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I can jokingly imagine the patient on the operating table being asked:

September 10, 2018

Sir we need to take the kidney out.


Your bank card sir.

It’s in my hand, pass the machine.

Thank you sir, it was approved.

Sir will be under for 15 minutes.

17 minutes later.

Sir are you awake.

Yes I am.

We are now doing surgery on your bowel.

How much will that be?

$2,000 sir.

Pass the eftpos machine.

That is approved sir.

You will be under for 10 minutes.

12 minutes later.

Sir sir.

Yep I am here.

Awake good.

The anaesthetic wants his payment.

Pass the machine again. How much?


Not cheap.

You have the best. It’s approved.

Did it all go well?

Yes all paid up.

I mean the surgery.

Oh, yes all good. And sir is covered by his health insurance for the rest.

Thank goodness for private health insurance. But there are too many extra payments.

In the future. The Mark of the Beast.

Sir we have to scan your Mark for payment.

Go ahead.

Your head or hand?

Either I don’t care.

Yes all scanned you are all paid up.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 10, 2018

What is 666? Is it the Carbon atom, 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons? It could be, who knows? Only God knows. We humans are all stupid. If Carbon is 666 then is 666 the Beast and is the Beast made up out of carbon? Thought provoking. Is the Beast 666 or is the Dragon 666? The Mark of the Beast is 666 so is the Mark made up out of carbon? Do humans receive a carbon Mark? A Carbon Mark makes sense because the human body would accept carbon as the human body is made up out of a lot of carbon. The human body I expect would not reject a carbon Mark. That’s my thinking.

What is the Beast? Is the Beast made up out of carbon? God has His Son. Is the Beast like a son of Satan the Dragon? Jesus Christ is Gods Son and Jesus is son of man and Son of God. Jesus was both human and God; is that still current, I don’t know but it was current when Jesus was on this earth in this world. What am I trying to get at? I am trying to get at that the Beast being the offspring of Satan (like Jesus the offspring of God the Father) is also part of one and another. The Beast is son of man and son of robot machine. Satan is Lord of this world. God is Lord within. The kingdom of God is within. Within the Body of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ includes all members that are saved souls of God. The kingdom of God resides in the universal body the living body the true Church, a living human church. God has all power over words. God has all power over flesh. God has all power over thoughts. God is the supreme Words. Satan rules out there outside the body of Christ. The world is out there. Satan uses machines and artificial intelligence to rule, rule who? Satan wants to rule humans. Satan builds a Beast, this Beast may be part human and part machine. We call this a cyborg creation. Satan can not control humans with words so he resorts to machines to control people. The Beast might be made up out of carbon and human flesh and bone. Jesus was part man (human) and part God so it makes sense that the Beast will be both man (human) and machine. Because the Beast is part human God will still have control over the Beast. Human is God made, God controls all what He has made. Satan will control the machines. Satan will control the artificial intelligence. The machines will control the people. Satan can not control from within so he controls from the outside. The world is out there, God is within the people of God.

My thinking, but I don’t know, is that Satan will have a big machine with artificial intelligence in, based above in the heavens orbiting the earth and this machine will keep track of every human. But not every human, there will be those humans that do not take the Mark of the Beast. [On later reflection this big machine in space orbiting the earth might just be a series (many) of big orbiting satellites but still watching and tracking those with the Mark. Could the Beast be based in a deep bunker below the ground?].

Who will be the Dragon? China is known as the Dragon nation. The Dragon throne is China. Snakes and dragons are known to be in the thinking of the Chinese, and lots of other Asian nations, but especially China. Chinese children are raised up on stories of dragons. Japan is another fervent Dragon nation. The Asians are known to use Dragon and snake symbols to decorate their buildings. The Dragon and snake are religious symbols to many Asians.

China will be the Dragon. China will build the Beast. China will control a lot of humans through a Carbon Mark.

Mind you not every Asian is a snake child of the Dragon. There are Christian Asians.

I don’t profess to know the truth. I see. I think. But do I know that is up to contention. Am i “In the know”. I could be deluded. Jesus was told that he had a demon in him. I hope I do not have a demon in me. When I used to flirt with Pentecostalism there was a lady church leader who I told about a Ministers Spirit in my heart (the real McCoy, dressed as a Minister, the dog collar, the black nightie, the scholars board hat) and she was wanting me to go to a prayer group she knew to get this Minister Spirit exorcised out of me. She thought the Minister Spirit was a demon, she was being serious. So much for my time with Pentecostalism.

I have truth evidence to back me up in part. I have seen the snakes in people and the majority of these people are Asian. This is fact. I see the snake through peoples eyes. I used to see these snakes a lot in my 20’s and 30’s (my age) I do not see snakes much now. Not that the snakes have gone but maybe I have moved on to learn other things from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

I see merit in this. But there maybe many flaws until the finished product is viable as many people can abuse. Income can be abused.

In Australia we have now a basic income for free to many people. Take the Aborigine, many of them don’t work, so who pays them? The Government. Many aborigine get free money. So is the free basic income working for Aborigine. Not really, why? A lot of Aborigine drink alcohol. The Aborigine spend heaps on alcohol. So this income is getting abused. It’s not working. The income should go on food, electricity, shelter, water, on needs to live. The Government has tried to rectify this abuse of income by withholding cash and giving a card that can only be used to pay for say household items from shops. Alcohol is not a need.

The universal Basic Income is not a bad idea, everyone has the right of a good standard of living, there is always going to be unemployment such is part and parcel of a capitalist system. In a capitalist system there is not full employment. The communist system might have full employment.

The Universal Basic Income should be about paying for a good standard of living, not luxuries, but needs, pay for medicines, hospital treatment, doctors, dentists, food, water, but this income must not in anyway be paid in cash or money in to banks where cash can be withdrawn, no, this income must be accessible only with a card with a chip that can only access consumer goods and services at shops, hospitals, doctors, etc that are authorised by the Government.

This Universal Basic Income can gradually come in as robots with artificial intelligence take over human work. People should have the option of receiving the Universal Basic Income or a paid job, not both, one or the other. Later robots, humanoids etc, will take over much of the work. I think humans will have their own humanoids working for them. I think the Universal Basic Income will be a no brainer when the Mark is given. The Mark 666. The Beast will own us then (not me i hope). We can not stop robots with artificial intelligence coming just as we can not stop humans making things, science will not stop. Science is knowledge and mankind craves for knowledge. Satan can use knowledge against mankind. Adam and Eve and their descendants consume knowledge and later Satan uses this against them. The descendants of Adam and Eve might even build the Beast, whatever it is. Satan has his descendants. The descendants of Satan are the snake people. The snake people at loggerheads with the God people. Satan with his snake children want to rule God’s children. God’s children will contribute to building robots and artificial intelligence and Satan might use robots and artificial intelligence against God’s children. Knowledge of good and evil, knowledge used for good or evil. Let’s not be naive and think knowledge is used only for good. Science can be for good or evil. Evil is in this world.

