qualified in some field. SEEK WISDOM is the motto on the crest of the shield of the University of Western Australia. But what wisdom? Jesus Christ wisdom? But Jesus talk would most probably not be tolerated at University. So education on a whole is not about seeking God’s wisdom but seeking a qualification. You could come away from studying years at a University and have a qualification but not learnt God’s wisdom. People study and get qualified but they get qualified for work that does not sit with their human spirit and soul. They do not work for the head of God. They work but they are not working. It’s like an act. They are like actors. It’s about money yes. Get qualified so you can work for lots of money. It’s not about working with your hands its about money. And parents encourage this. Most people do not work in the field that God has chosen them to work in. It’s about the body and not the head. SO EDUCATION IS ABOUT GETTING A QUALIFICATION NOT GETTING GOD’S WISDOM. And most people get qualified and work not in God’s will because they were not wise enough to find God’s will. SEEK WISDOM, the motto on the crest of the University, is an anomaly.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Seek Wisdom

June 19, 2013

Jesus! Jesus!
Hi Tom.
Don’t just stand outside come in.
Thanks for inviting me Tom.
No worries, help yourself to a beer, on the house, fridge is in the kitchen end of the corridor.
(Jesus smiles, walks in to a crowded living room, the music is loud. Jesus makes his way down the corridor)
Oh hi Gloria.
Meet my friend Joan.
Hi Joan.
Hi Jesus.
Gloria tells me you are studying sociology.
Sure am.
I love sociology. You like it.
It’s very complex to me.
You mean you do not understand it.
It’s just so uuumm yer complex.
What do you mean Jesus?
Well it’s seems so human made up.
Well I love sociology.
Hey Joan you love me too.
Yes Gloria I love you too.
It’s good to love; God is love.
Now Jesus do not get religious on us. I know who can help you about sociology; Roger. Roger is gay but he understands sociology so well. Roger is looking for a new friend.
No thanks Joan.
Hey are you being a snob Jesus.
Must go, need a leak.
(Jesus walks away from Gloria and Joan; Jesus heads for the kitchen)
Hey Tom where’s the bathroom?
Upstairs last room end of passageway.
(Jesus climbs the stairs comes to the door to the bathroom, opens the door, Jesus is desperate for a leak)
Oh so sorry.
You the new guy Jesus don’t mind me I will be here for yonks you can use the bath.
No I am imposing.
No you are not.
(Jesus is desperate to go)
Hi Carol.
(Sam and Jeff holding hands come in)
Use the bath.
No worries Carol.
Hi Jesus,
Hi Sam, hi Jeff.
(Carol still on the toilet answers her phone. Carol gets in to a conversation with a friend)
(“What the heck with it” Jesus thinks “I have to go”)
(Jesus relieves himself and walks out of the bathroom)
(Sam shouts after him, “Roger wants to speak to you”)
Hi Jesus, you still doing psychology?
Hi Ben, yep still doing it.
You not drinking.
No Ben I am not thirsty.
Thirsty, what’s thirsty to do with beer?
Jim! Jimbo!
Yer Ben!
Throw me a can!
(While Ben is turned away Jesus moves away quickly, he heads for the lounge, the music here is ear jamming, so very loud, people are dancing, some are even half dressed)
There you are Jesus.
Oh hi Roger.
Hear you are not coming to terms with sociology. I can heal you of that. Meet me in the upstairs bedroom down the passageway first on left. Meet me in 10 minutes.
(Roger then falls down on a sofa, the liquor is getting to him)
Hi. Want a dance.
No thanks.
Don’t you like women?
Yes but I can not dance.
My name is Kitty.
Yes I know, I see you in psychology class. You always sit at the back.
Yes I do, I find psychology so boring.
Me too.
I thought you were a genius. You look like one.
Psychology to me is so manmade.
Why do an Arts Degree then?
My FATHER instructed me to do it.
He wants me to learn about man.
What about women?
Yes women too.
How does studying an Arts Degree give you knowledge about men and women?
The Arts are to do with artificial. Artificial is to do with manmade. Manmade is to do with perversion. Perversion is a turning away from God our creator. Art is in the word artificial and art is about mankind not God. Art is mans creations not Gods creations.
You are so religious. Have fun, unwind, you look so tense, forget God and religion that’s for the oldies we are young, enjoy.
Got to go.
Your mummy wants you home.
Now Kitty be nice. Bye, see you in class tomorrow.
I might miss tomorrow, might sleep in, I will have such a bad hangover.
(Jesus leaves the house, he heads for his own digs a room in a university hostel nearby)
FATHER do I have to carry on learning about “mans” (peoples) understanding?
Yes my Son, please endure, you will bear fruit, you will succeed.
FATHER when can I come home?
Everything in its right timing. Be patient Son.
Night Son.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 18, 2013

Sensible eating and drinking should be a forte and focus of human thinking.
So what is good to eat and drink? What is our frame of reference when eating and drinking? The frame of reference is God. There is God made food and drink. Who else on this earth makes and creates? Yes mankind (people) makes and creates. Mankind makes food and drink. What we call manmade (term for people both male and female) is called artificial. Artificial is all unnatural. Unnatural is to be perverse.
What should we not eat and drink? Do not eat manmade food and drink if you want real sensible eating and drinking. To be truly wise is to eat and drink only God made food and drink. Eat a banana, eat an apple, eat a orange, eat nuts, eat wheat and barley, eat carrots, eat potatoes, eat lettuce, eat cauliflower, eat parsnip, eat cabbage, eat meat, eat chicken, eat fish, and the list goes on; we are speaking about God made food here; all these foods are God made not manmade. Drink plain water, drink milk; both God made too. Anything that is outside natural food and drink is unnatural and should be avoided. Natural is to honour God our maker. Man makes food and drink; man tries and passes food and drink off as God food but it is not; it is a deception. A lot of processed food and drink is manmade. Man even duplicates God’s flavourings. Manmade food and drinks are inferior to a God made food and drinks. Man tries and copies what God had made. Artificial is unnatural and perverse. Mankind is heading (like a steam train, all go) on a path of perverseness. Perverseness is about complexity. To be straight of God is to be in simplicity. Live straight thinking lives. God wants us to think straight. Mankind and his creations are arty and perverse. Get back to God and his creations in a life of simplicity. Give up manmade, give up artificial, give up complexity, give up perverseness. Mankind leads us away in his/her creations to worship mankind. Mankind becomes the God, the maker God. Humans then worship humans and turn away from our true creator, humans become perverts (means turning away). We get mans wisdom, mans philosophies, mans understanding, man and man not God. “Humanism” becomes the religion of mankind. Humanism is manmade understanding. Humanism perverts.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 18, 2013

Dad what is beyond?
You mean outside the water kingdom.
Yes Dad, what is out in outer space? I see things beyond.
I know son it’s somewhat of a mystery. Beyond is a mystery.
Your grandfather used to regale me with stories about stories his grandfather told him. They maybe true, I am not sure. My father told me that many years ago we fish lived on the land. We lived outside the water kingdom. Land was what it was called. Come here son, look over there, that is land.
Dad we would die outside water.
My father said that we fish evolved. We were able to breathe outside water.
Dad that sounds weird. How can you breathe outside water?
Just happened.
Dad did we originally come from the land?
Son my father told me that originally we were fish in a vast ocean. I mean vast.
You mean we were fish and we became land creatures then we became fish again.
Seems crazy but that is what my father told me.
So why go on the land?
Just meant to be.
So why come back to the water?
I do not know. Maybe it got too hot out there. Maybe food was scarce. Maybe life is in the water and it was natural to return to the water to keep us alive. You see it did not work out on the land. The land creatures were not surviving. The water was the only way to escape the devastation of the planet.
Dad why do some fish scratch in the sea bottom soil a symbol depicting a fish.
Yes the fish sign. It’s religion son.
What’s religion Dad?
The fish sign. Religion is about God and the meaning of life. The fish sign is a sign for all thinking creatures to see the symbol and discern. It was mainly used as a sign for us when we were land creatures. We are fish, we were fish, and we became fish again.
SON SON wake up.
You are having a bad dream son.
Dad the fish.
What fish?
You, me.
Dad we came from fish and are going to go back to being fish.
Nonsense. You get ready its late we must be moving, the church service won’t wait for us.
Dad the fish symbol.
You son are in the image of God and that was what God intended. Once in God’s image we stay in His image. How God got us to be in His image is still a mystery.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Life can often be unfair

June 18, 2013

A lady is dragged in to an alley way. It is night. She screams. Passers by carry on just passing by. She screams then quiet. A man a Good Samaritan calls out “Does any one want help?” Still quiet. The Good Samaritan, Sam by name, steps in to the alley. It is all dark. No one is to be seen. It is too dark to see. Suddenly there is running of steps, a person runs past Sam; this person is just shadow like in the dark. The person is gone it is now quiet again. Sam walks down the alley. He feels his way using his hands along the side of one wall. He comes to a bump in the ground. Sam bends down he feels a human body, there is blood it gets all over his hands. He tries to wipe the blood off his hands with his handkerchief. “Hello he calls”. No answer. Sam moves his hand over the body. It is a female body. He touches a handle of a knife. He pulls on the handle the blade comes out of the body. No one is around, only the two of them. Suddenly theres the noise of screaming car tires then the alley way is all lit up. “police, move away from the body, put your hands in the air”. Sam is still holding the knife in his right hand. He has blood all over him.
Camera’s click, flashes go, there seems to be a time of just many cameras clicking. “Put the knife down, both hands behind your back”. Sam is taken in to custody. The newspapers have a field day. On front page news there is a large photo of Sam standing hands in the air with his right hand holding a bloodied knife. In everyone’s eyes it is too apparent who the killer was. Yes the woman was killed. Sam is the chief suspect and in court the jury find him guilty and the Judge gives Sam a life sentence.

