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February 7, 2018


Excuse me!! language!!


You could connect with the brain more often.

And how do I do that?


Prayer connects you to to your brain?


And how?

God is above.

God above where?

Oh and you think connecting with God is connecting with what? the moon? Mars? Pluto? Maybe another galaxy? Is God on Mars now?

God is above.

And above in Spirit is where, Mars? Why do the astronauts and cosmonauts not report seeing God?

I pray to God.

You don’t even know where God is so how can you pray to Him?

I pray.

You pray but because you don’t know how to pray the Holy Spirit in the heart intercedes to God on your behalf.

God is in the heavens.

But Heaven is metaphorical, Heaven is meta, beyond the physical. Heaven is a mind (soul) set. Heaven is in Words. Heaven is real. Spirit is real. Soul is real. We do get a new body in the Second Coming of Christ. We carry heaven in us. The Kingdom of God is within. Emanuel, God with us, God within us. God does not live in physical buildings God lives in a temple. There is a temple above. We have a temple for God to live in. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. David was not talking about God up there on Mars. The enemies are put at the feet. Feet is of a body. Feet are David’s feet. The KING of God has God in him. So for a person to pray to God from the heart is to connect with the brain. To connect with the brain is to bring the body in to submission to the brain. The head rules. People who seldom pray seldom connect with the brain. We must have the brain in charge. God is the brains of the body the church. The church is not a good word to use now, I prefer using Body of Christ. Church has become full of human wisdom. Jesus said “I am in the Father and the Father is in me. See me you see the Father”. You can not see the Father God, no one has seen Him. You will die if you see God the Father. Prophets in the past have yearned to see God the Father. Moses even wanted to see God the Father. You don’t see God just as you don’t look directly at the sun. You get blinded by looking at the sun. God does show Himself in visions and dreams through His only begotten Son. Don’t believe people who say they have seen God the Father. God also reveals Himself through His Angels.

So where is heaven?

Heaven is above. If you are saved you are saved above.

What is saved?

Your soul. You rule with God in the heavens. We are in the world but not off the world. The world is at my feet. My head is above. My soul is saved. No university or school teaches the true wisdom of Jesus Christ. Teachers teach but they do not save the soul.

So pray often to engage the brain, use the brain often, don’t rule from the body.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



May 19, 2017

Having good mind intelligence and having good emotional intelligence. 

Raised in soul mind to the head in Christ Jesus. God raises our mind soul to the above to the head level. The world is apart from our head soul mind when we are saved in Christ. In salvation we are of the head level. We are raised from the heart level to the head level. We think from above. Our mind soul is free from the world. The heart deals with the world. Our heart always under tension. Our heart vexed regularly. Our soul is saved. Our soul in the head. 
In our head we listen to our heart. Our ears are in our head. Our soul and heart in salvation is cleaned of all sins, this includes generational sins (our ancestors sins). Our head is in charge of our heart. Our head commands the body. The body submits to the head. Salvation is being free from all sins and living above. 
We die in our old sinful flesh person in our heart, we are born again, we have a new cleansed human spirit in heart, our human spirit gets a new life. In our old sinful flesh self off the world did we then have a human spirit or did human spirit only come to us in what is known as a born again experience? I am of the opinion that everyone has a human spirit from birth, the time when we first took a breath, spirit is in breath, so the baby comes in to the world and breathes. Does the baby breathe in the mothers womb? I think not, so human spirit comes at birth. In salvation the Holy Spirit comes into our heart. We go through a dying to old flesh self and a renewal in human Spirit. We are spirit person now. In the past we were soul person. But soul is above in head saved. Our human spirit interacts with the world. Our Holy Spirit is our main stay in our heart. We are not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is God but we in human spirit grow and mature and wizen in God. Our soul is above and free from the world, it’s the spirit and Spirit in our heart that interacts with others. We are spirit people in God. Adam the soul man, Christ the Spirit person. 
Emotional intelligence is based on heart whereas mind intelligence is based on head. The head has the senses not the heart. The head helps the heart. The head and heart and body have to be free of sins to be of any good as bearers of useful intelligence. Generations of family who love the supreme God and do good works not bad works pass on to their heirs (children, and so on down the family tree) sinless hearts, minds, and bodies. So people can pass sins down the family tree. Sin makes for dark minds, dark hearts, and dark inner bodies thus sins can darken intelligence emotionally or mind. 
We are saved above in soul, the head of Christ rules. 