Just as the above physical heavens has much darkness but at the same time there are many bright shining stars. In the spiritual heavens there too is much darkness but there are many bright Spirit stars. The elect of God are the stars. Darkness can breed dark deeds. Satan loves the dark. Evil is all around this world. Satan is in many places. Go to school, college, university, but are not Satan’s children also learning knowledge? The snakes learn. The weeds grow amongst the wheat. The weeds grow up. Let’s not be naive and think the snake children won’t use knowledge for evil. Evil is just a few seconds from a push button on a desk (not quite but it’s close to the real idea) in front of Evil that can wipe out this world to oblivion. But a clean slate is that not what God wants? You clean the slate when it gets dirty.


I think the 666 Mark is a carbon Mark I don’t think it’s a silicon chip or any type of micro chip. Carbon is universal to creation. The human body should accept a carbon Mark. The human body is made out of a lot of carbon. Now I am just theorising and speculating that 666 is carbon, I have no real evidence, I could easily be wrong, but it gives us something to think about.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2018

I have thought (maybe not enough on this subject but albeit I will write what I think now) about the two bodies. One body God’s and one body Satan’s. Two opposing bodies in this world. One body the God body has its head in heaven and the other body is at the God’s body feet. The God body is the heavenly body, the Satan body is the hell body. We have two forces fighting each other. Satan’s body has the embodiment of the snake. The spiritual deity the Dragon (in the hell body) rules this Satan body. Snakes and dragon are more defined to the Asian race. Snakes live in other races but mainly the Asian race. The snake is spiritual, few people see it, I have seen it. I don’t know anyone else who sees or has seen it. Prophets called seers may see it. I used to see it for quite a while but hardly at all now. The snake I saw was seen through other peoples eyes. The hell body is Satan’s body and is the enemy.

We think in our bodies. Words words thoughts words thoughts. Don’t go on feelings in the body. Think in words. But what about sins? Yes sins rob you of knowing God. Sin robs you of using your senses clearly. Sin blinds you. Sin robs you of your hearing, smelling and tasting. We need our senses to win the fight against Satan’s body. Though we in God’s body are above Satan’s body we can be compromised by sin. We in the body are each a part of the one big body. We are connected up in the body by words, thoughts, words, thoughts, words. Don’t go on feelings. We think and we use reason. We think the way we do for reasons; who, what, where, when, why and how; we do not stray from reason. We question everything. To learn we question. Answers come after questions, be brave ask. Fake teachers hate being questioned. Teachers can be teachers only in name. We think and our words in thoughts and vocal are all linked in to the big body. The big body is all of us. Satan has his body with all his members and God has his body with all his members. It’s not church membership. We are members of the body because of God no other. No one makes us a member of God’s body but God. No one after coming in to the God body can be expelled from the body by mans intervention. You are in the body at God’s invite. God can only expel you. And likewise for Satan’s body only the Dragon can expel (I guess this is true for Satan).

We are two bodies walking this earth.

The two bodies vie for peoples, nations, and wealth. Why is Satan’s body taking over this world? Simple, God’s body is sinning. The morals of God’s body is in decline, has been for a while. People for example in God’s body worship money, it’s about money day and night to them, they work for money they don’t work to help people. It’s not about service it’s about pride. And what does pride go before? We know that one, pride goes before a fall. Will the body of God fall? Adam and Eve the first Homo sapiens also took a fall, they were proud. All pride leads to a fall. But God’s body is above Satan’s body, yes, but members of God’s body are blind and deaf spiritually they are sinning and Satan can take this world away from them. Will there be a bastion left where true righteous believers of God can have sanctuary? I don’t know, maybe the USA but that is wishful thinking.

We think and the Wisdom of God in the God body is supreme. Wisdom of God (Jesus Christ) is the clever thinking and as such all other wisdom in the God body has to submit to this God wisdom. If wisdom other than Gods contends with God’s wisdom then we see sickness in this other wisdom. Mans wisdom is useless against God’s wisdom, it is like man in his own wisdom is only as strong as wood whereas God’s wisdom compared to wood is strong as iron. Prophets in the Old Testament are called men of iron. God said to Jeremiah that he would make him strong as iron. We are not taking about flesh and bone here. The world thinks of strong in physical terms that’s why people love watching all the violence on television and at the cinema. Humans are parts of the big body. We think together. I am in the God body. I am in the God body by the choosing of God. No mans flesh or demon spirit made me part of God’s body. God made me part of his body. God can accept or reject. God can invite or turn away.

But it’s about sin as to how one understands his her place in the God body. I write more about the God body rather than the body of Satan. I know more about God’s body. In God’s body we God’s people all think together. Be very careful what you speak out or write about. Words words words. It really comes down to thoughts. Young people are immature they are about the physical body so it’s only the older people who have died to much of their physical passions who are able to understand. Flesh means sins. Young people are about the flesh. Young people are about want want and want. Young people are about idolising materialism and people. God is far from young peoples minds when they wake up in the morning. Satan has his opportunity with young people. The youth are blinded by the physical, they see but they do not see, they hear but they do not hear. The youth hear Alice Cooper and Elton John they do not discern God. The young seemingly wimpish in their thoughts and weak in their wrists. Alice Cooper won’t give a boy strong wrists. Alice may have come from Godly parents but his music is definitely not Godly. The Rolling Stones (a rock group) members faces look like they are battle hardened by drugs like heroine. Mick Jaggers face reads drugs all over it. What do women and girls find adorable in drugged up rock stars? Stars? What stars? They don’t shine, they don’t give light, it’s fake light, it’s dark.

We are in a body. God’s people are all over this planet. You just don’t find them in church buildings, they are everywhere. Satan’s people are everywhere. Take a paddock, there is grass, but there are weeds too. Weeds are the members of the body of Satan. There will always be weeds. There will always be grass. But weeds and grass are all burnt up sometime in the future, when I don’t know. The grass and weeds meantime wither, we all die sometime. We are not just flesh and bone, we are spirit, soul and a spiritual body. We leave our physical body. In the Second Coming of Christ we the saved each get a new body. The big burn will cleanse this earth, burn away all the trash, burn up all the sins. Will this burn be from nuclear weapons? I don’t know, the first cleansing of this earth was by water and that was not man initiated. The burn could come from solar flares from the sun, but I do not know. I don’t think anyone knows for sure. Jesus would know.

What does Jesus want us to do? Be clean. Don’t sin. Jesus wants his body clean of sins. Jesus gave to his body the mind of Jesus Christ. Jesus lives in this body. Jesus is Spirit and mind in this body. Where is Jesus Christ? He rose in to heaven. But someone might say, that what Jesus disciples saw of Jesus rising up in to the clouds, that was a vision. Maybe so. But Jesus rising is to be understood Spirit to spirit, God Spirit to our human spirit. Our human spirit is in our heart. God’s Spirit comes down in to our heart. We learn from a mind and a heart level. Our mind is our soul. Our soul is saved. Jesus says true worship of God is from spirit and in truth.