What do we learn from this:

The obvious is not always right.

The passersby did not want to get involved. It’s true that in society if you get involved you are likely to get trouble. Sam got involved and he got trouble. Sam got a life sentence in prison. The law does not always work for the good person. Law is not perfect. We can not always trust the Law. Law can not protect. It just protects in name, but in name is not enough. Wisdom of God does protect. Law is made up of people who are fallible. Judges are fallible. The courts are fallible. Trust God with all your heart do not put your hearts trust in mere humans. Flesh and blood are no match for God. Flesh and blood are weak but God is all strong.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Captain Rules (He is the Head from above)

February 11, 2013

The captain of a ship is in ultimate charge of the ship. The captain is the supreme head of the ship. The captain works from above decks at the top end of the ship. The engines in the ship are way below. The engines power the ship. The chief engineer and his engineer assistants do not have charge over the whole ship. The chief engineer is subject to the captain above. True the chief engineer could easily turn off the engines or turn them on. But still the captain above rules. The heart has the power source. The Holy Spirit is in the heart. The Holy Spirit is the power just as the engines in a ship are the power. But the heart does not rule the body just as the engines in a ship do not rule the ship. The body comes under the head. The head rules. The ship comes under the captain who is the head. The captain or head of our human bodies is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the head he is the captain ruling from the head above. The head rules; not the body. The chief engineer being in the engine room below is not in charge of the ship; the captain is in charge of the whole ship. Jesus rules from above; the Holy Spirit though giving the power is himself subject to Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ in turn is subject to the Father God. We must have the mind of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

God’s Calling

February 7, 2013

I have discerned many things in my life time; this following explanation is of a discernment that came to me when I was a youngish member of the Body of Christ. I took on the God Head. I accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Head.

People of God (not people of the Snake, people who are the off spring of the Dragon) but people who are the off spring off Adam and Eve (and that is everyone not of the Snake). Such wisdom written here is nonsense to the people who are into human wisdom. People of God have a calling. Christian teachers love to preach/teach about callings of God; the Pentecostal Teachers have written many books about God’s calling on people’s lives. I have discerned people’s callings. I see where they fit in; in a work profession. I see what they would excel at if they were in the profession that I discern. Not only can I read this at times about people but with that discernment I also see a correlation between the looks of a persons face and their true God calling. Their face matches their calling. So we have facial likeness to a chosen career; chosen if chosen in God’s will. Now I discern many professions. I discern that most of God’s people are not in God’s chosen profession. A lot of people might just be partly in God’s profession; most are not even in part. So to be in God’s profession is to be in the mind of that profession. You learn to think in that profession. You understand that profession; your face is in that profession meaning your brain and head are in that profession. It is a Head thing not just a body thing.

Most people decide their career based on money and status. It is all about money to most people. Money does not get one in to God’s profession.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2013

Noise noise noise and more noise. How people love their noise. From wakening up in the morning till going to bed at night humans want and love their noise.

I am the opposite I hate noise I do not want noise. Music seems to be the big contender of noise for humans. Everywhere you go there is not far off the noise of music; day in night out; day in night out. Music at work, music at home, music on the bus, music on the train, music at the restaurant, music at the bus and train station. What is it about humans loving noise? I love to get away from all noise, I love peace and quiet I love reflecting, I love meditating. My heart often vexed; people talking and talking and talking; the wind carrying the words of people’s talk, words travelling in the wind, words travelling and giving destruction to minds, souls and bodies. People destroying rather than loving. People hating with their words. The heart and mind under duress hoping for peace. Words bring life and words bring destruction. The winds of life and destruction. Words bring peace or war. People fighting one another in words leading to cultivating (weeds) in wars, bringing on destruction to men women and beasts. Words lead to death or life. Peace goes with quiet and war goes with noise. Keep the mouth closed and listen. I am presently in a church building one of my refuges from noise, from the noise of destruction. I come here to reflect and meditate. I love reflection, I love to meditate. I come here regularly, I like it here. I love to hear my own thoughts. I love thoughts. In a place of peace like in a conservative church I can think and in my thinking I can bounce understanding thoughts in my heart and mind, I bounce these thoughts off Spirit in my heart. I love the thoughts of understanding I can hear these thoughts of understanding and can write them down. Understanding rears up in my heart it is not an understanding gleamed from other people’s thoughts, they are thoughts from within me, I do not get this learning from teachers in schools, colleges or universities, nor from classical scholars, nor from text books, nor from films, these thoughts come in spirit and from spirit. My thoughts are spirit based, they are a gift to me; I like to share my thoughts with other people. My thoughts ennoble God’s understanding through Jesus Christ. People hate God’s understanding; God’s people hate God’s understanding; humanism is rife right through the fabric of society and the church. It is not clever to learn God’s understanding people say; there is no money or prestige in it; we have to live people say; human wisdom they say gives them money, status; human wisdom puts food on the table, we have to provide for our wives or husbands and children. But Satan must love such talk and thoughts.

Human wisdom is buggering up the church (I say literally). Human wisdom has already buggered up a lot of the world. Humans abuse, rape and bugger. Mother Nature has to fight back sometime near in the future. She is being raped and abused and buggered. Humans see truth through complexity; they are going blind; false teachers teach a God of complexity. These false teachers are not helping the body (of Christ). These teachers are trying to divide the Church (body). Such teachers are divisive not of oneness. God is ONE, the body is ONE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2013

Feelings, feelings, feelings. I feel in love with God. I feel in love with my wife or girl friend. Feeling is touch. Feeling is a motion to touch. You are moved by feelings to touch. Emotion is a motion (moved) to touch/feel.

Young people base their lives a lot on feelings. Immaturity is based a lot on feelings. Mature people are more rational (reason) they discern and do not let feelings control their lives. Feelings can be so irrational. It is better to be a mature thinker. People’s feelings change, they are called mood swings. Wise people think and think wisely. You can feel in love with a person one day and not feel in love with that same person another day. To look to feelings for happiness is wrong. Feelings are about self. Feelings can lead to depression; you feel low. Rational thinking is having a mind of reason. To be sane is to have reason. You love God for reasons not for high feelings. Young people love to feel good. There are modern Christian Churches where young people go to these church gatherings just so as to feel good; feel on a high; they get addicted to highs at church; it becomes like a drug. People want to feel joy. Feelings/touch is so unreliable. You should not let feelings direct your lives. You love someone for a reason(s). Love is touch/feelings to a point (you of course touch your spouse) but touch in love should not be the end all; reason has to be the main purpose of love; never lose your reason. Reason of God is to be wise. If Jesus Christ appeared on this earth right now you do not go and feel/touch him. You do not touch God (there are warranted reasons to touch God but only if such touching is of a clean pure nature). Affection and feelings are aligned. Feelings are not a good foundation of a marriage or any relationship. Think, think, discern. To have feelings as a basis of life will lead to lows and highs, and can lead to suicidal tendencies. Don’t base your life on feelings. Immature people run on feelings; mature people are more rational (reason). Touch as a sense should be very disciplined. Use the senses in the head first. The head rules; the senses are in the head. Before you go touching someone first use your head senses and think/discern. Your head protects the body. The head is alive; it has the mind of Christ (Christians have the mind of Christ or they should have). Mental illness can be caused by going too much on feelings. Rational thought keeps one sane. Feelings in excessiveness can make an irrational life.

A rational life is a mature life. A rational life is an understanding life. You understand and you are wise. Wisdom (through Jesus Christ) gives happiness; feelings don’t give happiness.

P.S. I liken a person who goes a lot by feelings to a blind person (no offence meant here). The blind person does not see so they try and guide themselves by touch/feel. Take a person who lacks insight they too would try and find their way by touch/feelings. Insight allies itself to wisdom. The person who lacks insight is a person who usually lacks wisdom. Feelings do not make a person wise; insight can wise a person up.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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January 14, 2013

Yesterday I had an awkward experience. I was in a Catholic Church and meditating. I like to call meditating ‘reflecting’. Well here I was reflecting. I was way up front of the church. The church was near empty. This church is open all day for prayer and meditation. Mass is midday but it was now afternoon. I sat in my seat, as always very quietly. I had my eyes shut but knew a person was walking near me. I inwardly shunned this person hoping they would not disturb me. But no my quietness in this case was not to be. I opened my eyes, a young man was walking towards me. He got close to me, I looked intently at him, I was not glad of his presence, he started to speak to me, I was eyeing him, he looked afraid, he was about to leave me, I noticed the young man had longish hair something I do not approve on a male. Why? The head of a male should not be covered, the head is to glorify God. As he was to leave, I said to him “Go on, say what you have to say”. I was being a bit facetious with him and I was also thinking “He might just be the real mcCoy he might have a message from God for me”.