In the second coming of Jesus Christ we wake up in soul, we were sleeping after our physical death, we are given a new immortal body and we live for eternity in heaven. 
Not all humans go to heaven. And birds, fish, insects and animals do not go to heaven for eternity. Only humans have souls to live on, either in hell or heaven.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

The head is over the body.
The head has the mind.

Is the mind the soul?

Soul is thoughts.

Soul is in words.

Soul is your shadow.

Soul is an internal shadow in the head.

Soul shadow has thoughts.

Humans think.

The body and the head is matter. 

Did mind make the body?

Did mind make the head?

Does mind in words make matter?

Do words make matter?

Are words alive?

Was the universe made out of words?

What is matter?

Matter is solid.

What makes matter solid?

All matter is energy.

The whole universe was made out of energy.

What keeps the electrons going around the nucleus?

Matter is all atoms.

Atoms are energy.

In the beginning was energy, God was and is that energy.

Energy is first and last.

God is a person.

God is intelligence.

God is energy.

What holds matter together?

No one understands why matter is solid.

Matter did not make itself.

Did God mind make matter?

Mind rules over matter.

Jesus Christ walked on water.

Jesus Christ walked through a solid door.

Will humans find the secret of how matter is solid?

To find how matter is solid will science have to search the mind?

Will science believe in a soul?

Will science accept the invisible spirit?

To understand the soul / mind is to understand God.

Matter was made by the mind.

The physical was made by the invisible.

Science will never be complete without God.

God made science.

Man was tempted and consumed science.

The FALL. Man wants to know as God knows.

Jesus Christ is not the science of God.

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God.

Wisdom is the tree to consume.

Science is good and bad.

Wisdom of Christ is all good. 

Science kills and heals. 

The head rules over the body.

Jesus is the Head.

Mind / soul is in the head.

Have the soul / mind of Jesus Christ.

Let the mind of Christ rule.