Be clean and we are healed says Jesus. We carry our ancestors sins in us. We must die as Jesus died. We must die to our sins and our ancestors sins. We are born again. This born again is nonsense to the traditional way of salvation where children are christened in to the church body as infants. Born again is nonsense to many people. Parents who are Godly and who come from a family tree of Godly people see the born agains as sinners returning to the fold. It’s the lost being found. Sinners rejoice in being cleansed, the born agains never quite understand their place in the body and some fall back in to their old ways. Traditional Christians go to church on a Sunday regularly but they see no need to have an ongoing relationship with God. They may pray but very seldom. They think they are okay whereas the born agains are all about Jesus day and night. The born agains are so thankful to be forgiven for their sins and so thankful to Jesus Christ for being the atoning sacrifice for their sins.

Church fellowship is about learning about God, worshiping God, and being cleansed of sins. In a group of the saved mysteriously our sins are washed away. Don’t ask how, they just are, it’s done spiritually. We also make friends at church fellowship. We need friends. No man is an island.

We are in this big big big body. We are connected. To know about this big big big body is to first know it spiritually and this means to understand it in our human spirit. God often teaches us, as did Jesus to his apostles on this earth, with metaphor. So to understand spiritual we can talk or write about the physical we teach physical but we in spirit, when clean of sins, see and hear beyond the physical to understand in the spirit. It’s like when we look at a person physically, we see beyond the flesh we see the person within and read his her thoughts, we perceive. So when we choose a book we don’t stay with the book cover we want to go beyond the cover and read. Food for thought. The food is in words. We read words. The body to us is physical but the body is also spiritual. We are one body of many bodies. We must get on together. We must not fight each other. Bodies get sick, members fight each other. Don’t fight or resist the head. Honour and glory the head. Don’t glory or honour the body. Head first not body first.

Satan is slowly taking over this world. Maybe meant to be. God’s people may have to make a choice one day, take the Mark of the Beast or not. To take the Mark joins you to the Beast, you then belong to the Beast. The Beast belongs to Satan. Money is a powerful temptation and Satan knows this. You take the Mark you belong to Satan. Is God using this Mark as a test? Maybe I am not sure. But God says me or money. God says trust Me or Satan.

This may be it: Maybe the two bodies will have their distinct areas that each body controls in this world. Maybe we won’t have to take the Mark of the Beast for those living in the area controlled by God’s people.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

FESTUS TO APOSTLE PAUL – “Paul all your learning has made you mad”.

February 26, 2018

What is going on and where is it going? We have computers but these computers are not going to be it. Nothing is it. It moves on. It changes. We humans are not it’s. God is not an it. So humans began simple. Computers as we know them did not come out of a test tube. Computers did not wam bam just appear. Computers have evolved.

Computers started with radio. We had the first inkling of a computer with diodes and valves and electricity. We got radio and then transmitters. We had spark transmitters. So we must start with a spark to communicate. Humans have a human spirit. We sometimes call our spirit our spark. And we say sometimes he or she is a bright spark. In my thinking the human spirit is like no other spark but is human in form. Animals or birds or fish or insects I see nothing as to them having spirit. I just don’t know. Humans have soul. Animals, birds, fish, insects do not have soul. You can not educate any creature other than humans. You can not educate any creature to speak a wise language except humans. Humans have soul and can learn to speak languages and learn knowledge. Humans have a voice box.

Computers to my thinking will move on. We are still in the infancy of evolving artificial intelligence and it’s accompanying mechanics. Where are humans going with computers? Computers are artificial intelligence. Mankind is moving away from God given intelligence to man made intelligence. But why does mankind want to give up what is natural for what is unnatural? Mankind calls it ‘progress’. Progress makes money. Money brings in materialism. Mankind wants materials. Mankind does not want to work for God above. Satan led the first man and woman to eat of knowledge. This knowledge can do good or evil. So why did Satan approve of Adam and Eve eating knowledge? God did say eating of knowledge will eventually cause your death. Maybe this death is in human spirit? Or was this death meant to imply death to the human race in the future? Whatever; death may come either way. Mankind might eventually destroy this world using knowledge of good and evil. Satan hates anything God made. But Satan also was made by God. Satan has his plan, he wants to control this world, he is the Prince of this world. Satan will use his Beast to control humans and therefore this world. The Beast is up to conjecture because such is still in the pipeline, we won’t see the Beast until he is created. Some people say the Beast is a giant big computer in this world. There could be super computers in this world controlling humans indirectly but the aim of Satan is to have direct control over humans. The Beast will control humans via a Mark that will be on human foreheads or on their right hands. This Mark will link humans directly to the Beast. Maybe the Beast will have life or death over humans through the Mark. The Beast will control buying and selling. Humans will give their lives to the Beast. Satan will control the Beast. We see China evolving and slowly edging its way in to a top super power. China the Dragon nation. I have seen the snake in peoples eyes. This is true. And the Asian person is the most likely host of a snake deity inside their bodies. Snakes abound in other races but it’s mostly in Asian bodies.

I thought today about the future of computers in relation to mankind and Satan. It makes me think that because computers have evolved up to this time then mankind themselves also evolved. See we had the diode. We had the valves. We had the transistor. We had resistors. Humans had to start somewhere, like one cell, to many cells, to limbs, to brain, to organs. Computers did not appear over night. So how could humans appear over night? Humans were created, yes, by God. God used intelligence to create life. God is in us humans. God is invisible. The Father God is invisible. The invisible made the visible. Humans started as single cells, maybe in water. We need water for all life to start and end, without water we can not exist. We came from water, we exist in water, water is in us. Our bodies are full of water. We drink water regularly. Humans are in the likeness of our creator God. Humans became totally in the image of God at the time of the Garden of Eden. God gave soul to Adam and Eve and humans ever since are given soul. Computers are also on the way to being like their creator. Mankind creates computers and eventually mankind will make creations in his her own image. These humanoids will be in the image of mankind. So is Satan all for these man made creation humanoids? First mankind needed knowledge of good and evil to make computers, starting from diodes and valves. Without the knowledge mankind could not create. God wanted Adam and Eve and their descendants to be simple and obedient. God provided everything for Adam and Eve. There was nothing Adam and Eve had want for. Eden was a paradise. But God gave freewill. God did not want mankind to be obedient through God complete control. God wanted mankind to obey freely.