But alas what he said has troubled me ever since this encounter. I should have read the signs more properly at the time; when he first looked me in the eyes he was going to leave me but I inadvertently thought there might be a message from the divine for me. The long hair and the afraid to speak at first were obvious signs but not enough for me to know exactly. He looked gung-ho, a young man making out that he was clever. Clever of things of God.

On reflection after this encounter I can only think of the Pentecostal Church denomination. I align him in my thoughts with the said denomination. I in my early Christian days flirted with the Pentecostal religion; it was vexing on a number of occasions but I stayed with it trying to learn but alas my learning did not seem to generate the maturity I was after. I found growing more sustainable within the conservative traditional denominations. I am presently with a traditional congregation and here I have matured. Where I worship I am in a church that is in the holy catholic communion. This makes our church Catholic but not Roman Catholic. Most of the conservative mainline traditional churches are aligned with the holy catholic communion. And of course the Roman Catholic Church belongs to the holy catholic communion. I find the Pentecostals are more heart led than led by the head; the brains come second to them where the heart comes first. They seem to be an immature minded denomination.

Lets go back to my encounter with the young man; so the man spoke, I asked him to speak, he seemed shy now and mumbled some words about let the heart lead and that in this church I will not get my spiritual needs met. He then left. I thought at first he was saying something profound and that it was a special message to help me. But alas what he said has triggered off a lot of my known thoughts from my experience in Pentecostal churches in the past. I never now go in to Pentecostal churches; I try and avoid them. I never really enjoyed all the loud music and hyped up atmosphere. It was like a concert. There at the front was the most attractive girl or girls singing at the front holding a microphone leading the congregation in to a frenzy of feelings of so called joy. To me it was all feelings and these people get addicted to the joy feelings so they look forward to coming back for more and more. The feeling highs last only a short time. The males are staring at these attractive girls who are leading the singing worship and it looks like something out of one of these big entertainment concerts where the girl at front is “dressed to kill”. Slain in the heart. I think of glamour here, a glamour church. The Pastor all kitted out in his suit and tie looks like he is a successful business executive who is trying to sell you something. The feelings in such a church go on the high; the music uses mood music to generate the high. It becomes addictive this high in feelings. But like all feelings they have to come down to base. So is this church conversant to growing in maturity. For me probably not. I over time see feelings as a danger rather than a good. I see being rational as a better rule to live by. I see that maturity means maturity in thought and living by mature thought not by feelings. I do not want my heart to rule; I want my head to rule. Jesus rules from above. Jesus is the head. The Holy Spirit helps but Jesus above rules. The head is above and should rule. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit in to our hearts to help us but it is Jesus above who rules.

So we get these people who are called “Born agains”. These people are the prodigal sons and daughters. They and maybe their ancestors (Maybe going way back) left God. They thought they were clever. They whored and warred. Now I myself was a born again. Yes the born agains come back in to the body of Christ. They think now God favours them; yes it looks that ways at times but the real truth is far from the way it looks. Yes the prodigal son / daughter does come home but we must not forget that there was already a son / daughter at home and these stay at homes did not whore and war. These stay at homes stayed with God. With the return of the prodigals there is sibling rivalry. Rivalry for the Fathers love and blessings. Sometimes the rivalry never stops and sometimes there is animosity here. The prodigals get on a high and never want their high feelings to stop. The prodigals never seem to settle down and live quiet lives; they are so happy to be home and want the Father to keep on giving them things.

The young man that came up to me in church did not bring a message of solidarity. His message was divisive. He said to me to “let my heart lead”; this to me was obviously wrong. Feelings and immaturity seem to go together. We do not let our feelings lead us. A mature person uses reason. The head rules with reason. The heart seems to be the seat of feelings (Emotions) and the head has the seat of reason. Reason is to learn and mature. Reason has ‘Who, what, where, when, why and how’. We must question and sift. Sifting is called discerning. Discerning is to be wise. Wisdom leads to maturity.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

14th January 2013.

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Feelings / Reason

January 8, 2013

Feelings are ambiguous because feelings are not of the head but are of the body. The body feels, we have the sense of touch from the body. The head seemingly does not create a feeling of touch, if it does it is a small sensation. Ambiguous means having more than one interpretation. Feelings are called emotions. Emotions are feelings that moves a person. The word emotion has the word motion in it. We say when we feel that we are moved.

The head has the brain and the brain is in charge of the body. The body is not in charge of the head or brain. The brain gives the orders. We have what most people call – five senses; hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touch. Touch is the feeling sense or emotion sense. But as I said touch is of the body and not of the head. So we have a sense that is like outside the head (head being where the brain is). The brain registers information gained from the five senses. But feeling/touch sense can lead a person off track. Young people are more likely to let feelings guide their bodies. Older people will let the other senses rule more. Reason is where the brain is cognitive (acquiring knowledge) but to be cognitive the brain needs information from the senses. People say love is a feeling. But feelings can be moody. Mood swings up or down. Feelings change. So a person can feel good one minute and feel bad another minute. You can love in feeling a person one day and not feel in love with that person the next day. So what do we rely on to lead our bodies? Reason is the best guide and our brain needs to forsake feelings and use the four senses in the head and cognate these four senses and lead from the knowledge acquired. Feelings are a wrong guide and will sabotage the reason of the brain. Then there is the conflict of feelings against one another in ones own heart. The heart seems to be the home of feelings. But the heart should not lead over the head. The heart is not in charge. The head should always be in charge. A mature wise person of God knows that the head should rule. Immature people let feelings rule thus they are more conversant in letting the body rule rather than the brain in the head. In Christ we mature to have a wise mature mind/soul/brain/head. We in maturity see the head as where we live from. But this maturity takes time and might only come to fruition later in our lives. We have a living head and in Christ that head is in charge. Jesus Christ is not the body He is the Head. Jesus is our Head we are the body. The body is the Church. Jesus is the Head of the ONE Church. There is only ONE Head as there is only ONE body. There is only ONE Church. Aside from all these church denominations which are all factional of the One church (Body), Jesus has no favourites. Church dogma carries little weight when it comes to speaking directly to God about that dogma. Man’s wisdom made up in his own mind apart from God seems to divide rather than unite. The Bible has most of the Wisdom that the Church would need to know.

So Reason should not rely on feelings. Reason should be our guide. The brain should reason. The mind is in the head. Reason is of God. Jesus Christ is all reason in our head/mind/soul/brain. Jesus Christ is above in wisdom in our head. Wisdom of God is reason. Losing ones reason is insanity. Insanity is bad sanitation and means not getting waste out. In our minds/souls and hearts we have to keep the dirt out and keep clean. Demons (evil spirits) love dirtiness. Demons are attracted to dirt. Demons hate cleanliness. But to have a clean home you need to guard it. Jesus in Spirit will come in to our hearts and guard our hearts. Dirty thoughts attract demons. Dirt is anything that is not Godly. Getting the waste out regularly is good sanitation and is good sanity. Get the spiritual waste out and get the physical waste out; they go hand in hand.

So reason does not necessary have to rely on feelings for information.

Two eyes are in the head. Two ears are in the head. The tongue is in the head, the nostrils (nose) are in the head.
The head has the four senses. To use the four senses to the utmost is to sense fully and hopefully be sensible. But one must be mature in soul/mind. Maturity takes growth and growth takes time.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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Science is not Faith

December 30, 2012

Part of a recent letter to my earthly father (He is still alive at 92 years old and he still seems strong)

Your written notes that you posted to me recently made me think. My first thought on those notes is that you can not prove God exists by science. Science deals with the physical, the Father God is not physical. Science deals with the visible, the Father God is invisible. So to me philosophical ramblings about a supreme God’s existence or non existence is just that; thought ramblings that go no where. We can think and think and think but we can not think God to appear before us. Thinking won’t prove God exists or God does not exist. So philosophy is impotent here. One can ramble on and look clever but without a frame work, without a foundation, the rambling though called philosophy can just be airy fairy and sound nonsense. To believe in a supreme God needs a step of faith. God in Spirit will invite His called Ones.