Christ rules from above.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

These brain doctors are masquerading as healers of the soul but at the same time they do not believe in a soul. A SHAM.
What I can not understand is why these psychiatrists like using the word psyche in their titles and cover words but they say they do not believe in a separate human soul or human spirit. These psychiatrists over many years say mental illness is a brain sickness. 
So these so called doctors of the mind are deceiving us. They submit to the Devil so they don’t believe in soul and spirit but at the same time they show off the word psyche trying to use the authority of the supreme God. 
Psychiatrists get their authority from the law. The law protects and encourages psychiatry. The law looks to psychiatrists for authority on the soul even though a lot of the law and psychiatrists do not believe in a human soul or human spirit. 
The law has to decide whose side it is on. The Godly or the pagans? The law should be led by Godly people not by pagans.
The soul in the past used to be the domain of the church. Religion was the voice of soul. Religion encouraged soul. The church ordains priests to shepherd and look after souls. The law in the way past looked to the church or religion to explain soul. The law looks to pagans the non religious to explain soul now. The law is full of pagans. Pagans hate the thought of soul. Soul means God and pagans hate God. A lot of psychiatrists are pagan. A lot of law people are pagan.
Psyche means soul in Greek. 
These mind doctors to be true to their beliefs need to discard the word soul from any definition of their works. These doctors call the soul the mind. But really to them their treatment is of the brain. These doctors see all mind illness as a physical illness. 
These doctors should even give up on the word mind. Why? Because mind suggests there is a identity of humans separate from the physical brain. 
These brain doctors are stupid. Their wisdom is stupid.Their understanding is stupid. They think they are wise when they are foolish.
Most psychiatry is not simple. Some tries to be simple. Psychiatrists seem to be the blind leading the blind as they do not really know what they are doing. These doctors in the end just resort to drugs. These doctors just give out drugs as their only treatment. Drug the patients. Sedate them and hope they get well. Or even electric shock them hoping for a healing. Hey why not just use bloodletting. Blood let the patients. Bloodletting was common in the past and used by these so called professional brainy doctors, all protected and encouraged by the law. 
Psychiatry is a science. Psychiatry treatment relies on science. Science is good or evil. Science is a tree of thought. Science is knowledge. Man wants science. Man chooses science rather than Christ’s wisdom. Man trusts science not God. Scientists say to trust in a supreme One God is too simple. Simple to science is dumb. Man trusts in knowledge rather than God the supreme creator. Man thinks it’s clever to trust in science. Adam and Eve chose science. But God prefers mankind to trust Him. It’s simple to trust God. It’s complex to trust science. Mankind thinks to be complex is clever. The Christian church in the past did not rely on science but now many Christians rely on science. Many Christians put science before Christ. Science has come before Christ’s wisdom in the church. The established church think it’s clever to trust science. The body, soul, and spirit were made for simplicity. The heart beats or should beat at a simple rate. God said to man not to eat of science. But of course man thought he knew better. Do you know better? Science will end up with its own creation. Science creates its own creation. Man uses science to create an artificial creation. Man makes robots who look like man and act like man. Robots may eventually rebel against its maker man. 

To deny God is foolish.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Letter to a friend

September 22, 2016

​Dear friend
Greetings from a fellow traveller. We don’t know where we have come from and often we don’t know where we are going. Some people who we offend might say to us “Go to hell”. It’s a figurative response but it may belie more than just letters it might be metaphor but a deep meaning metaphor with truth. I like to think I am going to heaven but heaven can be a metaphor for a place that is spiritual in the making. Spirit is real, heaven and hell are real but understood only through spirit. Metaphor can explain reality but reality that we often can not see as we can not see God but we know about Him through metaphor. 
Friend welcome to the world of make believe. We make it and believe it. We make up our own world. Our world becomes a stage full of actors. We hide behind masks. No one knows who we are and we don’t know who others are. We act out a part. To show your true self is a no no. We don’t know who we are because we have no mirror to look in to to see our true selves. But there is a mirror – We can look at Holy Scripture. We can try and focus on the One True God. A mirror reflects as truth reflects. God reflects us. God is all truth. Gods Spirit is all truth. We can pray to God or read scripture and reflect. To know oneself through reflection is understanding. To know God is to know thyself. To look at God in faith is to look at thyself because we are created in the likeness of God. Faith means believing in a God we can not see. God won’t reveal himself to a sinful people. Even if God revealed himself we would still sin. God might get angry and kill all of us if He showed himself because we would continue to sin and God hates sin. 
God loves obedience, to obey is to love. Children love to disobey the authority. We are told to do something but we like to do the apposite. Who do you think you are telling me what to do? How we humans hate to obey? We want to do it our way we think we know best we are rebellious so why should God show himself. 
Friend chin up, have faith, believe, love. Pray often and read God. Focus is about one as God is one. Focus on one is sane. Insanity is about many. Walk the Faith and let your head bring all in to focus by the One head one brain one mind. The head is one and is in charge through the mind of Jesus Christ. Your mind is understood in words. Your mind is sane in one head one mind of Jesus Christ. Your senses are the tools of the Christ mind. Use your senses wisely. 
The heart is not in charge, the head is in charge. How humans get it upside down at times. The head is above the heart. The heart is below the head. Jesus is the Head. The body is not ruled by the heart. The brain is in the head not the heart. The brain is in charge of the body. The brain uses the senses. Be sensible and use your senses wisely for the use of the mind of Christ. Immature people are led by their heart. Mature people are led by their head. 
Though man makes believes God is at the same time trying to win His universe back to Him. He does this through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
Bye for now; Lester John Murray.