So we have humanoids, man made robots in our image coming in the future. God created and rested. Mankind will create robots in our image and rest. Robots in our image will do all the works. Mankind will be God and the humanoids will be the creatures. But will not humanoids rebel against the authority of mankind just as humans rebelled against God? It seems a good possibility. What does Satan want to do here with artificial intelligence and man made artificial humanoids? Surely Satan knew that when mankind first ate of knowledge that he knew this was the beginning of the end of humans. Satan really wants to rule mankind and mankind thinks he she is clever to create humanoids in his her image but I think also that Satan will use all this man made humanoids to his own advantage. God the Father has a Son. God the Father rules above with His Son. Satan has the Beast. Jesus Christ came in to this world and called Himself Son of God and son of man. So it makes me think that Satan’s Beast will be say half human and half robot. The Beast rules in this world alongside Satan just as Jesus Christ rules alongside the Father God in heaven. Jesus Christ is both human and God. The Beast will be both human and robot. I think cyborgs are the name for creatures both human and robot. Jesus has His followers. We call Jesus followers the elect. Will the Beast have his own followers who are the Beast’s elect? Will the supposed cyborg Beast have many cyborgs of lesser power than him under his control and ruling with him but in a subservient role to him? The Beast will of course have much powers.

Mankind has served Satan ever since Adam and Eve obeyed Satans suggestion and ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Satan won to God’s great disappointment. God in His extreme love turned to the human race and offered a hand of help. God sent His only begotten Son in to this world, Son of God, Son of man, and this Son Jesus took the punishment that mankind so deserved and also this Son Jesus took our sins in His body and died to them. God only asks that we repent to Him our sins and accept His Son Jesus in to our lives to be Lord. Jesus lives above He was raised. Jesus will save our souls. God also promises to the saved souls eternal life above in heaven.

Now I do not know if the Beast will be a cyborg. I don’t know a lot of things. It’s up to your own conscience to decide what is truth. Read the Bible for truth.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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May 29, 2017

New Zealand sending rockets in to outer space. And will Australia follow?

Possible. But what stands out to me is that these New Zealand rockets are made partly out of carbon fibre. My mind goes in to thought mode. CARBON CARBON CARBON. 
So what is it with me and carbon? Carbon is an element that makes up a lot of the universe. We humans are made out of a lot of carbon. Carbon is also the worst of the worst pollutants. We breathe out carbon. Carbon is killing us. Carbon is a waste product. But carbon makes coal, oil, and diamonds. Carbon is rubbish on the one hand and valuable on the other hand. Diamonds, oil and coal are valuable. What is one man’s rubbish is a treasure to another man. Our waste becomes our treasure, nothing is wasted on this earth. 
But carbon is 666. Carbon has 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons. And is the Mark of the Beast a carbon Mark? It seems rational to use carbon to Mark humans when carbon is easily able to be accepted by the human body. And carbon can hold electronic data, can it not? 
So we have rockets made out of carbon. So the Beast, is he made out of carbon? If the Mark of the Beast is made out of carbon would not the Beast be made out of carbon? Hey I don’t know. I am thinking though. Is the Beast a futuristic computer? A computer made out of carbon? A carbon computer in space orbiting the earth. The Beast sees all, knows all, controls all (not all as there will be those people who do not take the Mark of the Beast). 
The Beast controls the people who take his Mark. To have the Mark means you get money (data money); you can buy and sell with the Mark.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 19, 2017

The Mark of the Beast. It’s a money system run by a computer system, is it? This system will be much advanced than what we know computers today.

I mean there’s quantum computers on the horizon. Some people think the Beast will be a big computer and a computer so advanced that in our present time we can not even imagine it. 
Technology is advancing all the time. I mean in my teens it was the transistor, in my human dads time it was the valve. So we have seen big strides in a little time between the valve, diode, transistor to the micro chip and so forth. It obviously does not stop there. Knowledge is ever going on.
Is the Beast a later model more advanced computer? I truly do not know. Who knows? 
But this Beast will control the money system. There will be no cash. The Mark, on the hand or forehead; will this Mark also affect the heart beat and our respiration system? I mean the Beast; will he be able to control our hearts and minds? The Beast could even kill us through the Mark. The Beast would know all about us; where we are, what we do, may be even what we say. 
I see China wants to control this world through money. This makes me think, will the Mark of the Beast originate from China? I don’t know. Will there be an enormous big space satellite station orbiting the earth above that is called the Beast? I am just speculating. The Beast sees all, hears all, knows all, and controls all.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 5, 2017

I’m in a Catholic Church/Chapel. I am thinking. The Catholics worship Jesus Christ as bread and wine. They think that they eat and drink Jesus Christ. Yes we eat and drink Jesus but in Words. How can a man who calls himself a priest make bread and wine into Jesus? Oh it’s a miracle they might say. Jesus walked on water they say that’s a miracle. Jesus turned water in to wine that is a miracle. 

But Jesus was also about metaphorical teaching. Miracles no doubt can be real. I have no doubt in the miracles of the Bible. But Jesus was teaching our human spirit. Jesus taught in metaphors, he was trying to show people the spiritual side. Meta means beyond. Beyond the physical. Jesus washed the disciples feet but that does not mean we go around washing people’s feet. We can wash other’s feet but as a symbol of metaphor teaching. Teach our spirit. Jesus taught us that we were washed whole by Gods Words in baptism but in life we still get a bit dirty. I mean spiritual dirtiness. We need to still wash in spirit in mind/soul but not a whole washing, we don’t need a spiritual bath but we need a slight cleaning. We wash each other in heart and soul/mind. So don’t go always around washing people’s feet saying Jesus washed feet we wash yours. People will get offended. Also the Bible says that Christians can step on serpents and drink poison. Another metaphorical teaching. The snake is a real spiritual diety. Poison is what the spiritual snakes give. So don’t go around walking on snakes and don’t drink poisons. If you do you will die. Jesus gave bread and wine to the disciples to eat and drink but we do not live just off bread and wine. We eat the food of Jesus and drink the blood of Jesus metaphorically. Jesus does not become a piece of bread. Jesus is not wine. A simpleton can even see that. Man can not make Jesus in to bread and wine. Man interprets the Bible physically a lot of times when Jesus is trying to teach spirit, not flesh. We consume Words. God is Words. We stand on our words. We think so we are. We think in Words. The invisible is in Words. We listen to words. Words make a person or unmake a person. 
The Catholic Church is really in many ways in to the worship of Mary mother of Jesus. Catholics also worship Jesus. Mary is maybe the churches mother so maybe the Catholic Church is the Mother Church. Just because Catholics have interpreted some of the holy scripture in physical terms instead of in spiritual terms I think the Catholic Church can still maintain they are the Mother Church. Purgatory is another man made invention. Not one holy scripture mentions purgatory. And who of the Catholic Church in the days of the Beast will take the Beasts Mark? Taking the Mark means eternal damnation to the soul. Many Catholics may take the Mark. Who really goes to heaven? The whole Vatican may take the Beasts Mark. Who knows? I don’t. But there are Catholics and there are Catholics. I have spoken to Catholics and they say to me you are Christian we are Catholics. Like, what? So you Catholics are not Christian. Christian means Christ in. God within, Emanuel. Christ is in a lot of people. But is Christ in all? I don’t think so. There is for instance the church of Satan, this is the serpents/snakes in human bodies. I have seen these snakes, I have seen in spirit. 
I know that I have not always had Christ in me. It was only about when I turned 24 years of age that God made me part of His family and body. I came in to the light. Ever since then my body has being giving up the darkness and light has come in. As I age more darkness goes, more light comes in. I am one of the enlightened ones. My human father told me he was enlightened. My spirit becomes wiser and wiser. My human fathers spirit was wise. My enemies are put at my feet. My enemies are Gods enemies. 
When the Mark of the Beast comes; the Vatican might (surprise me and) stay neutral of the Mark. The Vatican stayed neutral during Hitler’s reign. (There were no swastikas on the walls of the Vatican). The Roman Catholic Church the Mother (Mary) Church. Every woman should try and emulate Mary, Jesus Mother.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 5, 2017