Science is not about belief and faith. Faith and belief are to do with religion. Science is about empirical evidence, it is about seeing is believing. Faith is not about seeing is believing. Faith is not a visible thing; faith believes in the invisible. “You see and you do not see, you hear but you do not hear” says the Bible. “Your minds have become dull and your hearts have become sick” says the Bible. God is Spirit. You can not say “God is there, God is here, God is under there”; God is Spirit and moves like the wind. God will only reveal himself to the true believers and to be a true believer takes a lot of faith. Faith means being faithful just like a man is faithful to his wife. To believe in God you have to want God, it means believing in the metaphorical, you have to need God. Only by going through a door will you know what is on the other side. It is a step of faith. Standing outside the door and saying all philosophical so called intelligent ramblings will not help open the door and will not get you through the door. Such philosophy is nonsense to those who have gone through the door. To step in faith means that you consider the Jesus Christ that is written in the scriptures is a man who is above all humans in quality. You see Jesus Christ as a person that stands out as what every human being should be like. We read the scriptures and see good sense in the writings. Science is based on knowledge but its all about physical. Meta; the beyond, the beyond in to the invisible spiritual life, see beyond the physical; that is clever. To see only physical is dull. Spirit gives life, life to mind heart and body. We each human have a human spirit, we must feed this human spirit. You can not feed your invisible human spirit physical food so physical sciences can not help the human spirit; physical sciences can not save the soul. You can not win against the dark forces in the game of life by using science as your weapons. Science is about physical weapons and “Fight by the sword and you die by the sword”. The true battle is in the mind (soul). We do not use physical weapons to save our souls from the dark forces. Our true weapons are spiritual in Word. Man’s words are futile against Evil it is only Gods Word’s that will win against Evil. Quoting Shakespeare or classical poets or classical philosophers against Evil to defend yourself is lame. Such wisdom will only spawn weakness in heart.

Agnosticism is to waver between belief and unbelief in a supreme God. It is to sit on the fence. It is not to believe in God and it is not not to believe in God, it is just wanting to observe. Observation is ok to some but it means missing out on so much more. Watching the game and not taking sides might make you think that you are clever but the participants who are playing the true life game are really having the better time. Light forces fighting the dark forces.
It is hard playing the game of life; light forces fighting the dark forces in spirit; the battle for people’s souls; saving people’s souls from the dark forces.

So the observers just accept the status quo and do not join in the game, they let others play the game of life and they just watch. But it is better to watch the game than join the game on the dark side. So is Science a lot of observation and is Faith a lot of action (Action for good).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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October 27, 2012

Cleansing is an act of God. We clean regularly. We clean with water. We clean ourselves with clean water. Water – a gift from God. God gave water. God created water. Did water evolve? Water is a essence of life. Water gives life. Without water there would be no life. Life lives in water. Life starts with water. Water to me is peculiar to planet Earth. Planet Earth is a peculiar planet. There to me is only one planet like Earth. Jesus the only begotten Son of God reigns supreme over this world and Earth. God the Father created the Universe for Jesus his Son. We humans clean ourselves often, we wash in water. Most animals, insects and birds wash in water. Cleaning is a major activity of a lot of creatures on this Earth. We get dirty day and night and we do not like to stay dirty all the time. We prefer to be clean.

Why do creatures prefer to be clean? Why not just stay dirty all the time? Why spend hours each week cleaning ourselves? Cleaning ourselves is hard work and takes up a lot of our time. There’s cleaning our hands, our bodies, our teeth, our hair, our head, our nostrils, our ears, our eyes etc etc. Humans spend heaps of time, effort and money on keeping physically clean why not then also spend such resources on keeping their hearts and minds clean. Cleanliness does not stop at just our personal cleaning but means also cleaning our own environment that we live and work in. So there’s a lot of physical cleaning involved and it takes a lot of hard work and money to be clean. As I said there’s also the cleaning of our hearts and minds. A lot of people clean the physical but neglect the spiritual cleaning. Both physical cleaning and spiritual cleaning should go hand in hand. It’s no good just been physically clean when ones heart and mind are still dirty. We must also spend time and work on cleaning our inner selves. People might say we do not have time to clean our inner selves we are too busy as it is. That’s where a balance needs to come in, balancing the spiritual with the physical. Recognise the inner self and give dignity to this inner spirit person. Also it is no good meeting a clean inner person and they smell badly in their physical flesh. Wash the inner and the outer. To think pure clean thoughts is to be clean in the inner person. Parents need to teach their children the value of both inner and outer cleaning. Cleanliness is next to Godliness my earthly Mother (RIP) used to say. Being clean means the less likelihood of been sick. Cleanliness is a ticket to good health. Dirtiness is unhealthy and dirtiness makes one sick. Spiritual dirtiness means spiritual unhealthiness. There’s the sick soul, the sick human spirit. Dirty people hang around dirty people and clean people hang around clean people. Clean people do not want to hang around dirty people and vice versa. Having a dirty human spirit is an invitation for other dirty spirits to hang around. Demons are evil spirits and they are dirty and they keep in the spiritual darkness. Dirty spirits do not like living in the light of God. Clean spirits like living in the light of God. People that are dirty spiritually tend to have dirty demons hanging around them. Demons love sin. Sin is to be dirty spiritually. Sin is impurity. Satan loves it when humans live in sin and are dirty. To live dirty is to live in sin and living in sin is to live in spiritual darkness. Cleanliness is to live in the light and to live with God.
So we wash often – spiritually and physically. Wash the inner self (The new inner self growing in God’s will) hand in hand with the outer self. Respect the inner person as well as the outer person, give dignity to both.

“If we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his Son washes away our sins”. 1 John 1:7 – Bible.

Christians need to regularly meet together so that spiritual washing can take place.

Jesus Christ while on this Earth on one occasion cleaned his disciples feet. We Christians need to do likewise. But this cleaning of feet is a spiritual lesson from Jesus. We do not actually clean people’s physical feet — no no. Jesus Christ has cleaned us when we were baptised we were fully immersed in a spiritual/soul cleansing. God has cleaned us whole (the saved ones). But we Christians still get dirty. The world is dirty. Dirt is all around – spiritually. Jesus taught us that we still need to clean one another. We Christians meet together in fellowship and in doing so we are cleaned. The blood of Jesus cleans us. We Christians need regular part cleaning. No human stays clean all the time. We need regular physical cleaning and regular spiritual cleaning.

Being clean gives us peace of mind it reinforces our sanity. We humans naturally see cleanliness as normal, it is what God wants. God is always clean. We must try to clean ourselves as often as possible so that we are clean like God our creator. In our after life in heaven we are eternally clean, we work towards that objective of our eternal cleanliness. And I say “Bring on heaven I look forward to heaven. Death carries no worries with it, to die a natural death is sweet, death no longer carries a sting with it, we have overcome death”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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New Norcia – holy meditations

September 1, 2012

The monks are asked what do they do? I think of writings that I read in a booklet in my guesthouse room. A well known catholic saint went in to a chapel. Later on coming out of the chapel friends asked her “what did you do?” “I listened to God” she said and before her friends were able to ask she said “and God listened too”. When we pray to God we are speaking to God but when we are listening to God God could also be listening or he could be speaking to us. But in spirit we listen and often our mind does not know what out spirit is listening too.

So it is by faith that we listen to God and thus God enlightens our spirit thus enlightening our heart and mind. In this enlightening process we in heart and mind are lighted up so we discern more we see more we understand more. So in listening to God why should not God also listen. It is a mutual listening, God and we listen together. God is Spirit and it is understanding in spirit that gives life. Spirit is life and gives life. Spirit gives life to flesh. God listens to us. We do not want a God that is continually yapping away; constant chatter is unwise. The wise person often stays quiet and listens. The head has two ears and one tongue meaning listen twice as much time than talking. Talking can get us into trouble. Listening gets no one in to trouble. Words should be used with measure and used carefully making sure our words are doing good. God gave us words and words are a tool of the person to help or hinder. Words spoken or written can bring on wars. Wars can and have killed millions of people. Wars start with words. Words start with thoughts and thoughts are in words. So at New Norcia people come to listen just as the monks are listening. Wisdom is not found unless one has done a lot of listening first. Listen, learn, then talk. Listening to God is spirit listening as God is Spirit. What is God saying? People say we don’t know what God is saying. We never hear from God. But God is Spirit and he speaks to spirit. Have faith, listen and soon you will be wise you will understand. Teachers of the world teach knowledge but unless it is knowledge in spirit the knowledge is vain. Knowledge not of God can just puff us up and make us feel important we are proud. And “pride goes before a fall” as the wise saying goes. Knowledge of God can be eternal but it has to be knowledge of Jesus Christ. Only the mind of Jesus Christ is eternal. Mind knowledge of the world is temporal such knowledge leaves us it burns off in the refining / growing. Worldly teachers carry a pride such pride leads to arrogance. They believe in themselves apart from God. Arrogance means that a person is not listening to good sense. The mind of Jesus Christ is good sense. The mind of Jesus Christ is the superior mind to all other minds, other minds are in to idolatry.