THE BRAIN – and its thinking 

July 27, 2016

The brain has two hemispheres. One brain two main parts. Humans are homosapiens, we think. Only humans think in ALL creation. The words were given only to humans. God is the ultimate supreme WORDS. GODS Words are our plumb line for our own words. 

Gods words keep us in a good frame of reference so if we go outside Gods framework we lean towards the insane. It’s sane to think within Gods truth. Truth is identified as sane. God is all truth. Humans were given the words because humans are in the image of their creator God. Humans were chosen to be with God. We commune and communicate with God with words. 
We stand on our words, meaning our words are what we are and if we use bad words then we stand on bad words and then our foundation of words we make becomes unsteady. If we make our foundation, what we stand on, strong then we get through life more safely and enjoyable. Using Gods Words as our foundation secures us a good standing in the community and a better stable life. Truth is our best foundation but fools stand on a shaky foundation, fools lie. The foundation we build will be tested over time as the winds come and go. The dogs will attack. The snakes will bite. The wise build with Gods Words. Gods words are like a secure fortress. 
Thinking is where it’s at. “We are what we think”. You think, I think, we think, and we think together. There is a “sea of thoughts”. Everywhere we go we are in this sea. It’s a sea of words.
The brain has two parts. Left and right part. We have two types of thinking. The left side of the brain is the words side. It’s words words and words. The right side of the brain is the objective side. 
Left is subjective and right is objective.
It’s easier to think of the God Head. We have a head and we are part of the greater God head. 
Jesus sits on the right hand side in heaven, right of God the Father. The Father God is in WORDS only. Jesus on the right side is in physical with Words. This is an ANALOGY to explain our head as against the God Head. The God Head has the Father God, the Son God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit God. The God Head has three persons but each the same and each making up the ONE God Head. The God Head sits with us as we are a God head but not the God Head. We carry God in us. God within, Emanuel. The Holy Spirit is in our heart and God the Father and Jesus the Son are above. We are not God, we die to our old selves, we are a new person in Christ. 
Our right brain thinking is based on Christ’s thinking. Our left brain thinking is based on the Father Gods thinking. The Word reigns both sides of the brain but the Father is more honoured than the Son so maybe the left side of the brain might be more dominant. I know the father is always more honoured than the son. King David said “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies under your feet”. David is speaking about what is going on with him in his mind and heart. David had insight. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

Yes I had a hair cut today; a very short hair cut and you know what, I am loving it. 

The cutting blade (for my haircut today) for those who want to know is cut number 1 and a half. I had not long ago gone down to a number 2 cut but this is a first for anything below number 2. Oh its so good. 
Finally showing my head off rather than trying to glorify my body. Yes I have no qualms glorifying my head over my body. Yes the brains are not in the body; we all know the brains are in the head. Yes I am a thinker, I love thinking so I glorify the good thoughts over the bad thoughts. Conscience rules. The con-science is science being knowledge within. Not the science out there (the science taught in academia) but the science within. The science of true wisdom in spirit from Spirit. The mind over matter. The body is the matter under the Mind of Jesus Christ. 
I hate it when I see men or even for that matter boys with long hair. Such means that these persons put the body before the head. They rule from the body and not the head. Urrrr excuse me I think that some people are missing a few intelligent principles, THE BRAIN IS NOT IN THE BODY. So when I see a body builder with his body exercised and muscled I often also see a puny small head on top of their body. So who here is respecting and glorifying the head? not the body builder; he or she do not glorify the head. 
We Christians have or should have the MIND OF JESUS CHRIST. The mind is in the head. The soul is in the head. The mind are the thoughts of the soul. We think Christ like thoughts. Thoughts are in words and words of GOD in us rule. The words rule but Gods WORDS rule over all other words. Gods WORDS are supreme. 
We have a soul and a spirit. I have a soul relationship with my wife. My wife is my soul mate. I have a spirit relationship with God. God is my Spirit mate. 
Do we worship God from our souls to Gods soul? Or do we worship God from our soul to only God Spirit? Does God have a soul? When we pray do we say God soul in praying to God? Jesus Christ must have a soul. But does the Father God have a soul? The Holy scriptures do mention people’s souls worshipping God. So we do worship God from our souls. We are comfortable saying that God is Spirit but are we comfortable saying God is soul? 
God says “those who are true worshippers of God worship God in spirit and truth”.
Speaking about soul – those of you who are married; did you marry a soul mate or just a body mate? To marry a soul mate one has to see through the outer layer the skin and discern the within. The soul can be hidden behind all the glory of flesh. A true connection to a beloved is through soul and the flesh will follow. Soul love is the true deep love; anything else is skin deep and fizzles away. Skin deep love does not endure. Love the soul. So outer looks can deceive, they can lead you astray and in to a very bad relationship. It will cost you heaps. 
There are two types of marriage: One made in heaven (ruled by the head). 