​Could Carbon be the Mark of the Beast?
It does make sense. We humans are made a lot out of carbon and having a mark made out of carbon would mean the carbon mark would assimilate in to the human body tissue better. And having something else like a digital chip the body might reject it. It makes sense to implant something in to the body that the body would accept. Chips are made out of other elements. So a carbon strip in our fore head or hand. What is that strip made out of that is on the back of bank cards? Is it a carbon strip, maybe not I don’t know. 
Will the Beast be named Carbon? I don’t know. 
Carbon is a killer.
To stay on the grid means power. Just as in the ordinary sense of the word grid is electricity grid and such is power. On the Grid can also mean money power. Money is power also. To access the grid you get money. We want both electricity power and money power. But the Beast will control or does now control the money grid. Who is this Beast? I don’t know. Is it a person? Could be. Is it a computer? I don’t know. In the future when the Beast takes over the money grid we Christians are told not to take the Mark. I expect many people to take the Mark. I mean it will be hard to get food and every day living items if you don’t take the Mark. Most people even now might belong to the Beast. Is the Beast here now? People want cars, houses, well paid jobs and they might have families with children going to schools; all these things cost money and to access the grid one gets money. We have our bank cards so we are tied in to the money grid. Those people who take the Mark will they be destined for HELL? It seems so. God is giving people an ultimatum belong to me or Satan. Most people will take the Mark. I mean we have a family to support. What will those people who don’t take the Mark do for getting say food? 
So is it correct that God only saves a remnant (I don’t know). The earth is mostly dirt but if you dig deep enough you can come across the gold and diamonds. But not all earth is gold etc most is dirt and dirty. There are shiny bright stars in the heavens but the above is not all stars. There are stars on this earth but not all people are bright stars. 
The heavenly stars are the people of God. We are stars of God, we shine Gods light.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Humanoid ruling from the physical heavens – half human half robot (hypothetical) 

October 14, 2016

How to get a space station constructed and sent in to outer space. We have already a space station up there but this station is an international station. USA or is it China might like to have its own large space station. He or she who rules, rules from above. It’s the same with the human body, he or she who rules, rules from the head, those who rule the head rule the body. The head has the mind/soul and only the mind of Christ rules. The mind of Christ rules all the body. Every part of the body has to submit to the head/mind/soul of Christ. The head is above the body, the above rules the under. The body is under the head. Rule the heavens and you rule the earth. Christ sits in the heavens. 

But man wants to control the earth and world from above. Man creates an environment in the heavens where mans creation can control. Man creates man in his own likeness. Mans puts his creation man of man above in the heavens or what is known as outer space. But how do we make a space station that man can rule from through humanoid? Humanoid is robot in the likeness of man. God made man in his own image, male and female, man and woman. Man was lifted up to rule in the heavens beside Christ, but the rule is in spirit and soul and mind. We are made in the likeness of God to rule through Christ. Christ rules through us. We are saved. Man raises his creation, man made by man, artificial man is put up in to the heavens to rule. But man sees the heavens with physical eyes. In God the heavens are seen in spirit. Man is pursuing the physical knowledge. Satan wants man to serve him. Humanoids will serve Satan. Man eats of knowledge and serves Satan.
But how to get a space station in to outer space? There have been rockets carrying very expensive and scientific hardware that have been destroyed because the rockets taking off from earth have exploded. Is there another way to get hardware in to outer space? A space station can be modular. The modules can be built on earth. The modules can be joined together in space. But if one module is destroyed on rocket take off, there is a delay until this module can be built again. Why not use great big balloons that carry the rocket and pay load (the module) in to high altitudes then by remote control fire the rocket (This is just my idea, not an idea received from any divine intervention). The balloon might even be able to carry all the load to just below outer space. Having a balloon carry the rocket and pay load to a great height means less chance of the rocket exploding if it is fired on earth. Is that true? I could really be wrong. I am no expert here. 
Will China lead the way in putting a humanoid ruler in to outer space? China is the source of the DRAGON THRONE. Japan ruled Asia in the past. The DRAGON rules through Asians. The snakes are the Dragons children. The snakes are not just Asian people. Many Asians are Gods people. There are many snake children who are not Asian. But the snake children are predominantly Asian. I think the DRAGON is Asian. Where a nations culture has snake deities in its religion then we must think that these snake deities are demons, spirits of Satan. The DRAGON is Satan. The Dragon is the enemy of Christ and the snakes are the enemy of Christ. The enemies of Christ are the enemies of the Body of Christ, the true church. Many nation cultures have snakes in their religion. Any snake worship is evil. 
Now I do not know who will put a humanoid up in to outer space one that will rule. Gods kingdom is not of this world. Gods kingdom is within us the saved. Satan rules the kingdoms of this world. Man serves Satan. Man loves money. Satan controls the money. Satan will work you to death. Many messengers of God lived not for material possessions. John the Baptist lived in worldly poverty. But John was blessed. Here’s a man living in poverty of this world but rich in his soul and heart. John dined very well spiritually but in this world in the flesh John ate locusts and honey. Surely God would not let his messengers live in abject poverty. But he does. Jesus Christ when in this world had few possessions. Jesus did not live in a mansion. Jesus was born in a stable. The established church are engrossed with money, it’s about having a big house and a modern car. The fundamentalist preachers come to town driving status cars; they must have their BMW or Mercedes car. These preachers come cap in hand to the churches preaching about tithing. These preachers can afford to have their trophy wives and BMW’s because they preach that by giving to them you are giving to God and God will bless you. Jesus no doubt handled very little money in his time in this world. Jesus’ banker was Judas. Judas carried the money for Jesus. But Judas was too money orientated, he betrayed Jesus for money. People do sell out their own families for money. Money comes before God and family. Families feud over money. Families fight over money. Families die over money. Eventually a time will come when mankind will have to decide on God or money. Satan knows that to control the money system you control the people. Satan will try and control the money system. Eventually Satan will control mankind through the money system. Mans weakness is money and Satan knows that. If man chooses the money he or she will give up on God. This will be a time of the MARK OF THE BEAST. The Beast works for Satan. So now it’s worthwhile considering whether you would take the Mark. The Mark might come many years away but it will come; it might come after you die of old age, but it will come and will your descendants take this Mark. If you are concerned about having a BMW car and a big house and the Mark came now, would you take the Mark? Having the Mark means you can buy and sell through a world system. But the people not taking the Mark, how will they get food and shelter? Having the Mark means you belong to Satan. You give your soul to Satan. I think much tribulation is ahead for true believers. But will the tribulation go on for long? God might shorten this time and bring on the baptism of FIRE to cleanse this world and earth. And in a blink of an eye lid we true believers will be changed. 
God made a programme, one that is complete. This programme is like say a computer programme. Everything has been planned out before. From the beginning to the end all is already planned out. God made and then He rested. But why are there wars and famines and sickness? Gods higher plans still come about. People sin. Sin brings to us spiritual darkness. Sin brings death. But God has his plans that come to fruition for certain people. There are stars in the cosmos. And people can be like the stars. The stars brighten up the way. Gods people are stars. We shine brightly. 
A humanoid ruling this world is just hypothetical at this stage. This humanoid could be half human and half robot. Jesus Christ while on this earth was both human and God (like half human and half God, son of man and Son of God). Jesus was raised up to the heavens (Spiritual) and rules, He is both human and God. Man will put his own version of Jesus in the heavens (physical) to rule. Man thinks he/she is so clever. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

