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August 7, 2017

I was talking on the phone with my human Dad (R.I.P.). Dad said I see a war in the Pacific. Then he confirmed it by saying yes he can really see it going to happen. 

When I heard him say this I was quite amazed. Dad had already told me many years back that he had enlightenment. Dad has amazed me on a number of occasions. Dad was not always enlightened. Actually for most of Dads life I thought he was in the dark; I thought this when and after I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and repented of my sins. Dad got enlightenment when I received Christ; I stand by that notion. Dad was not religious. If any Dad was humanistic. Dad tended to science for his answers to life. I tend to the Spirit of God for answers. I am a man of the Holy Spirit. When Dad said he saw a war in the pacific it sounded like he was seeing something in his mind. I seldom heard Dad saying something like this. He is in to science; science has to have proof by experiment or by observation. Dad the man of science. But Dad saying he sees meaning an inner sight this is no science. So it amazed me to hear Dad say what he said about war. I think Dad said it to me about a pacific war because God wanted me to know about this war. Dad said he saw war but that was all, no time of the war, nothing about who will be fighting, nothing. I don’t know who will be fighting; thinking it will be China is mere guessing. I don’t know. But Dad was a man who used his words wisely. He was no fool. 
Dad may have been a fool in his earlier life but he turned in to a very Godly wise man. Dad died as a Godly wise man. So is there going to be war in the pacific? Is Dad right? When?
I believe my human Dad got enlightenment from Jesus Christ. He was enlightened when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord. I don’t believe science enlightened Dad. Science is not necessary light. Light comes from God. Jesus Christ is light. Light comes from Gods Spirit. Gods Spirit of Wisdom gives light. Dad studied science in his own way for most of his life but it was only when he became about 60 yrs old when I received Christ in to my life that Dad got true enlightenment. Enlightenment is not out there, it’s an inner light, the sun does not give enlightenment. The Son (of God) and not the sun is the Spiritual power. All flesh circles the sun but human spirits should be centred on Jesus Son of God. The sun is the centre for all physical earthly life. People who worship the sun and are known as sun worshippers forsake who they really are because we are human spirit first (and soul). The human spirit needs to worship God Spirit. We are soul and spirit in a physical body. The physical body is only the cover. To know a person, know their soul and human spirit. Spiritual connection comes before a physical connection. Soul connects to other people and God by spirit. Spirit is our life line to God and to other people. We commune in spirit. Human spirit communes in words with God and with other people’s human spirits. 
True worship with God is in human spirit to God Spirit. Get an intelligent and wise human spirit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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