And one made in hell (ruled by the body).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 30, 2015

Your mouth and tongue is in your head – speak with sense – and your eyes seeing and your ears hearing and your tongue tasting and your nose smelling – all these are in the head and help to give good sense.

So the Christ Head Rules.

The thoughts rule conscious and the conscious head is what rules the body and the body is either satans body or Jesus Christ’s body or a body that is of the wild. So what head (thoughts with conscious) should be ruling over ALL? I Say the Jesus Christ head. Jesus thoughts should rule. So the humanist – does he or she rule with Christ thoughts? No no, the humanist rules with mans wisdom, man made and not God made (not Christ made). The humanist and satanist do not help at all, about nil, they are not ruling in their thoughts from Christ. Humanism is a type of fools gold. It looks good but it is false. False to God. Christ’s thoughts are the true wisdom of God thoughts. Thoughts are in Words and Words rule. Words rule through conscious (and sub conscious). Christ thoughts rule over ALL. So the satanist and the humanist are really useless when it comes to helping the community keep in wise order. Christ is the true head and we as members of the body of Christ need to obey the ruling of the Words of Christ. It’s very very SIMPLE. Christ does not rule with complications. Keep it simple and you learn from Christ’s Spirit. Don’t try and complicate God, you won’t learn true wisdom of Christ that way. We must adhere to our souls being converted to the soul of Christ. The mind (soul) of Christ no other. Let’s be WISE (truly wise).

Who rules? The God Head rules, no question about it. We call the God Head, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent by God above in to our heart. The heart does not rule, the Head rules. Does the Holy Spirit rule from the heart? The Head rules and the Bible says Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body. Jesus Christ is in the Head ruling from above, the above heavens. The Kingdom of God is within. Emmanuel God within. Coming to terms with the subjectiveness and objectiveness of God is not easy; one has to balance the God in Jesus who is in the physical and is out there somewhere and also come to terms with the God within. Heaven can be out up there and also within us. We must balance the object God and the subject God. We can not just make God an object. But we can not dwell in introspective subjectiveness too much. Walking a straight line between subject and object is very hard; one must have plenty of self control. 

Young people are too much in to their passions; the elderly have more self control than the youth. The elderly have more experience too. Passions do not go with self control. You will find more good sense with those who have self control.  

In our human spirit, do we understand the up there? The human spirit in the heart, do you see a head up there? Are your spiritual eyes open to see the head on top of the body or are you devoid of such thought of a head ruling above. Human spirit can be ignorant of a lot of things, we just have to hopefully understand with Gods Spirit help. But no doubt in our own spirit we struggle with Gods Spirit; I mean we know better or do we. So we struggle with God. We would rather learn off man out there than learn off God. Human wisdom is more appealing; we don’t have to struggle with God that way. Who wants to learn off the Holy Spirit when there is no real glory in it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 28, 2014

I think I think I think and I live within my heart and mind but I am also part of the universal conscious (mind) and universal subconscious (heart). My thoughts are linked in as other people’s thoughts are linked in to the greater universal thinking. So we are all (those in CHRIST) part of “The Universal Consciousness”.