We run a race we want to win the race we drop off all unnecessary luggage we give up all things that will weigh us down we run keeping only the simplest of needs we give up all wants and desires we only go with our needs. We run a straight path we keep straight and we keep our words to a minimum if we speak or write we keep to the truth we run with faith believing all our running is not in vain we endure suffering and troubles but we persevere knowing that what is ahead is all worth it. Worldly people need not come to New Norcia there is nothing much for them here. People of the world climb mountains but not in spirit but in the physical. The world is all amazed when people climb say Mount Everest or some other high physical mountain. These climbers even die climbing their physical mountains. What a waste. What vanity. To achieve in spiritual is much much more beneficial than achieving in physical. Physical is only temporal, spirit can be forever. But there are good spirits and there are evil spirits. It is vain to achieve in evil spirituality. So I am listening, I listen day and night, my spirit listens, my spirit listens to God and my spirit listens to other people. My spirit is continuing learning. And in later life (hopefully soon) when God overcomes the world completely through me my spirit will be of a maturity to hopefully fully understand. But patience is needed by me. Faith is needed by me to believe in my fully enlightened state in my later life. The wise of God climb a mountain but it is not a mountain in the physical. This spiritual mountain is not like any other mountain this mountain of God prepares us for eternity.

I said there can be mutual listening we listen and God listens. But is not this an impasse? What is the point of listening to God when He is also listening? But in our listening we can just reflect and mediate. We reflect off God in spirit to Spirit. God is all pure in Spirit and such God purity reflects on us in our spirit. In coming to New Norcia where the place is soaked in prayer and evil does not like to tread we can not be molested by evil spirits thus ensuring a good reflection off God and great meditating thoughts. I love holy meditation, such thinking is like heavenly thoughts.

Regards; Lester John Murray.

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31 August 2012

I Had a Dream

August 23, 2012

My dream is worthy of note because my dream was not just one of my usual dreams my dream was as vivid as seeing through my physical eyes right in clear daylight. I knew that after I had this dream that this dream was no ordinary dream but an extra ordinary dream. I guessed that rightly this said dream can only have come from God. I was a new Christian not that long before I had this extra ordinary dream. This dream stands out to me it is a dream that I can never forget I remember even most of the dreams intricate details. I like every human have dreams when sleeping but this dream was nothing like my other dreams. I can not remember other dreams as well as this said dream. I know the Bible talks about people having dreams. God speaks to people through dreams. I believe the said dream came from God our creator and that the dream was to give me understanding.

I have considered this said dream many times in the past and wondered at its amazing images that were cast in my minds eyes in my dream state of sleep. I have definitely wanted to understand this dream. Was God intending to enlighten me through this dream? I guess so. But it was up to me to reflect and meditate and commune with God and hopefully glean the answers to this dream. Truth comes from God. Truth can come from Gods lips. Truth can also come from the people on this earth. In Christ we true believers are on a journey this journey is likened to a climb of a mountain. On climbing we get higher and higher. We climb the mountain of God. In climbing as we get higher we see more. So our understanding is increased. We know more. The people of the world are like the river at the base of Gods mountain of knowledge. People of the world do not get the knowledge of God.

I had this dream. I will keep my explanation of this dream very simple. I do not want to go outside any lines of thought where this dream can be interpreted as false. I can only be truthful and God is my witness. So my dream is as follows:

I saw a shadow a little shadow holding a little disc thingie and waving it, I think with both hands on it, and waving it up and down vigorously. It was like the shadow was beating the air with this disc. I felt like the shadow was trying to protect itself. Was the shadow in my head? I could only guess. After the shadow was vigorously beating the air with this disc for a very short time 3 other shadows appeared on the scene. I am not trying to be obnoxious here but here I must add that with these 3 new shadows on the scene accompanying them was a (okay here goes I can only say what it appeared to be and my perception tells me I am right) penis. Yes a penis of a male human. I am been honest. These 3 shadows and the penis and the shadow (the shadow that had been beating the air) then ran around in a circular fashion running around a central whatever. The first shadow dropped off this circular platform and like hid. I think it was trying to get away from the 3 new shadows and the penis. This first shadow was like laying low just to the side and lower side of the circular platform. The 4 shadows and the penis were all about the same height; in the dream they all looked about quarter of an inch high.

This dream is still as strong in my memory as it has been ever since I had it. Of course my memory imprint is not as fresh as it used to be but my memory seems to have still an imprint of it that still validates the dream as a divine dream that only God could give.

I want to understand the dream. Now the following explanation is from my perception of the dream. I can only say what I perceive the dream to be it may not be all correct. I have mused over this dream in the past and consider I may have unravelled the dreams secrets. In doing so my intention is not to offend any person.

The shadows are souls or spirits. The first soul was mine. The location of the dream might be the head. The other 3 new souls on the scene might be my mother and 2 sisters souls or spirits. The penis I do not know.

I lost my mind to other souls / spirits. But I did not totally give in. I Had my mind taken over. I in my soul/spirit endeavoured to carry on the best I could even though I had my mind taken over. My mother and sisters had over run me they 3 together were stronger than me. I could not keep up the defence I was over whelmed by superior numbers. My soul beating the air was to keep the other souls from entering my head. I lost but I had not given up. Some how I still managed to keep going from my hiding place. I did not lose my mind altogether to these other souls as I kept up a vigil of faith hoping that the future would hold a hand of help out to me. I had a faith but what in I do not know. I knew little about Jesus Christ. I was not schooled in Jesus Christ teaching. I guessed there was a superior God. So I was holding on to my mind as best as I could from within the place of my hiding. Each year I was losing more strength my spiritual strength was lessening but I was going to hold out the best I could. Maybe I had a prophet spirit and as such had a strong spirit / soul. Later in life I perceived that I was given a prophet calling from God. In the mean time my strength in spirit was taking a lashing. I was desperately in need of help. No help other than God help would or could be of any use.

So am I deluded in thinking my mother and 2 sisters were my enemies. The bible does say that a prophet is not honoured in his own family and again not honoured in his home town and maybe even not honoured in his own country. The bible does say that a persons worst enemies are the people in his own family. The bible is true.

In all this God preaches forgiveness. So my mother and 2 sisters are saved. Saved? Saved from what? Saved from their sins. Souls / spirits are simple they are made simple but transgress. We in soul / spirit are like children we misbehave as children what ever age in human years we are. We are always children to God.

I in soul endured suffering but in Jesus I now live in strength wisdom and power. I did not let evil prevail and break me I in Jesus rose above the evil and now live above ruling with God.
In ruling above my words in Jesus are honed and sharp. In Jesus I have risen up and overcome the world. The world can only be overcome in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ overcame the world at Calvary on the cross defeating all the wicked worldly dark spiritual powers. Jesus lives. He died but came back to life.

My mother, sisters and brothers are those people who serve God. My family is the church.

I have been blessed with a simple soul. God does say that he protects simple souls. So God did rescue me even though I suffered enormously but in my suffering other souls eventually got saved. Jesus took suffering on the cross to save many people and we mortals also suffer and in doing so people get saved.

Regards; Lester John Murray.

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23rd August 2012.

An Analogy of the Head and the Body

June 14, 2012

Come out spirit look up.
What is it?
We call it a head.
What does it do?
Look closer; see those two slit things in the front they are what we call eyes they see. Here give me your right hand; this; these are my eyes in spirit; I see in spirit like you too in spirit see; the head has two eyes to see too. Look at the head’s sides see an ear on each side, these ears hear. You and I hear noises so does the head. See that thing between the two eyes; it juts out abit; that’s called a nose. Here look at me this is my nose; it smells. See this; this is my tongue; look at the head; the head has a tongue in its mouth too and the tongue tastes.
I understand about seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling but what about the sense of touch or what we call to feel.
The head does not touch or feel.
Why not?
That is the way it is. The body does the touching and feeling.
What do you mean the body?
Come here spirit; hold my and; see the head; now look below the head that is what we call the body.
Is it wrong to touch or feel?
Let me put it this way; a lot of trouble in this world has been caused by touching and feeling. The head is rational it uses reason and this reason is based on seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling but not touch. You don’t see the head touching or feeling people or things it is the body that touches and feels and look at the trouble feeling and touching has caused in this world. The body relies on touch/feelings whereas the head relies on the other senses. Actually the body should rely on the head to know not go on touch/feelings. The head should be in charge the body should not be in charge.
What does the word analogy mean?
Analogy can be defined as: – A similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.
The Bible often refers to God or Jesus Christ as the head and the Bible often calls the Church the body of Christ. We see an analogy between the human head/body and God with the Church. The Bible makes it clear that this said analogy works for God/church the same way it works for head/body. We humans are an analogy of God and the Church. We humans are each a simple version of Almighty God and the wider Church. Every truth has its simple understanding. All truth has simplicity underlining it. Without simplex understanding we get so complex that we might as well be up with the fairies. Spirit (ours) needs to understand to be relevant in this world. When we build a house we first put in a foundation for the house. We put in a sturdy foundation and usually the foundation is made of concrete. Concrete is the simple foundation it is not complex. But instead of building the house on top of the concrete foundation in wood we can also build the house in concrete. A lot of people may put down a foundation in concrete but build on top of this in wood. Wood is nature based. Wood is only as strong as nature. Wood is weaker than concrete. Of course the wise person builds in iron and such people are usually the servants of God. Prophets of God are the iron people. We talk about a person as been “very wooden”; they get their strength from wooden / nature / humanism / worldly endeavours. Such people are known as “dry” they do not look or act inspired not inspired in spirit from God Spirit. Nature loving people are more mother orientated rather than father orientated people. We call nature “Mother Nature”. So when a person is in deep distress – Do they call out for the mother’s help or call out for the father’s help? Mum is usually the word (“Mums the word”) for most people and it shows that the father’s word has less respect than the mother’s word. The Bible teaches us that God is the Father and His Word is supreme. Mother Mary’s word is not supreme.
Who am I?
You my dear man are a spirit.
Who are you?
I am God’s Spirit. I have understanding.
What is the old sinful nature person?
That is the old nature person in your heart that dies; you in spirit have been raised up and you live for spirit. Your knowledge is in spirit you do not need to be ruled by the sinful nature flesh man in your heart. That life in the sinful nature flesh is of the past life you have a new life in spirit with God.
God, you and me, are we in the heart of the body?
We in spirit are in the heart but we in spirit worship the head.
But the head above the body – is that God?
God is every where but his seat is in the head. Just as your seat and mine (in spirit) is in the heart. God is above in the head too. This is a great mystery and needs a lot of thought with discernment. Ones eyes have to be very clear to see and understand. God is a God of analogy and metaphor. It is time to retire and think about these things; ponder and amaze oneself. You won’t know the truth unless you speak out and think. Jesus came in to this world and he will come again. Be watchful.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