TODAYS THOUGHTS (amongst others) for 29th FEBRUARY 2016

March 10, 2016

This morning on awakening my first thoughts were about Cardinal George Pell. I mean the instant I woke I thought of George. 
My thoughts went like this: George if you tell the truth at this inquest today you will perjure yourself. Why? If you George say today that you knew about abusing priests then you told a lot of lies to the inquest commission in the past. In the past you said you knew nothing about abusing priests. And you may be committing a crime against the laws of Australia if you have lied to the inquest commission. With a criminal offence could come jail or a big fine. So my thoughts are: George you have already started to dig your hole. 

BUT my thoughts also went that George has told God in prayer all about Georges lies etc. And who is to judge a man who has his master as God. George like all of us in the body (not necessary a church denomination) of Christ are just servants serving a master. God is merciful and forgiving. You can get away with lying to the church and the world but you can not get away with lying to God himself. My thoughts went to the human body. The hand if it sins is not punished by say the foot. No parts of the body punish other parts. Only the head can punish. The head is in charge of all the parts of the body. The hand if it sins can confess to the head. The head of God is all loving. Love forgives. George to me will continue to lie to the inquest today. George will afterwards just move on. George likes his job at the Vatican and to me I think he will continue to work there. 
My thoughts this morning then went from George to a television evangelist I saw for a few seconds on tv last night. Joyce Meyer. Joyce is a real motivational speaker. People just lap up what she says and writes. Joyce preaches riches. Get rich on God. Pray and believe and you will prosper. Happiness comes from being rich. Get your BMW car from God. The American Dream is all about being rich. The American Dream of wealth seems to come from Los Angeles. It’s like a lot of the prosperity preachers are bred in California. The USA is the dollar capital of the world. The USA dollar rules. A lot of the church has embraced the USA dollar. [But Gods teaching seems to teach that riches and money are not to be embraced]. The prosperity preachers based in California have Hollywood and its movie industry to ratify riches as the all inspiring gods. 
God in Jesus teaches that we are not to worship or love money. Actually God is simplicity and money and its systems make complexity. Our bodies are meant for simple living, simple foods and straight thinking. The more rich foods we eat the more likely we are to sin. Simple foods keep our waste out. We have to get the wastes out of our bodies. Rich dining means our plumbing in our bodies is complicated and we get constipated. Preaching riches is constipation. A true prophet knows that to embrace the world’s systems clogs up the mind and body. 
Prophets of God are known to live apart from the world’s systems. Prophets are known to cut themselves completely off from the world. Such people are known to be hermits and live alone for long periods of time. Prophets see. They see and understand. Prophets are known for their keen insight. Insight alone is not enough for a Prophet to know the truth. There are many Prophets who have had keen insight but they lacked Gods wisdom. John the Baptist a keen insightful Prophet of God lacked wisdom. Jesus in his time in this world displayed both insight and wisdom. Both Jesus and John disdained riches and money. 
So these television evangelists may lack insight. Every young person growing up wants to be rich. Simplicity is looked on as boring. Young people love watching Hollywood movies. Hollywood is about the American Dream. We dream of riches from our youth to the grave. We think God is complex. We make complex ourselves as our gods. These television evangelists no doubt in their youth worshipped money. These preachers when young coveted money and riches. So when these preachers got to an older youthful age where they could ratify their riches, and when they also came into fundamentalist Christianity, then with both their aggressive pushy hormonal bodies and heads, they combined riches with God and themselves. God was going to make them rich. And these preachers were so determined in their getting rich in this world from God that many people also believed them. These preachers and the people had the American Dream to back them up. And most people in this world want to be very rich so these preachers have all the converts they want. 
Jesus in his time in this world would have tried to keep away from money. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for money. Money is the Beasts domain. The MARK OF THE BEAST is about the money system. The Mark is more than money, it’s control. These television evangelists in their prosperity preaching are leading souls maybe one day to take the Mark of the Beast. Without the Mark people will not be able to buy and sell at the official markets. These television evangelists use God to make them and others rich. But do others really get rich from this prosperity preaching or are these preachers just themselves getting rich off the people?
So is it “If you can not beat them join them” or try and live apart from the world “Live in the world but not off the world”. 
A true prophet knows that God wants us to live apart from the world. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 23, 2015

I understand this talk of a asteroid strike in September this year was the murmurings of a so called Christian Pastor. Another one of these fundamentalist Christians trying to screw with our minds. They are Pastors in name only; usually they are self appointed Christian leaders. They might even call themselves prophets etc. I mean they usually have many titles.

Let’s make it quite clear what God says about events – God the Father knows the times and places BUT Jesus in His Wisdom does not. Jesus can in His wisdom work out certain events. I mean let’s take a tree – we know when a season is here by the response of say a fruit tree. We can tell seasons of the year – the climate declares this. Plants tell us things by their so called plant expressions. We can tell say when rain is coming by say the clouds. There are usually signs leading the way to events. Jesus can see these signs. Wisdom can also remember the past and can tell what events might happen accordingly how they may have happened in the past. Wisdom learns from the past. 
The Father God does not tell all the times of events to Jesus. So how the heck does a self appointed Pastor also calling himself a prophet know about an asteroid coming to this earth this coming September. Has anyone else been told this prophecy; I mean why do not other prophets know this prophecy. 
Fundamentalists love to screw with our minds. I mean their Christianity is like sex to them. It’s sexy to prophecy; you have the world at your feet listening to your words. True prophets are usually not listened to; instead true prophets are usually persecuted; like literally stoned but in words and thoughts. The true prophet warns the people and the world says he’s a mad man, he has a demon in him. No one likes listening to true prophets; the people that do discern truth from a true prophet can only but be benefited. 