Maybe we can call the process of how the Universal Conscious communicates – “COMMUNING”. Maybe the minds commune through human spirit. But maybe the communion only happens between those who are in the body of Christ. We commune within the confines of the church (body of Christ). The people outside the church (body of Christ) are out in the darkness, these people outside the body of Christ live in the wild they are not part of the cultivated thinking that is in the confines of the Cultivated Universal Mind and Heart of the body of Christ. Of course being in the Universal Mind and Heart of Christ does not necessary mean one is mature and wise. We mature and wizen up in thoughts over time. Just like a plant grows we humans also grow, we grow in spirit and soul in wisdom and maturity of thought. No one coming in to the body of Christ (saved soul) automatically goes straight to full maturity and wisdom. God is a God of growth. Nature itself tells us things grow. Gods creation grows. Humans grow in stature and wisdom.

Carl Jung a noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist (b. 1875 – d. 1961) also wrote about the universal conscious and sub conscious. Jung called it “Collective unconscious”. Jung in my mind was in the church (the spiritual body of Christ). Jung was in the cultivated body and not in the outside wild body. Jung had religion but he did not fully understand it. Jung had religion because his human father was in the body of Christ (that is my understanding). If ones father is saved, the son is saved. The son is saved the father is saved. I expect it also works with mother and daughter or is it father and daughter. Jung obviously was not a big reader of the Bible and if he was he did not refer to the Bible in his theories. Jung was humanising his understanding of what he learnt and discerned in the body of Christ (the church). Jung’s father was a Minister in the church. Jung no doubt learnt a lot about the Christian church but may have strayed from his fathers teachings to a gospel that the world preaches, a worldly gospel that puts man in the forefront of everything apart from God. Jung discerned well, so we gather he was very insightful, meaning he had a lot of light in him, not darkness. God may have blessed Jung because of his father. Jung’s human spirit must have learnt much from his fathers teachings at church. The human spirit listens and communes and sees and subconsciously learns even when we might not think so. Jung had good learning from his father but his mother was another thing. Jung’s mother may have had a mental illness. She was depressed and thought spirits were talking to her. Mental illness can in many cases be caused by immaturity. Jung in his grown up life maybe wanted to understand his mother more. Jung maybe was trying to be like his Minister (Pastor) father but pastor/mentor/understand mental illness. So here we get Jung the minister of mind illnesses. Carl did not become a Minister of the church like his father but instead used the God given gifts given to him to play the Pastor in a humanistic way. It was never about God to Jung; oh no he was better than his father, he was not going to be exactly like his father, he was going to be his own man apart from his father. So we get Jung the humanist (it’s about him), not Jung the follower of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 27, 2013

Today I saw the movie “The Railway Man”. I quite enjoyed this movie. But I do think it fell somewhat short in portraying the true reality of the suffering of the POW’S (Prisoner of War) in the camps. I have read many books about the harsh Japanese treatment of POW’S and I have read The Railway Man.