A Time for Everything

May 25, 2012

I was walking on my usual rounds of the day; I came to one of my favourite spots. I was on the grounds of a large city Cathedral. I often come here. I do not bother much with the gardens here; I am one to go in to the Church and meditate. But this time I noticed something different. As I came up the driveway of the Church my eyes glanced over to where a tree was. But the tree was no more. My mind thought; it thought and thought. I was in a thought crisis. The lovely tree had gone. All that was left was a neat cut stump lying low in the ground. “The tree; the tree” I gasped in my thinking; “What have they done to it”.

The tree and its cut down brought on more of my thinking. Such thinking is as follows:

Gertrude (A tree near Henry) what are you looking at?
I am looking at you.
You are for it.
What do you mean?
Never mind.
Come on tell.
Look at all the mess you put around.
A few sticks.
More than a few sticks; more like many branches.
Hey that happens when you get old it happens to all of us.
But it’s happening to you now. And the children are not allowed to sit in your shade now. You see those notices put up by the head gardener they say no sitting near this tree; you. You are dangerous.
Phooey I am no danger.
You are.
(The phone rings in the head gardener’s office; the Bishop is on the phone)
Yes Your Grace; yes I will see to it.
(The head gardener goes outside; he looks at the tree) “Tut, tut” he thinks.
(Another complaint has come in about the tree. Branches are falling on people)
Henry sighs “I wish the children would come and sit in my shade again. I loved to hear their cherry chatter”.
(Evening comes then morning)
(Henry is still asleep he is known now to take long sleeps. He dreams of his younger days as a young big strong tree; the sunny days with children sitting at his feet laughing)
Henry, Henry.
Urrr aaar what? Who is it?
Henry the word is out; you are for it today.
Gertrude you woke me up from a lovely sleep now stop it and all this silly talk.
You are for the chop.
Leave me alone you talk nonsense.
(Henry goes back to sleep)
(Bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzz the chain saw goes)
What the; Can a tree get some sleep.
(Henry feels queasiness; it is like a knife is going in to him)
(Henry feels faint he starts to lose consciousness)
Who is there? What is going on?
Bye Henry.
Gertrude; help, help me.
(The assistant gardeners finish the job. Henry is fallen)
(That afternoon a truck comes to the Church grounds and the tree is cut up and put on it)
The assistant gardener says “That will make good firewood”.

As I said I was looking at the stump. The tree was no more; it obviously had served its purpose and was wanted no more. I thought “Everything has it’s time. But there are new beginnings; the stump is still there”.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Listening to God

March 10, 2012


Damn that clock.
Herbert gets out of bed; he goes in to the ensuite bathroom.
Brrrriiiiiiii [the electric shaver]
Herbert gets dressed and goes out to the kitchen / dining room.
Band on the run; band on the run [the radio is on full blare]
Ddddduuuurrr [the blender is going]
What are you making dear?
Shirley wants a milkshake.
Herbert downs quickly some toast and a cuppa tea.
Bye dear.
Herbert gets in to his car. Brrrriiiiummmm [the car engine comes to life]
Briiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm [the car engine]
Band on the run; band on the run [the car radio blares out music]
Herbert passes a building site. Drrrriiiiiiii [drills operating] raaaawwww [saws operating]
Herbert arrives at his work; he starts his work computer.
Rriiiinggg [the phone goes]
For the next some what hours the phone is ringing every so often.
Rrrriiiiiinnnnnngggg [the phone goes]
Comes 4.30pm Herbert leaves his work and drives home.
Brrrrrrriiiiiuuuumm [the car engine]
Herbert arrives home.
The television is on in the lounge giving off a loud noise.
Music is blaring loudly from Shirley’s room.
After dinner and watching television Herbert retires to bed.
Herbert has insomnia his mind /soul takes ages to get rid of all the manmade noises he heard during the day and evening.


Cock a doodle doo; cock a doodle doo [the rooster crows]
Pedro rises from his sweet slumber.
Pedro smells the sweet smell of bacon and eggs cooked on the wood stove.
The smell of the wood burning brings much vigour to Pedro’s nasal passages.
Pedro goes outside washes himself in the natural spring water from the well at the back of his home.
Pedro and his wife and their child have beaming smiles on their faces.
Pedro eats his breakfast and drinks some natural spring water.
Pedro goes off to work; he is a wood cutter.
Pedro works hard working with his hands.
God wants us humans to work with our hands.
While Pedro is working he hears the birds whistling; the sheep nearby are baaaaing; the stream close by makes a sound of water gushing; the tree branches make swaying noises.
Then there comes the end of Pedro’s working day. From afar Pedro smells the cooking smells coming from his wife’s cooking at home.
Pedro washes in the pure clean spring water and eats his sumptuous meal and drinks a little home made wine.
There are smiles on the faces of Pedro and his wife and daughter.
Pedro later retires and has a heavenly sleep.

God Made and Manmade

God made creation and rested. Man has been making creation ever since. As soon as man could make or create he has done so. Man got knowledge and with this knowledge he makes / creates. God made us humans; he made all the animals; he made all the birds; insects; fish and not to forget he made all the plants. Man has made a lot of things too. Man has made the television; the car; the blender; the telephone; the radio; the drill; the saw; the airconditioner; the fan; the ships; the planes; the stoves; the fridges and it goes on never stopping; man goes on creating.

God’s creations are simplistic. Man’s creations (inventions) are complex. Man thinks now that complex is God; complex is truth; complex is natural etc. Man has made a complex world. God made a simple universe but Man has complicated it by making a complex man made world. Man has made himself complex and in doing so has missed the heart beat of God. We must have our hearts beating to Gods rhythm or our hearts work against God.

Man’s creations (inventions) emit manmade noise whereas God’s creations emit God sounds. To listen to mans creations (inventions) is not natural but to listen to God’s creations is natural. Herbert has insomnia; this is because his mind / soul naturally do not gel with manmade noise. Pedro sleeps well; all day and night he hears natural God made sounds.

The Simple Life

Mankind needs the simple life. But mankind thinks that complexity will give them the happiness that they seek. Complexity gives only complicated and confusing. Complexity does not make one happy. Simplicity makes for happiness. Joe Blogs just wants to leave the city and go and live on a Pacific Island along with a woman; a few animals; a few hens and fishing tackle. Joe wants to be off the tread mill of complexity; that is off trying to be happy by accumulating wealth that this world calls wealth. Pedro and his wife and daughter smile but Herbert and his wife and daughter seldom smile. Money and the love of it destroys families. Families are torn apart because of the love of money. Pedro has hardly any money but he and his family are happy and contented. Herbert’s family are in crisis all the time.

The Religious simple Life

Men and Women do try to return to the simple life by living a simple religious vocation. There have been many people in the past and there are many people now living the simple religious life. The Catholics have their Monasteries and Nunneries. In these Monasteries and Nunneries life is lived in simplicity. Manmade noise is much further from a monk or nun’s soul / mind as they do not give over their minds and hearts to listen to such complex emitting inventions.

Listening in Silence – When we silence all mankind and his / her inventions / creations

We can not listen to God when we are listening to mankind’s creations. Our hearts to listen to God must have the right rhythm with God and to do that our hearts must beat with simplicity. We can not listen to God for example when we are at a rock concert listening to noise that is just trying to snuff out the essence of life in our spirit and soul. Such noise brings on perversion to the extreme. Pervert is to turn away from God. To turn away from God is to worship our bodies rather than the head. We must first have the mind / soul of Jesus Christ.

Listening in Simplicity

God wants us humans to live the simple life. Satan wants us to live the complex life. We have a choice. Who is telling the truth? Is complex the way to go or is simplicity the way to go? Pedro knows nothing much about the world and its knowledge but he is happy. Herbert knows much about the world’s knowledge and he is not happy. Herbert in later life might seek simplicity in a religious order or Herbert might go off and live in simplicity on a Pacific Island. We hope Pedro does not go after mankind’s creations but stays living in Godly simplicity.

