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July 31, 2017

The Holy Scripture is quite straightforward and simple in its explanation that the husband is head of the wife. Just as long hair on a female and short hair on a male is straightforward and simple to understand. The headship of God is sanctified. To understand God is to understand the God Head. 

The Father God and Son God are in the God head. They say the Holy Spirit is also in the God head. The Holy Spirit comes from the Head. The head is in charge of the body. The head has the brain. The brain is not the power, the power is in Spirit in the heart in the body. Gods Spirit is the ultimate power. God used the God Spirit to create the universe. Spirit of God hovered over the deep (deep what? Ocean, ocean what? Water maybe). God Spirit triggered the energy to create the universe. The head is above the body, the body takes orders from the head. The mind of Jesus Christ is in the mind of the converted. With husband and wife we have a male mind head and a female mind head. Jesus Christ is male not female. Jesus mind is in the male the female submits to the male mind of Christ. The Bible clearly says “The husband must love his wife as Christ loves the church and the wife must submit to the husband as the church submits to Christ”. This scripture is a mystery but it is real and true. Headship is real. We think in the head. Adam was created first. Adam a male. We call God Father not mother. Jesus was born of a woman but Mary Jesus mother is not in the God Head. The God Head is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Husbands beating and or abusing their wives. Women should not have to tolerate domestic violence in any form. You walk away from trouble not encourage it. I know divorce by many conservatives is frowned upon. Even the Bible speaks against divorce unless there is adultery. But no one should have to be violated. The women must be empowered to make their own decisions. In the past wives stayed with their abusive husbands because of financial considerations. In the past the male was the bread winner, now women work at careers and earn money. In the past women were just breeders and house wives. Women now also are much educated, in the past women were just educated in few things just until they could be married off. 
No woman or girl should tolerate domestic violence. Husbands who prey on their wives are not loving their wives as Christ loves the church. A husband needs to love his wife as he loves his own body. If the husband is not loving as Christ then the wife is not beholden to the husband. The wife only submits to the husband if the husband is loving as Christ does. There is love and there is love. The people think the world’s love is the way to go, wrong. Christ is above in heaven, use your heads people, Gods love is not off this world, Gods love is from above. 
Use your heads. Use your head in the proper order and fashion. Jesus wisdom of the headship is there to help not hinder. God is male and female but the headship is male. The God Head has no female in it. Mother Mary, mother of Jesus even is not in the God Head.
Is the God Head teaching wrong? Do you want Jesus’ Mother in the God Head? Will God let the female in to His God Head????
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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