On reflection after the movie I thought of my adversary at Kapiti College, (Raumati South, Wellington Province, New Zealand). I went to Kapiti College straight after finishing primary school a primary school that was in my home town of Pukerua Bay. My Adversary at college, a male student, lived in a nearby town called Paekakariki. My adversaries name is Garth Howard. Garth was a popular boy, he had many friends, he was a rugby player on one of the college teams, he was no real scholar, he was a member of the surf life saving club at Paekakariki.
Garth had a sister called Bronwyn also a student at Kapiti College; she came across as compassionate, like a caring person. Now I never ever spoke to Bronwyn but I seemed to have got a perception of her, like a spiritual perception. She was different to Garth. Garth was in my 6th form class. Garth tormented me. He was the BULLY. Now I never saw him bully other people, only me. He seemed to make it his mission to make my life a misery; and he achieved this goal. I was miserable for a lot of my first year 6th form. Garth used a very simple method to make my life a misery. Garth just repeatably in my presence called me one word – Zack. Garth called me Zack in a very mocking way like daily and many times a day. This went on for a whole year and even after college I saw him sometimes say on the train or in the city and there was Garth and his calling me Zack. I used to be scared of Garth physically even though Garth never touched me physically. With Garth it was like a tension, a conflict, a fear in my heart and mind. I felt so demeaned. I felt scared. I felt depressed. I felt miserable. I was not coping at college as it was and he was like making my college days even worse. Many years later I met a lady who lived in Paekakariki and she said Browyn had become a nurse; I relate to that; nurses are supposed to care. Bronwyn had that way of caring. I was told by this Paekakariki lady that Garth’s father was a drinker. Now I met this lady at New Norcia Monastery guesthouse a few years ago.

Why would I reflect on Garth after watching The Railway Man movie. Because the movie was about reconciliation; about saying sorry and about forgiveness. Garth has never apologised to me. In my thinking to forgive one needs first an apology. In the movie the Japanese ex kempei soldier aologised to Eric Lomax. But before the apology Lomax lived out a life suffering, Lomax was still fighting he had not finished the war, and this was much later after the war had finished. Lomax fought day and night but this was in his mind and heart. Lomax was like fighting his demons. Lomax in his older life met his adversary. There was an apology and forgiveness and both Lomax and his Japanese adversary became good friends.

Garth was my adversary he made my college days a misery. His friends helped him. I remember a time at the college walking along with another student a daughter of a local Church Minister. She tried to commiserate with me. She said she could not help me, she said Garth was on the rugby first eleven or what ever it was called and she implied Garth was popular. Her name was Elizabeth. I remember her Dad was the Clergy officiating with our Kapiti Boy Scouts district troop to Kaiapoi near Christchurch for a scout Jamboree. This was just before my college days. This Jamboree was one of the best times in my life; I thoroughly enjoyed the Jamboree. I remember Revd Orchard I remember seeing him on the train trip from Picton to Christchurch.

So Eric Lomax returned from the war only after the apology and forgiveness; his war had gone on day and night well past the end of the physical war. Eric returned to England after the war but not in spirit and mind. Eric finished the war but it was a very long war. This is the same for a lot of people they are in an on going battle, SIMPLY because people do not apologise. BUT the second part is done by the victim they must forgive. Otherwise the mind and heart are at war. War is tension. War is more than just physical; its mind and heart; its soul and spirit. To be released one has to say sorry; release from heart and mind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 15, 2013

God’s callings such a touchy subject because there are so many books written on the subject but still people do not understand the gist of it all. I have had some thoughts on callings but have not analysed it too much. I have discovered that only through wisdom and insight of God can one find their true calling. I think of a person and can perceive their calling. I think with insight. Wisdom comes to the heart but in heart to human spirit. We humans are essentially spirit and soul. We think in soul helped by spirit. Spirit has the gifts from God (spiritual gifts) and these gifts in spirit help our souls and bodies. In helping body and soul these gifts are really helping the one whole body of Christ, the true church. I perceive callings I see a person in minds eye and can understand their God given calling. When I see this calling I see a correlation between their physical looks like the look of their face and their calling. The facial features correlate with their calling. Such features make sense of their calling. This sense confirms their calling.

An Example
My time at Bible College. I perceive the callings of the college lecturers. The first teacher I met and had an interview with to discuss my enrolment he looks like a army major. The second teacher I saw for an interview he looks like a barman. And my last interview was spent with a teacher looking like an accountant. There was a third teacher and he looks like a television producer. Another teacher she looks like a school teacher. Another teacher was really a book publisher.

All these lecturers taught me at college. But there was only one true teacher.

I don’t usually work out a persons calling just by looks. Looks come second. It’s my insight and thoughts that work out a calling and then looks confirm the calling.