Pedro listens to God because Pedro does not seek God in complex, complicated and confusing but in simplicity.

Who wants to listen to a complex, complicated and confusing god / God?
Not me.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Lord of the Air – 666? or 777?

February 28, 2012


carbon carbon what is it about carbon? True it has 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons but does that make carbon the beast? Is carbon the mark of the beast? All conjecture. Yes nitrogen has 7 protons 7 neutrons 7 electrons but is the number 7 really God’s number? I have not read anything in the Bible to state that 7 is God’s number for sure. The air has about 78% nitrogen. Is the beast about lording it over the air? Does the beast want to rule the air with carbon? The mark of the beast – is it a carbon mark on the hand or forehead? In the future is there going to be much much carbon in the air that people will be struggling to get clean air? So if the beast rules the air does he then rule this planet earth and all on it? Maybe the beast wants to kill all life (made by God) on this earth. Maybe the beast wants to kill all life with carbon. Who really knows? Yes the future will know.

We humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants do just the opposite — plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. So the oxygen you’re breathing now probably came from a plant.

We humans need living plants.

Maybe the beast wants in killing all God made life to include killing all plant (God made too) life.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Conscience – Ditto

February 24, 2012

On more thought on the above subject I have come up with further considerations in relation to knowledge and mankind.

The Snake (Satan) in the Garden of Eden wanted Eve and Adam to eat of knowledge.

God put the fruit of knowledge in Eden so that Adam and Eve can make a choice either eat it and die or not eat it and live on evermore. God is a compassionate God He gives freewill to humans.

Adam and Eve henceforth after eating knowledge lived a short life span. I guess if Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit of knowledge then their life span could have gone on for along time maybe hundreds or thousands of years maybe even eternity.

Once Adam and Eve got (was it) conscience or was it knowledge of physical and social science or both the mentioned then their lives were short lived.

Knowledge killed them. Satan was an enemy of Adam and Eve. Satan had his own children – the snake children (they are much in abundance today). The children of the snake are enemies of the children of Adam and Eve. I presume the Dragon is the head of all the snake children. When we talk about snake and Dragon we talk about an inner spirit (in people’s bodies). Spirit is only spiritually discerned; there are people in the body of Christ with a gift to discern such spirits.

Jesus Christ in redeeming us from our sins did give us eternal life. Jesus in his resurrection and ascension was in the flesh. Jesus rose in the flesh. Adam and Eve may have had eternal life while they were in the Garden of Eden (God may have had many plans for them and eternity might have meant for them going to lots of places like heaven too) but they forsook eternal life to live a short life and die. But in Jesus eternal life has been restored to humans to those who believe and have faith.

Satan wants the children of Adam and Eve to eat of knowledge. It is as if there are snakes with mortarboard hats on enticing these children to eat of knowledge.

But what is this knowledge? Presumably the knowledge eaters eating in abundance are the ones who look aged in a short time. They are young but look old. People might mistake this for maturity. Knowledge of the tree does not preserve oneself whereas the knowledge (wisdom) of Jesus Christ preserves people making them look young. Jesus (while on this earth) taught knowledge to his disciples but it was and is not a knowledge known to the worldly teachers. Jesus knowledge was for good sense and sensible living.

Obviously Satan loves it when the children of Adam and Eve eat of knowledge. These children become all “puffed up”, they become proud. Their puffed up makes them think they are clever; they walk around putting on airs; they think status and importance about them. These people die and their knowledge dies with them. All their knowledge efforts are all in vain. They meet death and even before death their minds lose the knowledge they so spent many hours of learning. These people when they are very aged think of the vanity of life and the vanity of knowledge because they die and can not take the knowledge with them whereas the wisdom the knowledge of Jesus Christ is eternal.

The main staunch tree of knowledge eaters are the humanists; the atheists and the agnostics.

So there is a difference between the Wisdom (life)/ knowledge of Jesus Christ and the wisdom/ knowledge that was not to be eaten. There is a knowledge that brings death and a knowledge that brings life. True believers in God know the importance of the living wisdom/ knowledge through Jesus Christ.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Conscience – Epilogue

February 21, 2012

Since writing the previous piece on conscience I have had many more thoughts on the subject. One thought that stood out to me was that Conscience was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve ate off. I had come across this theory in my readings in the past but I can not remember where I read it. We know by good reason that the Tree of Knowledge story is an analogy. It is a story to teach our human spirit. Our spirit once taught can enlighten our soul / mind. Conscience and guilt go par in par. When we do wrong we get a guilty conscience. Adam and Eve both got a guilty conscience when they ate of the Tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve hid from God they felt guilty. But before Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Knowledge Tree did they ever feel guilty? In other words did they have a conscience before eating of the fruit? Satan the snake enticed Eve to eat the fruit; this makes me think that it is only to Satan’s advantage to have humans with conscience. But do we humans really need conscience? To have no conscience means we can do as we like and never feel guilty. In the Garden of Eden there was maybe no need for conscience because all creatures lived in natural harmony with God. Up to the time of the Snake tempting Eve there was no evil done and no need to do any evil.

So is conscience like a curse on mankind? Did humans bring conscience on themselves in the beginning?

When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Knowledge Tree their eyes were opened and they saw as God sees. So does this mean God has conscience? Do we humans see as God sees even up to now? If God has conscience does his Son Jesus Christ have conscience? Is conscience the ability to see a lot; is it what we call insight? But the Fall of Mankind meant death. So did conscience lead all humans on a path to death? It makes me think; before Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge were they going to live for a very long time on this earth? Did conscience bring humans to a short life span?

Conscience is science within and science is knowledge. There is the science within and the science outside (outside the human body). There is the knowledge of the physical universe we call science and the social sciences pertaining to understanding human relationships and society and the knowledge within us we call our moral compass.

The Tree of Knowledge is called the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. This may also be interpreted as the Tree of Knowledge both good and evil. The Tree of Knowledge can also mean all knowledge.

So what is it to be? Is the Tree of Knowledge our moral compass knowledge or is it the understanding knowledge of this physical universe and how human relationships work?

Maybe the Tree of Knowledge is just that knowledge all knowledge; knowledge within and knowledge without. The adage “Ignorance is bliss”. The Garden of Eden was bliss; heaven on this earth; well the closest you could get to heaven on this earth. Once humans got knowledge they were moved out of the garden of bliss. Humans had become like God. Maybe God is a jealous God.

Jesus Christ came to redeem us of our sins. But in redeeming us did Jesus redeem us of the Original Sin the Fall of Man? All Christians in the Church still have conscience so we in Jesus have not lost conscience so if conscience is the Original Sin Jesus has not redeemed us off it. Actually the Bible encourages conscience and does not forbid it. There are many notations of conscience in the Bible Old Testament and New Testament and all notations speak well of conscience; there is no sense here that conscience is a sin. So has Jesus redeemed us Christians from all knowledge? Jesus is certainly about knowledge but it is knowledge in a practical way. This knowledge is wisdom that humans can practice. The Book of Proverbs in the Bible (Old Testament) is about wisdom; we see the word Proverb meaning words that is action words. Verbs are action words. Wisdom is about action; action in behaving well / good (well as in also keeping healthy). So what is good? God only is good.

As mentioned Christians have not forsaken conscience even though they have had converted souls of Christ Jesus. And Christians still over many centuries pursue and learn the sciences of this world / universe.

So what is this Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden? I think the answer lies with the Jews. Is pursuing worldly / scientific knowledge an anomaly? I think the Jews have the answer to this.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

The Conscience

February 18, 2012

The conscience. Con and science. Science within. We rule from conscience. Conscience is knowing right from wrong. Having the mind of Jesus Christ is having the ultimate wise conscience. God converts our souls / minds to the thinking of Jesus Christ. To have ultimate wisdom of God is having the best conscience one can have. God gives his wisdom and power through Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is the supreme wisdom. To have a full conscience of Jesus Christ means one uses all their brain capacity. To use the fullness of the brain means using the fullness of the head. The head then rules; we then are using all our senses for good not bad. We are in the full light of God. The head is in charge of the body. The body does not rule. Conscience rules from above – the head. We confess our sins regularly to keep a free (right) conscience. Sin darkens our conscience thus diluting our senses thus lessens our capacity for wisdom. Sin makes us fools.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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The Body Builder as against the head the God Head Builder

February 18, 2012

You get Dave the rave he’s a body builder he works on his body hours each day. You look at Dave you see a small head (puny in many people’s eyes) but his body is massive all muscles. His head looks so small on his massive body. Looking at Dave you know who is boss; his body is in charge not his head. Dave thinks he is …so very clever to make his body in charge. Dave thinks that he has out witted his head. To be in charge from his body is no mean feat for Dave – it is a lot of consistent hard work. For the wise person of God they make their head to be in charge of the body. The wise person of God looks to the Word of God for their power and wisdom. Wise people exercise spiritually. It is in spirit / Spirit that they see as giving the strength. God’s Word is strength. Wise people look to the knowledge of God for their strength. Wise people exercise spiritually everyday maybe for hours on end.
Dave is popular with all the loose women because they know he is not subject to the one head. In other words Dave is not faithful to one woman. Dave therefore is not faithful to the one God. Dave is not faithful to the one God Head. Dave is faithless and faithless women like him. Dave has one head on his body but Dave chooses to put his body before his head (brains). Dave to achieve all this has to to work out physically hours on end each day going through much pain to his body. But is Dave clever?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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Come out of the closet

February 15, 2012

Dave come out! Come out!
But Mum I was praying in the closet.
Yes praying.
Ok that is ok.
I was not trying to hide anything.
Are you sure?
Yes Mum I am sure.
I tell you and Dad everything.
That’s good we do not as a family want to hide any secrets away from each other.