The END OF THE WORLD or what I call the SECOND BAPTISM is literally a cleansing of sins. There are two Baptisms; two cleansings. We had the great flood in the time of Noah, our first baptism; our second baptism is yet to come. Water was our first baptism, fire will be our second baptism. God wants to clean this world and earth. God hates sin. Washing is part and parcel of life, we want to be clean, we hate being dirty. But sins, dirt, builds up and then the baptism. 
What is this fire baptism? People might think it can only but be many atomic weapons exploding over this planet. Could be. What else could it be? It could be sun flares striking from the sun and burning all life on this planet. Could be. There seems only two options on the table, atomic weapons or the sun flares. Maybe there is a third option, a massive asteroid hitting this earth. But an asteroid is not really just a fire. We are looking for a fire. God baptises with fire. We want a massive inferno. Burning and burning and burning. I am thinking if it was sun flares; would they strike all around the earth because the earth turning on its axis will have only part of its surface facing the sun at a time. I am thinking – does God need to use man made weapons like Atomic weapons to cause a massive fire when God has His own God made fire arsenal, the sun. The first baptism was water; it was naturally made water not man made. The sun is naturally made. Why would God use man made inventions to cleanse? God has his own water and fire. Man has the capacity now to cause an inferno on this earth with man made atomic weapons. But that is man and God does not think like man. I am really at a loss at what really this fire will be in the second baptism. I mean we might think it will be atomic weapons but who really knows. And no one knows when the fire baptism will come ONLY the Father God knows and he tells no one not even to His only begotten Son. The fire will come like as a thief in the night, it will be sudden, unexpected, some will be taken others will stay. 
There is the coming of The Mark of the Beast. There are events like this Mark that have to come first. 
There is the war in Israel between the Israelites and their enemies. Armageddon they call it. 
So we have events that should come prior to a great big fire baptism. 
Talking about prophets; Noah was a prophet, was he not, and people no doubt thought he was a nutter. I bet few people or nil people listened to him. So only Noah’s family was saved and of course other non human creatures were saved.

How do you know a true prophet? It’s hard. They say look at the fruit. You know a tree by its fruit. If a prophet is screwing with your mind you know there’s a false prophet there.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 27, 2015

I see I see from my eyes and my eyes are in my head. My head is above my heart and my heart is below my head. I see from above my heart. My heart often in tension; often vexed. The world seems to be on a level of my heart and my head seems to be on a level of the heavens. I live in soul in the heavens in my head. ALL THIS IS ANALOGY. 

This analogy that I give of the head and heart being the world and the heavens is spiritual teaching; such teaching is from above and does not come from Satan. It is perceived teaching. We are human spirit in the heart and we have a soul in the head. We give our lives to God, we ask JESUS CHRIST to come in to our heart. God gives the Holy Spirit in to our heart. Our human spirit learns off the Holy Spirit. So there is a spiritual battle with the dark forces fighting to win our souls for God. We are fighting in the heavens in mind/soul/head and also world/heart. 

Satan is ruler of the air. In the future can you conjure up thoughts of humans breathing through masks. 

Now if I was Satan I would want to control creation. I would want to subject all peoples to me. Now getting control means controlling from the above. We have satellites in the heavens as it is. But Satan wants to put his own creation in the heavens to control the world. This creation of Satan’s above will try to replicate what God does in the heavens. Maybe this creation in the heavens will be called “The Beast” and if it is not called that name this creation above will still be controlled by The Beast. God is all seeing from the heavens. This creation above of Satans will see all. Cameras seeing all. This creation will hear all and know all. This creation will control even maybe the weather. 

Satan basically wants to take over from God. Satan did try to take over the heavens but God cast Satan out of the heavens to this earth. Satan is still proud and wants to rule creation from this earth.  

The Beast will have his Mark on all his people. The Beast will control his people through this Mark. This Mark allows people to buy and sell. Christians are warned not to take the Mark. The Mark will mean eventual death (eternal damnation). 

JESUS while on this earth (maybe) never carried money nor used money. The true prophets of God in the Old Testament maybe also never carried money. John the Baptist would never have used money. Judas was JESUS disciple and Judas carried the money for the 12 disciples. Judas betrayed JESUS for money. The love of money can kill. You can only have one master – money or God. 

So Satan is not Lord of Lords of the mind/soul/head. The God Head rules the heavens and the God Head is trying to save souls. God rules the God Head, with JESUS CHRIST at his right side. The heart is often vexed; the forces of light are trying to win over the hearts (and souls/minds) for God. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”. We must try and win souls out of darkness in to the light. Satan rules in the darkness, God rules in the light. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2015

Satan is Lord of the air. But we humans need air to breathe. And why is God not Lord of the air? God yes is king of his kingdom. God is within. Within what? The human body. So is God not in the air? How can God be in the air when Satan rules the air? Does spirit need air to exist? Also does spirit need water to exist? Does God have lungs and does God breathe? JESUS lives and in so doing does JESUS breathe air? Or does God live out in outer space where there is no air?

If Satan is Lord of the air, will Satan try and pollute the air say with heaps and heaps of CARBON to try and kill life. Carbon can kill. Carbon can kill humans. Carbon: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. The triple 6 here in Carbon might not mean Satan’s number, it is pure conjecture if intended. But the mark of the Beast put on/in humans in the future might be a Carbon Mark. I mean look at the strip of Carbon on the backs of bank cards etc. God sees all, God knows all, God hears all. Satan was in heaven until he got too proud and God banished Satan to this world. Later Satan will be banished to Hell. So Satan is working his tricks now on earth. Satan wants to what? See all, know all, hear all. So Satan is setting up a replica system to God and his system. Satan creates what we call the Beast. Satan wants to through the Beast rule the peoples of this world. So the mark of the Beast comes in. God knows everything about every human so Satan also wants to know everything about every human. The Beast is used to know everything on all people. Is the Beast a computer, I don’t know. See in the future our technology currently now will be seen as just children’s play or even babies play. Technology in the future including computers is going to change a lot from what it is today. We are still in infancy of technology. Computers in the future are going to be so very different from today’s computers. I mean it was just in my fathers generation that radio valves were used. We certainly have advanced further than valves. But tell my grandfather in his time that valves will be obsolete and that there will be micro chips etc; granddad will just yawn and maybe not comprehend. I see we are going to go in to robots in a very very deep way. Robots that look just like humans, but all artificial. Man wants his robots. Man was made by God to serve the God head but man wants robots to serve him. Man wants to be god and have robots as his servants. As I said Satan wants to replicate God and His system. And Satan will use the Beast. The Beast is 666. Is the Beast made out of Carbon and is the mark of the Beast a Carbon mark? Could be but we really don’t know. Carbon is certainly polluting the air and if too much Carbon is in the air humans will struggle to live.

The bible says Satan is Lord of the air. Maybe God did not make Satan Lord of the air but Satan saw opportunity here that by ruling the air he Satan would rule the world. So the air is what Satan uses to his advantage. Satan does not try and rule the water, the plants, the animals, birds, insects, soil, NO Satan tries to rule the air.