Life is so vain. People work but don’t work. Vanities of vanity. It’s like what the bible says “People see but don’t see, people listen but don’t listen, all is vanity”.

The bible says “The people stone my prophets”. The prophets are the messengers of God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Subjectivity and Objectivity / Both need each other to exist

September 8, 2013

Humans are both subject and object, we need to get a balance.

A subject is only a subject when it is subject to an object but the object is only an object when it has subjects that it objects to.

A king could be called a object and the kings people could be called his subjects.

Subjects worship an object.

Subjects do not worship other subjects.

Subjects are to submit to the reigning object.

The heart submits to the head.

The heart is below the head.

Objects are objective they object to evil.

The objects are more of the mind and rely more on facts.

Subjects are more of the heart and rely more on feelings.

The head is objective and the heart is subjective.

Subjective; sub, meaning below.

So the reigning king objects to the evil of his subjects.

Objects have subjects.

Christians rule with the mind of Jesus Christ as such they rule with rational objectivity. Christians also have a heart so they rule with subjective feelings. BUT the feelings are subject to the rational mind. Feelings do not rule without obedience to the rational mind.

Feelings are always subjective to facts. A rational mind is factual. Jesus Christ is fact.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

Psychic Cyber Warfare (Soul and Computers)

June 27, 2013

I ask did the former Soviet Union Government sponsor such warfare on its own citizens and against its satellite communist country citizens; and against other people’s in other countries. The KGB might have been at the forefront of using such warfare. Then did the Chinese use such warfare and does it still use such warfare. The Soviet Union in its fall of communism might (that is only maybe) have stepped down from such warfare in disgust seeing such warfare as really evil. But the USA Government, did it see the value of such warfare and has it gone with it to a deep level?
Such warfare is evil in the wrong hands. The church has known such warfare (without the computers) for a long time. When there is evil and good contesting each other there is mind warfare. The bible teaches about warfare in a spiritual sense. Apostle Paul calls it spiritual warfare. Christians are real aware of spiritual warfare. It seems to be a battle for the mind or I prefer to call it the soul. Evil and good want to possess the soul. We call the evil force Satan. The Soviet Government in the past in their warfare of souls did not have the benefit of as much computer technology as we now have.

So are Governments interfering in the workings of the soul? (With computers etc and psyche powers). If so it should be none of their business. The soul is God’s territory.

Governments are maybe interfering with people’s souls but they do not have the last word. God can cast soul in to heaven or hell. Spiritual warfare against Evil should be in the churches domain it should not be the responsibility of Government. The church has such responsibility of the soul, the Governments are interfering in church business. God gave spiritual warfare to the church to overcome evil against the souls. We have separation of church and Government for good reasons. True, church has been known to interfere with Governments but only when Governments transgress the will of God.

We secularise the soul. We leave God’s wisdom that is wisdom that comes from God through Jesus Christ and use manmade wisdom. The soul should always be God’s domain. We humans are gods not God. Man wants to rule the soul. Leaders of Governments need to read the Bible. Security of a nation for the good of that nation needs the leaders to turn to God and His Son Jesus Christ. Leaders are working for the good of their nations outside the church and outside the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

My understanding tells me that there is no alien life on other planets interfering in this world. At this time I do not believe in alien life.

So cyber (computer) warfare on its own is not the main bastion of warfare; the main bastion of warfare is the battle for the soul (Psyche). The battle for the soul has been in the religion arena for thousands of years. We hope the battle for the soul has now not come into the hands of Governments that want to control the world, control the worlds population through control of their souls.

Governments and their supposed roles in psychic warfare are not substantiated and as with most things that have no evidence such writings are put into say the conspiracy basket and labeled delusional. So please unless any evidence does surface (if any ever does) then we have to just take such writings (Governments into psyche warfare) with a grain of salt and leave it to providence. Such writings as such are just theory without evidence and I could be wrong about such theory.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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