Sit everyone. Did anyone do their homework last night?
Good most of the class. Henry why did you not do the set homework?
Sir my father as you all know is a Pastor and he told me not to do the homework set for last night.
Oh and why did your father not approve of that homework?
Dad says that homosexuality is a sin.
And do you agree Henry?
I don’t know sir I don’t understand it. But Dad’s the boss.
Do you think your Dad understands homosexuality?
Dad knows everything and he’s a Pastor.

Class we all know about slaves and slavery. In days in the past slavery was rife. The white people treated black people as an inferior race. Slavery was justified because interpretation of the Christian Bible warranted it so. Take the kings of the holy land Israel in the Old Testament times these kings had many slaves as did the Israelites themselves. Slavery in those times was condoned on a wide scale. Now later on we have the America’s and their rampant slavery. And we should not forget the slavery in Great Britain this tolerated here until parliament outlawed it with the help of a Good Samaritan a Member of Parliament William Wilberforce (1759-1833). With Wilberforce’s intervention slavery was abolished in the British Empire; the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. Slavery attests to the old adage “Everyone is created equal but some are more equal than others”.
The American civil war (1861-1865) cost the lives of approximately 620,000 men. This civil war was about slavery. The southern states of the USA were called the Confederates and they fought the northern states called the Unionists. The southern states had a lot of plantations and many slaves worked on these plantations. The unionists abolished slavery. The confederates broke away from the union so there was a war. Abraham Lincoln won the presidency in 1860. In September 1862, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation made ending slavery in the South a war goal.
Emancipation is about freeing people from the fixed ideas of others. This is about liberation from the control of others. The civil war in America was about emancipation of the dark skin people. We must remember that alot of owners of slaves were church going people.
Sir what is slavery to do with our homework last night?
Henry do you not see a correlation?
No sir.
You say your father is a Pastor of a church.
Yes he is sir.
And the Bible speaks much about slavery been tolerated and accepted. It is up to the church to be responsible for the truth in the world. The wisdom of God is Jesus Christ and this wisdom (maybe 7 pillars of wisdom) is the pillars that hold up the church. The church condoned slavery and as such gave liberty to people to own slaves. Slavery was justified because the church justified it.
But sir what is this to do with homosexuality?
Don’t you see Henry your father you say knows everything? Humans don’t know everything we want to know everything because we are told that knowledge is power. We can control people with knowledge. This is where emancipation comes in; people control others through supposedly knowledge that is not proven as truth. Young Pastors want to control their flock; why? Because these Pastors in their youthfulness are not in complete control of them selves. We are supposed to lead by example not by controlling. Cults are born from out of controlling leaders. Jesus while on this earth led by example.

Jesus Christ was before Pilate.
Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth?
Jesus did not reply.
Why not reply? Why reply to a silly question silly in Jesus eyes. When truth is looking you in the face you do not ask what truth is.
Truth was looking Pilate in the face and he was blind to it. You do not ask truth what is truth.

When we look at a human being we see truth. We see God we see revelation of God the creator. But in looking at a human being we also see sin. We see the error ways of the person. We see good and bad about a person.

When we look at a human being and we have insight we see past the colour of the skin.

Sir are a lot of people lacking in insight.
Yes, yes, yes. We see but we do not see we hear but we do not hear. A lot of people are dull in their minds.
Why are people dull?
Dull because of sin.
Sir is homosexuality a sin?
I do not know the answer to that one but I do know that it is not wise to judge people. Slavery is treated as a sin now by the church but in the past it was widely accepted.
Sir homosexuals are they treated like the slaves of the past?
Yes there is a great correlation.
What can we do to help?
Homosexuals have to arise and help themselves; they need to be honest with themselves and with God and with everyone else. Homosexuals need to come out of the closet in mass; not hide anymore; have courage and not be cowards; this will set a good trend for future generations of homosexuals. Suffering is part of life and coming out will not be easy a lot of homosexuals will suffer but in this suffering there hopefully will be understanding. Where there is no pain there is no gain.
Sir are you a homosexual?
No, I am straight. I am a straight thinker and a straight talker. But I love “Understanding”. I want the truth. I hate been lied to. I hate deceit. Homosexuals should be truthful about themselves; not live a lie to themselves or to anyone else.
The Bible says clearly that we are not to judge other people God is the only judge. We are not to judge homosexuals. Homosexuals are human beings in the image of God we see them in the light of God we see sin as well as good just as others see us good and bad.
But sir is homosexuality a sin?
I can tell you honestly that I did not choose my sexuality. I never in my whole life chose my sexual orientation. I in my young youth did not even know of homosexuality. To my knowledge I was always attracted to females. I did not make a choice about been attracted to males or females. I have never been attracted to males. My sexual orientation was made for me to my knowledge at my creation in my mother’s womb; I believe it is the same for homosexuality you are homosexual at birth. The same for the colour of a persons skin you are born white skinned or dark skinned it is not a choice a person makes.
Time everyone. Class finished.
Thank you sir.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

I am who I am – what do you think?

February 10, 2012

I am bright; I am popular; I am attractive; I am highly intelligent; I am successful at work; I am quite rich; I am hard working.
Woohoo steady up.
What’s wrong?
You certainly are many things.
What’s your problem?
I Am Who I Am.
What was that you said?
I Am Who I Am.
Who said that?
Said what?
I Am Who I Am.
It was not me but it makes sense.
I Am Who I Am.
There the words again. Look are you putting words in to my mind?
Not me.
I Am Who I Am.
There are the words again. What do they mean?
Maybe God is putting those words in your mind.
God; you mean God God?
Yes God God why not?
Why would God be saying such things?
Because God is I Am Who I Am.
God is lots of things.
True but God does not go around saying I am this and that. God simply says I Am Who I Am. We may call God lots of things but God does not praise himself. We praise God. When we go to God in prayer we do not hear God praising himself. We listen as God listens. In the quietness of our hearts our spirit enjoys fellowship with God. God does not want to do a lot of talking. People get the idea that God talks and talks. Why because people talk so much they talk sometimes as much as they can they think that it is clever to talk. Listening is clever not talking. God does not say he is wonderful he is bright he is attractive he is strong he is all wise. We say that about God. The Holy Spirit gives us an understanding of God but God does not self adulate.
When Jesus was on this earth he did not wake up in the morning and start saying “I am so Godly today; I am so handsome; I am so wise”. No Jesus did not self adulate.
So I did wrong?
I Am Who I Am.
There’s the voice again. I Am Who I Am; I Am Who I Am. What is this nonsense talk?
Careful let’s be cautious when we talk about God.
You think God is talking to me.
Well there’s only the two of us in this room. And God might also be here.
You are crazy.
The Father and Son to explain who they are they say “I Am Who I Am”. We humans are different we love to praise ourselves. I am this I am that they love to boast about their accomplishments their successes their human awards their status their monetary worth. Let God judge all these things in us and about us not we do it to ourselves that is if God does do it he most likely will not. God does not talk about things like what we humans talk about. We humans judge according to the worldly things.
So who am I?
You are ‘I am who I am’ but not in all capitals. God is ‘I Am Who I Am’ with capitals at the start of each word. We are like gods not God but god. We are a god with a small g. We are gods because we are members of the God God. So please do not self adulate it’s not wise we do not praise ourselves; if others praise us all to well. God likes to keep everything very simple its mankind who has made this world so very complex. There are many layers of complexity over the teachings of mankind now. Most people today have this complex or that complex people are going crazy out of their minds. A lot of people take drugs to help them through the complex jungle of today’s world. The world is snuffing out God’s creation and mankind is trying to replace God’s creation with mankind’s creation. The human spirit in most people is at a crisis. The human spirit is suffering because spirit is of God’s making and as such spirit is been snuffed out. Robots of the future acting like human beings are mankind’s creation. God made us in his likeness we humans will make robots in our likeness. We humans will try and take over from God. Then there’s the spirit to make; a ghost to make; trying to copy the human spirit.
Ok ok I get it. No more praising myself. I am simply I am who I am and nothing more no layers of complexity on me I am just simply me and no more.
Keep it simple. God Made you just let yourself be what God made you to be. When we are who we are in God we can be free thinkers and think sensibly.
I am who I am and I think.
You have it.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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