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May 29, 2017

 John was on his back porch. John was praying. He heard loud grunting like deep gasps of breath. John walked over to his property fence. A new neighbour named Dave had just moved in. John saw a man, in about his 40’s, working at some exercise equipment in his back yard. The man had many tattoos on his body. 


My names John. Welcome to our area. What’s with the gym equipment? 

I know who you are. You are called a Holy Man. I went to the pub here and they told me all about you. You pray and read the Bible, I don’t want you and your religion. 

Would you like to join me and my wife for dinner tonight?

Look I don’t want your religion. 

It’s just dinner.

I know you religious.


Look can you please leave me alone I am trying to work out. 


Yer work. Look at these muscles they don’t come easy.

Ok sorry to interrupt you.

John returns to his house back porch. John prays for his neighbour Dave.

The next day John is on his back porch. John is praying. Uuuur aaaar oooo. There are grunting sounds next door. Dave is working out again. John goes to the fence and looks over. Dave is hard at it lifting weights. John looks at Dave, Dave looks at John. John says nothing but he just blows some wind from his mouth in Dave’s direction. Dave carries on weight lifting saying nothing. John goes back to his house porch and continues praying. 

The next day the routine is the same. John goes to the fence sees Dave, Dave sees John, John blows some wind from his mouth. This goes on for a week. Nothing is said between the neighbours. Dave thinks “I am getting very strong, that wimp next door that religious neighbour is so weak, he’s a wimp”. That afternoon all is not well. Dave has a heart attack. Dave is in his back yard. Dave is all alone. John meantime is pottering around in his back shed. Then John begins to think of Dave. It’s like John is now meant to think of his neighbour. John thinks “God is wanting me to think of Dave”. John thinks “Maybe I should go and see Dave”. John leaves his shed and goes to the fence. John looks over the fence looking for Dave. Dave is sprawled out on his back looking limp. John calls out “Dave Dave”. No reply. John climbs over the fence and quickly walks over to Dave. Dave is hardly breathing. John has his mobile phone on him. John calls the emergency number. An ambulance is on its way. Dave gets taken to hospital. Dave receives treatment for a week and is discharged. Dave returns home. 

After Dave is back home after a few days John goes to the back fence. No gym equipment. No grunting. Then Dave comes to his back door and sees John and comes over to the fence.

Is that dinner invite still on for me?

Sure is Dave. Tonight at 6.

That night Dave is at Johns house. 

Lovely dinner Karen. 

We are just so glad to have you for dinner.

John I have been wondering why you used to puff wind out of your mouth each time you saw me over the fence.

Well I ….

Don’t explain John. I know why you did it.

You do.

Yes. I know you are a bible person. Gossip abounds. I read how God says that we humans are a mere breath. We are light as a breath. We are strong as a breath. 

Yes but….

John you don’t need to explain. My way was wrong. I have been reading the bible ever since I got out of hospital. I have given up all my lifting weights. I do however still do some physical exercises. But my main exercises now are spiritual. I too now read the bible and pray. Real strength is first in spirit. I am a spirit. I used to forgo spiritual exercise and I suffered for it, never again. 

So that brings me to you puffing out the wind. I now realise that you were trying to tell me something all that time. I am just as strong as the wind. I am breath. But God is strong. Spirit is like breath. We get breath at birth. As soon as we are birthed in to this world we get breath, we get spirit. The flesh is our covering. We are spirit inside the flesh. I was trying to get strong to overcome the world in flesh. I now know that was wrong. It’s in Gods way for us to subdue the world beneath us only through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Spirit. Jesus Christ died to all our sins, Jesus Lives. Jesus is all pure, He is sinless. Only through Jesus can we defeat the world. My way was wrong, my way was the world’s way, it was foolish. It is late I must be going home. Thank you John and Karen for the lovely dinner.

Night Dave.

Later that night John and Karen are talking.

John that was very clever of you to do the puffing of the wind.

Yer. But …

Dear you don’t need to explain, God works in mysterious ways.

But Karen I….

Don’t explain John let go let God.

John thinks “Whatever; no one seems to want to hear the truth. I was puffing because I was feeling the strain of holding myself up looking over the fence”. 

Tired dear.

Yes dear.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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