Back to the Beast. The Beast will know everything about everything about people. This mark of the beast will tell the Beast a lot. Maybe this mark will even be able to record heart beats; maybe this mark will be used by the Beast to have control over human body systems.

When ever an evil dictator gets in control of a nation the dictator wants to have information on his people. Stalin in the former Soviet Union had files made up on a lot of people. Hitler was the same, files on people. But God already knows all about everybody so why do these tyrants want to know what God already knows. It’s because tyrants work for Satan. So George Orwell predicted this all seeing hearing knowing State. The State was like a Beast. The State was God in the Soviet Union and the State owned most things. The State in the Soviet system was the all seeing hearing knowing God. But the State was ruled by few people who had all the power. These few people were Evil. Stalin and Hitler were despots of the vilest kind.

The Beast will know everything about people and the Beast will control all banking. There will eventually be a cashless society. Cash even now is an inconvenience. Bank cards will eventually be made obsolete. When will we lose cash and cards? In my grandfathers time there were no credit or debit cards. In granddads time there were no computers, no ATM’s. Cash has been around for many many many generations BUT bank cards are not too old. Maybe we will give up cash and resort to just cards for a long time then later the mark of the Beast. The book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible warns Christians NOT to take the mark of the Beast. So in the future how are Christians going to buy and sell when they have not taken the mark? It might be very hard for Christians in the future.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

MONEY MONEY MONEY – glad I got your attention.

June 29, 2014

Ask most people; What and who do you work for? Now just about most cases the response will be I work for God. Ha ha. Of course you know and I know that is not true. Most people work for money. And who controls the world money system? Think of the Mark of the Beast. What will this Mark enable people to do? It will enable people to buy and sell.

The Beast controls the money system. The Beast works for Satan. Satan is the enemy. But no doubt a lot of people will take the Mark of the Beast. I mean what will the neighbours say. I mean the children, the children need to go to school. The wife needs all her materialistic comforts. The wife might leave me if I do not take the Mark. But will it be so hard for those who do not take the Mark. It might not be so bad. God always has back up to help his own. So people work for money. The God Head above is insignificant when it comes to money; money comes before the God Head. I mean money gives us all we need. But what about our brains. Money comes before brains. Money comes before Words. Words do not put food on our plates.

Why can not people see straight truth, I mean see as in discern. Our minds seem to be unable to comprehend straight truth all the time because it is like a mist or cloud is blocking our senses from sensing straight raw truth. We see only like dimly, sometimes the lights get brighter but man sees only what Satan wants him/her to see and know. The world is like a river of souls at the bottom of God’s mountain. The mountain of God is a mountain of God’s understanding. Now God is a God who does not readily throw his understanding to the world; no, God will not cast his understanding of mysteries to the souls below. God does not trust the world but God does give understanding to some chosen people. The understanding person gets joy in passing on God’s understanding to all people. Why? Because they know that the world will be a better place with God’s understanding. So certain people get God’s understanding but it’s not the people that the world expects to get God’s understanding. The professors of universities do not get God’s understanding. University can be very spiritually dry. I mean at university there is no inspiration. At university it is all human wisdom. Dry, dry and dry. No water of life at universities. God does not teach understanding at universities, such would be foolish. University does have intelligence. Intelligence should go hand in hand with God’s understanding but in a lot of cases it does not. Understanding of God is intelligence but it is not the intelligence of man’s wisdom. God’s wisdom in the mountain of knowledge of God goes to the outcasts of the world, to the persons who the world treats as nonsense, to the weak persons, to the simple. God invites the people of the world to his understanding party but very few turn up because they are too busy with their own pursuits; I mean they are busy getting a degree at university, they are busy working, they are climbing high mountains, they just have no time, they are just it. They are clever, they are strong, they have high salaries, they are fit. So few people understand God, they are too busy for God. And who wants to be completely straight – boring.

God is STRAIGHT. God speaks straight truth. God is a straight seer. God thinks straight. If you are straight with God and all people you are honest.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 20, 2014

The Privacy Invasion.

Edward Snowden is like standing between me and many people employed by the USA Government and saying stop looking at Lester’s private mail (e mail). Edward is also saying to these people in the shadows do not listen in on Lester’s phone talk.


Here’s Edward like trying to protect my privacy. SO WHAT WOULD I BE EXPECTED TO THINK? Hey I like my privacy. I do not want strangers without my permission trolling through all my private stuff. So Edward Snowden is trying to protect people’s privacy, not just mine, BUT the privacy of every other person. BUT Edward is primarily trying to STOP the USA invading people’s privacy, the privacy of people all over the world. SO what about intelligence agencies operating from other countries other than the USA. Surely other countries intelligence agencies are also invading people’s privacy in mass proportions. Edward has pointed out that the United Kingdom is also a mass gatherer of people’s private information. So the USA and the UK are big in invading people’s privacy. BUT surely other nations like for instance China and Russia are big privacy invaders. BUT the USA must be the biggest privacy invader. Maybe the UK second. China surely must be up in the top few privacy invaders.

Let’s go back in time to say the 1950’s. Now did the Government think of looking at say people’s private letters while the letters were in transit. Did the Government tap our home phones? I mean they might have looked at the occasional mail and maybe tapped the odd phone call but not like now a massive invasion.

It’s like an invasion. A cyber invasion by Government. We are being invaded. By our own. Now does Government have a legitimate moral stand in this invasion of privacy? I mean would people object if I looked at others people’s private mail. If I am not allowed to look at other people’s mail is it still right for Government to look at other people’s mail. So nothing is private now a days. Even our private parts are not private now a days. Government seems to want to see all our private parts, either it’s private mail, private phone calls and private parts. Nothing is private. Government wants to know everything about us.

So the Mark of the Beast. Mark on our wrist and forehead. Government will then even know our blood pulse rate.

George Orwell in his book “1984” hit on a good message. George was like a visionary. We need visionaries to enlighten us.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Lord of the Air – 666? or 777?

February 28, 2012


carbon carbon what is it about carbon? True it has 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons but does that make carbon the beast? Is carbon the mark of the beast? All conjecture. Yes nitrogen has 7 protons 7 neutrons 7 electrons but is the number 7 really God’s number? I have not read anything in the Bible to state that 7 is God’s number for sure. The air has about 78% nitrogen. Is the beast about lording it over the air? Does the beast want to rule the air with carbon? The mark of the beast – is it a carbon mark on the hand or forehead? In the future is there going to be much much carbon in the air that people will be struggling to get clean air? So if the beast rules the air does he then rule this planet earth and all on it? Maybe the beast wants to kill all life (made by God) on this earth. Maybe the beast wants to kill all life with carbon. Who really knows? Yes the future will know.

We humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants do just the opposite — plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. So the oxygen you’re breathing now probably came from a plant.

We humans need living plants.

Maybe the beast wants in killing all God made life to include killing all plant (God made too) life.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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